My Name Is Pecos (1966) - full transcript

Everyone wants to know who the Mexican is. He always answer slowly, "my name is Pecos". Pecos Martinez (Robert Woods) to be exact, and he's returned to his hometown of Houston to settle up with Clain (Norman Clarke), the leader of a gang of cut-throats. Clain is busy looking for the money from a recent robbery that's been stolen from him. Soon the stolen cash in Pecos' vengeance entwine and all hell breaks loose. Behind the scenes a Bible touting Undertaker (Umberto Raho), a cowardly saloon owner, and a helpful saloon girl (Christina Iosani) become part of the story. This film made Woods as internationally known as Pecos as Franco Nero was known for Django. A Mexican hero against a gang and a town full of gringos- what more could you ask for?

(Door creaks)

Get back in the house, you pigs.

Tired, friend?

It's only water,
but you're welcome to it.

Doesn't look to me like you're armed.

It's not very healthy
to travel without a gun

around these parts.

Got money on you?

Not bad. Never let it be said
Pratt refuses a deal

when it comes to helping a man.

I'll keep your twenty dollars
and you keep my pistol here.

That alright?

What'd you say
your name was, amigo ?

Hey, you.

You haven't answered my question.

Anyone who turns his back on me
is making a serious mistake.

I said, what's your name, Mexicano?

My name... is Pecos.

(♪ Music starts)

♪ Behold a man called Pecos

♪ The meanest gun in the west

♪ He lives to kill

♪ He won't give up until

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ The blood ran deep in Houston

♪ The family of Martinez

♪ His kin lay dead

♪ But he lives on instead

♪ To murder all he can

♪ The blood ran deep

♪ The blood ran high

♪ The blood was deep...

- Bury that.
- ♪ In pain he hears them cry

♪ Revenge

♪ My name is Pecos

♪ Without revenge there's no rest

♪ Avenge our dead

♪ With your last dying breath

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ This is the tale of Pecos

♪ The meanest gun in the west

♪ He lives to kill

♪ He won't give up until

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ Assassins lay to rest ♪

Anything yet, Smith?

Nothing, nothing at all.

Early this morning it began
spluttering a few words

and then it went completely dead.

I've been here since yesterday, Doctor,
waiting for news from San Antonio.

You can't let us down, Smith.

The telegraph is our only contact
with Laredo from this godforsaken town.

We have to move out of here
the way the others did.

I don't wanna leave my Mary
to get killed in this rathole.

You've got to get
that darn apparatus of yours working.

Well, I've done everything possible, Doctor.
Here, I'll prove it to you.

- Good morning, Dr. Burton.
- Good? What's so good about it?

Don't worry, Dr. Burton.
The rangers will arrive any day now.

Everyone nowadays is so jumpy,
I can't even drive a nail straight.

In the casket of rum.

Go on, inside.
They'll be heading this way.


Don't kill him.

(Gun clicks)

Bring him here.


(Groaning continues)

(Groaning continues)

You're just wasting our time, Brack.

Search the wagon.


Lost your power of speech
as well as your memory?

Don't tell me you want to enjoy
all that money by yourself?

Enjoy it all by yourself

without sharing it with your friends?

Now, that's not very nice of you, Brack.

In fact, I'd say
that's not very nice of you at all.

It was full, Brack.

It was full when we cleaned out
that bank in Laredo.

Where'd you put it?

I made a mistake to trust
a double—crossing rat like you.

Where did you think you were going?

Straight to hell with you.


You idiot.

You killed him off too fast.

You can't deal with a corpse.

How are we gonna find that money now?

Go and take a look.

Nothing, just rum barrels.

Ah, damn.
We look like jackasses now.

He must've hidden away the money
while we were waiting at the pass.

Bert and Alex, string him up.

We'll follow the wagon tracks.

Follow them.

They're here again.

- That dirty...
- Calm down, Papa.

It doesn't do any good.
You're just hurting yourself.

I'll calm down the day that I see...

somebody with courage enough
to kill that butcher.

Now we're even, so pay up.

In San Juan
it wasn't so simple as that,

but it's still a pleasure to pay.


They don't need the telegraph anyway.

You sit over there.

Ain't it sure hospitable
in this place without any sheriff?

Yeah, sheriffs don't last too long
here in Houston.

