Mufti (2017) - full transcript

An undercover cop goes into the big bad world (Ronapura), an place taken over by a don, where his safety may be compromised.

'The reason for every
war is selfishness

and the end is history.'

Move from there!

Come on move!

Okay, sir! Yes, sir!

Fast! Come on, officer!

Come on, fast! Quick!


Come on move!
Move the car, fast!


Move fast!

Drive faster!


Darn it!

Are we live?

People even fear to come here.

How dare you shoot live!

I'm not a teacher


I still teach a lesson to everyone.

We lost three lives yet again.

To nab that demon,

we must go in disguise.

'NNR party which lost the previous
elections with close margin

is all set to form government
this time by winning

the elections with huge
margin with immense.

hard work and the support
of the other parties.'

Raghuveer Bhandri, party state
president has confirmed that

Mr. Gurukanth Bhandri,
who has been chosen

for Chief Minister's
post will take oath

in the presence of the governor
on 29th of this month.

Tiwari has barged in.

Tiwari has barged into the port.

They were thrashed to pulp

but nobody came to the rescue.


Find out the size of the fish

then hack them to pieces,

it will be easy for them
to feed upon them.


don't stress

and send the ship,

I will get the stuff.

From now on,
this port belongs to us.

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?

What happened?

Aren't you strong enough
to fight him? Get him!

The one who gets thrashed
by me can never recover,

he will be a dead meat.

Except you, none of your
men are alive to find out

the size of the fish.

The consignment will arrive

at Panambur railway station.

We need to be very careful.

It's quite risky.

Everyone knows that the train

reaches the track at Panambur

but very few people know

that it can also
cause deaths of many.

Don't think the place is clean,

the waves clean the
bloodshed that we create.

'Bhairathi Ranagalu's right-hand man

Eknath Nimbalkar,
the member of parliament

died in a major road accident

while travelling from
Koira to Ronapur.'

'The members of all the parties
are condoling the death.'

Based on your capacity

I'm planning to send you
to my place Ronapur.

To go to Ronapur

you have to first work
in Mangalore port.

It is the main import
and export point

for all the illegal business
run by him.


I'm going to Ronapur.

We have been waiting for this
situation from the two years.

Bhairathi Ranagalu

is a demon in the form of human.

He makes his own rules.

From a clerk to class one officer,
if they bow down to him

the entire government
comes under his control.

We can't deal with him politically.

without evidence and proof,

we cannot even take
action against him.

We have already lost several
policemen trying to capture him.

We should not miss this opportunity.

No one should know

that you're a cop,

not even the air you
breath should know.


They are our people.

They are here

to finish someone.



I know.

Sena has already
told a lot about you.

There is a huge difference between

the sound of waves at the port
and the sound of bullets of Ronapur.

It is your loyalty that
matters here not guts.

You will gradually find out.

There are several
companies like this.

This is cement plant,

its wastage itself fetches millions.

Several people work
under Bhairathi Ranagalu

but this place is
under Kashi's control.

Oh no!

Your father and your elder brother

are in those barrels.

If you tell me

in which two barrels
they are correctly

I will spare them.

I will spare them.

But if you are wrong...

Your brother first.

Son guilty for father's Death.

I'm giving you another chance.

Save your brother.


He saved his brother.

Very good.


You're saved your brother.

Lucky fellow.

The little brother
saved his elder brother

but the elder brother has to
save the little brother, isn't it?

Your little brother saved your life
but you failed to save his,

you don't deserve to be alive.

He is Gana,

he's from port area.

This is your room.

You do not need to buy anything,

you have everything here.

There's even canteen
at the vicinity.

You get both vegetarian and
non-vegetarian food there.

There was a man
staying in this room,

it's been three months
since we bid farewell to him,

we killed him.

Hello, sir.

Due to the faith of the
people of Karnataka

our party won the election
by receiving maximum votes.

On this occasion...

- Greetings.

Have a seat.

Excuse me, sir.

No candidate has ever dared to

contest elections against
you in Ronapur.

Do you have plans to nominate anyone
at least in the upcoming by-election?

Now is not the right time to answer.

Eknath Nimbalkar was a good man,

All of us are saddened by his death.

On behalf of our party

I express condolence.

We are yet to decide on that.

I will discuss about it with the
party leaders and let you know.

A police officer in Ronapur
will support you.

He will provide you with
everything you need.

Both of you won't know each other

but the work will go on.


