Mucize Ask (2019) - full transcript

During the 1960s, Aziz is a disabled man who finds himself in an arranged marriage with Mizgin, the most beautiful girl in the area.

The Miracle: Love

Based on a True Story

This is the story of me
and my husband Aziz.

I used to wonder
whom, when and where I would marry.

I imagined becoming a bride
that everyone would admire...

...but nothing turned out
the way I imagined.

I first saw my husband
on my wedding day.

It was the hardest day of my life.

God gave me the heaviest burden
to carry for the rest of my life.

Some promises turn a life upside down.

My father had me marry Aziz
in return for his father's bravery.

My life was ruined and
all my dreams were shattered... that
my father could keep his promise.

I didn't know what to do or where to go.

Out of all the people in this world,
I ended up with Aziz and his flaws.

Being with Aziz
was going to be a test for me.

I cried for days.

But when I found myself contemplating
suicide, I made a decision.

I promised God that I would cherish
Aziz's life as I would my own.

God entrusted Aziz to me.

After that day,
I accepted my fate and embraced Aziz.

But that wasn't enough.

People were abusive towards me and Aziz.

So, I asked Mahir the teacher to help us
and maybe send us somewhere else.

He put us on a train
and set us to his own hometown.

Seven years ago,
we started on this journey... a brand-new world
that we knew nothing about.

Are you Mizgin?

Welcome, I'm Mahir's wife.
-Nice to meet you.

Come. Come here, Aziz.

Come on. Slowly.

Come. Yes.

Aziz, son...


I'm Bahattin. The movie guy.

Welcome, sweetheart.


Everybody is quiet and friendly
around here.

Aegean people are just like their sea,
calm and peaceful.

Don't you worry about a thing.

How's my husband?

He's great.
He sent his love to all of you.

He said that he'd come
when the school's over.

Mizgin, look!

Dad, can you pull over?

This... a sea.

Come, come.

-Hello, welcome.

Welcome to our town.

Thank you.

Aziz, welcome.

My father writes about you
in his letters all the time.

Come on.
Let's show them their new home.

Come on.
Let's go, girl.

Yes, go ahead.

This can't be real.

May God forgive me,
but this breaks my heart.

I can't believe my eyes.
How is this possible?

He looks like
the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Shut your mouth!

"The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" is
one of the best movies I've ever shown.

Anthony Quinn.

Who is this guy?
He looks like a snail!

We prepared this house for you.
It's small but enough.

God bless you.

If you need anything at all,
just come to us.


Mizgin, Aziz.

We'll pick you up tonight.
We'll go to Izmir and see a show.

I'll bring you some clothes
to wear tonight.

We'll see you then.

Let's go, dad.
-See you.


This house is like a palace, isn't it?

Aziz, wait!

Aziz, hold on!
Stop it!

Let me look at the house first.

Extra! Extra!

Read all about how the Russians
attacked an American ship!

Read all about how President Kennedy
threatened communist Cuba!


Read all about how the Russians
attacked an American ship!

Read all about how President Kennedy
threatened communist Cuba!

Extra! Extra!

Read all about how the Russians
attacked an American ship!

Extra! Extra!

Come on.

Why did you make me stare?

-Look how beautiful she is.
-Yeah, but...

I'll be damned,
they are holding hands.

What the hell?

Come on. Come here!

Come on!

Here, come on!

Here you go.

What are they doing here?

-Yasar, what kind of a dance is that?
-Times have changed, Sema.

Mrs. Sema,
this is the American twist.

It's trending
all over the world right now.

Well, to hell with that trend!

You only live once, people.
Life is short.

Let everybody live
however they want.

Aziz, what a wonderful place
we have come to, right?


Everyone's talking about
Aziz and his wife.

I hope wasps sting their tongues then.
All they do is gossip.

Talking nonsense won't change fate.

How will he earn a living like that?
Who'd give him a job?

How will their marriage survive?
That's what I'm most worried about.

The poor guy keeps standing there
for hours ever since he came here.

He's just like you, Bahattin,
always looking out to sea.

Was that a jab, Hasan?

No, Bahattin. We are used to you doing it.
It's just that he does it all the time too.

Is me standing idle every day
bothering you?

I'm sorry, Bahattin.
You misunderstood.

It's possible to
get rid of a snake's venom...

...but it's impossible to get rid of
the venom of prejudice.

-Is that a line from a movie?
-No, it's an Indian proverb.

If you bring this up ever again,
I'll break your heart.

Bahattin, I just thought you were sad.
I didn't mean to...

-Ladies, how was the movie?
-It was great.

I told you, you know.
You can't go wrong with Kirk Douglas.

There's no actor like him.
He's my number one.

Cicek, you don't seem to
have enjoyed the movie.

It was fine, but we get them 3 to 5 years
later here, and that spoils it, Bahattin.

Don't start whining like your husband.

It takes a long time
for them to arrive here.

It's not an easy thing, you now.
Go, move on.

