Munafik 2 (2018) - full transcript

Sakinah, a poor single mom in an isolated village, is haunted by an evil spirit linked to Abuja, a man with misleading religious teachings, and Adam have to embark on a rescue mission to ...


The important trait of a leader

to guide people towards Allah

is patience.

He must be patient to endure the struggle

in defending Islam.

To advise each other of truth

and advise each other of patience.

It is not easy

to be a preacher

that is really sincere, Salmah.

Hopefully, Adam will be consistent.

I am not questioning his quest, dear.

But as a mother,
I am afraid history will repeat itself.

Due to jealousy and vengeance
of others towards Adam,

we lost our daughter-in-law,
and our grandchild.

Forgive me, Dad.

I don’t know what else
I should do to heal you.

I can’t.

No one is willing to help us.

May Allah heal you,

and you will be healthy,
talking to me as you did before.

Eat up. I know you're hungry.

How long do I have to eat
the same thing every day?

Allah willing, I will go to the town
tomorrow, to buy your favorite food.

Settle down.

Let me feed you.

You're lying!

Why did you bring me and Grandpa
here to the forest?

How long do we have to live here?

Aina, don't be rude.

I don't like you asking that question.

But why?

I want to know!

One day, you will.

But not now. We have to live here,
away from all the villagers.

I do all of this, because I love you.

Devil's trap.

When Satan wants to lead humans
astray, he will do delusion of the Devil.

Delusion of the Devil is

expressing the wrong thing,

in the right picture.

The devil is clever at misleading people.

That is why there are knowledgeable,
righteous people

who got lost,
misguided by the Devil's lies.

In the Qur'an,
Allah has identified many groups.

But the worst group is
the hypocrites.

They are among the misguided.

Allah compares

scholars who seek
the pleasure of the world to a dog.

Scholars like this

are just like dogs.

We seek refuge in Allah.

Repent, Abuja!

Fear Allah!

How long do you want to keep killing
people who strive for the cause of Allah?

You believe in Allah, and his Prophet.

But why not my teaching?

I am also preaching the same faith.

You manipulated the Qur'an!

You manipulated Hadith!

What do you know, Rahman?

Are you calling Abuja a hypocrite?

Don't you dare go against him.

Accept our teaching, Rahman.

Or you will end up dead!

Are you afraid, Rahman?

I only fear Allah.

You have strayed!

No one can prevent people
from following us.

People like you must be eradicated.

You are non-believer!

I will not follow your teachings.


There is no God but Allah.

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!

Surah Al-Ikhlas: Verse One

Peace be upon you, Azhar.

-How are you?
-Peace be upon you too.

How's business?

Praise to Allah. Are you going to
the village across the river?


I haven't seen Imam Malik
for quite some time.

I wonder how he is?

Is the daughter,
Sakinah still living with him?

I think you should go home, Pak Rahim.

Imam Malik is no longer
the Imam at the village.

No longer the Imam?

Since when?

Is he sick?

What's wrong, Azhar?

Our village is no longer
how it used to be.

A lot has changed.

I can't even begin.

I haven't seen him
for a while.

Not how it used to be?

How so?

Sakinah, wait!

The hardship that you
and your family are going through now

can end in a blink of an eye, Sakinah.

You can live happily.

Your father will be healthy again.

And the demons will not
mess with you anymore.

Whatever, Abuja.

You can send as many demons as you wish.

I will not turn away from Islam.

I will not follow your teachings.

I am not stupid, and gullible.

I don't want to have to do these things.

But it's from the divine revelation
to convey the truth!

What truth?

You are just misguiding people.

Your so-called divine revelation
is from the devil, not Allah.

You call people Kafiir just because
they won't follow your teachings.

Those who don't believe in
me are indeed Kafiir!

Practicing innovation,
heretical doctrines and hearsay.

Just like you and your father.

No wonder he fell sick!
That is Allah's punishment!

But you...

I give you a chance to repent,
and be my wife.

To be your wife, or your sex slave?

Misguided people like you smear the
name of our religion and distort Islam.



I don't know, Man.

Why do I keep on
dreaming of the same thing?

It's like a sign -
why I keep dreaming about her.

