Mum's List (2016) - full transcript

A dying mother's life lessons to the husband and sons she left behind. Based on the best-selling novel by St John (Singe) Greene, the film is the story of Singe and Kate, a couple from North Somerset, whose lives were turned upside down when Kate was diagnosed with an incurable breast cancer. Over her last few days, she created her list: writing her thoughts and memories down, to help the man she loved create the best life possible for their two sons, after she was gone.

[waves rushing]

[melancholy music]

[seagulls cawing]

Oh, this is nice.


This is nice.

Acres and acres, Kate.

Acres and acres, my darlin'.

-What are you doing?
-Kissing you.

-You just did.

-And then you kissed me again.
-Well spotted.

-Did you kiss me again?
-No, you didn't.

-Yes, I did.
-No, you didn't.
-Yes, I did.

-I kissed you twice, I promise.
-No, you didn't.

-No, you didn't.
-Come here.

[rain splattering]

[melancholy music]


Come up here, come sit with me.

There you go, that's it.

My other beautiful
little boy, come on.

Boys, remember yesterday,
when you both gave

your mommy
a massive cuddle in bed?

And she was so poorly,
wasn't she?

You know,
she couldn't fight anymore.

[Finn] Has mommy gone to heaven?

Yes, darling, yeah.

So, she's in a cloud?

Um, yeah, you can imagine her

sitting on a cloud, if you like.

What are we gonna do now?

Um, well,
we'll just go on, mate.

Has all mom's stuff gone?

Oh, no, no.

Of course not,
no, not a bit of it.

Mommy just blew us a kiss.

[seagulls cawing]

[Kate] Look at those trails.

It's like they've blown a kiss.

How is it like a kiss?

Well, because
[smooching and blowing].


I like that.

Me, too.

It's all sunny now, look.

Got everything?

[Reef] What's all that?


Oh, yeah.

Let's have a look.

It's from John and Leslie,
in number 12.

That's nice, isn't it?

There's a card.

-But what are they?
-It's food parcels.

-I'm not hungry.
-No, I'm not hungry either,

but when-- when we are

all the hard work's
been done, hasn't it?

It's nice of people.

-Do you want to go inside?

[melancholy music]

Get those coats off.

Don't forget them things,
don't forget them.

Let's see it.

So what we'll do,

if you, uh
go and get changed, yeah

and-- and then we can
watch a bit of telly.

And then we'll have
a bit of dinner and...

Reef said she's
never coming back.

You know I want
to see her again.

I do, desperately.

But it doesn't mean she's not
here, come here, come here.

It doesn't mean
she's not here, it's okay.

You know, she's still here.

In your mind, eh?

And in your memories

and in your heart.

-Tired, lads?

Yeah, you okay?

-Do me a favor?

Will you, um, go upstairs
and run you both a bath?

-Yeah, take your
brother up with you.

Fold these jumpers up and you
can wear them tomorrow 'cause
they're not dirty.

And then just make sure
you put your trousers

in the washing basket, okay?

[sighing heavily]

[Kate] Singe,
it's probably nothing,

but I think I found a lump.

[Singe] Where?

Here. I think, I don't know.

It's probably nothing,
but will you see if you can--

-[Singe] Shall I have a feel?

Get your shirt off, girl.

-Where, show me?

-Oh, there.

-That thing there?

-Yeah, is it tender?
-A bit.

It feels a bit hard,
you can feel something.

-Like I said, but it's
probably nothing.

-I'll get it checked.
-Should maybe get it checked

just to be on the safe side, eh.

-I'm sure it'll be fine.

-Actually, I could call now.
-Give them a call now.

-What time is it? Yeah, they
should still be open.
-I might call now. Okay.

[pressing dials]

Yeah, hi, it's Kate Greene.

I wondered if
I could make an appointment?

[Dr. Adams] Kate,
we found two cancers,

both in the same breast,
and both grade three.

Now, it looks as though
some of the lymph glands

are involved
which makes it Stage two,

but that's what we term common.

[nurse] That's actually
a really good sign, Kate.

Because there's an
80% chance of survival

for the first 10 years.

And those chances
improve all the time

after that, year on year.

[Dr. Adams] Given the
diagnosis, that prognosis

is about the best
that we could wish for.

we want to get on top of it.

We want to chase it out.

So we're looking at a mastectomy

and possible reconstruction
if that's what you want.

[nurse] We'd like to
book you in for that next week.

[Dr. Adams] It's likely
that we'll need

to give you
chemotherapy treatment,

but we'll discuss that
after surgery.

[nurse] Does all this
make sense so far, Kate?

Not the worst news I've
ever heard, believe it or not.

Our little boy had cancer,
you see. Um...

-He's just recovered--
He's recovered now.
-[Dr. Adams] Great.

-And he was given, uh, he was
given a 6% chance of survival.

[Singe] And now we just
celebrated his fifth birthday.

-[Kate] In style.

[Dr. Adams] Good for him!
That's good for all of you.

Didn't think this was how
I'd end up with bigger boobs.

[both chuckling]

[somber tense music]

-What time is it?
-I haven't got my watch and my
phone's dead, I don't know.

Reef, you've got
to take your medicine.

So, Mommy might be
taking medicine like this soon.

[Reef] Why?

Because I had a lump found
just like you had a lump.


Yeah, cancer.

But my lump's been
taken away just like Reef's was.

And now I'm gonna
have the same medicines.

They're disgusting.

I know,
but they made you better

just like they're
gonna make me better.

I'll look after you, Mommy.

-Sweetie, I know you will.
-Me, too.

I know, sweetie, you both will,
my beautiful little men.


What are you doing?

It smells like Mommy.

[melancholy music]

[laughing and chattering]

-[Singe] Alright then.
-Wait, okay, we're each gonna
find one, a four leaf clover.

So spread out and look close.

See, I've got these friends,
the field fairies

and soon enough they'll see me
and they'll go, hey, it's Kate,

-let's send her a four leaf
clover like we always do.
-Fields don't have fairies.

-Then how come I keep
finding four leaf clovers?
-[Singe] Does a three count?

-Daddy's been asking me that
for the last 20 years.
-I happen to have a knack for

-finding threes,
it's not my fault.
That's not a knack,

that's just lazy, but you're
welcome to keep them
if you want.

-I might just do that.
-I only want fours.

Yeah, well, I might end up with
a bigger collection than you.