Thank you.

I think he is following me.

I will teach him.

I will teach him.


You have been following me.

What do you think of yourself?

You think you can trick me
with your decent looks?

I have dealt with thieves like you.

Don't mess with me.

Stop staring at me.

Get going.

I will call the police if
you don't get going now.

Our packages are exchanged.

Oh no.

Thank you.

You have a wonderful voice.

Throw the ball.

Throw the ball.

Who are you?

Who do you want?

Do you know him?

He is a cop.

A cop?

I wanted him to become a policeman

but he became something else.

He became a hooligan.

The efforts we put in to
raise him went in vain.

I don't know where he is.

If you get to know
about his whereabouts,

don't tell me.

I don't wish to even see his face.

Yeah, Bindu.

The model broke her leg
in an accident. - What?

The shooting has been canceled.

Oh no.

Darn it.
- What happened?

The ad shoot got canceled.

So why do you get so upset?

The shooting will be postponed.

A set has been put up

at my friend's site
for a reality show.

A person named James Jackson
is the director,

he's haughty-natured.

I heard he's an expert
in making reality shows.

The shooting is expected
to start next week,

if she's interested,

ask her to approach him,

I will talk to him.

James Jackson?

James Jackson.

My God! No!

I beg to you! Let me go!

- Yes.

The quality of the
sandal is very good.

What is the brand of the sandal?

The name of the brand is Chamatkar.

The sandal is durable.

When his thoughts
itself are so silly,

I wonder who silly he would be.

The date for the by-election
has been fixed

but we are yet to
decide on our candidate.

Nobody from our party

is mustering courage to
contest elections against him.

You shouldn't stop
because there's no way.

If you keep walking

the way will get created on its own.

Summon Pashupathy.


Shall we try to lit cigarette
with firecracker?

Go on, it's Dipawali.

What do you think you are doing?

Sir, you're contesting MP
elections for the first time,

let's celebrate.

Light the firecracker.

Don't you have common sense

that people around will get
disturbed if you burst firecrackers?

Don't you have common sense

that people around will get
disturbed if you burst firecrackers?

Please come, sir.

Let's celebrate Dipawali together.

Come on!


It's a full HD TV.

Picture quality is fantastic.

You don't know what
we are capable of.

I don't care,
I will file nomination.

One doesn't need to be
in power to get rich.


to build a family

one needs a son.

Decide soon whether

you want power or family?

Our very first move went in vain.

We are no match

to Bhairathi Ranagalu.

Let's try Ashwath Kudari,

Bhairathi Ranagalu won't
interfere in our business.

He is foreign returned,

he always works for the
betterment of the people.

He hates politics.

A couple of parties had
already approached him

but they were disappointed.

If we managed to convince him

we can come to power in Ronapur.

But who will convince him?

When a snake charmer can tame
a poison snake just to make money,

but Ashwath Kudari is a good man,
let's do everything possible

to get him into our party.

My God!


That day, the fault was mine,
what about today?

Do you come reverse
with the same speed?

Get down and see the damage
you have created.

Get down and see.

Darn it.

What happened?

There's thunderstorm in Chennai

and there's heavy rainfall along
with lightening in Ronapur.

It's just a minor accident.

What? A minor accident?

Take a look.

The bumper guard is damaged,

there are scratches on the handgrip,

the number plate is broken
and the mirror too.

The scooter was gifted to my
sister by my brother-in-law.

I am answerable to them.

The one who allotted driving license
to you should be held responsible.


send the scooter to the garage.

Should I stay on the street
until the scooter gets fixed?

I have an appointment.

My programs for today is ruined.

You have a wonderful voice

but I suggest you to show patience.

Look over there.

Come, I will drop you.

What about my scooter?

Ma'am, we will get it fixed,
please go.

- Greetings.

I am Raghuveer Bhandri.
- I know.

You're Gurukanth Bhandri's
elder brother.

Sit down.

Tell me.

How can I help you?

I watch your programs on television,

I read about the protests
staged by you in newspaper.

Seeing your love towards nature

and affection towards people

I feel really proud.

You call it love and affection

but I think it's my duty.

What brings you here?

You must be aware of the
upcoming elections in Ronapur.

When you stage a protest

thousands of people support you,

that's because people have
faith in your leadership.

You're well-wisher of the people,

why don't you join politics?


Please don't get me wrong.

I am not interested in politics.

You can consider joining politics
at least for the people.

