Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts (2017) - full transcript

Another homicide has taken place in the small town of Eden Lake, Minnesota, but unlike the recent homicides, the dead bodies in those cases which were all discovered by Hannah Swensen, the owner/operator of the Cookie Jar Bakery and Café, this dead body is discovered by dentist Norman Rhodes outside Eden Lake High School. The victim is Len Bishop, the coach of the school's basketball team, on which Norman volunteers as an assistant coach. He discovers the body shortly after a live airing of the semi-finals of the Eden Lake Bake-Off, conceived, sponsored and hosted by Hannah and filmed at the school by another sponsor, the local television station, WNKW. Len was a last minute replacement as the third judge for the semi-finals in the baking contest. Detective Mike Kingston with the Sheriff's Department leads the investigation as he has with all the other recent homicides. Mike, who Hannah has chosen to date exclusively over Norman, keeps Hannah in the loop as much as he can, knowing now that she is both an asset, and will investigate on her own anyway if he doesn't include her. The leading suspects include: Michele Bishop, Len's wife, as there are known problems in the marriage as Michele suspected him of infidelity; Josh Reynolds, a second string player on the team who was seen destroying property at the school just prior to the murder and who never had the financial means to move to the next level such as the team's star player, Carl Kimball, the son of WNKW station manager Mason Kimball; and any of the three finalists of the baking contest, as some mishap has befallen most of the judges, including Hannah. As the investigation progresses, a few incidents occur that threaten Mike and Hannah's relationship, with Norman, who has outwardly moved on by dating other women, quietly or not so quietly waiting in the wings.


I'm home!




Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.




It's crunch time for the final--

I'll still be
behind the counter...

It's crunch time
for the final three.

Because we don't want
anything to distract

from this beautiful face.

Oh, Hannah, we're going
to need you in place

in 20 seconds.

20 seconds, oh, thank you.

You're doing a wonderful job.

Oh, it's crunch time.

You're sure that
it's just a sprained knee?

Oh, yeah, that's what
the doctor said.

It's crunch time for the--


Oh, I can't do this.

Well, not with that face.

Smile, Hannah!
Come on--

Hannah, you are a trouper.

We have 10 seconds.

Well, it's our contest,
right, Mason?

Yeah, and if you need anything
from us here at WNKW,

my employees
are at your service--

Okay, thank you, wonderful--

We just want to make it
as easy as possible for you.

You're doing a great job,
by the way--

Yes, she is.

Thank you, Mason, everyone
here has been great.

Where's my crème fraîche?

Hannah! Focus. Smile.

I can't smile
the whole time, Mother.

I mean, my lips have to move.

"It's Crunch Time
for the Final Three!"

Wow, you're good at this,
you should do it--

- And we're back in five--
- No, honey, it's your contest.

- It's your moment. Shine.
---Four, three--

Oh, crutch!

We're joined now
by a special guest,

owner of The Cookie Jar
on Main Street in Eden Lake,

and creator
of the baking contest

the whole town is buzzing about.

- Yes, it's--
- Yes, it's Crunch Time

for our Final Three this week
in the Eden Lake Flour Bake-off.


That's right, it's crunch time

for the... final...

for the final three,

and, uh...

and they're gonna be baking.

Smells like
you've baked something

for a preview for us?

I did.

I did, I-I I'm...

making you Strawberry
Shortcake Swenson.

I-I posted the recipe
on the website

for pound cake,
which is the base,

and then I'm going to show you
how to whip crème fraîche

and finish it with the berry.

Okay, while you get started,

let's introduce
our fellow contest judges,

who are here with us today.

We are delighted
to welcome Clayton Hart.

He is the owner
of Eden Lake Flour Company.

Thank you, it's a great
pleasure to be here.

Hi, Hannah.

And manager of
Eden Lake Inn restaurant,

Charles Rutledge.

So, you mix
all the ingredients together,

and you want to be sure

not to over-work the batter,

because that makes
the cake too dense.

- Good to know.
- That's true.

So let me show you
the finished product here--

Oh, my gosh!

That's fantastic! Whoo!

That looks so good,
it should be illegal.

It is illegal-- to my diet.

Let's try some.

And I have some to sample.
There you go.

I forgot,

you're supposed
to finish it with mint.


you're setting a high bar

for these contestants.

We'll be meeting them
in our next segment.

Well, all those bakers
are competing for $25,000

and a cover story
in "Chef's Magazine."

The contest takes place

at Eden Lake High school,

where we are on location
all week for this special event,

so come on down Saturday,

doors open at 4:00.

We'll be right back

after these messages.

And we're on a break!

I can't hear anything.

There's too many people talking.

I thought that was my line,
the "crunch time."

You handled it well, though.

Great job,

and that was excellent.

Thanks. Okay.

And we'll see
you two on Saturday.

Yes, absolutely,
Mr. Hart.

And you take care of that leg.

Of course I will,
Mr. Rutledge.


- Mother--
- That was so wonderful.

You have a new calling, honey.

Oh, I don't know about that--

I'm so proud.

And I know that face.

You go talk to him.

Hi, Mike.

Oh, a star has just been born!

Hey, you didn't
look gimpy at all.

Thank you.

Look, I'd be happy to come by

and fix the stairs myself

if Dennis isn't available.

Yeah, no, I did,
I talked to Dennis,

and he's gonna come
and double-reinforce

the whatever-it's-called,

and put extra-strut-slats
on something,

and double bolts,
everything that you said, Mike.


Well, yeah, I wrote it all down.

Well, look,
about the game tomorrow,

unfortunately, I am on duty.

I am very sorry about that,

but at least that means
that Bill and Andrea can go.

- That's really nice of you.
- In five, four, three...

The Eden Lake Rebels
take on the Marshalls

at home tomorrow,

and the town will be out
in full force for this one

because this could be the night

all-star point guard
Carl Kimball breaks the record

for the most points in a season.

I am gonna manage
your career, Hannah--

Mother, I don't know about that.

Oh, my goodness, Hannah,

what happened?

Oh, I hope it's not broken.

Can you still judge?

- I'm okay.
- Yes, she can taste.

It's just her sprained knee,

which she fell down
her cellar steps

I told her to have fixed...
how many times?

You did.
Many, many times.

Well, good luck with your promo.

Yes, you guys,
it is so much fun--

- Ready for your close-up?
- Mother!

That woman never stops talking.

It could be
a big break for you, too.

It's a fun contest
and a nice change of pace,

but that's it.

You don't
give yourself enough credit.

You have a real presence
on camera.

I'm happy being a restauranteur.

How about I cook
something for you--

If you promise
not to judge the dish.

Well, I do need the practice.

I don't know,

you're pretty good at judging.

I tell you what, though,

if you use any
of that crème fraîche,

I will give you
definitely high marks.


...This one,

because this could be the night

all-star point guard
Carl Kimball...

What an athlete.

I am really looking forward
to watching this kid play.

This'll be a great game.

Get open.
Get open, guys.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

You got this, you got this.

Way to go, buddy!

You're back-up, okay?

Way to go, Carl!

Come on, Carl, let's go!

A little defense.
Up, up, up, Rebels!

Hey, did, uh...

Hey, did Norman
give up dentistry?

Oh, no, of course not.
No, he volunteers his time.

He's the assistant coach.

Oh. Okay.

Shoot it!

Who is that?

That is Carl Kimball.

Oh! Oh, Mason Kimball's son.

Yeah, yeah, he's an
all-star-material kid,

that guy.

Mason and I are working
together on that bake-off.

