Mummy Reborn (2018) - full transcript

When a group of teens in financial ruin decide to rob the local antique store, they discover an old wooden tomb containing a Mummy's corpse and an ancient amulet. But what they don't ...

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Tell me more
about your gap year.

It sounds so interesting.

No, don't be silly.

Come on, I can't believe
how many lives you've saved.

No, I just did what I
think was right, you know?

How's your mum?

Oh, mummy.

Yeah, she's fine.

She got herself a dog.

Keeps her entertained.

She didn't really strike
me as much of dog person.

Oh god no, she just wanted
something big and hairy

to have a go at after dad died.

I'm gonna get some more bubbly.

Help me.

Where are you?

Okay, come on, Max.

Just one leg in, okay?

One, again.

That's it.

Okay, and the other one.

That's it, okay?

You all right?

I don't like the water.

I wanna get out.

Max, please, come on.

- It's just a bit of a bath.
- I don't like it, Tina.

I said I don't need a bath
at this very moment of time.

Max, please, you
need to have a bath.

Come on, you stink.

You can't go around
walking like that.


Come on, it'll be quick, okay?

Hey, Karen, what's up?

No, I wasn't ever booked
in for work today.

What, are you serious?

Oh god, I am so sorry Karen.

I had no idea.

I don't suppose you can
get it covered at all?

No, I understand, yeah.

Sure, yeah, yeah.

Sure, yeah, yeah,
I'll make it work.

Don't worry about that, okay?

Give me an hour, okay?

See you soon.


I don't want a bath
right this minute!


Okay, you don't want a bath?

You're not gonna get a bath.

Come on, get out.

Tina is mad at me.

No, Max, okay.

Tina's just really, really
stressed out right now, okay?

Okay, come on, you
wanted out, so,

get out then, okay?

I can see you, Brenda.


Hi, Tina.

Oh my god, thank you for
coming on short notice.

Sorry, I just, I messed up.

I had no idea I
was at work today.

So, um, yeah, just let
him watch movies all day

and, yeah, I'll
be back by dinner.

Okay, it's all right.

Tina doesn't like me.

Max, stop, okay?

You know that's not true.

Maxie, Tina does like you.

She shouts at me,
and she hates me.

Tina, can we just have a word?

Yeah, it's, wait,
can we chat later?

You know I can't
keep doing this, right?

You know, coming here to take
care of him all the time.

I mean, when I signed off,
you acted like you were

gonna be your brother's
full time carer

once I was relieved.

And you've had to
fight tooth and nail

to get full time
custody of your brother

after your mother's passing.

What are you saying?

I just would be careful.

Of what?

All I'm saying is that
you are very young, okay?

And you're taking on
a huge responsibility

looking after him, okay?

And I understand it, all right?

You've got, you've got work,
bills, even more bills.

You know, you just,
you need to decide

what route to take.

I'm sorry, what do
you mean what route?

I think you should
let him be looked after

by professionals.

Just people who know
what they're doing,

just until you can
get yourself sorted.

You know, your feet
off the ground.

Okay, like this situation,
I can tell it's not

good for you, and it's
definitely not good for him.

Okay, yeah.

We'll talk about this later.



I appreciate you coming
today to help, I really do.

But I won't ask again.

See you later.

And how
much is this one?

Two pounds, 75.

Are you serious?

Well if you don't want
to pay that, then fuck off.


But I didn't do anything.


What time do you call this?

You said an hour, tops.

I know, I know, I know Karen.

Look, I'm sorry, I
did the best I could.

I shouldn't even
be here right now.

I've got an appointment
with my sex therapist

which I'm incredibly late for.

I am never going to come.

I completely understand,
look, I struggle with

Luke sometimes, so.

I canceled the
appointment, Tina.

No, Karen, go.

Honestly, look, it's worth it.

Okay, look, I'm here right now.

I can man the store.

Look, I need to
talk to you anyway.

Go on.

The shop.

We're not pulling
in enough sales.

Well I wonder why that is.

Why are you still here?

Karen, what are you saying?

I've had to resort to
selling things online.

Book Face, List of Craig.

I think you mean Craigslist.

And that's not the store
that I set out to own.

No, Karen, look I can help.

