Mujeres en el parque (2006) - full transcript

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Could you open the door, please?

What are you doing?

What's up, fuckface?

I've never understood my father.


see your only experience
is field work at university.

No time.
I've only just graduated.


And no time to do a Master's.

That's too expensive.

Look, bring us some good ideas

and we might give you

a report to do, though we may
not print it. That'll depend...

On what?

On me.
It'll depend on me.

We won't pay you either,
or at least not much.

But it'll be good experience.


It's closed.

It's closed today.

It's closed for good.

But spoke to them
a few days ago.

They were closed down

Thanks very much.

When were
the last ten or so taken?

About a year ago.

- You don't like them.
- think they're the most personal ones.

- The others...
- You don't like them.

See other photographers
in them.

See Plossu, see Campano...

And see
a defined style, familiar...

- I've seen it all before.
- So you won't exhibit them?

Frankly, no.

After this exhibition, there are
two more on painting. Right?

I'm sorry.
Think about it.

Pour me some wine?

Is anything wrong?

- Because of the wine, you mean?
- No, the ice cream.

You've hardly touched it.

That means there must be
something seriously wrong.

Your boyfriend left you?


The poor thing.

Or did you trade him in?

Has he found a job?

- Haven't spoken to him...
- don't believe it.

You've lost your mobile again.

No credit.

Can't you take a hint?

Haven't got any money on me.
Ask your father for some.

It's his turn.

Is that true
about the newspaper?

It's incredible.

Don't want to ask him
for money.


What's the problem?

When lived with him you were
never shy about asking for money.

You're having a bad time, right?

Ask your father for money.
Do it.

Bring out the tone, Maria.


That's it.

My mother's screwed up.

I'm not surprised,
knowing your father.

Nobody knows him.

Not even him.

You said you got on
with him when you were a kid.

Said that?

Must have been another girl.


What about your folks?

They argue all the time.
Always have.

What a nightmare.

Stop m

wish they'd split up
once and for all.

Go their separate ways.
I'd prefer that.

You're okay
living with your mother?

Or would you rather live
with your father?

No way!

A complicated family.

You're just simple.

Lucky me.

Just want to leave home.

Not much chance of that.

And you?
You don't seem in any hum].

My home life isn't screwed up.

Believe it or not, love my folks.

And love my mother.

But still want to leave.
Anyway, there's no connection.

Sorry I'm late.
Something came up.

- You look very nice.
- Thank you.

Ready to order?

- No, not yet, thank you.
- Take your time.

- Did something weird today.
- Only today?

No, really. Something
I've never done before.

Was on the bus. There was
a couple arguing. watched them.

They got off, followed.


They went into the park

and went after them.

When they reached
the old zoo area,

-they started fighting.
- They hit each other?

Well, he slapped her
and she slapped him back.

Then what?

They went different ways.



Spied on a couple
who slapped each other about.

You wanted to see them fight?


It made me think of us.

We've never gone that far.

He grabbed her by the throat
in full view of everybody.

She didn't even cry out.

She just glared at him
and didn't say a thing.


And you thought of me?

You're so difficult, Daniel.

What is being difficult?

Managing to complicate things
so much.

Turning even] little thing
into a conflict,

making everything an effort.

You're incapable of sharing
your life with others.

As if you were afraid to...

don't know...

really don't.

- You're exasperating, Daniel.
- Maybe this is a bad time in my life.

Don't be cynical.

How did use to be?

You always manage
to infuriate me.

No, mean it.

How did use to be?

Don't know.

Don't know.

You knew how to listen.

Now you don't seem to care.

As if caring was
a thing of the past.

At least with me. don't know
how you are with other people.

Portrait of a bitter man.

Not yet. But in time
that's how it'll be.

What you seem
to need most is patience.

Enormous patience, Daniel.

I've no right to ask
for anyone's patience.

Why do you want us
to separate?

That again?

Really, don't understand you.

What more do you want from me?

Stop trying to understanding me
and you may understand everything.

That was a stupid thing to say.

It wasn't.
meant it.

Just stop it.
You and your riddles.

