My Favorite Christmas Tree (2022) - full transcript

Kyla is a genealogy researcher who travels to the charming town of Conifer, hoping to piece together her ancestry. The search leads Kyla to a Christmas tree farm, its stubborn but handsome owner - and, possibly, love.

Well, we were way off-base.

But, when I realized that,

it actually led to quite
the breakthrough.

So, your dad said his
grandmother was born

in Marion, Iowa, right?


I scoured land records,
marriage records, nothing.

But, then I remembered
that Marion is actually

quite a common town name.

And then, I recalled
the description

in the love letters
about biking to the lake.

There's no lake in Marion, Iowa.

However, there is a lake just
outside of Marion, Illinois.

And once I started looking
into that Marion,

everything fell into place.

And here, the house
where she grew up.

It's still standing.

- This is amazing.
- Mm-hm.

Strange, my dad was so sure
about Iowa.

Well, that's the tricky part.

You know, it's actually really
easy to get your mind

stuck on one thing and then
you end up with tunnel vision

without even knowing it.

Yes, of course a lot of this
work is actually records

and fact-finding,

but I think it's important
to keep yourself open

to the tiniest clues.

Unexpected details,

they can be hiding in the most
human part of the story.

Just waiting to be found.

I hope it's ok, but I went ahead
and finished your tree.

This is beautiful, Kyla.

And just on time for Christmas.


Unfortunately, there's
nothing revelatory,

but I thought you'd enjoy this
picture of your grandparents.

- Hey, Kyla.
- Hi.

I'm just wondering, where are we

on the agriculture
of Michigan research?

Oh, ah, yeah, still just
that last section to go.

That tree farmer's been really
difficult to get ahold of.



I did finish this write-up

on the upper peninsula
copper mining outlaws.

It's a tad more intriguing
than asparagus and squash.

And you know me, I prefer
the more human-centric projects.

Their storytelling, revelations,
twists and turns.

That's where you and I differ.

For me, there's nothing better
than the quiet solitude

of a cup of tea and a stack
of old land records.



Which was Nana's favorite again?

Oh, the red one with snowflakes.

Dad gave it to her on their
first Christmas as newlyweds.

Oh, speaking of, I reached out
to Grandpa's business partner.

I thought maybe there'd be
something family related

in the old office storage.

I thought you stopped
looking in to that.

I did, but, sometimes I get
a flash of inspiration.

I can't not try, right?

Now, while I think
it would be wonderful

to find our ancestors
and our relatives,

I am certainly not disappointed
in our little family.

I suppose you two will have
to be responsible

for branching out
the family tree.

It's not very subtle, Mom.

Do we have to go to Mexico?

What about snow,

or what about the smell
of a wood-burning stove?

What about hot cocoa?

My goal was to get you
far away from work.

We haven't been on
a vacation for years.

Last time was your pick
and you chose staycation

while secretly working on your
dissertation the whole time.

Ok, yeah, but that wasn't
Christmas time.

And is it really so wrong
that I love my work

as a historical researcher?

No, not at all.

It's just, it's, it's noble,
in fact.

You know, connecting people
to one another.

It's just...

I think what your sister
is trying to say is,

what about your own connections?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Fair point.

Hey, Kyla, do you have a second?

Yeah, sure.
What's up?

Did you happen to get hold
of that tree farm owner?

No, not yet.

I figured it would be easier
after the holiday.


Due to dropping
membership numbers,

our Wilkinson endowment
fell through.


But they're our biggest donor.

I'm hoping the Northern
Midwest grant

can make up the loss
in the short term.

But they have a special
interest in...

Agriculture. Right.

So, I'm hoping that we can
fast track it

so we can get it in on time.

How fast?

We should probably hit
the ground running

right after Christmas.

What if I told you I could
get it to you by Christmas?

I mean, the deadline's
right around the corner

and it is a Christmas
tree farm, right?

Wouldn't it be best
to get the pictures,

interviews, details of the place
at its most vibrant?

Aren't you leaving
for Mexico tomorrow?

Yeah, but this is way
too important for MHS,

it can't wait.

I'm sure my sister
will understand.

Besides, why would I go to
the beach right before Christmas

when I can experience

the magic of the state's oldest
Christmas tree farm.

Except for the unfortunate fact

that you haven't managed to get
ahold of the proprietor yet.


On it.



Hello, Cody Samuelson?

Uh yeah, I'm here.

I've just got bad reception,
I can't really hear ya.

Hi, I have been trying to reach
you for a really long time.

Uh, my name is Kyla Whitmore,

I am a researcher from
the Michigan Heritage Society.

The horticultural researcher?
My father contacted you?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, I guess you could say
I'm a cultural researcher,

that's definitely one part
of the job.

I can't really hear you
and this is not a great time.

So, I was hoping to come by,
maybe tomorrow,

and take an interview with you?

Maybe get a tour, take some
pictures of your farm,

see it in full Christmas swing?

Well, did you say tomorrow?

No, no, no, that's not good.

I think I got good?
That's good?

No, no, not not good.

Tomorrow, as you can imagine,

this is our busiest time
of the year.

Ok, I am getting good
and I am an optimist

so I am gonna go with that.

Uh... hello?
You still there?

On the off chance that
you can still hear me,

I'm gonna come by tomorrow
around noon

and I will come find you.

Ok, listen, if you can
still hear me,

do not come tomorrow.

Do not come.

Fantastic, I can't wait too.
Ok, I'll see you then.


Ok, bye.


There's another version of my
life where I'm on a warm beach,

sipping on a refreshing
frozen daiquiri.

Well, instead you get to be
invigorated by winter's chill

and then warm up
with some mulled wine.


I think it's an even trade.

Yeah, I do love mulled wine,

but don't pretend you didn't
just turn our sister vacation

into a work trip.

Only partly.

- Besides, MHS thanks you.
- Hm.


I promise I'll finish
my research right away

and then we'll enjoy this place.

A hundred percent
on vacation, ok?

Sure, why not.

But to be clear,

this does not technically count
as vacation activity.


It's really quiet.
I did say noon.

Maybe they're all
on their lunch break.


We've gotta figure out the
logistics of these deliveries

and the farm tours.

It's easy.

You don't do the deliveries on
your own because of your back

and I don't do the farm tour

because I like it better
that way.

Besides, you love giving
the tour.

Why mess with a good thing?

Well, because it's not fair
that you get to do

all the heavy lifting
without me.

My back is fine, by the way.

And really, you should conduct
the tour occasionally.

It, it's, it's good
for the soul.

It's, it's, it's in your blood.


It's just talking to people.

Ok. I'll, I'll give
the tour tomorrow.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Ok, then we really
should sit down

and discuss options
for the farm.

You know, maybe it's time
to industrialize.

Change to meet
the growing market, right?

Make it easier on ourselves,
make it easier on you.

Dad, do we have to have
this conversation

on one of our busiest days?

Fair point.

When do you wanna have it?
Just set a time.

Uh, sometime later.

I'll have my people
call your people.

Yeah, that's not a time.

Maybe this is him.

Oh good.

Right on time.


Hello, Cody Samuelson?

That's me.

Great, we spoke on the phone.

We did?

Yeah. I'm Kyla Whitmore,

researcher with the Michigan
Heritage Society.


