Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2004) - full transcript

Wes Merritt and his daughter Natalie (14) get more than they bargained for when they buy an old house that was formerly inhabited by the nice old Mrs. Ashboro and her pet cat, Margaret. When strange things start happening in the house, all fingers point to the presence of Margaret, who died the same day as Mrs. Ashboro. But why has she come back to haunt them?

Some people claim they've
seen ghosts of soldiers

on the battlefields around here.
Absolutely swear to it.

How can you write a book about
ghosts of the American Revolution

when you are
a total non-believer?

I'm not a total
non-believer. Right

I look forward to being proven wrong,
but until then,

I plan to find
verifiable explanations

for all things ghostly
and ghoulish.


Here it is.

Beautiful downtown Ringwood.
It's smaller than I remember.

Your mom dragged me here
right after we were married.

I think she'd be happy
we're coming back.

So do you think a New York
City girl like you can hack it?

I'll be fine.
Take a look at that.

Slow down.
I'll get the number.

Excuse me.

Are you the owner?

No. My aunt.
She's the one selling.

Could we make an
appointment to look at it?

Come on in.
I'll show it to you.

Hi. I'm Boyd Ashboro.

Nice to meet you.

Wes Merritt.
This is my daughter Natalie.


You new to Ringwood?

My wife used to live here.

It's a nice town.

What a beautiful cat.

That's Margaret.
My aunt's baby.



And they wonder
why there's road rage.

Hi, Mrs. Ashboro.

What was that maniac doing here?

I guess if you're Ted Riker,
you don't take no for an answer.

Don't give in to him, Brenda.

He'll build those abominable
cookie-cutter houses in your lovely field.

Hello, guys!

I've got you a present!

Thank you.
I'll get it.

You're my favorite guys.

You know what this is,
don't you?

Come on. You're my favorite
boys! You're my favorite boys!

Let's go home and treat the
bunch. Come on. Come on!

Come on, guys. Come on, dog.
Good boy, Trapper!

If I had to sell this place,
I'd never forgive myself.

What would happen
to the animals?

Well, then don't.

I wish it were that simple.

Things are a little
rough right now.

How rough?

Taxes have gone up,
supplies are more expensive.

Dr. Milton used to
volunteer his services,

but the new vet charges
almost full rate.

Here you go.

And on top of that,
Riker's causing problems again.

Riker? What?

He's bad-mouthing me all over town,
so donations are down.

I honestly think that's why
the bank is being so difficult.



Brenda, you can tell me.

I'm behind on the mortgage.

They're not happy.

That's just what
Riker needs to hear.

It's in mint condition.

New furnace last year,
new roof three years before that.

My aunt's lived here
her whole life.

Such a beautiful creature.

I wouldn't pet her
if I were you.

She doesn't like strangers.

And at 15 years of age,
it's a bad habit she isn't about to lose.

Margaret saved
my aunt's life once.


Yeah. Old girl took a nap,
left the stove on.

Dish towel caught fire,
and Margaret woke her up.

Whole place would've
gone up like a tinderbox.

You're a smart cat, aren't you?

Yeah, that's why
my aunt has to sell.

She's getting on.

She'll be safer living
with me or... in a home.

I should show you
the cellar. Sure.

There's no way you're
going to be bullied into selling.

I'm going to help.

You've already helped.
No, I mean it. I...

I... I have a little bit
put aside.

No, I absolutely refuse...

where would I be if you
hadn't found Margaret for me?

Come here, Margaret.

Margaret, I'm home.


Who are you?

I-I'm Natalie.
My dad, he's...

He's looking at your house.

With your nephew, Boyd?

Is that so?

I think they're in the cellar.

Margaret doesn't usually
respond to strangers.

Have we met before?

I don't think so.

Your face is
very familiar to me.

She's a lovely cat.

Margaret is as loyal and loving
an animal as you could ever want.

She... She really seems to
have taken to you, that's for sure.

You're one of the chosen few.

Aunt Ruth!

I didn't hear you come in.

This is Wes Merritt.
I just gave him the tour.

It's a beautiful house,
Mrs. Ashboro.

Well, I hate to disappoint you,
but I am not selling.

I'm sorry, my dear.

I hope you find a nice place.

And when you do,
perhaps you'll come to visit us.

- Come along, Margaret.
- Let's go and have our lunch.

She can be eccentric.

Not to worry.

Call me if you decide
you want the house.

Look, Boyd,
I wouldn't... No, seriously.

And if you want a mortgage,
I can handle it.

My card.

Thanks, but I wouldn't dream of buying
the house out from under your aunt.

She has to sell.
Call me. Anytime.

Thank you.

Poor woman.

