My Art (2016) - full transcript

A 65-year-old single artist living in New York City has a good life: a stable teaching job, successful friends, and a loyal, aging dog named Bing. As her dream of a respectable place in the...


It's so fun running into you.

So fun,
and I had to see this show

before I went out of town. I mean,
look at this. Do you believe this place?

So, you must be getting ready
for that end of year thingy.

It is party time.

Do you still bring pizza
for everybody?

Sure. Because you did that
when we were students. So sweet.

That was what,
a million years ago?

Thank you for reminding me,
and yes I do.

It's a highlight of
the semester.

Do you let them drink
at the thing?

Absolutely not,
did I let you guys drink?

I was drunk. I don't know
who was letting me drink but...

It's horrifying.

So what are your summer plans?

(SIGHS) My summer's kind of
shaping up to be a mess.

so I'm in the Biennale...

Oh, great!

So I have to be in Europe
between my two installations. Oh!

But then I've got the fall show
at my New York gallery,

so any moment I'm not there,
I'm in my studio,

which means
I can't spend any time

on the North Fork with
my boyfriend which is, like,

just this whole other mess

he's feeling so neglected,
in all these different ways.

And so, like, I wouldn't
schedule a fall show again.

I think it's brutal.

Oh, that sounds...


What are you up to?

I am house-sitting
for Logan Sheiler.

And I'm gonna work
in her studio,

and kinda chill out,
after the semester and

just kind of get the country
vibe going a little bit...

She's so nice.
She's such a good artist.

That house is fucking beautiful.
I've been once.

I feel super lucky.

Yeah, so do it.
Go, get to work.

Get busy.


Bye, and maybe
once you get to Europe

you can chill a little bit
and get some rest.

I hope it's not
so overwhelming for you.


ELLIE: One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten...

Coming up.

So Ellie, what are you doing
this summer?

I... Here you go Sophie.

I am going upstate
to house sit.

And I'm gonna make my work,
just like you guys.

Oh! Going back
to Woodstock, huh?


I never went to Woodstock.

Tell us about Woodstock.

I never went to Woodstock.

STUDENT: Oh! Come on.

Tell us about
the sex in the mud.

I had friends that went...
Did you like it?


I went to Tanglewood,
I went to Tanglewood.

There was a lot of traffic,
that's not my scene.

And you guys ask me
about this constantly.


Here's that copy I made you.




Thanks so much for these.

In fact, take them.

Do you want the recipe?
I could...

Send it to me.
That would be great.


(STUTTERS) My stepdad's gonna be
in upstate New York too this summer.



He has a weekend place there.

Maybe you two will run
into each other?

Maybe. Upstate is... Big.

What if I give him
your number?

Yeah, and your mom?

They're not together.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Anyway, bye.





MICKEY: Hey, honey, hi!

Oh, my God.

You're so thin!

I'm so jealous of you.

Oh, please.
No, what do you eat?

Do you eat?

Breakfast, protein, you know...

Hi. Say "Hi Ellie,"
say "Hi", kids say hi.

This is Ellie.
Isn't she so thin? Right?

Mickey, please.

Geez, I always forget
how big this place is.

The camera.
Ah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

Uh, right.

Kids, where's that damn Bolex?
Who's got it?

Ellie's gonna borrow it,
for the summer

to do some work, some new work. Yes.

I'm so jealous of you,
getting out of town like this.

I am never gonna be able

to leave this studio
the entire summer.

I'm shackled, I'm in chains.

But it's so great.

You're such an inspiration, to everybody,
what's happening, to you.

Oh, please!

Shit, you know,

they love young bad boys
and old ladies.

I'm it, it's my turn.

And I love it.

And I also hate it.

All right, this is new for you,
shooting on digital.

All these years of stills and
film and now, da-da, video!

Welcome to the 21st century.

What are you working on?

(SIGHING) It's still, like,
excerpts from a visual diary.

It's still stuff,
about memory and longing.


I'm still trying to work with,
those old movies

that I know you hate.
You hate them...

No, I love it!
I love your art mind.

I own your work, right?

And I adored your last show,
I really adored it.

It was a while ago,

but you have been looking,
for something new, since then.

It's true.

I think you should
embarrass yourself more.

No, really, it's what I do when
I want to go to the next place.

Mickey, I love you, but I hate,
when other people give me ideas.

It feels like art school.

No, I would never do that.

I would never do that,
it's just an idea.


Have fun!

All right, now look...