It's too damp in the summer
and too cold in winter.

It's very unhealthy for sheriffs.
It sure is, Alex, yes.

After you strung up five
in only eight months.

Pretty good season's work.

Without making any of them suffer.


For each one Morton recited
one of his five sermons.

Who is this Morton?

That's Morton.

(Bell tinkling)

"Ye shall bury the dead."

The sins of iniquity have perished

because your left hand, 0 Lord,
crushes your enemies.

Lucifer, wait.
I'm not finished yet. Stop!

I've never seen a gravedigger
looking more like a gravedigger.

Huh, reminds me of a vulture.

- Eddie, this one's on the house, ain't it?
- Yeah, of course, amigo.

I respect the law,
and the law is the barrel of your pistol.

That's how we can live peacefully
without any sheriff round here.

Hey, where are you going?

He's my brother, Ned.
Only been here a month.

He doesn't even own a pistol.
That may be why I still have a brother.

(Alex) I like the chihuahua better.

(Laughs at his own joke)

And, uh, this here is Mr. Gordon
from Laredo.

I got a wife and kids.
I wouldn't cross you.

So everybody's happy.

Hey, you, beautiful.

Yeah, you.

Bring us something to eat. Go on.

Now, if you hope to live a little longer,
you better do as I tell you, huh?

If all goes well, we'll leave you alone
to take a vacation across the border.

And if you try anything nasty,

we'll make a beautiful bonfire
of your house, and with you inside it.

He drink too much?


What's that?


Well, I don't know.

But you know, though.
You're a Mexicano.

He ain't allowed to sell Mexicans liquor.

Neither are Mexicans allowed
to drink liquor.

That right, Bert?

Man like you is much better off
drinking mule's milk.


I am thirsty.

He's thirsty. Do you hear that, Bert?
What do we do about that?

I'll blow his head off.
How about that?

No, that's much too easy,
and Mexicans don't have heads anyway.

Well, this one's different.
He's carrying a gun.

Everyone knows that Mexicans
aren't allowed to carry guns.

That means he's looking for trouble.

Well, seeing as how
you're carrying a gun, Mexicano,

let's see if you know how to use it.

I don't drink whiskey.

I don't like it.

I said I drink tequila.

(♪ Distorted Mexican music)


Tequila, por favor.

You're cutting your life short, stranger.

Those two men work for Joe Clane.

(Horse neighs)


I've made more work for you.

Oh, no, friend, no- I wouldn't touch
anyone who works for Clane-.

They're much more dangerous dead
than they are alive.

We're wasting time.
It's no use searching anymore.

The only thing we'll ever find
around here is vultures.

Let's go back, Clane.

One of these days
we'll have the rangers on our necks.

There's no money to be found
in a thousand miles of this here desert.

That pig must have taken
a detour to Houston.

Why? Why didn't he go
across the border?

Because he's working
for someone else.

That's why.

I'm not leaving this place
until we've found that money,

rangers or no rangers.

I aim to find out who he worked for.

And if one of you
is dealing with five aces,

he's as good as dead and buried.

(Bell tinkling)

What are you doing here?

Do you like cemeteries?

God doesn't speak
only through the mouth of Moses

but through his pastors as well.

I'm ready to recite any type of sermon,
even ones that the Bible doesn't include.

You don't believe me.

You're mistaken
not to trust Morton, stranger.

They all come to me
one day or another.

- A Mexicano, do you say?
- Yeah, a Mexicano.

They already had their guns out,
but he was even faster.

I didn't even realize
what was happening.

I can't believe it.

Those two boys could do anything
with their pistols, except...

except eat 'em,

and they were outdrawn
by a two—bit Mexicano.

If you ask me,
this whole damn story smells fishy.

You've known me for a long while.

You know I keep my word.

What's more, you can bet your whole
stinking pigsty here against a dollar

that I'll catch up
with that damn Mexicano.

And when I do, I'm going to skin him alive,
and I mean it.

And if I should find out
you'd something to do with it,

you'd better take a gun and shoot
your brains out before I get back here.

Blackie, Budd, Hammerson,
you stay here.

Easy on the whiskey
and keep your eyes open.

We're gonna have a look around.

(Pecos) Psst.

Psst. Here.