I'm a fool.
fall into my own traps

And you're a coward.

A coward.

And worst of all,
you can't see it.

You're going?




You're Daniel Vidal's daughter,
aren't you?

He's my teacher.

I've seen you with him
so thought I'd say hello.

- You don't study music, do you?
- No.

Let me give you a kiss.

Waiting for your father?

- Are you meeting him?
- No...

He's over there.

You don't come here very often.
What do you do?

Just finished journalism.

Journalism? That's awful.

Hey, your father's going
Your father's going.

- Aren't you going to call him?
- I'll see him later.


Which way are you going?

Which way am going?

Don't know.

Maybe shouldn't have said that
about journalism.

- Shouldn't have what?
- Weren't you listening?

No, actually wasn't.

Do you get distracted easily?

Two friends of mine studied
journalism and they can't get a job.

One's thinking of
setting up an ostrich farm.

The other's depressed.
Never goes out.

Never goes out?
What a guy.

Actually it's a girl.
An old schoolfriend of mine.

Her folks want her to see
a psychiatrist. Their psychiatrist.

Understand her.
What about you?

- Understand what about her?
- Taking her to a psychiatrist.

Yes, understand.

My folks came to Mad rid 7 years ago
and regretted it 3 months later.

Every day they talk about going
back to Palencia. Even] single day.

Well, here we are.

- Where?
- The place work.

You've brought me
to the place you work!


Can come in with you?

No, it's work.

Could come up for a coffee.


Some other time.

Want to come up?
There's no-one in.


Just for a minute.

No, no.

Bye then.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Have they said anything?
- No.


Customers are leaving
without paying.

- It can't go on.
- I'm all on my own here.

That's your problem.
Know what mean?

From now on, anything that's not
paid for comes out of your wages.


You pay for the people
who don't pay.

Or don't you understand?

Yes... All right.

Hey, baby-

Did Monica call you?

- When?
- Yesterday.



Thought of something yesterday.

Something stupid.

What was it?

Remember that summer
on the Costa Brava?

That must have been at least

-fifteen years ago.
- Twelve.

We were in a bar on the beach,

you got up to pay,

and watched you
talking to the waiter.

And just then wondered

if we'd ever split up.

That was the first time
it occurred to me.

And it scared me a lot.

Scared you?

Was feeling good.


was very happy-

And suddenly that idea came into
my head like a warning.

Or something like that.

Maybe we shouldn't
have met today.

Do you like screwing?

What time is it?

Haven't crapped today.

- That's a strange thing to say.
- What about you?

Ask if you like screwing
and you ask what time it is.

- Is your mother coming?
- What if she is?

You don't seem too keen
on screwing with me.

Don't be silly.

Really like screwing with you.

You're more worried
about your mother coming.

No, I'm broke and she wants me
to ask my father for money.

So ask him.

What? No way!

The judge will require
an agreement,

first of all concerning earnings.

Then, with your daughter's consent,

her place of residence with one
of you will have to be fixed.

Then he'll require,

again with your daughter's consent,
that an amount

be assigned for her maintenance.

We'll have to specify periods
spent together... weekends,

holidays, again with her consent...

with her father or mother
depending on who she's to live with.

Just a moment.


And then the judge will require
compensation to be granted, or not,

to the spouse
who is financially prejudiced

by the divorce.
In other words,

the one who loses "status".

And that's it.

That's it?

That's it.

Things are easy nowadays.
When everyone cooperates.

Tell me the truth...

Don't you get tired
of commuting even] day?

- Aren't you sick of it?
- What? No.

What about Marta?

Marta's sick of it, yes.

She's sick of me too,
so what does it matter?

But you?
Aren't you sick of it?

You're the one
with the problems.

No. just cause problems.

This town's turned to shit.

It's grown too big
and badly at that.

Everybody seems happy
to be living here

but they've no alternative.

Tell me...

Do you know anybody
in Madrid who says

it's impossible to live there?
bet you don't.

Sure it's shit
living where I live

but wouldn't even admit that
in front of my lawyer.

It's a basic survival principle.

