Mumu (2010) - full transcript

The story a rescue, the rescue of a bad brat's life in the post-WWII period. In 1947, Roger reaches 11 years old. He's a kid badly loved, mischievous and specializes in silly things to do. He is sent to a small boarding school in a small village. Mumu reigns over here. She's not the bitchest school teacher of the area. Roger has already been expelled from several schools and this is his last chance to avoid the reformatory his father has been promising him for a long time. But this is will change with the vigilance of Mumu, who, despite her strict aspects, proves herself to have a big heart.

Mumu (2010) Eng - FPS: 25.000For the Hearing Impaired

Children playing

And walking with a happy heart
to the belfry of his village

Swing Music

- I am 11 years
and I'm called Breaststroke.

It's my nickname because
it is the only swimming I practice.

It is 1947. I have just
been expelled from a new school.

My father was imprisoned in '39
released in '45.

He picked me up
with his car.

- Hello.

- To my parents
I am really a bad kid.

This time
it was really disgusting.

I should never
have been expelled.

Bordier had been exaggerating the
Prefect of Discipline should have seen that.

- Are you proud of yourself?
- I swear, it's false!

I never said that!

I swear
Bordier invented everything.

I told him about stuff ...

... I did with cousins
but nothing more.

- Of course!
- I swear.

This time, it wasn't me.

- Delafie knows my way of thinking.

For the priest, my friend from prison,
it is disgusting ...

... To believe that.
- You told him?

- Yes.

- Why is it that you're so dirty?
Do you see the dirt?

Finish undressing
and then begin to wash yourself.

* "Clouds"
(Django Reinhardt)

Give me the soap,
I'll wash your head.

But ... your hair is

Glued ..!

Is it split peas?
- A friend ...

... put his soup on my head.

- You find that funny?

Your buddy from prison
Could do nothing?

- He said no.

Your son speaks badly and has a
deplorable influence on his friends.

- No, Bordier invented everything.
I never told those stories.

- Told what?
- Stories of kids, ...

... jacking their peepee.
- Where will we put him?

I do not know.
At the reformatory, ...

... There might be no other place.

- I will not go to a

- Shut up!
Do not fuck us.

Keep your face hanging.

- We could try the church of
St. Eugene, a second time.

- No, I want to stay at home.
I do not want to be a boarder.

- But will you just shut up?


Father shouting


- I don't wanna.



You'll keep quiet?

Child groaning




- What's the matter with him?

- Even your brother!

He was dismissed from St. Charles.

Come on!

The door slams.

You better
hold your mouth.

The slightest bullshit
and you're off to the house of correction.

- As there was no other place ...

... They had finally decided
to put me in St Eugene, ..

... A village school
directed by Mumu, ...

... The bitchiest teacher in
the entire region.

The engine cuts.

- Are you coming?

- "In high thickets, ...

"... verdancy is ...

"... .. suplanted


"... .. by countless



And you dreaming?

*Knock Knock*
- Miss, a knock.

- Go open it.

- Miss!

- Oh, Mr. Lanthier!

and correct your mistakes.

Hello Roger.
You have been gone for 2 years.

- Hello miss.

- At night, they say: "Good evening".

Is that not it?

Children laugh.

- We know that easy!

- Silence!

Set your belongings down by the door.

Sit here
and do dictation with us.

He dined?

Before coming.
- And his sheets and ..

His change of clothes?
- In the bag.

- Well, monsieur, the priest is waiting
for the administrative stuff.

It is for the priest.
- Good.

- Roger?

Come say goodbye.

No pen?
- Yes, miss,

In my briefcase.
- Go ahead.

And take off your jacket.

Where was I?

- A "chattering", miss.
- Oh yes.

I repeat.

"In the high thic-kets
thic-kets ...

"... .. verdancy is supplanted by

".. .. supplanted by"

"... Countless
Birds chattering ...

"... Under the view, exceeding ...

"... exceeding two large perches ...

"... .. rest-less ... re-st-less."

- Ah, it is hard.

We actually watch him
his mother and I.

He needs to be watched.

- It's funny.

Miss Muller
kept very good track of him.

And me too!

Well, it was during the holidays.

And the spirit of a child
is lively and curious.

- Watching all the nonsense!
- Miss Muller has a weakness ...

... For these children.

She collects
all the hotheads ...

... From the area. What energy, ...

What health to handle ...
all these kids.

How is Benedict?
- Oh him ...

... he's a hard-worker,
He will go far.

Studious, reasonable ...

he gives
great satisfaction.

- Before ..

we go to sleep ...
under the stars

Sweet Lord, humbly kneeling

Your sons open their hearts
to you unveiled

If we have sinned

Forgive us

- Amen!

Take your stuff and
form a line to the dormitory.

In silence! Perchard!

Take care of Roger.
Help him with his suitcase.

- Leave!
We have our toilet here.

- Go ahead, Mr. Riberolles.

What are you waiting for?

- Yes, miss.

- Who is he?

- Saucisse,
the stupidest monitor.

Joyful cries



- It's like that with him.
What a poor guy!

He has no authority.
Sometimes, Mumu, she hits him.

She also hits the priest
he's fat but just fluff.

You know him?

- Yes, I've been here before.

