Mundina Nildana (2019) - full transcript

Three different people with three different goals set out on a liberating journey that is supposed to take them to their next destination in life.

- Hi.

I've clicked countless images until now.

But I like only a handful of them.

Everyone finds the story behind
a photograph interesting.


the photographer?

What I'm about to tell you today...

is that photographer's story.

Just like my photographs,
the people I've met in my life...

are very colourful!

But if one looks deeper, we're
all shades of grey.

I cannot fully say that someone is right,

or wrong.


before I begin my story -

Smile, please!

- Hi, Partha?
- Hi?

- Zoya Aziz.
- Oh, hi! Thank you for coming!

- Pleasure!

I've been following your work for a while now.

I've seen all your photographs!

- You aren't stalking me, are you?
- Well, you're worth stalking!

The speech you gave at the National Art Gallery
day before yesterday...

it was very inspiring!

- Thank you!

- I've been looking forward to speak to you
for a while now.


By the way..

we share a connection apart from art too!

- Another connection? What's that?

- Take a guess?

- No clue!

- Umm, ok. I'll give you a hint.

Bedford Canteen. Neer Dose.

Aunty Xerox?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Uh, St Mary's?

- Yes! 13th Batch!

- Wow!

It's heartening to meet a fellow alumnus.

Isn't it?

- I've read so much about you.


there's so much mystery.

- Apart from blogging,

you are a detective too?

- Nothing like that.


Thank you for accepting my request.

I'm very excited to know more
about your life experiences

and write about it!

- Thank you!


It isn't as 'happening' as you might be thinking!

- Let me listen and decide for myself.

Let's begin from here?

- Hey, Partha!
- Get off!

- As in?

- Eka, why are you behind me? Leave me alone.

- Are you ready?

- To go where?
- Bro!

This is too much!

You know we've to go to Sakleshpura
for Smriti's wedding, right?

- Didn't I tell you I won't come?

Go by yourself.

- How can I go without you, Partha?

- Why are you behind me like a bad omen, Eka?
- Dude, Partha!

Smriti is our friend man.

How can we miss her wedding?

- I won't come.

You please go!

- Look, Smriti is gonna get married only once.

- Has she signed an agreement...

that she will marry only once?

- Oh man, you loafer!

Speak positively!

- I'm...

Actually I'm not in Bengaluru.

- What?

- I'm travelling on office work.

- Dude, don't lie...

- Bye!
- Hello? Dude, Partha! He(llo)...


- Since when, bro,...

walking from your house door
to parking is called as 'Office Tour'?

- Eka, try to understand.

I'm really not interested to come.

- What is your problem, man?

- You.

- Meera won't come. For sure.


- Come, sit. I'll drop you on my way.

- Yeah, sure. Go to hell.

- Friends, as I told you earlier, we are playing
friendship songs on radio today!

Don't get confused if today
is Friendship Day...

Every day is Friendship Day in Radio Bengaluru!
- Yeah!

- So you tell me! Which friend has given you
that unforgettable...

- Boss! You're too tensed in life!

Do you need this?

* singing a popular Kannada song about why love exists *

- Can you please stop it, Eka?

- Ok, leave it. Yours is only bigger.


- Where shall I drop you?

- Shall I tell you something?

Learn to chill in life.

Do not take Tension.. Do not give tension...

Just be peaceful, my brother!

- I asked you, where I should drop you.

- After all, you only live once, bro.

Eat, sleep, wake up, do anything you want.


- Get down

- Kidding, right?

- I've been tolerating you from morning.
There's a limit for everything.

Just get down.

- You should either be on this side,
or on the other side.

Your situation is just in between.

Go ruin yourself.

No, actually...

Go die!

- Shit!

- Everything is ok. Don't worry!

Everything is fine.

- Seems like your lucky day!

- You both are lucky.

Mr Kris, please let me know if you want to give a complain.

I will inform Crime Branch.

- Sir, sir! Please don't do such a thing!
He's an expert driver.

He's never touched anyone on the road.
This old man opened his account today!

It's a small accident. It's common and happens
in Bangalore, you know...

- Shall I break your leg in a 'small' way? It's common
and happens in Bangalore!

- Inspector...

It is not their fault...

I was absent minded when crossing the road.
Let them go.

- Thank you, sir! Thank you so very much!

Sorry... Extremely sorry!

- Who was driving?

- Go apologize, you dimwit!

- Uncle, sorry.

I was frustrated and didn't realise...

- Is that it?

- Uh...

Please tell me how I can help you. I mean...

Can I drop you somewhere?
- Name any place and we will drop you sir!

- Dear lord!

I've to go to Sakleshpura for a family function.

- Thank you, boys...

- Why thank us, uncle! It's our duty!
Isn't it bro?

- Did we need all this?

- What do you boys do?

- We work in IT.

- Oh. That means...

Your work, life... Everything's settled!

- Oh yeah! Fully settled!!!

What job, what life is it, uncle!

Office commute itself is four hours a day!

All our life we spend in traffic!

Our boss barks like a dog.

And our appraisal letter isn't even worth

using as a tissue to wipe hands!

- You are young! You'll get your time!

Just keep working hard.

- For your generation, money was most important.

For us, time is money!

- All said and done, your generation is...

too fast!

- Yes uncle. For example...

you would wait for a telegram.

We instagram in a second!

- Whatever you say...

You won't get the feeling of writing a letter...

in your twitter!
- Oh ho ho!

What uncle? Full 'feelings'? What's the matter?
- Ey!

You neither understand our feelings,
not find it logical.

Do you know that in our times...

we would hide love letters inside books!

You all procreate on Facebook itself!

- Uncle... Your generation thought love is eternal.

We think, 'You only live once, so move up!'

- Sure, move up!
But don't spend all your life by swiping right!

- Tell me the difference. You all use to marry
even without seeing the bride's face?

- Exactly what I am saying.

Don't repeat our generation's mistakes again!