Oh. Right, of course, I'm sure
that happens all the time.

Anyway, we agreed to meet,
so here I am.

Uh, I don't think we agreed
to meet today,

I'm pretty sure we talked
about getting started in March.


Uh, no, no, definitely,
definitely not March.

Look, you're the
horticulturalist, right?

No, but, I like that.

That's a really good idea
for a business card name,

you know, like horticulturalist
but for family trees...

Mandy: Oh! Absolutely.

So, you're not
the horticulturalist?

No, no, I'm a historian
with the Heritage Society.

I was hoping to talk to you
about the history of your farm.

Isn't that what the internet's
for these days?

Uh, I mean, one would
think that,

but no, we're a little bit
more interested

in the human perspective.

You know, personal stories.

We're trying to preserve
and illuminate history.

Oh, that sounds
pretty worthwhile.


Yeah, it is worthwhile,
it's just not urgent.

It's gonna have to wait.

It won't take me long
and I'm already here.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to just drop in like this,

but I've left several messages
over the last couple months.

A couple emails even.

And this one didn't call
you back?


Not very professional.

There are so many spam calls
these days, Dad.

I... my apologies.

This is my father,
William Samuelson.

- Kyla Whitmore.
- Pleasure.

This is my sister, Mandy.


She's a researcher,

perhaps she can tackle
the, the Silver Pine?

If she's here anyway.

What's that?

I doubt that.

The Silver Scots Pine,

we developed it in the early
days of the farm.

It was a perfect tree.

Highly sustainable,
unique to the farm.

Then we lost 'em.

Lost? Like how?

I... I... I apologize.
I gotta get this work done.

Well, the entire crop was wiped
out in the flood of '78.

We haven't been able to recreate
them thus far.

But, I have made it my life's
mission to bring that tree back.

Look, look, she's running
with it already.

Cody's the one
with the real skills.

He studied innovative

He just needs a
little assistance.

Oh, well, as much as I'd love
to help,

that's not really my area
of expertise.

Perhaps if Cody's busy though

I could sit down and have
a chat with you?

Hey, that's a great idea.

My dad's got all
the good stories.

I think it would be more
effective if you two paired up.

You know, put your
heads together.

You don't have to be
a biologist,

you just have to understand
how to navigate information.

Follow leads.

The information's
gotta be somewhere.

Sure, but...

She's actually a genius
at that sort of thing.

- Right?
- Yeah.

Ok, great, look,
so I mean, like,

he can help with some
of the history

and you can help him
with the tree.


Hey, I am sorry about
our miscommunication,

it's just the timing
could not be worse,

and I'm not the right person
to help you out with this,

so why don't you give Beverly
a call

down at the library
and records office.

It's like our little
historical society.

What about the Silver
Scots Pine?

Uh, no. That's not realistic

and that is certainly not
your responsibility.

Don't worry about it.

Ok, well, I look forward
to talking

to whoever will talk to me.

Ok. Good luck with that.


What the hell was that?

Son, you really need to work
on your people skills.


There are numerous activities
around town.

Our festival's the two days
before Christmas.

There's a tree
decorating contest.

Here, here's a list.

Oh, great.

Actually, I'm wondering
if you happen to know

what time the library
and records office closes?

Unfortunately, she closed
at 4:00PM today

but she'll be back open
at 8:00AM tomorrow morning.


I guess we'll just have to be
on vacation till then.



This B&B is really beautiful.

It was one of the original
houses in town.

Built in 1907 by the founders.

Is it ok if I take
some pictures?

Of course.

Be sure to hashtag
Conifer Christmas.

We're trying to stay up
with the times.

Actually, these aren't
for social media.

I'm here doing a bit of research
on the tree farm.

Oh, that's so neat.

The tree farm is practically
the foundation of this town.

The Samuelsons are very nice.

Ah. Well, the main one
seems a little... terse.


Nah, he just has a lot on his
shoulders this time of year.

He might as well be Santa Claus.

Well, then Santa Claus needs
to work on his Christmas spirit.


Oh, yes, thank you.

No, I'm ok, thank you.

Ah, ah, ah.
Yeah, thanks.

Come on, I'll give you a tour.

- Ok.
- Great.

Oh! I thought that was real.

I can't believe you found us
this place.

It is so charming.

Yeah, it's cute, isn't it?


Oh, wow.

This Silver Scots Pine thing
is fascinating.

And we've lost her.

No, seriously, there's not much
info on it.

It's like it's a ghost
or a long-lost legend.

I forgot to tell you!


Look what I finally found.

Oh, Mom will be so happy.
Where'd you find it?

It was in the back
of my makeup drawer.


And just in time for Christmas.
I feel guilty though.

We should split it, or at least
share custody

since we don't have many
family heirlooms.

No, no, no, no.

Mom wanted you to have this, ok?

And besides, I got Grandma's
reading chair, remember?

That is a good chair.


What is this thing?

Oh, it's just some old maps
of the area.

Make for a good reference.

Oh, that's weird.

Looks like I grabbed
the wrong set.

Oh, is this one of your trees?

Yeah. It's for us.

I made it a long time ago.


Just practice.

It's such a shame,
the family rift.

Stubborn old Grandpa.

Yeah. I promise to never ruin
our relationship

over a mustard recipe
like Grandpa.

You better not!

Oh! Check this out.

And look, they have a Christmas
cookie baking class.


Ok, that's definitely going
on our list.


Not that you need help
with your baking skills.


Ok, see, that is the kind
of guy that I imagine you with.

You can bake together,

he can help you if you have
flour on your cheek.

It's a whole vibe.

Classic deflection,
my dear sister.

Connecting everyone
but yourself.

Ok, yeah, but was my
observation inaccurate?

Alright, alright, let's go find
the records office.


- Well, good morning.
- Hello.

Library books start here,
go to the back.

Museum items are
sprinkled throughout.

Feel free to roam and explore.

Actually, I'm looking for
Beverly and the records office.

I am she, however, the records
office is not currently open.


Sometimes being a multi-
hyphenate gets tricky.

Well, I can relate to that.

Here, let me.
It's really high up.

Thank you.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

So, I heard that you are
the go to

for all things historical

Perhaps I can pick your brain,

tell you what I'm looking for
in case it's easy?

I suppose I could spare an ear.


Ok, I'm trying to get
some information

on the Christmas tree farm.

Hoping to get my hands on
some journals,

personal histories,
maybe land records?

You're not with one of these
development companies, are you?

Hoping to build a resort
and day spa, or a chalet?

No, no, no.
Definitely not, no.

I'm with the Michigan
Heritage Society.

I'm doing a study on
the agricultural history

of the state,

which I'm pretty sure that
Conifer's a huge part of, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- Mandy, wouldn't you agree?

This is my sister Mandy,
by the way.

Well, you're certainly right
about that.

You look familiar to me.

Have you visited Conifer before?

No, no, I haven't.

But I occasionally guest
lecture at universities.

Hm. Let me see if I can find
anything pertinent up here.

Otherwise, I have to wait
for office hours.

Most of the records
are downstairs

and it's a whole ordeal.

Of course. Thanks.

Well, I'll be over here.

Nothing here... unfortunately.

But, I will see what I can
dig up for you

during records office hours.

