My Demon Within (2005) - full transcript

Cyril Bass is a good-hearted loser that works in a thankless corporate job where everyone takes advantage of him. That is until he makes a deal with his own personal Demon to wreak havoc, give him revenge, fortune and popularity beyond his wildest dreams. When the comical yet bloodthirsty demon is let loose, a wave of bloodshed and gore is released. Harkens back to the wonderful 80's monsterfests

- Beautiful weather we're having.

- I could stay like this forever.

- I could stay with you forever.


Come on, come on!

Whoa, whoa!

I got you!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Are you all right?

I'm everything you'll never be.

- Good morning.

- I would like to know
where the Donner file is,

I need it in 10
minutes for a meeting.

(Margaret yelling

Do you have the
file or don't you?

Well, you gave
it to me just yesterday,

it's not ready yet.

- What have you been
doing all this time?

- I've gotta get the budget
done for next quarter

and if I don't get
that in by two p.m.

we won't cover
materials or supplies.

- Look, mister,
you get this right,

my priorities are
your priorities.

You are to drop
whatever you're doing

and take on my projects first.

- But if the budget
doesn't get in...

- Ah!

I'm about to go into that
meeting without that file.

This is not going to look
good for me, and you!

We're going to have a
conversation about this later, mister.

This is going to
affect your future.

- Nothin', okay?

All of sudden she's like,
"'Kay, stop, stop, stop!"

- What up, dog?

Biatch on the warpath again?

- I guess.

- You know you let
people walk all over you.

You know you shouldn't do that.

You are such a push over.

- You think?

- Hey, I'm gonna call you back.

Yo, she looks like a
major league ice queen.

- What, man?

- Oh, no, no I bet I
can melt those defenses.

- You ain't the
player with moves.

- Oh.
- Ah.

- All right, Georgie.

Oh, suddenly you know all
about the moves now, right?

Man, you'd hit that any day!

- First of all, y'all
don't know shit.

- Look fellas, fellas,
fellas all right.

You know what?

Watch the master, after all

I am the chief negotiator
for this company.

- All right, let's see it.
- Play ball.

Five bucks.
- Mm-hmm.

- Looks like we
made a connection.

- I would've let you
stare a little longer

if you kept your mouth shut.

- Come on let's, uh,
reboot this conversation.

I'm Derrick Rogers,
I work in legal.

- I'd rather finish my lunch.

- Come on.

Look, I'm not asking for
your hand in marriage.

- Do you wanna get to know me?

- You just struck out, bro!

- What the hell are you
two laughin' at, huh?

You oughta take a good
look in the mirror.

I make more money than the
two of you put together...

How about that?

You're nothing but a little
worm, you little piece of shit!

- Everything seems to
be going well, Cyril.

So what happened in
the lunchroom today?

- I didn't do anything!

That, that jerk from legal,
he's the one who started it.

- We'll forward this incident
to Derrick's manager,

but right now we need to
deal with your behavior.

- Your file is dotted with
many troubling things.

- I know I've messed up

but I had to learn
everything for myself,

I wasn't shown what to do!

- You give me no choice but to

place you on a performance plan.

I'll be watching you closely.

So you better bring your work
up to an acceptable level.

- I don't wanna sign it.

- I think it would be
a good idea if you did.

Thank you.

This will affect your future.

nothin' but a little worm,

you little piece of shit!

Your file is dotted
with many troubling things.

You should kill them all.

They're only worm food, wasting
space for all of us here.

- Who's that?

It's me.

- Me?

Me who?

I'm what you really are.

- I've finally cracked.

I'm talking to voices in my...

I'm a lot closer than you think.

- Hi, honey, how ya doin'?

- Want a flower?

- Ugh!

- Where you going
in such a hurry?

- I'm just trying to get out
of the rain and get home.

- Oh yeah?

I see.

Well, this here is my alley,

and everyone around
here knows it,

so if you're gonna
come through my alley,

you're gonna pay some respect!

- I'll just go back
the way I came.

- Too late!

