Mum Is Wrong (2016) - full transcript

Anouk, a fourteen-year-old ninth grader, has to spend a week's work experience as part of her school curriculum. As she cannot get an internship at the TV channel she wanted to go to, her single mother Cyrielle, decides to enroll her at the insurance company where she works as a junior executive. Bad pick, because not only Anouk is given nothing more exciting to do than to "re-organize a storage closet" but she also discovers some nasty secrets the Serenita company keeps hidden. Nasty secrets her mother might have something to do with...

Why don't you eat?

I'm not hungry.

Why did you order so much, then?

Because I was hungry,
but not anymore.

Is it because of what I said?

Listen, Anouk...

Many TV shows have to stop running.

They don't get good ratings,
so they stop.

So they won't take a young trainee.

- Just say it, I'm stupid.
- Stop.

Nobody jumps up in excitement
when offered a 15-year-old trainee.

It's a chore for everybody.

Why didn't you say so sooner?

I learned it on Friday night.

Are you listening? Friday night.
And I knew we'd meet today.

What does it change?

I could have talked to people.
Make another plan.

Where do I go tomorrow?

- Where will I do my internship?
- I told you.

With me.

We'll show you
how deliveries work...

I don't want to.

I won't do an internship in a cellar
watching you taste wine.

How is it interesting to learn
how the wines are stored?

How is everything going?

Everything's great, thank you.

Could you take me back to Mom?

Didn't we say
I was keeping you this week?

Yes, but...

Mom will find something for me.

It'll be easier if I stay over there.


Hi, darling.

Return to sender?

Just kidding!

You were lucky,
I was set to go to the cinema.

I've called some people,
left some messages.

I don't want to scare you,
but nothing yet.

Maybe Annabelle,
but it's not a given.

- She'll call back.
- Where does she work?

She manages a travel agency.

Could be fun.

Let me know.
Goodbye, Anouk.

- Bye.
- Wait.

Go to your room,
I'd like a word with him.

If I must...

Just take your magazine and go.

What the hell?

You knew on Friday,
but you tell her on Sunday?

I was going
to take her to the wine cellar.

You think it is educational
to teach her how to sell wine?

She wouldn't have to drink it.

- I won't hand her
to your drunk of a friend. - OK.

What else?

Just to tell you again that...
You can't be relied on.

Oh, come on, both of you.
My buddy said it'd be fine.

She'd just spend a week
watching guys unload bottles.

- You like that better?
- Couldn't you tell me sooner?

Why are you always like this?

Anouk, what are you doing there?

Take it easy...
I was just getting my phone.

What do we do with the contract?

It had already been signed.

We'll make a new one.

These things happen,
it's not uncommon.

You mean unreliable fathers
are a common thing?

I'm off.
Tell your therapist I said hi.

- Fuck you, too.
- Have a good evening.

Why don't you make her
go to your job?

I was going to, but as you know,
she didn't seem thrilled about it.

Me, I listen to what she says.

Congratulations, you're a great mom.

Still here?

I don't want you there
when we talk.

- You call this "talking"?
- Well, my point precisely.

- Mom?
- What?

I'd like to be an intern
at your company.

It could be cool.

You're so cute.

At any rate,
you don't really have a choice now.

Stop taking all the cookies!

Anouk, come on.

She stinks.

Take off your cap.

Hi, Sébastien.
This is my daughter.

She'll be an intern here.

Can you give her an entry pass?

Normally, I prepare them in advance.

- So it's ready on arrival.
- We didn't know in advance.

For a permanent one,
she'd have to wait until Thursday.

Better give her a daily one.

You got that? Every day
you'll get your pass here.

- Got an ID?
- Oh...

That's a big Christmas tree.

I think it's bigger
than the previous years.

- It's because they grow.
- I don't have it.

Again? Where did you leave it?

Probably in my blue jacket.

Got some other card?

A Zumo Juice loyalty card?

They sell smoothies.
A more serious one?

- My parent-teacher book.
- Not great. Let me see...

Girls, she doesn't have an ID,

only her parent-teacher book.

- Just give her a pass.
- Of course...

- Hi, Simone.
- Hi.

- You've met my daughter?
- Oh!

She was a kid then.
She's all grown up!

Now I realize how old I am.

Could you keep her this morning?

She's doing
her 9th grade internship here.

I've a meeting right now,

so she needs to stay somewhere.

No problem.
I can also keep her for the week!

I'll set up a desk for her.

We like interns here.

Last year, we had the son of Sami,

he works with ship insurances.

You know him,
the guy who works out.

His kid is great.

After the meeting I'll go
to Human Resources and come back.

She's charming.

She could be a model.

Don't give her funny ideas.

Anouk, I'm counting on you.
Be a good girl!

How long have we known each other?

I started here
when she was 1 year old...

13 years in February.

Simone taught me when I started here,
so you're in good hands.


See you later, darling.



- Can I walk you to the elevator?
- Yes.

Be right back.

She seems boring.

No, she's just a chatterbox,
that's all.

Find me a nice department to work at.

Hold your horses!
You're not on holidays.

This is an insurance company.

I'm sure there are nicer departments.

Wasn't there a fitness room?

Are you nuts? You think
you'll work out the whole week?

the gym only opens at lunch time.

Find me something closer to you.

You'll have to ask your school.

You read it yesterday,

"Forbidden to work
with the parents".

At least get me a spot
in the same floor...

The one with the purple jacket
looks mean...



She's totally not mean.



Welcome to the world of work.

Come on, get going!

So here,

we make the life insurance contracts.

In fact, we make all the documents.

Those that need
to be read and signed.

Written in small print.

Perrine is working
on an insurance product called...

- Élysée Premium 4.
- Right.

You know life insurances?


A life insurance is a contract,

where you place money
for it to grow and give you money.

- Sorry, I'm late.
- Like every day, Fabienne.

So, this money, you can put it

in an account in euros,
just like a savings account,

you gain in interests
and you don't pay anything.

Or you can place it
in units of account,

like in the stock market.

High stocks mean high savings,

- But if they're low...
- Your granddaughter?

No, my niece.
So, tell me, why get a life insurance?

You can put money on the side,

to prepare your retirement.

Isn't her face deformed?

Yes, that's the screen's fault,
it deforms her face.

It's not hard to fix,
you just go to Settings...

It'd be great if you can fix it.

But don't break anything.

I promise.


Ah, it's almost time.

