Mr. King (2023) - full transcript

Shiva is an RJ who is doing his thesis on airplane mechanism while Seetharama is cunning and complex. Umadevi and Vennela both fell in love with Shiva. How will Shiva untangle the love triangle and manage Seetharama Raju's twisted game? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Haven't you ever seen a person in the
attire of a bridegroom in your life?

I am somehow doubtful about the environment, bro.

You are in the get-up of a bridegroom.

Your house seems to be in a gated community

Outside the house there looks
to be the hullabaloo of marriage,

but no one is there. As such,
you are in the cab.

That means, are you eloping with the girl,
or the girl herself is ready to elope?

This Parthu doesn't like anything
which is incomplete, bro.

He likes everything to be rounded off.
Otherwise, he gets tensed up.

I will once go and see what the traffic jam is for?

very boring, bro.

Seems a manhole is leaking just under the flyover.

Until the GHMC staff come and repair it,
we cannot move from here.

Tell me, bro...
what actually is your story?

I feel tensed up if the story is incomplete.

Everything should be complete, you know?


My life is one that has an unending climax.

Means... every scene in itself will be like a climax.

I am very much interested in like
these kinds of stories, bro.

Until you finish telling your complete story,
there is no question of this car moving from here.

I don't know where I am going. Don't know
for whose sake I am going.

Don't know why I am going, too.

To narrate Ramayana,
one should start narrating about Ravana first.

To recount my life to you, first,
you should know about this person.

His name is Seetha Rama Raju.

Hello, the plants are already
soaking in rain water, isn't it?

Is it necessary for you to go out
with an umbrella and water the plants?

This is the time I am gardening
Why should it rain at this time?

See, this 30 seconds introduction is not
enough to understand his character.

Let's go to his world and try to know
about his character with this 3 minutes narration

She is Seetha Rama Raju's mother...
Uma Devi.

He is Seetha Rama Raju's brother,
Shiva Rama Raju.

The doctors declared that she would die at any moment.

All the relatives are anxiously waiting for
when will this old lady, kicks the bucket.

(Indistinct voices)

Hey, nine planets,
why don't you laugh?

Don't I know what you grubby
faces are so anxiously waiting for?

Isn't it about to whom she will write
off that field on the river embankment?

Is it to the elder or to the younger?
A small bet, man?

I bet 1:2 in favor of the younger that the
field will be bestowed to him.

No, the elder has taken care of his mother all
these years, so, his mother will grant it to him only..

No... No...
-Yes... right.

You are very clever, man?

I have bet on the younger...
there Seetha Rama Raju... he is coming

See, how he will transform the story.

Hey... move aside...
move aside.

Mother... I am just coming from the doctor, mother.

I will certainly beget a daughter.

I will name her after you as Uma Devi.

Whatever it may be but you should give
that river embankment field to her only.

What have we with them, sir...Let's declare
what she has bestowed to

each one according to her last
will and go away from here, sir.

The river-flanked land to the elder son,
Shiva Rama Raju.

and the house to the younger son,
Seetha Rama Raju..

their mother has bequeathed
to them in her last will.

you can continue your crying now...

Alas! the old woman has bequeathed
the whole property to the elder son.

your mother has left you a pauper;
Seetha Rama Raju... Seetha Rama Raju...

I was cheated... They have duped
See this all of you

Before dying, my mother gave her word to me
that the river-flanked land will be mine.

that is... it will be mine

it will belong to my
prospective daughter, my mother said.

See this... All of you see this...

He told some cock and bull story...
and got the whole property written off on his name.

Brother, talk politely.

Don't instigate foolish wrangles here, please.
This is not the right time for such things.

wait... Hello, you don't know whether the
expected child will be either a son or daughter.

How might she have told you she will
write of the land in your daughter's name?

If I beget a daughter, then that river-flanked
land should be bequeathed to her only.

Why because, when he begot a daughter, he hasn't
christened his daughter with our mother's name.

if I beget a daughter, I will christen
her with our mother's name

and that river-flanked land should
be bequeathed to my daughter only.

See brother,

If you really beget a daughter, because
as you are telling that our mother

has sworn to give the land to your daughter,

I will hand over the land to you.

Please let the obsequies be completed properly.

Sitarama Raju's relatives were shocked
to see the high voltage drama.

Real tension has begun now for all the relatives.

Sir, a girl child has been born to you, sir.

So, Seetharama raju was able to acquire
river-flanked land because of his daughter.

But though the mother has
bequeathed the property to the

younger son, she has blessed
the elder son with serendipity.

After some years, the elder son’s old house got
sold at a higher price than the river-flanked land.

Time too favored the elder and he amassed
a lot of wealth and become a notable person.

Seetha Rama Raju unable to
digest the progress of his elder brother,

stopped talking to the elder brother
wherever he came across,

citing the wrangle about the land
with the mother as the reason.

Destressed with all these, Seetha Rama Raju’s
wife, Vasundhara, met a psychiatrist on day

He listened patiently to everything she said
and gave a solution to Seetha Rama Raju.

Heard you play chess very well...

I haven’t lost a single match in the last 10 years.

Play with me, let’s see.

There is a condition to abide by for
whoever wants to play with me.

Tell me...

If you lose the match, then you
have to do whatever I ask

If you win, I will do whatever you ask me to do.


