Mue prab puen hode (1996) - full transcript

The policeman Pitak (Jan Janmulltree) switches from a band of thugs. Only the leader (Panna Rittikrai) survived - and vows revenge. With the help of his protégé (Tony Jaa), he sets out to terrorize the cop. Who is now staying with his family: his widowed dad, who is also a policeman, his younger sister Ann and brother Lau. They all float now in mortal danger.


”Hard Gun”

Jai Janmulltree

Panna Rittikrai

Thunyaluk Rarchatha

Proudly presenting
Panom Dongrak (Tony Jaa)

Poathai Pornpisit
Sornram Karmathep

”Pitaktham Alley”

Manop Ruamtham
Wittaya Jitnaree

Kanuengchai Kenla
Suppawit Saelee

Banlu Srisang
Morakot Kaewthanee

In acknowledgment of
Kranuan Police Station

Nong Ko School. Jitnaree Hotel
All the people of Kranuan

Prapas Lardpanna

Wisit Chownarote

Kim Supawit
Special Effects

Piak Morakot

Jang Laksana

Kanueng (Keaw)

Assistant Director

Khru Eed
Assistant Photographer

Penna Rittikrai
Action Director

Nueng Nuengnued

Kittikhun Ladloi

Narin Parnthog
Original Score

Cine-colour Lab

Sound Recording

If we make a break for it,
we're dead meat.

We have to be patient

We'll lie low until the police
are convinced

that we've escaped to the country

How long, brother?

Two weeks. A month

Living in a room like this
for a month, bro?

Yeah, or maybe longer than that.

It depends on how confident I feel.

Damn! This is hell!

Hey! Brother Biew is right.
We have to be patient.

We need to stay here for a while

I'll go crazy for sure!

Norm, you... just shut up!

Just drink up and go to sleep.

Oh... brother!

Maid shut up! Shut up!

Brother rs angry

Let Sak deal with supplies.

Listen to me!

No matter what
you all have to be here!

Don't fucking go outside!

14 Kranuan 548.

The target is not clear yet.

Hold your force.

We need to know for certain
their number and strength

All units... don't show
any suspicious signs.

Oh... I'm fucking starving!

What the hell were you doing,
you bastard?

Norm, Norm, Norm!

What's with the fucking whining?

I'm hungry, bro.

- Here, bro.
- Huh?

- Is there something unusual?
- Nothing, bro.

I gave some money to a glue addict
to watch out for us.

Can we trust mm?

Oh, bro. Those damn junkies
hate cops like shit.

The boy said he's been
living in this alley over a week.

He told me to watch for cops
going in the alley.

They'll give me money.

How much can we trust him Thong?

Lieutenant! He's my informer.

He's been one since he was clean,
since before he was like this.

He's trustworthy

How many are there?

I'm not quite sure.

But there'll be someone
out to meet me every day.

There's one guy
used to give me gold.

Clear enough.

Tell our guys not to move
until we know their manpower.

- Thanks a lot, kid.
- That's okay, bro.

Just don't put me in jail.

I'll die suffering if I can't get my fix.

How about it, Lieutenant?
Is my kid dependable?

- So much information.
- Okay. Go: go, go.

- Yes sir. Go!
- Go. I'm a good guy now huh?

Hey! Wait a sec.

Take him to the Rehab Center.

Is it better to rebuild a man
or destroy him?


Drugs endanger lives
and poison society.

- Oh It's gone!
- Go!

It tastes like shit!
Where the hell did you buy it?

Relax, Norm. In a few days,
we'll be out of here.

I think you're chickenshit.

If we'd gone in the first place:
we'd be happy now.

Why freak out?
The most they can do is kill us.

I don't want to die.
We all have to survive.

Like this?

Survive only to live like Ms?

Yeah. No one's dead yet.

Everybody's still alive,
and still right here.

We're criminals.
It's been bad from the start.

Just one big fucking risk!

- This is bullshit!
- Hey. Norm.

Listen to me carefully.
I have only you.

We may not be brothers by blood,

but your father raised me.
I can't let you risk your life!

You must survive!
You cannot die!

I won't let you die: Norm!

It's clear Lieutenant.
There are four of them, fully armed.

Stolen property too.
They've been lying low indeed.