Now you're gonna
have to pay the toll.

Come here!

Open up.

There you go, swallow that.

Right, baby, you're
gonna pay, right?

Now get the hell
out of my alley!

Beat it!

- Oh, hey, Cyril.

Oh, hey, Callie.

- I thought you were Todd.

- Nope.

No, it's just me.

- I, um, do you think you
could help me with something?

- Yeah, sure, what's up?

- Are, are you okay?

- Ugh, I had a long
day, I'm pretty tired.

- Maybe you should
lie down or something.

- Good idea.

- Okay.

- I feel pretty sick.

- Let me know if
you need anything!

- Hello?

Yo, baby.

Oh yeah?

I can come over and take
care of that right now.

Oh yeah, you know I can
take care of that, baby.

Come over and get a
little nasty, huh?

Ooh baby!

You are just one
nasty little girl!

That's what I like about you.

So wear that little
red number, okay?

That's right.

That's what I like about you.

What do you want?

Isn't it a
little early for Halloween?

Don't you know who I am?

I can have you killed!

- There can't be
two death dealers.

There can be only one!

- Your thighs needs some
serious fucking help, babe.

- Baby...

- You're one inch from
lookin' like a hippo!

I got an image to keep up here.

- Hey, Cyril, you
feeling any better?


- If you're gonna party
with me, you gotta keep up.

So stop being so mousey.

- Hey!

You need to treat
her like a lady.

- You talkin' to me, shrimp?

- I'm not talking
to anybody else.

- You gotta be kiddin' me!
- Todd, come on!

He's a nice guy,
- Mind your own business!

- he's my neighbor!
- Hey!


- Later, losers.

- I am so sorry.

He's not usually like that,

he's just mad 'cause I'm
slacking on my gym workout.

- Yeah, that's great, I'd
hate to see him on a bad day.

- There's something
different about you.

- Really?

I gotta go to work.

- Okay.

I'll see you later?

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- No!

No, no, no, don't
touch, don't touch it.

Put it down, just,
just put it down.

Just go, just go.

- I'm sorry.

- Crazy shit.

- It's like straight
out of a comic book.

- Yeah, but this was real,

someone was actually
crazy enough to do it.

- That's the world
we live in today.

- No doubt.

- At least it happened
to some scumbag.

- You don't think it
was some vigilante?

- It was probably some psycho.

- What's up?

- Here's the paper,
read it yourself.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- I'm so sorry about getting you

mixed up in all that yesterday.

I hope nothing bad happened.

- No, no, it's okay, it's
nothing I can't handle.

- I'm Elisa.

- I'm Cyril.

- So what's the
story around here?

And what's up with those guys?

- There you are, I've been
looking all over for you.

- My boss.

- Oh.

I should probably get going.

- Okay, I'll see you later.

- So, now you have two friends.

Working hard?

- Who the fuck is that?

I'm what you hold back.

- What're you talking about?

I don't hold anything back!

I do exactly what I want to.

Oh, so you're dating
that girl across the hall,

telling your boss off, and
what about that drug dealer?

- That drug dealer's dead.

Yeah, I know.

And didn't that make
you feel better?

- A little, I guess.

Well, I can make
you feel a whole lot better.

- How?

You're just a voice in my head.

Believe in me
and I will deliver you from

your hell on Earth, give you
everything that you desire.

I can give you any
girl that you want!

Hey, how about a raise, huh?

No, no, better yet!

I can wreak vengeance upon
those who have offended you.

- Yes.

Oh yeah.

I will make those people pay
for what they've done to you.

- I believe in you.

Wise choice.

Stick around, I'll be
right back!

- I had a great day.

So I got that little worm
to take on all my workload.

And the best part is,

I'll fire him when he
doesn't come through!

Yeah, well, he's
a total disaster

and he's bringing
down my department.

Whose side are you on, anyway?

Look, Tom, you better get
on board for the future.

You know, I got a lot planned!

Where we're going to live,

where you should
be in your career,

how many kids we're
going to have.

You know I...

