Mulshi Pattern (2018) - full transcript

A stark portrayal of the hardships faced by farmers, Mulshi Pattern tackles some of the raging issues of our times. The film lays bare the deep flaws of the system which turns the farmer into a criminal and a social outcast.

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সময়ের অভাবে বাংলা অনুবাদ করতে পারলাম না, তবে ভবিষ্যতে করার ইচ্ছা আছে 😊Mulshi Pattern 🔥

Unless you're alone,

at such a great height,
looking down

the cities growing like amoebas,

won't be visible at all.

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But when did these cities
come into existence?

The day we ignored
Mahatma Gandhi's statement,

"The future of India
lies in its villages"

and instead deserted villages,

it marked the rise

of cities.

In 1991,
under the pretext of development,

a number of small villages
were desolated

to create exorbitant cities
all over the city.

Since then
they've been only growing.

But the small villages...

Where are they?

No one knows.

The river

originated where the villages were

and ran to where
it turned into a sewer,

in the cities,
where it became stagnant.


The cancerous side effects
of development

were overlooked back then.

But now,

they're being felt

in a brutal way.

কিছু কিছু জায়গায় সাবটাইটেল পাই নাই, তবে কাহিনী বুঝতে সমস্যা হবে না আশা করি।

Chanda, get the car!



Get hold of him!

Get him!

Let go of me!

Go away!
- Let go of me!

Stop wiggling!

After he's dead, I'll protect you.

What if he doesn't?

Daya, why are you crying?

Are you scared?

At the moment, he's scared,
but all of you will feel the same!

He won't die! He's deadly!

He won't spare any of you!
- Pull the trigger!

You son...

Drop the gun! Let's go!



Catch him!

Catch him!

Catch him!

Come on!

I'm coming!

Oh God!

Please forgive me, sir.

Please forgive me.

What have you done?
- Forgive me.

Should I wipe it?


You fool!

Aren't you the village chief?

Can't you open the gate properly?

Sir, please calm down.
He's old.

Get lost!

I'll deal with you!

Rahul! Rahul!






Hey fool!

Why are you still throwing stones?

Yesterday, he was throwing
stones at the board,

that's why the builder's
men thrashed Ganya.

Why don't you throw them
in the river?

I will do that.

Mom, just look!
- Rahul!


Shinde hit your father!

- Hurry up!

Oh God!
- Mom?


Why did you come here?
Go back!

Bend down!

Make them bend as well.

Make them bend down.
- Even the old man!

He's ashamed of saluting us!

Of course, he will.

He is the village chief!
- Mr Village chief!

What is going on?

All of you, relax.



he still feels that the
land belongs to him.

Then who does it belong to?

You rascal!

Go and ask your dad at home!

Get out!

Get out!

Chief, it suits you,

very well.

Ten years ago,

we stood like this

mocking somebody else.

We behaved in a similar manner!

In fact, worse than you!

Your end is near!

Your end is near!

I'll take your leave!
- Listen!

If I see any of you here again,

then I won't spare anyone of you!
Get out!

Stop staring! I won't spare you!

What more can you do now?

Let's go.

Hold on.

Sir! Sir!

I'm the son of a farmer!

If you do something like that,

we'll do worse!

You rascal!

Bulls never come alone.

They come in pairs

along with the plough.

Let's go.

I'm the son of a farmer!
- Let's go!

Your days are numbered!

Shinde's men are useless people.

Things were going fine till now.

But he misbehaved with you, Chief.

It's not only you.

He has disrespected
the entire village.

He shouldn't have
raised his hand on you.

Chief! Chief!

Are you mocking at me?

Am I the chief?

I'm a watchman.

Every day, I salute
around 40 to 50 people.

Call me a watchman...



But don't call me a chief!

Stop yelling.

You're the chief.

Not just a regular one.

You sold off the land
that belonged to your ancestors.

All of you over here

who sold their lands and forced
the young men to land tough jobs,

are all like the chief.

You sold the land.

Blew it up on alcohol.

Got the daughters married.

Made a false display of wealth.

Which was the palace?

Jaipur Palace.

And now,

where's the money?

Where's the wealth?

Where's the son-in-law,
for whom you spent all the money?

Tell me!

The day there was no money left,
they threw her out of the house.

There's an SUV standing outside.

You can't afford diesel to run it.

Ms Chief uses it
to dry dung cakes.

This is our house.

He mortgaged the ancestral mansion
to get her married.

The builder, Shinde, called up.

We must vacate
the house by morning.

Are you thinking
of coming back, chief?

Take it off.

That's all you have left.

"Hey, Dhurpi!"

"What is it?"

"How can you leave the home,
your family has owned for ages?"

Hey, dumbo.

May I leave?

Get lost, you idiot!

Why are you throwing stones?
- Get lost!

What happened?


Take that.

- Next.

Put it down.

Get the next one.

Careful. They're onions.

Next one.


What are you looking at?


I'm looking at that old man.

Which one?


That one?
He's been here about a month.

Did you just notice him?
- Do you recognise him?


In 1980, he won
the "Maharashtra Kesari".


Yes. He's Sakha Patil.


How did he become a porter?

Sold his land.
Must've exhausted the money.

What a pity!

Once upon a time,
we grew plenty of foodgrains.

Now, we carry
the burden for others.

Everything is gone.

Come on. Let's get back to work.

Your father is working hard
and you're digging into a corn.

Those who sold
their ancestral land

must do all the hard work.
- Shut up, useless!



They'll kill me! Save me!

Save me!

How dare you!

Are you blind?
He's an old man!

He deserves to be bashed up!

Do you think I'm scared,
because you have weapons?

Hey! Don't threaten me!
- Get lost!

Such a mess!

So far, I've only seen
people get beaten up.

It's the first time
I saw someone beating up.


It's special.

And it's free.

From me.

One cutting for me.

What do you think?

