Mulan (2020) - full transcript

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Mulan joined the army for his father and returned with honor. Ten years later, Rouran broke the border again, and Mulan resolutely returned to the battlefield.

Beiwei Empire, The first year of Yanhe Dynasty

Rouran invading frontier

The Iron army just like the beast

Where they go is covered with war fire

People die everywhere and you can hear the screamst from all the land

Corpses buried in the ground

People die under the butcher's hand

It is difficult for heroes to save the world

But troubled times make heroes

Come in please.

What to ask


To whom

Hua Mulan, My daughter

Come on

Then get me some yellow mud.


Slow down


Mudi, Slow down

Mrs. Xu, I made up my clothes

What you do is fine

Mulan, Bring a little soybean back

Come here hurry up




Slow down slow down

The clothes are made up MuLan

Thanks for your hard work

Sister, you're welcome

thank you



Missing for a few days and Your fighting skills have improved

You learned all the skills of Huahu

Be careful not to marry


Mulan came here

Your father in the room

Hurry in


Mr. Liang, how are you doing?

It's your two stinks again

What happened

Do you want to steal my meat today?

No no

no way

how is this possible

Everyone in the township

You are busy i'm leaving


Does it smell fragrant

Let my father do something for you when I get home

Just a little panic Didn't see you

I apologize

I stole it with so much effort

I did not eat a bite Yuan


What are you doing

Give him a lesson brother

Do you know Who is his sister

Mudi Don't cry


Does it hurt

Is it Huamulan

What are you afraid of

She is a girl

She can't beat me

I do not see her have marriage


Not without

Time is not up

But she is in danger

Do not worry

Wait until the sun and the moon are together

The sky turned red

Immortal soldiers to help her cross the robbery

No let's go back and ask her


Let's forget it let's go

A few days

I'll find a matchmaker for Mulan.

But she said

She said Mulan had a catastrophe


Mulan hits people

Mulan hits people

Mulan hits people





Do you still bully my brother

Huahu Huahu Hurry up

Stop your daughter

Mulan Mulan



Who is the chief

Rouran invades our country

Kill our people

The emperor has orders

Men must join the army and the soldiers returned to the barracks

Defend Interracial and Protect you country

Accept order


Guanquan have the order


Yuanpinzhi have the order


Lirong have the order


Huqi have the order

Are you really leaving?

Rouran offense

The country is in danger

How can I shirk as a soldier family

I know you are worried

If I do not return here

Mulan Mudi

I asked you to take care

Must find a good man for Mulan

from now on

Don't let her Practice sword again

Is father going to the barracks and Can't come back

They said that if I get older

Can replace father in the army

Mudi want go

Don't want father to die

Mudi be good

Father is blessed nothing will happen

Go to sleep


Something bad

Something bad

Mulan Mulan is gone

She left with the military order

She is gone

what should we do

Household registration and name

Fengtangbao Zhangfu

Camp seven Yuheguan

Household registration and name

Yuhe Lirou

Camp three Changpingcang


Camp two


Bro I don't want to go


Did you let your father go

I heard those barbarians eat meat and drink blood just like the beast

What is it

Our Village Mulan like the beast too

Isn't it scary

You and I can survive from her hands

Are you afraid of Rouran again

Makes sense Household registration and name

li Liang


We together

Go to Changpingcang there


Bro Changpingcang is frontier fortress

okay everywhere the same

Household registration and name

Yuhe Huamulan

Camp three Changpingcang

Bro This Yanluo

Hurry up behind

Keep up


If your father retires and gives up Lishui City

My army

after passing through the zhuxie mountain

You can survive

They can survive

You are savages

Unworthy to talk to Great Wei Empireabout conditions





Prince shuo There is no way



No No

No The Great Wei Empire forever


I will give you one last chance

Go to hell

My soldier

Never surrender to the savage

The Great Wei Empire forever

The Great Wei Empire forever


The Great Wei Empire forever

The Great Wei Empire forever

I want you to watch

My army

How to settle your walls

Kill your man

I want to use your Tuoba's skin

Come to my big account

Hears the sound of the drum and doesn't move forward when we calling and doesn't be here


Do not listen to the order


Rape women and Oppress peoper

Bring woman into camp decapitate

Master Sergeant Which barracks do we live in

Rumor and lie Seduce soldiers


Pretending to be sick and injured to escape military service

Pretend to be dead decapitate

Major errors in military investigation

Information is completely wrong

Causing delays in military aircraft


This is your barracks

Make your own arrangements


Brother please stay

What's up

Nothing to Respect brother

Prepare a small gift

To drink wine



What are you doing

Just like you

Woman come to camp

According to military regulations decapitate

Don't you say nobody knows

Are you stupid to be someone else?

