My One True Love (2022) - full transcript

A woman is told by a gypsy that she'll fall in love with a man named John. So her friends turn her life upside down to help her date every John they collectively know to find the "one". - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Raymond Taylor?

How can you remember that?

How could she not?

That was the last time the
three of us came here together.

We had to call 911 because
your braces got stuck to his.

Oh it was so horrible.

I can still remember the
pieces of chili cheese dog

trapped between us.

Well speaking of chili
cheese dogs, I'm hungry.

Let's get something to eat.

That's when I realized
I've never had a friend

try to set me up
with their friends.

Should I be scared
to find out why?

Maybe I should be offended.

I did try and set you up.

The 7th grade doesn't count.

Don't worry you're
gonna meet someone.

Besides, we can't all be
as lucky as Helen here

and be a stay at home mom,
with a perfect husband

and a pair of slightly
spoiled, but adorable kids.

Who are in need of a
little brother or sister.

You and Brian better
get to work on that.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

One boy and one girl
is just right for me.


Hi, can I get a
single cheeseburger?

Wait, no, make that a double.

A corn dog, extra large fries
and an extra large drink.

Oh, can I also get
some chile cheese fries

and a extra large
strawberry shake.

Is that for all
of us or just you?

- Me.
- Oh.


I'm hungry.

Can you make that a
triple cheeseburger?

You gonna finish that?


Thanks, man.

Ooh, look at her, gorgeous.

Do you ever stop?

If you were a Transformer,
you'd be Optimus Fine.

Have any of your
lines actually worked?

I swing and miss often.

But in professional baseball

getting a hit three
out of 10 times

is considered an excellent
average, my friend.

Oh I see where you're looking.

You know the question is,

are you going to
step up to the plate

or you gonna watch
from the stands?

You're embarrassing.

No, this is a
momentous occasion.

I can't remember the last time
you even looked at a woman.

Well, not since Jessica.


I know.

Where are the kids today?

Oh, Brian took the
day off to be with them.

The kids wanted him
to bring them here,

but I know somehow
they'd find me

and I'd be covered
in dirt and food.

You're doing a pretty
good job all on your own.

So, how's work?

Same as always.

Haven't you been stuck
there for five years?

I wouldn't put it that way.

It's a job and it's steady.

Plus, I'm even getting
a promotion soon.

Oh, that's awesome.

I couldn't sit in front
of a computer all day.

But a Computer and
Information Systems Manager

sounds important, right

I really don't think I would
change a thing with my life.

Everything's great.

Knock on wood.

That's metal.

I just didn't picture you single

and sitting in
front of a computer

at this point in your life.

Not that there is
anything wrong with that.

What did you picture
her life like then?

I don't know,

married, maybe a kid or two,

working as a nurse,

you used to carry band-aids

around in your
pockets growing up.

I did want to become a nurse.

And not everyone has the goal

of getting hitched Helen.

I'm not saying she
should be married,

I'm just saying, I
thought she would be.

Well, like I said, I am
happy just the way things are.

Now's your chance,
here they come.

No, no, no, no, no.

You're not gonna say anything?

It's all right man, I got you.

Oh it's handy that I
brought my library card

because I'm totally
checking you out.

Was that addressed
to all three of us

or did you feel like
singling one of us out?

Because she is married,
she's unavailable

and I'm not interested.

Well, tell me this,
are you religious?

Because you are the
answer to my prayers.

I'll start
praying for you to disappear.

Ooh, ouch.

Come on, you guys, you should
be ashamed of yourselves.

I take no part in this.

I imagine you two
should be here working

not wasting tax payer money
hitting on the guests.

Hang on, I think
you misunderstood.

No, you're done.

Why don't you keep
an eye on him.

Have a good day.

Come on.

You are vicious.

Honest, is all.


Well unavailable to them, yes.



I've been expecting you.

Come in.

Come in.
Do you know her?

- Really are we doing this?
- Come on.

Which one of you be
liking to go first?

Sure, why not?

Your palm.

I see green aventurine

with dark, brown stones.

Tiger's eye.

And black obsidian.

And I'm coming to a divide.

One side feels intense

and will become successful.

You will innovate,
adapt and grow.

Other side will decline.

A challenging assignment will
likely give you opportunity

to prove your mettle.

But you are up to the task.

A little vague but I'll take it.

Okay, I'm next.


Now, what I am looking
for is peace of mind,

to be skinnier

and maybe my husband
to be a little more.


Close your eyes.

Do not keep things
in your heart,

share them with
the one you love.

It will only improve your
mutual understanding.

What, no tiger's
blood or stones for me?

No colors?


Double rouge.

Heavier times.

That's it?

That's all I get?

It's plenty.

Thank you.

Okay, my turn.

Destiny has much
in store for you.



[Madame Zoe Spit.

I think she wants you
to spit in her hand.

Oh, disgusting.

The sun,

the moon

and the stars are converging.

Universe is pushing you

to embrace the
changes of the three.

The stars shows, you will
find new place to call home.

The scales of the
moon are imbalanced

and you will need
to find a new trade.

Something that is
closer to your heart.

At last,

the fiery sun urges you
to be on the lookout

for your soulmate,

a man named John.

He will be the
love of your life.

She told me the exact
opposite of what I wanted.

I asked for skinny

and she tells me heavy.

Does that mean I
am gonna get fat?

I would have been happy
if she predicted mono.

Why did you say you
wanted your husband

to be a little more average?

Okay, this may sound strange,

but sometimes my
husband drives me crazy.

- What?
- What?

Don't get me wrong, I love Brian

but sometimes he is
too perfect, you know.

He's too loving and caring.

Oh, that sounds terrible.

My heart bleeds for you.

Well, at least I'm
excited about my fortune,

a challenging assignment
that will test my mettle.

Well then Ali gets
the mother load.

What was it,

a new home,

a trade, must be job.

Oh and a new man named John.


And please no.

I have an amazing apartment
and my job is secure

and I have no
interests in any Johns.

All right, go ahead.

What do you think
she meant by heavy?

Oh don't give it any credence,

it's just vague guess work.

Oh, only two at a
time when you are so.

If you say big, so help me.

When you are an adult.

Only two adults per chair.


You guys can go ahead,
I'll just catch the next one.

Here we go.

All right, go ahead.


Have fun.

You ride one of these before?

Yeah, they're lots of fun.