On Monday morning,

we have a "back from
the weekend" breakfast.

It's my turn today.

I brought a panettone!

Ah, that's my girl!

- You didn't put anything in the trash?
- Of course not.

Careful with the knife,
don't get hurt.

- Why do you speak like that?
- "Like that"?

You mean the accent?

Because I'm from Lot-et-Garonne,
the country of prunes.

Wasn't that Brittany?

You're kidding, I hope?

Then why does the Breton cake
always have prunes?

You like asking questions, you.

She told me he wants
Japanese knives...

Everything OK?

What is she doing?

She doesn't care
about insurances at all.

What else could I do?

But she's lovely, well-behaved,
always a smile.

She fixed our computers,

the IT guys
wouldn't have known how to do it.

Then we had breakfast
and she cleaned up afterwards.

A job well done.

Surely there are better things
for her to do than a Post-it man?

It's not a man.

It's an owl, the company's logo.
Not bad!

Did you see what they did next door?
See for yourself.

Anyway, Brigitte doesn't want her here,
you've got a seminar to prepare.

Why is she sticking her nose?
We're ready.

That's how it is.

Anouk will go to
Strategies and Statistics.

With Mathilde and Bénédicte?
Won't be a barrel of laughs.

I said the same.

I never got what they do over there.

It's a mystery.

- Let's have lunch.
- So, where do I go?

You come to my floor.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Who is this pretty lady?
- My daughter.

I'll take the turkey
with green beans.

For the girl,
I have nuggets or pizza.

No, I'll take
a sirloin steak with rice.

You're a grown-up. Careful,
she'll be knocking them down soon!

So? First impressions?

Would you like to work in insurance?


This food is awful.

It's better at school.

Who are you staring at?


Come on, who is it?

That guy?

Yannick. But he's taken.

By a girl I know,
she's in Accounting and she's ugly..

On the other hand,
I found one for you.

Probably an intern as well.

Weird hairdcut. He's ugly...

You just say that because
he's eating chicken with his hands.

You're mean. He looks so cute.

- You should go talk to him.
- No thanks.

Just saying because
today is your first day,

so we're eating together.
After that, it's over.

So you won't be alone.

You'll teach him
to eat properly.

Should we invite him over?

You're a bore...

Right. Don't follow my example,
take your time.

Cyrielle, excuse me.

Just wanted to say
I didn't like your attitude before.

I'm too old for that treatment.

- I didn't...
- I get it, you've a daughter,

so you act like a mother.
But I'm not a kid.

- Mr. Blanchard...
- Let's not start again.

Just wanted to say it was not nice.

I've said it, so there.
See you later.

Shit, I could kill him.

Were you nasty to him?

No. Anouk, better stay out of it.

You'll be very useful here...
Excuse me, let me through.

This here is our storage room.

It should be completely rearranged.

This is Mathilde.

She's busy now.
She'll tell you what to do.

By the end of the week,

I'd like you to turn that mess
into a welcoming place

where one feels good.

So I'm to speak to Mathilde?

No. Don't bother her,
she'll come for you.

I'll let her know.

So, while we wait... Yes!

I'll give you a brochure that explains
how this department works.

It's not completely up to date,

but you'll see
what it is we do,

and why you shouldn't bother her.
It's important.

I'll let you read it,
take notes if you don't understand.

Where should I work?

Ah, yes...

Problem is,
we have no free desks...

But I can give you this chair.

You could sit here...
but you'll be on the way.

In the storeroom then.

They're mother and daughter?
Who's the mother?


What did I say?

She'll come for you.

Read the brochure.

Son of a bitch!

Mr. Blanchard.

I'll be right back, Sophie.

Just 5 minutes.

My God!

- Katja!
- Yes?

There's coffee everywhere.

- What happened?
- Who was in here?

- Nobody.
- How did the mug fall, then?

No clue.

- Maybe it was the wind.
- The wind?

That can't make coffee spill.
Come see.

I bet it was Elizabeth.


Sophie, come to my office.

I'm not staying there.
I spent all day in a cubbyhole.

- You think that's normal?
- No.

And the other one who doesn't give
a damn came see me at 5.30.

She said: "Do as you think,
can't help you."

- What nonsense!
- Take it easy.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

I'm ditching those bitches tomorrow.

I'll go to Simone.
Got an owl to finish.

Right. A Post-it owl,
that's important.

You think it's better
to stay in a closet?

That's enough, Anouk. We got your point.

Anouk, your pass.
- Ah, yes.

Somebody who could
help me out with my problem.

The guys on the phone
don't give a damn about it.

You have to make an appointment.
At which department?

Loans. I want to see
someone immediately.

It doesn't work like that.

I won't budge
until I've seen someone.

I've been waiting for a year.

I'm tired
of the hold music and the letters.

I want to see someone.

Go wait outside.
Go wait outside.

My children will be homeless
because of you. You're breaking us!

Excuse me, can I help you?
I overheard.

I work with loan insurances.

- Mom, can we go play?
- Yes, go.

Nadia Choukri.
My partner, Fayssal Negadi,

had taken an insurance
when we bought the house.

- Does it ring any bells?
- I didn't take that case.

We have thousands of contracts.

He passed away last year.

An accident. We were doing
renovation work.

You say the indemnity was refused.
What was the reason given?

They say my husband
made a false declaration.

That he didn't inform
of his health problems.

But he was in great health,
and he died of an accident.

If he didn't say everything
in the contract,

then the indemnities are refused,
no appeal possible.

But I told you, he wasn't sick,
he didn't hide anything.

Do you have a lawyer?

We appealed to the legal aid,
but the person...

but it didn't help.

I don't know what to say.

You could go to court,
but it's expensive.

Or you could contact
a consumer protection association.

Do you understand we'll be homeless?

We'll be sleeping out,
in the cold.

Now it's winter, there are no evictions...

Write down your husband's name,
I'll have a look.

Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.

And you are...?

Cyrielle Le Quellec.

- Mom?
- Yes?

- Can we go?
- Yes, one second.

Coming, coming.

I'll write down my phone number.

Thank you, thank you so much.

No, listen to me.

- Do you think you can do something?
- I don't know.

- What's that form?
- What?

Where he may
not have said everything.

The health form?
Enough, give me a break.

- I'm curious!
- There's a time for that.


See you soon, Cyrielle.

Then she opened a closet
and she said:

"Take it all,
I don't want it anymore."