- Sometimes, it sucks. With Mumu,
we have a good time. She is crazy.

Where are you from?

- From St. Charles.

A school that I got kicked out of.

- Why?


- A guy squealed on me
and said I told dirty things.

- Disgusting!
Did you break his face?

- Didn't have time!


- What's going on?


- Lanthier!

You take the empty bed
in back.


Landreau, Geunaud, finished?

- Ouch



Kind of ...

... brute! I'll tell on you tomorrow morning
to Miss Muller and Monsieur ...

... the priest!

My father will break ...

... your face!


- And not one more word!
Otherwise, I'll come back down.

And then
you'll understand me.

- Mr. Riberolles?
There is more paper.

How do I get it?


- Enough, ...

... Now!


Help Lanthier make his bed.

Others, lie down.

Montez, ...

... there is nothing to see.

- You've been here long?
- Since last year.

- Where are you from?
- From St. Gelais, and you?

- From Niort.
- What does your father do?

- Travelling businessman
and yours?

- Died in the war.

Killed by the Germans.
My mother remarried.

Her Boyfriend
is a masonry contractor.

You have sisters?
- No.

A brother.

- His age?

- 3 years older than me.
- Where is he boarding?

- Nowhere.

He's a day pupil.
- What, a day pupil?

That's shitty.
- Yes.

- Are you making the bed?
- Yes, Mr. Riberolles.

- Lie down. I'll turn off the light.

- So?

- That's it, done!

- He did not ..

Cry ..?
- No.

The next time
it is the reformatory, directly.

- Yesterday, you made me afraid.

Be careful
not to hurt him.

- I can not take it.
I have no more patience.

Those years of captivity
have messed up my nerves.

And more, this kid ...

I always think
that he's not mine.

- What a fool you are!
Always the same old.

Have you seen the Canaries?
These are attractive prices.

If we went for Easter?

- And the children?
What will they do?

- Camille!

4 times 8?
- 32!

- 9 times 6?

- 54!

- 6 times 5?
- 30!

- Roger?

Let's see what we taught you.

Under the Ancient Regime, society
was divided into several classes.

How many were there?
- 3.

- Good.

What were they?

- Clergy, nobility, third estate.

- The clergy and nobility
paid no tax.

The third estate consisted of whom?

- The bourgeois
enriched by trade.

and peasants, often poor ...

... And miserable.
- Well!

We will make something of you.

What way he saying ...

... your father?

- You're smart!
- That, I knew by heart.


- Guenaud?

Who was Joan of Arc?

- Joan of Arc?

Uh, was the daughter of ...

- Charlemagne.
- Charlemagne!


- Continue!
What has she done?

- She crowned King Clovis,
in Orleans.

She was burned at Reims ...
by the English.

- Triple clod!
Nitwit child!


Three days
on the life of Joan of Arc!


You have brains more empty
than a goose!

Copy for me ten times
chapter 20 of Leterrier.

And Thursday!

You will by left out of the walk!

Do not think to give in
to temptation.

But deliver us from evil.
So be it.

- Roger
say hello to Monsieur Priest.

- Hello Breaststroke.
- Hello Monsieur Priest.

- You've grown, I'd say!

Back with us?
This is serious, this year!

There is Latin and English.

Go, go eat!


- What did he say?

- Breaststroke.

- Why?

That's how I swim.

- And your real name?
- Lanthier, and you?

- Joly.
You've been kicked out of how many...

... schools?
- 4.

- Hey, Boutin!

He beats you,
he has already been expelled four times.

- She's the sister of Mangeard
who is in 9th!

She is the maid here.
She handles the small ones.

She does not wear panties!

- How do you know?

- When she sits
on the stairs ...

... You see her crotch all black.


- Who is it?
- My mother. Not bad, eh?

- She is pretty.
- She bronzes all day.

You want to see mine nude?

For you,
it costs nothing.

Other give me 30 balls.

- Do not listen.
We saw her, his mother!

She has an ass like a mare.


- Repeat!


- Stop!

Stop, please!

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?


To your places!

- It's him, sir.
- No, it's him.

- We'll see later.
To your places!

- "Oh, those cherries ...

"... .. Comma

"Oh, those cherries ...

"... .. Comma

Antoine, to the board!

Decline and have and be
in the present and imperfect.

"A farmer ...

"... Has a stable
7 meters long, ...

"... 5 meters wide,
2.50 meters high ...

"... How many cattle
can it hold ...

"... if it takes 25 m3
for each cow. "

You have 10 minutes.

Perchard, Lanthier!

You'll do the shopping.

You will show Roger.

- Sweet!
- What is it?

- We do the shopping in town.

For the food!
- Do not dally.

You have one hour.

Keep track of the ..

.. money.
Keep the receipts.

Ration cards
are in the envelope.

Get going!

- Guenaud has seen her naked, your mother?
- No, never!

- Why did he say that?
- To piss me off.

The other day, he took a swing.

- Why?

- We had a row
about his father.

He was in the militia.
He was a blue shirt.

- Really?

- You're strong?

- Yes! My hold is unbeatable.
I knocked out all the fucks!

- Show me.

- Not here.
If Mumu sees us ...

- Wait, I'll be ...

... fucked!
- I must not fuck up.

Otherwise, it's the reformatory
or a children's troupe!

