Mrs. Serial Killer (2020) - full transcript

When a doctor gets jailed for a string of shocking murders, his loyal wife sets out to commit a copycat crime to prove his innocence.

This story is now about to end.

Though not as we imagined.

But we got to do what we got to do.

You're with me, right?

I knew you would say that.

I love you.

Who are you talking to, you freak?

Shut the fuck up!

Help! Anyone there?

Help! This psycho is trying to kill me.

Trying to scare me with your psycho stare?

I can do better. Here.

What do you plan to do with that?
File my nails?

One more word...

and I swear I'll kill you right now!

Then kill me!
That's better than this daily torture!

You haven't seen torture...

until I've shown you.


It's only been an hour since I left home,
and I'm already missing you.


please, look at me.

Were you crying?

Don't lie.

I know you're upset
because I'm leaving you alone.

I'm not upset.

Why don't you just agree that
you're scared to be in the house alone?


not alone.

What do you mean, not alone?

Someone's spending the night over.


- You don't know him.
- Him?

Listen, the flight
will start boarding in five minutes.

So if you're pulling my leg,
please stop it right now,

or I'll be miserable the entire flight.

I'm not joking!

What's his name?

I don't know yet.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're letting a stranger in the house?

And when you know
what's been happening in our town.

He could be dangerous.

You want to meet him?

He's already in the house?

He came as soon as I left?

You're talking as if
he was already in the house when I left.

What the heck!

- Where was he hiding?
- You really want to know?

Yes, god dammit, I want to know!


He's been hiding here.

I've checked thrice.

It's positive. Surprise!

Fuck it!


Joy, please come back.



So, you thought
only you've a flair for drama?

Congratulations, ma'am!

Thank you, guys.

I don't feel like leaving you
both, but what to do.

Yeah, we understand. It's okay.

We both will be waiting for you.

- We love you.
- Love you too.

Mrs. Mukherjee.

May I come in?

My husband is not in.

I know.

That's why I'm here.

Don't worry.

I'm here on duty.

Regarding the missing girls' case.
Investigation is going on.

It's very late.
Please come at a decent time.

Now, get out!

It seems you didn't recognize me.

Inspector Imran Shahid.

Ah, nice place!

Don't worry.

There's nothing I can do to you now
that we haven't already done before.

What do you want?

What's the point of asking now?

I've made my drink.

If you've come for a drink,
please have it fast and leave.

I'm married now. People will talk!

I swear on you...

I'll leave as soon as I finish this drink.

Your promise.

Will it help, Sona...

if I swear on your baby?

So, this is where you sleep these days.

You must have heard
of the missing girls, Sona.


- What do you know?
- That six girls are missing.

But why are you asking me all this?

Who else should I ask
about your husband's deeds?

That's enough. Get out of my house.

Look Sona, just help me nail him.
I promise you...

I'll not let you destroy my family!
Just get out!

You stole this from my house?

What are you up to?

Just want to verify something.

If you believe your husband,
you've nothing to worry about.

What... what?

Who's this kid?

My husband.

This is the doctor's property.

This is where Inspector asked me to come.




Where's the Inspector?

What's the matter, sir?

Sir, we found nothing.

Sir, where are we going?

When you're too close
to the problem and can't find a solution,

go away and look at it
from a new perspective.

How many girls were missing?


We've found one. So how many remaining?


What do you see in fives around?

Five potted plants.

Let's dig under them.

Now, let's get that bastard.



We considered the doctor such a good man.

I don't want to work here anymore.


- Doctor.
- Hello. How are you?

What is this?

Killer Dr. Death Monster Die!

You've got five minutes.

Only five minutes?

Yes. This is a special provision

as we couldn't bring
him out in regular visiting hours.

People are waiting to lynch him.


Please don't cry, shona.

This is all a mistake.

As soon as they realize their mistake,
they'll immediately let me go.

What's bothering you, shona?

