Munthiri Monchan (2019) - full transcript

Munthiri Monchan is a feel good urban romantic comedy revolves around Vivek Viswanath, a young marketing guy working in an cinema advertising firm and his accidental meeting with Ima Rajiv,...

Why are you shouting?

Who are you?

I am frog.


Yah, frog!

Are you not a human?

- Have you heard of frog in empty well?
- Yes.

Have you seen it?


I am that.

Are you cheating me?


Think that you have been cheated.
That's all.

Why did you jump in well?

Did anyone remove you from whatsapp
group? Tell me.

I don't want to remain alive.

Why do you feel like that?


He dumped me.

I am not angry with him.

But...without him...

I can't live without him.

So it is love failure, isn't it?

In present days are there
people like you?

What should I do?

Dear, love is

not just an emotion.

There is a science behind that.

I'll tell you.

While we are in love,

an hormone will develop in
our body.

What is the name of that...?


According to the level of this hormone

love will increase and decrease.

Now you must be thinking

how does a frog know all this.

I am not a person as
you are thinking.

I am something great.

Do you know, I am a man of
divine power?

A person living with the
support of God.

Not only in this well,

but I travel to many places.

In the name of divine power,

I get food and accommodation in
many places.

I get to know many
big shots there.

From them

I have gained lot of knowledge.

I got this knowledge about oxytoxin

from a psychiatrist.

What is the connection between
that and my jumping in well?

It'll be a wonder
only if you don't jump.

It is not the guy who dumped
you who made you do this now.

It is the hormone in your body.

I don't understand anything.

For the time being you
hold on there.

No use of telling her all this.

I'll start from a low level.

For girls if there is a love failure,

it is enough to jump in a well
or find a noose.

Have you ever thought of men?

I know of a love story.

I am connected to it directly
and indirectly.

In that, there is not one but two
love stories.

There is still time for dawn.

It is good that you hear that.

This love story didn't start

in a coffee shop or a campus

but in a fish market.

You made them stink.

It happened by mistake.

Get some water.

Is it fish water to make them
stink more?

He has become dirty.

His goggles are spoilt.

You come again.

'Grape Plant : A frog's narration'

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"Smart shining moustache is beautiful."

"The cheeks are red like
ripe grapes."

"On seeing a look...
on giving a glance..."

"Seeing the walk...
Seeing the height..."

"A trap is being spread with smile."

"A tender plant..."

"Is it a newly grown tender
mango flower?"

"He is the hero in the stage."

"A suited match for the heroine."

"An attractive face. Heart throb
of many girls."

"Is he the young son-in-law?"

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"Stage... grape plant stage..."

"An ideal son..."

"He arrives on the venue by walk."

"He becomes the center of
attraction in that."

"Girls surround him from
all over."

"His arrival makes everyone wonder."

Excuse me
Brother what is the problem there?

It is the fight between two women.

Who the hell are you
to teach me decency!

Don't make me tell your history.

Take this.
- Move away!

Take this!

- Yes.

- Anyway you are stinking of fish.
- Is it?

You drop her home.


Dear, hop in.
He'll drop you.

Will you be here daily?

- I'll be there daily.
- Okay.

Get in.

- Is it here?
- Yeah!

Why is it not lifting?
Lift it.

- Hi! Were you sleeping?
- Stop here.

- Here?
- Yes.



It is I who must thank you.

- Thanks!
- Uh...

Why are you thanking me?

It is because you sat behind me

- that I could hide my dirty shirt.
- Oh!

By the way...what is your name?


- Ima...
- Ima Rajiv.

- Ima Rajiv.
- Hmm...

Is Rajiv your father

or the lucky man?

- Father.
- Thank God!

Without asking I'll tell you.

Did this also come along?



Now it is cleaned. Take it.

It was not required.

Honestly my name is Vivek.

People fond of me address me as 'Vive'.

Oh...then how does people, not
fond of you call you?

Is it 'Brother'?


Don't call me that.

You call me as Vivek.


In car not only name but
number is also there.

I know this is a trick.

What to do?

- Okay then, bye!
- Bye!

"Mango draped in silk..."

One minute!

- What?
- It is okay.

- This is a part of it.
- Is it?'ll have to do some work.

To tackle her.

Oh God! What a person to
attract her!

I'll deal with that.

What a tragedy!

It was not needed. I forgot that
I am a watchman.

You know guys, as far as
India is concerned

the biggest entertainment,

as per the survey it is cricket.

After that it is cinema.

When television was introduced

people said there won't be cinema
here after.

Now television depends on movies.

Same way cinema is also depending on TV.

People prefer to see in bigger screens.

That is why they pay money...

and see advertisements in
cinema halls.

There are many companies in
Kerala alone which were

branded in theatre alone.

- Can I ask you one thing?
- Sure, sir!

There are people who don't visit
religious places.

What do we do by going there?

We pray.

We pray for whom?

For us and for people
close to us, right?

I must earn money.
My children should remain healthy.

My wife must get a job. Isn't this
what we pray?

What if we visit cinema theatre?

Don't we pray for a character in
a story that we like?

Save the hero.

Nothing should happen to the heroine.

It should be a happy ending.
Like that.

What I am saying is, prayer is happening
in both the places.

So, theatre is the only place

were we are praying for the others.

The most divine selfless peaceful place
in the world is...

cinema hall.

Agree with me?

- Yes.
- What is he talking?

Sir, may I...

- Come in.
- Thanks, sir!

After saying all this, he is
drinking water.

Where did we stop?

- Sir, religious place.
- Okay right.


What is the difference between
religious place and cinema theatre?

Very simple.

To get peace of mind

we go to the religious place.

But it is with peace of mind

that we go to the theatre.

That is the difference.

Yes! Peace of mind.


Where it is there, we can
sell anything.

The audience which come to the
carnival with peace,

from the ambiance that we provide

get involved in the cinema.

With that in the advertisements that
we show.

It'll get business to the clients.

Anyway guys, go and
meet your target.

- Yes, sir!
- All the best!

- Okay?
- Okay, sir.

You go ahead.
I have to collect something.

What is it?

Things are very slow.

After the flood no clients
are coming up.

I know the matter.

But I can't tell this to the
new staffs.

You try to clear the maximum

I don't have to mention about cash.

Clients cheques are
going on bouncing.

Avoid agency and try to get
some direct agency.

Give offer in off screen and
on screen.

Mumbai is not having
any flood like Kerala.

I have extreme pressure.

- You try to do something.
- Okay sir.

Let the work go on.

Just now I mentioned about pressure.

Hello, sir!

Okay, sir.

Deal, sir.

Sure, sir. Sure.

I'll take care of it. Okay.

There is no spicy news in Malayalam.

Rent a read. The icon of
innovative thoughts.

You thief!

So you were an intellectual, isn't it?

Rent a read.

I'll bring her in cinema screen.


Rent a read.

Reached final destination.

Government need not be blamed.

I should have used helmet.

It is my fault.
Only my fault.

Hey, guy! Is it your vehicle?

- No.
- Move aside.

- What is this?
- Let me see.

How is it? Is it good?

- Excellent.
- You'll prosper.

Got a book on rent.

Rent a read...


Give way to this uncle.

- There are many readers for this book.
- There it is.

I'll get some more copies.

By the way, I read the article.


Thank you!

You are a scholar, isn't it?


On which year did this
company start?

Last year. Why?

Nothing. Foot falls are not
as expected.

This company needs to reach to
the people.

The reach is not at all good.

Necessary reach is there.

More than enough.

- Don't we need to leave? Meeting.
- Please!

Give me 5 minutes on rent.

Okay, don't exceed 5 minutes.


Ima, meeting!

It is only meeting, right? Nothing
urgent, isn't it?

Please, let me talk!

You know, Ima.

Size does matter in business.

- Shuck!
- Like her.

You concentrate here.

Larger than life size.

On seeing in silver screen,

people will become a fan.

We start making scores.
That is the psychology.

An ad of Rent and read.

If it comes on carnival screen,

from next day onwards there
will be a queue here.

Like in the beverage.

Ofcourse! Book is like
brandy bottle, isn't it?

What is your name?

- Shaileja.
- But there is no shyness.

Allow me to talk. Please!

Ima, if our product
should reach more people

we must reach to the people.
Do you understand?