- I said, what do you think?

About the kettle?

No, the lady.

Both are hot!

Get lost, you idiot!

She's my daughter.
- Drunkard, why didn't you tell me?

Try calling your father that.

A slight push wouldn't have hurt.

Would it?

Had he broken your limbs,
would you be left with any dignity?

Do we have any dignity left?


You may sleep next to me.

You can lie down over there.

- There's no more space.

Mr Village Chief!

Go to sleep.


I thought

we'd be the only ones
from the village.

But the slum is full of people,
who have run away from villages.

The descendants of those, who sold
their land will have to do that.

Keep running!

- Run!

- Run!



Brother Uday!

Brother Uday!


Only once.

Shout for the peace of my mind.

He's started sweating
while beating you up.

When will you shout?
- He won't shout.

Even if you kill him,

he won't shout.

I've seen so many criminals so far.

You're one of a kind.


he'll cause us a lot of grief.

Hey there,

in for a rape?

No, sir.
- Then?


not done.

Let him go.

Where did you find him?

At the market yard.

Shop number 380.

He has moved here
from Mulshi taluk six months ago.

He's a porter.

He works at Katke's shop.
- Wake up, Rahul.

Have you lost it?

A special one.

They at least sold the fenugreek
at the rate of two rupees.

The farmers think, we're
cheating them to fill our coffers.

Hey Ganya!
- Yes.

Have as much as you want to.

Why don't you have some?
- Have some.

Have a 'bhakri'.

Have it.

Why don't you start?
- I will.

So, mister...

How much did you get
for the fenugreek?

I'm not asking for a share.
Just curious.

Show me the receipt.

Show me the receipt.

Little one, which grade?
- Third.

Eight thousand.

How much fenugreek did you have?

A truck load of it, but

Fertilisers, pesticides, seeds...

How much did it cost you?

About three thousand.

Three thousand.

Was the truck hired, or your own?

Why are you poking fun at me?

The rent is two thousand.

Two thousand.

What about agents and police?

About three hundred
for the police and toll booths.

That's only one way.

That's three hundred twice.

What about porters?

Over a thousand.


how much did your father lose?

He lost the money
and was stripped naked.

Weep as much as you feel like.

You have to do that
for the rest of the year.

What is this?

You grow fenugreek.

But your family eats Gongora.

Why do you do farming?

We must grow
something on the farms.


Only to make others rich.

We do all the hard work

and someone else
makes money out of it.

Go to hell!

I pick up vegetables
worth millions every day.

Don't you dare teach me!

You're a porter.
Stay in your limits.

Don't you dare
think like a businessman.

Get it?
- Why are you hitting me?

Don't you dare!
- Stop him!

I beg of you, inspector.

He's beating him up.

Babu Sheth trades in millions.

You want a good price
for fenugreek? Have it!

Have it!

If you don't do something,
we'll have to handle it our way.

I beg of you!
- He's a bully.

Lower your gaze or you had it!

Please spare him.

Why don't you ignore him?

Lower your gaze!

Lower it!

Where's my weapon?

Let me teach him a lesson.
Where is it?

That's how he was stabbed.

Good job.

The porter ripped open Shirke's
collar bone as if it a jackfruit.

A farmer's son is
provoked enough to kill a merchant.


Mr Pendse,

you may ask that boy.

Excuse me.

Are you making it light for us,
or avoiding the questions?

Ask him that.

One moment

Are we getting any answers or not?
- Inspector More,

murders are rampant
in a city like Pune.

Organised crime is on the rise.


Mr Pendse,
you're a senior reporter.

When cities grow,
this is inevitable.

There's a new inspector
from Nagpur.

Is it a routine transfer
or suspension?

Good job. Get out.
- Sir.

- Sir.

Get rid of this girl right away,

or I'll rip your collar bone out.
- What?

One moment.
- That's not fair.

Listen to me. Just a moment.

One moment.
Please listen to me.

Calm down!

I want to meet that boy.
- Go to the jail.

Go to the jail?

How did the police
become so active?

It's not about being active.

A police station is
like kindergarten for criminals.

Lock up is like the board exam.

It's the court's decision to allow
new admissions to the university.


University means jail.

Entry to the jail
is important for new criminals.

Criminals of the highest order

catch up with fresh talent here.


I won't spare anyone!

Get out of here!

Come on! Move!

Stop staring, rascal!


Everyone's scared of me.

Who is this one,
stuffing his mouth?

Another one
from the Mulshi pattern.

He'll be presented
at the court with you tomorrow.

Come on.

Stop! You'll run over someone.

Everyone's here.
It's okay.

Surve, when did you get out?
- This morning. -Great!

Smiley! He's my favourite.

How many bullets, Jadhav?

- He's going to set a record.

Mr Beard, how are you?

What about you?

The day after tomorrow.
- A call for you.

Mr Agarwal,
my men will speak with you.

Don't call me.


Shirke murder case.

He is a porter like me.

Rahul, what is this?

I hope the police
didn't beat you up.

Did you see that, Mr Chief?

This is where the next generation
of land-sellers is headed.

We'll take care of everything.

We'll go back to our village.

These old men have sold off
the roads that led to the village.

Don't say that.
We'll set things right.

Very good, Mr Chief.

Ms Chief has started
washing and cleaning for others.

Have you got me a lawyer?

We went to many of them,
but they ask for a lot of money.

- Yes.

Get a lawyer
for this boy right away.

I want him on my team at any cost.

Hey, lawyer!


Stop right there!

Stop right now!

- Okay!

I was on my way to the crematorium.
- Keep going!

Come on, speed up!
- Yes.

Speed up!
- I am!

I beg of you!
Speed up!



Hey, Lawyer...

The day, you see
the fear of death on my face,

will be the last day of my life.

Even if the God of Death arrives,

face him with style.

He should be scared to face us.

What say?

Knock him off.
- Don't knock him off.

