Mumon: The Land of Stealth (2017) - full transcript

What is the only thing that can stand in the way of a ruthless warlord after total domination of a country? Ninjas. When ninja Mumon kills another fierce ninja in order to claim a reward the repercussions are severe and involve the advancing army and the band of stealth fighters. Politics, warfare and sinister plots intertwine.


(Momoji Sandayuu, Iga Jounin*)
[*"Jounin" = Highest ranking ninja]

(Shimoyama Kai, Iga Jounin)

Wabi-Sabi Subs Presents:
"Mumon: The Land of Stealth"

Come on, bring it!

What's going on!

(Shimoyama Heibee, Shimoyama Family's Heir Apparent)

Oh! Big Brother!
(Shimoyama Heibee, Shimoyama Family's Heir Apparent)

It's a fight... with Momoji!

Did something happen between us
and the Momoji House?

I dunno!

This is stupid.

Is this another one of
your petty skirmishes?

- Father!
- Load the ball!

Shoot those arrows!

Hey Boss.

Maybe we should retreat
this once...

The gate will open any moment now.

What is that?

Damn smoke.

(Mumon = it means "Nobody"; literally, "No gate")

There's no such thing as a closed gate for that guy.
(Mumon = it means "Nobody"; literally, "No gate")

That's why he's called "Mumon".
(Mumon = it means "Nobody"; literally, "No gate")

The gate has opened.



That's it.

Surround me. Make sure to protect me.

Well, that's it for me.

You're just here to open the gate again?

Yeah, if I get in a sword fight, I might get killed.

Kill Shimoyama Heibee's kid brother, Jirobee.

I'll pay you 30 pieces of eirakusen (copper currency).




Very well.

Let me borrow for a while.


Big Brother!

Aren't you going to fight?

If we combine both our powers, we could annihilate
all these guys from the Momoji House.


The enemy has parents and children, too.

One shouldn't kill without thought!

- Mumon!
- It's Mumon!


Don't toy with me.


It's the "Kawa"!
("Kawa" - one on one fight to the death
within a small space between two drawn lines)

- "Kawa" time! - Kawa!
("Kawa" = one on one fight to the death
within a small space between two drawn lines)

Is he crazy!

Kawa, huh.

What a drag.

Stop it!

You mustn't fight!
You're no match for him!


Oww oww oww!

Damn you!

What is that! Hey!

Come on!

Go get him!

Here we go.

Don't do it, Jirobee!

Well, what do you know.
You're Jirobee, huh.

("Kawa" = it means "river")


Jirobee... Jirobee!!



That's it for me.

You bastard, Mumon!

You're... fast, huh.

You son of a bitch...

What are you mad about?

Hey! Shimoyama!


The signal for the Council of 12 Houses Assembly
has sounded. Let's call off the fight!

How about it.
Do you want to go to Heirakuji (shrine) together?

How long are you going to keep this up?


Jirobee got killed.

So what about it.

He was your son!

A second son is nothing less
than a genin (lowest-rank ninja).

Why are you upset about a genin getting killed?

This is where I was raised,
the country of Shinobi.

Petty skirmishes have always
occurred here for the longest time.

Countless people get killed.

Men who thought nothing of people.
They're not humans.

They were beasts like tigers and wolves.

(A Tribe of Savage Beasts*)
[*"Yakara" = has the characters of "tiger" and "wolf"]

Other countries called them "The Tribe of Savage Beasts".
(A Tribe of Savage Beasts*)
[*"Yakara" = has the characters of "tiger" and "wolf"]

Why am I...

...with these crazy fools?

I have now fully realized it...

These people...

...are not human.

(Iga Province)

However... it is also a matter of time
before this country of Shinobi is destroyed.
(Iga Country)

(Owari Country)

The supreme ruler during these
turbulent times, Oda Nobunaga...
(Owari Country)

...has put all the countries
surrounding Iga under his control.
(Owari Country)

...has put all the countries
surrounding Iga under his control.

At present, his evil clutches have reached
towards the neighboring country of Ise.

(Ise Country)

Nobunaga has forced his power
midway into Ise Country... having his own second son Nobukatsu, be adopted by
way of marriage into Ise's ruling family, the Kitabatake.

(Kitabatake Nobukatsu,
Oda Nobunaga's second son)

Pardon me.

(Kitabatake Tomonori, Ruler of Ise Country)

You're late... my dear son-in-law.
(Kitabatake Tomonori, Ruler of Ise Country)

From the time you came to my house...

...I knew this day would come.


Daizen... Sakyounosuke...

[Former Kitabatake Vassals:
Heki Daizen, Nagano Sakyounosuke]

Competent warriors who defied Oda
when you were on my side...
[Former Kitabatake Vassals:
Heki Daizen, Nagano Sakyounosuke]

I did not expect you have the gall
to show your faces in my presence.

For the meantime,
where is the "Little Aubergine"?

Wait, what are you talking about?

Stop feigning ignorance.

A thing that is said to be worth
as much as building a castle...

...the tea container worth 10,000 kan (silver currency).

If you hand it over willingly, I'll make sure
nothing unfortunate will happen to you.

I wonder if you're referring to this?

Well. You have a good heart after all.

You scoundrel...

