Mue Prab Samphawesi (2017) - full transcript

Bizarre events follow two rookies working on a paranormal TV show as they shoot an episode and learn the story of a young girl who took her own life

Over 500,000 Thais have
fallen ill to unknown causes.

Over 100,000 people believe that
the unknown causes are...

wandering spirits.

What the hell are you doing to me?

(Viewer discretion is advised.)

Get rid of it!

(Viewer discretion is advised.)

Ghost Doctor TV follows the ghost-busting
stories of a shaman called “Master Pla ”.


Master Pla helps heal “ill
people” from all conditions

beyond explanation.

This film was inspired by true events.

Ghost Doctor: The Lost Case.

Do you really have to film this?

Yes, I do.

Are you trying to catch something from me?

Whatever you two did.

You could take me down, too. You know?

So I have to record this as evidence.

I just went to work like you'd ordered.

Do you have any idea
what I've been through?

How the heck would I know?

I'm just seeing you now
since you've been back.

And where the hell is Itt?

So where's the work I told you to film?

Here it is.

And what happened to your eyebrow?


I have a bit of a problem with Itt.

What problem?

How many times have I told you two that
when you guys have problems,

just talk it out.

I get that.

You should ask Itt yourself
what the hell is wrong with him.

I've been waiting for him.

Since he's back, he
hasn't been in the office

and won't answer my calls.

Since we got back,

I went to pick him up the following day.

Look at this.

I shouldn't have let you
two go on the field alone.

You can fire me if you want.

I don't want this job anymore.

Let's try this. Calm down
and tell me what happened.

Ok. I filmed everything on here.

You can check it out yourself.

What you're showing me,
have you edited it already?

Two weeks earlier.

Which button do I push?

Let me see.

Here, this one. That's the menu.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Wait, which one again?

This. Here.


How's the new camera?

It's okay. Pretty light.

Won't the pictures be shaking like that?

Hell, no. Even people with Parkinson's
can film with this one.

Wow, too good to be true. Let me try.

Yeah, check it out.

Do something.

Want me to do K-Pop dance moves?

You can? Go ahead!

Fuck you! I'm not gonna do that!

Man, you're not being cooperative with me.

Don't you see I'm working here.

In front of the camera,
you just try to look hard-working.

Sure thing.

This is Itt,

a fake-ass crew member of the show

called "Ghost Doctor TV".

This show travels to help
people who are disturbed

by mysterious things, ghosts
and supernatural powers.

Let's get to know this
fine young gentleman.

Mr. Itt, what are your roles in this show?

I'm the creative producer.

Wow, creative producer?! Sounds awesome!

What are the duties of a creative producer?

Well, stay creative.

Pff. Sounds real tough.

How long have you worked here?

Around three months

and tomorrow will be the first case
that we'll be out filming on our own.

After three months of being a slave?

Yeah, you can say that.

Ok, do you think we'll pull
through probation together?

Good question. We'll find out soon enough.

But I've heard whether
we'll pull through or not,

we'll have to give it 100%.

If we come back
empty-handed, we'll be in trouble.

So you have to be focused

and not get me into trouble too.

You're the one who always fucks up!

Don't say that. Don't get me involved.

Let me try the camera.

Let me try working with it.

Here you go.

Let's see.

Hello, Mr. Por.


What is your role on this show?

I'm the show's main cameraman.

Have you prepared everything for tomorrow?

Not yet.

Why don't you fucking do it?

Because I'm testing the new camera here.

- You don't deserve to be the creative producer.
- Yeah.

Are you done testing?

Yeah, I am.

Good, and get everything
ready for tomorrow.


What will you be filming?

Why do you need this much stuff?

Just in case, you know.

When will you be back?


Hey, tell me when!

I don't know.


- We had a deal, when're you coming back?
- Come here.

So when're you coming back?

In a couple of days, maybe.

We already have plans.

I know. I won't be gone longer than
three days, babe. Babe…babe…babe...

Don't. I'm not in the mood.

I'll be away for many days.
Don't you wanna give me some love?