-No doubt.
-How would that make you feel?

-I feel absolutely nothing.
-Yeah, I know that, jealous.

-They have no value whatsoever.
-My God, you are
such a clover snob!

-[Kate giggling]
-Aren't you? Hey, look.

Boys, help me!

-[phone ringing]
-Here, here.

Thanks, Christine
and thanks for coming over.

Oh, yeah.

Have a look.

That's my girl.

Reef's medicine, bless her.

Alright, okay, um...

Okay, Reef,
it's time for your medicine.

So most people at school

will know about what happened,
I mean, some might not.

And some might
wanna talk to you about it.

But, you know,
some people might not, again,

but, uh, it's just very
important that you know

that everyone loves you
and they care about you.

-Okay, and they're all
your friends, alright?
-[Reef] Okay.

-Alright, okay?

Good boys, love you.

[melancholy music]


Okay. Come on, we'll go to
the office, have a little chat.


Let's get this
over and done with.

[Dr. Adams] So, the results show
a triple negative

which means
you're not responsive

to the more
common hormone treatments.

Which means we do
need to move you

to chemotherapy
and radiotherapy.

But, given
the size of the tumor,

the fact that the cancer
has only crept into one node,

and the others
have been removed,

that's extremely hopeful.

I'm gonna handle it
just like we've handled it.

I'm gonna beat it
just like he did.

[door creaking]

¶ That's the look
That's the look ¶

¶ The look of love ¶

¶ That's the look
That's the look ¶

¶ The look of love ¶


You alright?

Yeah, you?

I'm good.

Uh, my friend's
hurt her wrist.

Alright, first things first.

-What's your name?

-Kate. Friend's name?

-I'm Singe.


-That's your name?
-Yeah, like Sinjun, Saint John.

-Yeah, where'd you think
I came up with Singe?

Are you Rachel?
You've gotta take it easy.
Can't put any weight on it.

Don't push off on it or
anything like that, alright?

-Okay, thanks.
-No probs.

-Thanks, Singe.
-No problem.

See you later, alright?

[disco music]

[Singe] Hey,
are you following me?

-[Kate] Depends.
-On what?

-Are you working next weekend?
-I work every weekend.

-It's my birthday on Friday.

You could wish
me a happy birthday.

Happy birthday!

I mean on Friday.

-On Friday!

-Yeah, alright.
-Maybe even a birthday kiss?

[Singe laughs]

-Do we have a problem?

So, do we have a deal?


What's this?

Your lucky day.

¶ Love, sweet love ¶

¶ I won't
Let another day pass by ¶

¶ That would be
Too big a sacrifice ¶

[tender piano music]

-You were doing it a minute
ago, just be sexy.

-I can't just be sexy!
-Pretend Rachel's not here.

-Oh, thank you very much!
You take 'em.

I'm not gonna get
much out of her, am I?

I will, alright,
come on, Kate, sexy.

-No, wait, hold on.

-This is not gonna help.


Ten years later.

Okay, now try mysterious.

Okay, mysterious.


-Attitude, try that.

-Oh, I can do that.

[Rachel] Oh, look.


Is this working for you?

[camera clicking]

[Singe] Yeah.

I'll get back at work, shall I?


[Kate] A poem is hard to write.

The words never come out right.

And once the rhyme is found,
no words with that sound

spring to your mind to
express what you find in love.

[tender piano music]

You wanted me to
find this, didn't you?

-Careful of your mom, please.

-[Kate groaning]
-Careful of your mom, please!
-Hang on, let me just get up.

-Jump on, just be very careful
around that area.
-Move to the side.

-Thank you, oh!
-It's not wake up time yet.

-It's not, what are you doing?
-That's the best

-morning wake up ever.
-No raspberries in my face.

Everything's okay with your
blood so we're just gonna get
your chemo set up now.

This is gonna feel a little odd.

Um, you will have some odd
sensations, uh, hot flashes,
things like that.

It's nothing to worry about
at all. It's perfectly normal,
but please,

-let us know if there's
anything you're not sure of.

[Singe] Can I ask you
a crass question,
how long does that take?

[Hannah] So this, it'll take
about five hours, so... Yeah.

-[Singe] Five hours, by the arm.
-I hope you've got
a soft cushion. [laughs]

-[Singe] I'll find her
a soft cushion.
-[nurse laughing]

Okay. Let's get that running.

[Singe] You
feeling anything yet?

Not yet.

-Have we got food for tonight?
-Yeah, I've got dinner, let's
do fish fingers and that.

-With some pasta or whatever.

You hungry now?

-You want something now,
Monster Munch?

-Oh, it feels weird.
-Hula Hoops?

-Feels weird now?


-Will you hold my hand?
-Yeah, of course, yeah.

Can you get Hannah?

Sorry, Hannah,
Hannah, excuse me?

Thank you. She's got--

-Everything okay?
-Feels like I need the loo.

Okay, it's perfectly normal,
just, um, a reaction to
the chemotherapy.

You're not actually
gonna have an accident, okay.

-It's fine, it's just--
-You sure?

Yeah, honestly, it will start

to settle down as it all
gets into your body.

-But try and relax, okay?
-Alright, yeah, thanks.

Alright, okay.

[melancholy piano music]

[Kate] We're gonna be
late if we don't hurry.

[Singe] I know,
we need to get a move on.

-You want jam on it?
-Uh, no.

That is a great photo!

That is a brilliant one.
One more, one more.

[laughs] Those five...

-Are you not
gonna eat something?
-My beautiful boys.

Yeah, I will.

She had bank statements,
wills, the insurance policies,

all of them were
all laid out, you know.

Like, who to call when,
which policies to cash in

and that sort of thing,

Let's face it, Singe, she always
was one step ahead of you.

Yeah, you can say that again.
But the thing is though, Rach,

you know,
like doing all that stuff

and-- and getting it all sorted,
but knowing why

you were getting it sorted,
you know? Do you know
what I mean?

-But-- but still doing it,
still carrying on regardless.
-She made it her job.

-That's Kate all over.

I know. Oh, yeah,
that's what I wanted to--

I found these the other day
um, when I was up

in the attic
having a root around.

-Have a look.
-Oh, my god.

-Oh, my god!
I remember that, yeah!
-Do you remember these, yeah?

You were as good
as shagging that day.

Oh, stop it. Lovely.

-[Rachel] She was so beautiful.
-I know.

Like this is all the,
like memories and stuff.