Great, ok.

Thank you so much for your help.

You're welcome.

- I'll be back.
- Ok.

I'm usually so good at getting
people to open up.

It's where all the fun stuff is.


Why is everyone
so resistant here?

I'm not sure.

What happens now?

Well, probably gonna have
to go back to the farm.

Figure out some way
to get through

to that curmudgeonly lumberjack.

Oh, though I'm probably going
to miss the cookie class

at the bakery.


But, that being said, maybe
that's not such a bad thing.


No reason.

Sure, whatever you have to say
to feel better

about abandoning your
poor sister on our vacation

Oh, please, dramatic.

No, go, go.
Finish your research.

We'll catch up later.

Ok. Bye.

- Good morning.
- Good morning

I brought you some hot cocoa.

I kept it classic
'cause you seem like

a no-nonsense kind of guy.

You brought me cocoa
from my own hot cocoa stand?

Yeah. I thought we could make
a fresh start.

You know, talk about our
potential collaboration.

Maybe, maybe look into this
Silver Scots Pine thing?

Beverly couldn't help you?

Look, I feel like I pitched
this all wrong yesterday.

I never even mentioned how good
this research could be

for your farm.

Not only is it likely
to bring in more business,

but your farm is a big deal.

Flattery, huh?

No. No, no, no.

This is what I like
about my job.

It keeps meaningful things
from disappearing.

Besides, I think the history of
this place is really important.

It's inspiring.

And, if I'm being honest,

MHS really needs this
for a grant, so.

Come on, share a little bit
of your time.

All you gotta do is talk to me
about this wonderful place.

Ok, you know, your timing

couldn't actually be
more perfect.

Official tree farm walking
tour's in ten minutes,

so come along, get some info.

- Cool.
- Thank you.


So, every tree on the farm
takes an average

of seven years from planting
to harvest.

Some take as long as 15.

But here on Samuelson farm
we don't use

any industrial equipment so
we plant all of these by hand.


Some people think that buying
a real Christmas tree is bad

for the environment,

but for every tree that we
harvest we plant three saplings

and they all do a super job
of converting CO2

and other gases into oxygen

in a process which is
commonly known as...

Yes? Yeah, you know the answer?

Do elves help grow the trees?


Um, I... I don't currently
employ any elves.

But, if he did have elves
working for him,

I think it would probably
be top secret.

Fine, yeah. I...

Where were we?

We, uh... sustainability!

So our, our tree farm was
one of the first founded

in the country.


How many Christmas trees
does Santa have?

I don't know.

I'll take this one.

So, last I heard, between his
residence and his workshop,

he has a tree for every day
in December

leading up until Christmas,
so what, 25?

Though I'd have to check
my sources.

Like an advent calendar
but trees!


Great. Great.

I'm really glad we sorted
that out.

So, hey, fun fact
about how Conifer

got its, got its name.

I... you know, that, that's
the story of the farm, everyone.

So, who would like some
free cocoa and candy canes?


Hey. This way, everyone.
Thank you.

- After you.
- Children: Thank you.

That kid cleaned me out.

Your son gives a great tour.

Oh, I don't know how great
that was.

Yeah, Cody doesn't like
giving tours.

Well, if it's not too bold
for me to say,

I think I came through
with a few valuable assists

about Santa Claus and his elves.

Well, if people don't want
to know what goes

into growing the trees

then why are they taking
the tree farm tour?

Oh, well it's funny you should
say that because you know

who does want to know what
goes into growing trees?

This girl.

That wasn't enough info for you?

Cody, I know what
photosynthesis is.

Come on, I'm here to help.
Think of me as an intern.

And I would recommend something

seeing as you could really use
some help in that department.


Well, I got paperwork
to do all day long.

You've got those
deliveries, so...

Oh, uh, no, I can handle
it myself.

You need a second pair of hands.

He never thinks he needs help.

Well, I'm happy to be the help
that you don't need.

Thanks Dad.

So, what are these
deliveries for?

Donations, mostly.

Some families are having
a tough year,

some to public spaces.

We always donate a percentage.

Hm. That's really nice.

So, why are you taking notes
if you're still recording?

'Cause you can't flip through
a voice memo.

One side of this is for MHS

and the other side is for
the genealogy work that I do.

Genealogy, huh?

Yeah. There's actually quite
the overlap in skill sets.

Plus, it's something
I love to do.

So, now that you've got
me trapped,

what do you want to know?

Well, uh, let's start with
how long has the farm been

in your family?


My great, great grandfather
Erik Samuelson founded it

with his business partner,
Constance Ferrand.

Oh, Constance.
That's my middle name too.

It means steadfastness.

See also relentlessness,

Anyways, Constance handed the
farm over to my family early on

and it was originally founded
in 1908.

At the time there was really no
tenable agricultural land here,

so, they actually saved
the town.

That's really nice.

The thought of Christmas trees
saving the day.


Um, look, I actually want
to clear the air on something.

You're under no obligation
to help out

with this whole Silver Scots
Pine thing.

My dad, he just has this idea
that there's something out there

like a treasure map
or hidden formula.

That's just not how this works.

Also, it's beyond
your research ability.

Might want to put these on.


So, how do you know
what my research ability is?

Uh, did you study horticulture?
Agronomy? Biotechnology?

Well, no.

Like I said, I mean, it's not
your area of expertise.

It's ok. I don't know anything
about historical fact-finding

or whatever it is that you do.

Ok, for now it's just deliver
some trees, ok?

Ok, whatever you say.

I'm gonna grab this end,
take most of the weight.

- Ok.
- Ok.

Alright, now, let's go forward.



I'm going forward. Do you mean
my forward or your forward?

I mean my forward, but
it should be your forward.

- Ok.
- Just wait for me.

It's great you came along
on this delivery run,

you're really helping
expedite things.

Well, you know, we could have
just gone for coffee

in the first place,
but here we are.

Can we go back to that,

Take that option instead?

No. I'm kind of into this.
It's immersive.

- It's just on the left here.
- Ok.

Ok, don't flip again.

Fair enough. I'm gonna
shove you over this time.

- Oh, really?
- No.

- Go this way.
- This way?

Yeah, we gotta go this way.
You told me that.

- Go right in here.
- Ok.

Woah, woah.
Hey, hey, draw bridge.

Under you go!

That was cute.

Hey, great work on the cookies.

Thanks. It's a great class.


Have you been baking
for a while?

Oh, I sometimes bake for myself,

for my sister and mom.

You know, just for fun,
nothing serious.

Well, you seem to have
a knack for it.


If you're free tomorrow, I'm
putting together a large order.

I could use a capable apprentice
for the day.

You can count me in.


So, tell me, what was it like
growing up

on a Christmas tree farm?

Well, it was pretty wonderful,

Sort of like, everyone else's
Christmas was our Christmas too.

Dining room table was always
covered in plates of cookies,

spice cakes.

House was always full of guests,
just rotating through.

Snacking, visiting.

I guess when you provide trees
for most of the town,

you're automatically associated
with joy.

That sounds magical.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, you got all your fodder?
Any insightful realizations?


I noticed that you sigh
and rub your head

whenever you talk about
running the farm.

Wanna talk about it?


So there is an "it"
to talk about?

