Muhammad: The Messenger of God (2015) - full transcript

Abousofyan tells Aboutaleb, Muhammad's uncle, that in the upcoming morning he wants to kill the holy prophet of Islam and Muslims, who are in boycott. Aboutaleb remembers the past years when Abraha charges ahead Mecca to ruin the house of God. but by God's will his army loses out against millions of small birds sent by GOD. A month later, Muhammad is born.

In the Name of Allah

What you are about to watch in this movie

is based upon authentic
historical narrations

as well as a portrait
of my self-perception

as well as a portrait of my selfperception of the
personality of the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (p).

The director: Majid Majidi

Makkah, 10th year after the
beginning of the prophetic mission.

Supporting those who
have been banned

is considered as a disregard
to the treaty of the Quraysh.

All residents of Makkah,
regardless of their status,

must adhere to it.

Else, the sign of treachery will be
stamped on the hands of these men,

so that others can take heed.

There is no compassion
in you Abdul Uzza.

This is what you have inherited.

Assistance to the dwellers of the
valley is against the treaty

and this is its punishment.

This treaty stinks of murder.

This is treachery towards
your own family!

He is under my protection, Abu Lahab!

If anyone draws his sword,
then he will face my sword!

Is this my cousin Hamzah

who is passing through
the city in a mask

and is being so brazen?!

I was just protecting
myself from the dust.

I speak to my enemies face to face.

Are you calling me an enemy?

Say what you have to say.

I do not see anyone who is
willing to listen to me.

I am the eyes and ears of Makkah! Hamzah!


I only want well for Bani Hashim.

Your goodness is your vice Abu Sufyan.

Don't deviate, Hamzah!

I only signed the order to exile
Muhammad and his followers

because I believed

that he would have
created unrest in this city

with his denial of the gods.

Untie him!


has no place for traitors.

Whoever has been given your protection

can no longer stay here.


you must leave this city

before sunset tomorrow.

Throughout the first seven years
of Holy Prophet's mission,

the polytheists of Makkah were not
satisfied with only torture and torment,

but rather were intent to
kill the Holy Prophet.

It was the reason why Muhammad
and his followers left Makkah

to seek refuge in the Valley of Abu Talib

which was located between
two mountains near Makkah.

The polytheists had also sealed off
the entrance to the valley to ensure,

that according to the signed order,

no food or supplies enter

and no interaction with the
residents of Makkah occurs.

We Muslims would stay in this
dry gorge for three years

under the severest of difficulties and
amidst the cries of starving children.

The Holy Prophet has said
taht the birth of a daugther

opens a door of paradise for you.


He has named your daughter
Aminah, the name of his mother.



He gave these dates as a blessing

and said that it will
increase the mother's milk.

Where did you go?

Five days of unfruitful travelling,

searching for a grain of barley,

searching for a tribe of Bedouins
who would take my money.

News of the boycott has
reached the furthest tribes.

Don't worry;

their own messengers have
unintentionally delivered

the call of Allah's
religion far and wide.

The Holy Prophet just recited
something into the ears of the newborn.

My heart has been enlightened.

All will be resolved soon.

Makkah's leaders did not imagine
that Muhammad and his followers

would be able to withstand
and bear such hardships.

Determination showned by the
Muslims during this time

exposed the rifts that existed
within the leaders of Makkah.

Abu Talib.

The leaders of ten tribes

have gathered at Dar al-Nadwa.

They are waiting for you.

Watch over the Holy Prophet's house.

Ali, my dear son,

is the distribution completed?

Do not leave the
Holy Prophet alone,

stay at his side.

Certainly dear father.

Where is the opposotion if we
all wish to end the boycott?

I am the most concerned

about my family members in Bani Hashim.

Makkah will welcome Muhammad,

if this is what the elders want.

We will close our eyes
to the visible gods

and attach our hearts
to an invisible one.

You tell me Aas,

are you ready to share your
table with your slaves?

And you Hisham.

are you willing to allow your wife,

with the permission of
the God of Muhammad,

to speak over you?

You want to shut down the
brothels and bars to the traders?

Then you should all
deny your fathers!

We should just destroy all
the gods of the pilgrims

and sit quietly hoping that
a caravan comes this way.

If it is the benefit of the elders,

then why would not I be with you?

Welcome O elder of Quraysh!

Makkah has been counting the days until
it would see you again in its company.

The elders still recognize you
as the head of the sitting.

Welcome Abu Talib!

Time is short and there
is a lot to get through.

I will give you a summary
of what was said.

Makkah is growing bigger everyday,

but its reputation is degrading.

Up until a few years ago,

this city had great
traders such as Khadijah.

Do you know what status
Muhammad could have today?

Not higher than what he already has...

God's chosen one.

Abu Talib,

the income of Hajj has
greatly increased this year.

I wanted to leave the gathering

as I have a secret

that can only be mentioned to you.

My heart has accepted the
invitation of Muhammad,

however I want to know how
much is he willing to pay

in order for Abu Sufyan
to join his religion?

Belief is not a commodity
of sale Abu Sufyan.

He is the God's chosen one

and I will also be his follower.

Together we will come to an agreement.

There is no better fragrance than the
hand of the one who pledges allegiance?

It is possible that his heart
may become filled with belief,

but do not bring the world of
these people into disarray!

Abu Talib,

do these people not have a god?

Don't they have rituals?

