Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 (2018) - full transcript

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 shows Gautam and Gauri's after marriage life. It is the sequel of the 2015 film Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 (2015).

Subtitles Exclusively Arranged By:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Tell me.
- Your order sir.

Just a second.

Kids' chorus tomorrow?


Gauri, the pizza's here.
- Yeah?

Only two pieces for me.

Yeah, go on.

You'll be late??

How many kids?
- Eight.

Age group?

Between 5 and 8.
- Okay.

See you in the morning. Bye.

- Yeah?

Let's get the beer.
- Okay.

And the left over chicken chilly?
- Sure!

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme...

Gimme the beer!
Gimme the beer!


I love this sound...

See? Like this..



This is perfect, huh?

Hey, hey!
Keep it right here.

- It gets soiled on the foor.

You've already ruined the sofa!

Oh, come on!

Get a new one,
what's the big deal!

Hey! The website you
showed me the other day?

Had some cool designs!

Order one on it.

Sure! And we have
the money, right?

Baby! We have
everything planned.

You know... systematic.

Plan, splurge, indulge!

Who's this?


You still can't recognize
the players, can you?

He's wearing a helmet... how can I?


Shut up.
- Go on with your drawing.

What drawing! It's designing.

Same thing.

Good shot!

- Huh?

Tell me something.
Is Kalamkari good or Chikan?

Chicken, anyday Gauri!

fish is even better.

And if you cook fish with...

Did I say something stupid?
- Nope.

Then why did you laugh?
- Because Chikan is good.

You bet! But why is that funny?
- Watch the match.

Tell me!
- It's nothing!

Why did you laugh?

Just like that.

- Yes...

Tell me why.
- Because you like chicken.

I love chicken.

More than Kalamkari, right?
- Yeah!

Hey, Gautam...

Sweetie, please get the door...

Please wake up.

Wake up!

Last night I opened the door.
Your turn now.

Oh come on Gautam...
Don't do this!

Why can't you get up early?

Let him go back.
- Get up!

Get up!

What's your problem?

What's this Gautam!
Even the TV is still on!

Happy anniversary!

Thank you!

Thank you...

Yay! Gautu! Gautu,
Happy anniversary!

Help! Help!
- My sweetie pie Gautu...

My dramatic character!

Happy anniversary.

Our love story is
3 years old, Mumbai.

Yes sweetheart Pune.

Wonder how I spent
3 years with a crook like you!

It's the charm...

Shut up.

What time is it?
- Huh?

The time?

Must be around 7:30.
- Check.

I gotta go!

Gauri! Where are my...
Got them! Got my jeans!

What's the plan for the evening?

Talking to me?

See anybody else around?

You've picked up the sarcasm
of Punekars well in 3 years.

I love you Gauri.

And make it fast!

The maid has bailed today?
- Yup! Again.

I'm used to it by now.

Having tea?
- No...

I have acidity.

- You want tea?

Nah! Not your favourite green tea.

Looks like water in the
puddle after rains.

And tastes like that too.
- Ew!

Silly, that's iced tea.

Same family after all.

Sorry distortions of regular tea.

Nothing beats traditional tea
from local tea shops.

I'm ready.
- Eeks!

You're not going to bathe?!

Did you rinse your mouth?

Hey, hey! Why did you push me?

Let's go!
- My cab's here. Bye!

Hey, Gauri!

Come on, what's the hurry...

Hey, just a minute!
- What?

It's okay, go ahead.
- Okay!

- Yeah?

Seen my keys? Can't find them.

They were on the floor with the clothes.
I've put them on the table.

I love you!

Love you.
- Bye!



Happy anniversary...

Thank you mom, thank you so much!

Have you left already?
- We've left.


Your parcel is here.
What did you order?

Those are Gautam's headphones
and my scarves.


I've made pudding for you.

I was about to come over.

Would have put it
in your fridge.

But we're dropping
in tonight anyway.

Yeah, but I'd rather bring it over.

We have a Tom cat in the house.
- Tom cat?!

Of course!

Your fathe-in-law raids the fridge
while I'm napping.

Can't trust him
with the pudding.

Now you know who's Tom cat, right?

Yeah okay... Fine.

See you then?

We'll meet in the evening.
- Yes.

Bye, bye.
- Bye...

You've got some reference designs?
- Mother! Look what I found!

Sweetie, Mamma is busy...
Let her work...

Why don't you play...

Radhika, we had selected
this before, right?


In this design, a green
border with orange would -


What are you doing???

Come here. Aren't
you a good girl?

Wait here... okay?
And let us work.

I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!

Actually her grandma does
look after her but...

she has gone to a movie
with her friends...

And the maid hasn't shown up.
I'm so sorry!

Calm down, it's okay...

I know how hard it can be...
It's okay.

Should we sit there to
talk about the fabrics?

Uh.. I think you should carry on.

I'll take her home.
- I think Gauri...

How about we do this
after a few days?

- But...

No. no... Don't worry...

I know, it's very difficult
to handle children...

We'll meet in a
couple of days... okay?

- Bye.

Radhika, what's this!


Mom, what is Kalamkari?
Chicken or fish?

Hmm... Over to you.

Kalamkari is a type of fabric.

Just like cotton or silk.

- Yeah.

Sounded like Kalamari
from Goa!...Kalamkari!


That's why Gauri laughed at me!

Let her get here, I'll show her!

Mom, Gauri said there
was a parcel...

It's in the room.

So is the fish happening?
- Here.

See if I've finally got it right!
- Of course you would have!

And don't bother about
cleaning up. I'll do it.

Lucky me!


This fell down.

Did you drop it?
Don't worry, I'll pick it up.

Gautam, pick it up!

How can you litter the place like that?
- Exactly!

Your home is a mess too.
How do you live there!

And so much of online shopping!

What do you order I wonder.
- Hi!

Oh, come on in.
- Mom!

I could smell the aroma
of fish outside. - Welcome...

By the way, what exactly
are you complaining about?

Online shopping?
Or being messy?

Online shopping.

And I cleaned up
their home today!

You cleaned up?
- Yes.

Please don't do that!
- Whoa! What's that?

It's a problem Dad.
When things are right there,

it's easy to find them.

If you tidy them up

you can't find anything
when you need it!

- Don't act smart Gautam!

How do you manage to
live in that mess!


Sangeeta didn't come in today.
Usually she cleans up.

That's okay...
Please take this outside.

- Yes?

Come here.
I want to tell you something.

- Didn't you tell them yet?

It was finalized this evening.
- What is it?

So the thing is...

We're going to Kenya.

- Wonderful!

You know Pakya?

Prakash Joshi.
- I know him!

He's doing a project
for Discovery channel.

- So we go to Kenya,

wander around among the tribals

and catch the different sounds...

their musical instruments...

We bring back the recordings.

- Isn't that impressive?

- I'll be working...

She's coming for the balloon safari.
- Good for her!

Have a good time.

But... the ticket must be expensive...
- Kind of...

Hope you're saving money...

Yes mommy! Don't worry.

We are sorted Mom.

Your son is not just capable...

He is also wise...
- Have beer.