I'm Ali.

I'm John.

I'm sorry, did you say, John?

John Kimball.

Guys, you're never guess
who I'm up here with.

Who's that?

My new friend, John Kimball.

You see, the predictions
are already coming true.

Are you afraid of heights?

I don't think so.

I should probably answer this.

Hi, this is Ali.


How did this happen?

Could anything be saved?

I understand.

Thanks for letting me know.

Everything okay?

My apartment flooded and
there is a lot of damage.

How much is a lot?

Like I could charge
people admission

to come and swim.


The first part of the fortune.

It has to be a coincidence.

Just catch the
next one, I guess.

Oh, no, not again.

Not again?

I'll get help.

That can't be good.

Don't worry John.

Okay, I've decided
I don't like heights.

Me neither.

I mean, when we are
moving it's one thing

but being stationery is
a whole different story.

Is that?




You guys wanna
come down from there?

Yes, sir.

Yes, please.

Be careful.

I've got you.

All right, hold on.

Ali, Ali.

Thank you, mister.

We're back on the ground.

Right, oh.

Why don't we get
you out of here.



You are so brave.

Thank you.


Sean Carpenter.


Hi, we were so
worried about you.

I've been stress eating so bad.

Do you have some water.



Come in.

Thanks for letting me stay.

Yeah, of course.

Stay as long as you need.

Is this it?

Pretty much everything
was ruined in the flood.

My clothes, my
computer, my furniture.

Even my toothbrush.

I was planning on donating
these to a thrift store,

but they've lived in my trunk
for the past several months.

They smell like they
died in your trunk.

I'll introduce you to my
washing machine later.

What are you working on?

Oh, a commercial.

Oh, what kinda actors
are you looking for?

Just one happily married couple.

I have already found the wife,

but I'm still looking
for right actor

to play the part of the husband.

Everyone I've put up
on the board though

just doesn't feel right.

The board?

Oh, casting board.

Basically photos of all
the potential actors.

We like to see who
looks good together.

Oh, it's Helen.


Hey, is Ali with you?

I'm right here.

Okay, do I need to
be the one who says it?

Says what?

Madame Zoe was right.

She got one thing right.

There's no way she
could have guessed

your apartment would flood.

I have yet to be
presented with something

that will test my mettle.

I haven't had a production
I couldn't cast.

Yeah, well, it
hasn't even been a few hours,

I'd give it time.

No way.

Besides, I have a promotion
coming up at work.

I'm meeting with my
bosses about it, tomorrow.

And you can borrow
some of my clothes.

Thank you.

So you see Helen, you have
nothing to worry about.

Fine, bye.

Okay, sorry about that.

"Oh dear, elephant got
scared and ran away."



- Harold.
- Ali.

- Tina.
- Ali.

New guy.

I'm Ali.

Have a seat.

This is Richard.

He's part of a
consulting company

that helps restructure
corporations in transition.


I mean, I know this promotion's

gonna be coming with
a lot of changes

but what kinda transition
are we talking about here?


We're not here to
give me the promotion?

You promised me
this six months ago.

I know.

But your whole department
is going to be consolidated.

We through time,
hopefully we can rehire.

Well, after the
restructure period.

We need to streamline ourselves

through corporate restructuring.

That good of a day, hah?

I got canned.


Discharged, axed,

laid-off, furloughed,
let go, terminated.

Just like that?

They gave me the option

of staying until the end of
the week or leaving today.

Oh, Ali, I'm so sorry.

I should have seen
the warning signs.

The numerous
closed-door meetings,

no new hires,

the decrease of work loads.

Ice cream?

Ice cream.

It's over.

It's the end.

I can't go on.

Did someone die?


I'm pregnant.

With twins.

We're out of tissues.

I'll see if I have another box.

How far along are you?

Almost three months.

Do you know what your having?



One of each?

I have another
ultrasound in a few weeks.

Do you know what you want?

This is all I could find.

Thank you.

Well, if you're extra
hungry during your pregnancy,

you're probably pregnant
with a boy, right?

That's not proven, is it?

By the way you were chowing down

at the carnival the other day,

I'd say you have about half
a baseball team in there.

Do you wanna know what
the worst part about it is?


Brian is excited.

He's genuinely excited.

Well should he not be?

I don't want to be
the one to say this,

but everything Madame Zoe
has said is coming true.

Madame Zoe said double rouge.

Double pink.

Maybe you're having twin girls.

By heavy, she meant
pregnant, not fat.

And the first two
parts of my fortune

have already come true,

needing a new place to
live and needing a new job.

Wait, what?

I lost my job today.

We need to speak with Madame Zoe

and get this straightened out.

It just makes me feel pretty bad

trying to reach to
his high standards.

I mean, I know I'm a good mom

but Brian is always
one step ahead of me,

and he doesn't do things

because he feels like
he is better than me,

he just wants to help.

But it makes me feel bad.

I don't think the
carnival is open yet.

Come on.

Hey, Helen.



I don't even know
how to approach him

and ask him to stop or change.

I just want him to relax
sometimes, you know.

Leave the dirty
dishes in the sink

and forget to help the
kids with their homework,

watch lots of TV after
coming home from work.

It almost sounds
like you're asking

how to make Brian
a worse husband,

a less concerned father

and a lazier man.

Maybe it wasn't a fortune.

It was a curse.

Oh my gosh we've been cursed.

We weren't cursed.

There was that woman in
Florida who got prison time

and had to repay $1.6 million
to a woman she cursed.

Stop trying to convince
yourself that we were cursed.

Maybe she's inside.

Madame Zoe.

Madame Zoe, are you there?

Madame Zoe.

You have to be in there.

Madame Zoe.

That's it, I'm going in.


What are you doing?
You'll see, you'll see.

You see, I could have
easily fit through

if I wasn't pregnant.

You try.

That's not a good idea.

Oh I'm sorry, but
you're smaller than me.

We have to get in there.

We have to speak with her.



Oh no.


I think I'm stuck.

How bad?

I can't move.

Do you want me to push or pull?


Okay, yeah, I'm
gonna pull, okay.

You ready?

Okay not helping.

Not helping.

Try sucking in.

I am sucking it in.

Hello again.


How's it going?

You okay here?

- No.
- Yes, fine.

We don't need any help.

You won't happen to know
if Madame Zoe is here yet?