Two brothers

Come here

Who are you cell

Are n't both of them brother?

Come eat flatbread





Just call me Zou Qi

What's going on in the future?

Just call me

This is a small hulu

Tiandahan Uncle Tian


Mulan brother


Big brother

Is there a problem with this group of people


What is commanded brother

Tell a few people to follow me


You you and you

Come with me

Master Sergeant

Where are you going

It should be taking us to attack the enemy

New army enlistment

Not even a cavalry

Come out at this time

All bad jobs

Bad jobs What bad jobs

Keep up

Keep up

How can your father let you come?

I stole

We come from the same place

Since here

Yuanhong and I will take care of you

On the battlefield

Hide behind me


My father said when I came

When the drums rang Don't run forward

Hide behind the crowd

Not a long time

We can be safe

Return home


Yuanhong do your best

Are you tired of me


What's the use of this military card

For the Great Wei Empire

They cannot return home

These military cards

Send home

Can be regarded as an account of the dead

Those corpses of Rouran soldiers

Don't they accept

They were born in the steppe

Believe in the sun god

Will bring their soul back to the prairie

Entering this Shura field are all beasts out of the cage

Dead eroded by sand

Living people are also disabled


your hand

I joined the army when I was thirty

Conquest Beiyan Kingdom

Be old now

Still to fight

Are you all serving for your father?



Your father has you

Be blessed

If I die

Just like them

Turned into sand

Don't worry Uncle

I will take care you

All of us

You kid is kind


Xiaohulu Xiaohulu Xiaohulu

What happened

Xiaohulu Xiaohulu

What happened

Xiaohulu Xiaohulu

What happened Xiaohulu

Rouran Army

Xiaoqingquan Don't run

Xiaohulu Xiaohulu

Is Rouran messenger

Tell Heyanyu

Tuobashuo the youngest son of your emperor

In our hands

Withdraw from Changpingcang within three days

Hand over the Lishui city

Xiaohulu Xiaohulu

Hurt my brother

Does grandpa let you go


Zou Qi

Take care of Xiaohulu

Zou Qi

Come here

Uncle Tian

let me do this

Be careful

Do not worry

They should be careful

Do not move

General, It was they

who caught the Rouran Army

My Great Wei recruits are so brave.

Lucky slaughter


We are willing to go through fire and water for the general

One's sense of honour makes it impossible to refuse

Strive to protect the prosperity of Wei Dynasty

There are many soldiers in our army

It's the great honor of Wei Dynasty

Cao Quanyou

The end will be

Put several soldiers in the tent camp


You guys work hard

Let 's all step back


Why does Xiao Qingquan invite contributions

Why didn't you talk just now

Forget it. Forget it. Let him go

By the way, where is our new camp

Brother, Over there


This is really the dragon and tiger flag of the great prince

It seems that he was caught by the Chanyu


I'd like to rescue Prince shuo with 3000 elite riders

Must not

This is very dangerous.

If rescue fails

I'm afraid three thousand cavalry will be wiped out


Small talk

This tuobashuo has never been in harmony with the general

Make troubles in the court many times

But I can borrow the hands of others

If not saved

I'm afraid the court will blame me


I have a plan

Presumptuous, Who let you in?

Come over

What's your name?

My name is

My name is Xiao Qingquan

What's up? Xiaohulu



What's up?

The arrow is not deep.

Save a life

I'm all right

Mulan brother

I heard you caught Rouran pass alone

It's all of you

How can I do it alone

Don't be modest

Mulan is in the village

That's braver than a man


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing


Why do you want to cut off the gun head

I'm here to join the army for my father

It's not about taking lives

I don't hurt people.