I guess

you've not known about me.

And if you did,

you wouldn't come this far.

You may go.

Our party will always be ready
to support your cause.

Sir, take a look.

Excuse me.
Can I have your mobile phone?

I will collect my scooter tomorrow.

- The preparations are underway.

Come on.

If you find beautiful girls,
share my number with them.

Why is he standing
in position already?

His name is Nagappa.

I see. But why is he bending down?

How many children do you have?

I have five children.

How many children would he
begot if he could stand straight?


Look Nagappa,

this is not a village drama

to play a role

and gain rewards and appreciations

by the people of the village.

It's a reality show James Jackson.

You must answer all my
questions very confidently, okay?

Look, you...
- Sir.


A girl is here to meet you.

Is it Samantha or Shruti Haasan?

Are you Hrithik Roshan for
them to come looking for you?

I am not Hrithik Roshan,

I am Jackson.

- Hi.

I touched her.

I am sorry,
this show is for old people.

I will send an e-mail to you when
I am making show for women.

I am not here to seek a role.


I'm here to seek a chance to work
as your assistant director.

I must not miss the opportunity.

She has dug her own grave.

You read my mind at once.

Excuse me. What's your name?

- Raksha.

We must not discuss anything
professional or personal in public.

Meet me in my caravan
after a couple of minutes.

If we go together,
there will be a gossip.

Get makeup kit to the
caravan after 15 minutes.

There will be lipstick
marks all over my face.

She's beautiful.

"No matter who yells..."

Sir, Sena sent him here.

He is Shabari, boss's right-hand.

Since he has come here

there will be something important.

Boss said Singa

will take the truck and come there.

You should not miss

the consignment at any cost.

The job should be done
carefully before 2 AM.

Do you understand?

So far, you might have seen
trucks carrying iron ore

but you will see
something else today.

Who is he?

He's Gana, he's from the port area.

Along with other goods,

our consignment is coming
in the seventh wagon.

The seventh wagon will stop

at this place from the
stopping point of the train.

We must unload the
consignment quickly

and load it in this truck.

All of you be alert
at the railway station.

The information has been leaked,

the police are alert
at the railway station.

Get out from there before
the police arrives.

How can we let go so much money?

Never mind.

Come back.

It's boss's order.

The information has been
leaked to the police,

we are asked to
go back empty handed.

Something like this has
happened for the first time.

How will I confront boss?

There is a chance.

What's that?

If we stop the train
in the previous point,

we can unload the material.

The train won't stop at that point.

What if you stop it?

Stop the train somehow.
- The train has already passed.

Darn it!

The train has already passed.

Since the stations are limited

the speed of the train
will be limited too.

So let's unload the material
from the moving train.

Kashi, follow him.

You instructed us to follow him

but he escaped.

Let's do what boss said,

let's go back.

Gana, no!

You are taking risk! Come back!

There's police at
the railway station.

Come back, Gana!

Listen to me!

Gana, come back!

Gana, no!

Come back!

Gana, no!



I called you several times,
you didn't answer my calls.

Did you plan to cheat me?

You planned to take away my scooter
just for offering me a ride?

In which shop did you
sell my scooter parts?

Did you collect the money?

Does the jeep belong to you

or did you steal even that?

Wait a minute,

you will see sense if I
complained to the police.

Hello, I have sent your scooter
to your house last evening.

What are you saying?

You're lying to me?

You are not my neighbor

nor I printed my address
on the scooter.

Every vehicle has
registration certificate

which contains the
address of the owner.

Tell me.

Sister, did anyone get our
scooter home yesterday?

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

I received it yesterday.

My friend Pooja has
borrowed the scooter,

she'll be back any moment.

Where are you?

Okay, I call you later. Bye.

Hello. One second.

I'm sorry. Please.

Girls are habitual to
suspecting and insulting.

That's why I am apologizing to you.



It's okay.

Pappu, give me Dosa.


Get Dosa.

Sir, Dosa.




Hold on.

Shabari wants to speak with you.


Give the phone to Gana.


Come to Sayed Ali junkyard.

Singa and I will be there.
- Okay, sir.


Get hot Dosa.

The knife is valued
only if it is sharp,

the gun is valued only
if it has bullet in it

but the man who has guts

is valued until he is alive.

The boys are amazed
seeing the risk you took

for the consignment last night.

I had a desire to meet with boss.

You are very lucky.

Our men would've talked
about you to boss today,

it's because of the risk you took.