Do not say no!

It is sufficient for Muhammad
to keep his God in his heart

and become a partner in the
wealth and honor of this city.

The same goes for you Abu Talib,

with your name,
jus like before,

you can make the large caravans
of the city prosperous.

No, you yourself are well aware

that showing the wealth
of Makkah is useless.

Unveil the other stories
that you are hiding,

Ibn Hamd.

Other stories?!

Come with me.

Tolerance of this tribe has ended.

All are united on one opinion.

What follows is out of my hands.

War between tribes?!

They're the ones putting
themselves in danger.

blood (life) is priceless.

I have never stepped in blood

nor gotten blood on my clothes

unless someone else put it first.

Abu Talib,

if Muhammad refuses to stop his claims,

Bani Hashim will remove
their support from him.

Then no sword will be able to save you.

Then will you confront me
and an unsupported person

who is the Prophet of God?

When the drums of war are heard,

Bani Hashim will have no place to hide.

You have until sunrise tomorrow.

In the Name of Allah, the
All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

All praise belong to
Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

The All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

Master of the Day of Judgment.

You alone do we worship

and to You alone do
we turn for help.

Guide us on the straight path,

the path of those who
You have blessed,

not of those who have
incurred Your wrath,

nor those who are astray.

In the Name od Allah,
The All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

Have you [O Muhammad] not regarded how your
Lord dealt with the Men of the Elephant?

Did he not make their
stratagems go awry?

And send against them flocks of birds.

O prophet

Have you not regarded how your
Lord dealt with the Men of the Elephant?

Did he not make their
stratagems go awry?

And send against them flocks of birds

pelting them with stones of shale.

Thus making them like chewed-up straw?

Come this way!

Come this way!


It's mine. Let it go!

Go this way!


Where is Suwaybah?





What do I say to Abdul Muttalib?

Tell him that I am staying.

I will return.

Do you see?

At the peak of chaos

your presence gives me tranquility.

When I felt you existence
for the first time,

your warmth

eased the pain of not knowing
what happened to your father

on that ill-fated journey.

Abu Talib!

Abu Talib!

Abu Talib!

Where is Aminah?

She did not want to come,

what should I do?

Is'nt the mountain path
riskier for a pregnant woman?

She's my brother's legacy.

Do not leave her alone!

Go! Go!

Abu Talib!

Abu Talib!

Come with me!

Follow me!

What are you doing in the city?

How did you get hurt?

The Army of Elephants

has taken all of father's camels.

The elsers of the tribes are also
lamenting and requesting our protection.

They are that close?

They have set up camp at Muqammis.

Abu Dayr and I were there,

the rest were taken captive.

Where is father?

I will return shortly.


resistence is impossible.

Only a few soldiers remain.

Only a handful from all the tribes.

Udayd also brought news
of your herd of camels.

Abraha's army looted
them as spoils of war.

What about Aminah?

She wishes to stay.

I have entrusted her to Fatima.

Tend to all those whose
refuge is the Ka'bah

and who are staying here.

And also assist all those
who are leaving the city.

Also find someone who knows Amharic.

I am Abdul Muttalib,

the elder of Makkah.

He is Abdul Muttalib.
The elder of Makkah.

Come in!

You are the elder of Makkah

and the gatekeeper of the Ka'bah.

During the last two days of my travels,

the elders of the every city

have groveled at my feet.

Some of them requested
kindness while others did not.

I killed some of them and
destroyed their gods,

I spared others along with their gods.

However, the destruction of the Ka'bah
ha been my target since the beginning.

I have come to hear the
requests of the leader of Makkah

and to see what the gatekeeper
of the Ka'bah has brought.

Now is the time for requests,

as once fighting starts, there
won't be any opportunity.

This is my request.

Your army has been taken my 90
camels as spoils of war.

Without war, there are no spoils.

So tell them to release my camels
along with their riders.

Without war, there can be no victory?

You have lost my respect
elder of Makkah.

Your request from the general
of the army of elephants

is the return of your camels

and not the safety of your
city or the house of your God?

Why would my Lord
need my intercession?

I am only the owner of my camels.

This city and gods 'huose
has its own owner.

I, Abraha, the governor of Yemen,

have built a temple in Ethiopia,

upon my king's order.

It shines as bright as the sun.

With the gold from its walls,

I can purchase Makkah and
all its inhabitants.

Answer me gatekeeper
of the Ka'bah.

Then why is the prosperity
of the Marketplace,

religion and popularity of the
Ka'bah keeps flourishing?

What is the secret behind the Ka'bah?

I do not know its secret.

But I do know that it is all

made of stones and not gems.

It was not built by a governor
as orfered by a king.

He said that this visit is over,

prepare to defend yourselves.

Return the camels and their riders!

Get away from my army!

These camels are entrusted to
you until tomorrow morning.


This house

is Your house

and we are all residents

within Your sanctuary.

God's will was such

that the elephants did not
enter the sanctuary of Makkah

and did not go towards the Ka'bah.


the light in the sky!

The light!




Look! Light!

Stay still!

Keep quiet!

Keep quiet! Keep quiet!

Keep quiet! Keep quiet!

And this is the blessing
wherewith Moses,

the man of God, blessed the children
of Israel before his death.

And he said, The Lord came from Sinai,
and rose up from Seir unto them;

he shined forth from mount Paran,

and he came with ten
thousands of saints;

from his right hand went
a fiery law for them.

