My Only Sunshine (2008) - full transcript

Hayat, her father and bedridden grandfather live in a riverside shack near the dangerously dark but breathtakingly beautiful waters of the Bosphorus. Hayat's father owns a small boat that secures the family's survival through a miscellany of not always lawful ventures. Beyond the motion and romance of the water, Hayat's life is harsh and unrelenting. But Hayat has an instinct for survival. Her capacity for courage, endurance and hope in the face of these trials suggest that there is Life despite the manifold injustices of an unjust world. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
How are you doing?

My beautiful daughter.

None left...
We'll just have it without the dressing.

I've had enough of this
fucking fish without raki.

To find the rational number
equivalent to the periodic decimal...

...the whole number
should be written as it is.

The numerator is the difference between
the number after the decimal point...

...and the deferred number.

In the denominator you put as many
"9"s as the deffered numbers...

...and as many "0"s as the undeffered


So where's your father?

You didn't give him
my letter again, did you?

He was busy again today.

What do you mean busy?
Isn't your father a fisherman?

Look! Tell him to come
tomorrow without fail. You understand?

For Goodness sake.

Isn't your father back yet?

When will he be back?

Your father is an Istanbulian.

His father's an Istanbulian. That's me.

My father was an Istanbulian.

His father, my grandfather,
was an Istanbulian.

Your mother is, too.
They are all Istanbulians.

Aren't Istanbulians supposed to be rich?

No. The rich ones always come from

Fuck them all!

Don't peel them so thick. What a waste!

You nitwitl!

No answer.
Doesn't he have a home number?

What about your mother?

Have some.

Death is drawing nigh...

But you're not here

What about our love?
What about our promise?

Was it supposed to be like this?

What about our love?
What about our promise?

Was it supposed to be like this?

Have you ever seen a lover
kill the person they loved?

Was it supposed to be my fate
to love you and die unsure of your love?

Was it supposed to be like this?

A drop ofhappiness
would have saved me

If you could only spare me
a single drop from your heart

Come on! To the soccer match!
The match!

I'm just going out for a walk.

You go inside...

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

You're a woman now.

I'm telling you, you've taken after me.

Look, we even have the same illness.
Neither of us can breathe.

Give him his food. He's hungry.

Hold his back! Hold his back!
You'll drop him!

My little boy! Are you hungry?

Don't cry sweetheart.
Your daddy loves you.

Don't cry sweetheart.

Daddy's little boy is flying.
Look he's flying.

Oh, my cute little boy!

A little kiss from mommy!
A kiss from mommy!

I could eat your little nuts!

They don't want you in that house.

There's no point in hiding it.

If that bitch of a mother loved you...

...she wouldn't have had
that little bastard, would she?

There's no point in dreaming.

You know that mother of yours?
That mother of yours...

He's not home.

Tell him,
I'll find him one way or other.


I thought you were going to
your mom's today.

They didn't come and get me.

I'll take you to Kamile's then.

I don't want to go. I'll wait outside.

No way. Come on, get up.

She is pretty, huh?

Sure. You bet.

- Look at her! The miserable little thing!
- We're having fun here.

Would you like one more?

Open your mouth. It's delicious.
It's coming. Open it. Open. Open.

She was wild.
I flirted a bit and she almost bit me.

Why did you do that?
You shouldn't have scared her!

I'll go and console her.

- Where are you going?
- No, wait a minute!

Come on. One more.
Open it. Open it.

Did you like it?
Did I make it delicious?

No doubt about that.
Of course she'll be a loser.

You shouldn't have slapped him.
There was no need to make a scene.

In places like these it is better to
tolerate a little flirting.

You shouldn't refuse those
who want to be alone with you.

This is the jet set! What can you do?

If you learn these,
you'll be able to find a true fiance.

My lovely girl! Lovely girl.

- Why are you crying?
- It's nothing to do with me.

I just feel sorry for you.

I don't think you are suited to this
environment, Orhan.

What are you talking about, Zeynep?

Please excuse me. I have to go.

What? Say that again.

And again?

- Shall I wait?
- I'll be right back after the prayers.

Tell him to get this place cleaned
once in a while. It's a shit hole.

The whole ship was full of them.

Do you like it?

Buy me three packs of cigarettes
and a half-bottle of raki.

And get yourself whatever
you like with the change.

And a half-bottle of raki.

There's not enough money for all this.

Hey, how old are you now?

Thirteen... No, fourteen.


The raki is over there. Help yourself.

Wait. Let me get it for you.

And this is a present from me.
Don't tell your grandfather.

Where are the cigarettes?

Open the door, god damn it!

I said open the god damn door!

Open up!


I'm not here.

Open the door! Open up!

Open! It's me!

He's not in again?


I have the problem,
you have the remedy

I have the love,
you have the edict

You have the heart that kills,
makes me smile and cry everyday

Even if seasons pass by

Iflove makes me lose myself

Iflife on earth ended

I still have the immortal love

I don't want a broken heart from

I don't want my love to be tainted

Even in my dreams I only loved you

I don't want leaves to fall in the spring

If your love is a flame,
your absence is an ember

Ask my heart about your absence

It's as if I was born with you

It's hard to imagine a life without you

Enough, fuck it! Enough!


Smoke like a chimney
and then complain!

Shut up! Shut up asshole!
Shut up! Shut up,son of an asshole!

You'll go in through one door,
and see all manner of things

You'll face up to every ordeal
and say "that's life"

Some days you'll rebel and ask
why you were even born

Other days you'll laugh
at how you rebelled

You'll love, love, love a lot.