Things from the upcoming collection...
What's it called?

Oh yeah, prototypes.

And then?

We went out of her place,

and we had lunch
at an amazing place.

A 3-floor restaurant,
different at each floor.

I wanted to go upstairs,
great style and music...

But we went to the cellar,
by the chimney.

It was still great!

And then... Oh, yeah.

This girl, it's crazy,
she pretends to eat,

but doesn't eat at all!

She crushes the food with the fork,

and that's it, "check, please".

We went back to the office,

it was funny,
there was a girl

that works for some
Swiss cosmetics company.

She wanted to convince us
to write about it.

All the writers wanted
to test the products on me!

So I spent the afternoon
trying out blushes, gloss...

Look at all this glitter dust.

Not afraid of allergies?

Of course not,
these are tested products.

What about you
and the TV station?

I didn't feel like going.

What? Are you crazy?

The show's been cancelled,
they say there's a bad atmosphere,

I'd just serve coffee anyway.

- So where are you at?
- With mom.

- It's great.
- With the insurances?

Yeah. What we do is cool.

We help people
who had some tragedy.

We give them money
to start over with the right foot.

Ah, I see.

I swear, it's nice to feel useful.


We also do that
with our magazine.

We help them
by making them have fun.

Yeah. Well, we actually save them.


Did your father call
to know where you're at?


He's not in a hurry.


Stop jumping on the bed.


What's a loan insurance?

Let me watch this series.

Why do you always send me away?

Because I feel it will take forever.

Well, let's see.

You want to buy a house,
but you don't have the money.

So you ask the bank for a loan,

you'll have to pay interests.
- What's that?

It would be too easy if the bank

would just lend you money
without them making a profit.

So, she loans you this money,

which you'll have to give back,
plus a little bit more

as thanks for the loan.

- Not cool, the bank.
- A bank's rarely a cool thing.

To make sure that you can
pay off the loan,

because you never know
what might happen,

you must sign up for...
- Ah, yes.

"Sign up", I heard that all day long.

It's like "sign".

Or "subscribe".
You sign up for a loan insurance.

When money is lent to you,
you're a borrower.

So I can turn this back on?

I've already seen this one.

The grandma's behind all of it.

Anouk, if that's true, I swear

I'll take your phone
until school's over.

Mom, why did this guy Fayssel

take out a loan insurance and now
you refuse to give him the money?

That's what happened, right?


You have to fill
a preliminary questionnaire.

- Preliminary?
- Prior.


He had to fill a health questionnaire

where he swore
he was in good heatlh.

If at the moment
of compensation of the recipients...

The heirs, if you prefer...

If we realize that the person lied,
there's no payment.

Who's this one?

You've done it, now I'm lost.

But, mom. You saw it, she said
her husband was in good health.

Take it easy, OK?

I said I was going to look into it.

I'm sure there was
a reason for the refusal.

You can't trust people
when lots of money's at stake.

There's also the kids,
they could end up homeless!

Yes, love.

Look who's into insurances now!

Do we still have ice cream?

Take two spoons!

- Good night.
- Good night, love.

Hi, love. Working for Serenita?
How's it going?

I hope you're learning things.

Everything's interesting
with enough curiosity.

But if you've changed your mind

and you want to come to the cellar,
it's not too late.

Kisses, and good night.

Remmber to look at the stars.
-- Dad

Anouk, time to go.

Let's aim for the EGON.

- What?
- The EGON, the train at 8:13.

EKLI is at 8:27,
then there's EMIR.

Even later, ENZO,
and finally EPAR.

- Hurry up.
- I can't find my ID.

Why didn't you take this?


You need what's written here
to check the dossier.

I wrote the name in my notebook.

Did you check your pocket?

Got it.

Close the door,
I'll get the elevator.

So, I've thought about it.

You should go back
to Bénédicte and Mathilde. - What?

They gave you a task,
you have to finish it.

It's too easy if we drop
something when we don't like it.

I'm sure I'll be upset when I learn
you cleaned that closet

when it's a constant fight
to get you to clean yours.

But if you think they go too far,
you should tell them.

Politely, calmly.

Like you and this Blanchard.

- What do you mean?
- Why did you let him say that?

I did reply to him.

He's just the kind of guy
one shouldn't waste time with.

- And he's higher up in the hierarchy.
- Ah.

So he can do whatever.

One day, you'll undestand.

She's here.

Hi, Anouk. Come in, please.
We'd like a word with you.

- You want to start?
- Yes. Well, as you wish.

Please, be my guest.

Yesterday, we noticed you're often
by the guillotine...

The guillotine. That's the paper trimmer.


That's also where we placed
the Advent calendar,

like every year.

Every day, a chosen person
opens the day's little window,

and eats the little chocolate.

- We like this tradition a lot.
- A lot.

So it's frankly upsetting

when we see that many windows
have already been opened.

I understand you like chocolate,

we also do.

We agree on that.

Today is December 8,

and I get hacked off when I see
empty windows on the 9th,

12th, 14th and 17th.

- The 16th, too.
- Oh?

That's the case.

The 16th as well.
I've had it up to here.

Of course, we won't ask you
to buy a new calendar.

But, really, we could have.

From now on,
if you suddenly want chocolate,

go to the vending machine
and get a Bounty, a KitKat...

But leave that calendar alone.


- Wasn't I...?
- You were great.

You're very clear,
you speak very well.

- Thanks.
- It was....

perfect, and....


- It's good it was said.
- What?

It's good it was said,

we were a bit all over you,
but I think...

It had to come out.

- How's it going?
- I'm emptying everything, then...

You're doing it right.
That's good.

- Hi.
- Hi, Marina.

- Are you an only child?
- Yes.

I remember, you mother told me.

Your mom's very nice.

I don't know her well, but...
I like her vibe.

She's divorced, right?

No, she's separated
and they weren't married.

I see.

- She hasn't found anybody since then?
- No.

She's pretty, though.

It'll happen.

Meanwhile, you have her
all for yourself, that's nice.

OK, I'll leave you alone now.

Good luck.

- You're right, she's alone.
- I told you.

So who's the father, did you ask?

No, that'd have been too much.

I guess some random guy
got her pregnant when she was underage.

Maybe the girl doesn't even know him.


- So?
- What?

Nadia Choukri.
Did you look at her file?

Yeah, it's hopeless.


Her husband made a false statement
in the initial contract.

It wasn't even her husband
but her partner.

