Mr. Write (2016) - full transcript

When the executives at Heartstrings Press wants to drop Michael Rothchild's (Corey Sevier) next romance book, junior editor, Dori Shephard (Charlotte Sullivan), argues her way into working as the lead editor. But Dori's dream job becomes her nightmare as she realizes Michael isn't everything she imagined. Dori breaks the news to Michael that the executives think he's an ill-mannered, washed up novelist and want to terminate his contract. Not wanting to be dropped from Heartstrings Press, Michael agrees to work with Dori for 30 days. While Dori wrestles with Michael's languorous behavior she's also in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiancé, Philip (Preston Vanderslice). However, things go awry for Dori when work becomes an obstacle in her relationship. Dori must learn what true love really means before it's too late.

NARRATOR: Love-- everlasting,
all conquering, omnipresent,

and paradoxically elusive.

It was the promise of love that
woke her from slumber each day.

The sky was a canvas
of cloudless blue.

The sun warmed the fields
like a sea of gold.

The day of Alexandrine's
wedding had arrived.

The day she had been dreading.

Alexandrine peered out the
window as Jeffrey's horse

came alongside.

She threw the door open.

Alexandrine nervously fidgeted
with the lace on her dress.

Her heart sank,
because the carriage

drew ever closer to the church.

It would not be long now.

Suddenly, the hypnotic
rhythm of the coach horses

was broken by a rapid gallop.

A rider was approaching.

It was Jeffrey.


Excuse me.

I'm fine.

Thank you.

reached for Alexandrine.

She held out her hand.

Their fingers brushed.

So I got home, and Tim's
left this gigantic bouquet

of balloons on my
doorstep to celebrate

our three-month anniversary.

That's so sweet.

Yeah, until they started
popping at 2:00 a.m.

We went out to dinner
the other night.

He kneeled down to tie his
shoe lace and I blurted out,

I think we're moving too fast.

DORI: Ouch!

I know.

I really think
you ought to break

things off with Tim if you're
not ready to make a commitment.

I'm not big on relationships,
but you're hardly one to talk.


You got engaged
after four months.

It takes me that
long to decide if I

want to buy a pair of shoes.

Yeah, but that's because
I met the perfect guy.

Say hello to Prince
Charming for me.

I love them.

PHILIP (ON PHONE): Which one?

I sent one bouquet
to your office,

and I sent one to your home.

Oh, well, in that
case, I love you.

I was actually thinking
about the color scheme

for the flowers at our wedding.

I love the fact that you're
as excited about this wedding

as I am.

Oh, it's not the
wedding I'm excited about.

It's the girl I get to spend
the rest of my life with.

editors, to the board room.

All right, I gotta go.

I'm being summoned
to a staff meeting.

I'll see you tonight at dinner?

Yeah, Marcel's at 7:00.

I love you.

I love you too.

We are waiting
on fact checkers

to confirm the migration
of the monarch butterfly.


Next-- untitled
Michael Rothchild.

Where are we on this?

Last I heard he was having
trouble with the second act.

He said he would deliver
something within two weeks.

That was six months ago.

I hate to say it, but
I think he's washed up.


Have legal draw up a
termination notice.

Let's work on getting
the advance back.

Are you kidding me?

Michael Rothchild is
a master of his craft.

His books are
epic, but personal,

but beautiful, but honest.

Not to mention, he is one of the
best sellers for this company.

Was a best seller.

Now he is a liability
to our balance sheet.

Well, his works are
enduring because they

come straight from the heart.

I mean, every single one of
them is dedicated to the love

of his life, Sophie.

I know I'm just a
junior editor, but I

would take one Michael Rothchild
over 100 Gloria Ketridges.


He's yours.

Excuse me?

Michael Rothchild-- you
believe so strongly about him,

you got it.

You're the lead editor.

You have 30 days to deliver.

OK, next item of business.

I've got to put
an end to this.


Can I help you?

I'm Dori Johnson.

I'm from Lovespring Press.

I'm going to be taking over
as lead editor on your novel.

What happened to Risi?

Risi got pulled onto
some other projects.

Welcome aboard.

Sorry about the mess.

The maid comes on--

actually, I don't
when she comes.

I-- I just wanted
to say what an honor

it is to work with you.

I mean, the way that you
craft your characters, the way

you tell a story--

Thank you.

It's gratifying to know that
I can touch someone's heart

with the language of mine.

Have a seat.

Can I get you a drink, or--

DORI: Just water, please.


So how is this um--
this book coming along?

MICHAEL: Beautiful.

Well, can I see
what you've got?

Well, it is bad luck
to show unfinished work.


I understand.

But, you know, I am--

I am gonna have to see
it in order to edit it.

You know, your hair
is like the finest silk.

(NERVOUSLY) I'm engaged.

Well, things change.

(HESITANTLY) Mr. Rothchild--

Oh, please.

Call me Michael.

I'm a professional, so--

I'm here to just do a job.

So why don't you just give
me what you've written,

and I'll be on my way.


Here you go.

You haven't written
a word in over a year?

Honestly, I stopped
trying a long time ago.

Is there even a Sophie?

Of course there is.


Hey, you.

Got kisses for me?

Oh, thank you.

Sophie is your dog?

Yeah, she's the
love of my life.

I fought really hard
for this opportunity

because I respected you.

Don't judge an
artist by his art.

No, never again.

Thank you for your time.

I think that went well.

Do you know any good places
to break up with somebody?

You were right.

I can't keep
stringing Tim along.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna do it
at lunch today.

I hate this part.

Well, it's probably going to
go better than my meeting did.

What do you mean?

Did you get in
touch with Michael?