Yeah, he's the station
manager at WNKW.

Pass it!

Since when did you
become such a big fan?

Uh, I am out of the house,

and there are no diapers.

Sports Talk equals Adult talk.

Hey, what's Bill working on?

Like, a case?


Show her.

Big-big case.
Big case. Show her.

It's a totally
normal precaution.


You have a Granny-Cam?

Yeah. Yeah,
and look.

Half an hour past bedtime.

She's gonna be grumpy.

She's a baby.

She's gonna go to sleep
when she needs to.

Get over it.

Great job, great job.

You played great defense,
and I'm so proud of you.

Get outta here.

That was so awesome...


Oh, hey.

- Change of plans.
- What?

I just got the call
before tip-off.

George Rutledge
has food poisoning,

he can't judge
the bake-off later.

You're kidding.

It's okay, it's all covered.

Coach Bishop agreed to step in.

Oh, that's great news.


I'd like to go thank him.
Is that okay?

Great idea.
Great game, huh?

Yeah, that was amazing.

Oh, I--

So, tomorrow, we do


Sorry to interrupt.

Good game.

Hey, good job, guys.
That was super fun to watch.

Um, listen, I just
wanted to say thank you.

Mason told me that
you're going to help us

with the bake-off contest?

Your wife, Michelle, and I are--


Yeah, no, she, uh,
she mentioned.

I have tons of information
about the contestants

and the contest
we have coming up...

Uh, I'm not doing
homework for this.

Excuse me.




Oh, hey, Norman.
Great game.

Yeah, wasn't it?

Yeah, it was fantastic--

Hey, Josh, hold up a sec.

Hey! Reynolds!

I gotta talk to him real quick.

Oh, sure.

We'll catch up in a minute.

Yeah, okay.
See you later.

What's going on?

That boy's a champion!

Why wouldn't you
start Carl Kimball?

He shouldn't be
playing off the bench.

I know!

Thank goodness Coach
came to his senses.

Kimball was benched
for a whole game!

I know!

Thank goodness we didn't
lose that week--

But we didn't lose
when Josh started,

and he played a great game.

Ms. Reynolds, I-I--

This is high school!

All of these boys should get
the chance to play!

Uh, y-yes.

We've obviously
offended the woman.

Well, she's had a hard life...

Sorry, Bill stopped

to talk to a friend.


think that's who Mother
says Norman's been dating?

Maybe. They must have met
when he started coaching.

Are you okay with that?

Of course I am!

How's Mike?

Great. I think.

Well, we don't spend
a lot of time together

'cause of work or whatever.

Well, you guys got
to get a move on.

His wife passed away
a few years ago,

maybe he's not ready.

Does he say that?

It's just very new, okay?

Okay, but you guys are
going to run out of time.

And that was rude,
and I didn't mean to say--

I'm sorry,
I'm channeling Mother.

It's okay, you have an excuse.

You are a mother now.

Thank you.

- Love you.
- Love you. Drive safe.


Good luck with
the contest today.

Welcome, everyone,
to the semi finals

of the Eden Lake Flour Bake-off.

We have a new judge
to welcome tonight.

Please welcome
Coach Leonard Bishop.

Very excited to be here.

I'll turn it over
to you, Hannah.

Thanks, Dee.

Let's meet our chefs.

Okay, give me
a single on Hannah...

...To earn money
for culinary class...

That's great.

Now he's an assistant
pastry chef

at Chez Giselle in Minneapolis,

Jeff Graham.

I'm in it to win it.

This baker has a degree

from the Culinary Institute
in New York--

Light the three-shot
to the contestant,

and tight on Hannah.

Okay, save that for sure/

And his dream
is to open his own restaurant.

Lowell Mantes.

Honored to be here.
Thank you.

And last, but by no means least,

this contestant has baked

for three generations
of her family,

and provided winning recipes

to the annual
Eden Lake Cookbook many times.

Mrs. Lorraine Houser.

Winning it!

Thank you.

So, you want to tell me

why you're making such
a big deal out of this?

You're the one who's
making a big deal out of this.

Because you can't even
bother to hide

what you've been doing.

There's nothing to hide.

I know there's someone else!

Not here, okay?

Do you want to humiliate me?

You're embarrassing yourself.

Don't you dare walk--

Michelle, I--

Well, no guts, no glory.

I had olives in my mystery box,

and I had to use them.

Well, I thought
the sweet and salty

were fighting for balance a bit,

but the fig really helped.

It's like a fruit cake

that's been dragged
through a pile of mulch.

Well, I, um,

I liked the texture of the cake.


Here I thought
you were a professional.

That's a JV effort,

at best.

Judges, do you have a decision?

Yes, we do.

I'm sorry to say, Lowell,
you have been eliminated.

I'm grateful I had
the chance to compete.

Thank you.

Good effort.

Boys, let's talk
about tomorrow's practice.

So, I'm going to need
the best from you.



Sorry I couldn't
talk to you earlier.

I had to deal with something.

Oh, that's okay.

I know you've been
burning it at both ends

with your practice and coaching.

Yeah. Yeah, well,
it'll be great

when the high school
can actually afford

to hire an assistant coach.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Tell me about Coach Bishop.

Is he...

Is he always so nasty?

I don't know, I mean,
these days, yeah.

I don't know what's going on
with him, honestly.

...Because second best
is just not going to cut it.

Hey, Len.

What are you doing?

Just making sure
you don't forget anything.

There's a bag of basketballs

in the equipment room.


Go and get them!


Sorry, are you trying
to ask me a question, Len?


Would you mind
going to grab the balls

and bringing them out here?




Oh, my God.

...He hands me
this soggy napkin.

He'd sworn out the complaint,
right there and then.

I mean, he happened to be,
like, hammered in bar,

but he was
the best witness there.

Pizza Margherita con cipolla.

That looks very good.

Thank you.

I could totally take
a vacation, by the way.

I mean, I would,
for, like, three days?


Four days, for real.

Okay, hold on a second.

You think that you could
leave the Cookie Jar

in Lisa's hands

for four entire days?

What about you?

You think you could
take a vacation

and leave Bill
and eight deputies

in charge of Eden Lake's
safety for four days?

You think I can't?


If we make a deal,
we make a promise...

I stick to it.

Wait, are we being serious now?

I'm being serious,

and besides,
it might be the only way

that we actually get
two date nights,

like, back-to-back,

is if we actually leave town,
and we get out of here.

Maybe it would.

Oh, Norman's calling.

What is he, uh,
checking up on us?

No, he is not.

Norman, what's going--

Okay, Norman,
I need you to relax.

Just take it easy.

Norman, take it easy.

Okay, look, I will call it in.

You stay right there,

and don't touch
a single thing, okay?

It's gonna be all right, Norman.


Coach Bishop is dead.

Norman just found the body.

Come on, we gotta go.


Get your crutch.

No, I got it.

Uh, we'll leave your car here,
we'll take mine, okay?

Wait, what?

Unless you want to go home.


Well, if I told you to go home,

you would have
followed me anyway, right?

Well, right.

Hey, uh, Johnson!

Can we borrow you for a second?

Can you make sure

you dust everything
in this truck,

even the back there?

- Norman, you okay?
- Yeah.

Okay, thank you for calling.

I'll catch up with you
in one minute, okay?

Hey, Schmidty!

Can you try and get all
the security-camera footage

from all over
the school, please?

Thank you.

- Hey.
- What do we got?

Hit and run.

Hey, Norman, you okay?


...Dents on
the fender here...