We keep marketing it,
pushing the products,

write advertisements.

I can make YouTube videos.

It's Tube You.

Look, I don't think
there's any way of saving

the shop, Tina.

Not now.

Karen, no.

Oh, it's not as if we
didn't see this coming.

We've spent way too
much money promoting it,

and no one wants this stuff,
not in this day and age.

Look, it absolutely
kills me to say it,

but I've had to bite the bullet,

and I'm calling it quits.

Karen, please
don't, okay, look.

Karen, is there
nothing that we can do?

I can't lose my job, it
is all I've got left.

It's not a decision I've
made lightly but it is

a decision I have made.

I can't undo it at this point.

I've already had
interest selling it.

Karen, please.

I can't lose this.

It's all I've got, too,
but I'm not even bringing

enough to pay your wages.

I'm literally paying out
to keep the store open,

and come next week,
we'll be shut.

I really do have to go
now and I'm very sorry

you're the last to know,
but what I need of you today

is to go into the back,
and inventory everything,

make a list of everything.

I've got to put it
all up for auction

and make some money back.


Look, I really do have to go.


That's a really tight hug...

I know, sweetie, I
know, I know, I know.

Poor little thing,
poor little thing.

Max, please talk to me.

All right then.

Get that down ya.

Thank you for doing this.

It's all right.

What's a boyfriend for, eh?

So remember this after
I've had a long day.

Someone's hungry.

Max, stop.

Don't talk to me.

Just finish, eat your
dinner properly, please.

You're not my mom.

Oh, I know that, okay?

But I'm now in the place
of mom, so you gotta listen

to me when I say for
you to eat your dinner.

I don't have to
do what you say.

Yes you goddamn do
when I pay the bills.

Mom gave you this
house when she died.

So you should not
pretend you paid for it,

because you did not.


You're right.

You're so right.

But you know what
mom did do, hm?

She left us in a
shit load of debt

and no Max, actually, she didn't
pay for this house at all.

She still had a
mortgage out on it

and today I lost my job.

So you'd better get used
to the idea that living

here won't last.

I miss mom.

Just finish your
goddamn dinner, Max.



Just let him go away now.

No, Luke, he needs to eat.

Look, you shouldn't
talk to him like that.

What do you mean
you lost your job?

It's exactly how it sounds.

So today I lost my job,
turns out nobody wants to buy

antique crap anymore,
oh, and the business

basically went piss out, yeah.

What about, like, hipsters?

No, they don't actually
buy anything though, okay?

They just mope around the store.

Just, I, I, I can't eat.

Where are you going?

I need a bath, okay?

I've lost my appetite.


Oh, Maxie.

I'm so sorry, okay?

I'm sorry for the way I've been

and how I've treated you.

I don't want it this way, okay?

It's just I have so much
on me right now, you know?

Hey, look.


I miss mom, too.

God, I really miss her, Max.

I just don't know if I
can do this on my own,

but I can't let you go, no, Max.

I love you, you're
my brother, okay?

I can't not have you in my life.

I promised mom I would
always look after you,

no matter what happened.

It's just, I, I just
get angry, okay?

I get angry because
I'm mad at myself

because I can't give you
what I promised I would

when mom died, and I
have totally failed you.

And I am so sorry, Max.

And I wish I could bring
Mom back but I can't.

I can't, and I really
want to, but I can't.

I promise you, I'm gonna
make everything better, okay?

It's all gonna change.


And I thought I was
your second mommy, hm?

Thought you were.

Okay, well.

Get some rest, it'll all be
different in the morning.

It always is.


What are you doing
with my work papers?

You know she's
got this, right?


She's got
this in her stock.



That's worth like 800 grand.

Jesus, I knew it'd
be worth a bit, but,

well, Karen's gonna be sorted.

- Do you think that...
- What?

Nothing, oh, it's stupid.

What, Luke, come on.

Babe, that's worth
like three houses.


I'm just saying, it would
solve a lot of problems.

Like, what are you saying?

I think you know what.

Wait, no, no, no, no.

If I steal that, I could
go to jail for years.


No, I'm not saying
that you should steal it.

I'm not saying that
I should steal it.

I'm just saying.

No, get to the goddamn point.