It's been 5 to 6 years
since I joined the gang

but only a couple of times
I was lucky to see him.

That's all.

If Singa is close to boss

because he's been working for him
faithfully for 15 years now.

And as long as Shabari is concerned,

I've never seen
him visit his family.

You'll be shocked to
see boss's house,

it has tight security.

The bungalow, the cars,

the splendor, they are breathtaking.

Many people still don't
know about boss's room.

Except him, nobody else
has entered his room.

From his chair to his cot,

everything is made of gold.

Many say he is living
like the ancient kings.

Even I wish to see his room once.

Looks like

you've pen down
everything that I said.

Don't mention my name.

Otherwise I will be finished.

You were writing all this time

but I don't see anything.

Even the pen won't support
if you have to write about boss.

I will take leave.

Bye. Good night.

Sir, people even fear to raise their
voices against Bhairathi Ranagalu

whereas you are staging protest
against him by blocking his trucks.

Everyone is aware of it.

The number of trucks have been

increasing from the
mining day by day,

illegal roads are being built.

This has affected the farmers

and the environment as well.

Greenery is being
destroyed by the dust,

accident rate is increasing.

We complained against it to
the concerned departments

but to vain.

Bhairathi Ranagalu is responsible
for all these incidents.

We won't stop protesting
until the movements

of the trucks are stopped.

Stop illegal mining!

He is protesting against us,

I will kill him with the same truck.

Stop illegal mining!

Stop illegal mining!

You know very well

that we can do anything
we want in Ronapur...

Stop illegal mining!

- Stop illegal mining!

We can't mess with Ashwath Kudari.

Your protest will bear no fruit.

Your voice can cross the dust

but it won't reach even to the
gates of Bhairathi Ranagalu.

Should our trucks be on the road
until he calls off the protest?

For the power that he has

he will transport them
even by digging tunnels.

Boss himself has to

take a decision in this regard.

My God!

My God!
- We are ruined!

My God!

Even a good leader like you couldn't
make any difference to these people.

What's the reason?

My God!
- My God!

My God!

These placards won't
help to stop him.

You must have power.

At least for the people

you have to join politics.

My God! Our huts got destroyed!

Our huts got destroyed!


My God!

You people will be ruined!

You will go to hell!
You will never prosper!

You will be punished!

You will be punished!

You will be ruined!

You will be ruined!

They have set the houses
in Lakshmipura on fire

because people are supporting us.

She's boss's little
sister Vedhavathi.

Don't know what the reason is,

it's been years since boss and his
sister have spoken to each other.

Not only boss

she also hates his men.

Hence security guards follow
her without her knowledge.

There's a beautiful
girl coming this way.

Why did I run out of gas
at this odd hour?

She is stunning.

If you cooperate

I will take a selfie.

Not just selfie,

let's together shoot
a video with her.

I'll operate the camera.

There you go.

Even her boyfriend is here.

You are her boyfriend, right?

You are her boyfriend, right?

You said it right

though you're drunk.

Please excuse me.

Why do you go around
alone all the time?

You out alone during odd hour,
who do you think you are?

Find a handsome guy and
profess your love to him,

he will rescue you
at times like these.

We are ready,
profess your love to us.

You shouldn't act smart
after you grow up

because you were
vaccinated in childhood.

You don't have to be infected
with disease to get bedridden.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have now decided not
to go around alone


a strong guy

is right before me.

I love you!

You must always be with me.

His dress is soiled.


Give him another dress.


Who told you about the
consignment in the train?

'A police officer

will support you in Ronapur.'

'Both of you won't know each other.'

It was he who leaked the information
about the consignment in the train.

Kill him! Go on!

'No one should know

that you're a cop,

not even the air you
breath should know.'

We thought Eknath Nimbalkar
died in an accident

but it was a murder.

Those involved have been arrested.

That's why boss is coming
to the mining area.

Ocean all around

and forest in the middle.

A man who lived there had ten heads,

people called him Ravan.

Surrounded by mountains,

more than rain

the ground is
impregnated with blood,

a man there had just one head,

people call him Ranagalu.

The number of heads may be more

but just one nature.

You should've given a thorough
thought before messing with me.

Once you mess with me

you will be finished.

I am seeing Bhairathi Ranagalu

for the first time.

Very good.

You are the only hope
for our department.

He owns several mines,

Kapatrol is his main mining area.

