Mulan: Rise of a Warrior (2009) - full transcript

The epic story of the Chinese girl-warrior, Mulan, who fights to defend her father.

We can have wine if we win! Come!

General Hua! You are a great guy!

I want to be your sworn brother!

Sorry, General Hua! He's drunk

General Hua, I'm not drunk!

General Hua!

Let's tell her the truth


Now the army's morale is strong

and it all hinges on her!

I always hoped...

her heart would harden

And not be bothered by
matters of emotion

As long as the Rourans still live,
we do not have a home

The nation's business is more important
than our own

You two are so lonely!

Chiefs Futu,

Shelun and Buluzhen are outside,

waiting to bid farewell to Your Highness

Your Highness!

My tribe lost badly in the Battle of Buhe,

We wish to return to the grassland
to rest and recover!

I gathered everyone this time,
not just to loot and plunder!

With the Donghu,
Dayue and Dawan tribes together

we can attack and
claim the Central Plains

Forever leave the frigid north,

and realize the dreams of the Rouran!

Now I need everyone to be united.

What do you think?

The Old Danyu is kind,
and has permitted us to depart

Yes, Your Highness!

Come! Bring the wine!

My father is kind.
And you have worked very hard!

Futu, you have worked hardest

I will see you off first

Thank you, Your Highness!

Who will be next?


Futu was talking the other tribes
into retreating, so I killed him

Child! I know you are unhappy,

having run around the grasslands
for so long,

trying to gather all the tribes


my life was given to me by you.
I will not speak of unhappiness.

Morale is too low now,
they cannot take another battle

We must preserve the Rouran bloodlines

When you are Danyu you will understand

But I am not content!

With our strength, we might not lose

That means we also might not win

Let us retreat


do you remember what you used to say

when I was a boy and would ask you

why we always loot and plunder?

We Rourans don't have iron

Why do we need iron?

To make weapons

Why do we need weapons?

So we can loot and plunder!

Yes, Father.

I think like my sister.

I also dream of a day

when we can finally stop looting
year after year

and live the abundant life of
the Wei people

As long as we take the Wei territory,

I will fulfill my responsibility


you should agree with me, right?

Danyu, it has been polished

Gude, stay and serve me!

My father's soul has risen to the sky

From today on, I, Mendu,

am your new Danyu

- Danyu! - Danyu!

- Danyu! - Danyu!

Your mother's family name is Yuguo

We must marry in the future,

to birth the most purebred Rouran child

who shall rule the earth!

Mendu of the Rouran has become
the new Danyu

He has gathered an army of 200,000
and is ready to strike south

What do you think, Generals?

I have fought with Mendu before

He is cruel and violent

We cannot go against his 200,000 troops
with out meager forces

Why don't we retreat,
defend the gateways,

and wait for them to come to us?

What do you think?


If we retreat, morale will drop,

and if Mendu pursues us at this time,

we will suffer great losses

I beg you to consider,
we must not retreat!

I beg for your command
to lead the frontlines!

General Hua,
you are so loyal and courageous

What is your strategy?

Normally, we confront with
the main and win by surprise

Normally, we would confront the enemy
with the main troop

While a secondary troop hides
in ambush

But this time I want to do the opposite!

I lead the confrontation troop.

While Commander-in-chief
leads the main as a surprise

As long as I have a small victory
at the start and anger Mendu

Thus luring him to chase us with
all his might

I will pretend to be trapped in a canyon

Mendu will think they can butcher us

so they will be reckless

Commander-in-chief will be in ambush
behind them

And as soon as the enemy turns around

please release smoke,
I will turn and lead my troops into the fray

so they will be attacked
from front and rear!

Good! I will give you a troop of 20,000


Speed is of the essence,
I wish to depart tonight

Please place our supplies...

at the canyon for our use

We will go according to this plan

Yes, sir!

Thank you, sir!

I am General Hua Mulan of
the Great Wei Nation

Has your Commander-in-chief
became a shrinking turtle

and sent a peon like you to your death?

This is the territory of
the Great Wei Nation.

Please leave!

But I like your territory!