My dear!

- That I liked.
- No, Vive...

Call like that. Good usage.

I didn't start this by targeting
everyone like soap and comb.

Main aim was to promote reading.

It was not aimed at profit.

That's good.

People here are looking at whatsapp
even during the climax.

In between that advertisement.

Cheapness, spoiler and bluff!

Such an efficient girl

I haven't seen in my recent times.



If the content is catchy,

nobody will look at the phone.

Ima please!

If you give me 24 hours time,

I'll return with an eye catchy campaign.

You can select only if you like.

Is it needed?

It is needed. Please!

It'll be very costly, isn't it?

You are mistaken.

In minimal cost

you'll get maximum reach.

The advertisement in big screen
is that.

Anyway, we can negotiate on tariff
and all.


Send me a proposal first.

All of you have reached
at the right time.

There is no delay.

Did all of you have food?

Do you know how to prepare raw
banana fry?

No, boss!

I see. What about you?

Let me see.

Good. Do one thing.

You go to Marine Drive and sell that
by standing under a tree.

If there is no other alternate,
I'll also come to eat.

Why are you all going around calling
yourself as salesmen? Donkeys!

If you sell two products, you
bring back four.

To store that I have
to get another godown.

There are many branded water filters
in the market.

Then who'll buy our useless product?

What is wrong with our brand?

Nothing wrong.

Can't you see what is written
in block letters?

Which other brand has got
syngola 6 technology?

- Who is that?
- What is syngola 6?


I have told so many times.

In an ordinary water purifier

the bacteria are killed

and the dead bodies are
deposited in that itself.

That is it. That will enter people's
stomach and develop diarrhea.

But our water purifier

will kill the bacteria and see here,

it'll bury them in this cemetery cabin.

- Why are you laughing?
- Nothing.

Is cemetery such a big comedy?

What is this?

Saying all this you try to sell
this to the people.

Instead of that don't bring it
back to me.

We'll do it.

I should be blamed to be
supporting them. Let us go.

Seeing your face it looks like you
have buried some syngola 6 in cemetery.

Out of depression I am starving.

Is it?

Today isn't it your turn to
prepare food?

I'll prepare and you'll eat.

- You keep waiting.
- I know that.

Let us go to the road side shop.

Ponni had called.

For porridge there is no rice.

- What is that?
- To buy that and come. Rice.

What a tragedy! How many times
did you watch 'ThenmavinKombathu'?

You start the vehicle.

- Okay.
- Save Edaprayar!

Stop contamination of water!

Sigma Gelatin must be shut down!

Allow to live!

I am dying of hunger.

Find some place.

You are saved.

Go man!

If this continues, piles will be
announced as national disease.

Stop! Where are you going?

You don't eat chicken.

- Piles...
- Stop it!

While talking about food you don't
talk about wastage.

Use 'Hit'.
You'll get intermediate relief.

- No use of that.
- Brother!

Things are not good.

What happened?

There is no benefit from
this water business.

Life is full of leakage, isn't it?

Yes man!

There is development
only in the matter of age.

That is going on increasing.

Brother! Two plates of parota...

and one animal meat.
- What is this? Brother, beef!

- Okay.
- Isn't beef an animal?

My precious! You remain silent.

All these ideas when we are hungry.

We can only order thinking as beef.

How do we know whether it is
dog, cat or bull?

On saying as animal meat, all
this will be covered.

On ordering we can eat peacefully.

I became greedy.


We don't think we can eat meat...

and parota for too long
in this Eranakulam city.

Should we take parcel for our friends?

No need!

Their motive to prepare porridge
by themselves

will get spoilt.

Then let us continue
with our motivation.


- What?
- You eat first.

- Are you not eating?
- First you eat.

Are you testing?

Should I pray?

Oh God!

What is your opinion about women
going to Sabarimalai?

First let a girl enter in my life.

- You wait and see.
- Then I'll think about it.

All the girls are dumping me.

"In Marine Drive under the tree love
is blossoming..."

Let this remain here.

Don't put the brief to dry here.
Put it upstairs.

Why? Isn't my brief a decent one?

A fan is rotating here.

I am also sharing the
electricity bill for that.

This will remain only here.

Who has left this door open?

They must be the ones.

Who else?

Why is the association secretary
so irritated about the bachelors?

I don't know.

Tell him that Abdul Kalam sir was
a bachelor.

Don't these idiots know that?

Bacteria has arrived.

Bacteria is your original father.
Not the one in the certificate.

Dear, have you prepared porridge?

What? Today is your turn, isn't it?

If you don't want to starve,
go and prepare it.

Give way.

Even Dubai is not so hot.

- Right!
- Oh God!

- Secrecy!
- That is good.

It looks like inside the stomach

an evacuation problem is going on.

- Is it?
- I think that animal meat has worked.

The curse of all the animals is
inside your stomach.

- That is it.
- It is a big curse.

I'll be back soon.

Don't forget to flush.

It is your usual act.

You know about my business.

I am very particular about water saving.

What is your condition there?

I am okay here.

What okay?

You are wondering around there.

Father, please!
Trust me.

Do what you want.
I want you to succeed.

- What about mother?
- That was over.

I have left office only now.
I'll call after reaching home.

No need. I'll call.

- Fine.
- Okay.

- Was that father?
- I am safe for one week.


Seeing your expression
I understood that.

- Is it?
- You can either leave or not.

I need not stay here.

Why don't you send me to
Dubai by getting a visa for me?

Hey, I need charger.


Do you know what is the biggest
shortage in Kerala?

Shortage of charger.


Shall we give application to
the Chief Minister?

You go and give.

This is the problem.
I must not tell.

You knock the door and then open.

You can't be sure in what condition
we'll be inside.

- Take it.
- Go away man

Who is this party?

My new client.

My new girlfriend.

New girlfriend?
You never had any old girl friend.

She is good.
What is her name?

Ima. Ima Rajiv.

Ima is okay.
See to it that she is not dumb.

Go man!

No need to pinch too much.

Get me also an appointment.

In your care off
I'll deliver my singola there.

Should you deliver your singola there?

Then her books will fall in that
and become wet.

Go man!

Don't do any help.

No. Here after I won't
help you in life.

Ima...Ima Rajiv.

Be careful!

How is it?

Interesting. I like it.

Thank you! Tell me.

In total after seeing

how much percent like will I get?


Above that

if 25% more is added?

Like will become love.

I mean...on seeing the final out

you'll love that.

Oh...let's see.

Shall we proceed?


Let me know when it is ready.

It is ready.

This is a special case for me.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Thank you!

Don't you go to market anymore?

After that incident

wherever I see fish,
I think about you.

- Wherever I see fight, I think about you.
- Is it?

Thank you!

Good match!

Excuse me!

- Is Lumbar Grass's dog year there?
- How does he know all this?

- Oh no!
- Ima!

Malayalam translation of that is there.

'Dog's years'. Is that enough?

I am not much comfortable
in Malayalam.

Why? Don't you know the alphabets?

May I know your good name?

Sorry! I have a very bad name.

Is it? Very good.
Keep it up.


Good girl, but her name is tarnished.

Else it would have been interesting.

- What is this?
- Sorry!

Anicha! Come...come.

Don't you want to talk business?

- Coming.
- Come.

I am always ready.

Poor guy!

Give him 5 minutes.

He is my roommate.

You people are very
fond of this 5 minutes.

Isn't it, Ani uncle?

Not Ani uncle. Anichan.

People fond of him does call like that.

Some bloody beggars

say so out of jealousy.
Don't take it seriously.

Enough. Come to business.

- Let us come to the matter.
- Yeah!

- That is...
- Hey!

Sorry! I made a mistake.

- That is...
- Wait.

- This is our brochure.
- Oh.

I need not explain the matter to you.

Like that

I don't have to explain about our
product to anyone.

Even then I am saying,

ours is the No. 1 water purifier
in India.

Aquastil Now with Syngola 6 technology.

Oh...there is no problem with
the water here.

There won't be any problem
on seeing.

I'll show you something.

Bad girl!

Get me two glasses of water.

Is the water also bad here like
the name?

Go and get it.
What is this?

She is not active.

Anicha, will you incur shock?

This is not as we think.
We must be careful.

We must perform carefully.

Here, see.