Apart from mines,
he own several companies.

He has created a huge
syndicate to maintain them.

Shabari is his right-hand

and Singa is his left-hand.

I had to kill

police officer because of him.

I'm collecting evidence
against his illegal activities.

The downfall of Ranagalu
empire starts today.

He is the only candidate,


Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.

Ashwath Kudari is here to see you.

You spared him saying
he is a good man,

he has now revolted against us.

Earlier, he only used to stage
protests with placards

and now he is contesting elections.

- I will contest elections
on behalf of your party.

Negligence can lead
to major destruction.

He is using Ashwath Kudari
to rule over Ronapur.

But I won't let him succeed.

Summon Ravidran.

Glory to Bhairathi Ranagalu!

Glory to Bhairathi Ranagalu!

Glory to Bhairathi Ranagalu!

Glory to Bhairathi Ranagalu!

Bhairathi Ranagalu has learnt that
you're involved in the temple attack.

This is not just Ronapur,

this is Republic of Ronapur.

The government doesn't a thing here.

harassment and violence,

Bhairathi Ranagalu is
responsible for all this.

Common people like
us cannot live here.

His men threatened me not to file
nomination for MP elections.

His men are a threat to my life.

If something happens to me

Bhairathi Ranagalu
is responsible for it.

The government has to
take action against him.



I am James Jackson.

You can join from tomorrow, please.

I will wait for you, please.

The arrangements should be made by
tomorrow evening, summon all of them.


I heard he shook hand with you,

my men were not sure which hand,
hence they cut off both his hands.

You're betrayer,

you're not trustworthy,

you don't deserve to be alive.

Until you're alive

don't develop such thoughts.

If you do,

you head will be cut off.

Take him in car.

Okay, Boss.

The one from the port area.


Send him.

Take it.

This is for you

because you saved my uncle.

A little gift from me. Take it.

Always be with my uncle.

He's a very good man,

if you be with him, I'll give you
plenty of chocolate, okay?




I have instructed him
to come tomorrow.


Come on, let's eat.

- Hello.

Where are you?
- What's the matter?

What do you mean?

Do you remember the promise you
made when you proposed to me?

I barely get to meet with you.

Having a girlfriend
is not a big deal,

you should care about her.

Shop # 17, Kangana Fashion,
Alam Street, come fast.

Don't come by bike,
hire an auto rickshaw,

it's urgent, fast.

I was here to shop,

after shopping, I saw henna,

I liked it very much,
I got it applied on my hand.

I liked it much more, I got it
applied on the other hand as well.

They are beautiful, aren't they?

I have scooter and luggage

that's why I called you.

Alright, pay him, let's go.

Here you are.

Boss goes for walking
at 4 AM every day.

'From his chair to his cot,

everything is made of gold.'

"Who am I? Where do I come from?"

"No one here knows."

"There are many good people."

"No one has seen my true color."

"I am great, my name is Kanwarlal."

"I am great, my name is Kanwarlal."

"Who am I?"

Come, Gana.

I was not getting sleep in my room

so I am in your room
watching television.

Have you collected
evidence and proof?


it is police who nab criminals

but here, the criminal
nabbed the police.

What did you say that day?

'The man who has guts

is valued until he is alive.'

I will first expose you

and then

kill you.

The one who you used to laud

is an undercover police.

I have caught him now,

if you give orders

I will finish him.



Gana, kill him.

I would've killed you at once


if you die without knowing why
Singa instructed me to kill you

your soul won't rest in peace.

Pashupathy made an offer to you
but you didn't betray.

But I created fake proof to prove

that you accepted the offer.

You came here because
you could not sleep,

don't worry, you will sleep forever.


This is your house?

Be careful while
playing on the road.

Go to your mother.

Sir, please wait.

'You will be ruined!'

We thought you people made us

homeless by bulldozing our old huts.

But we never thought you people will

build houses for
thousands of people.

On that day,

I was shattered completely,

I abused you people,

I cursed you people.


forgive me.

I misunderstood you.

Which village?



it's your birthday gift
by your brother,

why are tearing it?

It's rakhi today,

so I making rakhi for
my brother with my dress.

My life has become miserable.

I look more like a watchman
than a director.

I hired him on the
producer's recommendation

but he has not arrived yet.

Take! I am ready!

Here's the scene

and the dialogues...

Let's shoot the combined
scenes with the heroine first,

I am in a romantic mood, okay?
- Okay.