Did you have
a practice here tonight?

We have an away game tomorrow.

Did you get shots of all this?

No, not yet.

Antoine, I want pictures
of all of this, please.

We'll wait for
the M.E., obviously.

Let me show you
something else here.

This is the school's
equipment truck.


The key's still in it.

So someone borrowed
a vehicle for a hit and run?

Well, it's one way
to keep evidence

off your own car, right?

Yeah, I guess it is.

All right, I'm going to go
get Norman's statement?

All right.

...When I was
talking to him,

I mean, he was looking back
over my shoulder...

Like someone was
coming out of the gym?

But you didn't see who it was?

No, no, I don't want to make
a big thing about it.

It was just a look,
it might have been nothing.

I-I don't know.

then I went inside...

So, where was the truck parked

when you went inside?

The truck was here, right here.

Okay, just hold off
one sec here, guys.

Let's get this whole area
right here roped off!

All of this, please!

What makes a mark like that?

There. Is that, like, a cleat?

No, I don't think so.

Kind of looks like...

kind of looks like
high heels, doesn't it?

Can I ask you about
these uniforms here?



Coach Bishop's wife,
her name is Michelle,

she was wearing
stiletto heels tonight,

and I saw her having a fight
with her husband.

Mrs. Bishop?

I'm Mike Kingston.

I'm a detective
with the sheriff's department.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Is there someone
that we can call for you?


We'll have to ask you
a few questions.

When was the last time
that you saw your husband?

At the school.

Everyone saw him.

At the contest?

And where did you two go
after that?

Len had to work.

He stayed, I came home.

And so that was the last time

that you saw him,
or you heard from him?

Were you two on good terms?

We heard that there was
an argument between you

earlier today?

That was nothing.

I tried to get Len
to take a day off work.

All he does is work.

Look, here's the truth.

He wouldn't even take
a dinner break with me.

Okay, well,

I'm going to have to get
a formal statement

from you tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's my card.

Please give a call
if you think of anything

that might be of help, okay?

Mrs. Bishop,
are these the shoes

that you had on earlier?


I'm going to have
to take these in for testing.

Take whatever you want.

So, do you believe her?


I don't.

The police have ruled
Leonard Bishop's death

a homicide.

We mourn his passing

and send our condolences
to his family.

For now, Norman Rhodes
will step in

as temporary coach
for the Rebels.

It could have been me!

Last night?

No, no.
At the rehearsal.

Oh, oh...

It has been reported...

It should be warm in here.

...Discovered the body
last night

in the back of the school
near the gymnasium.

At least Hannah
didn't find the body this time.

But she was still at
the scene of the crime.

I saw it on TV.

I'd think twice
if I were Mike Kingston.

For his own safety.

I mean, Hannah is
a murder magnet.

Can we keep
the door closed, please?

It's freezing.

Good morning, ladies.

Mrs. Bascomb,
Mrs. Houser.

These are our valued customers,

they have a short Americano,
and a black tea, decaf...

...Michelle is a suspect
whether I like it or not,

so I'm gonna--

Tom, hey!

Will you hand me that tray?

Yup, thank you so much.

We gotta keep moving here.

All right--
Oh, there you are, Lisa.

Okay, the molasses crackles
are in the oven.

What next?

Uh, we need three dozen
Chocolate Highlander Bars

for the Eden Lake Inn.

They want them
for afternoon tea.

- Today?
- Yes.

I'm on it. Okay.

Hannah, I have an airtight alibi
for last night.

He was definitely hit
by the pickup.

We had severe head trauma,
body bruising,

broken femur, broken ribs.

Read the report.

Hmm, yeah.

What's bothering you?

Just... one of my hunches.

Will you run the tests again,

and re-examine the body, please?

I'll take another look.

Thank you.


You find the coach's phone?

Still M.I.A.

We're going back over
the scene again right now.

Okay, great.

Hey, Mike...

let me show you something.

What do we got?

Hallway by the gym,

coach's office,

equipment storage,

south exit,

and main parking lot.

Nothing at the back
of the school?

No. There's this camera

that angles the north
end of the track,

but nothing by the gym.

Okay, so, 20:50.

Now, how long
does it take to walk

from the back of the gym
to the weight room?

Ah, it's not far.
A few minutes, if that.


21:10, that's our timeline.

Plus, what, 7-8 minutes
for Norman to walk each way?

Which leaves approximately
20 minutes for the murder.

That's enough.

Well, if someone was
already at the school.


And look who was.

Now, what camera is that?

That's the coach's office.

That hallway,

it's on the other side
of the gym,

so there's no way that
Norman would've seen her.

And check the time.

That is 20:45,

which is plenty of time
to get to the field.


I think it might be time

to pull the plug
on the bake-off.

End the contest?

No, we can't.

My station
has too much at stake.

We have invested
too much in resources

to make this work.

We need the revenue
from the finals to break even,

let alone turn a profit.

This isn't a little bump
in the road.

One of our judges is dead.

Well, then,
the next judge on the list,

I'm sure they'll be happy
to step in.

You have a list
of potential judges?

I'm a producer,
I'm ready for everything.

I had to make sure there was
an alternate available.


Well, I guess that makes sense.

Why was Coach Bishop
on the show last night

if he's last on the list?

I bumped him up.

I thought it'd be
good publicity for the team,

and since we were using
the school,

it was a good tie-in.



What are you thinking?

Well, I had that weird accident,

and then Mr. Rutledge
got so sick he had to drop out,

and now Coach Bishop.


It's just not a good list
to be on, is it?

What, you think
these things are connected?


I don't know.

Okay, well, then, I think
we need to keep going.

So, I've got a fantastic
mystery challenge.

It's really going
to force the contestants

into conflict...

Okay, boys,

let's bring it in for a sec.

Come on in, bring it in.

I just want to take a minute
to tell you guys

how proud I am of you,

in each and every one
of you guys

for making the decision
to play this week.

Yeah, that's it.

Good job.

Lay-ups, okay?

How are they doing?

Uh, all right.

Still in shock, I think.


What are you doing here?

Are you investigating?

I kind of want to check out
the Coach's office.

The cops already
went through it.

I'm sure they did.


Uh, hey guys!

Let's do weight room!

Come on, hustle up,
let's run there.

Ten minutes, okay?

We never had this conversation.

I don't even know
what you're talking about.

You like the wife for this?

Well, I mean,
they were fighting,

she was at the scene,
at the right time,

and she lied about it.

And if these
are her shoe prints?


There were other prints there
besides Norman's, right?

Yeah. Yeah, they
look like sneakers.

Well, I mean,
it was a track field.

No, no, just by the truck.

Preliminary says size 12.

I'm gonna get shoe sizes
on all the players.

You think a kid did this?

Look, I don't want to,

but 10 minutes before Norman
gets to the equipment room...

Josh Reynolds.

Second-string guard.

Angry guy.

Yeah, well...

Carl Kimball was
the star of the team.

Josh didn't get
much playing time?

No, Coach Bishop lived to win.

Right in, right in, right in!

We got it!

Okay, here, ball, ball.

Fast break-throw, right?

So, right through, don't stop.

Fast, right?

And if he gets beat,

you come in
and help him out, right?

Don't leave him there.

Okay, uh, three-on-three.

Hey, Norman.

Mike. How are you?

Good, good.

The guys are looking
pretty good.


There it is!

Atta boy, Reynolds!

That's the back-up guard, right?

Yeah, Josh Reynolds.
He's great.

I heard the starter
is really something.

