Mulk (2018) - full transcript

One family member tries to help her own family which are trapped in a dark controversy.

'No character in this film'

'represents the community
he or she comes from.'

'His or her views are limited
to that character only.'

'This film respects
all religious faiths.'

'It does not intend to hurt
the sentiments of any religion.'

'Separated, God'

What's the word if we place
a dot here? - 'God.'

And what's it if we place
a dot here? - 'Separated.'

"Everybody came from the same place"

"to tread the same path."

"Half way along, some misgiving"

"caused everyone to go
their separate ways."

"Where do you come from,
where do you have to go?"

"That's what you need to know."

"Find a good Guru to guide you,"

"to open the window to your soul."

"and make you forget
your differences."

"Both Hindus and Muslims are deluded."

"Always fighting each other."

"Both Hindus and Muslims are deluded."

"Always fighting each other."

"Be it Yogis, rich or poor people,"

"everyone is lost in greed."

"Everyone is lost in greed."

"Where do you come from,
where do you have to go?"

"That's what you need to know."

"Find a good Guru to guide you,"

"to open the window to your soul."

"and make you forget your differences."

Come here. Buy my wares for cheap.

Shahid, all these people are
accused of being Muslims.

Unfortunately, they're not.

Wearing kurta-pajama,

a cheap hat

and flocking the streets
on Friday to offer prayers

doesn't make one a Muslim.

The parents make their
children memorise

the verses of the Quran in Arabic,

but they don't know the meaning.

If they did,

Muslims wouldn't be
in this deplorable state.

We would have fought for our place.

And we will.

We'll fight and get our
rightful place, God willing.

God willing.

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'It's the ultimate truth.'

'The name of the Lord is the truth.'

'May the peace and mercy of Allah
be with you too.'

'Stop right there, fatso!'

'Good morning, Varanasi.'

'I'm your beloved RJ Prerna.'

'So, let's start the first song.'

"If you were a city full
of crisscrossing streets,"

"I wouldn't mind getting lost in you."

"I like the way you talk,"

"and your eyes are spellbinding."

You roam around all night on
your motorbike these days.

Stop doing that and sit at the
shop, or else get out of my house.

I don't want to sell 'paan'.

Do you want to be a goldsmith then?

I'm trying to make ends meet,

and you want a life of luxury.

Greetings, Mr Chaubey.
- Greetings...

What are you doing, Sonkar?

We must keep India clean.

Move it!
- I'll tell mom you hit me.

Hey, don't tell mom.

Hey, Sonkar!

Mr Chaubey's son looks more
like you, rather than his father.

Lallan, even you look like me.

Are you opening up late today?

Lallan, the advocate is here too.

Hey, Chutkan. I'm here.
- Hello!

Greetings, Kanhaiya.

Greetings, sir.
- May you be at peace.

I got you the medication
for constipation. - Okay.

This is what you have to do.
You must take four tablets

four times a day.

Got it?
- Four times.

Very well.
- Here's your tea, sir.


Would you like to
place a bet for Rs 100?

On what?

Australia will beat India tomorrow.

India cannot lose.

- Welcome, Mr Chaubey.

Don't place any bets with Lallan.

He never loses a bet.

- Who's that?

Oh! You got such a lot of bread
early in the morning, Farhad.

The feat is in the evening.
- Actually...

Spit the 'paan' out first.

He says that aunt needed it early.
- Have a 'paan'.

I will bring fresh bread later in
the evening for the feast.



Rashid, please keep
the bread in the kitchen.


- Yes?

Place a newspaper under that.

May I say something to you?
- Yes.

You don't seem like yourself
when you dance.

Is it? So, do you like her or me?

Well, I like your
neighbour Tarannum too.

Let me tell you something.
- Aayat!

Uncle... Uncle is here...

Wear the pink dress
that I gave you on your birthday.

You look lovely in it.
- Aayat!

- Greetings, aunt.

Tell your mom to bring the drum
along in the evening. - Yes.

Aayat, where is your mom?

Does she need an invitation
to come downstairs?

You're here.
- Yes.

Do you know what time it is?
- Why?

I came home directly after
offering prayers.

Didn't you go to Kanhaiya's
tea stall to have tea?

- Greetings.

Here, my child.
- Hurry up, Salim.

Some friends get together over
a cup of tea and chat a while.

But you can't take it.

If I couldn't take it,

I'd have made your life miserable
by now.

Don't say that, Tabassum.

I will marry you again.

You are turning 65 tomorrow.

And you want to marry.
- So what?

Choti Tabassum!
- Coming.

You don't do anything
except feed the birds.

We have to make arrangements
for the banquet this evening.

We don't have enough money to buy meat.

Don't worry about the money.

What do you mean?

When we don't have money,

why should we worry about it?

I'm coming, Tabassum.

I was making a list.

Where is Shahid? The lights
have to be put up as well.

He was repairing Sonkar's TV
the entire night.

- I don't know where he is.

Okay. How many guests are there?
- 72.


I heard 72.

There weren't as many people
at our wedding.

Greetings, Tabassum.

Greetings. - Oh! Why are the onions
cut in chunks?

Have you done this?

How much meat
do we need for the banquet?

Tell him that 30 kg will be enough.

I haven't counted children.
I hope we don't fall short.

There's never enough when he cooks.

I think we should get 40 kg
should be more than enough.

30 kg!

We don't want to waste the food.

30 kg should be enough.
- Okay. I'll get 30 kg.

30 kg should be fine.

Keep this.

No... - Take this.
You can return it later.

- Greetings to you too.

Aftab had called me last night.

He asked me to go to the airport.

Aarti is coming from London
to surprise us. - Aarti!

- Look who is here.

Greetings. How are you?
- God bless you.

- God bless you.

Where is Aftab?
- He is in Germany.

I planned this trip alone.

You could have called us.
- You gave us a surprise.

Did you like the surprise?
- When I saw you,

I wanted to scold you for coming
without informing us.

But now that you are
here, I'm so happy.

Come and give me a hug.
- Wow!

You are turning 65.

How could out get angry?
I have brought a gift for you.

- What about me?

I have brought perfume for you.

Wear it in the evening.

- Greetings to you too.

You seem to have lost weight.

Even I have lost weight.

Of course. That's because
you have lost a lot of hair.

Look at that.

I think she has lost weight.
- Go and make some tea.

I'll also have some tea.

What? Who will bring the meat?

What will we serve the guests?
- Oh, yes.

Go on.
- 40 kg, right?


Yes. 30.
- He seems to have turned deaf.


Uncle Bilaal!

Yes, come on.

Uncle Bilaal.

Take us to the street corner.
We are going to school. - Hop on.

Why are you going to the school
when you don't want to study?

Count the cash, uncle.

It will be demonetised soon.

I bet you find some way
to use the cash, Bilaal.

I'll lose my weight if you
make me run around.

What is this I hear?
- What did you hear?

Aftab called me.

I'm here to tell all of you about it.

Aftab and I are planning to live
separately for a couple of months.

I'll never be able to repay this
family for everything they gave me.

None of my wishes were fulfilled
by my parents.

But you fulfilled all my wishes.

But there's one thing left.

When I got married, my mom said,

'It's your responsibility to keep
the brothers together.'

But I couldn't do it.

Why? We live together, don't we?

You don't talk to each other.

What's the point of living together?

Forget it. Keep this money.
You might need it in the evening.

Take it. Come on.

Bilaal is an irresponsible man.

Well, it's not that I don't like kids.

Mother keeps telling me.


Then what's the problem?

He wants to decide their religion

before they are born.

Children follow the religion

which their parents follow.

Which religion do their parents follow?

I remember, when I got married

neither Aftab nor any of you
asked me about my religion.

I married a human being,

not any religion.

But why does he want to place
the condition to decide

the religion of the children
even before they are born?

Mom, let Aarti get some rest.

So, Aarti, tell me.

Where should I fix these lights?

Mom wanted to fix them
on the trees as well.

Come on, let's fix the lights.

We'll fix it everywhere.
- Yes.

Come on, let's decorate
the entire house.

Sonkar, stop smelling the food,

it's not in good taste.
You will spoil the korma.

Ali, the aroma is fantastic.

That's obvious.
- Tell me one thing.

Did Shrivastav's son marry a Christian?

You always have your eyes on
other people's wives.

Mr Chaubey is eating kebabs.

Oh! Hear this.

Chaubey is secretly eating kebabs.

He eats it every day
without his wife's knowledge.

Someone call Aarti.

Hey, Aarti.

"My beloved wanted my love
for only that could satisfy him."

"He gave the cash to the other
woman and came to me broke."

Will you be going to Kanpur
to watch the match?

Yes, I'll leave later tonight.

Wow! India will win.

"There was once a thief."

"He had a long beard."

"My beloved was brutal,"

"like a wild horse."

"He held me by my wrist."

"And closed his eyes."

"For my beloved seemed squint-eyed."

"Yes, he was squint-eyed."

"I said, I don't care."

"I said, I don't care."

"I said, I don't care."

"I said, I don't care."

"I said, I don't care."

Hey, Salim. Come here.

The korma is ready.
Feed it to the children first.

I'll go get dressed.
- Okay.