What's wrong?

Come, let's get this over with.



What are you waiting for, Daizen.
Didn't you hear my order?

I will do it!

Show your skills, Sakyounosuke!



Aren't you going to assist Sakyounosuke!?

Can one kill his former lord!?


Stay still!


Daizen, listen well...

From now on...

Ise will be under Oda's reign...

If you're going to serve as vassals under them...

...bear in mind the peace and welfare
of the people of Ise.

This time, you will be with the Oda Clan.

My lord...

My lord!!


Not my father too!

Please stop!

What do think you're doing to your husband!?

I NEVER thought of you as my husband!!

N-Neither did I!

Prepare to die!

Your Grace!

Move away, Daizen!

(Heirakuji, Mt. Ueno, Iga Country)

If Ise comes under Oda's rule...

Soon, our country will likely follow suit.

(Council of 12 Iga Jounin Houses)

- Uzura.
- Yes.

Who killed Kitabatake Tomonori?

I believe it was "Daizen".


If it's Daizen... that's the
former vassal of Tomonori, wasn't it?

Among his vassals,
he was considered THE protege of proteges.

Then, what shall we do?

I didn't expect they'll come invading this soon.

Right, Shimoyama?


If they're planning to guard against us,
they'll need to build a castle fort, right?

A castle fort?

In our territory?

For sure, Nobunaga will resort to such means.

If they ever do build a castle here,
we are finished.

We must convey to Oda's men...

That we do not have even the slightest intention
to go against Nobunaga.

Hey, Mumon.

If we're going to war with Oda...

...who's going to pay us?


Military commanders of other countries
hire us for our skills (as assassins and spies).

With that money, we're barely able to survive.

But who's going to pay us,
if we fight for this Iga?

The Council of 12 Houses has made a decision.

If we fight against Oda,
our country will be destroyed.

We of Iga...

...will surrender to Oda.

In line with this, we'll assign someone
to send our message to Ise.

Shimoyama Heibee.

Bunzo of Momoji Clan,
you will accompany him.


Depart immediately.

Convey our intention to Oda Nobukatsu.

If we surrender to Oda,
who's going to pay us?

Wouldn't it be Oda?

I'm home!

Welcome back.

Uh, here...

A hundred mon.

So, I'm wondering...

...that maybe it's time you'll
let me back in my house?



I do not accept this.

When you took me away
from my country of Aki... you remember what you said?

You are already under my spell.

You shall not speak.

Just continue to listen to my voice and...

Are you a Shinobi?


I was fairly certain you're a Shinobi.
A Shinobi from Iga too.

Since you said I will no longer
worry about money for the rest of my life...

...I agreed to run away with you
to Iga as husband and wife.

That's what you said, wasn't it?

Well, it was something like that but...

You DID say that, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

Instead, what is this?

It's money.

100 mon of eirakusen.

For this whole year, how much money
have you earned all in all?

Well, if you include this 100 mon...

- That would total to one kan and 300 mon, right?
- It's one kan and 386 mon!

As a requirement for a married couple... much would one
need to live well together?

I think in a year,
you'll need around 40 kan.

What you bring home
isn't at all enough, is it?

It's off by a wide margin, right?

Having that kind of manner, do you honestly
want us to live together as husband and wife?

I do. Of course I do.

All you do is shinobi work...
if you come to think of it...'s just equal to being
a peasant in Iga, isn't it?

In the first place...

...what's up with that
strange name of "Mumon".

What do you mean when you said
you can't tell me your real name!?


Huh? You're back early.

Welcome back.

"He... Eh... Be... Eh...
Ha.. D.. At... Tak... Mi".

("Heibee had attacked me")

("Heibee had attacked me")

Shimoyama Heibee betrayed us.

That boy...

...hated Iga that much, huh.

"Attack Iga"?

A person from Iga is saying we
should attack his own country?

My lord...

This person might have been instructed by
the Council of 12 Houses.

We will clearly fall into their trap
if we hastily attack Iga.

But when it comes to the
honesty of an Iga soldier...

At the most...

...they number from three to four thousand.

That number isn't even half of our troops!

Have you forgotten...

My father's words.

"Iga may be a tribe of savage beasts...

...but they treasure their country fervently.

...We cannot invade it so easily."

Attacking Iga is out of the question!

Pardon me but... that what your Lordship truly feels?

You... what are you trying to say!

You may continue.

I am certain...

"Nobukatsu-sama can invade Iga
with his own power"... what your father actually
meant for you to hear.

Are you...
trying to trick his Lordship!

My lord, you shouldn't
listen to this Iga person!

Well, it's true...

That when your father Nobunaga was young,
he did things to suit his own convenience.

As an enemy that doesn't know anything about warfare,
3000 men is just some unruly mob...

...compared to our powerful troop
of 10,000 soldiers.

It's as easy as snatching sweets
from a baby's hand.

My lord, let us have our troops bring down Iga.

It's a good opportunity to mow down Iga in one go,
now that they're not unified under one ruler.

I want to see his Lordship's bravery in battle...

You are a bunch of laughs,
each one of you!

Do not underestimate the Shinobi.

There's no military merit you can gain
in eliminating them.