It is enough
if there is reaction in water.

No need for anything more.

See, look at the water.

There are rare chemicals and bacteria.

What is the matter?

It is because there is no knowledge
about syngola 6 technology.

If it is our purifier,

all this will be

buried in a cemetery cabin.

Will there be rituals after the burial?

Oh God!

There are locks in your dress.

You lock your mouth with one
from that.

I am explaining a matter.

Whatever it is,

we don't want this now.

- That...
- Don't waste your time here.


- Okay?
- Yes.

It is better not to die of typhoid.

It is good to buy one.

No use of buying after getting diarrhea.

Let us go. What are you watching?
Are you not coming?

- Let us go. Ima, I'll be back.
- Bye!

- No need to give hand.
- Shaileja, move aside.

No use of staying in the middle of books.
You should have sense.

Come let us go.

She knows nothing about purifying.

She must study chemistry.

- Come.
- Hey!

She is not right.

She is arrogant.

- Don't have any dealings with her.
- Is it?

- I don't like her.
- She is not meant for

cheap guys like you.

You shake hands with her carefully.

It is the time of 'Me too'.

For just touching the hand

you may have to hold her feet
during bad time.

Will you feel bad
if I tell you one thing?

- What is it?
- What a tragedy!

If you call me to this dirty place

Come on.

- Hop in.
- That is what I am also saying.

I must be blamed.

This not enough to blame
you for this alone.

I should be beaten for bringing
you here.

Start the vehicle.

- Stop! Stop!
- What is it?

- What are you doing?
- Stop there.

- Stop!
- It is not me.

Donkey, stop!

How are you connected with him?

I am his roommate.
What is the problem?


Then it is enough if I catch you.

He cheated me by
talking about syngola...

and delivered a water filter at home.

It had leakage and the house got filled
with water like MullaPeriyar dam.

I abused him and he took it back.

On asking for money he keeps cheating
me by saying as tomorrow.

Tell him that I'll put an end to
his tomorrow.

You don't worry.

I'll get the thing from him.

What if you are also a fraud like him?

Can't you see that I am not like that?

Many say like that.

But I am not like that.

In a peculiar circumstance I had to
keep him with me. That's all.


did you know that he is in this area?

I was searching for another thing.

There is 'Rent and read' library here.
Do you know?

Do you want to go there?

- Yes.
- I know the place. I'll drop you there.

That will be an inconvenience for you.

No problem.
You hop in.

Then it is okay.

Ima, one minute.

- What is it?
- Sir.

Haven't you left?

I left.
But I returned.

This is Menon sir.

Profitable case.

Menon sir is special.

He is ultimate intellectual.

Full time book reading.

He needs book while going
to bathroom also.

I'll introduce him to you.

Sir, this is Ima.

She is the all in all here.

- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you!

I read your article in the newspaper.

Girls should be like this.

- Smart girl!
- Thank you sir!

In actual

I feel a great respect for you.

His arrival is not a waste.

Thinking about the idiots
who doesn't have the habit of reading

I feel very sad.

Yes, that is correct.

- Do you have reading habit?
- Ofcourse!

What a question is that?

Instead of facebook

have you read any other book?
Tell me.

Cursing your dad?

Suddenly if you ask
how can I say?

Who is your favorite writer?

Is it the waiter in the bar?

What kind of question is this?

- Not that.
- Then?

Shivashanker Pillai.

- Who?
- Shivashanker Pillai.

Is your mind filled with rope?

A bit.

I need a membership now itself.

I'll tell madam.

What is the formality for that?

- You come. I'll tell you.
- Yes.

God of politics.

Have you not left?

No. I thought I'll inform and go.

- Then you tell.
- Shall I?

- You tell.
- I'll go and return.

Will this old man be a nuisance?

He is maximum fond of rope.

You must be careful with the guy

wandering around with noose.

Is it good?

Is there only this nod?

Any comments?

I don't know what I should tell.

I am running short of words.


It is only when they abuse men

that women have no shortage
for words.

Otherwise there is lot of shortage,
isn't it?

Go man!

She is sure to take me with her.

You are a different type off a person.

That I had felt long back.

You are bound to feel.

To think and live like all others.

it is possible for anyone.

Yes, including you.

You made fun of me, right?


I was serious.

You are really different.

I became your fan long back.

You know how to flatter very well.

I mean it.

But this is the first time
a person is accepting it.

I also want to become different.

What should I do?

If you read well,

you'll get knowledge and sense.

In the past I used to
read well.

- Is it?
- If I am right,

last time I read

'Love on the way'.


My Vive!

There are many types of reading.

Have you heard what
Kunjunni sir has said?

Reading will cultivate.

If you don't read, you'll bend.

It is said just like that.

In the past for many
days I didn't read.

Even then nobody got attracted to me.

I swear!

Then okay. I'll leave.

- Did I make you hate?
- Yes.

- Then okay.
- Fine.

I'll get her.

- Vive!
- Yes, sir.

- The sales is on Friday in Mumbai.
- Okay.

This time you must go.

You are sending me because
you can't take the abuse any more.

Rest I must hear, isn't it?

- I heard your mind voice.
- No, sir.

Not that.

I am saying this for you
to get a boost.


You go and celebrate.

Have two pegs.

You go around and come back fresh.


I can learn atleast two abusive
words in Marathi, isn't it?


Thaleserry property's two hard copies
are there in the station.


On the way you collect it.

- Hand over it to Mayur in the office.
- Okay, sir.

- I'll call and inform.
- Okay.

Excuse me, sir.
It is the client.

- Carry on.
- Thank you!

- Hello!
- Hi!

You can come and collect that cheque.

Our first ever financial day.
Take it.

- Will it bounce?
- No.

Thank you!

The signature is excellent.


It looks like a lorry has had
an accident.


How is your advertisement business
going on?

Not bad.
Very good improvement.

In the matter of the
cash that is due.

Somewhere here a love wholesale
is going on.

Let everybody love.
How are you bothered?

Isn't this useless into any love?

Are you not ashamed to call me like tha?

To feel ashamed is 'Useless' a bad name?

Shall I tell a truth?

Nobody has loved me till now.

In that matter you can trust me.

I am a virgin.

I'll believe you.

How am I bothered if you are
into love?

Not that...

What about you?

To me?

- Love?
- Uhm...

No way!

I like to live freely like this

without any commitments and control.

I also like to live without

any commitments and control.

- But...
- But?

On seeing some girls,

I lose my control.

What to do?

"Seeing a flower bud passing by..."

"There are some dreams in my heart."

"In the song that can
be heard in the air..."

"Two parrots are coming together
in a nest."

"Let us do some sweet talks and
laugh together."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."

"Regularly it can be heard."

"Are they the spring music?"

"Unknowingly your love will melt."

"Closely in the soul..."

"Thousands of sweet wishes will rise."

"It is such a pleasure!"

"Sweet words will flow."

"It'll spread happiness."

"Two souls are bringing together
desirable music."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."

"Emotions will get soaked in the eyes."

"Sweet talk will sprinkle as smile."

"We'll wander on the same path."

"Each and every word will be heard
with attention."

"Each minutes will pass
by in this stage."

"We'll get united on a spot
in the heart."

"On the path where flowers bloom,
we'll fly as butterflies."

"The heart will search
for eternal love."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."

"Every day a new feeling will
rise in us."

"That love will grow by itself."

"Each and every moment
will be cherished."

"It'll awake memories in you."

"Sunrise will spread unique
golden rays all over."

"Sunset will give way to rainbow."

"Let us enjoy this phase and flow
as a song."

"The heart will be
filled with that song."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."

"Regularly it can be heard."

"Are they the spring music?"

"Unknowingly your love will melt."

You hug me and sit.

Fat hopes

Now you get down.

What is the work in Mumbai?

- Other than boozing.
- That?

It is a problem job given
to me by my boss.

You are a big problem by yourself.

How can he get you into trouble?

Try to make some growth on the way.

Let me tell you one thing.

I don't like the girls
who give me advice.

- Tea...tea...
- Let us sit here.


If I ask you a serious thing,
will you take it as a joke?

We Malayilis find comedy even
in tragedy.


If you plan to propose, no need.

How smart!

How did you know that I planned
to propose?

I also eat the same rice that you eat.

From where does this
rocking counter come?