- Bet you like living in Madrid.
- No.

Where are you and Ana now?

At demolition point.

Lawyers, divorce papers...
You know.

- I'm sorry...
- Don't start playing the great guy.

No. I'm sorry.
have to catch the train.

Or if you like we can eat.


Know a new Chinese.

- What about your train?
- Fuck my train.


Shit! Shit! Shit!
I've forgotten my keys.


It's not funny.

And haven't got
my mobile either. Shit!

Doesn't your father
live around here?

So what?

You could go to his place.

Any other bad ideas?

A neighbour let me in.


Anything wrong?

No. forgot my keys
and Mum's not at home.


Haven't got my mobile either.


Can stay here?


Yes, here.
Do you mind?

No. Have you had supper?


Come on through.

- Wine?
- No, thanks, don't drink.


Got any juice?

Juice? No.

What do you want?

A glass.

Have you been out?

With David.

The one from university?

That's the one.

You've been going out
for some time.

Going out...

A year... Less.

How's it going?


He was doing IT, wasn't he?

What a memory.

Has he found a job?

He's still looking.

It's a bastard, isn't it?

A real bastard. Yes.

- More difficult than it was for us.
- You think so? Why?

For you everything's easier
till you have to find a job.

Then it's all more complicated.

- Contracts, salaries...
- Bosses.

Businessmen, bosses...

- Everything.
- Everything.

This place is better than ours.

You think so?

How much longer
have you got it?

A year, more or less.

Want to see your room?

My room?

The room you're going
to sleep in.

Excuse me a minute.

It's a friend.
She's coming up.

- A friend?
- Yes, a friend. Clara.

Fine. Okay.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Monica, Clara.
Clara, Monica.


I'll show you the room.



I'm in the way here.

Think had some sheets here.

Your friend
looks uncomfortable.

Yes, here they are.

Want a pair of my pajamas?



- What are you doing here?
- And you?

Asked first.
Whatever made you come here?

Are you staying over?
don't understand.

- Forgot my keys.
- Why didn't you call me?

- Forgot my mobile too.
- So you came here?

Where else could go?

- Where's your father?
- He's asleep.

What are you doing here?
With keys?

He gave them to me just in case.

Just in case what?

Come to the kitchen.

You know your way around!

- Mum!
- You'll knock me over!

Tell me to go and will.

With Monica... you decide.

How old is she now?





No, forget it, really.

Do you want to talk?

How long ago did he go to bed?

Some time. A long time.
A very long time.


What for?

To go home.


No, look at me.

You can dress quickly and go.

Sure, and you'll stay.

Don't get it.

Monica, have
to talk to your father.

At 2 in the morning?

- Don't have to explain anything.
- Maybe you do.

Don't get this.

- Hey.
- Hey, no.

Dad leaves home, you're
screwed up, and you come here

at 2 in the morning
to talk to him?

And with keys.

Think you have
some explaining to do, fuck it.

Would that seem normal to you?

And you in your nightclothes?



Give me a kiss?

Good night.

What's the matter?

Go on, off you go.

Fancy the two of us
ending up here!

Funny, isn't it?


- Hello.
- Hello.

Want some breakfast?

Did you sleep well?

All right.

- You?
- Me? Fine.

Very well.

What would you like?

Milk? Cocoa?
There's isn't any.

No, I'll have coffee.

The cups are in there.

- Spoons?
- Just there.

Nothing to eat?
I'm not hungry.


No... Nothing.

You didn't see Clara leave?


My mother went in,
didn't hear Clara go out.

Maybe she did
when you were in the kitchen

and you didn't hear her.

The house isn't that big.

Heard my mother
go into the bedroom.

A pretty fantastic story

It's a shitty story.

Where did that woman
come from?

How long has he known her?

Do you think they've met?

Ask your father outright.

You can't ask my father
anything outright.

Okay, okay.

You may not get on with him
but you're both the same.

Rude by nature.

And don't even know him.

If that's how
you help me out, forget it.

Sure l will!

Won't say another word, ever.

Just don't get you!

Thanks a lot.

