My Christmas Fiancé (2022) - full transcript


- Can I have eight of the...
- Mm.

Little, uh...

How much do I owe you?



Morning, Castor.

Would you like a bombolone?

A bombolone?

Unless you want me
to take the whole box,

ooh, because I could eat
my weight in bombolone.

Thank you.

Thank you, and good luck today.

Good morning, Dad. Hm.

Let's get cooking.



Thank you, Maya.

Thank you, Maya.

Dude, you got
to respect the blade.


Mm, Lorenzo makes the best
bombolone in the city.

You can tell who made it
just by looking at it?

- Mm, mm.
- He signed his boxes.

- Smart.
- Hm.

Who brought someone else's food
into my kitchen?

I did, and I brought one
for you too.

All right, listen up.

The hotel's Christmas week
celebrations begin tonight

with the tree lighting and a
cocktail party for the guests.

Michel will get us a count
of how many guests this morning,

Tommaso, you're in charge
of the charcuterie board,

and it's hard to mess up
a charcuterie board,

but I'm sure you'll find a way.

We'll be serving dinner
immediately afterwards,

so it doesn't have
to be elaborate, okay?

We don't wanna spoil
anyone's appetite.

Yes, chef.

We'll also need
a cold mixed seafood platter

with three sauces.

Along with that
is a chilled sour cherry soup.

We'll be serving those
in the small ramekin, Guillermo.

Let me know how many you need.


Yes, Chef?

Onion gallette, mushroom
croquets, and fricase.

Don't use too much oil.

Your fricase
were dripping with it last time.

Don't forget, tomorrow night,

midnight supper for the party.

Is it somewhere more important
that you'd like to be

- tomorrow night?
- No.

No, Chef.

- No, Chef.
- No, didn't think so.


On the menu we've got focaccia,

rump butter and grilled prawns,

fettuccine with fennel
and lamb sausage,

and agnolotti with walnut sauce

and the grilled leg of lamb.

For dessert, the vanilla gelato
with olive oil,

honey and fennel pollen.

- Contestant.
- Yes, Chef.

I read your proposed menu
for the light supper.

You may prepare that
for the staff meal today.

Thanks, Chef.

Let's go.

Chef was really
hard on you today.

He's stressed about
that Diamond Fork thing.

It's a big deal.

And he is human,
even if it doesn't seem like it.

Salads, where are the salads?

Come on, it's noon.

Tommaso, wake up.
Faster, quicker, let's go.

- Yes, Chef.
- More speed.

No, no, no. Move, move, move.

You have to take
your time, okay?

It has to be slower and thicker,
like this.

This is what you want, this,
okay? It's a carrot.

Hold on, hold on.

What is that blob?

Sorry, Chef,
I was just going to...

No, it's okay, it's okay.
Would you serve this?

- You were going to serve this?
- Yes.

Do it again!

Bloody running this restaurant
on my own sometimes.

Mm, this is delicious.

There's coriander in this?
Interesting choice.

Take the lemon down a notch.

It's overwhelming
the other flavors.

Yes, Chef.

And a French style potato salad.

Well, the meal was competently
prepared, it's just boring.

Who can tell me one of the
many things she did wrong?

Your tenderloins were too plain.

They needed a sauce.

Yes, a sauce.

And you have a sauce
with your name on it.

That sauce
is my father's secret recipe.

He says he'll give it to me
on his death bed.

If he drops dead suddenly,
does that mean

the secret will be lost forever?

My nonna,
she died before revealing

her cacio e pepe sauce.

My grandfather
made the best cheese.

Was your grandfather from Parma?

So it was probably
very good cheese,

but it wasn't the best cheese.

You served me little slabs
of meat marinating

in their own fat with
a little garlic and rosemary.

Do you think this restaurant
earned its reputation

by serving pork
with garlic and rosemary?

No, Chef, I don't.

Anyone can do that
in their own kitchen.

You have no business
in my kitchen.

We train professionals here,

not glorified fry cooks,
not amateurs who win a contest

to play at being a chef.

I am not playing.

Well, I thought
the flavors were very fresh

in your potato salad, right?

It was a good balance
between crunch and creamy.

Thank you.

What contest
was Chef talking about?

Oh, Cash for Cuisine.

It was a contest put on
by a local TV station

to showcase local cooks.

Yeah, the first prize winner
won $25,000

and a chance to train
under a master chef.

25,000, you won't go
very far these days.

Yeah, well, I have a plan.