Tear him apart!

Give me the file.


Good example.

What was it?

God of Death.

Tear him apart!

Anticipatory bail seems difficult.

They must serve
three months of jail time.

Three months for a half murder?


It may not be a big deal for you.

As per law, it's a serious crime.

My boys can't be saved.


It's tough.

The CCTV footage
has captured it clearly.

This one's clothes...

That one's shoes...

This one's number plate
and that one's weapons...

And Mr Smiley blew
a flying kiss at the CCTV.

He's wicked and stupid.

How do I get him out?

Stop laughing.

- Yes.

Were the boys wrong?
- Not at all.

They followed my orders.
- I know.

Why indulge in crime, if you
can't reveal who the criminal is?

Always remember
the three rules of our business.

Number one.

If you commit a crime,
be open about it.

Being secretive is petty.
Hardened criminals don't do that.

Number two.

As soon as you commit a crime,
head right into the police station.

There's no place as safe
as the police station.

Number three.

It's the most important one.

He's looking at Rahul.
- Mr Lawyer,

when was this demon released?

I spent a whole day
to get him released.

Come here.
Yes, you. Come here.

Make way.
- Come.

He was gnawing
at the food like a wild beast.

It's okay.


Did you send non-vegetarian food
for the boys in jail? - Every day.

Pure non-veg from Surve's.


You must eat non-vegetarian
to build a robust body.

We aren't the police,
to roam around with huge bellies!

Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri...

All the film industries have
poked fun at your huge bellies.

When will you get in shape?

Double shifts leave us
with hardly any time.

You may resign.
Many young men are interested.

What is this?

And you.

The other day, a robber grabbed
a necklace right in front of you.

Yes, sir.

It's not about the necklace.

The robber calmly walked off
while you were looking at him.

You stood there staring at him.

- Sir.

You better get them moving.

Give them protein of whatever.
I want results in a month.

If not, you're out.

If not for fitness sake,

start exercising
so that you can chase criminals.

We got him.

What is he saying?
- He won't give in.


I want the 7/12 extract
cleared within three days.

If not, I'll clear you out.
- Yes, sir.


May I work on this matter?


Why not?

It's a heritage property.

Twenty-one heirs.

Two in Ahmednagar,
two in Shirur.

Three are in Phaltan.

You need a good amount of muscle
to instil fear in people's minds.

You don't need muscles.
You need to guts.

Give me only one chance.

Shut up.

- Yes, sir.

Don't work
on the 7/12 extract matter.

Let the macho man
from Mulshi handle it.


Thank you, brother.
- Get lost.

Get it done.
- How many of you?

Mr Lawyer...
- Yes, sir.

The land in Paud
- You're making a mistake.

- It's heritage property.

There are 21 heirs.

It's a lot of work.

This bull better stay in the shed.

He commands no value in the market.

Mr Lawyer...

How many days
should I feed him for free?

He must start working some day.

We'll see how he does.

If he can deliver, he'll survive.

Otherwise, at the butcher's.

Mhadu Kachru Nikalje.

Mhadu Kachru Nikalje. Present?
Where is he?

Dashrath Ganpat Kamble.

Dashrath Ganpat Kamble. Present?
- Yes.

Kanta Dhondiram Kamble. Present.
- Where is she?

Is that you? Okay.

Manohar Dhondiram Kamble.

Number 21. Where is he?

Manohar Dhondiram Kamble.

Where's Manohar Dhondiram Kamble?

He's my nephew.
- Where is he?

Please tell him.

He's at school.
- I told you not to send him there.

The exams were on.
- Shut up! -.Don't.

What a woman!

Very nice. Raging bull.

Manohar Kamble will be here
within two minutes.

I've got to deal
with women, who're liars.

Here comes Manohar Kamble!

Manohar Kamble is here.

Where was he? -We picked him up
from the examination hall.

There he is!

- Sachin Bhaurao Nikalje.

Is he here?
- Next one.

Keep moving.

Where are you going?
- I'm going with them.

You carry on with your party.

Everyone, keep moving.

Let's party!

Let's have some fun!

Let go.

So, what do you think of the bull?

Doesn't he deliver?

But this raging bull

scared the wits out of people.
- Meaning?

Dhondiram Kamble's son
was in school, taking exams.

I threatened the teacher
and picked him up from there.

Rahul punished his uncle
by stripping him naked.

The uncle kept pleading
to spare him and have mercy.

Get lost! Get out of here!


He needs to be tamed,
or he'll bite.

He's our younger brother's

You want me to get lost?

Do you?

Shirpya Damu Shedge.
Village, Malegaon. Taluka, Mulshi.

You're still alive.

Nanya Vitthal Tarde.

I'm alive to have the food that
they'll serve after you're dead.

What is this?

A 7/12 extract?
- Yes.

The boys cleared it today.

Tell me,

have you spared farmers
any land in the taluka?

The land remains, because a few
like you, still continue farming.

That's why you set
your dogs free to scare us away.



So far, I've taken away your lands.

Next, it'll be your life.

You took away our lives,
when you took our land.

What you see now is only a body.

The bottle fell down.

The bottle.

All you goons

will live

with fear all your lives

that someone
may kill you any moment.

You'll survive today.

And tomorrow too.

But it'll be game over
on the day after.


And then

Hey, kill me. Come on.

Kill you?
- Yes.

You don't deserve
to be killed by me.

Get it?

I charge fifty million for a murder.

He has nothing to do.

Everyone, get back to work.
- Move out.


You, come here.

Come here.

You stripped that man naked.

Was it fun?

Fifteen years ago,
Nanya did that to your father too.

I thought

you'd be the winning horse.

But you're a street dog.
Get lost.

Get out of here.

Bloody agent.

Staring at me.

I bet on Rahul.

He's the winning horse.

I'll bet a twenty.

I bet on Nanya.

Winning horse!