Are you crazy? They're looking for you.
You'd better go away quick.

There are three men
inside the cantina.

I don't want them to kill you.

We both want the same thing.

- What is your name?
- Nina.

Where are you from?

From Boquia,
near the Sierra Santiago.

We now live in the old mission,
my father, my brother and my sister.

We have been trying to cultivate the land.
It's a hard life, but we eat.

Does the trap door in the back still work?

Yes, but how did you know about it?

I know a great deal about this village.

I've seen people born here and die here.

How is that?

I was born here.

Here's the best
I can do for you: tortillas.

Hey, bring another plate of those
for me, huh?

Make sure everything's ready
when the others get here.

Hey, where you been, princess?
You meet anyone out there?

Well, answer me!

Blackie, aren't you forgetting
your manners?

Come out with me to the shed tonight.
I'll treat you like a real lady.

Come on! You got nothing
to be scared of, honest.

I'm not gonna bite you!

(All laugh)

(Laughter continues)

(Floorboard creaks)

Go to the cellar
and bring some more wine, Eddie.

Go on!

And make it fast.

(Nina cries out)

Wouldn't you like
to have a little fun, Blackie?

(Men laughing)

(Nina cries out)

Go on, look. Did you ever see
such a pretty sight?

(Cries out)

(Ned) Let her go, you coward!

You have to wash 'em.
These girls are as dirty as mules.

Let her go, you coward.
Let her go!

Right! There's nothing like
a nice whiskey bath!

(Nina) Ahh! Stop!

- (Ned) No, let her go!
- (Pecos) That's enough!

There's nothing I hate as much
in this world as a filthy Mexicano.

Now, wouldn't it be nice
if this is the one Clane is looking for?

(Blackie) Yeah.

Boys, I think we're in business.

I'd go so far as to call it
a damn miracle.

Imagine, Clane's hunting
for this Mexicano

and he's standing in front of us,
grinning like a cat.

This little greaser
drops right from the sky.

I'd say it's mighty stupid.

Or else mighty smart.

Spit out your name, Mexicano.

Uh-uh. Dead men can't hear.

And you, my friend, are dead.

My name...

is Pecos.

You have some very good wine
in the cellar.

Some very precious wine.

Hello, friend.

Your turn.


I tell you, they'll murder every one of us.

Come away from there, Doctor.
It's better if they don't see you.

Listen to Ned, Papa.

When the rangers come,
they'll get what they deserve, you'll see.

If I was only able to handle a gun.

I could throw a stick of dynamite.

Calm down, Papa.

It'll be over very soon.

(J' Piano playing)

Well, you seeing me?

Twenty dollars.

(Fighting continues)

Not bad.

After all,
even your own brother Eddie

is in cahoots with that killer.

But Eddie didn't have any choice at all.

When Merchison was murdered,
you know as well as I do

where Eddie suddenly got the money
with which he took over the saloon.

Inside Joe Clane's pocket, I know.
Isn't that right, Ned?

I was practicing in Bandera

when they brought in one day
a man who was in Clane's gang.

He'd been shot seven times,
he was very weak due to loss of blood.

I tried to get him back on his feet.

But he was practically a finished man
when he'd been brought in.

I did everything I could,
but it was no use.

He was past saving.

But he worked for Clane.

And then Clane, one day,
came to Bandera.


Here, look at my hands.

Clane broke every bone in them,

pounded on them
with the butt of his six-shooter.

"And now you won't forget Joe Clane",
he said to me.

Can there be a greater punishment
for a man who's a doctor?

Papa... Oh, Papa!

- (Groans)
- (Laughter)

(Laughter continues)


(Gasping for breath)

- (Laughter continues)
- (Groans)

That's enough.

We've had enough fun for one day.


We've wasted enough energy.

And too much time, too.

What about the money
Brack made off with, huh?


How do you know about that?

How do you know about that?

Where's that money hidden?

In a safe place.

What do you mean, huh?

Well? Speak up, greaser.


I was in the canyon
when the wagon passed by under me.

They were arguing about some money
they'd both stolen from a bank in Laredo.

They agreed to split the money evenly.

You know the rest.

And who are you?

Just a Mexican peon.

I can see that for myself.

There are too many Mexicans,

even in Mexico.

Isn't that right, peon?

