Mulan (2020) - full transcript

A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father.

There have been
many tales

of the great warrior, Mulan.

But, ancestors,
this one is mine.

Here she is.

A young shoot, all green...

unaware of the blade.

If you had such a daughter...

her chi, the boundless energy
of life itself...

speaking through
her every motion...

could you tell her that
only a son could wield chi?

That a daughter would risk
shame, dishonor, exile?

Ancestors, I could not.

This way.

That's the last one.


Mulan! Forget the chicken!

It will come back!


Tell me your sister
is not the cause of this.


Take control of yourself!

Listen very carefully.


Mulan, what happened
when you fell off the roof?

It was like you were a bird.

Don't panic.

There's a spider
crawling in your hair.

You know
I'm afraid of spiders.

This is not one of
your tricks, is it, Mulan?

Don't worry,
if you hold very still...

I will squash it.

It is because I'm trying
to protect Mulan

that I say this.

Mulan is young.

She is still learning
how to control herself.

You make excuses for her.

You forget, Mulan is
a daughter, not a son.

A daughter brings honor
through marriage.

Any man would be fortunate to
marry either of our daughters.

Including Mulan.

I ask you, what man will want
to marry a girl

who flits around rooftops,
chasing chickens?

Xiu gives me no trouble.

The matchmaker will find
a good husband for her.

It is Mulan I worry about.

They'll call her a witch.

It's time you talked to her.

Do you know why the phoenix

sits at the entrance
of our shrine?

She is the emissary
for our ancestors.

But I broke her.

Some say the phoenix
is consumed by flame...

and emerges again.

I think she can survive
a broken wing.

Your chi is strong, Mulan.

But chi is for warriors...

not daughters.

Soon, you'll be
a young woman...

and it is time for you...

to hide your gift away.


To silence its voice.

I say this to protect you.

That is my job.

Your job is to bring honor
to the family.

Do you think you can do that?

Rourans? It can't be.

Close the gates!

Take out the leader!

He's way too strong!

You. You'll do.

Your Majesty...

six of our northern garrisons
along the Silk Road...

have fallen
in a coordinated attack.

All trade has been disrupted.

If we allow this to continue,

it could be
the end of the kingdom.

And my citizens?


This soldier
is the only survivor.

I fear
more attacks will follow.

Who is responsible?

Rourans, Your Majesty.

Their leader calls himself
Böri Khan.

I killed Böri Khan.

It is his son.

He has united the tribes

and resurrected
the Rouran army.

If I may,
Your Imperial Majesty.

You may speak.

Böri Khan
fights alongside a woman.

Her chi is beyond imagining.

There is no place
for witches in this kingdom.

It is forbidden
to use the power of chi

in destructive ways.

And yet, it is her skill

that leads the Rouran army
to victory.

She has trained an elite force
of shadow warriors

to assist Böri Khan.

We're not afraid
of dark magic.

We'll destroy this Rouran army
and their witch.

Here's my decree.

We'll build a mighty army.

Every family
will supply one man.

We'll protect
our beloved people...

{\an8}and crush these murderers.

Deploy the Imperial Army.

The dynasty
will not be threatened.

So, you have news.

The emperor sends his army

to defend the Silk Road.


We will crush every garrison

until the Imperial Army
is on its knees.

And then...

the Imperial City
will be laid bare.

The emperor
will be mine to kill.

You have proved useful, witch.

Not witch.


I could tear you to pieces
before you blink.

But you won't.

Remember what you want...

a place where your powers
will not be vilified.

A place where you are accepted
for who you are.

You won't get what you want
without me.

When I found you
on a desert steppe

wandering alone...

you were exiled.

A scorned dog.

When I sit on the throne,
that dog will have a home.

We will finish
what we started.

And you will see to it

that nothing and no one
stands in my way.

Black Wind and I
rode alongside

two rabbits
running side by side.

I think one was a male,
one was a female.

But you know,
you can't really tell

when they're running
that fast.

When I go riding tomorrow,
I will try to find them again.

Maybe they'll still be there.