An act such as fighting the weak... something I, Heki Daizen
refuses to do!

I have decided.

We will attack Iga!

I knew we'll do it!


I propose that you keep a watchful eye on Iga,
by building a castle fort within their territory.

And I just have...

...the perfect idea on
how you can do it.

As to where
they can build that castle...

It's right here, right in the middle of Iga.

The people of Iga will not permit it but...

Building Oda's castle
on our land is preposterous!

Indeed, it's not an offer
even worth drinking to.

No no. It's not a matter of
building an Oda castle.

If esteemed council members such as yourselves
want a befitting place to seclude yourselves...

...this Heirakuji (shrine) is
indeed too cramp for you.

How about your own castle with stone walls
and surrounded by a moat?

Such a thing can happen (with this).

If you wish, it can have features like
inner and outer citadels, and a fortress too.

It can also have an oguchi*, or even an alternate entrance.
(*Having one gate entrance/exit)

You can build it any way you wish.

Furthermore, in exchange for gaining rights to your land...

His Lordship Oda Nobukatsu would like
to welcome you as the Oda Clan's vassal state.

Well, that is what we wanted
in the beginning.


We had no desire to go against you.

We are accepting Oda Nobukatsu's
proposal to become a vassal state.

That is what this Council has decided.

With that, as a symbol of peace
between our two countries...

...we will build a castle fort on Maruyama.

What? What about our fields?

What the hell?
I won't do it even if you pay me.


...the Oda Clan will pay those
who will participate in the construction.

Your wage for each day of work... a hundred...

...and fifty mon!!

I'll do it!

For each day?

That much for each day!

150 mon for each day of work!

Work hard, everyone!

All right~!

I can't believe how stupid they are.

Shimoyama Heibee said it, right?

"Throw them some money and
they'll treat you like a master."

They're not much different from a scoundrel.


♫ Ah, I hate it, I hate this

♫ I hate sawing work

♫ Even cows get to sleep, dammi~t

No resting!

Do you know how much you're being paid!?

What is this...

What did you just...

I told you not to do such a thing.

We could lose our jobs.

Oh, right.

Hey, what are you doing.
Don't just go stealing that.

What's going on there!

- Hey!
- Oh, right.

- Name?
- It's Dengo!

- Dengo?
- Yes.

Here's 150 mon. Next!

- Name?
- Risuke!

150 mon. Next!


- Mumon.
- 150 mon.

Here's today's allowance.

Thank you for your hard work.

The Oda Clan is extremely powerful, aren't they?

Well, since they're about to
take over all the countries...

...they have to have lots of money.

With today's allowance,
you have 44 kan left to go.


Building the castle will come
to an end too someday, right?

If it's over, then you know...
my allowance will also be...


I'm ready.

Please stop!

Hey, you almost hit her!

Oh, is that you, Mumon?

Sorry, I didn't see you there.

Nezumi, get out of the way!


Nezumi-san, what's your name?

It's just "Nezumi". Since he's a runt.

That's a nickname!

That's not what I'm asking,
I'm asking what his real name is...

What's the meaning of this!

It's a poisoned dart.

- Poison? If he doesn't spit it out right away...
- Yep, he'll die...

...if he's not trained.

Don't touch me!

The weak ones will die...
That's the way it is.

You were like that too...

Well, not really. Because you know,
I'm Iga's best shinobi.

I've been the best since I was a kid,
so that kind of training was nothing to me.



Please become a samurai.

I heard that a certain Hashiba, who served
the Oda Clan as a sandal bearer foot soldier... now a feudal lord of a domain,
and has his own castle.
(She's talking about Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

If you truly are Iga's best shinobi...

...such a thing as being samurai
would in no way be a difficult thing for you.

Well, no thanks.
I'm fine with the way things are right now.

Continue doing occasional
shinobi work...

...and living a carefree life like this with you
each day is a small amount of blessing...

I'll do it. I'll be a samurai, after all...


It won't open.

The heck...

Thank you for your long and hard work.

Lord Nobukatsu is also impressed
with the work that people of Iga have done.

What are you saying...

It was because of Ise people's
diligent instructions.


It may not be much but here is
a congratulatory gift from Lord Nobukatsu.

Starting tomorrow, enjoy your deserved rest
from the hard work you did with the castle.

We will now take over
the care of this castle fort.

Very well then, thank you very much.

Hurry, hurry.

Guard the gate!

Don't ever let an Iga shinobi come inside.

Well then... burn it.

- Burn it!?
- Burn!?

You already got paid, right?

We have no use for that castle anymore.

Look! Dono! Dono!

What are you doing! Stand up!

Open the gate!

Open the gate!

Run away! Everyone, get out!


Shoot your arrows!

Shoot at them!

Release! Shoot!


This after all... was a plan to make us
fall into your trap, wasn't it!

I never meant... for this to happen!

We shall attack Iga immediately!

Sandayuu! What were you thinking!

Those Oda men won't keep quiet
about the burning of the castle.

They will surely attack us now!

Oda's army is around 10,000!

They greatly outnumber us, don't they!

Shimoyama, you were in this, too.

Your son even betrayed us
from the start...

What are you up to, by starting a war...

What's so funny about this!


Could it be that you...