They should be grateful
that they can watch these movies.

She says they arrive too late!
This is not the US, you know.

How long will we keep on
living off others?

How will we earn a living?
How will we live, Aziz?



I missed you so much!

-That much?

I missed you so much too.

You're going to make me cry.

-Welcome, Mahir.
-Thanks, Mizgin.

Bahattin! Bahattin!
They're here!

Teacher! Welcome.

Thanks, Ali.

Welcome, Mahir.
What do we always say?

-Life is short.
-Life is short.

-Forgive, help, be thankful.
-Forgive, help, be thankful.

-Love, smile and be happy.
-Love, smile and be happy.

My dear brother.
It's great to see you.

My man!

Let's go. We will gather all our friends
to have a feast in your honor tonight.

What do you say?
-Sure. Let's go.

Come on.

Mahir, my word is final.
You will take over the business.

Let's drink to my son-in-law.

But I only know teaching.

You can do this, Mahir.
You can.

Mahir, your job of educating children
is the hardest of all.

You can do anything, man.
You can.

Very well, then.

Mahir, can you tell us how it is over there?

-Was it anything like our elders described?
-Yeah, it sure was!

Eastern people are monsters.
They also have tails.

Do you really believe that
people can have tails?

All those stories are just lies.

Ignorant people
don't know those remote villages...

...but there's
kindness, beauty, authenticity there.

Okay, then. Let's drink to
our eastern brothers and sisters.



What's wrong with Aziz?

Aziz went through a serious illness
when he was just a baby.

Due to poverty, all his family
could do for him was save his life.

After that, neither of his limbs would
function properly nor could he talk.

When I first saw him,
it broke my heart.

I tried to help him.

I took him to a doctor.

They said that the damage to his body
was permanent.

But he became my student.

He learned how to talk, read and write.

That's the whole story.


What is it? Are you bored?

Do you miss your family?


You know what?
They miss you a lot too.

-Guys, are you ready?

Mahir, come on.

You must have missed playing this game.
We're about to start.

Let's go. Come on.

-Turkish or foreign?

Go on.
We are listening.


Shame is for good folks,
it is not for bandits and robbers."

-"Gone with the Wind".


-Is it from an Elvis movie?
-You are obsessed with Elvis. No.

-"12 Angry Men"?

-"The Hunchback of Notre-Dame".

Is it "Twenty-Four Eyes",
about that Japanese teacher Hisako?


"On the Waterfront",
Marlon Brando.

-1954, "Ben-Hur"!

I know the answer.

"Awaara", Raj Kapoor.

Raj Kapoor!

-Bravo, Sema!

You've just won
three tickets to the movies.

I missed you all so much.

The Adara proudly presents!

-Good morning, teacher.
-Good morning, Samet.

We love you.
You've helped everybody in this town.

Thanks, boy.

Teacher Mahir,
are you here to teach again?

I'm retired.
This is more of a personal thing.

"Bire On Vardi" starring Fatma Girik
is showing now!

You go ahead, I'll catch up!


Blood, revenge, love, tears, fighting...
These movies have it all!

Aziz, don't lose hope.

You will work hard and make things happen,
just like we did back in the village.


We will continue our lessons
where we left off.

Ali and I will help you
study and exercise.

Life is hard.

You will learn to
stand on your own two feet.

You and Mizgin
will support each other.

Mizgin will start working with Cemile.
She will receive a salary.

You know what they say:

The best place to find a helping hand
is at the end of your own arm.

What's wrong?

Are you against women working?

Hey, buddy, come here.

Go on.

First, you'll start chewing these gums
to strengthen your jaw.

And you will also use these grippers,
just like this.

I promised my teacher.
We'll work together to help you get better.

Now, sit. We'll study math.

Come here, sit.

Sit, Aziz.

Good job!

Mizgin, have you and Aziz settled in?

-Do you need anything?

No, thanks.

May God help you.

To be honest, I couldn't be as selfless.

Mahir, how did she agree to marry Aziz?
I just can't understand.

It all happened
right before my eyes.

Some people tried to kill
Mizgin's father.

They were going to shoot him.

But Davut, Aziz's father, saved his life.

He told Davut that
he owed him his life now...

...and asked
if he had an unmarried son.

Davut said "yes".

So, Mizgin's father promised that
his daughter would be Aziz's bride.

Davut refused,
saying his son has disabilities.

And you know what Mizgin's father said?

"If he has a good heart, that is enough."

That's the whole story.

May God forgive me for saying this...

...but I'd never let my daughter
marry someone like that.

Cemile, when words have no value,
one should stay quiet.

Mom, if I love someone,
you won't let me marry him?

You are free to love anyone as long as
he doesn't have any bad habits.

I'll let you marry him.

Come here.

My precious daughter.

I'll probably be in tears
when you get married and leave this house.

But I promise you,
I'll tie the red sash on your dress myself.

What's wrong? Are you jealous?