I want to show you
how this works but,

Uh, frankly,
I don't know how...

Of course you don't.
So please, kids! Michelle!

Come here and show me
how to use this.

Your turn.

Just flip this up here...

And then,
the green button is on-off.

The red button is record.
MICKEY: Simple.

Record is always red.

No, I know. It is?

Oh my God, this thing's amazing.

Look at you!

This is like a gun.

Yeah, it's very guy.

MICKEY: You can do it.

MICKEY: Oh, yeah.

ELLIE: Oh, my God.
MICKEY: I know.

ELLIE: I love this thing!


ELLIE: Whoa, coming around.
Get ready!

MICKEY: Okay...

Hello, no!
Don't do that, that's not nice.

Hi, hello, what do I need?

It's your turn, you do this.

Bye, bon voyage. Go away now.

Hey, buddy, I'm sorry.

Oh, big boy, I'm sorry.

Oh, we gotta go in.




Come on, buddy!

Come on, buddy!

Come on!


Holy shit!




I'm here!

It's... Oh, it's fantastic.

I just,
I'm so excited that

you're gonna come
to visit so soon.

It's like, first of all,
it's beautiful, it's big.

There are...

A million doors
to the outside,

that you can
throw open and just

breathe the country air,
which is fantastic.

And it's full of health food,
which you love.

And the rest of the food,

well this is interesting,
the rest of the food has...


Most of it has
marijuana in it, I think.

I had. My dinner is like...

Wheat toast healthy,
with pot butter,

peanut butter and bacon,

pot cookie, carrots...

It's healthy.

And it's amazing
because I haven't...

Oh, I smoked a cigarette earlier
which was really fun.

I know it's terrible.

But I haven't eaten pot
since art school, and...

What's amazing is that

I'm not paranoid,

and I don't have the munchies.

Which I know is
funny to say because

I'm eating dinner
and I don't...

Probably while you're eating...

(CHUCKLING) If you're
intentionally eating dinner...

If dinner...
If dinner is intentional,

I don't think that
qualifies as the munchies.

I think the...

The munchies are
unintentional eating, right?

We could totally talk about
this when you come...

Which you will, because

I'll tell you
what the trains are.

And call me. I think I'm gonna,
go to sleep soon,

so don't call me tonight
cause it's a little bit late,

but call me like...

First thing in the morning.

And, um...

Bing is good.

He's sleeping right now.

So, I can't wait to talk to you,

I love you so much!






Hey, buddy!




Bing, get over here!

Where are you? Get over here.

Get over here.


Oh, my God.

Come here, buddy.






Oh, hey.

Hey, I'm Frank.

He's my partner, Tom.


We do the landscaping and
general care for Logan.

She told me you're gonna be
here this summer,

so if you need anything,
just let me know.


You got smoke comin' out
of the backyard.

I'm smoking.

Everything okay so far?

Yeah, except for
this coyote party I heard,

which makes me think maybe
my dog shouldn't go out alone?

Ah, you gotta keep your eye
on your pup, yeah.


Also, do you know where
I could pick up some basics?

Like a newspaper,
breakfast, groceries?

Yeah, we gotta a little
breakfast place in town.

I call it the "Colonic Cafe."

Not sure about that.

What's your name?

Ellie? Is that, um,
short for Ellen?


Hey Tom! We got a Stella here.


Logan told me
you guys are actors.

Yeah, I was.

I mean I still am,

I'm just kind of taking
an extended break.


My wife died.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

That's all right, it's been a while ago,
you know.

I used to go into auditions
all the time in the city,

you know,
but it became a grind and

then my wife got sick.

Yeah, I can imagine.

It's a good gig here,
you know.

I like wetting my hands,
working in the soil,

I like working with the crops
and planting and all that stuff.

It's great.

I'm sure I'll see you around.


All right, uh, listen...

If you're gonna, um,
get a coffee there, it's great.

Little strong, but great,

and they gotta
a great breakfast special.

ELLIE: Okay.
TOM: Nice to meet you.

And if you need,
anything else, you know, like,

department stores or whatever,
you just let me know.

# I've been searching

# through the land

# For a certain pair of arms

# And a certain pair of hands

# Yes, I looked everywhere

# You can look without wings

# And I've found
a great variety

# Of interesting

# Things

# But it

# Never was you

# It never was anywhere you

# An occasional sunset
reminded me

# Or a flower hanging high

# On a tulip tree

# Or one red star
hung low in the west

# Or a heartbreak call

# From a meadowlark's nest

# Made me think for a moment

# Maybe it's you

# I've found you in the star

#In the call, in the blue

# But it

# It never was you

# It never was anywhere you

# Anywhere

# Anywhere you


ELLIE: Oh my God, Veronika.