Remember, Wei people are sheep

we Rouran are wolves!


We have Han, Shi,

Xianbei and Jiang men,

but no sheep!

They have 20,000 men.
I'll give you 40,000 men

and 4 hours. Destroy them!

Yes, sir!

Hail! Hail!

Standing archers!





Danyu! Wei General Hua Mulan
defeated us!

What "defeated"?

Hua Mulan!

Mobilize all my troops!

They fell for it!

Main cavalry unit,
put the front team in the back

Cover the main troop's retreat
to the canyon!

Yes, sir!

Protect the General!





Run! The Poison Dragon is coming!





Hua Mulan!

Hua Mulan!

I knew you didn't die!


Get the medic!

Yes, sir!

Hang in there

Mulan! Hang in there

The Rourans are coming!

General, the Rourans are coming!

Company retreat!

General! If we take our wounded,

We may jeopardize our action!

Company retreat!

- General! - Mulan!


Company retreat!


Let us use all our power

to help our General retreat, all right?



Seal the canyon opening! Now!

Yes, sir!

Check our supplies in the canyon!

Yes, sir!

Mulan! Sit down

General, the medic and
all the medications

disappeared during the Poison Dragon!


Danyu! Why are we not pursue while
we are victorious?

Destroy Hua Mulan first,
then go after Zang Zhi!

Where can he go from here?

They're trapped!

Danyu, you mean...

Killing can be done in an instant

I like to watch people in desperation,
especially Hua Mulan!

General Hua,

We have made a thorough search

but have found no supplies or water
in the canyon

Gather and redistribute
the available supplies

Kill the horses

Kill the horses!
Keep their blood for future use!

Yes, sir!

Commander-in-chief's smoke

will be our last hope

If I die before it comes

lead our brothers in defense for me

I've watched you over all these years

You've done a great job!

I dreamed that I've died

you all left me

there was no one around me

I count the stars every night

There is not an extra one

so you won't die!

You're so good to me!



Cry to your brothers for help!

Get them to help you! Cry!

Cry for your General to save you!


General, I beg you to save them!

I won't allow you to be sacrificed

But General! That's Tiger! Your brother!

You are all my brothers!

We must wait!

Hu Guei, don't fall for their trap!





A century of human life is like a dream

Life and death occur,
heroes have no regrets

Protect my homeland,
show off my nation's pride

What joy is there in life,
what regrets in death

There are enemy winds up north,
but home fires down south

I miss my wife and children,
and my home

They are across the mountains,
far away...


Yes, Danyu!

A century of human life...

If they don't come out, kill them! like a dream

Life and death occur,
heroes have no regrets

Protect my homeland,
show off my nation's pride

What joy is there in life,
what regrets in death


There are enemy winds up north,
but home fires down south

I miss my wife and children...

...and my home

They are across the mountains,
far away...

Finally, peace and quiet!

We are out of supplies

and can no longer hold our position

is really not coming

If we do not get medication

you and the brothers won't be able to
hang on

Even if I die

I must die in battle!

Will you come with me?


Wentai! You are the one person...

I will never forget!


our troops are stationed here

originally to meet up
with Commander-in-chief and his troops!


he betrayed us!

Today, we will stain the battlefield
with our blood

Behind us is our homeland

If we have to bleed out
our last drop of blood,

if we have to become bleached bones
in this desert,

we must defend it to the death!

We must let the Rourans know

we Wei warriors will never surrender

and will never compromise!

Soldiers may rebel against me

generals may leave me for dead

but I, Hua Mulan,

will never betray my country!


After this meal

we will kill their Danyu

and chop down their flag!

Are you afraid to die?


Are you afraid to die?

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Black Wind,

in our next life, we'll reverse roles

and you kill me

General, you can't kill Black Wind!

Kill me instead!

You must not kill Black Wind! General!

Black Wing must not be killed, General!


General! General!


General! You should rest

Get your Danyu to come here and talk!

I, seventh son of the Wei Emperor!
Toba Hong!

Leave your best medics and supplies!

I will come with you!

Let my brothers go!