I'll call for backup.

Tell our guys not to let them know
there are cops

until special units arrive.

Yes, sir.

14 Kranuan 548.

This is the last job.

We have money enough
to move to a good career

Especially you, Norm.

Dad never wanted you
involved in a job like this!

Stomach pain again!
Did you buy putrid food for me?

My stomach's cankered!

I'm not scared. I'm not chickenshit
like you said. you understand?

Norm you're my brother,
you know that?

We have to cover ourselves.


Damn it!

Do you understand what I'm saying?

- Brother Biew!
- What the hell?

They know we're here!

There's a lot of cops outside!

I told you it was a risk
in the first place!

Damn it!
How the hell did they know?

Prepare to move!
It'll be dark soon.

God! What the hell are you?

I covered myself. You want one?

- Here you go! Another one?
- Yeah.

I think they don't realize
we saw them.

We must go out one by one.
Don't let them know.

Ton you go out first.

After a little while.
Thanorm, you follow mm.

I'll fool them.

Sak, take the gold.

He's opening the window, Lieutenant!

Weird. Why isn't he afraid
someone will see him?

Oh! It's so hot!

Why's he exposing himself?

Maybe they know?
They must go outback.

- Go!
- Go!

What are you doing, Officer?

Looking for a bad guy?
Here I am!

Who fired that?
Damn it!

Damn it! You!

- Run away! I'll cover for you!
- Yeah!

- Run away bro!
- Ton, come quick!

Ton! Quick!




Thong! Are you okay?

Go kill them! Follow them!

Follow them!

Where's the shot?

- Don't!
- Where are you going?

Don't move or I'll shoot you!

Come out
or I'll shoot this son of a bitch!

You killed my friend.
You must die! Come out!

Why are you hiding?
Come out if you're a real man!

Come out!
You're a cop, aren't you?

You must do your job!

Save him!
Come out or I'll shoot!

Come out! You want him dead?

You want to be a hero fight?
Come out!

That's what I'm talking about!

Drop the gun! Slowly!

Drop it! Drop!

Hey! I'm not going
to let you die now.

You killed my man
fight before my eyes

so now I'll shoot this hostage
before your eyes!

Don't! Don't!


You bastard!
You shot my brother!

Why did you shoot my brother?
You son of a bitch!

- Brother! The cops are here! Run!
- You bastard!

- Quick!
- You!

Run, quick!

- You bastard! You killed my bro!
- Run first!

- I'll come back to kill you!
- Go!

- Run quick, bro!
- I'll fucking kill you!

You run first!

Choakchai Pachpunna

Nit Laikien

Attapol Sanguankiet

Thawatchai Ladloi

Prapon Petchinn

Pachpunna Productions
Contributor Tel 223-8093

”Kranuan District"

People nowadays are so evil...
always killing each other.

And what's this? "Mother-in-law
raped in kindergarten"?

"Kranuan Police Station"

Did this really happen?

I need a little drink.

Don't get the shakes!

Hard to drink!


You son of a bitch! What's up?

Dech is beating up his wife!

I'm afraid she'll die.
Please come stop him!

Why don't you report it
to the police station?

She'll be dead before I get there!

Dech's high on amphetamines!
He won't listen to anyone!

I tried to stop him.
He punched me till I lost my teeth.

I don't want to deal
with this son of a bitch.

Whenever he's high,
he always beats up his wife.

It's routine. You're a cop.

Why else have this police box?

- Go! Go! Go!
- You go first and I'll follow you!

Such a dawdler!

Follow me quickly,
or I'll have you hauled in!

Damn! Why me?

Damn you bastards!

You get high
and it'll be always like this!

I don't care what any of you say!
Don't mess with my business!

You! You dare fuck with me?
You bitch!


- I'm scared now! Don't!
- I told you not to go, right?

You didn't listen to me.

- I'm sorry! Help me!
- Get up! You didn't obey me?

- I have to hit you to show you!
- I'm scared now!

Don't mess with me!
This is none of your business!

I told you not to go.
You didn't listen to me!

I told you not to go!

Hold you not to go and not to come!

- Not to come and not to go!
- Enough! I'm going to die!

- I'm scared now!
- You didn't obey me!

- You bitch! This is for you!
- I'm scared now! Don't!