Is there something the matter
with your throat, huh?

(Cries out in pain)

You have two sharp eyes, Mexicano.

I know a good way
to close them for good.

Could be he was telling the truth.

Or maybe Brack was working
with this greaser.

I'll believe anything now.

- Jack.
- Yeah?

Stay here,
see that he doesn't get restless.

I'm gonna have another look
around the canyon.

We'll follow those wagon tracks again.

No tracks anywhere, Clane.

If a wagon came by here,
I'll eat my hat.

Look again.

I can't see a thing, Clane,
just our own tracks.

If that Mexicano was lying to me,

I'll go back to Houston
and scalp him a hair at a time.

I know he told you
something very interesting.

You Mexicans
sniff each other out like dogs.

Like for instance...

I saw you speaking together
the other night.

I see everything at night.

As it says in the Bible,

"Look into the shadows,
and your eyes will seek out the light."

But there are things not written
that Morton knows just as well.

Uh... quite honestly,
I'm ready to do anything for money.

I'd even do good,
so why not let me help you?

His days are up anyway.

Is it a deal?

You'll tell me who he is?

Or would you prefer
writing his name on a tombstone?


the minute Clane gets here...

It's a pity.



Come with me.
I know a safe place.


Papa, come quick.

Put him on the sofa. There.

Easy, now. Easy.

You've taken an awful beating.

Some water, quick.

Give it to me.


You mustn't stay here any longer.
I know Clane.

I also know Clane.

You've lost lots of blood,
but it doesn't seem too serious.

So, my advice is to get out of town
before Clane and his men come back

and start searching all the houses.

Nina and I will find
some supplies and a horse.

I have to...

There's something urgent I have to do.

Now, don't try to get up.

I'll leave... I'll leave your house,

but not the village.

(Pecos) Nina, they'll find you
if you stay here.

They'll look for you, too.
Go, hurry.

(Clane) Neat work.

A knife tied to a cord.

To a cord.

He seems to have friends.

Very clever trick.

But I know a few tricks, too.

He's more dangerous than I thought.

Killing him is the only answer.

Yes, maybe you're right.

We'll make sure he doesn't give us
any more trouble next time.

Hey, go easy on that.

Save it for later.

Alright, wait outside.

Hey, Clane, look at this.

- There's a hole right here.
- That cord.

- Where's it coming from?
- The spinning wheel.

That girl was spinning there for hours.

- Or pretending to.
- Mexicano.

You've got one minute, Eddie.

Then I'm gonna kill your brother.

One minute more,

then I'll kill you as well.

Answer me. Where'd she go?

- I'm not sure.
- Where?

- Why, there are many places she...
- Yeah? Name a few.

- I'll go out and look.
- (Ned) No.

Eddie... Aah!

Where would you look for her?

I'd look down at the old mission house

on the road to the pass.

That's where her people are.

We'll split into two groups.
You and Slim look along the border.

The rest of you, come with me.
I want that girl back.


Where are you taking that?

You didn't tell me
you had branch offices in the town.

It's for Dr. Burton. I never drink it.

Ah... Oh, if I had a dollar
for every time you were drunk,

I'd be as rich
as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Well, as they say, if you don't drink,
what's the good of having a mouth?

Oh, that sounds so cynical.

But I'll go with you.
I got to see the doctor, too.

Wait a minute.
I'll help you carry it.

It looks terribly heavy.

- Here, give it to me.
- Yeah, but...

Alright, now.

Come on.

Leave it to Lucifer.

This is your home, Pecos.

And if for any reason at all
you need me for the little help I can give,

I'll do whatever I can for you.

Don't worry about me.


You've been kind.

Someone's coming!

(Bell tinkling)

What do you want, Eddie?
And you too, Morton?

The less I see of you two,
the better I feel.

- What are you doing around here?
- (Eddie) We came to see you.

There's no reason
to get excited like that, Doctor.

It's only a friendly visit.

I was accompanying Eddie,
helping him carry a barrel of wine.

"Ye shall tend the vineyard
of the Lord our God."

There's nothing against wine
in the Bible. Nothing.

And the wine in this barrel
is really very special.

I don't wanna have anything
to do with either of you.

Ha! Well...