Oh I think she won't be
back for several weeks.


Yeah, the carnival's
moving on to another city,

possibly even out of state.


So what are you doing here?

Just here as a safety precaution

as everything gets packed up.

Oh, that was really nice
of you the other night,

saving that little boy
and my friend here.

Of course, happy to help.

You sure you're all right?




It's nice to see you again.

We better run.

He's super cute.

So long.

You see what I mean.

Not only do the kids love him,

but apparently all the
mothers do here as well.

Well, what's not to like?


Hey, no more complaining
about Brian, okay?

Just positive things
coming from your mouth.

You're right, you're right.

I'll work on it.

So, Madame Zoe is gone?

Yeah, for several weeks.

What were you planning
on saying to her anyway?

That we want a refund.

Or for her to take
back what she said.

I think it's a little
too late for some things.

Well she should.

I mean I have to start
my life completely over.

I need to find a new
job, a new place to live.

I have to buy everything again.

It's like I am
starting from scratch.

Am I having like a
mid-midlife crisis?


Look on the bright side,

at least you are not suffering
from pregnancy brain.

And apparently my toes
have decided to grow

along with my belly.

Sadly, I had to say
goodbye to my cute shoes.

Positive, remember, Helen?

I thought I was being positive.

Madame Zoe said
that you will find

the love of your life, right?

Something like that.

Okay, well instead of
focusing on the negative,

let's really do focus
on the positive here.

What exactly did she say?

She said something about
looking for my soulmate.

His name being John.

Okay, that sounds
promising to me.

A soulmate who will be
the love of your life.

We can help you.


What do you mean?

This could be the
challenging assignment.

You know, the one where
I am to prove my mettle.

We can help you on your
quest to find the right John.

Oh it'll be perfect.

It will help keep your
mind off of things

and it will give
you something to do.

I do have something to do,

I have to find a new job.

No one's going to date me,
sleeping on your couch.

You search for a new job.

And we'll find your John.

Hey, I got a new one.

Oh please, no.

Let me try it out on you.

Go on, feel my jacket.

It's made of boyfriend material.


That doesn't work?

It might be your worst one yet.


Okay, I got another
one, you ready?

Do I have a choice?

Hey, girl, is your name WiFi,

'cause we got a connection.

You do realize most
women hate pick up lines.

Oh, are you an
expert on women now?

Far from it.

Maybe just try saying,
hello, next time.

It could work wonders
despite its simplicity.

This coming from a guy

that who hasn't been
on a date in a year.

Or was it two?

You got a point.

And why is that anyway?

I know your heart was broken.

But it has had plenty of
time to repair itself.

You know, I did run
into carnival girl again.

Brown hair, yellow dress?

That's the one.


And you thinking you like her?

I wouldn't mind
seeing her again.

That's what I'm talking about.

Now, what are you
gonna do about it?

All right ladies, how
do we go about this?

We'll start by putting
together a list of Johns.

How many Johns do you know
off the top of your head?

Two Johns from work.

One from the gym.

The mailman.

I need last names.

The Johns from work
are Peebler and Green.

And the other two I don't know.

We'll call them Gym
John and Mailman John.

Oh, my old landlord's
name is John.

Oh, Landlord John.

No, wait.

His name is Steve.


But I have down my list
of potential jobs for me,

you guys wanna hear?




Dental Hygienist.



Educator and nurse.

Oh, you're talking a
complete career change,

not just a new job.

I mean, at this point,
I'm not really sure.

But something new and different

may be just what I need.

That's it?

Four names is all
you can come up with?

That should make finding
the right John real easy.

Oh no, four does not cut it.

Here's what we'll do,

we will all go
through our phones

and write down anyone
with the name John.

Sean, hold up.

What's this?

You can thank me later.

Is this?

How did you get this?

It was with the incident report.

She must have left it.

Now she didn't leave
a phone number,

but I do see an
address right there.

I don't know.

You're the one
that said you want to

get to know her better.

And now you have
this opportunity

of chivalrously returning

her lost Driver's
License to her.

You can thank me later.

To become a Librarian
I would need a Master's

in Library and
Information Science.

But I can earn this
degree 100 percent online.

Ali the librarian?

I don't see it.

I guess I'll still
send out my resume

to those looking
for an IT manager.

John Moyer and John Underwood.

That's all of them.

How many are on the list now?

30, 40?

Close, 187.

That's ridiculous.


You take half and find
someone for yourself.

No, the fortune was about you.

She didn't say anything
about my love life.

Look, why don't you
go out for a bit

and we can finish this up?


I do need to see if my landlord

was able to salvage
anything else.

Just give us a few hours

and we'll have
everything ready for you.

Wouldn't be considered
stalking, would it?

No, it's a bad idea, Sean.

You should leave.

You should definitely leave.

Oh no, no, no, you're just
returning this to her,

you're already here.

I might as well knock.

I can do that.

You can do that, Sean.

Hey, does an Ali
Schafer live here?

Are you the insurance adjuster?

No, I'm a friend.

Oh she had to move out.

Her place flooded

along with most of the
apartments in this building.

Gonna be at this for a while.

If you do see her though,

tell her she's not gonna
be able to move back in

for a few weeks.


Hey Ali, did your
friend find you?

What friend?

He was just here
looking for you?

He, did he leave a name
or say what he wanted?

I can't remember.

Oh wait, were you able
to save anything else?

- All right, there you are.
- Thank you.

Have a great day.


Hey I'm John.

You have a good day.

Thank you.

- Hey babe.
- Hey.

You ready?

Okay let's head out.

This is Ali.

Yes, I'm so glad my
resume reached you.

An interview?


Monday at two.

Yes, I will see you then.

Okay great.

Thanks again.

Monday at two, interview.

Oh my goodness.
Excuse me.

I am so sorry.

I should've been watching
where I was going.

Hello again.


It's Ali, right?



I remember.

I promise I am not
this accident prone.

You just seem to
catch me at my worst.

Been avoiding Ferris Wheels?

At all costs.

Life has been a bit of an
adventure since that night.

In a good way or a bad way?

Well, let's see,

I lost my job.


My apartment flooded.

I know.

And the Ferris Wheel incident,

all that within 24 hours.

I'm sorry.

Hopefully that's
the worst of it.

Wait, I'm sorry,

how did you know
about my apartment?


I tried dropping
this off earlier.

You left it when filling
out the incident report.