Turn off the camera first.


Turn off the camera.

Por, turn off the camera!

Whose girlfriend is this? So pretty.

What are you doing, Por?

I'm testing the camera.

We're here. Hurry up and get Itt.
You'll be late for work, hurry.

Do the sexy face.

Hurry, Por. Or else, I'll
leave you to get a cab to work.

Do the sexy face, first.

Por, get down!


My friend is a very
loving and grateful son.

I really want him to be
nominated for Son of the Year.

Plus, his sister is super cute.

Por, hurry up!


Give her two tablets of
antibiotics before breakfast.

Here are paracetamol,

give her one or two tablets
after each meal. Okay?

Don't forget to give her these.

And easy with the cellphone,

so you can hear Mom when she calls.

I know. Just hurry back.

I will.

Hi, Por.

Hi, Oil.

What the hell are you filming?

Son of the Year nomination video.

Is your mom dropping you off?

Ooh, burn. No, that's my driver.

Let's roll!

- I'm leaving.
- Ok. Take care of yourself.

Call me when you can.

- Sure.
- Bye.

Does she want to come too?

Fuck you.

Come on, let's go.

Itt, I'm serious, man,

why didn't you book us first class
or at least something air-conditioned?

- Fucking hot.
- Come on. Don't be picky. There's only this.

Itt. Itt.


Film me too so I have evidence to show Jay
that I'm here for work.

Fucking bastard!


Ok, thank you.

You sure it's this way?

Sure. It's this way.

From the atmosphere around here,

we're considerably far
out from any civilization.

This case will be a tough one for sure.

We're close to the scene.

But looking around,

I feel like all houses are haunted.

Hey, Por. We're about to get there.
Can you be serious for once?

Put your working mode on!

Why so serious, huh?

We have to be, or else we'll get told off.

Yo allowed us to work
by ourselves unsupervised.

More like nobody wanted
to do this. Especially Yo.

Always throwing the tough ones at us.

You're fucking picky.
How did they hire you?

Because they saw potential in me.

Whatever you say.

Do you know which house is his?

He said keep walking
straight and we'll find it.

I think it's this one.

Are you sure?


Is anyone living here?

When we arrived here,

I can feel the presence of
wandering spirits in the house.

Shit, what the hell is she doing there?


Are you Chai?


I'm from the TV show you contacted.

Yeah? Where's Master Pla?

Well, Master Pla can't make it here today

so we arrived here first.

I see.

Well, come in.

Here is where people have seen the ghost.

Oh, is it here?

So I put up a spirit house.

My neighbors told me that
they'd seen somebody walking around

and heard sounds like a girl crying.

Have you seen it yourself?

Well, never.

But, it does feel kind of strange.

No idea what it is.

It feels so suffocating that
I can't sleep inside this house.

What did you do?

Did you collect any weird
stuff or swear to anything?

Well, no.

But my daughter passed away last year.

I'm not sure if it's her.

How did she die?

She hanged herself in the storage here.

Why did she do that?

Let's check out what I've brought.

Two brand-new cameras.

Here's one.

And this is the other.

Let's try on this one. What's good?


Por, did you bring the camera light?

Fuck! I forgot.

Fuck, you only talk so much!

How are we gonna shoot in the dark?

It's alright. This camera
can shoot at night.

I've tried it before coming here.

The pictures will be pixelated.

Trust me if I say it will work, it will.

I can use the flashlight on
my phone and attach it on.

What else have you brought?

Here, I've brought many GoPros.

We can attach them where people claimed
they'd seen the ghost.

In case we can get some freaky stuff.

Good. At least we have those.

When they pay me $10, I'll perform $100.

A little mistake can be fixed.

Don't you get it, a smart
man can always fix problems.

Haven't you heard?


Because you've never known shit.

Successful people aren't flawless,

they are judged by how they solve problems.

And that's me.

Hey, Por. Good news for us.


Master Pla still can't make it.

Fucking shit.

Fuck! Four days?!

Fuck me.

This is where we're staying.

