Mrs. Claus (2018) - full transcript

A group of college students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house that has a sinister past are stalked by a bloodthirsty killer disguised as Mrs. Claus.

- As I've said, pledge,

we can stay here all night,

or we can just
call it quits now,

and you can crawl back

to whatever trailer
park you came from.

- No, no, I, I don't wanna quit.

- Then you know
what you need to do.

You're the last one
we're waiting for.

The other pledges finished
this task awhile ago.

Do it!

Very good, pledge.

You honestly had me
questioning your commitment

to the Delta Sigma Sigma's,

but you've proven yourself

to not be the whiny little
slut I took you for.

Now, we have one final
task for you to complete

that sister Hannah will explain.

- What, one more task?

You said that was the last one.

- Oh, no, no, I said
this was the last day.

You very much have just
one more task to complete.

Sister Hannah, show her.

- We as sisters share

the most intimate
details with each other,

and we have to make sure
you're comfortable in doing so.

You have 45 seconds
to get started,

or you will fail
your initiation.

- This is a joke, right?

- 40 seconds.

- This, this isn't right.

This is just sick.

- So, what are you quitting?

I knew it, you wasted
our fucking time.

- 30 seconds.

- Please, I'll do anything else.

- 10 seconds.

- That's
a good little whore.

Now, keep going until we
tell you to stop.

Well, I guess I'll
open up my gift next.

Oh, it's from Angela,
charming card.

Hmm, it's lovely,
thank you, Angela.

But, one question.

Why did you give me a
Happy Holidays card?

You're not one of those
people who are like,

offended by Christmas
or something, are you?

- Of course not.

I just thought
the card was nice.

- Nice, well, we here

at Delta Sigma Sigma
celebrate Christmas,

not Hanukkah, Quingua,

or any of those other
stupid made up holidays.

So, when your card
says Happy Holidays,

just which holidays are
you referring to exactly?

- You're looking too far into it

when you should be appreciating
the thought behind it.

That is what the Christmas
season is about, correct?

- Why don't you
open my gift to you?

- Why
don't you use for us

like you did a few
months ago.

- That was fucked up.

- Oh please, liberal lezzie
needed to be taken down a notch.

She's been acting like she's
so much better than everyone

since she's been here.

I'm just reminding
her who's in charge.

Now, who else has
a present for me?

Anyone, that's okay.

- What're you doing,
you stupid bitch?

- Mm hmm.

- Babe, all I was saying was
I just, I, I don't get it.

Come one, why would
you pledge the same sorority

where your sister was murdered?

I mean, I, I don't get that.

I'm not trying to
be an ass, Danielle.

I just don't get it.

- Well, I guess at the time

it just felt like it was
a good way to honor her.

You know, being part of the
house she loved so much.

It's, it's sentimental
B.S., I know.

- But, I, I don't like seeing
what being in this house,

especially around
Christmas, is doing to you.

- Well, it's my
first Christmas here.

You know, it's just something
I gotta get through,

but it'll get better, I promise.

- Okay, kiddo,
you gonna be ready

for the party Friday night?

- You mean
the sorority girls

dressed in slutty
Mrs. Claus outfits,

and drunk frat
boys in Santa hats

trying to lore them
under the mistletoe?

Ah, yeah, I wouldn't
miss it.

- Perfect, ah, I'm
gonna head out.

I'll call you later.

Can, can you just
try to get some rest?

- Yeah, okay, adios.

Hey, Kayla, more
cookies for the party?

- You know me, a regular
Rachael Ray ,

but I uh, I think Rachael Ray

may have made some
prettier cookies.

- Mm, you know, it's real uh,

1950s Rockwell Christmas of
you to think college kids

are gonna be all about the
cookies at the party.

- Come on, it's a
Christmas party.

There should be some decorum.

- Oh, okay.

- Whatever, so how's
my brother doing?

- Hmm, he's good,
he's charming as ever.

- Has he um, has he said if
Grant's gonna be at the party?

- Oh my God, Kayla, you
just have to talk to him.

- I know, I know, I, I
guess I'm old fashioned.

I like when the guy
courts the girl.

- You really were
born in the wrong decade.

- I know, right?

So, how are you doing?

I mean really.

I know this time of
year in this house

has gotta be hard for you.

- You sound like your brother.

- It just means we
both care about you.

- And I appreciate that,
but I'm fine, I promise.

- Okay, but if you ever
need to talk or anything,

my ears are yours.

So, wanna help me finish
decorating these cookies?

- You know, as tempting
as that offer sounds,

I think I'm just
gonna go lay down.

I've had some trouble
sleeping recently.

- Okay, but at least take that
one you've been picking at.

- Hey, thank you for being so
welcoming and understanding.

It means a lot.

- Yeah, sure.

- Oh, it's just me.

- Sorry, I just.

- Oh, no need to explain, girl.

