Mudar de Vida (1966) - full transcript

After a stint in the army fighting in Angola, a soldier comes home to find his sweetheart has married his brother. He makes advances towards his sister-in-law, but she turns him down. Discouraged, the man meets a new girlfriend who vows to escape the town's crushing poverty even if she has to steal. The two begin a relationship but the film does not indicate what their future may hold.


My, my!

Look who's here!

Who is it?


After so many years...

- He doesn't know what's awaiting him.
- Julia and Raimundo are the least.

As long as he's got his health.


Hello boy, are you alright?

Time will tell.

They read the news in the tavern...
your name...

We've talked at the beach,
among the guys in the crew...

What's gone is gone.

Isn't anyone around?

Your brother is in Matosinhos...

And Julia...

has gone south...

to can sand.


How is Raimundo doing
on the trawlers?

Better than your sister-in-law
on the sand.

And you? What are you going to do?

- Do you know where Julia is?
- No.

- Have you seen my sister-in-law?
- Hi! When did you arrive?

- No so long ago.
- And you're OK?

- Isn't she working on the sand?
- When she can.

Today she went to the woods
to gather brush.

She went by, over there,
with her eldest daughter.




What kind of woman are you?!

Are you deaf?

Let's go...

You're here...

Don't worry.

- What's rotten can't be spoiled.
- You're rotten?

- You were healthy enough when I left.
- I am!

SM see...

Or is it because I'm back?

That's one more reason.

The doctor says it is my heart...

and the rest.

Calm down.

I didn't come after you
to do you any harm...

...nor any good, I bet.

What did you want me to do?
Tell me that.

When you love someone you
wait for them.

You wait?

Of course.

Do you think I had any trouble
getting women abroad?

And I was in a hurry, was I?

- I had problems enough!
- But you married!

Say the rest!

What difference does it make
if it was my brother.

You couldn't wait,
you've married.

- You didn't love me.
- You, men...

I know we talk a lot.

You were hungry,
the hut was falling down.

You already suffered with your heart
you were going grey.

Mew hams...

You've always had an answer.

- What I ought to do to you...
- Do what you must.

Don't be afraid,
no one going to hit us.

It wasn't enough that I was far from
home, pining, waiting for letters...

- Letters...
- They weren't enough.

- If I'd done like the others...
- I'd wanted...

managed somehow
like the others.

There are respectful women
who keep their word...!

Yes, I know them well...

Call me weak,
call me what you like.

Do you want me to say you did right?
Do you want a medal?

All I want is to be left in peace.

Me too, or do you think
it's only my back that aches?

- Drop the bundle!
- I'm better.

Drop the bundle!

I won't owe me anything.

Balsemina, take the rake.
Come on.

I know, I know...
Everyone knows what's best for him.

Everyone knows what he wants in life.

Do you think I'm taken in?

I learned a lot in Africa.

I learned a lot here,
with no one to confide in.

You had my brother,
you chose him!

You came back to finish me off.

I put up with plenty...

Years... in order to forget.

Worse and worse...
always tied to you...

I'd like to see you in my place,
there or here.

You know very well
you've ruined my life.

I can't drown myself.

I've got the children to think of.

- And Raimundo.
- Don't make me lose my head.

- I've got enough worries.
- Through your own fault.

I know!
Don't keep throwing it in my face.

- There's no remedy.
- There's always a remedy.

I don't want to be
the subject of gossip.

- I've had enough!
- Did you?

Ashamed at last?

- Your conscience troubles you?
- I can't stand it any longer!

We're nearly there...


Leave your hand.
No one is going to eat you.

Let me go.

Do you want to get me into trouble?

What about your niece?

I'll never leave you in peace.


Manuel Ferreira Pacheco!

Eighty seven escudos...

Jose Gem.

Your work is finished,
so are the others.

Who wants this life?

The sea gets rougher all the time
and the fish get scarcer!

Look at your brother Raimundo.

He did well
when he cleared off to Matosinhos.

- While I don't get on a trawler...
- I'll check it out.

See if they want you on the sand.
Every little helps.

- The sand?
- That's what they all do.

Pass by Domingos's tavern.
The business is his.


- Hello, Raymundo.
- You're almost black!

Are you alright?

Why didn't Julia come to meet me?

What's wrong?

She went to get the wine for supper.

Almost four years without a word!