All your relationships start on the phone...

and end on the phone.

In our times,

to even hold a girl's hand
we would look around!

But you all?

Ditch each other without looking around!

- Uncle is fun!

- One tea, ah...
- Mr Ekalavya!

Half spoon sugar, skimmed milk.
- Done.

Uh, make it two cups...

- Extra decoction.

- Anything else? Or is that it?
- Just do as I say.

- Ummm, I'll have one green machiato.

with skimmed milk, and no sugar.

And definitely no cream.

- Yes ma'm.

- Yeah.

And hey!

I forgot to mention.

Make it piping hot, huh?

And I'm in a hurry, please make it fast!

- That's a tough job for you!

One capuccino, please.

- Are you very sure there is no sugar?
- Yes ma'm.

- No cream?
- Yes ma'm.

- And skimmed milk?
- Yes ma'm.

- Perfect. Thank you!

Oops! Sorry! Ah tissues?

Ya please!
- Thank you.

- I'm so sorry...

- That's ok. It'll go away with a wash.

- Please give your shirt, I will wash it for you!

- No, no! I'll manage!

- I need to rush! I'm so sorry!

- That's ok.
- Bye.

- No problem. Bye, bye!

- Sorry...

- Love failure, isn't it?

- Uncle! How do you do this, uncle?

- I can look at someone's face and tell their story!

- Nothing like that, uncle.
- Learn, bro! This is called observation!

- Uncle...

Your love story seems to be very interesting?

- Ah! Don't go there!
- No, tell us!

- No, you guys will laugh!

You're very dangerous!
- Tell us, uncle! It's just us!

- Tell us, uncle!
- Ok, ok!

Both of us used to like each other a lot...

Two years of pre university...

I would glance at her, and she would glance at me.

But I never had the courage
to stand in front of her...

and tell her that I love her.

On the last day of college...

I managed to gather all my strength
and somehow confessed to her...

that I really liked her.

Her eyes were moist...

as she said...

That I am too late, and that her marriage
had already been fixed.

On the day of her wedding,

I wanted to see her for one last time.

I went to the wedding hall.

I stood far away and saw her.

- You should have stopped the wedding, uncle!

- I only wish I was as brave as you guys!

- That's what I said, your generation feared the society.

Our generation scares the society itself!

- You're correct. You're right.

But whatever you say...


flirtatious glance...

and that smile.. Just a small one...

that sweet frustration of waiting for her...

That joy can never be found in your SMSs!

We would look each other in the eye
and fall in love!

- Where do you think we look...
- Oh, stop it! Please!

- Please give us one more tea!

- Welcome back, you're listening
to Radio Bangalore!

Let's see who our next caller is. Hello?

- Hi! I'm Meera from Malnad College, Hassan...

- Hello Meera! You're calling from
Malnad College... Superb!

I'm very excited to talk to you...

- How come you are here?

- I think I have seen you somewhere!

- Oh!

My favourite shirt was spoilt because of you!

- Coffee shop!
- Yeah.

- Sorry!
- It's ok.

What are you doing here?

- Actually, my car broke down.
- Oh!

- Phone is also switched off.

Did not know what to do.

Can I drop you!

Uh, umm... I mean...

Shall I call a mechanic?
- Can you book a cab to Majestic? Should suffice.

- Ok.

- I forgor to ask your name.
- Partha Srivastav.

Yeah. It's booked.
- Partha!

- The cab will arrive in two minutes.

- Nice name. It's another name given to Arjuna.

- Yeah!

- Meera Sharma.

- Nice meeting you.
- Same here.

- What brings you to this road at this hour?

- There's an art exhibition going on
right here at the B.G. Art Gallery...

- Yeah...

- It took me this long to set up
everything and leave from there.

By the way, I'm an Art Curator.

- Art Curator! Actually...

I'm very interested in photography...

My full time profession is in IT...

but my passion lies in photography.
- Hmmm! Photographer!

In that case, do come to the exhibition tomorrow.
- Yeah. Definitely I'll come. Thank you.

The cab is here.

Ok, then...

Please don't hurry...

Please ensure you drop her inside the bus stand?
- Sure mam. - Thank you!

Poor lady was standing alone in the bus stop
waiting to go to Majestic.

I offered to drop her. But my bad luck...

My car had to break down today only!

- This was some serious twist!
Now shall I book another cab for you?

- Hmmm? You are there right?

- Oh, yeah! Please hop on!


- Can I ride?
- Do you know how to?

- How many more years will guys ask this question?

- Hmmm.
- Uncle, you know something?

- What is it?
- There's a coconut tree near my house.

- Hmmm.

- That's where I used to go to take a leak.

- This is too much of information.

- Wait listen, uncle!

I was always scared to drink tender coconut
from that tree.

- Why so?

- What if it was too salty?

- You're the same from your childhood?

- Nope. Only since I met you!

- Partha! Where are you lost?

- Is this all what life is about, uncle?

Go to work. Get back home.

Buy a car. Buy a house.

- What can be done for that my boy?

People have defined their lives
that way these days.

Take a loan. Buy a car.

Pay EMI. Buy a house.

They live in an illusion that
it's a great achievement.

People have begun celebrating mediocrity.

Age is by your side. You guys please don't do
the same thing!

Go around the world. Enjoy yourselves!

Take risks!

If you fail, value that experience.

If you succeed, enjoy it.

In short, live life king size!

- If only our text books had these words.

Thank you, uncle.
- Why are you thanking me!

I've just shared what I know.

I'm feeling like giving this book to you.
Keep it.

It's called 'Mankuthimmana Kagga'.

It's written by D.V.G.
He was a great man, D.V.G.!

He has beautifully captured in this book

on what is a fulfilling life!

Take it. Read one poem every day.

And whenever you read, have this fellow
by your side.

- Boys! You're staying over at my place
tonight in Sakleshpura.

- But, uncle.. There's a wedding tomorrow...