And this is where the
daughter hanged herself.

Right next to us. Perfect location.

Guess they wanted to put on a show for us.

And look around,

there's fucking nothing.

Complete darkness.

If something happens to
me, I've no idea what to do.

See anything, Por?


But I know now why the girl killed herself.


Look around, man.
There's nothing, but banana trees.

I would kill myself too.

Wow, big mouth you've got.
Be careful of what you say.

Let me take that back.

Por! Look!


Who the fuck is that?

I don't know. Who would
take a walk this late?

Do you think it's someone drunk?

Which direction is she coming from?

I'm not sure. Let's follow her.

Are you nuts?!

Duh, idiot. We're here for work.

They didn't hire you to film your own vlog.

So fucking dark. Why the
fuck are we following her?

Just come with me. Stop bitching.

Be careful.


Where did she go?

There, can't you see?! Hurry!


Shit, is this place dangerous?

There's nothing here. Come on.

Hurry up, we'll lose her.

Where will we follow
her till? Let's go back, Itt.

Nah, let's keep following.

Fuck, it's so fucking
dark. Itt, take me back.

Where'd she go?

Shit. We lost her.

Then, we should go back.

Did Itt tell you we had
to stay there for 4 days?

Yeah, he called me.

I don't know if he was lying
about Master Pla or not.

But I guess he wanted to stay there
as long as possible.

I understand that he's
under a lot of pressure

because he has to take care of
the whole family after his father died.

This job decides his future.

It's getting worse as it's
near assessment time.

He wants to do his best for this job.

This is where the woman
yesterday disappeared.

Where could she possibly go?

Hey, Por! What the
hell are you doing there?

Nothing. Just checking on
the person we saw last night.

She's over there, dude.


She's at Chai's place.

The lady from yesterday?

Yeah, I guess.

How did she end up there?

How would I know?

What is she doing?

Hanging the laundry, I guess.

Come with me if you want to find out.

Yeah, I think it's the same person.

Itt, I think you should ask Chai first,

then casually ask about his wife.

But don't ask him out of the
blue, or else he might not answer.



Is Chai here?

He's inside the house.

We're here to film a TV show.

Did Chai tell you about us?

No, he didn't.

So, can we go up to see him?

Of course.

This way.

Shit, isn't their daughter dead?

Are these your daughter's?


this one is when she scored
top of the class in Maths.

These were what she
drew when she was younger.

And this,

she said when she's good at drawing,
she would draw me.

So mommy can look pretty.

She loves English the most.

Lots of her writing here.

She's started to speak English now.

How many children do you have?

Just one.

She's not back from school yet.

Today's Friday

so the kids are still playing at school.

They come home late.

I'll get Chai for you.

Thank you.

Is she this hallucinated?

I think she's been through a lot.

I think she got fucked up hard.

Huh, guess so.

My wife thinks our daughter is still alive.

But she saw her when she...

She did, but she passed out.

When she woke up, she
didn't remember anything.

Have you talked to her about this?

Yes, but she wouldn't listen.

Still does things like our
daughter was still here.

Have you taken her for help?

I took her to the hospital,
but the doctor said she's fine.

I took her to see shamans, whoever famous,
I took her to them.

All these stuff we've got from them.

They told us to worship them
and pray to them every Buddhist holy day.

I follow all their advice.

But Aueng remains the same.

Do you have more questions?

If not, I have to excuse
myself to work on the farm.

No more questions.
Thank you very much, Chai.

Are you done?

Just a sec.

Here, all done.

Have a look. Is it working?

Yes, put them there
in case something freaky happens.

There'll be for sure. Don't you worry.

We'd better interview people around here.

Maybe they know something.

Have you ever experienced any
strange incidents near Chai's house?

Yes, I have.

What did you see?

I saw it when I was walking at night.

I saw a tall, dark silhouette

standing face down under his house.

When I walked pass the house,

I heard weird noises from
under the house late at night.

But when I turned to
look, nobody was there.

What kind of weird noises you say?

Like a door slamming open and close loudly

and something smashing
from under the house.

