Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2014) - full transcript

When a faun named Mune becomes the Guardian of the Moon, little did he had unprepared experience with the Moon and an accident that could put both the Moon and the Sun in danger, including a corrupt titan named Necross who wants the Sun for himself and placing the balance of night and day in great peril. Now with the help of a wax-child named Glim and the warrior, Sohone who also became the Sun Guardian, they go out on an exciting journey to get the Sun back and restore the Moon to their rightful place in the sky.

The ancient books say that in the beginning, there was no light in our world.
It took a super strong man to bring a sun down to our little planet.
The Guardian of the Sun regulates the seasons,
looks after our land and stuff like that.
As for the Moon?
It was brought over from the World of Dreams by the first Guardian of the Moon.
Actually, he's the one who brought dreams into our world as well.
And that's how the balance was created between Day and Night.
Hey, girls.
How's it going?
Tomorrow's the big day.
Guess who's about to be the next Guardian of the Sun?
Damn right.
Glim! I know what you're up to, and I forbid you to even think about it.
You are not going to that ridiculous show.
- Anything you say, Dad. - It's none of our business,
and it's too dangerous.
I've told you a million times, but no, no, no, no, no.
Why should you listen to an old candle, huh?
Well, young lady,
- because this old candle knows better. - Yadda, yadda, yadda.
You know you can't go out in the Sun.
Last time you snuck out, your arms melted down to your feet.
- Yup. - I am not gonna spend my life
- re-sculpting you. - Of course.
Do you want to end up like your mother?
She also wanted to see the world.
Ursula, my poor precious darling.
Why did you have to go out and pick carrots
in a terrible heat wave at 3:00 in the afternoon?
I told you the fields weren't safe.
Quick, get to bed and find something else to dream about.
If I catch you trying to go tomorrow,
you're gonna be in big trouble, young lady!
Gonna be in big trouble, young lady.
You're making me boil and the melting's giving me wrinkles.
End of conversation.
My fellow people of the Night,
as you all know,
tomorrow I shall be named the new Guardian of the Moon.
The honor and humility I feel at this historic moment,
I cannot even put into words.
So, I won't.
Missed me.
You can catch me, come on!
Now then...
Mune, can't you be responsible for once?
You've embarrassed me in front of Leeyoon.
I forbid you to go to the ceremony tomorrow.
You can come out when you're ready to make yourself useful.
But I am useful.
Today's the day!
Everyone to the arena!
Poor Daddy, still frozen.
This day is going to go down in history, Dad.
I can't miss it.
Don't worry, I'll stay in the shade. I promise.
Love you.
I'll be back for lunch.
People of the Day,
give your applause for the immense, the mighty,
the legendary Guardian of the Sun,
Master Xolal!
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, my dear Krrrack, you have the sweetest heart of stone.
People of the Day,
I've been in charge of the Sun's path
for 350 years now.
It's time for me to step down.
I call upon my disciple to come forward.
Thank you, thank you!
Thank you very much.
You're the greatest.
- Sohone! - Sohone!
As long as the Sun shines brightly,
the Moon will glow humbly.
I am Yule, the Guardian of the Moon.
I call upon my disciple to step forward.
I present to you my disciple.
He has a heart of fire,
and I believe him worthy of you.
Acknowledge him!
We're all gonna die!
- Sohone. - Yes.
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you.
Hello, darlings.
- Sohone! - Sohone.
I present to you my disciple.
He has a heart...
Do get on with it.
And I believe him... Of you.
But only one creature on the planet can be the judge of this.
The purest creature of all.
I humbly accept...
The Moon recognizes...
Why is he here?
- Mune, get out of there right now! - What's he doing?
So it's you again, is it?
- L... - Do you mind?
We're conducting a ceremony here.
Go away! Go!
Get out of here, come on.
Stay, stay still.
What's your name, little creature?
Well then, Mune,
you are the new Guardian of the Moon.
What? Him?
But you said this whole ceremony was just a formality.
Well, the Moon felt otherwise.
We'll see about that.
There can be no Day without Night.
The same goes for the Guardians.
The harmony of the planet now rests in your hands.
Prove yourselves worthy.
Pulled a fast one on Leeyoon, didn't you, you little blue rat?
But I never wanted this.
The big one is as arrogant as you were.
The small one is as naive as you were.