- No further arguments!

- Uncle, the thing is...
- We'll stay, uncle.

- Good! Learn from him!

Let's go, we're late.

Myriad journeys, manifold travellers.

Each traveller is obliged to his own road.

Each traveller is haunted

By the charm of a cotraveller.

Myriad journeys

haunted by

a select few!

- Very interesting!

Sometimes, situations teach us
unexpected lessons, isn't it?

- We often enjoy our travel more than
the destination.

- So tell me what happened after that.
Did you attend the function?

- The answer to that...

is in that photograph.

I had no clue that my decision
to go to Sakleshpura...

was about to change my life.

It was here I met Ahana for
the first time unexpectedly.

Kris, who was like a Messenger to this 'Partha'

disappeared after we went there.

My eyes too...

did not try look for anyone
but Ahana!

♪ The mind is like a magical river ♪

♪ with many flowing tributaries ♪

♪ A smile floats over a rainbow
of the colours of life. ♪

♪ This hypnotizing beauty ♪

♪ This walking embodiment of mother earth ♪

♪ This hypnotizing beauty ♪

♪ This walking embodiment of mother earth ♪

♪ Words fail to describe her ♪

♪ Her smile has taken me hostage effortlessly! ♪

♪ O Morning Dew, you're intoxication personified! ♪

♪ Your voice is like music to my ears! ♪

♪ O Morning Dew, you're intoxication personified! ♪

♪ Your voice is like music to my ears! ♪

♪ The Sarangi takes stage while this rainbow dances ♪

♪ O Queen of Rain Dancers, what inspires you? ♪

♪ While intoxication is dancing on your palm ♪

♪ Aren't you the star born inside the forest? ♪

♪ As you rise, now, silence turns into passion ♪

♪ All roads in our hearts are yours, only yours ♪

♪ O Morning Dew, you're intoxication personified! ♪

♪ Your voice is like music to my ears! ♪

♪ O Morning Dew, you're intoxication personified! ♪

♪ Your voice is like music to my ears! ♪

- Wrong end!

- Who is it?

It's you! You scared the shit out of me man!

- Why?

Is it your first time?

- What?

- Beedi.

- How did you know?

- You're holding it at the wrong end.

- My heart skipped a beat!

- My heart skipped a beat!
Come, sit.

Come, sit.


What are you staring at? Light it for me!

This is like hell!

- Why try in the first place?

- I was curious to find out why people smoke to die!

- Hmmm!

- What?

Hello! It isn't as easy as you think.
You've to study everything from DNA to anatomy!

Other academics at least have
'out of syllabus' topics.

For us, everything is in the syllabus!

Do you even know how many organs exist
in the human body?

- Nope.
- 78.

While trying to understand those organs,
our own organs get tired!

Doesn't end there. Five years course.

One year internship. Specialisation.
Super Specialisation!

There's more! You should get a job at
a hospital, or open your own clinic...

It's so stressful man!

- Hmmm!
- But, we doctors study.

And we do it with passion. You know why?

Patients blindly take the medicines
we prescribe!

And one day, when they're cured,
they come by...

And thank us with a smile...

That's priceless!
- Hmmm!

Excuse me. - Hmmm?
- Beer must always be shared. It's a rule.

- Rule? Non sense. Take.

- Kathak performance there.
And beer here.

What a changeover!

- It became too much to handle.
- Huh? What?

- Relatives, who else!
- Oh!

- Why are they worried
about me getting married?!

- You don't like marriage, or,
your boyfriends' list is too long?

- No dearth of boyfriends, but...
- Hmmm!

- Getting married is not my scene.

I wanna become a reputed cancer specialist.

That's my goal.

- Next time if relatives ask you,

just tell them you're already married! Simple!

Ya right!
They'll hold my funeral immediately too!

- Isn't it better than facing them every day?

- Ah ha! Not bad!

You too have a good sense of humour!

- Hmmm!
- When I first saw you,

I assumed you're the serious type.
- That means...

You'd noticed me already.
- Ah please! Nothing like that.

I wanted to see who the unlucky guy was
who got stuck with my uncle.

Was curious, that's it.

- I like your curiosity.

- Your name?
- Partha.

- Hi. I am...
- I know.

- Ahana.
- Hmmm!

- You didn't find anybody else to get
stuck with other than my uncle?

- Guess it was destiny.
- Did he eat your head too much?

- Actually, no.

- Whenever I see him, I remember my dad.

I wish he was there.

- Oh. Sorry. What happened to him?

- Blood cancer. - Sorry.
- It's ok.

Dad suffered due to lack of treatment
when he had cancer.

You know, our country has more than nine percent
of cancer patients.

They should all have access to treatment!

- Usually, people lose their zest
after such personal tragedy.

Very few think like you do.
- It's very easy to lose hope, isn't it?

- Yeah.

Oh, ya..

Your Kathak performance was superb.
I loved it!

- Hmmm! Which gharana was it?
- Sorry?

- What style of Kathak was it!

- Uh...

- In these times, you can't impress a girl
by simply telling her nice performance!

- Hello! I wasn't trying to impress you!

It's difficult to talk to you ya!

- Hello! Even I didn't invite you here.

Poor chap, you turned up here. Offered
you to sit here as courtesy, that's all.

That aside,.. - Hmmm.
- What do you do?

- Software Engineer.
- Apart from that?

- As in?

- You're clearly not just a software engineer.

- How can you say that?
- Your eyes are telling.

- My passion is photography.
- Wonderful. And you want to make it your profession.

Am I right?

- How can you say that? Wait, wait!

Don't say eyes, ears and all!

No.. I was just kidding.

Why is photography only a passion?
Why not your profession?

- I don't know. Maybe...

insecurities, or social pressure. I'm not sure.

- You live for yourself or for the society?
- As in?

Listen. Let me simplify.

Even if you don't like, you wake up
every day and go work in your cubicle.

You might as well wake up with interest
and do something that you love!

