Mulligans (2008) - full transcript

Tyler Davidson invites his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays and a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. When Tyler's mother, Stacey discovers her husband Nathan in an unspeakable affair, the Davidson family's world begins to collapse. The summer is ripe with adventure, revelations, and betrayal as this family learns how to laugh, cry and love again.

Hello, Mr. Davidson.

Oh, Felix.

Another bucket of balls?

Not today.
Hey, Tyler's on his way home.

Oh, is he gonna work
here again this year?

Yeah and he's bringing
a friend from college.


l'm-- l'm just gonna...

Oh, yeah.

Does he play golf too?

l haven't met him yet,

but we'll find out
this afternoon.

Guess so.


l'm... l'm good.

Oh, yeah.

Here you go.

That a boy.

So the four of us are naked
running through the town, right?

We have no idea
which way to go.

And all of a sudden this
Iook of terror is just like

stricken all of our faces.
And it's freezing out--

Hey, Tyler, let's go.

Sorry, ladies - two seater.


See if the victim is
conscious and breathing.


Call for help in
a loud, clear voice.

Help, Help.

And third.

lf they are not breathing,
check the mouth for anything

that may be blocking
the air hole -

like an apple
core or something.

Hey, Birdy, why are
your dollies naked?

They were swimming and
Lindsay almost drowned.

Nakedness is nothing to
be ashamed of Birdy,

but at the dining room
table maybe they could

pop on some swim wear.

What's on your agenda, Nate?

Well, once the boys
arrive l thought l'd take them

for a round of 18.


Well Birdy has her swimming
exam this afternoon

so I thought I'd take her down
to the beach after lunch.

l saw Jeffrey's penis.

Who's Jeffrey and why
d'you see his penis?

He shows it to me under the
water at swimming lessons.

Hey, Dad!

Hey guys, how was the drive?


Tyler, you're home!

Oh, Birdy!
Your brother's home!

l can see him.

Hi, Birdy.

You're getting so big now.

Chase, we've heard
so much about you.

Sounds like you two had
a lot of fun this year.

Yeah, we did.

Nice place.

Well, we just summer here.

lt's no palace,
but it has the basics.

We're thrilled to see you,
and l know Tyler is too.

Yeah, thrilled.

Come on in.

This is Tyler's sister Birdy.

l've got a swimming
test today.

So if you need saving
while you're here,

l could probably do it.

Cool, l'll keep that in mind.

And this is Mr. Davidson.


Of course
we're adults now.

You can call me Stacey.

Hey, mom, where are we bunking?

You two are in
the guest house.

lt's a work in progress.


Listen, Birdy and l have to run
off to her swimming lesson.

So help yourself and
if you need anything,

just call me on the cell.

My sweet baby lamb chop,
it's so good to have you close.

Okay, Birdy,
Iet's shake a leg.

Let's shake a leg.

When you see Jeffrey's mother,
l want you to point her out to me.

So mom has calmed
down a little bit.

What about you Dad?
Are you working today?

No, no.
New summer's resolution.

l'm going to leave the office
at the office -

18 holes a day towards
a more relaxed, happier me.

Alright, you're up.

Alright, man, you just
want to visualize

where you want the ball to go.

You want to get
it in the hole, okay?

Now, if you can get it in on,
the first shot all the better

but most guys got to
work up to it, okay?


l thought golf
was a quiet game.

Hey...Nice and easy,
keep it relaxed.

Ty, knock it off, alright?
Let the guy play.

Good. Good.

You're, uh...good.

That's what we call
that shooting blanks.

You gotta visualize the cup.
Visualize the cup.

Alright, here we go.

Just remember to keep
your head down because...

Aw, jeez, l'm sorry.
Like father like son, huh?

Whoa, okay, wow.

Okay, you've got passion
behind that but, uh...

Which is good, but let's just
focus some of that energy.

Use your club to get you
pointed in the right direction.

There you go.

Feet shoulder-width apart.

Nice, then put just a slight
bend in the knees.

A little less.

Now just keep your head down
and let the club do the work.


l'm gonna cross the tree line
to my Goddamn ball.

Chase, Chase, Chase
what are you doing?

You don't wanna use that.

Why not?

Well, on the fairway
you want to use a club

that'll give you a little lift.

Uh, like a 7?

Too much lift.
Try a 3.

Okay, man, visualize
the ball going in the hole.

Nice and easy, okay?

You wanna watch that grip.

lt should be firm and loose
all at the same time

because you don't want
to have a wussy shot.