Carl Kimball,

he's the Eden Lake all-star.

And Josh isn't as good?

Yeah, Josh is good,

he's, uh...

didn't have the advantages.

Kimball's had private training
all summer,

special diet since he was a kid.

Sounds like serious business.

Yeah, well, the Big Ten schools
are all looking at him,


Doesn't give a kid like Reynolds

much of a shot, though, does it?


Norman, did you see Josh
the night of the murder?

No, why?

'Cause he was here.

Security-camera footage

showed him leaving
the equipment room

about 15 minutes
before you got there.

He smashed a display case
on his way out.

Josh is a really good kid, Mike.

I'm gonna need
a few minutes with him.

Now? Today?

- Yeah.
- No.

He's a minor,
he's not even 18 yet.

You can't question him
without his family there,

you know that.

He was here, he could
have seen something,

he could be a witness.

Well, it doesn't sound like

that's where you're going
with this, Mike.

Look, Norman, I'm just
trying to clear the guy.

No, I understand that.

Just do it with a parent
there, okay?

Just call his mother, Mike.

Okay, wait,

so you tossed
Coach Bishop's office?

I didn't toss it.

What were you thinking?

Well, sort of.

Oh, my gosh.


So cute when you're sleeping.

Um, get over here
and elevate your leg, lady.

I am! I have been.

Sort of.

Anyway, thank you
for coming all this way.

I know it's sort of a pain.

Who's a little baby--

Stop it!

This is what it's like
being a big sister.

I kind of like it,

except for the whole part
where you're hurt.


Okay, continue your story.

You were tossing an office?

Right, so Michelle thought

that her husband
was having an affair,

and they fought about it
the night of the contest.

So, do you think that's true?

Here's what I know,


if you found out

that Bill was stashing
some fancy suit at the station,

and you found a receipt
for an expensive dinner

and a hotel keycard
in the pocket,

what would you think?

That I'm about to throw
the rest of his stuff

out the window.

Right, it sounds like an affair.

But, see, that's not Bill.

I mean, I wouldn't believe it.

I would need to see proof.

And how would you get proof?

Hi, this is
Michelle Bishop calling...

Hi, my name is Michelle Bishop,
I'm calling for Mr. Walters...

Oh, uh, okay, I'm sorry--

--I must have the wrong number.

I'm gonna try Griffin next.

Oh, that was a bust.

Next guy on the list is...

Gordon Glossop,

"Internationally Renowned,
Gordon Glossop."

It says they're very discreet.

He must use aliases--

Oh, hello. Hi--

Yes, hi, this is
Michelle Bishop calling.

I'd like to find out more

about the report
I asked you to do

on my husband Len?

Yeah, I haven't received
my report on my husband, Len.

I should have got it ages ago--

No, I'll wait.

Oh, uh...

I... didn't get it.

Uh... could I get you to--

--send it to you!

--To resend it to me?

P.O. Box!

Maybe send it to my P.O. box?


No, I don't know who could've
signed for it, but...



Michelle signed for it
at her house.

No, no, this is amazing.

She figured it out,
and then she hung up,

but she did say

that she sent certified mail
to Michelle Bishop.

This is all we need to know
right now,

that Michelle Bishop
hired a P.I.,

we know which one.

I am gonna text Mike.

Josh, we have
footage of you at the school

the night of the murder.

I did extra weights.


Well, this right here...

does not look
like a drill to me.



I will pay for the damage.

Where did you go after that?

- Home.
- Straight home?


And what time was that at?

I don't remember.

It was like 8:00, 8:30?


Josh was home by 9:00.

You were there?

I thought you had
questions for Josh

about what happened that night.

What size sneaker do you wear?

Don't answer that.

Are you charging
my son with a crime?

No, I am not.

Then we're leaving.

If you have any more questions,

we'll be back with a lawyer.

Mrs. Reynolds--
Mrs. Reynolds,

Look, I am trying
to rule Josh out, not in.

Do you know what my son's
been doing on weekends?

No, Mom, Mom, Mom--

No, it's better that he knows.

He drives to Marshall for a job.

In Marshall?

They're not allowed
to work during the season.

It was Coach's rule.

May he go?


I'll see you after
practice, sweetheart.

He's a good kid, detective,

turned himself inside out
for Coach Bishop,

loved the guy,

still won't hear a bad word
about him.

Have you?
Heard a bad word?

When I found out
about Josh's job last week,

I wanted to throttle
the coach myself.

You know, Josh doesn't
need the money

to help me out.

He wanted to keep up
with the other kids,

buy Coach a big present.

I mean, what kind of teacher

expects expensive presents?

The kid's not half
as angry as the mom.

Do I need to check
her alibi as well?

Yeah, definitely.

I wasn't sure what you'd
be in the mood for,

so I brought you a variety.

Thanks for coming by.

Not many people do,
but that's not a surprise.

Listen, Michelle,
I know it's been rough.

I thought this was
a friendly visit.

Michelle, I am your friend.

- Really?
- I am--



Hannah asked me
to meet her here.

Michelle, we need to talk

about the fight
that you had with Len.

I already told you.

I know that you thought

Len was having an affair.

Look, we know you hired
a private investigator,

a Mr. Glossop.


Yes, I did!

Do you want to know
what he found?

That was what he found.

Clearly not a woman.
Business as usual.

But you said
"There was someone else."

This is what I meant.

Did you see your husband
after the contest?

No, he stayed to work.

You didn't go to his office?

I looked for him,
but he wasn't there.

He was working,
that is what he wanted,

so I came home.

Okay, is there anyone

that can confirm
what time you got home?

Nobody else lives here.

I did stop for gas.

Did you get a receipt?

No, I didn't get one.

Actually there is
one more thing,

we couldn't find
your husband's phone on him

or in the van.

He lost it the day
before the contest.

He hadn't gotten a new one yet.

Am I under arrest?

No, you're not,

but I will need you
to come to the station

to amend your statement.

I'll need a minute.

What about this guy,
you recognize him?

No. It's sort of
hard to see.

I'll get you copies right away.

You're the reason we have them,

and I really don't want
to arrest you

for stealing evidence.


So, what's your take?

I think she's lying,

but I don't think
that makes her a killer.

She's our top suspect.

Did you check out

the contestants of the Bake-off?

Have you?


I mean, three contest judges

have something weird happen
all within a few days?

I think that's weird, right?

I have this freak accident,
I almost get knocked out,

Charles Rutledge gets
a mysterious illness,

he's out,

and then the Coach ends up dead?

Okay... but why?

If you rig the contest to win,

you get $25,000

and a pretty high-profile
cover story,

that's motive.

So, what did your repair guy say

about the stairs?

He said that it's a miracle

those stairs didn't break
on me a long time ago.

I know.

And there's a flu going around.

Rutledge probably
caught the flu.

I say whoever
came after the coach

was after the coach--

- I'm just--
---Not the contest.


Here we go.

After you.

Hey, Mike...

the report on the truck,
and the footprint casts.

What'd we get?

Those spike marks?

A perfect match for
Michelle Bishop's heels.

Depth of the print consistent
with her height and weight.

She said she went looking
for Bishop that night.

Yeah, well, maybe she found him.

She also sent a P.I.

to follow Bishop in Minneapolis.

This is what they found,
check this out.

A business dinner?

No I.D. on that guy.

I'll take a crack at it.

Peterson, did
the subpoenas come through

on Bishop's bank statements?

Yeah, should be in your inbox.


You think there's
a financial angle on this?

I think we need to find out

a whole lot more
about Leonard Bishop.