You believe me, don't you?


I believe you.

I know you're innocent.

You've been framed.

But who would want to frame me?

I'm just a doctor.

I don't even have any enemies.

I want to...

I went to the best lawyers in town.

No one is willing to take our case.

What do we do?

I've no clue.
I've never needed a lawyer before.

Then we are left with only one option.

Public defender.

Wait a minute.

There was this patient,

from Haldwani.

A very senior lawyer.

Mr. Rastogi.

I had once done him a favor.
He might help.

A criminal lawyer?

I don't know. But even if he isn't,
he should be able to recommend someone.

You'll find his number in my computer.

Time's up.

Which computer? Home or office?

Office, okay?

What's his full name?

I called him Mr. Rastogi.
That's all I remember.

Take care of yourself.


The number you are calling
is currently switched off. Please...

Criminal Lawyer

- I'm here to meet Mr. Rastogi.
- You've got an appointment?

- No. I tried calling...
- He's not meeting anyone.

- See, it's a matter of life and...
- Clear the gate.

Clear the gate.

Why don't you let me complete...

Now what's your problem?

Why can't anyone let me
complete one fucking sentence?

Listen, it's a matter of life and death.

Please convey to Mr. Rastogi.

Mrityunjoy Mukherjee's wife
is here to see him.

Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukherjee's wife?

Greetings, madam.

You know him?

Very well, actually.

I am Mrs. Rastogi.

- Nice to meet you.
- Come on.

Baby, Mrs. Mukherjee is here.

Where's my doctor?

In prison.

It's all over the news.

I thought you would be aware.

Since my cardiac arrest,

I've no idea
what's going on outside this room.

The police have accused him
of being the serial killer

responsible for the murder
of six innocent unmarried pregnant women.

Each of the six missing girls
were found in the farm-house

of well-renowned gynecologist, Dr. Mri...

All the bodies were dismembered

and six fetuses
were also found in the basement of...

The city is in a complete state of shock.

And all the lawyers in the city

have decided to not take the case
of Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukherjee.

Joy is innocent.

He didn't kill anyone.

I know.

My doctor couldn't kill a fly

if his life depended on it.

So you'll help us?

- Won't go to school today?
- Didn't feel like it.

Bad boy.

I'll have to be of help.

That's the least I can do
for him for giving me

this bundle of joy at my age.

I'll immediately put my team on the case.

But first things first,

we apply for bail.

But how will you go
to court in this condition?

If I can't go, we'll get the court here.


Death to Dr. Mukherjee!

Death to Dr. Mukherjee!

- Punish the guilty!
- Hang the killer!

- Punish the guilty!
- Hang the killer!

- Punish the guilty!
- Hang the killer!


Defense, how does your client plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

We plead not guilty and we move for bail.

Excuse me for appearing like this,
Your Honor.

But you're aware of my condition.

So I crave Your Honor's leave
to make an exception this one time.

Wasn't expecting a normal entry
from you, Mr. Rastogi. You can carry on.

Thank you, Your Honor.



Yes, Your Honor.

Your Honor, actually...

We ask that the defendant
be remanded without bail.

We object, Your Honor.

The defendant is a surgeon,

a respected member of the society.

His property was misused by someone.

There's no evidence
to suggest he's involved.

There is, Your Honor.

Fingerprints from cigarette butts
found at the crime scene.

DNA from hair samples,
also found at the crime scene.

All match with the accused

and prove his involvement.

The bail application is rejected.

The defendant will remain
in custody without bail.



Doctor, you won't get away with this.

Beat him up!


What do we do now?

I've gone through all the confidential
reports my team sourced.

All the evidence

points towards your husband.

All the victims
were single pregnant girls,

who were aborted before being killed,

And their fetuses were kept as trophies.

This is something
only a gynecologist could do.

Are you also giving up on him?

Mrs. Mukherjee...

I'm a very expensive lawyer.

