Muerte infernal (1992) - full transcript

Infernal Doom

Good morning clown

What's so good about it?

It's Saturday and there's no school

What's going on, there has to be someone here

Is this place really a business?

This box is really heavy too


Where the hell is everybody?

Don't they know time is money?

What, is one of these dolls
gonna sign for the package?

Do you want me to

put it somewhere?

It's very heavy

You won't be able to carry it


maybe I can get a tip next time

Good morning sleepyhead

Hello Mommy

- Who was that?
- No one

Breakfast is ready

I can't Mom, I have to see
Margaret, tonight's the big show

Goodbye, I'll see you later

Look Laurence, the wardrobe

If you want I can have them ready by tonight,

I've already started making them

- Laurence
- Hello Mommy

I need a hand from the man of the house

- Oh Mommy, it's nearly time to start
- No

- I have to show-
- Come on

- I have to show Margaret something
- I need you

See that?

It's too heavy for me

Take it to the store room

Is someone here?

Get back, spirits


Sweetheart, are you alright?


I'm talking to you

I'm here Mom

Margaret says everything's ready,

why are you taking so long?


Why did you take so long?

I thought you didn't like the store room

You know Mommy, I found a huge
wooden box I'd never seen before

and there was something like a
doll inside, it's full of holes

What's wrong Mommy?

I don't want you to mention that again,




It doesn't matter! Laurence!

Come here


Laurence, don't go


I didn't mean to do anything wrong Mommy

It's alright

Forgive me, it's alright

That box...

Yes Mommy?

The box was a keepsake from your father,

more like a wedding present

He brought it here from his country

Your father was born in Spain

in a small and lovely place

His family lived in an enormous white house

with beautiful wooden floors

He knew I liked dolls

He was called Lorenzo, oh,
but I've already told you

Yes, you told me a long time ago,

but tell me mother, what's that doll like?

He's a very special doll

Is he very big?

He is

Listen, Margaret has
been waiting all this time

What does it matter, we
didn't sell any tickets

Did you try?

Margaret did

My little artist

Hey, how many dolls did you sell today?

Excuse me

I have to get dressed for the theatre

And so, like life, our show must end

The faces of the actors return to their place

What you have seen may
have appeared to be life

but the scenery is merely a dream

Thank you all for your attention,

Margaret and Laurence have finished their show

Thank you, thank you

Thank you very much everyone

I'm going to the theatre

To mine

The show is over

Thank you

Like life, theatre is a dream

What a performance

Like life, the show must end

Our show has ended

- Stupendous
- Thank you

It's a dream

- Superb
- Life is a dream

The show must end

Thank you

Thank you

Like life, theatre is only a dream

- Marvellous
- Dream

The show must end


Are you asleep?

You know I'm not Mommy

Aside from your astounding performance

which will recieve great reviews of course,

did anything else of note happen today?

Well, that once you were
given a fantastic doll

and I was thinking if it's...

Can I see it Mommy? Maybe
I can use it in a show and-


But I just wanted-

Didn't you understand? We've been over this

You're too sensitive Laurence

But Mother, I just wanted it for a show

What's wrong Mommy?

I just wanted it for my show

But Mother, Mommy, I just
wanted it for the show,

just for my work

I just wanted it for the show Mommy

Mommy, please

I'm confused Lorenzo

Your son has grown so quickly

and he's very delicate

like you were Lorenzo,

and I'm afraid that-

You'd love him

but he's so delicate

I'm confused, I should tell him about you,

about how much we desired a child

just before you slept forever

My love,

three more days and we would have-

He would have-

I'll tell him the whole truth

Your birthday dear,

it was yesterday

This is for you

This year once again,

the dirt

from your country

where you told me to send your remains

to rest

I couldn't let you go so far away Lorenzo



Where have you been all this time?

We had a lunch date

Did you forget?

No, but you went to the graveyard like always

How did you know that?

I know

And how much do you know?

I know you go every Sunday

That's true, and we also
eat lunch together, don't we?

Isn't this our day?

But you were upset with me

That was yesterday

I made a mistake


what's wrong with you?

Why are you here?

I have

an idea for a new show

- What is it
- Well, see,

there's a new doll, I found a doll in my
house, Mother must have forgotten about it

I found it in the store room,
you should see him Margaret,

he looks so real, he's as big as-

he's nearly this tall,


He's like a clown, he's
dressed in nice clothes,

like from the time of kings and queens

Oh, he's a buffoon, like midget or something

Yes, how do you know that?

From books on artists
who do paintings Laurence

If this doll is like you say he is

how did your mother forget
about him all this time?

I don't know

What's wrong Laurence?

What's going on with you?

Don't touch me

You can sleep here if you want

My mom will understand, I'll
think of something to tell her

My dad works the night shift

Would you like that?

I mean, you don't have to do it
if you don't want me to touch you,

but the bed is narrow


I wanted it to be a surprise,

I wanted to see you happy

It's my way to say

I'm sorry Laurence

It's alright


calm down


I wanted to make love to Margaret,

but I couldn't

I couldn't do it!