I have to hit you
and kick you like this!

Will you get up? No?
Then I'll count!

- 1, 2, 3!
- She'll die!

- Take it easy!
- It's none of your business!

Get up! Don't go there again.

Are you so tough, Waue?

Don't! Please don't beat me!

- Enough, please!
- Get up here!

I won't let you get away with this!

Come quick Sergeant.
There! you see?

He's beating up his wife!

Dech! Stop it!

- Don't fuck with me!
- Dech! Enough!

What the hell is this?

Mind your own business!
It's between us!

Don't poke into my affairs,
you know?

I'll deal with her.
Don't mess with me!

Take it easy, man!

Sergeant you'd better go away'

- Don't mess with me!
- Enough. Dech'.

- Dech!
- He's strong as a horse!

Enough, Dech!

I didn't hit the sergeant.
You're all witnesses!

I told you to stop!
Don't you understand?

She'll be dead!
She's got parents!

Did you ever think about that?
You can't do this!

Don't you come near!
My feet are hard, Sergeant!

- Stop it!
- Don't mess with me!

I told you not to mess with me!


I just told you to stop
beating your wife. Just listen to me!

That woman's pointing at
my wife's face. She's asking for trouble!


It's a private thing.
It's not a cop's business.

Don't! Dech!

I don't let her go!
Why the hell did she go?

Don't mess with me!

I'm tired! Don't! Don't!

Dech! You stop right now!

Shoot now!
You got the guts to shoot me?

You old cop'
You know how to shoot?

I'll shoot you for real!

You're a worn-out cop!
Your gun is rusty.

You can't show off like the old days!

Look! Look!
Your hands are shaking!

I guess you drink your shots!

You dare point a gun at me?

Shoot me!
You're not afraid of going to jail.

Shoot me!
I'm not afraid of death!

In this alley,
who'll dare to mess with me?

It's funny! Go ahead!

Drop the gun
or I'll shoot your wife!

Don't do anything to her!
She has nothing to do with this!

I said drop the gun!

Don't! If you drop the gun,
he'll shoot you!

Don't worry about me!

Let her go!
I said let her go!

Let her go? Drop your gun!

I mean it! I'll shoot her!
Put it down!

Don't! Don't shoot her!

I surrender!

You're mine!

Hey! Bitch!



Aoi! Aoi!

Aoi! Aoi!

I hit a cop and it feels fucking great!

Here you go! Damn you!

You! Who are you?

Why meddle with my business?

Take this, Pa.


Who the hell are you?

I'm a cop.

A cop? I'm not afraid!

A cop?

- A cop?
- That amuses you?

Hey! He fell asleep!

Your skill is a lot better.

That's my son!

- You're not hurt?
- How can you ask me that?

I thought you were so tough!

Cut the cards two or three times

Will the cards scatter?

It's still new. That's okay.

Deal slowly and softly.

Waiting for cops?

- Seven double.
- Here you go.

- One more card.
- Did you make a bet?

- Enough
- Let's see

We win.

- See my card if you dare!
- Pay him!

We win! Win! Win!

This... pay him.

- Don't shuffle!
- Pay him!

- Pay me! See when you take money...!
- Pay him!

You pay slowly,
but take money so quickly!

- Gambling house. Quiet!
- Damn! It's too fast!

You go first.
I'll see you at the alley entrance.


- Hey! Quickly.
- Pay! Pay!

Here you go.
If you hold. put money on it.

- I know!
- Hey! Quickly!

- Double or nothing?
- Take money so fast. pay slowly.

- We'll see!
- If not, the dealer doubles.

- Don't threaten me!
- Quick! Win! Win!

- This means a win!
- Again? Are you sure?

- Win! My God, three cards, let's see!
- Let's see!

Don't look too long.
You'll get illusion by its color.

Hey! Hold?
The dealer's turn. Let's see!

Color! Heart! Heart!

Pok! Three double!

Great! Great!

- Uniform color!
- What?


I don't know where to go!

My God!

Get out!

Go! Why the fuck come in here!
I'm taking a shit!

Damn it!

Follow me this way. It's safe!

- Full of him!
- Safe. my ass!


Stop! Don't run away' Stop!

- Wait for me!
- Hurry up!

Wait for me!