In fact you should both join us.

Nah! Lot of work to do.

Just remember to do me a favour.

Get me a few spears
on your way back.

When your Mom makes piercing
comments I will pierce back!

I make piercing comments?
- Just kidding darling!

Your tongue is naturally sharp.

Let's set the table.

- Huh?

Actually I'll just have
curd and rice. Acidity you see...

Obviously... with pizza
and cuppa noodles everyday...

My stomach is bad too...

You should have curd rice too.
- Come on, Mom!

Who eats curd-rice
when there's fish!

I don't mind eating
fish and going

to the potty a few times more!

It's Sunday tomorrow! Get up late,
crap and then... cricket!

I'll say don't eat fish.

- You want to play cricket, right?

If I don't, you don't either.
- What nonsense!

I want fish... pass me some.


Kaku Gautam kaka doesn't listen!

He doesn't let us bat.

He is out.

Isn't he?
- The second time!

And if we tell him that,
he calls us crooks!

- Crooks!


Hey crybaby!

One minute... One minute!


What's going on?
You're cheating?

Hey Nikya? What are
you doing up there?

She's my wife, not mom,
to complain to!

Come back!

Hope you know you are
much older than them!

You're screwing up
the logic Gauri.

You see... this is not about age.

It's a matter of principle.

When Maratha ruler
Peshwa was my age...

Give them the bat.
Take his bat away.

Okay, listen. I'm going
to Shubhu mavshi's.

Do you need medicine
for your tummy?

The fish has worked.

Come back soon. Till then
I'll give them good.

Nikya, come down.

Watch me strip that cap
off your little head! Get here now!

Come on, don't stand yapping away.

Lovely Saaree!

Ritu is very happy
with your work.

And back there in the U.S.

her clients are happy too.

I have a smart daughter in law.

Lives there and runs
a boutique of Indian Saarees.

Mavshi, come home.
It's been ages.

I want to.

Suhas will be back
from Narmada tour.

Yeah... hats off to her.

So much energy at this age...

- No, thanks... I must leave.

I have acidity.

My periods are also
irregular again.

But my treatment had
worked, hadn't it?

Actually yes... but...
maybe work stress...

Have you conceived?

I mean it may not have
occurred to you...

No no no no! Not at all.
Not possible.

- I mean it's like...

what Gautam says...

Well planned...
We take care...

Listen to me Gauri...

Take a pregnancy test.

You never know!

One minute!

I'm not out. My
stomach is grumbling.

A lot!

So, a toilet break now.
You all go and pee.

After the break,
you bowl, I bat.

Hi! I'm AB.

No, not Amitabh Bachchan.

Gautam and Gauri's accidental baby.
So AB.

In the coming few weeks, I'm
going to chat with you.

And express my opinion.

After all I'm a Punekar. Must
opine even in the womb.

Come out quickly, please!


Gauri, I need to crap
urgently, please come out.


Should I run across to Mom's?


What's going on?

Better watch your tummy.

Or we'll start looking the
same in a few months!

What do you mean?

After all the precautions...

Why're you laughing?




Don't you mess with me.
Gauri, don't laugh!

Are you serious? Huh?



No, no, no, no, no!

The two are laughing at their
own blunder in such a way...

that it's hard to tell if
they're happy or shocked!

Hey Gauri...


I can imagine what must be
happening to you.

My tummy feels the
same since morning.


Help! Help!

Will be back.

And don't tell Mom already.

You have a call.




Neeraja was here and

we all went to Sinhgad..

That night?


We finished the drum practice

had Anna's Misal, and
drank beer...

That was the night!

Gauri... I'm sure it must
have been that night.

Forget it... It has happened now.

That's not done!

We must know when we goofed up!

Okay listen Gauri..

Don't tell anybody
just yet please!

Don't breathe a word Gauri.
You get it?


Two lines is definitely positive?


I'm done for.

Oh, really?

Heartiest congratulations!

I did suspect...

She hadn't been eating
much last few days.

Is it?...uh...

You know what...

I'll start knitting a
sweater right away.

Tiny socks, bonnet...

I'll make a list of groceries...

Must order all the herbs
and condiments...

And we must make a
list of names...

It'll be a flurry later.

What's the name calling about?
- You're right.

And yes! Are there
anyGarbhasanskar classes nearby?

Yes, there are!

You know, Aai will be
back from Narmada tour...

Why don't you come over a
couple of days earlier?

Gauri would be thrilled.
- Hey...

One minute...

Really... Leave for
Pune right away!

Who are you inviting?

Let me talk to Gauri's father.

Okay... See you then?

We'll speak later...

Just a minute...

Please ask Gauri not to
post on social media yet...

It's a norm not to announce it

until the first
trimester is over...

I'll tell her not to say anything...
- Yeah...

Okay bye...

So now, may I know what
this is all about?

There's good news in the family!


Not me!
- Ahh...

- Hi!

Singing session!
- Yeah!

Hey! Where are you going?
- Be right there.

Come on.

Sit here.
- Come.


Dad... the first one...
- Oh okay...

No, no...

Dad listen! This is great, but...

sing that one...
Kishor Da's... your favourite.




What's this Dad?

Hey Kids' Channel!
What's going on?

A little birdie has
already told us...


Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, soooo much!

For making us grandparents!

Mom, actually...


I've been there too!

So what if you didn't say it.
We know it!


Why don't you want this child?

Listen... Mavshi...

We want a baby...

But not by accident.

I mean... We want
a planned child.

We always plan everything.

So... We aren't ready yet.

And at this stage, we can't

spare time from work.
- Yes.

Work goes on anyway...

As for sparing time...

both of you have
your parents to help you.

There is Suhas too.
She's still fit enough.


Grandparents are blessings.

Later -
- Mavshi! Later, we'll see...

But right now our space,
our comfort...

is what we can't sacrifice.

I mean we're really
not ready Mavshi.

She has a very bright future.

And I have some
financial goals too.

These things will still happen.

You shouldn't delay the baby.

Finally, it's your call.

Gauri... These are the tablets.

I'll prescribe another one too.

These will be...

one in the morning...

and one at bedtime.

Three days.

You'll be free.


before you go for it...
let your parents know.

Yes Mavshi...
Of course.

I think Mom and Dad
will understand.

They'll see our point.

Dad will.

Mom will be a little...

But we'll explain.

Luckily enough we
have to deal only

with my parents as of now.
- Yeah.

Where is Mom?
- In the room.

They're here!

They don't know, do they?
- Not at all!

That's Mom for you!
- Gauri!


These two have decided
to 'Delete me for all'!

Trust them to sit atop Sinhagad
fort and take such drastic decisions!

But my decision is final too.
I will be born.

I have the grit of a Mumbaikar!

Just watch!

Penny for your thought!

Want to know?

You won't laugh?


Can't help it!
That's the way I am.

Okay, I won't laugh.

It's Sungchi.

- Yeah!

Man, oh man!

Can't believe this!

You're thinking of Sungchi?!

You still remember?
- Of course!

You had spoken so
tenderly about her.



She must have a few
kids by now, right?

With weird eyebrows...

This is where you had
read out your poem...