I'm just saying
that I know a guy,

who knows a guy,

who knows another guy.



He says he'll do it.

For 50%.


Wait, who is this guy?

He's just a guy into
this sort of thing.

You know, stealing
and selling it on.

Are you talking about
your drummer Duncan?

Eh, yeah, drummer Duncan.

Look, Tina, he says
he's got a client

for this sort of thing.

If we can just get ahold of her.

So how do we get it?

You've just got to
leave the back door open,

that's what he said.

Okay, look.

What if they take it, take
off, and we don't get a penny?

What if I get caught, Luke?

You've got nothing
to be caught for.

They're doing all the work.

All you've got to do is
leave that back door open.

This'll change your life, Tina.

Make it so much easier
if you just say yes.

All right, all right.

You ready?

Of course I am.

I was born ready, let's go baby!

What if they take the amulet
and sell it for themselves?

I've know Duncan for years.

He wouldn't do that to me.

Look, relax, Tina.

It's gonna be fine.

Remember Paris, eh?

Luke, it's just, look.

What I'm worried about is...

It's gonna be fine, nothing
bad is gonna happen, Tina.

Do you trust me?

Right, this is it.

All you've got to do
is go and open the door

and then that's it, you're out.

We'll wait for the call, I'll
meet you at the safe house

and then that's it.

Your life, our lives.

They change forever.


Lukey, long time
no see, brother.

I saw you at band
practice last week, Dunc.

Oh yeah.

Luke, this is Ali.


She's the look out.

And that silly cow blinding
everyone with the lights

is Jas.

And I, I'm the main man.

Should we get goin', eh?

Anyone could turn
up at any minute.

Oh, she a keeper isn't she?

Luke, come on, man, let's
get the doors unlocked.

Aye, you got Tina.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Holy shit.


Oh my god.

Oi, we're taking this.

Tell Jas to bring the
truck 'round, yeah,

and drop the tailgate.


It's done.

They've got it.

It's all gonna get better now.

It was just like that when
I got here this morning.

So you have no idea
what time this took place?

No, I don't have a clue.

That's what the security
footage was for.

Karen, what's happened?

Oh, I don't know.

I don't, I don't know.

I must've left the
back door open when I

shut up shop last night.

Someone, someone broke
in and they stole the box

from the back room.

The security
footage, everything.


Well, whoever it was,
they certainly knew the

layout of the store.

Why do you say that?

Well, 'cause they
knew where the security

cameras were.

They took them.

They covered their tracks.

I understand you're
about to go bankrupt.

You think I stole this.

You think I would
do such a thing?

Hang on, I'm not some
kind of fraud or sneak.

I don't walk around
wearing a fucking trilby.

Hm, I've heard
crazier stories.

Crazier still when
you consider those

who wear trilbys.

Stories like these, like
trying to recoup costs.

Do not make light of this.

This is a very
dangerous situation.

Look, it's not about the money.

I don't give a rat's
ass about the money.

Whoever took this is in
serious danger, detective.

Whoever took this is in
serious danger, detective.

Serious danger, detective.

Serious danger, detective.

Look mate, would you relax?

She's gonna be here in
a bit, have a drink.

Come on, man, I'm looking
after her brother, aren't I?

Oh is that who he is?

Yes, Tina's little brother.

He's asleep upstairs,
so let's keep it down

or turn that off or something.

I don't want him getting
involved, you know.

What's all this,
gamey soldiers?

Luke, you're having
a drink, mate.


Cheers to being bloody men!

Let's go, men, ah!

Let's get pissed.

Let's go men, ah!

Oh, mum's here.

How was it, how was work?

Yeah, all right.

Well, she doesn't suspect me.

Should they really be
drinking that much?

It won't bother
them, it's fine.

Seriously Tina, this is it.

They've done it, this is the
start of the rest of your life.

Where is it?

You wanna see it?


Come with me.

Yes, mate!

Luke, what the hell?


They stole the entire tomb?

They were meant to just
take the goddamn amulet.

Well I don't know, maybe
they got carried away.

They can probably sell
what's in the box, eh?

No, it's just, Karen,

she said something dangerous
could happen with it.

Like what?

I don't know, okay,
it's just today,

she looked really freaked
out and it wasn't over

the cash she lost, Luke.