We have excellent news.

The matchmaker has found you
an auspicious match.

Yes, Mulan, it is decided.

Come and sit down.

It is what is best
for our family.


It is best.

I will bring honor to us all.

I'm truly blessed
to be in the presence

of such enchanting women.

I have no doubt today will be
a momentous day for the Hua...

Never mind that.
We must be on time.

I'm starving.

I already told you,
you cannot eat.

It will ruin your makeup.

The fiercest winter storm
could not destroy this makeup.

Xiu, look at my face.
What am I feeling?

I have no idea.


This is my sad face.
This is my curious face.

And now I'm confused.







These are the qualities...

we see in a good wife.

These are the qualities...

we see in Mulan.

When a wife
serves her husband...

...she must be silent.

She must be...


She must be...

Is something wrong?

No, Madam Matchmaker.
Thank you.

It's ideal for the teapot...

to remain
in the center of the table.

Yes, I understand.

But I think the teapot
should remain where it is.

Move the teapot.


Dishonor to the Hua family.

They have failed
to raise a good daughter.


Citizens, we are under attack
from Northern Invaders.

Our land is at war.

By edict
of His Imperial Majesty,

the Son of Heaven...

every family must contribute
one man to fight.

One man from every house.

Wáng family.

Chin family.

Dù family.

Hua family.

I am Hua Zhou.

I served the Imperial Army

in the last battle
against the Northern Invaders.

Have you no son
old enough to fight?

I am blessed
with two daughters.

I will fight.


You will
only humiliate him further.

Are you all right?
Can I help you?


Liu family.

Wei family.

You're a war hero.

You've already made
many great sacrifices.

Are you suggesting...

our family not comply
with the Imperial edict?

But how can you fight...

I am the father.

It is my place to bring honor

to our family
on the battlefield.

You are the daughter!

Learn your place.

We must be strong.

This time, he will not return.

It's beautiful.

Beautiful tool...

for terrible work.

The phoenix.

You remember?

She has followed me
into battle before,

and she will follow me now.

And she will tell our
ancestors I've been loyal...

brave, and true.

I wish I was as brave as you.

There is no courage
without fear.

But, Father...

You must be courageous, Mulan.

For your mother

and your sister.

For me.

It is my duty to fight.

My honor to sacrifice
for the emperor.

If I were your son,
you wouldn't have to.

I would change nothing
about my life.

We should all get some rest.

I'm leaving in the morning.

{\an8}"Loyal, brave, and true."

My sword.

My armor! It's gone!

Who would do such a thing?

The conscription scroll.

It was Mulan.

You must stop her.

The Northern Invaders
will kill her!

If I expose her lie,
our own people will kill her.

honored phoenix...

ancestral guardian,
I beseech you...

watch over my daughter, Mulan.

She has made
a terrible mistake.

I taught her too late
to know her place.

I indulged her.

She is innocent of the world.

Of men.

And the evils of war.

And now she's in great danger.

Please, honored phoenix...

protect her.

Our last apple.

You need it more than I do.

We should be there by now.

Do you think we are lost?

The phoenix.

There were men gathering
from all over the kingdom.

An alien
and savage tribe to her.

To hide amongst them, she knew
she must become one of them.

I'm Cricket.

My mother says I was born
under an auspicious moon.

That is why my mother says
I'm a good luck charm.


Need a hand, little man?

Insult me again,

and you'll taste
the tip of my blade.

- Lower your sword.
- Or what?

I'm your commanding officer.

Fighting will not be
tolerated. Am I clear?

Yes, Commander.

With your voice, soldier.

Yes, Commander.

What is your name?

Hua Jun, Commander.

Is this your family sword?

It belongs to my father,
Hua Zhou.

Fall in line.

Sorry, Ling!

Yao, give it back!
It's not funny!

Po, catch!

I told you to line up
for showers.

- Showers?
- Showers.

You lot stink.

And I need a volunteer

- for night guard duty.
- Me!

I mean, I volunteer, sir.


Penalty, death.

Desertion. Penalty, death.