If I could sing like you I would wake up,
like, happy every day.

ELLIE: Hey, where are you?
You're supposed to be here, like, now.

I'm so sorry, but, you know,
something came up and

I have to stay here
a little while longer.

I really want you
to see this place,

it's so green
and beautiful and...

Well, I love you
and I miss you.

Love you too. Bye.





And here you go.

Big enough for you?

I think so.

Here you go. Enjoy.

Thank you so much.

So, let me ask you,

are you working out
of the house or the barn?

Excuse me?
You're the artist right?

I am.
Logan told us all about you.

It's a small town, we know
everything about everybody.

We kinda like it that way.

It's kinda
a cool little place, so...

Get a lot of artists
and musicians

and writers and actors.

Kind of have a summer theater thing
going on here too.


Becky? My daughter?

Music theater major.

That's Clark Gable.



And Jimmy Stewart.

TOM: It's just,
I haven't been in an audition

in over a year.

You can read the trades,

do it online,
or just be open about it.

No, I know.

You don't have to hide it

in between the papers
at breakfast.

Sweetheart, it's like
a bad cartoon, right?

I don't wanna be
like a cartoon.

I feel like sometimes
I have to hide things from you.

Oh, but that's your bag, baby,
you know?

That's not me,
that's you feeling like that.

Then it means I'm doing it
cause I feel self-conscious.

What you guys have here

is so fantastic!

Look at what you're doing here,
it's beautiful.

You just have to focus on

the New Yorkers that have
second homes here.

TOM: Sure.

Your ideas are,
so much more sophisticated here

the people will,
they will love it and,

you're just forming this,

all the other stuff.

I'm starting to feel like,
that I'm drifting away and

I just want to feel connected
to my people, you know?

Your people are fine, honey.

You think so?
Yeah, they're always there for you.

It's not going anywhere.

Except that it'll just fade

farther and farther,
into the background.

And then they won't be able,
to see me any more.

No, no, no,
let's just stop this.

I don't like this,

cause now I feel
like your mommy.

You're right.

(SIGHING) We need this break,
we need this time together.

ELLIE: Hi, Tom.

Oh, hi.

Hi, I'm Angie, I'm his wife.

Ellie, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

These guys do great work.

ANGIE: Yeah, I know!

See! She loves you!

She loves what you're doing.

Don't do that. Come on.



This is she.

Oh yeah,
Tommy said you might call.



Yeah, I would like to get
together, that's...


Tuesday's good.

Do you know what town I'm in?


How's it going?
Oh, hi!

Walkin' your dog?

Why are you carrying him?

He has a problem
with his hind legs.

Degenerative Myelopathy.

Oh, that don't sound good.

It's not so good.

What's his name?



Hey, you like your sunblock?

There you go, you got it.

Oh, man.

Oh, baby boy.

Oh, baby.

Hey baby...


Hey, Bing, hey, boy.

Hi! Yeah! Aw.

He got the melopathy thing.

Oh, poor guy.

I had to put my dog down
a couple years ago.

How old was your dog?


Bing's only 11,

and we're
a really long way from that.

Ah, I'm sure.

Bingy's got
a lot of life left in him.

Nice talking to you.



Yeah, it's only me, Frank.

Fuck, Frank,

I'm working here alone
at night.

You really scared
the shit out of me!

Oh I'm sorry, Ellie,
I'm sorry.

I'm just fascinated by your work
and what you're doing.

What are you doing?
I don't know yet.

I just started,
I'm in my process.

And I need my privacy here,

I need to know,
that this is my space.

No, I understand that.

But I think I could help you.

I'm sure I could help you.
I'm an actor.

One year I played Cop Number One,
Cop Number Two, the Sergeant,

the Lieutenant, the Chief,
and the Deputy Commissioner.

On one show?

Over the course of a year.


I wonder if you could
actually be a cop

in real life after all that?

Nah, doesn't work out that way.

Wow, that's interesting.

My camera.

My dad was a cop though.
My brother was a cop.

But me?

I always wanted
to be an actor.

I always wanted to be an artist.
Like, forever.


Not that it turned out perfect,
you know.

Me being here
and losing my wife but...

I'm still an actor.


All right, Ellie,
I'm confused.

Help me to understand this.