...pulled off a jutsu (trick / technique)?

I will not go!


I don't care even if it was a trap.

They got paid to build a castle.
After they got paid, they burned it.

That's all there was to it.

What use is there
in fighting such fools?


Daizen, wait. Wait Daizen!

What are you thinking!

Now that the Maruyama Castle
got burned...

...the young Lord will lose face all the more
if we don't attack Iga.

- Why should I care!
- Daizen.

You know it too.

There won't be solidarity among us.

If you don't fight in the war, many of the
Ise men will follow your example and won't fight either.

If so, Iga will...

Listen to me, Sakyounosuke!

Even if Kitabatake didn't do anything,
he was destroyed nonetheless.

Us, killing him like that... equal to making fun of a person
on the verge of death.

I will never resort to any act that
resembles bullying the weak...

...ever again!

Did you think...

...I was fine with
killing our former lord!?

But these are troubled times.

Those with power are leading the way
to bring peace and unity to all the lands.

Will you work for them or against them?

You can't have both ways!


I still won't follow orders to destroy them.

Listen up, all you men of Iga!

The day has come that the Oda army
will attack this Iga.


We will defend the key points along our
border with Ise, and attack the enemy!

I have a question.

What is it?

If we're going to fight,
I'm wondering who's going to pay us.

That's right!

We don't get paid if there's a war.

Somebody ought to pay us
for risking our lives for such work!

- Yeah!
- That's right!

You fools!

You still talk of money
even at a time like this!?

Have you forgotten our law!

When another country attacks...

All men of Iga should sincerely defend
their country with their hearts.

If one refuses to follow this law,
his entire family will be killed as way of punishment!

All of you, return to your villages immediately,
and prepare for battle!

Even though we won't get paid...?

You'll fight in a war where
you could wind up dead?

And you won't get anything
from it at all?

That's why...

Why don't we... away from here?

Run? To where?

- Maybe to Kyoto...
- How will you make a living in the capital?

Well, maybe I'll perform acrobatics,
there's a bit of money there...

You mean you will beg.

No, not really...

You know I hate your Shinobi job...

...and now you're saying
you're going to be a beggar this time?

I don't remember discarding my country
to be with a beggar!

Yes, you're right.

I absolutely hate the idea...

...of running away to another country!

Fine. We'll stay here!

All right?

War with those Oda guys...

...I wonder how I can stop it?

Hey there.

Are you the Nobukatsu brat?

How old are you?


You look young for that age.

You haven't seen enough of life.

Tonight you will end it,
forget invading Iga.

If you won't forget, this Mumon-sama
will return to remind you again.

Did you get that?

Oda's brat.

I am not a brat! I'm Nobukatsu!

- It didn't work!
- My lord!

You people are a tribe of savage beasts.

I, Nobukatsu, will annihilate you all!

Whether it be a man, woman, or child,
we will cut all your heads off!

And put them on display,
you can be sure of that!

Women and children too?

That's right!

Even Okuni's head?


Who the hell's that?

Don't try that shit on me.

If you do, your head is mine.

I will personally take your head
in the battlefield.

Not only will I trample your
name on the ground...

I'll send you down to hell as well.

Hey... my lord, what happened?

My lord!

What is this... a jail room?


Oh, it's the turncoat!

Why did they lock you up?

Who's there?

- You... did you come to kill me?
- Why would I do that?

Then, why are you here?

" does not differ in the slightest amount."

"If there is no causality, and it is void of reason..."
(Reciting the writings of Buddhist priest Dougen)

"Buddha will never come to this world..."


Who are you!

Beware of him, your Grace!

That person is a disgusting shinobi
who kills, too.

What is a shinobi doing here?

Perhaps to assassinate Nobukatsu-sama
but I'm sure he was hired to do it.

No, I didn't come to kill though.

Kill Nobukatsu?

I heard an Iga shinobi will offer
his services for money.

In line with that,
I want you to do something for me.

The enemy of my father Kitabatake Tomonori...

Oda Nobukatsu...

I want you to kill him!

For how much?

Bring it out.

But your Grace!

Do it!

Kitabatake's treasured tea container...

Nicknamed, the Little Aubergine.

What that Nobukatsu saw was a cheap imitation.

It seems he wasn't able to tell the difference but...

This thing costs 10,000 kan.

10,000... kan...

Your Grace!

Don't do it.

That bastard is a just a robber
from the tribe of savage beasts...

He won't keep his promise right from the start...

Fine, it's a deal then.

Mumon, you bastard!

I am pleased.

I have sent out my request.

Lord Buddha has heed my prayers.

There is no doubt Buddha sent this man to me.

Even if I am powerless, I was finally
able to do what must be done.

I no longer...

...have any regrets.


What, you've been grumbling
for a while now.

You don't care about
protecting anyone, right?

You are not human.


A scoundrel like you wouldn't understand.

She made a request
on which she staked her own life.

In this world, there are things...

...that are more important than money.

I definitely don't understand that.

- Was it a shinobi?
- Yes.

He went inside the lord's bedroom.

Shut up! Be quiet!

I'm ordering all of you to dispatch your troops!

Gather for war at once,
and invade Iga!

Daizen! Why did you come!

Are you here to laugh at me!