It is only this much to see.

But you can talk a lot.

Girls who can talk cutely like this

has got a name in our native.

- Shall I tell you?
- If it is something bad, no need.

It is not bad.
It is very good.

- Shall I tell?
- Okay you tell.

Naughty girl!

You beggar! I'll kill you.

What a tragedy!
Don't make me say anything more.


Allow me to tell.

No need to tell anything.

Call me.

- Will you phone me?
- Yeah!

What is this?

Cholera time love!

You said you wanted to be different
and you are bored.

You can read when you are bored.

Let me see.

Finally will this cholera make a hit?

You read it.


- Does Harish have moustache?
- Harish's moustache?

Let it remain in his face.

Else tell him to shave it off.

You are a book reader.
Take it.

Bro, no use.

Don't try to provoke.

This is online library.

What is there if it is offline?

We'll make it online. Okay?

From where has he landed?

- Call me.
- Okay.

- I'll phone you. Bye.
- Bye!


Vive's excellent catch!

Your mobile...

- Yes.
- Okay.

- Have you booked vehicle?
- It'll reach the station.

Client will surely send.

Let us go and see.

We must never help a Malayali.

Look at her.

Arrogant! Is she sitting here?

Bro, move a bit.

Actually I expected a thanks.

What is the cost of the mobile

which I caught before it fell?

Why is she silent?

Will you vomit at night?

What happened?

- I just asked.
- No problem.

Excuse me!

To where are you going?

She is not a mingling type.

This book is the only companion.

Shuck! What a boring!


My dear, what kind of a book have
you given me?

Is it 'Cholera time love'?

Why couldn't you have given
'Cold night'?

Else you could have
given 'Wingless dreams'.

It is bad that you thought of me
as of your standard.

Hello! She has disconnected.

On saying anything, she'll disconnect.

Cholera is also gone.

Now I have only this Sukra sir's book.

They have fitted this thing for the
passengers to charge their mobile.

None of them are working.

These holes are made for the insects
to build nest.

- What do you say?
- Yes.

Will he be her father?

Excuse me! Don't mistake me for
asking this.

Any problem?

I think she is the latest
version of arrogance.

TTR is here.

How much is the cost?

- It is confirmed.
- Is it so?

Tell him to recharge my phone.

I'll call and see.

Where is she going?

I didn't ask her anything now, right?

Bro, one second! Shall I sit there?

What is she telling him by
going there?

Oh God!

Oh God!


Tea... Bro, tea!

- Tea.
- No need. It must be a bad tea.

This guy is not proper.

There is a small mistake.

- Oh God!
- Oh no!

I didn't do anything.

I am innocent.

From the time he arrived he started.

He is trying to grab the girl.

Nerve patient! He should be handed
over to the police.

It is not my mistake.

Oh God! I didn't do anything.

My dear! I am not an eve teaser.

I am an innocent guy. I am going to
Mumbai for a meeting. You devil!

Why are you beating me?

Oh God! Don't catch it in camera.

I have to go for the meeting.

Oh God! I am innocent!

Oh no, it's not me!

A lie that I told you about me,

will come to light now.

- Why are you resisting like this?
- Sir..

Come with me.

I feel afraid.

Please sir! Please!

Go inside.

- Sir, please!
- Oh...

Sir, please!

We'll find a solution for your hunger.

Sir, look at me as your brother.

Then do you want me to stink?

I have got a meeting.

Once sir arrives, we'll attend all
the meeting.

Is it by assaulting?

Please, sir! Sir!



Sit there.


Is it molesting?



Did you try to quench the thirst of
a common Malayali's creation?

Why did you do this unwanted thing?

Now there will be case, prison,
news and there will be night discussion.

Your life is gone.

I haven't molested anyone.

Then what is the problem?
You relax.

They are not believing
what I am saying.

Do you believe in law?

Believe in law.

Who are you?

I have dealings with God.

My recordicall name is 'Hundi lover'.

Now and then I'll loot the hundi
in temples and churches.

In that matter I am a man who
believes in all religions.

From that money I give some to

vegetable vendors,

tea shop owners

and fish sellers.

Rest I give in beverages and
support our government.

Like in the past, there is not much
money in the hundis

Some people preach this and that

and change the mind of
the devotees.

So, you are a thief, isn't it?

Some people do call like that.
What a fate!

There are people here
to invest in millions

and produce cinema about

Nobody wants our bio pic.

Society is biased.

In this condition also
you are able to smile.

That is a positive sign.

If you talk about your life
filled with incidents,

there won't be any particular use.

But I'll hear.

Just for a mercury.
Just like that.

Is it going to start from an
ordinary family

in an hill station?

- Sir, I am astrologer Manipayari.
- Aah!

It must be because he is educated.

You sit.

What happened? Tell me.

What is this?
She is not saying anything.

No use if you remain silent.

Railway police completed with
their procedure.

Now it is our job.

A police station has got
its own formalities.

You ask her in detail.

This is not a place to fun.

It is police station. You tell quickly.
We have to file an FIR.

We didn't tell you to cry.

We told you to tell.

Say something.

Can't you talk?

- Can you hear?
- Hmm.

Did he molest you?

Then what happened?

How can we know in detail?

- Hey, you find a solution.
- Sir.

Otherwise also there is no
value to the words of men.


Why do men alone are able to cry?

It is due to unemployment.

Do you have anyone to get
you out in bail?

This is that.

We realize that only
we are there for our self

during bad times.

In the past there was a professor
with me in prison who told a thing.

When you are in trouble
people treat you as trouble.

Yeah! Let me see if I can
do anything.

Hold me.
I have to get up.

Brother, ask him.

Sir! Sir!

- What is it?
- Please come here

What happened in the matter
of this boy?

You listen to what he has to say.

That girl is dumb.

We are unable to understand
what she is saying.

Dumb? Oh God!

It is gone.

Now what will you do?

Let someone who knows
sign language come.

Then we'll see.

There is a person.

Someone known.
Shall I call?

- Hi!
- Bye

Banerjee has arrived.

He is the one I told you about.

He is great.

Including sign language, he knows
6 languages.

Gold smuggling is his
main business.

In leisure time he goes to prison.

Bannerjee... is he a Bengali?

No, Malayali.

His father was crazy about football.

Isn't our P.K.Banerjee there?

A fan of his.

That is why he named him with
that name.

It'll be okay, isn't it?

Ofcourse, it'll be fine now.


The issue is that she is dumb.

- Else I would have got saved.
- You remain silent.

Sir, she is saying

that he didn't do anything.

The passengers intervened and
spoilt the matter.

She couldn't tell the truth.

This is a real problem.

- Hey, release that boy.
- Sir.

My work is over, isn't it?
Shall I leave?

You come.

- Is it to beat?
- Come.

Come on

Don't be afraid.
You come here.

No need to lock.
Where will I go?

No, I'll lock and give the key to you.

Leave it.

Have you ever thought
about we policemen?

By remaining awake and staying
away from relatives

we are running around to maintain peace
in the country.

We also make some mistakes.

We are also humans.

- You are going to Mumbai, isn't it?
- Yeah.

You drop her also in railway station.

You are going to mangalapuram,
isn't it?

You go to the railway station
with him.

Are you happy? You go.

For a stranger like me

you did so much.

I'll never forget this.

This is nothing.

I'll also never forget.

For thieves like us, to remember

only some moments like this are there.

You are something special.

I'll never forget.

All the best!

I forgot to ask you one thing.

What is your real name?

For people who don't
have anyone to remember,

what is the need for a name?

You can call as anything.

Call as Ramakrishnan.

That is my father's name.

What is that?

'I couldn't do anything in train'

'At that time. Sorry!'

After getting me all the beating
are you saying sorry?

What is your name?


Deepika. You have put off the light
in my life. You sinner!

'Please don't be angry on me, please'

I am not angry.

I have got only gratitude towards you.

I could see the interior of the lock
up due to you.

I came to know all the matters.

I saw. Congrats!

Ima, what happened was...

No need.
You need not say anything.

I know what you are going to say.

For the time being I have no
mood to talk to you.


Hello! Hello!

That is also gone.

Don't look at me like this.

Hey, are you hungry?


Have you seen him?

He should be beaten like this.

If only I had got him in my hand,

I would have killed this dog.