Come here baby...


Ajji, how are you?

Great! How about you?
- I'm fine.


Please get me a
glass of cold water.



The heat is unbearable.

Pune is getting
just as bad as Mumbai.

- It's a furnace.

Put some water in it please.
- Yes.


What's all this!

What a mess!

Don't you ever
tidy up the place?

They've warned me not
to touch anything.

Why bother then.
- Oh...

Get me the water...

These are Moong Laddoos.

Give one to Gauri every day.
- Yes.

Got it?
- Yes.

Another thing...

I'm keeping this book in Gauri's room.
- Yes.

Tell her I've kept it for her.
- Yes.

You are turning into
a true Punekar.

- Hey...

Every Punekar has a burning
pride for their history!

You're getting there.
- Not pride.

This is pride.
- No!

It is!
- It isn't! I like it here.

And we have wonderful
memories here!

You can hear the
inner voice here.

This is where I'd
said that to you.

You called me a liar!

Gautam listen...

See, we don't want a baby.

We're sure.

But our parents are
already thinking ahead.

We must tell them soon.


Ajji hi!

What? You've reached?

She's back?
- We're together.

Right away... We'll be there!

Grandma's back!

How come she came earlier?
- She was expected, but I thought...

Luckily the call got through.
- Yeah...

- Huh?

Don't tell them we
were on Sinhgad.

Why? You think
I'd worry about that?

I had brought you here
before the wedding!

Are you mad?

Just keep shut.

Okay, I'll keep shut.

But I should know why.



What is it?
- Was about to fall.

I did nothing!

You're walking too fast.

I agree...

You are young folks with
an independant thinking.

But does that mean you
don't talk to us?

Have we become strangers to you?

Aai... I haven't
taken the pill yet.


You were about to though.


It's not how you think it is.


It's not that we
don't want a baby.

We don't want itnow, because...

we're not ready yet.

In a couple of years we
will go for it. Definitely.

I mean...

Mavshi, we did speak
about this...

Yes... yes.

Actually Suhas called me,
so I came over.

But about late pregnancy...

it's effects... and chances...

I did tell you about all that.

I hope you're not
worried about us!

We're fit enough to babysit.
- Of course!

And it's the first time. So
we'll manage everything.

Where's the problem?
- No Mom...

It's not about who will manage.

She's just saying
it's tradition.

Yes, but that is not the point.

Whether it's
her parents or mine...

Or how many people can help
once the baby arrives...

is not the question.

We know you all are with us.

Point is Dad,

we aren't financially
settled yet.

About career...
- Yes!

Our careers too.

Mine and hers too.

She too has great prospects.
- But...

So... we felt we would...

achieve our individual
financial targets...

What nonsense, financial targets!

You think the baby will demand
money the minute it's born?

The first few years babies
hardly need anything.

Lots of love and a
little food, that's it.

It'll be very happy.

Babies demand nothing.

But give you a whole lot.

And here you are,
refusing just that!

What a generation this is!

I don't like this at all.
Take it from me.

Yes... That's okay...

What? How is it okay?

After all it's their decision...

They have to see it through.
- Really!

How can you say that?

It's about our children..
And then their children.

Do we have no say
in their lives?

I suggest we think about
this with a cool head.

Why don't you see if there's
ice cream in the fridge?

Is this the time for ice cream?
- Mother...

Let's calm down a bit.

Please... would you
check in the fridge?


Need help?


I'll take this. Would you
please bring this?





Hi... Good morning.
- Hi...

Hey... all okay?
- Totally!

Hi! Beer?


What's up?
No beer... All okay?


Is it the side effects
of the pills?

Haven't taken them yet.

Last two days, I've
been thinking.

I did the same thing
before the wedding.

Kept everybody on tenterhooks
with my indecision.

I don't want that again.

We take our family for granted.

Even this time we thought
they would protest.

But they accepted our decision.

They were all so happy...

And we were convincing them

we would think about
it after 3 years!

Gauri we were not
convincing them.

We were actually going to do so.

As of now, we aren't ready.

Who knows about the future!

What if I don't conceive then?

We've crossed 30!

Are we going to
stay young forever?

Gauri, we are not ready.

Are you getting it?

I don't know about you, but...

subconsciously I have already

begun to accept this baby.

The other day when I
was about to fall...

you know the first
thing that happened?

My hand went to my tummy.

I thought of protecting
the baby before me!

Where did this
feeling come from?



abortion means...

in a way we are killing someone.

I don't think we should do that.

What do you think?

I think we're going in circles.

I've told you we're not ready.

Now I'm not sure about you...

You're confused...
But I'm not ready.

What more can I say!

Do as you please.

You are my favourite!

- Good morning!

Here he is!

His Highness is here.

Get the sweets.

- Thank you.

What about?

Congratulations Gautam!

You made the right decision.

Gauri called us early
in the morning.

- It really felt good.

I knew you'd change your mind.


We spoke at length last night...

You guys are so amazing.

Always there for us.

And Ajji...

We would have a baby some day...

Doesn't matter,
now or later... Right?

I'll get it.

Hello? Shubhu?

The kids have agreed.

You went there?

We're at Gautam's.
Hop across.

Yes, come over.

It was Shubhu.

One minute...
- What?

I want to clarify
something right now...

What now?
- We're taking this chance...

But it's the only one! Ajji...

Don't talk us into
getting a sibling...

that they'll grow up
together... huh?

Mom -
- We'll see about that later.

Dad, wait!

Our decision is made.

Mom, calm him down, please!



I need tea!

Go ahead.

Hey Sangeeta,
please give me tea.

Sangeeta... Check the machine first.
- Yes Tai.

We never spoke...

But we did say...
that we're a team.

We play the innings together.

I didn't tell you
last night Gauri...

But if I don't now,
it'll be too late.


I'm very happy you
took this decision.

I'm very happy.

But Gauri it's not going
to be easy for you...

You have to make a lot
more sacrifices than me.

Not just for nine months.

It's a long process. Lifelong...

We lived for ourselves
all these years.

Suddenly we have to
start living for somebody else.


Come on in...

It's tough for me,
but tougher for you.

A lot will change...
Your whole life.

I'll always be there of course.

But truth remains that
I'm not mentally prepared.

But I'm there.

You've thought this
through, right?

Don't scare me...


Gautam,... Gauri...

Shubhu Mavshi wants to talk to you.
- Coming.


You are all very happy...

But Gauri's latest
reports are here.

Let's talk about those... and...

you could ask me if
you have queries.

Shubhu Mavshi, is
there a problem?

Well... I have Gauri's
ultra sound reports.

Just a minute...

It's only five minutes back that

I've geared up for this.

Mavshi, if there's a
complication, tell us now.

I'm sure it's not too late.

All we can do now...

is to face what
we have before us.

A second baby has been detected.

We have twins!

What are you saying!

Hey, come on... this is
where you enter the show!

What news!

Thank you, thank you so much!

My sweetheart! You're
going to have twins!

What's that saying?

When God gives...

it bursts in through the roof!