Are you insane?


You listen well.

Even if you do not help us...

I, Nobukatsu will utterly destroy Iga!

What did you say?


What you said just now...

Say it again.

I said, even without you,
I will attack Iga!


What will happen if I do not fight?

I told you, many of Ise men will follow you...

I bear some news!

The shinobi was spotted at the outer citadel!

What! Was he captured?

My Lord! Please calm down!

Let me go! Let me go!
You useless people!

- Go look for him!
- My lord!

I want to hear why you came to Ise.

- Yes.
- What's going on, Daizen.

Tell me, what happened in Iga.

My kid brother...

...was killed.

It was just a skirmish with
a fellow shinobi clan...

They toyed with my brother...

But no one... grieved over his death.

The people of Iga are not human.

Such men should not live in this world.

That is why...

I will bring Oda Nobukatsu's army and attack Iga.

I want to rid this world of
those inhuman bastards!


You got tricked by the Council's jutsu.

That skirmish that happened...

Don't you think it was a trick
so you would betray them?

Are you saying they tricked me?

They made use of you because
your character is unlike an Iga person.

Look... why did you propose
to us the building of the castle?

If they're planning to guard against us...

...they'll need to build
a castle fort, right?

If they ever do build a castle here,
we are finished.

That was what you heard...

And they made you hear it.

Then it was a plan to have us
make them build the castle?

Yes. And they intended to
burn it right from the start.

What on earth for?

To lure us in.

Why are we luring in Oda's army?

We don't have a chance against them!

Otohano, haven't you noticed that job requests
for our genins have greatly decreased lately?

Well, so far, those employers (from the other countries) have
been destroyed by Oda one after another.

If this continues, Iga will be ruined.

But what if... we win against Oda...

There's no way we can win!

Yes, we can!

The man who has a problem
with the coming war will not come to fight.

That would be me!

Daizen is that sort of guy.

Having been forced to take part in killing his former lord,
he holds a grudge against Nobukatsu.

If that man is told to lead the troops against Iga,
there's no doubt he'll refuse!

It's true that if Daizen won't fight...

His men won't fight either,
cutting the size of their troops into half.

If so, Iga will win for sure!

And if we win against Oda...

Iga's military prowess will spread throughout the lands...
which means...

Therefore, all the daimyo who are against Oda,
will be left alone..

- Which means?
- The hiring of our genin will increase!

And if they increase?

We'll earn profits!

And that's what it's about!

Pardon me!

I, Heiki Daizen...

...will follow your order to attack Iga.

Why now, after refusing all this time!

Without me, you will lose.

If so, those people will continue to rile things up.

This was the trick pulled by
Iga's Council of 12 Houses.

You just do what pleases you...

You look highly on yourself,
and says whatever you want!

Even without you, I'll attack Iga!

That goes for the rest of you as well!

If you're not truly willing to follow me,
don't join me in the war!

I will invade Iga with just my troops!

- Heiki-dono!
- Wait, Heki-dono!

Do not misunderstand it, boy!

Of course, all of the people here are being
subservient to you only because of your father.

I will join you in attacking Iga...
not because I'm doing it for you...

I'm doing it for myself!!

So you admit it, huh!

So what if I did!

All of you...

...have no idea how it feels!

Ever since I was born,
I was told to be better than anyone...

Not to lose to anybody.

Not even to warriors like you who are envied!

Do you have any idea how that feels like!

All of you do not like me...
I know that much.

But... you know how it is to have
the world's top warlord as a father!

No matter what I do,
I can't match him.

Do you all know how it feels like
to have such a father!

I was wrong.

Daizen. Sakyounosuke.

It was wrong of me to make you
kill Kitabatake Tomonori.

Forgive me.

My lord!

Regarding your father's wish not to invade Iga...

I am sure what his message really meant was...
"Show me you can invade Iga with your power."

Therefore, all of us your senior vassals...

...will join you in the war!


...gather your troops...

...and converge at the bottom
of the castle immediately!

Okuni, let's run away!


Mumon-dono, don't you have any pride?


To protect your country
where you were born and raised.

That too is a person's splendid pride.

Yeah but... there's no money in it.

I might get killed too...

By the way...

I just met Oda's brat a while ago...

You're lying.

No, it's true.

It's just what I suspected...

...he said he won't let women
and children live either.

Women and children too?

He'll cut off our heads and display it.

Women and children too.

Okuni-dono! I got hired for a task!

Kitabatake-dono's "Little Aubergine".

It's worth 10,000 kan.

10,000 kan...?

With this, we can set up our own business.

Let's get married in the capital!

From here,
we will split into three groups!

My group will invade through
the opening in Iseji in the south!

Buzen'nokami-dono's troops will attack,
passing through Bano in the west.

His lord's troops will lead the attack passing
through the opening of Awa in the north.

It was the seventh month in the ninth year
of the Tenshou Era (1579).

Without his father Nobunaga's permission,
Oda Nobukatsu set out with his troops... invade Iga.

Their number was around 10,000.

Meanwhile, in the targeted country of Iga...
(Awa Opening)

(Awa Opening)

So Heiki Daizen wasn't among the troops, right?


Listen up!
When the enemy passes through here...

...they will march by this road under the cliff...