What sign?

Let it go, Adam.

It's all in the past.

Allah willing.

It will not happen again.

Believe me.

Until our last breath...

Allah will not stop testing us, Man.

What happened...

was not your fault.


You feel guilty...

of Maria's death?

I don't know, Man.

But I'm sure that
there is an unresolved matter...

related to Maria's death.

I am the true leader!

A leader among all of you,

for my rank.

I can help you to better understand
the Qur'an and Hadith.

Don't perform the bid'ah.

The religion is not
a matter of common sense!

There are so many underlying matters that
you won't understand.

I know who among you

will walk with me to Heaven.

I am able to tell your future.

Keep chanting!

Chanting towards the Heaven!




Follow me!

Aina, what are you doing up there?


-What's the matter?

-Grandpa, Mom!
-What happened to Grandpa?

He's scaring me!

Hurry up, Aina!


Help me...

Help me, Sakinah...

Surah Al-A'la: Verse Five to Seven

Who's that?


I need your help, Azhar.

Abuja has gone too far.

Please stop the demons
from disturbing my family.

Save my father.

I'm begging you.

Allah willing, Sakinah.

I know someone who can help.


Why didn't your Allah
make everyone a believer?

Why did you come to my house?

You came here yesterday.

Go and be with your friends.

Answer me!


Your God will not mislead His slaves.

Allah won't be cruel towards His slaves.

Guidance belongs to Him.

He will grant it to those who seek for it.

You are so good with words, Adam.

Your soul called out for me.

I know you are lonely.

I am never lonely.

Never on my own,
because Allah is always near.

He is with me.

Allah is near to you? We are close too.

So what is the difference? How can you say
that you are only close to God?

Can you see him?

Yes. Every Muslim can see Allah.

With his permission,
in the hereafter, not in this world.

Hopefully, the other believers and I
will enter Heaven.

Heaven? Don't be too sure, Adam.

You have a long way to go.

We'll see.

Why must Adam be solving
other people's problems?

There are other religious teachers
who can go.

It is his job. It is his responsibility
to heal sick people.


the patient is Imam Malik, my best friend.

I'm not stopping you, Adam.

But if it upsets your mother, avoid it.

Just take care of your own business.

Don't meddle with others'.

No need to trouble yourself.

I'm not confident

that there's anyone else who has more
experience to cure Imam Malik.

According to what Sakinah told me,

her father is really sick.

Black magic is not funny business.

What about the safety of my son?

If anything happened to Adam,
what are you going to do, Azhar?

I think I should go visit Imam Malik, Mom.

There might be a reason.

You only care about others
rather than your own mother's feelings.

I will not let you go, Adam.


When will Grandpa be better, Mom?

He's changed.

I am scared to stay at home
when he's like that.

I know. Whatever it is,
we need to help Grandpa.

Someone will come today to help us.

Aina, run!

Hold her!

What are you doing? Aina!

Let go of my daughter!

Let go of her!

Let go of me! Don't take her, Abuja!

Don't treat my family like this, Abuja.

Give me back my child.

Maybe this is the only way

for you to bow to me.

To open your heart to accept my teachings.

I don't endorse the Shia teachings.

My religion is more sacred.

I never insulted
the Prophet's friends and wives.

Isn't it enough,
look at what you have done to my father?

You used black magic to make him sick!

Now my daughter? Take me instead!

Kill me! Kill me, Abuja!
And be done once and for all!

You are the only one
who disobeys the orders of Abuja.

You are arrogant, Sakinah.

Not only that you are ungrateful

but you insulted our teachings.
You humiliated Abuja!

Your blood is halal,
your disrespect shouldn't be forgiven.

You choose not to bow to me!

But I still gave you a chance.

To ask for my forgiveness.


Let go!

Shut up!

Shut up!


Sit down, Adam.

I have prepared your favorite food.

I am sorry, Mom.

I don't mean to hurt you.

For a while now, I've been conflicted.

Struggling with a desire
to stop helping people.

A desire to stop preaching.

I try to be consistent.

I know.

You are looking for Allah's guidance

just like myself.

But doing so is sometimes confusing

especially these days.

I am worried about your safety.