Can you imagine having to sell the
house you lived in for your whole life?

Hey! Aren't you friendly!

Yeah, you are.

Don't you understand?
You have to sell.

Why? Because you're
going to move in with me.

It's the right thing. You wouldn't
have anything to worry about.


I'm supposed to sell my house,
hand over the money to you

and go and sit in your house
and not worry about a thing.

Sounds peachy.

Why are you so adamant
about me selling?

Why has this come up all
of a sudden? Aunt Ruth...

Next thing I know, you'll be carting
me off to some old folks' home.

No. You... You can't
live on your own.

Yes, I can!

And if I can't,
I'll get someone to live with me.

I'll hire someone.

You don't have
the money to do that.

Yes, I do.

I have something tucked away
for a rainy day.

But it isn't raining yet.

What money? You shouldn't
have money lying around.

It isn't lying around. And it's
really none of your business, Boyd.

I was just trying to help,
Aunt Ruth, that's all.

I don't need your help.

Why don't you help
someone who does?

Like Brenda.

Excuse me?

She's got mortgage troubles.

Go back to that office of yours
and use your influence.

Maybe I can do something
about that

after I take care
of this whole situation.

Don't you think that you've
caused enough trouble for one day?

And I don't appreciate
coming home

and finding a "for sale" sign
on my house.

I won't have it.



It's all about money.

Always is with Boyd.

How can he get so upset
about a house

when there are so many more
important things in life?

Hey, Jan.

Pretty cold out? Radio said
we're due for more snow.

Yeah, sure feels like it.
Listen, I hate to bug you,

but I've got a complaint here
from Walter.

One dog. I was on the phone
half the morning with him.

One dog got out,
and I have no idea how.

I had a complaint
last week, as well.

I know.
It won't happen again.

It better not,
Brenda. You've been warned. Bye.

Hi! Mrs. Ashboro.

Isn't this a happy coincidence.

I was hoping I would
run into you to apologize.

Listen, dear, I hope
I didn't appear to be rude.

I'm just not ready to sell.
No, no.

We totally understand, really.

Where's your father?

Checking out the archives.

So why have you chosen Ringwood?

I mean, you probably told me,
but it flies out of my mind.

Well, my mom lived here
until she was 17,

and my dad's writing a book
on the American Revolution.

I have this strong feeling
that I have met you before.

I can't get over it.

Now, what was
your mother's maiden name?

Mary Ann Walmer.

Well, there it is.

No wonder you look
so darn familiar.

I know Mary Ann Walmer.


I was the librarian here
for 25 years,

and your mother
practically lived here.

And this...

This was her favorite table.

This very... This very one.

That's so cool.

She loved books.

And you?

You are the spitting image
of her.

How is she, your mother?

My mom passed away...
almost a year ago.

My dear, I'm so sorry.

Well, words don't do much,
do they?

Mary Ann. My.

Did you know that your mother
was quite an actress?


I'll never forget. She must have
been about 10 or 11, I guess.

Hey, you missed the meeting.

Family business.

They've got
some auditors coming in.


There's weird stuff going on
with some of the accounts.

Looks like someone
has light fingers.

Inside job.

Graydon Industries?

You didn't get caught
in that fiasco, did you?

What a mess!

When? When are
the auditors coming in?

End of the month.

I heard this loud thump.


Like that. She threw her book
on the table in a big huff.

It turned out the school was holding
auditions for A Midsummer Night's Dream.

She was having trouble
memorizing the lines.

Nerves, you know.

So I sat down and helped her.

Wouldn't you know it?
She got the part.

I missed her so much when
she moved away with her family.

But I never forgot her.

And now I've met you,
I feel like I've seen her again.

Well, I'm sure that you're going
to find a house that suits you.

I just know it.

You belong here.

Thank you.

And when you do,
you absolutely must come and visit me.

Yeah, I will.
I promise.



Say hello to Margaret for me.

I will.

And how are you today,
Mrs. Ashboro? Just peachy, Sandra.

Thought I'd check out
the family jewels.

Well, let me know
when you're through.

So I hated the one with the orange
carpets and the glass bricks, all right?

How about that second one?

The one with the skinny hallway.

Did that smell weird,
or was that just the agent?

I liked
Mrs. Ashboro's house.

I mean, no wonder
she doesn't want to move.

She's such a nice person.

It's so weird that she knew mom.

I mean, listening to her talk about
her when she was little, it was...

it was amazing.

So you want to come back
next weekend, look some more?

Sure, I guess.

Congratulations, Ken. You've just
made the best investment of your life.

Walter, you're gonna
have to talk to your wife.

Your friend here's
ahead of the game.

just check out the specs.