Am I gonna mimic Clark Gable?

Or am I gonna do an interpretation
of the scene, my own?

Or is it a combination of both?
What is it?

You can never be Clark Gable.

I can never be Marilyn Monroe.

It's about...

It's exactly about
the impossibility of us...

Ever being able to be them.
We can never be them.

But let's just try it,
just do it with me.

I just want to see
what it looks like.

Okay. You're the artist.

Let's do it.

Uh, you're driving,
by the way.

Holy cannoli, you're right.

I'm driving...


You're a real beautiful woman.

It's almost kind of an honor,
sitting next to you.

You just shine in my eyes.

That's my true feeling,

What makes you so sad?

I think you're the saddest girl
I ever met.

You're the first man that's,
ever said that to me.

Usually I'm told I'm happy.

Well, that's because,
you make a man feel happy.

I don't feel,
that way about you, Gay.

Now, don't get
discouraged, girl.

You might.


Why don't you try it out here,
for a while, see what happens?

You know, sometimes a person,
don't know what to do,

best thing to do
is to stand still.

I guarantee you'll have,
something out here

you wouldn't find,
on every corner.

And I here...

May not amount to much,
in some ways but...

I'm a good friend.



Let's go back,
get your things,

try it out for a while,
see what happens.

You ever hear that story about,
the city man out in the country?

Sees this fella,
sitting out on the porch,

and he goes, "Hey, Mister".

"Could you tell me,
how to get back to town?"

Fella says, "Nope."

He says "Well, can you tell me,
where the post office is?"

Fella says, "Nope."

"Can you tell me how,
to get to the rail road station?"

Fella says, "Nope."

"Boy," he says.

"You don't know much at all,
do you?"

Fella says,
"Nope. But I ain't lost."



Well, good evening.

How are you this evening?
Well, thank you.

Good evening, sir.

Can you open this?
I'll take care of you, sir.

Right this way to your table.

WAITER: It's lovely
to see you.

You too.


My daughter Becky
will be waiting on you.

She'll be with you shortly.

Thank you.

This is really the only place,
I know around here.

Seems like it's the only place,
everybody knows around here.

It's good, it's really good.

BECKY: Your champagne.

Thank you.

And are you all set?

What can I get for you?

I would like the burger,
medium rare please.

And for you, sir?

I will have the duck l'orange.

BECKY: Mashed potato,
baked potato, or rice?


BECKY: Excuse me?
All three.

I've been on a diet.

Tonight, I splurge.

Go for it.

That's good, thank you.

Usually, the girls
I go out with, they're, um...


Maybe 40-something.

Well, that's interesting,

cause I am...




My age.

Oh jeez.

So, you're up here making art.

Tommy talks about you
all the time.

The kid's obsessed
with the '80s.

Says you're a genius teacher.

He makes my job really easy,
he's really a cool kid.

It's really sweet of him,
to do this for me,

considering his mother and I
are not on the best of terms.

I thought, I really, I needed a

parent-teacher conference.

I wanted to ask you
if you think he can make

a living as an artist?

I'm not sure that's really,
the question, I mean...

The kid's obsessed,
he's focused,

he loves
being in school and...

That's a relief.


I gotta go...

To the little boy's room.

Let me show you a little step
I learned in L.A.

Watch this.

Now first,
you gotta set the rhythm.

I wish I could do this.

Dancing, it's my thing.

And ladies.

My father used to say,
"Cha-cha is an asset to music."

Get it?
It's an "Ass" set to music.





I like it.



Home sweet home.

Good night.

Well... (EXCLAIMS)

You wanna drive home?
Honey, please.

Can you?

Let me in, I want to come in.

I want to hold you.

You want to get in the car.
Can you drive?

Can I drive?
That is the question.

Yes, I can drive, I can...

Wait there, I'm getting you,
a cup of coffee.



I think you might need this.

Thank you.

Looks like, uh,
I slept in your driveway.

You did.

But I'm relieved,
actually, because

it would've been criminal
of me to let you drive off

that way last night.

Didn't go anywhere.

You wanna come in,
for some breakfast?


Come on.

Wanna hear a great joke?

Okay, so this Jewish kid

comes home from school one day,
and he says to his mother,

"Hey, mom, I got a part
in the school play."

She said "Oh that's great honey,
what's the part?"

He says "The Jewish husband."

She says, "You march right
back to that school,

"And you demand
a speaking role."

(LAUGHING) That's terrible!

You were
the mute Jewish husband.


Which marriage?

