Mulberry (1986) - full transcript

Sam-po is a gambler living without concern for how his wife will manage their houselhold without his earning money. In order to get food and provisions, his wife An-hyeob, sleeps with various merchants in the village. One of the few men she does not sleep with, a lustful servant named Sam-dol, decides to reveal her activities to her husband for revenge.

Due to partial damage of the original copy
of the film, some of the scenes may be missing.




Producer Lee Tae-won


Original Novel Na Do-hyang
Screenplay Yoon Sam-yuk

Cinematography Son Hyun-chae


Music Choi Chang-kwon


Editing Lee Gyeong-ja


Lee Mi-sook


Lee Dae-geun


Lee Mu-jung


Director Lee Doo-yong


Why don't you ask everybody?


Having a pair doesn't make you a man.

I'd rather be dead than starve like this!

A husband is supposed to feed his wife!


Sam-bo is back.

Got back last night.

Has it been two months?

No, it's been three months since he was last here.

What a goose.

Never appreciates her,
that's all I can say.

Lucky bastard!


You selfish jerk!


Why don't you be a man for once!

All you do is travel the world, leaving me alone here.

Do you expect me to survive on my own?

You're gone for months on end.

I never get to see you!

Why can't you stay put for once!


I'm sick of slaving away to make ends meet!

You never bring home money,

you never bring me gifts.

You wouldn't even know

if I slowly starved to death.


Are you listening?
Are you?

Tell me.
How much did you win this time?

Gangwon, Pyeongan, Hwanghae...

Three months you've been away playing cards.

You must have earned a fortune by now!

Show me. Let me see!


Again, nothing but your manhood!


Are you having an affair?

Are you hiding a girl behind my back?


My love.
Do me a favor.


Watch where the card is going.


Are you listening to any of this?

I don't want to see it.

Get those cards away from my face.

Bear it with me, this once.

Tell me where this card is.


Where is it?

I don't know.

Just take a guess.

I don't care!

Come on...


It's this one.

- This?
- Yes.

Then, flip it over.

I don't want to.

Are you sure it's this one?



it's this one!


How... ?

Then, is it this one?


Where did it go?


Here it is.


You were sitting on it.


Get your hands off.

So stupid...


I know what you're going through.


But, you can't try to change me.

I guess I was born to wander the world.

That's just who I am.

I can't change overnight.


I do the best I can with what life has given me.

That's my fate.


I promise to return soon with a small fortune.

Until then, you have to be patient.

Always the talker.

No wonder other women...

As for women yes, I have been around,

but never met one as exquisite as you.


You expect me to fall for that?

I'm going to put an end to this once and for all.


Are you leaving?

I have to go.

There's a big game.

Kill me first before you leave.

You have to stop this.

There must be another woman!

Didn't you hear me?
There's nobody else but you.

I don't want to hear it.


This is dirty.

Then, fetch me a clean one.

It's in the drawer.
You get it.

Would you get it for me?


Wow. You've got nerve.


You want travel expenses, too?

Sure, why not?

I don't believe this.
You are unbelievable.

Most women have more balls than you do.

You're right.
In this day and age,

it's much better to be a woman.

I think I'd like you better if you were mute.


Here's your money.


Change your underwear, too.


You change it for me.


What are you smiling on about?




What's wrong?

Get that hideous thing
away from my face.


It's saying goodbye to you.

You're so full of it.




Get in there.

My love...



Get dressed.



Go on...


- Nice try!
- My back...


Damn it!

Why is it so hard for a man to get a drink around here?


Oh, come one!

You sucked on your mother's breasts until you were seven.

Is that all you've got?

You couldn't even manage ten steps.



Who's up next?

So embarrassing...

Whoever can make ten steps

gets a free drink
and a sack of sweet potatoes!

Go on. Sweet potatoes!

I don’t want to!


Honey! Try again!


I'll go again!

Actually, it's my turn.


They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery,

but not in this case.

Ten steps?
Piece of cake.


There you go!






Don't crap yourself
Don't push too hard!



He ripped one!

Hey, wifey!

Change his panties!

He shit himself!

You stink!

You wimps!

My late husband
would lift this stone mortar,

and walk around the rice paddy
three and a half times!

What a load of crock!

Be quiet!

- Who's next?
- Look at those muscles.


- I'll do it.
- Go for it!

Honey, you'll hurt your back.

Don't worry!

I am the champion of strength!

- Confident.
- What are you saying?

I lift my wife up against the wall every night!

This is a piece of cake!


Prove it to us.