Do you always choose the black color pieces?

Do you know what is inferiority complex?

Those who have it, will lead a life in the
illusions that they are superior to everyone.

They possess an adamantine
mentality that everything

should happen exactly as desired by them.

They go to any lengths to make that happen.

Truly speaking to treat this rather
than medication, a hobby is obligatory.

That is, we should get immersed
in the activity that we like or...

we should we spend most of our
time with people whom we like.


according our challenge, losers should
abide with what the winner says.

Though I lost the match, till now I said and you listened.

Even though at that moment,
he got angry on psychiatrist,

he started talking seriously
what psychiatrist has said.

Only two thing he noticed

the flowers in the garden and the
laughter in the house.

From then onwards, Seetha Rama Raju
spent the next 23 years...

without any worry in the company
of delightful flowers and blissful daughter.

(Sitarama Raju's daughter is 22 years old)

23 years means... did he change?

No... he toughened further.

Today is very auspicious, bro-in-law.
-For what?

My son got job recently in a reputed company.
Salary is Rs. 50,000/-, bro-in-law

Good. Come here, let’s play a game..

That is, you say, na, that a loser should
listen and do what a winner says, right?

If I win now, then you should
give me what I ask you, ok?

If you lose...
-I will do what you tell, bro-in-law.

Rs. 50000/- means, not a big company I think

What’s there in the money, bro-in-law?

The boy is very nice person.

He doesn’t have any bad habits.

Bro-in-law... My son and your daughter...


So, don’t ever talk about your son in my house.

that is the only thing you have to do.

Anyway, today the prospective bridegroom
will visit our house to see my daughter.

seems they have arrived.

a very prestigious alliance, Prasad.

The salary of the boy is Rs. 2,00,000/-..

Both mother and father are government employees

a bountiful wealth...
only one son.

Do you want me to summon the girl?

That is the main point in our agenda, right?

if not shall we sit down and play the ludo.

Muhurath... muhurath...

I will tell, man
don’t be in haste.

My family is particular about certain matters

More so, my son is finicky.

Now you can bring the girl.

Just like a smoking ad before the
commencement of the main picture,

what are you with that protruding stomach?

very disturbing visual, I can’t see it.

Why get tensed up unnecessarily?

When there is the muhuruth I have setup?

When I signal, then look at each other.

This muhurath is as such.

How much more time is there for the muhuruth?

Just only 10 seconds.

Now both of you look at one another.

Oh no!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I'm embarrassed

It seems, not only men but even chairs also
will fall over if they see a gorgeous lady.

Superb muhuruth but everything happened chaotically.
What this bad omen is?

The boy is fine and the girl, too, is fine.

Both of them are looking at one another.

What bad omen is there here?

If at all there is anything, it may be
pertaining to this broken chair.

Ok, sir

Who are you? You have come at right time...

What right time?

What did he do? He placed the chair. That’s all.

I am Shiva.

We have just now landed in your
neighboring house, madam.

Was told to ask you for the
keys of the house.

One minute.

No one is there in the house to help, Dear.

Will you go and give the keys to
them and come.

Sure, aunty...

Tell Ok.

Seems our son has liked the girl, dear.


Bye Aunty... Bye uncle
-Bye Shiva.

Who is this boy?
I haven’t seen him anytime.

I am also saw him just now.

But the boy looks handsome,
like a Mani Ratnam’s movie hero.

Hah... he maybe.
What does he do, anyhow?

Good Morning, Hyderabad..

You are listening Radio City 91.1.

I am your RJ, one and only single, Shiva.

Today’s topic of wakeup call

one which doesn’t have boundaries,
yet changes with every boundary

it transforms differently for each person

but every person talks about it...
that is ‘Language’.

Do you know the main reason for
the language to have evolved?


To talk about a person in his absence...
to assume we know everything about that person

It gives a certain high

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter..

Hadn’t been all this, do you know
how boring life would have been?

No entertainment... no enjoyment.

He is my father...

These are salty rice cookies...
They are famous in Nellore.

If you eat them, you will feel satiated.

This is a coconut cake.
See how it has puffed.

If we cook it, that’s it.

This is cashew snack. If you taste it,
your mouth will water and crave more.

This is Nellore's cream biscuit
and this is Kakinada sweet biscuit.

Now I will give special introduction about me.

People call me Appadala Rama Rao.

My appadalu (papads) are so famous that
people won't snack on my papads in Sambhar,

but snack on Sambhar and consume papads.

Seeing at his cuisines, it seems he will
prepare all varieties mouth-wateringly.

In the 10 varieties, he is speaking about,

if he prepares 5 items deliciously and
the rest 5 palatably it will be ok for us.

What, sir? what are you talking?

There were days when I cooked for free

But don't ask me to spoil
the cuisines for want of money.

We ask you to prepare cuisines semi-deliciously only.

How it would be if the invitees to the
marriage only half-bless the couple and leave?

What will be our position, sir, if all the
invitees consume all the dishes and leave?

That's why I don't cook for people
who don't have standards.

Sir... Sir... Sir.

Do you know what my father
will do whenever he gets angry?

He plays my sister's marriage DVD
and keeps watching it.

I am getting irritated watching these good
morning messages from the moment waking up.

Hello, see this DVD is not working.

