Muno no hito (1991) - full transcript

Sukezo, a farmer manga comic artist, takes up the art rock business by setting up a shop in a shed by the river. He tries hard to be successful, but business does not go well and the family becomes progressively poorer.

Shochiku-Fuji Presents

A KSS/Shochiku Dai-ichi Kogyo Film

While having my hair cut

I like to think it's a big waste...

to throw away hair

Isn't there a way to use human hair

If hair could...

cure cancer and piles

the discovery would bring me a fortune

Won't it raise money?

That's why I still keep it

The same with rocks in a riverbed

How can I raise money from them?

Poverty dulls the wit

How can I get an idea?


At a nearby store,
I found a book about rocks

It told me that rocks can be...

salable as art objects

I got so excited my hands sweated


Eventually I opened a rock shop

I'd drawn comics,
sold secondhand cameras...

But I couldn't make it

No money to open a shop in town


General Producer: Kazuyoshi Okuyama

Executive Producer:
Toshiaki Nakazawa / Masaaki Sekine

Planned by Yoshihisa Nakagawa

Starring Naoto Takenaka

And Jun Fubuki

Based on a comic series by
Yoshiharu Tsuge

Written by Toshiharu Maruuchi

Producers: Shozo Ichiyama
Hirotsugu Yoshida

Photographed by Yasushi Sasakibara

Lighting by Hiroyuki Yasugochi

Sound recording by Mineharu Kitamura

Production Designer: Iwao Saito

Pass out the leaflets

Directed by Naoto Takenaka

Why don't they sell?

It's still cold, and few people...

Selling those rocks?

Helping your dad?

Good boy!

Take a look, dear

Rocks have beauty, too

Where did you get this?

In this riverbed

I guessed so

Who would ever buy any rocks found

They're different

Oh, in what way?

Their form and elegance


A rock can represent a mountain

a valley, clouds, wind, the universe...

Let's go


What's wrong? You keep birds

Dunce! Don't mix rocks with birds

He needs cash. He'd sell anything


They don't know how valuable
rocks can be

Lots of cut-rate books
when the boom ended

But they're gone too now

Aren't there good rocks
in that riverbed?

Why not sell your comics?

Actually one of your fans came

He left this

My last one

Your old books get very good prices


He wants to exchange it
for your originals

How about 10,000 yen for
three originals?

No originals

I gave them to charity bazaars

What a waste!

My wife left me

She left home

To women, incapable men are
pure scum

He said they were discontinued

But I found a few

What about the auction?

A Mr. Sekiun said to come
for an application form

"At a temple next month...

"10,000 yen table charge"?

Space for rocks

What if our rocks don't sell?

It's investment

Listen seriously

It's ridiculous!

Where's the cash?
You can't even buy me a skirt

You scrimp on gas and bath water

What can you do?

I hate poverty.
I'm worried about our living

Then draw comics

No orders for five years

You were popular

You're conceited. You think you're...

an artist, but comics aren't art

Self-conceit makes no sense!

Self-conceit? Why belittle me, huh?

Comics aren't my lifework

I'll become a big-shot rock dealer

Massage me

I won't pass out leaflets forever

I tell the neighbors
I walk for health's sake

But I get tired, that's all



Train fare




You must be Mr. Sukegawa

That door's broken. Will you fix it?

Sorry, nails won't work

Sorry to bother you. My man can't do it.
Come in

Excuse me

I'm Sekiun Ishiyama, the president

He's Karuishi, an expert
at finding good rocks

My disciple

How do you do

Write your name, address

and where you get your rocks

Tama River? Natural rocks?

New, natural rocks are popular

They can include excellent ones

I'm just a beginner

I have no good ones

The Tama River sometimes has
good rocks

Only upstream rocks can be good

Downstream rocks are too common

Keep out of this!

I find rocks near a movie studio

We used to go there ourselves

We often went walking

We sure did

We found this
"Water Containing Rock" there

Someone wanted it for 100,000 yen

100,000 yen?!

Rock-appreciating started
in the 14th century

It originated in China

In the 18th century

an appreciation method
was established:

A rock on a sand-filled tray

"Suiseki," or rock and water

"Bonkei" or miniscape,
consists of several rocks

"Bonkei" can use several rocks, but

"Suiseki" must express a landscape
with only one rock

"Bonkei" is human performance

"Suiseki" requires natural beauty

I'll take this

Thank you very much

200 yen

Mrs. Sukegawa

Chinese cabbage is cheap

I'll take pickled cabbage

My shop needs a part-time cashier.
Why not do it?

The more I work, the lazier my man gets

He's selling rocks this time?