Bring women into camp

or consorting with women
in any way.

Penalty, death.


expulsion, disgrace.

Disgrace for you,
disgrace for your family...

disgrace for your village,
disgrace for your country.

We're going to make men

out of every single
one of you.



Only the strongest
will reach the summit.

It will take
everything you have.

Straighten out those arms.

Keep them up. Shoulder level.

Keep your mind strong.

Don't stop.

Is he crying?



Give that back!


Report to the barracks


Penalty, expulsion.


We were matched
28 days ago.

Her name is Li Li.

Her skin is white as milk.

Her fingers like the tender
white roots of a green onion.

Ling is a romantic!

Her eyes
are like morning dewdrops...

I like my women buxom.

With strong, wide hips.

I like kissing women
with cherry red lips.

I don't care
what she looks like.

- I agree.
- I care what she cooks like.

Tell us, Hua Jun.

What's your ideal woman?

My ideal woman is courageous.

- A courageous woman?
- Yes.

And she has a sense of humor.

- She's also smart.
- Smart?

Well, what does she look like?

That's not the point.

Courageous, funny, smart.

Hua Jun's not describing
a woman...

...he's describing me.

That's not you, Yao.
That's definitely not you.

Not you.

Not you.

Hua Jun.

Don't let them bother you.

Especially that donkey Yao.

Are you matched? Can I ask?


I mean, yes. I was.


Didn't work out.

Lucky you.

I mean, how do you
even begin to know

how to talk to a woman...

let alone be married to one?

Just talk to her like
you are talking to me now.

Yeah, I wish it was that easy.

What if she doesn't like me?

She will.

I mean,
I think she will, you know?

You never know with women.

You should really consider
skipping guard duty

and taking a shower.

You stink, my friend.

You idiot.

Now everyone sees it.

You must hide your chi!

Hua Jun!

Who knew?

What a killer!

You reek, soldier.

Have you even showered
once yet?

You smell bad.


Hua Jun.

I'm glad I found you.

I see you're finally
getting clean.

The Fifth Battalion
thanks you.

I came here to be alone.

What was that today?

It was incredible.

- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Why not?

I can't believe all this time

you've been keeping
your skill a secret.

What else
have you been hiding?


Leave me alone.

Hua Jun, we started off
on the wrong foot.

Can we be friends?

I'm not your friend.

Very well.

But you are my equal.

We fight together
against the same enemy.

I will do all I can
to protect the others.

You can turn your back
on me...

but when the time comes,
do not turn your back on them.

I welcome the leaders

of the 12 Rouran tribes...

as we approach
the final victory.

Soon the Imperial City
will be ours.

But we're relying on a witch.

Yes, a witch.

A witch
cannot be trusted!

She is no threat.

Hush! Enough!

Make no mistake...

the witch serves me
and therefore, all of us.

She knows who her master is.

Consider our future.

This, my friends...

is just a small taste
of what is to come.

From the Imperial City ahead,

riches will flow
like a mighty river.

I don't care about riches.

How much gold
can a nomad carry?

Then, I will
give you revenge...

for the land we lost
to the empire.

For the shame of the last war.

For my father,
who the emperor killed.

If gold is not enough...

I will give you blood.

Sharpen your swords.

Our time has come.

Now I know.
I serve you.

I am the slave.

And you would
do well to remember it.

Over there, witch.
The next garrison.

Destroy it.

Hua Jun.

Report to Commander Tung.

Hua Jun, Commander.


Hua Jun.

It seems you have been
hiding something.

- Commander...
- I sensed it

the moment I met you.

But now I'm sure.

You see,
I have a secret as well.

I know your father.

He was a great soldier.

In you, Hua Jun...

I see the shadow of his sword.

Perhaps this shadow
falls heavy on your shoulders.

You can't allow your father's
legacy to hold you back.

You need to cultivate
your gift.


Your chi is powerful, Hua Jun.

Why do you hide it?

I... I don't know.

The chi pervades the universe

and all living things.

We are all born with it.