Let's just say,
don't meet your heroes.

What happened?

He's a pig.

I can't work with him.

So I'll just tell
Zev that I was wrong,

and he can terminate
the agreement.

Dori, you can't do that.

Why not?

You went out on a
limb for this guy.

You put your neck on the line
to give him a second chance.

If you back out now, Zev will
never let you be lead editor


So, what am I supposed to do?

Go back to Michael.

Finish the book.

Even if I wanted to do
that, I didn't exactly leave

things on the best of terms.

So fix them.

I came here because
I wanted to apologize.



Can I come in?

You cleaned up.


Turns out the maid
comes on Tuesdays.

Look, I think we got off
on the wrong foot yesterday.


I think that was a
pretty accurate foot.

I think that you are an
incredibly talented writer,

and it would be an
honor to work with you.

I'll just stick with Risi.

That's not gonna be possible.

MICHAEL: And why's that?

Because Risi's working
on other projects.

I will call Zev and he'll
move some things around for me.


Risi doesn't want
to work with you.


She says you're washed up.

They have lattes in the city.

Tim, we need to talk.

Well, that is what
people do on dates.

I think you're a great guy.

I just feel like we're in
different places right now,

but I know you'll
meet somebody great,

and I really do
wish you the best.

So I think it's time we
go our separate ways.


I can't write an
entire book in 30 days.

Well, if you don't deliver,
they're going to send

lawyers to collect the advance.

And considering how many books
you've published recently,

I can assume you don't have it.


I've never worked
with another editor--

Well, I've never been
lead editor before,

so that is a first
for the both of us.


We'll work out of my house.

You can work there.

I write in the office.


And I write on a typewriter,
so you're gonna have to scan

the pages into a program.


Well-- it's only 30 days.

30 days.


See, I knew you were
getting cold feet.

Three months in--
right on schedule.

What are you talking about?

Well, your last
boyfriend, Gary.

How long were you together?

That's just a coincidence.

Oh, coincidence.


And the guy before that?

All that proves is that
I shouldn't have told

you about my dating history.

Pamela, there is
no question that we

have a great time together.

We-- we like the same
things-- the same music.

We're both into old movies.

Which reminds me, there is this
black and white movie festival

I would love for us to go--

But, Tim, it's not you.

It's me.

I know.

I know.

See, you-- you get scared
the moment things start

to get real, and then you run.

I do not.

Then give me three dates.

You give me three dates to prove
that this relationship is worth

holding onto.

Three dates is not
going to change anything.

Well then, you
got nothing to lose.

That is unless you're scared
you won't be able to let me go.

All right.

You're on.

Three dates.

But after that,
we're breaking up.

Let the games begin.

Michael is a great writer.

He's just a nice,
unreprehensible person.

It sounds like.

And this is so
great for my career,

but I'm never gonna see you.


DORI: Yes?

Can you at least
maybe try your food

before dinner is over?

I'm sorry.

It's just that the--

the wedding-- it's coinciding
with the book's due date,

and I've got all
these preparations,

and I don't know when I'm going
to be able to get to it all.


We are both getting married.

I can take care of it.

I can't ask you to do that.

You're not.

I'm volunteering.

You go focus on
what you need to do.

When you're done--

I mean, I'm sure you're
going to need a vacation--

we'll have our honeymoon.

The timing works out perfectly.

How is it that you always know
the most perfect things to say?

I think your romance
novels are finally

starting to rub off on me.

You don't think
we're rushing things?

I mean, we've only known
each other for six months.

You know, I knew on our
second date I wanted to propose.

When it's right, you just know.

Thank you for
reminding me that there

are still great guys out there.

And thank you for ordering
that chicken Parmesan.

I am going to take it
home with me tonight.

Oh, yeah.

That's good.

Hey, everything's
going to be fine.

All right.

So, you got Michael
to work with you?

You must have really
poured on the charm.


That or the threat
of bankruptcy.

Well, it has been
hard watching him

can go down this road.

He had real talent once.

Well, he still does.

It's just buried.

Well, hopefully not too deep.

He's been blocked
for a long time.

Good luck.


Just the man I was looking for.


Can I help you?

What is this?

Just trying to liven
up this polar ice

cap that you call a home.

Well, don't get
too comfortable.

You are here to work.
- Yeah.

Don't worry.

I plan on it.

Is this your family?


It's my mom, and that's
my fiance, Philip.

What's he do?

A picture frame model?

He is a contract attorney.

And I couldn't ask
for a better person.

He's a real catch.

Oh, yeah.

That sweater is a
real lady killer.

How come you don't have any
family photos up or anything?

Something just to give this
place, like, a personal touch?

Because I don't
spend my days looking

at things from the past.

I go out.

I live my life.

I don't disappear in books and
fantasize about someone else's.

I don't fantasize about
another person's life.

I'm very happy with my own.

Well, that's because
you've concocted

your own fantasy out of
knickknacks and stories

and Philip von Sweaterton.

How could you say that?

You don't know
anything about me.

Well, you have
toys, pictures of you

parents, you love
romance novels,

and you're perpetually happy.

I think I have a
pretty good idea.

Being miserable does
not make you deep.


But being deep often
makes you miserable.

Do lines like this actually
work on women in the clubs?

The shallow ones.

The picture can stay.

All the other garbage has to go.


Excuse me?

My house-- my rules.

Hi, Tim.


You ready for our first date?

Look, this is very
sweet of you and all,

but you kind of caught me
off guard at lunch, and--

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're not going to welch
out on our bet now, are you?

I just don't want
you to waste your time.

So you're free tonight?


TIM (ON PHONE): Great.

So then I will pick
you up at 6 o'clock.