The Jewish wife?

The Jewish wife?

The Chinese wife?

You have a backstory, huh?

Pretty dark actually.

What about you?


One, long time ago,
no big deal.

No children?


I have my work, my friends,

my fantastic dog, Bing.

Love dogs.

A lot easier than wives.

That's unacceptable.
I know.

Hey, Frank!


Gorgeous day.

What's with him?

He's a taciturn New Englander,
don't pay any attention.


C'mon, buddy!

You're William Powell.

You've taken
a fishing expedition

to the Caribbean,
with your wife.

ELLIE: You go out
in your boat one day,

you catch a mermaid.

You bring her back
to the hotel.

You stash her in the pool.

You visit her secretly,
every single day.

She's young,
she's beautiful and she's mute.

She has not one word of dialogue

throughout the entire movie.

Yet you feel
she understands you

far more than your wife
ever could.

And that is you.



Away we go.

My age doesn't mean
anything to you, does it?

You don't think 50 is
so conclusive, do you?

No, course not.

Why should you?

I mean,
what is really so dreadful

about a few gray hairs?

Suppose a man
doesn't make a

public spectacle of himself,
running up stairs? Well...

What is so admirable about

running up stairs like a fool?

And suppose he does

get a little sleepy,
in a nightclub?

The truth of the matter is,

at 50, a man is
at the very peak of his faculties.

Any doctor
will tell you that.

Why, at 50, a man
develops understanding,



He appreciates,
a beauty such as yours,

such as a younger man,
could not do.

It is a beauty...

That is like a child's,
it's simple, it's direct.

It's uncomplicated,
just the way that you love me.

Why, with such a love,

how could a man feel,
anything but younger?

'Tis sweet and commendable

in your nature, Hamlet.

To give these mourning duties
to your father.

But, you must know,

your father lost a father.

That father lost his

and the survivor bound

in filial obligation,
for some term

to do obsequious sorrow.

But to persevere

in obstinate condolement,
is a course

of impious stubbornness.

'Tis unmanly grief.


Damn man, that's so cool,

you can do Shakespeare
just like that.

You're really good.
Dude, you could play Hamlet.

I can't play Hamlet.
Sure you could.

I can't do iambic pentameter.
I can't, I've tried.

You know, I didn't tell you,
I've been workin' with Ellie,

with some of her stuff.

Stuff? What does that mean?

Yeah, I've been workin',
kinda workin' with her art.

What art? What does that mean?
What kind of art?

I don't know,
what the fuck it is

but it's hard to explain kinda,
it's a...



What do you mean?

Well, it's kinda,
different and strange.

You keep sayin' "Kinda"
every time you talk.

I do?
Yeah, you do, you do.

You kinda do.

You're acting,
just tell me you're acting.

That's fine.

I hate not working, man,
I miss it, I miss working.

I need to be working.
It sucks.

We're actors, dude.

We're actors.
Actors need to act.

You're acting right now.

I'm not an actor,
I'm a gardener.

You're a gardener who acts.


I'm a gardener, too.

Okay, so we're both gardeners.

And you are also acting
right now.

Just ask Ellie if you can be,
in one of her things.


One day, I carried 30 pounds of wood

a distance of 5 miles.

Another day,
while hiding in the forest,

I covered my eyes with makeup

to see how they'd come out.

(YELLING) Hey, Stella!

You quit that howling down there
and go to bed.

Eunice, I want
my girl down here.

You shut up.
You're gonna get the law on you.

(YELLING) Hey Stella!


Oh, my God.

Yeah, right?

You are so amazing at Brando.

Have you done Stanley before?

I mean Brando and I
share the same birthday, so, like,

when I was in drama school,
I used to do him and then

I did him a bunch regionally,
when I was younger.

I hear,
you really like being Marilyn?

Who told you that?
Frank told me.

You guys talk about me?
Of course, yeah.

Is something wrong with that?

No, right?

Well, no.

You know, I googled,
"How old is Blanche DuBois?"

Cause I've seen her played
by actresses

48, 44, even 50.

That makes sense, yeah.

Tennessee Williams wrote her
to be 30.

30 years old?

She felt like
her life was over.

That's crazy.

My wife is 40.


She's beautiful.

Yeah, I like older women.

I'm sure she'd love being,
described that way.

I didn't mean older like that,

I meant older just like,
she's older than me.

You know.

It doesn't matter.

She doesn't like me anymore.


Yeah, she doesn't like me.

How can that be true?