Isn't it better that way?

Listen! Do you have faith
in your capability?

- I do.
- Then? What are you waiting for?

Listen to your heart.

For once.

Alright, take this. I wanna go sleep. Good night!

- You're leaving?

- This isn't like Bengaluru.
Nights get really chilly here.

You sit. You anyway
don't get to see stars in Bengaluru.

You enjoy. You enjoy your drink too.

- Thank you.
- For?

- Just like that.

- I hope nobody'll hear about the beedi.

- I admire your confidence.
- I know! Good night!

- Ahana!

Your Raigarh Gharana Kathak performance
was superb. I really loved it!

- Sweet dreams!

The flood gates opened the moment I met her

In our conversations, I found out

We're opposites.

Nonchalantly she left after giving me...

all the answers I'd been looking for.

- You know,

this is getting really interesting!

After you returned from Sakleshpura,
did you meet Ahana again?

- Uh...
- But, wait!

This photograph? Who's this?

Meera? What happened to her?

- Wait! Relax!

- Partha! Your life is very complicated
like your photographs!

♪ A surreal state of togetherness we're in ♪

♪ An intoxicating warmth we are lost within ♪

♪ Bright lights glare on the glass of the ledge ♪

♪ Screaming out.. But we don't hear a thing ♪

♪ Clinging to you close.. ♪

♪ Your heart beats fierce ♪

♪ Your breath on my neck.. ♪

♪ Feels like a whispering peck ♪

♪ Let this lonely sound play on tonight ♪

♪ Let this lonely sound play on tonight ♪

♪ Let this lonely sound make us feel alright ♪

♪ Let this lonely sound play on tonight ♪

♪ Post dramatic dating gotta disorder ♪

♪ Cant get my thoughts to obey my simple orders ♪

♪ It's a battleground.. ♪

♪ Being siege by past memories.. ♪

♪ Like bullet shots fired ♪

♪ But we over deal.. ♪

♪ Should be getting over you ♪

♪ But I wouldn't know is
Smell like your perfume ♪

♪ Got me feeling nostalgic ♪

♪ You are self destructive ♪

♪ And it had no grass ain't
greener on the Sutherland ♪

♪ Gross out front of patch
on the other side ♪

♪ Unclear.. but strangely so so sure ♪

♪ Tangled together... ♪

- Ey, Partha! Open the door, man!
- Coming!

- Partha?

- Eh, Partha! Pa...

- What happened dude?
- Partha? Partha!

What tablet did you take?

Here. Have water. Drink some water.

Drink some water.
- Ey! Why are you torturing me?

- Torture? Look, nobody has given you
the right to take your own life.

Suicide is not a solution, you bloody guy!

What are you barking man?
Who's committing suicide?

- You
- Who told you?

- You'd left a message saying 'I quit'?

- What the hell!

'I quit my job' is what I meant!

- Hmmm. Thanks.

I hadn't taken a shower.


You'd been procrastinating for two years.

How come you decided now?

- It was anyway a matter of time, Eka.

I just decided to take the plunge
now, that's all.

- Dude! You're sure you're ok?

I've been noticing.. you're different since
our Sakleshpura trip. What happened?

- We live once, Eka. Why not live it to the fullest!
- Abbabba!

O Holy One! My salutations to every inch of your body!

- My blessings!!!

- Besides that, tell me, sir.

What's with this beedi?
- Ummm...

Actually, a beedi stub! Hmmm?

You have quit your job, fine.
When did these things begin?

There's some link I'm missing...


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...

The Beedi girl from Saklesphura?
- Ey!

- Ah!


What are you hiding, baby?
WWhat did you do all night?

- Crap. Nothing of that sort.

I felt she is positive.

Whatever she said made an impact.

- Yeah, bro! I'd been saying for so long.
A girl comes and says, and you go...

- Grow up, Eka!

I just said I found some motivation
because of her.

Don't be jealous.
- Hmmm!

You told your dad yet?
- Yeah. I've left him a message.

- Good. Uncle is a cool guy!

He's a well to do professor. You won't
have to worry about money.

He will surely support you.

So, what's next?

- Not sure.

For now, I am looking for an inspiration.

- Hmmm.

I can give you a superb idea...

Why not search for your inspiration
in the same place you found motivation?

- Meaning?

- Yes!

- What a pleasant surprise!

- How have you been doing?
- How have I been doing?

I feel like I'm speaking to an uncle
with such formal questions!

- Ok...

What's up, babe?

- This is a bit too much!

What brings you to my town again?

- I came to meet you.
- Yeah, right!

Tell me the truth.

- I quit.
- Quit? What?

- My job.
- What happened?

- It was your suggestion, remember?

'You live just once, listen to your heart'!
So, I quit.

- Really!
- Yeah.

- You got so influenced by what I said?!


- Don't be that happy. Actually, I was
considering it...

But, somehow I had not...

- Next


Tell me, Eka.


I reached.

I'll call you later. Hang up.

- It's superb.
- Thank you.


There's an exhibition coming soon... Uh...

I needed some inspiration for my photographs.

I really liked this place, but it's unfamiliar.

Will you take me around?
- On one condition. - Which is?

You've captioned this photo 'My Love'.
There has to be a story!

I'll take you around if you tell me about it.

- There's no story, it's just a photo. Really.

- All your 'just photographs' are very generic.

But this? It has some mystery in it.

Tell me. Please!
- Ok.

Will you take me around?

♪ I desire a little bit more love ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more love ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more ♪

♪ The breeze that touches you in silence is singing ♪

♪ I have a little bit more to tell you ♪

♪ I have a little left to listen ♪

♪ I have a little bit more to tell you ♪

♪ I have a little left to listen ♪

♪ You’re the angel, the wind beneath
my wings of emotion ♪

♪ I’m but a mortal that constantly dreams of you ♪

♪ You’re the light in the sky ♪

♪ That I waited for in my dark hours ♪

♪ You’re the music in my silence ♪

♪ I feel empty without you ♪

♪ Through life’s bitter and sweet moments,
I need you to be with me ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more love ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more love ♪

♪ I desire a little bit more ♪

♪ The breeze that touches you in silence is singing ♪

♪ I have a little bit more to tell you ♪

♪ I have a little left to listen ♪

♪ I have a little bit more to tell you ♪

♪ I have a little left to listen ♪

- Thank you.

