Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944) - full transcript

Henpecked Mr. Winkle is only too happy to go to war when he's drafted. Later his nagging wife and his neighbors are astonished when he returns home as a decorated war hero.

good morning this is our carny dad how's

nothing fine thank you

send the first two of em out

simcha I'm oh yes mr. Simkins I today is

June 1st an entire day yes

Thank You uncle now is that what you

came here to tell me no sir I mean to

say I i I've been with the bank 14 years

the answer is simple all the wages are

frozen for the duration you know that

it's the law

it's but I don't want to raise as I said

today is June 1st and for some time now

I've intended to tell you this will be

my last day here at the bank your last

day yes sir who said so well if you

don't mind I'd like to quit Winkle will

you please go away I'm very busy

what's now mr. Simkins I'm afraid I am

going to quit I must

Wanko are you in some kind of trouble oh

no anything no matter with your books no

no no no not a thing sir

another job well not exactly I but this

doesn't make sense I I suppose not

frankly I don't understand what this is

all about certainly after 14 years I'm

not prepared to say what's got into you

what if that's the way you feel that's

your mistake Winkle this bank has no

further place for you your resignation

is accepted effectively now thank you

thank you sir

mr. Westcott it will interest you to

know your brother-in-law mr. Winkle is

no longer with us

well mr. Thorson

Amy this is Ralph I said your husband

has just quit his job at the bank with

the bank will be

you're a little early aren't you well

yes nothing wrong oh no no no mr. Winkle

you've no idea that change has taken

place in Barry since you've shown this

interest in him all the difference in

the world next best thing I know off to

a home and parents well he is a fine boy

mr. Winkle Oh Barry really well yes how

come when it is a Saturday no it isn't

or I stopped by and I wondered if mr.

McDavid didn't mind you might come with

me for a little while oh sure better get

cleaned up Barry yeah he's all right

ready sure could be back soon

I know something in the workshop

let me open the door can I

giant just like in the catalog with 17

cutting tools and a lathe attachment

accurate to three one hundreds of an

inch you mean you bought it yeah two

hundred and seventy dollars

Jesus don't worry about very but the job

this could turn out

it'll pay its cost back in no time yeah

you're so wrinkled there's what about

your bank yeah the bank what date is

this good day mm-hmm June first need

anything do you

you sure you're feeling alright mr.

Winkle never felt better none of my life

but I think I'd better sit down

Oh Barry how many times have we talked

about going into business hundred times

and remember me telling you about June

first my affairs would be in order that

would be the time to quit the bank when

your mouth is wide open Barry there's

that for Chitti that's what I did you

you told mr. Shimkus yeah just like that

just like that mr. Winkle you're super


wasn't much Barry What did he say

Simpkins What did he say

What did he say

the question is what did I say mr.

Simkins I said sit down

time has come for us to have a little

talk oh well your secretary can go now

whatever it is it can wait this is

important secretary

now then mr. sim Guinness I've been with

your bank for 14 years but the day June

first I will read Winkle do hereby

declare my freedom from books and desks

forever in short mr. Simpkins I quit

well goodbye mr. Simpkins I wish I could

say this has been a pleasure good

that's about all I picked up my things

my books my pills my left

oh yes and some clips

you know handy things in a business do

you mean you're gonna be the shop all

the time well that's the idea Barry I

can't believe it of course there's just

one important thing I'll need some help


no a real handyman no anybody like that

I could get Wow nice all right don't

think too hard I I think I know the man

I want

of course we'll have to consult mr.