I don't mean to appeal
to your sense of solidarity,

but there is something in common
between a doctor and a pastor,

isn't there?

What are you talking about,
you vulture?

Go back to your cemetery
and feed on the dead.

I don't want anything from either of you.
You can take back your wine.

It's a present for my brother Ned,


I received an entire wagonload of wine
from Ocadia.

- It's the finest wine.
- What of it.

My brother told me,
"We ought to offer some to Dr. Burton."

- Of course I said, "Sure!"
- Yes, that's right.

You must drink up the wine
before you can spit it out,

as the proverb says.

Well, as long as it's a gift
from your brother,

I'll take it.

Where are those bandits now?

Clane went away.

He and his men are looking
for that Mexicano and the girl.

It's not gonna be very easy
to find them.

The desert's large,

and that Mexican's very shrewd.
- Yeah.

Maybe somebody should pay a visit
to the parents of that girl Nina.

- (Gasps)
- (Eddie) I'll carry in the wine.

Uh, leave it here. I'll bring it inside.


(Morton) He certainly ain't
very hospitable.

No, no.

No, no.

For instance,

if anyone came to visit me
with a barrel of wine,

I would invite him right inside.

Here they just slam the door
in your face.

Some people are very strange, or else...
or else not so strange.

No, wait.

Do you value your life?

And hers?

What do you mean?

I mean, if you really value your life,

get rid of this.

This wine is dangerous.

Eddie's not even worth
wasting a bullet on.

I'm sure he'd even sell his own soul
for one dollar.

But I can't believe
he'd put poison in the barrel.

Some things are more deadly
than poison.

Clane left town looking for something

and what he is looking for is inside that.

(Mary) What's your name?

And just tell us what we should do.

- My name is Pecos.
- (Dr. Burton) Alright, Pecos,

you have a man
who can't move his fingers

and two petticoats to your orders.

That's not very encouraging,
but we'll try to do our best.

- What do we do?
- Have you any weapons in the house?

Just my old pistol
and a couple of sticks of dynamite.

That'll do.

And I'll need some red paint.

- Find anything?
- No, not a trace, Clane.

The wagon never crossed the river.

I hope Jack has found that girl.
Ride back to Houston, you two.

How will we go?

- The way of the north canyon.
- Right.

You following us?

No, we'd better ride south.
I don't want any surprises.

Hey, you, you see anyone go by?

- No, senor.
- Think again.

You'd better tell me the truth
and not waste my time.

What do you want?

I'm looking for your daughter.

She was with a Mexicano
who was armed and on horseback.

They were heading in this direction.
It's impossible you didn't see 'em.

Nina comes here very rarely.

She works in the village, you know that,
at the house of Senor Eddie.

Who's she?

Lola, Nina's older sister.

Well, as long as we're here,
let's have a little bit of fun, eh?


Now, I ain't gonna hurt you.

(Both laugh)


- Slim isn't looking good.
- Not that good.

That's it.

Yeah, show her who's boss.

- (Men laugh)
- (Lola) No!

Go to it, Slim.

(Laughter continues)

Hey, Slim, don't tire her out.

- (Lola) No!
- (Slim) Come here!

(Laughter and screaming continue)





- What do you want here at this hour?
- I have to talk to you.

All I've got is eight dollars.
I know it's not much to buy a good horse,

but somehow I've just got
to get to Laredo before tonight.

- Well, does Eddie know?
- Oh, my...

My brother's only too happy
to get me out from under his feet.

Ah. You mean you haven't told Eddie.

Listen, I've just got to have a horse.

You're acting mighty suspicious.
What are you gonna do in Laredo?

Are the girls any better there
than in San Juan or Bequia?

It's just over the border.
Mexican girls...

Mexican girls have ways to make a man
happier than any woman in Laredo.

And they give you credit, too.

Give me your horse, Frank.
I wanna go call the rangers.

Is your brother in the saloon?

Now, you listen to me.

I've suddenly become very thirsty,
and I wouldn't mind a nice bottle of beer.

I'm gonna go have one.

As for my horse,

if a boy comes along
who's slightly out of his head

and decides to run off with it,
how would I know?

I'm in the saloon drinking my beer.

Good luck to you, boy.

(Ned groans)


Get on your feet.

Where you going?

I said where are you going?





Don't shout, I hear you.