Yes, he loved the people;

all his saints are in thy hand:

and they sat down at thy feet; every
one shall receive of thy words.

Moses commanded us a law,
even the inheritance of

the congregation of Jacob.
(Deuteronomy 33/1-4)

Nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter
shall ye see the Son od man

sitting on the right hand of power, and coming
in the clouds of heaven. (Matthew 26/64)

It has been realized.

Make sure you give food to everyone;

no one must leave this
gathering hungry.

Welcome dear brother!

What is happening? A banquet
for relatives and elders?

You still don't know our father?

I know I should have to sit at a table

to eat the leftovers of the poor.

I am ready to give up all honors,

but I will never disgrace myself.

Why are you late?
The little one is hungry.

My lady did not allow me to come.

He is very hungry.

I saw the banquet that your father
has prepared outside Makkah.

It's a celebration for his grandson,

aren't you pleased?

Taking pride in a baby
who has no father

and a mother who has no milk;

they are now using my
slave-girl as his wet nurse.

I told you to ignore this banquet!

I did not go to it.

You went and returned with shame.

You said that pride must be purchased,

so I went to get my share.

How did he look?

Did he look like Abdullah?

I did not see him.

Did they not say whom he resembled
from amongst the family?

I did not meet anyone.

This is your portion from the sale!

Honor is the share of Abullah's
orphan and his other eight uncles.

Give birth to a child, then
you can also claim a share.

From you, I have only carried hatred!

Is it?

Am I your issue?

Or not?

Was it that Abdullah didn't look at you

and your luck felt on my empty heart?

My anguish is that I was
the peacemaker who

reconciliated the Bani
Hashim to the Bani Umayyah;

from the ten sons
of Abdul Muttalib

my share was neither the goods
of the family nor its bravery.

If you are the peacemaker,

the world does not see peace between
the Bani Hashim and the Bani Umayyah.

I curse you!

Examine them all,
they must have no flaws.

Examine them from head to
toe, even the smallest of

scars will cancel the transaction.

Put the strong ones aside.

Where is this one from?

Is he able to work?

This one is not for sale.

Did something happen in Makkah?

It's a normal day in the
month of Rabi' al-Awwal.

I will return.

Where are you going?

My order?

We only saw a light in the sky.

Did God not speak to
Moses throughout fire?

There is a huge difference between
that fire and this light.

The Mount of Sinai from which Moses came down
from is unknown and so is the land of Paran.

God and His savior are hidden from us.

Was the land of Paran not the place where the
other children of Abraham took up residence?

Was not the glad tidings of the
manifestation of his light

the reason why the Children of Israel
migrated to this land in the first place,

so that one day the promised
one can rise from amongst us?

Without doubt a chil
was born to these people

and that soul of the promised one that
existed from the beginning of creation

descended into its human form.

And he is now amongst us.

So we know something, but we will
not do anything to check it?

We should first investigage
on whom from amongst the Jews

gave birth to a son.

The Jews in Makkah are very few.

Samuel, the time of arrival of the
promised one has not been specified.

We will wait and see what the scholars
of Khaybar have to say about this.

If he is amongst us, we must
enthusiastically adhere to his call.

We will go to Khaybar
in the next few days.

But we first need to gather information

about the births of this nation
that occurred in Makkah.





Is it possible for a prophet
to come from this nation?

Not from this nation,
rather for this nation.

Let's go!

We will not get
our answers here.

The grandson of Abdul Mutta?ib

from the tribe of Bani Hashim.

On that day, everyone named their children
with the names of the idols of their tribes.


Abdul Muttalib went
towards the Black stone

and sought blessings from the heavenly
stone, which was a remnant of Abraham's time.



Muhammad! What name is this?!

We have not heard it before!

Where did this name come from?

There are no blessing from our gods nor
any trace of our ancestors in this name.

What is this name!

There is no mention of
the gods in this name.

We have never heard this
name from any tribe.

No boy was ever named Muhammad.

His name is "the praised",

praise be upon him!

His name is "the praised",

praise be upon him!



His name is Muhammad!
Blessing in that name!

His name is Muhammad!
Blessing in that name!

What do I have?






Jameelah is requesting
her slave-girl back.

But she just got here.


Feeding a newborn
does not take long.

She left her domestic work

to come and feed a child!

This child is your nephew.

Jameelah is also my wife.

Give us some time;

the mother has insufficient milk.

Life is short, let's
stop this game!

Where is Suwaybah that
she can't hear me?



Jameelah is unhappy with her
slave-girl feeding your child.


but he is still hungry.

I do not want words of
unhappiness in this house.

Why don't you cry?

What are you doing?

Are you crazy!

Do you want to die?


We need water.

We were left behind and are thirsty.

A little further up there is water.

I lost my mule.

And the sun has sapped all our energy.

We are in a hurry.

Wait! Please!

Just a drop so that we can get to a well.

Just a drop!

Come this way and see our
condition for yourselves.

Lead the way!


Where are you going?

To Makkah.

We are going so that we can share the
milk of this child with another.

In exchange for some
bread to feed my family.

You have come late.

The naming ceremonies are over.

You will miss the wet-nurse market.

Take this.

In this desert, you should have thought
about carrying a few more water bags.

You are very kind sir.


Clear the room I want a word with you!

He doesn't understand our language.

Do you understand our language?