But only the most true will
connect deeply to his chi...

and become a great warrior.

Tranquil as a forest...

but on fire within.

The Rouran enemy is vast.

They are ruthless
and unpredictable.

Yet physical force

need not be met
with equal force.

The warrior yields to force
and redirects it.

Disadvantage can be turned
into an advantage.

Four ounces
can move 1,000 pounds.

The garrisons continue to fall

to the Northern Invaders.

We have been called to war,

even though our training
is not finished.

We leave to defend

the Mountain-Steppe Garrison

against the Rouran invader.

Up until now, you've been
boys playing soldiers.

Today, you become men.

You will now take the oath
of the warrior...

pledging fidelity to
the three pillars of virtue.

The enemy possesses
none of these...

and therefore can be defeated.

Remember this when you
meet him on the battlefield.

Draw sword!

- Loyal.
- Loyal!

- Brave.
- Brave!

- True.
- True!

Return swords!


Commander Tung, it's Hua Jun.

You may enter.

Commander Tung,

there's something that weighs
heavily on my heart.

I need to confess it to you.

It has to do
with the three virtues.

There's no shame in being
fearful before battle.

In fact, it's a testament
to your honesty...

that you confess such doubt.

Yes, Commander.
But the other virtues...

Hua Jun.

You're a good man.

Perhaps one day
you could accompany me

to my village...

where I will introduce you
to my daughter.

And our village matchmaker,
of course.

Yes, Commander.
That's my great honor.

I look forward
to seeing your father's face

when you give him this news.

The Fourth Battalion.

This is the work of Böri Khan.

There's no one left.

The Mountain-Steppe
Garrison welcomes...

the Fifth Battalion of
His Majesty's Imperial Army.

Scouts at the gate!

Böri Khan assembles not
a half day's ride from here.

They prepare for battle.

We're greatly outnumbered.

Fortify for a siege!

No. He who moves first
controls the enemy.

We leave at first light.

Anything you want me
to tell your mothers

when you die?

That's not funny.

What's the matter? Scared?


Who knows who will live
past tomorrow?

We may never see
each other again.

My father once said...

"There is no courage
without fear."


So this is natural.

Well, it doesn't feel natural.

Listen to me, all of you.

We will live.

I guarantee it.

Because I will protect you.

We'll protect each other.

We'll fight for each other.

Except for you, Yao.

I might take the opportunity
to kill you myself.

They've left the garrison.

A bold move
that changes nothing.

The plan continues.


Spear men, open!

Archers, ready!



The coward retreats!
Pursue them!

Left flank! Charge!

You're a witch.

Am I?

And who are you?

I'm Hua Jun.

Soldier in the emperor's
Imperial Army.


Your deceit weakens you.

It poisons your chi.

I ask again...

who are you?

I'm Hua Jun.

Soldier in the emperor's
Imperial Army!

Then you will die

pretending to be
something you're not.

And Hua Jun did die.

For a lie
can only live so long.

But Mulan...

Mulan lived.



She's a witch!

Defensive position!

Don't run! We hold formation.




They're targeting us!
We're dead if we stay here!

Enemy on the ridge!
Turn around!

Fire! Fire!

Turn it around!

Move it! Move!




Go! Go! Go!



Gather yourselves.

Find your comrades.

The enemy has been defeated.

Sergeant Qiang,
regroup the men.

Has anyone seen Hua Jun?

Have you seen Hua Jun?

Hua Jun?

I'm Hua Mulan.

Forgive me.

He's a girl?

You are an imposter.

You've betrayed the regiment.

You've brought disgrace
to the Hua family.

- Commander...
- Your deceit is my shame.


what is the punishment
assigned to this imposter?


I would rather be executed.

From this moment forward,

you are expelled from
the emperor's Imperial Army.

If you show your face again...

your wish to be executed
will be granted.

You can never go home.

Your disgrace
is worse than death.

I understand.

I was a girl like you
when people turned on me.

You don't think
I longed for a noble path?

I've lived a life of exile.

No country,
no village, no family.

We are the same.

- We're not.
- We are.