Would've tried calling but
we didn't have your number.

I didn't even
notice it was missing.

It's a good thing I
haven't been pulled over.



Of course.

Well, at the rate we are going,

I'm sure I'll see you again.

Hope, uh, probably.

See ya.


Good news guys.

I have a job interview for.

What is all of this?

It's your casting wall.

These are the men who are
auditioning for your heart.

Is every wall covered?

Pretty much.

We've numbered all of them.

And we've put together details

for each and every one.

Basically a list
of their skills,

qualifications, educations,
likes, dislikes.

How did you find
all of this out?

You can find out anything
you want on the internet.

Now whether it's all true,
that's a different story.

Go ahead, try it
out, pick a number.


Oh, he's a handsome one.

This is John Jeffries.

He's a martial arts
instructor, has his own dojo.

No kids, never been married.

Favorite movie is,
"Best of the Best."

Dislikes pickles,
mustard and coconut.

He's 44 years old.

No, he's not gonna work out.

Was it the pickles?


He's too old for me.

I think, like 10 years
older than me is my limit.

Okay, good to know.

We can eliminating
a bunch by knowing

what your requirements are.

Have a seat.

We will put them all
in three categories,

Yes, no and maybe.

And we don't
eliminate the maybes.

There have been plenty of times

that someone out of the maybes

has ended up wowing the director

and getting the part.

So John Jeffries is a no?

What would prevent you
from going out with someone?

I don't know.

Well, how important
are looks to you?

Not super important,

but I mean it's a plus
if he's attractive.

Is there anyone
here on the walls,

you'd eliminate just by looks?

I don't know, I mean,
I feel super weird

judging all these Johns
just based on their photos.

Fine, we won't eliminate
any based on looks.

So 10 years older is the limit,

can he be younger than you?

No, no one younger than me.

Really, not even like a
year or just a few months?


someone between 30 and 40.

Let's see what that does.

That only eliminates 24.

They never even got a chance.

There's still 163 on the list.

Oh, I thought of something.

I would like for
them to have a job,

be financially responsible

and to not live at home
with their parents.

How much taller
than you can he be?

Eight inches.


I don't want to have to
stand on a stool to kiss him.

So what does that
do to the numbers?

Has to be employed,
not living with parents,

between 5.4 and six feet.

Anything else?

I think that's a
pretty good start.


That eliminates another 73.


That's a great number
to start scheduling.


Your dates.


Don't worry.

We have a plan.

Am I supposed to be the
one contacting these people?

Just the Johns you know.

I'll worry about the ones I know

and Brooke will contact
the ones she knows.

It's either that or we
create a dating profile for you

stating that you are looking
for your soulmate named John.

Okay, your way is better.

You're doing good buddy,
just a little further.

There you are.

I got you.

Here you go Miss.

Geez, thanks mister.

You see that,

fulfilling your knightly responsibilities.

Oh speaking of, how did it go

with the future Mrs. Carpenter?

I blew it.

I didn't ask her out.

I didn't even ask
her for her number.

I'll probably never
see her again.

You're just out of
practice, that's all.

Maybe you'll get another shot.

Oh, look at those little feet.

They sure are wiggly in there.

It feels like they are
having a wrestling match.

Let's see if we can
find that heartbeat.

I read that a
higher fetal heartbeat

means you're having a girl.

How high?

Over 140.

What's normal?

120 to 160 beats per minute.

It's so beautiful.

There's still only
two in there, right?


Two healthy heart beats.

Both over 140.

Would you like to
know the genders?

Oh no, my husband and
I would like to find out

at the same time, but he
couldn't make it today

because he is home with
our sick little girl.

Oh well, we'll do
it next time then.

If you don't mind me asking,

how long did it take you to
become an Ultra Sound Tech?

Ah, see, with
school and everything,

about four years.

Seems worth it.

Oh, definitely.

Well, the doctor
will be in shortly.

Thank you.

So are you still weighing
your career options?

I've made up my mind

that I wanna try something
completely different.

The other day when I went
in for my job interview,

it was very clear
that I'm no longer

interested in that field.

And I think the company
could see it too.

Are you leaning toward
anything particular?

Sadly, no.


Hey, make it quick, the
doctor will be in any minute.

Okay I have everything booked.

I just sent you
over the calendar.

You have me going out
every night this week.

Guys, I'm starting to
second guess this decision.

Oh you are not backing out now.

You are committed.

I'm gonna get so fat
eating out that much.

Not every date is
taking you out to eat.

And we've put them in charge

of what you are
going to be doing.

And we did say no
to zero effort men.

We did not accept
coffee or a walk

as a suitable date option
and neither should you.

But I like walks.

You are not a dog.

And I have a Nespresso
machine at home.

You know, I think it's
all about compatibility.

When people our age,

get set and comfortable
in their routines,

we forget how to
be around others.

Did you read that somewhere?

In a magazine in
the waiting room.

Guys maybe we should just
let a John come into my life

instead of forcing it to happen.

So far the only John

that has come into
your life naturally

is the kid on the Ferris Wheel.

Oh, gotta go, bye.

Hi, Doctor Murphy.



Alison Schafer?

Oh my gosh.

How are you?

We knew each other
in high school.

In fact, I think that's
the last time I saw you.

We had like four or
five classes together.

Did you hear
Mr. Green retired?

History teacher, Green?

After 46 years,
can you believe that?

Oh Helen, I'm so sorry,

you and your babies
are the priority here.

How are you feeling?

Oh, no, you two should catch up.

Maybe over lunch or something.

I don't.

I think that's a good idea.

I'll add him to the list.

This would be a lot easier

if you just wait
until I was finished.

Brian's gonna be
here any minute.

I know.

Oh got it, she's all yours.

What's wrong?

Aren't you excited?

I guess I am a
little apprehensive.

It's been a while since
I've been out on a date.

Don't be afraid of rejection.

Besides, you're gonna be
the one doing the rejecting.

That sounds worse.

I mean, it just
doesn't seem fair

to everyone else I'm
gonna be going out with.

Just have fun.

If there is something
there, pursue it.

If not, remember that the date's

gonna be over in a couple hours

and you don't have to see him
again, if you don't want to.

Plus, you're
charming and beautiful

and anyone, John or not, would
be lucky to go out with you.


I don't see it.

He's a maybe.

Remember what you
said about maybes.