How do you think Aueng is after that day?

I think Aueng sees her daughter's ghost.

What do you think is wrong with her?

She's gone mad.

I guess when her daughter killed herself,

she's so traumatized she's lost her mind.

You're here for a TV show?


What time will it air? I want to catch it.

Sure, I'll give you a call about airtime.

Will I be in it?

Yes, yes. Thank you.

How is it? Is it okay?

Okay, I guess.

What else do you want to film?

I think that's enough. There's nobody here.



After interviewing the villagers here,

now I know I'm not only facing a ghost,

but I need to prepare
myself for a mad person too.

But aren't ghosts and mad
people a match made in hell?

Isn't that right, Itt?

Right my ass.

They say only people with
good karma can see ghosts.

Is that so?

Yeah, you're not one so you can't see them.

So that means mad people have good karma?

I guess that's so.

I'm lucky that I don't
have good karma, then.

Dickhead, mad people are always happy

because they don't care about shit.

They're stress-free.

The ones with stress are the ones
who have to take care of them.


- Yeah.
- And how's Aueng these days?

Don't you see her condition?

You think she's happy?

And how do you know she's mad?


Every day of her life, she
still thinks her daughter is alive.

Isn't that called madness?

Fuck that!

Nobody really knows the truth.

Just do what you came here to do.

Why? I just wanted to
share my opinion, that's all.

If you want to share your opinion,

come up with a good name for this episode.

Well, as far as I know,

people who can see ghosts

have brain wave frequencies
that match those of ghosts'.

That means,

I suppose that works
similar to radio frequencies.

So, the name for this episode is.

“Ghost Frequencies”.

What do you think? Do
you think the name will work?

I think it won't.

Why? Such a cool name.

You think Aueng really sees
the ghost of her daughter?

She doesn't see shit.

You can't just say that.

Did you talk to someone?

Dude, I'm serious.

Why? Are you scared?

Hell, yeah, I'm scared.

Come on, don't overthink.
There's really nothing.

Easy for you to say.

Have you had enough? It's almost 11.

Nothing to film now.

Ok, ok. Let me check
out the inside of the house.

If there's nothing, we'll call it a day.

Por, come here and see this.


Did you see a person's
shadow inside the house?

Should be Chai.

I don't think so. Chai's not here.

Should we go in and get it on camera?

Is that a good idea?

Let me get the camera.

Wait, Itt.

I think we should wait
for Chai to come back.

It's fine.

I'll go film upstairs. You downstairs.



Fucking Itt!

For fuck's sake!

Where'd she go?



That's my daughter.



Por, you bastard, you
didn't fucking wait for me!

Did you see something?

See what? What's wrong with you?

Look here.


There's something right there.

It's their daughter's ghost.

People who die unnaturally,
their spirits will go adrift.

Not leaving for reincarnation.

Did you know Chai's daughter?

My daughter was Nhoonee's classmate.

I think they were friends.

But when I asked her,

she said she didn't know,
she didn't want to talk about it.

Were you there at the scene
when they found her body?

Yes, but I had a bad
feeling since the night before.

Suddenly there was a barn
owl flying in on their roof.

It wouldn't stop hooting.

The next day, she hanged herself.

When I saw her, her neck came right off.

Today is Day 3.

The situation here is
starting to get unusual.

I think the daughter really is here.

And today's Saturday,

she's probably playing
and running around here.

Por, I have something to tell you.

Last night, I went into her room.

I got this from there.

What is it?

I guess it's her diary.

Shit, Itt!

You've gone too far.


If you don't respect our hosts,
at least respect the ghost.

So what? She's already
dead. She won't use this.

How can you be so sure?
Be careful, you'll get screwed.

You know what? What
will really get us screwed?


If we go back empty-handed.

That's the real trouble.

You should be thanking
me. I'm helping you out here.

What did she write on there?

Not sure.

I think

she liked drawing.

Have a look.

Can we make any use of it?

Dunno, have to see inside.

If she hadn't killed herself,

she would have been a great cartoonist.