Come here.
I'll catch you now.


Where will you run?
You are cornered now.

I said come here!

Extra! Extra!

Read all about how the traitor Nazim Hikmet
died in exile in Russia!

Boy, sell that newspaper
somewhere else! Go!

Calling a poet like him a traitor...
Shame on them.

Look, the snail is here.

Let's mess with him a little.

Snail Aziz! Snail Aziz!

Snail Aziz! Snail Aziz!

Boys, stop it!

Get out of here.
Leave Aziz alone. Go!


Dear residents of Foca,
the movie is about to start.

Thank you.

Aziz, would you like to go inside?

There's a great movie on right now.

-Come on! Catch me!
-I will!

-You can't!
-Come on!

Is it true that where you're from...

...people get married without even
seeing each other beforehand?

-So it all depends on luck?

-Yes, and it was my luck to marry Aziz.
-What kind of nonsense is that?

How can you share a bed with a man like that?
Aren't you disgusted?

You thought you had to respect
your traditions and your destiny...

...but girl, are you a fool?

May God forgive me for saying this...

...but how will you spend
your entire life with that thing?

-Don't talk about Aziz like that.
-It's because we feel bad for you.

Your situation with Aziz is not fair,
even on God's terms.

What are you saying?

Cemile, you only live once.

Mizgin, you deserve to fall in love.
Your youth and beauty are going to waste!

You should be with someone
more suitable for you.

Plus, you and Aziz
are not legally married.

People like Aziz
stay in nursing homes in Izmir.

If you put him in one, the government
will take care of him much better than you.

Nothing remains the same, Cicek.

If something bad
happened to your husband...

...would you leave him
to marry someone else?

Aziz will remain my husband
until death do us apart.

I made a promise to God,
and I won't desert Aziz.

From now on, keep your mouths shut.
-Mizgin. Mizgin.

Stop! Wait!

Mizgin! Mizgin!

You had to say all that, didn't you?

What the hell was that?
Why would you say all that to her?

If you ever talk to her like that again,
stay away from me, don't even say hi.

We didn't say anything bad.

Do your husbands
wait for you at the door?

Have they ever
brought home a puppy for you?


Don't cry.

I don't get these people, man.

How can they talk that way about Aziz?
Shame on them.

Those people are sick in the head.

Instead of criticizing bad people,
they gossip about good people.

Mahir, I love how Aziz's wife stands
proud and tall. Now, that's true love.

Extra! Extra!

Read all about how the Turks
will go to war with the Greeks!

Give me one.

You've spent your whole life
waiting for her to return, Bahattin.

Don't you ever regret loving her
and waiting for her for so long?

If it was easy,
everyone would do it, Mahir.

Love is hard work.

If you can't do the hard work, you can't say
that you have experienced true love.

Some people are destined
to be with the one they love...

...and some people like me
are destined to wait.

Dear residents of Foca, a Western
starring Kirk Douglas is now showing.


Aziz, don't be afraid.

Have you never seen a photograph?
This is just a moving photograph.

Look, this is cinema.

Don't be afraid!
Be quiet.

Look, Aziz.

This is all make believe.
Everything you see here is fake, okay?

Aziz, look.
Follow that light.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.

There's a machine there.
A movie machine.

That machine is playing this movie.

If you wish,
I can explain to you how it works.

Okay, Aziz?

Look! The snail is coming.

Sinasi, is it ready?
-Yes, it is.

Aziz, would you like to
join us for lunch?

Thank you.

The snail has a tail!
The snail has a tail!

The snail has a tail!
The snail has a tail!

How can you treat your elders like this?
Shame on you!

Let's go, Aziz.

The snail has a tail!
The snail has a tail!

The snail has a tail!
The snail has a tail!

Kids, what are you doing?

Don't you have any shame?

Aziz always thought that it couldn't be any
worse than the children in his village...

...but now, he realized that
the children in this town were far worse.

There was only one thing he could do
to put a stop to all that:

To try to fix himself.

Now, exhale when you pull down on it,
inhale when you let it go.

Let's go.

Try again.

Good job!

Hasan, slow down. Easy!
-Aziz, don't be afraid.

You'll swim now.

Relax your arms and legs.

Pull him up!

Are you okay?
Should we continue?


Buddy, you swim like this.

You will use your arms, just like him.

Let's try again.
-Okay. Slowly.

Ali, hold him.

We are lowering you.
Swim now. Come on.

Aziz! Use your legs.
They'll get stronger.

Come on.


Did you like the cinema?

You can come anytime you want.

You'll keep me company.
What do you say?

You know...

Don't listen to anyone,
no matter what they say.

I know how much you love your wife.


Would you like me to tell you
what a woman likes and dislikes?


Stop laughing.
Listen to me. Look.

Crispy bagels! Fresh bagels!

Bagels! Fresh bagels!

Ayhan! Sinasi!
What are you doing?

How can you treat an elder like that?
Don't you feel ashamed?