Hey, Vimla. You aren't eating.
- No.

You can't refuse. We have made
vegetarian food especially for you.

Choti... Here it is.

Have it.

We do attend their functions,

but we don't eat at their house.

"My beloved wanted to hold my hand."

"To spend some time together."

"I felt a bit shy."

"When he asked me
for something in the night."

"He looked innocent,"

"but he was quite cunning."

"If he was like an emperor,"

"I was nothing less than a queen."

"When he teased me,"

"I took him to task."

"But he couldn't take his eyes off me."

"He just couldn't."

"I said, you stand no chance."

"I said, you stand no chance."

Hey, keep some for Murad
in a separate bowl.

Or else there will be none
left for him.

I've already kept some aside.
One for him, and another for us.

Okay. Wait a minute...

How will you lose weight if you
don't stop doing this, uncle?

- I will... Everything is possible

by the will of God.

- Dad.

- Come here.

"When I asked my wife for some love,"

"she demanded the whole market
in return."

"From gold jewellery
to pearl necklaces,"

"From diamond earrings
to silver anklets..."

"Dupattas clad with stars,"

"and everything was on discount."

"My wife's choices were lavish...'

"Quite Lavish...
- Oh, my God!"

"I said, forget it!"

"I said, forget it!"

"I said, forget it!"

"I said, forget it!"

"I said, forget it!"

"I said, forget it!"

Salim, keep another cauldron
of korma over there.

Everybody will pounce on the food
now. - Yes, ma'am.

Come on.
They have started making rotis.

Very good.

Aftab sounded sad over the phone.

Well, I'm not sad.

But the children...

Can we talk about this later?

We'll talk after you return
from the match.

I won't talk to mother
before you're back.

I promise.

Let's teach Chaubey a lesson.

Give me a bowl of korma.

- Father, don't...

Keep quiet.

Why are you doing this?
- Mr Chaubey...

Have some piping hot korma!

No, we're vegetarians.

We're vegetarians.

Oh, really!

Well, then enjoy
the bitter gourd and okra.

- Don't forget to eat it.


Start making some dessert to go
along with the korma.

Why are you getting down here?

Dad, I have to meet my friends here,

and then we'll leave for Kanpur.


Well then...

Take care.
- Yes.


When we went to meet the
prospective bride for Bilaal,

Farhad was very excited.

Bilaal had chosen the bride for him,

and he wanted revenge.

How was the korma?
- It was wonderful.

We reached her house

and saw her.

My joy knew no bounds.

She was extremely beautiful.

I asked her,

'What's your name?'

We speak to the girl to make sure

that she doesn't stammer.

So, I asked her, 'What's your name?'

And she said...

She said...

She said...

What did she say?

Hold on. I can't stop laughing.

She replied, 'I'm Tabassum.'

We had two women named
Tabassum in our family.

I was really overwhelmed.

And then, I said,

'You are Junior Tabassum
and I'm Senior Tabassum.'

Is that okay?

And then we met her...

When I met her, I felt,

she's the one who can love
Aftab more than me.

I never asked her anything.

Come and give me a hug!

Wonderful. God bless you!

Serve the coffee now.

If you brew it so much,
the coffee beans might spout.

Serve it.

'Incredible shot.'

'Beautiful timing.'

You seem to signal him a lot, nowadays.

- Yes, uncle.

Here, take this...

Aarti, I needed some help.
- Yes, tell me.

Will you please smell the milk?

Go ahead.

This is fresh milk.

Unlike the milk you get

in plastic bags and containers.

And you say, 'Visit London.
Life is good over there.'

We'll order milk from India.

I'll paint the shop by Eid,

and put up a new board.

You can tell your customers,

that your stall is opposite
Shahid Electronics.

Bilaal, why don't you
get me a new 4G connection?

You keep telling me
to get you a 4G connection.

It's going to be 6G soon.

'We have some breaking news.'

'A blast happened in Allahabad.'
- Bilaal, watch this.

'The bomb exploded inside a bus.'

'The bus was travelling
from Varanasi to Allahabad.'

'40 passengers were on board the bus.'

'The bus had departed from Varanasi.'

'RDX has been used, at least
10 people are presumed dead.'

'Please... - What about
the further investigation?'

'Please... Stay back.'


Mom, Shahid's on TV!
- Yes...

Mom, Shahid's on TV!
- Where is he?

He's right there, on top...

On the right side of the screen.

He's in the second row.
- Exactly.

Didn't he just wave at us?
- Yes.

I can't see him. - I can't see
properly without my glasses.

We expected that from Aayat,
but you too, Aarti!

Naughty girl! There's no one here!

Here, have a bite, mom.
- Don't be naughty.

Hey, come here! He hit a six!

What's the score?
- 44 runs.

You're going to lose today.

How about you?
- Never against you.

Why not?

'And he went through...'

What's that flag on your motorcycle?

It's the party's flag.

Don't get involved in politics.

Stay put at the shop and help me out.

And earn a living.

Everybody can earn money, dad.

But very few get the opportunity

to work for their religion
and their nation.

Go and check out the news. They're
killing us in our own country.

And you feast at their house.

Get the CCTV footage
of all the private cars

on this road in the last one hour,
and get their details.

And find out how many buses
left for Allahabad from Phulpur

during the time of the blast.

Please, be quick!

'Sir, have you identified
the terrorists, yet?'

'We're checking the CCTV footage.'

'We'll keep you updated.'

'Sir, is it some
terrorist organisation...'

- Yes.

We'd brought 350 SIM cards last month.

74 of which are in stock.

Which means 276 SIM cards
have been sold.

The money...
- What?

Have we received the payment?

I'm not talking
about the payment, Bilaal.

I have receipts of 262 SIM cards,

and 14 of them are missing.

How did that happen, Bilaal?

I never issued a SIM card
without making a receipt.

Come on...

Why don't you figure out something?

I know you can manage.

Do something about it.

Station our men at the hospital.

Look for those who have regained
their senses or are about to.

Ask them if they saw
any suspicious person.

Crosscheck that data
with the CCTV footage.

Sir, we've identified three
suspects from the CCTV footage.

The voice that we'd sent for sampling,

we suspect it is Mehfooz Alam's voice.

Let's go.

'According to our sources'

'the mastermind behind this blast is'

'the dreaded terrorist, Mehfooz Alam.'

'The police believe that the other
terrorists will be identified soon.

'The opposition believes that
the blast was planned'

'to provoke communal violence
before the upcoming elections.'

'But the police believes'

'that a Jihadist group is
responsible for the blast.'

Goodness gracious.

I wonder how they can term this jihad.

Do they even know the meaning of jihad?

Jihad means war, right?

Jihad means...

Jihad means struggle.

Struggle against your bad habits.

Struggle against injustice...

That is jihad.

'They had planted bombs
in three different buses.'

'The Allahabad police has issued
the photographs of 3 terrorists.'

'They are trying to gather
more information about them.'

Mom! Uncle!

- What happened?

- What happened?

What happened, Aayat?

That's Shahid. A terrorist...

They're saying
that Shahid is a terrorist.

Look at those pictures...

What was he wearing?

Is it really Shahid?

What was he wearing?

'The police investigation
is in process.'

Was he wearing a white shirt?
What is all this, Murad?

Get my cell phone.

Chaubey... Come here quickly.
- Yes.

What's the matter?
- Come here, quickly!

What's the matter?

'The police has issued an alert
on the highway.'

Isn't that Shahid?
- Yes.

He's Shahid.

But he'd gone to Kanpur
to watch the match.

I wonder if Murad is aware of this.

It's on TV, Sonkar.

The whole of Varanasi has seen it.

Let's inform the police.

Are you nuts?
He's from our neighbourhood.

It's not about our neighbourhood.
It's about the country.

- 16 people are dead.

My son is right.

Driver, listen!

Please pull over.

I need to get down.


Come on.

I got off the jeep.

Leave for Bhadohi, Shahid.

Stay underground for a couple
of days. - Yes, Alam.

You did a great job.

Thank you, Alam.

The Lord is watching you.
- Correct.


'We have just received news
that two boys'

'on board a truck travelling from
Allahabad to Phulpur'

'opened fire on the police and fled.'

What is all this, counsellor?

Mr Yadav...

That's why I'm here.

They haven't revealed
their names, but we suspect...

Are you still in doubt?

- Who is Chaubey?

Do you realise what's happening?

What do you people not get over here?

Did we tell you to stay back?

You should have gone to Pakistan!

If you really like using
arms and ammunition,

send your children to the army.

Why do you kill innocent people?
- Chaubey!

Look at us...

We treat you with utmost respect.

We greet you with affection.
It's disgusting!

We've been friends for 40 years.

How would you feel
if you were in my shoes?

Think about it.
- Stop it, Chaubey.

'We have some breaking news.
The explosion that occurred

'at Hanuman Gunj bus station
near Allahabad'

'has left more than ten people dead
and more than 20 people injured.'

'The police suspect
this to be a terror attack'

'executed by three terrorists.'

'The police has killed two of the
terrorists in an encounter.'

'The third terrorist Shahid Mohammed,'

'is said to be a resident of
Varanasi is still absconding.'