Look, there's a photo.

Fuck. The face is this ripped up.

Must have been her ex-boyfriend.

Should we ask this guy in the picture?

Maybe we'll get some details about her.

But his ex-girlfriend killed herself.

Dude, don't assume things by yourself.

Let's try asking the guy first. If he
doesn't talk to us, we'll find another way.

And you know where he is?

Well, we can ask daughter
of that lady we interviewed yesterday.

She's her friend.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Don't you remember?

No, dude, not my job to.

Excuse me?

Were you friends with Nhoonee?

Yeah, why?

Can I ask you something about Nhoonee?

Did Nhoonee ever ask you for any advice?


Have you seen this guy?

Where did you get this picture?

They used to date.

I introduced them myself.

Hoping that their lives
would be better, but


Do you know where this guy is?

He helps his father sell noodles near here.


Just a short walk from here.
There's only one noodle shop.

Is it this guy?

I think so.

But I think we shouldn't mess with him.

Come on. Shouldn't be a problem.

Hi, bro!

We're here to film a TV show.

Wanna ask you about Chai's house.

What the hell do you think you're filming?

Well, bro!

What are you filming?

- Wait... wait.
- I asked what the fuck are you filming?

Bro, calm down for a sec.

Fuck you, Who's your
bro?! What are you filming?

- I'm asking what the fuck you're filming?
- Calm down.

Fuck you, piece of shit! What are
you filming? Calm down, brother.

Calm down.

- Don't... don't.
- Fuck off.

I'm asking why the fuck
you're filming me? Fucking cunt!

Calm down.

You here to film for a TV show?


Why are you messing with that guy?

Wanted to ask him about Chai's house.

What about?

About his daughter.

That ended a long time ago.

They concluded that it was a suicide.

Nobody knows why she did it.

- And you two, why are you messing with the guy?
- Hello, Yo.

- Look what a chaos you've created.
- Well, we've got a bit of a problem.

- Since there's nothing to look here, go. Just go.
- I'll have Itt call you back.

Ok, thank you.


How's it? Is the camera intact?

It's flicking.

You tell Yo what happened.

Ok, I'll talk to him.

It's no big deal to him.

Yeah, he won't yell at
you, but he'll yell at me.

Plus, it's a new camera.

What happens in the
end? I have to work for free.

Screw that, it was an accident.

Don't be such a little bitch!

I told you so, didn't I tell you
nobody wants to talk about it?


but I think he's guilty of something.

Couldn't even answer
just a simple question.

Probably knocked the girl up
and didn't want to take responsibility.

You have to be careful.
This is not a hood we're familiar with.

If anything happens, no one will help us.


Fuck. Bunch of missed calls from Yo.

Shit. Let's head back
first before I call him back.

Did Itt tell you we
almost got into trouble?


but after that, I told you
guys to leave that place.

Did you?

Itt didn't tell me that.

I told him to come back
if it's too dangerous.

But Itt said you two wanted
to stay and finish the job.

Wait, I didn't say anything like that.

Really? That's what Itt told me.

Yes, boss. Well, we...


What did Yo say?


He told filming in Chai's house is enough.

Huh, I told you so.

How's that? He told you off, didn't he?

What the hell are you looking at?

Let me see.

Can't you see I'm using this now?

What are you so upset about?

Mind your own fucking business.

Have you checked the
cameras inside the house?

If not, what's the purpose
of putting them up?

Every time you get told off,
you always take it out on me.

What the fuck?

Hey, Itt! Itt, where're you going? Wait up!

Hey, Itt.

Are you really going up there?

Fuck, whose footprints are these?

Itt, so many footprints here!

Itt, we should go back.



Itt, let's go, please.



Itt, I can't take this anymore.

Itt, let's go!

Itt, Itt, did you see that?!

Itt, Itt, let's leave!

Itt, Itt, please go!

Itt, Itt, I really can't!

Itt, Itt, let's go.

Don't fuck with my mother!


- I will take my mom with me!
- Itt, Itt. Fuck!