I bet fifty on Ganya.


Five hundred.

For whom?

For me!

Why did you spend so much for me?

I met you on your last birthday.

It's been a year since then.

You cleared forty 7/12 extracts.

Even I wasn't that quick.

I only need your blessings.

I'm only a shadow of you.
- Shadow!


A shadow?

You're my brother.

You're my life.

A shadow falls under the feet.

A brother must be hugged tight.

Come on!

Mr Lawyer...
- Yes, sir.

This raging bull
will be my successor.

Take it from me.

He said it.

And I earned his position.

To hell with your law.

Get up

and set my boys free.

Okay, sir.

Tomorrow by 11.00

Do you remember this watch?

Of course!

Your time begins from now on.

Right, Mr Lawyer?
- Yes, sir.

Brother, the preparations are done.

What are you all waiting for?
Let's go.

Come on.
- A gift for you.

What is this?

It's time to celebrate!



he took my parents' fingerprints
on your papers, didn't he?

On the 7/12 extract?

You took over our land.

We're bound to take revenge.

Mr Lawyer,

I should be out
within three months.

Or your family won't find a lawyer
to fight your murder case. - Yes.

Here I am!
- Here comes the saviour.

He bails out criminals
as if he was born to serve them.

I must do that to earn a living.

Uday, here's the bail application.
Let the boys go.

Hey, why are you
sitting down like criminals?

Stand up.


Take care of our children.


Nanya is no more.

Who will you serve now?

I will serve the one,
who holds the power.

All these years it was Nanya.
Now it'll be Rahul.

Why are you laughing?

Hey, police!

You're not allowed to touch.
Don't touch them.

You don't have the permission.

- Sir.

Instead of killing these
boys in an encounter,

we'd rather
strip him naked and bash him up.



Well, Inspector Kadu...

Face me from
the witness box at the court.

You'll learn the art of encounter
without stripping anyone naked.

The word "encounter"
doesn't exist in books of law.

It's a pretence
put up by police officers.

Come on, boys.

No one can trouble you now.

No matter how much they want to.

And sir

the toy on your table...

Do you remember, when you
last fired a bullet from it?

You won't remember.
So sad!

Getting hold of criminals
is your job, not punishing them.

We'll decide,
whether they're criminals or not.

That's what we're worth.

He got a bail application
and left us helpless.

A toy!

He called
our service revolver a toy.


Law renders us helpless.
Why don't we ignore it?


Instead, we'll turn them
against each other and finish them.

We'll only prepare
a report of the events.

Do you mean, we get
the criminals to kill each other?

They not only kill each other,

they must be running
after each others' lives.

Our only job would be

to make sure they don't
stop chasing each other.

Speed up!

Sir, why are we here,
instead of saving his life?


Sir duty...
- Tell me...

Does he know,
what exactly happened last night?

If he found out, Rahul will
turn around and run towards them.

He'll take their lives.
- He'll do that if he's spared.

Do you really think,
the demon will die so easily?

We aren't that lucky.

There comes your village mate.

He won't die so soon.


Where did he find
the emissary of justice?

Give me your phone.

His gang members have turned
against him. Who is he calling up?

India is my country.

All Indians
are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country.
- Hello.

Hello, Manya...

I'm proud of
it's rich and varied heritage.

I shall always
strive to be worthy of it.

I shall always live up to it.

I shall respect my parents,
teachers and elders.

I will always
be polite to everyone.

To my country and my people,

I pledge my devotion.
In their well-being

and prosperity alone,
lies my happiness.

Glory to India.

Make it quick.

Sakhya, your son has been released.

They say, he'll come here.

Is he coming here
to share our burden?

Exactly at six.

You must report every day at 6.00.
Sign it.

Stop throwing it at me.

You're out on bail, not acquitted.

Get it?

If you...
- Bail is as good as acquittal.

Come on, Ganya.

You earned sympathies
by killing Shirke

and spread fear
by killing Nanya.


What's next?

I'm not in the habit
of thinking about future.

Then you must break the habit.
- Hey!


You'll disturb the crease.
- That's

the habit that must change.

It may take some time

but you better make the change.

I don't have the time.

I want to rule
every corner of the city.

Your highness, come on.

How far does
your kingdom of crime extend?

You killed someone,
to take over the rule.

Someone may kill you
and establish his rule.

I'll put an end
to all such possibilities.

In each


I'll be the only one
to last forever.

Only plastic lasts forever.

Then, I'm plastic.

There's a system, responsible
for making plastic like me.

Why don't you taunt the system?


If you're so angry
about the system being wrong,

why didn't you take up
IAS or IPS to change it?

Why didn't you?

What did you do
by turning to crime?

A collector needs five signatures
to fill up a pit on the road.

You need ten of them to arrest me.

How many signatures would
I need to change the system?

May I leave?

See you soon.

That's what you say.


you've got to report every day.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Inspector Kadu,
your words are sweet.

Where do you belong to?

I belong to the place
where I am posted at.

I like peace
in the place I belong to.


Get going.

He's back!

There he is!

You don't have to work
as a porter from now on.

The entire market is ours.

It's yours.

But the burden is mine.

I earned it by
selling off my ancestral land.

I'll flaunt it
on my back until I'm dead.

It's like a jewel to me.


The city will now follow my orders.


I'll relieve everyone
of their burden.

And burden the mind instead.

Go back, son.

Go back to your world.

Live your own life

and let me live mine.

Okay? Now, go on.

Hey, son...

I like your clothes.

But avoid pure whites.

Even a tiny speck on it
will be easily noticed by all.

Go on.

Take care of yourself.


I shouldn't have taken up farming.

Look at what I've reaped

after what I sowed.

Our area is cursed.

If we sow grafted mango saplings,

they're attacked by parasites.

Only one mistake
ruined our children's lives.

Help me pick it up.

When this porter sat at
the village hall with a turban,

he'd appear greater than the skies.