So now what? She'll be kicked out?

The bank will take the house,
she'll go live to a smaller place.

Don't touch that!

Surely she can find a place to live.

She'll just have to
change her lifestyle.

How so? She didn't exactly look rich.

It doesn't have to be either
homelessness or a detached home.

There's some middle ground.

- Did you call her?
- No, not yet.

I'll do it this afternoon.
Now go, I've work to do.

Make sure she has a place to go.

I believe her when she said
she'd end up homeless.

Don't be so naive.
She must have friends, family.

What if she doesn't?

- If she only has us?
- We're not responsible.

This is the first time
I see her file.

It's the bank
asking her for money, not us.

We just say
we can't help her find it.

You just don't want to.

What can I do, Ms. Know-it-all?

Don't let herself be fooled
by those two kids.

It's naive to think
it's easy to do good.

Yes, it's easier not to do anything.

Very well.

See you later.

Anouk, come have lunch with us!

Can I sit with you?

Yes, but I'm almost done.

That's fine.

- I'm Émile.
- Anouk.

9th grade intern?

Yes. You too?

Damn, I didn't take bread.

- Take mine, I don't want it.
- Thanks.

My uncle got me here.
Where are you at?

I don't even know.

I just know I've got
to clean a closet.

I'm with the mail.

I carry a cart
and distribute letters.

I can see how you're loving it.

Yeah, I'll miss the sound
of wheels on the carpet.

Look at those fools.

They look so stupid.

My mom's one of them.

She works here?


There have to be exceptions.

What's your school?

It's at Chilly-Mazarin.

The Molière, at Beaugrenelle.

Fancy neighborhood.

Aren't you a posh girl!

Living by the Eiffel Tower
doesn't mean I'm posh.

That's cliché...

- Your mother's at the top floor?
- No.

- She has a private office?
- Yes.

But that doesn't...

You know what,
think what you want, whatever.

- And your parents?
- Storekeepers.

- Got any siblings?
- No, I'm an only child.

You must be a spoiled kid.

I've two brothers.

Did you skip a grade?

- No, why?
- Just wondering. You're small.

Got a dog or a cat?


Funny, you look like
the kind to have a pet.

I had a turtle, it died.

- How was it called?
- Danette.

Danette? Like the chocolate or vanilla yoghurt?

Loved that when I was a kid.

I understand now...
Enjoy your meal, you lovebirds.

Who's that clown?

OK, gotta go now.

Not your mother...?

Answer me!

No, that wasn't my mother.
Let me go.

No, no, this is....

It makes no sense at all.

Why's everything on that side?

That way there's room
for a relaxation spot.

Where there can be
a water dispenser...

We didn't ask you
to make a break room.

Did one of us ask you
to make a break room?

No, but you didn't give me
clear instructions either.

Oh, so that's what it's about.
OK. I see.

Sorry, I thought you were
a grown up girl.

If you want to be treated
like a baby, then...

First, you'll go check other closets
to look for inspiration.

That's easy, you'll manage.

- And second?
- What, second?

After "first", there's "second".

Start by doing
what I've just asked of you...

Not a bad idea,
to put everything to the left.

You think?

I thought it was
a waste of space, but...

- Maybe...
- It's good like this.

What are you waiting for?

Excuse me.

- Can I have the code?
- Where are you at?

I'm with Bénédicte.

This is the archive.

You have to work here
to have access.

Bénédicte asked me
to check this closet.

- 43AB.
- Thanks.

The things they ask of interns...



If we could at least know why.

- Did you call Nadia Choukri?
- Not again...

I didn't have the time.

I asked Sévérine
to send her an email.

We're trying.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the train will depart.

Be careful with the doors.

Excuse me.
Do you need help?

That'd be awesome.
We're trying to get to Odéon.

It's very easy.
You're on the line, actually.

You have the choice between two stops,
Saint-Michel and Luxembourg.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome. Where are you from?


Alright, enjoy your stay.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

They're English, from Manchester.

I got that.

What's wrong? You're upset?

Javotte and Anastasie
are giving you a hard time?

I can go talk to them.

They're not the problem.

Who is it then? What is it?

It's nothing.

Look what I got from the office.

Your parents could see you!

Only my sister
can see us from here.

- You want one?
- No, they give me a headache.

Looking forward
to that party on Saturday.

- You think?
- Come on!

You're coming!


So? Is it still cool?

I'm living a dream.

I could spend my life there.

- I almost cry when the day's over.
- Oh yeah?

It was funny this morning.

I get into the elevator
and there's Lou Doillon.

- Dunno.
- It's the singer with the big mouth.

This afternoon,

Trish, an English girl,
bumped into Nikos Aliégas.

Is it Aliégas or Aliagas?
I can never remember.

Me neither.

And you?

Still good for me.

No celebrities walking around,
but the atmosphere's nice.

- Good evening, Bianca.
- Good evening, Ms. Guez.

You don't care?

Whatever. So, nice atmosphere...

They gave me a task now,

Gotta take care
of a widower and her kids.

You should see the kids,
they're so cute!

But what do you do?

To fight for them
to keep their home.

A struggle with the bank,
but I'm confident.

Serious stuff.

It's cool,
you've got responsibilities.

That's the advantage
of your mom working there.


I am calm.

Gotta go, we're having dinner.

She just arrived.

Wanna talk to grandma?

- Say hi for me.
- She says hi.

Ok, see you. Bye!

What's up?

Still talking about her neighbor.

"He leads a good life,
he's serious..."

She doesn't get I live in Paris
and he lives in Quimper.

Told her she could get you
those boots for Christmas.

Dad's gonna get me those.

Ask him for something else.

You'll get the wrong boots from him.

Give me your bowl.

"Antecedent: Preceding
in time or order,

previous or pre-existing."

Come in.


I have to go out tomorrow evening,
Anabelle's not doing well.

She wants to have a chat with me.

Could you come home by yourself?

Yes, no problem.

You know the way?

You'll pay attention
tomorrow morning.

Or we can come together
and I go out afterwards.

But her office
is right next to ours...

Don't worry, I'll come back
then go see Bianca.

You can tell her to come.

Without the dog.

I'll try to come back early.

You changed your pajamas?

Yes, I don't like
the other one anymore.


- Sleep tight.
- You too.

Oh, about the holidays
in February.

Found a nice AirBnB
at Serre Chevalier.

- I'll show you.
- No.