I cannot afford to lose you, my child.

For God's sake, Mom.

The gift which Allah has bestowed upon me

is a responsibility that will be
questioned on Judgement Day.

I cannot waste it.

I'm just asking for your prayers,
in every step that I take.

Please, Mom.

Let me go.

So how, Adam?

If you are really coming,
we need to make a move now

before it gets dark.


Go, for Allah's sake,
you have my blessing.

But whatever happens,
I want you back home tonight.

If Allah wills it, Mom.

The misguided teachings Abuja is preaching
is contrary to the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

The followers of Abuja believe
that he is a holy man.

And often receive messages from heaven,
through dreams.

What messages?

This Abuja must be of those
who don't believe in Hadith.

But not all the villagers believe him,

There must be someone
brave enough to fight him.

Sakinah's father
was one of the brave ones.

That's how he got sick.

And Sakinah has to face all this.

He uses violence

and also black magic to punish those
who don't follow his teachings.

So are they afraid?

Not dare to report to the authorities?

Is it that bad, Azhar?

Some of them were murdered.

Peace be upon you.




No one's home?

There are.

Many of them.

Let's do this.

I'll go in first.

Both of you wait outside.

Don't stop chanting.

Why don't we go in together?

I'll always go with you.

What is the matter?

If there is anything, Azhar and I can...








What's in the room is not my father,

That's not him.

Save him, Ustaz.

Help me.

I don't want my father to die.

In the name of Allah,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Surah Al Baqarah: Verse 148

Don't disturb me!

Don't call me!

Allah's punishment awaits you.
Hell is your place.

You will stay there!

Surah Al-Hijr: Verse 35

Go away!

The curse is on you, the devil!

Until the Day of Judgement.



Ustaz! Ustaz!





What happened?

Imam Malik?




Hold on, Sakinah.


I seek forgiveness in Allah.

-Go away!
-Allah is Almighty!

Surah An-Nuur: Verse 21






Open the door, Man! Open the door!

Adam! Open the door, Adam!

I seek protection of you, dear Allah!

Surah Al A'raf: Verse 117-123

God is perfect.



Surely we come from Allah
and surely to him we return.


There is neither power nor ability
except by Allah.

Even the Pharaoh's mighty kingdom
asked for the Devil's help.

Muslim, hypocrites, and non-believers.

I will break them all!

-Let them fight among each other!
-I only fear Allah, not the Devil.

The Devil will come
and cut you into pieces.

Don't you dare convert me!

My eyes hurt, Azhar!

My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!

Surah Al Israa': Verse 82

My leader will be mad at me.
The Devil is my leader!

Allah is Almighty!

The Devil is my leader!

I am the evil jinn!

Evil demon!

Just you wait...

the strongest among all the jinn!

for the punishment on Judgement Day.

Surah Asy-syu'araa' : Verse 80

Allah is Almighty!

Where is Sakinah?

She ran away.

To where?

Allah is Almighty!




I seek forgiveness in Allah.

Rasulullah has warned
that Dajjal will emerge.

He is one-eyed.

I pray to Allah that I don't meet Dajjal!

Dajjal will be
the biggest test of your faith.

Even if Dajjal claims to be Allah,
Muslims will not believe and admit to it!

Due to their belief in Allah.

For 40 days Dajjal will instigate people
against their religion!

How are you going to pray?
Many will leave Islam.

As long as humans believe in Allah,
Judgement Day will not occur.

We are all reaching the end of time.
Judgement Day is approaching!

Surah Taha: Verse 68-70

I won't die until the Judgement Day!

Come out, you Devil!

Surah Yunus: Verse 81-84

Oh you Muslims,
damn you to deviation and Kafeer.

We are the followers of Rasulullah SAW!

I will not lose!

Allah will curse you devil,
until The Judgement Day!


Why did you come?


Your father has died long ago, Sakinah.

There was a demon sent
to live in your father's body.

While we have souls, demons
can enter us through our blood vessels.

The majority of the Sunni agree that
jinn may possess humans.

You don't have to tell me who did it.

This is all done by a deviant person,

as cruel as Abuja.

I will avenge my father's death.