The more power I showed,
the more I was crushed.

Just like you.

You saved them today
and still they turned on you.

You are just at the beginning
of your power.

Merge your path with mine.

We will be stronger together.

You follow a coward.
A leader who runs from battle.

Böri Khan
did not run from battle.

That coward
will take the Imperial City...

and your emperor will fall.

That can't happen.

But it happens even now.

Join me.

We will take our place

I know my place.

And it is my duty...

to fight for the kingdom
and protect the emperor.

Commander Tung!

What is the meaning of this?

Commander Tung,
we must ride to the emperor.

His life is in danger.

The emperor's life
has never been safer.

That's what Böri Khan
wants you to believe.

you have to listen to me.

Sergeant, hand me my sword.

Kill me if you must.
But first, listen.

The garrison attacks
were just a distraction.

Khan has our army focused
on the Silk Road...

so he can sneak
into the Imperial City

and kill the emperor.

Böri Khan
is already far ahead.

The Imperial Army
can't stop him now.

But perhaps a small,
well-trained force could.

When employed correctly...

four ounces
can move 1,000 pounds.

Only a foolish man listens to
someone whose very existence

is a lie.

You would believe Hua Jun.

Why do you not believe
Hua Mulan?

She risked everything by
revealing her true identity.

She's braver
than any man here.

And she's the best warrior
amongst us.

- I believe Hua Mulan.
- I believe Hua Mulan.

- I believe Hua Mulan.
- I believe Hua Mulan.

I believe Hua Mulan.

I believe Hua Mulan.

Hua Mulan...

your actions have brought
disgrace and dishonor

to this regiment...

to this kingdom
and to your own family.

But your loyalty and bravery
are without question.

You will lead us as we ride
to the Imperial City.

Ready the horses.

Your Majesty, a word.
In private.

Despite the Rouran army's
crushing defeat...

scouts have informed me

that Böri Khan
has infiltrated the city.

He assembles
at the New Palace.

He offers a duel.

Prepare my guards.

We ride
to the site immediately.

Your Majesty,
it is far too dangerous.


My people
have suffered enough.

Now I must act.

I will kill this Böri Khan
like I killed his father.

With my own hands.

all Imperial guardsmen

immediately in this square.

That includes every guard
on every tower and every gate.

But who will protect the city?

You question the judgement
of His Majesty the Emperor?

Of course not, Chancellor.
I will see to it immediately.

It's time.

The gates are open!

The streets are empty!
Why are there no guards?


Protect the emperor!

Clear her path!

Don't leave her side!
She must get through.

Surely you didn't
expect a fair fight?

How did you convince
my chancellor to betray me?

That was not your chancellor.


Join the others.
Take the city.

Kill every
last Imperial soldier.

You need to find the emperor.

We'll hold them back.

Till next we meet, Honghui.

Go! Go!

Bolt the door.

Bolt the door.

Your Majesty, I'm Hua Mulan
from the Fifth Battalion.

I've come to protect you.


A woman leading a man's army.

Where's the emperor?

You were right.

We are the same.

With one difference.

They accept you,
but they will never accept me.

You told me
my journey was impossible.

Yet here I stand.

Proof that there is a place
for people like us.


It's too late for me.

You can still take
the noble path.

It's not too late.


I need your help.

Where's the emperor?

They tell me
this palace is being built

in honor of your father.

And in honor of my father...

this is where you will die.

Or should I say "burn"?

Who will come to save you,
Son of Heaven?

Where are the sons
of the empire?

I will tell you.

Fallen to our swords.
Pierced by our arrows.

Who will save you?

Why are you here?

The attack has met
a fierce resistance.

- From who?
- A young woman...

from a small village.

A girl?

A woman.

A warrior.

A woman leads the army.

And she's no scorned dog.

You led her here.

Take your place...


The girl who has come
to save the dynasty.


Rise up.

You are a mighty warrior.

Rise up like a phoenix.

Fight for the kingdom
and its people.

Stand up, soldier.

Tell me your name.