Gotta ask her,
she doesn't like me no more.

Edie, you love me.

Edie, you love me,
I wanna hear you say it.


Edie, I wanna hear you say it,

I wanna hear you say
you love me.

What's that from?
On the Waterfront.


Maybe we should do that.




I don't see the point of doing

Jules and Jim

if you're not doing it
in French.

I don't want
any language in it.

I think of it as
a movie that's about

the subtitles just as much as
it's about the imagery.

It's black and white,
it's moody.

But every other video you've made
you did it verbatim.

I mean we recreated
the characters,

we did it exactly as it was
in the movie and now?

I mean it's just wrong,
I mean it's kind of sacrilegious

to do "Jules and Jim"
and not use the French.

I can't believe, you're actually
telling me how to make my work.

And also, you can sound,
a little bit pretentious,

no offense.

And also, by the way,

you guys are kind of
working for me.

Whoa, wait right there.

No, we're not working for you,
we're helping you out.

I work for Logan, okay?

I'm helping you out,

John's helping you out,
Tom's helping you out,

with your work
and your art, right?

You don't have to defend me, man, I just,
I really, really wanna speak French.

I'm having a ball.

If you guys wanna talk about me,
like I'm not here,

I'm gonna make it possible.

He's havin' a ball.

We're havin' a ball.


A little pissy?

Artistic temperament.


You know, if I could've been,
a French movie actor,

I never would have been,
a lawyer.

(SIGHS) Didn't have the guts
to follow my bliss.

But you...

You're such a good actor.
Why'd you quit?

Oh, I didn't quit,
I just took a break, you know.

Things happened.

I might get back into it.

I'm starting to get,
the bug again. You know.

We'll see.

But you?
You're a big trial lawyer.

The Spencer Tracy,
Gregory Peck type, huh?

Made a little money but

I didn't have this, you know?

I mean the joy of
this last few days.

Yeah, it's fun, isn't it?
It is fun.

Shouldn't been a pussy
when you started out.

You're right.

ELLIE: There was me,
that is Alex

and my three droogs,

that is Pete,
Georgie, and Dim.

And we sat in the Korova Milkbar

trying to make up,
our rassoodocks

what to do with the evening.

The Korova Milkbar,
sold milk-plus,

milk plus vellocet,

or synthemesc,

or drencrom,

which is what we were drinking.

This would sharpen you up.

and make you ready for

a bit of the old ultra-violence.


You know it's funny,

but all my life

I've either been too busy

or too careful to get married,

and now all of a sudden,
I just...

I just can't wait.

I just can't wait.

Uh, you know...

Sort of like somebody...

Reading over your shoulder
all the time.


You know, I think
I'm allergic to your cat.


Well, if it'd been anybody else,
but Merle,

I would've been scared stiff.

But, you know for one thing,

she has wonderful taste...




I've sort of...
Rattling, haven't I?

Well, you know...

It's getting late.

I think I'd better go up.

Thank you, for the drink.


You know...
(Clears THROAT)

Tomorrow is gonna be
quite an important day for me,

I mean today.

Today is
quite an important day, I...

So, um,
if you'll excuse me, I.



What is that tune,
you're humming?

It's just a little something
I sing to Pie now and then.

Oh. All right.


Jab, jab, jab, jab!

No, keep that right up!

There you go! Move! Easy! Easy!

Slow down, slow down,
slow down!

There you go, but keep that right up!

- There you go, there you go!
- No...

Jab! Double jab, double jab.

No, keep that one up!
She's gonna get hit!

Ow! I don't like this,
at all.

I find it violent.

It is violent,
but you're not competing,

it's exercise.

C'mon, Ellie!

It's for empowerment
and for stress...

You're gonna smoke?

Oh my God,
that's disgusting.

Yeah, but I'm quitting
when the summer's over.

I love cigarettes.

In fact,

if I could wake up every day and
have an ashtray next to my bed

with a cigarette and lighter,

I would be a happy girl.

Like after sex.


And after that,

I would want my breakfast coffee
with a donut on the weekdays,

and bacon and eggs
on the weekends.

Which would
lead me up to lunch,

where I'd have
a cheeseburger,

an order of fries
and a small coke.

Man food.

My favorite.


Ah... Man.

I miss my wife.

You know, Frank, you've,
mentioned that like 500 times.

I know, I know.

Well, I'm sorry, it must be tough,
to get used to living alone.

Yeah, well,
I don't feel lonely with you.

That's cause we're working.

We're like in the zone,
getting stuff done, it's great.