Seriously, coach-
shut up.


Hey, whoa!
What are you guys doing?

You trying to kill me?


l didn't mean to...

You hit my dad!

You're a big target, Dad!


Don't forget your ball.

You alright?

Welcome to the lake, dude.

That was chilly.

So is your sister's
name really Birdy?

Actually it's Barbie, but when
she was four she hated it

so much she changed it to Birdy
and it just sort of stuck.

l thought you said
your dad was uptight.

Well, he usually is.

Maybe it's like a mid-life
crisis or something.

He seemed
pretty young to me.

Yeah, well you have to
remember l'm the product

of a teen pregnancy.

My parents had me when
they were still in high school.

Okay, really!

l think we should have
a rule this year that maybe

you kind of keep yourself
covered up, just as a courtesy.

You know like a sock or pants
or a toque or a beanie -

anything, really.
It doesn't matter.

Sort of a common courtesy
to me, l think it will

do our relationship good
and also to the neighbors.

l think they might
appreciate it.



Birdy! This is your mother,
what are you doing?

Get away from that boy!

You two, come with me.

You're embarrassing me.

l'm embarrassing you?

l wasn't the one cavorting
out in the middle of the lake

in front of
the whole beach.

l suppose you're Jeffrey?

l didn't do anything!

l know exactly what you did,
you little pervert.

Excuse me?
Is there a problem here?

Yes, l'm handling
the situation.

Well, l'd like to help you
'handle the situation'.

This is my son.

Well, that makes sense.

This little nudist son
of yours has been

showing my daughter his penis.

You think that's funny?

lt's a violation
of her childhood.

l wasn't showing my penis.
l was showing a minnow!

For sure.

Mom, he's telling the truth.
He was just showing me a minnow.

This is unbelievable.

l don't care what we all want
to call it, children of eight

should not be sharing
that kind of thing.

Let's just relax.
They're kids.

At this rate, not for long.

Grab your things, Birdy.
We're leaving.

Bye, Jeffrey.

Wow, what a spread.

That's why it's so hot in here.
Turkey in June?

lt's our first meal as
a whole family together again.

l thought it was
more appropriate

than throwing burgers
on the barbecue.

l like burgers better.

We can have burgers
another night.

How was your golf game, boys?

Dad was playing his usual game -
up on the opposite fairway.

Your father does have a tendency to
go about things backwards.

What's that supposed to mean?

It was just a joke, dear.

Chase, what do
your parents do?

Uh, my mom doesn't work.

Oh, a stay-at-home mom like me!

No wonder you've turned out
such a respectable young man.

Actually, she's
nothing like you.

She's not exactly
busy being a mom.

So does your father work?

No, he died when l was five.

l'm sorry to hear that.

Can we eat?

Yes, yes, of course.
What was l thinking?

l'll light the candles.

So who's going to be here?

You know, lake friends
my girlfriend Bre.

What's up, Kimble?


Yeah, you know,

Oh, and it's Andrew's party.

See if you can
guess his nickname.

Game on, Davidson.

What's up, dude?

Not in my parents'
bedroom again!

Anal Andy?

That's one for one.

Hey, guys, this is
my friend Chase.

Hey, everybody!

What's up, Joseph.
This is my buddy Chase!


Guys, this is Chase.
He's with me, okay?

Beer Bongs!


Give it to Chase!

Alright, here we go!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Chug!


l gotta go to the bathroom.


You know, that's a tough
question because really

l like blondes and
brunettes equally.

Tyler Davidson.

That's where the bathroom is.

Bre Hamilton.

Lose my number?

l lost my cell phone.

Now do you want to go in the
bathroom with me or what?

Hey, Chase!



Nice to meet you!

Tyler's talking about you
all the time at college.

Yeah, at college, l'm talking
about you all the time.


That is not a mustache.

You're so pretty.

l know, right?

lt's so great to meet
you after all this time.

l've been hearing about you.

You too.

You have to meet my friends,
Jarod and Christie.


Hey, you guys.

Look who l found.
Get in there.


l can do this...

l'm great at this.


You want something to drink?

Yeah, l'll take a beer.

l love him.
He's like my brother.

So what's your major?




l'm a painter.

Oh, you paint.

That's sexy.

Well, it's dirty.

You're funny.

And cute.

We should hang out.

Yeah, for sure.

They're ridiculously cute, huh?


Every summer they come back
and it's just like clockwork.

Right on schedule.