You know like this is the only
version I've got of her in it.

Do you know what I mean?
Like, I'm not gonna
make any new memories.

[Rachel] On the morning she

[Singe] BPITW, what's that mean?

-Best pal in the world.
-[Singe laughs]

-Sending me texts
on her last day.

-So I'd feel better.
-I know.

I got loads,
I got loads of ones like that.

I'll show-- I'll show you my
favorite one, actually.

This wasn't on her last day,
she'd died but it was, um...

-[Rachel] Singe's pepper sauce?
-Yeah, she loved
my pepper sauce.

She just wanted me
to remember that, you know.

Um... 'Cause I to-- You know
I told her how frightened I was,

you know, do you know
what I mean, about like...

about being on my own
with two little boys and stuff.
What was I gonna do without her?

Um, and so what she'd do, she'd
send me like messages like that.

She'd send me loads of them.
She'd write things down
on Post-it Notes

and, um, uh, little scraps of
paper and stuff.

Like a-- like a written,
um, version of her.

You know what I should do, Rach,
is, um, I should get them all
together, shouldn't I?

Like, all the-- all the texts
and the messages

and I should put them all in
one-- all in one thing,
shouldn't I?

That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

[hopeful music]

["Teenage Kicks"
by The Undertones]

¶ Are teenage dreams
So hard to beat ¶

¶ Every time she walks
Down the street ¶

¶ Another girl
In the neighborhood ¶

¶ Wish she was mine,
She looks so good ¶

¶ I wanna hold her,
Wanna hold her tight ¶

¶ Get teenage kicks
Right through the night ¶

¶ I'm gonna call her
On the telephone ¶

¶ Invite her over
'Cause she's all alone ¶

¶ I need excitement,
And I need it bad ¶

¶ She's the best
That I've ever had ¶

¶ I wanna hold her,
Wanna hold her tight ¶

¶ Get teenage kicks right
Through the night, all right ¶

[Kate laughing and squealing]

¶ Are teenage dreams
So hard to beat ¶

¶ Every time she walks
Down the street ¶

¶ Another girl
In the neighborhood ¶

¶ Wish she was mine,
She looks so good ¶

[song fading out]

[Reef] You're so funny.

-Come here.
-[Finn grunting]

Oh, come on, Finn!

When did your head get so big?

I can't find my top!

-[Singe] Which top?
-[Reef] The stripey one.

It should be in here, mate. Have
you looked in here properly?

Well, you haven't
looked properly because
it's literally right there.

There's your stripey one,
put it on, please.

[melancholy piano music]

-[Reef] Was I in Mommy's
tummy at this time?

Oh, no, bloody hell, mate,
no, we were young there.

I mean,
I was like, 20 years old.

That was before I was even,

you were even
a twinkle in my eye.

Thank you, get in.

I could not doubt that
this was the black spot.

And taking it up I found
written on the other side

in a very good,
clear hand this short message.

"You have till ten tonight."

I love you.

Can you give me a little kiss.

Okay, lie down.

Time to go to sleep now, okay?

Acres and acres,
my darlin' boys.

-Acres and acres.
-Acres and acres.

[shells tinkling]

Stand up here, stand with me.

Bye, bye, Mommy.

[birds chirping]

Our lovely girl.

[Bob sniffling]

[Singe chattering]

Oh, you're too heavy for me.

-Can you get the ball?
-[Kate] Yeah.

-Thanks very much.
-[Kate] Yeah!

You can try and
tackle me if you like.

[melancholy piano music]

-So just cut it, yeah?

-Just give it a snip?

-[scissors snipping]
-Do you want me to do it?

No, no, it's fine, I'll do it.

-What I'll do is,
I'll cut it like--

Singe, just do it!

-No, I'll cut it so far--

-And then you shave
the rest of it, okay?

-Alright, you ready?

Oh, bloody hell.




Just put that there. [laughs]

And the rest.

Okay, that's not
a bad little cut.

-[Kate] Are you ready?

Yeah, we're ready.
Stars in our eyes.

-Do you know what?


you look absolutely beautiful.

[laughs] Oh, Singe!

-No, I mean it.
-You look like a boy.

-Yeah, a sexy boy.

-Come here.
-A boy I'd like to meet.

-Honestly, you look beautiful.

-Well, we'll get used to it.
-I'll get used to it.

But how will we know
who you are?

I'm still the same,
I'm still your mom.

We could always draw it on with
a yellow pen if it helps.
Couldn't we?

-That's not attractive.
-Not a bad idea.


["Something So Beautiful"
by Lauren Aquilina]

¶ Have you seen
Something so beautiful ¶

¶ You thought the world
Can never let it go ¶

¶ Shining ¶

¶ Gleaming, in the light ¶

¶ It sails on through ¶

¶ But it starts ¶

¶ To paint a picture of you ¶

[ladies chattering]

[Kate] I want two boys,
two girls, a big,
bustling, noisy family.

All those kids running around us

laughing and
playing and fighting.

And we watch them grow and
they bring us some grandkids.

-[Singe] How many of those?
-Oh, an army.

And they're all around us
and we're sitting

there proudly thinking,
we started this.

I love you, boys, I love you.

¶ Hold my hand
Don't look so scared ¶

¶ I know you're tired,
But don't forget ¶

Bye, bye!

¶ That we're all here
Fighting with you ¶

¶ Every hour of every day ¶

¶ And kissing you ¶

-How are you?

-¶ Every morning ¶
-You look great.


¶ Have I got time to
Hold your weary hand ¶

¶ And tell you all the things
That I have planned ¶

-So what happened this morning?
-Oh, it was a nightmare.

Hold on, I've nearly done this.

What about the boys?

Grace, Kate.

Yeah, these are
to counteract these.

Which means I need these
to help with those.

And these are
for everything else

except they don't
deal with everything else

so that's what these are for.

And these.

And do any of them taste like?

Oh, you beauty!

[seagulls cawing]

You okay?

It's like I'm pregnant
all over again.

Wait till you feel sick to eat.

But, you know,
it makes me strong.

Helps so much it's Mexican.

I know I might not
get through this.

God, Kate,
am I gonna need tissues?

No, I'm just saying,

I'm gonna fight.

I'm never not gonna do that.

But I also want to prepare.

I owe it to the boys
and to Singe.

I just wish I could
tell Singe to prepare as well.

Good luck with that.
He'll keep running if it means
he doesn't have to look back.