He is just an idiot to have tried
to molest a girl in front of the people.

People reacted correctly.

I'll be back soon.

This is 'Twenty four'.

'The daughter of Mr. Srikanth,'

'the MD of the Sigma company,
which is in Edaprayar was kidnapped.'

'The kidnappers were arrested by
the police after a confrontation.'

'The activist party leader AnbuShabeer,
who planned this kidnap...'

'Was shot and dead during the incident.'

'Police informed that the girl,'

'Was handed over to the parents safely.'

'Activists testified that the kidnap happened..'

' all their alternative measures failed'

'The activists who were
caught confronted.'

'Anwar Jamal devoted his
life for the fight against'

'the Sigma company in Edaprayar.'

'His death has shocked the whole
of Kerala.'


I am happy!

Rice, kerosene, sugar.

I have lost my job.

I need not go to Mumbai.

Her sign language.

You beat me on my chest
by folding that hand.

That will be better.

Where will I go now, my God!

I can't return to my native.

There I am a viral hero due to you.

Everybody kicked and stamped
me on online.

No use of returning to the native.

I am not left with any job.

What work do you have in Mangalore?

Why are you crying, Deepika?

You write and show something.

Tomorrow is the marriage.
Then why are you here?

Oh God!

Stop the bus!

Stop the bus!

Please stop the bus.

Stop the vehicle!

Get in.

Let us go.

Hello! Are you eloping?

Are you thinking how I know?

In the past I have
also eloped like this.

'I got into the bus,
on the way to railway station'

'Don't be tensed.
You come.'

'Where have you reached?'

'I'll be in Kottayam.
Don't be afraid.'

No use of remaining like this.

Let us see what we can do.

What is there to do?

What were you doing here?

I told you to take care hundred times.

If she doesn't want any of us,
let her go.

By cheating everyone she has
left with a useless guy.

Till where will she go?

Till now she hasn't opened
the door.

Anju! Anju!

What is it?

Open the door.

No use of your remaining behind
locked door.

I won't open. You want to
beat me, isn't it?

We won't do anything.

You open the door.

Don't I know uncle?

Dear, this is not a small matter.

The matter is not as you are thinking.

Will you open or should I break it?

She left with the
man of her choice.

What is the use of breaking this door?

Anju dear, open the door!

Why are you also not trying to
understand her feelings?

No use of beating me.

She has gone to live with the man
of her choice.

Tell us where she has gone.

Why are you pleading to her?
I'll make her talk.

To Mangalapuram.

Are you telling the truth?


How did they go?

- That I don't know.
- Is it by train?

You didn't show this eagerness in
understanding her mind.


From the time that she has left, it is
more probable that she has gone by train.

In Mangalapuram Raghu
and friends are there.

I'll call and tell them.

He'll bring her back from
the railway station.

- The auspicious time might pass away.
- That is okay.

Where did he go?

I think he has cheated you.

He must have thought that
it'll be a loss

to marry you.

Whatever it is, he could have
called you.

The phone is switched off.

Where to go and search for him?

Hello! Deepika, where have you reached?

Give the phone to Mahesh.

It is to tell him an important matter.
Give it to him.

Give it to me.

Who is this?


Mahesh, don't go to Mangalapuram.

They have arranged men to catch
you there.

You get down somewhere else.

Hello! Stop!

I am not Mahesh.
I am Vive.


Where did he go?

How do I know?

What will I do?

What will I do now?

Please, you be with her.

There is nobody else.

She is a dumb girl.

Protect her till Mahesh comes.

Who is that?

My God!

Hey, what are you going to do now?

'I will wait until Mahesh calls'

What if he doesn't come?

'I will die'


If you commit suicide, I'll get trapped.

People will make out that
you committed suicide...

by getting dejected
due to molestation.

I'll go to prison again.

I won't allow you to die.

You need not die like that.

'I have no other way apart from that'

What happened to my daughter?

- Crane has come for us. Get in.
- I am getting scared

So much crowd!

Go to that side.

Like that. Careful!

This is her first time. careful!

No problem.
Sir, let us go.

- Let me talk to the people.
- Come this way.

Many will tell not to put
money in hundi.

Not only coins.

- But also notes.
- Stop talking.

People like me also have to survive.

Sir, don't file a case.

The girl made a mistake.
They are naive.

Following the new law why
to file a case? Drop it.

For the time being I am not
doing anything.

Tell them to take care of that girl.

Such people may repeat this.

Thanks a lot!

Okay, sir.

Will I also get the consideration that
you gave the girl? - Start the vehicle.

Come, let us celebrate.

It is a long time since
we came together.

No need for any celebration.

I have health issues.

Do you have any palpitation?

Forget that.
Is there any snacks?

Two copies of this.

Was the thief, who jumped inside
the well brought to this station?

Just now he was taken
to produce in the court.

Let this remain here. I'll come
back and take it.

This new handcuff has no look.

It looks like the bangle in the
hands of the Sardarji.

There should be a look
when others see.

The old one had star value.

This is not gaining attention.
So sad!

Why is it like this now?

Technology updation is needed
here also.

It is the time of
artificial intelligence.

- The old one had power.
- Right.

Where is the vehicle?

The bus is here.


Who is this?
Have you reached here also?

This is my girlfriend.
My companion in the well.

You come.

Let us go.

I am a guest of the state.

I don't have to buy ticket.

What is the news?

Is the welcome of the residential
association over?

Anyway, where are you going?

Is it to the suicide point?

I came to meet you.

Is it?

Is it your first visit to
the court?

Do you know?

Only the peons know correctly
about the court procedures.

Let us come to the point.

Tell me.
What is the matter?

What is the motive behind
coming to meet me?

- What happened to that girl?
- Which girl?

The other girl, Deepika?

Did you come to hear the story?

Curious girl!

Please tell me!

Where did we stop?

- In the railway station they both...
- Yeah!

Again the story continues.

At mid night in the premises
of a railway station.


this suicide is not
a solution for anything.

In life there will
be any difficult times.

To cross that we'll get a solution also.

Our brilliance lies in understanding
and finding that solution.

That is, Vivek's brilliance.

Take this.

'Will you help me find Mahes?'

I got kicked very badly.

We'll find it.

I'll stand by you.

But you don't commit suicide.


You drink coffee.

Be positive.

You learn from me.

I lost my job and honor.

I lost the girl whom
I had attracted.

Still I am positive.


Are you hungry?

I feel so hungry.

That parota which I ate was
not enough.

Which is your favorite food?

Do you have potato fry?

No. I don't sell any
unhealthy food here.

'Rice and fish curry'

Is it rice and fish?
Same thing.

Rice and small prawns
are my favorite.

Deepika, if you commit suicide,
you won't be able to eat this.

If you won't feel bad, shall I
ask you one thing?

Accepting this handicap of yours

Mahesh is in love with you.

Why is your family opposing that?

'Mahesh is from lower caste'

Which caste?

'The caste of love'

That is not lower.
It is upper.

'I know it but my family
doesn't know.'

Yes, bloody people!

They will conduct marriage
seeing caste and wealth.

There is no value for
two people's love.


I forgot the name.

- Mahesh.


Anju told me everything.
Don't worry.

I didn't introduce myself.

This is my wife Neelima.
Anju's friend.

Now my wife.
She is pregnant.

I am Dr. Gautam. MBBS.
Living in China.

Did he jump the
great wall and go?

I can understand the
meaning of this smile.

Why do you tell about this
China everywhere?

Truth is like a pregnancy.

It can't be hidden.

Isn't it?
- Was the journey comfortable?

It was very comfortable.

We can talk in detail after
reaching home.

Neeli, come on!

Bro, one minute!

No need to say anything.

I can understand the situation.

I am there with you.

Anyway, congrats!

- Thank you!
- Smart!

I like those who show
adventure in love.

We had a love marriage.

Is it?
- We didn't get a chance to elope.

Before that our family gave
its consent.


Have you come to
Kozhikodu before this?

Yes, I have come.

Isn't it a super place?
- Yeah!

Good culture.

Excellent food.

Loving people!

If someone from outside comes here,
people will shower love on them.

That is true.

Have you been staying in Bangalore
from a long time?


Are you not in IT field?
- Yeah!

We are from the same field.

I am working in Oracle platform.

What about you? Hey!