Abuja will get what he deserves.

Think before you act, Sakinah.

You have to remember
that we are people of faith.

Adam, how about the body?
Who will take care of it?

It's okay.

I will take care of it.

Allah willing, Abuja will not know.

What happened...

really tested my faith, Ustaz.

I don't know
how much longer I can hold on.

Where is Allah when I need him?

Seek for forgiveness.

Not everything that he allows pleases him.
Solat, sujud, tahajjud, pray.

May Allah give us his Guidance.

So this is Ustaz Adam.

Just a simple guy.

Doesn't even wear a turban,

but instead claims to follow
the Sunnah of the Prophet.

As far as I know,
all of the religious people

would die to follow the Prophet.

What kind of Sunni are you?

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Dressing isn't one of the emphasized
Sunnah. It's included in Jibiliah Sunnah.

We are told to read all the books.

Not to read only one or two books,
and make their own conclusions.

You will not know if you don't ask.

If you don't know something,

you must ask a more knowledgeable
and high-ranking person.

What book? Which book do you mean?

In Islam, the truth is evidenced,
by Sunnah and the Qur'an.

Isn't there a Hadith

that states praying while wearing a turban
is superior than 25 prayers without it.

So you are not following the Sunnah!

That's a false Hadith.

False Hadith.

If there is a valid Hadith, tell me.

I know why you came here.

Whatever happens here
is none of your business.

I don't want you coming here!

Don't contradict me
with your meagre knowledge.

Get lost!

This place is not for you.

You're just an Ustaz.

You only know obvious things.

Knowledge of essence and inner secrets,
is beyond your understanding.

I'll make sure you regret
your whole life, Adam.

Your whole life.

I seek forgiveness in Allah.

I seek forgiveness in Allah.

You were right, Azhar.

Abuja had gone far.
Even his words are arrogant.

If this is the case, how can
the non-Muslims see the true Islam?

Islam does not use violence in Da'wah.

How did Abuja know
you were coming to the village?

I have kept this thing a secret.

No one knows.


Are you okay? You don't seem well,
after curing Sakinah's father.

You are not usually like this.

I don't know, Man.

I'm never like this. I don't know why
my body feels so hot, all of a sudden.

Very hot.

Don't you feel it?


I visited your place.

But today, you came to my place.

And be my guest.

Because of that, I chose you, Adam.

You came looking for me.

I never looked for you.

Don't keep coming into my mind,

into my life!

What do you want from me?

I'm looking for Allah's guidance!

Not you.

Every day your soul screams and calls me.

You always help people, but in reality,
you're the one who needs help.

You're sick, Adam!

I can help you...

because without you knowing it...

You are a hypocrite!


Please help me, Adam.


Please help me, Adam.

Adam, remember Allah!

Adam, remember Allah!

Adam, it's me, your father!

Relax, Adam. Calm down. You're home.

You fainted yesterday.

In Azhar's boat. We brought you back here.

I'm worried about you.

You have been unconscious since yesterday.
Luckily your friends were there to help.

What about Sakinah?

Her father's body?

Praise to Allah.

Azhar had managed everything.

The body of Imam Malik is safely buried.
Praise to Allah.

It's all done.

Now you need to rest.

Your body is still warm.

In everything that lives, there is a soul.

The person who still holds
the Shari'a will not understand

the real aim of my teaching.

They accuse us of being deviant,
for rejecting Islamic law.

Indeed they have strayed,

far from guidance!

We are the chosen ones!

We will achieve great victory
in the hereafter!

To purify ourselves from sin,
there must be a sacrifice!

The flesh of this child
will witness your loyalty to me.

Her blood must be tasted and drunk,

so we will not be ignorant
and soulless like her descendants.

This is from the prophecy I received.



You are the one who wants bloodshed.
Not me.

I am willing to die for my daughter.

Aina is your daughter!

You know!

Do you want to kill your own child?


It's okay, Omar.

Let her be.

We will see how far
a mother's sacrifice goes.

For now, let us stay here, Aina.

We cannot go home, it's too dangereous.

They must be looking for us.

Aina, don't be scared.

I will protect you.

But, you killed people.

Before my eyes.