(WHISPERING) That's perfect.

Michael, we can't
use any of this.

What do you mean?

It's rote.

It's cliche.

And I think this is a
line from a-- a pop song.


Oh, it's-- it's a great album.

Yeah, well, you're
gonna have to do better.

It's no good.

I stuck my neck
out for you, and I

promised to have a great book.

How's that my problem?

Lastly, I am not
your social secretary,

but while you were working
you got calls from Jennifer,

Hannah, and Kaylie.

Kaylie Canter or
Kaylie Demarcier?

You know more than one Kaylie?

Just because you don't get
out much, doesn't mean I don't.

These girls that
you go out with--

do you even have
feelings for any of them?

Of course.

I love them all.

How could you possibly
love all of them?


Love is chemical.

It's temporary reactions--
endorphins in the brain.

When they're present,
you're in love.

When they're not, it's
kind of like what we have.

If you think like
this, how could you

possibly write love stories?

The same way you write about
alien invasions, monsters

under the bed, time travel.

You make it up.

Yeah, but I've
always been taught

that you write what you know.

Well, if teachers could
write, they'd be writers.

Well, Michael, you better
put your social life on hold,

because you've got
some re-writing to do.

My neck-- my rules.

I never thought that I would
be homesick for my tiny cubicle

next to the kitchen.

Why don't you
work from the office

and have him work from home?

Because he works
on the typewriter,

and I need to be there
when the pages are done.

Well, he can't scan
and send them to you?


He does not have a scanner.


Does he not know
what year this is?

Believe me, the
technical hurdles

are the least of my issues.

I just don't know
how we're going to be

done with this book in time.

I'm losing sleep.

I'm gaining weight.

That is exactly why we are
hiring a wedding planner--

to take the pressure off you
so you can focus on the job.

I just--

I hate the idea of putting
my wedding into the hands

of a complete stranger.

Honey, this is what she does.

I'm told she's the best.

Come on.


PHILIP: Hey, Robin.

So good to see you again.

You must be Dori.

Oh, Hello.


Look at you.

You are going to be a vision--

slender figure, model
cheekbones, sparkling eyes.

Oh, they sparkle much
more when I'm not so tired.

Well, that's
what I'm here for.

What is that perfume
you're wearing?

Oh, it's Inclination.

Do you like it?

I love it.

Well, I understand we've
got a wedding to plan

for in less than three weeks.

(LAUGHTER) Yes, it's a
bit of a short engagement.

Please, the timeline
doesn't scare me.


And I think on top
of the short notice,

we're a bit concerned that if
we're not doing the planning

it's not gonna feel
like our wedding.

Yeah, and it's not that I--
we don't trust your taste--

It's my job to
give you that day.

You've already done so much.

Let me sweat the details.

That way, you can
just relax and enjoy

your day with this
handsome, handsome man.

Are you sure that
you're OK with this?

Because if you're
not comfortable,

we don't have to do it.

I think this is
exactly what we need.

Who is she to tell me
what's good and what isn't?

I'll be the judge
of my own work.

PAMELA: What is it?

TIM: Romantic
picnic in the rain.

Best seat in the house.

If you really knew
me, you'd know I--

I don't do romance.

That's because you've
never had it done right.

No, I just don't have that
romantic side most women have.

You're an editor for a
romance novel publisher.

I worked at a
restaurant in college,

and I can't cook either.

Although, clearly you can.

This looks delicious.

Mushrooms stuffed
with cream cheese,

Parmesan, and crab meat.


Is something wrong?

I'm allergic to shellfish.

Oh, I guess that means the
lobster ravioli is out to.

Why are you going to all
this trouble to keep dating?

You-- you're real.

For better or worse,
you tell it like it is.

You know, a lot of people they--

they want you to tell them
what they want to hear.

Whereas you tell people
what they need to hear.

That kind of honesty
is a rare trait.

And I think I could use
some of that in my life.

Careful what you wish for.

I, on the other hand, I
am optimistic and loyal,

and I will always
be there for you.

And frankly, I think you could
use some of that in your life.


What are you doing?

Well, our date's
not over yet, and I'd

rather not end it with a
trip to the emergency room.

I'm ordering pizza.


Where have you been?

I went to a party last night.


Why didn't you let yourself in?

I always leave
the door unlocked.

Do you really think it's
wise to be partying all night

when we're working
on a deadline?

In recent conditions, I
think it's more than wise.

I think it's
absolutely necessary.

Wait, is that
lipstick on your cheek?

When you gonna grow up?

It is amazing how
much you're starting

to sound like my mother.

What are you doing?

I'm just gonna have a quick
eight-hour nap and then--

then we'll get back to work.

And what am I supposed to
do for the next eight hours?

Keep editing.

I'm finished.

He's gonna fire me.

What do you have so far?


We have three weeks to
go, and we have no book.

Maybe you can ask
for an extension.

Yeah, maybe, because what
we have now is garbage.

It's terrible.

How's the book coming along?


I'm getting some great
stuff out of Michael.

Glad to hear it.

Michael was a very popular
author before he took a break.

We don't want to
disappoint the fans.

Well, it's going to be worth
the wait, let me tell you.


Keep up the good work.

What do you think he's going
to say when he finds out?

Well, I didn't
really get that far.


Now you're in even deeper.

That bad, huh?

The talent is there.

I can see it.

He's just-- he is not motivated.

Maybe it's time to turn
up the heat a little bit.

What do you mean?

Writers are like children.

You have to be
gentle and supportive

and nurture their creativity.

But every once in a while, you
need to show them who's boss.

Get creative.

I had a writer once
three weeks late

with the printer on
hold and pre-orders

waiting to be shipped.