Something just fell
in the kitchen.

Hang on, I'll be right back.


Well, it looks like I just...

Oh, asshole, how dare
you hang up on me!

What the hell now?


- Oh my, you've fallen
and you can't get up!

- What do you want?

- How does it feel to be
the one being stepped on?

Oh, your files are dotted
with troubling things.

How about some origami, huh?

Don't you just hate paper cuts?


And now, for the
piece de resistance.

I would love and stay
and have play time,

but I have others to see and
miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep!

And scene.

Damn, that was good.

- Dude, you'll never believe
what happened last night!

- Must be somethin' big,
everyone's on alert.

- I'll say!

Your boss bit the
dust last night.

- What do you mean,
she was fired?

- You didn't hear the news?

- No, um...

I, uh, I came in early,
I didn't hear any news.

- Somebody killed
Margaret last night.

- What?

- Yeah, they said it was some
bizarre thing involving files

and paper cuts and a...

- Congrats on the promo.

- What?

- Look, I think you're
perfect to take over her gig.

A go nowhere position
for a go nowhere guy.

Look, I wanted to
see her dead, too.

I mean, who didn't around here?

You more than anybody here.

God, she was a real bitch!

- Who's a real bitch?

- Why don't you ask Cyril here?

He's an expert on that.

- You are?

- Derrick Rogers, I work
in the legal department.

- Well, I may need to
ask you some questions,

don't go too far.

- Later, gator!

- Cyril Bass.

- Yes.

- You worked with Margaret Chase?

- I worked for her,
she was my boss.

- Did you get along with her?

- Sure.

- Did she ever talk about anybody

she was having a problem with?

- She, she had a boyfriend.

- She put you on
a performance plan

to keep you on probation.

How'd that make you feel?

- I guess she felt I
wasn't doing my job.

- I might have some
more questions for you.


Give me a call if you
can think of anything.

- I will.

- What's up?

- Hi.

- Bitches, man!

What're you gonna do?

- Right.

- They make you do
shit that you don't do.

- Whatever you say, man.

- That's right!

Whatever I say.

- I really thought he
was different, you know?

That he had this tough exterior

but underneath it
he was sensitive.

- You never know what lies
just beneath the surface.

I mean, I, I know I'm
still finding out who I am.

You're a
sweetheart, you can't change that.

Hey, I got a dark side.

I'm not all prim and proper.

Hey, just 'cause I
was in the Boy Scouts

doesn't mean I can't
change a little.

- Girls never settle
with the bad boys,

they settle with the good guys.

They just wanna play
with the bad boys.

- But the bad boys
always hurt you.

You could've had her!

She was ready, man!

- Shut up, asshole!


Cyril, I am the
champion of your cause!

I make all your
nightmares go away!

- You are my nightmare!

Oh, man, that hurts!

Hey, what should we do
about ol' Todd, huh?

- We're not gonna do shit!

Yeah, sure,
why should we do anything

that could bring you
closer to Callie, huh?

- Okay.

I'm not opposed to
teaching him a lesson,

but do you have to kill people?

Man, I just get carried away.

You know how that is?

I mean, one minute you're
slappin' 'em around

and the next you
cut their throats.

- You see, I don't know
if I can trust you.

All right, Cyril,
I promise I will be good.

I mean, after all,
I'm a part of you.

- Okay.

You're just gonna teach
him a lesson, right?


- You think I actually
have a chance with Callie?

We settle with good guys!

You remember that?

I mean, even you could
get a girl like that!

- Hey, easy!

Yeah, easy!

Do you believe in me?

- Yes.

Let's do this.

Ha ha, thank you!

Thank you so much!

- Who doesn't want some of this?

I know plenty of girl
who'll want some.

And do!


Oh my God,
are those stretchmarks?

- What?


Oh yeah.

Let's get a double bicep.

Nice, but you got
nothin' on this!

- Check this out!

- Yo, what about this?

- That's nothin'!

- Whoa, very nice!

- Thank you!

- How ya doin'?


You don't seem very
big now, do ya, Todd?