Is he one of yours?

He's one of mine.

I knew him from college.


I'll get it.

Hey Ali.

Hi John.

You ready to go?

I'm all ready.


He better open the door for her.

Yeah, or else this
date is over real quick.

Oh good, he did it.

Lucky for him.

Everything okay?

Yeah, great.

It's been a few
years since college,

how've you been?

Oh, so great.

And your family, they good?

Oh yeah, they're really great.

That's great.

Tell me everything.

Is he the one?

Definite no.

What did you guys do?

We drove in his truck
for a long, long time.

I had no idea where
we were going.

And then we stopped
at a gas station

where he bought me
an ice cream bar

and then took me back home.

Was the conversation
at least good?

Oh it was great.

Or at least that
is how he responded

to every single thing
that I asked him.

Who's next?

Hi Ali.

Wow, this looks great.

We'll it tastes even better.

Will someone be joining us?

That must be my mother.

I think I love all of 'em.

The best one is
my Florida tattoo.

Wanna see Florida dance?

How tall are you?

Just to like venture out
and like see other parts.

My favorite childhood
memories just to

do that.




It was a very shaky night
for the rookie quarterback

seeing his first bit of action.

He threw for 11-of-24
passes, 112 yards.

If you're choosing
to start dating again

after a long while

then you've gotta do it

when you really feel
like you're ready.

You're probably
gonna be bringing

all of this emotional
package with you

which is just the worst.

♪ That sparkle in your eye

♪ Tells me I'm the only guy

♪ Who can take
your breath away ♪

♪ And make you smile

♪ Oh my Ali

♪ I'm smitten by you

I can't decide
if I wanna set her up

with this one or this one.

I just don't
know if I love the mustache.

Oh, how'd it go last night?

I don't know how much
more of this I can take.

That good, huh?

At the end of the date he
hugs me then leans in and says,

"I like my women
flabby, not firm,

"this isn't gonna work out."

How did you respond?

I said, thank you.

And then hurried
into the apartment.

He wasn't one of mine was he?

Well, there are still
plenty of Johns on the list.

Maybe we went about
it the wrong way.

What do you mean?

Or am I the issue?


Am I undatable?

You are not the issue.

Have hope.

Tomorrow you have a
date with my doctor.

Finally, someone normal.

Or at least he was
in High School.

What do you know
about this guy anyway?

Besides the fact that he's
delivering your babies.

He dresses really well.

Has a nice car, a good job.


I might actually be
looking forward to this one.

So you've never been married?



Why is that so hard
for you to believe?

I just always pictured
you happily married.

Oh you drew a picture
of me happily married?

No, but I could take a
shot at it, if you'd like.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Do you know those yearbook
predictions from high school,

like, "Whose most likely
to end up in prison."

You know, that sort of thing.

Yeah, did yours say, "Most
likely to become a doctor?"

Yes, actually,
and happily married.

You're not married, right?

No, no, no, divorced
for a few years.

No kids.

Maybe the happily married
part is still yet to come.

So what was you predictions?

I don't remember.

So who left who?

She left me.

I'm sorry.

No, we wanted different things.

I wanted a family and she wanted
Raul, her personal trainer.

You know, she would always
tell me how exhausting it was

for her to have to
tell me all the things

that I needed to do.

And I'd reason, you know,

"Just tell me what
you want me to do

"and I'll gladly do it."

She didn't want to be my mother.

You okay?



He's choking.

Help, somebody help.

Come here, I've got
you, I've got you.

There you go, breathe, breathe.

Are you okay?

Yeah, thank you.

Have a seat.

Let's make sure
you're all right.

Grab some water.


The date was that bad?

The date was actually
going really well,

that is until John started
choking and I panicked.

- Is he okay?
- What happened?

I wanted to do
something, but I just froze

and did nothing.

Luckily, the fireman from
the carnival was there

and helped him.

Was it the handsome one

or bad pick up lines.

His name is Sean.

I don't even think
I thanked him.

I don't know what my problem is.

I was sitting there staring
at her the entire time.

While she was on a
date with another guy.

I'm just setting
my up for failure.

What are you doing?



Hey, I gotta go, yeah.

Can I?

I wanted to say thank you

for saving the guy
that I was with.

How's your date,
is he doing okay?

As far as I know.


It looked like your
date was going well.

It was,


well until, you know.

Why did you keep staring at me

while you were on a
date with another woman?

I hope it wasn't a date.


My aunt, Sherry.

The woman I was with
was my aunt, Sherry.


Sorry for jumping
to conclusions.


But still, you did
keep looking at me.

I did.

How did you not panic
when my date was choking?

Like, you came over and assessed
the situation and acted.

You saved his life.

You know, I still
feel a little nervous

every time there is a
situation like that,

but I just let the
training take over.

What would it take to
become a first responder?

Any particular field,
Paramedic, EMT, firefighter?

I started taking an EMT
course my freshman year,

but I never finished.

I'm sure that would
be easy to pick back up.

What happened
earlier at the cafe,

I do not want a repeat of that.

I want to be ready
and willing to act.

Everyone responds different
in a situation like that.

But you responded
how I want to respond.

Finish your EMT course
and I'm sure you would.

What are the typical
hours like for an EMT?

Mostly 12 hour shifts.

But it's not uncommon
to have to stay late

because of a call that comes
in at the end of your shift.

And how long did
you get certified?

Six months at a
community college.

I was taking other
courses at the same time.

Being EMT certified
really helped

when I decided to
become a fireman.

What made you decide that?

My mom.

She embroidered a quote and
hung it on our wall at home.

It was from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And it said, "The purpose
of life is not to be happy.

"It is to be useful, to be
honorable, to be compassionate,

"to have it make some
difference that you have lived

"and lived well."

Your mom embroidered all that?


And you feel like you're
making a difference?

Some days, yeah.

All in all, I recommend
it as a profession

if you're looking to give
back to your community.

On the other hand, if
you're looking to be a hero

or make a lot of money,
it's not the field for you.

Thanks for answering
all of my questions,

I know it was a lot.

Yeah, no problem.

Let me give you my number.

If you have any more
questions, I could.

Oh yeah.

Okay yeah, that would be great.

That's nice actually.

Okay, I've finally decided,

I want to be a first responder.

Like a firefighter?

I wanna be an EMT
and then work my way up

to being a paramedic.