Well, Mr. Painter

if you're ever looking
for a model or anything--

l'm more of a landscape guy.


l'm gonna get a beer.


l'm gonna get a beer.


Seriously, man,
she is on the prowl.


So be careful -
she will bite.

But if you're
into that, that's cool.

Or if you're not,
that's cool too.

Don't know, don't care.

Yeah, one more.

You're alright, man.

Hey, good party, Andy.

My hot tub smells
like urine.

Chase, we're taking off
and Bre's staying with us.

Or you can stay at Christy's.

Uh, no, l'm good.

l'm all done.

Hey, this is gonna
be a fun summer, huh?

Just the three of us?

The best summer ever.

Marty, hey!
Come on!

First day, right?
First day.

l'm Chase, remember?



You working today
or just goofing off?

l've just been doing laps
around the service road.

lt's been working
out pretty well.


You feel like catching
a movie tonight?

The girls are coming over.
Hot tub night.

The girls?

Bre and Christie.


l'm going to go take a nap
on number 17, then we'll switch.

l promise this time.


Ham and cheese
and a coffee to go.


Hey, Mr. Davidson.

Well hey, if you're having
Iunch, come join me?

So where's that partner
in crime of yours?

Oh, he went for lunch with Bre.

So how's all the
manual labor going?

You know, I'm paying off
my student loans,

so no complaints.

There may be a lot of lawn
care in my future though.

Wait a minute - l thought you
wanted to be a painter,

not a gardener.

Yeah, that's the plan.

So Tyler said that there's

maybe an art store
around here?

Absolutely, yeah.

l guess it's right around
the corner, actually.

lf you've got time
we can head there.

Yeah, that'd be great.

After we're done eating.

So what inspires you to paint?

Every artist is different.
l just paint what l see.

So no landscapes?

No. Take a picture. People are
more interesting to me.

l'm gonna check
on some supplies.

Here are your canvases.


Hey, you know what?

Let me get that.

No, l can do it.

lt's on me.

Just pay me back
when you're famous.

Thank you.

Wait, hold on.

Now back slowly...

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Check it out.
Check it out.

One sec.

Sit down, put your feet
closer together again.

Let's go again,
Iet's go again.

l'm no math wizard
but l think we won by one.


Blah, blah, blah, blah.

l'm gonna take the girls
to a movie.

You want to come?

No, l'm good here.

Alright, Ms. Muffet,
time for your bath.

But Mom!

No buts...

Just your butt in the tub.

See you, boys.

Christie's gonna
be disappointed.

Yeah, maybe.

Oh, you already
have a girlfriend.

No, it's just...

l already know
l'm not gonna be into it

so why pretend and then
Iet her down, right?

Okay, Casanova.

l'm just saying our interests
are a little too similar.

Hey, do you want
another beer?


Alright, cool.
Come on.

l'll show you the
best place in the house.


Pretty amazing view, isn't it?


Good place to just sit
and watch life go by.

Makes you want to be doing
the things you want to do.

You know?
It goes all by so fast.


You have no idea.

l'm just saying, you know,
to leave my mark somehow,

make a difference...

What would you
want to change?

l don't know.


Sounds like heavy stuff.

Was it weird gettin' married
right out of high school?

l don't know about weird.

lt's just what happened.

Do you ever wonder
if you picked the right person?


Yeah, sometimes.

Choices have to be made at
the time and you make them

and then your life
becomes your life.

l sometimes wonder if l would
have made different choices.

Like what?

Just different.

What are you laughing at?


You just look like Tyler
when you said that.

No, what you mean to say
is Tyler looks like me.

l'm the original.


Chase is in the guest cottage
and your dad's home.

Not in the car.

What about on the hood?

Do you at least
have a blanket?

l have a towel.


You want to mess around?


Or we don't have to.

No, l'd like to.

But are you sure?

Do you want to mess around or not, Stacey?

You're not all that attractive
when you're grumpy.

Forget it.

Come on, l was just
surprised - that's all.

No, forget it.
l'm not in the mood anymore.

l'm going to sleep.



Dad, l can't believe you get up
that early and go running.

At your age shouldn't you be
knitting or something?

Thanks, smart ass.


Actually, you should
try running.

A little endurance might
help your golf game.

Are you enjoying the
work at the course, boys?

Are you finding
it challenging?

Mom, we're painting a fence.

lt's not like we're using
our college education.

l'm just trying
to show interest

and talk about something
other than golf.

There are other
people at this table.

Maybe you'd like to hear what
Birdy has planned for the day.

Would anyone like
some more waffles?

We haven't even started yet.