I was desperate.

So what did you do?

I stole her car so she
couldn't leave her apartment.

You're certifiable.

That is for the
courts to decide.

Anyway, the point
is sometimes you

need to take extreme measures
to get what you need.

DORI: I hope you had a good nap.

What are you doing?

I thought you might
like some breakfast.

Well, what are you doing now?

I thought we were
finished for today.

We're not progressing
fast enough,

so I thought, you know, I should
just spend more time here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yeah, I don't think so.

Well, until this
book is done, I'm

going to be here from the moment
you wake up until the moment

you go to sleep at night.

MICHAEL: No it's not
imposing at all, because it's

not-- not happening.


So you can just
take your groceries

and go have your breakfast
on the picnic table.

Michael, do you
want to get rid of me?

I'm listening.

We are tied together
until this book is done.

But once you turn
it in, you get paid.

I get married.

We go our separate ways,
and then we never have

to see each other ever again.


With all of my heart.

(SINGING) It should
come as no surprise

that the fire burns my eyes
and the pain is overwhelming.


And now I'm standing in
this, stepping fire abyss.

The rock beneath
my feet is melting.

Like putty in my hands, but the
more I can stand, the more that

I can take it.

I'm watching the storm
come across the land.

I will hold my
ground and break it.

But star, just remember that
nothing is set in stone.

I have nothing but life
in front of my hands.

When did she send it?

No, I didn't get it.

I am pretty sure that I would
remember five pieces of cake.

I'm looking for anything that
I can stress eat these days.

I would definitely
go with the lemon cake

with the raspberry filling.

(SINGING) Your a setting sun.

But the race is run.

I saw that.

(SINGING) The fox has won.

When your whole
world comes undone,

just remember you mold the
shape of things to come.

When you believe that
you're the setting

sun, that the race is
run, that the fox has won,

then your whole world--

Hi, I'm Valeria.

Is Michael ready for our date?

He changed his mind.

But he said my hair
was like the fines silk.

(SINGING) When you
believe that you're

the setting sun, that the race
is won, that the fox has won.

Yeah, we're just finishing up.

Yeah, I miss you too.

If you're done with
your personal call,

can we get back to work?

You were saying something
before wasn't working?


Why would she leave him?

Because the tornado's coming.

Maybe it's not this scene.

I mean, the whole thing
kind of feels fake.

Yeah, because it is.

I'm writing a romance novel
about frontier settlers.

Yeah, but your other
books-- they had real emotion.

They had heart.

Well, maybe your expectations
about love are off.

Haven't you ever had
feelings for someone

that were so strong that
if you lost them you just--

you couldn't go on?

I've had them.

Then write it.

All right.

I got to go meet Philip.


Good night.

Good night.

I got that.

Thank you.

Magic night-- are
sure about this?

I am sure we're gonna
have a great time.

After you.

Here-- and then
there-- there'll be

room for dancing over here.
- Yeah.


And we can actually put the
cake table over there as well.

That's perfect.

And then the band can
set up right here.

And then the dancing--

Dori, so good to
see you again so soon.

Oh, Robin, she was just
catching up on our progress.

Come take a look.

Thank you so much for--
for meeting us so late.

No worries.

I actually have some
tablecloth swatches

in the back I want to show you.

I'll-- I'll be right back.

All right.

So how's the book coming?

The due date is
two weeks away,

and we're nowhere near done.

Well, I'm sure that you're
going to pull it together.

You are amazingly
resourceful, and that's

just one of the many
reasons why I love you.

Thank you.

I needed to hear that.

Oh, by the way, my parents
are flying in from London

next week.

It's just a quick
stopover, but they

want to have dinner with us.

You want them to
meet me like this?

Well, it's either then
or on our wedding day.

Yeah, just with
how hard I'm working,

they're just going to think
that you're marrying a lunatic.

Well, you won't have
to worry about working

once we're married

But I-- well, I like my job.

I want to keep working.

I didn't mean that.

Of-- of course you're
gonna keep working.

I just meant, you know,
after we have a family.

Here they are.

I'm sorry.

I'm fine.

I've never seen
anything like that.

I mean, that bird went
right for your head.

I know.

For some reason birds have
never really liked me.

And our next date we are going
to the black and white movie

festival, because I know
how you like movies.

Ah, you know, one
day our kids-- they

are going to laugh about this.

Our what?

Well, you know, it's just
that things haven't gone

quite according to plan, and--

You said our kids?

Well yeah, it's--
it was a joke.

I don't-- I don't know
if I want kids with you.

I-- I don't know if
I want kids at all.

You are reading into this
just way too much, really.

Tim, I can't do this.

You can't do what?

I think you're a nice guy,
but I know where this is going.

I-- I don't want to hurt you.

You know, I--

I think you're the one who
doesn't want to get hurt.

I think you're afraid
of getting hurt,

so you are coming up with
any excuse you can just to,

you know-- to call
this whole thing off.

You know, the problem
is you can't have

the highs without the lows.

If you-- if you spend your whole
life trying to avoid the pain,

then you will never have a
chance at real happiness.



How's the Michael
Rothchild novel coming along?


Great, because there's
a ton of internet buzz.


Yeah, we need to
ride this wave--

nurture his fanbase.

DORI: Sure.

ZEV: I'm going to
organize a reading

at one of the local bookstores.

We're still working on this.

I don't think it's ready
for the public just yet.

No, no.

Just a few pages
from his first book.

It was a huge breakout.

He'll sign some autographs,
talk about the new book.

It'll be very casual.



I'll email you the details.
- OK.


Great stuff.

Come on!
- No.


Not happening.