It was an honor to serve as Guardian with you.
Come here, old chap.
Necross, Necross!
Xolal's reign is over. The old lizard is on his way out.
- Spleen, move your butt, front and center. - Mox, chill out.
All this negative energy is getting me down.
Hey, you want to fight?
I'll show you negative energy.
I've been burning with desire
to hear that delightful news for centuries.
And now the time has come to steal back the Sun.
The boss is on fire!
He's going to sow chaos and misery everywhere.
My precious ones.
What are those?
These are evil corrupters.
They find darkness in even the purest of souls.
- I like it. - Yes, yes.
Corrupt me. Make me evil.
Well, worth a try.
Soon the Sun will be mine.
All those years of training, for nothing.
I really would have made the perfect Guardian.
The Moon was meant for me.
It's so unfair.
Obviously, the Moon was meant for you.
Right, me.
No one else.
Well, certainly not that...
Ridiculous little blue rat.
That thing, a Guardian?
Exactly. Give me a break.
Clearly, the old Guardians made an absurd choice.
- Necross agrees with you. - He does?
Mune stole your place.
Stole it?
What does Necross suggest I do about it?
Take back what's rightfully yours.
The Sun for him.
The Moon for you.
Come on, Leeyoon.
You know you deserve the Moon.
Yes, I certainly do.
Well, Mune, this is your home now.
I felt the same way the first time.
What's that for?
Well, to steer the Temple, of course.
And what's this?
You know where the Moon comes from, don't you?
It comes from the World of Dream.
The first Guardian carved the Moon
and brought it into our world through this trapdoor,
and now it's your turn to watch over it.
But I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
The role of Guardian of the Moon is astral complexity,
and always made us extremely careful.
You should never put... Dire consequences.
Look, I really think there's been a mistake.
I'm scared of the dark. The stars all look the same to me.
I get Dawn and Dusk mixed up.
I'm a terrible singer, so...
Guardian of the Moon?
Master Yule?
Master Yule, are you okay?
It's just...
What would you call it?
Oopsie, my bad.
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
And yes, it's just...
This dude was cool.
Can you imagine?
That guy harpooned the Sun and brought it to our planet.
So let's get down to business.
Where are the harpoons?
We hardly ever use them.
Being Guardian of the Sun has become more complex
since the discovery of astronomy, astrophysics, quantum physics and...
But harpooning is what I trained for.
Well, there are other skills you'll need to learn other than harpooning stuff.
Season calibration, photosynthesis, proper solstice management...
You're paying tribute to Master Xolal.
Like all his predecessors, he's transformed into a majestic statue.
It was an honor serving you, Master Xolal.
"And now it's time for our fearless Guardians"
"to embark upon their thrilling cosmic adventures and..."
Hey, come back here.
Glim, where are the cucumbers?
Same place as usual, Dad.
I'm Guardian of the Moon!
I'm pretty sure this thing can go faster.
Wrong note.
This chord maybe?
Come on!
Give me that. This chord?
No, no, this one.
Hello, my fine-feathered friend.
Would you like to rest on my perfectly hot body?
Master Sohone.
This much heat could damage the crops.
It's time to raise the Sun.
Yeah, listen, Krrrack.
I've been thinking about this.
Why not have the Sun shine all year long?
It's so pretty.
Hey, what the heck is he doing there?
Stop! You're wrecking everything!
What's Mune doing with the Night?
Please stop!
This is a nightmare.
Nighttime? At this hour?
The Temple's gone off course.
Its latitude is all wrong.
Don't worry, I've got everything under control.
Where are you going?
Stay here.
Oh, man.
That little fuzzball is messing up my first day on the job.
I've come to pay my respects to the new Guardian of the Sun.
By the way, congratulations, old friend.
Leeyoon, thanks.
Look, I'm sorry about what happened to you.
But, as you can see, I've got a situation here with the Night and...
Yes, I can see that.
Huge mistake giving that creature the job.
Lucky for us, I've got Day under control.
Yes, but for how long?
That's the question, Sohone.
He's threatening the harmony of our whole planet.
And you will have to deal with the consequences of his failings.
That is so not cool.
Of course, we could set things right,
with you and me as Guardians.
Master Sohone, where are you going?
To get rid of that poser.
I'm not gonna let him jeopardize my career.
But you can't leave the Temple.