Listen, Pecos, Clane's men, they...

Clane's men,
they killed my brother Ned.

He was shot in cold blood.

I thought you only cared for money.

I did once, Pecos, but not anymore.

When I saw my brother
lying in the middle of the road...

He was going to ask the rangers
to come here.

Si, I know.

Whatever gave him the idea
to go and get the rangers, and all alone?

He did it for Nina, for us all.

So, now what do you want from me?

I want you to help me.

- Then I'll help you.
- Spit it out. What is it you want?

About the barrels.

They contain 80,000 dollars.

I made a deal with Brack.
I was to hide the money.

Think whatever you like,

but 80,000 dollars
is a lot of money to us.

I didn't mind splitting it.

There was enough there for all of us
but Joe Clane.

The money's hidden away.

I know.

It's hidden inside the doctor's house.
Isn't that so?

That's right.

But I want Joe Clane to pay
for my brother's death.

- Uh-huh. And?
- You must kill him.

There's nobody else to do it.

You can have Brack's part.

Only look out for Morton.

He's sold you out once already.

Maybe I will help you,
but right now, get out of here.

The nine of hearts

and the three of spades.

Not bad, Clane. Not bad.

That's nice.

I see a lot of money near you,

almost within reach.

Stop talking like an idiot
and get on with it.


Queen of hearts.

Who's an idiot?

I can read the cards
and the cards predict the future.

You know what I want
the cards to tell me.

Don't be greedy.

Well, let's see what we find now.

Ah, the five of clubs.

It might be hidden inside a trunk

or maybe inside a barrel.

Alright, go on.

(Morton laughs)


If that's not enough
to open your mouth,

I can open it with a bullet.

You better start talking straight now

or I'll find a way to make you talk
without a mouth.

There are plenty of ways, sure.

It depends on how you shoot him.

You could shoot out his brains
and still leave his mouth.

I'm useful to you, Clane.

You wouldn't kill me,
now, would you?

(Clane) Here.

Now, go on.

Jack of clubs.

The ace of diamonds.

What does it say?

It says you ought to try
and shake up Eddie a little.

- Eddie?
- Yes. Maybe he'll start ringing.

Like the silver bells on Lucifer.


Finish your story.

That'll be another gold dollar.

I might tell you the name
of the Mexicano,

the one who outdrew your two boys
in the saloon.

That's all you're getting, so talk.

Just let me have the right card.

Ace of spades.

Queen of spades.

Pecos Martinez is going to kill you.

The last of the Martinez.

That's right.

The cards never lie to me.

That's what he'll get between the eyes
when I get him face to face.

(Pecos) Well, well.

Not bad as banks go.


You almost scared me to death.

Oh, I didn't wanna scare you.

I only want to kill you.

You mean that as a joke.

I never joke.


No, you're not the type
who would kill an unarmed man.

You are not a man.

- You're a snake.
- No! Listen.

Listen, Pecos.
I'll do anything you want me to.

I'll do anything for you.
I don't wanna die.

Please, look. I'm holding a Bible.
You can't kill me.

You saw, I've lots of money.

Over 30,000 dollars. We'll split it.

But don't kill me. Please, take it!

I spit on your money.

I'll give you one more day
to get out of Houston.

I don't want anybody
to see you ever again,

or even smell you.

And I won't ask you
whether you sold me to Clane or not.

Now go,
before I change my mind.

Start below, you two.

What do you want?

You know perfectly well,
you old quack.

And this time I won't let you off
with just a few broken fingers.

Your daughter, eh? She's not bad.

Much too pretty
for the old man to be her real father.

- Not much around here.
- Nothing here either.

No sign of the barrel.

Get out-
You get out of my house-.

I don't know what you're looking for,
and I don't wanna know.

Go on, go to hell, both of you.

- (Groans)
- (Mary gasps)


Take the gentleman
into the next room.

I wanna know just two things,

and you're going
to give me the answers.

Then you can go back there
and take care of your father,

and no one will bother you again.

Where's the barrel that
Eddie handed over to your father?

And where are you hiding
that Pecos Martinez?

You see, I know a lot,
so there's no point in being difficult.

Eddie came
and fetched the barrel again.

You're lying.

If you wanna keep friends,
you must tell us the truth.