- What?
- Don't feel like skiing this year.

You wanted to go. I had
to make arrangements with your father.

I don't want to.

- Let me show you.
- No.

We'll have separate bedrooms
and it has a view to the tracks!

I don't like skiing anymore.

Aren't you complicated lately...

I guess it's the awkward age,
can't wait for it to end.

- Hello?
- Nadia Choukri?

- This is Cyrielle Le Quellec.
- Oh, hello!

We can arrange
a meeting this evening.

Hey, you!

After your little chat,

go see Sébastien,
he made you a permanent pass.

- Cyrielle?
- Hello?

That's good.

What exactly?

That you get your snacks
from the machine now.

How many times
should I tell you?

Before dropping the mail,
check if the box is empty.

If you drop the mail first,

the outgoing letters
go to the bottom.

No delivery.

There were no letters.
Did you see one?

The box was empty.

Yeah, OK.

But mind your language!
I'm not your buddy.

Wake up now!

Push the cart,
it won't drive itself.

Wait for me here.

Ophélie, how're you doing?

All right, thanks.

Not bad here.

- Yeah, it's all new.
- I see!

It's new, it's nice.

You've got plenty of light.

- Better than the boss's office!
- It's not bad.

- And your coworkers, they're nice?
- Yes.

That's great. See you now!

- See you next time.
- Bye.

Let's go.

Both hands on the cart!

Or it'll go off track.

Hi, Margaux.
I've a nice letter for you.

You changed your hairstyle?

You look younger!

Ah, there you go. Now it's good.

You see? Yes.

I think it's better.

come here for a second.

Move over,
you're not letting her through...


Sorry, Bénédicte,
but I think it was better before.

- Oh yeah?
- Don't worry, I mean, it's fine.

We'll put it back how it was,
if you think it was better.

Now the cupboards
are facing each other,

if you open both
at the same time...

The doors won't let you
go through.

But... the doors
don't open, they slide.

We can try something else.

Let's see how it's like
if everything's on the right.

We can try that,
it might work.

Sure, we can give it a shot.

You good there?
Look at her, on the floor.

I can't believe it...

It's a bit tricky.

- What floor?
- Mail service, floor 0.

I think it's -1.

- Yannick, where's Mail?
- Floor -1.

- Is it Wednesday today?
- Yeah.

- Couscous.

- Isn't that Thursday?
- Thursday's lasagna.

No, it was a marriage
in name only, as a favor.

I'm totally available.

Excuse me. Is Émile around?

No, he's having lunch.

- Hi.
- Hi. What will it be today?

Potatoes and roast, please.

Here you go.


Yesterday evening I saw
an English TV film, it was great.

The English make good films.

It was the story
of a single mother.

Ludivine didn't want
to go to sleep.

- The little devil!
- Yeah...

The woman has 4 children
and is too poor to take care of them.

So she decides to let the State
take care of them temporarily.

Can you do that?

- Rarely.
- No, it happens often.

But don't worry,
I think your mother's doing fine.

So the kids are placed
in a children's home.

At first they're together,
so it's fine.

But they get separated
and it becomes a nightmare.

Bullying from the other kids,

the staff doesn't care,

and then....


I'll stop there.

The story tore my heart out.

- Happily, it's just fiction.
- Not at all!

That's what I was thinking,

but at the end it said
the mother didn't get them back.

That one of them hanged himself...

The girl cuts herself...

- Well, I think I will...

Sorry, but Blanchard's pestering me,

I gotta redo some slides.

You didn't finish.
And the other kids?

You're stylish, Cyrielle.

You're not dressing up
for Blanchard?

You see that girl over there?
We attended a course 2 years ago.

She's called Constance.
She's annoying as hell.

Anouk, you want us all
to get a migraine?

What? I gotta go.

We can go home together.

Annabelle canceled...

Let me finish printing
this stupid file...

I was supposed to see Bianca.

Yes, you can see her,
just wait for me.

This must be the 5th time.

Like me with those shelves.

- You're still not done with that?
- No.

If I'd been an intern at IKEA
I'd have learned more about insurances.

You done, Cyrielle?

Ah, so it's her who's
keeping you from focusing.

You've been doing some good work.

I'm moving soon
and I haven't hired anybody...

Don't listen to him.
Here you go.

This is not right.

This is the old corporate style.

I'll go crazy, I forget each time.

OK, I'll redo it.

Sit down,
this will take a while.

Oh... And I'm out of ink.

What's wrong?

You pestered me to get unlimited SMS,
so just text her.

Mom got angry.


Do you recognize me?

I am Cyrielle Le Quellec's daughter.

Ah, yes.

Where's your mother?

It was me who contacted you
by phone.

Ah, so that's why!

That explains the voice,
it was odd.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

I was afraid
you wouldn't want to see me...

I understand.

That also explains the "kiss"
at the end of your text message.

I'm doing my 9th grade internship
at the insurance company...

What will you have?

- Coke zero for me too.
- OK.

Excuse me, do you have "Life"?

- What's that?
- A new Coke.

- No. I don't know it.
- Zero, then.

What's up with the girl?

Do you know it?

If I understand correctly,
it's not aspartame but stevia.

I haven't tried it,
maybe the taste...

I don't know either.

So... Can you tell me
why we're here?

First, I wanted to say
I was really moved by your story.

And... I want to help you.

You want to help me?

- How old are you?
- 14.

Almost and a half.

At your 14 years and a half,
you think you can help me?

Not even your mother could.

She sent you an email?

Yes. That's why when I got
your call, I thought:

"Something's changed.
Maybe there's some hope."

But there's no hope.

Your mother's nice,
but it doesn't change anything.

You want some ice cubes?

No thanks, it's cold already.
I'll pay...

You're a friend of my friend
Nadia, so you're my friend. It's free.

- Thanks, Souad.
- Wanna play pinball later?

You can play for free.

No, thanks.

Let me know
if you change your mind.

- She invited us...
- Everything's fine.

No, everything's not fine.

Did you go to the bank again?

There's no way?

It's dead.

Will you have
to send the kids to a home?

Why? I'm still around.

It seems you can
give them to the State.

I'm not giving up my kids.
They stay with me.

We'll go back to Morocco.
My sister's in Casa.

But... Don't they
have circumcision there?

No, there's no excision
in Morocco.

- What's your name?
- Oh yes, sorry. Anouk.

Anouk, I'm really moved that
you want to fix my problems...