These properties are going
to double their value in...

four years max.

Seriously, guys.

This Woodland Development is
going to put this town on the map.

Ringwood's going to become one of
the most affluent little commuter towns

in the country.

We should toast to that.
Yeah. Come on.

Two more.


Boyd Ashboro.

Ted Riker. Yeah, I know who
you are. It's a pretty small town.

Yes, it is.

Listen, just thought I'd ask.

I have a property up for sale,
near Brenda Yancey's farm.

Big one.
Top of the hill.

Gray with red trim?
That's the one.

My aunt's.
You interested?

No. Sorry.

I have the package together.

There's just one property outstanding.
I expect to close that any day now.


No harm in asking, right?

No problem.

Nice to meet you.

That way I'll remember it,
won't I?

You're the only one
I'll ever confess to

that my memory
isn't what it used to be.

No. no. Now,
don't get any ideas.

You've had your dinner.

I'm going to put it
where you can't get into it.

I feel like I accomplished
something today, Margaret.

Now Brenda won't have
a thing to worry about.

I knew I had this.

I'm going to give it
to that nice little girl.

My good girl.

We're life companions,
aren't we, you and I.

We're not getting any younger.


Another dream?

I was chasing Margaret.


Mrs. Ashboro's cat.

But I was in
a very strange place.

And there was a fire,
and I lost her.

And Mom was there, too, waving.

And then she was gone.

I miss her so much.

Think we'll find
a house today, Dad?

Sure you're not going
to miss your school?

Not really.

What about your friends?

They'll visit.

We'll e-mail, right, Dad?


So where's
that three bedroom one?

It's one more block.

Says it's partially renovated.

That could mean anything.
You wanna go see it?

Yeah, I guess.
Dad, stop!

It's Margaret!
You almost hit Margaret!

What are you talking about?
There's nothing there.

Well, hi, folks.
Wes, right?

Right. Natalie.

Look, I'm sorry I didn't get your
number. I was going to call you.

Has your aunt changed
her mind about selling?

We buried Aunt Ruth
this past Wednesday.

Boyd, I'm so sorry.

And Margaret?

How is she? I just saw her
running across the street.

You couldn't have.

The cat passed away
the very night of the funeral.

Weirdest thing.

Are you sure this is a good
time? I don't want to barge in.

No, no,
no. No better time than the present.

This friend of my aunt's,
Brenda Yancey,

she lives on the farm
across the field.

She's the one who gave Aunt
Ruth the cat in the first place.

She says Margaret died
of a broken heart.

The animal was 15 years old,
for crying out loud.

I'm not budging on
the price. I understand.

And if you want it furnished,
it'll cost extra.


"Mary Ann Walmer"?


Dad, we have to buy this house.

It's a sign.
This was Mom's.

Call the dogs off, Brenda!

What are you doing here,
Mr. Riker?

Surely we're on
a first-name basis by now.

Call me Ted.

If you think you can buy
me off with flowers and wine,

you're barking up
the wrong tree.

I'm not here to buy you off.
I'm here to apologize.

Hey, Brenda, you have to understand
me wanting to buy your land.

Your parcel's the only thing that's
standing in the way of the development.

And it's a fair price.

I don't understand why
you're being so stubborn.

It's simple.
I don't want to sell.

I hear you're having some
trouble with your neighbors.

That's none of your business.

I promise you,
it's only going to get worse.

Is that a threat?

Cautionary advice.

Now, surely we can
do some business.

I want you off my property.

It's my final offer.



Ms. Yancey.

Watch the drawers.

You think of everything.




That's a cool name.

Um, so are we going
to be neighbors?

Yeah, I guess.
I'm Natalie.


He's a great-looking dog.

See, Comfort? You lose a friend,
another one comes along.

He lost a friend?

The cat that used
to live here... Margaret.

They were buddies.

She was so beautiful.

So, you should know
I'm basically nosy,

and all I've seen
is you and your dad.

No brothers or sisters?

No. It's...
It's just the two of us.

Hey, Pearson!

That's Kurt, my brother.

Come on! It's lunchtime.

Well, see ya.
Come on, boy, let's go.

Come on, boy.

Comfort, come here.
Come here, boy. Come on.

This can't be her only account.

She just had the one
personal savings account.

There has to be more though.
I know there's more.

She cashed in
a retirement policy.


That's a lot of money.

What happened to it?

Mr. Ashboro, I do not put tracer
dogs on other people's money.

Your aunt had a safety deposit
box. You could look in there...

if you have the correct
papers to give you access.

I'm... her only
living relative.

I've got the papers here.

♪ Well, I've been
growin' up too fast ♪

♪ Can't hide
from what you're... ♪


My God, you scared me.