No one hurt me

Fight and fight

If you have benevolence and righteousness in mind

I'm afraid you'll lose your life

General order

Come with me

General order

Order us to ride with the 15 elite as the pioneer of Green Dragon

Attacking at night

Rescue emperor Shuo in an hour

I'm going to reward Jialu for my success

Why we

I can't ride yet

Anyone who escapes will be killed

All the generals follow my orders

Hua Mulan and ten others enter the camp from the left

The rest of you will follow me to find a Prince shuo

There must be no mistake.


New recruits

Yes, General

My subordinates ask for another 15 elite riders

If you can't save the great prince

The general has a point

If you really save the great prince

That's a miracle

A general will be remembered forever

Prince shuo

I'm Xiao Qingquan

General he sent me to save you


Hurry up and retreat.

Yuan Hong

Shoot the arrow quickly.

Heaven and earth are vast

Bless our great kingdom of Great Wei , Brave and mighty

Xiao Qingquan and others have made great contributions to the rescue

Five baht and thirty for each

Nine feet of silk

Reward war clothes and horses

Join zuoqiying

Take orders

You're thin

But save me from fire and water

This Sabre is for you

Look forward to the future

You can fight for me

Against foreign enemies

What's up?

Prince Shuo

Last night hit Rouran

Several soldiers were unfortunately captured by Rouran

I hope you can give me an order

Send troops to rescue

I hope emperor Shuo will order us to send troops for rescue

I hope emperor Shuo will order us to send troops for rescue


Several brave soldiers

It's also worthy of the emperor's troops


Quick report,Quick report

Yuan Hong

This is the wolfhound you left in my camp

The great Chanyu is kind-hearted

Now give them back

Save me,Save me

Yuan Hong

Li Liang

Yuan Hong

Yuan Hong

Stop him,Hurry up

Yuan Hong,Yuan Hong

Let go of me.

Save my brother

Let me out.

Save me!

Let me out,Let me out.

Let me out.

Yuan Hong

Save me

Save me

Save my brother

Save my brother

Yuan Hong


Save me


Do not

Rouran dogs

I want your blood to pay

Thousands of years of vicissitudes

Life and death are in one mind

I wish I could get rid of my armor and return to my hometown

Body wind with dust

Jackals should hold Swords

And guarding the country must be a sword

Good, Good, Good

Let me do it.

Mulan brother,Catch

Prince shuo



That girl seems to be looking at you

Staring at you

What's good about that

You're all young

It's time to find a woman

Look at Uncle Tian

And what about you?

This is it,

My wife made it for me when she came

It's full of her usual spices

When I came, she said

I'll smell it if I miss her

What is this

Go away

I'll have a look

Look what?

Let's see. Look at your stinginess

Go to hell




Rush ahead

Rush ahead

To trip a horse's legs

We won.

Born a centurion

To die as a strong man

Some people are born with destiny

And the battle field

Maybe it's Mulan's destiny

Heaven and earth are vast

Bless us, Wei Shenyong

Hua Mulan's good at killing thieves

Fengzuo riding pioneer

Hua Mulan is the leader of the left riding pioneer

Vanguard before the battle

Lead the whole army

Great hero

Great hero,Great hero

Great hero,Great hero

Great hero

Great hero

Good job

They're all heroes

Good job


Thank you, hero

Brother, my sister likes you

Thanks to you

Great hero,Great hero

Great hero

Here you are.


Thank you

True fragrance

Good job

You are all heroes

Good job


Fill the wine with

Good wine


Cheers. Come on.

Cheers. Cheers.

Come on.

Come on.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on, drink.

It's full. Cheers

Pour wine

Here comes the wine,Come on,

Come on,

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!



Prince shuo

Here you are.

I see you so brave on the battlefield

You're so delicate when you drink

Prince shuo

Prince shuo,I'll give you a toast

come on, cheers.

Cheers, come on,

This dance is not very good

Not as good as me

Isn't that a joke

They're girls anyway

You dance,You dance.

You see

The moon shines on the yellow sand

The wine in the glass is slightly cold

Fighting Iron Armor

No time for red makeup

From the military

Nothing to say goodbye

Make a boudoir out of a tent

Red face reflects cold light

Change it to the yellow one

I want to wear silver armor

Change clothes with Lang Jun



I didn't expect you to emulate a woman

It's so vivid


I almost believed it

Who followed suit?