Hurry up!

- You're slow!
- My legs are short!

Please let us get in the truck!

- Hurry up!
- What?

- Why are you playing in the truck?
- We're not playing!

Stealing the water?
I'll crack your heads. you nuts!

- We're running from a cop!
- Stealing in broad daylight!

We're not stealing!

I'm out of breath!

When Sergeant wants to see us,
he'll always chase us!

That's right! He's old,
but he still overrates his strength.

Hey! If we see him next time.

So what?

I'll kick!
I'll hit with the knee! I'll...

...prostrate myself nicely before him

With a massage.

Where are you running to?

What's the matter, Sergeant?

Why are you arresting me?

You dare to deny it?
Playing cards in broad daylight!

Just a little bit
Please, let me go.

You'd argue with me?

You're not at home.
Just busy at a card party!

Oh, Dad! I've nothing to do!

I just play to kill the boredom.
Please. Dad!

You cheated them. huh?

Oh. Dad. I'm your daughter!

So, you have to be put in jail
until you're scared

- Brother Pitak!
- Sister Ann!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It's too much! Don't do this!

Why not?

How are you doing. Ann?
You're bold as usual.

Sure thing!

Okay. Okay
Let's talk later at home.

Cold weather like this. it's...

- Again.
- It's.

Oh, I understand

How long will you talk to each other?

- How long will you lie down?
- I'll help!

Why did you buy so much. Pitak?

Oh, Pa. Long time no see
You can eat all you want

- Today is mine.
- Hey, this is enough.

- You should save some money.
- Oh. Pa

If not for your educational support
until I became a cop,

I wouldn't have a salary
to live on until today.

Not only that!

I can even give you my whole salary!

Enough. Enough.
You don't have to do that!

Hey! You could
leave your salary with me.

Great! Leave it with you
and you'll waste it playing cards!

Dad! You underestimate me.
I'm sincere with him.

Hey, this thing,
why did you buy it?

You say that
like you don't drink it!

Then what are we waiting for?
Such a waste of time!

Pour it quickly! Pour! Pour!

Give me one.

Why do you have time to come here?

I'm suspended


Because I chased
the gold shop robbers

One of them
shot the hostage to death

I shot some of them dead too.

But the boss got away.

That's why you're suspended?

My boss told me to rest
and let the wounds heal.

But actually, he may be right. Pa.

It often works

You have to be careful
I'm worried about you, boy.

Seeing you. I can't help
thinking about your dad.

Your dad is dead.
You have only me.

I am responsible for you

If something happened to you
what would I do?

Please think of me
as your dad's representative.

Yes, Pa

Hey, come on!
You come here. don't be serious!

- Let's drink! Cheers! Cheers!
- Me too.

Hey! Where the hell is Lau?

I didn't see him eat anything

Oh, Dad
Brother Lau doesn't drink.

Lau doesn't drink?

He's a civilized man!

My life is so sad

No one sympathizes with me

I have no mother.
I have no father

I have no wife

I have some friends,
but they don't love me.

Is this my best friend?

Leaving me hungry.
I have nothing to eat!

Who took all my beers?

Look! I just took a few bottles

He accuses me of stealing.

Brother Biew
I have the information.

Pitak has an adoptive father

I think he must have gone there

Here's a picture
of his adoptive father

And here's a picture of
his step-sister.

I had someone
take this picture secretly

Then let's chase him!

Whoever gets
to Dad's workplace first wins!

The loser pays 100 bahts, got it?


- Go...!

Hey! Wait for me, you assholes!

Come hack here! Wait for me!

Wait for me!

You didn't wait for me,
so now I'll use the turbo system!

Pay me! Pay me!



You losers! Losers!


Give me the money!

Gambling is illegal!

T's illegal!
Hand over the evidence!

Oh... Papa...

Anything you say
will be used against you in court!


You like to... play shit!

Be playful!

Wait a moment!

Dad, Brother Pitak
wants to take a trip with us.

- Then go!
- I've got no money.

- It's not my business!
- Dad..

Could you give me that money first?

It's state property.
How can you take it?

The others take it!

Hey! No! I'm faithful.

He'll give up. You'll see.

Please. Dad, please

I said no! It's state property!

- Give it to me! Dad
- No means no! Oh, you...