Front door was open.

My dad, he went to the library,

but he'll be back soon
if there's something you need.

Well, I... I think I lost
a cufflink the other day.

I was gathering
my aunt's personal things.

Would you mind if I just took a
look around, see if I can find it?

Sure, sure.

He just walked right in.

Totally freaked me out.

Said he was looking
for a cufflink.

He probably misses his aunt.

Needed an excuse to come back.

He gave me the creeps.

Told me if I found anything
that was rightfully his,

it would be against the law
to keep it.

He's just a windbag.

Assistant client funds manager.

Anyway, here's to the house.

And to new beginnings,
new school, new book.

Everything's kind of been
on hold this last year,

but we're gonna get back
to some state of...

I don't know, normal.

There is no normal.

Well, at least we can try.

Hey, I found some great stuff
at the library today.

Stories about a guy
who was hung for treason

in a field not far from here.

Really charming.

Apparently he's been seen
by about a dozen people,

and amazingly they weren't
all drunk at the time.

It's only Comfort.

He probably just misses
Margaret sitting in the window.

All this ghost chat making you
a little nervous, Dad?

No. Yes, it is. I saw your face.

No way. It's just the house.
It's old, it's creepy.

Yeah, I know how much is riding
on the deal, and I won't let you down.

This is your last chance.

Yeah. Clearly we're
running out of time.

When I want something closed...

Well... Yeah, well, can I...

Too much complications.
Just close it.

Look, can I make a point here?

Why don't you give me the
go-ahead to make her a sweeter offer?

I know that's what
she's waiting for.

If that's what she's waiting for,
give it to her. Okay. Fine.

Just make it happen. Yeah,
I understand that. I'll talk to you.

I'm back.

So I see.

Look, I apologize
for the late hour,

but I was driving back from the city,
and I saw the lights.

Excuse me. Look, I had a word
with the people at head office,

and they've allowed me
to make you another offer.

Mr. Riker, I think I've
made myself really clear.

But this is really
very generous.

I'd have a look at it
if I were you.

There you go.

That wasn't so difficult,
was it?

Good night.

Good night.



Hey, Natalie!
What's up?

Nothing much.

How'd you like to take
Comfort for a walk?

Maybe we could go across
the field and visit the animals.

What animals?

At Brenda's. She takes in
strays and helps them find homes.

Yeah, sure. Why not?


- Come on, Comfort!
- Come here!

So where'd you move from?

New York. Manhattan.

It must have been so cool.

It was okay.

You miss it?

I don't really know yet.

Where's your mom?

Don't be afraid
to ask questions.

Told you I was nosy.

She passed away.

Good one, Pearson.
No, no, it's okay.

I lost my mom, too.

She swerved on the highway
to miss a deer.

I'm so sorry.

Come on, Comfort!

So, you have the one brother?

Yeah. Kurt.
And my stepfather.

They were only been married a
couple of months when it happened.

Poor guy.

But he's cool.
He's from Australia.

Hey, maybe we should
go down to the billabong

and get some chow
for the ol' cake eater.


Hey, Kurt, this is Natalie.


So you work here?

Part time.

Full time until
the break's over.

Yeah, and then
you too will experience

the indescribable pleasures
of Ringworm High.

So what grade are you in?


I'm in nine.
We are the persecuted.

What grade are you in?


Fifth try.

Just kidding. I'm kidding.

It must be fun...
working on a farm.

It's an animal shelter,
not a farm.


Three helpers!
Just what I need.

This is Natalie.

Hi. I'm Brenda.
Nice to meet you.

Natalie Merritt.
Yeah, I know.

You moved into my friend's house,
Mrs. Ashboro.

She was just the greatest lady.
You're going to love it there.

Hey, Comfort.

Did you come to visit me, boy?

I missed you, too.

Brenda found Comfort for us,
just after mom died.


Such a handsome boy, aren't you?

Have you been a good boy?

Anyone feel like working?

Follow me.

♪ Sunshine

♪ Sunshine
Here's what you mean to me ♪

♪ She said don't laugh

♪ Don't you laugh
that way for me ♪

♪ There'll always be a rainbow ♪

♪ At the end of the field

♪ In the night

♪ In the night
I hear your heartbeat ♪

Here you go, guys.

♪ I cannot try

Don't be jealous, Comfort.

♪ I'd like to try
but I cannot compete ♪

♪ And I cannot compete here

♪ There'll always be a rainbow ♪

♪ At the end of the field

♪ Yeah, still will

This is so cool.

I love animals, but living in an apartment,
it's a kinda difficult.

Have you ever been to New York?

Once. On a school trip.