- It's your duty as Guardian to... - Guard it?
Have you seen the size of the thing?
What, are you worried someone's gonna steal it while I'm gone?
Oh, no.
The Moon is drifting.
I have an idea.
My point is this,
like, I just don't think I'm good at being bad. Right?
Like, I don't have an evil bone in my body.
I mean, technically, I don't have any bones.
- But that's not the point. The point is... - Be quiet!
- I want to be a good demon... - Shut up!
...but it doesn't come naturally.
I don't know how to be a good...
I love nature.
Well, nature doesn't love you back. Get used to it.
Now, let's break this thing.
What is that fool doing?
Stay here, let me handle this.
Come on, take it. The Moon's fine.
Just put it back in the sky, and let's forget about the whole thing.
Come on, maybe no one noticed.
It'll be our little secret.
With this wind velocity and this pressure gradient,
the Moon should hit the lower troposphere in...
What was that?
Spleen, what are you doing back there?
It's like I'm carrying this whole thing myself.
Who is the prettiest flower in the land?
It is you
The Sun!
And where do you think you're going?
Two little devils are stealing the Sun.
It's none of your business. Let the Guardians handle it.
But I need to tell them.
You need to do as I say.
Dad, give me back my hand.
Sweetheart, you're just too fragile.
All I want is to protect you from danger.
You have to trust me, Daddy.
Glim, get back here!
You're made of the same wax as your mother.
Just like all your Night friends, creeping and crawling.
And when you come into the light, it's a disaster.
It's not my fault.
What's wrong with you, kid?
It's an honor to be a Guardian.
It's an honor I never wanted.
- Sohone! - A girl?
Ladies first.
I'll finish with you later.
A fan.
You came here to see your hero in action, didn't you?
The Sun! Somebody stole the Sun!
I'll be right back.
No, no, no, no. This can't be happening.
The Sun!
What have I done? On my first day.
Night? At this time of day?
That's weird.
It's probably just an eclipse.
Well, well.
You're mine once again.
For years, I've been watching you.
I spread your light around the planet.
I spread life.
Still, they took you back.
They took your light away from me.
They plunged me into darkness.
Fine, then.
Bring on the darkness.
Hey, have you noticed how happy the boss looks?
I knew a little chaos and destruction would turn that frown upside down.
Put the Sun somewhere safe.
Where I can watch its heart grow cold and die.
You're an idiot.
But it's not my fault, l...
No? That wasn't you riding the Temple of the Moon like a wild garoon?
The Temple of the Moon.
Every Guardian has their own style.
Mine? Well, it's a work in progress.
A work in progress?
Oh, boy.
You've obviously never studied the ancient books or any celestial laws.
And you claim to be a Guardian?
You're right.
I'm just a regular kid from the forest.
All I'm good at is calming down babies who have nightmares.
But Yule put me in charge, right?
It must be for a good reason.
So I made one small mistake, but...
I'm gonna...
Hey, stand still so I can hit you!
Thanks to you, someone stole the Sun.
You're so gonna pay for this.
First the Moon, now the Sun.
And I'm the one who has to clean up after your mess.
- But... - You're going to have
the shortest career of any Guardian ever.
Hey, hands off!
I believe I can identify the thief.
It could only be Necross.
For years, he's been plotting to get revenge.
And tonight, due to Mune's ineptitude,
well, he got it.
Okay, let's get a few things straight.
Here, you're the real Guardian.
Mune, you're fired. Sorry.
Hurry, Sohone.
Without the Sun's light, the Moon will wane and soon go out.
Don't worry, I'm on it.
I'm gonna get that Sun back.
Wait, I'm coming with you.
You're warm,
and if you get too far away, I'll freeze.
This isn't the time.
You're not gonna leave me here?
All alone, in the dark,
in the forest, unprotected.
What have I done?
You destroyed what was most sacred to us.
My friends, I'm sorry.
I never meant to cause any harm.
You unhooked the Moon.
I was trying to get it back.
I almost did, but...
Don't you realize the consequences of what you've done?
You don't belong here anymore.
No, don't leave.
I can still fix it. l...
Dad, I'm sorry.
I promise I'll find a way to make this right.
Where is that girl?
It's not every girl who gets this kind of
quality climbing lesson with me, one-on-one.
You wouldn't believe it. It's your lucky day.
Yeah, right.