You'll be there for him, though?

Him and the boys.

Of course, I would.

But you're gonna get well.

End of.

And you said
I wouldn't need tissues.



[Kate] Hiya.

-Yeah, good.



-You're such a giveaway.
-What do you mean giveaway?
What are you talking about?

-So why the look?
-I don't know what you're
talking about.

-I don't have a look.
-What are you up to?

-What are you two doing there?
-What are those kids up to
standing there like that?

-I don't know what.

-Something's going on.
-Nothing's going on.

-Chill out, will you?
-[Kate] Oh, my God!

-Where's that come from?
-I knew you were
up to something!

I ain't done nothing.
It'll look much better when

all the fish and everything's
going in there.

[water splashing]

[tender piano music]

So, I'm gonna
go for a run, okay?

I can pass by the shop,
see if you need anything.

-I'll be fine.

Okay, um, so, um...

Yeah, I'll...
I'll go and get changed.

Okay, bro?

He had a 6% chance
of survival, mate.

He had 60 doses
of general anesthetic.

30 rounds of radiotherapy.

40 of chemo.

I used to have to
go into his room

and untie him
every night because he,

when he tossed and turned
he got all the tubes wrap--
wrapped around himself.

And I signed off on every single
fucking one of them just
because, you know,

because I had to,
just so he could be here now,
standing here, growing up.

He had eight tubes in his body,
man, eight tubes.

You imagine that?

His mouth was
riddled with ulcers.

He was in bed 24/7,
observation on the hour,

through the night,
every single hour.

When he, um,
when he had the chemo
his nappies were radioactive.

We used to have to...

We used to have to
wear disposable rubber gloves

to change him.

The chemo made his,
um, urine toxic,

you know, so, it burnt
our hands, when we'd change him.

There's other people
worrying about

wh-- wh-- what organic food
to give their kids

or what will happen to
their kid if they give it

another fucking
scoop of ice cream

and then where we are, you know.

Pumping as many
deadly chemicals into

his tiny little body
as he could take.

Because killing that thing,
that had to come first, Matt!

It had to come first,
it had to come second,

it had to come third,
it had to come fourth!

And the amount of times
that me and Kate

that we'd sit there
and we would wish it was us

and not him, not our little boy,

and now it is Kate!

It is, it's fucking Kate!

[Singe heaving]

You said it, Singe.

All the shit you put him
through and he's still here.

'Cause that's what this does,
it keeps 'em here.

Yeah, I know, mate.

[sighing] Bloody hell,
pull yourself together, Singe,
this is ridiculous.

[sniffling] Coming in here
crying like a baby.

-In front of my fucking little
brother, it's ridiculous.

I know, but don't tell
anyone about this, alright?

You know, I know, I know you.

-[Matt chuckles]
-Ridiculous, geez Louise.

Alright, mate,
I'll see you later, yeah?
I'll give you a call.

Yeah, yeah, call me later.

[Singe] What the hell am I doing
going to a nightclub
of all places?

[Rachel] It's
a family birthday, Singe.

Yeah, but a family birthday
in a night club?

[Rachel] Relax,
it's an evening out,

-just enjoy it.
-Well, I'll try.

-You better, that's part
of the deal.
-I'll give it a go.

Alright, then, give us a call
if there's any problems, okay?

-There won't be, it's fine.
-Alright, babe, see you.


There is the happy couple!
Hello, darling, happy birthday!

-Thank you for making it!
-I wouldn't miss it
for the world.

-How are you?
-I'm good.

-Hello, Matthew.
-Good to see you.

-Glad you came out.

-I'll get drinks.
-Thank you.

-Looking very pretty
on your birthday.
-Thank you!

I think you've got
some folks coming out tonight.

-We've a good turnout so far.
-Nice venue, well done.

-Yeah, how you doing?

Yes, mate, I'll have
a Bacardi Breezer, please.

No, I'll have a pint of lager,
what are you talking about?

What do you fancy, Kate?

Well, it's good to see ya.

Glad you came over, man.

Um, sorry, man. Why don't you
get a drink in there and we'll--

I'm just gonna go
and take a second outside.

-Singe, bro, bro!
-I won't be long.

¶ Your reason for leaving ¶

¶ Don't ask me what it means ¶

["Don't You Forget
About Me" by James Morrison]

¶ Won't you come see about me ¶

¶ I'll be alone ¶

¶ Dancing, you know it, baby ¶

¶ Tell me your troubles
And doubts ¶

-¶ Giving me everything ¶
-I've got that feeling again.

-¶ Inside and out and ¶
-What feeling's that?

That luckiest guy
in the world feeling.

¶ So real in the dark ¶

¶ Think of the tender things ¶

¶ That we were working on ¶

¶ Slow change
May pull us apart ¶

¶ When the light gets
Into your heart, baby ¶

I don't believe it, look!

Thank you,
field fairies, thank you!

¶ Forget about me ¶

[Singe] What are you doing?

-I've got to tape it.

Keep it safe.

¶ Don't you forget about me ¶

-You take this clover thing
pretty seriously, don't you?

-¶ Will you stand above me ¶
-Here, look.

-¶ Look my way ¶
-It's a three.

-A what?
-A three leaf,
I only want fours.

Oh, what's wrong with threes?

-They're not fours!

Look, now I've got six.

And now I've got nine.

-Now, I've got 12.
-You taking the Mickey?

-Now I've got 14.
-Are you taking the Mickey?

-Now, will you--
-Are you taking the Mickey?

Of course!

¶ Will you call my name ¶

¶ Come on and call my name ¶

¶ Will you call my name ¶

[Singe] It just hit me,
you know, it was like,

I'm never gonna be able to make
love to my beautiful wife again.

So your last words were sorry.

I didn't know
what you meant by that.

I used to think
that it was because...

because you didn't think
it would end this way.

But I think you said it because

you knew
I didn't think it would.

[Dr. Adams] You're through
the worst of it, Kate.

The discomfort's
gonna be acute, though.

So, painkillers, antibiotics
is the order of the day.

it's gonna be a number of years

before we can say
that you're through

the cancer completely,
but it's a great start.

We've drawn a line in the sand.

We've got a horizon to aim for.

-[seagulls cawing]
-[peaceful music]

Oh, this is nice.

This is nice!

[waves crashing]

Can you believe it?

Us, now, here, this?

A bit rad.