We'll be in and out in
just a few hours, tops.


I hate those things.

I stand up there signing
autographs like an idiot.

It's-- it's just a few
pages from your first book.

It's no big deal.


I especially don't
want to read old work.

You know, if
this goes well, we

can ask Zev for an extension.

This is a-- a chance to take
some of the pressure off.

Things were a lot easier when
people had forgotten about me.

Thank you.

A little help, please.

Oh, of course.

Thank you.

You'd think I'd be
better at juggling

after all these marriages.

I figured Tim would
do something like this.

And you can put the
flowers down anywhere.

I'll take them
back to my office.

Oh, these flowers
aren't for you, honey.

They're for me from future
husband number five.


These are for you.

Zev wants them done
by the end of the day.


Are you nervous
about the reading?



I know how to read.

Can you at least pretend to be
the guy on the back of the book


I know that you are repulsed
by people that like your work.

You're right.

I guess sometimes it's just
easier for me to be the jerk

than to let my guard down.

I guess I played
the role so long I--

ah, sometimes I forget
who the real me is.

And then you came
along and found him.

Are you finished?

Good enough.

ZEV: Good afternoon,
and welcome to a reading

from one of romances foremost
authors, Michael Rothchild.

Michael will honor
us with a reading

from one of his earlier works,
followed by a short Q&A.

Then Michael will be
signing copies of his books.

So without further
ado, Michael Rothchild.

Thank you.

Why don't we jump right in?

"Her lips were moist with the
sweet kiss of morning dew.

The fire had reduced
to a cold pile of ash,

but her pulse quickened
when she remembered

Quentin was returning that day.

Victoria went to the kitchen
and began her morning routine,

but she found it
impossible to concentrate.

She longed for his strong
embrace, his powerful kiss,

and his sweet smell of--

the sweet smell of--

of--" garbage.

How can you people
read this garbage?

I mean, is this what
you think love is?

Two people so
connected that they

would endure danger and all
odds just to be together.

I think you're going to
find more realistic story

lines over in sci-fi section.

So these are just some
of the complex themes

that Michael will be dealing
with in his new book.

Isn't that right, Michael?

Yeah, you know, love is
never a straight line.

It takes many forms.

You know, a visionary
like Michael

helps us see that in the end,
it really can move mountains.

So we are going to
take a bit of a break,

and Michael will be right back.


Thank you.

What was that?

I can't be a part
of this lie anymore.

What are you talking about?

These people crowd into
sad little bookstores

to read tales of epic
romance and selfless

devotion that doesn't
exist in the real world.

It's a fantasy, Michael.

Not to them it isn't.

And not to you either.

You have this idealized sense
of what a relationship is.

And I don't think it's
even about the person.

You're in love with love.

I am not a fool.

I know the difference
between fantasy and reality.

Do you?

Because when you talk
about it, it's like it's

coming from your heart.

When you talk about it
sounds like you actually

believe true love exists.


OK, yes!

I believe.

And look, I know that the world
can be a really ugly place,

and the odds of a relationships
surviving are almost nothing.

But I also know that there
is love in this world.

Now, I see it every day in
the faces of elderly couples,

in the eyes of
young people meeting

each other for the first time.

Now, I see it, because
I choose to see it.

So if you would just open
your eyes to the possibility

that there might be
something else out there,

who knows what you'll find.

You-- you rewrote chapter 1?


Couldn't sleep last night.

This is really good.

I mean, it's loaded with
typos, but this is--

this is amazing.

Well, I reread it and
realized something was missing.

I guess sometimes you
have to open your eyes

and take another look.

You never know what
you might find.

So what's next?

Are you going to
reread chapter 2?

Chapter 3.

Way ahead of you.

You got some catching up to do.

(SINGING) The reason
I tore up that note,

was that I didn't know
that I felt alone.


I called in an
order for take out.

(SINGING) The feelings that
I keep on hold open up a door

I've been leaning on.

I rewrote the letter
so it would flow better

than the first attempt I made.

And all this time, I stayed--

Trade you.

(SINGING) I stayed
inside the lines.

But life goes by while I
wait for the right time.

OK, change the Colonel's
name to Bennington.

Do a spell check on
the final chapter.

Format the footer, and, go
with the mixed chrysanthemums

for your centerpiece.

(SINGING) I never have expected
to change my point of view

into us romancing.

Does this work
with the timeline?

This scene here?

Let's see.

Yeah, I-- I think
that works there.

Robin got us
the grand ballroom

at the Westicott for that?

What we save on that alone
is going to cover a really

good portion of her fee.

Philip, I can't wait to
meet your parents tomorrow.

Marcel's at 7:00.

And I was thinking for
the rest of the evening--

(SINGING) --time I
stay inside the lines.

The lines--

Dori, are you there?

Yeah, yeah, I'm here.

You were-- you were
saying something

about the out-of-town guests.

Hey, Pamela.


These are for you.

Oh, that's so sweet.

But you didn't have
to get me anything.

Well it's actually--
it's not a gift.

It's just some books, you know,
that you left in my apartment.

Oh, right.

Anyways I wanted to say that--

that you were right.

You know, clearly this--

this isn't working.

I probably should
have let you break

up with me the first time.


You know, at the end of the
day, I think we are just--

we're just in different places.

So-- hey, good luck.

That's it?

I hope we can
still be friends.


DORI: Yeah?

I may have to
go out for a bit.

The ribbon on my
typewriter ran out.

Oh, yeah, can you pick up
a butter churn and some stage

coach grease while you're out?

Very funny.

You know, this typewriter's
important to me.

It was a gift from an ex.

She's actually the one who
encouraged me to start writing.