What, dear? Aren't you able to hear what I said,

that the DVD is not working?

Some people don't update even after they grow old.

What, dear? About whom are you talking?

They won't possess the smartness
to buy a smart TV either.

That's what my fate is.

Say whatever you want about me.

but don't comment negatively about either
my TV or DVD,

This is also like you; it won't listen
to what we say.

All because of my fate.

See, if we press this, it won't function...
it won't listen to the commands.

Useless DVD player.

It has become a stupid routine every day.

What Mom? why are you so cranky?

I am perishing trying to explain to all.

You got into a quarrel with them with
7 days remaining for your engagement.

Anyway, for how many members in our family,
I have settled the marriage alliance, son?

But I am unable to fix an alliance for you.
I am feeling vexed.

What to do other than cry?

This DVD also seems to be damaged. see it.

You won't buy a smart TV.
This fellow won't marry.

It has come to be my fate.

I cannot stay in this house.
I am feeling suffocated.

I will go somewhere.


Marriage is not a business deal, mother.

If I see a girl, I should get the feeling that I would
bear her, whatever she does, life long, isn't it?

She should be liked to that extent, right?

She, too, has to like me to such a level.

Tell me frankly, will all this
happen in 'marriage glances'.

How many alliances you have seen?

Other than job and wealth,

did anyone inquire about the
boy's capabilities and character?

In this pellichuppulu, is the boy's character so trivial?

I am telling you see; someday a girl will come who
likes my character and loves me for what I am.

She will come and stands at our door
and asks me, please marry me.

I will marry on that day, mother.

Good, son.

That means you won't marry.
Very Good.

Can't you hear me... the DVD doesn't work

Like that, if all things are simple in life,
then it will be boring.

There will be one person in everyone's life
to transform simple things into complicated

and complicated things into simple.

Just like Arjuna to Sri Krishna...
Karna to Duryodhana

he to me.

His name is Krishna.

Mother calls me every day and bothers me

I am unable to bear it anymore.

See, for the qualifications you have,

I will get you in a week's time a job
that gives you a 30 lakhs package.

Just join the job and work for 2 months.

There are so many matrimonial sites.

You are anyhow fair and handsome so,

if we upload this job profile also,

you will get inquiry requests over requests.

You will definitely find a job doing girl.

else she may even shell out 1 crore dowry.

After marriage, leave the job

Anyway, that girl would be doing the job, right?

If not, put the dowry amount in FD
and lead a king-size life.

What you don't understand here is that
marriages are finalized on the basis of job and salary.

So, accede to my advice

Don't understand his entry and
don't understand his exit, tricky fellow.

"What's this so much beauty, lassie... "

"This is called phenomenal in Telugu."

"How can I enumerate this much pulchritude?"

"Even if I spend the entire night,
quite a few will be left out."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"Don't smile with your eyes, O' effeminate"

"I will forget the way to my home when I see you."

"As your oscillating lovelocks hang down,"

"you are tugging my heart periodically. "

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"I am following you like a shadow."

I am sketching your image
behind my eyelids""

"Never in the past, there was this abstraction"

"Anyway, this habit is new."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

Did you just follow me?


From the coffee shop... then the market...
and then coming here now to my cousin's home.

following me all the way.

You like me or something?



You don't even know that you
have to say sorry also?

Hey, why are you so late?

What's that meeting on the road?

Come in quickly. If you delay,
my cooking may ruin.

Are you a new entrant into this house?

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

"See lassie... the dramatics of mine..."

What, girl? You are coming today?
Why didn't you come yesterday?

Do you know how bothersome it was yesterday?

See aunty, it won't look nice if three
people have pellichuppulu at the same time.

What do you mean by that?

The elder has conveyed that he has
asked about your well-being, uncle.

Hey, girl.

A boy has come into our neighboring house.
You know he is very handsome.

Let's go, I will show him.

Hey, Vinny...

Bro, did you notice one thing here...

without your involvement, marriage glances
with younger girl and dating elder girl is over.

Bro, hats off to your observation.

These girls are there, na...
they are not so simple as we think.

Where are you?

Who is this?

Don't act smart. Are you showing your
attitude what

Come to Barista in Banjara Hills.

you have to be here in 45 minutes.

Even if you are late by 1 minute, you
will miss the bumper offer.

Thank you...

What? why don't you talk?

I finished my graduation about 3 years ago.

Right now, I am doing my PG with a thesis on
Alternate Fuel Systems for an aero plane engine mechanism.


Why are you doing RJ job after
studying so much?

As for I am concerned, I feel it is ok to do any job
as long as we don't do any wrong

That gives us happiness.

There I don't need to coddle anyone...
don't need to speak falsehood

there I will tell, what I know and what I like.

They pay me emoluments for that.

There won't be monthly targets.
There won't be arguments with the boss.

Like that the whole week passes by like a weekend.

Mainly, there won't be this chance to carry
this work pressure into the home.

Every day is a fresh start.

So, tell me something bad about this job.

I now understand why they have taken in you as the RJ.

Because you are an expert in this ice cone
talk they have appointed you, isn't it?

Ice cone?

It will be tastier at that instant and will melt
away immediately.

Tell me about yourself.

My full name is Vennela.
Everyone calls me Vinne.

I am very practical.