- That thing weighs a ton!
- Go for it.


Look at him go.


Those Japs took everything from us.

These guys have no strength because they're hungry!

You're right.


We'll see about that.


Sam-dol! Why don't you try?

You people...
what's the big deal?

It's a cakewalk.




He's walking.


He's really strong.

Sam-dol, you're the man!


Good job!


I did it!

The sweet potatoes and the drink is mine!

Of course!
Let's go to our bar!

We need more makgeolli!


Let's go!


- Leaving again?
- Yes, I am.

Where to this time?

I'm off to pick mulberry leaves.

Will the ladies be there?

One cannot pick mulberry leaves without meeting the ladies.

Sounds good to me.

Let's go, everyone!
Makgeolli awaits!

Let's go, let's all go!

Let's go pick mulberry leaves.

Here and there, they're everywhere!

Spring has come. Spring is here.

Feel the warm breeze,

spring is here.

Lovely maiden, where are you going?


Come with us, come with us!

Let's go pick mulberry leaves.


Let's go pick mulberry leaves.

Come on, come on!

Let's go pick mulberry leaves.

Just you and me, the two of us...


Whoa! Good day, sir!


Let's go.


Are you in there?


I am.


You dolling yourself up?


Come in.


Look how pretty you are.

Hey, listen...

You know Chi-seop
from the next village, right?


He went all the way to Japan to study,
but came back with a broken heart.

Kim Cham-bu's eldest son.

Oh, right...

Such drama...


He's okay, now.




A few days ago,
he came to me,

begging me to hook him up with you.


So, I told him
to bring you a sack of rice.

What do you think?

You up for it?

A sack of rice!


He's waiting for you

at the vineyard right now.


A sack of rice...


I'm glad you came.


Won't people see us?

Who's going to see us?

Hold on a second...


What are you waiting for?




Stop staring.


I'm sorry!


No, no.
Oh dear...


What did I tell you?

I told you to hurry up.


Wait! Come back here!

Where are you going?

Stop! Please!




Where are you going?
Come back!

Stay! Where are you going?


Wait a minute...


What a load.


You're back.



What are you staring at?


- Are you home?
- Hey!

What do you need?

I'm out of firewood.
Could I borrow some?

Sure. Take some.

Wait a second.


That bonehead.
Why are you still here?

I've already brought back a load.

And you're done for the day?

Get some more leaves before it gets dark!

I'm going.


That lazy farmhand needs a good beating!

God knows what he spends
his time on all day.


Can I ask you something?

What is it?

Would you be interested in breeding silkworms with me?

But, you already are.

I'm always short on mulberry leaves.

I have a batch now,
but with a couple more

I'll need more leaves.


I'm old now,
and my body is not the same.

My back hurts
and everything is harder for me now.

You have your farmhand.
Don't you?

That cretin has to work on the farm.

He doesn't have time for this,
you know?


They bring me good money.

Three batches of silkworms
will bring us 100 won.

Really? 100 won?

Sure! So, why don't we do this together and share the profit.


How much do I get?

I'll give you 20 percent.


Just bring me mulberry leaves.
I'll give you 20 won.

It's easy money!

20 won, huh?


I'll do it.


Just pick and then bring you the leaves, right?

That's it.

Why don't you start tomorrow?

I will.


That little vixen.

She'd do anything for money.


What the...


I lit the furnace.


You skip work,

and instead come to my kitchen,
doing me favors I didn't ask.

You said you were out of firewood,
so I brought you some.

There's no need.

I can manage on my own.


Why were you at the vineyard?


I had business to take care of.
What's it to you?

Snooping around other people's business...

No need to get angry about it!

I saw a big grape stain
on your back earlier today.

I got curious.


Did you take a nap somewhere?


Even if I did, it's not your concern.

Mind your own business!



That's a lot of rice for one person.

Are you expecting a guest?

Again with the nonsense.

Mmm... that smells good!

Has it been steamed properly?

Get out!

You creep!

You've got a mean temper, lady.

We're neighbors.
I just wanted to be nice.

Get out of my kitchen!

Just wanted to be nice?

Well, you can try all you want,
but no thank you.

The things I have to deal with.




I get it.

That hussy doesn't want to mingle with a farmhand.

But I wasn't born a farmhand.
Nobody is.


I'll get her back.

I'm going to make her regret
every word she said.


Cheeky woman.


You owe me five quarts.


Come on.
I know you're busy,

but you could at least wait, no?



Why did she give you that rice?

She owed me.

She owed you?

Are you sure?


Here, rice.