- You're crazy.
Here, you do not get expelled.

- At recess!

"Bril-liant" ...

- A2

"... .. from all the lights

- In the water.

"... in the corner of the hall ...

- Shit!

"... the hall ...

"... for eating."

"The two children ended ...

"... .. Ended

"... Putting the cover
on the tablecloth. "



Sons of satan, again you!

It will not last long,
donkey buggers!




You'll get your certificate,
This year, you'll get it!

You'll get no more night passes!


- Stop, miss.
- Leave me.

- Ouch





- Enter my room ...

... During class.
- Stop!

It is not reasonable.
Calm down!

Calm yourself,
Calm yourself, miss!

Calm down!

- Chouteau, Noyant !

You stay here after class.

You will do your problems
on the board.

I will not let you go until
you do understand it.

- What would you like to do later?
- Mechanical.

- Why?
- To have beautiful cars.

- What does he have, your father?

- A Simca 8!
- That sucks! My stepfather, he, ..

.. He has a 15 "Citro".
She'll do 150 on the chrono!

My mother's coming
to get me.

We will take a spin.

You have a bike?
- No. My brother ...

... But not me.
- Tell me!

He's the favorite, him.

He is a day student, he has a bike ...

You're not jealous?
- Do you have a bike, you?

- Of course!


They laugh.
- Who are they?

The blonde is the daughter of the butcher
and the other is of the tobacconist.

- No really!
- Oh, they're chicks!

Mumu hates girls.
She does not want any talk.

- You have the unstoppable hold?

You knocked out ..

all the fucks..?

- Yes!
- I am the strongest here.

I am the boss!

Show us.

- Do not fight!

He'll kill you. He is a brute.

- Get out your hold, chicken!




- What a wipe out!

You're not the boss now!

- What's going on?

- Landreau sought to fight
and Lanthier corrected him.

- Nothing wrong?
- As long as he doesn't bring back more.

- Good.

- Oh, the hold!
You've got others?

- Yes, plenty!

- Will you show me?
- Yes.

- Do you know where our cabin is?
- No, and you?

- Yes
it's where we can hide.

Up, in the limetree!
- Come!

- It's nice.

- There Saucisse is fucked.
He can not climb that far.

- He is too heavy to climb.

- "The Hard"?

What is that?
- The name ...

... of our band. Landreau ...

... Wanted to wreck it.

But he slipped
and broke his head.

- The idiot.


Shit, recess is over!

A time when the soul ...

Remembers ...

A need for memory

I'll see my Normandy

It is the country that gave me birth

- Learn that for
the end of the week.

Take your textbooks.

The 9th, ..

... Revise your recitation
the 8th and 7th, review ...

... Your history and geography lessons.

Geunaud, the board!


I can come get you!

- Something stung me my shoe!


- Listen!

I buy a kilo of apples
for 60 francs per kilo.

How much change do I get
on a 500-franc note?

- Miss!

- Easy!


Not very good at calculating,
my poor Guenaud.

You prefer to do your dirtyness.
I saw you, you vicious dirt.

I repeat!

I buy a kilo of apples at
60 francs per kilo from the storekeeper.

How much change should I get?

Say, you blockhead!

You'll understand, idiot?

You're going to respond?


Your neighbor is it so bright?

Come here!
- Me?

- Yes, you!

The pure spirit!

I buy a kilo of apples
for 60 francs per kilo.

How much change do I get
for a 500 bill?

Write it!

- 560 francs?


- Small curs, rogue!

Imbeciles! Minions of Satan!
You'll have your certificate!

You'll have it!

- She is crazy!

- Each take a turn in the priest's office!
You have things to say.

You, Guilloteau!

Fetch me
your math notebook.

Clap clap
Go, make haste!

Line up to the dormitory.

Ah, Roger?

I am going to talk to you.

Sit ...

... At your place.

I'll test your level.

Why did your father
have such a low ...

... Opinion of you?

You are intelligent and capable.

I saw it this afternoon.

I'll introduce you to the
free certificate.

A little behind in numeracy and
writing, but you'll catch up quickly.

Math notebook!

Let's see multiplication
and division.

"450" divided by "13"!

- Hey, what did Mumu want with you?

- Test my level.
She wants me to pass the cert'.

Shit, my stars!

- Your Stars?

Soft music

- One, two, three ...

... Four, five ...

- What are you doing?
- I count the stars.

- Why?
- You don't know?

- No.

- You have to count 12 stars
every night for two months.

The last day, you make a wish,
and it is realized.

But if you forget a single day
you're fucked.

- If there are no stars?
- It does not matter.

- It must be done when they are there.
- And does it work?

- Yes, every time!
- Who taught you that?

- A guy in St. Charles!

- What's your wish?

- To have the good life,
and no longer see my parents.

- Mine is to have a bar
and go on tour around the world.

Wow, it's crazy
the number of stars there are.

- It would be nice to have a road
up there and visit the stars.

A car approaches.

- There!

- Hello.
- Hi, Mom!

This is Roger Lanthier
my new best friend.

- You're the guest of Lo?c
for the day?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Until what time?

- Miss Mullard said 19 hours.
Let's go, into the car.

The car starts.

- Make it point to 100, for Roger.
- No, not on these small roads.

- He does not believe that..

... it is a fireball.
- But it is.

- And the car ...

... of your dad?
- A Simca 8.

- No!

- Lo?c
that's not polite for you ...

... Comrade. You know, the Simca ...

... Are good cars.

- Turtles!

- And then?


You're stupid.

Lanthier ... Lanthier ...

I had a school friend
who later married a Lanthier.

Your dad is he a salesman?

- Yes, ma'am.

- That must be her.
Give her my regards.

On behalf of Fran?oise ...

... Retailleau, from
St. Germaine.

Your mother was very badly behaved
with the nuns.

She made the class laugh.

It surprises you?
She is funny?

- Yeah.

- Go up and play in your room.

I'll go see Lucien just now.

- Who is he?
- My step-father.

- She is nice, your mother.

- She will come and take a bath.

She takes them all day.

The bathroom
is just on the other side of the wall.

- You have the entire collection?
- Not quite!

- It's your radio?
- Yes.

*turns on the radio*
There we go.

*Latin Music*
She'll come soon.

- I love Lily Fayol.

Come dance!

You dance well!

Well, I'm going to take my bath.

- She's good, she is!


She sings.

Be careful!

You see?
- Yes, but not well.

- Enough!

Small profiteer!

- So, is she beautiful?

- Really!

- You saw her naked ..

your mom?
- No!

- Is she ugly?

- No,
but I'd puke.

- Sir, there is a haystack
burning down there!

- Go sit down.

- You have the life.
Your mother is kind to you.

- Not you?
- Mine is never cuddly with me.

- And your father?

- He is a rotter!
It punches me down.

- Why?
- I do not know. He gets upset.

- As if he wasn't my father.
- You're crazy!

- All in the water!

Joyful cries

- Then
You'll show me your breaststroke?


- Not in the current.

Come back!

Come back!

- Easy, it looks like the butterfly.


I prefer the crawl.

- Do we come here often?
- 2 or 3 times a week.

- You wanna go
pass under the boat?

- Sure.

- Where is he?

- What is he doing, stupid?

Big breath



Are you okay?
- Damn!

I had no breath.
I almost died.

- What happened?
- My suit got caught.

I swam,
but I could not move forward.

I could not tear myself away.

- I didn't see you come back.
I was worried.

- Without you, I'd be dead,

- No,
we do not die like that.

I never much
open my eyes underwater.

It stings! And I see nothing!

- Me, I'm getting out. I feel like vomitting.
- What, already?

- We barely swam.
I'm staying.

- Beginning languages early
ensures a good foundation.

Roger, reprends.

- Rosa, rosa, rosam,
rosae, rosae, rosa.

- Good!

Rosa plural!
To you, Jean-Francois.

- Rosae, rosae, rosas,
rosarum, Rosis, Rosis.

- Perfect!

- 2nd declension, the word "nus".
To you, Lo?c!

- Dominus, Dominae, dominum,
dominus, domino, domino

- He's wrong, Mr. Priest.
In the genitive it is "domini".

- In the genitive, it is "domini".
Again, Lo?c.

- Dominus, Dominae, dominum,
domini, domino, dominoes.

- Very good.

Enough Latin for today!

Take out your English book,
we will work on pronunciation.

Thank you, Maria.

Gerard, how do you say "book"
in English?

- A book.

- The book.
- "Te book"

- But no ...
you know well ...

I spent an hour
explaining to you ...

... The pronunciation of T-H.

So, who knows?

- "Ze book"?

- So, you don't know either?

- Yes, but ...
- No, you do not understand.

Who knows?

- "So book"?
- "Fe book".

- "Gue book".
- The Book.

- The Book.
The, the, the ...

Crac crac

It's difficult, right?

The, the!

The book!

The car!

The Body!

The church!

The, the!

The car ... the Bible!

It's truly difficult?

Little cads!


You do not care about me!

Take your books
and, run to the study.

Come on, faster!

- The 10th and the 9th have a quarter
hour to review their lessons.

- The 8th and 7th,
we'll go over another lesson.

- Targets bumpers!

- Cool!!

- Another shit Rican.

- And if it is blocked?

- An escape?
- Turn on the boat and go ...

... on an adventure.

See the country.

- Oh yes!
- We'll do it?

- Lanthier, Perchard!

Are we talking ...

... Again? Separate yourself.

Examine ...

... the flowers.
Open your lesson ...

... Page 116, lesson 30.

Pick a daisy.

Watch it carefully.

There are lots of things ..

.. Inside.

Firstly, the chalice, ...

... consisting of sepals.

Then, the corolla,
formed of petals.

Then, the stamens,
that produce pollen.

And finally, the pistil ...

... With eggs.

Boutin, what is it ...

... that I just said?
- Uh ...

The eggs contain the pistil.


- The reverse, moron!

You must be stupid!

You copy for me 100 times
"I am the king of fools and ...

"... I do not know."

To you ...

Guilloteau the genius.

The chalice?

- It is the vase which is used by
M. Priest for the church?

- No, this cup here, fool.

Confusing the priest's chalice
with that of the flower!

Poor Guilloteau!

When you're born, your mother did not
give birth to a shining star!

- I found a frog!

- Bring it to me.

What is it?

- A frog!

- Good. Lesson 49, page 130.


Is this an insectivore
or a herbivore?

- Insectivore, miss!

Good. Perchard!
The husband of the frog is ...

- Ben, the toad!

- I am sure, big wise guy.

And why not the hippopotamus?


- Saucisse is in the limetree
he's breaking the cabin.


- Oh, the bastard.
- What crap.

- He will pay for it!

- Next, what is happening?


What is a quadrilateral?

- A geometric figure with
4 sides and 4 corners.

- Well, drop your pants.


- Uh, a quadrilateral
with equal sides and parallel.

- Good.

we'll revise in my room.




- E7!

- Sunk!

- Fourneux!

You'll take my bag up to the bus.

- Where is she going?
- To Niort, on Thursday at 2.

The Colonel's house.

- Stay with Mr. Riberolles.

- Colonel?

- An airman. Surely her man!

- I return
by bus at 19:30.

Let's go.

Goodbye, miss.



- Boutin, the board!

Copy me 20 times
"I respect my superiors."


Stop, please!


- Hey, Saucisse!
- Fool!

- Sit down!

Do you want to be expelled?



Will you come down?

- Come get us.
- Oh, big fool!

- You lose nothing by listening.

The Miss will know,
Believe me!

- Tattler!
Big nothing!

- Come, Saucisse.

Come on, get up my dog!

- Go, Saucisse. Climb!


- Come on, get up!

Get moving!

He's coming.
- I'm coming, wait!

You'll all see.

Little bastards!

You'll all pay me.

- Oh, the nothing!
- You'll see.


- Alert,
he's going to find the priest.


*- shots fired
to the moon?

- Hello.
- Hello.

The colonel okay?
- He lives!

He eagerly awaits you.

- The bus was late.
I had to go ...

... to town.


The radio cuts

- Enter!

- Hello, Colonel.

- Hello, miss.

I was worried.
You're always so ...

punctual ...
- The bus was late.

I had an errand in town.

- Look, this is for you.

For all this time you've passed
to give me literature.

- Are you crazy?
This bouquet is bigger than me.

And lilies,
my favorite flowers!

And a big box of chocolate!
What folly!

- How are my little monsters?

- Oh!
- Not too much of a suffer this week?

- They will have my skin!

- Still Noyant and Chouteau?
- Oh!

If only I had just
those two!

These days, I thought I was
mad. They were enraging.

- What are you doing?

Classical music

- Listen!

- You got it.

- Yes.

- It's beautiful, is not it?
- Yes.

Door opens

What's going on?

- They are in detention.

They behaved
as thugs with Mr. Riberolles.

They threw stones.

So much so that the poor guy
came to take refuge with me.

- It happened when?
- Just after you left.

- Jean-Francois
what is it ...

... that happened?
- I do not know, miss.

- How is that? Were you not ...

... there?
- Yes, yes. But, I ...

He whimpers.

- Landreau.

- Me, miss?

- Yes! Come here!

Show me your hands.



I'm sure ...

... It was you who gave
the signal for ruckus. Dirty dog!

Dirty German!

Dirty little rat!

Son of Schleu!
- Miss Mullard, please.

Calm yourself, calm yourself!
- Kind of ...

- Measure your words!

Calm down! Leave, Kids!
- Leave me

- Leave, kids!

I demand that you calm down.

Calm down!

- But now, release me!

- She's crazy.

- Let go!
- Enough!

- She is completely barmy
at times.

- Leave me

- A kiss.


- Hello!

- You're here?
- Yes.

- Your parents haven't come?

- Not yet.
- Well, say so!

- Lanthier, your parents called.
They will not come pick you up ...

... tonight.
They had an emergency.

Madam will explain for you.

Well, come!

- Ah, Roger.

A friend of your parents
had a serious car accident.

- Who?
- They did not tell me.

They are going to see him,
and cannot pick you up.

Put your laundry bag in the dormitory.

We will have supper early
and take the opportunity to work.

An isosceles triangle ...

... Has two equal sides
and 2 equal angles.

An equilateral triangle,
3 equal sides and three equal angles.

Draw me an isosceles triangle DEF
with your compass ...

... Knowing that DE = DF = 3 cm.

Soft music

I cannot
return him to the dormitory.

"Hail Maristella"

In math,
Roger will make up whatever he is behind.

- Oh good man! I knew
you were a good boy.

Maria brought
the ping-pong table...

... out for this afternoon.

You know I play?
- Yes, M. Priest!

- If there is time after vespers
we'll play dominoes ...

... With Miss Mullard.

She is very strong.

- I have not played for 10 years.

Door opens.

- Roger, put yourself there,
in between us.

On behalf of father, son
and Holy Spirit.

So be it.

Bless, Lord, this meal.
And provide bread ...

... To those who do not have.



What's with him?

Why are you crying?

Speak! Empty ...

... your heart!
- Why are they not coming?

- I already told you.

- No, I'm sure
it is not that.

- At St. Charles
it was already like that. I spent ...

... My weekends in school.
- They never came?

- Almost never!

- Why?

- I do not know.
My companions would go, except me.

According to them, I have a bad core
and I am a little ...

... lout.
- No, you're wrong.

- No, it's the truth.

- They say it
because you're a little naughty.

A little less sedate than your brother.
They love you ...