If so...

...keep them confined in that
barrier over there...

...and from the top of the cliff,
make it rain arrows on them!

Victory is ours!

(Bano Opening)

All of you, listen up!
(Bano Opening)

Be the soil! The trees! The rocks!

Make them realize thoroughly the
terrifying techniques of the shinobi!

(Iseji Opening)

Nagano Sakyounosuke is headed this way huh...
(Iseji Opening)

We got ourselves an easy win.

Listen up, boys! The one's coming here
is Nagano Sakyounosuke's group!

You don't have the
slightest thing to be afraid of!

It'll be a clean kill with
one sweep of the sword!


What the hell was that!

You don't sound enthusiastic!
One more time!


You guys!

Show yourselves!

So few!

What the hell is going on!!

Why is there only a few?


Where's Mumon!!

(Otogi Mountain Pass going to Kyoto)

THIS many people are running away!?
(Otogi Mountain Pass going to Kyoto)

Yeah. Maybe half the people of Iga.

- Half?
- Yep.

Iga will lose as soon as it fights.

Get ready!

Position yourselves! Get in your places!

They came from there!?

(Awa Opening)

What's... with those many guns!


Get down!

Get down!

All of ya!

Bring back those who ran away!

- It's not too late now!
- There's still time!

They're early!

He's a huge guy!

Sakyounosuke is said to be a small man but...


- That's Daizen's crest, isn't it!
- It's Daizen!

- It's Daizen!
- That isn't Sakyounosuke!

That ain't Sakyounosuke!

Pardon me if I'm not Sakyounosuke!

I am indeed Daizen!

All you men of Iga...

...your heads are mine.

Prepare to die!

We're going to lose in this war.

(Iseji Opening, Sakyounosuke's Crest
changed to Daizen's crest)

(Bano Opening, Buzen'nokami's crest
changed to Sakyounosuke's crest)

As expected, the enemy is indeed
what I told you about.

I see.

Everyone, get down from your horses.

Why did they stop?



No way!

What's the matter?

I just remembered that boy...



I wonder if he was able to run away
with his parents just like those children?

He doesn't have parents.

He was bought from another country
when he was a baby.

Well, the brat's not skilled enough
to escape by himself...

So I guess now...

He'll be fighting in the war...?


Poor kid...

A small child like him is made to fight...
and yet you...!

I have changed my mind about running away.

I will join in the fight too!

Huh, wait! Wai- wait a moment!

All right! We'll go! We're going!

To where?

- To the capital city.
- Mumon-dono!

I'm kidding. To Iga. Iga...

Do you plan on going alone?

Well, that's...

Here is 10,000 kan!

It's Kitabatake's "Little Aubergine"!

I will give a reward to those who
will join the battle from here!

For every ordinary soldier's head,
you get 10 mon.

For each head of a ranking officer,
you get 10 kan.

Ten kan!?

For Nobukatsu's head... get 5,000 kan!

5,000 kan!

All right, I'm in!

Are you going? I'm going to fight!

Look look, they're going to fight.

Spread the word to all the genin!

To assemble at once at the battlefield!

Show them the shinobi techniques you acquired
through many years of training!

Now is the time to get big money!

Wait for me at Heirakuji.


Be careful.

Make sure you won't die.

This is it.

It has come!

What is it?

I am... Iga's best shinobi.

There's no way I'm going to die!

Me! Count me in!

Hey! What are you waiting for! It's big money!

That 5,000 kan is mine!

5,000 kan!!

Wait for me.


Kill them all!

As always, scrambling
to be the first one to escape huh!

No one's following you except
for a scant number of soldiers...

...since you never cared for
anybody but yourself.

This is the just punishment you deserve!

I can see that the water in Ise...
has ruined your hearing.


That sound that you can't hear means...

...that you are no longer a shinobi.

Soldier's head, 10 mon...

Officer's head, 10 kan...

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan...

Is this what you call...

...a scant number of soldiers!?

Officer's head, 10 kan...

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan...

Hey there, sorry for making you wait.


All you men of Iga, hear me out!

For every ordinary soldier's head, you get 10 mon!

An officer's head is 10 kan.

For Nobukatsu's head, it's 5000 kan!

A soldier's head for 10 mon?

An officer's head, 10 kan!

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan...

Soldier's head, 10 mon...

You scoundrels!

Stop fooling around!

Soldier's head, 10 mon...

Officer's head, 10 kan...

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan!

First to get 10 kan for an officer's head... me, Mumon-sama!!

Let's go!!

The shinobi has started to fight huh!

Get out of the way!

5000 kan!!

I got ten kan!

It's ten kan!

Pull me up! Pull me up!

Don't leave me! Protect me!


Mumon, protect me.

Where's the 5000 kan?

Nobukatsu's not here. He's at the Awa Opening.

Oh, I'm in the wrong place then!

Heiki Daizen's over at the Iseji Opening.

What? Daizen?

He came to fight!?

Huh!? Mumon!

Where did you go? Protect me!

So you're the leader here, huh!



Father! Father! Come on!

Heibee! Heibee!

Heibee, save me!

Everything I did was for you!

I wanted to leave you most of my lands,
even if it's an "ittan" (10th of an hectare)...