You have chosen a beautiful heroine.

Her face is photogenic.
- Sir, she is assistant director.


That's really not done.

No problem.

Give me that. You do one thing,

explain the scene to me in detail.

- I will...

Sir, if she explains it,
you won't understand,

you will then find
it difficult to act.

What do you think I am!

You idiot!

Ravichandran for romance,

Narasimha Raju for comedy,

Vishnuwardhan for bravery,

Shankar Nag for compassion,

Ambrish for anger,

Ananth Nag for politeness,

Tiger Prabhakar for fighting skills,

You idiot! What did you say?

How dare you argue with me!

Dr. Rajkumar for dedication,

I possess the qualities of
these nine great actors.

I am a top silver screen actor.

Go check.

He is talking rubbish.
- Shut up!

Go and sit in front
of the television.

You job is only to say 'Okay'. Go.

- Okay.

The director got angry.
I wonder what's going to happen.

If he comes asking for dates,
shun him.

By the way, what's your name?



The name of the heroines
starting from the letter 'R'

are doing really well in
Kannada film industry.

If you permit me,
I will safeguard you.


- Okay!

Where is the camera?
- Action!

I am filthy rich,

I have everything that a man needs.

Looks like the dialogues
are written just for me.

What kind of dialogues are these?

The audience should applaud
when I deliver dialogues.

Change the dialogue.

Excuse me.


don't worry, we have plenty of time.

Let's discuss in leisure, okay?

"Come to caravan."

My God!

I think even he got thrashed.


People say even Ravindra Thewani
will lose the elections.

'Rain of bullets outside NNR
party office in broad daylight.'

'The armed men came
in Maruthi Omni.'

'Luckily Ashwath Kudari
escapes the attack

and unfortunately, the driver died.'

'Bhairathi Ranagalu
behind the murder.'

'The reason is recent
developments in politics.'

It is our car.

We don't burst even firecrackers
without your permission.

I need a haircut.

Did you have breakfast?
- Yes, Boss.

How many cars do we have?

Boss, we have more than 40 cars.

How many cars do you take care of?

Three cars.

Tell me their numbers.

KA-34 6868,

7668, 5668.

Tell me the number
of the car I travel.

KA-34 8999,

7999, 6999.

Very good.


tell me the number of the car which
was used to attack Ashwath Kudari.

Boss, I don't understand
what you are trying to say.

'Everything will be done
according to your plan.'

'You need not worry.'

'Your men will attack
Ashwath Kudari,

but the car will be ours.'

'I mean, the men who will go
to kill Ashwath Kudari,

will be Bhairathi Ranagalu's men.'

Boss, someone is
conspiring against me.

I've never done such a thing.
Please trust me.

I can never think of betraying you.

Boss, I don't know.
- How long you are working here?

I would never think of doing so.
- Don't you know who to keep

and who to fire?

Boss, please listen to me.

Never mind even
if the salary is high,

keep a guide at his grave.

Everyone should know

how he died.

The one who betrays us,

shouldn't be spared.

Send money to his family
members every month.

'No one can stand against
Bhairathi Ranagalu.'

'Contesting election against him

is like creating a history.'

'Candidates against Ashwath Kudari,

PK party member, Mr. Ravindra

won the elections
with 70,000 votes.'

'The entire city of
Ronapur is celebrating.'

Boss, enough.

Don't mess with Bhairathi Ranagalu.

We won't be able to do anything.

We have toiled hard

to come to this position.

Now, we shouldn't

invite trouble for ourselves.

Yes, sir.

We should not play with fire.

Like sir said,

we will fight and win
the next election.

You're related to me,

but the bullets inside it

is not affiliated with you.

You're in power.

You won't understand

the pain that I am going through.

I know

what to do to him.


I knew you wouldn't refuse
to accept this,

so, I bought plants for you.

You take care of
the plants so nicely,

I am sure you will take care
of the people too.

I appreciate your decision
of entering in politics,

but the party you are
supporting is corrupt.

In the next election,

contest as an independent candidate.

Withdraw money from
the bank and give it to them,

then prepare your accounts.

Okay, Boss.

While taking the money...

The chopper is broke,

I have told the guys
to get the car for you.

Singa is not accepting calls
since morning.

I'm calling for a while.

Gana will go with you.

'Gana, Shabari wants to meet Singa.'

'I'm going to Mangalore.'

For the trust that you gained
from past 30 years,

what you are left is

just a knife.