Bigger, better, stronger!

Come on, Todd!

How's it feel to have
somebody fight back, huh?

Whoa, nice!

Get the point?

I am the governator
of your pain.

Cyril, open the door,

it's Callie, I have
to talk to you!

- What the...

Oh, shit!

Uh, hang on, I'll
be right there!

Hang on!

I just got
a call from the police

and they said that Todd
was killed last night

while working out
and I turn on the TV

and it appears to
be a freak accident!


- I really thought that
we could make things work.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, I don't
know what I'm doing.

I'm sorry, I'm
confused right now.

I guess I got carried away.

You're so nice.

I like you.

- You should probably get going.

- Bye.

- I'll see ya.

You promised you were only
gonna teach him a lesson!

Did you like kissing her?

- What?

I think she liked
kissing you very much.

- You promised.

- Hey, it was outta my control.

I mean, I tried
talkin' to the guy,

but he just took it to
a whole different level.

Hey, wasn't it nice
bein' the hero?

Her hero?

And now you're the
big boss at work.

I think I delivered
on my promises.

- Bass.

- Hey!

Cyril Bass.

Cyril Bass.

Mr. Bass here.





You know what?

You're fired!

You need to bring your work
up to an acceptable level.

- Hey there!

- Yo.

- You seem to fit right in.

- Well, I was doin'
all the work anyway

and it's not like
it's brain surgery.

Well, I
thought you would like to

go grab some lunch to
celebrate your new position.

- Yeah.

Yeah, I could use a break.

- Here you go, ma'am.

For you, sir.

I'll be right back.

- Thanks.

- You seem different.

- How do you mean?

- More confident.

Not the same Cyril
I met the other day.

What happened?

- I guess I woke up, you know?


In this crazy world
crazy things can happen.

If you don't get
yourself together,

you're gonna be sucked down the
drain and washed out to sea.

What's the word?

- Just havin' a little lunch.

- What're you doing here?

- What?

I can't eat?

Me and the fellas have a
usual Thursday thing here.

We saw you guys come in, I
thought I'd come by and say hi.

- Bye!

- Well, I'm actually here
to talk to my man Cyril.

How would you like
to go out with me

and the fellas tomorrow night?

A little party, a
little drinky, huh?

Should be a real good time.

- Really?

Yeah, sure, sounds like fun.

- All right, I'll drop
you a little email,

let you know what's
up, all right?

- Are you really gonna
go out with those guys?

- I'm on an equal playing
field with them now.

They know I'm the big dog,

they wanna hang with
the man on the way up.

- Who are you and what
have you done to Cyril?

You're definitely not
the same guy I met.

- I'd like to think
that that Cyril

won't be bothering us anymore.

I have to move on.

- Gentlemen, welcome
to the big time.

Huh, huh?

Ah, my home away from home,
my little happy place,

the soft spot in my heart.
- Hey get us some beers, baby.

- Oh, hey, who's this?

Say hello, say hello!

- It's okay!
- We'll talk later, huh?


It's all good, it's all...

What do we have here, huh?

China, China!

You, you, yeah!


I love her, she's fantastic!



All right!


- Hey, uh, hey, look,
I know we've had

our differences in the
past but, uh, I, I,

come on, that time's behind
us so, uh, to new beginnings!

To new beginnings!

♪ I guess its my lucky night ♪

♪ I got my mojo back ♪

♪ Because my game is tight ♪

- You know, you
guys are all right.

- You're all right yourself.

- Yeah, oh no!

- Ah, do you see what it's like

when you get into
upper management?

I mean, look at the
doors that open for you!

- Hey, Cyril!

- Hey, Lucas!

- Thanks for inviting me.

So, what's it like
being my boss?

- It's cool.

- You know, I should
buy you a drink.

- Okay.
- No.

No, no, not a good idea.

I mean, you know how
the company frowns on

fraternization between
management and staff so...

- What?

- Got a whole new set
of rules to play by.

- And those rules
specifically said that, uh,

cool people like us cannot
hang out with you mongrels.