You're crazy.

I am... for you.


Don't just lay there.
That's a lot of rice.

Be quiet.


I was wondering...

What? Not today.
I'm tired.

- Just a quickie.
- Hey, where are you?

Oh, gosh, I knew this would happen.


I pay you to work on
my mushroom field

and you go off and pick mulberry leaves?

She's breeding silkworms on the side
with old lady Hwang.

I'm paying you to work for me.

Where do you think my money comes from?

Some girls are just too greedy.

I'll say.

We're working our butts off,
but where are our husbands?

Probably drinking at the bar.

What is it with men and alcohol?

They can't get enough of it.

I know!
We have to get rid of that barmaid from Sokcho.

Goodness, it's hot.

Ow, my back is killing me.

Someone had a little too much fun.

You know too much
for your own good.

Stop talking and work!

Yes, sir.


So tedious.

Heavy, too.
It's way too heavy.

Listen up!

It's going to rain.
Let's wrap up and go get some snacks.


- Looks like it's going to pour.
- Yup.

Maybe that's why it's so humid.

I hope it pours.

I'm so tired.

- Where's the end?
- Pass that to me.

Who says making money was easy?


- It's still not raining.
- I know.

Speak of the devil!

It's really raining.

Let's go home.
Back to the village.

Come on!

Wait. You come with me.


- What did I do?
- Let's go.

Why are you doing this, sir?

This way.

What do you need?

You wench, you know why.

This is an expensive silver ring.

I don't want to. It's raining.

Here. It's yours.

Take it and do as I say.
Here, like this.




What are you doing?


Come on in.


It stopped raining. Let's go.

I bet it's going to rain again.

Let's just finish what we're eating and go.

Pour me a drink.


Hey, isn't that Chi-seop
from our neighboring village?

Why is he wandering around like
a pathetic dog drenched in rain?

What's he looking for?


Someone told me
they saw him at the vineyard

doing it with you-know-who.

That sack of rice
is probably for her.

What a moron.

He's had her once.
Isn't that enough?

When are we going to our chance?

Does that mean
you haven't been with her yet?

I haven't, either.

You're all full of crap.

As far as I know,
Sam-dol here and Chil-seong

are the only two in this vicinity who haven't touched her.

Even this doofus has been in her.


You can deny it all you want.
But, you know what's good when you see it.


What's so great about her, anyway?


There are no need for words.
She's a rare breed.


When you're in her, you're in heaven.


Wait. Can you be a bit more specific about why she's so great?

I want all the details.

No need for lengthy details.

The last time I was with her,

she blew my mind so much

that I was determined to leave my wife for her.

Sounds about right.



No wonder why all the guys who have been with that woman

are so infatuated with her.

Does she have a gold rim around hers or something?

It's more than that.

Let's start with her face.
It just doesn't compare to yours.

What's wrong with my face?


You should learn
a thing or two from her.

I've got my own skills!

You have no idea.

You have to try the soup
to know how it tastes.

You want to know what you're like?

You're all noise
and no substance.

What's with all the wailing?

Did someone die?
They all die at night.


Nobody even comes close when it comes to looks.

Too bad she's a whore...

It's all because of that
no-good husband of hers.

You can't blame her for it.

- Ma'am!
- What woman

sits around and waits for her husband who drops by once every three months?

The woman has got to feed herself.

Of course.

How did Sam-bo get
a woman like that anyway?

He picked her up at some bar.

Nope! The woman
had the hots for Sam-bo

and followed him home.

No, you're all wrong.

She was prize money
in a card game Sambo played

against her ex-husband.

You're probably right.

Sounds about right.

The day I saw that woman
move into the village with Sam-bo,

I felt this jolt of lightening.

She was like an angel
descending from heaven.


Chil-seong, you can do it.

Don't just sit there
and gape at the woman,

flirt with her a little!

You want to see my wife
tear me to pieces?

If you kept quiet about it,

how on earth would she ever know?

Nope! I can't!


You scoundrel!

Stop drilling holes in my door!

Fix it!

I'll fix it.

Go away! Thief!


That damn wench!


Ha! Take this!


That's right.
It was pouring yesterday

and she was nowhere to be seen.

I'm sure of it.

She totally did it
with the village chief.

Men just love her.

I'm pretty sure that,
excluding our husbands,

there's not a soul who hasn't had her.

Does she have something we don't?

There must be a reason
why men go crazy for her.

Some were born with a honey flower bush

and some with a thorn bush.


- Quiet.
- Why?


That ring you're wearing.
Is it new?