I had to, because I love you,
I was saving you.

I didn't do it on purpose.

I know I have sinned. I was cruel.

Aina, I had to. I have no choice.

You always tell me
about what's right and wrong.

What are you going to tell Allah later?

I don't want you to go to hell!


Is it true that Abuja is my father?


What is that?

Allah is Almighty.

Oh my God, dear.

What was that noise?

Sounds like something fell.

Please go and get Adam.

I thought he was here.

He's not in the room.

Where did he go?

Dear, please go and find him.







I'm here, Mom.








Where do you want to go?

You want to leave me?

How could you?

I know I'm wrong.

I'm sorry.

I want to go to my father.

I know he is not a good person.

But he is still my father.

You can't, Aina. You can't.

Why did you leave me in the cave?

What's the meaning of this, Allah?

Cleanse my mind from Satan's influence,


Forgive me.

It's not my intention to push Maria.

I just wanted to hurt her.

I didn't know she could die.

I... I have sinned, Adam.

I have sinned greatly, Adam!

I have sinned greatly...

You use the name of Allah!

You use the name of Allah.

For the sake of your greediness.

You watch your mouth!

I never used Allah's name
for my personal interests!

I fight for Islam!

You are just defending yourself.

Not defending your religion.

Why are you afraid to admit it?

Admit it, Adam!

Don't compare yourself to me!

There is no way I would disobey Allah
due to arrogance!

Don't try to mess with my mind
and faith again!

Something great is waiting for you.

Let's just see how strong your faith is.

What do you mean?

Go home, Adam.

Someone you love the most
is facing the Angel of Death.

Someone I love the most?


What have you done to my mom?


Aina, run!

Come on, Aina! Quick!

Get her!






Get up, Aina.


Muslim woman, you say.


You think you can run away
from my kingdom?


I don't care
how many of my people you killed.

There are many more people
who are loyal to me.

My teaching is not in vain.

You have sinned against me, Sakinah!

You challenge me!

You challenge the majesty of Allah.

The sacrifices of your people,
have no meaning.

You still want to challenge me!


You and your followers are going to hell!

Allah is Almighty!

I will kill you!

I will kill all of you!

You're not a noble man, Abuja.

You're a hypocrite!

You are the devil!

You're a hypocrite!




Look at your mother!

She's your daughter, Abuja.


Where did you go, Adam?

You have been gone since yesterday.

We have been looking for you, Adam.

I disappeared since yesterday?

I don't know where I went, Man!

I don't know what happened!

Where's my mother, Man?

Sit down.


Where is my mother, Man?

I am asking you. Where is my mother?

Your mother is dead!


I seek forgiveness in Allah.


She's dead, Adam!


buried her yesterday, Adam.

There is no God but Allah.

What's more, Allah?

The test you gave me...

My mother is innocent.



-My mother is innocent, Abuja!

Adam... Adam...

We accept what Allah has planned for us.

I am not strong, Dad.

I can't.

I can't take it anymore.

I'm scared. I can't anymore.

Don't. Don't give up, my child.

I can't

see you fail again

in seeking Allah's guidance, Adam!

Find guidance.

Find the guidance in your soul...

In your soul, Allah willing.

I cannot fail again, Dad.

I don't want to fail anymore.

Our religion is within me.


Our religion is within me.

-For Allah's sake!
-Allah is Almighty!

What is in your heart is not faith,

But falsehood!

You don't understand the fact.

You do not understand yourself enough
to know Allah.

You can't differentiate what makes Allah
angry and what pleases him.

What prevents you
from prostrating to Allah, Abuja?


The goodness in your eyes
might bring you to hell.


Tonight I let my followers sleep with you.

Satisfy your desire.

I will allow it.

Praise be to Allah,
Sustainer of the creation.

Praise be to Allah,
Lord of all the worlds.

Let us be devoted, and uphold Islam.

The whole universe belongs to Allah.

Let all Muslims believe in it!

The irrefutable is just the Qur'an
and the Sunnah!

Whoever it is, of whatever rank.

Besides the Qur'an and Sunnah

we have the right
to re-evaluate their opinion!

They are not perfect!

Especially Abuja!