While trying out many things,
he'll make it

Lottery's better

I had a Kaji as my senior

A real expert

Karuishi's no match for him

He was a konjak dealer

One day he asked me:

"How many eyes do you use to see

I answered, "Two." Then he said:

"That's not enough.
You need four eyes to see rocks

"And rocks are like konjak"

I said, "Rocks are hard; konjak, soft."

He replied, "You're still a novice.

"Rocks are just like konjak; they are

"warm and very soft."


I've begun to understand what he meant

Let me show you something

A "Figure Rock," but this type is...

extremely commonplace

It lacks elegance

But the way it gets wet...

It's the best one I've ever seen

How many times have I had to hear
that lecture!

He has only expensive rocks.
Worth a fortune

No, no. They aren't his rocks

We dealers consign them to him
for sales

We use his influence to sell them to...

rich people

And he takes a big margin

And seldom pays us dealers

Business with him is risky

But he has lots of experience

Why not drink?

Not me

Let's drink to our friendship

I'm in a hurry

Where are you going?

Is it money? I have some

Your case is difficult

You look so tender your guts don't show

Show your guts more openly

You sure?

Don't talk like that


Watch out for Sekiun's wife

She was ogling you with hungry eyes

She's a slut

He booted out five of our fellow dealers

after they had flirtations with her

Sake made him ill,
and he became impotent

She had a reason then

She was the wife
of a public bathhouse owner

It's gone now,
because a bad dealer grabbed it

It was deep in the mountains,
there were few clients

Then Sekiun arrived to stay
for a few days

And he ran off with
the bathhouse owner's wife

Her husband was...


While going to Sekiun's place
many times

trying to get back Tatsuko

he taught me about rocks

I'd lived by catching fish and snakes

and making bird houses

Mine was such a poor life!

So I obeyed Sekiun till I could live on

But... when I stayed there last night...

What happened?

He made me clean the toilet!

It's love


Sukegawa speaking

Sato from the comic magazine

Been a long time. How are you?

My husband's out now

A job?

No "entertaining" comics, please

He said comics aren't his life's work


He's back. Hold the line please

He's offering a job


Been a long time.

Has she told you?

We have an original story.
Why not try it?

Thanks, but no more
"entertaining" comics


What a mess!

Why not at least read the story?

I'm busy. The auction's coming

You've changed

You're only worsening yourself

I miss the time
you were drawing comics


I like it

It's almost art

Glad to hear

How's your work?

I've got used to it.
A big hit at my counter

Why don't you try it?

Visit me. I'm lonely

Only a small hole there.
We can't see each other

Just put in your hand. I'll hold it

That's not necessary now

Make sure.

Make sure.

Make sure.


Mister, snap it up!

Good evening

Why so upset?

I was glad!

I held your hand

It was so exciting!

The ticket lost

You sure it was my hand?

Sure. It was stained with ink

How dull!

I really was glad

Beautiful sunset!

You bashful?

It's dad! He's going somewhere!

It's dad!


Your family told me you're here

I'm surprised you're doing business

I drank too much water

Take your time

A meadow bunting

A gold finch

You know, huh?

I'm a bird-hunter's daughter

A bird-hunter


My father traps birds...

deep in the mountains

I long for such a life

It wasn't easy for me. I had to wait

He wouldn't come home for a long time

When you first came to our place,
I thought

Your ears looked like my father's

My ears?

Only your ears

Whenever my dad came home,
I cleaned his ears

His ears full of wax


How awful!

Lovers are around at night

There are many hotels, too

The rivers made me cold

Why not rest?

Listen, is it okay?


I can't have children


I came for you

What poor grub!

Wait till rocks sell

Don't force yourself to eat

I'll eat

Tasty radishes

I picked them at the river

The river?


A neighbor's crops!

"Stone Hunting: The Latest Fashion"

Renting boats isn't bad

It makes 800 yen in three minutes

A carrier could make only 20 yen

The carrier died

Mister, may I leave these here?

You sell stones?

Why not ask a curio shop to sell
this stuff?

What's this?

"Lone Boat"

I see

Why not buy one?

"Sorrow, Anger, Understanding, Wind"

"Degradation, Despair...

"Uneasiness, Repenting, Tears"

Just like me

See to that


You like it?

You're the first to like my rocks

Keep it. It's yours

I don't want money. Take it

Want to sell that bird?

I don't sell birds


You'll sell that bird?

I'm asking you...

if you'll sell that white-eye?

80,000 yen?

I was amazed

Half the money's fine. I'm lucky

You could've sold it for twice that


You missed out

So, he's still around


The man with the white-eye

He's "Bird Man"

A mute would come to sell birds
to a shop...

in back of the bicycle racetrack

He was known
for bringing only good birds

I must pay him. Where is he?