- Why?

- For spending time with me..
I had a good time.

- Hmmm.

Where is Meera now?

- Ah!

Hey. Wake up, lazy girl. I'm hungry.

- Partha. I'm very sleepy.

- I'm dying of hunger,
and you wanna sleep!

- Wake up, Meera!
- Partha, please!

Let's order in? No mood to go out.
- Order?

Meera, what did we decide?

- Partha. Let's B&B?
- B&B? What's that?

- Uh... Bed and breakfast.

- Bed and breakfast? - Hmmm!
- Sigh.

I got excited unnecessarily.

- Partha...

How about you and I cozying up...

and watching a movie over breakfast?

- Meera, had we not decided to go out?

- Just imagine Partha. Hot pancakes...

dripping with maple syrup! - Hmmm.
- Mmmm!

- Ha! Meera...


Hot idlis. Butter. Flowing chutney. Mmmm!

- Instead, what about french toast!
- Ummm?

- Fresh orange juice...

Right here on the bed!
- Ha! Listen...

Long drive?

You don't want to go for a long drive?
- Ah!

- Yes!

- That was awesome, no?

- Meera, have you thought about it...

If a reputed director offers to make a film based
on our story. It will be superb!

- Our story? - Hmmm!
- No chance.

- It's so boring.
- Boring, really?

Pass it here.

- What nonsense?
- Get up, get up, get up.

Hmmm. Come here.
- Okay...

You are out of your mind?
- Let's make it interesting.

You come running from there.
From this end, I'll...

- Okay, but why?

- Listen! - What?
- We'll bump into each other...

The book will fall down from your hands.

I will pick it up for you, before you can.

You look at my eyes, in slow motion,
and fall in love with me...

and confess your love to me.

- Drama mama!
- Listen, it's not over yet...

Then you look at my body,
fall for me completely, and...

hug me tight, and smooch...

- Can you stop it?
I want some tea. You?

- Think! People will throng to theatres.
It's the success formula.

- You want Tea or not?

- If you're giving it, even poison is...

not acceptable. No chance!

Juice is good.
Meera, your phone.

What plans tomorrow?
- Ummm...

Nothing tomorrow.
But day after I'm going on a roadtrip

with Eka for a week.

- Hmmm. Really?
- Really!

What about tomorrow?
- Ok, fine!

- Meera...
- Hmmm?

- Be ready at sharp 11 tomorrow.
- Why so? - Hmmm.


You're looking fabulous.

This moonlit night...

The gleam in your eyes

Your subtle smile, your words pure and wise

This blissful moment. In me. In us...

May it last forever.

This love is timeless.
Everything else, is momentary.

- Hmmm!

- Happy birthday, sweetheart!
- Wow, Mr Poet!

You made my day!

Ah! Lipstick!

The cab is here. Let's leave?
- Yes, before I decide otherwise.

- Ok. Go!
- Come soon.

- Wish you a happy birthday, mam!
- Thank you! - Enjoy your time.

- Thank you so much for everything!

- Thank you, Meera, for
walking into my life. - Hmmm.

- What's up with all the romance today?
- Yeah. As always.

- You know? It's been one beautiful year
since I spilt tea on your shirt!

- Isn't it? Yeah.

- Partha, I've to tell you something.

- Partha, I've to use the restroom.
- All ok? - Hmmm.

- Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to...

- Why are you here?

- Why? Surprised?

- Are you drunk? You're stinking!

- Yeah.

Ya! Now i am like garbage. You used & threw me.

- I don't even want to look at you.

- Why would you?
You've found someone else.

- Dhruv,

Don't create a scene here.

Just get lost.
- Are you afraid that he's going to see us?

- You'll never change

- Meera, I'm not done.
- What's not done?

You've made me go through enough.
This relationship was done long back.

This isn't a game to begin
and end at your whims. - Exactly.

This is not a game and
I'm not your pawn.

- Give me one chance, Meera. Please.

- Just... Leave.

- What's going on, Meera?
- Partha... - Oh sorry, we haven't met!

Meera does not introduce people.
By the way, I'm Dhruv.

- Hi. Partha.
- I know. I know you very well.

- What's happening, Meera?
- Tell him about me, Meera.

- Meera, what's happening; who's he?

- Partha, the thing is...
- Your girl knows me very well!

- Stop it, Partha.
Partha, please.

- Meera, tell me clearly what's happening here.

- I'll tell you everything. But...

Wait outside.
- You want me go out?

What the hell is going on?

- Just be outside, Partha. Wait for me.

I'll handle him.

- Get lost, bro. I know.

- His name is Dhruv. We dated
when I was in Mumbai.

We broke up because he
became physically abusive.

He recently started contacting me again.

- Why didn't you tell me about this?

- It's nothing to hide, Partha.

Dhruv is my past. Only I should handle it.

I just spoke to his parents.

They're taking him to U.K. for treatment.

I'm so sorry I spoilt the evening.

- Um hmmm. It's ok.

- What time are you leaving tomorrow? - Uh...

Eka will pick me at 6.