Is there a difference?

Well EMTs, they
mostly deal with CPR,

tourniquet application
and wound treatment.

Paramedics perform more
advanced procedures.

I think you are
suffering the effects

from your mid-midlife crisis.

I'm serious.

After talking to Sean,

I am sure that this
is what I wanna do.

But isn't that like
starting over with school?

Are you still going to have time

while we're trying to find
your one and only John?

You guys are not
being too supportive.

Did Sean talk you into this?

Not at all.

I just asked him a
bunch of questions.

And we actually had a
lot of fun together,

we spent the entire
afternoon talking.

That's swell and all,

but you are supposed to be
finding love with a John.


Alright everyone, let's find
out what these babies are.

Don't forget you have
six dates this week.


Check your calendar.

I did give you tomorrow off.

Oh I should probably tell you

that I set you up on a
second date with my doctor

and it's tomorrow.

Okay, on the count of three.

One, two, three.

Oh my goodness.

Double rouge.

Nice swing.


You sure you haven't
done this before?

First time.

Wow, that is
incredibly accurate.

Don't look so surprised.

Are you sure you're
not signed with the PGA?

This was a good idea.

Yeah, I'm glad we did this.

So I've been thinking
of making a career change.

Something still
with computers, right?

EMT, actually.

That's is quote the change.

I know.

Are you sure you
want to do that?

You don't think I should?

No, no, no, it's
not what I meant.

It's just.

It's the hospital, I got
a delivery, I gotta go.

It's not Helen, is it?

No, no, no, she's
still a ways out.

We should do this
again sometime.



Hey, hold up.

Who is it?



It's her isn't it?

I wanted to say thanks again

for answering all my
questions the other day.

I decided that I
want to be an EMT.

That's awesome.

And then maybe work my
way up to being a paramedic.

I could totally
see you doing that.

Thank you.

You're the first person

who's shown any
excitement about this.

What's not to be excited about?

It's such a great choice,

I know you are gonna love it.

I was wondering if you would

point me in the right direction.

I could do better than that.

I could help you along the way

and make sure you
take the best courses

with the best teachers.

Show you what to prepare for,

help you with the exams.

You would do that?

Yeah, I wanna see you succeed.

Thank you.

I'll put some things
together for you

and maybe we can meet
up tomorrow morning.

Let me check my
calendar, one sec.

I can't tomorrow morning.

When can you?

Or Thursday morning.

You're a busy lady.

How's Friday morning?

I'll make it work.

Come by the fire
station around nine.


Thank you.

Perfect, I'll see you then.


That's right, that's right.


What are we going
to do about Ali?

I'm worried about her.

I think out of everyone
she's seen so far,

I think Doctor John is the best.

What is it?

It's too quiet.



Try calling him.


Voicemail again.

Maybe he finally snapped.

He realized that being married
to you is too much work

and he is on his way to Belize.

This is so unlike him.

Isn't this what
you wanted though?

lazy, less perfect.

Yeah, but kids were supposed
to be to bed hours ago.

Oh, he's gonna be
in so much trouble.

I'm sure they're fine.

Have you noticed Ali is
starting to act irrationally.

Wait, wait, wait.

Do you hear that?



Too perfect, huh?

Oh you've gotta be kidding me.


He sent me some texts
I didn't even see.

Letting me know the
kids were scared,

and he was gonna stay with them,

but would get to the dishes
after they fell asleep.

I am a bad wife.

You're not a bad wife.

You're just starting to realize

what an amazing man you have.

He is pretty amazing, huh?

And he even left some
dishes for you to do.

But look what he did to me.

Oh I think you had a little
bit to do with that yourself.

So what are we
gonna do about Ali?

I wouldn't stress about it.

She's made up her
mind about work

and the best thing we
can do is support her.

Yeah, just as long
as she doesn't forget

about finding her
soulmate, John.

I made a list of
some things you'll need to do

and some resources to
help you get signed up.

This is amazing, thank you.

You don't need a college
degree to be an EMT,

but you do need a
high school diploma.


You'll need to be CPR certified

before you enroll in the course.

Okay, I had one of those

but I think it's expired now.

Yeah most certifications
only last for a year or two,

so you'll have to redo that.

But luckily, we offer a course,

it only takes a couple hours.

Sign me up for the next one.

Then you'll have
to take the cognitive exam.

Is that the
kind of that the test

that you can take online?


You'll answer between
60 and 110 questions.

What kinds of questions?

It covers everything
from airways, ventilation,

respiration, cardiology, resuscitation.

It takes about two hours.

The biggest thing
you'll need to do

is complete a state-approved
education program.

Is that like the one
I started in college?


However, there is an
accelerated EMT training course.

It takes only 19 days,

as opposed to six months
at a community college.


I definitely want to do
the accelerated course.

It's just my schedule
is a little crazy

over the next little while.


I know it sounds bad,

it's just I have a date

like every day for the
next several weeks.

Every day?

With the same guy
or different guys?


Oh, dare I ask?

I know, it sounds so
bad saying it out loud.

It's complicated.

But I am serious
about being an EMT.

So I'm going to start
as soon as I can.

Amid your serial dating?

You don't know the half of it.

While we wait for the
last few people to arrive,

make sure you have your
packet so we can review.

And we're going to go over
the, "Dr's ABCs" shortly.

Thanks for coming with me.

Yeah, no problem.

One of my worst fears is
one of my kids choking

and me not knowing what to do.

So, how did the date
with the latest John go?

While we were watching the movie

I reached for the popcorn
and he pulled the tub away

and asked if my
hands were clean.

Oh I'm so sorry.

It gets better.

He said he had to
go to the bathroom

and he took the tub
of popcorn with him.


And then he never came back.

At least I was finally
able to enjoy the movie.

Hey, Helen, will you cancel
all my upcoming dates?

Even my doctor?

No, he actually
has some potential,

but all the others,
I just can't handle.

I really wanna focus
on my EMT training.

Okay, as long as you take
time to focus on Doctor John.

Thank you.

Now I have to convince Brooke.

All right, everyone,
the "Dr's ABCs"

is a handy acronym
to help you remember

what to do when you find
someone unconscious.

You can't give up.

I'm not giving up.

I just can't go on
any more blind dates.

But some potential
good ones are coming up.

How many dates have I been on?

A lot.

Over 50.

50 dates.

And I've only been on
one second date, one.