I did it for you!!

Heibee, save your father!

I no longer have a father.

Yeah, that's right!

Sakyounosuke's the name!

Don't you forget it.

Where are ya! 5000 kan!

It's him... Mumon!

Where are ya, Oda's brat!

My name is Nobukatsu!!

It's the 5,000 kan!

You have to escape!

Our young lord... will surpass his father!!

I just can't run away!

Hey there!


5000 kan!


You're Daizen-something, ain't ya?

What's with your damn arrow.

So you're Mumon, huh.


I'm coming even if you don't call me.

You broke it.


Being able to move with that means...

Since I've never removed this in the battlefield... wonder how fast
I can move, right?

Even I don't know it.

Surround him!



My lord!

That hurts...

Get down, Daizen!

Soldier's head, 10 mon...

Officer's head, 10 kan...

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan...

My lord...

You have to leave now.

Get away.

Soldier's head, 10 mon...

Officer's head, 10 kan...

Nobukatsu's head, 5000 kan...

Let me through! Let me through!

All of... Ise's troops...

...have retreated!

What about Mumon-dono?

Do you know what
happened to Mumon-dono?

Mumon? He's dead.

I was such a fool.

If you're a fool...

...I was a fool too.


You're alive!


Those guys...

...won't forget my name...

I will throw open the castle for all the soldiers.

Tell everyone to devote
their time in recuperating.

Well done.

You! You're alive, huh.

And he's not alone.

You got that right.


This war...

...was all planned by the Council of 12 Houses.

When you killed my brother... was the Council's way to
lure in Ise's military troops.

It was a plan to crush them.


You and I...

...were puppets whose strings
were pulled by the Council.

So what.

Even if you heard it... doesn't matter to you at all, huh.

It's the Kawa.

Kawa... Kawa...

It's the Kawa.



Even if you kill me...

...don't touch Nobukatsu
and the Ise men.

Yeah, fine. Whatever.


I said fine.


Shall we start?


...will die... a human.

I understand.

Don't... mad anymore.



Won't you...

...bury this man in Ise land?

We will do so.

Poor guy.


Your head...

Keep it for me, will you?

Take care of it.


What does this mean, Mumon...

What about the 5000 kan...


You got a problem?



It's Mumon!

Mumon has returned!

It's Mumon!!

So you're alive huh!

Mumon! Well done!

Where's the Little Aubergine?

We heard about it!

You have it, right?

Nope. What's that "aubergine"
you're talking about?

I heard no such thing.

Oh, c'mon, Mr. Lowly Genin...
Why are ya playin' dumb?

What do you think you're doing!?

For the sake of your greed... manipulated us all this time, huh.

What are you complaining about?

You were influenced by
greed too, weren't you!

In the end, you and we are
the same after all.

We're incapable of living
in the outside world.

Since we're a Tribe of Savage Beasts!

Fine, you got me right there...

What you said is true... But...

Somehow, what I don't get... why I'm so fucking pissed off right now!

Do you intend to make an enemy out
of the entire country of Iga!?

If I hadn't thought about it,

Listen, all of you!

The one who gets to kill Mumon...

...will be exempted from
paying land tax for the rest of his life!

This is the consensus of the
Council of 12 Houses!

A Tribe of Savage Beasts, huh.

Step away from him!

Is that...

...the Little Aubergine?


If you lay even one finger on Mumon-dono...

I will smash this into
tiny pieces at once!

Now do as I say!

No... everyone...

Don't do it!

Is there more?

Is there more!?

I will save you...

I promise I'll save you!

- Mumon-dono...
- Don't speak!

Your name...

Tell me...

...your real name.

I don't know.

When I was very young...

I was bought and came to Iga.

I didn't know what my name was.

I don't have...

...such a thing as a given name.

You poor thing.

You poor poor thing...

Of course, she's dead.

She's not like you who trained
to drank in poison, right?

That's a dirty move, Dengo!

I am...

...such a fool.

You people...

...are not human.

(Two Years Later)

After winning against the Oda Clan,
Iga's military fame astonished the world.

Once, we wondered what we should do... increase the hirings of our genin, right?

Not only did it increase...

They're in great demand.

Iga will be rich from now on!

Oda Nobunaga along with his
son Nobukatsu as supreme commander...

...invaded Iga with approximately 44,000 soldiers,
five times more than the previous number.

Most of the people of Iga were annihilated.

The country was turned into
a land of scorched earth.

They're already gone huh?
The shinobi of this country.


I think not.

You can't fully erase that kind
of people from this world.

The Tribe of Savage Beasts...

...are scattered all throughout the lands.

Scattered all throughout?

The blood of the Tribe of Savage Beasts...

...will completely seep through
the entire country.

From our children, and then to our grandchildren...

...and to their children's children
and so forth.

There will be shinobi
in their blood for sure.

The blood of those inhuman people...

...who live only for their desires,
and care not for the feelings of others...

...will be flowing through every
corner of the whole world.

So no one was able to find Mumon?


Nobukatsu-sama ordered us not
to leave any stone unturned...

...but we couldn't find his head at all.

But according to a captured person from Iga...

...he was certain he saw Mumon
during the war here.

What I heard was...