The 100 acres land that will be
auctioned tomorrow,

will belong to you.

In the next elections,

you will be

our party leader,

and representative of Ronapur.

I just want

his death.

Mr. Shabari Ramanathan!

1 time!

Mr. Shabari Ramanathan!

2 times! Shabari...



Singa told me

the chopper broke down. I...

Your time changed

when you changed the watch.

Until I ate food,

you wouldn't even drink water.

Even if you had
a knife in your hand,

I never doubted you.

You worked for me for 30 years,

these are the property documents
of your wife and children.


this is 10 times more than

the amount you desired.

You took a hasty decision

and invited your ruination.

don't try to apologize to me


I will not forgive you.

I am sure that

someone is dreaming of killing me.

I'd given a chance.

You played all sorts of games,

but you couldn't even touch me.

If I had your motive,

you both brothers

would be flying kites

and not your party flag.

If you're still not happy,

you can make another effort.

Uncle, who drew that picture?


when your mother was of your age,

she drew it.

It is me.

And this is your mother.


why don't you and mother talk?

Your mother is

angry with your uncle.

In the greed of money,

he joined hands with the drug mafia

and supplied medicines to
all the hospital

under the trust.

Many people lost their lives.

He killed the people in hospital

so, he got angry

and killed her sister's husband.

Since that day, Vedha

doesn't talk to boss.

Hello, sir.
- Hello.

Why have you become silent today?

Give him a chair!

- No thanks.

I asked chair for me, not for you.
- Sir, here's the chair.

Someone said they
wouldn't come on

the sets if they don't
have a caravan.

They've come here and settled on
the sets like their property.

He can manage without caravan,

but he can't manage
without his limbs.

You get paid for
being assistant director

or to make fun of me? Get lost!

Idiot. They are pulling my leg.

Actually, you messed
things up yourself.

Forget that.
What about your acting skills?

...It's a bad guy

I forget all my acting skills.

You never had acting skills.

Don't hurt me.

Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning, sister.

The entire set shakes when I come

but the set trembles when she comes.

He is the director for this.

Are you ready?

I'm coming.

He has become her assistant now?

Who is that beautiful girl?


Are you new?
- What?


I mean, are you a newcomer
to the film industry?

Are you ready?
- Yes, I am ready.

Jackson, come here,
tell me the dialogues.

I am coming. Turn on the lights.
- Come on.

A women's college?

- A beautiful girl

will be standing at the bus stop
opposite to the college.


- Of course, she is.

You will come to the bus stop.

Here I am.

You will see her.
- Okay.

You will like her.
- That's fantastic!

I liked her very much.

She looks at you.

I am indeed here
so that she sees me.

You will whistle as you
stand beside her.

After a while,
you will raise your hand and...

Where do I place it?
- On her shoulder.

Is that all? Anything else?

There is but you
will do what we say.

- She will do that.

Where? Over here?

In that place.

It's a wonderful scene!

Why did not you tell me earlier?

Only then you will find out
that she's karate expert.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- I am telling you now.

- The concept of the film

is every girl should learn
karate for self-defense

and I wish you all the best.

She will now deal with him.
- Why... Jackson!

Oh, my God!


shall we change the climax scene?

Ready! Camera!
- Rolling!

- Action!


had he told me the scene beforehand

I would've taken safety precaution.
No problem.

I will request you.

Please don't be too
violent towards me.

What do you say?
- Charge!

My God!
- That was brilliant. Sir.

Wipe the blood,
ma'am wants one more take.

Boss is inside.

Come on, let me show you something.

I made it.

It's uncle's birthday today,

I'm going to present this to him.

This is uncle and this is mom.

That's me

and that's your mother.

I understand everything

that my teacher teaches me in school

but I do not understand why mom

and uncle do not talk each other.

They are here to see your brother.

They are not related
to him by blood,

they still travel several miles
to give him their best regards.

You are his real sister,
though you stay with him,

you have distanced him from you.

He provides food to
thousands of people,

being his sister,
you refuse to serve food to him.

He must be deeply pained about it.

Bhairathi Ranagalu brings
justice even to strangers,

but as far as his
sister is concerned,

he has taken a strong decision

so there must be some reason.

The two dolls are lifeless but
your child is trying to unite them.

But you are not making up
your mind to patch up

with your brother
forgetting the past.

Though there are hundreds
of people waiting out there

he's hoping that his
sister will wish him first.