Did you buy it?




Some girls only dream of wearing a silver ring on their finger,

while for others, all it takes is one rainy afternoon.

No kidding.


But, you have a silver ring,
don't you?


This is my wedding band.

It's a piece of junk now.

But look how shiny it still is.

That's because
I spend hours cleaning it.

Su-dong chewed on it,
and now it's dented.


It was so pretty when I first got it.
Not so much anymore.

But it's still valuable.

It's all about the quality of the ring.

Yours isn't like some plain old silver ring.

You can say that again.

A weed in the fanciest garden is still a weed.


Keep an eye on your husbands.

Make sure he doesn't fall into
a certain honey trap.

Speak for yourself.

Hey, don't worry.

If my husband ever cheated,

I'll make sure to twist his damn neck.


I have to say, it's always a woman's fault.

If you want to be left alone,
stop flirting!

She just can't help herself.


Look at her walk.

She can't help herself.

Look at her shake that thing.




What are you staring at?

You were drooling back there!
Go home!

- I wasn't looking at anything!
- Come with me!


I'm going to kill you!

What have I done?

Who doesn't have a husband?

Do they really think they have
it so much better than me?

I'll get back at you all!

You ass, I can't believe
you were drooling

over another man's wife!

And, the biggest whore in the village, at that!

You're such a jerk!

- Calm yourself!
- I've had enough of you!

Get your ass over here!

Crazy woman...


Are you there?




Come here for a second!

What's the matter?

We're out of mulberry leaves!

What? Already?



Look for yourself.
Look at them go at it.


My goodness...

They're devouring it all up.

I laid out a basketful just last night.

Look at this.

Bring me at least four more baskets!


Look for the shiniest leaves
and pick those.


Let me pass.

You move.
I was here, first.


I don't want to.
I have a big load.

I'm not budging.


Let's stay here all night, then.


What if somebody sees us?

Who cares?

We're star-crossed lovers on a bridge.





Look at you!


Wait! Wait for me!


Where did you go?


I'm coming!


Where are you?


Come on!


Where are you?


Go away.


There you are.

You can't be here.


Since you’re here,
pick me some mulberry leaves.

Mulberry leaves? Okay.


Here you go.


Listen, could you do me
a huge favor? Please.


What can I do for you?

You know, you little minx.

Listen, later tonight,

I'll leave a sack of barley at your place.

All I want is just one night. Please?

I don't need barley.


Then, what do you want?
Tell me.


I liked the silver ring
your wife was wearing the other day.

Huh? Her silver ring?

The one that she wears every day?



Why? Impossible?

Huh? No, I'll get it for you.
Right away!

Let's meet at the mill
at midnight tonight.




Well, then.


I hope to see you there.

Just get me the ring.

I will.


Did you boil the potatoes?

They're right here.



I'll be in the bedroom.


Dad, what does this say?

The days are for studying,
nights for sleeping.

Off you go to bed.
You, too.

You're sleeping in here tonight.


Come on! What's taking you so long?

I'm coming!

Then, hurry up! I'm waiting.



What's with him tonight?


What's going on?


Why is your shirt off?

It just happened.
Let's lie down.

What's gotten into you tonight?

- The sun's still out.
- Not a word.

- Lie down.
- One second...

The kids will hear.

They're sleeping.
Don't worry.

You know,
you're acting really strange.


What's gotten into you?


What's happened to you?

What do you mean?

You're never like this.

You're talking too much.






This is our third time.


My goodness.


You're crazy.




Oh no...


Are in you there?




I thought you wouldn't come.


A promise is a promise.

I've kept my promise, too.

The ring.


Put it on me.



Does it look good on me?



I wouldn't just let me go,
would you?

Stop joking around with me!

- Come closer.
- Okay.


Undress me.


Take your time.



Don't just look stare...



I'm embarrassed now.


What's wrong?

That's it? Do you have a problem?


I need to see it.

I have to see it.

You've got to be kidding.




It's working.
It's working!


Sam-dol, are you back already?




What are you doing in here?

I wanted to say
I brought more firewood.

I couldn’t find you,
so I came here.

And, you sneak into someone's bedroom?


Stop being so mean to me.

God created us all equally.

I wasn't born a farmhand, you know.


Shut up and get out!

You must have been out
late last night

to sleep in till now.

Shut up!
Get out of my room!

Don't be like that.

Your husband should be back pretty soon.


What if I told him what you've been doing?


You stupid jerk.

Get out!

If you don't, I'll scream.

I got it.


Why are you so picky?