You need to see this.

We love your hunches.

I went back and looked again.

They're faint, that's why
I missed them at first.

Petechial hemorrhaging
in the eyes.



We found microscopic
plastic fibers on the body

and the face.

So... he was
smothered with this?


It was wrapped around
the bundle of jerseys

in the truck.

What is this?

The... the laundry wrap?


Was he moved?

No, it all happened in one spot.

He took a direct hit
from the pickup,

but I believe
he was still conscious.

The suffocation is what
caused the cardiac arrest.

So, the driver
gets out of the car,

and actually makes
sure he's dead.

This was deliberate.

Look, just consider it, Clayton.

If the donation
came from Hartland

in honor of Coach Bishop,

and it was designated
to finding a new coach--

No, no, no, no,
the school should decide

how the money is spent.

Right, I--

We have equipment
that will zoom in further,

if you want.

No, thanks.

That's Coach Bishop.


Look, Hannah,

everyone knows you are
a better investigator

than half that
sheriff's department.

I would be more than
happy to help out.

Well, thank you,

but it's nothing.


Do you want to go over
the running order

for the finals?

Sure. Perfect.


Um, you know what,

I think I left it in the booth.

Oh, Nathan, I forgot.

I baked these for you and Carl.

Oh, thanks,

but, um, he hasn't had sugar
since he was five.

No offense,
I'm sure they're delicious.

None taken.

I was just thinking about Carl,

and how hard this must be
for him, losing his coach.

Well, he survived
losing his mom,

and he'll handle this.

I'll make sure he's okay.
We're a team.

Excuse me.

Did you get

the school cafeteria B-roll?

I was outside
in the parking lot.

Everyone arriving.

Okay, make sure
it's on the list, we need it.

Hey, Mason, what's B-roll?

Oh, it's footage
that the crew gets

that we use for bumpers
in and out of commercials,

cut-aways from the contest,
that sort of thing.

I'm gonna grab the list, okay?


See what I mean.
We got a little shadow.

Chris, what kinds of things...

...make for good B-roll?

Audience reactions,

candid shots

of the contestants and judges,

like that.

And you keep all that footage?

Yeah, we gotta.

How about some Cocoa Snaps?

- Yeah!
- Yes, please.

Dig in.

made 'em this morning.


Wait, so you're saying

the killer got out of the truck,

saw that the coach
wasn't dead, and...

Who would do that?

Yeah, this is next level...

I just can't believe that
someone who's capable of that

is just walking
around Eden Lake.

Yeah, we don't know.

Mike, you need to be careful.

Did you just say that to me?

'Cause it sounded like
you told me to be careful--

Yes, you know what, I did.

Because I know
I'm being careful.

- Really?
- And I'm just saying...

Well, yeah, I can't go anywhere,

on foot, anyway.

Good, good.

Who are you watching for?

I'm looking for Michelle,
first of all.

I'm looking for the man
in Michelle's photo.

And Josh Reynolds,
the basketball player--

One of the basketball players--

And his mom.

Should I zoom in on that?

Maybe I should get
a little closer--

No please don't, no, no.

That's not fair.


is fantastic.

That's a nice move.

Now, hold on a minute,

what was going on...

...On the sports field...

In the basketball court...

Calm down.

That's Lowell Mantes, right?

Yeah, but...

it must've been after
he was eliminated.

He looks furious.

You seem surprised?

Well, I never thought
he would behave that way.

He always seemed
so polite and neat,

like he never spilled
flour in his life.

Well then, how can we
trust the man?


I want a copy of that.
I need to talk to that man.

Here we go.


I'm just gonna
lean in a little bit more.

You're not even looking--

Sorry, I'm kind of
getting in the way here

a little bit...

Is... Is that the phone

that Michelle said
Bishop lost the day before?

It is.


I need a copy of that, too.

Maybe the coach had two phones,

or the killer
just took his phone.

But why would Michelle
lie about it?


I mean, that's exactly why--


Wait, I...

I don't have any...

The brakes are out.
The brakes--

I can't... I can't...
I can't stop--

Mike, there's a car.


Okay. Okay...

Just brace yourself.

Hold on.


You okay.

I'm okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm not feeling
light-headed at all, actually.

They were gone,

they were completely
and totally out.

Forensics got under there.

The brake lines were frayed.

They were frayed, not cut?

It's inconclusive.

Plenty of wear and tear.


What are you thinking?

You're thinking
this was deliberate?

Well, I really am
not one for coincidences.

Hannah's not exactly the type

to stay on top of
her car maintenance schedule.

I just don't think
any of this is necessary.

I mean, I really feel fine.

Don't-- Don't listen to her.

Please take her to the hospital,

get her checked out.

I'm fine.

Take her in, please.

Hey, listen, why don't you let
the EMTs check you out.

I'm fine, I've just
got to clear my head.

Look, I realize that
I might be overreacting here.

Do me a favor

and look into this for me?

I don't want to make it
an official investigation

if it really was
just an accident, okay?

Okay, I'll tell you what,
I'll call Brummels,

find out the last time

that Hannah had
the brakes checked.

Great. Also make sure

that Hannah gets to a hospital?

For me?

We might as well
pick some up, right?

Yeah, that makes sense.

Cool, yeah,
we'll just head over.

...Coach Bishop's wife,
Michelle Bishop,

out as a suspect?

We are still investigating

and there won't be any comment
until there's an arrest.



I wasn't expecting you today.

I hope we don't have a meeting.

Is something wrong?

No, not at all.

I just, I didn't see you
making any deliveries yesterday,

so I thought that you...

you were, um...

Yeah, I'm not exactly
ready for deliveries yet.

Are you here to buy something?

Actually, I am.


Yeah, everyone loved
the cookies you brought to set,

so I was gonna grab some more.

You seem to be moving around
okay on your leg, right?

Yeah, I do okay.

Lisa will help you pick out

whatever cookies you like.

All right?

Hey, Carl, what about you?

You know, I did try
a new experiment,

it's orange berry delight,

and it's sweetened only
with all-natural fruit juice.

Oh, that's okay,
I just had breakfast.

Your dad's really proud of you.

We're a team.


you're not gonna eat
any of this stuff, are you?

I didn't touch anything.


Well, your teammates
will be very disappointed

to hear that.

Hey, Norman.

Hey, how are you?

Come on, son.

See you.

- Bye.
- See you, take care.

It's nice to see you here.

Hey, well,

I hope you say that in a minute.

I need four dozen cookies
by 2:00.


Come on...
you can do it, can't you?

You're lucky it's you.

All right.

Haven't been able to verify

Ava Reynolds' alibi.

And Lowell Mantes
has disappeared.

His landlady hasn't seen him

since the night
he was eliminated

from the contest.

Well, we need to get that
out on the radio, okay?

We gotta find this guy.

Hey, what's this?

Oh, I've been going through

the last three years
of Bishop's financials.

Right, this is his
joint checking account

with his wife,

and everything is pretty

He gets paid, he deposits it,
he pays his bills,

and there's a little bit
left over, you see that?

So a normal life.

Right, right, except until...

right there.

He's over
his credit limit, okay,

but he settles it right here.

No, but that's a different
account number,

and it's a different
routing number

than his regular bank.

So, I was like, "What's up?"
and I traced it.

A small Minneapolis local bank.

The account was opened

with a $25,000 cashier's check.

Sole signer, Leonard Bishop.

25K that didn't come out
of any of his other accounts.

No, exactly right,

and look at that.


That is not

your average high school
teacher's banking practice.