It was over this thing.

It's just a box, Tina.

It's not like that film with
your man Brendan Fraser.

What's the worst
that could happen?

Has anyone opened it yet?


We were waiting for you.

So you're saying some
weird shit could come out

and poison us, yeah?

No, she doesn't
know that for sure.

What did your
boss say, exactly?


She said that it was
extremely dangerous

and that she was really
worried about whoever had it.

Oh come on, just
open it, it'll be fine.

Go on, Jas.

Oh, it stinks.

Should we be breathin' that in?

Aye, I've smelt
worse coming from you.


Kind of wanna peel the
wrap off and see what

it looks like underneath.

Oh you're sick, you know that?

We just could.

Yeah, it looks better
on the mummy, Jas.

Oh fuck off, Duncan.

I wonder if it's
a boy or a girl.

What's a boy or a girl?



Come on, let's go.



Max, come on listen
to me please, come on.

Okay, so, I am letting
you use my laptop,

so you can't break it, okay?

All right, so just so you know,

I have disabled purchase buying,

especially after you
bought that chocolate.

I never purchased
that chocolate.

Okay, well, Maxie,
if you need anything,

I'll be outside.


Don't do anything else.

Look, Tina, Tina.

You okay?

How could you?

The one thing I asked you,
no, wait, I specifically

asked you not to
bring him, didn't I?

My god, I asked you, look,
I said not to bring him.

I didn't want him
involved in any of it.


I'm sorry, okay, I
thought Brenda would take

care of him for the weekend
but she said she couldn't.

What do you mean she couldn't?

She always helps out.

She said you hadn't paid
her for the last few times.

She's not coming
'round any more.


She said she thought I
should put Max in a home.

I need you to answer me
honestly on this, okay?


Now don't lie to me.

Just tell me straight.

Do you think I'm unable
to look after Max?



You think it, too, you
think I'm unsuitable

to look after him?

Don't come to
conclusions, all right?

I just think it
was a lot for you

to take on after your mum died.

Don't follow me, okay?



- Tina!
- Leave me alone.

No, Tina!

Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke.

Let me chat to her, yeah?

You just go in there, calm down,

get yourself a beer, and leave
it to old Dunkers here, yeah?

I'm great with women.

You know he means
best for you, right?


Look, I don't know what you
two are fighting about, but,

whatever it is, I'm
just telling you now,

he aint about to do
this sort of shit

for just anyone, do you hear?

This is some proper risky
shit he's up to here.

Yeah, I know, I'm just
finding it all really difficult

in the moment.


So you do this full time?

I wouldn't say it's
nine to five, no, but,

I make a living doing
shit like this, yeah.

I'm guessing this
is the biggest job

you've done so far.

Could be, yeah.

Usually it's smaller stuff.

Got a pretty meaty
grab on this one.

Oh, who's the buyer?

Don't know.

I usually just hand the
stuff over to the guys

who sells stuff to the buyer.

The buyer don't wanna get
his hand dirty, you see.

Right, and you trust him?

I do, yeah.

Is it me, or
can you hear that?

Yeah, what?

It sounds like a party's
going on or something.

Leave 'em to it.

We leave them alone,
they'll leave us alone.

I mean, I'm sure we
can take our business

somewhere more quiet, personal.

How do you feel about that?


No, no, no, no.

Okay, asshole, let's
get this straight.

I'm only here for one thing
and it sure as hell aint that,

so get your shitty
little hands off me

and don't you dare treat
me like one of your hoes.

My hands aren't
shit, actually.

I'm an excellent drummer.

Fuck off asshole.

- Duncan...
- Hey.

Put your dog on a leash.

Is it really weird
that I wanna screw you

in front of the mummy?

Oh well you naughty
minx, come on, then.

Max, it's me, come on.

Open up, please.

I wanna be alone.

Go away.

Come on, Maxie, you can't
be angry at me forever.


Yes, I can.

Okay, well.

When you're ready to
speak to me again,

I'll be downstairs, okay?

Ah, whoa, on my bed?

Get in there!

This is so bloody
weird, you know that?

What's fun about being normal?

So, already drinking then, hm?

Not anymore.



Of course they would bring guns.