And expensive lawyers
are mostly defense attorneys.

Because only the ones
who need defending can afford us.


I don't care
if your husband is guilty or not.

But I can be of help to him and you

only if I know the truth.

Believe me...

Joy is innocent.

Exactly this.

How can you be so sure?

Because I know who's guilty.

- Who?
- My ex-boyfriend.

This entire incident started
since he came to our town.

He's getting back at me.

The evidence he submitted in court today,
he had stolen from our house.

He has framed Joy!

He was in court?

He's the cop

who gave evidence to the prosecution.


That explains it.

That explains how the evidence
was manipulated with such legal precision.

As for the abortions,
he could have paid any quack to do it.

But what do we do now?

Can you prove...

that this cop framed Dr. Mukherjee?


Then technically, there's just one way.

- But practically, that's not for you.
- Why?

Because when legal options
are exhausted...

other options must be explored.

I don't understand.

Let's say, a witness is threatening
to send my client to prison.

Under such circumstance, I might suggest

if the witness disappears, it'll help.

Then it's up to them,

whether they want to take that path.


that's illegal.

You'll be surprised

at what people will do
to save their loved ones from prison.

So what do you suggest for me?

This path is not for you.

This entire situation is because of me.

I'll do anything to set it right.

If you insist.

But remember...

you asked for it.

We must prove

that the serial killer is still out there.


He must strike again.

But that won't happen.

His purpose is achieved.

If he doesn't,

then someone else must.



wants to get Dr. Mukherjee out of prison.

You mean...


Forget it.

Forget that I even brought it up.

I warned, this is not for you.

But I promise you,

I won't let your husband
be sentenced to death.

Whatever it takes, I'll make sure
he only gets life imprisonment.

What happened?


But a full barricade
should be here, okay?

Mrityunjoy Mukherjee? I'm his wife.

Oh, my God! How did this happen?

Some jail inmates attacked.

It was an attempt to murder.

Someone must have paid them to kill him.

But who?

In such cases, it's usually
the victim's family.

This time he survived,
but next time he won't.

Hi, I'm Mrityunjoy.

I'm a gynecologist.

And a male gynecologist
is like a bald hair stylist.

You like tattoos?


I made this myself.

I'm a part-time tattoo artist.

If you ever want one, let me know.


I don't like tattoos on my body.


What's wrong with tattoos?


why make graffiti...

on the Taj Mahal?

Listen, you're trying too hard.

But I'm sorry, I can't marry you.

Watch out!



You're in luck, bro.

I'm in a good mood.

I've just sent an asshole

to prison.

So letting you go off with a warning!


If a cop is killed in a hit-and-run

will that prove
that the serial killer is still out?

Of course not.

Serial murder means the victim
has to be of the same profile.

In our case, single pregnant girls.

And all killed in the same fashion.

In our case, after abortion.

But why do you ask?

I'll do whatever it takes
to prove my husband innocent.

I'm on.

My parents want to get me married.
They made me meet a guy.

If you don't like him, tell them so.
They won't force you to marry anyone.

But they won't let me marry you either.

Why, what's wrong with me?

Because they both are surgeons.

So they want me also
to marry a surgeon. And you...

I'm sorry, but you're just a cop.

Hey! So what?

Ultimately, we both save lives.

Shut up.

Unless you do something now,
our relationship is over.

Sona, what do you want me to do?

Let's elope and get married.

Are you crazy?

You're your parents' only child.
They'll be heartbroken.

Don't make excuses!
You want to marry me or not?

I do, but it's too early, it's too sudden.
I need some time to think.

Time to think?

While we were dating for so many years,
you never thought even once?

Were you using me?

What do you mean, using you?

Are you a candle
that I used and diminished?

- Sick!
- Sona!

Where are we going?

You wanted to run away
and get married. Run!


Oh, fuck!

Hello, Dr. Deepa Chauhan's clinic?