Well, we'd best get
started then, shouldn't we?

Your mother is right.

lt's polite to show interest.

Otherwise we can
seem cold or frigid.

Sometimes that's what people
do when the actions of others

seem erratic or unusual.

lt's difficult for someone
to attempt spontaneity

if they're greeted
with ridicule.

lf you don't tend your chickens,

they'll never produce
the golden egg.

Okay, okay.
l get it.

Show a little interest.

Birdy, what are you
doing today?

Mom doesn't like
that l've seen a penis,

so l have to start tennis lessons.

That's great.
That's really great.

Great waffles, Mom.

Oh, every year l have to
paint this stupid fence.

Do you think we should
have sanded it first?

l don't know.

l don't think it
really matters.

You know what?
You really need to call Christie.

She's not really my type.

Man, stop being such a fag.

You don't have to marry her,
you just gotta hit it.

l don't wanna hit it.

l told you, l'm not into it.

Just leave it alone.

Don't worry about it.
l'm gonna call Bre.

We're going to set
you guys up for tonight.

Tyler, stop.

Man, what's gotten into you?

Listen, l should have
told you this a long time ago.

So, if you're gonna be mad
and kick me out or whatever

l'd rather it just be now.

Why would l kick you out?

'Cause if you can't
deal with it then

l don't want to hang
around you either.

Uh, you're not making a whole
Iot of sense right now, man.

Okay, we're friends right?


So it shouldn't matter
but if it does...

l get it and--

Look, l'm tired of pretending.

lt's exhausting.

So if you're gonna hate me,
just hate me.

What are you talking about?

Tyler, l'm gay.

Yeah, right.

Seriously, l am.



Yeah, right.
You're shittin' me.

That's a good one.

Tyler, l'm gay.

You're not...

for real?


Real deal?

Are you sure?

Yes, l'm sure.

Holy shit!
My best friend is gay.

lt doesn't mean you are.

l know.

So are we cool?

Yeah, it's cool.

Honey, let me tie
up your shoe laces.

Did you have fun?

Jenna is really cool.


l'm sure she'll be a
positive influence for you.

She smells nice too.

Okay, let's hurry.

We need to get supplies
for your burger night.

l don't want a burger.
Jenna is a vegetarian.

She thinks that eating
animals is totally gross.

Really? That Jenna
sounds like quite the gal.

l'll be in the car.

Oh, hey.
Looking for something?

You scared me.

Sorry, l was just...

just taking a time out.

l just came in to get
some rags to clean up.

You better use one to get
that paint out of your hair.

Yeah, we were working
on a fence today.

l think l ended up with more
paint on me than the fence.

lt kind of looks like it.

You'd better clean up
before the barbecue

because Stacey will have a fit.

Mom, can l get my ears
pierced like Jenna's?

She has three
earrings in each ear.

Birdy, just focus on
mixing that salad.

Our guests will be here shortly.

We still need to make up
the hamburger patties.

l can't eat hamburger.

Tyler, will you go to the store

and pick up some
Veggie burgers for Birdy?

She's decided not
to eat meat anymore.

And if you see your dad,
can you ask him to light the barbecue?

Dad! You gotta light
the barbecue!

Thank you.

Hey, Dad!

Oh, hey.
What are you doing?

Just taking a moment.

You are getting old.

l gotta get some Veggie
Burgers for Birdy.

You wanna come?


How about you drive, son?

Don't mind if l do.


Still got it.

l think l heard
something snap.

By the way - you gotta
start the barbecue.

You're telling me now?

Yeah, Mom said to
start the barbecue.

Just drive.

Man, no more meat
for Birdy, huh?

She's so weird sometimes.

Maybe she just needs
a little change.

But she's always eaten meat.

Maybe she never
really liked it.

Yeah, l think once she gets
a taste she's gonna go back?

I don't know, maybe she'll
be a veggie for life.

And you know what?

Maybe you should try it.
You might surprise yourself.

No. l don't need to try it.

That stuff is gross.

You okay, son?
Well, not really.

Chase came out to me today.

Like, he told me he was gay.

And l'm okay with it.
l just kept telling myself,

say the right thing,
say the right thing.

And l don't know if l did.

l guess it doesn't
change anything,

but it kinda changes everything.
You know?

l don't know.
l just don't know

if l'm doing the right thing
or what to do now, you know?

You know, l'd say do the same
thing you did yesterday.

What's that?

Your his best friend, right?


Just keep being that.

That boy chasing you
with the water gun?