Today, he seems so distant.

Rahul, Pitya is robbing
cars on the mountain road.


we have a target.

Hang up. Got to get back to work.

Surve, stop the car.
- Move aside.

Park your car on the side.

I'll be right back.

Welcome. This is Pitya.
- Come here.

Where are you going?

To enjoy nature
or buy a piece of it?

I saw a 1.5-acre plot
near Lavasa on the hill-top.

I'm going to buy it.

Who's the agent?
- The party is from Mumbai.

What about you?
- I'm from Pune.

He's from Mumbai,
you're from Pune, the land is ours.

- Because, I simply love nature.

You rarely get
enough oxygen in the city.

So now, you want our oxygen too.

Why are you laughing?

Are you here to collect
contribution for something?

Stop joking.
We're not here for contribution.

We're here for extortion.
- What?

I mean...

Your name will appear
on the 7/12 extract. Right?

You'll be a villager.

We want you to unveil this board.
- Really?

Be careful.

Pull the string.

One, two, three.

"The land dealings in the area
will be solely handled by farmers."

Read it.

What nonsense is that?

Do you think you can buy our land?

Just because you have money,
you're here to buy it.

There's no more land available.

We'll take over the remaining ones.

If I see you again on this road,

the others will
have to go back without you.

Got it?

Don't give this one
a lot of bird seed.

His apetite is growing.


Did you let
the red one out for some time?

Yes, I did.

Then, what's wrong with him?
- Rahul that area is ours.

You're taking it very lightly.
If we ignore, no one will fear us.

The area is theirs too.

There are a lot of ways of earning.
We need no go scavenging.

Are you thinking about
becoming a porter again?

We will pick up load,

but we'll use our brains.

We won't take
the burden on our backs.

It's time to use our brains.

I'll show you
the standard market yard.

Take this.

This is it.

Standard Market Yard.

The wasteland
that our parents sold off

was used to make this gold mine.

It's called an IT Park.

What do you want?



Who will be given the scrap,

is the decision
of our superiors.


Our boss.

We have it all sorted.

You may leave.

Is that why your nephew
picks up all the scrap?

I've picked him up
in the afternoon.

Is the scrap more precious
or your nephew?

It's up to you.

At least now you can sit properly.

Well, I was saying
- We'll collect the scrap at 6.00.

Every day, at 6.00.
- Excuse me.


Mr Uday,

may I appoint someone
to sign on my behalf?

It's boring
to come here all the way.

I'll come on his behalf.
- You?

Will you pull through another week?
- Make way.


Stop taking signatures from him.

The boss needs to give
attendance, not his subordinates.

Rahul is the boss. Did he report?
- Yes.

Get up!

Get out of here.
- You're saying we're incompetent.

Sit down.


Your foot touched me by mistake.

I did it deliberately.


What did you say?


Are you competent?

You hit someone for
a contribution of twenty-one bucks?

Oh no.

When it's contribution,
money is secondary.

Prestige is more important.

You're fighting
for twenty-one bucks.

Rahul has a scrap contract
worth 2.1 million.

Your land is house
to two MIDC areas and an IT park.

But only Rahul used his brain.

That's what I call
being futuristic.

Get lost.
Throw them out of here.

Get lost.
- Get going.

Sir, I'll show you
how to gather scrap.

Let's go.

Don't let any of Rahul's trucks
move out with the scrap.

He'll learn his lesson.

Now, it's time
to count dead bodies.

Why did you set the cars on fire?

Tell me! -.Please, dad!
- Uday!

He's your son, isn't he?

Why are you beating him
as if he's a criminal?

Take a look.

He has photos of those,
we beat up for misbehaviour.

He set cars on fire in Dhankavdi.


Yes, sir. -It's the day
of your daughter's surgery.

Right, sir.
- Then?

It's postponed, because
I don't have half a million.


Yes, sir.

Call Pitya.

Tell him,
there's an order for his encounter.

Everyone, stay here.

- Where's Inspector Kadu.

What have I done, sir?
- Pitya, it's you!

No extortion, no murders.

I haven't even slapped anyone.
- I have orders from superiors.

Let go of my feet.
- But you called and

Get up.
- Okay.

Get up and sit down.

Sit down.
- Here. -Yes.


How dare you sit on a chair!

What's wrong with all of you?

Get into the rooster pose.


How dare he sit on a chair!


Are you shooting him here?
- No, sir!

Why are you shooting me?

It should be as per the plan.
- What do you mean?

What is the plan?

You'll find out.
- I came as soon as you called.

My dear son of mother earth...

The man you threatened
on the mountain road

was our boss' brother-in-law.

You know how precious
brothers-in-law are!

Sir, how can I make up for that?

Jadhav's daughter
needs a heart surgery.


Give him half a million.

I'll give him one million.

Half is enough.
- Oh no, sir.

I'll give him one million.

Hey may need
some more for medicines.

Is that okay?

Don't hesitate. Take it.

Take it.

It's not his hard-earned money.

Come forward, son.

You touched
his feet when he entered.

Yes, I did.

Now, give him a kick.

No, sir.


He won't kick you.

Kick me!


Kick me, it's okay.
- No, brother Pitya.

Go on!

Such a hard one!

I'm sorry.

Quite a strong boy he is.

All my pain disappeared.

Inspector Jadhav,

don't you have to
go to the hospital?

Your daughter needs a surgery.

May I leave, sir?

It's okay. Touch his feet.

With both your hands.

Let's go, sir.

Come on.

Let's go, before his mood changes.

- Come on, Uday.

Don't do that.
- Thank you, sir.


You've set things right at home.

A lot of school children are
being attracted to these goons.

They consider them God.



If there's God,
there must be a procession.


Look up.

Get lost.

Don't touch me.

Bend down.

Go down, your rascal.

Everyone, go down.
- Good idea, sir.