...he came to look for a kid.

A kid? Was it Mumon's child?

No, no, no...

It was some orphan kid...
Not adorable at all.

He wasn't human...

...but he wanted to be one, huh.

If that's true... much will you give me?

From then on, I was raised by my father.

I don't remember my mother's face much...

But Father said she was very beautiful...

...and an extremely...

...scary person.

誰だって そう 探してる Everyday
Dare datte sou sagashiteru Everyday
Everybody is looking for it Everyday

彷徨い歩いて 幸せの場所まで
Samayoi aruite Shiawase no basho made
Wandering and walking, Til they reach a place of happiness

Why? 何か起きるサイン
Why? Nani ka okiru sain
Why? Is there some kind of waking sign

矛盾も超えて 引き寄せたこの運命
Mujun mo koete hikiyoseta kono unmei
This destiny I've attracted, Exceeds beyond contradiction

強がってるフリをして 危うく揺れる
Tsuyogatteru furi wo shite Ayauku yureru
You're almost shaking, Pretending to be tough and free

心配ならいらないよ 守りぬくから
Shinpainara iranai yo Mamori nukukara
No need to worry, For I'll protect you until the end

Nani ga atte mo
No matter what happens

どんな暗い夜でも あなただけを
Donna kurai yoru demo Anata dake wo
No matter how dark the night is, I will...

奪い去るから Oh! Never let you go
Ubai sarukara Oh! Never let you go
Take you away Oh! Never let you go

遠慮なんかしないぜ 魅せられたら
Enryo nankashinaize Mise raretara
I won't hold back, when you're under my spell

音も立てずに Don’t wanna let you go
Oto mo tatezu ni Don’t wanna let you go
Without making a single sound, Don’t wanna let you go

偽りだらけの浮世でも この愛だけ信じていて
Itsuwari darake no ukiyo demo Kono ai dake shinjiteite
Even if my fleeting life is full of lies,
I'll just believe in this love

どこにあるか分からないけど 楽園を夢見た
Doko ni aruka wakaranaikedo Rakuen wo yumemita
I may not know where it is but I dreamt of paradise

消えないで Love
Kienai de Love
Where Love that does not disappear

絡まって もう 解(ほど)けないモノ
Karamatte mou kodokenai mono
Things that are tangled up and can't be solved

追うほど辛い 知らぬフリできない
Ou hodo tsurai shiranu furi dekinai
Hard to be chasing, An unknown freedom that I can't have

そう 中途半端なまやかしの
Sou chutohanpana mayakashino
Yes, a halfhearted deception...

人生は No No 痛みも飲み込んで
Jinsei wa No No Itami mo nomikonde
Of a life is No No, Swallow the pain

無常に漂う My life 教えてくれた
Mujo ni tadayou My life Oshietekureta
It taught me the impermanence of my life

本当の優しさと 強さ求めて
Honto no yasashisa to Tsuyosa motomete
I strongly searched for true kindness

Ikitsuku made
Until you came along

移ろいゆく世に 琿いては
Utsuroi yuku yo ni Kagayaite wa
In this changing world, Your brilliance

心奪われ Oh! Never let you go
Kokoro ubaware Oh! Never let you go
Has captivated me Oh! Never let you go

真っすぐな瞳に 導かれて
Massuguna hitomi ni Michibikarete
You guided me with your straight eye

声にならない Don’t wanna let you go
Koe ni naranai Don't wanna let you go
I can't be silent, Don't wanna let you go

巡り巡る時代の中で かけがえない愛のため
Meguri meguru jidai no naka de Kakagae nai ai notame
In this circling times, For the sake of our irreplaceable love

たとえ別れが来たとしても あの時誓った
Tatoewakare ga kita to shite mo Ano toki chikitta
Even if it's time to part, that which I have sworn

約束は Love
Yakusoku wa Love
A promise to Love

One day, One way, One time どこまで
One day, One way, One time Doko made
One day, One way, One time No matter where

One day, One way, One time 続くの
One day, One way, One time Tsudzukuno
One day, One way, One time I will continue

One day, One way, One time 教えて
One day, One way, One time Oshiete
One day, One way, One time To teach

振り向かずに 生きてくだけ
Furimukazu ni ikite kudake
To just live life, Without looking back

Oh! I don't wanna let you go

どんな暗い夜でも あなただけを
Donna kurai yoru demo Anata dake wo
Even in the dark night, I will...

奪い去るから Oh! Never let you go
Ubai sarukara Oh! Never let you go
Take you away Oh! Never let you go

遠慮なんかしないぜ 魅せられたら
Enryo nankashinaize Mise raretara
I won't hold back, when you're under my spell

音も立てずに Don’t wanna let you go
Oto mo tatezu ni Don’t wanna let you go
Without making a single sound, Don’t wanna let you go

偽りだらけの浮世でも この愛だけ信じていて
Itsuwari darake no ukiyo demo Kono ai dake shinjiteite
Even if my fleeting life is full of lies,
I'll just believe in this love

どこにあるか分からないけど 楽園を夢見た
Doko ni aru wakaranaikedo Rakuen wo yumemita
I may not know where it is but I dreamt of paradise

消えないで Love
Kienai de Love
Where love that does not disappear

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