It feels like we've
turned a corner, Singe.

It really feels like it.

Like fresh air.

Acres and acres, Kate.

Acres and acres, my darlin'.

-[laughs] I won!
-Is that a moon?
-Yeah, it's a half moon.

What do you mean, is that
a moon? That's my best moon!

-Daddy got it in three.
-Yeah, I'm gonna have to...

You could have done a curve!

-Alright, who's up next?
-Me again!

-Do you wanna take it off?

-Take it off her.

Goodnight, my sweetheart.
Acres and acres.

Acres and acres, Mom.

Goodnight, Reefie.

You can sleep here if you want.

-I always used to get
tired after the treatment.

-You know, maybe I will come
close my eyes for a little bit.

Lie down.

-You wanna go and play
Snakes on the phone?

Then go inside. [grunting]

Worse than my sufferings is that
we put him through all that.

Yeah, but he's here though,
isn't he?

He's healthy.

-Rollercoaster, right?
-Yeah, you said it'd be.

Alright, I've got mine open.

Oh, Reef!

That's so nice, thank you!

Beautiful drawings, babe.

Those hearts are fantastic!

Here's another one.

It's so good.

Get your bags.

Have you gotta pee, no?

Are you sure?

Got your snacks, then?

[melancholy music]


[Kate vomiting]

Listen, I think
you should go in, okay?

I can't.

[Dr. Adams] It looks and sounds
like a lung infection.

The chemotherapy and
radiotherapy may have
caused damage.

You might have had
a latent tuberculosis

which was triggered.

But we're gonna
cover all the bases.

We'll have test results
in a matter of days.


It doesn't fit anymore.

We'll just get it adjusted, eh.

[weeping softly]

[laughing and chattering
on home video]


[Singe on home video] Again?

Clear the way, clear the way!

[melancholy music]

[Dr. Adams]
Kate, I have bad news.

Neither the chemotherapy,
nor the radiotherapy has worked.

And the
secondary cancer has spread

to your lungs and your bones.


Further chemotherapy
is not going to help.

We've done all we can.

Your lungs are damaged,
but we can drain

them regularly and frequently.

Why? [coughing]

why do we need to drain them?

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

How much time do I have?

How much?

Call Singe.

I want Singe.

I want him here.

This is too soon.

I need him here.

This isn't right,
this is too soon!

I'm not ready for it
to be this soon!

There's stuff we need to do,
it's too soon!

[Kate sobbing]

[melancholy music]

-Come on, let's go,
let's skedaddle.

-Oh, nice, yeah.
Catch that one.
-Blow a kiss.

Spread it on
your face, let's go.

-Bye, Mommy.
-Bye, darling.


I love you.

¶ I promised you a miracle ¶

[Singe] Happy birthday, Kate.

Thank you, Singe.

-Here you go.

-Thank you.
-That's alright.

-Nine o'clock.

-That's my birthday.

Cool, yeah.

-Wait, we're talking about--

-Yeah, yeah. The kiss?

Yeah, yeah, that's fine,
I'm just checking, yeah?

But somewhere private,
I don't want people seeing.

Outside the back door.

No one ever goes there.


-Nine prompt!
-See you there.

¶ Promised you a miracle ¶

[dance music from inside]

[Singe] I thought
you said nine prompt?

It is nine prompt!

-You're just keen.

Alright, how's that?

There you go.

Happy birthday again.

Thank you, again.

[tender music]

Do you believe in soul mates?

I reckon you can make me.

[Kate reading] I promise
to love you forever,

kiss you every
time you come home,

make you smile,

surprise you,

always be there.

[breathing heavily]

-[Singe] So, what's this?
-[Kate] It's a contract.

-[Singe] Yeah, but for who?
-[Kate] For you.

-[Singe] What, you want
me to sign a contract?
-[Kate] Yes.

You actually want me to sign
a contract to prove
that I love you?

-No, no, no, look, I'll sign it.

I'm just saying,
a contract? [laughs]

-This is important, Singe!
-Yeah, I know!

-Are you able to sign it?

Are you willing
to sign it? [giggling]

-You haven't even signed it.
-Yeah, well, I'm kissing you!

God, you're so bossy.

[Kate] I love
you yards and yards.

I love you miles and miles.

-Acres and acres.
-Oh, that's a good one.

I love you acres and acres.

Yeah, I like that,
that's the one to beat.

Singe, I just told you
I loved you acres and acres.

Yeah, I know,
and I just told you you won.

-[Kate grunting]
-Okay, okay!

I love you acres and acres.



[Singe] You finish
your Cocoa Puffs? Yeah?

I'll just be back in a sec.

What is it?



I don't think I can
do this without you, Kate.

Yes, you can.

-No, I don't.
-Singe, you can.

No, I don't, I don't.

I don't because [heaving].

[Kate] Darlin'.

I don't, darlin',
because [crying].

Come here.

[Singe sobbing]


You can.

[breathing heavily]

[tender piano music]

Kiss the boys two times
after I've gone.

Hang pictures of us
in their room.

And measure me on the doorframe.

Mommy was five feet one inch
and a bit, size five feet.

Mommy loved Finn's laugh
and how he sucked

his thumb and folded his ear in.

She liked walks down the
river bank and catching crabs.

She liked learning
butterfly names and bird names.

And she'd loved to
have hand-fed a wild tarpon

like she used to
feed the squirrels.

Rachel's good
for parenting advice.

She has two boys
the same age gap.

Always kiss goodbye
and goodnight.

Grow a sunflower
every now and again.

And I'd love the boys
to find four leaf clovers.

Don't fill your outside with
boats, give them space to play.

Would like school photos
bought each year.

One day they'll thank you.

I'd love the boys to find
one of those fairy mushrooms.

You know, the red ones
with white bits on?

And take them for walks
along Mommy's favorite beach

where she used to go as a child.

[seagulls cawing]

Finn's cuddles
were always special.

And I loved
Reef-cuddles at night.

Infinity elves.

Take them to Lundy and
an international rugby game.

And buy a boat with
seats so they can sit

and watch the sea to
their heart's content.

I'd love it if Reef would
learn recorder and guitar,

and Finn the drums and keyboard.

Go see the Northern Lights.

Take them to where
Daddy proposed to Mommy.

Mommy loved moths
and snakes and slow worms

and orange club biscuits.

And jam and jelly
and lemon curd.

I loved ivory roses
and daisies and gypsophila.