♫ When God showers his graces ♫

♪ It bursts in through the roof ♫

♪ It's nothing to
do with your will. ♫

♪ All we must do is take it all ♫

♪ with welcoming hands. ♫

♪ Tell me... ♫

♪ What is happiness after all... ♫

Being a father doesn't start
when the child is born.

It starts when the
mother is pregnant.

- Gautam...

Calm down.

I am calm! Why?

Pregnancy - 1st trimester.


First time?

It's their first time too!

Same here.

Yes Aai?
What's up?

Called just like that.

I'm making laddoos.

- Yes!

What's the hurry?

Hey, I want them!

Hello, Aai?
Which laddoos?


Gauri loves them.


Make them a little soft. Or
they stick in the teeth.

Yes, okay...

Send it by taxi courier.
- I will.

Listen, we are at the clinic.

I'll call you later.
- Oh, is it?

Yeah, I will.


Gauri, have some water.

No, thanks.

It says here you must,
before the sonography.

Forget that. Read this.

Wake up at 7 every day?
- That's for you.

Think you can do it?

Gautam... This is
how it's going to be...

Yeah... looks like.

You think we can manage?

I'd warned you.

Remember what you said?

Abortion means killing someone.

And here we have two of them!



Will my tummy become
very huge because it's twins?

Will I be able to walk?

And sit comfortably?

Say something!

What can I say?

I mean...

Does your tummy bother you

when you walk or sit?

Are you even really worried?

It's a genuine doubt!
- And I don't have a paunch!

- Look.

Hey, this is good!

Even I can do that
when my tummy grows.

What are you doing!

Did you fall on your
head as a kid?!!

Gauri Pradhan!
- Yes.

Come with me!


Stop running from now on.


You have twins?

Not yet. I'm going to.

It's better. Two at one go.

Your BP is low.

You got a car?
- Oh yes!

Good. Stop commuting by rickshaw.

What's your diet like?
- My brain for one.

Quit hitting.

And stop biting your nails.

Avoid mango and papaya.

Just a minute!
Papaya is fine but

you get mangoes only
once in a year...

Do babies keep coming
all year round?

You're going to be a mother.

It's not good for the baby.

Tai, Can I eat mangoes?

Eat what you want!

Your job is done.
- Thank you.

Don't eat pizza and stuff!

Your report shows
low haemoglobin.

Do you eat bitter gourd?
- Eeks!

What eeks?

Eat bitter gourd... and carrots.


Let's check your weight.
Take off your shoes.

You're wearing heels?!!

Won't do.

Wear flat ones.

How much?

Just a minute.
- Seventy.

Sixty one.

What other habits?



Not that. On your
back or the side?

Oh. On my stomach.

Stop doing that.


Stop sleeping on your stomach.

See, your tummy will grow now...

How can you sleep on it?
- Right.

How do you manage?

Any restrictions on
fighting with the husband?

She should avoid
fighting altogether.

She could fight with
anybody. Once when...

Keep your mind calm and happy.

Keep this file. The medicines
are written in there.

Don't forget to take
them regularly.

One more thing.

Don't keep the seat
belt too tight.

That's all?
- That's all.

Tai... I'd like to

discuss this subject
with you sometime.

Sign here.


Don't fasten the
seat belt too tight!


Ummm... No.
- Then?

Slow! Climb down slowly!

You still find it funny, huh?
- Yeah.

Damn... I feel as
if my life is over!

No mangoes?!! Come on!

I'd told you.

You wanted it.

You mean you don't?
- I didn't say that.

Yes you did!

One minute! Let's clear
exactly what you want to say.

What's there to clear?
One minute!

I've already told you.

I'm nervous, I'm scared.
And as of now, I'm not ready.


Tell me honestly Gauri...

You sure you can do this?

What? Childbirth?

No! Eating bitter gourd and
carrots next nine months!

Can you do it?

Look at you!

Thank you!

Hey, how can you peek
into somebody's cards like that!

Hey, don't look!
- I didn't!

How dare you.

I didn't.
- She did.

This is not chess! Be quick.

He has two jokers?
- Yeah.


How did you know?

Don't see my cards.
- Play your card fast.

Gautam, better learn
to be prompt now.

You'll have to do
everything doubly fast.


I can't believe
we're having twins.

Peshwe the rulers!

Single act, double impact!

Your Highness,

this double responsibility
is going to single you out.

Mom, is it true about
synpathetic pain in twins?

What do you mean?
- It is, isn't it?

You'll have to get up twice
in the middle of lunch.

- It's Ajji's theory.

When the mother starts
having her meals,

the kid invariably
wants to crap!


Ask Ajji.
- It's true.

All babies do that.

They're biologically connected
for 9 months you know...

If I ask for a simple
glass of water,

she doesn't oblige.

You've had it now.

Mom please tell him

not to blurt out
before random people.

He was teling the watchman!

"You know what's coming
up in our family..."


Gautam, you are not
supposed to tell so soon. - Why?

Not until the ritual
of 'Chor Otee'.

Chor Otee? What's that?

It's a discreet blessing
to the expectant mother.

It's done in the third month.

To keep it discreet, it's
performed after dark.

The baby's organs start forming
by the third month.

Eyes, nose, ears... hands, legs...

The foetus starts taking shape.

The baby stabilizes in the womb.

That's why the news should
be kept undisclosed

until 3 months are over.

After the Chor Otee, we
are free to announce.

Aw jeez! It'll be one member
less in the group now...

Delivery is in Mumbai or Pune?

Please select impressive names.

Not silly tiny ones.

get as much sleep as you can.

Once the baby comes, the
mother can't sleep well.

You were trapped in
'Wife Logic' before!

Now she's going
to be 'mother' forever!

Listen to 'Garbhsanskar'
CDs for genius babies.

Why would Pune
need 'Garbhasanskar'?

Beyond Talegaon even the
winds become virtuous!

Would be better if you read textbooks
for grades 1 to 5. More useful.

Mom and Dad are constantly
on their mobiles.

We're going to get glasses
early, thanks to them!

The display light totally
messes up our sleep.

And the news of twins has
robbed Dad of his sleep.


Sir, sir...
just a second...

Please hold on...


One minute... one minute...
Can you hear me now?

This is Gautam here.

Sir, Gautam Pradhan...
from Naad Studios.

Yes... How are you?

You had enquired...
about the studio...

Right... So I am now
doing nights too.

Oh yes... absolutely.

I was wondering if
your requirement...

is still on.

Sure... why not...
We can start tonight.

I'm available... okay.

Thank you... Sir...
about the advance...

Sure, you could keep
it at the reception.

Of course...
Thank you sir, thank you.

Hi Viraj, this is
Gautam Pradhan. I had called

for booking the studio.
Call when you're free. Bye.

- Hi...

Let's go?
- Where to?


Oh... Oh! Slipped my mind!

You're tired.

I walked.
- Why?

Exercise.... Shubhu Mavshi
said I must.

I'll book a cab.

I had.

The driver cancelled.

This can only happen in Pune.

Should we take the scooter?

It'll be easier in the traffic.
- Okay.

I'll get my bag.

What?!! On the scooter? So risky!

Bumpy roads, potholes!