Cemile, what's going on?

Instead of scolding my son... should worry about those unmarried
people living in our neighborhood.

-Aksit, they are married religiously.
-Do you think that proves anything?

Either this cripple kidnapped her
or they sold her to him.

Where they're from, most couples
are not legally married anyway.

Go away.

Go, girl.
Go on inside.

-Let's play a game.
-You're it!


Aziz, don't be sad, okay?


Did you prepare all this?


I don't know what happened,
but Aziz has been really determined lately.

His arms and legs
grow stronger every day.

The weight he can carry has almost doubled
in six months.

I think we're on the right path, Mahir.

I've never seen anyone
as driven as he is.

He's like a sponge,
soaking up everything I teach him.

You'll see.
Aziz will come through.


Thank you for your time, brother.

Don't even mention it, teacher.
I like Aziz a lot too.

No one wants him to get better
more than me.

Prime Minister Ismet Inonu
has flown to Dallas... attend the funeral of the assasinated
President John F. Kennedy...

...the 35th president of the US.

What are you doing here
all by yourself?

Everyone's waiting for you.
It's New Year's Eve.

Come on, get ready.
Let's go.

Good job.
I'm proud of you.

Aziz, look!


Happy new year.
-Happy new year.

Happy new year.

Aziz, I'll have a surprise for you
in the new year.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Mom, I'm so bored.
I want to go to bed.

Oh, dear.
Come here.

We won't make it on time
for the movie.

I've been waiting for half an hour now!

The movie is about to start!

Will I wait for you all night?

Hurry up!
The movie is about to start.

Why are you staring like a creep?
Give me my tickets, man.

That is what happens
when you hire just anyone.

Forget it, keep the change.
Just keep it.

For God's sake!
Let's go.

Mr. Aziz.

Can we have three tickets?

Congratulations, Aziz.

Thank you.

-Good luck.

-Good luck, Aziz.

How many?

Wow, the whole town is here.

We can't miss this movie.
We'll memorize every single line.

-How are you?
-Thanks, son.

-My sweet daughter, hi.

Don't be afraid.

This is the cinema.

American pastor Martin Luther King... the first black person
to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

His nomination
is in recognition of his efforts...

...towards the civil rights movement
and the development of the black community.

As a black pastor spearheading the fight
against racial discrimination in the US...

...King is on his way to making history.

Aziz, here.
This is for you.

Open it! Open it!
Open it! Open it!

Open it!

We fooled you, Aziz!
We fooled you, Aziz!

We fooled you, Aziz!
We fooled you, Aziz!

Snail Aziz!

Snail Aziz!

Snail Aziz! Snail Aziz!

Snail Aziz.

Aziz, I won't make fun of you again.

I think those snails are beautiful.
Put them in your garden.


What do you want from us?

-Hey, you!
-Leave my husband alone!

Why are you yelling at the children?

Aksit, the kids are in the wrong here.

Ekrem, what's wrong with it?
What did they do?

What else?
They keep insulting us every single day!

Teach your kids some manners!

You can't preach manners to us.

They are the unmarried ones
living in our neighborhood...

...yet they preach manners to me!

Pot calling the kettle black!

Beat it, now!

Ekrem, this doesn't concern you.

Aksit, you are drunk!
You don't know what you're saying!

Just go!

-Get the hell out of here!
-Aksit, go. Don't talk.

We don't want you here!

-Aksit, go!
-Leave this place!

Go back to where you came from!

Aziz! Aziz!

Aziz, what are you doing here?

Don't let the words
of some ignorant people upset you.

I am...

...a cripple!

You are not the flawed one here.

Life is flawed,
people are flawed.

There are bad people everywhere.

Let's get out of here.


I'll talk to the kids
and that scumbag called Aksit.

They won't do it again.

Don't make me sad too.

Come on.

It doesn't matter what happens
or what people say.

You won't lose hope
and you will work hard, Aziz;...

...for your wife, for yourself
and for you to stand up straight!

You will work harder!

-Good job.
-Bravo, Aziz.

Buddy, relax.

What's most important here
is your breathing.

Aziz kept bottling up his pain.

He was so sad because of how those children
who he loves treated him.


What happened next?

Then, Mahir did something
that made us very happy.

Mizgin, everything was wonderful.
We had so much fun.

This time, I'm officially married.

Congratulations. May God
give you a long-lasting marriage.

Thank you.

Look at Mahir.
He really got the hang of it.

As if he were born a tradesman.

He's better than your father.
Our salaries have doubled.

We did the math,
half of the profits go to the workers.

Well, my husband is an educated man.
He can make friends with anyone.

He's not like my father.
He's always by his workers' side.

He's the protector of the poor.
A revolutionist. He does...


-Zafer, run!

-Faster! Come on!
-I should have taken the umbrella.

-Hello, Yasar.

Don't worry Yasar.
It is what it is.

It'll be better tomorrow.

Aziz, we took your wife to a doctor.