And guinea pigs and butterflies.

And walnut whips and
strawberry cheesecake.

And Singe's pepper sauce.

Celebrate birthdays big time.

I know you will.

Kiss goodbye, even if
leaving for a short while.

And take lots of pictures
of my beautiful boys,

especially in their teens.

And please keep using
the phrase acres and acres.

I love that!

I love that.

My mom to arrange the funeral.

Always help the boys
if they ask.

Teach them to respect women.

Teach them to be on time
and to say what they mean.

Don't let them smoke
and remind them why.

Mommy loved how sparkly
their eyes were in Lapland.

Remember, joint bank accounts
under your name

and ask Dad to help
with finances.

Never leave more than a week
before making up.

Life's too short.

I'd like drawings
and pictures of the boys

and Christmas
cards and birthday cards.

I'd like those in with me.

And then,

put me on top
of the wardrobe for

a while with the cuddly toys.

Just for a while.


Just for a little bit longer.


-You okay?

Yeah, I'm alright.
Shall I come in?


[crowd chattering]

-It's a lovely place.
-Yeah, it is,
it's a funny little town.

You get beautiful sunsets
down by the sea.

Do you mind me asking
how you're coping

since you lost your wife?

Oh, sorry, that was
a bit abrupt, wasn't it?

No, no, not at all,
no, it wasn't abrupt.

I'm ju-- it's just I'm not
used to people asking, you know.

-Not like that. [laughs]
-Oh, God, I really have put
my foot in it, haven't I?

No, you haven't, no, um...

-It's actually quite refreshing.
-You don't have to answer,

It's refreshing to be asked that
directly and I do want to answer
because I'm actually

quite interested to hear what
I have to say on the subject.

[laughs] Oh, bloody hell,
how am I coping? Um...

I'm just trying to
think of a way that...

Okay, it's like I'm standing
on a shoreline, you know

on a beach or whatever
and it's like

getting hit with um,
wave after wave, you know.

And then,
you get hit by the waves,

the undertow
will suck you under.

Um, and then sometimes
it feels like it's,

you know, that you're not
gonna be able to get out.

You know, you can't breathe and
um, it's like totally...

And then, and then you know
time passes, doesn't it?

And then,
the waves are still there,
and they're still hitting you,

and your feet are
unsteady, you know.

But you do get out.

And then when you,
when you're out, you find

that you're just ever so
slightly further up
the shoreline.

I suppose it's
one way of putting it.

[laughs nervously]

Bloody hell, sorry, carry on.
Don't let me ruin the evening.

-More wine?
-Oh, yeah, go on, darling,
thank you.

Um, I mean, one thing
I do worry about is that
I've got two little boys.

And, um, I'm just worried
I'm indulging them too much.

They're happy, Singe.

That's all Kate ever wanted.

So you must be
doing something right.

Yeah, thank you.

[seagulls cawing]

[crowd chattering]

¶ You only get one life ¶

¶ And I'm gonna live it ¶

¶ I wanna give it to you ¶

¶ No more goodbyes ¶

[crowd chattering and shouting]

-How would you get someone with
that? What would you do?
-Poke him in the eye!

Poke him in the eye.

[children shouting]

¶ Keeps my feet on this Earth ¶

[all cheering and laughing]

-[Singe] Are you
stuffing your face?
-There you go.

[Singe] Everyone,
it's cake time!

[all cheering]

¶ Happy birthday to you ¶

¶ Happy birthday to you ¶

¶ Happy birthday, dear Reef ¶

¶ Happy birthday to you ¶

[Singe] Blow them out, yay, yay!

Hip hip, hooray!

Hip hip, hooray!

[fading out] Hip hip, hooray!

[melancholy music]

[Singe] She wanted to be the
best mom in the world, you know.

She is the best mom
in the world.



You said is.

-Well, she still is.
-I suppose.

-Do you know
what premature means?

-Um, does it mean you're like--

-Come out of the tummy?
-Come out too early?

Yeah when you come out too
early. Good boys, yeah.

Um, so, you come out too early,
right, you were premature.

So you were, yeah.

So you were in one area
of the hospital

and your mommy was in
another area of the hospital.

-And then you, you were off--
-In a different place.

Getting-- in another place
getting your chemotherapy
and that, right?

So, um, it was horrible
'cause we were all on our own

and we were all lonely and, um,
I used to rush from place
to place to place.

Um, and uh, it would have
been about two weeks,

oh, it's crazy, it would
have been about two weeks,

yeah, before she got to hold
you both together, right?

And um, she always said that
that was the best moment

of her life
when she got you there

for the first time in her arms.

[Singe] How many
gears are there?

-Usually six.

-See, there's one, two, three?
-What do you think of stuff?

-In your hand.
-The boy who rides it,
will get loads of things.

-I got mine for my birthday.

What are you gonna move it with
when I do that?

I've been thinking.

I'm gonna get my handprint--

Yeah, thanks.

My handprint put on a canvas
and I thought

it'd be nice if we all did it.

What color?

Any colors we want.


-What color do you want
for your handprint?

-What color do you want?

-You want green?

-I want red and blue.
-Do you now?

-Sure you want brown, mate?

-Like poo brown?
-[Finn giggles]


I better go shopping then.

-Oh, hello mate, thank you.

-Thanks so much for
sorting this out.
-No worries.

-No, it's cool.
-That's a nice size, isn't it?

Yeah, I think
it should be alright.

-Okay, let's have a look.
-A few colors.

Let's see.

Oh, yeah, you got the brown,
he wanted the brown.

-Yeah, yeah.
-How's it wash off?

Should be nice,
just soap and water.

-Oh, yeah?
-Should be easy, yeah.

Alright, sweet.

-Thanks, bro.
-Oh, no worries.

[Singe] Okay, let's go. Okay.

-[Kate] That's rather a lot.
-A bit more, knock yourself out.

-And nice, sweet as a nut.

-Oh, that's a relief.
-[Finn] It's a sausage!

[Singe] Oh, I feel
so much better now.

Shall we do Mom's one?

Okay, that's it.

Alright, let's
put your hand in first.

-[Kate] Ready, one?
-[Singe] On one, okay.

What's the secret here?

Spread your fingers out.



Da, da!

Okay. Oh!

-I can't [indistinct] it.
-[Kate coughing]

[Singe] Careful.

Hold it there.

-It's done, give it a go.