Your nephew is getting weaker

and until we find another wet-nurse
he will perish from hunger.

Your slave-girl has milk and
you are withholding it?

Take a fee for the milk

or set a price and sell her.

I have given the slave-girl
as a gift to my wife.

A gift cannot be taken back nor be sold.

Your wife...


Jameelah is your daughter in-law.

Do not speak ill of her

as she is part of your family.

I am not complaining about
my daughter in law,

But I am complaining about and
embarrassed by my own flesh.

Bani Umayyah have purchased
you with this woman.

Or not!

Rather you have yourself sold
your family lineage to them.

If it were not for you this union
would not have taken place.


Do Bani Umayyah have
some sort of status?

What have I gained
from my own family?

?Even Cain was not as
jealous and hateful as you

are to your brother

Abu Lahab!

The High Priest already
aware of the sightings.

He also knows about
your astonished state

and that you took the news of the
light rain of Paran to Madaris.

He took those signs to be the
begining of a new dawn.

After such a lengthy period of waiting, what
a great blessing has occurred in our era.

The truth will be
shortly revealed to us.

I am worried.


The signs of the birth occurred
but not the signs of the Savior.

It points towards Makkah

where the Jews are
an extreme minority.

During the light rain, no male child
was born into Jewish family.

While awaiting of the Savior continues,
rumors of his arrival will also prevail.

We should nor await another disciple

who will again split this
great nation into factions.

For years we have been awaiting from generation
to generation, what will this all mean

if the Savior is from amongst the Arabs?

The arrival of the Savior does not have
any condition nor stipulation from God.

What if he is not from our nation?

We do not need you to confirm
the apparition of the Savior,

you are just an employee.

It is our duty to find him.

On the one hand I have doubt,

but on the other I have certainty.

Is this not the order of the Pharaoh
reported by the believers of Moses?

He must be recognized, as this
is the order of the Book.

For unto us a child is born,

unto us a son is given, and the
government shall be upon his shoulder.

And his name shall be called
Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God,

The everlasting Father, The
Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9/6)

Of the increase of his
government and peace

there shall be no end, upon the throne
of David, and upon his kingdom,

to order it, and to establish it
with judgment and with justice

from henceforth even for ever.

The zeal of the Lord of hosts
will perform this. (Isaiah 9/7)

What if he is not from our nation?

How is it possible that a prophet
be truthful if the is not from us?

Do you doubt the chosen
nature of your nation?

Go to Makkah and start a business.

As you are convinced in
the light rain of Paran,

search out the child who has the
sign of governance on his shoulder,

a sign that other
prophets also possessed.

The Arabs do not believe
in a promised savior.

If I find that magnificent soul
of which the signs speak about...

That child is like a treasure, a treasure
that could end all our suffering.

Go and find him.

I am going that way.


no one hired me to
be their wet-nurse.

I only got this from the wool
of the sheep that we brought.

What should we do?

I don't know.

This Jameel does not have
the energy to return.

Be satisfied.

I will take him to the market

and hopefully we can get
some money from him.

They will not pay for it.

It will only create more
annoyance for our daughter.

We don't have any other
choise Haleemah.


My madam is very difficult to please.

However, whoever is
chosen will be paid well.

Both of you come with me.

Don't needlessly walk
him around the town.

This chunk of meat he
has will burn off.

His body has scars

but I will buy it for
the price of its meat.

I will not charge you
for the slaughtering

and you can have the skin.

How many dinars?

Try and make your madam pick me.

My child has no one and
is need of food.

Catch him!


Watch out!

Where are you going?


Wactch out!

Wactch out!



Wactch out!


Catch him!



Catch him!


Watch out!

Come back here!


Watch out!

Watch out!

Watch out!


Watch out!

Catch him!








Get up!

Get up! Come out from there!



Get up!

Get up!

Get up!

Get up.

He is scared.

Let him calm down.

Will you not eat with me?

I had the feeling that I would
be receiving guests today.

Do not worry!

The others will come and take care of him.


Come inside.


Please sit.

Put your baby down over there

and rest for a while.



He is hungry.

I do not have milk.

He has rejected all
the wet-nurses

that have come during
the last few days.

My tears are of maternal affection;

for that milk that he accepted.

Why are you crying?

This breast of mine did not produce,

but as soon as he started to
suckle on it, it became full.

What is your name?


Halima Sa'diyad?

From its sound you can
tell it is pure gold?

It will be the property of
the one who finds the child.

A child who will be
known by his blessings.

He has a sign on his
shoulder, on the back.

Because of the heat, this
city has a very dry climate,

mothers usually send their children to
wet-nurses living near the city

or to the desert.

Search in the city and
its surroundings.



Go! Go!

Quickly! Quickly!

I know it is not easy

to let Muhammad go.

I'm having a hard time
separating from him.

Is it not possible for the wet-nurse
to stay here instead of sending him?

She has a husband and other children,

how can she stay?

If only you gave me
permission to go with them.

It is of the best interest of you

and of Muhammad

that he goes alone.

Why are you worried?

This is our good fortune.

I know this family well.

We will visit him whenever
we get the opportunity.

A two months old Muhammad

began his first journey.

How surreal it was for us,

but for Aminah it was unbearable
and a source of great grief.

Open the door!

To protedt you children from devil
and from evil spirits! Open!


Let me see him!

What is his name?

Welcome back!

It was a difficult journey.