Look, off the record,

why don't you just think of me
as a neutral party?

Get whatever it is
off of your chest.

Ok, business has been
at an impasse.

Most of our business is selling
local tree lots

across the Midwest.

But they're increasingly losing
at the big box stores and...

well, some tree farms are
expanding, growing into that market,

but for us, that just doesn't
feel right for us.

To tell the truth,
it's beyond our reach.

We're doing ok,
just one bad year,

one flood, one more drought
and we are sunk.

To be honest, I don't... I don't
even know what the next move is.



Well, no wonder you've
been resistant

to talking to me
about this place.

It's a lot to carry.

What do you want?

I don't even think that matters.

How could it not?

Um, my mom would like
to invite you to dinner.

She... I guess she heard that
you were helping me today.

Oh, well, tell her thanks

but I should probably
have dinner

with my sister Mandy tonight.

She also says that you will
never understand Conifer

unless you have her
pine nut cake.

She's not wrong.

And she also says that she's
not taking no for an answer.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Alright, well,
dinner it is then.

Yeah, well you don't
really have a choice now.

I guess not.


Well, I'm intrigued.

Began the day with
curmudgeonly lumberjack

and now we're going to dinner.

Yeah, I don't know,
it just happened.

I'm sorry, I feel like
I abandoned you.

How was your day today?

Did you end up going
to the cookie class?

I did. Apparently,
I have a knack.

A knack?

Yeah, for baking.

Ben at the local bakery
approved of my skills.

That doesn't surprise me.

You know, I've always been
a fan of your confections.

Now, does this Ben happen to be

that handsome fellow
we saw in the window?

Incidentally, yes.

He comes from a long line
of bakers

and he's helping his aunt
for the holidays.

Which I think is nice.

Anyway, they invited me
to help out

with this big order tomorrow.

Oh, that's great.


Um... hey, can you go easy
on the research tonight?

I know, I know,
it's fertile ground,

but this nice family

doesn't need to be interrogated
all evening.

You know I can't promise that.

Let's go.

Check this out.

This is the poster
from our opening year.

It had both family names
on it until 1912.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

This is what I really
want you to see.

Anyone want a refill?

Oh, that would be great,
thanks hon.

The very first
Silver Scots Pine.


Ain't it gorgeous?

It really is.

It's the perfect tree.

Family used to have
a little adventure,

we'd go seeking out
the very best

Silver Scott Pine on the whole
farm to bring home.

Wish Cody had a chance
to experience that.

I guess though, he still
might have a chance.

- Maybe, yeah.
- Yeah?

- There you go.
- Thank you.

Kyla, did Cody mention
that he was the top

of his horticulture class?

No, he did not.

Why would I mention that, Mom?

I don't know.
Just something to say.

Because you're bad.

Oh, my god.

Oh, is this Cody?

It is.

He looks so concerned.

That's how he looked
in all his childhood pictures.

Yeah, still does.

Figuring out the world's
problems at four years old.

Well, everyone keeps saying
how the tree farm

is the heart of the town.

And can you think of
a better industry

than one that deals in
the business of Christmas?

I don't feel like I've worked
a day in my life.

I don't know.

You might want to consult
your back on that one, Dad.

Ok. I... I... I threw my back
out a couple years ago.

Up until then, Cody and I ran
the farm together

and since then he's taken
the lead.

Where I help out when I can.

He's done an amazing job.

Oh, has Cody taken you gals on
a tour of the actual town yet?

No, but I feel like
I've monopolized

enough of his time already.

Uh, so actually, I...
you know I'm wiped. I, uh...

Are you?

I have to get up early, so...

- Are you sure?
- I'll take a rain check.

- Ok.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

- But, um, Kyla?
- Mm-hm?

You should, you should
do a tour.

You know, for your research.

Thank you, thank you so much!

- Bye!
- Thanks for coming!

Have a good night.

Gosh, your dad's fascination

with the Silver Scots Pine
is infectious.

It makes me want to go out
and find it myself.

Tell me about its history.

Well, my dad's grandfather,
Joseph, he developed it.


And it took only 1/5th
the amount of water

of the other trees.

So, beyond it being beautiful,

it actually sustained the farm
through several droughts.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

My dad though, he thinks that
bringing that tree back

is the future of the farm
and it's a magical thought

but it's not very realistic.

Well, he thinks
I'm procrastinating,

but that's not it.

It's just all of my energy
is being spent

just trying to keep
the business going.

Especially with
the changing market.

Does he know you feel this way?

No, I... why worry him? I
don't want to stress him out.

I... That farm is his world.

I mean, that's really loving
and thoughtful,

but it also sounds
pretty lonely.

Yeah, ok, anyway.
What about you?

This whole interview format
is just me talking about myself.

Ok, what do you want to know?

Alright, Kyla Whitmore, um...

You are a historical researcher.

What brought about this whole
genealogy side hustle?

Thank you for asking, Cody.

Um, no, my interest in genealogy

actually came from wanting
to know my own family.

My family tree has always been
a bit of a mystery.

Hasn't really panned out,

but I found I love helping
others make those connections.

And did you get
what you needed today?

Yeah, I got a lot from you,
once you stopped acting

like I was trying to torture you
with my questions.

No, that's fair. That's...

I just need to get access to
some records through Beverly.

Which I think is gonna
be pretty difficult.

Oh no, she's a softie.

Hm, that's funny.

Someone said the same thing
about you.

- You know what's missing?
- What?

- A photo of Cody.
- Oh!

The hero and soul of
the whole operation.

- Come on!
- Alright, alright.

- Get in there!
- Alright, alright.



Oh, come on.
Don't cross your arms.


It makes you look so closed off.

- Relax!
- I don't... I... ok.

Just think of Christmas morning

after all the hard work's
been done.

That's perfect.

What, is it my bad side?

I recognize this building.

I recognize this corner
of the building

over your left shoulder.

I gotta go.

Thank you so much for all of
your stories today

and thank you...
Yeah, just thank you.

Good night.

Woah, woah, you shouldn't run,
there's ice!

- Bye!
- Everywhere!

Ok. Ok.

So? How goes the research?

Yeah, you remember this?

We found it in Grandpa's things

but we could never make
heads or tails of it?


Look here, see that
brick building behind her?

That's the gift shop.

The shape of the numbers,
they match and everything.

Even the door frame.

This was taken here in Conifer.

This woman could have
lived here.

We... we could be from here.

And, considering the date,

it's possible that this woman
was one of the founders

of the farm that William
kept talking about.

Constance Ferrand?

So, this is huge, right?

I mean, should we call Mom?

No, no. I have to proceed

Heck, this could be a postcard
for all we know.

It wouldn't be so far-fetched.

This town was already
on your radar.

Technically, your work
brought you to this place,

also her name's Connie.

Both our middle names and
Mom's middle name is Connie.

It's a family name.

Ok, that wasn't ever confirmed,
but let's just...

let's just take this one step
at a time.

Ok. Ok.

I was hoping that you could
help me with Beverly?

I know you have a rapport
with her

and well frankly, I'm hoping
to piggy back off of it.

Yeah, I mean things are taken
care of here,

Dad's at the fair.
I can make that work.

Great. Awesome.

Ok, so this is the only
keepsake that we have

from my grandfather.