Because I am!


I've got money too, you know!

My money is just as worthy as his!

Not even for a billion won!

I will never waste my time on a creep like you!





There she goes again.
Enough with the screaming!

How dare she refuse me?

Why am I the only guy
she doesn't want to sleep with?

It's not fair.
Why does it have to be me?

We'll see about this.
I'll have you some day!


I don’t' get it.



I know I had it on last night
doing the dishes.

Mommy, I'm hungry.

did you touch my ring?

No, I haven't.
I already told you.

How about you?


And, you? And, you?


You kids wouldn't know.

But, how could it just disappear?

There you are.


Want to go do laundry?


Sure, let's go.


What's wrong? You seem exhausted.

Are you sick?

You have no idea.


Anyway, I lost my silver ring.

That nice one?

The one we saw the other day?

I had it on last night,

but when I woke up, it was gone.


I've searched the entire house.

Have you checked the drains?

I looked everywhere.


I've never seen my husband so turned on
like he was last night.

He made me come multiple times.

And, you didn't even
feel the ring come off?

I'm so jealous.

I can't remember the last time I got laid.

As long as I have a silver sing,
I don't mind not doing it.

Wait till you get older.

You'll change your mind.

She's young, though.


But, a silver ring is worth big money.

Don't you agree?


Sure, I guess.

Hey, look,

that's not the ring you were wearing yesterday.

Did you buy another one?

No. It's the same one.

Stop lying.

It's a different ring.

The one yesterday didn't have a pattern.

- Does it have one, today?
- Yes.

My puppy chewed on it.


Listen to me.

I'm sure that silver ring is yours.

Did it have a flower on it?

Yes. I'm sure of it.


What am I going to do?

Wait a minute.
I'm going to kill my husband, first.


Let's all go.
Come on.


The rice has wilted. What do we do?

We didn't have much in the first place.

There goes our supply of rice
for the year.

Salvage what you can.

I'll kill him.

We're right behind you.

What's she on about?


Move out of the way.

What's going on?

They're stepping all over the rice.

Hey, love!

- You!
- What's wrong?!

Where's my ring?
Where is my silver ring?

Silver ring?

You gave it to that whore!

What whore?


Help me!

Somebody, help! Stop them!



He can't do that!

That's not right.
No way.

You're right!

Leaving me out of the loop!

You deserve to be punished!

I hate you!
How could you do this to me?


So, you took off my ring
to give to that whore?

What happened after you gave her
the ring? Tell me!

What did you do? Tell me!

How could you?
You can't do this to me!


Calm down!
Stop it!


Come on, ladies!
Let him go!

Help me!

Somebody, stop her!

Of all things,

how could you give the ring to that whore?

She's killing me!

My mother gave me that ring
as a wedding present,

because she felt sorry for me
for marrying a jerk like you!


Help! Somebody, help!

You bastard!


Let's go get that whore!


Let's go!


They're crazy, the lot of them.

Why are the rest of them so angry?


We shouldn't put up with this!

Forget the ring!
Let's teach her a lesson!

For everything she's done!

From day one,
she's been flirting with

every man in the village.

It's a matter of time
before she gets our husbands.


You're just like her! Be careful!

I'm in the same boat as you!

Shut up!


You slut! Give me back my ring!

Ring? What ring?

My silver ring!

She's wearing it!

Give it back!


Why should I?
I didn't steal it!

Oh, yeah? Are you done?


- Yeah, I’m done!
- What have I done?


Somebody go stop them.

They're going to kill her.

You slut! How dare you!


Go stop them!


You should've been more careful.






Oh, mom...




Mommy, I'm hungry.

I want to eat.

There's nothing to eat right now.

Try to hang in there.

I'm hungry, though.


Mommy's going to get angry.


I want food. I'm hungry.

There's no more rice left.
There's nothing.

Mommy's hungry, too.

- Quiet!
- Mom...

- Just die, all of you!

Stop hitting those poor children.

Do you think I want to hit them?

I'm just sick of it all.

I wish I were dead!


We should all just die together!


Why weren't you born into a richer family?


What awful karma brought you
into this family?

You kids don't deserve this!


None of us deserve this!


My poor children...






What do we do?

That woman has endured
all kinds of hardships alone.

We can't just kick her out of the village!

But, we have to.

It's for the village.

But, she's been committing one act of adultery after another!

That's true,
but I just don't have the heart to...


Or he can't,
because he's guilty, too.

Who's kicking who out?

They're all guilty. The lot of them.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

You have all sinned!
You're all adulterers!