Fixated on my door
for obvious reasons.

I told you if you
wanted to switch rooms,

although that's kind of morbid,

but I'd be more than willing.

- God, no, no, I already

can barely sleep in
this house, so no.

- I wish you
would've talked to me

before you decided to pledge.

- I just need to go lie down,

and then this party,

so I can go home and get
away from here for a bit, so.

- Okay, but hey, we need
to talk, I'm serious.

This isn't good for you.

- I'm fine.

- Bullshit, go get some rest.

We'll talk later.

- Okay.

- All I know is someone needs

to take a fucking
creative writing class.

What a lame ass poem.

- Be serious.

- I am serious, Dani.

I mean, obviously this
is just some asshole

trying to get a rise out of you.

I mean, Mrs. Claus, come on.

- Okay, but why now?

- Um, duh, it's Christmastime.

Your sister was
murdered 10 years ago,

and you, you walk around here

like you're fucking
girl interrupted.

Not even attempting
to hide the fact

that being here creeps
you the hell out.

Obviously, someone
picked up on this,

and decided to give you shit.

- I don't know, it just,
it seems so vicious.

- Sorority bitches
are vicious, Dani.

I mean, look at the
stories about your sister.

- What do you mean by that?

- So, you're gonna pretend
you haven't heard the stories?

- You mean the hazing stories?

It's not like she was the
only one doing those things.

I mean, every sorority
and fraternity

on campus was doing it.

- Well, not just that,

but yes, that's a
good place to start.

Well, what about what she
supposedly did to that girl

the night that she was killed?

- I, I can't believe

you're bringing
this up right now.

That girl was a
fucking psychopath,

and my sister, she, she played
an innocent joke on her,

but that does not mean
that she deserves to--

- You know that's
not what I mean,

but you can't ignore
her reputation.

Whether you think
it's justified or not,

not many people have much
nice to say about her,

and as a result, would jump at
the chance to terrorize you.

- Christ, I can't deal
with this right now.

I mean, ever since coming here,

I've tried to not let this
whole fucked up scenario

of living in the same house

where my sister was
murdered bother me, but.

- That was your choice, Dani.

- I know that, okay,
but does not mean

I deserve to be harassed
by some asshole.

- You're right, here.

- What're you doing?

No, don't waste your.

- Sent.

- Ah, fuck.

- Who was that?

- Well, just Jake.

- And you're not
gonna respond to him?

- Does it matter?

- Apparently not.

So, are you gonna miss
me over break, hmm, hmm?

- Yeah, sure.

- Convincing.

- I'll miss fucking you.

- Oh, nice,
but I'm sure Grant boy

has plenty of girls
lined up to fuck.

- Mm, yeah but,
you're one of my favs.

- I should go, it's gonna
be getting dark soon.

- You're really
driving home tonight?

It's like three hours away.

Plus, you're gonna miss
your sorority's party.

- I'm not much for
Christmas parties.

- Alcohol and me?

What's not to like?

- So, is that an invitation
to take me to the party, hmm?

I didn't think so.

Listen, you have
a Merry Christmas.

- You get like this
every time we fuck.

- Then stop fucking me, Grant.

- You want some help?

- Oh, no thanks.

You know me, a perfectionist.

- I've noticed, you know,

I just don't understand why
you put in so effort to a tree

when no one really stays
here for, hey Soph.

Late day at work?

- Nah, I was with Grant.

I'm just gonna bring my bags.

I need to get on the road.

- Are you sure you can't
stay here for the party?

- Nope.

- Can I help you?

- Ah, I'm a, I'm
Angela's mother.

The girl that was murdered
here 10 years ago.

- Of course, I recognize
you from the news.

I thought Angela
committed suici--

- She, she was murdered.

- I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to um,

Mrs. Werner, what
can I do for you.

- Look, is, is, is that Danielle
King really living here?

- Yeah, but I think
she's sleeping.

- Well, I need to speak to her.

Please, you go get her.

- I don't know if that's a
good idea, I mean she's--

- Please, I, I've
tried for years

to gain closure for
my daughter's death.

This is something I need to do.

- I thought you were sleeping?

- I heard the doorbell.

What're you doing here?

- Oh, so it's true?

Why child, why
would you live here

when your blood has caused nothing
but pain and destruction.

This house is forever tainted
because of your sister!

- What're you talking about?

Your daughter
murdered my sister.

- Please, let's calm
down, I don't think--

- Your sister was evil!

I knew it!

Angela knew it!

You know it and your living here

is a slap in the face to
my daughter and her memory.

- That's enough, please,
I think you need to leave.

- Look at you,
you're just like your sister.

You can't help it.

Selfishness and evil
run through veins.

Well, I'm gonna move
on knowing that fact,

but believe that I wish you
only pain from living here,

and I pray that this Christmas
fills you with anguish.

- Are you okay?

Please, don't,
don't listen to her.

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm used to her.

I just didn't think
she'd come here.

- Grief can make
people do crazy things.

- What was all
that yelling about?

- Never mind, remember
we have a party

to prepare for tomorrow.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I'm sorry you had
to deal with her.

Go upstairs, shake it off.

Get some rest, call Kyle.

- Hey!

- Hey, Danielle,
are you, are you good?

Kayla texted me, just
told me what happened.

- Of course she did.

Ah yeah, I'm fine.

I'm a little shaken
up, but I'm fine.

- Oh my God, hopefully
that crazy bitch is gone,

but Danielle, you
have to promise me

if she comes back you're
gonna call the police.

- Yeah, we'll see, I mean,
she's mostly harmless.

She's harassed my family before,

but she's more annoying
than anything else.

- Ah shit,
okay, Jake's here.

I gotta go, but if anything
else happens call me.

Um and, if not, I'll
see you tomorrow.

Can you bring the sexy
Santa Claus outfit.

I really like that.

- Yes, sir.

- I love you.

- Yeah, ditto.

- Hello, Delta Sigma Sigma
house, this is Kayla speaking.

Oh hi, Mrs. Benson.

No, Sophie isn't here.

She left last night.

She isn't home yet?

That's strange, yeah, she
definitely left last night.

Of course, I'll ask around
and get back to you.

I'm sure she's fine.

Bye, and please, let me
know if you hear from her.

- Whoa, good
morning, jumpy today?

- No, I'm sorry, I
guess I was daydreaming.

- Who called, huh?

- Oh, wrong number.

- Oh, so about
the party tonight,

don't be too surprised if
not too many people show up.

- So I've been told.

- Well, I just wanna
be real with you.

You've worked so
hard on all this,

and I just don't
want you to be hurt,

because word is not too
many people are coming.

Most have already left campus.

- You know me,
constant optimist.

Look, I'm sure the
turnout will be fine,

whether is five people or
a hundred and five people.

It's really about celebrating

the true meaning of the holiday.

- Okay, well, I'll talk
to you later, okay.

- Yeah, oh wait, um, Kyle's
taking Danielle and me

to get some last
minute party stuff.

Can you please put the finishing
touches on the decorations?

- Yeah,
yeah, whatever, bye.

- Thanks.

Cornell, do you copy?

- Yes, what is it, over.

- I'm sending
a call to your cellphone,

a Mrs. Benson, says her
daughter left campus last night,

but hasn't made it home.

Seems pretty upset.

Sounds like she needs to
talk to another woman.

- Okay, oh, and
that's an example

of the sexism I was
talking about, over.

- Sure, doll.

Let me know if you need
anything, over and out.

- Good afternoon, officer,
care to make a donation?

It's for the little
ones in the hospital.

Much appreciated, you
have a blessed Christmas.

- You too, sir.

- Hello, Kayla, Danielle!

Is that you guys?

What the hell?

- So, as each year passes,

and a new batch of freshman
infiltrate our quaint campus,

the memory of that
brutal murder, suicide

that took place here fades,

and is replaced by numerous,
more salacious stories.

However, that does not diminish

the terrible scar
that event left here.

Not only on this town, but
on this school as well.

It should be a reminder that
our actions have consequences.

When we allow
systems to be set up

that encourage and relish
in requiring young people

to beg and humiliate themselves
in order to gain acceptance,

than we shouldn't be surprised

when something like the Delta
Sigma Sigma tragedy occurs.

Anyway friends, that is
an end to this episode.

Until next week, this
is Tyler signing off.

- You know, this is
some serious overkill

for the five people
that are gonna show.

- Yeah, kinda looks
Christmas vomited in here.

- Kayla likes it.

- Hey, Madison still
hasn't shown up?

You really can't
count on anyone anymore.

Guess being a sister
means nothing to her.

Come on, help with the snacks.

Guests will be here any minute.

- I got it, I got it.

- Okay, uh, sparkling
juice, really?

You might as well
just gotten them milk.

- It's B-Y-O-B.

If the frat boys
wanna get drunk,

they can do it on
their own dime.

- You know, you
really miss the entire point

of being in a
sorority, don't you?

- Ho, ho, ho, hoes.

Who's ready to get smashed
in the name of Santa?

- Hell to the yes, and
Jake is in the house.

- I'm glad you could all make
it to the Delta Sigma Sigma's

traditional Christmas

- Sneaky, little bastard.

- So uh, who else is
supposed to show up

to this uh, little fiesta?

- I'm not sure, anyone
on campus can come.

- But, most everyone's
gone now for break.

- Well hey, that's fine.

We can have our
own little party.

Who actually believes that more
is merrier bullshit anyways?

- I don't.

- So, when did your house
start having this party again?

I heard that after what happened

they stopped doing
it for awhile,

out of respect or something.

- I'm not sure.

I just took it over this year.

- So, can we talk about
what happened here,

you know, that
murder, suicide thing?

- Dude.

- Oh shit, my bad, dude.

Wasn't one of them like
your cousin or something?

- Sister, one was my sister.

But that doesn't mean we
don't have to talk about it.

- I don't really think

that's a good idea,
Dani, we shouldn't--

- Now, was your sister
the who was killed,

or the one who killed herself?

- She was um, the
one who was killed.

- I heard it was over some
prank, is that, is that true?

- Jesus, guys, it's called tact.

- Seriously.

- No, it's okay, really.

I can talk about it.

I'm not that fragile.

- I don't know, are you sure?

- Yeah, it was a prank.

My sister and some
of the other girls,

it was just some
typical hazing stuff.

It got out of hand,

but if Amber would've
known the girl had issues,

then she wouldn't
have taken that far.

- What I
can't understand

is why you would
pledge to a sorority

that allowed your
sister to bully a girl

leading to their deaths.

Better yet, why are
sororities and fraternities

even allowed to exist
on this campus anymore?

- It's a good thing you don't
have to understand it, man.

Okay, Danielle is capable of--

- Sororities and frats
have this type of history

of abuse and bullying,

which caused the deaths
that happened here,

and as long as
sheep keep pledging

these outdated institutions,

then we as a society
are saying it's okay.

So, don't be surprised if
it happens again, Danielle.

- You can not be seriously
blaming sororities for murder.

- Yet, here he is.

- Come on dude!

Frats have nothing
to do with murder.

You wanna know how to
avoid getting killed?

- How?

- You be ugly.

- What?

- Seriously, you don't see
ugly people getting murdered.

Serial killers just
aren't interested in them,

and Jason, Michael, and Freddy,

they don't go after the uglies.

- Then you're
definitely safe, man.

- Knock, knock.

- Shit, definitely not
the guest I had in mind.

- Relax, I'm not
overly concerned

about your alcohol
consumption, yet.

Have any of you seen Sophie
Benson since last evening?

- No, I saw her last night
before she headed home, why?

- Interesting, anyone else?

- No, she isn't home?

- I assume you already know that

since you talked to
her mother this morning

about her not making
it home, correct?

You're Kayla, right?

- Is that who
called this morning?

You said it was a wrong number.

- Wait, Kayla, why would you--

- Stop.

- I need to know
who the last person

to speak with Sophie
was and what she said.

Did she say she was
for sure going home?

- Yes, yes, she for sure left
last night with her things.

- Was this before or
after she was with you?

- After.

- Then why is her vehicle
parked at your place?

- What, no, she definitely
headed out last night,

and her car was nowhere
near my place today.

- Well, it's there
now, plain as day.

Listen, if you know where
she is, please tell me.

Her mother is worried sick.

Fine, in light of this
little development,

I suggest you forget all
about this little party.

We'll be making sure
that nobody else attends.

In the meantime,

I ask that none of travel
too far away from here.

I'm sure I'll need
to talk to you again.

- Are we like under
arrest or something?

- No, of course not.

Should you be?

I just need you all
to be as concerned

about finding your
friend as I am.

That means I need
you to stay close,

so I can get more information.

And no more booze.

I'll appreciate
your cooperation.

- Isn't she just
like a rent-a-cop?

Do we really have
to listen to her?

- Wait, so why
didn't you mention

talking to Sophie's
mom yesterday,

when she said she
didn't make it home?

Why did you lie
about who called?

- I don't know.

I just assumed she shacked
up with some other guy.

- Kayla, you still
should've told us.

- Exactly.

- What if, what if something
bad happened to her.

- Wait, are you
sure that she said

she was going home last night?

- Yes, I texted her
after we hooked up,

and she responded back
saying she was heading out.

- I'm not gonna get
involved in this

if you guys did
something to her.

I barely knew her.

- Do you think a
few of us should go

and see if we can find her, or?

- Well, the food and
the uh, the booze is here,

so uh, this is where my ass
is staying for the time being.

- Come on, dude, you're
really gonna fucking light up

with Officer Snoopy
Tits snooping around?

- Yeah.

Fuck her, seriously,
she's just a rent-a-cop.

What is she gonna do?

- No, no, we all
should stay here.

- Okay, but um, can I
talk to you privately?

- Yeah, okay, I'm outta here,

because I don't
wanna be involved

in another part of your
sorority house drama,

which involves the cops again.

Fuck you.

- Wait, don't go, or at
least let me walk with you.

- Yeah, sure, come on.

- Talk about drama.

- I know, right,
Tyler's a little pussy.

So, rent-a-cop,
she's so serious.

What the fuck?

This is some like, Law and
Order, SUV shit, right?

- SVU, dumb ass.

- What's up, babe, are you
worried about Sophie or what?

- No, no, I'm sure she's fine.

I just wanted away from
the craziness down there.

- Oh, okay, yeah,
that's fine.

- Yeah, also, I wanted
to give you this.

- Um, no way, if I had known,
I would've brought your gift.

It's at home.

- Just, open it.

- Okay.

- So you can stop being
late to all of our dates.

- I fucking love you.

And I love this.

Thank you, babe.

- And uh, you can give me
my present when I get back.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

- Tomorrow?

- Yeah, I'm sorry, I
didn't tell you sooner.

I just really need to get
away and clear my mind.

Plus, my mom really needs
me this time of year.

- Uh, yeah, no, of course.

That's, that is fine.

You know, we will celebrate
as soon as you get back.

- Mm hmm.

- And in the meantime,
I just remembered,

I actually do have
a gift for you.

- Really?

- Yeah, it just uh, requires
me to take my shirt off.

- Yeah?

- Maybe my pants.

- Real slick.

You're doing a good
job with that shirt.

- It's a very tight shirt.

- Yeah.

- All right, you know what?

Fuck the shirt.

- Yeah.

- It's kind of cold, huh?

- Oh well, take my jacket.

Here you go.

- Thanks, Tyler.

- Yeah, of course.

- Hey, thanks for staying and
you know, hanging out with me.

I don't know how much
more of them I could take.

- Then why do you live here?

- Wow, you really are
anti-sorority, aren't you?

Well, I'm the first in my
family to go to college,

and I guess I just wanted to
embrace the whole experience,

and Greek Life just seemed
to be a requirement.

- But you seem so different
from the rest of them.

- Why, because I'm black?

- No, no, no, no, that's
not at all what I meant.

- I'm just
fucking with you.

Is that a smile on
Tyler Hudson's face?

Alert the press.

- My apologies, just
being in a house

where two people needlessly died

just kind of dampens
my spirits, you know.

- Yeah, I like your podcasts.

- Thank you, I
really didn't think

anyone around here
listened to it.

- Well, I do, and I think
you have a great voice,

among other things.

- Thanks.

You know I'm gay, right?

- Seriously?

Don't I feel like an asshole?

- No, no, no, I, you don't,
you're not an asshole.

I'm actually
incredibly flattered,

and it was really sweet.

- Yeah, right.

Hey, I should um, probably get
back to the party, you know.

It is our party, so
I should be in there.

I'll talk to you later.

- Yeah, okay.

- Okay.

- Monica, you can be
on my podcast sometime.

- Sure Tyler, that'd be neat.

- Monica, what can we
talk about on my podcast?

How about the guys that
you're interested in?

Or we could talk about
the sorority system.

Yeah, I can find out
more about that family.

I'm gonna text you right now.

- I suppose I should go back

and join this
wonderfully shitty party.

What the hell, you guys?

- Sorry, I'm sorry,
I had to do that.

We're just going out back
for some uh, you know.

All of the time.

- Whatever, but Tyler
might still be out there.

- I'll just tell that gay
ass to come back inside.

- Did everybody know?

Hey, if that cop comes back
your asses are gonna get busted.

- Rent-a-cop.

Tyler, you out here, bro?

I guess not.

We got the whole place
to ourselves, babe.

- Cool, let's go.

- I don't.

I was thinking we could go
somewhere a little more private.

- Well, like where?

- In there.

- Seriously, you
wanna go in there?

- You want that cop to
come back and come bust us?

- So, um, you guys are
6-1 this year, right?

That's, that's really good.

- Yeah, we would've actually
won the last game too,

if Brandt didn't fucking fumble.

- Uh, yeah, geez, that sounds
pretty rough.

- It was pretty rough.

You follow football?

- Oh um, I guess I don't
really like football that much,

as kind of follow
around the school team.

- Huh well, hey,
that's, that's cool.

Thanks for asking.

- Oh, yeah, totally.

- That was great.

I mean, I have missed
that these last few weeks.

- Yeah, I bet.

- Not like that, you know.

I, I, I mean how in sync
I feel with you tonight.

Like, you're into me and
nothing else matters.

- Well, tonight nothing
else does.

- I love you, Danielle.

Well, we need to get
downstairs and see the others

before they start to
wonder what happened.

- Yeah, you're right.

Okay, let's go.

- Today has been a
crazy fucking night.

First the cop comes and
then Sophie missing.

- Yeah, and his face

when she said Sophie's
car was at his place.

- I know, it's like she pulled

some Gone Girl
shit or something.

That crazy bitch is
so obsessed with him.

- Well, Grant is pretty hot.

I mean, I'd fuck him.

- What?

- What?

- Does everybody wanna fuck him?

Oh, like, so you know
that was a one time thing.

- Yeah, sorry, I
just really miss you.

- Hey, uh, uh, uh, stay.

I got you something.

- What?

- This little thing.

- You're such a dork.

- Do I even need to ask
what you two were doing?

- Hell yeah, Kyle, my man.

- Okay, how about we liven
up this party a little bit

since everyone seems
to be a bit on edge.

- Seriously, look,
what the fuck is this?

- Shh, shh.

- Relax, Grant.

- Just feel the vibe.

- Not everything can be techno.

- This is ridiculous.

- Close your eyes.

- Yo, this is a party, right?

It's a fucking party.

- How much gel do you
put in your hair, Grant?

Like, on a daily basis?

- How much lube do you
put on your pussy, bro?

- A fuck ton!

- Come here.

- Where did you get

- Um, I don't know actually.

I got it, I got it from a guy.

I was underground,
yeah, in like a sewer,

and he had like this mask,

kind of looked like a clown.

Something like that.

Yeah, I got it from
him and he was like,

hey, do you want, you
want some uh, some weed?

And I'm like, yeah
bro, hit me up,

and then yeah,
that's how I got it.

Kind of tastes like seaweed.

- You got it from a sewer.

Are you sure it's pot?

- No, I'm not.

Tastes like horse butt.

You think, you think
Santa gets high?

- Oh yeah, Santa
definitely gets high.

I mean, I'd have to get high

if I was riding around
on a sleigh all night.

- Right, like, you know, he's
like, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer!

Dixon, whatever the rest.

- Rudolph.

- Rudolph, Rudolph is one them.

It's like his nose is lit up.

Like who, you have to be high
if you thought about that.

- Or he's just cold.

- Yeah, you're right.

- Do you think that Santa
gets high with his elves?

- He has to.

- They have to.

- Yeah, he has to get high.

You know, like, they work
so hard, and they're like,

do, do, do, all right, we
made enough toys for today,

let's go take a break.

You know, little weed station.

All right, break time.

Let's go smoke some weed.

- I bet they have the best pot.

- Oh, yes they do, they have to.

- Yeah.

- Let's go.

- We gotta go.

- Now.

- To the North Pole.

- Right now?

- Yeah.

- Is it North or South Pole?

- It's North, it's
definitely North, yeah.

- But who lives
in the South Pole?

- Anti-Santa.

- Anti-Santa, oh,
fucking anti-guy.

- He gives you coal.

- Bleck, I hate coal.

- I know, he's a jerk.

- He's stupid.

- Well, I'm gonna head back in.

- Wait, wait.

Look, I just wanna
say I'm sorry.

You know, I, I like
what we have right now.

Just being really good friends.

- Oh Jake, every
guy that I date,

I compare them to you.

I don't think I can
be just friends.

- Hell yeah, see, that is
what I'm talking about.

We might as well make the
best out of this situation.

- You know what, I agree.

This is our party.

We should be letting loose.

Have some fun before we
all go home for break, yes.

So, Merry Christmas and
have a great New Year

for the Delta Sigma Sigma's.

- And here's to Sophie
being okay, yeah.

- Okay, I got it, tell
me your worst Christmas.

- Ooh, this could be good.

- Wait, like bad,
bad, or funny bad?

- Whichever you
wanna share, bro.

- Okay, now, I got one.

Um, do you remember
that incident

that happened with great-grandpa
a couple of years back?

- Oh gross, don't even.

- Well, now we have to know.

- Yeah, spill it, dude.

- All right, all
right, all right.

Um, it had to be about
what, five Christmas's ago?

Yeah, yeah, because
it was the first time

the whole family had gotten
together in a really long time,

and that included
my great-grandpa,

who was about a
hundred years old.

Horrible health, but my
dad insisted he come.

So, so, my mom prepares
this crazy Christmas dinner.

You know, like ham, pot
roast, tons of side dishes.

Honestly, it looked
and smelled delicious.

We unwrapped the gifts,
gather around the table,

my grandma wheels in
my great-grandpa and--

- Wheels in?

- Yes, and just as
we're being served,

there is a long, wet,
splattering sound.

Whole room fills with this
horrible scent.

It turned out my
great-grandpa had diarrhea.

Not just normal diarrhea,
really, really bad diarrhea.

Yo, I can't even
describe the smell.

It goes down his pants,
all over the floor.

Needless to say my
appetite was gone.

- Dude, that's
fucking disgusting.

- You are so wrong
for sharing that.

He was old and sick.

He couldn't help it.

- I mean, he asked about
our worst Christmas.

You were there,
it was pretty bad.

- Poor guy, I feel
sorry for him.

- Yeah, I mean, he did
die like a week later, so.

- Luckily, all my Christmas's
have been pretty good.

- So, anyone else?

How about you, Danielle, shit.

- My answer that obvious?

Oh my God, seriously.

You guys, it's okay, all right.

All right, you wanna
know the truth?