A live Prince in exchange...

for several thousand soldiers?


Leave the medics ands supplies!
Let's go!

Yes, sir!

Danyu orders a retreat!

I didn't imagine you would recover
so quickly

I still have many important things to do


When our brothers have recovered,
lead them back home

General, where are you going?

You must not follow me



This is a military command!


Take care, everyone




What are you doing?

Pick it up!

Yes, sir

How much gold...

do you think your father will pay for you?

He doesn't like me,

so you may be disappointed

Even wolves protect their cubs:

Never mind humans

I've never, and don't plan to,
befriend a wolf

You are right

In your eyes I am a wolf

But for us Rourans

I am a once-in-a millennium heroic king

He who wins his people's hearts
wins his nation

You think you can take the world
with a knife?

You may be a victorious conqueror,

but if you cannot let your people
live a good life

even if you are lucky enough to win

there will be thousands like me
who will fight against you

Causing piles of white bones

just to satisfy your personal ambition!

Are you talking like a drunk,
because you cannot hold your alcohol?

Thank you!

I know what you are thinking

Don't worry

When I take the Wei territory and
become king,

I will fulfill your dream of becoming queen

I wanted to be a queen of Wei

so that generations of Rourans...

won't have to suffer the ravages of war

It is different from your reason!

No matter how much land you take,

I will never agree with
what you have done

Who are you?

Don't worry, Princess.

I am Wei General Hua Mulan

I know of you

Are you trying to use me
to rescue your Prince?

I respect your dream of making peace,

between our countries

I wish to help you fulfill your dream

Fulfill my dream?

You overestimate me.
I am merely a woman

My brother killed our father for the throne,

and I dare not speak up!

Actually, I am...

also a woman


I enlisted in my father's place,
just to fulfill my filial duty

I never imagined I would achieve
any accomplishments,

not to mention that one day...

I would become a butcher
on the battlefield

In these twelve years,

my heart has never felt at ease

Princess, only when
we resolve the cause of this war

can we stop the war itself

Your own fate as well as that of
the whole world...

is in your hands

Your messengers have come

and agreed to all of my terms

Your father loves you very much

Thank you for telling me this

Let everyone know,
we'll celebrate for three days!

Thank you, Danyu!

I've thought it through. You are right.


please have a drink

Great! Come!

You dare to kill me?

I must avenge the Old Danyu!



Thank you, Your Majesty

Hua Mulan is here!

Commander-in-chief is a coward.

I have dealt with him.

I bow before Your Majesty

It's General Hua!


We respectfully bring General
back to your hometown!


Where is Father?

He waited here for you every day


I am home!

I hereby name Hua Mulan the
Commander-in-chief of the Wei nation!

I do not wish to become an official

I have been at war for twelve years and
been unable to take care of my father

who has been ill.

Please allow me to go home.

I am a woman. Please punish me.

It is our nation's great fortune
to have a woman like you

I have long since forgiven you.

Thank you, Your Majesty

I have an announcement for
the whole nation:

The marriage between my son Hong
and the Rouran Princess!

Our two nations will now be friends.
The fighting will stop forever

and from now on, there will be peace!


Thank you, Your Majesty!

Hong, your marriage to
the Rouran Princess is a national event!

Do you understand your responsibility?

I do, Sire

It's so nice to have a daughter

Always filial, understanding and obedient

And now, she's a pretty General!


Let's go away together!
Doesn't matter where!

You once said

if you could give your life...

to end this war

you would do it

It's easy for me to give up my life

but it's too difficult to
give up the woman I love

In order that there be no more Tigers

That no more families

end up with just a bloody dog tag...

I understand

Forget about me!

For twelve years,
every day I wake up in the battlefield

my first thought is of you

Knowing you are there,
gives me the courage to open my eyes

Forever after,

it will still be the same every day

Someone once said,

go too far from home and
you will lose your roots

kill too many people and
you will forget yourself

If you die in battle

your life will sink into the ground like rain
and vanish without a trace

If at that time,
you fall in love with someone

hope will blossom again from the earth

and embrace life with passion!

Thank you, Wentai!