It's not an idea.

It's my pattern.

You should've included Rahul.

He is the special one.

His procession
will be across the city.

We'll have it soon.

His procession will take place.

Hey, Pitya!

Look here.

Look at me.

This is Rahul's idea.

It's to curb the fear.

He got you stripped naked
and left for recovery

at Shinde's office.


Farms shouldn't be sold.

They should be taken care of.

Otherwise, his children

will either beg

or turn criminals like us.

Take the money they're offering.
I'll handle the rest.

I'll do that.

Don't tell them
we're waiting downstairs.

Do you remember him?

Should I get his fingerprints?

Mr Shinde, ten million is too less.

One and half.

One and half.

One and half is final.

Okay. One and half.

Don't think too much.
Just sign the papers.

Let's celebrate with champagne.

The deal went through
for 30.5 million.

Fifty for us.
- Fifty for us.

The total is four.

Mr Shinde,

you've earned a profit
of 20.5 million within an hour.

Not fair.

Here you are.
- What nonsense is this, Shinde?

Nice furniture.

Hello, sir.

These are new documents.

They're already signed.

You finalised
the deal for forty million.

Mr Singhania, isn't it?

So, the farmer now gets 20.5 million.

Rahul sir gets ten million.

And fifty for you.

Ten million for him?


What's the price
for shooting him, Ganya?


I'm already running
a loss of ten million.

You promised 1.5.

Make it two.

Give it to me.

You'll be shot one day, fatty.


Fatty was scared.
- Mr Shinde.

He's an animal.
Watch him.


I'll pay as much as you want.

You'll do as I say.

Have you seen him?


Hang up.


Black Scorpio.

Red shirt.
Next to the driver.

Roll the windows down.

Come on!

You're in an AC car
and I'm out in the traffic.

Wait, I'm coming over.
- Rahul!

I was joking, Rahul.

You didn't have to get out.

"You called out to me, I came over"
- Get in the car, Rahul.

I won't go back.
I'll ride the bike.

Don't you have to go to school?

It's Gandhiji's birthday.
It's a holiday.

Get into the car.

Rahul, get back into the car.

I'm not going in.
- Please tell him.

All of you get in.

Come on, get into the car.

If Agarwal found out,
you're on a two-wheeler

he'll be scared.
- He must be scared. Kick start.

Turned right
from More High School.

Turned in from the main road.
- You get out of there.

He'll be at Agarwal's in a minute.

There's a Black Scorpio. Hurry up!

Hurry up!
He must not be spared!

Hello, he's not in the car.
He's on a bike behind it.


He's coming from behind.

Rahul, bend down.

What a confusion!

Rahul, bend down.

Get him!


You idiot!
Why did you get into the car?

Listen to me, Rahul.
- I told you not to come with us.

I told you not to accompany us.
You'll die some day.

Why did you come along?

He came because of you.
Don't you know how risky it is?

You managed to escape,
because I came.

Do you think, you're too smart?

Are you too smart?
- He looks up to you.

You have no brains!

Give me the gun.

He's too young.
- Give it to me.

- I said, give me the gun!


He has lost it.

Keep it in your bag.

You'll need it.



He's a child.
Does he really need it?

He may help if we're in trouble.

He's too young.

What if he shot at random?

It's such a mess!

Will you answer,
if I call you when I need you?

Answer it!

Answer it!

Where is Manya?
Why isn't he answering the phone?

It's like a difficult fort.

The most adept
of climbers would lose balance.

If something happened to him,
I'll punish you all.

That's none of your business.

What's going on, sir?

Why hold the child
for something between us?

He is quite attached to me.

Call Daya and Pitya right now.

I am also quite attached to him.

Only you can help me.

He's a very gentle boy.
- There he is.

You piece of crap,
where had you been?

Rahul, wait.
- Where had you been?

Where had you been?
- Why do you want to hit him?

Rahul, he's a child.

Doesn't he know he has to call?
Why have I given him the phone?

Where had you been?

I told you to stop coming over.

They told us at school
that it's the teachers' day.

We must offer flowers
to our teachers.

That's why I got late.

What do you think
about the love story?

Good Lord!
The demon has tears in his eyes.

Hey, Rahul...

Where did you find him?

He's quite a character.

Where did we find you?

Action scene?

Ganya, stop the car.

Do you want to watch the fight?


shall we get the boys, who're
beating up, to join the gang?

Instead, get the one,
who's getting beaten up.

What's going on?
- He's the hero.

Let go! Go away!

There comes the teacher.


What's going on?

Tell me who beat you up.
I'll rusticate all of them.

They weren't beating me up.
- What?

I got hurt while we were playing.
- What game was it?

Who taught you such games?
Nonsense! Get your father.

Playing games.
- He got scared, Rahul.

Why did you lie to the teacher?

If he rusticated you,

how could I take revenge?


That's raw material.
- I agree.

Raw material.

This is raw material for crime.

Don't take it wrong.

I love him.

You should be ashamed.

They're our country's future.

You're destroying
the future generations.

You're all farmers' children.

Do farmers destroy their own crops?

Farmers grow crops.
They don't destroy it.

Everyone has already
left us helpless.

They took our land and then
- Why is it always about the land?

Our parents gave them away.

They didn't.

They were forced to sell them off.

They sold a fifty-square-feet
for five hundred.

Were they sold for free?

They were paid in millions.

They got millions,

but why didn't our parents know
how to spend them wisely?

Who would've told them what to do?

The Government.

The MIDCs, IT parks and
hill stations were farmlands.

The Government should've told them
what to do with the money.

Each murderer has his own ideas.

Just like your parents,

my parents were also duped.

But I

became a policeman.

What did you achieve
by becoming a policeman?

Shut up!

Did you touch the sky

by becoming a criminal?

Tell me.

The area, from where my parents
were unceremoniously thrown out

is where
I own 100 acres of land.

How much?