... a lot.
- No.

- Come, come.

- I am always wrong.
My brother is always right.

My mother was more ...

... gentle when he was not there.

- Who is that?
- My father.

I do not love him.

- It's wrong to ...

... say that!

- That's how it is! Too bad!

- Maria!

- What goodies have you prepared for us?
- Asparagus, M. Priest.

- Bravo, the first of the season.

The asparagus garden.
Do you like it?

Wipe your tears!

The we will first eat, ...

... And then we'll talk about it
just now with Miss Mullard.

Did you wash your hands, at least?
- No.

- Go ahead, run.

- He has a real problem, this child.

- Should we not
talk with his parents?

Animated Conversation

- Aha! Goodnight, kids!

Joyful cries

Good evening, everybody

- Who is that?
- Gatineau, an actor.

He comes 2 times a year ..

For the rehersal of the patron.

- Ah, Miss Mullard!

Ah, ah!

Do not worry, Monsieur Priest.

- Everything OK?
- Yes, I have rehersed here so much.

Don Diego, the old Don Diego.

O rage! O despair!
O old enemy!

It is grandiose, that!

Cornelius, for the comedians,
There is Michelangelo, there is Wagner!

- What diction!
- Yes.

- What genius to say the lines.
- Do not exaggerate!

- Do you want dinner?
- Certainly.

Yes, I rehersed all afternoon
and I'm hungry.

- Maria, serve Mr. Gatineau.

- Oh, Maria.

- I have a favor
to ask you.

We learn "Oceano nox '
with the children.

- Ah, 'Oceano nox'!
It was my warhorse.

In small academies.
- Exactly!

The children
have trouble saying the lines.

Would you do a demonstration?

- Now?

- Why not? That bother you?
- Oh no, not at all!

Clap clap

A bit of silence!

For those who do not know,
here is Mr. Gatineau, ...

leading man ...
of the Theatre of Niort.

He presents the scene
"The ground that dies," ...

... And comic interludes
for our evening.

He has kindly agreed
to recite for you ...

A few stanzas from "Oceano nox".

Take it from the beginning.

- Oh how many sailors
How many captains

who have gone joyfully
to distant seas

In bleak horizons

Oh, how many have disappeared,
hard and sad fortune!


- Both of you, out the door!

And for tonight ...

... no show!

- By bottomless seas

On moonless nights

How many owners
dead with their crews

How ...

- I am returning to the theater.

I leave you alone.
But, no nonsense!

Otherwise, no pilgrimage
to Notre-Dame de la Touche.

I'll be right back.

- It is stupid!

- The Touche?

- A village.

A path of pilgrimage
where the schools go ...

... to the religious corner.

- If your mother loves you, why ...

... are you here?
- Due to my stepfather.

- You knew your father?

- Yes, he was really nice.

- Why did the Germans shoot him?
- He was in the resistance.

He hid airmen.

- What shit, these Germans!

Then, in the size of America?
I have a plan.

- You're barmy.
The police would catch you soon.

- You do not feel like chewing gum
and the Cadillac?

- Yes

But the money?
- That we find.

I know where my mother's stash
is, big bills in her room.

- You've already taken?
- No, not yet ...

- Should I run away,
my mother would die.

- Are you chicken?

- No, but ...

- Shall we?

- Where to?

- The ballroom.

- Ah! And Saucisse?
- We won't stay for long.

Just looks a bit
and come back.

- Okay.

(Accent UK)
- Here I am in this delicious ...

... Park Monceau.


... Where the song ...

of the birds cradles my rest ...

... on my walk.

Oh, sorry, miss!

The path
leading to the Eiffel Tower?

- We see everything from here.

(Very strong emphasis Breton)
- I do not know. I'm Breton.

I arrived this morning.

I am from Plougastel.
I have relatives in Ploumanac'h, ...

... Roscoff, Douarnenez.

I am returning from the home of my brother,
Yves, in Perros-Guirec.



- It's better ...

... for the accent.
So we will resume later.

We leave the scene to Miss Moulard
and the children.

Clap clap

- To us, kids.
Take the stage!

- It would be better closer.

- In Place!

- I have to go pee.
- Yes.

- Alert ...

... he's getting up.

- We have to beat him.

- So, you were the idiots,
the other day?

The Mr. Priest and Miss Mullard ...

... had to crack down on.
- That is not me!

- I hope.
- And Mumu?

Always ...

... exciting?
- Yes, she hit the priest.

- You can talk ...

Otherwise ..?

- You will make him mad.
She is not the easiest.

- In fact, ...

... you know one
Francoise Retailleau?

- Francoise Retailleau,
of course.

- She is the mother ...

... on my friend.

She sends her greetings.

- Who is that?
- A girl from the time of ...

St. Germaine.
We saw the wedding of Bretaud.

Her husband has been shot
by the Germans.

She is remarried to ...

... Retailleau.
The cement works ...

Retailleau ..!

Yes, the beautiful brunette!

- There! With the Minx
pink hat and her legs ...

... like chicken.
- That isn't minx.

- She has nice legs
and is nice.

- Do not contradict your mother.

Stop your glances!

- Me?
- You take me ...

... For an imbicile?

- I'm sick.
- As are we, of your bullshit!