It's clear that girl has to go!

Of course she has to.

And, that's final!

That minx is going to ruin all of us!

Look at us all.

She's disrupting the peace of our village.

I know it's harsh,
but we have to kick her out.

But, the chief has a point, too.

We don't even know
where that husband of hers is.

We can't kick her out by herself!

That woman might as well
not have a husband.

All he does is to roam the country.
He was never around.

We should wait until he comes back
and talk to him.

Do you have any idea
what you're saying?

You bonehead!
Are you suggesting that

we tell him everything she's done?

He could kill someone.
Who's going to be responsible for that?

Oh, right.
We can't do that.

Sirs, I can't listen to this any longer.

You're not thinking far enough ahead.

Just because we kick her out,
doesn’t mean she's going to leave, right?

Shouldn't you also think about
how she's going to react?

That's true.

What do we do?


I have a good idea.

What is it?

We could ask
old man Lee Cho-shi for some advice.

We can explain our situation to him

and ask him to
personally make her leave.

That's a great idea.

He's a highly respected senior around here.

You're right.
His wisdom

is respected by everyone.

Then, you and Deok-yong leave right now

and go find that old man.





Are you in there?


Hey! You there?

You again!


Hey, what's this smell?

This is piss!

- Sneaking in again?
- No, I wasn't!

Then, what?

You know,
they're kicking you out.




What have you done?

How am I supposed to live?

You can, that's how.


Are you going to make a widow out of me?

What were you thinking!


You shouting at me again?


I'm really going to kill myself.

No! Honey, don't!

Why are you doing this?

I'm sorry.
Please don't be angry.

I'm begging you.

You'll never shout at me again?

No. I promise I won't.

Then, fine.
I won't kill myself.

I'm glad you changed your mind.

How would I live without you
with our three kids?


What in the world is this?


Were you threatening me
by pretending to kill yourself?

At least it worked!


Good day, sir.


Is anybody there?


I'm waiting!


Hurry up and open the door!


Move it!


Are you
Sam-bo's wife?



You insolent child!

Where are your manners?
Come out of that room immediately!

Well, you see,

I cannot move
because I am not well.

If it's okay with you, please come in.

Sick, huh?


If you're not well, sit down.


Thank you.


Are you the very woman who has been
causing all those scandalous rumors?


In this life,
there are rules everyone must abide by.

A woman's virtue
is chastity.

A promiscuous woman
can ruin a nation.


A single eel
can cloud up the entire ocean.

Those proverbs apply to you.


There's no need for long explanations.


Pack your things
and leave the village.


Did you hear what I said?


Quiet, child.


I told you to leave,
not sit there and cry.


Stop the crying right now!




What? Tell me.


I'm not saying it's not my fault.

But, it's not fair to say
that I'm entirely at fault.


I married the wrong kind of man

and those men who hit on me
are partially guilty, too.


Oh, and I've also been mistreated.

The village women say it's all my fault.

They have falsely accused me
and have threatened me.

Look at these scars!
It's so unfair!


Oh my...

So, did the village woman do this to you?

There are more.

Look at this one.


It's okay.
You can look.


I don’t have a soul to turn to.

Here's another one.

Those evil women...


They've gone too far.

They do this to me,
and now they want me

to leave the village for good?

No way. I refuse to.

I agree with everything you've said,

but they can't kick me out.
Not like this.


Too much is too much.

Does it hurt, my child?




My dear sir...




Why do they point their fingers at me?

It takes two to tango.

How is it all my fault?





Yes, child.
I understand.



Oh, yes. Yes.


They're evil.



Just evil.


Oh, no...


Oh, dear...


Do you have a minute?


Over here!


I need to talk to you.

We have a big problem.

No kidding.

What are we going to do?
Oh, dear...


What's wrong?


It's the silkworms.

What happened?

They're about to start spinning,
but we don't have enough leaves.

What do we do?

We've picked every mulberry leaf.

We picked the ones
by the millet field, too.

What do we do, now?


Shall we buy the enhanced mulberry leaves?

I know they're supposed to be good

but we can't afford it.

We won't make any profit.


So, what do we do?

We'll just have to find it somewhere.
What else?

Man, those mulberry leaves
were some of the best.

They were so shiny
you'd think somebody oiled them.

Silkworms thrive on those mulberry leaves.

Which mulberry leaves are you talking about?


Mulberry leaves from the other side of the village.

What's the use talking about it
when it's not even ours?

I could sneak in at night

and pick a load while nobody is watching.


Well, would you do that for me?