'According to our sources,
he's hiding in a house in Bhadohi.'

'The house has been surrounded'

'by the police and an ATS team.'

Is he having breakfast?

Tell him SSP Danish Javed had called.

Come on, make way.

Step back.
- Come on, step back.

Sir, we have surrounded the house.

We've covered the perimeter.

Sir, over there...

They hide in such rat holes.

Each lane has over 100 houses,

and each one is filled
with kids freaking out.

They have always been like that.

I'm sorry, sir.

Yes, sir.

Keep the press
at a distance of 100 metres.

Is everything under control?

Yes, sir. It's totally under control.

It's a rented house.

We've surrounded it.

Come on, step back.
- Move it.

No, sir.
I don't need additional forces.


Sir, if you allow him, I'll go in alone
and shoot him dead in five minutes.

Try to get him alive.

Sir, he will become a famous terrorist.

We'll keep making
security arrangements,

and he'll become a star on TV.

Sir, should I kill him?

Okay, sir.

Try to persuade him
to talk to his family.

I'll try to speak to him.

16 of our people are dead,
and we've to keep negotiating.

Hey, come here.

Yes, sir.
- I want a soldier on every rooftop.

Get it? And make sure
their guns are working.

Don't apologise later.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, there are kids
in the neighbouring house.

Didn't you think about it before
giving him a place to hide?

Evacuate the children.

Yes, sir.

SSP Mishra.


We need to speak to you.

Come in.


His life is in danger.

If he surrenders, he might live.

Shahid, I envy you.

The Almighty has chosen you.

'These are the very people who
have persecuted us for years.'

Accept the gift of God.

Don't spare anyone.

May the Almighty grant you success.

'Allah is the greatest.'

Start firing, young man.

Okay, Alam.

I want to hear the sound of gunfire.

'Allah is the greatest.'

'Allah is the greatest.'

You dare shoot at me!

You're from Varanasi, aren't you?

Have you read SSP Danish Javed's
name in the newspaper?

If I lose my cool,

I will riddle your body with bullets.

The police have reached your house.

They are requesting us
to let them talk to you.

If you deem fit.

Or else your entire family
will be killed.

You decide what to do.

Or else it is just you

and me.


Shahid, who set you up?

No one has set up.

All Muslims have been set up.

Even you have been set up.

You won't understand now.

What are you saying?

Son, come home and talk to us.

Meet us, please.
- Believe us.

Son, it is your father,
everything will be alright.

Mom, I can't come home.

Shahid, please come back.

I am waging war.

For all of you,

for our religion.

Shahid, what is wrong with you?

Son, please come home.

You said you would open a showroom.

I will help you open one.

Just come back home.
- Come back!

Everything will be fine.
- Shahid.

Dad, there will be no showroom.

Until we don't defeat these infidels,

Muslims won't prosper.

Why don't you understand that there were
three Muslims among those 16 people?

They were not Muslims.

They thought they were Muslims.

Like you think you're a Muslim.

What are you saying?

Son, listen,
everyone loves you very much.

We love you a lot.

Your family and friends...

I know they say
that you are a bad person.

Come back home.
- Yes, son.

She's right, please return home.

All of you should be proud of me.

You will feel proud when you
see me in His abode.

I will stand proudly besides Him.


- Shahid.

- Shahid!

- Shahid!





I'm posting some guards
outside your house.

Guards! But why?

It's needed.

This is my house.
I don't need security.

You will be surprised.

They are taking Uncle Bilaal
to the police station.

I will go with him.

God, have mercy.

Why will you go with him?

I will go with him.
- No, you stay here with the family.

I will keep you posted.

Oh, God!

One moment.

Who are you?

I am his lawyer.

Sir, will you tell us
who is the mastermind?

Three terrorists have been gunned down.

But we're still looking for the
mastermind behind the blasts.

We will get to him soon.

But, sir...
- That will be all. I'm out.

Sir, can you tell us how long will
it take to find him?

Send the dead body home
after the autopsy.

Drag the body all the way.

Let them know how the police operates.
- Okay, sir.

Oh, God!


There are eight pieces. Two CPUs.

There's a lot of material too.

He's in for a long haul.
Thank you, sir.

Hurry up.

It must have reached.

Check the old man's CDR.

So many calls made to Pakistan.

None of it has any sugar.

Look here.

Answer me. Had you been there?

Did you teach him how to manufacture
bombs or did you send him for training?

Sir, I had no clue

that he was in the company
of such people.

Bilaal, stop pretending.


Don't try to pun on an act.

Do you hear me?

I could've arrested your son
if I wished.

I shot him four times.

One shot in the head

and three in the chest.

Only then did he die.

The post-mortem is going on.

Allow us to go there.
We need to hear their conversation.

You cannot stop us.

This is not done. Allow us to go there.


Give me the keys.

I will open it for you.
This is my shop.

Just give me the keys.
It will take us a lot of time.

I will open it for you.
This is my shop.

Consider yourself lucky that
this isn't your shop.

Give me the keys.

Thank you.

We'll call you.

Move back. Come on!

My name is Bilaal.

Shahid was a terrorist.

I am his father.

I don't know anything else.

My name is Bilaal.

Shahid was a terrorist.

I am his father.

I don't know anything else.

My name is Bilaal.

Just a minute, father.

- Aarti...

How much more time will Bilaal take?

I think it will be long.

I will come there.
- No.

You don't need to.

I am sitting in the corridor.

You stay with the family.

I will keep calling you.

Aftab had called.

He wanted to come here,
but I told him not to.

We'll wait for a couple of days.


Sir, please. Just two questions.

- No.

Father, are you okay?
- Please leave.

Hello! Father, are you okay?
- Sir, please.

- Yes.

Yes, I am alright.

Shahid was a terrorist.

Keep saying it.

I am his father.

If you remember anything, say that too.

My name is Bilaal.

Shahid was a terrorist.

I am his father.

Greetings, sir.

We are organising all-night
prayers for the Goddess.

Park your car over there
for a few days.

Even you're invited.

Hey! Keep working.
- Okay.

'And this has resulted in some
hope that a lot will change.'

The demand for reservation.'

I watched TV all night and saw
this newspaper in the morning.

To be honest,

I can't believe it.

He had a terrorist at home

and he was not aware of it.

Muzzamil who lives in the neighbourhood
teaches my daughter maths.

What do I do now?

Should I take homeopathic
medicine from him or not?

Should I send my daughter
to Muzzamil for tuitions?

Didn't I tell you to turn the
speaker towards Badar Manzil?

Go and fix it.

Chaubey, what is your son up to?

No prayers were organised
in this temple till date.

If there haven't been prayers,
there had never

been a terrorist in the
neighbourhood either.

They should know

that the entire country will stand
together if needed.


Yes, Murad Ali Mohammed speaking.


I will be waiting.


they are coming here

with Shahid's dead body.

You will have to sign
to receive the dead body.

Come with me.


I don't want it.

His shouldn't be brought to this house.

I don't want him in this house.


Shahid is not welcome in this house.

Bury him, cremate him,
throw away his dead body.

Don't bring him to this house!

He is not my son.

Tabassum, let me go.

His dead body shouldn't
be brought to this house.

Tabassum, let me go.

Tell them not to bring his
corpse to this house.

Come with me.

"The most forgiving and merciful..."

Murad, don't bring his corpse
to this house.

"I am shattered completely.
Lend me Your support."

"There is darkness everywhere.
Let there be light."

"I am shattered completely.
Lend me Your support."

"There is darkness everywhere.
Let there be light."

Please sign here.

We don't want him.
- What?

He is not from our family.

Do whatever you want with him.

We don't want him.

"I'm not myself anymore."

"Smothered in a cloud of smoke."

"No sight of land or sky."

"Where am I?"

"Lead me to my destination,
Lord Almighty."

"Show me the way, Lord Almighty."

"Lead me to my destination,
Lord Almighty."

"Show me the way, Lord Almighty."

"Guide us on to the right path."

"The path of those who You have graced
and not of those who have angered You."

No, Aftab. It doesn't look good.

They have been questioning him
for the past 17 hours.

Yes. Sorry.

"Take my breath away, let me die."

"I've been away from home for long,
let me go home."

"How long should I think about You
and pray to You?"

"Come before me,
I want to question Thee."

"Am I wrong or is it the world?"

"Or are You wrong?"

"O Lord, answer me."

"I stand before Thee."

Can I meet him?
- We're arresting him.

We will conduct a medical test first
and produce him in court in two hours.

Talk to your lawyer if you wish.

I am his lawyer.
- Oh, really?

Uncle, don't worry.

I am with you, don't worry.

The FIR has been filed.

Have a look.

You have no choice but to defend him.

By the way, what's your name?


What's your full name?

Aarti Mohammed.

Doctor, she's sweating profusely,
she has turned cold too.

If you could please come immediately...

Yes, she's nervous.

Tell me which medicine...

Aayat, mix some sugar and salt
in a glass of water and bring it.

Please spell it.

Mix sugar and salt in a glass of
water and bring it for your mom.

Okay, thank you.

Where is she going?



No, father. There will be no press.

The police will get custody.

There's a special court, I will attend.

Okay, the card was
renewed the last time.

Step back.