I am the only daughter of my parents...
that's why not have many headaches.

Life is a witch if you are not rich.

Shouldn't waste money any time unnecessarily.

That's why I shop only when there is 1+1 offer.

Even if there is 50% discount, I won't buy,
without haggling for reduction.

I want to travel across the whole world.

that, too, free of cost.

That's why I am going for airhostess training.

Free travel, lots of allowances

and I am gorgeous, right.
I will get the job easily.

If so, what type of boy you are thinking
of marrying?

He should be handsome.

He should have Rs. 50 lakhs in his account
by the time of marriage.

He should have a minimum emolument
package of Rs. 2 lakhs per month.

He should possess a own house, a great car.

He should know and provide what I like
without my asking.

Hey, Why did you put such a long face?

What, ma'am? Need so many things to lead a life?

If all these things are there.

to live only to maintain all of them
or to maintain all these things to live...

getting trapped in this loop.

Getting trapped in this loop.
-Hah, getting trapped in this loop?

Oh my gosh?

Watching the trailer itself is very terrifying.

You are asking me to directly watch the movie.

Do you think life with ladies is so easy?

All the more, life with gorgeous lady like
me is like the thriller movie genre

thrills and twists such as these will be plenty.

Let's put full stop for today with this coffee.


This is my half... you can pay your half.

Bye. Take care...

Oh my!! my brain whirled and mind blocked.

What happened?

You are always like this... without listening
to me you got petrol filled for Rs.50.

Will it suffice if we roam the
entire town with it?

What, girl? what happened to you?

I am tensed up. The other day
Marriage glances happened, isn't it?

What's wrong in you, dear?
You look like Anushaka picked in an offer.

Don't panic. you will certainly be liked by him.

What, dear?

How long still?

Don't fuss, dear.
I am booking a cab.

Hey girls...

See, the suit worn driver has come for ourselves.

You need any lift.

We... Never mind, sir.
We... have booked a cab.

-Hey, wait..

Instead of going empty, without passengers,
you can drop us, right?




Shh... get in

Get in.

We have go to a restaurant in Hi-Tech City

I am not going that way, miss.

I am going to attend an acquaintance's
marriage ceremony.


To the Wedding?

If so, we, too, will come.

Wherever it is, food is common.

I promised you that I will give party to you.
Now I am giving the party, that's all.

Acquaintance means...
are they your relatives?

-Best friend, isn't it?

Then what?

Once very close contacts

Even if I tell now, you won't understand.

Dressed in a suit, you are going to the
wedding of a person whose relationship with you

we cannot understand even you tell.

You actually are a master piece.

Hello, ma'am... We have come to the venue.
Get down and laugh..

Anyway, to whose wedding did you go, bro?

To my ex-girlfriend’s marriage.

We both studied together.

When the engagement was due in a week, she cancelled it.

A good surprise to the son-in-law, now.

After seeing it, you shouldn’t get shocked, Ok?

Claps everyone...

Come on claps

Why this fellow has come?


I bought these for you.
-Who is he?

Huh? He is my ex-boyfriend.

And this is for you.

Come this side.


No thanks!

Congrats.. bye.

I'm so sorry, I didn't expect this.

Is it this one only? or did your
father plan some more?

Hi, Uncle.

Are you fine?

I am fine till now.

Anyway, who did invite you, man?

That only, Uncle. The other day your daughter

posted it in our common friend’s WhatsApp group.

She invited all to come to her wedding.

If anyone doesn’t phone you personally and invite,

then people generally don’t come feeling discontented.

You took the message seriously
which was posted casually.

You even seem to have brought the gift, too.

Don’t worry, uncle.

There are no chats, screenshots,
call recordings and any such things, uncle.

First, what do you want, Miss?

Where is buffet arranged, uncle?


Go there... Go...
And eat sumptuously

From there go away through another
exit located adjacent to it.


let’s go...
let’s go

Hey, Shiva,

it’s long ago I have seen you, buddy.


Hey, Madhu, I used to tell you about 148 Shiva.
He is the one.

I am Vennela

She is my cousin, Uma Devi.


Yes, what is this 148 Shiva?

You don't know

In our entire class...
Sorry, In our entire batch,

He is the only person who attempted
questions for 148 marks only in the EAMCET exam.

What’s that? Why didn’t he attempt
for the remaining 12 marks?

Have to only darken the circles, isn’t it?

Our Principal, too,
asked him the same question.

Why didn't you attempt the remaining questions?

I don’t them, sir.

You are asked to darken the circles - not draw patterns

If you have at least attempted those questions,
maybe you could have scored 3- 4 marks more, right?

With those 3 -4 additional marks,
do you know how many equations change?

Your rank will change from thousands to hundreds.

Doesn’t attempting those questions
mean deceiving those questions for

which I don’t know answers as
questions for which I know answers?

Shall I tell you a shocking thing?
He got exactly 148 marks.

All of us including the Principal were shocked.

Not this one actually.

We used to call him,
Shiva sans Tie, in the whole college.

Just like actor Nagarjuna pulled the
cycle chain in the movie Shiva,

our friend brought ‘tie revolution’ in our college.

So, to tell you the story about it,
we have to first tell you about Oshan sir.

The so-called megastar of mathematics.

With 12 Ph.D’s. and 3 post-doctorates,

he is the top faculty in aerodynamics and design.