Indeed, Abuja is not perfect,
but he knows more than you!

Ustaz, Abuja's grave is higher than yours!

Who are you to fight him!


Yes, that's right.

Saidina Umar,
Prophet's faithful companion once said:

If you see me deviate from the right path,
correct me.

That's words of Saidina Omar al-Khattab!
This is Abuja, who is clearly deviant!

We are not ignorant!


Our people have informed me that
Adam is in our village now.

He came preaching.

At the same time,

he bad-mouthed you and insulted you
in front of the villagers!

People have started to believe him.

If our secrets leak,
what are we going to do?

Many will turn away from you, Abuja.

Allah has sent the Messenger...

not only for the Arabs,

not only Malays and Muslims,
but the whole universe!

Prophet Muhammad,
he is the Messenger sent by Allah.

Whoever becomes the slave of humans

will never be the a servant of Allah.

Islam liberates our souls.

We must develop as Muslims.

Throw away the nasty things
from Abuja's teachings.

We only have Allah.

Yes, that's right.

Only Allah.

Who are you to be talking
about arguments, religion?

You should be respectful,
kneeling before me. I'm older.

How many Hadith do you memorize?

One thousand? Two thousand?

You haven't even mastered
Hadith Imam Bukhari.

Everyone here knows, I understand
more of the Qur'an than you do.

That would be companions of
the messenger of Allah, As-salafussoleh.

Tabi', Al-Tabi'in.

Not you, Abuja.

If you believe the same as the Prophet
and his companions, you're on right path.

If you turn away,
you're clearly on the wrong path.

Seems like you haven't learned anything
from all your disasters.

You want to humilate me?

You will not get away from this.
Your time is up.

I will report you to the authorities.

I know, you killed my mother.

What, are you not afraid to die?

No human is not afraid of death.
Including you!

I'm willing to die for Islam.

Your heart and soul have died,
before your real death, Abuja.

Love the world
and be afraid of death.

Love the world and be afraid of death!

Have I sinned all along, Adam?


I know that Abuja has deviated,
but I just keep quiet.

I don't dare to defend my own religion.

I'm not selfish, Adam.


It's okay you refuse his teachings with
your heart, that's what you're capable of.

It's okay, Azhar.

Our sincerity will be judged
by Allah later.

Refusing only with the heart,
it is the weakest of faith, Adam.

Refusing, opposing evil
is obligatory for every Muslim.

But according to your ability,
and your strength.

Be patient, Azhar.

I used to have a wife, Adam.

But my wife left me as she was influenced
by the teachings of Abuja, Adam.

She was too obsessed...

and she left.

Hidayah indeed belongs to Allah...

and not for everyone.

Until today...

Adam, I pray everyday...

for my wife to return to Islam.

In fighting for Islam,
not everything is of our liking, Azhar.

Not everything is easy and as it seems.


Go, Azhar!


You're a religious extremist, Adam!

Don't think it's easy for people to
believe you! You cause people to disunite!

Who is the deviant one now?
I'm asking you. Who's the deviant one?

Allah forgives the non-believer,
in the state of ignorance.

I love all of you, you know?

Please repent!

Your argument is very subtle, Adam.
But evil.

Your religious knowledge is shallow.
Your speech is weak.

Ahl as-sunnah wal-jama'ah intends to
make us recognise

instead of denying people
of different reasoning and views.

We cannot think
that we are better than Allah.

Don't you guys know?

I should have told the police
about Abuja yesterday.

Maybe it was one of his guys
that killed my wife.

We have no evidence of that.

We can't assume, Pak Rahim.

At least, the police may arrest him
for the misguided teachings he brings.

If not us,
who else dares to make a report?

What about our safety?

Pak Rahim, you do know
that he doesn't mind killing people?

Whatever it is, we wait for Adam.

Pak Rahim!


What's the matter, Azhar?

Where is Adam?

Abuja's followers have captured Adam,
Pak Rahim!

Adam is in danger!


-I seek forgiveness in Allah.
-Go, Man, report to the police. Now!

-Go, Man!
-Okay, Pak Rahim.

I followed them just now.

They brought Adam to an old house.

I think Abuja will not let go
of Adam this time.