Mr. Rutledge, did any
of the contestants

approach you,

try to contact you off camera?

Oh, not a one.

They knew the rules.


Charles, it's time
for your pills.

Oh, for your flu?

No, blood pressure
and cholesterol.

I'm not sure
how much good they do,

as sick as he's been.

That's for sure.

Are those pills sticky?

Yes, isn't it ridiculous?

Must be the humidity
in the bathroom.

They've been like this all week.

Do you mind if I just...


You don't by chance

have any of the original pills
left from the bottle, do you?

Yes, of course.


I'm sure it's nothing.
I just...



Is there a problem?

These aren't the same.

What's going on?


You're not going to believe
what I found, Mike.

Someone's been tampering
with Mr. Rutledge's medicine.

The pill casings aren't the same

as the originals in his bottle.

I'll send Peterson over
right away to pick it up, okay?

Just stay put.

Okay, great.

I'll be here.

The prescriptions
come right from my doctor...

How long do you think
it'll take the lab

to get results on these?

They'll put a rush on it,

but I can't say.


Would you gentlemen
like some coffee?

- Oh, I'd love some.
- Cream and sugar?

Yes, please.

How about a muffin?


Hey, nice rental.

Just the person
I was looking for.

Oh, you didn't
have to make a delivery.

Well, I wanted to.

Besides, I need a favor, too.

What's up?

Well, I need someone
who is discreet,

has access to a lab,

and happens to have a working
knowledge of chemistry.

Who's your wingman?

Oh, honey,
you sound so wonderful.

Oh, your left side is
definitely your best side,

so if you could just angle...

- Hannah?
- Hmm?

What is all that paperwork?

Oh, the applications
and background checks

on all the contestants.

Look, can we focus, please?

- What?
- Here.

What is all this?

Wardrobe options from Claire's.

The station provides
all the wardrobe.

Don't hold your breath.

Dee buys all her own clothes
for a reason--

It's Norman!




Sounds good.

I'm so glad

you two are still
keeping in touch.

He's such a wonderful man.

Yes, he is.

His mother says
that he's dating.

Quite a bit.

Yes, I have heard that.

So, uh, I have to run, Mother.

Or... hobble.


Check your texts!

Although this one
would look good on me...


Emetine, yeah,

and cephaeline
and another alkaloid,

probably psychotrine.

Can you just give me
the Twitter version?

Yeah, they're all alkaloids

that are found
in Ipecac rhizomes,

and Ipecac induces vomiting.

Oh, okay,

so where do you get that?

Well, you can't.

It hasn't been in production
for years now.

Someone would
have to know how to make it.

And then they would have to know

how to inject it into a capsule,

and then rebond the surface

so that it only has

one tiny little sticky spot?


I mean, these people may know
how to make maple syrup,

but it's a little more complex.

I've been going over
their backgrounds

and their applications.

They all are
who they say they are.


So, what about the judges?

I mean, to fix this thing,

they'd have to work it
from both ends, right?

Start it--

Right. Backwards.

- Right?
- That's right.

'Cause if you don't have
the judge in on it,

then what would even be
the point?

But Mason didn't go
in order of this list.

He skipped to the end
when he picked Coach Bishop.

So, even if you had this list,

you wouldn't know
which judge is next.

But who would have been
next on the list

after Mr. Rutledge.

Gino Paliatti.

I can't explain it better,
it's just that his--

- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.

--His texts are short,

and he only talks
about work, and...

We literally haven't even
been alone together

since several nights ago,

I think he's backing off.

Yeah, okay, or he's a guy,

and he has absolutely no clue

how it comes across.

Just ask him out.


It's the 21st Century.

You've been dating,

it's not gonna be
a big surprise.

Just ask him out.

I guess so.



Um, I got the lab to put a rush

on analyzing those capsules,

And we're looking
for Lowell Mantes, who's...

he has not been home
since after the contest.


Well, thanks for checking.

Oh, and...

the gas station by the by-pass
has got security footage

that puts Michelle there
at the time of the murder.

Hey, so, I have a new theory

on the case,

and I... was wondering
if you wanted to go with me

to interview this chef,

and then we could
grab a bite after?

I'm sorry, I got a--

I got a meeting set up,

and I just have to
stay focused right now.



Don't forget your cookies.

Thank you.

Get the risotto out now.

If it sits there
for two minutes, it's ruined!

Let's go!

You gotta go slow, slow, slow,

and then it's ready, boom.

That's why you have
the best risotto in town.

Grazie, Bella.

Okay, so these chefs...

Here you go.
Enjoy the pizza.

Do you think I'm in danger?

Well, I just want
to be careful, you know?

Listen, Gino, wait.

Um, do you have any connection

to any of them?

I need a bottle of Pinot Noir
for table number four.

Uh, Mrs. Houser comes in
a couple times a month.

She wants cheese
on a Shrimp Scampi.

Brutta figura.

I never say a word.

I don't know this Jeff kid...

This is my favorite Pinot Noir.

Enjoy the wine.

And Lowell used to work for me
a few years ago,

but I haven't seen him since.

Wait, Lowell used to work here?

He didn't put that
on his resume.

It's probably too traditional

for him to claim.

How are you?

I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.

Mario at the end of the bar,
he will help you.

Wait, what do you mean,


He was into

that molecular gastronomy craze.

"A food revolution."

Well, I can see
why that didn't fit in here.

How are you gonna
keep a place open

with that nonsense, huh?

What am I gonna do
with liquid nitrogen?

Who wants to eat
freeze-dried pasta?

We're not astronauts?

I told him he was talented,

but if he could just be happy
cooking food

a person wanted to eat,

he should give me a call.

I like the guy,
but he's a little bit crazy.

There you go, enjoy.

Gino, do you think

that Lowell knew some chemistry?

He had more chemical formulas

than he had recipes.

So go be a scientist then.

Cooking is an art, huh?

You know this.

I do.


Ciao, Bella.


Listen, if you get this message,

please meet me
at 68 Swall Street

as soon as possible,

and you might need
to wear sloppy clothes.


Oh, I'm sorry.



Nice seeing you.

My parents say hello.

Oh, nice.

Yeah, I owe them a call,

I just...

I sometimes wonder
if it makes it worse for them

to hear from me.

Sometimes, I wonder

if we're the only ones
who understand.

I mean, we all lost Lydia.

I sort of thought I was better.

You are.

I can see it.

It's not gone,

it's just kind of settled,
you know?

The grief has...

I don't know,
it's kind of found its place.

Well, it's been
three years, so...


What's wrong?

Lydia, um...

she just...

she just ran out to the store

to pick up something

that she forgot
at the market, you know?

She left her glass
right there on the counter,

her club soda.

She was coming right back.

And, uh...

I mean, I could, uh,

I could still smell
her perfume in the room

when the phone rang.

It was just minutes.

That's how it happens,

and you're joking,
and you're laughing,

and everything is great,

and then out of nowhere...

they're gone.

Are we still taking about Lydia?

If you've found someone,
we'll be happy for you.

My sister would be
happy for you.

I know that.

Tell me.

Well, um...

She's, um...

I mean, she's amazing.

She's funny,

and she's smart,
and she's strong,

and she's beautiful,

and she's stubborn.

She won't let anything go,

and I thought
that if I keep her close,

I keep her safe,

but I-I can't.

I can't, even
if I'm right there with her.

I can't watch her every minute
of every day, and...

honestly, I don't know
if I can take the chance.

Better question--

What would you look like

if you never
took the chance again?