What does that tell you?

That I've failed.




Look, I appreciate
everything that you and Helen

have set up for me,

I just, I think it was
too much, all at once.

I may have gone
a little overboard.

A little.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

But you still think there
is potential with Doctor John?

I do.

He's really nice.

But we have yet
to finish a date.

Nice hit, nice hit, nice hit.

There you go.


That's game.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have played that hard.

I'm glad you didn't hold back.

This is your first time playing?

It showed that much?

No, you're great.

I mean, you play like a pro.

So, how's the EMT thing going?

I have test coming up.

If I pass, I can start
the accelerated course.

I'm a little nervous.

No, I'm sure you'll do great.

Maybe you can help me study?


I don't know, like
quiz me on things

like, "How many liters of oxygen

"is a D size cylinder
capable of carrying?"

Look, it's the hospital.

I'm sorry, our gotta get going.

I'm still trying to figure out

this whole balance between
work like and personal life.

You mean like not dating
your patients friends?


Yeah, something like that.

Which symptoms are
most commonly associated

with cardiac related chest pain?

It's not lower back pain,

jaw pain.

That's correct.

All right, next one.

What patient would
be the most likely

to require insulin injections?

A 92-year-old male
with Type 2 diabetes.

A 25-year-old male
with Type 1 diabetes.

25-year-old male
with Type 1 Diabetes.

You don't wanna hear
the other options?

Well if he's a 25-year-old
male with Type 1 Diabetes,

he most likely isn't capable
of producing his own insulin.

You got 'em all.

You're definitely ready.

I feel ready.

You nervous?

Not with you in my corner.

Thanks for helping me study.

Of course.

What's the rule about having
boys over when I am not here?

She's kidding.

I was just leaving.

I bet you were.

You'll do awesome tomorrow.


Nice to see you again.

What do you think you are doing?

Studying for my test tomorrow.

With your hair all done
up nice and smelling all,

smelling, you're
wearing my perfume.

You said I could borrow some.

Yeah, when you're out with
Doctor John, not with that guy.

Don't worry.

I'm seeing Doctor John
tomorrow after my test.


I just wanted to make sure
your priorities are straight.

On call again?


I mean, that's why
I chose this place,

just in case I'm called in.

Does that ever get to you?

Just always feeling
like you're at work?

It's crossed my mind.

But I love what I do.

It feels like,

taking care of women
is my life's calling.

You know, that sounded
a lot more strange

coming out than just
staying up there.

Wasn't your dad a surgeon?

Yeah, he still is.

I mean, that's why I got
into the medical field,

in the first place.

I love surgery.

I mean you can actually
cure a patient's disease

with the right operation.

Then I delivered my first baby

and it all made sense.

You know, in my line of
work, there's two patients,

the mother and the child.

And there is nothing

like bringing new
life in the world.

I got to be at my niece's birth.

And seeing those little
hands and her eyes open,

for the first time,

it was amazing.

I can see why you do it.


It's kinda like we
just picked back up

from when we were
in high school.

You're never gonna believe.

The hospital?

I'm sorry I have to
cut our time short.

It's okay, I understand.

I'm off next week, okay,

I'll pick you up, take
you on a formal date.


Thank you for understanding me.

Yeah, of course.



Is everything all right?

Where did you run from?

You passed.


100%, that's amazing.

Thanks to you.

Hey, I just led you
in the right direction.

That's all you.

I couldn't have
done it without you.

Let's celebrate.

We can celebrate by
letting me take you out.

I'm all sweaty.

How about this Saturday?

That is, if it doesn't interfere

with your other
dating adventures.

That's pretty much done
with now, thank goodness.


Saturday would be nice.

I'm glad you came.

It's nice to spend
some time together.

Studying doesn't count?

You know what I mean.

This is one of the few times
you haven't seen me in uniform.

It does look good on you.


I bet your mom is really
proud of you being a fireman.

My mom?

Her quote that
inspired you, right?


Yeah, she would be.

I lost both my parents
when I was in college.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, it was
a long time ago.

Now the only family I
have close by is my aunt.

The one you thought
I was dating.

But she is always
off traveling, so.

I imagine it gets lonely,

not having any family around.


What were your parents like?

Everything a kid could ask for.

I had a really ideal
childhood growing up.

I was a very happy kid.

My family, ate dinner together
every night, prayed together.

My parents even came to
all of my baseball games.

Now my family is my work.

What about a family of your own?

You know I almost
got married once.

After a year together, she said,

"If it's too good to be
true, it probably is."

And she ended it.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Better to break up
before we got married.

And no one since then?

No, just me and my work.

What about you?

Same, I guess.

I kinda just threw
myself into work

and my routine

and just never made
time for friends

or anything else, really.

I guess I just got comfortable.

Yeah, I get that.

What did I just walk into?

An intervention.

You and Sean have been
spending lots of time together.


Because he's been
helping me study.

I don't think there
was any studying today,

unless it was about the
nerves in each others lips?

We haven't kissed.

- Good.
- Why not?

Listen, I really enjoy
spending time with Sean.

We know why he is helping you.

It's because he likes you.

I like him too.

What about John?

I like both John and Sean.

Helen and I agree that
this John could be the one.

It's just, we're not enough
of a priority to one another.

But John's great.

Yeah, when I actually
have a chance to see him.

Sean is really nice though.

Helen, not helping.

Do you have feelings for Sean?

I'm not sure.

What's holding you back?

Everything Madame Zoe
has said has come true

and that's why I keep wanting

to spend time with Doctor John.

But I just a little confused
because spending time with Sean

is so much easier.

Either Madame Zoe's fortunes
are real or she is a fraud.

So far, she's
seemed pretty real.

All I know is, I used to
feel in control of my life.

Then after Madame Zoe, I
started to feel uncertain.

So many things were concrete

and I just feel like I'm on
board a ship that's lost at sea,

and I have no control.

Do you feel you
have control now?

It's had to feel in control

when fortunes seem to
be dictating your life.

But it's not that.

It's fate not
dictating your life,

but showing you a better future.

I just want stability

and to feel like I am
accomplishing something good.

By taking this course, I
feel like I am doing that.

Maybe Sean is helping
you to get what you want.

But that doesn't mean
that he's the one.

You need to make a choose,

and you know who I vote for.

You kiss her yet?


And that's none
of your business.

Of course it's my business.