What is his name, mother?


Unload the camels!



did yo see?

Do not open your eyes.






Get out! Get out!

Move away!

Remain clean

and burn all your clothes.

Burn all the grains that were
harvested duranting the previous years.

Do not allow the animals to drink from the
wells located in the center of the city.

Bring water for them from the wells
that are outside of the city.

The city's businessmen

must open up their storerooms

and generously distribute their
cloth amongst the people.

What should I do now?

See if you can get some wheat from Ta'if.

If you see an infected person,
separate him from the people.

See if you can acquire a few
camels and horses for me.

I have brought wheat and clothes,

with no necessary recompense.

Food and clothing!

They are worth more than
pure gold during these days.

How can we compensate you?

There is no need for compensation

when you distribute what you have equally
between the Jews and yourselves.

It is the renowned fairness
of the gatekeeper of

Abraham's Ka'bah that
motivated me to do this.

There is no difference between us.

The Jews are residents of this
city and are our brothers.

It is the right of the neighbor.
Our destinies are intertwined.

This is a gift to honor
your worthy intentions.

For the children of this city

and to that child who was
born on the night when

the stars were raining
from the sky of Paran...

the one whose name you know.

I do not know anything.

Tell me the price of your goods

and take the money for it.

You know.

Please begin.

Muhammad must return
to Sa'diyah tommorrow.

He is not the only one leaving.

All the children must leave Makkah.

Please begin.

Do you know how much
I love Muhammad?

I have spent my whole
life in separation.

Separation from my previous love


and my future love


So now that the mothers

are going with their children,

let me go with Muhammad.

Love requires the ability
to bear difficulties.

Because you love him,

let him remain unknown.

This child

has brought so much
blessing to all,

but where is his own share?

Only distance and separation?

It's a mystery of love,

without doubt someone else

loves him more than you and I.




Go away!

Get lost!

Which one is he?

The one wearing white.

What do you want?

We were left behind.

Just some bread and water if you have.


bring them some water.

What do you want with that child?

To be healed!

My tent is not too far away.

Have your water and bread and leave.

My husband is sick;

let him come with me for a little
while so that he can cure him.

I said leave!

Whatever amount of money
you want I will give you,

just let us get cured...

I will end your days if
you utter another word!



They are coming. Move!

Hurry! Inform your father.

Zayd come quick!


Help me!

I have been stabbed.


What happened? Zayd!

I am taking Muhammad to Makkah.

Get him ready.

We will leave before sunrise.

My dear Muhammad,

this is your travel bag.

Give it to your father.

As I said, I was very careful.

I never left him alone.

Halima did not permit any
women into the house.

No one should know
that he has returned.

Tell them to get ready.

I will take him myself
to a safe place.

What about Aminah?

Inform her once that I am gone.

Prepare something for Harith,

I will return quickly.






My dear Muhammad,

welcome to the cave of Hira,

with all its great solitude,


and tranquility.

Air has such a beautiful smell up here!

You came up very quickly,

I was worried that I might have lost you,

but it seems that you know the
paths here better than me.

I am missing my mother.

When will she come?

We have come here to wait for her,
so that we can take a journey.

A journey?

A journey to visit family.


The love and affection between
a mother and her child,

who had been separated for many years,

found an opportunity to manifest itself
on a journey to visit relatives in Yathrib.

A villager brought that child to Makkah

with haste last night.

Do you know his name?




The spring has dried up.

The spring is dry.

We will camp here.

Keep your allocated
portions of water.

Keep the allocation of
the animals for them.

Do they seek water
from these idols?

In this dry land,

God gifed the children
of Abraham water.

He then commanded him to
build the Ka'bah from stone

and to establish the
religion of monotheism.

The people of this land

instead of worshipping
the one true God

only saw the Ka'bah.

They took stones of
the Ka'bah with them

so that they could worship
it as they pleased.

This is how they forgot the God
of Abraham and his religion.

And that is why the
water stopped flowing.

They have arrived.

My beloved Aminah!

I cannot show enough gratitude,
after so many years,

I finally get to see you again.

Distance and your lack was an
excuse to come to visit you.

Yours eyes are a reminder of Abdullah,

dear Muhammad!

Welcome Aminah.

It's so good to see you.


Go inside.


Muhammad is your guest,

so take good care of him.


I have brought Muhammad to you.

Muhammad come here.

Come here Muhammad.

Your father is resting here.

When I was a child,

I wished to touch the sky,

but I couldn't.

I wanted to pluck the fruit

that was on the highest
branch of the tree,

as then I would be
closer to the sky.

Just like that apple.

The first time I saw your father,

he was like a ripe fruit located
on the highest branch of a tree

that no one could reach.

He was handsome,



with a radiant face.

God accepted Aminah's plea

and made Abdullah part of her destiny.

Even though

this union only lasted two months,

it was like a sweet
and peaceful dream.


I have brought an apple for you.


Open your eyes wider my dear.







The difficulty of the journey
is not good for you health.

I am feeling better,

I can manage the journey.

I have to deliver Abdullah's trust.

I will not insist more.

I will pray for you.

My dear Muhammad,

know that this also your home.

I will miss this city.

We will also miss you.

Have a safe journey.

Move out!

Get going!

Get going!

I need to know what is happening
with Muhammad and Aminah.

I dreamt that I was extremely thirsty,

but instead of my dried
lips, I saw myself

plunging the lifeless body
of Muhammad into water.