I am Mulan originally a woman

what did you say

I said I was originally a woman

Don't believe you ask Li Liang

Am i?


What are you talking about

Prince shuo,Mulan, he's drunk

I sent him back to rest

Who's talking nonsense?

You've drunk too much


He drank too much.


You are crazy

If people know you're a woman

Your life is not safe



Ashinaye is coming to the barracks

With a wizard

What are you doing here

Dahan asked me to take over your department

You can go back to the grassland


Now I'm still the Chanyu here

You'd better show respect

You didn't take Changpingcang all year

How many soldiers died of you

You are his lost dog

What qualifications do you have

There is only one single here


Who are you?

Great Chanyu, please save my life

I can help you capture


Did you hear

There seems to be something

It's a lot of mice

Hurry up, report to the general

Come on

General, I have something important to report



Report, general

Rat infestation outside the city

It's just a mouse. What are you flustered about

Millions of millions




This way, This way



What's going on

Last night, grey rat attacked the city

Millions of millions

Bite when you see someone

Many soldiers and people were bitten

Rats hidden danger


How many people have been hurt

General, there are more than 300 wounded

People in the city haven't reported yet

What about the grain?

Half of the grain is lost

How could the desert suddenly be infested with rats

Prince shuo

Where is Rouran's big account


We're in the city. They're in the Gebi

Is the casualty greater


Find out the number of casualties in Rouran

If there are many deaths and injuries

To wipe them out at once

God bless us Great Wei

Cao Quanyou

I am here

Let Hua Mulan lead three light riders

To Rouran camp to investigate casualties

Quick report to me


Wait a moment

Change another person

I have something important to discuss with Mulan today

OK, then change


How can rats not see the casualties of Rouran yesterday

Let's go and report to the general


Xiao Qingquan, let's go.


Now that we have entered the tiger's den

How can we say go

What are you doing?

Drawing troops and preventing maps

Give it to the general

The general will reward me

Xiao Qingquan

You want to be an official, you want to be crazy

I joined the army to succeed

Xiao Qingquan is destined to be a general

If you don't go, I'll go

How many casualties did your Wei army have


How can I hear animals talking

Don't kill me.

I have not been an official

Don't kill me,I say everything

I beg you not to kill me

I'm willing to do anything

Don't kill me.

I'm xiaoqingquan. Open the gate

It's Xiao Qingquan.

Come on, report to the general


General, the Rouran army suffered heavy casualties

These are all the people who came to call for surrender

They are willing to submit to my Great Wei


Open the city gate

Must not

If Rouran intends to lure us to open the city

Our city is well guarded

A few puppets can destroy my entire army

Open the city gate

Don't panic. General Ben is here



Report, Prince Shuo

Rouran's dead have been wiped out

Our army suffered heavy casualties

Barn burn out

General he also



Prince shuo

What to do next

The army suffered heavy casualties

If softness takes advantage of emptines

It's going to destroy the whole army

The common people were not spared

Abandon the city

Evacuate with the people

Changpingcang is a frontier fortress

If Lishui city is lost

Rouran enters the gate

Will it hurt more innocent people

The signs of life are very weak

What do you use to defend the city

Let me guard.

And me

And me

And me

Count me in

And the old man

Drunk that day

You tell me you are a woman

Is that true?



Emperor Tuoba wants to convict Mulan


I admire you as a hero

But do you really want to stay

The territory of our Dynasty is vast

Even if we lose this Lishui city,

No one blames you

When I was in the army, I didn't work for my country

It's for my father's safety

Now I am not defending your territory of Tuoba

It's the peace of the people of Wei Dynasty

But without food and grass, you can keep it for a few days

Three days

Within three days

Enough people to evacuate 50 miles

After I went back to the court

Ask my father for help

Wait for me

How easy is it to stay in the empty city

The city is as silent as a cage

And the man in the cage is like an eagle with broken wings

The iron bars will wear away the will

Here comes the arrow

Only these

I've looked all over the city

These are the only arrows that can be used

How to defend the city with these arrows

The city can't be defended all night

Shoot it out and pick it up

How many heads do you have

If Rouran attacked at night

We can't keep it at all


Twenty five steps

The twenty step

The fifteen step

The ten step

The five step




What about?