I am talking to you.

- Java.
- Java?

Java is very simple, isn't it?


Mahesh, its a day man!

Guys, I don't want you to be

On working hard, there will be

Mahesh has proved that.

That is why we could come together
in such an occasion.

Everybody will get opportunities.

Use it. Now you can celebrate.



Thank you!


The marriage is on the 10th.
Don't forget.

How can I remain without coming?
I'll come for sure.

If you don't come, you'll know.

Hey, keep that scale inside.

He is playing!

- His scale!
- Bro, when will you be coming again?

We'll meet.

Kannada beauties of Mangalapuramwill
have sleepless nights from here on.

I am flattered.
- Okay.

- Run along. All the best!
- Okay.

Bro... - I don't think I'll be able
to go to the marriage on the 10th.


It'll be bad if we don't go.


We'll meet.

The function is on the 10th.
Don't forget.


I didn't propose to you seeing your
father's wealth

or due to the sympathy that
you are dumb.

I proposed to you because I
really love you.

If you want, you can love me.

Welcome to my mansion!

I hope it is a mansion and
not a jail.

Come on.

First you take bath
and become fresh.

After that we'll have dinner.

Rest later on.
Come on.


Romantic fragrance.

Soft bed!

You enjoy it man!

From where did your Anju
find this crazy man?

Look at me.

I am going to tell
I am not your heart throb.

'You said you will stand by me'

Your Mahesh will arrive now!
You wait.

What a trap is this!
Oh God!

Go and have bath. Go.


My God!

You rascal!

You are trapped, isn't it?

I came to know only now.


You meet Ima and try to
explain the matters to her.

She is in real anger.

This was in the middle of her
falling for me.

She is not Ima, but devil.

I don't think it'll work.

Do you have any idea about that
fraud lover?

I think he has cheated
that poor girl.

Cheating in some place.

Sacrifice in some place.

That is what life is.

You get lost!

No use of getting angry with me.

I used to warn when you used to
get into these problems.

- Did you call me?
- Hello! Hello!

She is...

taking bath.

Oh God!

What is it?

What kind of a man are you?

You must take bath together.


You need some classes
regarding this family life.

I'll solve it.

- Gautam!
- Yes.


Oh god!

After taking bath
you look glamorous.

It is for your sake.

In a single day I became famous.

From today onwards you both are
entering into family life.

First of all, congrats!

Thank you!
Thank you!

Don't be over.
One thank you is enough.

One I told on her behalf.

Is it? See,

when two different hands unite with
love, you'll get the symbol of heart.

Am I right?

Everybody knows that.


with the increase in love
and understanding

when you come close
to each other,

how will the heart change?

- Diamond.
- Diamond!

That is, love will become
the most precious diamond.

Got it?

I respect you.

It is for the first time,

Gautam is appreciated.

Eight missed calls?
What is it?

Your librarian is a big show off.

I phoned her to compromise
the matters.

She called me as bastard.

You can laugh. Even my father hasn't
addressed me like that.

Is it? That is because he doesn't
know English.

You fool! Don't have any connection
with that girl.

If you are a man,
you must react.

What reaction?

You send me a tick-tok
with that other girl.

I'll forward it to that show off.


Can you hear what I am saying?

Is there any shortage
of range there?

I can hear properly.

Is it?
Then you hear properly.

You scoundrel!

You take this.

I have trouble in serving.

You eat yourself.

I told you.

No need for any formalities
between us.

Gautam, please! Let them eat.

Okay, Neeli! Okay.

Is this doctor like this
from the past?

With motivation and advice.

He got it from China.

Are you not eating?

Serve liver fry to Mahesh.

Let the liver transplantation
of love take place.

Doctor, I don't eat liver.

- Don't you eat?
- No.

Then you eat pomegranate.

It won't be good to look at.

But it is rich in nutrition.

"Like a newly grown mango leaf..."

"You caressed me psychologically."

"Due to shyness both the cheeks..."

"...developed dimples silently."

Old poetries are a real pleasure!

Music, rhyme.

Love is flowing in that.

- Why are you giggling?
- Nothing.

Love is flowing.

That you told to flatter her, isn't it?

He is not a right guy.

Menon sir, shall I
ask you one thing?

Did you have a love marriage?

I did love and marry.

But I didn't marry the girl
I loved.

What happened?

Dear, we must fall in love.

But never marry the person we love.

If you marry that person,
the love will end there.

Do you understand?

"It is a pleasure when
we don't own it."

"What is the use if you are owned?"

That is what love is.

Right. That is a correct point.

It is a long time since you started to
score points here.

Go and do your job.

Pass me that book.

I'll take this.

I have to go to Kozhikodu.

My daughter is living there.
- When will you be back?

I'll stay there for 6 days.

She keeps complaining that I
don't visit her.

So I have to rectify that.

The price of the books that I am
taking to Kozhikodu,

I think I'll have to pay.

A fellow took it from me.

Till now he hasn't returned it.

It is not price.
It is rent.

It'll be more than its price.

The rent! You thief!

"I am eager to embrace you..."

Perfect shock absorber.

Is this enough?
- More than enough.

You naughty!

In the middle
of this eloping,

you must have forgotten to
get some essential things.

Don't worry man!

I'll manage it.

- Shuck!

What 'shuck'? Take this.

It is enough to have babies
after two years of marriage.

Some idiots will say proudly.

The very next day their wife will
become pregnant.

That is the time.
Use it.

- Oh God!
- Please do it!


- This won't work.
- What man?

Deepika, take this.



You are going to the bedroom, isn't it?

Not to the death house, right?

You smile and go.

You go.

Seeing her tension

we'll think someone unwanted
has married her.

Take this. Drink.

Increase your vitamin.

Let it increase.


This first night set up

is good, isn't it?

What to do to pass the time?

There is lot of commotion.

Give him a kick, dear!

What a dialogue!

From two days Menon
sir is enquiring about you.

What for?

Why don't you return that book?

Gopika is saying that it was
brought from some library.

Ancestors have said, woman and
book must never be exchanged.

Both will never come back.

He doesn't know that.

- What a man!
- Excuse me!

What is it?

Do you want any tips?

- Then?

Can you give me the
key of that bike?

Where are you going?

To go for a ride.

- Now?
- Yeah!

- Bike is in the poach. Take it.
- Thanks!

Thank God!

He is a fool!

On the day of getting a girl in
hand, he is going to roam around.

Is she also going?

Will their first night be on road?

Street night!

In between the first night in

you are a girl who should have taken
a commercial break.

You are standing here taking
the support of a boat.

How did you get the
courage to elope?

Hello! What is it?


It is quite some time since
you both started to romance.

Is it?

Is there any time limit for romancing?

Why don't you go home?

What is your problem?

- Do you want to know?
- Yeah!

Are you doing sweet talk at this
mid night?

Who are you?

Hello! Hello!

You talk to me.

Who are you?
Should I gather people?

You leave the place.

Are you from puritan ethic police?

Who gave you this job?

I am asking to know.

Don't you know about the
Supreme Court judgment?

Anybody who prefer

can sit wherever they want without
being a nuisance to others.

You leave.

Go, go.

If they see two people in love,
they'll come and kill.

If they see them fighting,

they'll take the video of it happily
and share it.

How will this country develop?

Am I right?

'You are a nice guy'

Now only you'll say that I am nice.

For the others, now I am a minus.

Now this mobile is not
a solution for you.

No use of waiting for him.

You think in a practical manner.

I'll give you some options.

Plan A.

You must return back home.

There will be some commotion,
disgrace and fight.

It'll be okay after some time.

Plan B.

With one of your friends you try
to live in some other city.

You can get a good job, isn't it?

Do you know anyone like
that in Bangalore or Mangalore?

Now Plan C.

For the time being I can't return to
my native with this image.

You also can't go back.

We both have to live.

I have got only one option.

'Deepi, it's me Mahesh..
Where are you? Call this number'


Hello Mahesh!

Deepi, hello!

I am Vivek.

- Where is Deepika?
- She is with me.

- Where are you both?
- Tell me what happened.

He is in Kottayam.
You don't be afraid.

'Where have you reached?'

'Thinking about the family,
I am very scared'

It is because they didn't
agree, isn't it?

You don't think about all that now.
Remain cool.