But I don't think
you can do it. OK?

Gotta go,
pick up the kids...

I can't just leave you like that.

For me, that's like
when there's no assistance...

How was it called?

Non-provision of assistance.

OK, you wanna help?
Go ahead, help me.

How will you do it?

- Did you think about that?
- I don't know...

I could take some documents
and modify them.

Just gotta put a different stamp.

What are you saying?

That's illegal.
What would your mother say?

Did you think about that?

In which grade are you?

9th grade, right?

- You have exams to take.
- Yes.

OK, then. Go study for them.

"Put a different stamp."

- Souad?
- Yes?

- I'm going.
- Wait!

I didn't show you the pictures
of the henna!


How did your husband die?
I mean, your partner.

He was fixing the roof
and he fell down.

The eldest found him in the garden.

So his death had nothing to do
with his medical history.

He didn't have any illnesses.

- But in the file...
- Yes, I know.

The doctor saying that he was
hypertensive, and that he had hidden...

I never saw him have any problem.

I don't know when
this doctor met Fayssal.

Certainly not after I met him.


Maybe he didn't
tell you everything.

OK, then.

You know your way home?

Sorry, I can't come.

Ms. Guez ratted on me
about the cigarette.

Did you have dinner, love?

- Yes.
- Go to bed, then. It's late.

For fuck's sake...

- Go back to bed.
- You're crying.

- What's wrong, Mom?
- Nothing.

It's nothing.

Stop it, I can see
you're not OK.

I can't anymore, Anouk.

I can't, everything's upside down.

I'm tired.

I get the feeling that...

That what?

That I'll never find
somebody else.

It's not true.
Why do you say that?

I wasn't going to meet Annabelle tonight.

I was going to meet a guy...

that I found in...

a forum.

What kind of forum?

A forum...

To meet people.
An online dating service.

I was silly,
I had high expectations...

He was good-looking...

He was nice to talk to...

We had common interests.

Was it on Meetic or Attractive World?

It was...
It doesn't matter.

This afternoon,
he called it off.

Now I saw he was online
so I asked him about it.

He said he's maried.

That he enjoys seeing
he can arouse other women.

And that...

- He has nothing to give...
- He's the one who's crazy.

It's not your fault.

Why are only madmen
attracted to me?

- What's wrong with me?
- Nothing's wrong with you.

He wasn't the right one.

I'm sure that...

I'm sure it was your father's mother
who cursed me.

Always going to weird mystics...

Stop with this nonsense.

It'll come.

You're so pretty,
you have beautiful hair.

I'm so happy to have you.

Be right back.

Maybe granny's right.

Maybe we should
go live in Brittany.

I could open a crêperie.
My crêpes are good, right?

- You buy frozen ones.
- No, I mean when I do them.

When I make them,
aren't they good?

Mom, what's your nickname?

On the dating site?
I'm not telling you that.

What's your profile picture?

I'm not saying.

It's my secret garden.
I don't have to tell you everything.

That's why you didn't say
you were in charge of her file?


Why have you been saying
that you were unaware of her case?

When in reality you were in charge,
you took the decisions.

What? How much do you know?

I read the file.

Bénédicte asked me to check out
how the files are organized.

You didn't take it out now.
You already knew what it says.

- Your signature's everywhere.
- You went off limits.

- It's serious!
- That's all you have to say?

- You lied to me...
- Stop it right now.

You shouldn't have opened the file.

I didn't say I was on the case
because I didn't want to raise waves.

And that is my right,

because this file
is strictly confidential.

I took the right decision,
there was a false declaration.

The penalty is serious, yes,
but that's what you get for cheating.

It's not because
she did her crying act

that we should go easy on her.

It's disgusting.

It's disgusting. I'm disgusting,
but I'm just applying the law.

Your law is terrible, it has no heart.
Just like you.

And that's why
you will never find someone.

No heart... Wait and see...

You could knock, at least.

Now turn off the light
and go to sleep.

I'm going to the fitness room
at noon.

Bring your stuff if you want to come.

I don't feel like going.

Hello, Anouk.

Good news. It's your turn today.

You get the chocolate today.

Do it.

You have to make a wish first.

What did you think?

That they'd leave us alone?

That we would be excused?

- Nothing stops them.
- So we just have to accept it?

They got everything they wanted.

You didn't disagree.

You didn't speak
during the meeting.

Last time I did,
you rebuked me for it.

I have to do everything
but I have to keep quiet.

Everybody can hear you now.

As if it changed anything...

Get a hold of yourself.
I'm getting tired.

- All the time throwing a fit.
- It's not a fit, I'm fed up.

I don't understand.
It doesn't get to you?

How can you
not give a crap so much?

Remember that
I took holidays in September?

Just like that. Remember?

Two weeks in bed
staring at the ceiling.

I couldn't get up.

So don't say that.
It's also slowly killing me.

So why don't you do something?

- Do something!
- But I do.


Étienne, we have
to tell them to stop.

They won't listen.

Gotta learn to endure.
That's the solution.

Until when?

You know well they
ask us to do the impossible.

Even if we did it,
they'd want more.

That's why
you gotta learn to take a hit.

After a while, it stops hurting.

You could even start liking it.

Oh, Cyrielle,
what will we do with you...

We'll come back to it.
You calm down a bit.


He plays tough,
but he's not overconfident.

He's rude, because
they're rude to him on top.

He doesn't want to be
at the end of the chain.

But I won't put up with it.

You heard? I even called him
by his first name.

Always "Mr. Blanchard",
but this time...

I guess I wasn't afraid.

Well, you didn't look
super confident, either.

When I told him
the objectives were unattainable,

I never spoke to him like...

What are your objectives?

To earn more money.

To save up money for the company,
to cut costs.

Refusing N. Choukri's indemnisation.

Please, not again.

Anuok, I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding.

Excuse me...

- Could I have a cigarette?
- Sure.


I thought you stopped.

I did... I stopped buying.

So what now?


When he said:
"What will we do with you?"

Could he fire you?

No, not at all.
He has no power.

If there's a problem,
he's out first.

Stop pretending to be an adult.

It's called "observation internship".

You're too young
to do anything but observe.

Everybody here studied long
to understand how this works.

You didn't make long studies.

No, because you were born,
but I'd have liked to.

At any rate, when I got here,
I first observed,

then I climbed the steps
little by little.

You just arrived and you want
to understand everything.

It wasn't a good idea
for you to come here.