♪ All you people, ears this way please! ♪

♪ Love makes life fresh like a breeze! ♪

♪ All you people, ears this way please! ♪

♪ Love is our one common dream in this world! ♪

♪ Alright, the heart is crazy! ♪

♪ All night, it’s time to party! ♪

♪ Alright, where shall we go? ♪

♪ Hey you, where’s your next destination? ♪

♪ You; You’re the ocean ♪

♪ I’m the earth, you’re the sky! ♪

♪ You; You’re the ocean ♪

♪ I’m the earth, you’re the sky! ♪

♪ The path is one, journeys many ♪

♪ The destination is still the same ♪

♪ Life goes on between wants and indifferences ♪

♪ Isn't it love that keeps us going? ♪

♪ It’s in little moments that happiness lies;
The mind is limitless anyway! ♪

♪ It’s in little moments that happiness lies;
The mind is limitless anyway! ♪

♪ We’ll keep going, welcoming a new tomorrow;
Sharing happiness along the way! ♪

♪ All you people, ears this way please! ♪

♪ Love makes life fresh like a breeze! ♪

♪ Alright, the heart is crazy! ♪

♪ All night, it’s time to party! ♪

♪ Alright, where shall we go? ♪

♪ Hey you, where’s your next destination? ♪

♪ You; You’re the ocean ♪

♪ I’m the earth, you’re the sky! ♪

♪ You; You’re the ocean ♪

♪ I’m the earth, you’re the sky! ♪

- Thank you. I didn't expect
you here!

- Surprise!

- How come suddenly?

- I want to ask you something.

Tell me.

- Will you marry me?

- Huh, what?

- Will you... marry me?

- Meera, what is this?

- I'm proposing...

- You're joking right?
- Wait!

You love me, right?

- Of course, Meera.

But love is very different from marriage.

- I didn't get you.

- Meera, tell me this.

Do you see any problem in our relationship?

Do you see any problem at all
in our relationship? Tell me.

- No.

- Then why marriage now?

- It's been a year, Partha.

I've been thinking about our relationship.
- Our relationship is beautiful!

Why marriage?

- Oh! So...

You won't marry me then.

- Meera,

what we share is very special.

I don't want to ruin it by
giving a tag called 'Marriage'.

I don't think marriage is for me.


Why these complications?
Come, let's go.

- So marriage means complications.

- I don't know.

- I can't believe this!

This is my life, Partha...

- Yeah, Meera, exactly what I'm saying also.
This is my life!

- Damn.

Sorry. Please.

- I'm asking one last time.

Will you marry me or not?

- Meera, understand what I'm saying. I...

- I got my answer.

Thanks for everything.

- Meera,...



- Didn't you try to meet Meera again?

- Many times. But,

she just went out of my life completely.

Are you judging me?
- No!

I mean...

Relationships are complicated.
I understand.

Why didn't you want to marry?

- I had a small happy family.
Dad, mom... and me.

I thought they were made for each other.

But one day, mom left both of us
and went away with someone else.

I was twelve.

My life changed completely.

Dad shifted elsewhere and
put me in a boarding school.

It might be my own perception, but...

I lost faith in that word called marriage.

I wanted Meera. Not marriage.

- Corn?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

- Hi Dr Ahana, Sakshi here.

Hospital tried to reach you,
but your phone was not reachable.

Your application for internship
has been approved.

You can join me as soon as
you can. See you.

- Hmmm!


- Good morning, beautiful!
- Morning! Can we leave? - Ya.

- That moment.

Your eyes defeated me.

Your laugh defeated me too.

You redefined a relationship.

Silence defeated my desire
to speak a hundred words.

Somehow, that moment, I was defeated
by the idea of wanting to live once again.

- Thanks, driver, for bringing me safely.

- That's fine, madam...

My fees?

Your fees? Me sitting in your car is your fees.
- Oh is it?

I know how to take it!

How'll you go from here?

- My cousin is on his way. I've to visit
his place before going to the P.G.

- Alright.

I'll leave?
- Upto you.

It's my pleasure. Thank you.
Yeah. Bye.

I'm sorry.
- Umm hmmm.

It's difficult to understand our hearts.

Some become close very soon.

- Hmmm. But sometimes,
they go far away just as quickly.

- Did you meet Ahana after that?

Did you say you love her?

- Man proposes, God disposes.

- What?

- After returning from Sakleshpura,
we spoke well for a three days.

But she started avoiding me
all of the sudden.

I called her many times to find out why.
Umm hmmm. No luck.

I couldn't.

She just came in my life quickly
and left quickly.

That made me realise

what people go through

when separated from someone
very dear to them.

Eka called me one day to inform

he saw her in a cafe close to a hospital.

I just rushed.

- My day today?
- Yeah, day to day. Must have been a long one.

- Yeah I know.
- Ahana?

Where were you?

- Partha?
- What's wrong with you?

Are you ok?

You know how many times
I've tried to reach you?

- Partha, don't create a scene here.
I'll see you outside in five minutes.

- Ahana?
- Partha, understand. Please.

- Is everything ok?

- Just give me five minutes, Jai.
- Sure.

- Was I creating a scene?

I was worried about you.
Eka saw you here and informed me.

What's wrong with you?

Talk to me, Ahana.

- Partha, please leave.

And don't try to meet me. Ever.

- What? Why? What did I do?

- Just get out of my life.

I left the one who loved me.

I spent my life doing what I didn't love.

By the time I managed to start doing
what I love,

the girl I loved left me.

My life is totally gone.
- Did you ask her why?

Partha, I cannot see you like this man.

Please be practical.

It's sheer nonsense to believe
life is over because of a breakup!

We should just move on, Partha.
- Hmmm.

Easier said than done, Eka.

- Go talk to her and find out
what made her do this.

You have all the rights to know.

If her answer seems valid, just move on.

- If not?

- Get her to re-evaluate right there.
- It isn't that easy, Eka.

- It's more complicated if you just
make assumptions and act crazy!

Listen to me.

You'll be fine, I say.

These glances are not required, bro.

Can't help!

My bladder is full. I will be back.

- You were around to console me
when i was in tears.

You were around to guide me
during my darkest fears.

In my lowest lows, when the tides turned around,
It was you who cared to be around.

- Your life is
just like your photographs.

- Why so?

- Do you even have one story
that isn't complicated?