Please give it to me.
The others take it. Give me...!


- Got it! Go! Go!
- Bye.

Me too

- Papa.
- What?

Give me 200 bahts.

- 200?
- Yeah

Here you go! 200.
Come and get it

- Get up! Hurry! 2007
- 200, sir.

. Go!
- Thank you. sir. 200!

- Where are we going?
- Oh?

Brother Pitak, I don't think
we have to take a trip.

It's no fun at all
Right, Brother Lau?

Right. Right. Right!

There's something else
more fun and exciting.

- What is it?
- Well... playing cards

- Yeah!
- It's exciting and brings money!

Oh, no. I'm not
good at this kind of thing.

Come on! Pok 8 and Pok 9.
Very easy to play.

Yeah. Yeah! If Deng,
you'll get double money.

If Tong, you'll get
five times as much!

- Interesting, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah

- Please. Come on!
- Please.


- It's so easy! Please.
- Come on!

I'm not good at
this kind of thing. I can't play.

- No.
- Just a little

- Please. Please.
- I said no!


Hey! Make a bet!
I'm a little good at this. Come on!

This thing... we aren't good at it

Hey! Come on! Make a bet!

How to make a bet?


Six high. Bet high


Don't run away! Stop!


Are they following us?

- Wait for me!
- They come high

I'm exhausted.
I told you to play cards!

Playing Hi-lo
the cops will arrest us.

Playing cards,
only my dad will arrest us.

Are you crazy?
Cops arrest both types of players

if it's gambling!

It's not true! Cops don't arrest
those who buy stocks.


That's not gambling! It's stock!

Let me tell you,
buying stock is high-class gambling.

But that's not obvious.

Take. for example,
racetracks, boxing rings,

cockpits, illegal gambling houses...

nobody goes to arrest people there!

Ann. you're getting to be too much.

Oh, don't let me speak!

We sell the numbers; cops arrest us.

But the government sells the lottery,
cops don't arrest them!

- Yeah. Yeah! Go arrest them!
- Quiet! It's no good! Stop! Enough!

We'd better change the subject

Oh, Ann

Why don't you
take me to my old school

The one that I went to as a child

- Nong Ko School!
- Yeah! Nong Ko School!

I became a cop because of this school.

Yeah! I went there too!


After that,
I'll take you to my school.

What school?

Reform school.

- You jerk!
- You jerk! Such a a waste of time.

"Ban Nong Ko School
Kranuan District, Khonkan"

"There's always comfort
and difficulty...

"there's suffering for doubt,

there's fulfillment to be happy..."

"Introducing new books"

"The library is fundamental
for education”


I remember the old atmosphere.

- Me too.
- I used to play here.

You! Pitak!

If you don't die today,
you'll at least wish you were dead!

This guy put you in jail, bro?


That's not enough

I lost a lot of money paying bail!


That's not important

But he caused me
to separate from my wife.

- My dearest wife!
- This guy?

Yeah! Him! Go!

- Hey! It's fun
- Wow...

You'll fall down

I'm not afraid.

- Scary!
- Higher is scarier!

- Scary...
- It's really that scary?





You made me hurt so bad!

And it still stings!

I'll make you hurt and sting!

Hey! Beat him!

Don't! Don't! Here you go!

Oh! Hey!

You can't hurt me!


You made me fall!
You caused this!

"Huai Meg District"
"Ta Kanto District"

Dodging. eh?

Like to play dirty?

Play dirty with me! You

Almost got my ears!

- What the hell are you doing?
- No. It just missed.

You asshole!

Dad! Mom!

I won't be able to carry on
the family name anymore.

My wife... Good-bye!

Hey! You!

How about it?

Is it good? Let's have one!

You gonna fight?

Here you go! Don't cry!

- Take this! How about that?
- Oh, wait! Wait!



Mom! Don't kick me again!

I said don't kick me again!

- Take this!
- I'll stomp you again!

Come out here if you dare,
you junkie!

I'm not afraid of you! Come on!

I'm already cool

Come on in. if you dare!

I'll be cool
and let you know the real me!

You! You! Take this!

Yeah! That's great!

Hey... Wait.

What are you doing?

Oh, good. Wait!
Let me charge my batteries!