Can I get a hand here? I'm stuck.
Yeah, stuck with me.
Oopsy daisy.
Hello, getting swole.
You won't find guns like that on Night people.
Hey, by the way, are you from Night or Day?
I'm mixed. I'm from Dawn and Dusk.
Do you have a problem with that? You're not prejudiced, are you?
What? No, of course not.
I mean, it's just that...
It's just that Night guys are different.
They scare kids.
Wait a minute.
The fourth star of the Zebra constellation indicates north,
which means we're heading east.
We're going round in circles.
No, of course not.
I know exactly where we're...
I know my stars, Sohone. I'll take the lead from here.
Really? You're gonna swoon over blinking insects?
I'm coming to look for the Sun with you.
Dream on, bug-boy.
I'm on my way down to the Underworld.
You wouldn't last a minute down there.
I want to fix the damage I did.
That's cute.
If you run into Necross, are you gonna sing him a lullaby?
You won't make it through the forest alone.
You need me.
Finding the Sun is serious business, small fry.
You guys keep arguing about who's man enough.
I'm going.
All right, you can guide me out of the forest.
But after that, you're out of the picture.
You're not tough enough for what's ahead.
Hurry, I'm freezing here!
I am the Guardian of the Moon!
Yes, siree!
Chicka-chicka-boom! Chicka-chicka-boom! Guardian of the Moon-Moon!
I didn't see you there.
Now, rise and go forth into the Night!
What? Wait, wait!
No! Why won't you stay up?
Sohone, aren't you afraid of the lightning monster?
Well, you know...
The ancient books say that in order to get to the Underworld,
you have to dive into a giant blue hole
and face the terrifying, blood-sucking,
bone-crushing lightning monster guarding the entrance.
No one even knows what it looks like
because no one has ever survived the journey, ever.
I don't read books, but I can throw a harpoon.
- You're safe as long as you stay with me. - What about Necross?
The ancient books say he became a gigantic lava monster...
I told you I don't read!
Leeyoon? What's happening with the Moon?
My powers, they're gone.
Never fear, good people of the Night. I'm in charge now.
We'd better hurry!
Don't panic, it's quite all right.
The Giant Blue Hole.
It's exactly how the books described it.
And how do the books say we get down there?
Disguise ourselves as sardines?
This algae is filled with oxygen.
- It'll provide enough air underwater for... - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, okay. Not too bitter for you?
No. Delicious! What?
Strange, I mean, helium algae is known for being quite bitter.
You did that on purpose.
Come here, you little...
This, over here, is oxygen algae.
You see?
Glim, here's one for you.
I won't need any.
Try it. This stuff is actually pretty good.
The water's too cold for me.
I might freeze and break.
What? You thought adventure meant riding unicorns and dancing with elves?
Bad news, honey, we're not living in a fairytale.
It's gonna be okay. I'll take you with me.
Don't let me sink, okay?
You'll be safe.
Just let yourself go.
I won't let you down.
I promise.
Man, why didn't I think of that?
You! Help me!
The Moon is dying!
Stop chirping, will you?
Do something!
No, no, no.
Oh, no, it's the big blackout. It's the end of the world!
Darkness is spreading all over the planet.
Death and destruction.
Chaos, chaos, everywhere!
Please, enough with the chaos already.
I'm gonna have nightmares again.
K-A-O-S, chaos! K-A-O-S, chaos!
Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!
Hey, un-hand the lady!
Glim, Glim, I'm coming!
I'm here!
Let her go!
Sohone, Sohone, do something!
I'm trying!
There you go!
You got him!
Hey, the books were right.
It's the lightning monster. Swim for your life, Mune!
Who are you calling a monster, snot face?
Hey, I'm the Guardian of the Sun. Show some respect.
Yeah? Well, I'm Phospho.
Are you the Guardian of the Underworld?
No, but I was Guardian of the Moon once, but that was way before your time.
All right, give the girl back, Spiky.
Good boy.
Kind of pretty, ain't she? But she don't say much.
We need to get to the Underworld.
Necross has stolen the Sun.
Why didn't you stop him?
I thought you were the Guardian.
He's a sneaky devil.
Is that right? Well, that's different, then.
You know, you really are pathetic.
No, but...
- It's his fault. - Some Guardian you are.
Master Phospho, I was picked by accident, but you, you were a real Guardian.