Wait a minute.

Go on.

'State versus Bilaal Mohammed!'

I want his custody.

Your Honour,

the accused Bilaal Mohammed

is the father of one of the terrorists
involved in the Allahabad bomb blasts.

The police took him into custody and
have made preliminary enquiries.

But for a thorough investigation,

the court is requested

to grant 14 days police custody.

What do you have to say, ma'am?

My Lord, my client has already been
questioned non-stop for 17 hours.

His house was searched too,

and he will be available
for further questioning,

there is no need for the police
to retain custody.

I see.

Does the police not need it?

Your Honour, the evidence
can be tampered with.

There can be a threat to his life too.

The investigation will be hampered.

Mr Santosh Anand, you seem quite
concerned about the life of the accused.

Police custody granted.

Thank you.

Sir, my client has gone through
immense mental trauma.

I fear his life is at risk too.

Hence, I request that his medical report
be provided to me every 48 hours,

and as per the provisions
under section 41 D CRPC,

grant us permission to meet him
during the investigation. - Alright.

Are you new to this court?

I haven't seen you before.

Alright, granted.

'State versus Bundaram.'

Where is Rashid?
- What happened?

Wait! Listen!

Listen to me!



Rashid, come downstairs!


You knew, didn't you?
- What?

You were aware, weren't you?

I didn't know about yesterday's plan.

Then what were you aware of?

Rashid, my brother Shahid died.

What happened?

Tell uncle what you did.

Shahid was unable to find
his cell phone that day.

When I found it near the television,
I went to his room to surprise him.

'Shahid, I found the phone.'

- What's that?'

'We were just having fun.'

When I asked them, they told me
they were just watching it.

When I questioned Rashid today,
he got scared.

He didn't tell me anything.

I will go and ask Rashid.

Where is Rashid? I am...



I want to talk to Rashid.

I sent him to Dubai.

I mean, he is leaving tonight.

Bilaal is in deep trouble

and I somehow want to prove

that Bilaal has got nothing to do
with what Shahid did.

- No.

Bilaal is your friend too.

So, what do I do?

What do you expect me to do?

Should I take the blame on me?

Should I get my son into trouble?

In fact, you should
not get us involved.

You have been disgraced.

We shouldn't...

The mistakes committed by Shahid,

that you might have overlooked.


you've been pointing out

my mistakes all my life.

I failed to understand my mistakes.

When you didn't realise

that Shahid was making mistakes,
how could I?

I was assured as Shahid
was under your care.

It was better for him
not to learn anything from me.

If you have made any mistakes...

You're talking to me
after two long years.

I've always been wanting to
please you somehow

so that you start talking to me again.

I might have erred.

But it wasn't intentional.

It wasn't intentional.

Please get me released, Murad.

Get me out of here.

Please get me released.

Everything will be alright, uncle.

I hope you're not being tortured.
- No.

If they do, let us know.



I will have you discharged honourably.

Good day, Murad.
- Good day.

'There never used to be
so much traffic here.'

'There's a shrine ahead.'

'They must be celebrating.'

'Why are they doing
that on the street?'

'Uncle, they go to the shrine
to celebrate.'

'When the shrine was built,
there was space in the city,'

'it wasn't densely populated.'

'But it's different now.'

'Customs should change with time.'

'Customs never change, uncle.'

'No community has stopped
celebrating on the streets.'

I seem to have missed something.

What is justice, counsellor?

There was no judicial system
in the prehistoric times.

Man would drink cow's milk.

And a tiger would eat the cow.

Nobody believed in the law.

Neither man nor cow.

It was only after society was formed,

that there was talk of laws.

And it was decided

that those who obey
the law will be happy

and those who don't will be unhappy.

But is it possible all the time?
- No.

At times, the one who obeys
the law will be unhappy.

Isn't that true?

That's great.

Isn't it, Danish?

Is truth more important or the law?

I take your leave. We can continue
this conversation some other time.

Good day.

He talks a lot.

He is Dr Shastrabudhe.

He is quite useful.

Well-connected politically.

Has the media in his control.

Nowadays, it's not just the arguments
in court that make an impact.

What is debated on TV,

what's published in the newspapers
and on social media.

All of that has
a great impact on the case.

I have summoned him for our case.

He will manage everything.

- Greetings.

Two of the three terrorists
involved in the Allahabad blasts

on 14th October were shot dead
by the police at a distance of

around 100 kilometres
from the scene of their crime,

and their leader,

Shahid Mohammed was
cornered at one of his hideouts.

At his other hideout in
Madanpura, Varanasi...


Allow him to complete, Mr Ali.

Your Honour, it's not a hideout,

it's a house.

You may call it a house.

Allow me to call it a hideout.

There's an ancestral house in Madanpura

and the house belongs to a family.

The activities happening there don't
usually happen in a house, Mr Ali.

That's what he meant.

Don't call it a hideout, Mr Anand.

Call it a house.


If you see the telephone records of
Bilaal Mohammed, you will come to know

that in the past three months
he has received 300 calls

from five numbers in Pakistan.


300 calls from Pakistan,
Mr Ali Mohammed.

Therefore, the accused Bilaal Mohammed

should be charged under sections

302, 120B and 124A
of Indian Penal Code 1860,

section 9B of Explosive Act 1884,

and section 16 of

unlawful activities
prevention act 1967.

That's all, Your Honour.

Is Afzal at home?

Tabassum Zohra.

Wasn't that was your name
before marriage?


How long have you known Mehfooz Alam?


Since when do you know Mehfooz Alam?

I don't know him.
- You don't?

Does your mom not know Mehfooz Alam?


You must have heard
your mom mention Mehfooz.

Did you hear the name or not?

Look at me and talk.

No, I haven't.
- I will put both of you behind bars.

When did you introduce
Mehfooz Alam to Shahid?

When and how?

They never met.

Look, your son is dead.

I'll make sure your husband
is not released for 10 to 20 years.

Tell me everything you
know about Mehfooz,

so that you and your daughter
can go home.

When and how did Shahid meet Mehfooz?

Look, we'll be able to help you
only if you help us,

or else...

Who will marry her?

Think about the future.

Think and let me know.

Greetings, counsellor.


Things were different earlier.

There was no television or internet.

Nobody knew what was going on
in the world.

But now, kids get to know everything.

What do they get to know?

They get to know the condition
of the Muslims in this world.

The kids get to see everything.

They get to hear everything.

By the grace of God, they are eager
to fight for the Muslims.

We should thank you and Shahid

for doing what I was supposed to do.

May God grant heaven to Shahid.

We've heard a proverb since childhood,

'The British left, but they left
their progeny behind.'

The proverb has changed now.

'The Moghuls left,
but they left Jihad behind.'

Objection, My Lord!

Mr Anand,

refrain from making
religious comments in court.

I won't allow it.

It is not religious, My Lord.

Terrorism has nothing to do
with religion.

'My name is Khan,
and I am not a terrorist.'

He said something like
that, doesn't he?

Your Honour, this is not a case

where a terrorist killed
innocent people

and the court convicted him.

Then, there's the next case.

Candle marches are held.
How long will this continue?

My Lord, I will take some more time
of the court.

But this is an ideal case
to understand terrorism.

Santosh Anand,
you always take more time.

Go ahead, I'm listening.

The situation that we're dealing with

is the business of terrorism.

There are lots of children
in their community.

Objection, My Lord!

Which community is he talking about?

He's talking about your community.

Mr Anand,

you can't level allegations
against religion in court.

This is my second warning.

My Lord, it's not an allegation,
there's enough data.

More than one marriage is allowed
in their community.

It is obvious that they'll have
more children.

More than one marriage is allowed

to give birth to more children.

They are crying.

In their community,
the level of education

is very low.

Objection, My Lord!

Why are you taking it personally?

Let me finish.

My Lord, I will produce some data
pertaining to that.

When there are more children
and very few jobs,

one of the family members
is sent on the path of Jihad.

Giving them a chance
to serve their religion

and also earn some money.

My Lord, Bilaal Mohammed is
a member of such a family.

To prove my point,

I would like to present Bilaal
Mohammed before the court.

Bilaal Mohammed,
present yourself in court.

What's your name?

- What does it mean?

Your Honour, Bilaal

is the name of their ancestor
mentioned in the Quran

who was the first to give the Azaan
in the history of Islam.

Azaan is a call to prayer

which is given five times a day

through huge loudspeakers
in every city of our country.

Objection, My Lord!

Five times a day we are told

that there is only one God

and they are the ones who
worship Him, that is Allah!

Objection, My Lord!

He's merely stating a fact,
Mr Ali Mohammed.

Isn't the call to prayer given five
times a day, through loudspeakers?

Our Hindu Gods have no value.

They aren't considered to be Gods.

'There's no God but Allah...'

Don't they say that in Arabic?

Well, I know a bit of Arabic...
- Objection, My Lord!

The public prosecutor will need
to learn a lot more Arabic

to find out what the Quran says
about other religions.

And he also needs to
learn some manners.

This is not relevant to the case.

This is the case, My Lord.

This is not just about
Shahid and Bilaal.

This is a case about a mentality

that kills innocent people
in the name of religion

and then they say,
'Every Muslim is not like that.'