So you probably went to the
Met and the Guggenheim and...

I skipped out and
went to the village.

You're gonna get it.


♪ There'll always be a rainbow ♪

♪ At the end of the field

Can you two go play
somewhere else?

Sony. I was going
for Pearson.

Bad aim, I guess.

Now, I'm asking you!

Did my aunt ever give you money?

Why are you so upset? I've
never seen you like this before.

Did she ever give you money?

You mean did she make donations?

I mean did she ever
give you money?

Yes or no?
Just give me an answer!

Yes, she did.

So my rightful inheritance
was given to you and your zoo.

No, Boyd. I mean
she used to bring by food.

She's been doing that for years.

And every once in a while, she'd very
generously donate some money for the cause.

But I think
that was her business.

It's my business when the cash
was supposed to come to me.

I was under the impression
it was hers to give.

I want my $50,000, Brenda.

Are you of your mind?

I'm talking 40 or 50 dollars
every once in a while... $50,000?

You saw an old lady with a
ridiculous amount of compassion

for your flea-bitten strays,
and you milked her! Wait just a minute!

If you're suggesting that I took
advantage of someone that was my friend...

You used her!
You tricked her!

I've never seen
$50,000 in my life.

Well, that's my money,
and I want it back,

so I'm going to get a court order
and have your bank account checked.

Go ahead.
I have nothing to hide.

I think you'd better leave.

I'll be back.

What a jerk.

He's such a creep.

The other day, I'm all alone,

and he walks right in
without even knocking.

I was totally freaked.

If he does it again, call me.
I'll kick his butt.

He practically
called Brenda a liar,

and, I mean, you should see all these
things she does with these animals.

She nurses them back to health,
she finds them new homes.

She looked really upset.

I heard something.

Come on.
No, I did.


Dad, look, whether
you like it or not,

there is something
in this house.

I told you, I can feel it.

Sometimes, right after she died,

I thought I felt your mom's
presence in the apartment.

Little things like thinking a mug she
always used for her morning coffee

had been moved on the shelf.

Or a hint of her perfume
all of a sudden.

But I was just so used
to those everyday things.

I imagined them.

But I didn't imagine her
photo flying off the piano

or the piano keys moving and...

I just don't think it's a coincidence
that Mrs. Ashboro knew her.

I'm just saying that your mind is
very open to this kind of thing right now.

The people I interview?
One thing in common:

They all lost someone,
and they want them back.

Half the stories I'm tracking for my book turn
out to have perfectly logical explanations.

So what about that guy
who was hung for treason?

You said ten people
had seen him.

That's just
an annual Halloween prank.

It appeals to those people
who like to think

that Ichabod Crane
is still out there,

riding through the night
without his head.

Well, he is, isn't he?
Tell you what.

Let's both you and I
stay up tonight.

That way, if something happens,
we'll both be there to see it.

Okay? Deal?


Hey! Natalie! Hi!


This is my dad.
Dad, Brenda.

Wes Merritt.

So you must be the animal lady.

I mean, you look after strays,
dogs, Natalie tells me.

Yeah, and Natalie tells me
you're a writer.

I'm sure I must've read
some of your books.

You read a lot of history?
I'm a history buff.

It's hard not to be,
living around here.

In fact, George Washington
used to visit Ringwood all the time.

One of his chief mapmakers lived in
the area, a General Erskine, I think.

Yeah, Erskine. I've been
meaning to look him up.


Trapper, Bo!
Hang on!

I better catch up to the dogs.

Nice to meet you.

My pleasure.

And, Natalie, you drop by
anytime you like, okay?


She's a good worker.
See ya!

Hold on, guys!

Come on! Trapper!
Come on!

What the...

What's wrong?


You sense her.

Don't you? I told you.
She's here.

Where'd all this water
come from?

We'll stay up together tonight.

What do you want, exactly?

No, Ted.
It's what you want.

You want Brenda Yancey's
farm, right?

I can make that happen.

I'm the assistant
client funds manager

at the Ringwood
Savings and Loan downtown.


I know things
that most people don't.


Like Brenda Yancey's a client,
and she's in deep trouble.

Way behind on
her mortgage payments.

I could maneuver a
foreclosure... for a fee.

You know, Boyd, I think we maybe
able to do some business after all.

Well, Nat, I guess this is the case
of the watched pot never boiling.

Isn't that what Grandma
always used to say?

All these old houses
are full of strange sounds.

They're creaking and moving
all the time.

It's not the house.
It's not your mom.

Why do you think
your mom would come back?

Because she knows.
Knows what?

So I can say goodbye.

You said goodbye, Nat.

I didn't say everything I needed
to. There wasn't enough time.