Sona Mukherjee. I need an appointment.

For tomorrow, please.


At 12 PM? Let me check.

I'm so sorry. I can't make it today.

Can you please try for tomorrow?

The day after tomorrow?

Yes, I'll take that.

Hi, I'm Sona Mukherjee.
I've a 12 o'clock with Dr. Deepa Chauhan.

Didn't you call this morning?

Yes. I wanted time for tomorrow,
but you asked me to come today.

Thank you. That was very sweet.

You're mistaken, ma'am.
You wanted an appointment for tomorrow,

I offered you today,
but you chose day after.

Here it is clearly written.

Oh, I see.

I think there's been a misunderstanding.

Can you please ask the doctor
if she can see me today?

Please. It's really important.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
She's attending the last patient.

Then she has to leave for a surgery.

I'm sure the doctor is smart enough
to make her own decisions.

She doesn't need you to make them for her.

So go inside, and ask her!

I'll just check, ma'am.

You can meet the doctor.


Hello, baby.

This is mommy.

From now on, I'll be discussing
with you about my plans to save daddy.

So I don't go mad all alone.

We've three pregnant women from our town.

But the one we're looking
for has to be single.


let's hope,
at least one of them has been naughty.

- Hello?
- Yes?

May I speak to Richa Gupta?

Speaking. Who's this?

Hello, ma'am.
I'm calling from Honeymoon Resorts.

We're offering a free stay
at our resort for married couples.

May I please know,
when's your wedding anniversary?

Feb 20th. Where's this resort?

- Hello. Hi.
- Yes?

May I speak to Neelam Chopra?

Who's this?

Hello ma'am.
I'm calling from Honeymoon Resorts.

We're offering a free stay
at our resort for married couples.

May I please know,
when's your wedding anniversary?

September 15th.

But do I've to come with my husband,
or can I come with someone else?


This is our last hope.

Please, God.


What's up?

May I speak to Anushka Tiwari?

Depends on who you are?

Hello ma'am.
I'm calling from Honeymoon Resorts.

We're offering a free stay
at our resort for married couples.

May I please know,
when's your wedding anniversary?

Are you serious?

Yes, I'm serious.

Listen dipshit, never call me again.

Or I'll tell my neighbor.
He's a serial killer.

He'll cut you to little pieces.

How many more serial killers
are there in...

- Anushka.
- Hi.

- Hi. I didn't see you in class last week.
- Hi.

Anushka Tiwari.

My student.

Okay students, so now let's note down
a normal pulse rate will be...

My neighbor.

Why do all the conflicts
have to be in my story?

Anushka, child, don't be late
in the evening. Come home early.

Yes I know, mom. Bye!

Baby! What is it?

- Sid.
- What happened?

Sid, I...

You're pregnant? What?

Why didn't you tell me this before?

I just don't want to talk
to you anymore. Right?

Just fuck off!

Shit. No!




Are you okay?


- Are you okay? Relax.
- Yeah.

Why didn't you move?

Were you trying to kill yourself?

Ma'am, please don't tell anyone.

Don't worry.

I can't tell anyone.
No one talks to me anymore.

Ma'am, I owe you.


My life.

You saved my life.

Don't worry,
I'll take it back later when I need it.

You're funny.


- Bye.
- See you, Ma'am.


- Hey!
- Hey!

Now I'm convinced

you're not on my side.




Sorry, I got carried away
by what everyone were saying.

Please let me continue working for you.

I'll never...

Okay, go in and do your work. Go.


Doggy, look. Doggy.

Doggy, come. Yes. Come.

Get it.

Doggy eat. Eat, doggy.

Yummy. Eat. Come on.

Come. Eat, eat it. Yes, good doggy.

What happened?

Nothing, madam.

Shanta, don't touch
any bottle in the kitchen.

Okay, madam.


Shanta, I had told you
not to touch any bottle in the kitchen.