Like Mumbaikars, we speak
in English every now and then!

Oh, sorry!

Mom and Dad have already shown us
how tough the road ahead will be!

Isn't this from the
musical Matsyagandha?


As far as I remember...

Ashalata Wabgaokar has sung it...

Aai, I got an idea!

Why don't I get the harmonium...

- Huh?


How do you explain this?

Total lack of responsibility,
or discipline?

Scooter is risky
in this condition.

Is that so difficult
to understand?

What's going on?

It's nothing.
- Nothing?!!

We went for a sonography...

On the scooter.

The baby's position shifted...

and the sonogram was not clear.

Are you insane Gautam?

It's not enough to
say you're a father!

You have to behave like one!

Nothing doing Gauri.

Come to stay here.

I'll take you for
doctor's visits.


If you can't handle
this, tell us already!

If I say I can't, then what?
- Gautam!!!

Hey... okay... You
know what I think...

I'm free. I can accompany her...
What say Gauri?

- That's it.

Shouldn't he understand
his responsibility? - Oh yes!

Shouldn't he care for his kids?
- Of course!

Is he a kid anymore?
- Not at all!


That's why I didn't want it now.

Look, I'm doing the best I can.

Okay listen...

I'm feeling hungry...

Let's eat first...

We can continue
the debate later.

I'm not hungry.

- Gautam!

Aai... Aai...
- I'll be back...

Wait... Where are you going?

Please... See about dinner...?

We must eat... no?

I know...

I'm going to be a careless...

and terrible father.

Don't laugh! It's true.

I wanted...

to be a father when I could
give my child everything.

I wanted a baby only after

I could afford all that.

Just like you!

You gave me everything
I ever asked for.

I gave you each and
everthing you ever wanted?

Pretty much so.

No... I made you think I did.

Let me tell you something...

since we're talking
about this...

At times I have...

lied to you.

Of course...

Of course because of
the circumstances.

You know what I did?

I just made sure
you would stay in love with

your old possessions,
until the new one arrived.

That's all I did.

I remember...

you once said...

'I want a season ball."

I said, " Okay, don't worry!"

Then I played 10 overs with you
with your old ball.

And I let you win.

You were thrilled.

You forgot the season ball.

How's that?

And yes...

I just remembered...

Don't know who filled
you with the idea....

You threw a tantrum
for an ink pen.

An expensive one at that.

Know what I did?

I helped you write your
essay with your old pen.

The next morning you
showed it in school.

Your essay won the first prize.

Do you know

what that did?

I forgot about the ink pen...?

Absolutely right.

Am I capable of all this?

Of course!

Why wouldn't you be?

You'll be great.

In your own words...

you will be

' a good father'.

You're already getting there.

You're already giving up
your good night's sleep

for night recordings!

Isn't it?

Sacrificing the afternoon
nap is one thing.

But His Highness giving up
a good night's sleep is...

a great feat.

♪ The sight of you... ♪

♪ fills up my mind ♪

♪ with the smiling moonlight ♪

♪ Love blossoms like... ♪

♪ a dimple beautifying the face... ♪

♪ I need you by my side... ♪

♪ ...through life... ♪

♪ Love blossoms like... ♪

♪ a dimple beautifying the face... ♪

♪ I need you by my side.... ♪

♪ through life... ♪

♪ Bringing in a handful... ♪

♪ of new joy... ♪

♪ the first rain... ♪

♪ The new showers... ♪

♪ feel close and familiar... ♪

♪ your touch... ♪

♪ Blushing and blooming ♪

♪ and celebrating, with you ♪

♪ are the changing hues of the seasons... ♪

♪ Love blossoms like... ♪

♪ a dimple beautifying the face... ♪

♪ I need you by my side.... ♪

♪ through life... ♪

♪ Love blossoms like... ♪

♪ a dimple beautifying the face... ♪

♪ I need you by my side.... ♪

♪ through life... ♪

- Yes.

Somebody's vomiting.
- Yes.

Who could it be?

Why would neighbours come
to our home to vomit?

Obviously it's Gauri.

Let's check.
- What for?

Haven't we assigned
the job to Gautam?

He??? He's just like you!

Must be fast asleep.

Oh come on! The sound
is sure to wake him up.

I'll go.
- Okay.



Don't laugh at me like -

He's been working nights...


Poor thing...

Oh, so it was you
throwing up last night!

Gautam listen...

It's good to purge
once every few months.

Clears the system.
- Ajji!

And you're free to eat
whatever you want.

Mom I want tea.

You had acidity last night.

Better have this.
- Yes!

- What do you want?

I don't want this.
- How about tamarind?

Citrus fruits... what do you want?

Dad, I'm not pregnant!

Have this.
- Cravings...

How come you have no cravings?

A friend of mine...

loved the scent
of the wet earth.

She would eat soil!

Biting the dust is
what she does too!


Hey! What was that song?

About the cravings for beedi?

Come on! Such a popular song...
- Yes!

- Huh?

- You join us.

Why don't you join too?
- Sing with us.

Laxmi, get tea for everybody.

Gauri, sing.
- No...

Hey Shekhar!

Please stop!
- Why???

Why? We can't
find the right note!

Because of me???
- Yes!

Ladies please...

Take a pause...
- Why?

Why are you singing known songs?

Let's create something original.

Our own song!
- What do you mean?

Start with a single line...

Think of a line...

What say?

Hey Dumbo!

You supposedly make jingles?


You do, don't you?

- Then sing a few words!

- Gautamrao!

Please sing.

Sing Gautamrao...

Jiju, jiju, come on.

Why not!

Why not.

Something like...

You become Mom, I become Dad...

As a little someone comes along.


How does it come to you?
- Wow Jiju!

You become Mom, I become Dad...

As a little someone comes along.

You become Grandma,

I become Grandpa

as a little someone
comes along. - Cool!

Okay! Now let's go ahead...


Hey... don't!

May I?

Of course!

A new sound

of tiny little feet


A sprouting seed


A sprouting seed flourishes

as a little someone comes along...

There you go!

You become Mom...

I become Dad...

as a little someone comes along...

This is good!

Now hear this.

♪ You become Grandma ♪

♪ I become Grandpa ♪

♪ as a little someone comes along. ♪

♪ A new sound ♪

♪ of tiny little feet ♪

♪ A sprouting seed ♪

♪ flourishes ♪

♪ As a little someone comes along. ♫

♪ In celebration of mother's love ♪

♪ Let's sway in pure joy ♪

♪ Flowers and garlands ♪

♪ fills the home ♪

♪ with cheer ♪

♪ as a little someone comes along. ♪

♪ Stories of Mrs. Sparrow... ♪

♪ and Mr. Crow... ♪

♪ the moon and... ♪

♪ dark scary nights... ♪

♪ I'm the Great Grandma... ♪

♪ who loses herself in ♪

♪ doting over... ♪

♪ the sweet baby... ♪

♪ as a little someone comes along. ♪

♪ We'll play cute little games... ♪

♪ Purified water for you, ♪
♪ while we have beer... ♪

♪ We'll play house with ♪
♪ little pots and pans... ♪

♪ and drink tea from ♪
♪ teeny weeny cups... ♪

♪ We'll draw hills and ♪
♪ valleys on the walls... ♪

♪ flowers and fairies that fly so high... ♪


♪ The mother's face glows... ♪

♪ as the lap of motherhood ♪
♪ is filled with bliss. ♪

♪ As a little someone comes along. ♪

Hey bro... are you crazy?