You're going?

Keep it down, eh?

Fuck you.



- Just a second.
- haven't finished!


He's good.

Yes, he's good.

He's very good,
don't be mean.

You have to give him his due.

- You wouldn't mind if did?
- Hi. Remember me?

Manuel, your father's pupil.
We met at the bus stop the other day.

- Yes.
- Is this your mother?

Manuel Benjamin.
A pupil of Monica's father's.

I'm Monica's mother.

Monica looks more like her father.

What a concert.
haven't heard anything as good

-for years.
- Would you excuse us?

- We're going to see my father.
- Fine.

- Pleased to meet you.
- And you.

- See you later?
- No, not later. Some other time.

- Fine.
- Right.

See you around.

That's the only way
to get rid of him. He's terrible.

What about you?

What about me?


- Hello.
- Shit! You startled me!

- Surprised you, eh?
- Right.

Did you follow me?

No, didn't. was following
your father, who disappeared.

Then saw you.
What a coincidence, eh?

Didn't expect to see you.

Don't you get tired
of being like that?

Like what?

Your father's
a bit weird, isn't he?

Don't get me wrong,
but he's a strange man. A loner.

Hope you don't mind
my saying that.

Doesn't he seem strange to you?

Don't mean he's nasty
but just a bit strange.

A bit, yes.

But as he's your father,
he'd seem normal.

- Do your parents seem abnormal to you?
- haven't got any.

You haven't got any?

What about what you told me?

They died in an accident
when was two.

Don't even remember them.

Just don't like
saying I'm an orphan.

Why make people
feel sorry for me?

- Who do you live with?
- My grandmother.

Do you remember how your folks
were when you were little?

Nobody does.

Everybody lives on made-up memories.
I've made up my family.

Weren't you going to catch
the bus?


Have you got a boyfriend?

More or less, yes.

More or less she says!
That's a good one!

- Why?
- Don't you feel embarrassed saying that?

- No, don't.
- A more-or-less boyfriend.


Did you just make that up
about your folks?

No, swear.
But they were from Palencia.

From Palencia.

Do you really ride
around Madrid on a bike?

It's a perk of the job.

No, only sometimes.
I'm not that crazy.

- How are you?
- Fine.

Just "fine"?

At most.

Looks like won't get any more
out of you on that subject.

- Are you okay for time?
- For time, yes.

- Then can ask you out to dinner?
- You can ask me out to dinner.

And you'll talk.

- And I'll talk.
- Good. That's very good.

Tuck the sheet in a bit more.

Let me.

Mind out.

The cushion.



- Hello, David.
- Hello, Mum.

Right, I'm off.
I'll call you later, okay?

- You're going?
- Yes. See you.



- You're going?
- Should stay?

Okay, I'll call you.


He soon left, didn't he?

He felt uncomfortable.

- Are you remaking the bed?
- Just a bit.

Our coming here bothers you.

To go to bed? No.

You've suddenly gone
kind of stiff.

Stiff? Really?

Is it obvious?
Did he notice?

What do you think?

Oh, Monica, I'm sorry.

What a mess am.

I'm a bit...


Know what mean?

Hey... how are things in bed?


It's important to do it right.


Does he make you feel good?

Yes, he does make me feel good.


tell me...

- You'll embarrass me..
- Do you tn] different positions?

A few, yes.

Which ones do you know?

Apart from the "missionary"?

- What's the "missionary"?
- The normal position.

- Him on top.
- That's the "missionary"?

The church
always gets it up front.

- Comes out on top, you mean.
- Thank you.

Don't know
what to think of Daniel.

There's nothing to think.
That's the problem.

Don't suppose
that sounded very original.

Don't find it that easy.

A life together...
it sounds corny,

but it's not that easy.
Corny and not very practical

So what's next?

Don't know.

Don't know.

It's awful
but don't want to separate.

But you've already separated.

And we see each other.

And we go to bed.

What a disaster.

He's a clever one.

Because let him use me?

And he knows you know,
so great.

You make it really easy for him.

Maybe don't mind.

If you didn't,
you wouldn't tell me.