Verse Al-Kursi

Allah is Almighty!


You are a non-believer!


Abuja, I've sent Adam to that place,
as you ordered.

Why didn't you order
for him to be killed?

Death alone is not enough for him.

He needs to know and feel
how great my power and strength are.

Ustaz Adam...

What are you going to do with him?

If you don't want your daughter to die,

and you want me to release both of you,
you have to do something for me.

For your child's sake.

Be careful, Pak Rahim.

Look for Adam in the front room.

Pak Rahim!

-Pak Rahim!



Oh my God, Adam!


There is a fraud among you.
Without you realizing it.

I seek Allah's protection from Satan,
the accursed one.

In the name of Allah,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Surah Al-Hasyr: Verse 21

Hadith Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi

Allah and his messenger will curse you
until Judgement Day.

O Allah! Send your blessings
upon our Prophet Muhammad.

Let your peace come upon Muhammad.

Keep praying with Knowledge of Allah.

I will break the Muslims!

Let them fight among each other!

Prayers as eternal as Allah's Power.

Adam! Allah. Adam!



In the name of Allah,
I put my trust in him.

Your son is dead,
he knows very little of the Qur'an.

He's not of Muhammad's people.

Remember Allah, Adam!

Fight the devil's whisper!

With your permission to me,
I protect myself and soul.

In the name of Allah, Jibreel on my right.

In the name of Allah, Mikhael on my left.

In the name of Allah,
Israfeel in front of me.

In the name of Allah, Izrail behind me.

All of you are being deceived
by the Devil!

Your God, O Messenger of Allah
Return to Allah

Help me O Messenger of Allah

There is no God except Allah
and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.



Azhar, before anything happens,
please ask for your friends' help.

Ask them to come.

Hurry, Azhar.





This is an example of the end of humanity.

The liars!

Using Hadith, and the religion...

but he is actually a false preacher.

Leading people towards the hellfire!

Sakinah, tell everyone
what Ustaz Adam has done to you.

Speak, Sakinah.

Abuja wants you to tell everyone
what Adam has done to you. Speak!

He's the kind of person...

who likes to take advantage
in the name of religion.

Many women have become his victims.

Ustaz Adam raped me
in front of my daughter.


Rape? Is this true?

Why, Sakinah?

Why are you not telling the truth?

This is all a slander!

A slander!

He's vicious! Wicked!

All of you need to be careful
with people like him.

He brings us disaster!

Wait a minute. We can't simply believe it.

Maybe it's defamatory!

Abuja! Whatever it is,
we still need proof.

I'm the proof.

Indeed, he is the one who raped Sakinah.
Not only Sakinah.

Other women've become his victims. Over
ten years I've been good friends with him.

I know him better. All the while, I was
the only one who knew his true colors.

I can't protect him anymore.


Why are you defaming Adam?

Where's your faith?

Which devil brought you to this?

Don't believe them!


There are so many things
that you don't know, Adam.

And tonight everything will be answered.

I was the one who killed Maria, Adam.

It was me!

It was me, Adam.

I knew long ago that you pushed Maria,

You're the one who's always in my dreams.

All the dreams are a sign from God.

I had to, Adam.

I was afraid Maria would expose my
relation with her dad. She knew too much.

I had to kill Maria because she knew

the secret between me
and her father, Pak Osman.

I never thought Pak Osman would die, Adam.

You know how many people died
because of you?

You are selfish.

You don't do it for the religion.

You want everyone to respect you.

That's what you want.

Not for the reward.

People were supposed to respect me, Adam.

I was supposed to be in your place.

You understand?

The devil has entered your soul, Azman!

You have lost!

You're the loser, Adam.

You are a rebellious child.


You can't even take care
of your own father.

I know everything about you, Adam.

Your wife and son died
because God didn't forgive you.

But don't you worry.

You'll meet them soon.

Your wife and son are crying
while waiting for you at the door of hell!

You are the manipulator of religion, Adam!

Not me!

Dajjal's followers!

Dajjal's followers are liars!


Who are you calling Dajjal, Adam? You are
the enemy of Allah and the Messenger!

You are Dajjal!

You must be executed!