If you know what's good for you

you'd better tell me
everything you know.

I can make you talk, angel,

but I'm sure that
you wouldn't find it any fun.

Right, Clane?

Yeah, Steve gets pleasure
out of seeing folks suffer.

Especially girls.

But you don't have to worry,

if you talk right away.

(Mary cries out)


Stop screaming.
That was nothing yet.

- (Mary sobbing)
- (Men laughing)

That was just a small sample.

Why don't we show them
we mean business?

- (Mary cries out)
- What do you think, Steve?

I think it's a good idea.

(Clane laughs)

I got a good plan for you.

I'm gonna take off all your clothes

and make you walk
around the house naked.

Yeah, Steve, good idea.

You'll serve on us,
and you'll cook for us...

with nothing on,

nothing at all except your hair ribbon.

How about that, huh?

- Would you like that?
- (Laughs)

We always needed a woman
looking after us.

We couldn't find a better one
than Dr. Burton's daughter.


Papa! No!

(Sobbing) Oh, no!

He was reaching for my gun.

That's enough of that.

You can save your tears for later.

Right now we don't have
any time for crying.

Where is that money hidden,
and where are you hiding that Mexicano?

Morton told me everything.
I know who he is.

(Gasping for breath)

Give her a chance
to breathe, will you?

How's she gonna speak?

If you don't talk up,
you know what we'll do to you, hm?

Where's that money?

Where's the Mexicano?

If you tell me,
all your troubles will be over.

- I promise you.
- No. No.

I don't know where Pecos is.

I just know he'll get even with you,
you... you murderers.

Put her in again!

(Mary screams)

Look, there he is.

There he is, that Mexican bastard.

I'll give him a good welcome.

- Shall I finish off the girl, Clane?
- You stupid idiot.

Get rid of the Mexicano.
The rest will be easy.

Are you afraid, Clane?


but I've got
some unfinished business.

First, we find out
where the money's hidden.

Then Pecos will die, the hard way.

You knew him?
He must be a very old friend of yours.

It's an old story, three years old.

He's been following me
like some kind of spook.

Only this time
he's not going to get away.


Cover the window.



Cover me, too.
I'm going for some fresh air.


Alright, push the girl out.

Use her as a shield.

May I have this dance?


Hey, Pecos.

Do you hear me?

What is it?

I want that money and I want it fast.

Then we'll get on our horses
and get out of here.

If you don't hurry,
we're gonna shoot the girl.

You have one minute to think it over.

I have already thought about it.

Stay right where you are.

He's preparing some kind of trick.

When we have the money, kill him.

(Bell tinkles)

Alright, bring that barrel over here.

The money's all there.
Go ahead, count it.

80,000 dollars that Brack stole from you
and Eddie stole from him.

Take it, Clane, and vamos.

- It's all here, Clane.
- (Pecos) And, Clane...

How are you going to spend it, Clane?

You'll never get rid
of that scar around your neck.

The money's no good to you.
You're a marked man.

The rope left a furrow so deep

that half the work is done for next time.

Did you hear me, Clane?

That rope left a furrow in you
that is so deep

that half the work is done
for the next time.

Take a good look at it, Pecos.

They put a red mark there.

Only they couldn't hang me,
not Joe Clane.

Killer of women and babies.

Yeah, that's right.

Because I killed off
a lousy family of Mexicans,

and their name was Martinez.

That was your family, Pecos.

And today I'm gonna kill off the last one.

Let me go!

I have waited a long time
for this moment.

(Gun clicks)

(♪ Music starts)

♪ Behold a man called Pecos

♪ The meanest gun in the west

♪ He lives to kill

♪ He won't give up until

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ The blood ran deep in Houston

♪ The family of Martinez

♪ His kin lay dead

♪ But he lives on instead

♪ To murder all he can

♪ The blood ran deep

♪ The blood ran high

♪ The blood was deep

♪ In pain he hears them cry

♪ Revenge

♪ My name is Pecos

♪ Without revenge there's no rest... ♪

Say, what'll we do
with all that money?

Build a bigger cemetery.

♪ With your last dying breath

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ This is the tale of Pecos

♪ The meanest gun in the west

♪ He lives to kill

♪ He won't give up until

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ Assassins lay to rest

♪ Assassins... ♪