McDavid I mean about coming here every

day and putting in regular hours hej who

did you think

now look here I've got to have an answer

can I count on you or quatre

yes mr. winkel that's the boy that's the

way to talk

you know businesslike and that's the way

we've got to be oh and speaking of

business I wrote something this morning

I wrote it on the banks time it's an

advertisement we've got to put them

event in here oh you're putting the bag

the whole world needs fixing whatever it

is don't throw it away probably can be

fixed good as new your repair troubles

are over when you bring them to the

Fixit shop we fix everything

Wilbur twinkle proprietor and all right

oh I like that that's good now tomorrow

they're gonna get a phone a business

ball and I thought that we ought to put


seems mr. Wesker dropped in mrs. Winkle

doesn't know about it you rock tonight

no Barry

that is not for me well it's getting

late Barry you better be getting back

you see Amy I've never been happy at

that job I am happy when I work with my

hands making things fixing things doing

useful work bill but what didn't

heaven's name has come off of you why

Amy why Fixit shop yes I know how it

sounds but it's creative it it takes

skill well but I'd rather not hear any

more about it it's completely out of the

question for why Amy because it's not

for you well Bert why because it's

unthinkable people don't go around

turning hobbies into businesses you want

your shop very well but then have both

don't make a dreadful mistake well maybe

I am Amy but I've been set on it for so

long I'm not getting any younger and

I'll never find out being locked up in

that bag what I meant well but it's not

for us I should have a little bit to say

way of course Amy the bank is a

profession it's steady its dignified and

however else you feel about it we have

some position in this community you mean

what other people may think and say yeah

I guess you're right at me but we can't

let other people decide what seems as

though all my life it was what someone

else tells me I you mean me well Bert

breakfast waiting

feeling better dear binary that's good

overslept a little didn't you yes I

didn't wake you I thought it would do

you good to sleep late for once a raft

talk to mr. Simkins everything's all


you couldn't even show up as late as new

that's Barry Gary's going to help me

regularly I'm arranging it with mr.

macdaniel well it the Pettigrew boy at

the bank knows you've resigned so mrs.