Your Imperial Highness,
Hua Mulan.

Hua Mulan, the people owe you
a debt of thanks.

I owe you my life.

In gratitude for your service
and dedication...

I invite you
to take your place...

with our greatest
decorated warriors...

as an officer
in the Emperor's Guard.

Your Majesty...

I'm deeply honored by this
immeasurable invitation...

but with humble apologies...

I cannot accept it.

I left home
under cover of darkness...

and betrayed
my family's trust.

I made choices I knew
would risk their dishonor.

Since then...

I have pledged an oath...

to be loyal, brave, and true.

In order to fulfill
this oath...

I must return home
and make amends to my family.

Very well, Hua Mulan.

Devotion to family
is an essential virtue.

You can't leave.

The emperor
gives his permission...

but you do not?

We've not yet said goodbye.

Goodbye, Honghui.

You still won't take my hand?

I will see you again,
Hua Mulan.

Mulan has returned!





There is so much
I have to ask you.

Tell me about you first.

I... I am matched!

What's he like?

He's handsome, a little shy,

but he's not afraid
of spiders.

- Mulan!
- I'm so happy for you.

Forgive me, Father.

I stole your horse...

I stole your sword,
I stole your armor.

And the sword... I lost it.

The sword is gone.

Now I understand...

how much that sword
means to you.

It is my daughter
that means everything to me.

And it is I should apologize.

My foolish pride
drove you away.

One warrior knows another.

You were always there...

yet I see you
for the first time.

Hello, old friend.

Tung Yong...

I am honored to receive you
and the Emperor's Guard.

But if you are here
to discipline Mulan...

you have to get past me.

I do not believe
that will be necessary.

Under order

of His Imperial Majesty
the Emperor,

we present this gift
to Hua Mulan.

She has saved the dynasty.

The entire kingdom
is in her debt.

She has brought honor

to her ancestors...

to her family,
to her village...

and to her country.

As befits a great warrior...

the sword is marked
with the pillars of virtue.

Loyal, brave, true.

And what is this fourth virtue
I see?

Read it aloud, Mulan.

"Devotion to family."

You have brought honor
to us all.

The emperor urges you

to reconsider his invitation

to join our greatest
decorated warriors...

as an officer
in the Emperor's Guard.

He awaits your decision.

The green shoot
has grown up to the sky...

and her ancestors
celebrate her

in the vault of the heavens.

The girl became a soldier.

The soldier became a leader.

And the leader...

became a legend.

War is not freedom

Over my shoulder

I see a clearer view

All for my family

Reason I'm breathing

Everything to lose

Should I ask myself
in the water

What a warrior would do?

Tell me underneath my armor

Am I loyal, brave, and true?

Am I loyal, brave, and true?

Losing is easy

Winning takes bravery

I am a tiger's fool

Out in the open

No one to save me

The kindest of whispers
are cruel

{\an8}Should I ask myself
in the water

{\an8}What a warrior would do?

{\an8}Tell me underneath my armor

{\an8}Am I loyal, brave, and true?

{\an8}Am I loyal, brave, and true?

{\an8}Cold is the morning

{\an8}Warm is the dream

{\an8}Chasing the answers

{\an8}'Til I can't sleep

{\an8}Will I be stronger

Or will I be weak

When you're not with me?

{\an8}Who am I without my armor

{\an8}Standing in my father's shoes?

All I know is that it's harder

To be loyal, brave, and true

Look at me

You may think you see

Who I really am

But you'll never know me

Every day

It's as if I play a part

Now I see

If I wear a mask

I can fool the world

But I cannot fool my heart

Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

I am now

In a world
where I have to hide my heart

And what I believe in

But somehow

I will show the world
what's inside my heart

And be loved for who I am

Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me?

Why is my reflection someone

I don't know?

Must I pretend

That I'm someone else
for all time?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

There's a heart
that must be free

To fly

That burns with a need to know

The reason why

Why must we all conceal

What we think, how we feel?

Must there be a secret me

I'm forced to hide?

I won't pretend that I'm

Someone else for all time

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?