He is the chief consultant at Aeronautical
panel in ISRO and DRDO.

Guest faculty at IIT, Space Research.

When he is coming to take class,
all students first check their ties.

After that only they check their books.

He is very particular about wearing tie.

Good Morning, sir

Please sit down.
-Thank you, sir.

Find drag to drift ratio, if these two vectors
are inclined as shown.

If you don’t know how to wear a tie,
what would be the use of you?

For me, it seems easier to solve that
problem rather than knotting this tie, sir.

Shut up.

Is it? Then a challenge for you.

If you solve this problem,
then I will let you study without wearing

the tie as long as you are in this college by
speaking to the management and managing them.

I am ready, sir.

But if lose the challenge, then
you have to daily wear the tie and stand

before this bench and listen to the lesson.

If you agree to that, then only
I will come to your class.

Otherwise, I won’t come.

Sir... Sir.

-Ok, sir.

I am done, sir.

Come here

Did you study at IIT?


Pardon my language, but he is an a**hole.

I will give you a correct introduction about Shiva.

He competed with 3000 applicants in
an interview conducted by a big

organization and got selected
as one of the 9 finalists.

How f**king awesome is that?

But you know what happened?

Your task is to sell this LED TV to a poor farmer.

What happened, man?

I cannot do this...

What’s your problem?

This is ethically wrong.

Listen man, Marketing means three C’s

convince, confuse, corrupt. Ultimately,
at any cost, you need to sell the product.

See sir, marketing means knowing
the necessity and then selling

If you sell even after you know that there
is no necessity, then it is deceiving.

So, you are telling me what marketing is?

You are unfit for this.

Get out.

Do you know what my father says about him?

That he is like that Kamal Hassan
in "Akali Rajyam" movie.

A cinema can be made on his life


Oshan sir?
-Oh my!! Oshan Sir,

I have to readjust my tie, first.

Aren’t you ashamed to waste your time
like this roaming with all these people?

Why did you come here?

To eat the wedding feast.
-Not that, sir.

Get out.

Come to my lab tomorrow and meet me.

Ok, sir.

Is he the Oshan sir?

The so-called megastar of mathematics.

Yes, Actually, he is the guide for my thesis.

They are all cracking jokes on you.

Aren’t you getting angry?

No... Let me show you something beautiful.

Seem you got more marks than
him in the EAMCET exam, isn't it?

-What are you doing?

I am about be a CEO of the company.

Do you want me to tell you why you
want to be the CEO of the company?

Because of the high salary and more allowances.

If they say they won’t increase your salary
even a rupee, will you do the job of the CEO?

You won’t do it.

But he is not like that.

If not for salary, then what’s the point in
doing a job, sir?

That’s what.

You are all zero if there are no salaries, boys.

You, your studies, your intelligence,
your jobs, and your career

you are mortgaging your life for
your salaries and living.

Costly laborers. Isn’t it?

What’s the difference between you
and sweeper who cleans the road?

Just the salary alone.

Is it for this, so much of your education?

From Algebra to Pythagoras,

behind every formula, you studied
there is a lifetime of toil.

Is this the value you are going
to for all this toil?

At least he is purposefully doing some
justice to what he has studied.

This is my project

project ‘Vayu’.

This is a hybrid engine combining electrical,
air-fuel, and aerodynamic drag mechanism.

For the planes manufactured
with this mechanism,

there will be number of turbines
underneath the wings.

They are electric ducted fans.

That means they are fans that create
energy using the wind thrust.

I didn’t understand a single word.

Actually, how this mechanism works means...
First, till the airplane takes off we use air-fuel.

Once the plane takes off and soars into the sky,

the turbines start rotating fast due to the
fierce thrust of the wind flowing against.

Then energy will be created from the turbines
and will be transmitted to the motor inside the plane.

Just like a windmill turbine.

So, as long as the airplane flies in horizon,
it will fly without the need for the fuel.

That also with free energy.

How beautiful is that?

At the time of landing, it will be switched on
to air-fuel system and the

motors which rotates the fans
attached to the wings will be switched off.

So, because it lands using the air-fuel, just
like any regular plane, it will land smoothly.

If you don’t do the job, the company will
appoint some other person in your place.

Because of that no one will suffer loss.

But if his thesis is approved,

do you know how many person’s lives will change?

You know in our India alone, due to domestic
flights 6.7 million tons of carbon will be emitted yearly?

Totally in 2021,

because of air-fuel worldwide
33 Giga tons of Co2 had emitted.

Do you understand the quantum of
damage to the environment because of this alone?

If my model comes into work, 90% of this
environmental hazard can be lowered.

With this alternative natural energy lowering
the consumption of air-fuel,

demand spirals down,
and thereby prices of air-fuel will decrease.

Because of this, air fare will come down
and a lot of beautiful will happen.

Do you know if just pollution is controlled,
how many things will change?

Yes. What did you say your name was?

Sir, that is...

Not required.
Even if you tell also, I cannot remember.

I have seen thousands of students like you.

But only a few students' names
stick in my memory rarely.

A lot of students on seeing a Guru
(teacher) starts a conversation.

But only he is the real student.

Shall I tell you what aspect of him is laughable for you all?

He, too, like you, must struggle with desires, necessities,
and longings and live like that. Isn’t it?