- You know, plain and simple.

You don't belong as
this table, so scram!

- Hey, I'm on the way up, man,

and I gotta think about my
future with the company.

I'd be happy to help
you at work but, uh,

we can't socialize beyond that.

It's company policy.

♪ I'm that guy ♪

♪ It just works we
ain't even gotta try ♪

♪ Oh my ♪

- It's time to go.

Seriously, now!
- What are you waiting for,

a lap dance?

Keep goin'!

- You're the man, dude!
- All right, all right!

The ladies are waitin'!

Come on!

♪ The feelin's right ♪

♪ There's no need to question ♪

♪ You came into my life ♪

♪ I take it as a blessin' ♪

♪ End of guessin' plus
the end of stressin' ♪

♪ Feelin' free to be we
for eternity everlastin' ♪

♪ And forever more
quick to give you more ♪

- Come on, get him!
- Yeah!

- You're a dog!

You like that one, friend?


I think our
boy needs a lap dance!

- A private lap dance.
- Yeah!

I shall return, gentlemen.

I got it, I got it!
- All right!

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Let me seduce you ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Get ready for me ♪

♪ I'm yours tonight ♪

♪ I will open up
your deep desires ♪

♪ I will set your mind on fire ♪

♪ Baby let me dance for you ♪

♪ I really wanna dance for you ♪

♪ Oh baby let me seduce you ♪

♪ I really wanna dance for you ♪

♪ Oh baby ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Turn down the lights ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

- You're incredible.

- Thanks.

♪ I will make you always mine ♪

- You look familiar.

- It's possible.

- Callie?

- Hey, Cyril.

- Oh man.

What, how?


- This is what I do for a living.

Are you disappointed?

- I don't know, I'm
still processing.

- Are you mad?

- I think I should go.


Yeah, I should go.

- You make me feel so happy!
- You make me feel so alive!

- So happy, how do you do you?

No, I'm sorry...

Where you goin'?

How can you walk out on this?

Look at these ladies!
- So sorry.

- Whatever.
- But I still love you!

What's your problem?

We were havin' a good time.

- Leave me alone.

Hey, I'm attached to you.

- I'm tired of your bullshit.

Yeah, well, I'm tired

of bein' around
a pussy like you!

- I didn't give you
permission to come out!

I'm not askin' permission!

- Oh no you don't!

- I've given you everything
and this is how you repay me?

- I didn't want any
of this, not this way!

- You can't keep me in!

- I'm not letting you
loose on this world!

- I have more in common
with this world than you do!

You have such a simplistic
idea of what this world

is all about, but that's
not how it works out here.

I have shown you the darkness
which resides in everyone,

inside yourself, Cyril!

And by using this, you
have gained status,

closure, everything
you ever dreamed of.

What is wrong about that, huh?

- Civility.



- Bullshit.

It's all overrated.

- I command you
to come back here!

- Command?

Command, you command me?

Did you really believe you
had any control over me?

I only let you think that
because that's the only way

you would buy into all of this.

You're a loser.

- Come back here!

Come back here!

- Shit!

- I mean, could you believe
that kid pussed out?


- Hey, Derrick, whatever, man,
no skin off my nose, right?

- Shit, I knew he wasn't
ready for the big time!

- Fuck it, let's bounce before
I spend my retirement here!

- Are you fuckin' serious?

- I'm out!
- She made me...

- Dude, don't drive too
drunk, get in the car.

- Fuck you!
- Eat it!

- What the fuck?




Fuckin' cat!


- Can you believe that dude?

- Hey, come on, man,
it's not like the night

was a total loss, right?

- Where did you get those?

- Well, let's just say that
Amber took a shine to me

and gave me what I wanted.

- You're full of it
man, give me this!

- Hey, man, what're
you doing, man?

You're gonna rip it, dude!

- You all right?

- Ugh!


- You'll live.

- Fuck you!

- What did we hit anyway?

- Time to pay the piper, man!

Georgie Porgie!


Are ya hot, Georgie boy?

Does me butt look big, Sam?

So you wanna role play, huh?

Giddy up, horsie, giddy up!

What's wrong, didn't
you like my dancing?

- Mommy!

- You can't touch the dancers

but we can touch you!

- Good evening.

- Hey.

- What happened to you?

- I kinda had an accident.

Can I get into my apartment?

- Sure.

You're probably
wondering why I'm here.

Um, no.

- It's because of this rash of

bizarre murders that we've had.

You know...

You live across the hall

from the girlfriend
of one of the victims

and you worked with
one of the other ones.

And that drug dealer?

He was killed not
to far from here.

So there seems to be
a lot of coincidences

that have a common ingredient.

- What's that?

- You.

- Me?

What makes you think
I could hurt a fly?

- You're saying you're
not capable of murder?

- I guess anything's possible,

I'm just saying I wouldn't
hurt a fly, much less a person.

- All this is
conjecture, of course.

evidence, at best.

But it all looks too
suspicious, don't you think?



Okay, I'll be right there.

God damn it!

It seems there's been
another bizarre murder

on the other side of town.

Too far from here.

- Hey.

- What do you want?

- I'm sorry about last night,
I just couldn't get into it.

I'm not like you
guys in that way.

- You?

That's all you can
think about is you?

What about Georgie and Sam?

How about thinking about them?

- What about Georgie and Sam?

They got home okay, didn't they?

- No, they were
killed last night,

as part of this whole murder
spree that's been happening.

So that's what's
happened to them.

Why don't you get the fuck
out of your little hole

and try thinking about
somebody else for once!

- I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

- What?

- If I hadn't have let him out

none of this would've
ever happened.


I guess you reap what you sow.

- What the fuck are
you goin' on about?

Do you know who's
been doin' this shit?

- You pushed me and you pushed me

and you treated me like some
kind of human trash bin!

What was the result you
were all hoping for?

How did you think I would
handle all that abuse?

I couldn't stay quiet forever!

- You!

- You're dead.

So you're next.

- Cyril Bass.

You need to come with us!

Cuff him.

You have the right to
remain silent.

Get him!

God damn it!

- Cyril?

Cyril, your door was open.

Cyril, is that you?

Cyril, what's wrong?

Everybody's after me.

They think I'm the one who
killed all those people.

- What're you talking about?

- This cop, he came into my work

and he tried to arrest
me in front of everybody.

- Why would anybody
think you're a killer?

- My boss, your boyfriend,

my coworkers, that drug
dealer down the street.

- They're all just coincidences.

You couldn't hurt
a fly, I know you!

I'll tell them
that, I'll tell them

how sweet and kind
you are with me.

They wouldn't believe you!

- What makes you say that?

- Because I did kill all of them.

What, so now you're not
gonna vouch for me, huh?

- What are you?

- Someone you know very well.

- I know a lot of people

but I've never seen
anything like you!

- I got a dark side, you know.

I'm not all prim and proper.

I mean, just because I
was in the Boy Scouts

doesn't mean I can't
change a little.

Oh, she just falls in
the arms of any man.

I don't know if this is
gonna work out for ol' Cyril.



- I don't know what you're doing

but if what they're saying
is true you better stay away!

- Okay, wait, wait,
wait, I can explain!

- Start talking, fast!

- It all started three days ago.

So the creature will
go for Derrick next.

And it will be tonight.

Listen, I need your
help to change this.

I need your help to save him.

To save me.

- Hello?

- Hey, it's Elisa.

- Oh, hello, what's up?

- Well, I heard what
happened in the hallway today

and I just wanna check,
see if you needed anything.

- No, I'm all right, I'm
just watchin' the game,

hangin' out in my jammies.

- In your jammies, huh?

So you're sure you
don't need anything?

- Well, I mean, I am alone,

a little company
wouldn't be so bad.

- What, me over there?

- Despite what you may think,
I really am a gentlemen so...

- Hmm.

I don't know.

- You know, just, just come over

and hang out for a little bit.