- Where there's life, there has
to be complications. Just imagine.

If your life is like a straight road,
how long will you keep going?

What's the fun in that?
- But so many turns?

Did you at least try understanding?

- I honestly didn't expect you'll turn up.


I don't want to disturb you.

I just wanna know.

What happened?

Please don't play with my life.

- Stop seeing everyone through your life.

- What are you saying? What am I asking you?

- Hello, Dr Sakshi!
- Hello, Ahana!

When did you arrive? Done with the formalities?

- All done, doctor. I arrived this noon.
I was leaving for the day, came by to say hello.

By the way, I've read all your
research papers and theses.

- Thank you, that's nice.

- I'm looking forward to work with you, doctor.
- Ok...

Let's get started then. Umm, I'm about to
see this patient.

Chemotherapy is on. Four completed, four pending.
- Hmmm.

- Hepatic Cancer, Stage two.

Thanks to the early diagnosis, the surrounding
organs are unaffected.

- Hmmm.

- We decided to proceed with Hepatectomy first.

Remaining details are in the file. Come with me.

- Ok. Sure, doctor.

- Hello, doctor.
- How are you doing?

- Alright, I guess.

- Dr Ahana, meet Meera.
We discussed about her.

- Hello!

- Hi!
- You look familiar!

- Doctor, I'm not sure how long I
can handle chemotherapy.

I'm exhausted. I feel dying is easier.

- Meera, you're lucky. Because the cancer
was detected in early stages,

treatment is working well. You need to stay strong.

- I'm really not sure if you're consoling me,

or if there's indeed hope left.


I've lost interest in living.

- Come on, Meera! Whatever has to be done medically,

we're doing that. But the real treatment is
completely in your hands.

Believe in yourself.

Give me a moment. Let me speak
with the radiologist. - Hmmm.

- Hello?
- You have a beautiful smile.

- Thanks!

- Ok. Sure. Thanks.

Ok Meera. Your next appointment
is in fourteen days.

- Sure doctor. Thank you so much!

- Meera, don't tell me you came alone again!

How many times have I told you, Meera?

Not to come alone for treatment.

You'll be very tired, Meera. It's not recommended.

- You've also told me to believe in myself!

I'll manage. Jayanagar isn't too far anyway.

- You're heading towards Jayanagar?
- Yes.

- Where exactly?
- Fourth block.

- I'm heading there to look for a PG

You can come with me.
- Yeah!

Why don't you go with her?
- No, that's ok!

Please don't trouble yourself. I can manage.

- No trouble at all! You can actually come.

- Uh, ummm. Ok.

But on a condition.

You should have a cup of tea
in this patient's home.

- Sure.

You have a beautiful house.

- Thanks.
- It's very artistic!

- Art is everything to me.

Here you go.

- Thank you. You stay alone?

- Unfortunately, yes.

- Uh...

- Fond memories!

That's all that's left with me now.

♪ The evening golden light ♪

♪ Is masked under still clouds ♪

♪ Even as my heart races between
my yesterdays and my tomorrows ♪

♪ How can I look at you ♪

♪ When my mind is so haunted ♪

♪ Even as my heart asks
a hundred questions all at once! ♪

- What if I die?
- Death is not in our hands.

But we do have the strength
to face life.

Just in case you die,
nothing can be done.

Everyone's life has to be built
on the foundation of trust.

There is no guarantee in life. I might
die tomorrow itself.

You must live as long as you're alive...


Quality is more important than quantity.

♪ What does this world want from me? ♪

♪ What game is this, after all? ♪

♪ I shall not ask why, ♪

♪ I do not understand why. ♪

♪ Be the calm to my angst ♪

♪ Be the moonlight that soothes this scorching heat. ♪

♪ The cloudy shadow is gone ♪

♪ As the light is shining through ♪

- You're an inspiration. To inspire, what message would
you give others?

- I just want to say, come what may, live life!

- Absolute pleasure meeting you!
- My pleasure, Vinay!

♪ My heart is feeling joy
Like there is no tomorrow! ♪

- So I have a good news, and a bad news.
Which one do you prefer first?

- Uh, doctor... Bad news?

- Bad news is that we cannot meet Meera
anymore in the hospital.

As per the report, she is cancer-free.

- Huh!

- Regular tests need to be done once in six months.

- Thank you, doctor!
- Welcome!

- I'm happy for you, Meera.
- Thank you!

- Thank you so much, doctor!

Hey! Congrats!

- Partha! Don't touch that.
It'll get misplaced.

- What will you drink?

- Uh...

One green mochiato. No sugar. No cream.
And skimmed milk, please.

- Hmmm?

- Not available, right? Just make tea.

- Ha!
- Hello! - Ya.

- Masala Chai.

- Ok madam!


Faster, faster, faster!





Are you very tired?

Breathe, dad. Breathe!

Here, drink.

- Shocked?

- Hmmm? Let's go for another round?

- Of beer?
- Uh? Is that a joke?

- You missed my jokes!

- Yeah!

- Hmmm?

- Can I ask you something?

- Marry anybody you want.
I don't have any objection.

- It's not that, dad.

How come you still wear your wedding ring?

- Your mother gave it to me right.

I mean, my ex-wife!

- Uh, dad... Uh,

When mom left you, I was too young
to understand anything.

I did not know what to ask.

- I'm surprised that you are asking after this long!

- When mom left you for someone else,...

what happened dad? What did you think?

How did you feel?

- Of course, for a while it was difficult.

Life must go on. I felt I was alone.

You were there with me by my side!

- Were you not angry dad?

- I felt frustrated.

I wondered what made her make that choice.

Strangely, after a couple of years,

I felt she did the right thing.

If she had stayed with me,

and cheated on me instead,

it would have been worse!

As time passed by,


I felt both of us were probably wrong.

Perhaps, more from my side.

- Is marriage not

frustration, dad?

- Partha...

Just because I cannot run on the treadmill,
it doesn't mean nobody can!