Well, then, who will tell us who is
and who isn't like that?

Objection, My Lord!

He's connecting crime to religion.

Mr Ali Mohammed, he is arguing

that this crime is
connected to religion.

Please sit down. Yes.

You teach the Quran to children
since childhood, right? - Yes.

You must have taught it to Shahid too.

We did try,

but he showed little interest.

If this is what he did
when he had little interest,

what if he had developed
a keen interest?

I object, Your Honour!

This is blasphemous!

Why don't you listen to him?

You will get your chance.

I am sorry, Your Honour.

I am not insulting any religion.

I respect Mr Ali Mohammed,

he's like my elder brother.

Your Honour, Hindu and Muslims
live together in this country.

Every Muslim is welcomed
in this country

and the society respects them

because his Muslim community

has given us gems like

Abdul Hameed,
Abdul Kalam, Bismillah Khan,

though it is exceptional.

Your Honour, I would like to call
Bilaal Mohammed's daughter

Aayat Mohammed to the witness box.

Aayat Mohammed,
present yourself in court.

Go, my child.


when you came to know that
your brother has been killed,

how did you feel?

Listen, dear, I know it is difficult
to answer such a question.

But it is important.

So, when you learnt that
your brother was killed,

how did you feel?

I felt bad.

I felt bad.

Why did you feel bad?

I used to love him a lot.


Your Honour, the sister felt bad
that her brother got killed,

but she didn't feel bad

that her brother had killed
many innocent people.

If he was alive,
everything would've been alright.

Objection, My Lord!

None of the allegations levelled against
the accused Bilaal has been proved.

And his family members are

being questioned
on the basis of religion.

I am not raising these questions.

These questions come to mind naturally.

Your Honour, the accused
Bilaal and this family

prepared the child for
martyrdom since childhood.

They introduced him to terrorists

and incited him against
India and Indians.

They prepared him

and provided him logistical support
to carry out the blasts.

Your Honour, I'd like to request
the court to give me some time

to prove

that not just the accused,

but his entire family is involved
in this terrorist conspiracy.

Aayat, have one roti at least.

Keep it.


- What happened?

- What happened?

What happened?

See this.

What is it?

What happened?

Get them out here!

Step out of the house!

Go inside!

Who is it?

- All of you, go inside.

Go inside.
- Come with me.

Go inside.

For God sake, come inside.

I am feeling scared.

I am feeling scared.

"I can't take my eyes off you."

"Your beauty holds me spellbound."

"You are the epitome of love."

"I am the eternal spring."

"You are the epitome of love."

"I am the eternal spring."

"We belong to each other"

"that's all I know."

"If I ever look at someone
other than you,"

"may I go blind."

"Even the pebbles on your street
seem incredible."

"I yearn for..."

'Go to Pakistan'

It's good that no one was hurt.

Get the wall painted quickly.

It doesn't look good.

I suggest you should not
register an FIR.

It must be some hooligans.

I'll find them and warn them.

It's about the neighbourhood.

If an FIR is registered,

we will have to investigate the matter.

Why do you want to upset them?

You will need the help of the people
in your neighbourhood in this case.

Won't they need me?

You don't understand.

The case against you is for terrorism.

My case is related to terrorism.

And what happened last night
was done by some hooligans?

Well, they didn't kill anyone.

What if they had killed someone?

Five of us were sitting
in the courtyard.

They threw 12-15 stones at us.

If one or two of us
had lost their lives,

would you believe that
they were terrorists?

A lot of people died in Delhi in 1984.

They weren't killed by Muslims.

Wasn't that an act of terrorism?

Chhattisgarh, Assam, Bengal,
Gujarat, Ayodhya, Kashmir...

Who will decide which of these
were acts of terrorism?

Who will decide that?

And you speak of terrorism!

An act of terrorism doesn't
necessitate killing someone.

Trying to scare someone
is also an act of terrorism.

Your Honour,

I would like to call the accused
Bilaal Mohammed's elder brother

advocate Ali Mohammed
to the witness box.

That's unusual.

I have the right to call him,
Your Honour.

Mr Ali Mohammed,

can you please tell the court

where were you on the night
of 6th December 1992?

Your Honour,

on the night of 6th December 1992,

he was at the house of Mir Qasim Asad,

which is at a distance of
2 km from his house.

'After the demolition of the mosque,'

'it's now the turn of our homes'

'and our very existence.'

'Everything could be attacked.'

'We are at war.'

'Only those who are prepared
to wage war,'

'should live in this city.'

'We will be victorious, God willing.'

"Raise the slogan,
Allah is the greatest!"

"Raise the slogan,
Allah is the greatest!"

"Raise the slogan,
Allah is the greatest!"

And most of the rioters

were those who were present
at that meeting.

Murad is not at fault.

I took him to the meeting.


Your Honour,

this is the copy of the FIR
which was registered that night.

This family has a history
of communalism, sir.

Murad has nothing to do with this case.

Shahid is my son.

I'm responsible for everything,
Your Honour.

Defence, talk to him.

Shahid is my son.

He was my son.

Murad can't be held responsible.

I'm solely responsible for everything.

Murad is not at fault.
Punish me any way you deem fit.

Defence, you need to explain

the charges that have been
filed against him

and that he will face more charges.

Take him away.

Shahid was a terrorist.

I'm his dad.

I don't know anything more about him.

My name is Bilaal.

Shahid was a terrorist.

I don't know anything else.

He has received calls

from the same Pakistani phone numbers

that are under investigation.

And the investigation has led
us to conclude

that all the charges levied against
Bilaal Mohammed

are applicable to Ali Mohammed too.

Hence, the investigating officer has
named him as an accused in this case.

Hence, for further investigation
and examination,

I plead that Ali Mohammed be remanded
to police custody for 14 days.

My Lord, this FIR has got nothing
to do with this case.

Mr Ali Mohammed is a reputed
lawyer and citizen of this city.

He has been living in that house
all his life.

He will always be available
for examination.

The prosecution has no basis
for his custody, sir.

He is available for examination, right?

Press the charges first.
We'll talk about the custody later.

Fair enough, Your Honour.

Thank you.

- Yes.

Are you okay?


It's just that I am unable to sleep.

I was just thinking...

When Tabassum came to this house
after we got married,

she would fight with me quite often.

She would complain
that I don't love her.

I would say that I did.

A lot.

And she would say, 'Prove it.'

How do you prove your love for someone?

By showering your love, right?

Today, I was asked in court

to prove my love for my country.

How do I go about it?

How do I prove my love?


I want you to fight this case for me.

I want you to prove my love
for my country.

Or else I'll lose the
argument in court.

I stand to lose.

We won't lose the argument, father.

'After filing charges against
the father of Shahid,'

'the terrorist responsible for
the blasts in Allahabad,'

'the prosecution has also
named Bilaal's elder brother'

'Ali Mohammed as an accused
in this case.'

Look, Aarti, you got married into
that family, we didn't object.

But now...

Now what, mom?

Even the court has said that they
participated in the riots.

The court didn't say that, mom.
The prosecutor said that.

Turn on the TV.
Everyone is against them.

Listen to me.

Come back to us.

You can go back
after the case concludes.

We don't want any trouble.

It's about terrorism, Aarti.

Besides, you are a woman and...

And you are unable to say
that I'm not a Muslim.

I'm the daughter-in-law
of this family, mom.

And father has given me the
responsibility of handling this

without considering my gender

or my religion.

Aarti, please try to understand.

It's time for the hearing, mom.

I have to go.

Just a minute.

Yes, Mr Yadav. Tell us.

Sir, during the course
of the investigation,

I searched the accused
Bilaal Mohammed's house.

A lot of material related to
the training of terrorists

was recovered from the computer
at his house.

And an electronic workshop was set up
in one of the bedrooms in the house

from which a small mobile network
has been operated.

What do you mean by
a small mobile network?

You can call it
a private mobile network.

It doesn't touch
any Indian mobile network.

And we cannot tap the network.

Your Honour, this is the antenna

that was used to operate
the private mobile network,

and it was installed on the rooftop
of the hideout.

Objection, My Lord, that is a house.

Accept the facts
now at least, counsellor.

Mr Anand, if you have the facts,
just present them.

Why do you insist on saying
something that they don't like?

I'm sorry.

Your witness, Mohammed Aarti.


Aarti Mohammed.

Mr Yadav, if I may ask,

what are your qualifications?

Sir, I have a Masters in
Computer Applications,

besides which I have...
- So, if an expert like you

had not been present
during the investigation,

these things wouldn't
have been discovered, right?

Yes. If you don't have
knowledge about computers...

I would like to once again
show the court Bilaal's phone

which the public prosecutor
has placed as an exhibit.

This is not even a smartphone.

In fact, Bilaal Mohammed is
a high school pass out.

And it's almost impossible
for him to know

what Shahid was doing on his computer.

That's all, My Lord.


This proves beyond any doubt,
Your Honour

that the level of education
in their community is very low.

This antenna was installed
at the hideout...

I'm sorry.

On the roof of the house.

They used to hang out
clothes to dry over there.

Did none of the family
members see this?

Or did all of them think

that this a new machine
to attract pigeons?