Pettigrew must know about a tool no you

want to make sure the whole neighborhood

knows it by leaving the house this

morning and those clothes going around

the entire block to that shop back there

well Amy I have asked you many times I

wouldn't have to walk around the block I

could go right through here if you let

me cut a door in the back fence and make

this house a part of that shop never you

leave me no choice

I just won't stand for it I won't be

mrs. Fixit I won't be humiliated if you

walk out of that front door like that

then you can just stay in that shop and

live there too Amy

morning Amy can I come in oh oh of

course my sit down should you breakfast

well then it is true mr. Winkle in the


oh no it's just a little

misunderstanding perfectly silly oh

nothing to it at all mr. Simkins himself

just called in the phone

be right out Barry

excuse me miss pettigrew he hasn't been

at all well lately I see you know what

used to linkle what now that you're

gonna be here all the time

you all have to walk there on the block

to get to work you ought to make that

door in the fence

remember you said you would someday yeah

well let's do it today huh one thing at

a time Barry first we've got to get the

shot Norris I got an idea if you mark it

out on the fence just the way you want

it I bet you I could do it myself I can

get some of the kids to help well I'm

not just yet for a while oh why not

got a telephone we'll install this where

it goes the telephone yes yes right in

here come in Ralph I tell you I'm sure

it'll be back at the bank by noon well

I'm sure because because I told him that

if he made up his mind for the shop he

could just stay there I said he could

stay there and live there too now that's

enough we'll call it a day time for

dinner I don't wash your hands before

you leave just my hands though just the

hands oh oh good evening mr. Palmer

evening mrs. Winkle registered letter

from mr. Winkle registered Selective

Service local board number 49 right

induction notice that's what it is

I just dropped on all four Jack Teddy

grew induction oh yeah one big one I'm

calling up all the available manpower

around here mr. Winkle Ian no not right


well you can sign for him yes Jack

Pettigrew mr. Winkle we'll be going down

together yes thank you mr. Palmer

good evening yeah good night battery

good night mr. Winkle

why aren't you going to well uh not just

yet mr. Winkle paint you go home

can't you certainly I can go home Barry

except that I

well not everybody understands the shop

like we do I got to think things over

you go ahead Barry you go along Barry be

here tomorrow do you think well I think

I can promise that much

good night mr. Winkle the army will not

take Wilbur twinkle if they bothered to

examine him what do you think will

happen he'll be home in an hour

then what you'll be back to the real

issue is at the bank or the shop right

where you were to start with if you go

to pieces on account of this notice

you'll lose everything you've gained so

far is that clear Amy yes it is Ralph

then show no concern don't even bother

to discuss it the thing to do is just

push this on to the door of the shop

that's all

Letta foyer registered I had to give it

to you personally

notice of induction there must have been

other notices before this one I suppose

yes examination to pre induction

seems I never hear of anything until

after it happens but I didn't want you

worried Amy there are some things you

might need I hear Amy says I'm the

report that's just routine I imagine Amy


remember that June


we've always liked about the same things

haven't we

we couldn't really be angry with each

other angry why should anyone be angry

that's it that that's just what I mean

you can love someone very much and still

no matter how important something maybe

two people ought to be able to decide

very calmly exactly if they try to

understand Amy well there's no sense in

going through the whole thing again well

but we both understand perfectly

we'll just have to wait calmly for

someone to decide

mr. Winkle good morning barri who you

going I won't be long I'm going down to

the induction Center gotta let it to

report induction I'd only be gone for a

little while you're not coming back

i whatever put that into your head well

if you're coming back while you're

taking that III must do some things I've

got to take a long say so on the letter

well here see for yourself now look

Harry I'm already going down for an

examination that's all now what would