You know, you can take
off whenever you want.

I just need to
know that there are

some things in this world
still, you know, real.

- You're lucky I'm
feeling maternal today.

What's you address?

- Hello!

What the fuck is he doin' here?

Don't try anything, the
cops are right downstairs!

- How useful was that, really?

I made it up here.

- God, I can't believe you.

Are you apart of this, too?

- No!

I mean, I am now but there's
something you need to hear.

Just show him your back.

- So you see, I am responsible,

but I never had any control
over what's going on.

- What, am I just
supposed to believe you?

I mean, your fucked up back
could be some weird birth defect

- Oh, come on!
- or, or something!


- If Cyril was the killer,

he would've done away
with both of us by now.

- How do you know he still won't?

- Because I'm not a killer!

I know that deep down inside

I had thoughts of hurting people

because of the
way I was treated,

but I was taught
to respect life.

I came to understand that
human nature can be cruel.

So I took those thoughts
and I packed 'em in.

They've decided they didn't
wanna be contained anymore.

I never had any control.

- Freeze, Bass, don't move!

You I didn't expect.

- What the fuck took you so long?

- I guess this should
close the case then, huh?

I knew it couldn't
be only one killer.

- Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait,

I didn't have anything
to do with the killings!

- Yeah, I'll see about that.

- Don't answer that.

- Shut up, all right, I'm had
enough of your freaky shit!

Who is it?

Police, neighbor called
us about a scream.

Is everything okay in there?

like a little extra back up!

- Oh fuck!

- Hello, Derrick!

Hold, hold it right there!

- Kill him!
- No!

- I think you got him.

I think that's police brutality.

I want my lawyer, piggy piggy!

- Help me!

- Where do you
think you're goin'?

- We're leaving and
you're not stopping us.

- What makes you
think you can do that?

- Inside you're still
connected to me.

If I say that I have no more
bad intentions towards Derrick,

you have to stop.

- I feel as you do.

But I do everything that
you can't go through with.

- We're leaving and I'm
going through with that.

- Oh, I don't think so.

What the hell?

- This is a place where
you can be yourself,

where you don't have to lie

or hide from those
true feelings.

- In the dream!

- What is it that you
want from all this?

- I'm not sure.

- That's not good enough.

- What're you doing with them?

- What do you want
to do with them?

- I don't want them here!

I want them back
where they belong!

- What rewards do you wish
when you give of yourself such?

- Can you just speak
in English, please?

- You think these people
really care about you?

- Why does it matter
what they think?

I like myself!

That's what's really important!

- Oh, really?

- I was so close to kicking
your ass right outta there!

It would've been so sweet.

I was never going to let you get

anywhere in the company, no way!

- Come on, the only way that

you could possibly
get to Callie!

Normally, she wouldn't even
give you a second glance.

In the end, it's the
package that counts!

- Shut up!

- Dude, you had somebody else
do you dirty work for you!

You can't even express your
feelings, you emotional retard!

- You little motherfucker!

I gave you a taste of the
life you could've never had!

You didn't have to kill
me if you didn't like it!

- I have nothing to say to you.

No, no!

- We're part of each other,
Cyril, we're the same!

You are.

That's the real you!

- You made me this way!

- No, I just opened up the door.

So what do you
wanna do with 'em?

- Let it course through
your body, Cyril.

Let it take hold!

One more, Cyril.

- Cyril!

What's going on?

- No!

I'm the boss of me!

You know what I like most
about that door you opened?

I can close it any
time I want to.

- Help!



- I got you, dude!

- I got it!

- You all right?

I feel okay.


- What next?

- Live your life, man.

Consider yourself
lucky you got a chance

to correct a mistake.

- Yeah, I got some
things to think about.

- How do we explain all of this?

- Hell if I know.

- Derrick, you're the law guy.

What do you propose to do?

- It's gonna take some time.

- Hey.

So you're outta here, huh?

- Yeah.

Hey, man, I'm really
sorry about before.

- It's okay.

I knew you were possessed
that night anyway.