If not as a sister,

consider yourself as
one of those people

and wish him.

Did you have dinner?

Not yet, Brother.

I'm waiting for my husband.

You must promise me something.

What promise?

You must never leave me and go.

Don't even ask me why.

Your husband will never return.


you could've told me that

you killed my husband
because he was a bad man.

How could I?

You knew how much I love you

but you still fell in
love with someone.

I realized how much you love him

so I got you married to him

but if you find out he was corrupt

you will grieve all your life.

So I thought

you rather hate me

taking me to be a bad man.

Entire Ronapur will be
happy because of boss

but today

you have restored
happiness into boss's life.

He wants to talk to you.

He is calling you to his room.

Come, Gana.


Sit down.

I am

very happy today

that's why I am celebrating.

Many people work in our house,

some work outside of the gate,

some inside the gate

and some

work inside the house.

But you

you have won my heart.

It's been years

since my sister

called me brother.

You brought us together again.

Ask me

whatever you want.

Do not hesitate,
ask me for anything you want.

As far as humanity is concerned

you are a philanthropist.

But have you ever felt

that you're a criminal

as far as government is concerned?

The government?

Which government?

Are you talking about the
government that made me

an orphan when I was just 12?

The villagers were pleading for help

from the government

but it never showed up.

Are you talking about
that government?

God creates man

but the system

creates demons.

'You don't let me even have food.'

'You fight for people all the time.'

'Give it to me.'

'I have written several
letters of complaint

but no action was taken.'

'My hand will break if I keep
replying to your letters.'

'Won't you consider our efforts?'

'It will definitely be considered.'

'There is a fritter stall outside

if you give these papers
to the fritter seller

he will be happy and

and will give you some fritters.'

'You and your son get back
to your village eating fritters.'

Since he couldn't fulfill the need

of the people and
because he lost hope

he got bedridden.

There was tumor in his stomach,

we required a lot of money
for the surgery

we didn't have so much money.

He suffered all night
due to severe pain.

The whining sounds

still echo in my ears.

I decided that nobody else

should go through the same pain.

The hatred in me

turned me into a criminal.

The people of this village

don't know how a
ration card looks like

but as long as I am alive

I won't let anyone starve.

I'm not sure if the government
is doing its duty or not

but I have made all the arrangements
until the next generation.

The Britishers came to our
country just to sell spices

but they ruled the country for
300 years for their needs.

So what's wrong if I ruled my village
for the well-being of the villagers?

No one can dare to
destroy the village.

No one can dare to
destroy the village.



No one can...

No one can dare to
destroy the village.

- Yes.

The evidence and the proof you
have collected so far is enough

to arrest him.

Leave at the earliest.

I will tell you the reason for this.

Two brothers word restlessly

for a party for several years.

One of them gets a chance

to become Chief Minister
because of their hard work.

Just one day was left for the younger
brother to become the Chief Minister.

The two brothers eagerly wait

until morning for that moment


a demon who is greedy about money

poaches the MLA that night itself

and make his aide
the Chief Minister.

That arrogant man

is Bhairathi Ranagalu.

The enemy who wants
to kill him is me,

Raghuveer Bhandri.

I've been trying my best to kill him

but you've been protecting him.

That's why I am getting rid of you.

Kill him.

Do not waste even one bullet,

pump all the bullets into
Bhairathi Ranagalu's body.

'Do not use

even one brick to build my grave.'

'Do everything for the people.'

I am still not satisfied
by what you said,

I'll be satisfied only when you die.

Your father was the only
person to sacrifice his life.

I want to give you a terrible death.

Do not kill him easily

I won't be pleased.

You still did not understand

my patience is stronger
than your vengeance.

It is futile even if you
understand that now.

'Bhairathi Ranagalu, infamously
known as the walking God to Ronapur

surrenders himself to CBI.'

'Investigation in several
illegal activities is underway.'

'Chaos in Ronapur and
several due to the incident.'

'The government has failed to bring
the law and order under control.'

I had not told you who I am.

Gana is CBI officer in civil dress.

I was here for Bhairathi Ranagalu.

He came to arrest me

but he developed respect
towards me instead.

He is a criminal to the government

but for people

he is a servant.

Gana has done so much for me,

what have I done for him?

I performed my duties
for all these years

now I have to give him a
chance to perform his duties.

I didn't tell you about it

because it was a secret operation.

I am sorry.

My sister is here, excuse me.