Somebody has to keep watch.

Hey, don't worry.

She'll go and keep watch for you.

No! Why should I go?

I don't want to.

You don't want to?

We're in this business together.

It's a simple enough chore.

It's not because I don't want to.

We'd be stealing.

What if we get caught?

Come on...

Sam-dol is going to be there with you!

If you get caught,
he'll watch your back

while you run back home!


No! I can't go there with him!

You're going.
Go together tonight.

This is the only way
we can earn more money.


Yes, ma'am.

Alright, then.


Let's go pick mulberry leaves.
Let's go.

Here and there, everywhere.

Man, is this really happening?

She doesn't know what's coming tonight.

Maybe I'll take her to the rice field.

If I pick a big basket of mulberry leaves
and put it on her head,

she'll want to take a rest at least once.

Let's go pick mulberry leaves.
Let's go.

Sam-dol, stop walking.
Aren't we here?

Huh? Oh, right.


Come here.


Get in there.


My legs are shaking.

Get in there.

I don't like this.

Very funny.
She has no problem stealing husbands

and she feels guilty stealing leaves?


Go in.


What was that?


- Why, hello.
- Creep!


Let's get to work.


There's no rush.


Take your time.


Who's there?

- Oh, no!
- Who was that?

Who is that?

Oh, no...


Come on!


I can't move my legs.

Hurry up! Come on!

Who's stealing my mulberry leaves?

Oh, no...

Come out of there!



Come on!

We have to go!

Sam-dol, is that you?

What the heck!


I got you!


Oh, you're a girl.


Please let me go.


You thief,
why did you steal my leaves?

Let's see how thick-skinned you are.

Oh, wow.


Please let me go.
I'll never do it again!




Come with me.



You'll find out.




I was so close.
So close...

Just my luck.


How did I end up doing
some other guy a favor?


So, what happened?

What's it to you?

Did he let you go, just like that?

Of course he did.

I begged and pleaded all night
and he finally let me go.


What man gets caught stealing

and leaves the woman behind?

That's why you're never going to get it.


I deserve that.


It's not fair!
Why can't I have her, too!


Why not me!

What's this smell?
Cow dung...


Look how shiny these leaves are.

The best I've ever seen.

You don't need to pick any more leaves.

Once these babies start spinning,

we have money in our hands.


Goodness me! I nearly forgot!

I put rice on the stove to steam.


- Ma'am?
- Yes?

I'm taking some radish kimchi!

- Go ahead!
- Thanks!

Don't you miss the mulberry farmer?


Let's go back and pick some more.


Are you crazy?

Do you think I'd really come with you after last time?


Who does that hussy think she is?

Why am I the exception?


That two-faced minx pretending to be all proper...


There's no reason...


What was that?
What's that noise?

My soy sauce pot!


It was you!

You stop right there!
You weasel!

Why did you break my pot!


You, again?



I really like you.


This is for you.

It's silk.
Take this

and let me stay here tonight.

What? You fool!

What kind of woman
do you think I am? Get out.


Don't be like that.


30 years working as a farmhand,

and this is my entire savings.

I've used every penny to buy this,

so please accept it.


I mean it.


Get out!


If you don't give me what I want,

I'll tell your husband all about

what you've been doing.

That mulberry farmer,

and everyone else.

That's crass, even for a man as lowly as you.


You heard what I said.

Sneaking into the room of
another man's wife

would qualify you as lowly!


You bitch.

I'll show you what lowly is all about.



Scream all you want!

He's killing me!
Is anyone out there?



Stop it!

You're hurting me!

Just once!

Never! I hate you!

I hate you so much!

I don't care how much money they pay me!






Have you lost your mind?

You don't work!
All you've been doing is drinking!

Get off of her right now!


You pitiful thing.
You poor, poor thing.


Did you hear how Sam-dol barged into her room last night?

It's not the first time!

It was different. He acted like his life depended on it
and then he got caught.

Why did they stop him?

Should have let him do her.

If her husband ever found out,
there will be blood.

He's going to kill her.

When is he coming back, anyway?

He's here.


I can see that.


If that officer is here,

Sam-bo must be back home.

Every time he visits,
I see that officer.

There will be trouble.
Sam-dol swore he would tell on her.

He said he'd tell him everything.
Someone's going to get hurt.

My goodness.




You go ahead.


It's not fair.




You're the root of all my problems.

The farmhand next door has been hitting on me.

He barges into my room at night in drunk.

He makes up crazy stories that aren't true.

If you behaved decently,
he'd leave you alone.