Get out!!


Fuck! You see? I told you not to go up.

We're screwed.

Are you ok, Itt?

Don't you fuck with me.

I'm already scared shitless.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Itt?

The time now is 2 am.

Itt has disappeared out of the blue.

He's not at Chai's.

Why did you leave
me all alone, fucking Itt?

I'm scared as fuck.

Where the fuck did Itt go?

Why don't you pick up the phone, Itt?





What the hell are you doing there?


Are you okay?


Itt, what the fuck are you shooting here?

Itt. Stop shooting, man.

Shit, you okay?

Let's see what Itt shot.



Itt, what the fuck are you shooting here?

Are you okay?

That's enough! Stop shooting.

Give me the camera.

Itt started to change from that moment.

I don't know what has gotten into him.

How was he?

He gets mood-swings.

He's like a roller-coaster
with his ups and downs.

Sometimes I couldn't tell what his mood is.

After that night, he
started to be very quiet.

Like he's mad at me or something.

He won't talk to me at all.

Itt, I think that's enough.

Let's go home.

We can't leave yet.

Or we can go stay somewhere else?

When Master Pla comes,
then we can come back here.

If we stay somewhere else,
how are we going to shoot?

Then give me the camera.

I'll go shoot footage from outside myself.

And don't you forget to
return that book to her.

There's definitely
something about that house.

We're going through his together

but instead of helping,

something is fucking wrong with Itt.

I guess he's in his working mode.

I really want to ask you guys at the office

if you hate me or anything.

Why did you send me to this place?

I have to go back and check on Itt.

I wonder how Itt is doing.

Fuck, still sitting in the same spot?!

Itt, haven't you return that?

Do you hear me?

Have you had enough?

Where are you going?


What the fuck is wrong with you?


What are you looking at?

Itt! Where are you going?

Not again!



Do you hear me?


When are you gonna stop with the following?

It's our last night.

But you've already got enough footage,

our boss will already be so pleased.

Trust me, he'll definitely
let us pass the probation.

How would you know?

I'm the one who filmed
all these, why wouldn't I?

If the footage's not enough,
you'll be responsible.

Ass, I'm not going with you.

Itt, how will you film without a camera?

Fuck's sake. What the fuck?

What is she doing at the school?

Itt, don't follow her.

Do you hear me?


What is Aueng doing up there?

Who is Aueng coming to see?

Who is Aueng talking to?

Why aren't you home?

I've already told you.

Don't you argue with me.

I told you to come home.

Why aren't you coming?

Come home!


Where are you going?

I'm fucking leaving.

And you? Leaving or staying?

If you're staying,

there are the cameras
and you help yourself.

At that moment, I couldn't take it anymore.

The only thing in my head was I had to
get out of there as quickly as possible.

I didn't care if I was pissing anybody off.

And so you just ditched your friend?

I guess so.

If he wanted to shoot so much,
he could stay and do that himself.

But in the end I couldn't.

I tried to drag him out.

But when I went back
inside the room, he was gone.



Itt, what's wrong with you?

Shit, Aueng!




Aueng! Aueng!

Itt, give me a hand!


Hey Itt,

what the fuck is going on?

Why is Aueng trying to kill herself?

Answer me!



talk to me!

Why are you back?

Why are you saying that?

Why the fuck do I have to be
in a situation like this?

I don't know.

I don't know how she got in there.

Damn it!

When Aueng gained consciousness,

I asked her about hanging herself.

She said she didn't know what was going on.

Next thing she knew, she was up there.

She's lucky that we found her.

Otherwise, she would have ended badly.

And Master Pla?

The next morning, Master
Pla performed the ceremony.

Put your hands together.

Get a grip on yourself.

Keep your hands together.




Ok, untie this.

Why did you accept all these child dolls?

They said they would help.

For Christ's sake, how
can these dolls help you?

All these sodas you get for them,

they can't even get it themselves.

All this stuff,

it's not just for the rich.
It's for the dumb too.

Understand? Not dissing you but

be more logical next time.
Otherwise you wouldn't have kept them.