What would your life
look like then?

This is Lowell Mantes'
recorded voice,

which means you sadly
have missed Lowell.

Norman! Come on!

His voicemail keeps picking up.

Yeah, I mean, supposedly,

Lowell hasn't been seen
in a couple days,

since he got eliminated, so--

You were checking
Apartment Six, right?

Yeah, no answer.

Yeah, okay.
Let's do it.

Okay, so,

we'll look for, you know, mail,

or something that might
have an address on it?


Or we could look for dough.

What, money?

No, like, cookie dough,
pie crust dough...


Sometimes, doughs are so dense,

you don't want to put them
down the disposal.


Norman, you are the best.

Thank you.

Why are you here?

Well, you're never dull.

And I figure, you know,
if Mike messes up,

I'll position myself nicely.

Please, I have seen the women
buzzing around you lately.

Well, there you go.

Don't, uh, take too long, or--

Oh, hold on.

Ew! Ew!

This looks like dough, right?

Oh, yeah, yeah!
What's in that one?

A spinach cookie?

You do get points
for creativity.

What else has he got
in here, though?

Do you think maybe
he cooked it up?

He... What's that?

Norman, do you think that's it?

Let me get a picture of it.


Cephaelis ipecacuanha.

That's the plant source
for Ipecac.

I lost a contest
and took a trip.

I went camping.

Since when is that a crime?

What is this about?

You're gonna want to save
all this for your lawyer.

Have a seat,
I'll be back in a minute.

Is this about the contest?

Because I can explain--

Lowell Mantes surfaced
at a rest stop on Highway 18.

I think you're gonna want
to get this checked out.

I bet it proves

that he tampered with
my basement stairs.

I needed the money,

the exposure.

I needed Gino Paliatti
on that judges' panel.

He was next on the judge's list,

and he would've
taken care of me.

I just needed one judge
to drop out,

and I was a lock for the win.

You went after Hannah Swenson.

You scored her basement stairs.

Maybe I do need a lawyer.

And when that didn't work,

you made Rutledge sick
with this emetic stuff,

but the problem was,

is they put Coach Bishop
in there instead,

and he eliminated you,

so you went after him--

What are you talking about?

You think I killed Bishop?

Look, I'm not crazy,

and I'm definitely not
a murderer.

Well, what did you
think would happen

when you cut the brakes
on Hannah's car?

Hannah's car? What...

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You said you wanted a lawyer?
Make the call.


No, I'm serious,

I don't know
anything about cars.

I know chemistry, and I knew
the amount wasn't fatal!

What do you think?

I think the guy
is definitely out there.

I think he hurt Hannah,
and he poisoned Rutledge.


But he seemed
genuinely surprised

when I brought up Bishop.


Which means the killer
might still be out there.

I might have
an alibi for Lowell.

Well, we need to verify it.

Now, where are we
with Ava and Josh?

They're coming in again today,

with a lawyer.

Check this out.

I got an I.D.
on our mystery man.

Peter Roscoe.

Big-time sports agent,

known for spotting young talent.

He reps coaches, too.

So Bishop was looking
for an agent?

No, he wouldn't get
a guy like this,

not with his resume.

But if this Roscoe

was going after a player
at Eden Lake High,

then he would
wine and dine the coach

to get at the player, right?

Agents, they lock
these kids down so early.

Wait, what about money
at this stage in the game?

I mean, any money
changing hands?

Well, not legally.

If Roscoe greased any palms,
and they got caught,

the coach would lose his job.

Now, if the player saw
any of the money,

he'd get banned from NCAA ball.

Okay, I'm going through
the coach's computer again.

We need Bishop's phone.

It's in the landfill.

We've got
to go through it all again

and hope that something
jumps out at us.

Come on, guys.

All right.

You know, this is how
departments should be run.

You sure you want
to be Sheriff full time?



We got Lowell on the poisoning,

and he pretty much confessed

to messing
with your basement stair.


I know. I don't know about him
for the murder, though.

He's got an alibi,
and we're checking it out,

but I...

I just, I'd really love
to see you tonight.

I-I-- There's a lot--

I have the contest finals
in a little bit--

Hello, honey!

I've narrowed it down
to four dresses,

which you must try on
right now, Hannah--

My mother just got here.

As you can hear.
I'll talk to you later.

Fashion is my thing.

Mother, uh, listen to me,

I thought we agreed to meet

at the event, you know,
and we would go...

Are you text-flirting

with the stage manager at--

Excuse me.

Yes, your mother dates, Hannah.

Aw! So sweet.


Hannah, I know that look,

you are having an "Ah-hah"
moment, aren't you?

Mother, I have to go.

There's something I have to do.

- But the--
- And you are the best.

- Thank you.
- Hannah!

I love you.
I'll see you later.

Fashion can't be rushed, Hannah.

Please don't lie to me,

you went to Len's office
to get his phone.

He lost it days
before he was killed.

I saw footage of him
holding his phone

the night he was killed.


I found it in his office

that night,

before he was killed.

Hannah, I wanted
to turn it in, honest.

At first, I was afraid

the detectives would think
that I killed him,

and then I was afraid

that they'd wonder
why I kept it.

Did you find
what you were looking for?


The Minneapolis number.

Kaitlin Farley,

Len's girlfriend.

You called her?

She was wondering

why she hadn't heard
from him for a few days.

Michelle, I'm so sorry.

So I hired
a sleazy P.I.

Anyway, I just,

I didn't want the whole world
to find out about it.

I didn't want to give people
another reason to stare.

Hey, who is, um, "Boomer56"?

What does it say?

It says, "Great game.

"Defense in second half
was genius."

Sounds like a fan.

The alumni and the parents
were always sucking up to him.

Okay, but earlier,
it talks about a wire transfer?


"Need one more day."

I don't know,

maybe a banker who's a fan?

So, once she was cleared
as a suspect,

she just didn't realize
it was important.

Now it really could be.

You should check out
the text from Boomer56.

It talks about wire transfers
and needing more time.

That's it, that's exactly
what we've been looking for.

I mean, that could be
the break in the case.

I hope so.

Look, Hannah,
I'm just really happy

that you wanted to see me,
'cause I...

There's so much--

I really only have
a few minutes,

and, um, I have
to go back in, so--

Okay, I just, I just wanna...

I just feel like I owe you
an explanation for...

you know, how things have been.

I... I care about you
so much, and-and...

and you're just
such an amazing woman.


- It's okay.
- No--

No, I get it,

and you don't owe me
an explanation, Mike.

- You really don't, so I--
- No, no, no, no.

You don't get it,
you definitely don't,

because I am crazy
about you, Hannah,

and it...

It, like, drove me nuts
the other day,

when you could've died
in that accident,

and I couldn't do
anything to stop it,

and it really freaked me out,

and I'm sorry that I got
all weird on you,

and I don't-I don't want that.

What do you want?

Hannah! We need you.

I want-I want us.
I want you and me--

We need you!

--You and me...
And this is not at all

the way I sort of
pictured this happening,

but I saw that look
on your face the other day,

and I couldn't stand it.

It looked like
you were gone, and out,

and I would understand,
I guess, if you were,

but I don't want to lose you
because I didn't speak up,

so I'm speaking up,
and I'm telling you

that I want us,

I want us to have a real chance.

Hannah, we're at places.

Well, just--

Say something.

- Sorry--
- Mike--

They need you now.



Um, I have to...

I have to go.


Copy that.

Oh, uh, the audience
is already loaded in,

so you'll have to go
around to the back.