So I bought a food truck
at a sheriff's impound sale.

I'm gonna fit it out
and I'm going to use it

to build up clientèle
and get name recognition,

and then transition into
a little sit-down small place.

Serving what?
European fusion food?

No, I'm just here
to learn technique.

But I really wanna cook
the food that I grew up with,

just with a modern twist.

So crab bisque,
shrimp and grits,

quartz of gumbo,
low country boil.

So good.

What are you going to call it?

No, Low Country Love.

But I need backers,

so I need to train
under Chef Penn Childers,

and the way that it's going,

feels like he's gonna fire me
at any moment.

Hmm, he's just stressed
about the Diamond Fork dinner.

Is it really that big of a deal?

The biggest.

Twenty years ago,
the Florilege has been awarded

the very first one
that AGG gave out.


The Association
of Global Gourmets.

No restaurant has ever won
the Diamond Fork twice.

Chef aims to change that.


Right, break over, you two.

Kitchen isn't going
to run itself.

So have you decided
what you're gonna make

for the Diamond Fork?

Perhaps you should concern
yourself with your own cooking.

Hello? Yes.

Yes. Ah, for God's sake, please.

No, not this time.

Really? Right, okay.

Please, I...

It just can't happen.

Fine, fine, fine.

Yes, yes. Okay, yep.


Is everything okay?

My parents. It's...

Are they okay?

They've decided to spend
Christmas at the Florilege,

and they're bringing the Snake.

Your parents have a pet snake?

That's just what I call her.
Ashleigh Symington Price.

Her initial spell ASP,
hence the name.

She's the woman
my parents want me to marry.

They've been talking
about our amazing wedding

since I was six.

I'm doomed.
You're looking at a doomed man.

And you have no say in it?

Think. Come on, come on, Penn.

What if, what if ASP's too late?

What if, what if I'm already
involved with someone?

- You!
- What?

You're not seeing anyone
right now, are you?

No. Me?

No. I'm not getting
in the middle of this.

Then you are perfect for it.

You are confident and smart
without making people feel dumb.

You are kind and thoughtful.
You're beautiful.

You're everything
a man could want.

Except for your parents
wants you to marry the Snake.

So no. There is no way.

Your parents
wouldn't even buy it anyway.

I mean, they don't even know me,

and you just show up engaged?

Well, my parents don't,

they're not really
involved in my life.

They're not involved,

yet they're making
romantic decisions for you?

What I mean is, they wouldn't
necessarily expect me

to share the news
of my good fortune with them.

Don't you know anyone else?

What about Edda?


Listen, if my parents
are skeptical, I'll just say,

you had me at souffle.

Maya, wait, wait, listen.

Look, you are gonna
make this really bad

for the both of us.

You need my endorsement to get the
rest of the money to open a restaurant.

- What?
- I heard you talking to Edda. I can make it happen.

- Just do this.
- Wait, so you're gonna blackmail me?

No, no, no, no.

This is just
business arrangement.

How do you think
this business arrangement's

supposed to work?

I don't know. Jesus Christ.
What's all the questions?

What do you want, a contract?

Okay, and there
wouldn't be any...

Oh, not at all. No, no, no.

Believe me, I wouldn't even
think about doing that with you.

Because we, uh, work together.

That's what I'm trying to say.

I told you there were
something between them.

Ugh, they hate each other.

♪ I hurt you
'Cause I love you ♪

Shut up.

Shh, they're gonna hear.

the Florilege is my life.

Everyone needs to understand
what a privilege it is to cook

in a kitchen
with so much history.

I won't lose this kitchen,
whatever it takes.

Okay, these are the rules.

No touching,
no hugging, no kissing,

and you have
to stop yelling at me.

Well, I don't yell at you
any more

than I yell at anyone else.

You shouldn't be yelling
at anyone.

Why not?

- She's pregnant.
- Shut up.

- Nah, this is about the potato salad.
- Hmm.

He finds out
she's a spy undercover,

but a group of terrorists
is keeping her sister hostage.

Now they're coming here
to kill us all.

And after the engagement,
or after we announced that,

and then... then what?

Just make me the villain.
Tell everyone I dumped you.

Everyone will think I'm a jerk.

I'm used to that.

After I tell everyone
that you dumped me,

my father's gonna wanna have
a conversation with you.

But you'll have
your certificate.

Every restaurant in the world
will welcome you

with a red carpet.

And we won't have to see
each other ever again.