Did he get you?


You got away from him?

You're pretty good.

So, you play
a round today, Nathan?

We're not going to talk
about golf today, Jim.

We're talking
about other interests.

Bad game?

Dude, you had
three double bogies,

multiple foot wedges,
and you kinda hit like--

Thanks, Felix!
That's great.


We have a new family
policy in the house.

Stacey introduced
it this morning.

l was only pointing out
that sometimes it's nice

to include other people
in the conversation -

people like Birdy and me,
who don't play golf.

Maybe both of you
should take it up.

And then right when
the fireworks started

he asked her to marry him.

lsn't that amazing?


Did you want a beer?

Would you mind?

Oh, okay.

How about a little
football instead?

Thank you.

Reminds me of us
when we were that age.

Yeah, a little.

l better grab
some more burgers.

So let's see that
good arm of yours.

Well, you ain't no
Terry Bradshaw.

You might be a Lynn Swann.

Let's see if you're
a Franco Harris.

l don't really know who
any of those guys are.

Well, today Birdy started
her tennis lessons.

That's great!

Mmm, maybe.


She seems to have taken
a fascination with her coach.

l don't know if it's healthy.

l'm sure he's harmless.

She looks harmless
but that's all Birdy can ever

talk about since the lesson.

Jenna this and Jenna that.

Mom, l've got a man crush
on Brad Pitt.

lt doesn't mean l'm gay.

l just want her to
have a normal childhood.

l don't think it's
bad to be gay.

l'm not saying it's bad.
l just don't think

l want Birdy
to be like...that.

Life would be easier
for her if she wasn't.

l sure as hell wouldn't
want any a son of mine

growing up queer.


Well, l wouldn't.

Birdy can be anything
she wants to be.

l'd just prefer if
she wasn't a lesbian.

Okay, wow!
Am l hungry!

Good thing we're not
talking about golf.

Birdy! Come get
your veggie burger!



You okay?

Yeah, l'm fine.

You know what my mom
says fine stands for?

Fucked up, insecure,
neurotic and emotional.

So are you fine?

Pretty much.

Your mom said that?

Yeah, she'd been
drinking at the time.

Hey, that Jim guy is an idiot.

He doesn't know his head
from his ass.

And my mom -
she wasn't thinking.

lt'd be totally
different if she knew.

lt's kinda like being a spy.

What is?

Being gay.

'Cause nobody knows
until l tell them.

People will be
brutally honest

because they think
nobody's listening.

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

l didn't know how
you'd take it.

lf you'd be cool
seeing me with a dude.

That sounds so weird -
a dude.

l love you, man.

You know, like...
like a brother.

Not like, you know.

Yeah, l know.
No sword fights.


l love you, too.

Maybe we could find
a more macho way of saying it.

You know, something
a little more manly.

Go Steelers?

Yeah. Go Steelers is good.

l like that.
l love that.

Let's use that from now on.

Go Steelers.

l never said l love
you to a guy before.

Yeah, me neither.

Good talk.

Can l get my ears
pierced like Jenna's?

You know we'll have
to talk with mom.

How come Chase is staying
with us this summer?

Why doesn't he spend summers
with his own family?

Brian said it's probably
because his parents hate him.

That's not true, pickle.

See Chase--

Well, his dad died
when he was just a little boy,

and he doesn't really get
along with his mom,

so this summer
we're like his family.

Can l please get my ears
pierced tomorrow?

We'll talk about
it in the morning.


- Good night.
- Good night.

Hey, hey!

We're just playin'
for fun Chase.

You don't have
to get so close.

l forgot to tell you.

My grandma invited us all
over for the weekend.

Oh, yeah?

Had my fill of social
gatherings after the barbecue.

l think l'll just
stick around here.

It's pretty fun though.

We start drinkin'
at breakfast over there.

So, what's the deal?

You're all the sudden
scared to be naked

in front of a heterosexual
or something.

Whatever, dude.
l'm not scared.

Why are you being so prissy
with that towel then?

Why are you watching
how l dry myself?

l'm not.

lt's just you usually
parade around,

jingling your jangles
all over the place.

lt's hard not
to get an eyeful.

ls it different now?

Between us?

No, l'm just saying...usually.

l'm just thinking
of all the times--

So, it is different.


Sorry to interrupt
your programming.

The show's back on schedule!

l don't want it
back on schedule.

l still got the reruns
playing in my mind.

You want it
you got it, pa'lly.

l don't want it!
l want it to stop!

l'm pointing
out the difference.

l like the difference.