No one knew what he really was

I heard he lived at a shrine then

He was at the river

He received only half the money

I know we need money to live

But we'll invest this in my business

We'll go somewhere to hunt for rocks

No means. No

We'll go together, the three of us

A change of mood

Great! The train schedule

An expert named Karuishi...

will direct us to a river

Already arranged?

We'll take an express train from here


Good rocks there

A slow train's better


We can enjoy the trip more fully

What time do we get there?

After 10

10 what?


What station?

Oh, shut up!

Let's get ready one station in advance

We'll arrive in 22 minutes

The truck will take us

He didn't come. Why care?

I'm worried about him

Can we trust this Karuishi?

Shut up and hurry!

You sure?

Get in the truck!

You sure?

Take a look

A criminal case? Don't involve me

Mr. Yamakawa!



I'm sorry... I couldn't meet you

Please come in

A viper?

The doc came too late

I was worried

It's only you who say such things to me

Don't vipers hibernate?

I expect they'll grow fast
if they don't hibernate

So I'm trying to raise them here

Rocks can't make enough money

Vipers make money?

Stop it

What are vipers?

Sonny, roll up that black cloth


You all right?

I feel great after...

yelling so loud

Vipers look like snakes

There it is

There was a landslide

Maybe you can get good rocks

Think so?

I'm sorry that I can't go with you

It's because I jerked off last night

When I shot...

I kicked the vipers' basket

I do it often, but it's...

my first time to make such a mistake

What about that?

I stole it from Sekiun's place

Tatsuko always overlooks it

She really is a kind person

So many ups and downs

It's like life

You look cheerful

It's nice to be free from daily life

I hope we can get good rocks here



To hell with rocks! My shoes are worn

This is how you are

You have no sense

Looks like a family suicide

It won't be bad

We have no bright future

We'll get old, that's all


Let's go. Staying makes no sense

We'll stay and relax

Let's go

May I help you?

Let us stay here

Old man!

"I don't think you know
how radishes feel...

"Mom and Dad were scattering

You farted

Help yourselves

Let's eat!

It's only 5 PM

There's lots of rice

What's this?

Boiled and vinegared radishes

Radish soup, pickled radish leaves

Humble grub!

The fee's so cheap

Look at that laundray. What a joint!

No TV... even a dresser

Don't gripe


You picked this mill

You've never done me good

Don't blame me!

Some women's pussies bring bad luck

About yours, don't tell me

How crass!

They said mine brings good luck


Years ago

A strolling priest. How rare!

Are they still around?

Is he a Buddhist priest?

I don't think so

He's more like a beggar

A beggar?

He's useless

A dropout in this affluent society

Useless and incapable?


He's like you


What are you thinking?

Do priests make money?

I don't want to be a priest

Hear that?

At this hour?

How melancholy!

I feel lonely

I wonder what'll happen to us

Come to think of it.
We have no close friends

We seldom meet our folks

We're isolated

It's like we three are alone
in this vast universe

So what? What's wrong with
being alone?

What kept you?

They asked for a service charge!
They'd done nothing!

Where is he?


Be more careful



I found a rock!

The bus is coming

Here's the bus!


Sorry to make you wait

A rock, Dad! Really!

The bus is waiting

A rock!


A rock!

Where is it?

Where is it?

That one?

It has nice lines!


Looks good

The landslide helped

Name it?


Two waterfalls. Called it
"Married Couple"

At the auction

It'll sell for 100,000 - no - 200,000 yen

Too optimistic

Stone-fans are decreasing

People don't know what's good

They think it's old-fashioned

Naming in foreign languages is
the rage

What about your sign?

That? I'm just pretending to be

That's what pros do

Is your wife back?


How many times must I tell you?

Do it carefully


Choose an angle so the rock looks best

Like this?

I'm sure it'll sell

Excuse me

Our rocks are just as good as
the others

I hope they sell

If they sell, we'll buy a coat for Sansuke

For you too

Tatsuko wants you

You look lovely

You haven't paid your admission


But we paid the table charge

1,000 yen for one, it includes...

lunch and tea

Pay 3,000 yen

If it's for lunch

my son doesn't eat much
so I'll pay for two

I'll give you extra chopsticks

They're 500 yen lunches!

What a rake-off!

Just keep quiet

Pay another 1,000

What a waste!

Let me tell you something:

If your rock sells, you must pay us 10% of...

the price, understand?

I know

What a woman!

Don't say that


"Three Waves" from the Kanra River

We'll start with 3,000 yen. 3,000 yen!

See it glitter?

No one wants it?


We should've started with a better rock

A better one, then

Hurry! What's keeping you?

"Crag Form" form the Saji River

7,000 yen!

Only 7,000 yen for that?

And no one buys it

7,000. No one wants it?

Why don't you buy it?

What about ours?