For Allah's sake!

You are following the devil, Abuja.

Why are you making
the devil Allah's ally?

We are his servants!

Not the devils'!

I don't want to hear your lecture!

Don't compare yourself to me!

An arrogant person

who worships other than Allah,

like you

will go to hell!

In a state of despair,
a painful punishment.

You are despicable!

Who are you to talk?

Who are you to punish me?

No one is more lost than one
who invokes other than Allah.


The Satan that you worship
will become your enemy.

Until the Judgement Day.

Until Judgement Day!



I'm begging you,

please don't torture him anymore.

That's enough,
look at what you did to my son.

Don't beg him, Dad.

He doesn't deserve it.

Ask for Allah's help.

Pray, Dad.

Believe, Dad.

Allah will never accept prayers
from a person like you.

Because your heart is dark!

I want to see how far your love
for the Prophet and his family goes.

What do you get from all this?

Nothing! Except for a world
of torture and torment!

I don't care,
as long as my faith is protected.

Humans have no power.

Allah is the Almighty.

Just accept Abuja's teachings, Adam.

Abuja will provide us
with the luxury of the world.

Watch us!

Just follow the teachings of Abuja, Adam.

I testify, that there is no God but Allah.

Prophet Muhammad
is the Messenger of Allah.


I have done as you ordered!

I have defamed Ustaz Adam.

You said you only wanted to humilate him.

Not to kill him!

Abuja, I think that's enough.

Hang him!



O God of a mighty life


By grace of your love I'm begging for help

Help me in all circumstances

Do not leave me alone

O light of the eyes

You have the knowledge.

But you are not sincere.

You are obsessed!

Interpret the verses as you wish, Adam!

I am begging you, dear Allah.

I am so weak.

This is where I stand in their eyes,
the enemies of Islam, Allah.

Where are you sending me, Allah?

Don't leave me alone, Allah.

As long as you are not angry with me...

I don't care, Allah.

I don't care for this test of yours.

We are only hoping for Allah's favor,

The recognition from Allah
is more important.

In the name of Allah, Adam.

I will fight for the sake of Islam
until my last drop of blood, Adam.

I will continue to preach alongside
with you, Adam.

That's my promise to you, Adam.

Those who never experienced it,

wouldn't understand our struggle, Azman.

They would not understand.

I'm sorry, Adam.

I'm sorry...

Adam, I'm sorry...

You are not a holy man, Adam!

You're not a Prophet
nor The Messenger!

You're a fool!

Acting like you're an angel!

Release him!

What did he do to you?

Please. Pity him, Abuja.

Seems like you still want to follow him!

You want to help him?

Be my guest, Sakinah.

No one will stop you.

What are you waiting for, Sakinah?

Help him.

You like him, right?

I know it...

Help him then...

Come on.

No, Sakinah!


Forgive me, Adam.

Forgive me.

I am more sacred and holy than you!

Even my saliva is more honorable
than all of your descendants!

You have committed the greatest sin,
and you didn't realize it.

Think back to what you have done.

To find his guidance,
sometimes it confuses me

especially these days.


Don't be too sure, Adam.

You have a long way to go. We'll see.

I was cursed!

I was cursed!


What are you preaching?

You killed your own mother.

The court of Mahsyar awaits you

before Allah on the Day of Judgement!

Allah, and Jibreel



O God

Don't leave me alone

After you have assisted me

You are trying to fight me, huh?

I seek protection of you, dear Allah.

You're done, Adam!

-He who lightens the darkness,

there is neither power nor ability
except by Allah.

Shut up!

Your power and greatness, dear Allah!

Allah, and Jibreel





Where are you guys going?

Don't run!

O God


Don't leave me alone

I repent!

I repent!

After you give me assistance

Adam. Dear Allah...

I seek your protection, Allah.

I seek your protection, Allah.

From the punishment of the hellfire.

From the punishment in the grave.

From the punishment on the Judgement Day.

From the Dajjal's calamity.

From the trials of life and death.

There is a Pharaoh in this era.

O Allah forgive us.

I have killed Mom.

Am I a good Muslim, Dad?

Will Allah forgive me?

If Allah wills it...