It's alright dear, relax

Calm down, everything's over now

Everything is alright,

Mommy is with you, relax

That's it

I hope you know how to swim

Couldn't do it with your
girlfriend last night?

Where's your girlfriend faggot,
that bony girl needs a bath too

Yeah, she needs to take a bath

Tell me Laur, what do you do
when you're over there at night?

- C'mon, go on, Ben saw you
- That's right

Laurence, Laurence, what happened?

Laurence, please don't go!

There's nothing wrong with you!

I have to talk to you, don't go!

There's really nothing wrong...

Ah, you must be Mrs. Mercero,

you're a bit early but come in

Would you please take a
seat here Mrs. Mercero?

He was fine yesterday

and now he's in a hospital

and you're a doctor, what
do you mean he's alright?

This is not a medical hospital,
I'm a psychiatrist Mrs. Mercero

When I said alright I meant physically

for a lad who's quite sick

and rode his bicycle
off the bridge near the park

Let me add that according to witness testimony

it was no accident, it was a suicide
attempt stemming from his sickness

How can you claim such a
thing so quickly Doctor?

Why are you upset Mrs. Mercero?

I'm simply giving you my professional diagnosis

based on several years
of treating schizophrenics

Alright, you're a bit old for this but

it's time to void your bowels,

so you can go to the
bathroom and do it yourself

or I'll have to wait here for you
to get around to it, what do you say?

Sit on your own butt and do it yourself

I'll be back

as soon as I speak to the Doctor

Not in Toledo

The man that sold you to Lorenzo
put a note in your clothes

It was written by the person that preserved you

Lorenzo read it to me once, but...

In this form I, the King's doctor, was given

the corpse of the favorite concubine of the
Queen and a few other ladies of the court

to mummify in punishment
for his sexual atrocities

and to turn him in to a doll forever

So my little clown

liked pinching butts

and hiding under the dresses of all those
elegant women at court, isn't that so?

And then

seducing the Royal Doctor's wife of all people

Doll, that was a big mistake

I had a long talk with your mom

She's a beautiful person

She's very smart and understanding

She wants to visit you very
much but the hospital rules

state that patients can't recieve visitors
until they've been here two weeks

Or until the faculty deems it
appropriate given the patient's condition

Would you like to see your mother?

Holly, dear, would you come here?

I think it's too soon
for him to see his mother

But he's recovered so quickly,

he's observing, listening,
maybe even understanding

I think your initial diagnosis was too severe

Well now,

you'll get used to his little tricks in time

but for now it would be best
if you don't say anything

and don't mention it again for now

You of course know what brought him here


They say you're creative,

that you make your own puppets and masks,

throw your own shows

Would you like to have materials to work here?

Yes, of course

I'll see what's in the hospital, I'm
sure we have something that'll be useful

I'd prefer if you brought my
dolls and things from home,

that way I could put on a show
and entertain the patients,

if that wouldn't be a bother

Then we'll see what we
can bring from your home

I'd take the two three meter
chickens to a psychiatrist,

he'd shrink them back to their right size

Let's see what you have under those feathers

Ah ha, you laid an egg!

Thank you, thank you dear public

Thank you very much

Now ladies and gentlemen,
the star of the show,

recently back from a European tour,

the favorite of Kings and Queens.

Yermo, Buffoon of the Court!

Give him a round of applause!

Excuse me,

but I am a buffoon of kings and queens

I came from my country a long time ago

I knew a princess in a cathedral

She was really hot and I was really ugly, right?

Of course

I always tried to fool the king

Excuse me

I've never learned my
manners over the centuries

and I've been locked in a
box for a very long time

Kings were very bad and

ordered many people to be murdered,

but in silence, they did it with doctors
that were worse than any assassin

and also

Excuse me again, but kings
and princesses do that too

This, yes, look closely, listen closely so you

don't forget your friend Yermo
because doctors nowdays are crazy

Now dear, why haven't
you turned off the lights?

So early?

It's late, it's been over an hour

What's wrong, can't you sleep?

You're going to cause a fire

You know, I don't care what
anyone says, I enjoyed your show

Those final words were a bit
vulgar but that doesn't bother me

Of course, it wasn't very
prudent to call doctors crazy

I can't lie though, I enjoyed it

You know little one,

you're good looking

You ain't bad yourself

Listen, can't you speak to me yourself?

I won't bite

But I'd bite you all over

Listen to this little guy

I'm not so little, come and see for yourself

Let's have a look then

We're going to put you back in your box

That's what I'll do


it's not here

Where are you little one?



Leave me alone!

Excuse the delay, but I had
trouble finding your store

- It's very far
- Yes

How do you get clients here?

They know where I am, of course

I see

What a lovely collection of dolls

I've never seen so many

Mine are of another kind
you know, except my favorite,

that one was different

I doubt this is a social visit Dr. O'Hara,

on the telephone they told me you
had something urgent to tell me

- That's true
- Yes, of course

Dr. Richter called

to talk to you about Laurence


well, he's a very busy
man, he hasn't felt well and

he had a heart attack recently,
he hasn't recovered yet

I don't feel the slightest pity

I understand he might have been a bit
rude telling you about your son but,

well, it's just one of his
responsibilities and he has so many

I'm sure that's true.