How can she come for
the drum practice?

She's going to her mother's!

Listen... From tomorrow,

let's meet at my place
after practice.

My home is now available 24 hours.

Wow! Nice.
- I'll call you back.

Planning parties
behind my back, huh?

No, no...
- You look so glad I'm going.

It's not that...
- You've already put my bag

in the door Gautam!
- Oh come on!

I'm asking you not to go.

Sit here.

Yeah, sit...

Don't go!

It's a custom.

Aai has been waiting so long.

She's registered me at
ShubhuMavshi's clinic in Mumbai.

Do you want to go?
- Nope.

Then don't go.

Hey Mumbai...
- Yeah?

I'll be bored without you.


I know you'll watch
horror movies everyday.

And drink beer everyday.

And since I'm not there
you don't need to throw it away.

I'm not doing
anything of the sort.

Don't leave me al - Hey, hey!

Please! Don't weep
because you miss me.

And don't call.
- Why?

Don't drink beer without me!

Won't agree with you!


Stop it!


Let's go, we're running late.

No... No... Please stop.

Let's go.

What are you doing Gauri?

Oh come on...
- Hold it...

Admit you don't want to go.

Why're you playing
with the door!

You don't want to go Gauri...
- Hang on a minute...

One minute.
- What are you doing?


Gauri what are you doing?
- Nothing.

This - This is cheating!

I can do it too.
I'll open the door and -



I won't be around for a few weeks.
- So?

So you'll open the door everyday.
- Yeah...

You'll score more...

A lot.

Haven't we decided
I'll never lose in this game?

You'll always win.

We've decided.

I love you Mumbai.

I love you Pune.

Gautamrao, How was the journey?

Not much traffic.
But we took it easy.

This is a lot.
Can't eat so much.

I made it especially
for Gautamrao.

You remember, right?
- Perfectly.

- Nothing.

Gautamrao this and
Gautamrao that...

Been hearing this all my life!

You were to visit once,
before our wedding...

Aai called me home early

asked me to makekheer for you

and you never showed up!

I remember clearly.

What's for dessert tonight?

There's mango pulp,
your favourite.


Gautamrao, top notch!

Yess!!! Top notch!

Excuse me... Gautam
won't have mango.

- He's not allowed.


No, no!
- What then?

Didn't the nurse say
mango is not allowed...

We are pregnant.

I can't, so you won't.

Hey, that's not fair.

Gauri... let him be.

I won't eat mango.
- Baba, I love you.

See? Baba is sacrificing
mango for me!

Aai, I won't either.

Hey, go ahead, eat.

- Please have.

If I have to give up mangoes...

I'd rather do it
for my daughter!

Well said Gautamrao.

The father - daughter
bond is magical.

Gautam... suppose
we have two boys?

Hmm... Good question.

I won't have to give up mangoes.

Smart answer!

Don't even think of
giving up mangoes.

Maya, please get
some mango pulp. - Yes.

What's that?

No, no... I was putting
it back properly..

But what for?

I mean -
- Are you sleeping here?

Would you please come here?

What is it Sunanda?
- I'l keep it properly.

Sleep comfortably
in the bedroom.

I don't mind it here at all.

Please tell him.
- It'll be comfortable in the room.

This is absolutely fine.

What's going on?

He insists on sleeping here!

We're asking him to
sleep in the bedroom.

Rashmi can sleep in our room.

Aai, Baba, listen What's wrong?

I need to leave early
for a recording.

So I thought I'd sleep here.

So you'll just get up and leave?

Did I say that?

You'll leave without telling me?

I don't want to get killed.


Baba... I meant...

Aai, he's not
always like that...

Yeah! I mean...

Is that the way to speak?
- It was on impulse...

She might come in.

I'll miss you.

Call at least once everyday.


I'll call every hour.
- You mean that?


What're you doing?

You know what...
- Huh?

Now I know...

how hard it must be to hug me.

I'll see you when I see you.

Thank you! Must go to
the bank after this.

- Is Gauri up?

I'll check.
- Good morning.

Hey, good morning.

Good, you've had your bath.

I can start the washing machine.

Aai, you haven't changed.

I feel like I've gone
back three years.

What do you mean?
- We have to take an early bath

so that you can run
the washing machine!

Of course!

Back home, Gautam and I

bathe once every two days.

- Just kidding.

Aai, what should I do?


Find something to do.

What a question!

Bathe once in two days?

Really... Gautam sometimes just

uses body spray and
leaves for work.

So boring...

- Yes?

Please tell me what to do...

Why're you laughing?

Reminded me of your childhood.

When school holidays
would begin...

you would enjoy
the first few days.

After that you would
start pestering me.

"Aai, what should I do?"

I would be stumped.


Nothing... You have to engage
yourself in something.

That's what I've been doing.

How long? It's
only been half an hour.


I'm already bored.


Why don't you learn
a few recipes from me?


When else?

- Hmm...

What's this?

You can't make anything
except tea and noodles.

You're going to be a mother.

Are you going to
feed the kids pizza?

This is the right time to
learn what you've missed.

Once the baby comes along -
- okay, okay, tell me what to do.

Cut the bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd...

What's so funny?
- Aai, one minute...

Help me. Please record my video.

Video? About?
- Me and the bitter gourd.

Are you crazy?

I thought it was only Rashmi.

I don't know how to...

Aai... Aren't I learning
what I missed out on?

You should too.
- But...

- Hold it firmly.

The bitter gourd and I
should both be seen.

- Turn the red button on.

I have.
- You've already started!

Hold it higher... Straight.

- Hi...

Aai, that was for Gautam...
- Oh yes...

Finally I'll be
eating bitter gourd.

I miss you crybaby!

Don't call him that!

Aai, please hold it high!

I really miss that nurse.

Aai talks just like her.

I miss you a lot too.
I love you, I miss you..

Meet me...

So, what's up?

Oh, sir...

Should we start?
- Absolutely!

So? What about boyfriends?

Are you mad?


You don't want to marry?

I don't want to marry.

Marriage, responsibilities
and then this???

Not my cup of tea.

Why would I waste so
many years of career?

You're funny.

I'd like to talk to you
about this. Hang on.

Hi, tell me.
- There's good news.

Again?!! Congratulations.

Silly! Not that.

All the pregnancy gowns

and one piece dresses
you had designed

are sold out!
- Really?!!

We're getting 5 odd
enquiries everday.

Hey Gauri... please
design some more.

There's tremendous demand.

Of course, only if you're free.

You bet I'm free! Let's start.

Take addresses from those
interested, get the fabric

and send me the boxes.

And remember.

Don't take worn out
saarees, okay?

Yes, no problem.
- Bye then.

Let's go home.
- But... wait! Easy...