What bullshit, bullshit ...
Never satisfactions!

Your brother, he gives to us.

He gave us felicitations ...

... from his professors.
- Me too.

Ms. Mullard wants ...

... me to pass my free certificate.

- I'd be surprised!
- Ask her.

Catholic Chant

Clap clap

- You can disembark.

Joyful cries

Wait, kids!

Don't run off, stay here!

And you stand here
like a potted plant!

Stir yourself, my friend!
Run after them!

Come back ...

... Kids!
Do not move!

Get together!

What a wet rag, that man!

- Yes, he lacks authority, but ...

Also, be careful.
You are paralyzed completely.

- Me paralyzed? He's short
in every sense, this idiot!

- I leave you.
I have an appointment with the archdeacon.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Forward!

- My good dear brothers,
my good dear sisters.

Like every year
at the same time ...

Here we are together reunited
before ...

... This beautiful abbey
Augustinian ...

... To celebrate the pilgrimage ...

... In honor of our most Blessed
and the Blessed Lady of the Tower.

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done ...

... On earth as in heaven.

Give us this day our ...

- It will be like this all day?
- I'm afraid so.

- It's gay!

- Not as good as Roger Nicolas!
"Listen, listen!"


- Silence, a little respect!

- Then, let us get with them?
- Agreed.

- They are too cute.
- Yes.

- You have an hour
for your play.

Those who want to play football
can do so with Mr. Riberolles.

I'll do games with little ones.

Do not leave!
At 15 hours, ...

... we all assemble here to attend Vespers
said by Bishop Machepoul.

visit the abbey with the guide.

Then we go back.


Joyful cries

- How would you like to explore the island?

- Yeah, you said that, you?
- Yes, it's not bad.

If it is within 30 minutes!
- Yes.

- We'll go ahead.

They should not see us together.
- Okay.

- We'll follow them?
- Are you scared?

- No, but ...
- They will not eat us.

Come on!

I am swimming.
- Me too, I am suffocating.

- Where are we going?
- Walk, you'll see.

- A dry?
- What is that?

- Thins.
- No, I do not smoke.

- Me neither.

Is she hard with you, Mumu?
- A genuine bitch!

- And yours?
- Very hotheaded.

One day it goes off. The next day,
everyone bonds.

- You will pass the certificate?

- Yes.
- Ah, us too.

- Go ahead, Emile!

- Oh, let yourself go!

Joyful cries

- It's time!

Rest five minutes,
and then get dressed.

Everyone is here?

- Where are Lanthier and Perchard?

- I do not know, miss.

- They were not here?

- You know you have to
watch them, imbicile!

Look for them, bugger noodle!

- I lost two of my daughters.
You have not seen?

- No.
I too have lost two.

- Well, all becomes clear.

You understand?
There are four to retrieve.

They will hear me,
the dirty little rascals.


Do not just stand there
like a ramrod!

- An hour late!
What will they say?

I told you so!

- We should not have accepted.

- It was because of the straw everywhere.

- Hey, have you seen your mouth?
- What, my mouth?

- Lanthier! Perchard!
Come here!

- Girls, wait there!

- Where were they?

- In a barn
in the middle of the island.

- Little bitches!


You'll pay for this.


I know now that we can not
trust you.

I'm really disappointed.

All those hours wasted
to make you a real little man.

You're not worth the trouble
it takes to interest you.

Clap clap

Line up!


- Come in, Roger.


You're thirsty?

A lemonade?
- No, thank you, Mr. Priest.

I wanted to see you.
I need you to speak.

What happened yesterday
in Notre-Dame de la Touche?

Speak, my child.

You can trust me.

- We went
walking with the girls.

- You know that it is forbidden.

Everyone was worried.

Especially Miss Mullard!


She asked me to punish you.

Me, I do not want to.

promise me you will not do it again.

- Yes, Monsieur Le Cure.

- Something else!

Your parents contacted me ...

... by phone.

They want
me to keep you here for ...

... the Easter holidays.

- Why?

- I do not know.

Your father told me that ...

... he and your mother absolutely
had to go for the people ...

... for whom he works.

- And where is my brother?

- Ah, that he did not tell me.

Nothing is decided yet.

Miss Mullard and I
have asked to see them.

We must have a talk with them
about you.


- Oh, do not cry.

Come on, come on.

Come, dry your tears.

If you stay here for Easter ...

... We'll have
games of ping-pong ...

And I will fix the billiards table.

How goes the work?

- Okay.

Miss Mullard thinks
you can pass the certificate.

You're a smart boy.
She said that ...

... you could be the first
if you wanted.

If there is something
that goes wrong, ...

... do not hesitate to come to me.
- Yes, Monsieur Priest.

- Go, go do your work.

- How many stars have you counted?
- 66.

More than five days.

- Me, I'm done.
That is tonight, I get ...

... my wish.

I always wanted to beat you?

- Why?

- My parents want
me to stay here over Easter.

- That's shitty.

- We need to cross over first.

Look, I traced the route.

We'll go to Laval
then to Mayenne, Alen?on, ...

... Rouen and Le Havre.

Take a boat from there.

- And how do we go?

- On foot.

- How many days?

- Five, six days!

- You don't know how many kilometers
per day, do you?

- Fifty.

- You know, I've been thinking.