Your Honour!

I would like to call
Bilaal Mohammed's helper

Afzal Sabir to the witness box.

You may go.

Go ahead.

Yes, Afzal.

How long have you
been working for Bilaal?

It's been a year and a half.
- Okay.

This month 14 SIM cards
were released from your shop

without verification of the documents.

Is that true?

- On whose instructions?

Please tell the court.

The 14 SIM cards were delivered
without any documents,

and Bilaal had asked me

to arrange for the documents
from somewhere. - Right.

Your Honour,

the 14 SIM cards were given
to Mehfooz Alam.

Out of which 4 SIM cards were used
during the Allahabad blasts.

Point to be noted. That's all.


Afzal, where did you work before
you started working for Bilaal?

I used to work

at Mr Patel's mobile shop in Lahartara.

And before that?

At Mishra Electronics.

While you were working there,
did it ever happen that SIM cards

were handed over to someone
without proper documents?

Friends or relatives were
given cards sometimes

I'm sorry to interrupt, Your Honour,

but Mr Patel and Mr Mishra
don't promote jihad!

Mr Anand, that's a different argument.

It doesn't have to do anything
with this case.

Afzal, did Bilaal Mohammed tell you

to give SIM cards to someone
without any documents?

No, sir.

Did Shahid tell you to do that?


Which means Bilaal could have
taken those SIM cards

or Shahid might have taken them,

or you could have taken them.

Objection, Your Honour.

The defence is trying
to browbeat the witness.

Not at all, My Lord.

It is a possibility which the public
prosecutor might have missed.

I'm just presenting it in court.

Hence, it can't be conclusively proved

that the 14 SIM cards were
given to someone

with Bilaal Mohammed's knowledge
or following his instructions.

That's all, My Lord.

Greetings, sir.

Greetings to you too.
- We are holding a meeting for Bilaal.

What meeting?

For the martyrdom of Shahid...


Was he martyred?

Sir, they are defaming our community.

Check out the social media
platforms and Facebook.

If we don't stand united now,

it will be impossible for us to
live in this country.

Which country do you live in?

I have the support of my country.

The law is doing its job,

and I'm doing mine.

Of course.

I have seen the wall of your house.

They have called you a Pakistani.

They are bound to write
that on my wall.

That's because some families
celebrate when Pakistan wins.


what Shahid did is termed martyrdom.

And what some thugs did to my house
is called patriotism!

Yes. I accept that there are
some thugs in our neighbourhood.

Just the way we had
someone like Shahid.

The only difference is that
you are looking for the thugs,

and I'm looking for Shahid.

Do you know this man?

No, sir.

I don't know him, sir.

You and Shahid have met him.

You took Mehfooz Alam
to the railway station.

Your Honour,

Hari Om Jewellers is a shop right
opposite his shop.

I want to show you the CCTV
footage of that shop.

Exactly ten days before
the Allahabad blasts,

this terrorist named Mehfooz Alam

had visited his shop, Your Honour.

What was the amount at which
the deal was finalised?

He came to the shop with Shahid.

I... I didn't even know him.

That wasn't your shop.

It was your third hideout

where you provided
SIM cards to the terrorists

and finalised a deal.

What was the price you
got for your son?

Objection, My Lord! None of
the charges has been proved yet.

Mr Anand, do you have any evidence
that the deal happened?

Well then, I will prove that too,
Your Honour.

I would like to call the manager
of Ameer Nishan Hotel,

Abdul Latif to the witness box.

'Abdul Latif,
present yourself in court!'

Please tell the court your occupation.

I own Ameer Nishan Hotel in Dalmandi.

Do you know Bilaal Mohammed?

I don't know him personally,

but a few days ago someone
from Pakistan...

From where?

A guest had arrived from Pakistan.
- Okay.

He left

$1500 cash for Mr Bilaal Mohammed.

Did you give the $ 1500
to Bilaal Mohammed?

Yes, sir.
- When?

On 14th October at...
- At what time?

Around 12 o'clock.

Around 12 o'clock on 14th October,

that is exactly four hours
after the blasts,

Bilaal Mohammed gets the money
that came from Pakistan.

And ten days before the blasts,

this terrorist named Mehfooz Alam

finalises a deal with Shahid
and Bilaal at their third hideout.

And for a mere 100,000 rupees

16 innocent Indians are killed.

That's all, Your Honour.

Uncle, who receives money
from Pakistan these days?

You are a Muslim.

If I do it, the Intelligence
Department won't spare me.

That's not true.

People are doing
business with Pakistan.

And I received the
money from my sister.

Neither of us can prove that
Aunt Roohi had sent the money.

The mode of transfer was not legal.
Do you understand that?

What could I do?

The doctor said that surgery
was necessary.

I could never do anything for Aayat.

I cannot always ask Murad, can I?

You are like a daughter to me.

I can ask you.

Listen, Aarti.

They won't spare me.

But I beg you.
- No.

Please get Murad out of this mess.

Get him out.

It's 12:30, ma'am.

A glass of water?

What do you think?

Will you win the case?

What do you think?

I will bring forth the truth in court.

It's up to the court to do justice.

"Hail the Goddess."

"Answer the prayers"

"of the devotees who flock to You."

"We sit at your feet..."

"Get rid of all our sorrow."

"Your face..."

"It gives us great pleasure"

"to see You in all Your splendour."

"Pay heed to everyone's prayers."

"Please help me attain my objective."

Let us through.

"Your name..."

"To see You in all Your splendour."

"It gives us great pleasure"

"to see You in all Your splendour."

Are you done fighting the case?

All of you are coming with me.

No one will stay here.

Where do you not want us to stay?

No one will stay back in India.
- Why?

Why should we stay here?

We have no one here.

We thought they are family.

But did they?

A few days back, everyone was
here in this veranda,

having a feast.

And Bilaal's corpse was laid
at this very place today.

Did any of them come here?

Why should we stay here?

How can you say that?

It wasn't Shahid's funeral.

Aunt refused to accept his corpse.

Isn't that enough?

Aftab is right, Ali.

There's a young girl in this house.

Uncle's case is over, dad.

They have no case against you.

The trial will go on for years.

Let's leave this place.

Why should I leave?

Where do I go?

This is my home.

Why will we let the trial
go on for years?

What will I say to myself?

Am I a traitor?

Was Bilaal a criminal?

Is Aayat a terrorist?

How will Sonkar face the
people in this neighbourhood?

Will he say that he
was supporting terrorists?

We'll fight the case right here.

We'll fight till the end.

And we will let everyone see the fight.

Aarti, talk to him.

He's absolutely right.

No one likes to leave his house.

What if we lose the case?

We'll speak the truth, Aftab.

Sir, it so happened

that we received a message on our
WhatsApp group around two years ago.

It was to help the people of Kashmir
who were ravaged by floods.

Shahid and I gathered around
7,000 rupees

from our friends and acquaintances.

We gave the money to Alam.

'Thank you.
- You are welcome.'

'What's your name?'

'My name is Rashid.'

'And I'm Shahid.'

Alam told us that he's from Mumbai.

And that he's an engineer.

A few months later, he felt

that the poor and deprived Muslims
of this country needs him.

So, he quit everything else
and started helping the needy.

What next?

After that, he called us a few times...

He called us directly a couple of times

and asked us to collect donations.

And we did it.

Twice he told us to deliver
the money to someone else.

And once, he'd come
to Varanasi personally.

He met us and took the money.

When did you meet him last?

Around four months ago.

'I'm tired of all this.'

'I don't get support from the people.'

'I don't get support from
the government.'

'They trouble me instead.'

'Why do they trouble you?'

'When I try to help the Muslims
in Kashmir,'

'they say that I'm a Pakistani.'

'They tap my phone,'

'and call me to the police station.'

'They trouble all those I speak to
over the phone.'


'Henceforth, I won't call you.'

'Or else they'll start
troubling you too.'

'Why don't you use
the internet to make calls?'

'Are you crazy?
- What?'

'We have no idea who is and
what he wants.'

'I hope you know what the
situation is these days.'

'Alam is trying to do
something good here.'

'He rightly says that the condition
of the Muslims is pathetic.'

'Did I get a job?'

'Did you get a job?'

'Did Ashish get a job?'

'What about Rakesh?'

'We didn't even score that well.'

'Let me make this clear.'

'I don't want to receive any calls
or messages from that man.'

'And you won't speak to him either.'

'You won't talk to him!'

And I decided

not to meet him ever again.

My Lord,

here is Rashid's phone,

and it has the WhatsApp group
which he just mentioned.

That's all, My Lord.

Do you have any questions, Mr Anand?

Thank you, Your Honour.


did you inform anybody
about your meeting, my boy?

No, I didn't tell anyone
about the meeting.


I didn't inform anyone
about the meeting.

Did you ever ask Shahid

if he had met Mehfooz Alam?

I had told him not to.

We never spoke about it after that day.

Your Honour,

it's that simple.

Rashid felt that it was
a mere coincidence

that they met a terrorist.

So, Rashid told Shahid,

'Do whatever you want, I'm not
interested in terrorism.'

That's all.

He didn't find the need to speak
to anyone from his family about it.