they want with me in the army No

would I put that up if I wasn't coming

back I'll go with you well you can't

Barry why well you've got to have a

letter that's why

yeah care the keys now would I give you

the keys of now you go ahead go in

there Barry

now you take charge while I'm gone all


head back open your mouth say ah ah the

left ear oh yeah a bridge here about two

weeks ago take all the valuables out of

your pockets and put them in these

little black bags

how's everybody got that straight yes

okay then strip

this is for heart reaction jump on your

left foot 20 times then on your right

foot 20 times alright start jumping

breathe deeply

just breathe hej man I'll call your

names alphabetically the men whose names

are called step up here and get your

folder Allen step aside

Davenport Corley

Oh Lamaze are the ones getting rejected

they'll be sent home Oppenheim say

mister without murder do me a favor yeah

when you get back write a tell mom the

doc looked at my kneecap and he says

there's nothing to worry about

draw my own and I'll write it from the

Train you know I'll tell AJ Valdez

Waterman w-when good Yancy and then I

will obey the orders of the President of

the United States and the orders of the

officers appointed over me Oh Jack just

phoned he did mm-hmm oh isn't it

wonderful Amy that they could leave for

camp together my Jack and your husband

what's the matter Barry we've been

waiting for you mr. Winkelman taking the

army mr. winkles in the army

alright first off we get the joke over

with talking about my name

it's a drow Ski how do you say it


that means eating together sleeping

together and plenty more things now you

gonna have to learn a lot of rules

that's because the Army has had a lot of

experience running an army but one thing

you'll find out there's a reason for

everything feet will get cold that way

soldier hej you gonna have a lot of

things to do in this army that's because

in this army or any other I mean there's

a lot of things to do hej you've all got

a handbook the army didn't issue this

handbook for nothing there's everything

in it about everything read it you'll

save yourselves and me a lot of trouble

if you'll read it now if there's ever

anything on your mind don't be afraid to

ask questions you want to get things

done right here any questions yeah when

are we eight the bugler blow miss in

about 30 seconds listen to it and

remember it you'll get no private music

lessons here

what are you waiting for room service go

and get it let's go hej what's your name

my stinker Joe Tinka my name is Wilbur

twinkle how do you do do you snore hell

I never really noticed well I'm your

neighbor and I'm warning you I snore

loud I sleep rather soundly good

let's go neat huh yeah yeah would you

say your name was

blink 0.0 rip fan

what are the pills for I'm supposed to

take these before I eat how many what

would happen if you took them after

visa for after

this is the last half-mile man up in


my top

yeah just look at him look at those guys

we're only starting this is easy we've

got 13 tough weeks of this time knock

off I had friends all right for these

kids I suppose I don't need no special

lessons for what I'm after

see those saw the equipment I need

trained to I'm gonna get me a jet right

in there my kid brother was in Wake


come on I'll take over

private winkle fall out report of the

company commander immediately

I'm Winkle private Winkle say Wankel

we're going to reassign you

we've decided from your civilian

experience should be best fitted to work

with the supply sergeant keeping the

records report to him immediately yes

I beg your pardon sir this assignment

it's a desk job

yes keeping books yes I guess it's

alright to tell you about some of the

things they've got up here like machine

guns and tommy guns automatic rifles how

it says mortars and anti-tank guns those

are just a few you ought to see the

tracer bullets at night it's just like

shooting arrows of light

everybody is kept real busy all the time

lots to do here right now I'm in an

office helping a supply sergeant keep

his records it's a kind of desk work but

I'm seriously thinking about talking to

what's the matter Barry hmm nothing wait

that part again tracer bullets at night

it's just like shooting arrows of light

no the other part

hmm automatic rifles Howard says no

we've heard that part yeah tell us about

the desk with mr. Winkle at the desk

what do you guys think the Army is

nothing but shootin no how many records

the Army's got that's important work mr.