But he has not like that.

He hasn’t committed a mistake
even when he got the opportunity.

For the sake of the other,
he hasn’t denigrated himself.

He fought with the system and won.

He hasn’t deceived anyone for his necessities.

The world claps hands loudly for him,
who remains like that and yet wins

It transforms a person like that
into a historical figure.

Don’t spoil him with cliched philosophies.

People like you are there all through the world.

But a person like him will lead the world.

He is not different.

He is special.

Yes, sir.

All the best.

Good Night.

You asked, didn’t I get angry when they
were talking like that, isn’t it?

No, I didn’t get it... Why means,
that this is my fate.

If this project becomes a success,
then I am right and they are wrong.

If it fails, then what they said is correct.
So, no more regrets.


Is this all possible really?

difficult but not impossible.

"Has the unknown route reached out to me
and changed my walk?"

"Has the unsought mystique infused like you
and entwined my life?"

"The name you addressed me; Shall I say it is mine?"

"The path you walked on: Shall I walk on?"

"The day you met me, Shall I say, is my genesis?"

"The day you haven’t met,
Shall I become incinerated?"

"Shall I become laughter in your antics?
Shall I become mute in your anger?"

"The day you called me shall I become a flower-laden path
and accompany you in overcoming your shyness?"

"Won’t you become luminescent for my midday?"

"Won’t you become moonlight for the night?"

"Don’t you turn to be the dream my eyes desire?"

"Don’t you say you are my companion?"

"The hope I never felt earlier;
I saw it in you opposite to me."

"Shall I become the burning torch in your eyes?

"Shall I be the dream that reaches in your sleep?"

"Near your heart... my feeling
Be the unrestricted shower of honey?"

"Shall I drown in the work of distributing breath?"

"Don't I become the fence to my story?"

"I want your friendship... Shall I ask you?"

"Don't I be your partner?"

The whole album is filled with your son’s photos.


You love your son a lot, na...

I love him a lot.

Two years back he came over to me and said,
“sister’s marriage is over...

and you have given me the best education...
I am now doing P.G. with a scholarship.

Till now you have lived for us.

At least now, live a life for yourself.

You happily take voluntary retirement
and do whatever you want to do.

Take a break, daddy.

I want to do something what I can do...

that makes other people happy.

So, I came into cooking.

If it were catering, I could cook
and serve to many people.

"This thought is not there
in my heart all these years..."

"I gave my half of being to you."

"I forgot my entire midday on your name..."

"I forsake my sleep thinking it doesn't belong to me..."

"Running fast can I reach your forehead,
and become the wind that touches your sweat?"

"Without resorting to hysterics, not wrangling with me
Shall I become the queen of your heart?"

"Please stop for a moment and be my notion"

"Don't leave me for a moment
No shortage of imagination"

You have to give me everything, right?

Give... give...

Shall I help you?


What girl? You intimidated me
and took money for that.

Now it is ok,

but if you do like this after marriage also,
our Jeevan sir won’t remain silent.

No one will like people who
waste money like this.

Hey, sorry. I just said it jovially.

I don’t like this marriage at all.

I want to do P.G.

I want to do a lot of things in my life.

Then, didn’t you tell about this to your daddy?

See my dear, experience is like spectacles.

If it is there, everything will be
visible very clearly.

It shouldn’t be considered faulty eyesight.

The things I tell at my age
may seem quixotic.

After 10 years you yourself will realize,

what a good deed my dad had
done by marrying off me that day.

You don’t know about my uncle whatsoever.

From that day, my uncle stopped
talking to my dad.

Even now wherever my father goes,

he tries to strike up a conversation with my uncle.

But he is still stuck to his
stubbornness and refuses to speak.

Everyone is afraid of his anger.

She’s more afraid.

Is it? If we stop this wedding?

How would it be, if we manipulate the
bridegroom to cancel this wedding himself?


I will tell you a plan now that will guys spellbound.
You all listen.

One tea!

Tell me mother.

Why don’t you tell me your opinion
about the match we have okayed?

Don’t spoil this like you have spoiled
the previous match on some flimsy pretext.

At least let this proceed further.


you are saying that today’s alliance is better
when compared to yesterday’s alliance.

You mean a much better alliance won’t come?

Like yesteryears, nowadays,
no one is marrying

off their daughters, evaluating
boys’ character and habits.

How much wealth the boy has and what his job is?
They are looking at that only.

whether the boy is bald or beer-bellied;
the brides’ fathers are ready

to marry off their daughters even if the boys
don’t have physical qualifications but have big money.

We have a job and property.

Girls will queue... queue in line.

Be cool, mother,
just chill.

won’t let me drink tea also.

Hello...who is it?

That is, I am Uma Devi.

Umma Devi?

Will people christen such names too?

Tell me dear, you want mwaha
I mean... what do you want?

You have come for pellichuppulu
the day before yesterday.I am that girl.

Day before yesterday I have attended 4
pellichuppulu. Tell me about your location, miss.

I am Seetha Rama Raju’s daughter.

Seetha Rama Raju?? Aah... remember...Tell me,
dear. We have okayed your alliance, right?

I want to personally meet you and talk to you.



What’s the matter?

About marriage.

about marriage?

you seem to be in rush about marriage
and that thing.