I'll reach on time. You don't
be afraid. Okay?

Today is a decisive day in
your life, isn't it?

I tried to conduct it in a
straight forward manner.

But there is no other
alternative than eloping.

For us also today is a decisive day.

By today our big problem
might get solved.

Not all of us.

The problem of a full village.

Is the child sleeping? From the time
I got in, I have been noticing.

Let her sleep.

So many children are
sleeping in hunger here.

What about the child's mother?

There are many motherless children.

So you came for the programme and
are you leaving with the child?


Today she is our guest.

Where was the programme yesterday?

In the VJT hall of Thiruvananthapuram.

There are people who did
revolution by singing song.

We are left with only voice breaking.

Nobody is taking our
song as music.

Everybody is saying it is screaming.

To avoid the boredom of this
journey, why don't you sing a song?

We don't sing just like that.

Why? Will you sing only on
getting money?


It is circumstances which
make us sing.

- I think it is there.
- There?

Seat No. 3?


This is local ticket.

You can board in sleeper class.

Then what will we do?

No problem. Get down in the
next station and change.

She is not feeling well.

She has got asthma.

You sit here.

I'll tell when the TTR comes.

- You sit there.
- You can sit here.

You sit here.

Take your ticket.

We didn't buy anything
while coming..

What to do now?

We'll buy on the way.


Where are you both going?

We are going to Vega Land.

- Is it?
- Good.

At this age, in which ride are you
going to go in Vega Land?

At this age we are travelling in train
for the first time.

It is interesting.

Why did you tell that?

Then what?

What is there in that?
It is a good thing. have something to tell.

Am I right?

If you don't wish to tell,
it is okay.


So you have really got something
to tell.

Please tell!

In a very young age

we both loved and got
married by eloping.

That too we belong to two
different castes.

So I don't have to tell.

You remain silent.

There was nobody there for help.

By eloping we started our life
in a hill place.

Then that place became our world.

By God's grace we didn't
have a child.

Like you both, I am also
eloping with a girl.

Is it?

She'll board this
train from Eranakulam.

In my matter also the reason is the
same as yours.

You must have given that girl
a lot of hopes, isn't it?

You must fulfill all that.

During dating time

I gave her lot of hopes.

A life of comfort.

But nothing happened.

After we started our life together,

I couldn't fulfill even a single
wish of hers.

Inspite of working so hard our
limits and responsibilities

haven't ended even now.

Sometimes our life was
taken away by storm.

Sometimes there was rain.

Sometimes there were

There is nothing left.

But I have no
complaints in that.

Even if I didn't get anything,
he is there with me.

By constantly loving me,
she developed asthma.

Thinking that luck will
be with us one day

from many years, every month
I buy a lottery ticket.

First time in my life

I won lottery.

Rs 5000 of Karunya Plus.

We are not in a position to go
for pleasure trip.

Even then, to fulfill one wish
of hers we left with that money.

We must go to Eranakulam
and return back.

Isn't it?

"Even after knowing everything is
a problem, you came along with me..."

"Even when I was in full debt,
you didn't leave me."

"Even when the family members blamed
me, you supported me."

"Even when compatriots accused me,
you remained as my companion."

"You spent your good age by
suffering inside my house."

"You hugged me even when I came without
buying new dress for you for Onam."

"You hugged me..."

"Even after knowing everything is
a problem, you came along with me..."

"Even when I was in full debt,
you didn't leave me."

"Even when the family members blamed
me, you supported me."

"Even when compatriots accused me,
you remained as my companion."

"You spent your good age by suffering
inside my house."

"You hugged me even when I came without
buying new dress for you for Onam."

"You hugged me..."

"You hugged me..."

Isn't it this child which is
with them?

Isn't this the child that is
there with you?

I am not objecting.

Is this child the solution
to the problem that you told?

Don't stand there. Stand here.

I told you, isn't it?

Today is a decisive day for us.

I don't wish to go
deep into this matter.

You haven't seen this message.

Then there is no problem between us.

We'll go and sit there.

Come, come on.

No need.

I'll stand here.

You can't stand without us.

How smartly you are threatening me!

This is a mission.

It is not right or wrong but
the goal is what is important.

You entered this unknowingly.

The matters that we tell,

you may not be able to understand.

It is the problem of your age.

This is a fight.

The fight for survival.
Not mine.

But many people.

You must help.

It is a request.

What you are saying
or what is your mission

I don't know.

Holding the life of an innocent child

what fight are you doing?

Silently! Silently!

This is not a fight with just a child.

This is the fight for many children who
are alive

and who are still going to take birth.

You must help.

It is a command.

Why should I obey you?

There are laws and regulations in
this country.

Whatever you may say,

I can't support you.

I'll report this.

A girl is waiting for you in Eranakulam
railway station.

A life with her is your dream, isn't it?

We don't wish to harm you.


Don't compel me.

Take your hands off. Whatever you
may say,

I'll not stand by you.

Hey, leave.

Guys! We must get down here.
Come on guys! Come on!

Come soon, something has happened there.

He must not escape at any cost.

Something has happened.
What happened?

Stop there! Stop!

Don't run. Stop!

Come on.


- Catch him.
- He must not escape.

Make it fast.


- Hey, stop!
- Stop!


- Hey!
- Catch him.

Take your hands off.


We are not communist.

We don't see this as a crime.

Till this mission is over,

we must put you to sleep.

I am sorry!

What happened to the protesters then?

Now I have a respect for you

There is no history of failing protests

Protestors can be killed
but not be defeated

Haven't you heard?
The opposition whatsoever..

..more likely the protests
will get victorious

If not today, it will happen someday

That is history

Hey, please!

Stop on the right side.

- EC to station.
- Are you okay?

- I am okay, sir.
- Do you want water?

- Water.
- Get some water.

From which area?

We have got him near about from the area
about which the criminals told.

Is there any problem?

- SI sir is talking to him.
- You drink.



Sir, some people sedated me from

railway station and dropped me here.

I know everything. We arrested
all of them from the racket.

That child is safe.

You need not worry.

It is good that you recognized them.

That is why they got down in Kottayam.

Accidentally we arrested them.

From the details that we got from the
criminals, we came in search of you.

We'll take you to the hospital soon.

Sir, I don't want to go to the hospital.


A girl trusted me and came away
with me.

She is a dumb girl.

I don't even know where she is now.

I want to contact her.

Can you give me your mobile?

Take care of her.

I'll start now itself. Please!

Send me the location.

Now itself I'll send the location map.

Don't be tensed.

- Come soon.
- Okay.

- Sir.
- What?

I need to go to Kozhikodu.

If it is not an issue, can you
arrange for a vehicle?

You need not go like this.

Come, we'll make arrangement.

- You make him sit in the jeep.
- Yes, sir!

Finally, your hero comes.

"I think of that first pleasure."

"Evening music of happiness."

"I think of that first pleasure."

"Evening music of happiness."

"In that eyes filled with
blue sea water..."

"The time I saw the depth
of soulful music."

"I am unable to express the
pain of separation."

"The delight in the youthful heart
wrote the story of life."

"The footprints on the path will
leave its sign."

"Why should we think about
it anymore?"

"With clouds the door was
closed slowly."

"The way midnight moon leaves."

"Dear you'll disappear in my eyes."

"I'll cross any distance for your sake."

"It became a magical relationship."

"Soulful music became a chanting."

"Will you arrive in this as
romantic tune?"

"My heart will beat at nights
thinking of you."

"The delight in the youthful heart
wrote the story of life."

"The footprints on the path will
leave its sign."

"Why should we think about
it anymore?"

"I am waiting for you like
water in the heat."

"Flowery wind embraced the atmosphere."

"Thousands of lonely nights passed by."

"In the sob of a person."

"Without falling in wind it is

"From years onwards you are
the wick in the heart."

"Will you present me with all
the happiness?"

"It is the time to
soak in the pleasure."

"I think of that first pleasure."

"Evening music of happiness."

"In that eyes filled with
blue sea water..."

"The time I saw the depth
of soulful music."

"I am unable to express the
pain of separation."

"The delight in the youthful heart
wrote the story of life."

"The footprints on the path will
leave its sign."

"The delight in the youthful heart
wrote the story of life."

"The footprints on the path will
leave its sign."

"Why should we think about
it anymore?"