That looks like the Conifer
gift shop.

Right? That's what I realized
last night

when I was taking the picture.

Do you think it's possible
that this could be the Constance

that you were telling me about?


Well, let's find out.

- Ok.
- Ok.

It was found in my
grandfather's things.

I think this woman might be
a relative,

possibly my

Do you think this could be
our Connie?

Constance Ferrand?
I can't tell.

But the date feels right.

Though, this could easily be
a tourist photo

as our tree farm has been a
destination from the beginning.

Well, that being said.

Now, obviously we can't
match these two,

and I may be going out
on a limb but...

this looks like a match.

Oh, wow.

This must be why I thought
I recognized you yesterday.

You don't have any relatives
name Ferrand?

Well, I don't know many of them,

so it could be out there.

The big schism was a fallout
over a mustard company,

which I don't even know
the name of.

Would have been the '50s?

Mustard drama.

Doesn't ring a bell,
and it would.

Well, I mean there must be
something in here

that can help connect the dots.

Constance Ferrand
was a public figure,

one would think there would be
a lot of information on her

but that's not the case.

There's a wealth of information
on Maurice Ferrand,

Constance's brother.

If Connie might be family,
then he might be too.

Maybe your great, great uncle?

He was a famous bootlegger
in the early 1920s.

Sort of a town hero.

There's a lot of information
on him,

so maybe something will connect.

You could even visit
his old bootlegging trail

just outside of town.

It's literally trail blazed.

In the meantime, I'll see
what I can find records-wise.

For real this time.

Oh hey, there's another one.

Oh wow. That's so cool.

I've never seen a blazed
trail before.

I did not expect you
to be related

to a notorious bootlegger.

I mean, I can see it.

- Oh.
- Ow!

So, how do you feel?
Are you excited?

I mean, Maurice,
Constance, family.

Yeah, you know, I feel hopeful.

I'm trying to stay open,
keep my mind clear.

If you get too attached
to an idea

it can kind of cloud
your perception.

Oh, by the way, thank you so
much for coming with me today.

I feel bad taking you away
from the lot.

Oh, no, it's important
that I came with you.

There's rumors that Maurice's
ghost haunts these woods.


No, I'm serious, I'm not...
Especially around Christmas.

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.


And the people have heard
his voice on the wind,

it's like a spooky owl.

Only, instead of going
hoot, hoot,

he's saying hooch, hooch.

Oh, ok. So, you're funny today?
Huh? Wow.

It's a dad joke.
But to be fair,

I have maybe been waiting
a while to share that one.

Look at that marker over there.

Doesn't that look like
a smiley face?

Uh, what? Where?

- It's literally right there.
- Where?

Literally right there,

I don't know how
you're not seeing that.

It's right in front
of your face.

Do you have better eyesight
than me?

What are you talking about?

- I guess so.
- Where?

Oh! Unbelievable!

- Boo-yah.
- Oh, this means war!

Ok, ok. Ok, ok, ok.
Truce. Truce.


- Truce. Truce.
- Ok.


Woah! Hey.

- So, speaking of ghosts.
- Hmm.

Do you think it's possible
that we could see

the Silver Scots Pine
hiding out here in the wild?

Unfortunately, no.


Well, let's say for a moment

that my research skills
are up to snuff.

How would we approach
figuring out

the Silver Scots Pine thing?

Well, so far,

I haven't been able to find
any notes or guides

from my great-grandfather,
so it's back to square one,

just cross-pollination

A lot of trial and error.

Anyways, you don't owe me
anything to do

with the Silver Scots Pine.

I'm not asking because I feel
like I owe you something.

I just, I don't know,
I feel inspired.

Why are you veering off course?

Don't you want to figure out
your family tree?

Don't you want to figure out
the Silver Scots Pine?

Ah. Yeah.

Well, it is at the heart of
all of my dad's favorite

childhood Christmas memories.

I do really want to give him
that gift someday.

To be honest,
developing that tree,

figuring out innovative ways
to run the farm,

that's what I'd rather be
focusing on.

I was at my happiest
in grad school,

just doing studies,
running experiments.

Following my curiosity.

Kind of like what you get to do.

Ok, well then, we should
definitely figure something out.

I mean, what if
your dad's right?

What if there is some sort of

a treasure map out
there somewhere?

I find it really hard to believe
that your ancestors came up

with such an important
innovation and didn't just,

I don't know, jot
something down.

I... I mean, my ancestors
were intellectually curious

but they were not organized.

You should see our
business storage.

Did you say business storage?


Ok, we have to check that out.
Right now.

Ok. Ok. Ok.

So, you're sure your parents
are ok with us taking over

their living room?

Oh, yeah, of course.

Plus, they're not gonna be back
until later.

They have quite the social life.

Two Christmas parties.

- Oh wow.
- Yeah.

I think we should keep
some of these shopping lists.

Might key us into something.


Do you need a table saw receipt
from 1973?

What? We might need it as
a write-off or they could...

Well, why are we still talking
about the tree anyway?

Shouldn't we be focusing
on Constance?

Shh! Shh!

I'm going where it takes me, ok?
Thank you very much.


It's funny, I'm seeing the name
Lorraine come up a lot

in the time period.

Who is that?

Oh, that's, that's Joseph's
wife, my great-grandmother.

She was around the farm
a lot too, apparently

and she also was supposed
to be tough as nails.

My dad said that Joseph had a
whole running list of nicknames

for her based on trees.

Well, that's adorable.

Oh, it's so strange that Silver
Scots Pine isn't coming up

by name among any of these
notes that we've found.

Uh, maybe he was just
protecting his secret recipe.


- Oh, here's another one.
- Ooh!

Oh, wow.

I still can't tell if Constance
matches the woman in my picture,

but this is good.

This is really good.

There's gotta be at least
something in one of these.

You think I should hold
onto this hot dog hut menu

from the 80s'?

Hot dogs?

Is that a clue?

No, uh, I just realized that
I'm actually really starving.

Oh, um, well, my parents
left us a few snacks, so...

They also actually have a ton
of s'mores supplies

this time of the year.

S'mores sound perfect.

- Ok.
- Let's do it.

Let's rustle up some s'mores.

- Ok, some more sprinkles.
- Sprinkles? Ok.

Uh, where are your skewers?

- Second drawer down on the left.
- Ok.

Doesn't this kind of defeat
the purpose of s'mores?

Which is?

To huddle around a fire,
share stories.

You can huddle and share here.

Besides, the purpose of s'mores
is that they're delicious.

You know, when I was little,
we grew up in an apartment,

so we didn't have a backyard.

But, our mom felt strongly
that we should not be denied

the joy of s'mores on Christmas,

so we figured it out
on the stove top.

Wow, you know,

I could still just make a fire
out there or something.

Just trust me.

I cannot believe...

So full.

I ate like five s'mores.

I can't believe
you ate five s'mores.

You fed me half of them,
but still.

They were good though.
They actually were.

I stand corrected.

They were good.

So, you have any other
favorite traditions?

Uh, yeah.

My mom was a nurse

so she would work
these crazy long hours

leading up to Christmas

so we could have the whole
day off together.

And then on Christmas we'd stay
in our pajamas,

eat breakfast and watch
movies all day.