There's crying, there's laughing
There's loving, there's being loved

You'll find what ever you're looking for
in this world

Ift here's sorrow, there's happiness, too

There's being deceived and fooled
There's deceiving and hurting

You'll find whatever you're looking for
in this world

If there's a problem
there's a solution too

Sometimes you'll enjoy the pain,
sometimes you'll runaway from love

Sometimes you'll regret the day
you wasted

My little bunny! Little bunny.

I've caught you little bunny!
Come on, let's play run rabbit.

Sit properly,girl!
Cover up your crotch!

Got any money on you?

You haven't?

That bastard father of yours
doesn't give you any?

But he hands it out to everyone else,
the son of a bitch!


It's a bit long now
but it'll be perfect next year.

It's time we cut your hair a little bit,

Just a little bit, a little!

Fucking foreigners!
There were five of them

and only two of them paid.

Look here, I'm dying. Come here!

Give me a bit ofbread.
A piece ofbread!

Wait! Wash your hands.
You just came out of the bathroom.

Wash your hands
before you give me any bread.

See? It's soft as silk now.
Oh, my little bunny!

Give me the other one.

It's soft as silk now.

It's brought out your beauty.
Come on now, my lovely girl.

I see.

- Can I have one, too?
- Thanks, Hayat.

Hey... Do you want to carry on
at that school?


The TV's gone!

- You had to go and do this too?
- What?

What have you done with the money?

What's going on, you son of a bitch?

- I was asleep. I didn't see anything!
- God damn you!

Are you going to grow up
and go out with girls, huh?

Are you going to chase
after women, son?

My little son's going to
chase after women, is he?

You like that? Yes?
Huh, my little lionheart?

Look, look, look.

Where is it, son?
Look, look, look, my adorable son.

I'd die for you, I'd do anything for you!

My little lionheart.
Grab it, son. Grab it!

Sit properly, girl!

Look. Look.
Daddy would do anything for you.

My good-looking boy!
My lionheart. I could eat you.

Do you like that, son?
Yes? Huh? My little lionheart?

Your daddy would do anything for you.
Don't cough, son.

What my lovely boy?
Tell me what you want.

Look, look, look.
Where is it little boy?

What do you think you're doing?
What are you doing?

It was only a joke.

Ajoke, you idiot?
You don't play with guns!

What ifit had gone off?
What if, huh? What then?

You'll never find anyone
who loves you as much as I do

God, don't wake me up from this dream

Your dress is really nice,
but it's kind oflong, huh?

I'll take it up if you like.

Is this what you're going
to wear for the choir competition?

Don't you look beautiful?

Don't let the evil eye get you

Don't let strangers touch you

Hayat! Honey! Hayat!

Honey, get me some cigarettes
and something for yourself.

I thought you didn't have any money.

Off you go now.

Please don't! Please, please! Don't!
Please. Stop it, please!

Last night I thought about you all night

I thought about the things you said

I turned in my bed all night

I thought about your mocking smile

I thought about your mocking smile

You had a suspicious
expression on your face

It was as if all that you said was a lie

An indefinable fear filled my soul

I thought about my love,
I was stuck on the thought

Behave yourself.

You've stopped drinking and smoking,
you've cleansed your heart and soul.

Your friends in the neighbourhood have
collected their Ramadan alms...

...and sent them to you. You need it too.
With your medication and oxygen.

May God recognize their generosity.

Why don't you give us
some of those sweets?

- Give us some!
- Come on give us some!

Don't piss us off. Just hand them over.

Give us some of those chocolates
you gave out at school!

Come on. Just two or three.
Come on, Hayat!

No! No!

Wait! I'm going to cut just a little bit!

Goddamn it! Stop it! Just a little bit!

Did she force you to have it cut?


She's a whore, that mother of yours!

She dumped your father while he was doing
national service and ran off! The whore!

What happened to your face then?

I did it in the garden.

She's defending that whore.

It looks fabulous.

Let me see. Turn around.

You are gorgeous, you know!

You'll soon be stealing our work
away from us.

Go on, pick one. It'll be my present to
you. Take your pick.

That's good. At least
you picked the cheap one.

You want me to keep it for you?

Mister! Mister! Mister!

Mister, will you marry me?

Give me my money back.

Give it back.

I've dropped my spoon.

Hey, I've dropped my spoon.

I've dropped my spoon.

It tastes like shit anyway.

Don't cry, sweetheart.
Don't cry, beautiful.

My love.

I'm not crying.

I put some ointment on. It'll sting
a bit at first but not for long.

When they did the same to me,
I was three years younger than you.

The Lord Almighty created all living

...with their faces, feet,
eyes and ears... the best possible way.

All of this shows that everything in
nature is created in a balance.

All that is created and the
unparalleled balance in nature...

...was presented
by Holy God as a service to mankind.

It is written in the Quran that,

"God is He who created the heavens
and the earth...

...sent down the rain from the sky
thereby bringing you...

...all sorts of fruits,
gave ships...

...gave ships to your command
that you may sail the oceans...

...made rivers to serve you.

God is He who made the sun, the moon,
the night and the day to serve you

He gave you everything you asked for. "

Milk pudding.

Don't move. Freeze.

He'll come back. Ifit's not tonight,
he'll show up in the morning.

He'll come. He's probably
chasing ass. He'll show up.

My rabbit.

My rabbit.

My rabbit.

It's new?

Fine, but I'm taking my girl away.
Whatever happens, I'm taking her with me.

He'll turn up. He'll turn up
one way or another.

For goodness sake,
where is this girl?





Give me some,
give me some too!

Here. Go ahead and die.

Aghh! I'm dying!

Mygirl, change this tank, please!

For the love of God,
for the love of God.

Help! Help!

I can't breathe!


My little girl, I'm dying, I'm dying.

Asshole! Fucking asshole!

I'm dying!

- Are you from Istanbul?
- No.