I do not know
its inyerpretation.


I cannot think of an answer.

It has made me restless.

Its interpretation is your going,

go now.

Welcome O son of
Abdul Muttalib!

Why all this fear?

We thought that you might
have been the thugs again.


They were not thieves.

A day ago, they
attacked our caravan,

but they were not after goods.

What were they after?

They unvelied that they were
searching for a mother and child.



Where are they?

While travelling, Aminah's
health deteriorated,

so we were constrained to take
her to a village called Abwa.


What did you say
to the assailants?

We did not tell them about the village.

We told them that they
returned to Yathrib.

Thank you!

Let's go!

Don't worry.


It is raining

as if it will never stop.

But finally, it came to an end.

The stars then came out

abundant and entertaining

as if they were endless.

But on daybreak,

their lifespan also
comes to an end.

One day, this world
will come to an end

and the only thing that will remain

is love and affection.

Just like the sweet
scent of your hand

wich has accompanied you
all the way from Yathrib.



Aminah has passed away!

What happened?

The daughter in-law of
Bani Hashim has left us!


Muhammad has fallen ill!


What happened to him?

He could not handle the separation.

Fever of losing his mother. Sir!


His body is heating up.

His fever is not coming down,


Protect Muhammad!


Aminah has passed away!



The daughter in-law of
Bani Hashim is no more!

The beloved of Bani
Hashim has left us!


I entrust you to the one true God.


When the Jews were looking
for a place to reside in

and God gave them glad tidings,

did He tell you that this land, in
its entirety, belonged to you?

And that they were not
inhabited before you?

We have received dreadful
news from Makkah, Samuel!

The jewish traders

have been banned from
carrying out any business.

Do you see this as positive for the Jews?

Our religion does not see business
as an aim to earn personal wealth

but rather as a mean to
uplift the entire community,

and in order for this to happen there needs
to be cooperation with other communities.

Your egos are dangerous
and must be tamed

before they destroy
the entire community!

Your own ego and that of
the ones who is feeding it.

The one who throwa rocks towards the
sky will get them back on his head.

Do not wear the name of a God who
you don't fear on your clothes!

Abu Talib,



The polytheists, to perform the
ritual of the Age of Ignorance,

circled around the Ka'bah.

They had mixed up
this ancient practice

with polytheism and idolatry.

However we,

in accordance to the legacy
of Abraham and his religion,

still perform the Hajj.

Labbayk! (I have answered
Your call O Allah!)

I have answered
Your call O Allah!

Labbayk! (I have answered
Your call O Allah!)

I have answered
Your call O Allah!



I am honored to have one of the
great businessmen of Makkah

set foot in my tent.

A desert dweller with such lavishness?

Tell the truth.

Where did you find the treasure?

Your father does not consider me
worthy o residing in Makkah,

so I am forced to trade

my pearls in the desert.

I have no interst in your pearls

nor is my father is of my mediation.

Khaybar and I know how
to recognize pearls.

I heard that your
father has taken ill.

He is sick.

He handed over the affairs of
pilgrimage to one of his other sons.

Hopefully during the next Hajj

there will be no hindrance
for my business in Makkah.

Let us make

this meal

the first draft of a pact between
us and the dignitaries of Quraysh.

Accompany me to visit my father.

Leave us alone.

I will sacrifice ten camels so
that you regain your health.

My heart has been yearning for
the warmth of your hands,

even though

you have always been distant from me.

But you are a father,

a father and an elder to all.

My heart does not want

the warmth of your hands
to be withheld from me.


is not easy for me.

My dear Muhammad,

go and tell all the
relatives to gather here.

Do not lose hope.

This is just a minor ailment.

Do not worry about
Muhammad either,

he is dear to all of us.



it is hot milk.

Drink it.

It will warm up your body.

There was a time when milk
was denied to this child.

Abu Talib

Abu Talib

take care of this unique child.

He has never felt the
warmth of a father

nor tasted the sweetness of a
mother's compassion in his life.

Treat him as a part of yourself.

Just like your own child.


I can rest in peace.


50 coins!

150 coins!

400 coins!

450 coins!

450 coins!

500 coins!

500 coins!

500 coins!


450 coins!

500 coins!


Take her away!

Next slave-girl!



Please do not sell my
wife and children!

Please do not sell my
wife and children!

Get out of here!

Please do not sell my
wife and children!

500 coins!

500 coins!

700 coins!


Bring the next slave-girl!


Please sir! She is Suwaybah,

she has served you all her life!

A deal is a deal!

Bring me what you owe me and then
you can have your wife back!

Sir I have been very unfortunate.

My flock has been struck by disease.
Sir! please!

I do not recognize any
disease or any goat.

I only recognize you

and this is how you
will repay me!

Throw him out!


Sir! Please show mercy!

Sir! Be patient!

Please give me some more time!

Peace be upon you dear uncle.


You have grown up well.

Forgive Suwaybah and her child.

He agreed to pay me twice the amount
I gave him at a certain time.

He gave his wife as a guarantee.

Free his wife,

he will repay you one day.



He has nothing to give!

Whike he worked for me,

I provided food and shelter
for his wife and children.

He became greedy

and asked for a loan so that
he can work for himself.

I cannot endorse his misfortune.

Give me some time

to pay back his debt uncle.

If I am unable to do so

then I will come
and work for you.