We need your help.
I haven't heard that in a while.
One question. Why do you want the Sun back, kid?
Because I'm a Guardian.
Well, at least you're honest.
Come on, then. You'll need all the help you can get.
Here we go. The road to the Underworld.
Keep moving. It's a long and gloomy journey.
What about Glim?
We can't leave her like this.
Oh, right.
The quiet one. Move aside and watch the artist at work.
I'll make you as good as new. In fact, better.
I'm strengthening your wax so that nothing but the Sun itself can melt you.
There we go.
Hands off!
I was just making your wax stronger, that's all.
I just saved your life, girl.
Come on, don't I deserve a kiss for that?
Won't you indulge an old coot?
Can I do that, too?
Every Guardian develops his own gift.
Yours, clearly, is screwing everything up.
Who is that guy?
He says he was the Guardian of the Moon. Phospho something.
- But the ancient books said... - Come on!
I ain't got all day.
Mune, thank you.
For watching out for me.
Glim, you can hold on to me if you're feeling scared.
Hey, does that go for me, too?
Can I hold you if I get scared?
Master Phospho,
I've read all the history books about it, but you were actually there.
Could you tell us what really happened with Necross?
Necross, huh?
Well, that traitor used to be a great Guardian of the Sun.
But then he snapped.
Went rogue, got greedy.
Thought he'd keep the Sun all for himself.
Luckily, Xolal stepped in.
- Xolal? That dried prune? - That's right.
Back then, he was the most powerful warrior on the planet.
So there was a clash of the titans, a real doozy.
In the end, Xolal smashed Necross all the way into the Underworld.
So, there you have it.
Speaking of the Underworld,
it's right down there at the bottom of this chasm.
But I don't understand why Xolal had to step in.
As Guardian of the Moon,
weren't you supposed to watch over the harmony of the planet?
Well, I was busy, you know, watching over the Moon...
But then, why'd you go into exile after that?
- Chapter 35 of Book Four says... - Don't believe everything you read, girl.
But if that's what you think of me, I guess you won't be needing my help.
- That's not what she meant. We... - I get it.
Good luck!
Nice job.
What? I was just asking.
The Temple! What's it doing here?
The Moon?
The Moon is gone.
The Temple's gone crazy. I have to stop it.
We don't have time for that. The Sun is dying.
It may be too late already.
You take care of the Sun. I have to save the Moon.
No, Mune!
Remember the Guardians are linked. The ancient books said...
You've really gotta stop reading those books, babe. Come on.
Get lost, marble head!
Garoon, what are you doing here?
Come here, boy!
Quick, we have to catch him.
Okay, now let's stop that Temple. We have a planet to save.
Don't worry.
This I know how to do.
Hang on!
No, don't leave me!
No, no, no, no!
I don't know how to steer this thing!
Calm down, calm down.
Easy, boy.
Calm down, I'm here.
It's working.
Calm down!
That was amazing.
Did you see that? My dust worked on him.
Well, I'll be.
Little guy calmed that Temple right down.
Kid's got guts.
A darn sight more guts than I ever had.
Who's this?
Looks like the Guardian of the Sun.
- I am the Guardian of the Sun. - Isn't that the moron who lost the Sun?
- Hey! - What a loser.
Mune's the real hero.
You just clean up after him.
You're just a loser with a broom.
What's he doing now?
- He wants to get by. - Moron.
- Loser! - What a pathetic oaf.
You're the worst Guardian of the Sun ever.
Is that really all you've got, hero?
Evil! No, scary.
Leeyoon, where are you?
Leeyoon, what are you doing?
Leeyoon, come on, wake up!
Where's the Moon?
It died!
I became the Guardian and then it died. Everything went wrong.
Why me?
- So, this is the end. - Why me?
It's not fair.
How could Necross betray me?
I did everything he asked. Those lying snakes.
Those lying liars! Everyone picks on me.
I'm really quite lovable when you get to know me.
Go about yourselves...
I'll get a new Moon from the World of Dreams.
Who do you think you are? A god?
You can't just create a Moon.
The first Guardian did.
We're all doomed! Doomed, I tell you!
Come on, Glim. Let's go.
Mune! Hey, wait for me! I'm...
What's that?
Are we in the World of Dreams?
You did it again.
Yeah. I've got powers.
Maybe the Moon was right after all.
Okay, now I'm gonna show these ugly monsters who the real Master of Dreams is.
Enough with the nightmares!
Let's have some dreams!
The Moon Quarry.
I thought that was a legend.
By the mighty power of the Guardians, I command a new Moon to appear!
Mox, I saw him.
He was carving a new Moon.
Who cares?
The Sun's as good as dead. So is that little blue furball.
He's ridiculous.
This is getting embarrassing.
They call him the Guardian of the Sun?
Give me a break.
Stop it! I'll fight you! I'll fight all of you!
Yes, such anger. Such hatred.
What's happening to me?
You're darker than Necross. Demon!
That does it!
Back off, you fork-tongued mealy worms!
I know you're nearby, Necross.
I let you spread your chaos once.
I sure as heck ain't gonna let you get away with it again.
That useless fraud is your backup?
I'm surprised to see you here, my old friend.
I thought you'd be cowering somewhere behind a rock.
Don't listen to these vipers. They're trying to make you evil,
just like they did with Necross.
Shut up, gramps!
I'm sick of your old drooling face.
I'll crush you into dust.
Have some respect for your elders, squirt.
Now, back on your feet. Come on!
It's too late.
How are you doing that?
I don't know, I just am.
I like dreaming with you.
I had a funny dream.
Me, too.
Mune, I misjudged you.
Forgive me.
You really are the Guardian of the Moon.
Well, I better put this back in the sky, then.
The Moon can't shine without the Sun's light. They're connected.
Like the Guardians, remember?
No time to lose, then. Let's find Sohone.
Calm down, my friend.
Deep breaths.
Now, take my energy.
You look much better when you shine.
Phospho, what are you doing?
I'm going out in style, the way a Guardian should.
Thank you, Phospho.
Okay, here we go. Evil laugh.
No, from the diaphragm. From the diaphragm, you idiot!
You bunch of useless imbeciles!
I'll have to take care of this myself.
- Sohone! - Glim!
I didn't think I would ever see you again.
Hot, hot, hot.
We missed you, too, my friend.
Well, shall we?
Come on, let's go.
Welcome, Guardians.
The Sun and the Moon in the Underworld.
What a treat!
Hang on!
Sohone, watch out!
Get the Sun! I'll take care of lava...
You sound awfully confident for such a failure.
You disgrace the honor of the Guardians of the Sun.
I'm gonna enjoy crushing you.
Quick, we got to go!
You're mine, sucker.
And right now, your girlfriend is in the clutches of my evil accomplice.
Flowers are so pretty, but you have to take care of them, right?
Right, and that's why I gotta go. Gotta water them.
Yeah, no, of course. Bye-bye.
You thought you could spread darkness on my planet
and get away with it?
Not on my watch!
You're too late. The Sun is dead.
There's nothing you can do to save your planet now.
Take this!
You bite like a mosquito.
That hurt.
Hot plate coming through.
Don't go any closer!
Gotcha now. It's chaos time!
She's gonna make a nice puddle.
Get your stinking breath out of my face.
I saved the Sun.
Yeah, you did.
You have to help Sohone.
No, no, I need to save you.
No, it's too late for me.
But you can defeat Necross.
I've seen your power.
My Sandman.
You think you can light the Sun just by puffing on it?
I'll blow it out quicker than it took your girlfriend to melt.
You're trapped, little blue rat!
Quick, Mune, get out of here.
I can't hold him for long.
I've had enough of you. Die, insects!
What's going on?
I can feel it, too.
Let's show him what we're made of.
Yeah, let's finish him off.
I got him!
What? What have you done to me?
You're taking a nap, big guy. I put you to sleep.
You dirty little blue rat!
I'm the Master of Dreams. There's nothing you can do to me here.
You're gonna pay!
You really need to cool it.
Hold still, dummy!
This snake has been squeezing your heart for too long.
You put out the fires of the Underworld.
That was epic!
I never thought I'd say this,
but Mune, you really are the most powerful Guardian of all time.
You okay, Mox?
I've bloomed.
I think I'm gonna like it here.
That's Mune, the Guardian of the Moon.
I always knew he'd make it.
This is gonna be good.
Sohone! Sohone!
Glim, Glim, I'm over here!
Daddy loves you, sweetheart!
Glim, look around, I'm on the left!
My baby...
Don't you love happy endings?
My bad.