I was upset at my
sister's death, obviously,

but at the time I was more upset

that my Christmas was ruined.

You know, that year I
didn't get my presents.

Instead of seeing Santa
and the Christmas lights,

I went to a visitation
and a funeral.

Instead of mourning
her I was angry at her.

You know, I guess that's
why I pledged here.

It was guilt.

Like I felt like I deserved

to be haunted by
what happened to her.

- Shit, Danielle, you had to
be like what, eight years old?

You were just a little kid.

There's no way you had
any type of knowing

of what was going on.

I mean, I'm pretty sure you
responded pretty normal.

- I mean, kids
are selfish, Dani.

That's just their nature.

- Fuck, I would've been pissed

not to receive any Christmas
presents if I was eight.

- Really, Grant?

All right, you know what?

You were a kid.

Your reaction was
totally natural.

What matters is that
you miss her now.

- Yeah, shit,
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean for
this to turn into

some like therapy
session or whatever.

Please, let the festivities
continue, huh, go on.

- Ooh, okay, new topic.

Who's had sex on Christmas Day?


- On that note, I'm gonna
go hang out with Tyler.

- I thought he left already?

- Apparently not,
catch you later, guys.

- Goodnight.

- Yo, speaking of that, Jake
and Alexandria headed home?

- Yeah, I guess.

Look anyway, how about some uh,

better music and
we have some fun.

Play some games, some cards,

beer pong,
naked Twister.

- Fine, I know how
to be a good hostess.

- Hell, yeah, woo!

- Oh, okay, yeah.

- Oh my God, oh my
God, nope, nope.

I'm sorry, but nope.

Grant, come on,
sit down, sit down.

It's over, it is over, yup.

My sister and my girlfriend
and me, whole show.

- Tyler, are you out here?

- All right, so, what
should we do now?

- Ah, maybe something
a little low-key.

I may or may not be
feeling this alcohol.

- Okay, um, a movie?

- Yeah.

- Whatchu got?

- I know Madison has a
bunch of Christmas movies.

We have Elf, A Christmas Story,
Christmas Vacation, Prancer?

- Hell no, those fucking suck,

except for Christmas Vacation.

- All right, so
what do you suggest?

- Have you guys seen
Silent Night, Deadly Night?

- Mm mm.

- About the killer Santa

who hacks the shit out
of the naughty peeps.

- Wow, how very um,
festive sounding.

- Hey,
where's Madison anyway?

- I don't know.

Did you hear that?

- Yeah.

- What the heck?

Hey guys, come take
a look at this.

- Is that Madison's phone?

- Mm hmm.

- Why is it here?

That doesn't make any sense.

- I know, right, she
never leaves without it.

- Okay, well, maybe she
doesn't know that it's missing.

She could've dropped it.

- Kyle, you don't understand.

Here phone is like
her fifth appendage.

She never leaves without it.

- Yeah, well, she
wouldn't have left it

in the first place, so.

- Just call or text her, guys.

It's not that serious.

Right, right.

- Okay, you know what?

Maybe, maybe she's still here.

She could be upstairs sleeping.

- Uh, I don't know.

- I mean, we could
at least check.

- And on that note,
I'm heading out.

I'm not sticking around for
more missing girl drama.

- Yeah, whatever, man.

Just get Jake and
Alexandria before you go.

- Uh, dude, I ain't
their dad, later.

- Hey, I'm gonna go check
for Madison upstairs.

- Okay, I'll come.

- Shit!

- Heading out Mr. Mosley?

- Uh yeah, I was heading
back to my place.

That's all right, isn't it?

I'm not under
arrest or anything?

- Of course not.

- Any word from Sophie?

- Unfortunately, no, her parents

are understandably worried sick,

and by my estimation,

she's been missing
for over 24 hours,

so it's out of my hands now,

and in the hands of
the county police.

- I just don't know
where she could be.

- You can go home, Grant,

but I'll take you.

Why don't you go have a
seat in the patrol car?

I'll be out shortly.

- Okay, can I sit
upfront though,

since I'm not under
arrest or anything?

I just don't people seeing me
in the back of a patrol car.

- Sure, I was actually going
to suggest the same thing.

- Coolness, I'll
see you fools later.

- Merry Christmas, Grant.

- Oh, and Mr. Mosley,
don't touch anything.

- Hey, he's gonna
be okay, right?

You don't actually think he
did anything to Sophie, do you?

- Where are the other kids
who were here earlier?

- Um, Monica and Tyler
should be out back.

I'm not sure where
Jake and Alex are.

- You mind if I go out back to
have a quick chat with them?

- No, no, not at all.

- Just point me the
way to the backdoor.

- All right.

You guys, think we should tell
her about Madison's phone?

- No, not until we know
she's definitely not here.

Listen, me and Danielle
will go upstairs.

You stay here, you wait
for Cornell and the others.

- Okay, but please, hurry back.

I'm starting to get

a really uneasy feeling
about all of this.

- Hey, let's go.

- Any sexy ladies out there?

I need some pussy.

Over and out.

Fucking sluts.

- Cornell?

- Who the hell are you?

And what's with that
creepy fucking mask, dude?

This is Christmas,
not Halloween.

- Madison, you in there?

I knew she wasn't here, Kyle.

This is strange.

- Students, it's campus Officer
Cornell, please respond.

Officer Cornell
here, I'm coming in.

- This is just, I don't
know where she could be.

- Look, something
could've come up,

an emergency, I don't know.

- And Sophie?

- I wish I knew, Danielle.

Let's just go back
downstairs with Kayla, okay?

- Okay.

- Come on.

- Mm, wait.

- You guys,
what're you doing?

Kyle, Danielle!

- We'll be there
in a second, okay, just wait.

- Okay.

This is pretty tacky.

Where's the topper?

- I mean, who would send that?

It's definitely not Monica.

- It's just a sick joke, okay.

They're super drunk.

They probably think it's funny.

- I really don't think that--

- We will go find them
and we'll give them hell.

- Okay.

- Kayla, where is she?

- I don't like this, Kyle.

Something isn't right.

- Listen, she might be
outside with Cornell.

- I don't know.

I mean, I, we said we'd
be down in a minute.

You heard me, right?

- Okay, well, what do
you want to do, Danielle?

- I don't know.

I guess we can just
go outside and look.

- Okay, I think you're
letting your imagination

get the best of you.

All right, everything
is fine, I promise.

- Okay, well, let's go.

- Hello?

Something isn't right.

We should just leave.

- Calm down, Danielle,
it's probably just--

- They wouldn't all
just leave, Kyle!

- Okay, okay, Danielle,
no, you're right.

This does feel a little strange,

which is why we are
gonna go inside,

and we're gonna call the--

- No, please, let's just go.

This just isn't--

- You see, it's
a joke, Danielle.

That's what I'm
trying to tell you.

You know how Jake and Grant are.

How convincing they can be.

They're probably inside
laughing at us right now.

We gotta go stop them.

- Okay.

- Jesus Christ, guys,
quit fucking around.

- Can we please just
go, this isn't--

- All right, and now I'm
getting fucking pissed, come on.

- No, wait.

- Fuck!

Hey, don't look,
don't look, okay.

Just look at me.

If we're gonna get outta
her, we have to stay calm.

- Okay, okay.

- Just take deep
breaths, deep breaths.

I would never let anything

happen to you,
Danielle, I promise.

You bitch!

You little bitch,
crying and whimpering,

when you're the reason this
happened in the first place.

Coming here, flaunting
what your sister did!

- What the, what the fuck?

- Why, why would do this?

- Because your sister
killed my baby,

and this sorority allowed it!

They encouraged it!

- Your psycho fucking
daughter killed my sister!

- Oh, you cunt, you
see you little cunt.

This is why you,
they have to die,

so you can feel the loss
and pain that I have!

And you're gonna feel some
pain and some loss, trust me!

- Stop, lower your weapon now.

I'm calling 9-1-1.

Yes, we need services

to the Delta Sigma Sigma
sorority house ASAP.

There's been a
multiple homicide.

- Oh, you think this is over.

Well, it's just started!

- Oh, why, why?

- Merry Christmas, Danielle,
from our family to yours.

- Nothing like the
bond between sisters.

Am I right, Danielle?

- You two are sick!

- Oh no, I'm actually very sane.

I'm giving my sister

the greatest gift she
can receive, revenge.

- Mm hmm.

- Before making her
pain go away for good.

I see you recognize the room.

Fitting eh, but it ends for you

the same place it ended
for your bitch of a sister!

And ultimately, my
sweet, sweet niece.

- I'm sorry.

- It's too late to
be sorry, Danielle.

You should've been sorry
before you came to this campus

and pledged this house.

What did you expect?

You have no idea how
what your sister did

affected my sister,

the hate that consumed her life.

Even after this, she
wouldn't have been healed.

I had to put her
out of her misery.

Put this house
out of its misery.

This isn't going to be quick,

and it will be painful.

- Well, thank you for
the lovely meal, sir.

- Sure wish you'd stay over.

- Yeah, I know, but I gotta
go get some work done,

if there's any chance
of me getting away, so.

- Fair enough, sure your
okay with Christmas in Vegas?

- Yeah, of course.

It'll be fun.

- Okay, good, because I
can not think of anywhere

less Christmasy than Las Vegas.

- Yeah, I guess we both have

legitimate reasons to
hate Christmas now.

- Okay, why don't you head out.

Get your work done, get packed.

- Yeah, okay.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Everything's okay.

- Yeah, adios, lover boy.

- Did you really have
to get the car so bloody?