Are you saying I've been indecent?


Have you seen me behave indecently?

If you have, tell me.

I don't have to see to know.


12 months a year, every year,

you leave your wife alone to fend for myself.

And, all you can do
is to accuse me of indecency?

Give me one example!

If you saw,
tell me when and where!

That's enough.

Why can't you just tell me?
Say it.

If you don't want me anymore,
then just tell me.

I said that's enough!


That was good.


My poor, poor life...


All I've ever done

is to have faith in my husband and endured.

And, now you're accusing me.

Oh, my heart.


I wouldn't say

this is a happy reunion for you two.

What's it to you?
Why are you butting in?

There's no need to get angry!

I'm merely helping you out.


Get out!
You're drunk!


Come on,
why do you insist on kicking me out?

I wanted to say hello to your husband.

Why are you so defensive?

I'm not being defensive.

If you're drunk,
be drunk nicely.

I haven't touched any alcohol.
So, why accuse me?

I'm perfectly sober,
and I wanted to say hi.

I have things to discuss with your husband, so I didn't drink today.


You bastard!

What would you have to say
to my husband? Huh?

Don't swear at me!

What? I can curse at you if I want to!

You are the lowest of lows.

Hey, what about watching your language?

Alright! I'm going to tell you everything today.

I just...


How dare you!


Well, look at you two.

The pair of you getting on my case.

You listen!

How low are you to curse and fight with somebody's wife?

That's not how you treat a woman!

I know exactly what you want to tell me.

So, go home!


Well, I’ll show you what I’m capable of.

You have no idea about your own wife.

I really hope you're ready for this!

Every decent man in this village with a wife

has slept with your own!

Thank your wife

for financing your gambling hobby.

She was so desperate to earn more money

that she even slept with a mulberry farmer!

- That's right!- You asked for it!


You! Do you have any idea
what I'm capable of doing to you?

I spent my life in gambling dens, fighting pits,

Manchuria and Siberia.

You ready for me?


Sure, I'm ready for you!


Somebody stop the fight.


Oh my...


Sir, can you please stop the fight?


Chief! Over here!





What is it?

Come here!

- What is this man saying?
- Oh, hello.

Tell him to stop the fight.


What's he saying?

He said we can do whatever we want.




He's going to kill him! Stop them!


Poor thing...


What do we do...




How many times did you go there?


How many times were you there?


Just once...

You slut!

He's going to kill her, too.

Die, you whore!


You're better dead!



Come on! Open your eyes!



Somebody please save Sam-dol.


He's unconscious.

- He's been knocked out.
- What's going on?

He's dying.

Run faster, please!


- Come on!- I'm trying!


- Please hurry!
- I am!

Run faster! This way.


The doctor's here.


- She looks okay.
- Look at her.

I'm going to go see Sam-dol, then.


That poor Sam-dol...


You conniving woman!


Do you believe what you saw?

He nearly killed her.




My love.


Did it hurt a lot before?


I didn't hit you because I I wanted to.


I was just so furious.

My hand simply reacted.


Forgive me.


Are you sleeping?



Sam-bo really was something.

He beat Sam-dol to a pulp!

I'm sure Sam-dol learned his lesson.


You watch out, too.
Before he beats the crap out of you.

What about you?


His wife has been uncharacteristically quiet.

Maybe he really killed her.

Who knows.


You have no idea how hard my life is!

You come home for the first time in three months,
and you beat me up.


You don't care if I'm starving or eating.

All you do is travel from one place to another.


having a pair doesn't make you a man.

Hitting your own wife!

You could have killed me!
You wanted to kill me!


You useless piece of...


We have to talk!
Talk to me!

How could you beat me up like that?

Say something!

I said I’m sorry.

Sorry isn't enough!

My love?

Tell me where the card is.

Get that thing away from my face!


Did it hurt badly?

I thought my gut was snapping into pieces.

Let me feel it.


Get your hands off me.

It's not swollen. Just soft.

How about down there?



You are so beautiful.


You're full of it.

I've never met a woman anywhere like you.


My love.

Go away.

Come on...


The bountiful season is here.

The bountiful season is here.

In the mountains and the seas, the bountiful season is here.

Life is good! Let's play...

Sam-bo, you off again?

Yes, I'm off.

Where are you going?

To pick mulberry leaves.

And get the girls?

Girls come with!


Sam-bo has the best life in the world.

Well, not really.


Let's go! Let's go! Let's go pick mulberry leaves!

Here and there, everywhere! Let's go pick mulberry leaves!


The End.

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