I'll tell Aai!
- I'll tell you everything!

Don't run!
- Hurry up...

Just one more page...
- Nothing doing. Get up!

But I'll tidy up later.
- No I'll do it.

Aai, aai!
- What happened?

Sit here first.
- Listen...

Calm down... what is it?

I got new work!
- Great!

- Radhika had called.

I'd told you about my concept...

Recycle your emotions?
- Yes...

About pregnancy gowns...
- Yes yes...

It's got lots of likes
on social media.

- Fantastic demand.

About 7 to 8 enquiries everyday!
- Wonderful!

I'm starting work from tomorrow.


So Aai, I won't
pester you anymore.

Never mind sweetheart.
- Congratulations!

Oh I remembered!

This is fantastic, but...

I have my singing
class tomorrow.

I had promised my friends
I'd bring you along.

You'll meet them, won't you?

No way, I'm not going.

You don't have to sing, just -
- That's out of the question...

You give it a miss too.

- Devotional songs, come on!

Learn a foreign language instead.
- Right!

Or go with her for Zumba.

Sorry, no!

I'm not going!

You're not old enough
for devotional songs.

She has been singing God's praises
since college days.


She was Dev Anand's fan.
Because Dev means God.

- Hi!

Finally, we can talk.

You know what!
Radhika had called...



Were you sleeping?


You're half asleep.

Go back to sleep.
We'll talk later.

I'll call you back.

Don't forget.
- Bye...

Mom misses Dad a lot.

So sweet...

Don't worry. In a few
months she'll know

it's more depressing
when the maid

doesn't show up for work.

This is Gauri?
- Yes.

Your face is glowing.

When the mother's face
glows like this...

it's a girl...


The shape of the belly also
indicates it's a girl.

Is it true Aai?

My daughter Mini

worked till her full term.

The pain started suddenly...

and within minutes she was free.

Free to start working again!

Pregnancy has not affected
your sense of humour.

Must keep myself happy...
- Hello!

I've decided not to be angry.

The baby is also happy then.
- Okay, I'l tell her.

The boxes sent by your
friend from Pune are here.

They're here? Yay!

Why didn't you
pick up the phone?

Gautamrao called twice.

He did?
- Yes. He called home then.

There are 4 missed calls!

Got drowned out in the singing!

I had kept it on silent mode.
Told you I'd stay back.

Let's hurry home now. Bye...

Girl for sure...
- See you then...

Easy Gauri...

My boxes...

Slow down a bit...

Only one?
- Take a look inside.

- Aai, please give me water.

May I have some tea?
- Of course!

Thank you...


Thank you Dad!
Thank you so much.

I miss all this so much!

You do? We miss you too.

Hope Grandpa is missed?

They're kicking away inside...


The house seems so
silent without you.

And Gautam has married
someone else.

- Dad!

He's married to his studio now.

He's always at the studio!

Haven't met him in 2 days.
- Exactly.

He's not picking up
my calls either.

Replying to messages
after 2 days.

He'll call today. I'll
give him an earful.

I'm going to tell tell him, " Gautam,...

Gauri and the babies
don't miss you at all."

Not at all.

That's like it.

Once you are back...

the 6 of us will
team up against him.

What say?
- Right.

Okay... Take care.
- Yeah...

Don't bend forward.

That doesn't seem a
viable option anyway.

Bye Dad... Goodnight.
- Bye...

You're home...


You didn't sleep?

I was...


There was lots of work.

Did you call Gauri?

She called twice.

You're busy...

so you don't realize
how the day passes.

But she feels lonely and
waits for your call...

I'll call her tomorrow.

Don't forget.

I won't.

- Goodnight.

Cucumber, celery, carrot...

- Hmm...

Baba... It's Gautam.
Will take a while.

No problem... I'll go
have coconut water.


Gauri... Where is my...

mobile charging cable...
the spare one...

In a blue pouch on the
right side in my cupboard.

Your cupboard, right side... blue pouch...
- Right.

Gauri, I love you.

You're awesome.
Okay listen...

I'll hang up now...
the battery is low.

I'l call you back. I must
first find the cable.

Hey, Gauri...

Found it... Will call back. Bye.


Mom feels the world is passing her by...

But then she decided to
busy herself in her work.

And to go to Pune one
day to surprise Baba.

No way. You're not going
to Pune in this state.

I'll be back soon.

Aai!...Won't stress myself out at all.

Do one thing.

Talk to Gautamrao. If he agrees -
- No! It's a surprise.

Don't tell him.

I'll go and see his reaction.
- Huh?

You said you won't
stress yourself!

Visiting the exhibition...
then meeting him...

Aren't you going
to say something?

What if I accompany her?


Aai, can I go?

Do as you please!
I'm going to bed.

Shut the door before
you come to bed.

I'm not happy about this at all.


Are you done? Can I watch TV?
- Yes.

I'll go pack.
- Go, go!


- Yes Baba?

The taxi is here.


I'll get that.


Baba... Thanks.

Nonsense... careful... come on.

Get the water bottle.
Must leave on time.


Yes... It's all ready.

Keep this water bottle.
No food from outside.

Even water.
- Yeah.

Did you take the charger?
- Yeah...

Call once you reach.
- Yup.

I can't rely on him.
- Aai...

Don't let Gautam know.
It's a surprise.

Look after her. Strictly
no street food.

Not even me?
- Aai, aai!

I'm feeling a bit giddy.
- Oh my God!

Giddy? Give me that bag...

Sit down.

Sit down and relax.

Suddenly I felt...
- Get some water quickly!

Not from the fridge!
- The water bottle is in the bag.

Yes of course.

That's why I was
against the travel.

Stay calm.

Nobody listens to me!


Aai your talking
is stressing me out.

Of course! But do you
care why I do?

And you support her!

I'm there for her.
- Is it better? Does it pain?

I'll be on tenterhooks until
everything goes well.

- Who is it?

I had called Shubhu Mavshi.
- What for?!!

She must know!

I'm not speaking.

Shouldn't we ask her advice?

Tell her!

Gauri... speak to her.

Speak... it's on.

Hello Gauri? What's going on?

Go easy...

It's two lives in your womb...
Isn't it?

Yes Mavshi.
- Don't get excited.

Don't exert yourself, okay?


I'll be in Mumbai on Sunday.
We'll meet then.


Take care.
- Thank you Mavshi...

- Goodnight.

It's Gautamrao!
- Give it to me!

Hello Jiju!

Hey Rashmya!

What's this! You've
forgotten me.

No way!...Saw the photo of
today's breakfast?

Just now. That's why I called.

Give it to me. I want to speak.

Talk to Aai.
- Yeah.

Hello, Gautamrao...
- Yes Aai...

Gauri made breakfast today!

And it's turned out well.

You know what I'm going to do?

I'm sending Gauri to your home
more often.

Your idea of teaching
her cooking is awesome!

Would you like to
speak to her father?

Just a minute.

Hello, Gautamrao...
- Yes Baba...

When are you coming to taste
Gauri's breakfast?

Very soon.

- It's delicious.


Baba... my phone battery is low.

I'll charge it and... Baba..