Why didn't you come home
when you were demobbed?


I was working on a trawler, in Luanda.

Didn't you miss us all? You forgot us.

Who forgot you?

I even missed the oars.

They are so light...

How do you like my kids?

They take after their mother.

Serve your uncle some wine.

Eat up, Adelino.

Anything wrong with the food?

It's very good.

Well, my boy...

Here you are again in Furadouro...

Did you see the sand that's been
carried away by the tide?

And what it did to a few huts too.

One day ours will go.

When the sea comes in high.

- Do you want a cigarette?
- It's one of theirs?

- They're so long!
- Do you want soup or not?

- I can't, I'm full...
- And into bad habits.

Don't be funny.

He's in his own home,
here he can eat if he likes.

These are good!

Better than “Provisérios”
or the new "Kenthuckies".

But you don't smoke!

- There you could afford to have vices.
- Look who's talking!

Yes, indeed.

Let's enjoy ourselves, anyway.

Mother, who am I sleeping with?


Take this.

You don't want?

Have you got calloused hands again?

- I hadn't lost them.
- It was just a remark.

My father had them the size of quoits.

Even as an old man.

How's the crew?

They're O.K...

I like to hear them jaw.

I'd missed them.

If you told me they spent their
time arguing...

everyone for himself.

More sweat and less money.

They don't know how to
slide the boat into the sea

or how they don't kill
themselves in the waves...

In my father's day
they worked as one man,

like ants...

I have to go.

Me too.

Now don't work too hard;

let them do the pulling!

So you still remember how to do it...

A lot of good it does me...

What I've got are hands
to be a rich man.

It's going to be hard for you
to go back to this life.

But you're alone, single.

If you had a home to run...

You don't know what you got out of!

And I know what I'm talking about.

I'm not kidding.

Why didn't you think of that before?

When you're not married
you're not happy till you are.

But a man has to have someone
to look after him.

Who did we have?


I don't know
how I'd have managed last year.


I got pneumonia.

If it hadn't been
for your sister-in-law...

I was dry as a bone.

I was at home for months.

What she didn't do
to keep things going!

She aged.

- What about her health?
- You know what she's like.

She never complains.

What can I do?
Away all week in Matosinhos...

Why were you in such a hurry
to get kids?

Some people have a half a dozen
and they don't kill them.

But that's all.

I'd like to see how many you'd have,
if you were the father.

And how is Matosinhos?

It's alright.

Better than here.

It's a long way though.

It would suit you.

Shall I have a word with them?

I do all right here.

If you aren't tired of putting me up.

Don't be daft.

Be seeing you!

It would suit you...


You're you off to in such a hurry?

- Let's dance.
- Leave me alone. I tell you.

Go sober up!
Or do you think I've got your life?

Humour him, woman!
It's not everyday.

Soon it will be your children's
turn to enjoy themselves.

- Or you'll get pregnant again and...
- You go too. You show her.

It is false gaiety anyway.

St João was alright when people came
from the country to the sea at night.

To bathe and sing and dance.

With lamps alight in the woods.

Who didn't stay up the night?

Making bonfires with wood,
not with old crates, paper...

You could see the girl's faces, meat
and fish passing from hand to hand...

Aren't you going to dance, Julia?
You go, you old hag!

You should have had water!
Or go and throw up!

Always arguing, and this time
tomorrow I'll be far away.

Come on, woman.

You too, Adelino.
You need a bit of fun...

Come, Adelino!

The sea seems hungry!

It's eaten what is his and now
he wants to swallow the road.

What it's done to the beach!

- Two more went tonight.
- Don't say it!

Boards everywhere...

How can one cook with them?

We should make a bonfire
on the sands.

What do you know of our lives?

If you had children waiting...

Why don't you get a house
in the village?

Do you know what we pay here?
I've looked.

I wouldn't mind living further out.

I nearly go crazy thinking
what could happen suddenly.

What could happen to the children,
and the old folks...

You must try.

I'll go too.

Look at the well.

Like a factory chimney...

The state of the huge house!

One must see to believe...

What all this was like!

Do you remember grandfather's house?

It was over there... in the waves.

He was a good friend.

How he liked to undo my tresses...

- That and other things.
- Always the same tale.

See what you lost: worries, debts...

And now you're free to marry
someone else who stays young.

You'd like that.
That would settle things.