You wouldn't need to tell anyone.

- I'm lonely.
- don't know what to say.

You're lonely.

You feel sorry for yourself
making it difficult for me.


think Daniel's a swine.

Can just imagine him. Hard on
the outside, soft on the inside.

He knows you inside out and that
has nothing to do with feelings

but with using people, Ana.

Using people.

How much longer
can you take that?

A few months?

A year? Two?

And then what?

Sooner or later
there'll be someone else

and he'll stay out of your bed.

He's such a typical example
of a certain kind of man.

What kind?

Can be frank, Ana?

The bastard kind.

But some women like that.

I've said too much.

Shouldn't talk of him like that.

No, it's okay.


Do you really
mean anything to him?

And what said before...

ls there someone else?

I'm spoiling your meal.

Want to come up?

- If you want me to.
- For a while?

What about that girl...

Rosa, wasn't it?

Rosa? Rosa?

- You don't see her any more?
- No.

You went out for a long time.

Far too long.
Especially for her.

That means she left you.

Yes, she did.

I'm like you
but the other way round.

The male disaster version.

but much younger than me.

- Have you seen yourself in the mirror?
- I've no choice.

Oh, Miguel, can't believe
you have trouble with women.

With the ones
I'm interested in, always.



Miguel, hold on.

Hold on.

You'll tear my blouse!

- Take it easy.
- Don't be silly.

I'm not silly!
don't want to...

Miguel, please!


God! Shit!

What's the matter
with you, damn it? Stop it!

Mum! Mum!

What's the matter?

Don't know.

Don't know.

How long have you known him?

Eight... nine years.

And nothing
like that had happened?

No, never.

He's younger than you, isn't he?

Yes, but that's got nothing
to do with it. He's a...

he was a friend.

We could talk to each other,
tell each other things.

He always seemed okay.

He never tried anything on.

Didn't like his face

Because of what you saw.


You didn't...

lead each other on a bit?

If you asked him up,
he might have thought...

- don't know...
- No.

I'm not that stupid.

Have you washed your hair?


Thought he was going
to rape you.

He went completely crazy.

He was all over me!

Bloody men.

Not David, though?

Suppose not.

He's a bit silly.

- Silly?
- Simple.

Oh, that's normal.

- Is Dad like that?
- Of course. Hadn't you noticed?

Don't know.

Don't know him,
understand him.

And he doesn't understand me.

Don't understand why
he wants a divorce. Do you?

May not be able to explain why but
that doesn't mean there's no reason.

He needs to but doesn't know
how to say so.

He's always been like that.


-tell me...
- What?

Has Dad... met another woman?

Why do you ask? Have you seen
him with someone else?

No... was just trying
to think of a reason, that's all.

Your father's a natural phenomenon
but there's no explaining him.

That makes me sad.

Don't get too mixed up with adults.

Yeah, know.

I'm falling asleep.

Wash your hair tomorrow, okay?

Always spill some.

- Did you like the concert?
- Yes.

We should stop seeing each other.


This is ridiculous.

And it has been for
the last year at least.

Played along out of weakness.

And because love you.

That's the only thing
I'm sure about.

And it's tearing me apart.

And we're both too old now
to go on the way we are...

The crazy nights,
doing stupid things.

This relationship is rotten.

It's disgusting.

It may not bother you,
but it bothers me.

Want to have good memories of us.

Maybe I've still got
a sense of dignity

that you don't have any more.

When say "disgusting",
mean it.

Feel disgusted
by what I'm doing.

It's all my fault, know.
I'm a coward,

not the passive person
pretend to myself that am.

Which, from your point
of view, is very convenient.

So don't want us
to see each other any more.

You lead your life.

See Monica, if you want.
If you don't, then don't.

But she is your daughter.

Do as you think fit.

- Actually, Ana...
- Let me finish, Daniel.

Don't think you see her enough

but that's up to you.

I'm getting out of this game
of mutual destruction.

I'll lead the life have
and do the best can.

What do know is don't want
to share my misery with you.

That's the worst part of all.

And you don't even realize.