[Singe] Aww, beautiful.

Ah, there you go, wonderful.

[all chattering]

Ah, that's nice.

[Reef] A massage,
massage on your hand.

[Singe] There you go.

-[Singe] Yeah. Hang on.

I have to press those down.

My pinky's gone in the poo.

[Singe] Okay. Yeah,
you get the idea, don't you?

[Reef] Was brown
really my favorite color?

[Singe] [laughs]
Yeah, you said it was.

I don't like brown anymore.

[Singe chuckles]

Things change, don't they, eh?


Time for bed now, mate.
Get up on your feet,
take your gown off, ok.

Take this off.

Wait, give it here, up you go.

Okay, my darling boys.

In you go.

Good lad.

Good boy.

Acres and acres, boys.

Acres and acres.

-Something you might wanna see.

Like what,
have you been going out on me?

I better watch how much I drink.

How do you mean, what?

Oh, no, stop that.

Are you sure?


[tender music]

Is that the line, family,
but you're supposed

to do another one there, right?

Oh, fuck, you done loads.

-I can't believe it.
-[Kate giggling]

Oh, no, Katie.

We're gonna be a family, Singe.

Oh, no.

We're gonna be complete.

¶ You know it all
Then it's gone ¶

¶ Grow, grow ¶

¶ You know I'm here holding on ¶

¶ Tying up your loose ends ¶

Hello, Finn.

Oh, my darlin'.

Hello, my gorgeous boy.

I've been wanting
to hold you for weeks.

Weeks and weeks.

Oh, my darlin'.

[Singe] Hello,
I've got someone else

for you to hold as well.

[Kate crying]

Do you want to
see the new baby?

Go on, darling,
off you go with your mama.

My darlin'.

My darlin' boys.

This is perfect now.

Just perfect.

¶ Oh, so you know it all
Then it's gone ¶

¶ Grow, grow ¶

¶ You know I'm here holding on ¶

¶ Tying up your loose ends ¶

¶ And your drifting esteem ¶

¶ Grow, grow ¶

¶ If you never try
You'll never know ¶

¶ Grow, grow ¶

How am I supposed to even
start thinking about that, Kate?

You know I can't,
I can't do that.

Read the rest of it.

Somebody there for them
for when they just need to,

to lean.

[hopeful piano music]

¶ Ooh ¶

¶ Throw your arms out ¶

¶ And grow your heart out ¶

This is nice.

This is nice.

¶ Throw your arms out ¶

¶ And grow your heart out ¶

¶ Grow, grow ¶

Now, kisses.

Come on, big kisses.


-[seagulls cawing]
-[waves rushing]

¶ Nothing's impossible ¶

-¶ This life is a treat ¶
-Oh, well, of course!

-¶ You can leap from the sky ¶
-Hi, you!

[all chattering]

Hello, Daddy!

How are you?

Nice to see you.

Hello, Mommy, how are you?

-Nice to see you.
-Do you want a cuppa?

-Got any beers?

-I'm on holidays.
-[Dad laughs]

¶ It works, it works ¶

¶ When you don't say goodbye ¶

There you go. Straight into
the games, is it?

That's what I like to see.

-I wanna be playing.
-You mind if I leave them
with you just

for a second while
I get the bags unpacked?

¶ Well I know, I know ¶

¶ This way you'll be around ¶

-We've got teas, guys.
-Here they come.

-I'll take this one over.

-Here you go.
-Thank you, darling.

-How are you?
-Good, how are you?

-Good, thank you.

-Gorgeous day, isn't it?
-It's beautiful.

-You alright, bro?
-What's happening, brother?

-Wonderful day.
-Isn't it just?

-Come on, go for a dip.
Be like the Singe of old.
-What are you talking about?

-Oh, go on.
-While the sun's out.

It's nippy, mate.

So what about the kids?

They've got their swimmers.

-So what?
-[Matt chuckles]

-Do you dare me?
-Yeah, there's no one about.

-You're only among family.
-Yeah, but you haven't
seen my body, darling.

-[all laughing]
-Alright, bugger, I'm gonna!

-You're next.
-[Singe] Alright, boys,
check this out.

-[Dad] Boys,
what is your dad doing?
-[Mom laughing]

You alright?

[Matt whistling]

It's a bit nippy, mate.


I love you all.

See ya.

[cheering and clapping]

[all whooping]

[waves crashing]

-You alright, boy?
-Yeah, alright, Dad, yeah.

I'm just...

I just keep
seeing ghosts everywhere.

Good ghosts.

When your Mom and I
visited Kate one time

there was an elderly lady
in for tests.

Can't remember which hospital,
one of the many.

And we got talking to her.

And she told us
she'd lost her husband

and now it was her turn.

That's exactly how she put it.

She wasn't scared. She knew
these were her last days.

But she'd always been thankful

for each and every one of them.

Every morning is the beginning
of the rest of your life.

-It's quite sweet. [laughs]

That's what she said.

Kate knew that, I think.

Each day as it comes.

So long as you make the most of

every single damn minute of it.

-You cold?

-No, it's a beautiful evening.
-See you in a bit.

Yeah, I'll just
stay here for a bit.

[somber music]

Why don't you go home, Singe,
get some proper sleep?

We've got your numbers.

Acres and acres, my darling.

Acres and acres.

And acres.

And acres.

-[horn honking]
-[Singe gasping]

[somber tinkling music]

-[cell phone buzzing]
-[Singe gasping]


[Singe panting]


-Oh, God!
-Jane, it's time!

-Would you mind coming?

-I'll be right over.

[melancholy dramatic music]

She's been holding on for you.

What, crisps for the car?
Yeah, they're not on the list,
are they?

Cheese and onion, are you sure,
mate? Do you remember when
you threw up in the car

after you'd been eating them
and your sick smelled like
cheese and onion crisps?

-Some orange club biscuits.
-Orange club biscuits.

-Yeah, that's it. Jam.
Strawberry, please, my lord.

-I found it.
-Ok, yeah, jelly, actually.
Yeah, very good, well done.

Alright, moving on,
what else do we need?

Uh, lemon curd,
back with the jams.

Where is it, can you see it?

Down there. Get it, nice one.

-So, this is Mom's birthday?
-No, darling, it's Mother's Day

and we're gonna celebrate it
every year 'cause it's a very
special day for us.

Um, okay, wait up, lads.

We've got, right, crisps,
popcorn, walnut whips.