Of course you would bring
my brother to a place

full of guns.

Look, Tina, can we just
stop this, all right?

I'm not trying to
make things worse.

I'm not trying to
upset you, you know.

I know, I know, okay, look.

I'm sorry, okay?

It's just, look, I
took it personal.

It's just, the truth is, well,

the truth is, I know I'm
doing a really crappy job

right now and, I just get angry.

I just want change, Luke.

I know you do.

And that's why we're
doing this, remember.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

All right.

How's Max?

Yeah, he's fine, he was
playing with his dinosaur, so.

- Okay, cool.
- Yeah.

I wanna look at the
mummy while you do me.

What the hell?

What, you can't look?

No, look.


What the hell?



What is it?

Something's seem to have
gone flippin' wonkers.

What's going on?

The mummy is missing
and so is the amulet.

How can it just be missin'?

Who saw it last?

Well we were in
here messing about.

One minute it was here,
and the next it's gone.

Someone come into this
room and flippin' took it.

Who would take the mummy?

Well unless it's got
up and gone for a walk

on its own, how else
do you explain it?

Oh, I know who's got it.


What the hell, Duncan?

Max, Max!

Open this door!

Shut up, shut up!

Shut up, shut up!

Calm down, Duncan.

Calm down, okay,
I'll talk to him.

Just calm down.

Max, baby, it's me, okay?

Open the door for me, please.

I'm not gonna let him
hurt you, I promise.

Just open the door, Max, please.

For me?

Max, come on mate, open
the door for her, please.

I didn't meant to scare ya.

I just want a little chat.

Max, come here.

Oh look, there he is, yeah?

I'm really sorry about
what I shouted, mate.

I didn't mean to scare ya.

Basically, yeah, um,
I just wanna know

where's the mummy, yeah?

And where's the amulet?

What have you done with it?

No, Duncan!

If you even touch him, I
will cut your balls off.

Max, baby, are you okay?

You good?

Where's the mummy
and the amulet?

I don't know
where the amulet is.

He's trying me, Luke,
he's really trying.

I saw the mummy.

Where did you
see the mummy Max?

Tell me.

It was walking outside.

There you go, you got
what you wanted, now go.

Walking outside?

Outside the house.

Everybody just
stay calm, okay?

I'll go out and get it.

If the amulet was on the mummy,

then it still would
be on it now, aye?

Go on then.


You've gotta take it down.


It better be out there.

Got ya.

Now, where did that
amulet go to, hm?

You naughty boy.


You naughty boy.

Having fun, hm?


♪ Naughty motherfucker

Is that the buyer?

Shut up.

I've got this.

Hello, Duncan speaking.

Martin, how was the drive?


Come on.

Max, look at me.

Look at me.

Max, Max.

Okay, don't lie to me, okay?


I'm not gonna be mad at you.


Do you have the mummy?

I don't have the mummy.

It would be too big
for me to carry.

I'm not gonna be mad, okay?

Just, tell me where it is,
and we'll get this sorted out.

You never listen to me.

You never talk to me.

Oh, Max.

Yep yep yep.

He's here.

He's outside.

Do you want me to come?

No, I want you to find Jas.

I need you to find the
mummy and the amulet.

We need to get this shit moving.

Go on chop, chop.

Eh, you've got a
meeting, don't you?

No, Luke, stay here.

Yeah, find out if
that kid's got it,

if he's hidden it somewhere.

Can you do that for me, mate?

- Yeah.
- Sweet.


Good to meet you, mate.




Jas, what the fuck
are you wearin'?


So he doesn't have it?

Apparently not.

But I mean, come on,
how in the hell would he

carry that thing on his own?

What are you thinkin'?

I'm thinking Duncan
is spinning us.

You think he stole it?

Yeah, and I think
they're selling it.

Come on, he lost it,
don't you know the answer?

Nah, he wouldn't
do that to me.

What makes you so sure?


Well he's outside
now with the buyer.

I've shown you mine,
so now you show me yours.

Well at the minute, she's
getting a polish up, you know?

A sort out.

Be with you in a bit.

You don't have it, do you?

Mate, I do.

It's just, uh, as I said,
it's getting a sort out.

Look, why don't we go
down to the pub, yeah?

And we'll have a drink.