I gotta know when
to get me a new suit

for when you ask me
to be your best man.

I'm taking it slow.

A little too
slow, if you ask me.

Does she even know how you feel?

I don't know.

Why are we talking about
this stuff anyways?

'Cause you gotta let
her know how you feel.

Yeah, I don't know.

It seems risky.

You're a good looking man, Sean.

Thank you, I think.

I mean it.

You got a lot going on for you.

And ever since you met this
girl, you've been different.

And I don't want you to
lose out on this opportunity

for you to be happy again.


This isn't fair to you, John.


I don't think.

That this is gonna work out.


It's just not meant to be.

It was worth a shot.

You're a really good man John.

You know, you're gonna
make someone really happy.

But not you.

Thanks for understanding.

Mike, hey, have you seen Sean?

I haven't been able
to get a hold of him.

I thought he was on
his way to see you.

No, I haven't seen him.

Oh, let me try him.

Hey Sean.

Hey what's going on, man?

I got Ali here looking for you.

Ah, okay.

Yeah I see.

All right, bye.

He's okay?

Yeah, he's.

He said.

Mike, where is he?

Hey, Sean.

I've been looking for you.

You found me.

Sean there's something that
I need talk to you about.

Remember that day
at the carnival,

after the whole
Ferris Wheel incident,

I was there looking for Madame
Zoe, the fortune teller?

It was because of
something that she told me.

Because she said I would
need to find a new apartment,

and that I would need a new job.

And that I should be on the
lookout for my soulmate,

some guy named John.

Why are you telling me all this?

My friends and I, we put
together a list of every John

that we knew.

And then they gave me
this dating calendar

and I went a long with it.

And I don't know why I did,
I really shouldn't have.

And then it turned
into this fiasco,

where I was going out
on a date every night.

So, every one of
those dates you went on

was with someone named John?

I didn't want to give

Madame Zoe's fortune
a second thought,

but then my apartment flooded

and then needed
to find a new job.

And I thought that there
might be something to it.

You know, I know
that sounds crazy.

Yeah, it does.

But I don't want
it to be that way.

I broke off my date
tonight because I wanted.

You break all your
dates with a kiss?

You see that?

Apparently I wasn't supposed to.

Sean, it is not what you think.

No, then what is it?

It's just that, he
not the right one.

Well I'm sure there are
plenty more Johns out there.

You're gonna make
a great EMT, Ali.

It's fine, at least now I
can focus completely on class.

It's rigorous but.

You know what I mean.

Thank you so much
for everything.

I'm tired of being
around Mr. Doom and Gloom.

So what if your name isn't John.

You liked her right?

I mean you really like her?

Yeah, I really did.

There are some men who are good

at communicating what they want.

But more often than not,
we're taught to stay strong,

be tough in the face of sadness.

It's like we are supposed
to put up a false bravado

when grappling with emotions.

That's surprisingly deep.

Most of us aren't always
able to share our worries

and fears and
frustrations with others.

We all need a woman we can
open up to, someone kind

and understanding, we
can be vulnerable with.

And you need to open up to her.

I know you've been
hurt before, I know.

But you gotta give her a chance.

It's a lot more
quieter with Ali gone.

You hear from her?

No, not since she
moved to her new place.

I need some chocolate.


Everything okay?

Oh, this isn't good.

Oh no.

Do we need to go
to the hospital?

That might be a good idea.

Okay, all right.

Okay, come on.

Oh, no, no, no, it's
worse when I stand.


Call 911.

- Okay, all right.
- And then call Brian.


Okay, I'm gonna lie down now.

Yes, yes, yes, okay.

Oh, mind my feet, thank you.

It can't be.



Oh, okay.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Oh, let them in.

- Okay.
- Hey Brooke.


Hi Sean.


You're still in your
second trimester, right?

How far apart are
your contractions?

Are they pretty regular?

Usually every 15 to 30 seconds,

but some as long as
two or three minutes.

Okay, let's get you as
comfortable as possible

and see if they subside
as you change positions.


I was expecting you.

It looks like your
blood pressure's back to normal.

So they weren't contractions?

Did you have Braxton-Hicks

with either of your
previous pregnancies?


Braxton, who, what?

It's like when your uterus
rehearses for delivery.

The contractions are
infrequent and irregular

and usually subside as
you change positions.

Real labor contractions
are longer, stronger

and get closer together
the more you're near labor.

Just try to stay off
your feet for a while.

Give your doctor a call.

Try and avoid stress.

You can help me avoid stress

by making things right with Ali.

She doesn't care if your name
is Sean, John, Jacob, Alice.

She wants you.

She does.


Maybe you need to go find her.

Sean, I realize that I may
have been a little blinded

by trying to find
a guy named John,

rather than seeing what
you and Ali have together.

I just love Ali and I
want what's best for her.

So I'll find out where she is.



It's okay, it's
okay, false alarm.

I'm so sorry, I cam
as fast as I could.

Wow you look fantastic
in this sweater.

Oh babe, thanks.

Not everything
you said came true.

It's not possible.

Was written in the
stars and must be so.

The first two predictions
came true, but the third one.

There is no John for me.

What did you say?

That there is no John for me.

I'm meant to be with Sean.

That is what I said, Sean.

Wait, what?

Spell his name for me.

S-E-A-N, Sean.

Are you serious?

That's not what it sounds
like you're saying.

I remember you.

I'm so sorry about what
happened last time.

Do you want a free ride?

Sure, why not.


Hold up.

I thought you wouldn't get
on one of these things again.

What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

Why were you looking for me?

I wanted to say I'm sorry.

You shouldn't be
the one apologizing.

I'm the one who had my
priorities all mixed up.

I didn't see what I had
right in front of me.

I was wrong to turn
away from you so quickly.

I was just hurt and
trying to protect myself.

You know, what
you saw that night,

it's not what you think.

The only John worth dating,

I told him I didn't
wanna see him any more

so he kissed me to try
and change my mind.

Why did you break up with him

if you were supposed
to end up with a John?

Because I finally found someone

that I did want to be with.

Me too.

I mean, with you.

All the time we've spent
together, its felt so natural.

Like nothing's missing anymore.

I feel the same.

Even though my name's not John?

It's a funny story about that.

It turns out, it
was you, all along.


I know how to fix it now,
just give me a minute.

It's okay, we're good up here.

More than good.