Your Honour,

for this family terrorism
is a profession.

Some people take it up, others don't.

How would we know

which terrorists Rashid continues
to be in contact with,

as he refuses to divulge any
information about them.

Or will he speak up

when several innocent Indians
will be slaughtered?

That's all, Your Honour.

You may leave.


My Lord,

I would like to cross-examine
Afzal Sabir,

and I'd like to show the footage of
Bilaal's shop to the court once again.

'Afzal Sabir,
present yourself in court.'

Can you please stop there?

Afzal, what were you doing
standing on a chair?

Sir, the account files are kept
on the top shelf in the cupboard.

Bilaal had told me to retrieve
a file of a particular year.

When did Bilaal tell you
to retrieve the file?

He had just arrived at the shop

and asked me to get
the file immediately.

He had just arrived. Okay.

Had he come in late that day?

No. He had a meeting at the bank.

But he had forgotten the file,
and he came back to get it.

So... When he reached the shop,

was someone already present there?

Shahid and Alam were present
at the shop.

Did Bilal know that Alam
was going to be there that morning?

No, sir.

He wasn't even aware
that Shahid was there too.

Had you seen Mehfooz Alam before?

No, sir.

Shahid introduced me to Alam that day.

He told me that Alam
is his friend's elder brother.

My Lord, Bilal Mohammed

had a meeting at ICICI bank,
regarding a loan.

He'd forgotten to carry a file,

and he returned to the shop
to retrieve it.

And when he reached the shop,

Shahid and Mehfooz Alam
were already present there.

So, that was the first time

when Bilal Mohammed met Mehfooz Alam.

Yes, Your Honour.

And he didn't like riding
the scooter all by himself.

And he said, 'It doesn't matter
if you're a terrorist.'

'Let's go for a drive!'

My Lord, there's a railway station
right next to the ICICI bank.

So, out of courtesy,
Bilal Mohammed offered

to drop Mehfooz Alam to
the railway station.

He was unaware
that he was aiding a terrorist.

Such an abstract story, Your Honour.

Of the highest order...

The prosecution still believes

that a deal had been finalised
between Bilal Mohammed, Shahid,

and Mehfooz Alam.

You may leave.

My Lord,

I would now like to cross-examine
Ajit Yadav, the nodal officer.

Go ahead.

Mr Ajit Yadav,

do you think anyone could tell

that this is a machine
for shooting pigeons?

I think I wasn't clear enough.

Do you think anyone could tell

that this is a machine for
shooting pigeons?

I don't think so, ma'am.

It isn't meant for that.

What's the probability

that someone would figure out
what it really is?

It isn't possible to say
anything in the first look.

A tech-savvy boy from
their family said,

'This is a signal booster for
the dish antenna.'

And the family agreed to him.

That's it, sir.

Your Honour,

It's not necessary that Bilal Mohammed

or Ali Mohammed knew about this antenna.

The prosecution believes

that they both knew it very well.

They knew what Shahid was up to.

And also the amount of money
that he was going to get for it.

Such an abstract imagination, My Lord.


Each argument by the public prosecutor

is based on the abstract imagination.

They think they know that the family
is full of terrorists,

and everyone is a part of the plan.

But they haven't provided
any strong evidence to prove it.

That's all, My Lord.

You may leave.

My Lord,

I'd like to summon the accused
Advocate Ali Mohammed

to the witness box.

'What's going on?'

Mr Ali Mohammed, do you drive a car?


How many traffic tickets do you have?


Do you file income tax returns?


Do you vote?
- Yes.

Do you give bribes?
- What?

Do you bribe government officials

to get your work done smoothly?

No. I don't.

How many terrorists
do you have in your family?


How can you be so sure?

Because I know my family very well.

Didn't you know Shahid, very well?

Shahid... We made a mistake.

What about Bilal?

Bilal hasn't done anything.

It hasn't been proved to the court yet.

The charges levied on him
haven't been annulled.


Your son, Aftab Mohammed,
what about him?

He has a business in London.

Can you be dead sure
that he isn't a terrorist?

No, he isn't a terrorist.

Are you saying
this with the same belief,

which made you think that
Shahid was innocent?

I don't have any reason to doubt him.

You might not have a reason,
Mr Ali Mohammed.

But the prosecution believes

that you and your family
breed terrorists

and that's your source of income.

You all are accused of being traitors.

You and your entire family.

We... We aren't traitors.

How would you prove that?

How do we accept
that you aren't a traitor?

Just because when you had a choice
in the year 1947,

to go to a Muslim state, you didn't?

Or because

you pay income tax, cast votes,

and don't bribe government officials?

You don't have any proof,
Mr Ali Mohammed,

to state that you aren't a traitor.

And we require proof.

We require proof because
your look doesn't reflect patriotism.

For how long do you have this beard?

It's been around three years.
- Why?

Religious custom.

Have you ever thought about this?

How would a patriot differentiate
between the bearded Ali Mohammed,

and those bearded terrorists

from Syria, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and Kashmir,

whose photographs are printed in
newspapers every other day?

How would we know
that they are the bad Muslims,

and you're the good one?

Mr Ali Mohammed, your nephew
stayed with you in that house,

and he has killed 16 people
in collaboration with terrorists.

Your brother Bilal Mohammed,

has been accused
of being a part of this conspiracy.

You've been accused
of being a part of this conspiracy.

How would you prove
that you're a good Muslim?

Tell us...

How will you prove
that you're a good Muslim?

When I'd read the Quran,

I knew that Allah would ask me
this question on the judgement day.

Whether I was a good Muslim

or not.

And He will decide.

He will decide.

I tried my best to be a good Muslim,

but I made some mistakes.

Mr Santosh Anand spoke about
the meeting in the year 1992,

and I have been accused
of disturbing communal harmony.

'They'll set our house on fire.'

'Look outside.
People are killing everyone.'

'This is my house.
I won't leave this house.'

'We will have to leave.
Hurry up, Bilal.'

'I won't leave.'

'That was the night
of 6th December 1992.'

'We were very scared on that night.'

'Every Muslim was scared.'

'And some people came to my house.'

'Sonkar. Chaubey.'

'The situation is getting worse.'

'But you don't worry.
Both of us will stay here.'

'We won't let any harm come on you.'

I wish Chaubey and Sonkar

went to every Muslim.

I'm sorry to take your time,

but it's necessary to know those people

who are accused of being terrorists.

My lord,

whatever happened in this life,

it is because of this country.

Abdul Hamid fought for the country

so did Gandhi,

and Mother Teresa.

In this country, I also
benefited from being a Muslim,

and at times,
I was under suspicion too,

but I will be buried
in the very same cemetery

which is 200 meters away from my home.

The public prosecutor said

that he respects the Muslims

and welcomes them.

Who gave him the right to
welcome me in my own house?

This country belongs
to you and me too.

If you think I am unfaithful,

go and find out why it is so.

If you don't know how to differentiate

between Shahid and Murad Ali,

then find out why it is so.

And if you're unable to differentiate

between my beard and
Osama Bin Laden's beard,

I still have the right
to follow my religion.

If you are good to me,

I will lay down my life for you.

But if you point finger at me,

then remember,
I am not answerable to you,

I'm answerable to my community
and my country.

That's all, my lord.

You may go.

My lord, I now want to examine

the investigating officer
Danish Javed.

Danish Javed, present
yourself in court.

As per the phone call records
of the accused Bilaal Mohammed

submitted by the prosecution,
about 300 calls are from Pakistan.

Can you tell us from which terrorist
organisation these calls were made?

We don't know yet,

but we've sent a request
to the Government of Pakistan and

our own intelligence.

Are these numbers on the alert list
of any Indian agency?

No, but that doesn't mean...

Of course, not.

It doesn't mean that these numbers
cannot be under suspicion.

My lord, these 300 phone calls
were made from five numbers.

Here's the report
from Telenor, Pakistan.

The first number belongs
to his cousin Dr Pervez Ahmed.

The second number belongs to Sayyed
Mohammed Naved, also his cousin.

Then Sameena Begum, his cousin's wife.

Mr Arshad Mumtaz

and his wife Roohi Mohammed,
cousins again.

She is the same Roohi Mohammed

from whom Bilaal Mohammed
had borrowed 1500 dollars

for his heart surgery,

which he received on the day
of the blast, coincidently.

Mr Danish, do you believe in Islam?

Yes, I do.
- Objection, Your Honour.

Why does a serving officer's religion
matter in this case?

Sir, I think the entire case
is related to religion,

and I shall prove that right now.

Danish, do you believe that every
Muslim is not a terrorist?

Yes, I do.

And is every Muslim a terrorist?

I think so, based on my experience.

What is the definition
of terrorism, Danish?

Objection, Your Honour.

Will the definition of terrorism
be written in court?

The unlawful use of
violence or intimidation

especially against civilians in
the pursuit of political or social aims.

That's the definition of terrorism.

Thank you.

The unlawful use of
violence or intimidation

especially against civilians in
the pursuit of political or social aims.

Use of violence
for political or social aims,

especially against civilians.

Am I right?
- Yes.

Did you notice there was

no religion mentioned
in the definition? - Yes.

So, how can you decide
this is terrorism and this is not?