Where's the amulet?

Jas, what the fuck
are you wearin'?

Duncan, what's this about?

Does this work on anyone?

You do realize I'm gay?


Ali, what in the
fuck are you wearin'?

Come on girls, it's all
gettin' a bit embarrassing

now isn't it?

Could we possibly have a little
bit less of the theatrics?

In fact, if you don't have
the amulet, I'm going.

And I'm taking
the money with me.

Now I've told you,
this won't work.

I don't like flange.

Now if you've got some
sort of naked Egyptian hunk

in there, then bring him out.

Let's go, all right, yeah?

But, otherwise,

show me the amulet.

Oh, as if.



Max, please open the door.

Please open the door, please.




Max, please open the door.

Max, let me in you little shit.

Open the door you little shit!

- Max!
- Max!

Open the door!

Go, shoo!

Max, the door, open it.



Go on!

Oh fuck off.

- Was that a mummy?
- Uh huh.

Oh my god.

Oh my god, Luke.

Karen, she was scared
about us opening the tomb.

What have we done?

It's not a mummy
though, is it?

The mummy's real!

But maybe he's friendly.

Why am I the only
one talking sense here?

Get to grips with the fact
that the mummy is alive.

What do we do?

I have to tell her,
Luke, she has to know.

You can't tell her,
Tina, you'll lose the cash.

You cannot lose the money.

Luke, it's a bit
goddamn late for that.

Duncan the dick just ran off
with the money in the woods,

so what do we do now, huh?


I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about!

♪ Twinkle, twinkle little star

♪ How I wonder what you are

Fuck you!

Got ya.

Knock, knock.

Knock, knock.

- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?


Stone who?



Do you get it, 'cause
your Kylie's a stoner.

When did it start snowing?

I've never been so
split up.

Get it?


For some reason, you look
extremely sexy right now.

Am I really stoned, or
there's money on the floor?

You can make it rain any day
of the week, Kylie.

Legit though,
keeper's finders!

Come on, hurry up.

Like seriously?

Normally it's like
hard as a rock.

I think it's like, I banged
one out this morning.

What are you chatting?

Just give it to me.

I'm just trying
to wake him up.


The more the merrier.

Who's your mate?

Maybe he can go first?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't take it off.

I've always wanted
to do it with someone

that I couldn't see the face of.

What are you
actually talking about?

Who's your mummy?

What the fuck?

Fucking dickhead!



That's not cool, man.

Cool special effects.

This isn't corn syrup.

Who ordered a mummy?


He even smells
like a real corpse.

Where'd they all go?

- Back to Egypt.
- Luke.

Well I don't know, do I?


I think there's something
wrong with Jasmine.

Stop messing about, dude.

I don't like being
cooped up in here you know.

Pull yourself together, Luke.

We need a find a way to get out

before we're torn apart
by fucking Jasmine.

There are worse ways to die.


- Luke.
- Tina.

- Max.
- Luke.

- Tina.
- Max.

- Luke!
- Max.

- Tina.
- Hey.

- No, Max.
- Tina.

They're here.

Okay, Tina.

- Maxie.
- No!


But, Tina!


I am not losing another
family member, Luke.

You're not a hero, Max.

Hey, Tina, you've
got your car keys?


I've got the heat.

Now the scream came from
outside, so we're gonna go

'round the back to maintain
the element of surprise.

Let's go.


I am so sick of these
motherfuckin' mummies

on this motherfuckin' farm.


I can't understand
what he's saying.

Can't you just
read the subtitles?


They are saying
the amulet can give

and take away his power.

And there is a missing piece.

They are looking for it.

Are there any other
left alive there?

Jas, what's going on?

I've killed people.

We did.


The others.

Where are the others?

There's a girl, and Duncan.

Her boyfriend, Duncan's friend.

We need to leave, now.


We can stop 'em.

We take the amulet.


Max, no!


Why did you run in like that?

That was so stupid.

Let him be.

I wanted to help, Tina.

I wanted to save her.

So what, if I
don't give you gun,

that means run in there
like a raving lunatic?

What did you call me.

No, no, no, no, Max.

I didn't mean that,
no, no, no, no, Max,

I didn't mean that, okay?

What were you gonna do?