Someone is following me.

Did you see a black SUV at the corner?

Maybe he got scared on seeing you.


Sir, you're not getting late, right?

You don't mind waiting
for a few minutes, right?

Listen, don't worry, okay?
I'm a Taekwondo black belt.

If a fight breaks out, I'll save you.

What the fuck?

Why did she stop here?

Oh, fucking bitch!

Good morning, Angad.

Good morning, sir.

Sir, anything special today?


I'm going to the headquarters
to ask for a transfer.

Are you leaving us, sir?

Are you upset with us?

No. It's just that I've achieved
the purpose I had come here for.

The missing girls' case?

But sir, you said,

you came here because you loved this town.

That too. But my primary objective
was solving the missing girls' case.

Okay, sir.

But sir, as far as I remember,

the girls started going missing
only after your posting here.

So how could you have...?


Hello, police station.


Sir! Another girl is missing.

Shut up.





Serial killer.

I'll kill you.

Look, the Inspector has arrived.

Sir, the family is inside.

When did you last see her?

Yesterday evening,
while she was leaving for Taekwondo.

Don't worry, she must be
at a friend's place. She'll be back.

We've already checked
with all her friends.

And she's never stayed out before
without informing us.

What was the response
when you called her?

I called her last night
to ask what she wants for dinner.

Her phone kept ringing,
but she didn't pick up.

I tried again, many times.

But it's switched off.


Who's it?

Serial killer.

Why have you brought me here?
What do you want?

Are you gay?

Of course, you're gay.

You're wearing women's perfume.

You can't get pregnant,

so you're taking out
your frustration on those who can.

But how did you know I'm pregnant?

No one knows except the gynecologist.

Do you work there?



Release my hands.

I'll kill you.

You cry like a woman.


Hello? Are you there?

I'm hungry, I want to eat more.

I promise, I won't bite.


- This doesn't look like her room.
- This is who she really is.

After our son's death,
she tried to become our son as well.

Do you know Sid?

Hello and welcome to the next chapter
of my surgical tutorials.

Today we are dealing
with the surgical procedure

using local anesthesia.

So, meet my team here.

Shall we begin?

"Today after gathering so much courage,
I finally told Sid...

about my pregnancy."

Anushka's diary reveals a lot about you.

- What's your version?
- Sir, I've been a complete jerk, sir.

When Anushka needed me the most...

I dumped her, sir.

But what else could I do, sir?

The pregnancy news was too sudden.

I was scared, sir.

But now, I've realized
I can't live without her, sir.

I want to marry her.

- Sir, please find her. Please!
- Relax.

Relax. I will find her.

Did she ever mention any place
she could've gone to?

She wanted to go to a new city every day.

But that's because
she'd never been out of this town before.

- Did she ever threaten suicide?
- Why would she do that?

She's pregnant.
Shame, fear of humiliation, etc.

No way, sir.

Anushka never gave a rat's ass
about what people think.

When I suggested abortion,

she said she'll have the baby
with or without me.

But will never abort.


Listen, I'm so sorry I commented
on your sexual preference.

I've nothing against gays.

In fact, I feel safe with you.

Will you forgive me? Please.


Great. See, that's a start.

Now we are talking.

Actually, I think you're a great guy.

We just got off
on the wrong foot, you know.

I'm really sorry
I kicked your ass and all of that

but I really want to make up for it.


But first, tell me...

where are you taking me?

Why aren't you replying?

Now, we're friends, right?

What's the problem now?

Let me guess.

You're taking me out for some fresh air,

Thank God!
You really are a true friend.

I was getting suffocated in there.


What's this smell?

We're in a fucking hospital? Huh?

Why have you brought me to a hospital?

And why is it so quiet here?

Is anyone there?

Anyone there? Hello, doctor?

Nurse? Hello, patient?

Help! Is anyone
in this God damned hospital?

Somebody please fucking help me.

Surgical abortion...

What the fuck?

...using local anasthesia.

You're learning to perform
abortion from an online tutorial?

Are you fucking crazy?

Surgeons spend six fucking years
to learn this.

You can't fucking do it like this.

Okay, please don't kill my baby.

For god's sake, have a heart. Please.

I beg of you, please let me go.
I swear, I'll never tell anyone about you.

I'll say, I had run away,
realized my mistake, and returned back.



What if the girl escapes from the killer
and tells everyone about it?

Does she know who you are?


She doesn't even know I'm a woman.

Technically, it'll work.

But I wouldn't advise.

More criminals have got caught
trying to right their wrong

than while committing the actual crime.

I'm not a criminal.

I can't do this. I'm letting her go.

But I will make sure,
she tells everyone about the killer.

I'm letting you go.

But on one condition.

You must tell everyone about me.

That fraud in prison is spoiling my image.

Surprise, motherfucker.


What are you doing here?

I... I came to save you.

Where's the killer?

I saw him going down
the stairs and sneaked in.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

Same perfume.


What perfume?

The one the killer was wearing.

Maybe his perfume
is still lingering in the room.

Or... maybe we both use the same brand.

It's possible.

We should call for help.



Serial killer.

I'll kill you.

Fucking bitch.


No, wait!

You fucking bitch.

This story is now about to end.

Though not as we imagined.

But we got to do what we got to do.

You're with me, right?

I knew you would say that.

I love you.

Who are you talking to, you freak?

Shut the fuck up!

Help! Is anyone there?

Help! This psycho is trying to kill me!

Trying to scare me with your psycho stare?

I can do better. Here.

What do you plan to do with that?
File my nails?

One more word...

and I swear I'll kill you right now!

Then kill me!
That's better than this daily torture!

You haven't seen torture...

until I've shown you.

Sir, we can't rely on you anymore.

We've decided to form our own vigilante.

There's no need to panic.

I assure you, I'll find this girl.

Like you found the others?

That was different.

And that killer is now in jail.

Who knows if Dr. Mukherjee
is even the killer?

I've complete evidence against him.

What about the evidence

of another girl missing from our town?
How do you explain that?

This girl has personal issues.
She may have run away.

May have run away.

Or maybe the killer is still out there.

And our innocent doctor is behind bars
because of your sloppiness.

Your doctor is not innocent. There's no
room for doubt in my investigation.


Move. Sir, there was a call.

Who called, Angad?

The caller claimed
to be the serial killer.

And he said, you can find
the missing girl at the same place.



This can't happen.

You can't leave me like this.

Good morning, ma'am.

- Ma'am.
- Hi, Ma'am.


- Hello, sir.
- Hello.

- Good morning, sir.
- So nice to see you back, sir.

- Defense?
- Your Honor.

Now that there has been another murder
while my client was in custody,

it's established that the serial killer
is still out there.

And my client is innocent.

So, we ask
that the defendant be granted bail.


But we have produced evidence
against him, Your Honor.

Madam, please.

That's an argument for another time.

We are not asking
for the verdict of innocence.

All we are asking for is bail.

Okay, the defendant is granted bail.

- I want to show you something.
- Now?

It's important. It's really important.

What's going on, Sona?

I think I know what's happening.

The staff has organized
a surprise party for me, right?

You're really building the suspense.


The basement?

Can't be a party.

That's so...


There's a room here too?

I had no clue.

We could've put another bed...

This is the girl
whose body has supposedly been found.

What the fuck, Sona?


I don't understand.

There was only one way
to prove your innocence.

Then I didn't want to do it. I was just...

So if she's still here...

whose body was that?

That's just an unclaimed body and fetus

I sourced from the hospital.

From where we regularly source
bodies for our college experiments.

Then my makeup and tattoo skills
came handy to make it resemble this girl.

I'm sorry.


My baby.

I feel so miserable
for having put you through all this.


Nothing will happen. We are together.

But what do we do now, Joy?

What do we do with this girl?
She's seen me.

Shona, baby.

We must think
of a solution very calmly. Okay?

I can't believe I'm going to say this,
but thank God you're here.

You know, it's been driving me nuts.

Why haven't you killed me yet?

It's all your fault!

I was letting you go, when you
had to act smart and try to escape.

Stupid girl!

If you hadn't seen me,
you wouldn't be my problem anymore.

But now, I don't know what to do with you.

Oh yeah, it's all my fault.

Then why are you feeding me?

Let me die.

This is not for you.

It's for the baby inside you.


No more service.

Why? What's the matter?
You're out of stock?

We are out of respect for you.

The person who framed our beloved
doctor is not welcome here anymore.

Look, I understand your feelings.

But please don't do this tonight.

I badly need to drink today.

And I don't want anyone
to stop me from drinking!

Bash the bastard!

Hey, baby. This is dada.



I've thought of a nice name for you.

Let me know what you think.



What if it's a girl?


Haven't thought of that.

We'll call her Anushka.



I'm stuck in the basement.

Yes, I can hear you.
You're in the right direction.

Just a little ahead. I'm right here.

Who's it?

Who's that?

I think it's the killer.


Fuck that bitch. I'm going to kill her.

Hide. Get a rod.

Not there, you fool. She'll see you.

Hide in the cupboard.


Oh, shit!


The person you are calling, is not

Please try...

Hello, Mrs. Serial Killer.

Did I scare you? I wanted to wake you,

but you were sleeping like a baby.

Come in. Come.

So I didn't disturb you.


Come in, shona.

Come in, baby.

Come on.

Come in.



what are you doing here?

I realized, she needs a surgery.

What surgery?



Because she's a whore.

Just like my birth mother.

But you don't even know her.

You didn't even know your birth mother.

I know them all.

They're all the same.

Fucking whores!

Whores who get pregnant out of wedlock.

Then either abort the innocent child,
or dump it after it's born,

for some pervert to adopt and molest them!

I understand bad things
might have happened to you.

But that doesn't give
you the right to punish anyone.

I'm not punishing anyone.

Who am I?

That their God will do.

I'm only arranging their meeting.

And what about those unborn babies?

I keep them safely.

In my bottles.

They're safer in my bottles
than in this cruel world.

I know what you're thinking.

This is your moment of choice.

But remember...

you have the freedom of choice,

but not the freedom of consequence.





To hell with Joy.

My name is Mrityunjoy.

If you insist on shortening it,
call me Mrityu.

Joy, Joy, Joy.

I'm not a fuckin' ice cream!

Call me Mrityu.

- Mrityu.
- Yeah.

Oh, the sweet sound of death.

Yes, hello, sir.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Shona? She's right here.

Wait a second. Speak to her.

How are you, Sona?


Yes, sir, she can't talk right now.

No, not cold.

She's got a little knife through her hand.

Yes, she got to know.

About you?

Well, I think...

she does now.

No, sir. No, don't worry.
Don't worry, sir.

She won't tell anyone.

I'll take care of her.

Good night.

Rastogi and I go a long way.
He has got me out of trouble before.

Shona, you must be feeling

like you're watching the climax
of 'Sixth Sense', right?

But you know, Sixth Sense
is more fun the second time.

That's when you realize

how everything was right
in front of you all the time.

But you never realized it.

Sit down. Relax.

Replay all our scenes and enjoy.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- No.


Let's rock and roll.

Stop! Please stop. Don't do that.

Don’t! Don't do it.

- No.
- Please!

Please, stop!


- Who's it?
- Sid.

You know, that's one of the most
common names in our country today.

- So, a little clarity might help.
- I'm Anushka's boyfriend.

I'm stuck here. The door is jammed.

Please let me out. Please.

You know what? I was always a shy kid.

Can you believe that shy kid

is now going to perform
in front of an audience of two?


Wish me good luck.

Where's my scalpel? Scalpel?

I guess I'll have to get another one.

Okay, it's all right.

Okay guys, behave yourselves.

No mischief.

Pin-drop silence.

Okay, guys?

What a mess.

Get up.

Get up. Quick.

Move back.

Keep moving.

Pick up that chair.

Sit down.

Hands behind.

Shona, I hope
there are no more guests coming.

I've run out of chairs.

Mr. Rastogi spoke a lot about you.

Glad we got a chance to meet.

I was wondering how you knew...

My sister.


She was your sister?

And I thought
our love triangle is going on.

You were only trying
to avenge your sister's death.

But I still don't get...

how did you find me?

What's funny?

Nothing, doctor.

Just remembered a joke.


Must be really funny,
if it made you laugh at a time like this.

Very funny.

Want to listen?

Oh, fuck!

I love comedy.

Let's start. Come on. Can't wait.

I was in love with Sona.

I wanted to marry her.

That's not fair.

Sounds like romance. You promised comedy.

- This is not fair.
- Have patience, doctor.

It's coming.

But before I could marry Sona...

I got the news of my sister's murder.

When I rushed back home
and investigated, I learned...

she had recently met a gynecologist,
which was odd...

as she was unmarried.



Excuse me, Doctor.

So you're that cop?

You didn't die?

No, doctor.

But thanks to you,
I was in coma for two years.


Look, I'm losing patience.

Where's the comedy?

Coming soon, doctor.

When I regained consciousness, the first
thing I did was try to contact Sona.

But I learnt, she had to marry
the guy her parents had chosen.

Tragedy. Okay.

He has given everything but comedy.

Where is the fucking comedy?

Where is the comedy? I want comedy!

Calm down, doctor. This is the spice.

It has everything. Now comes the comedy.

Though sad about losing her...

I was happy that now I could
dedicate all my time after you.

I learnt you had settled in this town.

But didn't have any evidence on you.

So I took my posting here,
to catch you in the act.

But after coming here, what do I see?

The love of my life
had married the hate of my life.

What a fucking joke!

Oh, dear!


Oh, fuck.

Very funny.

But what's even more funny

is you still never found
any evidence against me.

I was fed up of waiting for it.

So I planted them and nailed you.

Okay. That's enough.

That's enough.

So now,

now that romance,
thriller, tragedy and comedy is over...


Time for some...


And since a Bengali is at the helm
of this action sequence,

Mrityunjoy Mukherjee... that is, moi,

artistic aesthetics
are of prime importance.

Appropriate lighting.

Appropriate music.

Hey! Wait!

Hey, scoundrel.

Free Sid. Take Anushka to the hospital.

Fast! Move!

You'll be okay, baby.

Take her.

Quick. Quick, let's get out.

No! Joy!


- Are you okay, baby? Are you okay?
- I'm okay.

My b...

My baby.

Your child has paid
the price for your sins.

And... I've paid for mine.

My baby.

My baby!

You whore!


She's fine.

You'll be discharged in a week.

You seem to be in a hurry
to take me to prison.

You're not going to prison.

Anushka is not pressing charges.


Because you saved my life.

And if it were not for you,

this idiot
would never have realized my worth.

Guilty as charged.

All thanks to you.

We're getting married.


maybe you two
should also think of starting a new life.


How are you feeling?

Fine, doctor.

Nothing can make up for your loss.

But if it's any consolation, it's entirely
possible for you to get pregnant again.

Thank you, doctor.

- Excuse me, doctor.
- Yes?

Has the body gone for postmortem?

What body?

The dead body I had brought along.

Oh, that one.

He's not dead. We managed to save him.


Where's he now?

Excuse me.

Where's this patient?

He was right here.

How can he disappear?

He was unconscious.

Did anyone see you?


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