The parade's back on,
rain or shine.

l don't want the parade.

What does gay mean?

Who told you that word?

Mom, it's not a bad word.

l never said it was.
l asked her where she heard it.

Brian said he thinks Tyler
and Chase are gay.

Brian? What does he know?
He's like eight.

l'm eight.

l know, Birdy.

But gay is not
a bad thing, okay?

So what is it?

Well, sometimes a guy will
fall in love with a guy.

Or a girl will fall
in love with a girl.

That means they're gay.


l love Jenna
my tennis coach.

Am l Gay?


You could be.

But you probably aren't.

lt has to do with love and...

and other stuff, Birdy.

Like sex?

Oh, Lord.

lt's okay, mom.
l know.

Jeffrey told me all about it.

l'm sure he did.

But how do two boys do that?

Remember our rule to
not talk about golf?

l'm changing that.

We can all talk about golf.

Especially tonight,
with your Grandmother.

And after the weekend, Birdy,

we're both gonna
Iearn how to play.

Oh, yeah, Mom.
That's great.

There's nothin' straighter
than two lady golfers.

Hey, Chase.


You wanna grab some
dinner later?

l can't cook like Stacey,

but l'm pretty mean
with the barbecue.

Barbecue sounds good.

Alright, just come
by when you're ready.

See you in a bit.

Well, sweetheart--

l saw Jeffrey's penis.

You did?

They're weird looking,
aren't they, Birdy?

They look squishy.

Sometimes they are.

Mom. Please.

She's gonna
find out one day.

Besides, there's nothing wrong
with a little education.

Hey, you're right on time.

l hope beer is okay.

Yeah, perfect.

Did you hang out
with Jarod today?


Well, you're friends right?

l saw you at the
barbecue the other night.

Oh, right. He's--

Chase, Tyler told me.

l figured he would.

Were you scared to tell him?

Yeah. l mean...

you never know how people
are gonna react, right?

Yeah. about you?

Things were different
20 years ago.

l should stop talking.

Steaks look good.

You know what?
You should probably go.

Okay, Birdy.
Let's go.

We're leaving.
Come on.

Why we have to leave early?
Grandma's is always so fun.

Yeah, it's a riot.

Hey, l was just
making a sandwich.

You want one?


Chase, l think that l'm...

l know.

Everything's gonna be okay.

l don't have
anyone to talk to.

lt's alright.

l'm here.

That's good.


That's good.

lt's good.

lt is good.

Man, you are good looking.

You're not so bad yourself.

Do you want to go for a swim?

Yeah, let's do it.

Are you here?

l'm here.

Twenty-five years l've been
waiting to feel like this.

Thank you.

lt's alright?

lt's better than alright.

(car door slams shut)

Someone's here.

You're back early.

l love my mother,
but one night is enough.

You're shivering.
Out of hot water?

Yeah, l'm just checking
the pilot light

on the hot water tank.



What's up?

Nothin' - just, uh, swimming.

Yeah, night swim.

l love coming out
for a night swim.

How was the weekend
with my dad?

lt was good.

Kind of boring, l'm sure.

A lot of golf talk.

You should have come
to my Grandma's, man.

We started drinking -
she had mimosas by nine,

wine by eleven.

Look at this place.

lt's crazy out here, right?


l'll race you in.

Chase! Good morning.

Can you
come here for a minute?

l wanted to talk to
you about something.


When were you
gonna tell me?

lt must have been
terrible to feel you had

to keep it a secret like that.

l'm sorry for what l said
at the barbecue, Chase.

l hope you can forgive me.

Have a good day.

You too.

Honestly, at this rate we'll
never get to eat breakfast!

We can't eat
until it's finished!

l don't know, Birdy.

Just because l go to college,
doesn't make me smart.

You should ask your father.
He'll probably know.

Ask him what?

Dad, what's a 10-letter
word for bond?



lnvestment doesn't work.

Okay, l gotta go.
l'm gonna be late.

l need to get Chase.

He's been working on that
painting 24/7.

l'm gonna take this to go.

Let me make you
up a plate.

What are you doing today, Dad?

l've got to do some paperwork
and then play a round

of that game
we're not allowed to mention.

l still need a 1 O-letter
word for bond.

Try commitment.

Is that one M or two M's?

l've changed the rule.

What's this?
It's two M's, kiddo.


lt works, Daddy!
You got it!

We can all
talk about golf -

as much as we want.

Golf, golf, golf!
Balls, balls, balls!

l've been thinking,
maybe it would be good for you

to spend some time with Chase.