winkles doing

well come right in

oh thank you I care to dance

thank you well that is I beg your pardon

yes no that was terrific babe I'm

looking for alphabet the alphabet yeah

yes sergeant alphabet could you tell me

is he here oh well there are a lot of

sergeant's here the boys told me you

weren't coming in tonight Sanderson yeah

presents private Wilfred wait here it's

a great place here what are you Freddy

eat and drink one I'll have a good time

now what's his real name

something Windell

yeah excuse me sergeant I've got

something to tell yourself me now yes

sir that's what I came in for sir

it can't wait excuse me don't go away

just a second please

what is it once you know after the hikes

never mind the sir yes sir you said

Winkle fallout yeah and reported the

company commander yeah and sending me to

the supply sergeant keeping books

I mean records what about it what sir I

don't think that was a very wise

decision sir that's what you came into

town to tell me yes this is what can't

wait no sir I'm not a very happy man

I'm glad you rushed in to tell me the

news because I'm gonna tell you

something that happens to be the best

decision I ever made in my whole life in

the army yes but I couldn't gonna tell

you what I'm gonna do I want to forget

the whole thing act like it never

happened now go ahead and enjoy yourself

get yourself a sandwich get a girl sorry


Oh No thank you it's the sergeant I want

yeah what is it Winkle I I didn't quite

finish her up it didn't quite finish

look Winkle

I work hard all day I need relaxation

this is no place to discuss army

business that's for camp you don't

discuss army business in a place like

this even if there's something to

discuss now I'll leave it to this little

girl am i unreasonable now you see why

don't you go through something clay a

game picture taken get a girl relax

yes sir but sergeant I'm not here Winkle

not here you don't understand yes Winkle

I'm sorry I think the best thing is for

you and me to step outside outside you

and me outside

it's the only way excuse me say that


outside there's going to be a fight I

know it there's going to be a fight I

thought you meant you wanted a fight oh

no not at all you said not here not to

talk here but I made up my mind it had

to be tonight Winkle look sergeant the

private as man-to-man I'm begging ya nez

perce r7o you've gotta stop it you've

gotta stop it I can't look sergeant I

don't want you to get upset what I'm

fine to change wants to make trouble on

oh no no yeah yeah it's understanding

let's go back in superstar

good morning hmm I think good morning


what I was trying to tell you up the USO

it that's that's what got me in here

well you that was a mistake you didn't

really break any rules didn't I

how wasn't it tough I never imagined

myself behind bars mm-hmm it's just that

if I can make you understand go ahead

may I go ahead well it's it's this right

here in the handbook

it says about having an individual sense

of pride and responsibility yeah right


yeah well now tinkerers got it Betty

Gru's got it you've you've got it all

the others are getting it too that's

what I want sergeant that's what I was

trying to tell you and it's pretty hard

to get while keeping books where no

don't don't misunderstand me I know

that's important too but it seems to me

that it ought to be done by men who

can't do anything else and you mean you

can yes I'd like to do things with my

hands mechanical things that makes me

feel useful you see in civilian life of

14 years it was the same thing books and

it seemed a waste well I never really

cared for it so I finally gave it up got

me in trouble there too but I just can't

see not doing the right thing if one can

do it yeah but this is the army Winkle

yeah I know that sergeant except that

how old you are makes a little

difference in this case I don't think it


you don't huh no sir and you want

mechanics yes do you know what you're

asking to get what you want means taking

a lot of training that's right a lot of

training here's I'm not talking about

primary training no no no nothing is

easier as simple as that

no I'm talking about advanced trained

combat training never let up that's a

tough outfit I know that

just doing the right job is only one yes

have you seen you mental


come on breath just a couple more feet

idle boy wait till you can make

y'all answer

mr. McDavid Davis he's coming home mr.

winkles coming home on through oh well

that's fine Barry that's just wonderful

when will he be here

mr. McDavid I get her fix some things in

the shop can some of the boys help me

sure Thank You mr. McDavid thank you

Oh Genevieve I give the word

cause of you

oh sweet the days may come third

but still the hands


Oh Oh Jerry sweet Genevieve days may

come but still memory we the blissful


was perfect you see these nice to sing

out to at least school glee club you

ought to hear mr. Winkle play that

silver cornet you pouring Tinker Air

said it's argent the musician huh well

in a kind of amateurish grade oh no

really thank you no more

I'll go ahead mr. Winkle well it's a big

night Winkle I know it is but I never do

you know not even a little beer well

hardly ever

how do you like it it's pretty good how

do you feel about getting home well it

it will seem a little strange I guess

nobody back in Benton thought mr. wiggle

would last the army didn't either

my hat's off to you Winkle Oh what does

it missus a well oh you see what I see

very nice hej that would be a nice way

to celebrate for and for what do you say

we make a connection oh we don't want

girls in this party no well I mean we

wouldn't like to intrude on their

privacy no I mean they're probably

waiting for someone no well don't you

think so no there's only one way to find

out we'll ask him now hole goes well go

ahead oh they look like very nice girls

I don't think this is any job for a

plumber like me Jack here's our man oh

no fellas sir I wouldn't know what to


alphabet you go no I don't think we got

a chance for us with my ol army line

we're sunk what we need is a nice

intelligent approach something dignified

like no really yeah honest I oh I know

we'll draw for it okay I'll take the

matches out of the box put them on the

table we'll all close our eyes and grab

and a guy that grabs the lease matches

has to go understand I'll referee don't

close your eyes

come on are no peeking get them closed

there we go no no no keep them closed

you ready ready huh

well I'll crap now already crap that's

it you got him I've already got him all

right open your eyes sure I got ten I

got about eight twelve - oh I'm sorry

rip but it was the rules go out and win

good evening ladies pardon my intrusion

but my name is Wilbur twinkle it really


this is murdered oh I can't look we

wouldn't have had a chance of course

this is inexcusable and I I deeply

apologize but you see I got the least

matches yeah two of them that is there

we we just finished 26 weeks of hard

training and starting tomorrow morning

we go on furlough and so we said

wouldn't it be nice to celebrate tonight

yeah of course in a genteel way no

they're telling him off you get into

trouble it'll kill him yeah maybe we

shouldn't have done it

all set boys well we mustn't keep them


ami he Ralph well Amy it took time I'll

admit that but in the end even the

United States Army had to agree with me

I said they couldn't possibly keep him

in they won't hear army releases men

over 38 yes sir

men over 38 but especially Robert Winkle

why was ridiculous from the very

beginning to think

you know I always like a married man he

knows how to behave himself had you been

home since you were drafted

I mean selected that's a long time sir

please yeah I like a married real much

you're like they never act as if they

want to slug you

oh that you'd never never what oh that's


why would you call who me that's

I had you figured out right from the

start but the subtle type what's that

still waters you know still waters that

still waters run deep that's it that you

careful too you wouldn't say anything to

a girl you didn't mean would you no no I

wouldn't real cute when you smile do you

care for my type yes I do

I definitely do but first time I'd like

to get to know you about it don't you

think you mean it well that's what I

said I didn't think you wanted to what

what what do you say we go someplace

nice and quiet down by the lake

let's hit him come on no no look the

boys of the nigh well we were just like

four Musketeers

hey Musketeers will Burton we're going

for a little walk okay sure sure

go ahead alright see you back here don't

go away

that's the way I like to hear you talk

yeah to pay the check don't you think oh

sure sure but this time what if we don't

yeah that's right what if we don't this

attention members of ordinates units

return to your post immediately all the

leaves cancelled how do you like that

we've been out of camp an hour

haha come on let's go

does that mean you yeah isn't that a


isn't that a shame I got a run now I got

a rush right back sir private Winkle to

see the company commander

private Winkie reporting sir at ease

in fact sit down thank you sir you were

leaving in the morning on furlough yes

sir that's why I wanted to talk to you

tonight wait till your company's

shipping out do combat area yes sir

urine motor mechanics your job is

repairs and supplies where they're

needed most and fastest you may not have

to fight where you'll be going but

you'll be so close to fighting it'll be

the same thing I understand sir the

point is Michael if you don't want to go

you don't have to I I don't have to or

new regulation is just gone into effect

men over 38 can get an honorable

discharge from the service if they go

into war industry oh you're eligible if

you apply you'll not be shipped out with

your unit yes you have much time with

all think it over yes sir

pardon me sir but that's that's my

company I don't know if I can explain

sir but a company is everybody doing a

job together well what I meant sir is

that if you don't mind I can decide now

I'd like to stay in the army if you want

me all right

you'll be shipping out that's all good

luck to you good luck to you sir that is

thank you sir

all right thank you we're going about us

all guys I just heard yes yes you know

some of the outfits moving that's right

well I got a phone so long rip so long

oh I thought you wanted to jam sure I do

I'm gonna squeeze me one right in there

yeah but you just said goodbye I thought

you meant you were getting out oh you

you're crazy I thought you were getting

out whoo

yo I'll be seeing your rep shall we see

you take it

hello Barry hello Barry this is mr.

winkles I know I know how long mr.

Winkle where are you I'm right here at

camp no I wasn't gonna leave until

morning but look Barry I won't be able

to get home like I told you but you

gotta come I got everything all fixed up

waiting for you

nobody will you come well I don't know I

I can't leave here now well that's all

I'm allowed to tell you that's all I can

say do you understand do you

yeah if mrs. Winkle is kind of expecting

me that is if she thinks that I'm coming


well you might explain to her that and

tell her that well you know will you do

that for me boys maybe you can help me

Barry isn't here and he isn't at the


you fellas were down there helping him

tonight and I thought you might know

where he is I'll look boys you know I

wouldn't ask you to tell me any secrets

all I want you to do is to answer one

question if it's a fair question when

you'll answer it it's important Barry's

gone what direction did he take

Barry's on his way to camp to mr. Winkle

camp what happened I don't know I'm

going to look for him oh where how will

you find him well I know he's

hitchhiking south on the main highway

I'll take that route and then head

toward camp I don't think he could have

gotten very far by now I wish you'd come

with me boy yes yes of course

want to lift mister

you were on your way to camp to see mr.