They're special

Quit worrying and wait

It's so dull today

Where to?

"Mt. Fuji" from the Sakawa River

5,000 yen!

Anyone want it?

It's almost our turn

I feel sick

You're timid



From the Kamo River. 4,000 yen

Anyone want it? 4,000 yen

4,000 yen? No deal


Please do your best





"Boat" from the Tama River. 2,000

Anyone want it?

Start with 5,000 yen!


Leave the starting price
to the auctioneer

Newcomers have no right to complain

Go away!

2,000 yen

Anyone want it?

Only 2,000 yen?

Only 2,000 yen

Everyone's silent


"Married Couple"








18,000? Do I hear 18,000?

Very well, for 17,000 yen...








41,000? Do I hear 41,000?



Don't do two things at the same time

It went for 50,000 yen

So pay 5,000 yen

Any money left?

We'll take them home ourselves

Let's go

What's wrong?

I'm fed up with rocks!

What are you doing?


Why must you do this?

You always cause me trouble

I can't stand it!

You weren't serious about
any other work

I know it

So why do this?

Why? Why must you do this?

All you can do is comics

So draw them even though
no one asks you

Just draw them

You're a fool!


What's wrong?

Come in

You all right?

Stay here

I'll get a taxi

I'll be back soon




Sorry to keep you

We'll have him dissected

I'm sorry you're involved

His relatives?

He's unidentified

Maybe he was regarded as dead

Anyone can be regarded as dead

It's often so with bums
7 years after he becomes missing

It'll like they're dead

It's time to go to the shop


Shut up!

Got it?

I'm Sukegawa. How do you do?

I'm Sukegawa. How do you do?


Don't get funny ideas

That's not it

A guy fell last night.

He'll do the same
Don't end up like him


Mom, piss

Piss by yourself

I already did

Are you busy?


What's the matter?

Say something

What did you say?



Let me keep that

What'll it be?


Yours doesn't suit our line

I'm sorry

That's all right. Thanks

Shall I introduce other publishers?

You were the last one

We were?

Today's editors are young

They flatly refused

They have no head

I never thought my work

Do you remember that mahjong story?
Would be turned down

Our desk is interested. Why not try it?

If you make it, they'll accept that, too

I don't want to

I hate to say this

How do you support your family?
But aren't you too choosey?


You'll get old, too

You used to draw many kinds.

It's painful to draw
You can do it

You can overcome it

You're lazy

Being lazy is easy

Be more serious!



Get out!

This is my place!

I'm back

Everything's changed

My comics won't sell

The bath is ready

"Fly! Fly! I said fly!"

"Take me with you"

About our future...

We need money for Sansuke's school

I'll work as a carrier
and things

There was an old carrier near...

the cycle racetrack, so I'll do it

Maybe I can get 50 yen per person

1,500 yen a day.

10,000 yen on a race day.
36,000 yen for 24 days

That's 96,000 yen
60,000 for 6 days

You're working, too.

I'll sell pop, drinks and rocks, too
We can earn a living

Multiple management

What'll it cost?

500,000. I'll make the preparations

Where's the cash?

You can do as you like

Sansuke and I will manage

Leaving me?

You want to leave us, right?

Quit drawing comics?
Fly anywhere

Yeah. No more of that

Weakling! You're a worm

Yeah. I'm a worm

6 - 6

No such combination in this race

Give me 6 - 6

6 - 6

6 - 6

Ass! What are you saying?

Your money!

How's the shop?

The worst

Then close it for a while

I'll go home and stay there

My father's ill

Why don't you come with me?

With you?

No one else there

Having a good time?

You look well off. Buy a rock

One for a weight

To hold her down

Some pimp!


Hey, hurry!


What's keeping you?

Let me use the pants

Is it still here?

100 yen for one

100 yen

Don't do that. You're going too far

Looks like fun

I'll ask him

Knock it off!

Sorry, I'm the first

100 yen for one!

Carry me


Life in the mountains...

If you like it...

you can stay with me as long as you like

Let's go together

Let's go

"A penniless rock vendor

Shall we go?
What does he live on?"

Pay me 100 yen

Thank you very much

100 yen for one


Hey, mister!

Snap it up!

I'm back

What's wrong?

Been to the river?

About Dad?

Did he look awful?


That awful?


You hate him?


Did he refuse the mahjong story too?

The desk told me to try to persuade him

You refused that one?

That one? Yes

It's too gloomy

I don't dislike it

But the readers want something lighter

Please don't meet my husband

He's suffering. Please let him alone

If he makes it...

we'll publish his old comics again

I'm sorry. I'm fixing supper
as a series

See you again, sonny



"Japanese Tradition -

Rock Appreciation"

I came for you

You smell like the river

You hate it?


Shall we go?