Don't know

what's wrong with you, Daniel.

And in spite of it all,
still don't think you're selfish.

Don't know where you're at
and please don't tell me.


think I've made it clear, haven't ?

Which is the opposite of what
you've been doing all these months.


want you to forget me.

Don't want to be
or feel generous.

I'd hate to be like my mother.


that's it.

I'm going to get up now.
This time me, not you.

And I'm going to leave.

And this time, please,
want you to sit there

and wait till
I'm out the door. Okay?

Just this once.
It won't hurt you.

Do you read?

Yes, of course.

What do you read?

Something of everything.

Something of everything?

What is everything?


Novels, essays, biographies,
history, poetry...?

No, not poetry.

Or essays.

What about history?

What else?

What else?
The last thing read?

Something picked up at your place
the other day. didn't ask you.

Stealing books means you're
a bookworm. I've always done it.

It's called "socializing".



What's that?

Your mother says you're broke
and don't dare ask me.


- Aren't you going to count it?
- Later.

Your mother says...

-she doesn't want to see me any more.
- Is that so strange?

No, of course not.

But had to tell you.

Is that why
you wanted to see me?


And that's that?


So can go now?
I'm meeting someone.

Yes, of course.


Give it to me some other time.

Have you seen
what they've done to the river?


Drained it.
Public works.

Public works?

The poor river.

Have you seen it?

Cross it every day.

Here's to the river.

Some old men used to catch carp
and then throw them back in.

Whatsit they do now?

Drink, like us.

- Are you in a hurry today?
- No. Why?

You know what an 18th-century
ambassador said about the river?


That the Manzanares was navigable...

by horse and cart.

A serious, observant guy,
that ambassador.

Wonder what he'd say now.

- What are you thinking?
- Nothing.

- You don't care about the river.
- It's not that...

was thinking about
those old men and the fish.

Where will they put them now?

- What are you doing here?
- What do you think?

You frightened me to death.

- Have you been here long?
- A while.

- Did you ring the bell?
- No, your folks don't know I'm here.

- Come here.
- What are you doing?

What's the matter with you?

- Nothing.
- Have you been drinking?

A couple of beers.
They made me feel horny.

- Not here, Monica.
- Why not?

- The neighbours might come.
- Who cares?



Screw me!

Screw me!

What's the matter?


What is it?

Feel bad.

Can see that.

Suppose so.

What can do?

Dump me.

Want us to split up.

Please understand.

Don't feel like understanding.

You don't want me to understand.

You want me to obey.
That's all.

That's true.

You're right.

What is it? You feel
like playing at bitter adults?

Don't want to hurt you, David.

Then don't.

I'd prefer not to see you.

If you go, then that's it.

Excuse me.

Could you take a picture of us?




Excuse me!

You didn't take one!


- Hello.
- Hello.

Sit down?

- Would you like something?
- No, thanks.

You followed me.

The two of you.

The two of us.

Not for the first time.


The second.

You want to know who Clara is.


- I've known her for over 30 years.
- I'm not sure want to know.

You've left me no choice.

I've known Clara longer than Ana.
Since university.

Let's say we started out as...

good friends and
it turned into something else.

Especially for her.

Well, and for me too.

We got a flat with some friends...

People did that a lot then.

She fell out with her parents
because of that.

Because of that?

Things were different then.

Wasn't sure whether

- wanted to live with her or not.
- As always.

Yes, that's true.

- As always.
- And the same with Mum.


It wasn't the same with her.

It wasn't the same.

Find it hard to talk.

The flat lasted a couple of years,
then Ana appeared.

Ana was different. couldn't
decide which one wanted.

- And you still can't.
- No, not any more.

Not any more.

Clara went to live in the U..

So the relationship ended.
She only came back here recently.

Sometimes she'd come back
on a short trip and I'd see her...

or not,
or didn't know she'd come

She always decided.

But you're right. It's all been
very convenient for me.

Did Mum ever know?

Yes, she always knew.

That's why it was
so convenient for me.

I've had two very
understanding women in my life

No, don't laugh.