Marriage is not just a word.

It always takes two hands to clap.

That's a relationship!

Ok, now...

Is Eka coming?

- I'm sure he'll come.
Check on him yourself.

- When he turns up, will you force
him to run too?

- Dad!

- My son!

- Come, let's leave.

- What are you waiting for?

Listen to your heart.
for once

- Ahana?
- Doctor?

- May I?
- Please.

- All ok?

- Ok, doctor.

- I've been noticing for a while.
You seem to have lost interest in everything.

- The motivation you had when
you applied for this internship...

I don't see it anymore.

- Nothing like that, doctor.
- Is it work pressure?

- No.

- I can't ask you what's going on
in your personal life.

But I do know why you chose oncology.

I'm just reminding you as a senior.

Be focussed, Ahana. You've come this far.
Don't get distracted now.

- Hmmm.

- Ahana?


- Hmmm.

- Oh! Wow!

What's all this, Partha?

- This is for you. Come.

- Hmmm!
- Sit.


Partha Special!
- Ya.


Let's begin?
- Ok!

- Start first.

- Mmmm!
- How's it?

- Very good!

- Thank you. Ya.

- How did your photoshoot go?

- Will you marry me?

- Hi!
- Excuse me?


How're you?
- I'm good, how're you?

- Fine.
- Where's Meera?

- Uh...

Partha proposed to Meera...

- Where's Meera?


Meera Sharma?

- Dr Ahana Kashyap!

- Hey!
- Hi!

- Hello!
- Hi!

So good to see you!
- Look at you! How are you?

- Great.

Isn't Dr Sakshi joining?

- She's in the O.T. She couldn't come.
- Oh.

- Look what I got for
your recovery party!

- Wow. Can I open it?

- No.
- Ok. Let's say that's a yes.

Wow. Beautiful!

Thank you!
- I'm glad you liked it.

- Loved it!

- I've to go.

- So soon?

The party's not even started!

- It's an urgent case. I've to go to
the hospital. - Ok. I understand.

Thanks for coming.
- Take care, Meera. - Sure.

- Have fun!
- Yeah. Bye!

- Hi, Ahana.
- Hi.

You've begun believing in relationships again.
It's your responsibility to live upto them too.

All the best, Partha.


- Partha?

Come, Partha.

- Hmmm!

You look beautiful.
- Thank you!


Let's not get married...

- Are you pranking me?

- This is not something
I would prank about, Partha.

- Then what happened?
Everyone's happy for us.

I got this ring for you.

- Exactly, everyone else is happy for us.

But are we happy?

Are you?

Me, what?

- Partha,...

When you came back into my life,

I found my lost hope.

In fact, I'm alive today thanks to you.


our relationship is not the same, Partha.

When I saw you again,

you weren't the same Partha I knew.

- Meera, that's your assumption.

- For a relationship to work,
some assumptions become important.

I've come to find a really
good friend in you.

I don't want to spoil it by
giving it a tag called 'Marriage'.

Our relationship shouldn't be
defined by a ring, right?

- Meera, is this because
I rejected you earlier?

- Come on, Partha. You know
I am not that immature.

You'll always be in my life
as my best friend.

For now, I just want to breathe.

Live for once, for myself.

I'm sorry.

♪ Forgive me, my heart, ♪

♪ Just once ♪

♪ Teach me how to laugh ♪

♪ Just once ♪

♪ On a road that is diverging ♪

♪ Life stands waiting ♪

♪ Silent, defeated in its own murmurs ♪

♪ The dreams in my heart ♪

♪ and the heaviness of regret ♪

♪ Are sailing away like a paper boat ♪

♪ Why, oh why, is this journey such? ♪

♪ Why, oh why, is life such? ♪

♪ The bag of memories feels heavy ♪

♪ I desire the light that I see far away ♪

♪ I long to tell you a hundred different things ♪

♪ But my eyes tear up helplessly ♪

♪ Forgive me, my heart, ♪

♪ Just once ♪

♪ Teach me how to laugh ♪

♪ Just once ♪

- Your life is like a novel, Partha.

- That is why I told you...

these photographs and our lives

are not too different.

- You don't carry any anger?

- Nope.

I'm successful today...

and I owe it to Meera and Ahana.

If I'd settled with either of them,

this new Partha wouldn't have been born.

- Cheers!

Thanks, Partha, for sharing your experiences
with me like this.

- Pleasure is mine.

- By the way,

Can I tag along with you to your
next destination?

- Uh, what?

- My life has had its ups and downs.
Whose doesn't?

What's important is...

I did not stop.

Whether my decisions were right or wrong,

I kept moving.

Was I wrong in saying no to Meera
when she proposed to me?

Was falling in love with Ahana wrong? Or,
was I wrong to have proposed to Meera again?

I guess life is beyond rights and wrongs,
blacks and whites. It's just perceptions.

Even if you're unsure what you want,
you must be clear on what you don't want.

But, often, what we desire today...

might not be what we want tomorrow.

All I can say is that if I have to live my life again,

I would live the same way. Because...

all my decisions, every one I met helped
me progress in life.

I don't even know what awaits me.

Will I fall in love again?

Will I ever marry?

No clue!


I know that I'm happy.

In this search of
wants and desires,

new relationships take birth.

In our attempts to understand
ourselves better,

this is nothing but...

The Next Destination!

♪ Life is so beautiful ♪

♪ Celebrate it! ♪

♪ There are a hundred paths ahead ♪

♪ But the real path is in your heart! ♪

♪ Life is beautiful, my love! ♪

♪ Life’s a beautiful story ♪

♪ Life goes on,
mounted on a canvas of dreams ♪

♪ Every moment is a journey that’s new! ♪

♪ The past is behind,
Etched with memories ♪

♪ And has brimmed me with hope
about tomorrow! ♪

♪ Life is so beautiful ♪

♪ There are a hundred paths ahead ♪