She has a different job now,

but we still do the same
thing every year.

Just the three of you?

Mm-hm. Yeah.

To me, the sound of Christmas
isn't carolers on the street,

it's my mom humming
"Silent Night"

while she makes her first cup
of tea in the morning.

Ah. That's really nice.


Though, you should, you should
probably get ready to adjust

'cause your family might be
getting bigger.

That's true.

It's a good problem to have,

Thank you... for sharing
your tradition with me.

You're welcome.

I should probably get going.


I totally abandoned Mandy.

I, uh, I'll take care
of all of this.

Yeah? Oh, thank you.

Is it cool if I take
a few of these?

Yeah, of course.

Yeah? Awesome.

Thank you so much for a fun day.

Yeah, and for a great night.


Um... I'll walk you out.

Ok, thanks.

You are not going to believe
the amazing day I just had.

You're not going to believe
the amazing day I just had.

Oh, wow, you've been busy.

Give me your hand.

How many sugar cookies
did you eat?

Oh, are we dancing?

Ok, look at this,
it's Constance Ferrand.

Look at her bracelet.


That's my bracelet!


Also, the two of you
look a lot alike.

Beverly thought so too.

This is big, right?

I'd say, cumulatively, yeah.

The picture, the name,
the resemblance.

The bootlegger brother.

Oh, wait, what?

Oh, yeah, there's a lot
to catch you up on.

Well, are we allowed
to get excited now?

That has to be our

That has to be!

Yes, yes, we can
get excited now.

Ok, but 85 percent excited.
No, 91 percent.

Oh, you are out of control.

What have you done
with my sister?

I still just need to find
something on paper.

Something definitive,

but I think we should get
mom a train ticket out here.

Day after tomorrow,
Christmas Eve,

we can show her the town,
the festival.

Even the tree farm.

You, you really do feel good
about this.

Yeah. I think I can get
something solid by then

and we can really nail this
down and tell her everything.


Some more coffee for you,

Thank you.

Wow, you are really focused.

Hey! Oh my gosh,
I'm sorry.

Actually, I've been dying
to tell you,

I just had a breakthrough
that led me to believe

that Constance could actually,
like, actually, actually

be my great great-grandmother.

Well, this is good, right?

Yes. In fact, it's so good
we're bringing my mom

out here tomorrow and we're
gonna surprise her.

But I just, I need some
solid enough information

connecting her to us still and
I've checked my usual databases,

I've called a few researchers
at the university.

So far nothing but
there's gotta be something.

And also, I'm a little
bit behind

on getting my original project
together for my boss.

What, you mean that one where
you wouldn't leave me alone,

just grilling me endlessly
on the history of my farm?

That is the one, yes.

But he's actually really relying
on me, so...

Well, maybe you need a break.


Actually, I have an idea.

What if I finally give you
a real tour of the tree farm?

You could gather some
more material,

tie up any loose ends.

I mean, what better way to learn
about Constance Ferrand

than to explore the farm
that she helped create?

That would be amazing.

- Ok.
- Thank you.


Let me... Yeah, let me get
my stuff together.

- Great.
- Great.

Your bag, mademoiselle.

Ah, merci beaucoup, monsieur.

And these, of course,
are Fraser Fir.

They're the most popular
these days.

Got good scent,
good needle retention.

My dad calls them the Cadillac
of Christmas trees.

But they're not
your favorite, right?

No, that would be
the Scots Pine.

Not to be confused with
the elusive Silver Scots Pine.

So, you said the growing process
is seven years, right?


That's a really long time.

I like it.
The steadiness of it.

I like that it's tactile,
hands on.

Well, I mean, selfishly,
that's also why

I don't want to industrialize.

I just feel like it'll
obliterate everything

that I love about it.

You know, it's funny,

the other day when
you were talking about

the pressure of this place,
I just,

I assumed that there was
something else

you'd rather be doing.

That's not it at all.
You love the farm.


I come here, sometimes
when I feel overwhelmed.

It's kind of like my spot.

Oh yeah? What do you do,
meditate? Snow yoga?

What are you doing?

Oh, come on. Snow will break
your fall.



Now, just look up at the sky.


It's beautiful.

Everything feels so endless
from here.

I used to come here
when I was a kid.

Just lie in the snow.

Staring up at the sky,
till I got that feeling

where I thought I could feel
the earth turning.

There's actually one more
important step.


Did you just make a snow angel?

I did. I recommend it.


It's relaxing. Refreshing.

Why as adults did we stop doing
snow angels?

- Totally underrated, right?
- Mm-hm.

Ok. I... I thought I'd help
Ben with his tree

but I wanted to catch up.
How was your day?

- It was great.
- Yeah?

Yeah, actually I got a lot
of good info on the farm.

From the curmudgeonly

Well, I don't know.

I think he's more of
a soulful botanist.

Hm. Were you able to find
any revelatory facts

that we can tell mom tomorrow?

No, not really.

But, I don't know. I think we
might actually have enough.


- Hi.
- Hi!

How would you like to be
one of our judges

for the tree-decorating

Oh, I don't know, I mean,
I'm just a tourist?

Not true, aren't you kind of
an expert on trees?

Well, I... Maybe.



Come on. We'll have
a good time.

- Ok, let's do it.
- Ok.

I have chosen an eco-friendly
theme reusing pine cones,

putting them back on the tree.

It's very circle of life.

Or, meta, as the kids say.

We've got a baking-themed
tree here and the best part is,

when you're done,
you can eat it.

- Oh, right from the bakery.
- Yeah.

- Love it.
- We made it.

Love that.

I see the popcorn
as a nod to corn.

Which is an homage to the
history of farming in the state.


That's nice.

Thanks everyone!

The trees have been judged

and the winners will be
announced tomorrow night.

You guys are all awesome!
Thank you!

Yeah? Yeah, yeah.


Oh, hey.

I saw that you got promoted
to Christmas tree judge.

It's a pretty big vote
of confidence

in the Samuelson family.

I did. It was a lot of fun.

You let them know about your,
your big discovery?

No. I didn't really want
to jinx it

by making a big announcement.

It's understandable.

So, I have a proposal for you.

I just remembered that I have
this old recipe for Gl Ãgg,

it's a, it's a kind of
mulled wine.


Which is descended from
Maurice Ferrand himself.

That sounds nice.

Yeah, and I was thinking
maybe we could make some

and do some more office
record research.

Ok. Yeah, that, that
would be really great.

- Ok.
- Yeah.

- Ok then. Well, this way.
- Let's go.

I think I'm gonna try and find
something for my mom

since all my Christmas presents
are back at home.

What are you thinking, maybe
an ornament with her name on it?

Or, oh, they have these really
nice Fraser Fir music boxes.

Yeah, I don't know.

I guess I'll know it
when I see it.

Oh, this is pretty.
She loves irises.


Oh that, that is always
a good choice.

It's a classic Conifer souvenir.

Everything ok?

I feel so foolish.


This bracelet was
my big breakthrough.

Mandy has it.

Theoretically it was
a gift from,

from my grandparents,

but when I saw it in one of
the pictures

I just assumed that it was
our family heirloom.

I just jumped to conclusion
without doing any research.

I didn't even check my work.

It is ok. That's a completely
understandable misunderstanding.