Two hundred and seventy men were sent first

Completely destroyed

Great wizard


Lishui city should be exhausted

No, It shouldn't be

Then why are people guarding the city


I am here

I want you to lead 200 battels

Take order

Three days are fleeting

Hua Mulan and others will stay for 15 days

If hope is light

That despair will be the darkness before us

The Infinite Black


A few days now?

Fifteen days.

Do you have anything else to eat

be without

I'll check it out.

Don't go away.

All gone.

There's nothing left in the city


Why don't you leave

Your parents are waiting for you to go back

My parents have long been gone

I'm the only one at home

I don't have a home to go back to

Follow you

It's my home

silly boy

If you lose your life

That's down there

Your mother and father need to settle accounts with us

My Lord and mother can look at you in the sky

Be careful he takes you first

Is this fragrant?


It's been almost a year since I came here

I don't know what's going on at home

Is my wife safe


Let's retreat

Cannot retreat

Changpingcang is a frontier fortress

We must not retreat until reinforcements arrive

Defending the city for so long

If there were reinforcements, they would have arrived

No water and no grain

What to use to guard the city

I have a wife and children in my family

I can't die here

Who would like to go with me


Count me in

And me

Who dares?

Hua Mulan

I won't stop you if you want to die

Go guard the city yourself

I would rather die in battle

I don't want to starve here

Today, I lost a chestnut lishui city

I don't know how many people will die

Take off my war clothes,I'm also a common people

I want to live

I want to live

We are soldiers of Great Wei

It's people's security that we guard

If soldiers fear war

How the people live a stable life

How can the people of the world be stable

How stable your wife and children are

Do you know Mulan is a girl

I joined the army for my father

Dress up as a man and enter the line

Get along with all the soldiers day and night

Figit in the battlefield and never.

come here

I'll settle down for my family

Guard here

I just want to settle the war

People live and work in peace and prosperity of the country

Today I would like to live and die with all the soldiers

Yuhe Huamulan Never retreat

yuhe Li Liang Never retreat

Qinglongxia Tian Dahai Never retreat

Quzhou Zou Qi Never retreat

Andashan Hu Baosuo Never retreat


Zou Qi,Zou Qi

Zou Qi

Zou Qi

Zou Qi, Zou Qi

Zou Qi, you can't die

Zou Qi, you can't die

Zou Qi, you can't die

Zou Qi, Zou Qi

Perfume bag,Here comes the sachet.

Here comes the sachet,Perfume bag

Zou Qi, Zou Qi

Zou Qi

Zou Qi

Zou Qi

Zou Qi

My dear

It's cold

Go back to the room

You said

Is Mulan fine now?

May have warm clothing

I do not know what to eat in the barracks

Does she like it

My ancestors

We only have this daughter

Please bless her

Be safe

Come and drink sheep soup

What smell


Give to me first

Drink more

Drink Drink Drink

Come here come

Really fragrant



One more bowl

More more

One more bowl

I also have a bowl

So delicious

Enough Everyone is enough

Many sheep soup is

Come back

They are inducing us out of city

Can't go Can't go

It's so delicious

Come down and drink



Drink more

Come Come

Full it

Drink another bowl

Uncle Tian

I want to drink

Sheep soup

Sheep soup taste not good

Where are we

There is a kind of fish called Wangjiao

That's called delicious

When you taste it

That taste Hundred times more fresh than this

When the battle is over

Uncle makes fish soup for you

I want to drink

Fish soup

From now on

We goes fishing every day

Drink every day

Drink fish soup


Rouran Army

Li Liang

You are the only child in your family

There is a fast horse in town

It's too late to refund now

I am a men

Won't lose to you

Uncle Tian

I was born as a soldier of Dawei

I was born as a ghost of Dawei


Uncle tian

Drumming for me



I want a peace life in my next world

There will be a day

People in the world will not be displaced by war

You and I can live a peaceful life

Dawei forever


Dawei forever

Dawei forever

Wait until the sun and the moon are together

The sky turned red

Immortal soldiers to help her cross the robbery

I want to survive

There is a chance for honer my ancestor as long as I survive

Survive Just survive