Who will be your guarantor?

Abu Talib?

Is it not sufficient that he
is Muhammad the trustworthy?

His guarantor is his truthfulness.

Today is a special day.

Muhammad finally stepped
foot into this house.

For once your nephew
requested you something.

Tell them not to sell her.

Why are you waiting?

Return his wife.

Suwaybah was my slave-girl,

the agreement in exchange
for her freedom is that

we should get to see
Muhammad more often.

This is a worthy agreement.

Do not forget about our agreement.

Don't worry. I won't.



Have mercy!

Have mercy on me!



You sent a message saying

that this one was a
boy, so where is he?

I have come from far away just
to see your daughter Sawahi?

Please leave her alive!

She will serve you.

You will feed her

only for her to become

a slave-girl for her
husband's family?

I will feed her
from my own share!

Please leave her alive!

You are a source of disgrace!

The women of our tribe
have given birth to sons.

So during time of war or when work is
needed, they can hold their heads up high.

Leave her alive!


You didn't gige birth to a boy!

You don't deserve to remain alive!

Who are you?

Is she not your daughter?

She looks very much like you.

She has beautiful eyes,

just like you.

If only she had a long life,

she could give birth

and keep the legacy
of your eyes alive.

Congratulations to you
on having a girl.

A daughter is a blessing.

Abdul Uzza!

Abdul Uzza!

What remains in Makkah that your
caravan doesn't yet have?

The only thing that remains

is Muhammad's debt,

concerning that mother who he freed.

It's a very big caravan,

counting it has made me tired.

I am not blind.

They are taking MUhammad with them.

Doesn't matter.

The reality is that you should have
desired Muhammad from your father

and not from your brother

at least you would have
kept a part of his life.

Leave me alone.

You cannot stay in your room,

wear colourful clothes

and claim to be the
head of Quraysh!

If it is a befitting title,

then why is it attached to Abu Talib?

Go to Kanis and find Barukh.

Tell him it's a message for Samuel.

Let's gather to welcome the bell!

Let's gather to welcome the bell!

Hasten to welcome the bell!

When the world will be filled with
injustice and religion will be no more,

God will show mercy to the people
and send a messenger to them

who will have a white
cloud above his head.

He will be your savior.

Bring me my robes!

Get them away!

Move from here! Get out of the way!

Strike them with stones!

Get the lepers away!

Stay away from them!

Stay away from them!

Do not get close!

Go away from here!

Get out of the city!

Move the lepers!

Stay away from them!

Are you the head of
this Arab caravan?

He is asking if you are the
head of this Arab caravan.

Yes I am.

The priest of this
church wishes to invite

you and your companions for lunch

on this blessed day.

Accept his invitation dear uncle.

This protector of the helpless,

is he your son?


is like a kind son who
is living with us.

He is my brother's son.

Your brother?


This is also a sign.

He is alone, while the
shade of God is upon him.

What do you mean?

God Almighty is His words

to our master gave glad tidings

of another comforter
who will come

and remain with us.

Who is that comforter?

He is a person like the Son of man

endowed with the spirit of truth.


will bear witness to our master.

It is a good news for us.

Even the Spirit of truth; whom
the world cannat receive,

because it does not see
him, nor know him:

but you know him;

for He abides with you,

and will be in you.
(John 16/7)

But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes,

He will guide you into all the truth;

for He will not speak
of his own initiative,

but whatever He
hears, He will speak

and He will disclose to you

what is to come.
(John 16/13)

Peace be upon you.

Welcome young man!

Peace be upon you.

Why can they not be treated in a way

that you would have
like to be treated?

The sin is from us.

This status has been established

so that we may seek forgiveness
from people's sins.

However, our sin

is the neglecting
of the destitutes.

But your words

reflect those of our predecessors.

Jesus has said:

"Do unto others

as you wish other to do unto you."

This is another sign young man.

That you gave no importance to
the majesty of this church,

but instead sought out the
failures of man and its' trails.

Just as God willed.

These are the words of Jesus.

Just in another form.

Our first teaching is:

know that your Lord

is one.

Where do you find God?

In the hearts of the downtrodden.

Blessed is he

who comes in the name of
the Lord. (Matthew23/39)

To this part of the world
more than any othaer place

many messengers have been sent by God.

I have seen clues in this land,

of the fallout of a nations' malice

a nation that could not
tolerate their own prophets.

They request a savior via their tongues,

but in their hearts there is fear.

They have gotten used to the
little profit of this world

and are afraid that their world
will be turned upside down.

This all stems from their ignorance.

They are afraid that
the savior will come

and nullify the teaching and
books of the previous prophets.

They do not know that he
has not come to abrogate,

but rather to complete and
perfect the religion.

There are many signs
of his appearance.

Tell me one of those signs?

One of them should be located
between his shoulder blades,

have you seen it?


Do you know what it means?

It is the sign of prophethood.

Listen carefully.

this path is extremely dangerous.

End you journey here.

Do not go to Syria.

Return to Makkah

and take extreme care of him.

And anything left in the
caravan will be for you.

We have to allow them to exit Busra,

so that the government
soldiers cannot assist them.

You said the balancing of your
people's debt is the tribe.

So what do you want
with their property?

Only the salvation of the
misguided ones from amongst us.

Salvation? After twelve years of
research we finally have the occasion.

And I have only thought about
the salvation of my own people.