Winkle where to bury

you know mr. Winkle is coming home now

he is it he isn't know mr. Aiello is off

told me on the telephone

what what did he tell you he's not

coming home he's going away he's going

somewhere where the war is for that is

impossible they can't send him into the

fighting he's not a soldier isn't a

young man he's over 44 don't link I

don't care

now listen Barrett you just don't

understand the Army is releasing all men

over 38 all he had to do was ask to get

out especially with him going overseas

not mr. winkel he wouldn't leave but why

why shouldn't be get out why wouldn't he

get out you don't care you wouldn't let

him stay in the shop you don't like him

but mr. winkel he likes everybody even

you yeah you think mr. Winkle is scared

of something you think he quit now if

mr. Lincoln wants to do something he'll

do it because it's right he told me

somebody's always trying to tell you

what to do but your keys let him you got

to do what you want if you think it's

right even if you got a fight that's

what he's doing now he may be even gonna

get killed we'll never see him again

wake up

taker double-time it to pulse 9 as a

bulldozer down here knees fixing fix it

and get it out of there before the Jets

spotted and started using it for range

finders you too man hop on the Jeep and

get down there don't waste any time here

yes sir

turn it over

hello mr. Winkle

we got here a few days ago in a hospital

ship you're gonna be all right

the others thank you


you all right sure I'll be shipping out

again me too

Lee you're going home

hmm my sort of seven the papers get her

in the papers sure on the radio - you're

a hero me why sure the president talked

about you we got the whole allah tala so

who do you think did that don't you know

you well you did was swing your

bulldozer right smack into the face of

jab fire and then single-handedly and

knocked him left and right and then when

the reserves came mr. Winkle mr. Winkle

nurse doctor doctor

we'll be late

but his bus gets in in five minutes will

you standing there for

come on I'm not going Martha you're not

going no I'm not you better hurry Amy

what's the matter with you the whole

town had been turning out and his own

wife not there oh now please please I've

been through that with Ralph a hundred

times already this morning up

I know it's my place but I can't I just


please go Martha


Ralph he's here huh

the bus is here but no Wilbert well you

know he was definitely on the bus wasn't

he yes the driver swears he was doesn't

remember seeing him get off anyplace and

here the bus comes driving up the entire

committee waiting not to mention a few

thousand people but I don't understand

it Ralph

maybe whoa Amy


ass looks wonderful

oh the reception will pudding yeah I got

off at Sycamore crossing but there was 2

p. m. yes I know I should have gone into

town I guess yes you should have Robert

everyone's so proud of you

well I read all about the reception

plans and I couldn't face it

I just couldn't in fact they've scared

me to death

yeah brave men like you

what's that oh oh that must be the


tell them I didn't get here this is mr.

Barbour to the National News Service

how are you congratulations we had our

motion-picture equipment at the bus

terminal with your permission sir I like

to bring it out here No thank you I

really wish you wouldn't go but you must

have known about the reception yes he

got off the bus at Sycamore crossing he

was scared

welcoming remarks a few bits of

sentiment I wrote down I I should like

to say them now - by all means quiet

please quiet mayor Williams it really

isn't necessary and today hold her head

high in pardonable pride in my humble

opinion I doubt if we shall ever be able

to bury

gee mr. Winkle gee how are you Barry

how many jabs was it I don't remember

very I know you'd be alright

for luck I even left a sign just the way

it was be right back and you ought to

see how everything is out Robert oh oh

uh yes excuse me Barry this is Mayor

William their mayor Williams the mayor

how do you do my boy well I I just

wanted to add a warm welcome home and I

know that Denton will show itself


welcome mr. Winkle

now a few words from you will but oh no

well thank you but I I just did what we

were all out there to do what they still

are doing every day

so all these seems sort of well anyway

thank you very much mr. Winkle I have

the further pleasure to it just a moment

my boy please I have the further

pleasure to announce that there will be

a banquet in your honor this evening oh

I wouldn't go to all that trouble if I

were you trouble so the entire country

may know how we value our hero the

debtor National Bank takes the first

step in honoring him permanently its

board of directors have elected will

Bert Winkle or a second vice presidency

in that organization Thank You mr.

Simkins but I don't see after just being

a clerk in the bank what I did in the

army would make me a competent vice

president come come Robert the directors

insists that you accept in fact it's

your duty mr. mosz Cindy I don't follow

your duty to take a leading part in the

affairs of the community from this time


well that doesn't take vice president I

think it can be anybody in the community

and still take a leading part Oh No well

Bert and I've had a lot of time to think

about that

I believe the important thing is to feel

that it's your community and see to it

that it it runs well and always a little

better than it did yes yes Barry thank

you mr. Simpkins but I have some other

plans for the present if you'll excuse


Wilbur you want to go out of the Fixit

shop don't you well bit yes Gary wants

me to of course buy other plans did you

mean opening your Fixit shop as a

permanent business will betray me well

because if you did you may as well get

used to using the shortcut through the

back fence

Barry and the boys did a nice job he

helped too much to Winkle


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