She has a serious condition.

I don't know how to tell you this.


I'm pregnant.
We'll have a baby.

Hey, wait.
Where are you going?

Mahir, what's going on?

Mizgin is pregnant, Bahattin.
Aziz is going to be a father.

-But why is he screaming?
-I don't know.

He always yells at God,
whether he's overjoyed or frustrated.

I love you.

Did you learn that line from a movie?

Bravo, Aziz.
You're going to be a father.

Well done, Aziz.

-Congratulations, Aziz!
-May God give you a healthy child.


Well then.
Go home now. Go.

Look at yourself!

Even a bear would run from you!

There you go!

Come on, Aziz.
Good job, Aziz. Bravo.

-Come on, Aziz. Come on.
-Come on. Go.

-Bravo, Aziz!
-Good job!

-Good job!
-Good job!

-Aziz, do you like it?

-To the sea!
-Let's go.

-Come on.
-Come, come.

Here, rinse yourself off!

-Hang on.

This sand will be good for you.
Take a sip of soda.

Use your arms and hands.

Good job.
There you go.


-Do you think he'll swim this time, Yasar?
-He seems quite intent on it.

-Hasan, turn him around.
-He'll do it.

I'm doing it, Mahir.

For the last 40 years,
she has been Bahattin's only love.

Her name is Adara.

Because of her,
he has never married.

Why are you standing over there?

Come down here.


The fact that you haven't seen
this woman for years...

...and you still love her and wait for her...
It moves me.

Maybe I'm waiting because
my dreams never happened, Mahir.

I wish she could be with me right now.

My kind-hearted boss.

If you love Adara that much,
why didn't you marry her?

How many times
do I have to tell you?

We were separated
because of the Population Exchange.

I brought her flowers
and proposed to her.

But her damn father took Adara away
just because I am a Muslim.

How many times did I go to Crete?
How many times?

I looked for her everywhere,
but I couldn't find her.

Stop making me tell things
you already know.

It hurts.

If the exchange hadn't happened,
my parents would have never come here.

I know one thing:

Your homeland is
where you're born and bred.

My parents never stopped talking about
Greece, the other side of the sea...

...right up until the day they died.

Let me get that...

-Good morning, Aziz.
-Have a nice day, Aziz.

Snail Aziz! Snail Aziz!

Snail Aziz! Snail Aziz!

Let's go!

Let's go to the pier.

-Look here, the fatty's got a flat tyre!
-What did you just say to me?

-Fatty! Fatty!
-No, you're a fatty!

Why is he not out yet?

-What did you do?

-He's not coming out!
-What are we going to do?

Dude, what have you done?

-He fell with his bike!



-Help! Help us!





"Having shown great altruism
despite his disability...

...Aziz has now become the town's hero
and has won everyone's heart.

Working at The Adara Movie Theater in Foca,
owned by Bahattin Demir...

...Aziz said that
anyone would have done the same."



Do you think Adara
may see the theater's name?

I don't think they have
this newspaper in Crete.

Here comes the hero.

-Well done, Aziz.

Thank you, buddy.

An Elvis record! Look!

He looks just like you!

Thank you, buddy.


You saved my son's life.
We are so grateful.

Can you ever forgive us?

Aziz, I am so sorry
for all the things we have done to you.

Me too.

Aziz, come with me.
Come on.

Aziz, it's time I teach you
how to operate this machine.

Come here. Come, come.

These photo frames that are turning
on the roll go straight through that lens.

The moving frames
that go through this light...

...are filtered by this lens
and reflected onto the screen.

And the movie starts.

Can you hear the sound of the machine?


That's my favorite sound in life.

No, it's my second favorite.


Aziz! Bahattin!

Mahir, what's up?

It's good news!
Aziz's wife is in labor!

-Come on, quick!

Your wife is in labor!

-Come on.

Yes, yes.
-Come on. Push a little more.

Good job. Keep going.
Push a little more.

Yes. Yes!
-Come on.

-It's almost over, come on.

Good job. Come on.

Push! A little more.
-Come on.

Aziz, calm down.
Everything will be okay.

Aziz, congratulations.

Mahir, it's taking too long.
What if there is a problem?

I don't know, Bahattin.
I hope everything is alright.

I hope so too.

Who is the father?

I am.

It's a boy!

You are a father now, buddy!

-What are you waiting for?

Come on!
The baby is waiting for you! Come on!

-Let's go. Come on.
-Come on.

A miracle happened that day.
Aziz started to get better.

They say a baby is a blessing, right?

Our baby healed Aziz.

When he became a father,
Aziz became more determined.

Those days were so beautiful.

Aziz started to read
every book he could find.

He started to work harder and harder
every day to improve.

Seeing the fruits of his hard work,
he became even more determined.

Bahattin! Yasar!

-This kid is surprising me every day.

Oh, boy!
It's cold, he'll get sick.


Bahattin, good news!
Your guy is here.


Here, look.

The great Kirk Douglas
is in our country?

I'm talking to you, Mahir.

Mahir, I'm talking to you.

Do you hear me?

can we go and see Kirk Douglas?

If you want,
we can go to Istanbul and try our luck.

Are you serious?

But let's say that we went there
and he agreed to meet us.

We can't speak English.
How will we talk to him?

You can talk by looking into
each other's eyes, Bahattin.

He's making fun of me.
Looking into each other's eyes!

Plant that olive grove that you've been
trying to do for years now.

Then you can make fun of me.

I'll plant that grove.
You'll see.

Yeah, sure! You've been saying
the same thing for 20 years now.

You couldn't even plant
a single tree.

-Bravo, Aziz!

-Good for you!

Good job.
I'm proud of you.

Thank you, teacher.

I'm madly in love with you.

I'm madly in love with you.

I can't live without you.

Aziz, did something happen to you?

No, my love.

This is an important day for humanity.

Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov
exited the space craft Voskhod...

...and performed a spacewalk
that lasted 12 minutes and 9 seconds.

Aziz is inviting every disabled person
and child to the movies.

He'll show a movie for free.
You're invited.

-Bravo, Aziz.
-What a nice thing for him to do.

Okay, okay. Be quiet.

Bahattin will take care of it now.
Calm down.

Will you just stand here
and keep staring, Bahattin?

Go ahead, brother.
Go ahead.



Hello, Bahattin.

Bahattin, what are you doing here?
The machine went haywire!

Well, it seems you've gone haywire too.

Come on, fix the machine.

Get back inside! Go on!

Hero Aziz! Hero Aziz!

Hero Aziz!

Okay, okay! Okay, okay!

Be quiet!
The movie has started.


"The Adara proudly presents."

Like Bahattin, Adara has never been
married either. Poor woman.

Even movies don't have
a love like theirs.

So romantic!

I'm so happy for Bahattin.
She is beautiful.

They look good together.

A person's life truly begins
only when they fall in love.

Aziz, I love it when you speak like this.

Is it from a movie again?

This one is from a book, my love.


You are my life.

-Where is that line from?
-This one is mine.

Come on!


-Hello. Hi.

-Welcome, Mahir.
-Pass me that.

How are you today? Are you good?

Here you go.


My friends...

I was in that theater for years,
stuck between the light and the dark.

You know that I've never left this town.

I just kept staring out to sea
and waiting for Adara.

Fate finally smiled upon me.

And Adara is back.

Now, I don't want to spend a minute
away from her.

I've made a decision.

I'll spend the rest of my life
travelling with my Adara.

We are leaving.

I'll leave the movie theater
to Aziz and Ali.

Aziz. Ali.

You'll keep that theater alive.

You'll keep screening those movies.

You'll never close that curtain.

Promise me.


Now, for the last time,
are you ready?

-We are.

"Life is a play without rehearsal.

So, laugh, sing, dance, fall in love
and live your life to the fullest...

...before the curtain closes and
the play ends with no applause."

Let's go.
-"King Kong"?

That's the gorilla movie.
Which gorilla would say such a line?

-Did Yilmaz Guney say this?
-Is it your guy, Spartacus?

1954, "Ben-Hur".

-"Cleopatra". Elizabeth Taylor.

"Girls! Girls! Girls!"
Is it from an Elvis movie?

You are all wrong.
It's from Charlie Chaplin.

Let's drink to that great actor.

Then we can all watch his movie
with the townsfolk.

We were happy that Bahattin
was reunited with the woman he loves...

...but we were very sad that
he was leaving us.

I thank Aziz and Ali for giving Foca
a brand new and modern movie theater.


As a contribution to art...

...the municipality will provide
free electricity and water... this theater for two years!


Here, Mr. Mayor. Here.



How does it look?

Do you like it?

I couldn't be more proud of you.

You are my heart, my life,
my darling, the man of my house...

...and the love of my life.
-Which movie is that line from?

No, these are my words.

Years have gone by so quickly.

We had another child.

I know this:

If you really love something,
and put effort into it...

...that thing will bloom and flourish.

And that's how Aziz was healed.

God bless.

Come here.

Aziz. Come here.

Oh, dear.

Mizgin told us everything.

Thank the Lord!

It's been hard, mother.

I never stopped thinking about you.

This village
may be the best place on earth.

But the world knows nothing
about this village...

...and this village knows nothing
about this world.

Is it right to live
so isolated from the world?

Poverty and solitude
doesn't have to be your fate.

You can all come with us.

I'm ready to share my bread
with all of you.


I know that you love your village...

...but work, food, education, hope;
these are all in towns and cities.

Davut... Haydar...

Let's all go there so these children
can have a future, a new life.

So? What do you say?

Let's go.

Dad, let's go.

We will do as my father and mother says.


Hazar, what do you say?

All that matters to me
is seeing Aziz like this.

I already have a foot in the grave.

If I die,
I want to die on my own lands.

I'm not leaving...

...but if anyone wants to leave
with Aziz, they are free to go.

-Hello, guys. Welcome.

-How do you like it here?

Teacher, you've brought us
to a wonderful place.

This place is like heaven.
You'd live forever.

I wouldn't trade my village
for anything...

...but this place is perfect
for our children's future.

Teacher, don't stand there.
Would you like to come in?

Let's go inside.
Come on.

Let's go.

-Go on in.



Welcome to Foca, friends.


These are my daughters.
Deren and Beren.

-God bless.

Aziz and I organized some work for you.

Ladies, you'll work with me.

Are women supposed to work?

What's wrong with women working?
We'll all work together.

Mrs. Cemile, the only work
our wives know is farming.

I don't know
if they will be able to do the jobs here.

But should women be able to work?
Of course they should.

-Okay then.
-Take this.

I don't know these actors.
Who are they?

I don't know them either,
but the one above looks just like my uncle.

-Are we ready?

-We are.

"Hate keeps a man alive.
It gives him strength."

-Turkish or foreign?
-Foreign, my teacher.

-"Seven Samurai". Kurosawa.

"Some Like It Hot".
Marilyn Monroe.

-"Psycho". Alfred Hitchcock.

-"Love Story".

"Gentleman's Agreement".
Elia Kazan.

Wrong answer, Mrs. Sema.

Sergio Leone.
"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".

No, my teacher.

-"My Fair Lady"?
-No, my lady.

1954, "Ben-Hur"!

-Bravo, Yasar!

Bravo, bravo!

-Good day, Cemile.

What are they wearing?

That is the end of the world
right there.

They are so pretty!

The Bahattin-Adara Cinema
proudly presents!

Starring the handsome Kadir Inanir
and the queen Turkan Soray:

"Kara Gozlum"!

Blood, tears, pain, revenge, love
and conflict! Our cinema has it all!

The job is yours, man.

Thanks, boss.

The machines will need an oil change.

The belts will be checked.

We'll have a daily production report.
Did you write it down?

-Good job.

-Dad, coffee?

-Pull, pull!

-Come on!
-Pull, pull!


Can you recite something for me again?

"In a world where sometimes
love isn't worth a dime... are the only one who places love
above everything else.

What I love the most about you
is your reflection on me... you reinvent yourself
with me... you become one with me.

I love your bravery, honesty,
your purity.

I love you."


I was so scared
that you would leave me one day.

I lost sleep over it.

But you didn't.

I know that you haven't left me
because you pitied me.

But have you ever loved me
as a man?


Have you?

God knows, in the beginning,
I only pitied you.

Then I started to know you better,
saw your true self and loved you.

I fell in love with you too.

I used to love your goodness,
now I love everything about you.

Come here.

-What's up?
-What's going on?

-I have a question.

Can you love someone
you haven't even talked to?

Why? Are you in love
with a mute guy or something?

Mustafa feels the same about you.

We already know that he loves you.
-We do.

Well, if he loves me,
why doesn't he talk to me?

Mizgin, in this town...

...if you like someone,
you go and talk to them.

It's been almost six months,
and Mustafa has still not approached me.

He can't talk to you.
He would be embarrassed.

Watching you from a distance
is all he can do.

-So he won't make a move?
-No, he won't.

The guys back east
are not like the guys here.


Have you seen my father?

I'm waiting for him too.
We are going to go to Izmir.

Why do you always smile
when you look at me?

No, I'm not really looking at you.

You just happen to be
everywhere I look.

So, you don't look at me,
I just pass into your view.

How about going to
a pastry shop together?

-To do what?
-Make pastries.

I don't know how to make pastries.

You are a strange guy, Mustafa.

We'll just chat.
-Chat about what?

What if someone sees us?

Don't worry, it'll be fine.
I'll be by your side.

Is this the first time
you've ever talked to a girl?

No, I'd talk to my uncles' and aunts'
daughters all the time.

And how about a stranger?

It's the first time.

-Mustafa, my name is Beren.
-I already know that.

No, what I mean is...

You know,
in a "nice to meet you" kind of way.

Do you ever think about me?

I asked you a question.

You're all I think about.

Do you like the sea?

You know,
I swim with my father all the time.

He taught me how to swim.



Look at me!

-Dad, I swear...
-Look at me!

That man is our boss,
and you dare to flirt with his daughter?

Bozat! What are you doing?

They weren't hiding anything
or doing anything bad.

Here, people hang out together,
and they become friends.

I'm not angry.

-You're not?
-I'm not.

One is my student,
the other is my daughter.

Mustafa. From now on,
don't run away when you see us, okay?

Well... I'm so sorry.

Should I bring the car, sir?

You don't need to come.
I'll go with Cemile.

Take care of the business here.
-Yes, sir.

Let's go. Come on.
Let's go.

Come on.


I was expecting your dad to snap at me,
but my dad did it instead.