You can't tell me
what to do any more.

Believe it or not, I'm not a cynic.

I've always known them both
very well.

Know I've never been in love
with them

but they have with me.

As silly as it sounds,
that can be inconvenient.

It's so easy that you don't have
to do anything.

Except arrange your schedule
to fit them in.

And that's not cynical?

Maybe it's hypocritical.

But in this country
everyone's a hypocrite by nature.

And you may not believe this,
but I'm very grateful

to the two of them.

Have you looked at Clara?


Why should ?

She's been back for a year.
She's married now.

And it looks like
she's going to stay.

How old is she?
The same as Mum?

Yes, exactly.

She looks younger.

- You going to live with her?
- No.

Are you lying to me?


Don't play
the protective father with me.

Swear I'm not going
to live with her.

And Clara's...

Clara's your mother.

There's an explanation.

At that time
she didn't feel ready...


- You really don't want anything?
- No.

How did all this...?

Clara got pregnant by mistake.

She thought of having an abortion,
she didn't want children.

Then said...

that if she wanted to have you,
she should go ahead,

and I'd take care of you.


Because like children.

What about Mum?


She came along later, after...

Clara and had an argument.

Over you.

Clara had you
because she loved me.

encouraged her too.

After she had you,
she got depressed.

Didn't know how to look after you
or what to do with you.

Ana was there,

in the flat with us.

She was with a guy
but they didn't get on.

She was the only one

who paid you any attention.

There were other girls there
but they didn't care.

And we started feeling closer...

when we looked after you.

The two of us.

Ana didn't care
that you weren't hers.

That's something
you'll never understand.

They were different times.
Completely different times.

But that's all gone.

Just like me and her.

Don't understand you.

Any of you.

You're just irresponsible.

Don't understand you,
Ana or Clara.

You're all ridiculous,
twisted, phoney,

sticking up for a phoney world.

You know what want?

To forget you all and lead my life
without anybody trying to wreck it.

And you...

you are horrible.

You've made two woman's lives
a misery because it suited you.

Just because of that.

So now what?

You've got two women.

I've got none.

Two shitty sentences!

Haven't got anything.
I've got fuck all, Dad!

What do do now, huh?

Go to my mother, whoever the fuck
that is? You tell me what I've got!

Don't you realize?

Will you never realize?

Why are you telling me
all this now?

Why the fuck
are you telling me?

You've taken
my mother away from me!

That's what you've done!

Don't you realize?

My mother is Ana!

My mother is Ana, understand?
My mother is Ana.

Did you tell her

you were going to tell me?
bet you didn't.


No, you didn't!
You're a piece of shit!

You're a piece of shit, Dad!
A piece of shit!

- Good morning.
- Hello.

- Still the same.
- Yes, can see.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.




What's his name?

- Asuca.
- Asuca.

Hello, Asuca.

How old is he?

He's eleven years old.


That's pretty old.

Do you like dogs?

I've never had one.


the wind knocking at my door

speaks to me of dead loves

before the dying fire.


it is a monotonous song

in the trembling house

and I think
of how little time I have left.

What's left of our old loves?

What's left of those good times?

A photograph.

an old photograph

from my youth.

What's left

of those love letters,

of April,

of our dates?

A memory following me

all the time.

Lost happiness,

hair blowing in the wind,

stolen kisses,

fading dreams...

What's left

of all that'?

Tel! me.

A little village,

an old bell tower,

a landscape tucked away...

and in a cloud,

the beloved face

of my past...

The words,

the tender words
that are murmured.

The most pure caresses.

The promises made
deep in the woods.

The ?owers

found again in a book

whose perfume intoxicates you.

Why have they vanished?

What's left of our old loves?

What's left of those good times?

A photograph.

an old photograph
from my youth.

What's left
of those love letters,

of April, of our dates?

A memory following me

all the time.

Lost happiness,
hair blowing in the wind,

stolen kisses, fading dreams...

What's left of all that?

Tel! me.

A little village,

an old bell tower,

a landscape tucked away...

and in a cloud,

the beloved face

of my past...

of my past

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