I feel so silly,
bringing my mom here.

I think you're being
really hard on yourself.

You know what will
make you feel better?

Some warm Gl Ãgg.

It's delicious, even if you're
not related to Maurice Ferrand.

I think I'm just gonna
call it a night.

I'm not really in
the celebratory mood.

I'm sorry.

Thank you so much
for your help today.


Let me know if you
need anything.


Hey. Hey.

You think maybe
you're overreacting?

I mean, you weren't
this disheartened

before the bracelet discovery.

Isn't this just, I don't know,
a step back, at worst?

Yeah, but can you imagine
if every time someone found

some old photograph in their
grandfather's belongings

that they jumped to the wild
conclusions that I did?

Yeah, but you had to try.
You felt it in your gut, right?

And that's usually
your best compass.

I think my compass is off.

Well, it's not over yet.

I mean, we could still be very
close to finding our family.

Or, you know,
maybe we never will,

but perhaps we've made some
meaningful connections

in the meantime?

Like Ben?

I'm not talking about Ben.

I just wish we had something
for Mom.

Well, you're not gonna give up,
are ya?

Didn't think so.


Would you like some tea?
I made an extra cup.

Yes, I'd love some.
Thank you.

It's cinnamon apple spice.

Oh, by the way,

your mom's reservation's all
squared away for tomorrow.

Thank you so much
for doing that.

Looks like you've been
working hard.

How's the farm research going?

It's good. Just sent it
off actually.

You don't seem excited
or relieved.

It's just a delayed reaction.

Also, there was something else
that didn't really turn out

the way I hoped.

Did Cody Samuelson end up
being much help?

Did he recover
his Christmas spirit?

He did, actually.

Yeah. He's been great.

That whole family was so
welcoming when I moved here.

Oh, I assumed that
you grew up here.

You have this feeling
of being from here.

No, I've only been here
six years.

I inherited this
old house actually.

The timing was perfect

and now it just feels like I was
always meant to be here.

I think I know the feeling.

I made this leap all
because of a bracelet

that I assumed was one of a kind

Thanks, but I have to admit,

there was something about being
related to Constance Ferrand

that felt right, you know?

Well, you weren't wildly

That bracelet was modeled
on a real bracelet

that Constance actually owned.

Oh, so there is a chance?

Unfortunately, no. I found
something in records.

Maurice's last will
and testament,

which states neither he nor
Constance had any children.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

But, as you know, she could
still be a distant relative

or a family friend which
can be just as meaningful...

It's Christmas Eve.

You're in a beautiful town

with one of the best Christmas
festivals around.

And, you got to learn about
the state's early homesteaders

and moonshiners.



Homestead records.

I know this seems conclusive

but I'd like to check out
one last thing.

You said that there's a lot of
records at the county office

in Fernwood?

Yes, but I can't imagine that
they're open on Christmas Eve.

They're open!
Two more hours. Yes!

Beverly, you are a genius.

Thank you so much
for everything.

That is great tea.
Thank you. Thank you.

So, the federal government
gave land to these homesteaders

so there was a specific process
from claim to ownership

that had a lot of
required documentation,

so the information is solid.

And not to mention
chain of title.

So, you are letting yourself
get your hopes up again?

Well, I just, I know
that this is a way

to get some definitive

And I know that this is gonna
sound really weird,

but I swear this morning that
portrait in Beverly's office...

It's like her eyes, they were
telling me to keep trying.

Let's go!


Got it right here.

Her claim is this whole area,

Oh. Wow.

Ok. That looks like it's
the tree farm and then some.

I guess that makes sense.

And after that.

That's odd.

What's odd?

Very odd indeed.

It seems like this claim
never progressed

to certificate of ownership.

So, this land should have lapsed
back to federal ownership.

No, I think that's incorrect.

It's currently owned by someone
named Samuelson.

No, the only land owned by them

is a residential lot
on Oak Street.


Yeah, this must have slipped
through the cracks somehow.

So, I'll just put a little flag
on that.

This is gonna get me
to my year-end quota.

Deck the halls
with Christmas bonuses.

No, um, actually,
can you not do that?


Can we just pretend
that I didn't ask?

I'm really worried this is
gonna make things bad

for someone I care about.

Ma'am, that would basically
be stealing.

From the government.

What just happened?

The tree farm.

The Samuelsons, they don't
actually own the land.

It's probably going
to get taken away.

Well, isn't there some sort of
statute of limitations?

Or, I don't know,
couldn't they just buy it?

No, Cody was already struggling
with his options.

I can't believe I've done this
to him.

It's not like you did it
on purpose, Kyla.

I mean if there's
the smallest upside

it sounds like you really care
about him.

I just messed everything up.

He's gonna hate me.

He has to hear it from me.
I have to tell him.

Hey. I was just thinking
about you.

I was worried about you
after last night.

I have to tell you something.

I have to just say it
before I...

Oh, hey. You ok?


I messed up.

It's ok.

In my research of Constance

I decided that I wasn't ready
to let go,

so I went to Fernwood to look in
the homestead records.

That's a smart idea.
What'd you find out?

Um, that there was an issue
for the deed for this land.

The land that the farm sits on.

Somehow it had slipped
through the cracks

and it was Constance's,
but now it's no one's.

And by looking into it,

I inadvertently alerted the
county to this discrepancy.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry,
it was an accident.

- Accident.
- Yeah.

An accident?

What? You think we can just
buy up all the land?

No, god, no, no, no, no.

I know. I know I messed
things up.

I would never do anything
to hurt you or your family.

I just... I'm gonna figure
it out. I'm gonna fix it.

I'm gonna make it right. I...
I need some time. Please.

No, no. No, no, no. You have
done enough already.

You could have just let it go.

You just came in here and you
had to push and you had to dig

like you did with
the Silver Scots Pine

and you just barrel into my
life, taking days of my time

for your research and not caring
if I had time to give.

I'm sorry that I was
so persistent.

I thought you enjoyed the time
that we spent together.

I have to get back to work.

I'm sorry, Kyla.

Maybe he just needed time
to think.

None of that even matters.

What's gonna happen
to the tree farm,

or his family and
their livelihood?

I mean he's right to be upset
with me.

I should head to the station
to meet Mom.

What are we even gonna tell her

about why we dragged her
out here?

I don't know, maybe some crazy
tale about tree farmers

and bootleggers and how we had
a really good time

getting ahead of ourselves?

Would you be ok
with getting her?

And I'll meet you
at the festival.


I gotta fix this.
I gotta do something.

I can't think about
anything else.

- Yeah. Of course.
- Thank you.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Ok, bye.
- Yeah, good luck.

Oh, Beverly, Beverly!
I need your help.

Oh, sweetie, you know
the records office

is closed on Christmas Eve.

Go enjoy yourself.

No, it's not about me
or Constance Ferrand.

I went to the records office
at the county today

and I ended up causing
a huge mess for Cody.

I was afraid of this.

Land ownership is tricky here
and the last thing you need

is someone digging up records.

It's my fault, I should
have told you.

I have some ideas, or
the beginnings of ideas

of how to make things right,

but I'm really going to need
your expertise.

Can you help me,
so I can help Cody?

Yes. I may even have something!


You don't remember
where you put it?