Yeah, I know, it is great.

It's lots of fun,

it's not what I meant,
but it's great.


Hey, it's me, Ellie.

Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.

Your camera's like my new best friend.

It's going really well,
I mean,

I made a lot more work than,
I thought I was gonna make.


And I would love,
like a reality check?

Just have,
another pair of eyes on it

cause you're so great
in the studio?

Yeah. Like a studio visit or

you know, we can do
a virtual studio visit,

I can send you,
like, Vimeo links and...


Yeah, it's just, you know,

all my stuff I do that,
I like and you hate,

bad music,
Hollywood movies, but...

Oh my God, I would love that.

So expect something from me.


No, I'm not thinking,
about shows.

I'm thinking about making work.

Mmm-hmm? Thanks. Thanks love.
I'll send you something.

Okey-doke, bye.

You don't want me, sugar.
I'm a liar and a phony.

A saxophone player.

One of those no goodniks,
you keep running away from.

I know, every time.

Sugar, do yourself a favor.

Go back to,
where the millionaires are,

the sweet end of the lollipop.

Not the coleslaw in the face,
the old socks,

and the squeezed-out,
tube of toothpaste.

That's right, pour it on.

Talk me out of it.

I called Mama.
She was so happy, she cried.

She wants you to have,
her wedding gown.

It's white lace.

I can't wear
your mother's dress, Osgood...

We're not built the same way.

We can have it altered.

Oh no, you don't.


I'm gonna level with you.

We can't get married at all.

Why not?

Well, um...

First of all, um...

I'm not a natural blonde.

Doesn't matter.

And I smoke.
I smoke all the time.

I don't care.

I've had a terrible past.

For three years now,

I've been living,
with a saxophone player.

I forgive you.

I can never,
never have children!

We can adopt some.

You don't understand, Osgood.

I'm a man.

Well, nobody's perfect.


That's gotta be,
the best ending in film history.

More. Let's do a little more.


Okay, what time
is it though?

I don't know...
I'm hungry and tired.

And you?

I'm game for anything,
I'm having a fabulous time.

You're always having,
a fabulous time, I'm starving.

I'm not doing anything else,

until I get something to eat.

Give me one more hour.
I'll get you a snack.


I just want to...

Do you hear that?

Now, listen.

Who's that?

(DISTANT Clamoring)




Happy birthday!



No! No, singing!


Come here.

It's so good to see you.

ALL: Ta-da!

ALL: Happy Birthday!

ELLIE: Gudren! You're here.

All right, here we go,
come on.

Blow out your candles!

Make a wish! Make a wish!

Make a wish. Oh yes!



Look at you guys,
in your dresses.

Are these your new friends?

Hi, I'm Matthew.

Nice to meet you.

We should cut the cake!

GUEST: Were you surprised?

ELLIE: I was.




Who is that?
It's Angie.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


TOM: Yeah.
What are you doing?


What is this?
It's a birthday party.

Really? Wow.


Wow, oh, thanks for telling me
about this, Frank.

Thank you.

Get in the car.
Have some cake.

You're going to bed.

Get in the car!

You're a real piece of work.

What are you doing now?
You're dressing like a woman?

I like it, it's good.

We can make it work for us.

Happy Birthday!

Oh wow.

Get in the car!

Did that just happen?

That's typical, for them.

Okay, uh...

Let them eat cake!

Let's go.

All right, forks...

Let's keep this party going.

There you go.
I'm sorry.

No, look at that.

You like that?

Oh, let me close my legs.

You know, you can do
something about that.

You can get those waxed.

Did you drink a lot?

I always drink a lot.

Did you like your party?

I loved my party.


Yeah, so good.

Hey guys, I gotta figure out

which rooms
you're gonna stay in.

But we all have to get back to
the city, we got things to do.

Yeah baby, we gotta go home.

Time to drive back.
Bye, Jack.

Bye, sweetie.

You can use some wax.

FRANK: I know...

It's not easy being a girl.

No, tell us about that.

Excuse me, ladies? Ladies?
One minute please?

Be right back.


Can you please stop
flirting with him?

BOTH: What?

Just stop it.

I like him, he's cute.
I think he's quite manly.

Oh, he's very manly.

Do you like him?

Do you like him?

Oh. Yes.

Yes, you do.

I can see it.

You've changed
since you're a blonde.

We have to go now! We have to go!
I told you, we have to go.

I love you.

I love you.



You're still here?

I'm just getting out
of my costume.