I tell you too much
and then it turns against me.

The aerobics at noon
will do me some good.

You'll be missing out.

But since you were sulking...

I had good reasons to sulk.

Gimme a kiss.

Come, come!

No! You stink.

Anouk! Come!

- Hi.
- Hi.

This is Clarisse.

- Have you met?
- No.

She told me there's
a "Mariah Carey" around here.

But she's "Maria", no "h",
and "Carré", like a square.

She's the one with...

- Watch out, Clarrise loves her.
- No.

I just said she has a nice voice.

What music do you like?

A bit of everything.

- You know Mac DeMarco?
- Stop it, nobody knows him.

He's well known,
plays at festivals.

My bro saw him at La Villette.

- Dunno him. - Good luck,
he talks about him all the time.

You don't have his t-shirt today!

Good, you changed your clothes.

he had this guy's t-shirt.

Gotta go to my undertaker.

- She's at life insurances.
- Great.

See you, UPS. Bye!

She seems very nice.

She's funny.

Did you also
contact her on Facebook?

You think I don't see it?

That I don't see how you mock me?

I go get water and my dessert's gone,
you think I don't notice?

You're not doing too good.

You're going totally crazy.

Maybe I do...
Because you're terrible!

Come on, now...

There's no love here!


Not one will help me.

Worse than school.


What was his name again?
Mac DeMarco?


Open your hand.

I just got word, what happened?

A little bruise,
nothing's broken.

I'm sorry, but I had
to give them an earful.

You've been only cleaning their stuff.

Can I take a cookie?

Be my guest.

Hold it.

It's nice here.

I never thought of coming.

A magic kiss?


When she was a kid,
I had to give her one to cure her.

Now I look crazy
when I bring it up.

OK, I gotta go.

See you later, love.


Goodbye, Anouk.


Hello. Nadia Choukri's
answering machine.

Leave a message after the beep.

Hello Nadia, it's Anouk.

I'm calling because I'd like to know

the name of the doctor
who treated Fayssal's case.

You told me you don't know him,

but I'd like to know
if you've tried calling him

or meeting him.

Please let me know,
because I feel that...

Well, I need to know.
Kisses for the three of you.

Take care.

Anouk, could you come?

Bénédicte and I like what you did.

Oh yes, it's very very good.

You were almost done.

We'll mount the other shelves,
don't worry.

What about the final report?
Do I have to write something?

No, I'm the one who...

should write something,
but you'll have something to add.

OK, good.

Give us that tomorrow, OK?

If you'd like to start your essay,

you can take Gérald's desk.

He's not here until Monday.

Could I use his computer
if I need to do some research?

No problem.


Sorry, we couldn't find anything.

How's it going? If you want,
we can check your spelling.






Sorry, are you OK?

While we wait for the new product,

"2015 retirement", from last July,

and the impact
of the economical context.

In Prevision and Health,
the signing of

the National
Interprofessional Agreement, NIA,

boosts the collective insurances.



They're Finnish. Helsinki.

You got a message.

Your phone just rang.

You're skilled!

Good evening, Anouk. Forget all this.
Think about yourself. Nadia.

It's pretty, right?

- Your dog?
- No, my hat.

It's called a capeline,
it's super trendy. See you!

I wanted an iPad for Christmas
and now it's obvious I won't get it.

They must be happy they caught me.

Now they can be even stingier.

My father told me:
"I'll cut you off".

It's how he talks...

I could mess up
the old lady's mailbox with ketchup...

But it'd be obvious it was me.

Gotta take it easy.
What about you?



Tell me. Did you find
a home for the family?

I'm working on it.

Still a couple of things
to take care of.

It's essentially done.

You must be proud.

I'm proud of you.


It seems so superficial,
caring about an iPad,

the photo shoots...

You OK, Anouk?

What's wrong?

I lied to you.

Could you find someone
who knows the rules?

Maybe they did nothing wrong.

Maybe that's how it is
and you're exaggerating.

But it can't be normal, Bianca.

A doctor can't diagnose
a guy he's never seen.

And they accuse him
of false statements!

When in fact
they're the ones lying.

It's too complicated,
I don't get it.

It's like when I watch
the news with my parents.

I'm listening but I'm not listening.

I can't talk to my mother.

Don't, she already slapped you,
next time it'll be worse.

It's her.

Don't talk to her about it.

Before you go,
since I'm so nice...

I swiped this for you.

Nice, huh?
It'll bring you luck.

It's like a talisman.
You've nothing to fear.

My capeline!

Look who's back!

How're you doing?

- You hurt yourself?
- It's nothing.

We didn't touch your work.
It's waiting to be finished.

Could I talk to you?

Sure. Tell me.

In private.


Let's go to the meeting room.

What's wrong, love?

I can't believe it.

Honestly, I'm shocked.

How can you think your mother
is tampering with the files,

inventing diseases to prevent people
from getting the money...

Total madness.

Why is the name
of the company's doctor

in so many rejected files?

The general practitioner
knows you in advance,

- The wife says he never saw him.
- Nonsense.

You don't know anything.

I don't deal with that,
but I'm here for 27 years.

I know we have
a moral and ethical engagement.

Maybe that name's in all the files

because he was asked to investigate.

Maybe he was hired
to verify the statements.

Maybe he contacted

the general practitioners
and concluded that.

Hence his name in the files.

Even if he's not really
their general practitioner.

He's the coordinator
of this patient's doctors.

Why aren't there any traces
of his investigation in the files?

There should be some...

How's it called...

You have no idea!

Me neither.

Except I don't doubt your mother.

Get rid of those
bad thoughts, it's not nice.

Your mother loves you,
she does everything for you.

And you want dirt on her?

Accusing her of horrible things?
That's not OK!

- Anouk, ça va mieux, ta main?


Come on...
Again a fire drill?

Then they say
we're not productive enough.

Come, Anouk.

Please close all doors.

- Anouk, did you see Mathilde?
- No.

We were together
in the building...

Now my necklace is upside down.

- You didn't tell me!
- We didn't notice.

Ludivine saw it, it's crazy.

I've got better things to do
than look after your necklace.

Sorry, did you see Mathilde?

- Who is this Mathilde?
- My Mathilde.

Just a little kiss.
It doesn't cost you anything.

It's a way of communication.

You're not nice.

- I'm totally into you.
- You're being annoying.

I'm just in love.
OK, maybe I'm annoying, but...