This is like, an actual
living, breathing ex?


Believe or not.

I've had past relationships.

What happened?

You know, we were young
and too in love to realize

it wouldn't last forever.

At least the
typewriter survived.

Do you ever think about
joining the digital age?

Yeah, yeah I have, but--

I don't know.

The typewriter just
feels more real to me.

It's tangible.

I mean, you can't just throw
something down and erase

it with the swipe of a mouse.

It's-- it's paper and ink.

When you type something,
it's a commitment.

I mean, you can
shred it or burn it,

but it's always going
to be out there.

It's a part of you, so you
got to believe in those words.

They have to say, this
is what I stand for.

I know it's crazy.

No one seems to
get why it matters,

but it's important to me.

Well, you can get the butter
churn on your next trip,

because I stocked up for you.

Get to work.

All right.

He's amazing.

I'm so lucky to be with him.



I mean, this is
just the beginning.

We've got, like, so
many great ideas.

I don't want to get
ahead of myself, but I--

I wonder if we can
collaborate on his next book

after the wedding.

To Philip?

To Philip.

Yes, to Philip.

I know Michael can come
across a little rough.

I mean, some of his first
books are my favorites,

but this new stuff it just has
depth I've never felt before.

Better not let your fiance
hear you talking like that.

Yeah, well, my
relationship with him

is purely professional.

If you say so.

Change in subject.

I can't believe Tim
finally gave up.

I know.

Just like that.

Don't tell me that
you've changed your mind.

Not at all.

I mean, it was nice
to have someone

who was completely convinced
that I was the one,

but this is right.

Oh, in that case,

on a successful breakup.


You know, it's just a story.

It's wonderful.

The words that every
writer longs to hear,

but never believes.

I'm done for the day.

Are you hungry?

No, I never meant to
get into romance novels.

What did you want to do?

Believe it or not, I actually
started out as a horror writer.

Yeah, but how did
you make that jump?

A story's a story.

It's just in how you tell it.

And every good story has all the
elements-- adventure, romance,

heartbreak, redemption.

Why did you stop
writing for so long?

I guess it all started to
feel a little too made up.

They don't sound made up.

Well, I did always have a
flair for the grand gesture.

The what?

The moment, the
selfless declaration

of love usually accompanied by
a room full of flowers or a band

outside of the window.

Yes, incredibly cheesy,
but generally effective.

That's because people
want to believe in love.

It's the idea.

It's the promise.

The idea that true love could be
standing right in front of you,

and you don't even know it.

Which is why I'm--

I'm so lucky to
have found Philip.

I mean, we've only been
together for six months.

It's been a bit of a
whirlwind, but he's amazing.

I mean, he's my best friend, and
I can count on him to be there

and he can count on me.

What day is it today?

The 3rd.

Oh my!

Oh, no, no, no!

What's wrong?

Yeah, I was supposed to meet
Philip's parents about an hour

and a half ago.

We'll talk.

I'm so sorry.

Don't give me that look.

Thank you for coming.

I forgot.

Yeah, my parents--
we had a lovely time.

I am so sorry.

I told them that you got in a
fender bender on your way here.

Then, of course, they
wanted to come see

you and make sure you're OK.

And I told them that they
would miss their plane.

If there is any way that
I can make this up to--

I've-- I've got an early
meeting tomorrow, so I

better get home and get to bed.

All right.

RISI: I flew to Rio
and he stayed in Cabo.

Talk about a
jet-setting lifestyle.

Anyway, he turned out
to be a bit of a creep.

But it was fun while it lasted.

Oh, black-and-white
film festival.

You gonna go?



Hey, Dori, I've been
cooped up all day.

You want to get out for a bit?

DORI: That's a great idea.


Yeah, we can go for a walk,
get out to a little ice

cream stand I like.

DORI: Yeah, I miss you too.

I won't be much longer.

I'm counting the days.

Yeah, I saw the
wedding announcement.

You looked so handsome
in that picture.

I think I'm going to be
working late tonight.

TIM (ON RECORDING): This is Tim.

Leave a message.

Hi, it's Pamela.

I-- you said that
we could still be

friends, so I'm wondering if we
could have a friendly dinner.

Call me.

I have great news.

Oh, what is it?

Well, let me rephrase that.

I have great news for me.

An old flame's in town,
and I have a date.

Oh, OK.

I guess I could--

I could just stay here
and just work late.

Dori, why don't you
take the night off?

We're on schedule.

The book's going great.


Just go out to dinner.

You can surprise
your fiance, Wendell.

It's Philip.


Yeah, just the two
of you guys go.

You've earned a night
away from my charms, huh?

Yeah, but remember,
tomorrow we have to review

the arc of the third act.

Yeah, did I mention
she's only in town tonight?

And Zev wants to see a
revised ending to chapter 22.

Dori, good night.


Oh, but wait!

Have a good time.

Well, are you going
to invite me in or not?

Can you believe they made
that book into a movie?

My stuff is way
classier than that.

I'm just not into it.

All right.


DORI: Hi, honey.

What you doing here?

Well, that's not
a very warm welcome.

You better get used to this.

Till death do us part.

Can I come in?

Of course.

I-- I-- I thought that
you were working tonight.

DORI: Well, Michael has a
date, so I have the night off.


You don't have plans, do you?


Well, good, because I
thought it's been a while

since we've been to Manzano.

Oh, sure.

Let-- let me go get changed.

Well, what's the rush?

I mean, I haven't
seen you all week.

I'm so hungry.

I want to get to the restaurant.

Well, don't I
get a kiss first?

How about a real kiss, please?


Why do you smell
like Inclination?


With our wedding planner?

I better not find
out that she's been

billing us for those hours.