You okay?


What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?

Oh, a soundtrack.

Well, sorry that,
we couldn't keep working.

Me too.

You know, what're you gonna do?
Friends. Tom's wife. Oy.

Oh my God.

That was so embarrassing.

You could see that,
as a compliment.

She thought you were,
messing around with her husband.

Are you kidding me?

The only thing I've been,
messing around with is my work.

I feel like she woke me out of,
some kind of fever dream,

like I've been possessed.

Really, like a crazy old lady,
if you want to know.

I think,
when the dust settles,

you're gonna feel,
really good about this.

It seems like art.

Oh, so you're an
art critic now?

I don't know what I am.

But, gotta get some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

Oh my God.

Something like that.

Yeah, good night.

Hey, goofball.

Probably want a cigarette now,
don't you?





You okay?

I don't know where Bing is.


What's going on, buddy?

What's up, buddy boy?

Why are you down here?

What's goin' on?

Everything okay?

I need to get him to a vet.

FRANK: Okay, I'll get my keys.

I can't stop thinking...

About how weird it's been
in the last 24 hours.

What do you mean?

Like, everything happening
all at once.

That's what it feels like.

I have this like, little voice
that keeps...

Nagging at me like...

You think God could be,
punishing me for something?

(LAUGHING) For what?


Are you religious?


Well, there you go.
Obviously not...

He is a super cool dog, right?

He's a great dog.

I loved him.

And he loved you.

You know?

Great dog. Sweet.

You don't think he's all I had,
like, on an emotional level,

on a personal level, do you?


Cause I have my work and
I have my friends...

Of course, no...
My life.

I wasn't thinking that at all.

I did think that, you know,

maybe you wanted
something more.

You know, that you
liked it here, and that...

You liked this little corner
of the world and,

that maybe, you know...

Oh, I love it here for when

New York is under water-

and everyone's wearing gas masks
and carrying AK-37s...


And the world has gone to
fucking hell in a hand basket.

It's safe and soft,
and kind here.

It is, totally, I totally...


What's the matter?

I'm sorry, nothing.

I just think,
I need to take a few.

Like, I just need to kinda...

Gather my...



Bing died.

Bing, oh...

Bing died? Uh...

He was so old, um,
he had a really good life.

(MOUTHING) Her dog died.

Ellie, uh, listen, I've got,
something I need to tell you.

Okay, now don't get mad.

I showed your videos
to my dealer, Delia,

and she'd really like you
to come in

and talk about your work. Yes?

Wait, I have to think a minute,
just give me a minute...

Yes, I think,
she could do it soon.

Yes, hang on one minute.


Hi Ellie, it's Delia.
How are you?

I have not seen you in ages!

Anyway, so, don't be mad,

but, uh...

But Mickey showed me the work,
and I'm really intrigued.

And I would love for you
to come by and

have a meet-up at the gallery.

Sometime this week cause
I'm gone next week.

How is tomorrow, say...

12:00? 12:30?

Uh, no, I'm sorry,
12:30 can't work for me.

Okay, 4:00? How's 4:00?

DELIA: 4:00?

Four o'clock?
Okay, four o'clock.

Okay, good?
All right, I'll see you then?

Yes, tomorrow at four,
I'll be there.

Great, all right,
very excited!

Yes, thank you. Whoo!

Thanks for coming,
it's good, you wore your hat.

I didn't think
you'd recognize me without it.

Nice move.

You look good.

You know, A little paint,
a little powder,

but I really tried hard,
so thank you.

Look how big
your head is up there.

It's a lot bigger
in real life.

You know,
I am surprised you came.

I wouldn't have missed it
for anything.

And they love it!

Seems like a big hit,
everybody's enjoying themselves.

My friends and my students,

and it's free wine,
and free beer and...

People are talking about
the work a little bit,

so that's kind of
a good sign.


But people think,
you're great in the videos,

and I'd love to
send you a copy...

I'd love to have a copy.

Thinking about,
getting back into acting.

That's so great!

I'm a little scared,
but that's probably a good sign.

I'm sorry,
about how things went down.

I should've given you a call.

You left a note,
that was considerate.

You're too nice.

I'm a really nice guy.

You know, a couple of us
are gonna go down the block for dinner.

Nothing fancy,
but if you wanna come,

that would be awesome.

I mean just...

Excuse me, sweetie.

Can I borrow her?

Thank you.

What is this?

This is in tomorrow's paper,

It's fabulous.


Oh, great show.
Oh, thanks!