Now what will we tell him?

Dr. Gautam MBBS.

He should be named as
'Made in China' also.

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

You must be the first couple to have
celebrated first night in outdoor.

Thank you!

No need for all that any more.

I have arranged for the license.

- He is mad.
- You told her that I am mad, isn't it?

Not that.

If children make mistake,

elders will punish or rebuke them.

If intelligent people like me intervene,

they'll forgive without punishment
and rebuke.

What is he saying?

It is difficult for me to
shelter you people

for many days like others. It is
quiet natural.

So, yesterday night itself

I got into a night conversation.

You don't understand, isn't it?

Your problems are over.

Your love has been accepted by
the family members.

It is only that it can't
take place in the planned time.

Reception time can be made as
the auspicious time.

For that they will
come here to take you.

Main hurdle is crossed.

I am trapped. This is going to
be a problem.

Why do you look unsatisfied?

- Doctor, I need to tell you one thing.
- Tell me.

Only you can do something.

I have already done.

Without even your knowledge.

It is not that.

You need not be afraid.

All your problems will end.

Just now Anju called and told that
Deepika's father and uncle are coming.

- Yes.
- You are happy, isn't it?

What is it? Are you getting hiccups?

- Means hiccup.
- Neelima sister!

Can you give me water to drink?

It is hiccup, isn't it? No problem.
Just now first night is over.

It's alright. Cool! It's okay.

They have arrived.

Oh God! The decision has been taken.


It is okay. It happened.

There is mistake from my side also.

Thinking that you are handicapped,

I tried to get a guy by paying for it.

But, by understanding your shortfalls,

he agreed to give you a life.

You didn't do anything wrong
by leaving with him.

You are the one who is correct.

Everybody was called. We'll
leave now itself.

By evening we'll conduct
the rituals.

There is not much role for us
in this emotional scene.

Let those 4 to 5 minds unite.

Mahesh, I am Deepika's younger uncle.

Don't you know him?

Sanil, he is Deepika's brother.


We'll talk to your family

Tomorrow is the marriage day.

It is good if we could
reach by the reception time.

We'll explain to the people.

What are you doing?

Make them sit in the car.

People are like this.

Whether it is important or not,

they'll keep digging like this
in any condition.


What is this?

Doctor, we thank you!

It is your who opened my eyes.

We doctors even open the heart.

Haven't you heard about
open heart surgery?

Doctor, you also come. You can
return as soon as the function is over.

Eranakulam! Long drive.

Sorry, she is carrying.

I am also carrying her.

Officially you get them married.

I'll sponsor the honeymoon
in China.

My Beijing colleagues will
take care of them.

Mahesh, are you happy?

Be happy.

Does he have patients?

Even if there are no patients,
we his ancestors are rich,

he can enjoy and live like this.
Doctor! Doctor!

Did you say anything?

Even if your ancestors are not rich,

by your talent you can live
in comfort like this, I said.

You have got sense.

An happy function is going
on there.

To make it an auspicious occasion,
you come.

The sign is good.

First you give back that book.

I have to leave for Eranakulam
today evening.

I'll give you the book.
You come.

Come on.

Help me. I have no issue in climbing.
Hold me tightly.

Menon sir.

You scoundrel!

- What to do?
- What are you doing here?

Go man.

What cheap act did you do in the train?

- Now it has become inauspicious.
- Hey, what's happening man?

Do you know Mahesh?

Mahesh? He is Vivek.

A man with no sense.

Now not only to me but everyone
in the world knows him.

He is a womanizer.

I don't understand.

I'll explain to you.

In Eranakulam,

this rascal chased a girl from
a good family.

He tried to charm her.

That I know.

Yesterday in train,

he misbehaved with some other girl.

Now he is calling himself as Mahesh.

You tell the truth.

Are you a fraud?

In Eranakulam you are Vivek.

In Kozhikodu you are Mahesh.

In Sultan Batheri you are
Sunil Shetty.

Tell me who you are.

I was suspicious of him from the
time I saw him.

Father scolded me when I tried to
get that video. See here.

Listen to what I have to say.

You need not say anything.

How did you have the heart to

cheat my girl who is a dumb?

- Come here. What did you think?
- Please!

Where are you going?

- Is this your job?
- You don't know.

You have landed in trouble.

Are you trying to cheat our
dumb sister?

Beat him.

Bash him.

Who is this new character?

Beat and kill him.

Do you want only my sister?

If you are beating him for kidnapping
your sister,

you can beat me. I did it.

If you come there,
we'll kill you. Rascal!

Why are you taking the beating?

You could have told everything.

There was no time for that.

They attacked me in no time.

How will I thank you for all this?

No need for all that.

To all these people you are a villain.

Everybody here only knows the hero

who fights and wins.

The heroes who take the beating
and lose for the others

are also here.

You are my hero!

Shall we leave then? Son,
sorry for everything.

It's okay, uncle.

- Shall I leave?
- All the best!



All the best!

You are not a bad guy

as I thought, isn't it?

A real good person!

Menon sir!

In story there is always twist,
isn't it?

The twist is not in story alone.

ST 23/2019, Ramakrishnan's son...

Have you committed crime?


I don't know the rules here.

But he jumped only to save me.

It is then that the police arrested him.

Who is this person not in the

In the FIR only the thief, who
fell in the well is there.

Your honor!

What do you have to say? the well...

In the well? Why did you go to the well?

Why are you crying?

Without crying, you tell what happened.

Don't waste the time of the court.

What is your connection
with the case?

Please allow to tell.

I think that girl is scared.

What is happening here?

Why has a person, who is not in the
FIR come to the court?

What discrepancy had
taken place in this case?

What do you have to tell?

In the lord Shiva's temple

I was trying to break open the hundi.
People tried to catch me that time.

In an unknown place

I rushed in the darkness.

That time I fell in the well

Morning when she came to get water,

she got scared of me
and fell in the well.

There are problems in this.

I smell suicide effort.

Don't you know that committing
suicide is a crime?

Court can file a case
by itself. well...

She became scared of me and fell.

Did you fall when the people chased
you in the middle of theft?

Is there any change in that?


The matter is not very convincing.

Let him remain in remand.

Why did you say like that?

Why didn't you tell that you jumped
to save me?

You could have escaped.

There is a truth in all thefts.

That is what is correct.

Let it remain like that.

If your love is true,

the boy who ditched you,
will return.

Even if he doesn't return,

she doesn't deserve your love.

I'll leave.

I think he might come to me.

Like how it happened in their life.

- Bro Vivek!
- Hi!

- Hi!
- Hi!

Hi buddy!

- Welcome back.
- Thank you! Thank you so much!

Hi man!

- Sir...
- Do you know,

Carnival cares for its employees.

As well as its moral ethics.

Any company will be conscious
about its employees moral side.

It'll directly affect our

On hearing such a news about you

we could react only like that.

But, on knowing you are innocent,

same time the company called you back.

Carnival is an employee
friendly company.


- Sir, excuse me!
- Okay.


Sorry...It's alright, Ima.

I was in love with you.

You knew that very well.

Many times I came
to express that to you.

But do you know what you told me?

You have only friendship with me.

If you had been a good friend,

when there was a problem in my life,


to hear me out

you could have stood by me.

On the other hand,
you ignored me.

When you come to continue
such a friendship,

how else should I react to you?


I don't want this friendship.


No need.

I don't want this friendship.

I had a thought.

I am very different

and intellectual as you used
to tease me.

But I understood that I am nothing
like that.

Even after knowing you love me,

I was converting it as a friendship.

Even this attire of mine.

No need for all that.

No use of this confession.

If you can't understand
the possessiveness of a girl

towards a man, what kind of
a lover are you?







"Seeing a flower bud passing by..."

"There are some dreams in my heart."

"In the song that can
be heard in the air..."

"Two parrots are coming together
in a nest."

"Let us do some sweet talks and
laugh together."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."

"Regularly it can be heard."

"Are they the spring music?"

"Unknowingly your love will melt."

"Closely in the soul..."

"Thousands of sweet wishes will rise."

"It is such a pleasure!"

"Sweet words will flow."

"It'll spread happiness."

"Two souls are bringing together
desirable music."

"Slowly petal will bloom."

"Is it a rose flower?"

"This love will develop in us."