Don't run away!

Go! Go! Follow them! Hurry!

- Don't run away!
- Hurry up!

- If you're cool. don't run!
- Don't run zigzag!

- Where are you going?
- It's bad as it is!

Follow them!

- Follow them wherever they go!
- How long will they run zigzag?


- Don't run away!
- I'm hot!

If you're cool. don't run away!
Do you know a cool guy?

- I'm hot!
- You're hot?

Sergeant! Sergeant!

Oh. What's up?

I'm looking for Lieutenant Pitak

- Is he here?
- You've come to see Pitak?

- What do you want with him?
- Well, we're his friends, sir

We work in another district.

We've come for some business here,
so we dropped by to visit him.

Oh? Please wait.

He'll be here. My daughter
took him on a little trip.

He'll be here soon

- Hurry up!
- Hurry! They're following us!

You won't stop? Take this!

Oh, Brother Pitak! My God!

- Getup!
- Get up! Come on!

He gets up so weakly!

Hey! How does it bounce like that?

I don't know. bro

He dares us.

Hey. how about this?

You play football with us.

If you win...

I'll let you go. But if you lose,

you must lie down
and let me tread on you

How about that?

They cannot play football, bro.

That's right!

We used to play with A.C. Milan

- Yeah! A.C. Milan!
- AC. Milan!

Fight them! Brother Pitak!
You got me!

Baggio! Baggio!

Go ahead. bro! Fight them!

Yeah! Okay.

- Baggio or Bugjo?
- Baggio!

I'm Buk Jo. It's okay.

Who'll be our referee?

To be fair, my man will be a referee.

Here! Sornram Karmathep.

Country singer

The gods must be crazy!

His first album

Hey! My brother did that too


My older brother, Panna Rittikrai,

released his first album.

- What song?
- "Country Man."


Hey! Hey! You kicking the ball
or kicking people?

Go ahead, bro. Go! Go!

- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Baggio! Baggio!

Hey! Hey!

Lau. that's a foul!

- What?
- You grabbed his balls!

Oh... Hey, sorry!

Penalty kick at penalty point!

Oh! Damn it!
Foul for grabbing balls.

It's time!

- Why is it so close?
- Yeah

Don't argue with the referee.

- Go ahead, bro.
- Let me kill!

- Wait!
- 1-0 already!

- Wait! Let me warm up first.
- Go ahead, bro.

It's time! It's time!

- You'll make a score with a tip.
- Sure thing!

Oh, God! Too much toe!

Brother Dech! Oh, God!
You missed at this point!

- How come you failed?
- The goal guarded the ball!

Damn it! Oh, brother!

Again! Again!

- Be careful!
- Go ahead!

- Wait! Wait! Wait!
- The goal!

Look out! It's coming'

Wow! There it goes!

Wow! Score! Score!

- Hooray!
- Score!

Bro! That's our goal!

- Yeah, right!
- Our goal?


How can it be?

It serves you right!

Go ahead, bro!

Go forward. Brother Dech!

- Pass it back!
- Pass it here!

Brother Dech. you go forward!
Don't worry!

Brother Dech. go forward!
Go forward!

- Pass it here!
- Brother Dech. look out!

- Hold the ball, Brother Dech! Hold it!
- Yeah! Hold the ball.

It's easy to hold the ball!
Come on!

I've got the ball! Oh, God!

Hey! Handball!

Hey! Wow!

He's a good kicker.

- Come here.
- Retreat!

Be careful!

Maybe he's good. We'll see

Look out!

That far? No way. We close like this
Close! Close! Close!

It's coming... It's coming...

- How can he score?
- With closing like this?

Damn it!

- Hooray!
- 2-0!


You're great!

Enough playing!

- He cheated on me!
- Yeah!

No more kicking the ball.

I'll kick guys!

Hey, Lau! Hurry up!

Why? You're defeated
but refuse to knuckle down!

Don't run away! Come here!

I won't kick the ball, I'll kick guys!

- Come here so I can kick you!
- Hurry up!

Don't run away!

I said stop!

If I can catch you
I'll use you for a penalty kick!

Games lose: men never lose!

Don't flee! Stop now!

Go out! Go out!

They're following us closely

- Follow them!
- They don't see us. we're not tired!