Of course, after seeing my charisma,
no one controls themselves.

I am irresistible.

Let’s meet at Driving Café by 5:30.


Why are they so crazy about me,
I don’t know?

Hey, see, man.
Sorry, sir..

Ok. If you sorry, will it be enough, what?

Early morning

Hey... that’s my phone.

Hey, it’s Iphone 12 Pro max, man

I know, sir.

I brought it for 1 lakh, man...
That’s why I stole it.

It’s gone... go.

At least if played in casino, it takes
5 minutes to lose a lakh.

This bugger stole it in 1 second.

What's this God?

What is this?

I have brought it after seeing the
auspicious time only?

How can it happen?

I have seen Ganji (porridge).

I have seen Benzi, too


Who are they?

Where do they come from?
-Valet parking, sir.

I know.


See, this is not a normal car.

Even if do valet car parking your life long,
you cannot at least buy the bumper of this car.

So, handle with care. Ok?

And by the way,

if you sit inside the car taking selfies of

yourself and post in the Instagram
with caption,my car... my life

then I will insert a kilogram rod,
1 kilometer deep inside in your rear.

-Ok, go sir.

Please be seated.

If you don’t mind...
can I ask you one thing?

Shall we sit in that south-east corner?

Is it because view will be good?
-Yuck... because Vastu will be good.

We are meeting for the first time...
And that too personally

Yeah, your father told that you are ‘toppu’...
I mean topper.

That’s why, I am thinking of doing M. Tech.

To do what?

I mean... my parents have already told to your elders

that not to pursue such things after marriage.

That is... if you can... I mean.

I am mean, miss...
I am already doing a job.

my father and mother, too, are doing their job.

Then why should you toil?

Spend your time peacefully;
doing puja happily in the northeast.

cooking in the southwest.

watching north Indian serials on
the TV placed in the south.

and in that gap calling your
mother and complaining about my mother.

What will we do with all the money?

Anyway, tell me about yourself.

I don’t have big dream.

I dream of a small house with small, small
flowering plants in the courtyard...caring family,

2 kids, and a peaceful life. That’s all.

It’s like old WhatsApp message.

Till date have you ever loved anyone?

Why should I waste my time with any
lady who is going to marry someone else?

No way

Excuse me

Whose car is TS 09 0320?

Is that car yours?

What do you mean?
What’s with that expression?

Do you know who I am?
I am senior project manager in Info...

What is the proof?


What do you mean?

my ID card, man.

Anyway, what’s the matter?

You have parked your car behind
our tow truck. Anyhow, you are great sir.

If anyone parks the car in the wrong place,
the tow truck tows it off.

But you have parked your car
exactly right behind the tow

truck as if to enable it to tow the car easily.

Pay Rs.2000 and take away your car.

Hey... Hey, no sir. I haven’t parked the car.

I handed over the car to the valet.

Is it?
-Promise, sir.


what did you say to our valet?

He left the place angrily complaining
that you have berated him in drunken stupor.

-Yes, you only.

Have you come drunk?

Came not drunk, sir.
I came here to drink.

Giving retort to the police?

Then there won’t be any discount.
Pay Rs.4000.

What is this, sir? You
are increasing fine for every retort.

Do you know the Law? I know Law.

Law is not
Ok. I am coming, one minute.

Sir, then you need not pay the fine.
-That’s it.

Tomorrow you come to the court,
pay the fine and take your car.

that is... Sir... Sir... actually say some
thing in the google... so, I said, sir.

You haven’t listened to what we said.
You said we are exploiting.

Please, take all this, sir...


Hi, can we meet now at the same place, please?


To leave me alone again and go away?

No. To drink yesterday’s left-over coffee.

Just joke. Please let’s meet

Ok. At least this time around park
the car properly and come.

This time I am coming after booking
the place exclusively...

for parking and for the meeting also.


Maybe he is dead?

A similar thing happened at
our place 3 months back.

One who caused the accident wasn't captured.
Maybe he is the same person.

Hello, man, only 2 months back have
passed to date when I came from America

Then 4 months back in America, a maniac has
caused accident just like this and escaped, it seems.

Probably you are that person.

Hello, man. won't you leave this topic?

Don't you stop linking to me
whichever accidents have had happened?

Are you trying to frame me or what?

All the rich people like him are same like this.

They will buy cars and collide
poor people like us and kill us.

If we question them, they will bluff us.

Come here, man.

Are you a poor person?

By which metric are you a poor person?

Is he a poor person? Which
poor person will drive a motorcycle

eating chips and crashing into vehicle?

Don't talk as you like.

Not like this... we have to teach him a
lesson and hand him over to the police.

Actually, thought of giving him a small jolt and
then letting him leave, but what is this, dude?

He has fainted just like a small school kid will faint.

Actually, what is happening, bro?

Who is the person who has come to beat him?

Don't know who he is, bro. but like a
paid artist he did perfectly well.

First, let's take him to the hospital first. let's go.

Wait, dude. A small issue happened here. Hah,

the doctor has come just now. Once the
issue is completely solved, I will tell you.

What's wrong doctor?

Nervous got breakdown.

Within 5 to 10 minutes,
he will get up and stand.

There is no problem. Is it ok?

what to do now, bro?

Hey, what's there, dude?
We will lay our person here.