I can not.

My mother, she would slap me.

- I knew that you would chicken out.

It does not matter.
I will cross over on my own.

I am always alone.

- Hey, give me that!
- No, coward!

- Lanthier! Perchard!
You again?




You hear me?




- You're dumb!
Right in her face.

- Do you want to go to the hospital?

- No.
Rather occupy yourself with the boy.

Run after him.

God knows what he will do.

- So?

- They're looking.

- Who will ...

recount what happened ..?

Jean-Francois ...

... tell me!

- Miss Mullard took the
shoebrush ...

... To Guilloteau.
- From Guilloteau.

It's said "the shoebrush
FROM someone".

- Yes, of course ...

- She took the brush ...

... From Guilloteau, and threw it
at Lanthier who was scuffling ...

... with Perchard.
Lanthier picked up the brush.

and threw it back at her,
And she taken it in the face.

- She took it in the face!

With "have", the past participle
must agree with the COD ...

... if it is placed before it.
You make me ...

20 copies of this rule!


Oh, no you don't ...

.. Crying


It is that Lanthier worries me.
I hope Riberolles finds him!


- We've looked everywhere.
He cannot be found.

- We must, however, find him.

Notify the police.
- He may have returned to his family's home.

- It would surprise me.

- We must tell his parents.
Continue your search.

In case he does not
talk nonsense!

- Well, let's go!



- Well!

Here he is, the little brat.

- You spent the night here?

- Yes.

- You're soaked.

You fell into the water?
- No, no.

- You have to be frozen.


Put this on!

- You have ...

... given a true black eye
to your teacher.

Her face has turned black-and-blue.

- You were well stashed.
We've been searching for hours.

Soft music and sad

- Where was he?

- In the shelter.

Near the pond.

- He is soaked?

How did you do ...

... by your account?
- You're ...

... proud of yourself?



Make your excuses ...

... to Miss Mullard.

- It's not his fault.
Give me a kiss.

- Excuse me!
I did not mean to.

- There.

That is fixed. Go!

Go eat and then change your clothes.
Your friends are in the refectory.

- I thought you were in America.
- Where were you?

- Were you with the whores?

- Your parents are here.
- I know.

Door opens.

- Roger, come with me.

I do not want you to take it
as unfairness, but ..

... you're not going to be able
to stay in this school.

We need to make an example.

It's serious what happened.

You have to respect
your teachers, you know?

Miss Mullard wishes
for you to stay, ...

... but me, I do not think so.

I asked your parents
to come pick you up.

You finish eating,
then prepare your stuff.

- You have everything?

- Yes.

- Good! Goodbye, Roger.

And good luck!

Do not forget me ..

.. And visit me again.
- Yes.

Goodbye ...

M. ... Priest.

- Bye, Breaststroke.


- Goodbye, miss.

- Are you happy?
But what do you have ...

... in your head?
- I did not mean to.

I did not know she would take
the brush in her face.

- But you've been expelled!
You could have killed her.

Where do we put him ...

... now?

The reformatory is full.

- At St. Joseph with Benedict?

- If they'll take him!

- We can always ...

... try.

- I do not want to return
to college.

I want to be a day student as Benedict.

- Why should you be happy?

What have you done good?

Your brother ...

... gives us happiness.

You never!

You act like a thug.
The proof!

You will be a resident!

Consider yourself fortunate to escape
the reformatory.

- No.

- I do not want to go.

I do not want to go.

The clock strikes.

- Hello!

Go up the stairs.

- Hello, dear.

Joyful cries

- Hey!

Mom gave me this for you.

She forgot to put it
in your bag. Till tomorrow.

Thunder rumbles

What are you doing here?


Come here.

Warm up.
But speak!

From where have you come?
- I ...

... left my college.

- Which?
- St Joseph ...

... in Niort.

- You just came from Niort ...

... in the rain?
- Yes, I had to apologize ...

... for the shoebrush.

I did not mean to.
- Oh, I know.

- On being expelled,
my father gave me a beating.

He beat me to death ...

... And he took me to St. Joseph.
I do not want ...

... to go.
- Do not cry.

- I do not want to see my father.

- It's wrong to say that.
- It's always my fault.

He understands nothing.

Stay warm.
I'll bring you ...

... a clean robe.
Take off your sweater.

It is 4:00 AM
What time did you leave?

- Midnight, I think.

- Take off your clothes.

Running in the rain
for hours.

You might catch pleurisy.

Well, that does it for me.

You are awfully banged up.

- I did not mean to.

- I know.

The apples fell.
- A.i.e.n.t.

- The fallen apples?
- ?.e.s.

- We'll wait till 6:00 AM
to call ...

... your dad.
They will worry at St. Joseph.

- No, I do not want to go back
to St. Joseph. I want to stay here.

I am good here.
I do not want to see my parents.

Otherwise, I'll run away and ...

- And what?

- Marignan.

- 1685?
- Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

- Area of the circle?
- Radius x radius x 3.14.

- Area of trapezoid?
- G. Base + p. Base x height / 2.

- Bouffi?
- F.f.i.

- The gander?
- J.a.r.s.

- 1805?
- Victory at Austerlitz.

- September 1914?
- Victory of the Marne.

- I'll look after you.

Dark Music

Swing Music