Oh, okay. I didn't even
know this was a way in--

There you are!

We're not gonna have time
to get you tszujed now.

We're walking right now.

- Sorry.
- Is Mike coming?

No, he had to work.

He's probably making up
for last night.

His sister-in-law was
down from Minneapolis,

so Bill had to cover him--

You're on now!

You look great,

I will see you in there.

25 seconds.
Copy that.

20 seconds!

Uh... coming.

We are traveling.
I got her. We're in.

15 seconds.

Hannah, hurry up.
What are you doing?

And we're going to air.

Hustle to places, everyone.

Okay, okay.
Let me fix your collar.

- She's fine.
- Stand up. Posture.

We're at 10 seconds, everyone.

Energy, too.
Okay, honey?

You look so pretty.
I'm so proud of you.

Okay, Dee, throwing to Hannah
in five, four...


Three, two...

And now Hannah Swenson
will introduce

tonight's challenge.

Forensics traced the IP
on "Boomer56."

It's Mason Kimball.

Wait, wait, wait, what?

No, no, no,
that makes perfect sense.

His son's the star of the team.

Well, he's heavily
scouted, sure,

but these texts
make it look like

Mason's paying off the coach.

Or trying to,

and Bishop's putting
the squeeze on him.

Yeah, Norman told me

that Mason's son's
got expensive training,

he's got special food,
the whole deal.

Right, so maybe Mason's
getting the payoffs,

using the money on his kid,
the coach finds out...

he wants a cut, right?

Yeah, Ava Reynolds said--

Remember Ava Reynolds said

that Coach Bishop
had very, very expensive taste.

He was very greedy.

Right, so Bishop puts
the squeeze on Mason.

Yeah, but how?

If Carl got turned in
to the NCAA, he'd be banned.

And if Mason doesn't pay up,

well, then all the work
that he's done

for his son's career

is completely meaningless.

That's a hell of a motive.

We need to get Mason Kimball
in here right now.

Good work.


Is that
your detective boyfriend?


Just texting with my mother.

Okay, we're checking in
with our chefs

in 10 seconds.
Mr. Kimball?

Hannah, you ready?


In five, four, three, two...

It's time to check in
with our chefs,

but, um...

I think we should
turn the cameras

on Mason Kimball.

Everybody, this is
the station manager

of WKNW...

He's right there, yeah.

There he is.

It's actually thanks to him
that we even have a show,

so everybody give him
a round of applause.




Mother, I have to--

Wait, Hannah...

Uh, let's check in
with our chefs.

Jeff, how is it going over here?

Well, my soufflé is set,

but my ganache
is giving me a fit, so...

I can get everything done
as long as nothing is wrong.

Mrs. Houser,
how's it going?

- No drama.
- Pardon me?

I'm about to take my soufflé
out of the oven.

Step back!

Message from Hannah.

Boomer56 is Mason.

Mason, stop!

Stay away from me!


Get back!


- Hannah!
- Hannah!

Hannah Joanne!

Hey, what's going on?

Where's Hannah?

Uh, we don't know.

She introduced Mason Kimball,

and then they both
just took off,

and we're right in the middle
of taping the show!


Norman, I need you
to get everybody--

Everybody's got to get
back inside the studio, okay?

All of you, all of you,
back inside the studio.

Officer's on the way.

Get inside there, stay there--

The show must go on!

Stay there.

Back into the studio, please.


Get away from me!

Mike, stop!


He's not trying to kill us.


Look where he shot.


You are completely surrounded,

there's no way out!

There's one way.

Where does that lead?

Back stairs.

You shouldn't be here!

Mason, I saw you,

with Carl,

when you brought him
into the Cookie Jar.

It was the day after
my brakes failed.

Hi. I wasn't
expecting you today

I hope we don't have
a meeting...

I offered him a cookie

that was just sweetened
with fruit juice,

and he... turned me down.

I asked him if it was too much,

all the diets,

and the training,

and Carl got the biggest smile
on his face.

He said it was all worth it.

"My Dad and I are team."

That's what he said.

He's an incredible athlete.

Mason, you've done
an amazing job, you know.

You should be so proud of him--

No. No, he's a natural.

You did it!

Carl, you were amazing!

Dad, I told you
we were going to win.

I am so proud of you, son--

You nurtured him,

you helped him.

The money was for Carl.

It's for his training.

I'd already mortgaged
everything I had to pay for it,

and borrowed, and...

And then there was
some trouble, but you...

you found a way
to pay them back.



- Don't move!
- Okay.

I was in the clear.

And I had it all worked out.

Then Bishop shows up
with his hand out.

I just met with Peter Roscoe.

I can explain--

Oh, I think it's been explained.

What do you want?

I had no choice.

Why don't you tell me
what happened that night,

the night Coach Bishop died?

Five minutes.

He gave me five minutes
to save my son's future.

How was I supposed to stop him
from making that phone call

I begged him
for a little more time.

Look, all I'm asking for
is a little more time, man--

There is no more time,
tomorrow in my account,

or I pick up that phone,
and this is over--

What about my kid, man?
What about Carl?

That's on you, Mason.

No, listen--

Don't you touch me!

He wouldn't listen.

He didn't care about Carl.

He only cared about the money.

I couldn't let him rob my boy
of his brilliant future.

He said he was going
to turn Carl in to the NCAA

on Monday

unless he got another 30 grand.

Carl didn't know, did he?

He doesn't know.

How do you destroy a great kid
for something he had no part of?

Bishop didn't care.

He started to walk away.

But I couldn't let him.

I'm so sorry.

I'm not... this man.

I've done some terrible things.

Terrible things...

I didn't know what else to do.

I'd do anything for Carl.

I want you to...

tell Carl
that I'm very proud of him.


He's the best son...


...a father could have.

Mason, don't do that.
Mason, stop!

Let me die.


What's going on?
What are they doing?

Where are they doing?

Stay away, son.

Stay as far away from this
as you can.

No, this is wrong.

Get me out of here.

No... Dad!

Step back, step back.

What... what
is he doing?

Where are they taking him?

It's going to be okay.

We don't like to think

about how much your whole life
can turn upside down

in just one minute.

All right.
Come on, son.

But sometimes,

that's a minute to dare.

Mike, I know,

it was a stupid thing to do,

but once I realized
that he had a gun,

I was super careful,

and I wasn't running after him--

You can't run.

Well, right, and
I wouldn't have anyway.


But I was trying to make sure
I could keep an eye on him--

Hannah. Hannah--

--Until you got there--

Hannah, I get it.

When did I have you?

At the part
where I was super careful?

The day I met you.

And I wouldn't change
a single thing about you,

not one.

So, what do you say?


Yes to us?
Yes to a chance?

It's always a chance, isn't it?

I'll take it.

Me too.

When you get the chance,

take it.

Take that leap of faith.

You might love where you land.

Almost ready.

Big surprise,

I made a special menu
for the big party.

You're the best.

Thank you, Gino!


Well, it's weird, isn't it?

To have a party,
and I'm not cooking?

It's a little bit weird,

but you can't cook for
your own engagement party.

Plus, didn't you make
all those desserts I saw

on the kitchen counter at home?

Like, ten of them?







Right now?




No, I need you
to shut down the street.

I need a bus and a CS team.

On my way.

You ready?

- Let's do this.
- Come on.

You do realize

that we're going to be late for
our own engagement party, right?

Oh, everybody knows us by now.

And they're not going
to go hungry--

I baked.

And just like
a great cookie recipe,

true love delivers every time.