Hundred acres!

But your father
still works as a porter.

I bought half an acre of land
with my honest earnings.

Only half an acre.

My father uses it for farming.

He holds his head high.

If your parents can
proudly hold their head high

you're a worthy son.

It's not too late.

Mend your ways.

And son...

A teacher shows you the right path,

doesn't misguide you.

Come on.

It's useless to break our heads
trying to convince them.


a call for you.

- Rahul...

Shinde wanted you murdered.

Have you confirmed it?
- Hundred per cent.


My wife and children are with me.



Keep stabbing him
even after he's dead.

No one should dare to buy our land.
Get it?

Kill him right now!

He brought MIDC to our village.

He got the hill-station.

Kill him.
Don't bother about him.

Rahul, the man of substance!
He'll be your new MLA

Appasaheb Tarde,
MLA, Mulshi Constituency.

His birthday is in the next week,
but the hoarding is already up.

He slapped the client.

He's interfering
with all our businesses.

He won't let
anyone lay cables in Pune.

He has held sand supplier trucks
near Uruli Kanchan.

He's interfering with builders.
- He too 600 flats from Dahanukar.

He won't let us do anything.

Stop! Shut up!

Appa, I was thinking
- Shut up there!

We're all from the same taluka.

We'll grow,
if we share everything.

Why don't you slay the demon first?

He wants to have
everything for himself.

He doesn't want
to leave the scraps too.

One moment.
Forget about us, Appa.

Shinde was your man.

He killed him brutally.
- Will you...

I've called him for a compromise.
Speak up when he's here.

Here he comes!

Children, your father is here!

Make way.

Mr MLA, greetings.
- To you too.

Get up.

Why don't you shift?

Why move him?

Yes, Pitya.
What do we compromise on?


Mittal is my man.


Have you adopted him?

I adopted him for ten million.


Don't interfere
with Mulshi litigation cases.

My dear friend,

we don't let a mango ripen
without permission.

How can we let Mittal buy land?
- Hey!

Do your parents own the taluka?

Oh my! He dragged the parents in!

Then whose parents' own it?

We'll get in touch with them
to assert our ownership.

Take your hand off.


I'm an MLA.

I've shot twice the number

of people you've shot.


I don't shoot.


Chop them.

My pattern is different.

You better lower the volume

and always keep it low.


you're growing old.

Your body can't take
post-mortem at this age.

Don't try to be
the king of negotiations.

Give me your blessings, Appa.

Didn't Mittal ask Pitya
to threaten the old farmer?


Farmers are becoming extinct.

You should let them
continue farming.

Why did you kill him?
- I was stupid. It was a mistake.

I only asked them

to take his farm land.
I didn't ask them to kill him.

Hey, Mittal,

you own about
1.5-2 thousand acres of land.

Why bother about his ten-acre land?

I'll pay for the damages.
- Oh really?

Will you pay his cattle and dogs?

What should I do to make up?

Did you get it
for chopping vegetables?

No! No!

You deserve the Mulshi pattern.

I'll dig your grave in the shed,
where you killed the old man.

Shoot the murder.
Let the clip go viral.

Shoot it. Pick him up.
Let's chop his hands and legs.

You want our farmlands, don't you?

One, two,

- No!

It's a good idea.

A very good idea.

Isn't it?

What happened?

I'll introduce you.

What happened?

What happened?

I've told a thousand times,
to stop working for people.

You don't want to stay with me
and work for a...

Why do you work for him?

He showers me with love.

You had it from me!
- Stop!

Don't you dare touch my daughter.

You're a good in your area,
not my home.

She slept with that rascal!

She's a 30-year-old woman,
who's been dumped by her husband.

She has needs.

If your daughter has needs,
why don't you get her married?

Who would marry her,
after knowing who her brother is?

Get her married!

I'll get her married.

I'll get her married in two days.

Whom will you get her married to?


This one?

Or That one?

You'll get her married
to a man, who doesn't know

if he's going to be alive
the next moment.

She supports her.

You may think so.

No one gives us groceries
for free, because our son's a goon.

We have to pay to buy food.

She brings the money for that.


Aren't you ashamed?

Why doesn't
the porter say something?

What will he say?

He lost the right to speak up

when he sold his farmland.

Now, until he's dead,
he must only listen.

Get out of here right now!

We're used to living without you.

If I'm an eyesore,

why do you have my photograph here?

If you get killed

we'll need it.

We'll put garlands on it.

- Don't touch me. You deserve

Get out of here right now!
- Rahul!

It must be time
to collect your taxes.

Boys, don't follow him.

He has turned into a beast.


Rahul, we can hear you.

The boys are listening.

What is it?






We've found the man,
we've been looking for.

He's at Kishkindha Nagar.
Let's go.

Chandya, take the next lane.

Take the one opposite.

Get hold of him.
He's running away.

Get into this lane.

Got him!

Chop him like a lamb!

We must be loyal to our country.

Everyone lives for themselves.

What we do for
our country is important.

Sir, Manya ran away with his bag!
- Manya!






- Rahul!



Like I said,
I won't let anyone hurt you!

Where had you been?

Look! They made me bleed.

And this...

They attacked me from behind.

They attacked me.

Were you planning to come after
I was dead? - I'm here now!

We'll drain
all the blood out of them!

He can see Ganya?

Has he lost it?

Come on!

Both your sisters and your brother
have signed. What's your problem?


I don't want to sell the land.


Do you have a deal with Mittal?

Who is Mittal?
- You don't know?

You know,
how Shinde was killed, don't you?

Listen to me.

Agarwal has already bought
all the plots around yours.



He can't do anything
without buying my plot.

Mr Balwadkar...

You rascal
- Rahul, mind your tongue.

Is that a laughter club?

Why are you being difficult?

Ganya, I don't want
to sell the land.

- Are they laughing at us?

Why would they do that?
- He just looked at me.