No touching,
no hugging, no kissing...

and no yelling.


I look forward to it.

They will keep the baby.

The potato salad
will be sweeter.

She will pay to keep her cover,

but we saw too much
and we will die anyway.

I feel like
I'm gonna regret this.

She's coming back.

- Is everything okay?
- Yes.

Is your sister okay?

What? I don't have a sister.

Wait a minute.
What's going on here?

I'll tell you what's happening.

We're 15 minutes late for dinner,
so let's just cut the crap.

Let's just
get back to work, shall we?

Got a lot to do.

Hey, Maya, they treating you
all right over there?

Hey, Charlene.

You look busy.

What's that?

Hey, I'll just
call you tomorrow. Love you.

Love you.

How do you know where I live?

I have something for you.

My parents won't buy the charade
unless I put a ring on it.

Put a ring on it? Seriously?

I knew this was a bad idea.

I don't really wear
much jewelry.

Wow. This is really beautiful.

- Mm-hmm.
- Whose was it?

My grandmother's.

It was in my grandfather's
family for generations,

then he gave it to her.

Won't this make her more crazy?

- Who?
- The Snake, ASP.

Well, it will only
make her go green

and a little smoke and steam

will come out of her nose
and ears, that's all.

What do you think?

You speak Italian well.

Well, I'm a chef
in an Italian restaurant.

So you like feeding people?

Yeah, it's actually
one of the first things

my father taught me.

A lot of problems are caused
by people who are hungry.

Feed them.

- He's a wise man.
- Mm.

Or a glorified fry cook?

To be totally honest,

I actually have never eaten
the barbecue before.

Ah, you poor, deprived child.

My father would never
approve me marrying you.

Why not?
I think I'm actually catch.


Well, my father is actually
the undisputed barbecue king

of Charleston, South Carolina.

He has four franchises
in the States and one in Canada.

So me being here is bad enough.

He has a franchise in Canada?

Yeah, people in Canada
go crazy for his cue.

Crazy For his cue?

Oh, yeah. It's a motto.

It's, has it on, like,
t-shirts and jockey shorts.

Now that sounds saucy.

Don't even, okay?

I've heard every possible pun
and bad barbecue joke ever.

All right, how's this one?

Why did the skeleton go
to the barbecue?

To get spare ribs?

Darn it.

Um, okay.
What do you call a barbecue pun?

A meat-aphor. A meat-aphor.

Okay, stop, okay?

Or I'm gonna have to hurt you.

Really. Yeah.

- Castor.
- Chef.

Bonjour, Michel.


These new decorations
are lovely.

Oh, thank you.

I understand congratulations
are in order.

Oh, yes. Thank you.

Thank you.

You should know
that the new owners of the hotel

plan to convert
the Florilege on a day spa.

- Oh.
- Mm.

You're late.

Shouldn't have been wasting time
gossiping with Michel.


Perfect, guys. Well done.

Hello? Yeah, yeah.


Maya, stop what you're doing.

Start a batch
of banana bottom-up ice cream.

- Yes, Chef.
- And you, prep the courgettes.

La Contessa requested moussaka.

La Contessa is here?

She'll be arriving later,
just in time for lunch.

I have something for you to try
when you're on your break.

What is it?

A banana buttermilk croissant

with a ribbon of caramel
woven through it.

Mm, sounds delicious.

It is. I invented it.

I'd appreciate your critique.

Oh, Merry Christmas, Castor.

Well, you're looking lovely.

Well, you look
as beautiful as always.

- Oh.
- Welcome back.

Oh, well, thank you,
and it's so good to see you too.

Merry Christmas.

Isn't she gonna check in?

We keep the Golden Suite
reserved for her at all times.

How long does she usually stay?

Until she's ready to go.

♪ Dashing through the snow ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ O'er the fields we go ♪

♪ Laughing all the way ♪

♪ Bells on bobtail ring ♪

♪ Making spirits bright ♪

♪ What fun it is
To ride and sing ♪

♪ A sleighing song tonight
Oh ♪


You're on prep tonight.

Get your cousin on the phone
to wash the dishes.

Yes, Chef.

Um, we'll be back

in time to prepare
for the midnight supper,

but I have a meeting
to check if everything's ready

for the Christmas dinner.

Maya, you'll take notes.

Um, Edda,
it's your lucky night tonight.

- You're in charge for dinner.
- Whatever you need, Chef.


We are going to die.


I think your kitchen will
survive one meal without you.

What if AGG
sends a secret reviewer

a couple of days early, huh?

That would be cheating,
wouldn't it?

Well, the restaurant business
is pretty cutthroat,

and that Chef
is lobbying pretty hard

to win the Diamond Fork, so.

Michel said
something weird today.

Don't listen to a thing
Michel says.

But everyone talks to him.


No touching, remember?

Drive you home.

Right, I'll wait here for you.


We have to be back
at the Florilege for eight.

Got it.

Okay, so tell me
what I need to know.

They'll try and twist you.

Reply question
will hide a knife.

My parents, well, they're a lot.

And what about the Snake?
Will she be there?

You bet.

Listen, it's just
a couple of drinks.

Keep smiling
and it'll all be done.

Drunk and dumb woman.

I'm their first target.

They'll try and destroy me
through you.

Don't get caught up in it.


So I threw him a life ring.

He climbed back on board,

still clutching
the champagne bottle.

A very fine vintage though, so.

Penn Dragon, I've missed you.


Maya, this is my old friend,

Ashleigh, this is Maya,
my fiancée.

Well, um, come on in.

Gwendolyn and Jon
are expecting you,

and won't you be
a nice surprise for them?


So you met in the kitchen
of the very restaurant

that sent up
incredible food last night.

That's adorable.

Remember that time you brought
me cherries Jubilee in bed?

- Ashleigh.
- Oh, my, it was just too funny.

He was being so sincere,

and then he set
the sheets on fire

and the smoke alarm went off.

And now he's a world-class chef.

Your little ring is so pretty.

A nice statement
in semi-precious stones

and a wonderful way
to say that engagement rings

don't have to be conflict
diamonds from Africa.

That was my grandmother's ring.

It was meant
for someone special.

I always thought
he'd give it to you.

I did give it
to someone special.

Will you be
staying here for the holidays?

Yes, we'll be working.

- Oh.
- Hmm.

That's a shame.
Not even a break to go skiing?

Oh, Penn is hopeless
on the slopes.

You should have seen him
the first time Gwendolyn

and Jon took him
skiing in Gstaad.

- Yes, well, in my defense, I was six.
- He cried.

And I knew I was missing out on the
hot chocolate back at the lodge.

Come in.

No, thank you.

Me either.

- Anyone?
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

Hello? Yes.

What about your family?
Won't they miss you?

It's just my father and I.

Oh, it's so sad
how many marriages

end up in divorce these days,
especially in America.

One in two, isn't it?

My mother died of breast cancer.

Yes. Yes.

Just start serving.

It's taking longer
than it expected.

Don't screw up.

He's not coming.
He's not coming.

He would never leave
the kitchen.

Not to us. Not to you.

What do you mean?
That I'm not good, yeah?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop it.

You look like mountain goats.

Let's stop the situation.

I've been working
in this kitchen for seven years.

Chef has never, never left.

That must be
a life or death thing.

Seven years
and still dishwasher? Bravo.

And Maya is gone,

like rats running
from a sinking ship,

or a life or death thing.

But who's dead?

Hey, there's something
blocking the door.

What's going on?

What are you guys doing here?

Chef is gone. Maya disappeared.

She abandoned the ship.

Well actually no,
they're in the Red Suite

having the sort of a meeting
with Penn's parents, I think.

Oh, she's pregnant.


Um, where's the midnight meal?

Let's do it.

For what it counts,
haven't you guys heard?

They're selling the Florilege.

They wanna turn it into a spa,
so bye-bye, fancy kitchen.

I told you they were terrible.

It's okay.
I think I'll walk.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

She's not buying it.

Good night, love birds.


Did the midnight supper go out?

Tommaso overcooked the pasta.

He's the pasta master.

I'm sure the guests had seconds.

It's not the point.

Good enough, it's just,
it's not good enough.

People just wanna eat food
that tastes good

and is made with love.

Oh, you're so naive.

Sorry, it's just,
it's dog eat dog out there,

and every bite counts.

We can't have any mushy pasta
on the night

AGG evaluates us
for the Diamond Fork.

I mean, what if they sent
someone tonight?

So we're done.

Okay, let's go.

And, Maya?

Thank you.

Hey, Dad.

Hey, baby girl. How you doing?

I miss you.

Hey, didn't you go to high
school with Dwayne Harrison?

Football player
with small hands?

Yeah. I think
he was a year ahead of me.

He became a firefighter, right?

That's right.

I'm catering
his wedding next month.

He's marrying some
emergency room doctor

that he met on the late shift.

You seeing anybody?

Um... No.
I'm, I'm too busy.

They're giving you
any time off this Christmas?

No, it's actually one of the
busiest times of year, so.

that's the restaurant business.

But I think that fancy chef
is working you too hard.

You already a great cook.

You don't need to know how
to make gold plated foie gras.

Besides, I got a franchise
with your name on it,

and you can write
a blog on the side.

There are already
too many food blogs.

But there's only one
Maya Coleman.

If you wanna come home
for Christmas,

I'll send you a ticket.

I'll be home
in a couple of months.

You better be.

You should be out having fun.

But not too much fun.

I miss you, Daddy.

You haven't called me "Daddy"
in a long time.

Okay, well, I gotta go.

All right.
You have a good one.

♪ Deck the halls
With boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ 'Tis the season to be jolly ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ Don we now, our gay apparel ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ Toll the ancient
Yuletide carol ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ See the blazing yule
Before us ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ Strike the harp
And join the chorus ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ Follow me in merry measure ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ While I tell of
Yuletide treasure ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la la ♪

♪ Heedless
Of the wind and weather ♪

♪ Fa la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la ♪

Um, we're getting low
on whole wheat flour.

Yeah. Do we have enough crystal
ginger for the panettone?

Uh, yes.

Um, Michel says
there are new investors

and they're thinking
about replacing

the restaurant with spies,
is that true?

The Florilege has been
an institution for years.

Any investor knows that.

One way to lose money is to
turn it into something else.

If you win the Diamond Fork-

When I win the Diamond Fork.

This place is the only good
thing about my childhood.

My parents used to make a show
of bringing the family

to the Florilege every summer,

but really they just handed me
off to my grandparents

while they were, so they could
be childless and carefree.

It was, it was my grandparents
who taught me how to cook.

How to smell and to taste.

They made this place a treasure,

and we need more green lentils.

Carry on.
I'll go and pick up the order.

Good morning, everyone.

Does everyone in your kitchen
speak English?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Then I won't have to be bothered

to have anyone
translate my message.

I'm here on behalf
of the new owners,

Hawthenthorpe Hospitality Group.

You've no doubt
heard the rumors,

how people do like to gossip,

that we are considering
re-purposing this space into a spa.

Well, the rumors are true.

Over the next few days,
we'll be evaluating

this restaurant
as a profit center.

Stress testing,
if you might say,

to see
if it might still be viable.

So just go about your business
as I'm not here.


Where's Penn Dragon?

He's at the train station
picking up a delivery.

Oh, that sounds like something
your dishwasher could do.

His name is Guillermo,
and he's busy.

You know, in Japan,

they're already using
robotic dishwashers.

The company's very interested
in how robotics can transform

the hospitality industry.

We've identified several
possible pilot projects

in North America.

The fast food restaurants
are already using robotic cooks.

We imagine it can transform
the barbecue sector as well.

No one's gonna
buy barbecue from a robot.


Even if it lowers the prices

and increases the profit margin?

You wouldn't dare.

We're looking closely
to the South Carolina market.

Yes, Chef, coming right now.

Guillermo, Chef is at the back
with the supplies.

What happened?
Someone die or something?

A representative from
Hawthenthorpe Hospitality Group

just paid us a visit.


Your parents bought the hotel.

My family are negotiating
to acquire the property, yes.

And you didn't think
to tell your fiancée that?

They haven't signed
the paperwork yet.

Well, does Ashleigh know that?

Because she was in here
throwing around her weight

as if it was already a done
deal, and she threatened to come

after my father's restaurant,

- What? Really?
- Yes.

Listen, she's just
giving you a hard time.

Hawthenthorpe Hospitality,

they don't take on
small businesses.


I just meant purely regional.

Huh, you are such a snob.

And you knew that
from the beginning.

We had a deal and we are done.

So if you want to leave,
I will sign your certificate,

right here, right now.

I have a restaurant to manage,
and tomorrow,

everyone will know
it's the best in the world,

so if you want to go, go now.

But before you do that, ask
yourself why you are here.

What do you want exactly?

What do you need exactly?

Life is tough.

It can beat you
and take you down.

Take everything you are,
everything you love.

Do you wanna know why I'm here?

Why we are all here?

Because we believe
in this place, your dream.

I left everything for this,
for you.

And you wanna know
why I agreed to our stupid deal

in the first place?

Because I felt sorry for you.

You're a grown man
who can't tell his parents

that you wanna live
your own life.

And this whole masquerade...
is just...

If you don't wanna
marry Ashleigh,

then just tell your parents.

What more can they do to you?

They're already planning
on demolishing

your grandparents' restaurant.


Right, clean up, go home.
Tomorrow's a big day.

Possibly the biggest,
but you're free.

So, ah, if you still think
it's your chance,

then be here at 7:00 AM.

If not, it's been an honor
to work with you all.

Careful with that ring.
It might get lost.

And what are you getting Penn
for Christmas?


I don't know yet.

Hmm, you know what I bet
he would love?

His grandmother used to make him

this very famous Italian cake.

It's called Dolce di Amalfi.

It's lemons and almonds.

It was his favorite sweet
as a child.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, dear, Miss Maya,
you're missing the cocktails.

I told you.

Ah, do you mind?

I would like
to have a little chat

with Penn's fiancée alone.

- Certainly.
- Thank you.

- I'll see you later.
- Oh, boy.

That woman,
she sure makes my skin crawl.

Penn told me
that you've got engaged.

Oh, it's so pretty.
Oh, I love it.

I have never been a fan
of those big bubbles

that double as a brass knuckles.

So, I mean, these are just
presents from friends.

So I am so happy for you.

Penn is such,
he is such a sweet boy.

He kind of lost his way
a little bit

when his grandparents
passed away,

but you seem like you'll be
really, really good for him.

And he is a catch.
He's handsome and kind, rich.

I'm not a gold digger.

Oh, no. I never thought
you were, not at all.

Unlike some of the other people
around here.

If you'll excuse me,
I have to go.

Tomorrow's a really big day
for a Chef, ah, Penn,

and I don't wanna
disappoint him.


The flowers, one red, one white.

If I see a petal in the wrong
way, I'm gonna hurt you.

If I see it on the ground,
I'm gonna kill you.

Table toppers need to be ironed.

The guests
will start coming soon.

Get ready, come on!

- Is it true?
- What?

That if we're not getting
the Diamond Fork,

they will turn this place
into a spa?

Thank you.

Today is our last chance
to make history.

We've got work to do. Let's go.

I'll be back in a moment.

You all right?

Chef? Chef?

Call an ambulance!

Chef? Call an ambulance!

You all right?

Penn just left the hotel
in an ambulance.

- What happened?
- What?

Is that almonds? Who did that?

You told me
that was his favorite cake.

I never would've told you that.
He's allergic to almonds.

I was the one dealing
with his allergy growing up.

Penn knew this was a hopeless
task from the beginning.

He knew his parents
had no interest in keeping

this restaurant going.

I'm sure the company will
help you find jobs elsewhere.

You don't want pastries today?

What's wrong?


You came to Italy
to be a cook, yes?


And do you believe
that food is everything?

Everything, and more.

Do you know the story
of how the pizza was invented?


It was invented
to please the queen.

The baker took the dough,
covered it with the tomato sauce,

Mozzarella cheese and basil.

Red, white, and green.

The colors of the Italian flag.

The pizza was called a
Margherita pizza, like the queen.

No one really remember
that queen,

but the pizza, everybody knows
the Margherita pizza,

even in America.

- So...
- So it's all about the food.

Everything is about food.

Be the pizza, not the queen.

Grazie, Lorenzo.

Merry Christmas, Maya.

Merry Christmas.

Maya, I heard Penn
is in the hospital?


So you're canceling
tonight's event?

I mean, I've had Mrs. Childers
on the phone all afternoon.


What, she wants to cancel
tonight's dinner?

No, not a chance.

Hey, anyone asks,
the dinner is on tonight,

and we will win
the Diamond Fork.

Now, excuse me.
I have some cooking to do.

Who's got Penn's menu?

I do,
but delivery couldn't get us

all the ingredients we needed.

We don't have much wheat
for all the bread baskets.

That's okay, we'll make
buttermilk cornmeal biscuits.

I've never had those.

They're delicious.

And we don't have
the suckling pigs.

Ah, that's okay.

How many guests
are booked for tonight?

Just the one seating, so 50.

I think I know
where we can find some pork.

Great. If you can give me 30
kilos of pork, we can do that.


We used the last of the potatoes

on yesterday dishes was.

How are we on rice?

- We are good.
- Damn right, we're good.

Hey, guys, listen,
this might be Penn's dream,

but I think
it might be ours, too.

Be the pizza, not the queen.

- Yes!
- Yes!

Maya. Yes.

A BBQ, what is that?

What? Of course not.

This is the Florilege.

A what? Fire pit?

Excuse me.


I'll be glad when she's gone.


Well, she tips awfully low

for someone
who's getting their room comped.

Well, maybe she's waiting
to leave a big tip

'til the very end.

Oh, and she's such a pig.

- She is?
- Yeah.

Housekeeper tells me that
the bed sheets are disgusting.

Well then,
I imagine she'll be leaving

very soon then.

- Hopefully.
- Hopefully.

Is there anything else you need?

No. Thank you so much, Castor.

What? No, it's impossible, no.

I-I-is everything okay?

- Oh, my God.
- What's wrong?

- Oh, my God.
- What's wrong?

There's been an accident
in the kitchen.


Penn is at the hospital now
with an allergic reaction.

Oh, dear.

The doctors want
to keep him overnight.

Oh, wow. Does that mean
you're canceling the dinner?

That's the point.

This Maya, the American,

she's trying to,
she's asking to...

Oh, well, oh,
that must be the American.

Ah, Contessa.

Oh, Miss Maya.

Michel just told me
about the accident with Penn.

I know. I am so sorry.

But someone tricked me
about Chef, Penn's, allergies.

I know I should be with him
at the hospital right now,

'cause I'm his fiancée,
but I just...

Well, you are doing
the right thing.

And let me tell you something.

It has been a long time
since someone

has done the right thing
for Penn.

What are you making?

We're preparing hush puppies.

Oh, I love hush puppies.

Oh, the best hush puppies I
ever had were in South Carolina.

I stopped at the best
little barbecue joint on my way

to Florida, going to a
beauty pageant, of course,

and I still have the t-shirt
that I bought from there

that says "Crazy for the Cue."

Oh, and the best looking man
in Charleston

was behind the counter.

I would've of course stayed
for breakfast,

but he was a single dad,

and I knew that the only female
that he had time for

in his life was his
beautiful, beautiful daughter.

But best hush puppies ever.

Maya, what'd you wanna do
with all this pork?

Oh, uh, fire now. Now.

I know you're awake.

No, I'm just having a bad dream.

What you want, Dad?

What I've always wanted.

What's that? World peace?

A solution to global warming?

Grow up.

You're a Childers.
That name means something.

My name means something because
I made it mean something.

Hmm, working as a chef in that
scruffy little restaurant

that should have closed
before the century turned?

That restaurant
was a labor of love.

And it showed in every plate
of food Nonna ever served.

That was then. This is now.

You're going to turn it
into a spa.

That was as Ashleigh's idea.

That girl's got a good head
on her shoulders.

- Why won't you marry her?
- I don't love her.

What's love got to do with it?

This is business.

Are you really going to make
the worst mistake

of your mistake-ridden life?

Do you know what?

The worst mistake I made in life

was letting you
tell me how to live it.

You're going to buy
the Florilege

and destroy it just to punish me

for not being a good
little corporate drone.

You are such a disappointment.

The Florilege
is a national treasure,

and this restaurant
is the best in the world.

Hmm, when you're
in the Diamond Fork.


Yeah, awards are nice,
but you can't eat them.

I'm leasing the restaurant,
but I'll buy it one day.

Not with my money.

Pff, no.

No, no, no, no.
Not with your money.

With what I'm earning from
every plate of food I serve...

from every single human
that can appreciate

the labor of love.

So you think
every problem in the world

can be solved by feeding people?

Yeah, it's a start.

Well played.

I learned from a master.

People just want to eat food

that tastes good
and is made with love.

Oh, you're so naive.

Sorry I'm late.

You just missed
a miserable appetizer.

The service here
has really gone downhill.

what are you comparing it to?

This has really gone downhill.


Wine comes out...

Got the sauce?

For that,
we will need an expert.

Please, please, please answer.

Maya, what's going on?

Is everything okay?

Dad, I don't have time
to explain, but please,

I need your help right now.

What's going on, baby?

I need the recipe
for the secret sauce.

Whoa, whoa, baby.
That's our family secret.

I know. And I wouldn't be
asking if it wasn't important,

but this is family business.

I love you. Dad, please.

You will keep the secret.


Merry Christmas, baby.

You need pepper and grains.

Honey, raw if you have it.


Brew coffee,
a cup for every 12 servings.

Coffee! Brew coffee, STAT!

- Coffee!
- Coffee!

It's actually one
of the first things

my father taught me.

A lot of problems are caused
by people who are hungry.

Feed them.

Now, we need the most
severe judge ever.



Okay, calm down. Calm down.

All right. It's not over yet.

Maya, check the quantities.

Guillermo, Guillermo, go get the waiters.
We need plates!


So, what was the reaction?

Do you think they like it?

Um, they kept asking for more
and the comments were nice,

and the tips were astronomical.


And when the results
will be announced?

Their table is empty now,

and they're probably
still discussing,

but I guess
it's not gonna take long.

They don't wanna
lose their audience.

If you'll excuse me.

There you are.

Come on,
we don't have much time.

Ah, I have to go
change my clothes.

Exactly. Come with me.

Oh, Miss Mariana, I can't.

I really appreciate it, but...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Just think of it
as an engagement gift.

Ah, I'm not really engaged.

I know. Penn told me.
But you know what?

I have known him for a really
long time and I've never seen

him look at anyone
the way he looks at you,

and I think
that you might like him too.


Well, good.
Then my job is done here.

Just a final touch. Come on.

Let's go win that Diamond Fork.

Oh, that was delicious.
It was so good.

Oh, here we go.

Twenty-three years ago,
the AGG awarded

the first Diamond Fork Award
for Excellence

to the Florilege and its owner,
Ana and Andrea Childers.

What's wrong?


Um, I'm sorry.

What did you do?

Shh. They're about
to give out the award.

Let's be quiet.

Tonight, it's our pleasure
to present

the Diamond Fork Award.

It is with an unanimous vote

that we are presenting the award

to the Florilege
Hotel and Resort.

We call the chef and the staff

from the Florilege kitchen
to receive the award.

Chef, go get your award.

But I don't...

No, it was, it was you.

It was you. Go.

We did it!


Tommaso, I'm so proud of you.

Chef, no, it wasn't me.
Maya did it.

Oh, well, can I,
can I talk to her?

She's gone.


Yeah, she said
it was time for her to go.

Well, where did she go?

I guess she went
to the train station.

- I'll call you back.
- All right.

We are closed.

We have no bombolone now.

No, I don't want any bombolone.

I came here to tell you
that we won the Diamond Fork.

I know.


Well, I'm done here.

So guess this is goodbye.

Merry Christmas, Chef.

What are you doing?

What are you doing here?


Maya, wait! Wait, please.

Maya, wait, wait.

I'm sorry.
I was a jerk.

Well, it's almost midnight,

and it's time
for Cinderella to go home.

But that's not
how the story ends.

Before I met you,
all I had was food.

I thought that was enough.

And, and you've taught me
so much,

and I couldn't have done it
without you.

I have fallen
completely in love with you.

I've gone mad.
I can't get you out of my head.

I can't stop thinking about you.

I'm not very good at this,
but you have...

one of the most beautiful smiles
I've ever seen.

When you walk into a room,
you light the place up.

And when you look at me,
I go all weak,

and I feel all gooey inside.

And you have...

the most purest, kindest souls
I've ever known.

No matter how much I yelled,

no matter, I,
I could have shouted at you,

you stuck around
and you helped me.

What I'm trying to say is,

I can't live my life
without you in it.

I've spent my whole life

trying to figure out
who I want to be,

but I won't take as long

to figure out
who I want to be with.

No touching.

No hugging.

Absolutely no kissing.

♪ Jolly Old Saint Nicholas ♪

♪ Lean your ear this way ♪

♪ Don't you tell
A single soul ♪

♪ What I'm going to say ♪

♪ Christmas Eve
Is coming soon ♪

♪ Now you dear old man ♪

♪ Whisper what
You'll bring to me ♪

♪ Tell me if you can ♪

♪ Johnny wants
A pair of skates ♪

♪ Suzy wants a sled ♪

♪ Nellie wants a storybook ♪

♪ One she hasn't read ♪

♪ As for me, my little brain ♪

♪ Isn't very bright ♪

♪ Choose for me,
dear Santa Claus ♪

♪ What you think is right ♪

♪ Christmas, Christmas ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ And outside is a mad dash ♪

♪ Polly-hop to the big bash ♪

♪ Christmas time
Christmas time ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ Christmas time
Christmas time ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ Christmas time
Is here again ♪

♪ Snow fights and a sled race ♪

♪ Icicles and fireplace
Christmas... ♪

Is there anybody there?

Anybody? I need help!