Danish, you can choose not to answer.

Who decides this is
terrorism and this is not?

Objection, Your Honour.

Is untouchability terrorism?

Is assaulting the innocent
tribal population terrorism?

The upper class people humiliate

the lower class, is that terrorism?
- Objection, Your Honour.

Or do you think Islamic terrorism

is the only terrorism?
- I object, Your Honour.

Santosh, let me finish!

For how many years have you been
working in the anti-terrorist squad?

I strongly object, Your Honour.

For almost ten years.

And how many Muslims
are there in your team?

I strongly object, Your Honour.

Enough, Miss Aarti,
there's no relevance.

My lord, in this case, there has been

a historical and
mythological significance

even of the names of the accused
and his family, so, I...

All right, go on,

but come to the point soon.

Thank you, sir.

Tell me. How many Muslims
are there in your team?

Very few.


Because most of your
targets are Muslims?


In the heat of the moment,
has it ever happened

that your team forgot
that you're Muslim yourself

and said something offensive
to Muslims in front of you?

I don't remember.

Don't remember? Or it never happened?



but in the heat of the moment,
sometimes... - Right.

And did you ever feel

that some people are bringing
a bad name to the entire community?

Every time.

That's the point, my lord.

This entire case is
based on prejudice.

The investigating officer of this case
Danish Javed is a Muslim himself,

is prejudiced that some people

are bringing bad name
to the entire community,

and their agenda is to prove

and to set an example

that nobody becomes like Shahid.

Right or wrong?

Yes or no?

Isn't it true that
you could've arrested him?

Yes or no, Officer Danish Javed?

Objection, Your Honour.
- You could've arrested him,

but you killed him by shooting at him.

Yes or no?

Objection, Your Honour.
- Don't you want to prove that

nobody dares to become another Shahid?
- I strongly object, Your Honour!

The family too will meet the same fate!
- Objection, Your Honour!

Yes or no?
- I strongly object!

Did you want the same for this family?
- Yes!


That's all, my lord.

You may go now.

Santosh, closing arguments.

My lord, there's a wonderful proverb.

'How will we convince
them to be ours?'

'They don't consider us their kin.'

Your Honour,

two boys from this family

knew a dreaded terrorist
for a long time,

and one of them killed
16 innocent Indians.

The prosecution has produced
the evidence to the court

that this family made the plan
in their Badar Manzil house.

Nodal Officer Ajit Yadav
produced the evidence.

It is clear through CCTV footage

that Bilaal Mohammed knew terrorist
Mehfooz Alam for a long time,

and he got 14 SIM cards
activated for Mehfooz Alam

without examining the documents,

out of which, four SIM cards were used
by the terrorists in Allahabad blast.

There were several calls made
from unknown numbers

from Pakistan to Bilaal Mohammed
and Ali Mohammed,

and they also received a fee

of 1500 US dollars exactly
four hours after the blast.

Murad Ali Mohammed

has a history of 25 years

being associated with rioters.

Hence, the prosecution
requests the court

to grant Murad Ali Mohammed
the most severe of punishments

seeing which
no citizen of the country will

ever dare to involve
in anti-national activities.

According to the Indian Penal Code,

there can't be nothing less

than death penalty
for this heinous crime.

That's all, Your Honour.


Sir, it's a beautiful couplet.

'How will we convince
them to be ours?'

'They don't consider us their kin.'

Us and them.

Us and them.

Sir, tragically, this case is not about
Shahid, Bilaal or Ali Mohammed.

This case is about 'Us' and 'Them'.

Judge, there are different kinds
of people in this court.

My family and I have to prove
that we are innocent.

Santosh Anand,

Danish Javed and all these officers,

have decided that
this is a family of terrorists.

These people too.

They have nothing to do
with this case.

Few of them may be reporters,

few people who are
interested in this case,

but I don't know if you noticed or not

that whenever Santosh Anand
made any accusation like,

'There are more kids in
their community,'

'or the literacy level is less,'

everyone used to laugh.

Can you tell me what made you laugh?

Can you tell me?

Sir, can you tell me?

They were laughing on

the community with more children

and lower literacy rates

because that is his community,

not theirs.

Us and them.

Sir, a country cannot be divided into
parts by drawing lines on a paper.

It is divided in our minds,

by colour, language,

religion, and caste.

Santosh Anand has divided this country

very beautifully in 'Us' and 'Them'.

It is their punishment

which Santosh Anand announced
before you could give your verdict.

He's taught them the same bias
which he believes in.

Judge, I am reiterating myself,

this case is based on prejudice.

Badar Manzil is the house
which was built in 1927,

a family lives in it,

who chose the country
when they had to choose

between country or religion in 1947.

This is a country where people
speak 150 languages,

follow many religions,

how can you do justice with the bias
between 'Us' and 'Them' in that country?

I really don't understand.

Gandhi was not killed by a community.

He was killed by a man.

You can't blame
his community for his crime.

Terrorism is a criminal act,

not a communal act.

If every Muslim is weighed
in the same weighing scale,

then one-fourth of the population
of this world will be under suspicion.

We have to find other ways, sir.

Sonkar and Chaubey have to go
to Ali Mohammed's house

and tell him that they are with him.

Aayat, Bilaal, Ali Mohammed will have

to keep an eye on Shahid and Rashid.

Only then, this country will become
the best country in the world.

The country can't stand divided.

All of us are a part of this country.

Shahid was responsible
for his own death.

Who will take the responsibility
of Bilaal's death?

He was unwell.

The money that he saved
for his treatment

was considered as the fees for Jihad.

Aayat lost her father,
Tabassum lost her husband.

Sir, who will look after them?

Defence refutes all the allegations
by the prosecution.

I request the court

that the accused should be acquitted.

I rest my case here, sir.

Thank you.

I'll give the verdict in an hour,
after the recess.

You argued over two cases.

I can give the verdict for one, not two.

But I can suggest you something.

Ali Mohammed, if anyone questions
your beard hereafter,

don't get emotional,

and don't get angry.

This book,

the Constitution of India.

Get three or four photocopies
of the first page.

Show that paper to anyone
who questions you.

If they still continue to trouble you,
we'll handle it.

These are fringe elements.

You're getting them to the mainstream
by reacting.

Your brother died during the case,

the court and I are sorry for the loss.

I'm also upset

that you couldn't control your son.

You can't be punished for that.

Control the guys,

watch them, who they meet,
what they watch,

what booster antenna they use...

Terrorists are not agents of Islam.

They are misusing Islam

for business and politics.

If we acknowledge it,

we'll find a way to escape from it.

Danish, you're prejudiced against
your own community.

You must've known that.

If you weren't,
you would've filed a case

instead of talking about Hawala
for so many days.

You are more interested in

terrorism and encounters.

Your focus is on that.

Change your outlook,

the world will look clearer to you.

Santosh Anand,

no one present in the court would
know their grandparent's name.

You're talking about a man named Bilaal

from the 7th century.

Is this how we are going to solve
the problems of 2018?

Who came first? Who came later?

If we discuss this after 500 years,
we'll lag 5000 behind.

You lied in court.

Abdul Kalam, Abdul Hamid and

Bismillah Khan are exceptions
in the Muslim community.

You must have read this
message on WhatsApp, right?

Had you utilised your time
to go through history,

rather than watching news channels
and using WhatsApp,

you would've known

how many Muslims are terrorists

and how many of them
have made our country proud.

I can tell you the names,

but it is not my job.

As for the rest of you,
Danish gave a definition of terrorism.

Even after leaving this room,
don't forget that.

A bomb blast is an act of terrorism,

but there are many more things
that are acts of terrorism.

If we don't allow lectures
in the temple

and prayers in the parliament,

everything will be under control.

Whenever someone

tries to divide us,

misguide us,

go home and check the calendar,

check how many days are
left for the elections.

Ali Mohammed,

I acquit you.

The court discards
all the allegations on you.


Law got the better of religion
again today.


Dad, I won.

Very good.

Come on.

Will you forgive me?

Had you told me earlier,
this wouldn't have happened.

Sir, if you look for love,

you'll find it.


I got Bilaal acquitted.

"All the seven colours
belong to my beloved."

"O friend, you apply one colour to me."

"All the seven colours
belong to my beloved."

"O friend, you apply
one colour to me."

"With all the seven..."

"With all the seven colours,
I got confused."

"Some say it is green,
some say it is orange."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"Kashi and Kaaba dwell in me."

"Come to my house,
let me welcome you at the door."

"My beloved's religion is my love."

"Why worry about reason?
There is no inconvenience."

"There is no inconvenience."

"I am the sparrow
on the temple's roof."

"I live on the 'peepal' tree."

"I am the pigeon on
the roof of a mosque."

"When I fly, it is dawn."

"All colours define you."

"My scarf is of rainbow colours."

"I don't see my beloved directly."

"But I see him through
the eyes of my heart."

"O my heart."

"All the seven colours
belong to my beloved."

"O friend, you apply
one colour to me."

"All the seven colours
belong to my beloved."

"O friend, you apply
one colour to me."

"With all the seven..."

"With all the seven colours,
I became white."

"Some say it is green,
some say it is orange."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."

"My beloved dwells in me."