I know that. So why
didn't you tell me sooner?

I know you think it was wrong.
Maybe it was.

But I didn't tell you right away

because your mother
asked me not to.

We were just trying
to protect you.

We did what we thought was best.

If you think that a decision
was wrong, I'm sorry.

God knows at the time...

it was hard to think at all.

You should've thought of me.

I'm sorry.

Let's get some sleep now.

You wanna come up now?

In a minute.


Margaret, was it you
I was hearing?

What do you want?

No. Stay.

Hey, when did you get a cat?

You saw a cat?


In the front window.

You're sure?

It's gone now.

It looked sort of like Margaret.
It must have jumped down.

But you saw it!

Yeah. Quit psyching me out.

You mean you didn't get a cat?

At least I'm not
completely crazy.

So ever since we moved in,
it's just been so weird.

Things going bump in the night,

piano's playing,
pictures flying.

It really freaked me out.

I didn't really know
what to think.

Come on.
Don't look at me like that.

I'm not crazy.

Crazy people don't know
when they're crazy.

Kurt, I saw Margaret. I saw
her ghost. It was a real ghost.

Sure you did.

I'm not lying.

Kurt, I saw Margaret, too.

Don't you believe in ghosts?


People die, they're gone.
Period, end of story.

Hi, guys.

Hi. You think your dad
might be at home?

Yeah, he should be back
from the library by now. Why?

Good. I found this book I
thought he might be interested in.

I can just take it home with
me. You don't have to bother.

It's okay. I was on the
way to the bank anyway.

It's no trouble.
See ya.

I've never seen Brenda
in clean jeans before.

She's dressed to impress.

They're so cute at that age.

Aww! Are we a little
possessive of daddy?

Maybe you should go home.
They might need a chaperone.


This is a great book.
This is great. Thank you.

Good. I hope it helps.
I'm sure it will.

So are you in Ringwood
just for the research

or are you planning
to stay at all?

Playing it by ear, I guess.

I thought a change would be a
good thing for Natalie, for both of us.

Natalie. That's a tough age
to lose your mother.

Yeah. Fifteen. Not the best time,
for sure.

She was having a very
hard time dealing with it.

We both were.

So we decided
to get out of the city.

New beginnings and all that.

I hope it was
the right thing to do.

I hope so, too.

I have to go.
I'm... I'm late.

I've got a meeting downtown.

Anyway, um, enjoy.

I will. Thank you.

Thanks for the tea.

My pleasure.

So, this might not be
my place to ask,

but do you have
any plans for dinner?


Yeah, or any other night.
Doesn't have to be...

No, no.
Tonight would be great.


Okay, good.

I'll see you
around 8:00 then.

Sure. Thank you.

Great. Bye.


I know you don't
believe in ghosts.

But at first when it
all started happening,

all the noises and stuff, I...

Don't make fun of me, please.

I thought it was my mother.

I really wanted it to be.

You've just met me. You
must think I'm really certifiable.

Some of the coolest people in the world
were probably told that at some point.

I guess I'll take that
as a compliment then.

I just wish everything
could go back.

Nothing seems the same.


We've been floating you for
longer than we do most clients.

I'm really sorry,
but unless you can pay the arrears in full,

the bank has no choice. I
just need a little more time.

The spring is so much better
for me. Donations go way up.

I don't get it.

You've always been very
understanding in the past.

Brenda, it's not up to me.
I got a memo.

You have a week.

Thanks anyway.

Well done, Boyd.
You're my man.

I want my money!
Your money?

No, no, no.

When Brenda Yancey's off the property,
then you get your money.

There's only one way to
communicate. With what?

The ghost. A seance.

A seance?
You two are nuts.

Yeah, right.

Forget it.
I'll bring my Ouija board.

Maybe you could bring
your crystal ball, too.

It's not gonna happen.
Come on. It'll be so cool.

Right. I'll see you tomorrow.

Tonight! A seance!

There has to be a reason
Margaret's come back!

Ghosts always have a reason!

Yeah. Okay, Pearson.

They do!



Hi. Have fun today?


Brenda tells me she really
appreciates your help over there.

She dropped that by
today. It's a great book.

Brenda asked me to have
dinner with her tonight.

No problem.

You sure?

Yeah. Go. I might
do something with Pearson.


I won't be late.

I'll be fine.

First the neighbors are
up in arms, now the bank.

You know, it honestly wouldn't surprise
me if he was in cahoots with them.


Don't get me started.
He just wants me gone.

But then I think
of Mrs. Ashboro.

I know she would've wanted me to
hang in there, so that's what I'm gonna do.


I can see this means
a lot to you.

The animal shelter is the only thing I've
ever wanted to do since I was a little girl.

Let me tell you something. I'm a lot
better with animals than I am with people.

I wouldn't say that.

Natalie thinks the world of you.

Natalie's a very special girl.
You've done a good job.

My wife gets the credit for
that. I'm just trying to carry on.

Well, you're doing
something right.

Spirit, come to us now.

Make your presence known to us.

Come from the great
other world to join us.

We need to speak to you now.


Jeez, can you knock'?

Thought I'd join the party.


Sorry for the interruption.

Come to us now.

Come on! Get into it
or it won't work.


make your presence known to us.

Come from the great
otherworld to join us.

Come on.
The great otherworld?

You're not helping.

This is so lame.
Then go home.

No. I can do this.

Spirits of the night.

Great feline spirit.

Come to us now.

Let us know that you are there.

Come on, guys!


Okay, um...

Please, spirit.

We want to talk to you.

We want you to contact us.

Great spirit.

You're not concentrating.

I give up!
This is totally bogus.

It's not working, Pearson.
It never works!

You have to believe
to make it work.


My God.

I don't believe this.

Cat food?

That's all she wanted.

Cat food.

So here's the question.

Why would Margaret haunt you
for a bag of food?

Ghosts can't be hungry.

There's no way it was just
a bag of food she wanted.

My God.


This is what she
wanted me to find.

Margaret, you are
the most wonderful cat!

Natalie, what are
you guys doing in here?

"I can't stand by and watch such a
dear friend be pulled in all directions.

I've always intended to leave you and
your wonderful cause a healthy donation,

but what better time than now
when you truly need it.

Love to you, Brenda.

Mrs. Ashboro and Margaret."

How could she be so amazing?

Wes, I can buy the farm!

I can pay the mortgage off!

I can't believe it!
How did you find it?

Margaret showed us.

Don't ask.

I'll be home later, Dad Thanks!

Don't be late, okay?

Are these yours?
How did they get out?

Kurt put them in their pen
inside the barn last night, right?


Jen, then there's no way
they could've gotten out.

Well, they did.

Take them inside
and give them some food.

I gotta warn you, Brenda.

There's a petition going around
in town to close you down.

I know who started that.
I can't help you.

In the last month,
I've had a half dozen complaints.

Animals going loose,
scaring people. getting into their garbage.

You're at the critical stage.

What does that mean?

It means if there are
any more serious complaints,

I'm gonna have to shut you down.

I'm real sorry.

I don't believe this.

You win one battle,
and you lose another.

I just don't want you
to get messed up again.

You could go to jail.

I'm not going anywhere. I
swear I didn't let the dogs out.

You swore you didn't
set that fire, too.


I'm going to the bank. If
you leave before I get back,

please, please make sure
everything's inside and closed up.


I'm serious, Kurt,
or we're history.

I'll put a lock on the door.

Okay, thanks.

Thanks, Terry.

You just deposited
$50,000! I know. Boyd...

Brenda, that's my money!
I knew it. I knew you had it.

Your aunt left it to me. I will
have the bank freeze the funds,

and, Brenda, I will sue you to the
ends of the earth. I have a letter.

I have written proof.
So what?

She wasn't of sound mind.

She was of sounder mind
than you, Boyd.

I did what I said I would do.

I can't help it if she paid
it off. I want my money.

Your plan didn't work.
You didn't deliver.

I want my money. Now!

Not until
she's off the property.

If I get you Brenda's land,

it'll make your little
development deal worth millions.

If. If you get her off.

That's big if, Boyd.

I'll get rid of her.
I promise you.

I know the right buttons
to push.

I can do a lot more damage than
letting her dogs out, Riker, believe me.

Much more.

Okay. You do it.



where are you taking me?

Natalie, what are you doing
here? You've gotta get out!

No! Natalie,
you've got to get out of here!

What are you doing?

You got to open the barn door!

Put this over
your mouth and nose!

Who's in there?

Kurt, is that you?

What's going on?


What are you two doing in here?

Okay, so what were you
really doing in there?

Like I told Brenda,

I thought someone might try
and let the animals out again.

I decided to check it out.

The barn was full of
fumes when I got here.

Look, I don't know what you heard Pearson
and I talking about the other day...

I'll tell you what I heard.

That Pearson thinks you're
the one letting the animals out,

and that you might
have to go to jail.

I didn't let the animals out,
and I don't have to go to jail.

Then what about the fire?

He said something about
you setting a fire.

So I went a little crazy
after my mom died.

I set fire to some guy's dump,
and it got out of control.

I got mandatory
community service.

That's why
I'm working at Brenda's.

So you're forced to work here?