What happened?
- Low battery. He'll call again.

Baba... How is breakfast?
Is it so bad?

- Jiju had called.


The battery was low.
Said he'd call again.

You mean none of you spoke?

We did.

He called when he saw the
photo of the breakfast.

All of you spoke?
- Hm.

Today it was low battery, huh?

Damn! How can I forget
to charge the phone...

What rubbish...

Now it's not getting through.

He should have charged it
if he wanted to talk to me.

- He could talk to everybody except me!

There's no communication
between us anymore!

Gauri listen...


Why is she so mad?
- You stay quiet!

Mom has started thinking negative.

Not good.

They took all precautions...

but it was positive thinking

that kept us strong.

I'm so proud of us.

What's that?

Our drums group made

a video for me.

- Yeah...

How do you carry those huge drums...
- Hmm...

You were never
interested before.

We don't have that
tradition here.

I tried once and fell
in love with it.

I'm missing it.

Just watch now...

Henceforth be careful...

Don't start immediately
after the delivery.


Don't get all serious.

I mean... I feel
worried you know.



It's not you...

But can't help feeling bad.

Gautam doesn't call...

I'm missing my Pune,
my routine...

Gautam had said...

I'll have to adapt...

give up a lot of things...

Said my life would
totally change.

Maybe he was right.

I knew it too.

With a baby...

it's inevitable Gauri.


focus on what you would gain

instead of what you
have to give up.

Is this what I gain?

Aai, Gautam had told me...

he wasn't ready.

That he couldn't handle it.

Is he avoiding me?


I know he wouldn't do that...

But I get the feeling.
And then I feel bad.

We don't get to talk.
That feels bad.

Not expecting too much, am I?

Just one phone call everyday.
But it doesn't happen.

I miss our interaction.


If this pregnancy was going to
affect our interaction

I should have reconsidered it.


Mumbai - Pune...

career... will all happen, but...

without Gautam,
life isn't fun at all.

I want him.


I'll just go downstairs.

- Yeah.

Rashmi is at the gate.

I mean she's reaching.
We'll walk a bit.

Don't go too far.


I'm okay.



We always thought we
should be so busy

that it occupies all our time.

You've reached there.

But I'm finding it
difficult to cope.

Probably because I'm
not too busy myself.

And we don't get to talk...

Know something Gautam?

You're my...

power bank!

I mean

all this...

increased weight,

itching, sleeplessness...


would have been fine

if you were around.

But you aren't.

I don't expect much.

Just one phone call everyday.

But it doesn't happen.

Then I get irritable and -

you'd said you'd
call everyday...

Probably you...

don't get the time.
You must be busy.

Of course,

Aai, Baba, Rashmya are there.

But you're not.

It's no fun.


You know I'm...

a little scared.

I mean...

what if something happens to me

before we meet?

I'm reading a book
on pregnancy...

It says...

childbirth is...

a new lease of life
for the mother.

Rashmya said, it means
it's death before that!

That made me think...

What if something happens
to me during pregnancy?


I don't...

want to die.

I want to

live a long life with
you and the babies.

In case...

something happens to
me in pregnancy...

you'd be there for our
children, won't you?

Never leave their side.

Don't make them feel ignored.

They'll be helpless.

You'll do so much, won't you?

I miss you a lot...

So thought of
sending this video.

Everyday I feel

you'll call...

and you'll say,
"Open the door."

And I will

run to the door and
see you there smiling.

And you know...

no, forget it.

You must be busy.

And tired.


Thank you Mavshi.

Tell Gauri I'll call her.
- Sure!


Gauri, open the door.
- Why?

Gauri, open the door.

One minute!

You're here!
- Gauri, don't ask silly questions.

Open the door.

You freak me out by
sending stupid videos!

Open the door.

Gautam, you're at the door?

Gauri, if I reach the
door before you do,

all the points you
had manipulated

would be a waste.

You will lose, I will win!

Wait! Firstly, you come
here without telling me,

Just you wait! I'll open the
door before you get there!

You sure? Hey, Mumbai!

I'll bet you to it.


Did Gauri see them?


go see her once.

What is it?

What do you mean?

I'll talk to you.

Go in.


What did Shubhu Mavshi mean?

"See her once."... What was that?


I'm really sorry Gauri...
Last few months...

I didn't find time
because of work.

I'm really sorry.

I know, last few months...

I neglected you.
I'm really sorry. But -

But I did tell you Gauri,

I'm not ready.

And I was not ready.


I was trying to be ready.

I was trying to
be a good father,

I was trying... to be
a good human being.

Like your father, and mine.

Always standing behind
their children.

Always giving.

Heros, to their kids.
I was trying.

Then you sent that video?

You vented out.

Fine... But...

But why was I
behaving like that...

Whom do I tell my
side of it Gauri?

Tell me, whom do I talk to?

Who else but you, Gauri.

I'll talk to you and
you must listen!

Because... we are a team.

Haven't we decided to play
the innings together?

Also, of course, that you
will always win... But -

does that mean you
always have your own way?


You decided to reject me and

came down from
Mumbai to Pune. All by yourself.

You decided to... so you refused to marry.

All by yourself.

And now...

You decided you wanted the baby.

All by yourself. Then
you convinced me.

And now that I'm ready...

Gauri, Shubhu Mavshi asks
me to 'see you once'?


I'm not ready for this Gauri.

I'm not ready for this.

If you're going to
leave me like this Mumbai...

what's the point?

Whom do I fight with Gauri?

You were telling
me in the video...

"Never neglect the children."

What are you doing?


If our love story is going
to end like this...

how can I tell
Gautam-Gauri's story to the kids?

Don't leave me Mumbai...

Don't leave me...

You talk so much.

Don't you get breathless?

And please don't give me that...

'Made in Pune'...

and the 'Charm' nonsense!

I have no energy
to hear all that.

I told Shubhu Mavshi

to freak you out.

For ignoring
me the last few days!

I didn't respond for
a few minutes...

and you brought the house down!

Dramatic character!

You mean...

this was a plot hatched
by you and Shubhu Mavshi?


Did you fall on your
head as a kid Gauri?!!

Don't you shush me!

What were you thinking?

I did this because I love you.

It's not about 'I love you'.

Are you done?

Gautam, Gauri, you're fighting?!!

You've become parents now.

Shubhu Mavshi, what was all this?

Why did you conspire with her?

Just fun... It was her idea.

She... she's insane.

I'll tackle her.

But you... you made me cry!

It's healthy.

Look who's here!
- Hi!

Hi! Congratulations!

Mom and Dad are here.

Our vision is still blurred.

But all the voices which
were so faint until now...

are closer and clearer.

Everybody's touch
feels so familiar.

We now have a greater

To bring the both of them closer...??

Because as much as they were
against giving us birth,

We were determined to
come into this world.??

♪ The sight of you... ♪

♪ fills up my mind ♪

♪ with the smiling moonlight ♪

♪ Love blossoms like... ♪

♪ a dimple beautifying the face... ♪

♪ I need you by my side... ♪

♪ ...through life... ♪

Subtitles Exclusively Arranged By:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain