My Brothers Dream Awake (2021) - full transcript

Ángel and his brother Franco have been in a youth detention center for a year. After a violent event, the idea of escaping through a riot arises among the prisoners. Ángel distrusts the plan but, worried about Franco's health, he begins to see it as his only way out.

And in a year?

There, with the kids…

Playing a baby on the courts.


And in five...

How would I look
playing for Barcelona?

At the Camp Nou.

Flea Jr...

And in ten years?

I'll have fucked it all up.

I'll have gone crazy with the fame.

And crashed my car while drunk.

They'll have kicked me
out of my house...

Who are "they".

My wife, man.
I'll be married.

That's fast...

You gotta live...

Yeah, exactly, then why
would you get married?


Even I struggle to put up with you.

Let's go.

Open Access 1.

House 2, accused boys.
Boys in the bedroom.

Lights off.
No news.

House 3, accused boys.

Lights off.
Boys in the bedroom.

House 1, accused boys.

Boys in the bedroom.
Housecleaning done.

Lights off.

"The lord of the night"

Good one, Flea!

"I am half man, half animal"

How much for the little boy?

Whatever you want,
whatever you want!

And here is Angelito...

Come on!

Stop recording me!

"Michael raps"

- Come on.
- No, man.

Do you like to fight?!

- Come on, man.
- No, dude.

- Oh bye.
- Hey, Franco.

Let me go, man!

I'm going to catch you! Motherfucker!
and I'm going to kill, man!

I'm going to kill you! Motherfucker!

They say he's from Santiago...

And that...
he stabbed a guard in there.



How evil...
I love it.

He, for sure, is a Scorpio.
So sexy...

Destruction and creation together...

That's very dangerous...

Only fools invent those stories, man...

and you believe it.

Oh yeah, he, the wisest...

What would we do without you, Angel...

My future lawyer...

At most, you are enough
to be a narco's lawyer.

"But my lawyer,
you will have a lot of work

"With all these criminals here."

And... he killed the guy?

Yep. That's why
they brought it here.

Stop, motherfuckers!

They're raiding House 7!

Stop, you fucking guards!

Smells awful...

Flea stop farting, man.
Everything smells like tear gas.

What's up, Jaime?

Did they move you
from House 7 to 5?

No, it's temporary.

What happened last night?

They stole a cellphone...

What the fuck are you saying?

Walls have ears. Yesterday you
stole one and that started a fight.

That's what guards make
up so they can raid our houses.

Why don't you stop
scaring everybody?

Who's scaring who, motherfucker.

Shut the fuck up,
you motherfucker.

Speak alone, man...

Hey, it's true.
When these assholes are bored...

they take the new ones
and put them to fight.

They even bet.
I made them earn a lot of money...

Pose as you please, guys.

That face...
So serious.

At least you could give us
something to get high on.

But I brought you.

Something way more powerful.

Mam, you are a drug dealer.

Ma'am, you shouldn't.

He doesn't even know how to count.

How will he know how to read?

- I can read to him.
- So you are his bitch?

He's my bro, fucker.


Come in!

Hi girls.

What's up, Shainy.

Come in.

Ok, who's next?

- Me.
- Very well.

Take it.
So you can impress the girls.

Fuck you...


Turn on the camera, man.

Smile, girl.

Can I see?

You went blank, poet.

- That's a good one.
- Beautiful.

No wonder it took so long...

Do this mock test.

- I can't.
- No? Why?

I have a lot of things to do here...

So many things...
You don't even make your bed.

Watch him for me.

Bye, guys.

Bye, ma'am!


Why didn't she
give me one of those?

Do you want it?


I also have a lot of things to do.

You screwed up.

You were close, man.

You were left with nothing.

Fuck me...


Yeah, man...
I'm sick of this shit.

Will it ever stop?

No idea...

What's with the face, Angelito...

He had a bad dream.

Perhaps your chakras are a bit misaligned.

You know what?

I believe...

That happens when someone
has unfinished business.

Or some hidden sin...

Don't you think?

Angel's mysteries...

Ok guys, if you need anything,
I'll be in my trailer.

Get up, bro.

Today we could have good news.

What if they let us go?

Well, guys, same old story.

We don't have a court date yet.

Not yet?

That's just how it is...

We've been waiting for a year.
That was supposed to be the whole time.