Hurry up! Catch them!

Don't run! I'm exhausted!

Hey! Stop!

What? What?

You dared me. Now I dare you

What do you want? Just tell me!

I'm a real man

I keep my word!
I never go back on my word!

We'll play takraw.
If I win. you must let me go.

Piece of cake!
I'm good at takraw, anyway.

Our deal... I don't go back on it!

Brother Dech passes. 0-0.

Here you go!



- Why didn't you get it?
- It came your way!

Brother Pitak scores. 1-0 pass

Be careful
Let's have a relaxed game.

He's going to serve. Be careful!

Brother Pitak scores. 2-0 Pass

Wait and kick! Get it right!

Get it! Get it!

It's here! Got it!

- Oh, bro...
- Why?

- You didn't dodge
- Takraw came your way!

You asshole! You kicked my way
Kicked only to me!

Come on! It comes again, bro.

Again, bro! Evade!

- Don't be afraid. Easy!
- 1 know. I know.

- Oh, God!
- Again!

Bro, he didn't pass it yet.

Oh. God!

It's coming hard!

It's coming a lot!

Brother Pitak scores. 13-0 pass

It came only my way!

Brother Pitak scores. 14-0.

Brother Pitak scores.
15-0 game! 0!

Only to me!

Kill him! Kill!

Hurry! Ann! Quick!

- Don't run!
- Don't flee!

- Stop now!
- Games lose; men never lose!

Enough' Ann
go tell Pa to come to help us.

- I'll stall the game.
- Yeah!

. Go!
- I'll protect you!

- Okay. Go! Go!
- No! You have to stay with me!

There they are!
Go stop them!

Me again? Oh...

Don't run!

You're so tough, aren't you?

Hit me first if you dare!

- You first!
- You first!

- You hit me first!
- You hit me first!

Who hit me?

- Your punch, right?
- Your punch!

- Your punch
- Your punch hit my face first

- You punched first.
- I remember...

- Dad! Hurry!
- What?

Brother Pitak is fighting with Dech's gang

- Where?
- Ratchada Park.

Hurry up or something
will happen to Brother Pitak

Let me go help him
I want to help my friend.

Oh, good!
He's a friend of Pitak.

- Hurry. Take him there first.
- Yes. Yes

And I'll bring my cop friends
to help him.

Yeah. Okay.

Better get in my car

- Your feet, right?
- It's your feet



There! Brother Pitak!
Go help him. hurry!

No! He'll deal with it!

You killed my brother!

Hey! Duck!

Why'd you shoot at Brother Pitak?

Who are you?

Stay still!

- The real thing!
- Brother Dech!

- Hurry!
- Run!

Bro! The cops are coming! Run!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Follow them! Hurry!

Yes, sir

- Hey! Are you hurt?
- No, Pa.


Where are Ann and Lau?

Ann came with your friends.
Where is she?


Hello? Hello?

Oh... Talk! Hello!

"You're angry, huh?
You're sitting at the phone?"

Biew! What do you want?

Why did you kidnap Ann?
She has nothing to do with this!

She has something to do with this.

She's your sister, isn't she?

The thing is, now she's with me.

I can kill her or do anything I want...
like you did to my brother!

You bastard! You let her go!

I'll come and let you kill me.

Killing you is too easy.

I'll make you feel pain
both physically and spiritually.

Your sister
is at Green Snake Forest.

You have only two hours to find her.

Remember, after that
she'll be dead!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I won't let that happen
to my daughter!

She must he safe!
Must be safe!

We have only an hour and a half left

We have to split up

Good idea, go!

- Go! Lau!
- Yeah!

Hey! This way!

Hey! This way!

Shoot now! You see?

Your dad came to help you.
Call him!


Let her go!

- Come on in to help her!
- Dad! Help me!

Follow me!

Let my daughter go!

Who are you looking for. Lieutenant?

Give my sister back!

Find her yourself.
There's still time left.

If you want your sister back,
you have to use your skill!




I can't get down!

Help! Damn. Pa!


What are you screaming for?



Come on!
Shoot in here!

Let my child go! Come on!

- Let her go!
- Dad! Help me!

Damn it! Let's duel with guns
if you dare!

Come on!

Shoot in here if you dare!
Come on!