Dr. O'Hara, why have you come?

Is Laurence here with you?

I don't know where Laurence is

What a shame

The nurse was severely beaten

Mrs. Mercero, I want to help your son

I don't believe you

You're no one, no one at all

It's Dr. Richter that's in charge

and he's done enough damage

Once you have something to say
about matters of life and death

you'll be just like them, all
those doctors that are more

concerned about their prestige and
money than they people they must help

Why do you dislike doctors?

I was about to get married
to one some time ago,

a brave and talented man

He suffered a

horrible car accident

I know the doctors could have saved him

You don't have any medical
knowledge, how do you know that?

There was an inquiry, it was
determined the doctors were negligent

He didn't matter to them

He was a foreigner and he was different

I'm sorry

I wouldn't worry that your doctor
friend might have another attack,

he has a heart made of ice

Come up please

Your maid let me in

I told her to

I was very interested in speaking
to you outside the hospital

That's good


- Do you want a drink?
- No

About the Mercero case...

do you insist on helpin him?

It's just that...

he's really not that sick

Holly, don't interfere

I feel he needs my help

I could change this report

What must I do to convince you?

Give in to my desires


did I tell you I spoke to Mrs. Mercero?

You saw her?

After everything I told her?


I went to her house, I thought
Laurence would be there, then-

That's a matter for the police

You have a relation of
authority with her, nothing more

Damn, if I wasn't in love with you...

How could you fall in
love with an idiot like me?

Don't say that, you're not dumb

Jesus Holly, don't make me change that report

Can't you see what it would do to me?


I need your help,

and that boy

needs mine

I'm real hungry, I hope mom goes to bed soon

- I want to sleep with her
- Shut up

Can't you forget your sexual obsession?

What do you think I've been living
for all these hundreds of years?

Why don't you put out the
flame you have in your guts?

How should I do that, by
drinking lots of water?

That wouldn't get rid of your anxiety

Oh yeah? What would you do in my
place, seeing as you have so many ideas





Why are you dressed?

I have to work early tomorrow

and you have to change the report tonight

Relax, I'm here with you


you don't have to go,

please calm down

You know, many people

who are qualified also make mistakes

Emmanuel, this wasn't necessary


I love you very much

Stay with me tonight


I don't have the time


I'll be awake for a while
longer changing that report

in case you change your mind

Hello Mrs. Mercero

Is your store closed?

Yes, excuse me Margaret but I'm very busy

Maam, did you hear about Laurence's doctor?

A nurse told my mother that he died

What? What did the nurse say?

He had a heart attack

Mrs. Mercero, I miss your son very much

Mrs. Mercero, is Laurence home?

If he is I wouldn't tell anyone

I don't know where Laurence is


Last week, these flowers...

Who would do such a thing?

Who was it Lorenzo?

I pay the man who keeps watch to-

What does it say here?

King Charles V

The king's fool?


Lorenzo, Laurence was here?

It can't be

It's my fault,

I seperated the father from the son

I seperated them, of course

That must have hurt him terribly

You know Julia

I understand why you wouldn't come back to my

office so soon after what
happened with the nurse

You work many hours

Yes, that's true,

a double shift every other Sunday

Today was a tiring day

Dr. Richter...

I'm very sorry

I think it was very brave of you to
come here and tell me how you feel

My confession?

No, better said your realization

Thank you

for seeing me in this terrible time

Think nothing of it

When we find Laurence

or when he finds himself

and returns

I want you to know one thing

We'll do everything we can for him

Thank you

For me


Open the door, you hear me?


Answer me, what's going on? Are you alright?

I'm fine, I'm fine

Quite fine, quite fine

Oh Margaret, it's you, come in

I need to speak to you
Mrs. Mercero, it's important

I made love to Laurence maam

I know all about it

He told me just that

It was the night before he
was committed to the hospital

It had to to happen at some point

So many things happened to
Laurence that sent him to the hospital

Believe me,

what happened between you
two was the least of it

But for Laurence,

it was the best thing that could have happened

Do you really think so?

Of course I do

Has he come back? Have you seen him?

I got a message from him, a gold coin

It belonged to his father

I probably lost it years ago, he must have had it

That's great, I'm happy Laurence did that

Yes Margaret

I should be going, goodbye


will you come visit?

I'm very alone without him

I've been neglecting you, isn't that right?



Is that you?

You see? We've been found

It's all because of your racket

What do you expect me to do,
I haven't spoken in many years

and the only thing you ever say
is you want to see your mommy,

well there she is

But she's so angry with me

What have you done that's so bad?

Laurence, I'm not upset with you

But I know you'll blame me,
everyone does for what you did!

Mom, it was him, Yermo did it!

Run, run, all he talks
about is sleeping with you!

Run please, get away from him!

He won't listen to be mom, run!

Run mom, run!

Oh god, god