It was one little kiss, OK?

Can we please talk about this?

Oh, by all means, I would
love to hear your explanation.

We were just working on
the wedding arrangements

and it happened.

I stopped immediately.

I felt terrible.

It's just that I--

I don't ever get to
see you anymore and I--

I miss you.

Well, you better
get used to it,

because you're never
going to see me again.

You don't mean that.

Dori, we're getting married
in a week and a half.

I promise it meant nothing.

Is that supposed to
make me feel better?



I think I
overreacted a little.

Things were going just fine.

I guess I just needed
a little space,

but I think you're a great
guy, so I'm officially

un-breaking up with you.


Are we going to
do this every time?

I like you, Pamela.

But I want to be with someone
who wants to be with me.

I-- I want to be with you.

Things were just
moving a little fast.

I was just joking
about the kids.


I know nothing's for
certain, but if we were going

to do with this, I
need to believe that we

have a chance at a future.

I just don't think
there's a chance with you.

Good-bye Pamela.


You said three dates.

We've only had two.

Are you saying you want me
to take you on another date?


I'm taking you out.

Come on.

I already gave you three pieces.


What-- what are you doing here?

(SADLY) The wedding's off.

My friends used to say that
he was too good to be true.

I just never thought
about it literally.

I mean he always
said the right thing.

He looked the right way.

I guess he was too
good to be true.

I'm really sorry.

Maybe he's right.

Maybe this is
partially my fault,

because I have been
spending all my time

here consumed with this job.


Hold on.

Look, take my word for it
coming as a guy who probably

used that excuse himself.

So then what do I do?

Do I take him back?

Do we-- do we break up?

I don't know.

Well, if this was a
scene in one of your books,

how would you write it?

If it was a scene
from one of my books,

the right guy would
probably be somebody else.

Dori, you deserve better.

Oh, I don't know.

I get so caught up in
the fantasy of what

I think a relationship is.

You were right.

I'm in love with love.

No, I can't.

I can't.

Michael, I don't want to--

I don't know what I'm doing.

I think I'm falling for you.



This whole thing
sounds familiar.

Yeah, this is a
line from-- this is

a line from one of your books.

Oh my-- I'm such an idiot!

I can't believe that I
almost fell for that.

Fell for-- what do you--

Dori, this-- this isn't an act.

You have no idea how hard this
is for me knowing that you're

going to marry somebody else.

Please, you're just adding
insult to injury right now.

Dori, wait!

PAMELA: Black and white.

You do have it?

Oh, yes.

Ship it.

I don't care how much it costs.

It's for a very special guy
and a very special night.


Thank you.


PAMELA: Knock, knock.

You got a minute to talk
about the last round of edits?

Is there something wrong?

Well, you missed
several typos,

highlighted misspelled words
that were spelled correctly,

and replaced every instance of
the word "love" with "trash."

Is there a problem?

Pamela, when was the first
time you fell in love?

Roger Lauren.

Sophomore year in college.

What happened?

I fell in love with
Roger, and then he

fell in love with my
roommate a week after that.

I was five the first
time I fell in love.

He was so dashing, so
regal, so virtuous--

Prince Fuzzlebottom.

From the cartoon?

I feel like I have been
chasing that ideal ever

since an impression
made on me at five

is still controlling
my adult love life.

It's time to grow up.

I would have thought
a month with Michael

would have cleared up any
illusions you might have had.


Michael was the worst.

Because he made me believe.

What's that noise?

I don't know.

What's going on?

Beats me.

Looks like someone
went to a lot of trouble

to make a grand gesture.


I love you, Dori.

I don't ever want to lose you.

Well, it's a
little late for that.

Dori, will you
please still marry me?

What are you doing?

Growing up.





It's been a while.

You look good.

You too.

So-- it's a little awkward.

Why's that?

I-- if I recall, we didn't
end things on the best of terms.

Well, we went out
for a month and half,

and then you stopped
acknowledging my existence.

So I do remember correctly.

Rebecca, I want to apologize.

For what?

For anything that I did
while we were together--

and anything I didn't
do, for that matter.

Well, there goes that plan.


For the past year I've had
a speech prepared in case

I ever ran into you again.

But you kind of took the
wind out of my sails.

I was that bad?


But eventually, I realized
I learned a lot from you.

And I'm with someone who's
really good to me now.

I'm really glad to hear that.

It's really good to see
you, even if it's reminded

me of what a jerk I'd been.

It's good to see you.

We're gonna have
the main table

right here, right by
this giant window.

Sweetheart, the
grounds look amazing.

It's beautiful.

We'll put the
stage right here,

and we'll have the band
and the dance floor and--

Not now.

I'm on a roll.

PHILIP: Michael Rothchild.

Michael Rothchild.

Michael Rothchild.

I do not know how
we're going to fit

all this stuff into my
place after we get married.

Well, don't worry.

I'm not taking all of it.


You look like you stepped
out of a bridal magazine.

This is really happening.

It's not too late.

You don't have to go
through with this if you

still have doubts about Philip.



I-- I'm just not
so sure about me.

WOMAN (ON TV): What are
you thinking about now?

MAN (ON TV): The
path I was taking.

WOMAN (ON TV): What about it?

PAMELA: Ta-da!

This is quite the setup.

We missed the
black-and-white movie festival,

so I ordered the best
projector I could find,

had it rush delivered,
rented "Farewell to Arms."

I thought you
didn't do romance.

I'm opening myself
to a few new things.

Pamela, this--
this is really nice.


Let's take it a
little bit at a time--

see where it goes.

Maybe one day, down a very
long and uncertain road,

our kids will laugh about this?