I'm sorry, you just came in
asking about land records,

and one never knows these days.
I'm very protective of Conifer.

- So, what could be in here?
- I don't know.

But, even an informal
paper trail

can mean something for them
hanging onto the land.

There it is!

Oh, all it is is some
scientific study.

This is perfect.

Cody, hey.

Look, I know you're upset
with me,

but I really need you to listen.

I figured out a strategy for
the tree farm going forward.

I am all tapped out

on the future of the tree farm
conversations right now.

Look, I really need you
to hear me out, ok.

This is gonna save
the tree farm.

Maybe even you.

Over the last few days,

I've realized just how special
the Samuelson's tree farm is.

Its innovations
involving sustainability

are a really big deal.

I think it needs to be studied.

Partner up with universities.

Create work study programs,

and then you can
open yourself up

for grant opportunities
and keep the land.

You can run the farm at
the scale that you want to.

You can teach.

Show the world
how special it is,

what you get to do.

Honestly, it's such a good idea
that I'm almost ok with the fact

that I had to nearly ruin
your life to come up with it.

It's a solid plan, Cody.

Please don't reject it just
because you fear change.

Or because you're mad at me.

Beverly has all the details.
She can help you.


Maybe that can be
your first study.

We found the Silver Scots
Pine studies.

Turns out every time Joseph
wrote something down,

he gave the tree a code name.


Which makes sense, since you
told me she was so resilient.

I guess the loving nicknames
go both ways.

Anyway, there's your key.
Your treasure map.

Hope you find what
you're looking for.




Hi honey.

Are you ok?

Uh, yeah. It's been
an eventful day.

Well, I am very happy
to see you,

and this is all such
a lovely surprise.

But what made you girls bring me
all the way out here?

Mandy said that we had to wait
for you to get back to explain.

Yeah, I guess I'll start
from the beginning.

- Hey, Santa.
- Hey.

Festival looks great, as always.

Except for this pesky string
of lights.

Hey, it's a Christmas miracle.

Don't touch it.

Ah, listen, I've been meaning
to say something.

I'm sorry for being so stubborn
about the farm.

You were right to challenge me
to try to find a new way.

It should be the reverse
with fathers and sons.

Ok. You really want to have
this conversation right now?

Yeah, well,
something's happened.

You know how we've always been
kind of unconventional

when it comes to deeds and
paperwork for the land and farm

and we've always had
that old adage

that all these deals
were made with a...

a handshake and a word, yeah.

Yeah, well it turns out
it wasn't just an adage.

We might lose the farm.

There was never
an official deed.

So, that land might revert back
to the government.

This might be the end of
an era then, huh?


Or, it might just be
the beginning.

I have the perfect Christmas
gift for you, Dad.



It's your treasure map.

Silver Scots Pine is finally
within reach.

And, I'm still working
this part out,

but this might not just be the
key to hanging onto the farm.

But to me doing the work
I'm excited about.

That's great.
That's great.

Where'd you, where'd you
get this?

It was Kyla, actually.

She is remarkable.


- Yeah.
- Yeah, she is.

Maybe you, maybe you found
your own personal treasure map.

- Maybe.
- Maybe.

Merry Christmas, Dad.

Merry Christmas!
Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

I have some thinking to do.

Oh, a first time for everything.


So, when I found that bracelet
I knew it was over.

That's fascinating, and all
of this because of a picture.

But now you don't think
it's true?

The last bit of
solid information

indicated that Constance
had no direct descendants.

But, we ended up having a great
time exploring this new town.

And, I have some news.

I've decided I want to go
to culinary school.

- Culinary school?
- Yeah.

To become a pastry chef.

I ended up working
with this amazing baker

while I was here and... I just,
I fell in love with it.

And his aunt who owns
the bakery,

she has a connection
at the culinary institute

and she's gonna give me
a recommendation.

I knew it. I knew it.

- Honey, I am so excited for you.
- That's such great news, sis

I think I finally understand
you and work.

Now, what about this
tree farmer fellow?

He kept coming up
in your story a lot.

Like Connie, that ended up

not really being the connection
I thought it was.

Oh, honey. I'm so
sorry sweetheart.

It's ok.

Merry Christmas Eve, Beverly!
What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be at the festival

accepting your customary
first place prize?

I should, but I got caught up
in a whole saga

which made me think
of something.

I wanted to ask you,

were you close with the relative
you inherited this house from?

Or were they distant family?

That is a strangely
specific question.

I know, but I might be going
somewhere with this.

Come on in.

I've got some mulled wine
on the stove.

You're gonna want
something stronger.

- What?
- Mm-hm.

I went through Maurice's
letters and realized

his will was a red herring.

Because of the bootlegging,

he was mixed up with some
unsavory characters,

so he wrote that lie to protect
his extended family.

So, Constance Ferrand
had two children?


Your grandmother, Cynthia,
and your grandmother, Helen.

Who married a man by the name
of Whitmore.


Wait, is your family

the one with that crazy mustard
empire fallout?


Ferrand was Constance's
maiden name,

which explains why we lost
track of her.

I had no idea, this whole time,

Constance Ferrand is
my great-grandmother.

Do you have children?

Are there still any
cousins around?

Oh yeah, the family's
getting pretty big.

There'll be plenty of people
dying to meet you gals.

And with two direct descendants,

this could very well clear up
the tree farm land issue.

Thank you.

Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hello everyone!

And, now the moment you have
all been waiting for.

It is my esteemed honor
to give the award

for the best decorated Conifer
Christmas tree this year.

And, the award goes to...

Beverly Philips!

Thank you.

Oh, ho, ho!

Pause this story,
I'll be right back.


Nice work.

Thank you, Santa.

And thank you all for this
well-deserved honor.

I was looking for you.

I was looking for you too.

My mom's here.
She's having a great time.

That's great.

At least, she didn't come
all this way for nothing, right?

Actually, I received some
pretty great news on that front.

Also, I realized something.

You're the first person
that I wanted to tell.

So, what's the good news?

Constance is my great
great-grandmother after all.

We pieced it all together.

I'm sorry that I was so myopic
in my search

that I didn't see I could
have hurt you.

No, I'm sorry. I...

I shouldn't have said
those things.

I didn't believe 'em.
I... I was rattled.

It's understandable.

I showed the study of the
Silver Scots Pine to my dad.

I don't think I've ever seen
him so happy.

Your idea, to use the farm

for work studies,
research, discovery.

That's so perfect I'm ashamed
I didn't think of it myself.

So, you think you might
go for it?

Well, I don't have much
choice now, do I?

I guess that's true.

Although, Beverly thinks
that she may have cleared up

the land issue as well.

Thank you.

I mean, your imaginative
thinking, your steadfastness,

finding the Silver Scott Pine...

You saved the farm.
You gave it a new life.

You gave me a new life.

And when you are as resistant
to change as I am,

sometimes you need something
really big to come along

and just shake things up.

I think the potential loss of
your family livelihood counts.

I wasn't talking about that.

I was talking about falling
for you.

I was hoping that's what
you were talking about.

There's just one thing though,
about this plan.


I might need some help

and I'm kind of working
at asking for that, so...

You think you can maybe
stick around?

I'm sure I could figure
something out.

After all, my family is kind
of a big deal in this town.