No, I'm not forced. That's
just the way it started.

I used up my hours long ago.

I just stayed.

So why didn't you just tell me?

Like I'm gonna tell you I'm a juvenile
delinquent the moment I meet you.

Clearly that would
impress a girl, right?

So you wanted to impress me?

I didn't know
what to do with you.

Brenda doesn't want me back.

She thinks I did it.

I didn't. I swear.

I know.

There's no way that happened
by accident tonight.

Somebody did it deliberately,
and I have to find out who.

And I'll help you.

It's obvious someone
is out to get me. I...

I can't believe it's Kurt,
but on the other hand,

I can't afford to take any
chances. It's got to be Riker.

He'd do anything to
get rid of me. I just...

I can't take this anymore.
You don't want to give up now.

You don't understand. The animals
could have been asphyxiated.

I'm supposed to protect them,
not put them in harm's way.

What I can do to help?
I don't need any help!

I'm fine on my own! I...

I'm just used
to being on my own.

What were you doing over here
in the middle of the night?

Do you realize how dangerous it
was? Margaret came and got me.

Margaret got you.

Yeah, and it's a good thing she
did. If Kurt and I hadn't been here...

Be careful around Kurt.
You don't know him very well.

You don't really know
Brenda either.

Let's go home.

It's a beautiful day.

I thought I'd drop in and see if you
had time to consider my latest offer.

It's pretty darn generous.

I know what you've been doing,
and it's not gonna work.

What are you talking about?

I'm not selling the farm to
you now or anytime soon.

If you ever set foot on my property again,
you are going to regret it.

That's a threat, Ms. Yancey.

Yes, it is, Mr. Riker.

You idiot!

Whatever you did,
it didn't work!

Now, if you want your 50,000,
it's time to get serious.

If I don't close this deal, my backers in New
York are never gonna give me another penny.

I'll be trashed, so we're in this together,
Boyd, you understand?

And it's time to take care
of business once for all.

Hey, how's it going?

So big day tomorrow?

The auditors are in,
just down the hall,

and I heard apparently they
already have a pretty good idea

who's been doing a little
embezzling on the side.

Lots of excitement, Boyd?

See ya.


Just in here.

Now what?

Now we wait.

All those months,
I didn't even know she was sick.

I went to school, I came home,

I did my homework,
I went out with my friends,

and I wasted it all.

You know, I could've
been with her.

I could've...
spent time with her,

and it wasn't fair.

I don't know. I think they
were really trying to protect you.

Yeah, but it's like
they lied to me.

That's not like a lie. Okay,
well, then they pretended.

And all of a sudden,
it was too late.

You can say a lot
in a few weeks.

At least you got to say goodbye.

Come on.

Okay, Boyd, all along here.

Really soak it.

Okay, that's enough!

Don't just stand there!
Come on, Boyd!

My God.
Kurt, it's Boyd!

Hurry! We've gotta
get the animals out!

Out! Go! Come on!
Run! Out! Go!

Come on! Come on!
Move it!

Grab the kitten.

Okay, I got that one!



What's left? This is the
last one! Let's go now!

Come here.

What happened?
Boyd torched the place!

How bad is it inside?
We got the animals out!

I'm stuck!!
Kurt, help!

I'm coming!
What are you doing, Kurt!

Be careful!

Natalie, are you okay?

Kurt, help!
Get it out!

God! Just slow down!

What are you doing? Just pull
over and give me my money!

I need the money! I've got
auditors coming in tomorrow!

You still don't get it,
do you, Boyd?

I don't have two cents
to rub together,

and I don't get any money
either until this deal is closed.

Slow down!

Get it off!

Get it off me! Aah!

Hurry! Please! Hurry!

Let's go!

Watch out! Get back!

Where are you going?


What are you doing? We
have to get out of here, Kurt!

Natalie, come here!

Kurt! Natalie!
Answer me!

Where's Natalie?
She's inside with Kurt!



Get clear.
Watch your back!

Looks like two of them.

I'll check the passenger.
All right.

Look at the scratches
on his face.

This guy's coming around.

Driver's gonna be okay.

Windshield didn't shatter.

You got him?


So Boyd is up to his eyeballs
in charges:

mischief, arson,
fraud, the works.

And Riker's finally
out of my hair for good,

and the insurance is
gonna rebuild the barn.


And here's to Margaret,
the most amazing cat in the world.

May she rest in peace.

To Margaret.

To Margaret.

To Margaret.
To Margaret.

Even though I never saw her.

I give up!

How can you not believe
something I saw with my own eyes?

Easy. You were dreaming.
Was not.

Do you see her?


I do. I do see her.

Thank you, Margaret.