Know that God Almighty
said to Moses:

"A prophet from amongst them,

from amongst your brothers for you
will be chosen, so listen to him."

He is not from us Samuel!

I am worried.

You said that only the
Arabs are protedting them,

not the Roman army.

They are very strong and well trained.

This will not work.

Go and hire some more men.

You will get it after the fight.

Keep this between us.

Send three archers forward

and hire some more men for this fight.

And if no one comes?

Then wait in the mountain pass.


You there!

Follow the caravan step by step.

Let's go!

Buhayra's plan

to leave us a little later than the main
caravan from Deir was well thought out.

Didn't you say after the fight? Hmm?

A horse alone in the desert?

Where did he leave its
rider before running away?

No horse would leave its
rider and run away,

unless the rider himself runs away.


We will stop here.

Tie down the camels.

Come here.

Come here all of you.


Gives us dates!

Dates! Dates!

Gives us dates! Dates!

Gives us dates!


Gives us dates!

Be careful.

Slowly, slowly.

Gives us dates!

Where are your menfolk?

At sea?


He is injured.

He does not have the
ability to travel.

Where can I finf them?

Distribute whatever we have among them

Just keep enough for
us to reach Ghadeer.


O Great Jerish!

Have mercy upon us!

Look at our lamentations!

Look at our hunger!

O Great Jerish!

This woman and her children

are a sacrifice for your stillness.

Please look upon us again!

We will throw out our
sacrifices into the sea.

So open its bounties to us!

The wailing of women?

The wailing of women!

The sacrifice to sea!

The sacrifice!

The sacrifice!

The sacrifice!

The sacrifice!

The sacrifice to sea!

Who do you think you are?

Get away!

Get away from them!

They are the cacrifice to the sea!

Get him away!

Get him away from there

before he makes Juraysh angry!

Get him away!

Get him away!

Get him!

Get him!

Tie him up!

Tie him up!

Throw him into the sea!


Protect Muhammad!

Move out of the way!

Stay calm!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Remain calm!


Dear father,

the Holy Prophet is calling you.


is the prophet of God

who has been given the responsibility

to deliver to you the
message of your Lord

loud and clear.

The message of God to Muhammad,

peace and blessings
be upon him is this:

The pact concerning the
boycott of the Muslims

is no more,

that very pact that was signed by
the leaders and heads of Quraysh.

Son of Abdul Muttalib!

Son of Abdul Muttalib!

He was not the one
who endorsed the pact

that he can to cancel it
when it pleases him!

The tribes of Quaraysh

have elders, leaders.

They have gods.

Where is the invisible
God of Muhammad

who has the audacity to
stand up against our gods?

Leat, Uzza and Hubal!

They have brought bounties and
security to these people.

What has the God of Muhammad
brought to his followers

except poverty, misery,
hunger and death?

O sons of Abdul Muttalib!

Is this the great revelaton of a
man who speaks in the name of God?

You have summoned young and
old, women and children here

in order to claim that the pact of
the Quraysh has become invalid?!

In front of the general public,

tell us where is your proof?

Where are those words worth listening?

And they have ho proof,

so know this, Abu Talib,

this pact and boycott will
only end when I say it does,

when the heads of the
Quraysh will want it!

If it occurs in any other way,

the answer of Makkah to your valley

will be war and swords!

With which pact have

you gained supporters
for war and conflict?

Why do you not ask your leaders,

before you stain your
hands with blood,

to reveal to you the pact which
they wrote and endorsed in secret?

Maybe, you honestly do not see
these people as your own!


revealed to His messenger

that the pact no longer exists!

Termites have destroyed the pact.

If this is not the case then
show it to everyone!

This is a clear pact.


Only "In the Name of Allah" remains!

God is great!

Was it not your gods which
were upon the truth?

That god who protected the
believers is upon truth.

Without the pact, which war?
Which swords?

This is sorcery!

Who besides the sorcerers

could come to know about a pact
that was signed in secret?

The magicians also thought that
the staff of Moses as witchcraft,

they did not believe him.

They called him a sorcerer.

But he was a messenger from God.

Everything except the one true God

is insignificant and transitory.

O people!

Take this as a sign of your
invitation towards the truth.

Turn towards God,

who has no equal

and whose name is eternal.

I see no pact that needs to be upheld.

This is a sign of their
victory Abu Sufyan.

Do not hesitate any longer,

your swords is still sharp.

As long as Abu Talib is the one who
supports and protects Muhammad,

nothing can be done.


In the Name of Allah;
the All-beneficent, the All merciful

Say, "O people of the Book!

Come to a word common
between us and you:

that we will worship no one but Allah, and
that we will not ascribe any partner to Him,

and that we will not take each
other as lords besides Allah."

But if they turn away, say, "Be witness

that we are of those who submit."
(Surad Ale Imran (3): 64)

There is no compulsion in religion:

righteousness has become
distinct from error.

So one who disavows the Rebels

and has faith in Allah

has held fast to the firmest handle

for which there is no breaking;

and Allah is All-hearing, All-knowing.
(Surah Baqarah (2): 256)

O you who have faith!

Be maintainers, as witnesses for
the sake of Allah, of justice,

and ill feeling for a people should
never lead you to be unfair.

Be fair;

that is nearer to Godwariness,
and be wary of Allah.

Allah is indeed well aware of what you do.
(Surah Maidah (5): 8)