Why are they laughing?

Why are they laughing?
- Can anyone dare to do that?

I thought, he looked at me.
- Ignore them. Look at him.

Hey Balwadkar,

you better listen.

They're laughing at us, Balwadkar?
- Not at all.

They're laughing at us.
- Ganya, please tell him.

What's the matter?

Why are they laughing?
- They're a simple family.

Let's talk to him.
- Ganya...

- What?

You know, my father...

I was just thinking,

I don't remember him laughing.

Forget it.

Why are they laughing so much?

We'll speak with them.

Forget it.
- Why? Why are they laughing?

What's the problem if they do?
- Why are they laughing?

Why should they laugh so much?

How much do you think
is his salary?

About 20-25 thousand. That's it.

20-25 thousand.
- 20-25 thousand?

Only that much?
If I shoot Balwadkar right now

Control him!

I'll get twenty million for that.

But if I give that money to
my father, he won't laugh at all.

What's the matter, Rahul?

What is it?

Why are they laughing?

Ganya, please control him.

What's wrong?

Rahul, ignore them.
They aren't laughing at us.

Have some water.

I'm going to kill them.

I'm going to kill them.
- No! No!

- I want to kill them.

It's getting to me.
I'll kill them.

- Why are they laughing at us?

Please let me kill them.
- Listen!

It's troubling you, isn't it?

Let's kill one of them.
- No!

Let's kill the son.
- Wait a minute.


Let's kill the son.
- But the father was loud.

Both of them.
- No!

Come on. Let's get done.

Have some sweet.


My son got an admission
in an engineering college.

It was without donation.

I couldn't have afforded it.

He understood that.

He unburdened his father.

What would a father ask for?

Take it.

Which college is he joining?

You must also have it.

Everyone must have it.



They were spared.

I'll tell you later.

Yes, Rahul.
- Ganya, will you speak with him?

Yes, I will.

I'll get done
with something important.


I know where you're going.

I know you.

Chandya, watch him.

Once he's done,
take the Lakshmi road.

Don't get into the traffic.

We'll come over to Lakshmi Road.

There will be
about 1,500-2,000 boys.

Then we can go.

Dancing on the streets!


Listen, Ganya...

If Balwadkar doesn't budge,

let him go.

Come on.

Where's sir?
- He's in there.

Yes, sir.

You're at Kumthekar?
- Yes, sir.

It's where the drunk men come.


Solid news.

Rahul will be killed
during the procession tonight.

It's confirmed.

Did you just find out?

Change your sources, Uday.

Your network is falling apart.

Rahul is being targeted
and it's a part of a plan.

All his boys
have turned against him

including his driver.

Let's see how long
the plastic lasts.


Your son is here.

He has bought the entire area.

Ten million!

Father, could you smile?

I haven't seen you
smiling for years.

Take ten million from me.

Take more.

But please give me a smile.

Smile, please.

You may think being a porter
has taken away my smile.

But that's not the case.

Your crime took it away.

I'm responsible for that.

For once,

give up crime.

I promise, I'll laugh.

Will you?

I'll take your leave.


Take your crimes along.

Hey, Rahul!


All the goons
grow up to the porters.

Tell him
what the porters used to be.

They become porters.

Shinde, we must leave.
- Okay.

Daya and Pitya's boys are free.

The music should
go off by midnight.

All of them.
- Shinde, do you have the wireless?

I'll stay at the booth.

Uday, I'm at Shagun.

You take the main booth
at Alka talkies.

- You too.


Do we put an end
to crime or criminals?

Crime will end,
when criminals stop existing.

They're beyond repair.

Today's criminals,
tomorrow's corporators,

MLAs, MPs and ministers.

We'll have to salute them.

Would you like that?
- No.

The mess is cleaning up itself.

Let it happen.

So Uday, Alka talkies main booth
needs you more than Rahul does.

Hail to Lord Ganesha!

We bow to thee.

The holy idol...
- We bow to thee.

Don't shout out everything
that you see on the walky-talky.

The demon!

Yes, Rahul.
- Uday, sir.

I want to give it up.


I'll confess all my crimes.
Even the murders.

Please let this demon
become Rahul once again.

I'll do anything you say.

I don't want to be here.

I want to see my parents smiling.
My father won't smile.

It's a game of destiny.
Let it go on.

You've made the best decision.
Just listen to me.

Wait for my call.


Rahul isn't here yet.

Rahul isn't here?

Rahul has called.

Hello, Ganya...

Yes, Rahul.

Can you hear me?
- Yes, I can.

We've moved on. Can you hear me?

Have you left?

Hello, Ganya...

Get the car ready.

Don't beat him.

Don't! Please!



Why is brother calling me?

Hop on.

Does he have your number?
- Yes.

Daya, he went that way.

Let's follow him.

This way.

He went this way.


We've been waiting for this.

Let them shoot each other
and set us free.

We can save him, sir.

He wants to give it up.

Will he give up all of that,
after finding out about Ganya?

What if he escapes this time?

Who can save him now?

I want to see that.

Look here.


Do you remember the 7/12 extract
owned by 21 people?

That one?

I am the twenty-first heir.

Manohar Dhondiram Kamble.


you didn't happen
to find the raw material.

It was planned.

You took our lands,

we will take your lives in return.


He'll get into the car.

"You'll disturb the crease."

"Then I'm plastic."



May I ask something?

Where do you belong to?


Taluka Mulshi.

I don't belong
to the area of criminals.

Rahul, known as the demon
in the crime circuit

has been brutally killed.

A high-drama chase scene was on
for the last half an hour

before he was shot in the city.

Finally, it ended in
the vegetable market at Kothrud.

The matter has once again exposed
the carelessness of the police.

"Give up crime."

"I promise, I'll laugh."

"All the farmers,
who sold their ancestral lands"

"for peanuts,"

"deserve a slap in the face."

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