These are all devilish.
Not auspicious at all.

Too many of this stuff.

What fell down didn't
jumped out by themselves.

Someone broke them.

You think some kind of miracle happened,

but there's no miracle.

Tell me why.

My neighbors say they
see a ghost around here.

Do they know who's the ghost?

I don't know.

Has it been here long?

About a year now.

Your daughter hanged
herself a year ago, right?


And what is this little spirit house?

A shaman told me to build it.

For what?

For my daughter to live in.

Oh, so you let your daughter live in here?

Instead of letting her go?

Why keep her here?

Building a spirit house isn't the way out.

Your daughter's ghost can't reincarnate

because she has to stay here, nowhere to go

because she's attached to this house.

I see all these termite
hills around the house.

Why are you worshipping them?

The shaman said they're holy.

What's the name of this holy being?

”Grandpa Jomthong...

Yeah, right. Some Holy Grandpa

wouldn't want to live
in this stupid termite hill.

What did Master Pla say?

He said the house was
haunted by wandering spirits.

And he did his ceremony.

And were Chai and his wife better?

Seems like it.

And your friend?

Finally, we can go home.

Never been this happy before.

Look at Itt,

we're going home and he isn't happy.

Guess he wants to stay longer.

I was the one who helped
him, not even a thank you.

Don't you have to return all this stuff?

No rush. I can do it tomorrow.

I have to pick up Itt anyway,

he can help carry all this.

How was work? Did you have fun?


Tell me, what did you see?

No, I don't feel like it.

Are you going to tell me or...

Do you really want to know what I saw?

I saw a horny ghost.

You freak. Stop teasing me.

What is Itt doing, not coming out here?

Always late because of him.

Probably up missing Aueng all night.

Guess I should go down.

See what he's up to.



You coming to work? We're late.

Hi, Por.

Itt is inside

feeding Mom.

Is he going to work?

Dunno. Um, something's up with him.

Can you check on him?

Hi, Mom.

Hey Itt, you're making a mess!

Itt, enough,

I'll take care of it.

What the heck is wrong with you?


What's wrong with him? He doesn't talk.

Let me go talk to him.



what's up with you?

You okay?

Shit, why do you still have her stuff?

I'll throw it out.

That's what happened.

Do you get it now? I don't
know what's wrong with him.

Try calling him.

Let me speak to him.

Good idea. You can
talk some sense into him.


Is that you, Oil? Where's Itt?

In his room, I guess.
He left his phone here.

How is he? Still going insane?

He's still bummed out.
Do you want to talk to him?

Yeah, let me talk to him.

Ok. I'll get him for you.

Itt, it's Por on the phone.

How's it going, Oil?



Oil, what's wrong?

The power went out.

Is Itt there?


I have to go check on Mom.

Ok. Ok.


Watch your step.

Mom, power is out.

I'll go check the cutout switch.

What's wrong, Mom?


I think we should go to his house!

Something's not right.

You can go. If
something's up, just call me.

What?! Don't you think you should
take care of your crew?

I'm busy. I've got work to do.

You're such a dick.

Watch your mouth, I'm your boss, prick!

Fine, I'll go by myself.

And don't forget to show
your boss this tape. I quit!

I really don't want to go in.

But he's still my friend.

Guess I have to go check on him.

If something happens to me,

please check this tape.




Itt, where are you?


What's happened, Itt?





Where are you?

This is not funny.



Itt! Are you upstairs?


Stop messing around, I don't like this!


Itt!, Itt!



Itt! Where the hell are you?



Itt! Itt!



So, can it be concluded that
there was a ghost there, Master Pla?

It can't be concluded if
there was a ghost or not.

Because we don't have
any evidence to prove it.

People can argue all day about this.

For those who believe there was, there was.

For those who don't believe
or didn't see it, there wasn't.

My job was to help this family

be free from the thing that
couldn't be seen, but existed.

To bring their lives back to normal.

That's the mission I had to complete.

But it can't be proven if there
really was a ghost in that house.