This has happened because of me.

No, it's okay.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for that to happen.

So, he got slapped
because of our daughter.

You should have seen it.
He was all red and embarrassed.

He was so nervous.

Mahir, our daughter grew up here.
I know that Mustafa is a good boy...

...but the fact that he is from the east
gives me doubts.

Cemile, is it a crime
that he was born in the east?

If it is,
the sun is the biggest criminal here.

Cemile, love doesn't have
a language, religion or nation.

The moment when I first saw you,
my heart was...



Mahir. Mahir.

Can you hear me?

Hello, can you hear me?

Can you tell me your name?


Mr. Mahir, how many fingers
are you seeing right now?


Mrs. Cemile, other than a couple of
scratches, you seem to be okay.

I'm fine, doctor.
How's my husband?

They are doing everything they can.
He's alive.

Oh... Thank God.

Thank God... Thank God...

Ali. Aziz.
What happened?

What's wrong with Mahir?

Come on, say something.

Say something.

The doctor said that...

...they managed to treat
some of his wounds.

But the most important thing is...

My lovely teacher...

When the car crashed...

He broke his neck.

He's alive, but, how should I say it,
he's paralyzed.

Cemile! Cemile!

Calm down.
We have to be strong.

We have to be strong.

Friends! Friends!

I don't want you looking all sad
when we visit Mahir.

-No crying.

He's still alive,
we should be thankful for that.

-We should.
-We should pull ourselves together.

Come on.

Oh, God! God!

I was surprised to see that
they were able to build such long roads.

It's also the first time
I've seen the sea.

Mahir, we pray for you day and night.

-May God help you to heal.


Mahir, let's return to the village together.

We can take good care of you there.

You didn't have to come all the way here.

Didn't have to?
Don't you say that again.

You are our brother,
and we care about you.

You are everything to us.


You are everything to me.

You taught me
how important being a teacher is.

Dad, you know how you always ask me
what I want to be when I grow up?

I will become a teacher,
just like you.

My daughter...


Mustafa is teaching me Zazaki.



You are the apple of my eye.

You are also the apple of my eye,

You are also the apple of my eye.

The patient can be discharged.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else
we can do medically.

We have done everything we could.

You need to be prepared
for some difficult days.

Aziz, can you excuse us?
I'll change Mahir's diaper.

-I'll do it.
-No, that wouldn't be appropriate.

You can go, I'll do it.

-My teacher.

Don't do it.
I'd be embarrassed if you did.

Was I ever embarrassed
when you wiped drool off my face?

Don't argue with me on this.


Do you remember the day
you met my father?

He said to me,
"Why are you with this know-it-all?"

It made my heart flutter.


It's burning me up inside.

I think about the girls and you
all the time.


Mahir, slow down, my son!
Slow down!

Okay, dad.

What is it, teacher?

Teacher, are you alright?

Beren, don't cry.
As long as he's alive, there's still hope.

Maybe he'll get better.

These days will pass.

He's getting worse day by day.

The doctor told us to be ready.

Mahir was such a great man.

It's hard to find teachers like him

My teacher.

There are people outside,
waiting to see you.

The most beautiful sea
is yet to be sailed.

The most beautiful child
is yet to grow up.

The best days we have
are the ones we haven't had yet.

And the most beautiful words
we want to tell you...

...are the ones we haven't told you yet,
my teacher!

"Mahir Yilmaz Olive Grove"

-This is okay, dad.

-Mahir! Come here, son.
-I'm coming, mom!


I know I said that you couldn't
even plant a single tree...

...but this is a bit over the top.


Adara. Welcome.

Welcome, Bahattin.


Get well soon, Mahir.

Thank you.

I haven't come all this way
to watch you cry, man.

-Welcome, boss.



What do we always say?

Life is short.
-Life is short.

-Forgive, help, be thankful.
-Forgive, help, be thankful.

-Love, smile and be happy.
-Love, smile and be happy.



Come here.

-Yes, teacher?

I want to see my daughter
in a wedding dress.

You look so handsome, teacher.

Cemile will fall in love with you
all over again.

Do you remember the day we met?

The day you came to our village?

I still remember that day.

There are thousands of villages,
but you came to ours.

You opened every single door
that was thought to be locked for good.

You smiled at me.

You weren't revolted by me.

You gave me a friendly hand.

You looked out for me,
you taught me things.

You made me go out in public,
you gave me a life, and I didn't forget that.

I know that a kind man like you,
with a heart full compassion...

...coming to my village
was not a coincidence.

Everything me and my family
have ever experienced, we owe to you.

My miracle's name is Teacher Mahir.

But after all you have done for me...

...the fact that I can't do anything for you
breaks my heart!


Don't be sad.

You have been
a beacon of hope for people.

Now, be the support my daughters need.


How do I look?

You are the most beautiful bride
in the world.


Yes, teacher.


Didn't they teach you that
you shouldn't cry on a happy day?

Come on, now.

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