Dad! Dad! Dad!

- Follow me!
- Dad! Help me! Dad!

Follow me!

Dad! Help me!

Follow me if you dare!
Come on!

Follow me! Follow me!

- Hi!
- Dad!

Dad... Help me!

Come out! And drop the gun

Drop the gun!
I mean it now! No more playing!

Come out!

You want to see your child dead?
Come on out!

Drop your gun and walk out!

Drop your gun!
I said drop it!

- Or I'll shoot!
- Don't do anything to my wife!


Dad. help me!

- Dad!
- Oh! You came out! Good!

No! Don't shoot Dad!

- Go!
- Dad! Let go!


Hey, wait! You've been fooled

There's no more than an hour left

Tell me where my sister is.

I'll do nothing to you. Tell me!

Do you think
you can do anything to me?

That's just an hors d'oeuvre.
I fooled you into following me.. waste your time.

Now the real thing!

Okay. Come on!

Wipe my foot.


Ann... Pitak!
Where are you?

Pa... Ann... Where are you?

Damn robbers!

Where are you, staring at me?

Pitak will be here

And I'll play a game with him!

Pal Pa! Ann!

Brother Lau! Help me, please!

Ann! I've come to help you!

Help me! Hurry!


- Go! Go in there!
- To where?

Walk in there. Come on!

- Go! Do you hear me?
- Yes! Go.

- I'll tie myself.
- Great!

- Brother Pitak!
- Ann!

Brother Pitak! Look out!

You only have 20 minutes
to defeat my man




Use this to kill him! Here!

Kill him now!



Be careful!

Pitak! Get up!

Oh. God!

Be careful!

Good! Good!

There's 15 minutes left.

There's still time.

Brother Pitak!


Brother Pitak!

How do you feel?

There's a few minutes left

You have to try.
Otherwise. boom!

How about it?

Brother Pitak!

I doubt if he'll survive
in the condition he's in.

- Brother Pitak!
- You can't beat him!

You're nothing!
Your sister will have to die anyway!

Die after your dad!

And you'll have to die
after my brother, Norm!

Let me tell you.

This... it's fake

I fooled you!

You fool! You've been duped!

Come on in!

You fight! You fight!

Look out!

Get him!

Good! Good! Good!

Beat him dead!

You bastard!

Yeah! Beat him!

Now his time!

Only a second

Great! Great!

Hurt him! Hurt him!


Don't let him get up!

Beat him hard!

Go ahead. Sak! Kill him!

Brother Pitak!

- Brother Pitak. don't be dead!
- Your time is up. Pitak!

Now it's my turn to have revenge!

- Don't!
- Dad!



Don't or I'll shoot!

Go ahead!

If you shoot me, your child dies!

- Shoot me! Shoot now!
- No!

Don't harm my child! Let her go!

Drop the gun! I said drop the gun!

I said drop the gun! Drop it!

Drop the gun!

No. Dad. don't drop the gun!

No! No! Don't drop the gun!

He'll kill you!

If you drop it, he'll shoot you!

I'll kill everybody, including you!

Don't, Dad!


To Pa's great success!

Today I have
the greatest happiness in the world

Pa... Dad has a fresh new life!

Thanks, both of you

for helping Dad... Pa...

to reform myself
and become a whole new man

Cheers! Cheers!

All of it, Pa!

Hey, kids!

You all are here.


It's funny as shit!

Drunken sergeant switches
from alcohol to milk!

You look like a baby!

Like baby oil.

You wearing underwear now,
or Pampers?

So cute!

He's coming!

Move away. You. this way.
You, this way

Wait! Wait! Sergeant.

How you doing?

Sergeant's making a serious face
Very serious!

Making a face!

Sergeant, drink, drink, drink

Is your face worn out now, bro?

Oh! Oh, my God! Father!

Oh! Dad!

Old sergeant. I'll be back!

Hard feet! ['ll drink milk too.

Dog! Dog! Bro!

- You're so good. Hooray!
- You're a winner, Pa.

"My life's been led by dog
Wherever I go, dog is my leader.”


Lau! When everyone
stops drinking. why don't you?

- Lau!
- I don't stop!

- Take this!
- Me too!

- Here you go!
- Don't! Don't hurt my feelings'

The End