Or maybe we can
make something up.

WOMAN (ON TV): I'd be
very glad to have you

kiss me now, if you don't mind.

TIM: This is the best part.

We're here!

I don't actually
have to wear this.

Do I?

My brother told me
to protect you from all

the eligible bachelors tonight.

You ready?

We're ditching her
inside the club, right?

Stop it.

She's my future sister-in-law.

When does her
flight leaving again?

TRUDY: Dori!


Found them.

Dori, come on!


It's me, Valeria.

We-- we met at
Michael Rothchild's.

Oh, yeah.


Don't tell me.

You and-- you and Michael
are getting hitched?



We work together.

We-- we used to work together.

We don't anymore.

Oh I-- I thought
that explained it.

Explained what?

He doesn't call.

He doesn't return my texts.


I talked to some friends,
and they say they haven't seen

him at the clubs or parties.

The way he's been
acting, I thought maybe

he'd fallen in love.

Anyways, congratulations to
you in the future mister.

I'm sure he's an absolute dream.

Dori, are you coming?


I gave use strict
instructions not

to leave me alone with Trudy.

Good to see you.

How's it coming?

Almost done.

Thank you so much for letting
us use your house to get ready.

Thank you for
not making me wear

a hideous bridesmaids dresses.

And you look beautiful.

You know that Tim offered to
drive my parents to the church?

You've got a really
good one there.

You're smart to hang on to him.

Being in an actual
relationship is kind of nice.

I'm starting to get
what you see in it.


There's someone at
the door for you.


Look at you.

You look like a princess.

What's up?

I just thought I'd stop by and
bring you your wedding present.

Thank you.

But you didn't have to come
all the way just for that.

Ah, nonsense.

I wanted to wish
you luck in person.

Ah, by the way--
that fiance of yours.


Thank you.

I'm just sorry that you're
not going to be there.

Oh, trust me, honey.

I am bad luck for weddings.

By the way, nice job on
the Michael Rothchild book.

Thank you.

He is a remarkable talent.

Yeah, he-- he can be.

We were very close
back in the day.

He and Sophie actually
came to my third wedding.

He brought his
dog as his plus one?

Not his dog, honey.

His wife, Sophie, when they
were still together, that is.

I didn't know
that he was married.

Well, they weren't
just married.

She was the love of his life.

High school sweethearts, they
went through college together.

He-- he never said
anything about that.

Well, I'm not surprised.

She broke his heart
when she left him.

I never thought he'd get over
her and start writing again.

PHILIP: Hey, how are you?

You look so beautiful.

Thank you so much for coming.


He, mate.
- Hey.

- What's going on?
- Big day.

Man, I thought it
would never get here.

Oh, yeah.

Here we are.

- Good luck.

Thank you.

All right.



It's supposed to be
your wedding day.

How's that?

Work on it.

Come in.

The guests are
starting to arrive.

Oh, thank you.

I know we don't know
each other very well,

but I just wanted to tell
you how grateful I am

that you made me a bridesmaid.

Oh, of course.

I mean, you're--
you're Philip's sister.

Well, not have after today.

In a little while I'm
going to be your sister.

Ah, sisters!


Hey, we'll see you soon.


Thanks very much, everyone.

Tuesday at the latest.


MICHAEL: Hey, Zev.

Here it is.

Well, I'll be darned.

I wasn't sure if
you had it in you.

I think you're
going to like it.

Well, if it's
anything like the stuff

that I've already read, we've
got a bestseller on our hands.

It's good to have you back.


Hey, I want you to know, Dori
was instrumental in making

this book happen.

Yeah, I know.

We're promoting her
to senior editor.


Well, I guess I
better get going.

And, do me a favor.

Just tell Dori--
just tell her thanks.

Soon as she gets back.

Oh, she's gone for two weeks.

I thought you knew.


What for?

Her honeymoon.

Ceremony's today.

She's still marrying that guy?

Maybe in a few minutes.

Where is it?

That's private
information, Michael.

You know I can't give that out.

Right, right, right.

So if you'll excuse me,
I'm late for an appointment

at the church on First Street.

ZEV: Hey, hey, hey!

I'll bring it back.



What are you doing here?

All right, you
better get inside.

I need to talk to you.

Don't marry Philip.

Why not?

Because I love you.

I'm not the characters
that I write about.

I don't know if I can give
you a happily ever after.

But you make me want to try.

I don't want
happily ever after.

I want you.

How are we gonna
get out of here?

We have a church full of
people waiting for a wedding.

Does this work?

Yeah, that'll do.

Give this to Zev.

You got this.






My shoe.

My shoe.

You want to just drive away?

I told you I had a flair
for the grand gesture.

Why didn't you tell
me Sophie was your wife?

I wasn't ready to let her go.

I am now.

What time is it?

I don't know.

It's like, a quarter till.






Excuse me-- wait, Dori!

Wait, wait, wait.

Where do you think you're going?

I have a date.

We're getting married.

Come back inside.

You can't leave everybody--
all these guests here.

I already paid for this wedding.

Take it up with
the wedding planner.


I guess sometimes you
have to open your eyes

and take another look.

Who knows what you'll find.

(SINGING) The reason
I tore up that note,

was that I didn't know
that I felt alone.

The feelings that I keep
on hold, open up a door I

been leaning on.

I rewrote the letter
so it would flow better

than the first attempt I made.

And all this time, I've
stayed inside the lines.

But life goes by, while I
wait for the right time.

The tingles that I get off you,
when you walk into the room

make me feel like dancing.

I never have expected to
change my point of view

into us romancing.

And all this time, I
stayed inside the lines.

But life goes by, while I
wait for the right time.