There's nothing to settle!

Nor am I afraid of you.

What's past, past.

And don't think of revenge.
It was not Raimundo's fault.

Who cares about Raimundo? He needn't
think I'm going to work on a trawler.

He's afraid to cross me...

He knows you couldn't stand
being in the crew.

He likes you better than you like him.

I'm not that stupid.

Don't go! Stay here till you burst,
see if I care. I'm not the same!

Even he knows what you are:
and soon found you out.

But he can't chase me out.
Nor can you.

Find another woman, Adelino!

It's only necessary to look?

Isn't it?

I don't love you because you work
hard and make sacrifices.

It comes from deep inside...

And takes away all my joy in life.

It's as if I were sold.

I can't forget what you did.

Two or three years were nothing.

I who didn't go anywhere without you...
Didn't look at anyone else...

And me? Did I?

You go off and we're left with doubts,
struggling to survive.

And people tell so much!

If I talked too, I'd plenty to say...

I was just a girl.

I was older.

You were a man.

Look where it got me.

I would rather have been killed.

Alright, Julia.

I'll do what you want.

Maria da Luz Oliveira.

Is that you?

Lift up your shin.

Breath in.

- What was this?
- An accident in a jeep.

- Does it hurt?
- When I bend over.

Or when I do heavy work.

But I worked on a trawler in Africa.

And the doctor there let you work?

I didn't go to the doctor.
I looked alright.

Does it look bad?

Blessed and praised

Be the Holy Eucharist

Fruit of the womb

Of the Blessed

Virgin Mary

How is he?

About the same. Sweating...

- How do you feel, Adelino?
- I'm still here.

He'll get better.

What does the doctor say?

Nothing new.
What they told me in Africa.

No hard work because of my back.
Plenty of rest.

- The money falls from the skies...
- We're enough for everybody.

- I don't want to be a burden!
- Nonsense!

- We have to help each other.
- When one can.

- He doesn't know what he says.
- Get yourself well and stop whining.

Inacio promised me light work
with the oxen.

I'll leave as soon as I can.

I wish I'd never returned.

Well let's go.

If you need anything...

Your supper, aunt...!

Don't move. I'll be right back.

This is going to end badly.

He's all eyes...

- And he wants to leave!
- It's not that!

You understand nothing...

What's the matter with them...

No one said you were a burden.
We're glad you are back.

I feel I'm a burden.

But you can't leave the way you are!

As soon as I can stand I stop sweating.

- Do you want to kill yourself?
- That's my business.

- Nobody depends on me.
- You've the family to think of.

Better shut me up.

It's better for both of us.

Stay a while longer;
till you feel stronger.

However light the work at the river,
it's still hard.

And you might have a relapse.

I'll find somebody to look after me.

Like me?

Like here?

I'd forgotten what you did
for Raimundo...

Did you expect me to let him die,
fine sentiments you have!

You can't stand me...!

You pick on everything I say.

I'll leave you alone till I leave...
you needn't worry.

You want to serve two masters...

I've no master.

You want me to accept it.

But I won't accept it.

I prefer to clear out!

You'll miss me.

I'm not better than him,
but I'm not like him.

I still know how to love somebody without
looking for what I can get out of it.

We don't know...

We're animals...

I can't work at the trawlers.

And I know how pleased I was
to be able to stay with you.

At least see you.

At least listen to your voice.

Why? For what?

I'm crazy that's what I am. Crazy.

Yes, I'm going,
there's nothing's to keep me here.

What they all do...
Eat each other alive!

And dead.

And dead!

Well, I'll be off to bed.

Have you some pine-cones for the fire?

Now it's cold all year round.

I can hardly unbutton myself!

It's the cold
and the fact we are by ourselves.

You're always talking about Raimundo's
kids. They're his.

I seem to have the evil eye.

My late wife died in childbirth

and you...

Is it my fault I was born like this?

And didn't we go everywhere
trying to get me pregnant?

Even that woman in IIhavo...

That one took what was coming to her.

And if I hadn't been pulled away,

I'd have told her
where to put that potion of hers!

Have you got some small wood?

It's even hard to speak!

- Sleep!
- The night is long...

And to go back and forth between
the house and the beach...

One does not need much sleep...

I haven't got any friends left
to talk to.

They're all dead and buried.

Some of them just went...

Check the weather, will you?

The north wind seems to have died down.

Maybe tomorrow the boat can go out...

The beach will look so different!

The stars are out.

Drink up...

and keep quiet!
- What's that?

You naughty...

Were you keeping the bottle
to yourself?

Who gave it to you? Julia?

Now I can tell you a few home truths.

But no, let's hear you first...

I knew it. That's why I didn't give
you the brandy.

We'd better off here like oxen
in the straw eh?

Or thinking sad thoughts...

Tell me about the time you were in.

And when I sent your brother off
and sat on your bed.

I like that one.

You say I didn't care about you...

And did you? Even though you were
married you could have given me a glance!

I was silly not to have got you
out of my mind.

I had plenty chances...

But you didn't waste time.

You got me before I was out of mourning,
you got the gold, the bed linen...

See, you'll die of cold yet.

And be crippled; now you
don't go to the sea...

I was never envious.

I was joking.

I'm still your cousin.
Let's have some respect!

I know. Come over here...

Do you think I don't love you?

You're the one
I want to close my eyes...

Change the subject.

Just in time!

The brandy is finished!

And if I die first
leave my eyes open...

You only made me suffer...

I told you to come over here.
There's room.

You must be cold

and your blood is even weaker
than mine...

Didn't you hear'?

Let me tease you!
It's a proof we're alive!

Check the weather again.

Are there still stars in the sky?

Now I've no one to help me
haul the nets.

My Alberto and his brother-in-law
went to gather seaweed.

The sardines came up...

My brother's oxen are standing still...

The sea is like a river.

There's Adelino.
He should have plenty to tell...

That's a fact.
What about the black ladies?

He doesn't give anything away...

Are they like the girls here?

You've got a boat. Go, and see.

Too much to do.
My eating time is too short.

- He's fussy.
- Doesn't like their wiry hair.

Here we are!

- Are arranging the cabin eh?
- It's needed.

The nights are getting cold.

But I'm better with nets
than I am with canes.

It's a matter
of getting the hang of it.

Raimundo was asking after you,
he wants to know how you are.

You've got a days work here.

Could be worse. It's not your fault.

What I need is help.
I don't know how this is going to end.

They're all going into the factories
or abroad.

And those who show up...

ask fortunes
to work from daylight to sunset.

Or they tell me to do it myself.

From time to time
I take the oxen down to the sea.

I have a boat in the river.
What can I do? I can't reach everything!

One day I'll sell up and get out!

My wife hasn't had time
to do your washing.

I'm not worried, marriage isn't for me!

If my sister hadn't gone off
to work in Ovar...

But it's regular work, and light.

And she has money to spend.

- Young people, you know...
- One day she's going out of that door.

There's always someone ready to work at
the end of the day and to drink some wine.

The hard work is over.

Here lies...

Dom Diogo Lobe,

From the Order of Santiago

of the County...


and founder

of this Church...

of Our Lady...

of the Sea.

For his soul...

It's like queuing up for bread
in war time!

It's like queuing up to see Ovar play.

Isn't the ticket office going to open?

There are some people,
let's see what they say...

They say they are only taking on lads.

And the Army? They'll be sorry
when they are called up.

- And we're old men I suppose?
- Let them tell us that!

- If it wasn't for us...
- There's one!


- I'd rather lead oxen.
- Why?

I even had to take my shirt off.

You take it off when you wash...

But that's not it.

There were circles and squares.

You need to be a teacher.

- And sums...
- Sums too?!

Yes, problems...

Things I've forgotten.
I started work young...

There are even questions
with diagrams...

What are the missing pans
on this bicycle. How do I know?

I know my yellow ox has tired legs,
an empty or full stomach!

It's late and my boss Macedo
thinks I'm dragging...

Good luck, lads.

Please, come in.

You have here a piece with a circle,
a trapezium and a square cut out.

You have to reconstruct these
with the help of these pieces.

When you have done one, leave it.

You have plenty of time
but do it as quickly as you can.


You have here a piece
from which a circle...

a trapezium and a square
have been cut.

Now with the different pieces...

These ones, see?

Try to reconstruct different figures.

When you've done one, leave it...

and proceed
to reconstruct the others.

It's very simple. Take your time.

You can begin.

Now with only one hand
place these six pieces...

in their respective spaces.
You can begin.

Now you can't get away.

Come any nearer, and you'll see...!

I'm not afraid of knives.

Stealing from the chapel eh?

The authorities will deal with you.

I'll give you something to remember.

You devil, you've cut me!

I warned you.
Did you think I was joking?

I can do worse than that!

How long were you courting?

Always, to tell the truth.

We were always together.

- Like brother and sister.
- That must be why.

I don't get it.

Too much or too little respect is...

What do you take me for?

Do you want a proof?

Try it!

People only touch me
when I say so.

Are you going to take out your knife?

I'm not free.

You talk for ten. A know all...

I had good teachers.

- And I've been through plenty.
- You and all of us.

Those who least deserve it
suffer the most.

But I'll fight it.

They say when a man dies
his reputation remains.

Isn't it? But when a woman dies
her reputation remains too.

No one is going to get me
under their thumb.

You can talk like that
while you're young.

Young or old, no one gives me orders.

And when I can't go on,
I'll do what I've done before...

What have you done before?

Nothing. Who started telling the story
of their life was you.

It all comes to the same thing.

Sometimes you need to get
it off you chest.

So you can laugh afterwards.

- I wouldn't laugh at you.
- Do you think I fall for that?

You wouldn't laugh at me. Why don't
we stop distrusting each other?

You seem different.

- You've got a way with you.
- Thank you.

I didn't mean to make fun of you. I'm
tired of being taken in. Even by family!

They are all after what they can get...

But getting back to the subject.
How can you forgive your brother?

He excuses himself as he can.

He said I'd never asked her anything...

That I hadn't given her anything.

You could have given her an amulet
or a toy.

You can laugh because you're
not mixed up in it.

I'm laughing at the sworn promises...

What amazes me that there are
sick people like you.

And like her too.

We get over it in the end.

Not you...

You were away years
and you didn't get over it.

And since you get back
you've followed her like a dog.

I've been thinking a lot
since I left Furadouro.

What she has to put up with is enough.
And it's not even all their fault.

It was just as well.

I haven't the health
to make anyone happy.

It's already good
if I can support myself.

You'll never be able to swallow it.

That's what I thought.

I think what I feel.

I'm sorry.

I used to like the sea,
now I like the river...

And don't think
it's because I've accepted it.

Would you go away from here?


But I'm tired.
It's no use pretending...

You could clear off.

You need it.

And I admit you are right...

- Let me see how your hand is.
- It's alright.

The bleeding soon stopped.

I'm glad you defended yourself.

That's why I didn't take
you to the authorities.

Not because you were my boss sister.

Would you go away from here?
Would you leave?

Is your Blackie walking, Adelino?

He takes after both; he's light brown.

Your life is fine!

Why don't you ask
what happened over there?

Send your mother an eel as a present!

He's got other worries now...

House saints don't work miracles.

He's only worked for Inacio
for fifteen days.

You're really envious!
Who's hindering you?

We haven't got your luck,
you landed very well.

We haven't got your sweet talks.

She's 3 WM one...

She's less ambitious. The engineer
at the factory gave her good marks.

And the boss at the factory
where she works now.

Don't upset the lad,
he doesn't know these things.

She threw herself down a well
because of that engineer.

And was saved in the nick of time.

We can talk... but if you think a bit.

The guy ran off
and left her three month gone.

She's not smart
but she's unlucky.

It's in her blood.

No one knows who is her mother...

But we know who is the father.
She's just like him.

And he brought her up.

But he never gave her his name.
Her brother did what I would do.

If she'd got her part
it would be already spent.

She doesn't give a farthing of her pay
to Inacio...

She eats and dresses at his expense.

Her money is all for her.
Have you seen her on a Sunday?

Have a good afternoon.

Don't you like the conversation?

Are you fishing or gossiping?

- We can do both!
- We don't have pastimes like you.

- Where are you going?
- Can you come out?

You know I'm filling time...

Make up an excuse.
I've got to talk to you.

What this story about the engineer?
And the boss you work for?

Now I've got another big brother...

Since when
do I have to answer to you?

Well what have we been doing?
Why are we together?

There's a boss at the factory
but he doesn't hurt anyone...

But you didn't mention the engineer...
I had to hear it from others.

You're being talked about.

It's because I didn't die!

Did they tell you I threw myself
down a well?

And that I was expecting.

They saw the ambulance go by...

But no one went to the hospital
to find out if I was.

Do you want my birth certificate?

That I haven't got, but I was born.
I had a father and a mother.

If you're another one who wants
to know, you know what to do.

My brother is enough for that.
And I've told him off enough.

Sooner or later
you'll find out what I am.

I told you about my life...

Did I force you?
Did I go and get you at work?


That's my way.

I don't know what to feel for you.

Don't worry. I was born here
but I'm a rolling stone.

I never do anything right.

I knew what they want,
but the world is a big place.

Life isn't all a bed of roses abroad.

Even men don't always make it.

Like you, but stay where you are.

Julia may be a widow yet
and there are only two kids.

I want to tell you something:

Don't think I tried to kill myself
because of the engineer.

It was because I couldn't get
the papers.

But I'm going anyway
and not leaving an address.

Get that idea out of your head.

Where will that get you?

To please other people.

Me too, if I can't make a living here.

You make me mad. I'm worse man was.

Who do you take after?
Not the people round here.

I'm from China!

I've told you I suffered enough.

Make up your mind.

I don't like wasting my time.

People are born everyday. Too many.

So I'm nothing to you?


Some people's luck
is another's misfortune.


Raimundo got a house
because a chap died.

- I've heard it in Ovar.
- Is that true what does Chico say?

The house?

It was just in time!

I had the sea at my door
and I was getting worried.

See? Not everything goes wrong.

We've got a house.

On the new building estate.

On the new building estate!

Were you ever in a dry well,
before I cut you?

There was no water here in Summer.

And we used to go down
and tell stories and get brown.

In those days Inacio used to treat me
like a lad, and call me for everything.

We were like you and Julia...

We used to call out for each other

and when it was muddy
we left our footprints together.

We made blackberry wine...

Who started getting on badly?
You or him?

You could have always got on well...

- The land was enough.
- It sure was.

The sea is what isn't ours...

- I'm leaving next week.
- What?!

I'm going to my aunt.
She's a dressmaker... in France.

I told you I'd get away somehow.

I see. You took advantage
of having a reputation...

And money. Did you get that?

I will get it.

I didn't knew you had secrets from me.

They're not secrets.

They are sorrows.

I had to go.

Now my brother is talking about us...

He'd never leave me in peace!

Don't you worry...

You're sorry you hook up with me.
I'm a bad lot.

You've got something to lose, not me.

That's why I'm off...

Almost blindly.

You know I can't offer you anything...

I feel or I don't feel.
Most of the times, I'm afraid.

The sea carries off sand,
and life carries off other things...

The old people, the crews...


Even habits.

I'm not a man to hold onto anything.

There were just too many things.
I barely had time to recover.

I could be a rebel like you.

But I'm like this.

Why laugh?

I'm not laughing...

Julia is very in.
You had better come. She had...

Julia had a head attack.

There's not much hope.

When will you be back?

Did you hear me?

It was a joy all the same.

A joy!

And it will be good
for your health...

The sea is enough when there is work...

I've been carrying a shadow
round with me...

Don't tire yourself.
You know what the doctor said...

Aunt, watch out for lorries.

The little boy isn't used to them...

You worry about yourself
and no more caning sand.

You are not going there again.

And you, Adelino. Have you found
someone to look after you?

You remembered me
when you were away.

Forgot me here...

We all have our cross.

Make a bonfire on the beach.

Mm the boards.



Listen to Raimundo.

Don't tire yourself...

Raimundo was young too...

But take care of the children.

They are ours...

They are lovely.

Now you are going to sleep a bit.

Only old people say goodbye.

How is Julia? Better?
We prayed for her.

The crew is finished you know.

It's finished.

We are going to fish in the river.

- Have you seen Albertina?
- No.

And I wouldn't like
to be in her shoes.

Inacio is after her with a shotgun.

They had a great big fight.

He'll kill her, if he catches her.
He was foaming at the mouth!

Count it... count it...!

He stole my good name...

You're your own damnation!

He'll kill you like a dog.

He's to fat to catch me.
I can run fast.

He's got a shot gun.
Augusto saw it.

I just came to say good-bye.
Otherwise I'd be far away by now.

You're not going.
You make me lose my temper.

Wait here.

I'll speak to your brother...

There's nothing to be done now.

Give that money!

Give me that money!

We don't need it.

We've got two good pairs of hands.