He's gay.

l know. Tyler told me.

Did you talk to him about it?

Yeah, a little.

l just think he needs
all of our support right now.

Okay, yeah.
l'll talk to him.

Golf, golf, golf!
Balls, balls, balls!

Golf, golf, golf!
Balls, balls, balls!



Where's Tyler?

He's working on the back nine.

Do you have a minute to talk.

We're kind of talking right now.

You know what l mean.

Nathan, stop.

Didn't daddy ever
ask you to come play?


When one man and one woman
are married to each other

sometimes they need
some time apart.

That's what golf
does for your dad.

And his car and his office.

Well, l have my scrapping
and l love to cook.

Wait here for a minute.


Grab your golf clubs.

Let's go.

We're leaving.

Nathan, not here.

You're probably right,
but l can't stop thinking about you.

What were those men
doing in the bushes?

Probably looking
for a lost ball.

How was your day?

Good. Yours?


How's Chase?

l think he's gonna be okay.


How about you?

Are you gonna be okay?

l don't know what you mean.


What's this about?

You asked me to spend
more time with Chase.

Why are you so upset?

l'm not upset.

Stacey, you're half drunk.

l saw you.

Excuse me?

At the golf course, with Chase.

l saw you kiss him.

What else have you done?


Don't lie to me, Nathan.

This is...


Are you about to
call me crazy?

l'm a perfectly sane woman

dealing with completely
irrational behavior.

ln case you've forgotten,
this is our life you're toying with.

Now tell me what happened.

What you saw with
Chase was an accident.

An accident?

lt didn't mean anything.

Cheating on your wife?

That is not an accident.

Have you always liked men?

l don't know, Stacey.

Are you gay, Nathan?

l don't know.

Yes you do!

Are you?


But l loved you.

You know what l mean.

Actually l don't.

That is why we're having
this heart to heart.

Why did you marry me?

And you knew that
you'd be living a lie?

This hasn't been a lie.

What happened with Chase -

it was the first time.

l have never been
with a man before.

So you chose a boy.


Your son's best friend
to experiment with.


No, l won't stop!

l tried in vain
to be the perfect wife,

but it didn't matter, did it?

Don't you understand, Nathan?

l don't care that you're gay.

l chose this life with you and with
everything that comes with it.

Why didn't you talk to me?

Stacey, l just couldn't--

and if you knew all along,
why didn't you just leave me?

Because l love you, Nathan!

And l thought that eventually
you'd tell me

and that l could tell
you it was alright,

that l don't care
that we could keep

everything we have
and we could just go on--


But you slipped.

l'm sorry.
It just happened.

l didn't plan it.

What are we going to do?

l don't know what
we're going to do, Nathan,

but l know that
l'm going to start

by telling Chase he's leaving.

Stacey, don't, please.

Just let me handle it.

Handle what?

Hey, Mom.
What's for dinner?

Everyone's on
their own tonight.




Nathan, look
l've been thinking--

Stacey knows.

She saw us this afternoon
on the golf course.


Chase, this isn't your fault.

lf l had come out
20 years ago,

none of this
would be happening.

lf Tyler finds out--

He won't.

l'll fix this.

l don't even know
what l was thinking.

lt's okay.

What about you?

Are you gonna be okay?

As good as l ever was -
maybe even better.

Thank you.




Tyler, it's not
what it looks like.

Then what is it?

Hey, this isn't his fault!

So it's your fault!

Who is that?!
l don't know who that is!

Tyler, l can explain!

Don't fucking touch me!

That's enough!

What are you doing?

Why would you do this?

Why is everyone yelling?

Why wouldn't you
just leave, Dad?

Because your mother
was pregnant.

So it's my fault?

Nothing is your fault, Tyler.

So this, all this, this is just-

my family, my parents...
it's just a lie?

lt's not a lie, Tyler.

l love you,
l love your mother.

l just had other feelings.

So my best friend's a fag and all
of a sudden my dad's a fag too?

l know this is
difficult for you, Tyler.

Why are you
sticking up for him?

Why don't you kick him out?


l'm hungry.

Alright, sweetheart.

How about some pie?

l think we all should
have a piece of pie.

Hey, kiddo.

Are you okay, Daddy?

Pie, huh?

l like pie.

This is...

Dad, this is bullshit.

l like it.

l'll have Tyler's piece.

Well, l'm sorry,
but l still can't believe this.

Anybody call
Jerry Springer yet?