There's three on the list
and there's about 19 in here.

-Did you do that?
-He did!

-Did you?
-He did!

-Maybe, no.
-Yeah, tell the truth.

Alright, what else do we need?
No fighting, please, thank you.

Oh, mate.


Christ alive, I feel sick now.

Before we're done
let's have a toast, okay?
To Mom, get your little glass.

Get your glass, put your glass
up. Right, and, um,
Mom always used to say

that you can never
um, laugh too much,

you can never learn too much,
you can never care too much,

you can never love too much.

-But you can eat too much.
-Yeah, you can
eat too much. [laughs]

-[glasses clinking]
-Cheers, cheers.
Alright, down it, down it.

No, don't down it
you'll be sick.

-So, yeah, there is a new table

-and a new umbrella thing.
-Lovely table!

It really cheers the place up.

Now Daddy's allowed
a friend for tea.

Just the one friend?

'Cause I was thinking,
there's six chairs.

So, if it were me,
Daddy and Finn,

that would leave three extra.

But if Mommy were here,
that would mean there's

only two extra spaces left
for me and Finn's friends.

But, now Mommy's gone,
she wanted us to have

a big table so Daddy
can have a friend, too.

-Sounds like you've
got it all worked out!

[Grandpa laughing]

Oh, Andrea,
yeah, no, yeah, yeah!

She was at your dinner thing,
wasn't she? No, she's nice.

-She's okay if you
ever wanna give her a call.
-Oh, really?

Yeah, as in,
when you wanna get out there.

Have a drink or a meal.

Yeah, she's up for it.

So, shall I give you her number?

It's just a date, Singe.

it's not a marriage proposal.

It's just getting used to
going out with a woman again.

I know, I know, it's just that,

I haven't been single
since I was 13.

You know, I'm a
little bit out of practice.





Look, it's like you say,
it's as in when, isn't it?

You know?

I'll hold you to that.

Don't doubt it, mate.

It's all clear, Singe, the scan.

It's all clear.

-Your son's in full remission.


[crowd chattering]

Right, okay, you lot,
we're gonna take a photograph of
everyone. All of us around Reef.

So if I could get my two
sisters, Kay and Luce,
down in the front with me.

My two lovely moms.
If you go over to the side,
yeah, that's it, perfect.

-Yeah, thanks very much.
And the boys at the front, yeah.

-How many you had, Nige? I want
your hands where I can see 'em.
-Okay, Singe?

-You don't wanna repeat your
Christmas-- Yeah?
-You get in the photo,

-I'll take it.
-No, that's alright, darling,
I've got the timer.

-Oh, okay! Then I'll get in it?
-Alright, pop yourself in.

Yeah, you, of course, yeah.
Ten seconds from--

-[Rachel] Right, come on, Singe!

-[Rachel] You're gonna miss it!
-[all] Come on!

Sorry, I don't know
if it's gone off.

-[all yelling]
-Yeah, it's going, it's going!

-[all] Five, four--
-It's not New Year's Eve!

[all] Three, two, one!
To Reef!

Hold it there.

-I don't think it's gone off.
-No, it didn't.

-It stopped flashing, though.
-I think I heard it.

[engine revving]

[boys whooping]

[Reef] I can see her!
I can see where she is!

-[Finn] Hi, Mom!
-Hi, Mom!

Daddy, say hi to Mom!

Acres and acres, darling!

[Reef] Acres and acres!

[Finn] Acres and acres!

[hopeful music]

[birds chirping]

Miss you so much.

But I'm doing alright,
I'm doing okay, you know.

It's like, it's like, um
it's like time has been working

its way under my skin and,
uh, without me knowing it,

and fixing cuts and
mending bruises and stuff.

I just can't get my head around
how much things have changed,
you know.

But maybe that's not time,
maybe that's you, maybe
that's you doing that.

[melancholy music]

I promise you

that whatever
life throws at us and me

that I will explore,

just like you always said.

'Cause life's been good before
and it will be good again.

And I will make the most
of every moment.

For the boys.

So, are we at the, as in when?

I don't know.
I honestly don't know.

Stop it.

Well, that's life's
big adventure, isn't it?

-Nothing more nor less.


You're gonna be fine.


Hi, is it Andrea?

It's, uh, yeah, it is, yeah.

How'd you know?

Oh, did she?

When did she get--

Oh, okay.

Well, that's pretty
cheeky of her.

[Rachel] You wanna do it?

[Reef] It's not yours.


How do I look?

-Uh, nice?

Well, thank you. What?

-The tie.
-You don't like it?

-You don't need it.
-It's a bit corporate, isn't it?

Like a geography teacher.

Geography teacher?

That's a bit strong.

Should I get it off?


I'll undo a button, though,
'cause I don't

wanna go all like,
you know what I mean.

Is that better?


Alright, thank you.


[tender music]


["Angel Like You" by Una Healy]

¶ Can't believe how much has
Changed in only half a year ¶

¶ Can't believe you
Never saw the summer ¶

¶ There's so much more
To tell you ¶

¶ So I talk to you sometimes ¶

¶ Especially when
I'm watering your flowers ¶

¶ I was oh, so lucky
To know someone like you ¶

¶ I cherish every moment
That we shared ¶

¶ Everybody has an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Someone watching over us
Who's gone too soon ¶

¶ Someone with the answer when
We don't know where to turn ¶

¶ For every missing person
In the world ¶

¶ There's an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Just like you ¶

¶ I can hear you whisper ¶

¶ Feel it beating in the wind ¶

¶ Won't you come and wrap
Your wings around me ¶

¶ I wish I could
Be brave like you ¶

¶ And hold back all these tears
That fill my eyes ¶

¶ Grief is like an ocean
Trying to drown me ¶

¶ Everybody has an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Someone watching over us
Who's gone too soon ¶

¶ Someone with the answer when
We don't know where to turn ¶

¶ For every missing person
In the world ¶

¶ There's an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Just like you ¶

¶ My head is full of memories
That nothing can erase ¶

¶ I close my eyes and see
Your smiling face ¶

¶ Everybody has an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Someone watching over us
Who's gone too soon ¶

¶ Someone with the answer when
We don't know where to turn ¶

¶ For every missing person
In the world ¶

¶ There's an angel
Just like you ¶

¶ Just like you, ooh ¶

¶ You, ooh ¶

¶ An angel just like you ¶

¶ An angel just like you ¶