It'd be so simple, so nice,
the two of us.



What's up, Anouk?

- I'm tired of this nonsense.
- You didn't take your coat?

I didn't know.


By the way,
I listened to your music.

Did you like it?

No, I hated it.

- Did you hear?
- No.

It wasn't a drill,
it seems there was a fire.

It seems it was a woman downstairs.

Some say it was on purpose,

others say it was
her scented candle.

You know this girl?
Her name's Constance.

It's cold here!
Did they turn off the heating?

Anouk, can you check if it's working?

No, it's cold.

What are they thinking?
In December...

Bénédicte, look, nothing works!

What do you mean?

Nothing works,
my screen is blocked.

Take it easy.

It had to be today!

Wait... Turn it off, let's restart.

Don't worry.

I get this all the time.

You saved your files, right?


Your mom's looking for you.
Where are you?

- Hi, Nadia?
- Yes?

It's Anouk. Got a second?

- I'm busy.
- I can call back later.

No... What do you want?

I wanted to tell you
about something weird.

Don't you understand?

I don't want you
bothering me anymore, OK?

But I'm trying to help you.

I don't want your help, Anouk.
Is it clear now?

Now forget about me, OK?



Mom, I'm lost.



Did you notice
I take a drug every night?

The little pill?

Yes, "the little pill".

It helps me cope.
I couldn't do without.

I'd be in a terrible state.

You shouldn't see me like that.

At your age, there's some things
you shouldn't see.

I always tried to spare you
from my rows with your father.

I know I don't always succeed, but...

I always wanted you to have
a pleasant childhood and adolescence.

That's why I never talk to you
about my work or my problems.

What can I get you, ladies?

A beer, please.

We have a Christmas beer,
with spices and citrus fruit.

I'll take it.

What do you want?

- Do you have Coca-Cola Life?
- No.

An Orangina, then.

We operate as a buffet,
so you can have as much as you want.


Some... three years ago,

Blanchard and I were called in.

Because the department
was losing too much money.

We had a terrible year, and...

We'd had to compensate
lots of people.

So management forced us
to be much more strict.

To find by all means
gaps that would make

the clients not get the compensations.

There were only a couple of files
with false preliminary statements...

So we didn't know what to do.

So they explained to us
how to do it better.

Excuse me.

It's nice to have lunch among girls.

Are you going shopping?
There's a new mall next door.

Having said that...

It's holiday season,
so it's crowded now.


They noticed that...

many left a blank
under "General Practitioner".

Because they didn't have one,
or not one a specific one.

So it was easy for us
to fill in the file,

and choose a doctor
to our advantage.

One who'd support us.

They didn't give us a choice.

I stress this because you could think
it's easy to say

"No, I won't do that",
but it's not easy.

It's impossible.

And Dr. Toutain
wasn't given a choice, either.

He's the company's doctor.

They forced him
to pose as their General Practitioner.

So we...

We concluded that, after inspection,
the client had lied.

And if somebody tried to complain,

medical confidentiality
would protect us.


We did it on files deemed "simple".

Management was delighted.

But we...

Nobody cared about our mental health
after all that.

And then...

Dr. Toutain killed himself.

I have to tell you
something awful now... But...

I was almost happy,

I thought maybe
management would realize

that this whole thing is disgusting.

Maybe since he killed himself,

they would leave us alone.

Well, no.

It didn't stop them.

They carefully picked a new doctor.

Why can't you just resign?

Because of the threats.


Serenita is my whole life.

I don't have a diploma.

I'm an executive there
because they trusted me.

Because I learned there.

When you were born,
your father kept playing guitar.

I had all the responsibility.

You just see him
having fun with his bottles...

He didn't help me.

Well... he was young.

Wasn't I young, too?

Why did Fayssal have
a "simple" file?

Because when he signed up
he was not married.

And because Nadia
didn't stand surety for him.

And he had just
become a French citizen.

Little chance in a case against us.

Take a plate, you have to eat.

Are these shrimps or prawns?

Don't look at me like that.

That's why I didn't want
to tell you anything before.

From now on,
we don't talk about this.

I'll keep sending out résumés,
I've been doing it for some time.

What about Nadia?

Forget about her as well.

If she discovers this,
I go to jail.

- Hiya.
- Hi, Sophie.

"This internship
was a rewarding experience

that made me discover
a new universe.

I met very nice people
who taught me a lot of things."


- I'd give it top marks.
- Yes, it's very well written.

Maybe skip the part
about you getting hurt...

It's not too interesting.

I see. OK, I'll remove it.

As for the title,
I thought of "The Closet Child".

- It's perhaps not...
- No, it's not...

- No.
- OK.

Of course.
Because I'm not a child anymore.


Presentation: "very good".

- Interpersonal attitude...
- "Very good".

OK, so "very good" then.

Autonomy: here I'd write "good".

We don't have kitchen towels...
Now there'll be crumbs everywhere.

Expression: "very good".

Mumu, could you please
go get some paper?

Come, girls. We'll...

It's better over here.

Follows the instructions:

"very good"!

- How about inviting your mother over?
- No.

She said she had work to do.


Keep up the good work!

You too.

Everybody's leaving.

Sorry, I'm not done yet.

I'm a bit late
because of our getaway.

Can you wait?
I'd like us to go home together.

Be right back.

Ah, Anouk.

I forgot my umbrella.

- I wanted to finish what I started.
- That's good.

You're almost done.

It'll look nice.

About earlier...

I didn't want to hide anything
from your mother.

See you.

I'm coming.

One second.


He got more!
I have only three!


- You didn't read out the final one?
- I wanted a good grade.

So I wrote a stupid thing that said

that it was fascinating, so nice,

that by cleaning up
I learned how to clean up my life...

- They didn't notice?
- No.

They think I'm dumb.

So I got great grades,

but I didn't read to them
the real report!

I let myself go with that one.
I'll send it to you.

Do you write about your mother
and the scams?

What? What did I say?

It's solved, that thing?
You spoke to someone?


I was wrong.

I knew it.

It sounded all too...

At any rate,
thanks for the paper clips!

- Ça va?


I'm now great at tidying up.

Do you know Morocco?

No. Well, yes, I was
in Marrakech for one weekend.



Some friends are moving over there.

Where are they going?

To Casa, I think.


You could visit them.


Thomas is looking at you!

Your parent-teacher book, please.

Good. The books, girls!

Take out your books!

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