I knew...

Look, that also can count.

Your good behavior, all that

I could get them to give you...
Eight months?

Eight more months?

Guys, as long as there's
no trial, nor conviction,

there's not much I can do.

How many times
have you been here?



Yes, one.

Well, I have to...
It's about...

Your mother.


stopped asking for your custody.

Stop thinking about it...

Did you really think she
was going to take us back?

At least you would've greeted
her when she came, man...

So now is my fault
she doesn't visit you.

I didn't say that shit.

Don't believe her, man...

Once, she promised me she would
take me to an amusement park.

And here I am.

Still waiting.

I promise you something.

When we leave here...

I will take you to the amusement park.

We're going to get on that game,
that goes up and up...

And out of nowhere...

You go down.

Your soul leaves your body.

You know what?

I would like to
meet my other brother...

And mom's house.

Where are you going?

Franco, please.
Can you open?


Hey, bro.

Open the door.

Your hand...

Are you ok?
A little dizzy?

A bit...

I want to hit you, man...

Do you know what would
happen if they see you like this?

You know what would happen?

They'd separate us, man.
Is that what you want?

Do you want to be alone?

Do you want to be left alone?
Answer me...

I'm sorry...

No one can see this.

Did you hear me?

Now hug it out, motherfucker.

Close your eyes.

Come on.

Here you cannot turn your
back or close your eyes.

Close them.

I want you to think about yourselves.

But, really.

What do you see?

Just shit.

When people... look here,

they see walls.


I see boys who live together.

Imagine you are... on a mountain.

On the top of the mountain
where they sent you,

because you made a mistake.

But, who doesn't?

And you are relaxed...

I see future.

A free future.

That's it.

What did you smoke, ma'am?

- Ok now?
- Yes.

What's up, sister!

♫ "Listen, my people."♫

Bro, she brought me cake.
We can share.

♫ "I ask God to bless
me and my family,

that they don't lack food... ♫

♫ that he takes care of them and
keep them under his arm. ♫

Don't look at her too much...
Because she’s my sister.

♫ "I ask God to bless me and

my family, that they
don't lack food... ♫

♫ that he takes care of them and
keep them under his arm. ♫

♫ "What I experienced
hasn't been easy, ♫

♫ I've been afflicted and cold,
and for my bros I've broken the law." ♫

♫ "The first time I had a stomach
cramp it was from hunger, ♫

♫ I suffered a lot but
with time I got ahead." ♫

♫ "And although
I'm imprisoned for a robbery, ♫

♫ I came out unharmed, rather
than being dead I prefer to be in jail... ♫

♫ With all the weight we go up,
freedom for all the prisoners, ♫

♫ from Arica to Punta Arenas,

for all the badass fuckers..." ♫

All three medical exams went wrong.

This old man is so stubborn...

In every meal he puts salt on it,
and more, and more...

Let him be.
Or else escape with the neighbor.

You're talking nonsense, Franco...

You think you're so funny.

- And have you behaved, son?
- Yes, grandpa.

- When have I misbehaved?
- It seems you behave well.

Next week your mom will
be in the neighborhood.

Is she short of money?


Don't believe that lady, grandma.

"Happy birthday to you... "

"Happy birthday to you... "

The one who's singing has to
be that old man who was outside.

He was so drunk...

Thanks, daddy!

A friend of yours?

Invite her.

Invite her to eat something.

- Really?
- Of course...

Since when does
he has a thing for her?

Since he first saw her.

But he's a fool.
He's too scared to talk to her.

I've given him a bunch of tips,
but he doesn't listen to me.

Where did you get love tips, son?

You should see me, grandpa.

- Hi, ma'am, excuse me.
- Hi, sweetie.

- That's it, attend her.
- Wake up, man.

Have something, sweetie.

Thank you.

Excuse me, ma'am,
would you do a little favor for me?

Of course.

Could you take one of these
to my dad that's outside?

Yes, of course.

Thank you very much.

- Eat what you want.
- Ok, ma'am.

What's up?


Man, it has loads of minutes
and data. My sister rules.

- Really?
- Yep.

- Yes or no?
- Yep.

Ma'am, can we listen to the radio?

Yes, but one and nothing more.


♫ I propose that we live
an illegal romance ♫

Now, Parse.

Come on girl, show them.

♫ We can be more than friends
but without talking about love ♫

♫ I propose that we live
an illegal romance ♫

♫ "But without falling in love" ♫

♫ "Although we both suffer
Our illegal romance" ♫

♫ "But without falling in love" ♫

♫ "You give me and I give you
But without talking about love" ♫

♫ I propose that we live
an illegal romance ♫

This is where you sleep.

Don't leave your shit there.

Get up, dude.


This is my place.
Get out. Right now.

What's the fucking problem?
Is he bothering you?

Do you want to sleep with him?

Get out, fucker. Now.

Let's go. You saw that
you can't move alone.

♫ "Here we are, eating apples. ♫

♫ The same as every day,
because we are on jail." ♫

♫ Let's go with all the breads
Let's go with the sweaty breads ♫

What's up bro?

Who is this?

- What? You like him?
- No.

What's up, bro? How are you?

I'm Michael.
"Michel" for my friends.

Why are you here?
What did you do?

Come on man,
let him eat.

Kiss him now.

Bro, we're just chilling.
What's your name?

Did the cat eat his tongue?

What are you looking?

Relax, bro.
After one of these, you're ready.

Yes or no?

- Cheers.
- Thanks, man.

What happened to your eye?

Citizen's arrest.

You were lucky.

Unlike Alan.

Which Alan?

A friend. With whom
we played in the village.

He went to live to a settlement

with a couple who had two little girls.

One of the girls
loved to always climb the same tree...

You know those cherries that
leave spots that look like blood?

One day,

a neighbour found one of
the girls in the tree, crying.

He approached her to
see what was happening...

and noticed that her legs
and dress had red stains.

He thought the worst.

It must have been Alan.

He told all the neighbors.

And they beat the shit out of him, man.

They tortured him.
With knifes, punches, kicks...

And then they left him there.

He bled all night...

The next day they realized:
the girl hadn't been attacked.

The stains weren't blood.

But it didn't matter.

In the end,
whatever went wrong...

it was always Alans
who they will blame first.

What's up with that?

He shot himself in the
head, in the guardhouse.

Look, that one...

He's the "whoreface".
House 3.

You don't even want to look at him, bro...

He asks all the new
ones for some favors.

You know what...

He has escaped three prisons.

That's why he's famous.

And you believe him.

Because it's true.

And if he's so cool,
why is he here?

Visiting someone...

You always believe what
the dumbest ones say.

And you're one of them.

That's why I'm here.

You're mean with the Flea...

Let's go?

I'll take a look
around this center...

You two haven't separated.

We are soulmates, ma'am.

And you found your soulmate?


What happened?

I rather be here, with you.


Ma'am, she wants
to ask you a question.

Can a man break his penis?

Nice questions, girl...

Shut up, motherfucker.

You are there gossiping.

Ok, ok.

That's it.

Finish your paintings.

Ma'am, and...

If a person has problems.

I mean...

He cannot erect his penis.

Could it be because of
something that happened to him?

It might be.


In the other prison,
girls were taken out every night...

By a bunch of disgusting
old rich married men.

Just like in the video games store...

In front of the court.

A guy arrived, grabbed several boys,
and took them to the old fucks...

Once, I woke up in the Hilton.

Dead-ass serious, man.

I went down for breakfast and shit...

But they kicked me out.


The rich
and the priests are disgusting...

That's why they are
such good friends.

You could run for President, Flea.

I'm not that stupid.


How did the fuckers discover you?

There was a man in the lobby,
he said to me:

"And you?
Which room are you from?"

I said: "I don't know...
The presidential suite"

I swear I said that.

And he tells me: "No, there isn't
one of those here, go away."

Things have been complicated?

A bit.

Did you have breakfast?

Write your name.

- Hi, girls.
- Hi, ma'am.

Come in.

Don't open the mock
test until I said so.



Don't be scared.
I will not copy you.

Time's up.
Deliver the mock test.



Thanks, Carol.

Thank you, ma'am.

What took you so long?



Too ridiculous?

It's your thing.

The teacher checked my spelling...

Nice, cool.

And if she doesn't come,
they can pass it to her later.

And here we go...

They told us she is coming, man.

Are you going to greet her at least?

Yeah, man.


- Let me see.
- I also have one.

Let me see yours.


Did you invite her?

Maybe... she forgot
it was today.

Or maybe...

she arrives later.

She... didn't answer
my calls all week.

You called her a lot....

- You made her mad.
- So now is grandma's fault?

Shut up...

Don't be disrespectful, man.

Damn it...

Dude, let's go.
There's still half an hour left.

Hey, man, shake it up.
It's not their fault.

I don't want to, man...

I can't take it anymore....

Forget about it...

We've been always be the two of us.

I can't take it here anymore, dude....

The guys...

are planning a mutiny.


Some of us could escape.

We can run to the mountains.

Why do you want to go out like this?
What do you plan to do outside?

Anything but being here, locked up, man.

Would you go to our grandparents?

The first place
the police would head to.

Or to mom's?

Fucking old bag, she'd
probably send us back here.

Do you plan to eat air?

- That's not how things work, Franco.
- And how do they work?

Like you want to?
Fuck you, man.

What the fuck,
you fucking asshole?

- Leave me alone, man...
- What's going on there?

Nothing, man...

Motherfucker, fool.


I know it's hard, but...

it would be cool to
be able to live with you.

We could share the room
with your other son...

I would like to meet him.

And who does he look
more like? Me or the Angel?

Wish that to me,
because Angel is so ugly.

I'm counting the days to see you.

I love you so much.

Come on, get out of
the bathroom, asshole.

Little brother…

Bro, he's been like that for five minutes.

I don't know what's
wrong with him, man.

Flea, get out please!

It's Flea, bro.

Franco, man!

Open the door, man.

Stop hitting your fucking head!

Franco, open the door!

What's going on?

Open the door
or it will be worse!

Franco, listen to me!
Open the door!

Open the door, Franco!

Open the door, last call.

Walk outside!

Don't hit him!

Why do you treat him like this?
Can't you see how he is!

Get off me, man!

I'm going to kill you!

Relax or they will take you too.

You don't care!

Because is not your brother!
Get off me, motherfucker!

When that happened to me,
they drugged me for 3 days.

I was a mess...
because my visits didn't arrive.

A week later
I woke up in the hospital.


When he suffers the most
is on New Year's Eve.

That fucking illusion that
you can start from scratch.

But the truth is nothing changes.

But at least he has you, man.

And you could
get him out of here...

You know how.

In all the other prisons,
I've been, the same shit happens.

But one time...
we armed ourselves.

We planned it for 3 weeks and...

until we did it.

20 of us tried.

15 of us succeed.

Tell me.
Where are you going?

It's not your business.

Fuck you, man...

It's better for you
not to know anything.

What's up, guys.

How's my Angelito?
You look amazing, man.

And this one?
Your little brother?

Yep, this is little Flea.

Little "Flea", man?
He's taller than you.

And he will join us?

- No, he's going home.
- How does he go home?

You want to keep all the money?
Don't be selfish, man.


Bro, would you like to
have $200 in your hands?

You could buy candy, have cavities,
and fix your teeth with the same money.

He's too young.

Here's what we're gonna do.

I have some things
in my car. Let's relax...

And then we're
going to be strategic.


- Come on.
- Let's go.

Let's go, man.

Let's go.

They haven't let me
see him for two days.

I know...
Me neither.

There’s not much we can do.

And what the hell are you for?

What he did is serious...

Well, they are...

preparing the transfer.

I think it won't be from House 5...

It will be from prison.

Hey, are you ok?

Me and my sister were also
put in different prisons.


Yes, when she turned fourteen.

And since when
do you not see her?

Since there...

Hey, man.

- What's up?
- Can you give me a pill?

Now it's not your turn, Michael.

If you know. Sit down

I feel like shit, man.
Please inject me, a pill...

You know I'll be fast.

I know, but sit
down and be calm...

You don't know, man!
I really feel like shit...

I have already told you.

Sit down.

Hey, bro...

Are you ok?

Pay attention to access One

Have they told you
anything yet, or not?

They haven't told me anything....

Flea is a badass.

He'll be fine
And if not, we burn everything.

Fuck, man!


Michel, dude.

- You got it?
- Yes, put it down.

Take off the sheet, man.

Down it!

Michael! Michel, man, react!

Michael, wake up!

- Do you have him?
- Yeah, man.


Somebody fucking help him!

Wake up, Michael, please!


Ok, start.

How did you feel?

Haven't you seen Michael?

I don't think you'll
see him here again.

We must see how he recovers...

- It doesn't matter to you.
- What?

You don't care that we die here.

In the end, it's just
one more, one less.

It's not that, Angel...

It's just…

Sometimes we just don't know
how to keep you alive.

"Keep us alive?"

To be alive we should
be out of this shit.

I'm on drugs every day.

I don't know
if it's Tuesday or Wednesday.

Maybe my friend is dead, and you,
what bullshit are you telling me?

That you don't know?
Are you stupid?

Eight boys have died in my watch!


And I remember
their faces every day.

And you think I don't care?
What do you think I'm doing here!

So we are fucked.

Not you.
Not you!

The results of the test
will come out in one month.

You will apply to university.

And I will help you.

I'm not gonna apply to shit.

For what?
Maybe I die tomorrow.

To get out of here.
Isn't that what you want?

If you're here
in a month, you will apply.

I walk. Yes, I know how to go alone.


Hi, man.

How have you been?

Fine and you?


- Where were you?
- Searching for you...

I heard Michael was transferred.

What will be on the other side?

More mountains?

I don't know.

I was angry there in the nursing.


Everyone assholes laughed at me
because I went crazy for mom.


At least we have some
nice memories with her...

Why does nobody question
the fucker who abandoned us?

- Hey, Flea.
- What.

They won't separate us.

best known as "Michel".

I hope you get better soon,
or you're quietly resting.

They still haven't tell us if you're
dead or alive, but, fuck it...

Both are the same shit.

You named me "Poet",
because sometimes I talk weird.

But my rhymes are not
the same if you are not by my side.

We miss you, bro.

"House 5" sends you a hug.

Dear sister,

I decided that I will be a teacher.

A math teacher, maybe.

When I leave here,
I'll invite you for an ice cream.

I love you.

Mr. Warden,
We, the boys in House 5,

are doing our best
to become better people.

And something that'd help
us a lot, would be a PlayStation.

I love you.


Angel and I miss you...

but I miss you more than him.

I was sad when
you didn't arrive...

But then I gave it a thought
and I think I deserve it.

I fucked up, mommy.

But I swear I've changed.

I'm even taller.

Please come see us.

I can tell you a joke.

Bye, mom.


Put your letters here.

Ma'am, can we eat?

Of course.

In 100 years, do you think
someone will remember us?

Us who.

Us, man.




We could have a story.

Hear this one.

Two young people...

That lived here...
One day they cheated everyone...

And escaped.

But they left two strips...

Since then, those who want to escape,
come here and leave theirs.

Sh, sh...



- What the fuck?
- Cut your shit, man.

I'm talking to you, motherfucker.

Stop it, fucker.

- Fucking asshole...
- Who invited you?

Go out.

You heard, son of a bitch!
Go out!

What's up?

You want to lubricate
your ass, motherfucker?

Are you ok?

Hands on the neck!

Hands up!
Get in line and fucking move!

Hey you!

Come out, come out,
with your hands behind your neck.

Move you piece of shit!

That's it, move!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Move, man, there!

Hurry, hurry! Come on!

Let's make things clear.

Who's this?


No one's?

Everybody stands up.

Stand up, I said!

Hands on the back of the neck!




Keep going.

You will keep doing them until
you remember who’s this is!

And if you don't remember it,
you'll be here all afternoon.

How long you've been here?

Four months...

But this is my third time.

A year with my brother.

And you?

Five years, total.


You really think we can escape?

But not all of us.

Just a few.

Sunday is the best day...

After soccer's "Super classic"...

There are less guards.

We burn some things...

They open the accesses
for the firefighters...

And we run to the mountain.

In the dark
the bullets will not reach us.

- So?
- The supervisors are watching movies.

They are watching the Titanic.

I love that movie.

Rose sucks. There was room
for him in the raft.

- You saw it?
- Like 14 times.

My mom is a true fan.

I love when they fuck in the car.
Do you remember?

That one, with the hand...

My mom told me that I looked like him.
What'd you think?

It's true.

It must be because of your blond hair.

Let's see.

Draw me.


- And she comes to see you or not?
- Who?

- Your mom, dude.
- She's in jail.

But I will visit her.


What's up, motherfucker?

Take off your shirt,
so I can believe you.


Ok, let's go.

Hurry up.

You know what's the first thing I'm gonna do
the day after tomorrow, when will it come out?

We'll go to the beach with Quique...

and we will cook some hotdogs.

I'll eat the biggest sausage.

You know what I would do?

Take a shower with hot water.

Until my fingers wrinkle...

You know? Like old people's fingers.



And you, Angel?
What will you do?

Me? I will go to the stadium,
with my grandpa.

Wow, nice. I haven't been to
the stadium in a long time.

And we'll see our national soccer team.

We will sing the anthem, and when
they cut it we'll continue singing:

"That you be either
the tomb of the free

or a refuge from oppression"

"That you be either
the tomb of the free

or a refuge from oppression"

"That you be either the tomb...

of the free!"

"Or a refuge from oppression"

"Or a refuge from oppression"


"Or a refuge from oppression"


Guys, come out.

Move on, move on...

Leaving home, over.

Access 3, opening.

That is where the figure of
the two of them obviously grows...

Go, Mati!

What the fuck? Your team
was Universidad de Chile.

Now is Colo Colo.

That's the spirit, Flea!

Colo-Colo wants to
tie it with a penalty.

Forty-four and thirty.

Chandia whistle.

Fierro ran, I threw the ball...


In 45 minutes of the
first half of the Clásico…

Ok guys, go to bed.

Dude, only two minutes left.

You said it yourself.
It's just two minutes.

Hey, man.

What's going on?

Why don't you
just give me the keys?

- Relax, man...
- You want me to relax?

Pass me the keys.

Didn't you listen?
You better pass the keys.

Take it

It wasn't so difficult, right?

Ok, go.

Get out, man!

Damn, walk, walk.

Ok guys, hurry up.

Bring anything that burns!

Hurry up, dude!

Ok guys, let's look for
other things. Anything!

Hurry up.

You too!

Come on, dude!

Now, move on, dude!
Move on, move on!

- What happened?
- The boys made a riot.

- Who?
- House 5.

- Did you call the guards?
- Yes, I did.

Ana, where are you going!

They're armed.

Ok guys, take out all the
things that can be burned.

Because today we are going
to get out of this fucking jail.

These fuckers took everything from us.

Even the fear!

Look at me.

If we want to leave,
we have to burn all this shit...

We'll burn this to the ground,

We'll fucking burn
this to the ground!

Bring the mattresses!
Anything that burns!

We're gonna burn
this fucking prison!

- Hey man, this is too much.
- Are you getting cold feet now?

It's not time to be a pussy.

Easy, man.
He knows.

Let's go.

Today we leave this
fucking place, guys!

Fucking Minors' Services,
they are killing us!

If they don't let us go,
we'll burn it to the ground!

Fucking Minors' Services,
they are killing us!

If they don't let us go,
we'll burn it to the ground!

Girls, girls, come on!

Sis, those are the guys, girl!

- Yeah, I know, dude.
- Bianca, those are the guys!


Sis, that's fire!

The house 5 is on fire!

Guys, please open the door!

Why did you take so long?

Firefighters are on their way.

going to return!

"You will see, you will see."

"We are going to return
the blows they gave us!"

"You will see, you will see."

"We are going to return
the blows they gave us!"

Open the fucking door!

Open the bathroom windows!
Go there! Listen to me!

We've been hungry and cold!
Today we will escape this shit!

Let’s burn this shit to the ground!

Get them out!

Take them out, ma'am!

Go to the showers!
Open the windows!

Are you ok?

Are you ok!?

Go to the bedroom!

Where are you going!?

We can't stop until
the firefighters arrive!

Listen to me, fucker!

Look, man...
No one will come.

Open the windows, guys!


Fuck, Franco.

Please don't sleep.

Hang in there...
Open the windows, man!

Hang in there, damn it, hang in there!


Don't fall asleep...



Don't you sleep, man...

- Get them out, shit!
- Get them out!


Do you remember
when we went to...

that amusement park?

Our grandpas were there...

Our mom.

Even our little brother...

He looked a lot like you.

Dedicated to the 10
boys who died in 2007

in Puerto Montt's
Youth Detention Center

And to the 1796 who've
died under the same institution

in charge of the State of
Chile between 2005 - 2020.