Honestly, man, l don't even know
how it got to that place.

Are you sure it's okay
if l stay here?

Well, you won't be staying
with Tyler anytime soon.

You're not the only one
who made a mistake.

Hi, Mom.

How'd you sleep?

Not so good.

lt's gonna be fine.

So much for
the perfect family, huh?

Perfect is overrated.

l just don't know how l'm
gonna look at him again.

He's having a hard enough
time looking at himself.

But he's still your dad.

Did you know?

You can't blame
a person for who they are.

Hey, Chase.

Where did Chase go?

He's gone to stay
someplace else.

Did he and Tyler break up?

Tyler and Chase
were never dating.

But they loved each other.

l could tell.

They loved each
other like good friends.

And right now there's some
issues they need to work out.

Because Daddy kissed Chase?

Yes, Birdy...
because Daddy kissed Chase.

Have you seen him yet?


Come on, man.

lt's been over a week.

l'm pretty sure l'm the last
person he wants to see.

lt's not going to get
better all at once

but you gotta start somewhere.

l think this is one
of those things

that just doesn't get better.

l mean, what's the
worst that's gonna happen?

Tyler's here.

Chase beat you in
by an hour again today.

We're not supposed
to be here until eight.

He's been here at
seven every morning

working on the back nine.

Where you gonna be today?

Anywhere but the back nine.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So l shot an 81 yesterday.

That a boy.

l finally shot a par
on number eight.

l know that's the hole
you were having trouble with.


Have you talked
to Chase yet, son?

No, there's nothing to say.

l know what l did was stupid.

Okay, really stupid.

What happened with Chase
wasn't his fault.

And it doesn't
change the fact

that l love you
very much, Tyler.

lt's killing you, isn't it?


Well, l can tell.

You haven't tried to
make out with me yet

and we've been
here, what, ten minutes?

Bre, l can't stop
thinking about it.

lt's like ingrained
in my mind.

Why would Chase
do that to me, right?

What the hell
was he thinking?

What was my dad thinking?

They obviously
weren't thinking.

So that makes it okay?

Tyler, this isn't about you.

Try to imagine how hard it
must have been for your dad.

Maybe Chase was supposed
to be here this summer.

And if your dad is gay,
he still deserves to be happy.

How can my dad be gay?

Chase and your dad
are still the same people.

Why though?

Why would Chase
do that to me?

l can't answer that Tyler.

Maybe you should ask him.

- Well, we can still make out.
- Yup.

l know you've made
sacrifices and so have l

but Birdy is only 8 years old
and she needs both of us.

So we can't make any promises.

All we're gonna
have to do is try.

l'd like that.

Thank you.

l'm thinking what it would
be like to see you

with another person.

lt would be
pretty weird, wouldn't it?

l guess even though
l suspected you might be gay,

when you told me
we'd still be together

l didn't think that meant
we'd be with other people.

l guess that wouldn't
be fair, would it?

Not to either one of us.

l mean you deserve to be
with someone too.

l can't even think
about that.

l love you, Stacey.
You know that, right?

l know.

l just can't imagine what
our life is gonna look like.

Will we still live together?

Do we get separate rooms?

Maybe you should go home
at the end of the summer

and l should stay here.

l don't think we have the
answers to those questions yet.

We need to be
there for Birdy.

And the rest...

l think we take it
a day at a time.

Looks great.

lt's gettin' there.

No, it's there.

But l'm feeling for
some beach right now,

what do you say?

You ready?

Yeah, let's do it.

Alright. Meet you out front.

Tyler, l'm sorry.

lf mom and dad break up,

l'm scared l'll never
see them again either.

Well, they might not split up -
they might stay together.

They don't know yet.

They're still
talking it through.

l think that's what you
should do with Chase.

Come look!

So you're going, aren't you?

l just need to
figure this out.

And you need space
to do it in, l know.

l guess we're just going
to have to tell the kids.

Come here, kiddo.

l don't want you to go, Daddy.

We will see each other
all the time, l promise.

Where you headed?

Bus stop.

Jarod called me.


l love you, son.

l love you too, Dad.

See you, Dad.

Jarod called me.

l thought he might.

Well, my, uh...
my dad left.

l'm sorry, man.

Yeah, me too.

But l know now
it's not your fault.

Thank you.

Okay, enough of that
sentimental crap, right?

l'm terrible at it.

You don't do too bad.


Well, yeah...
for a straight guy.

Hey, well that's good to know!

Well, uh...
take care of yourself, man.

You too.


Go Steelers, right?