Tina doesn't trust Max, but
Tina doesn't trust Tina.

Tina's a mess.

Tina can't fix it.

I'm sorry okay,
I didn't mean it.


- Max...
- I can look after myself.

Max, come on, I'm sorry.

Don't touch me, I'll scream.


Oh my god.

He's right, it is my problem.

No Tina, this is my mess.

It was my stupid
idea that led us down

this mummified rabbit hole.


No, I agreed to it.

It was my workplace.

I should have just said no.

Come on Tina.

All I've done is put
Max in extreme danger.

How are you to know this
is how it was gonna pan out?

Remember why you did it?

Because I was fucking selfish.


That's not why.

Remember why you said yes.

No, I did it for him, for Max.


And now...

And now I have to
finish it for him.

You can't call the police,
what are you gonna tell them?

I'm not calling the cops.

Hi, mom.

I know I haven't texted
you in a few hours.

I've been kind of busy.

Things haven't been
going good recently.

It's been kind of tough.

Things haven't been
great with Tina.

I know she loves me.

She just doesn't
seem very happy.

Anyway, I hope you
are doing okay.

I know you can hear me.

I miss you a lot.

I wish you were still here.

Love you, mom.



- Have you seen them again?
- Nothin'.

I don't want to go in last,

and I wish the
mummies weren't here,

but she'll be coming
any minute now.

It's like trying to find
the needle in the mummy.

Luke, please don't.




- Karen.
- Luke.


I was worried.

I thought I was going to
encounter one of those things.

Have you seen any?

Yes, Karen, that's
why we called you.

Now, I'm not going to
get into what it's doing

all the way out here missy.

Now is not the time.

- Karen...
- Quiet, Luke.

I'm largely leaning towards
not saying a peep if,

and it's a big if, you
help me get the mummy

back in the box.

Tell us what we need to do.

Okay, so let me
get this straight.

The amulet is the source
of the mummy's power,

but it can also take
his powers away,

and the only way you can
get him back to sleep

is to cram him back
into his coffin?

And also sometimes when he's
around, the weather changes.


Very well summarized
for everyone listening

in this circle, Luke.

Although it's slightly more
of a box than a coffin.

What we need to do: we
have to cause a distraction

and get them outside.

You run back into
the house, Tina,

steal back the other
half of the amulet.

Okay, yeah, I can do this.

- I can see this through.
- That's right Tina.

Yes, you can.

We're bloody lucky
somebody broke that amulet,

otherwise the mummy's
powers would be

damn near unstoppable.

Whoever broke it has
given us a shot at

saving the entire world today.

I've got something
to tell you guys.



I am so sorry.

I didn't mean it,
I promise, okay?

I'm gonna make it better again.

I promise, I am so sorry.

Are you okay?


I know where the missing
piece of the amulet is.



Max and Tina, back inside.

Try and find that
piece of the amulet.

Karen, you're with me.

Let's go bag ourselves a milf.

Hoo rah!

Oi, dickhead.

Damn, I wish Max was here.

Come on, get the amulet.

Max, come on.

I'm looking, Tina.

We don't have a lot of time.


Max, come on.

Come on, Max.

Found it.

Eh, I'm not
finished with you yet

you bandagy dickhead.

Is that all you've
got, Cleopatra?

It could have been
different between us.

Finish her.


The gun.

You said not to use the gun.

Use the gun.

I've only got one mummy now.

And her name is Tina.


Max, Max.



Max, come on, you're
gonna be okay, all right?

You're gonna be fine.

I'll stop this bleeding.

It's gonna be okay,
it's gonna fine.

You're fine, I
promise, you're fine.

You're gonna be okay.

It's all over now.

I'm a hero.

Yes, you are.

You are, Max, you are a hero.

Yes you are.

You're my hero.


I love you.

Max, Max.



Max, wait, no!

Max, please.

Wake up, come on, this
isn't funny Max, please.

Max, wake up.

Please wake up.

Max, Max, Max, it's fine.

Come on, wake up, come on.

Max come on, please
don't do this to me.

I can't lose you, Max.

I can't lose you,
please don't leave me.

I understand.

Martin's dead.

And the amulet?

Initiate order seven.

Subtitles by explosiveskull