Then we will give the build-up that
he has caused the accident.

From where the previous scene has ended,
we will start the new scene from there itself.

Hey start!

Hey, what I am here?

Hey, did you guys molest me?
I will complain to the police.

What you here?

You have driven your car onto him.

After colliding with him,
when you tried to act smart,

the gathered people tried to thrash you.

anyway, what happened to him?

Since you banged him with the car,
he has gone into the corona.

How can he go into the corona, man?
-If not corona, he has gone into a coma.

Is it Ok?

All the parts inside his body were crushed,
now interior designing is going on.

-That only... internal bleeding is happening.

Let's put all this matter aside.
Our doctor will take care of all these.

If necessary, we may have to
give police compliant.

-Hah, Police?

If not the police who do you think will come,
your father or your father's relatives?

Police are better rather than relatives

If you have hit him on the road with a car,
it means attempt to murder.

What is this twist again, dude?

Over... everything is over

Nothing over.

Patient is sleeping in a coma.

Sleeping in a coma is crap...
snoring is crap

Umm... Patients in coma will sleep, see,
hear and if needed will snore,

It's correct, but I am getting doubt.

Oh, shit... Phone.

Hello... what's that ringtone?

We are thinking of bringing the patient out
from the coma in a U-turn like this.

You are thinking of sending the patient
directly to heaven?

First, change that ringtone.

Two minutes.

How can you switch off your
phone like that, bro?

What will you do if they call you again?

They will call again, right?

Bro, take this sim and drop it in the waste

bin in which these PPE kits are
disposed of. It will be rid of this.

Bloody bad luck.
-What happened, bro?

Nothing should happen is my wish.
For the last one-week,

bad luck is doing a surgical
strike on me, bro.

As I went for marriage glances
and sat in a chair, the chair broke.

When I tried to phone the girl, my phone was stolen.

When I went to meet the girl at the
restaurant, my car was seized.

Hazarding, overcoming, and crossing all these,
when I went to meet her

I met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital.

What is this, bro? you are linking that one and this.

Anyway, she is going to be your would-be wife, isn't it?

Did you see her power? as you took her name,
the electricity went off.

I cannot tolerate ideating her name and
cannot touch if she becomes my wife.

complete negative vibrations only.

Anyway, this marriage alliance should be cancelled.

Did you see? The moment I said will cancel,
feeling positive vibrations.

What is this man? You
should be in a coma, isn't it?

Wow!! it is a chemical miracle.
I cannot believe it really.

Feeling very happy.

It's not a chemical miracle... it's not a
medical miracle... it's fate.

Always trust the vibrations, not the vibrator.

What is he telling?

You are snoring in a coma, too.
Go and consult the doctor.

This marriage, too, has to be annulled.

Hello… your story has a happy ending…
But what about me?

You are not suited to be here, bro

That's why I am staying in Ameerpet.

Every time there was a twist, you
entered as a guest and saved every scene.

Set aside all this chitchat.

First, give me the money.

Tell me your account number,

I will deposit Rs.3000.

What?? Rs.3000??

I have expected payment commensurate of an artist.

you are depositing the wage
of a junior artist.

Not all this. Add one more zero beside that figure.

Otherwise, I will go and report this matter there.

It will be the end for both of you.

Tell me your account number.

Hey, wait, man.

I have sent... check it.
Got it

This matter pertains to the life of a lady.

If at all, this is leaked out into the outside world,

I will lay you on the same bed in
the hospital as a coma patient.

Hello, sir

any problem?

Wherever there is a problem,
Phani will be there.

Why have you become so emotional, dude?

I could have settled it for Rs.5000, na.

What you could have settled, dude?

Hey, stop, man.

What has happened now for
you getting so serious about?

Did you see how he took advantage
of us as he found our small mistake?

The whole world is like this.

If we are caught committing small wrongdoing,
it will f**k us left, right, up, and down.

That's the reason why I always want to
be right at my best freaking possible way.

I will take care... I will take care...

Get off, man.

The world will not exist as two distinct
entities as you think - in black and white.

The world is a freaking 50 shades of grey.

Get into the car, dude.

How does I look to you, dude?

First, say sorry.
Then, I will come and get in the car.

Ok... Ok.

Don't I get time someday?

Then, I will tell you.

What's this much laziness to you, dude?

At least you could have walked
some distance, isn't it?

You will come searching, na... that's why.

Bro, did you ever go to jail?

No... Alas!! Did you murder someone.

No. But, almost would have done it.


This fellow..

Do you know which one will have more
ego in the whole world?

To the human brain.

Our brain doesn't even weigh
one and a half kilos

It always keeps challenging the infinite world.

Putting thought into practice means...

to fight like Alexender for it on the world.

But to win, only one signature is enough.

Have you happened to see such a signature anytime?

See we say, life-defining moments...
saying, one line will decide your life

imagine the creator of that line is playing a game with you

You are becoming angry, isn't it?


Project Vayu presentation, sir

You are an educated person, isn't it?

Don't you know it's not right to
disturb when someone is busy?

Go and wait outside.

But bro, if honesty is there in your thoughts,

This world will search for a power
for you and send it to you.

Sir, Oshan sir has come, sir.

Hello Oshan sir.
Are you fine?

Can we come to the point?

One of your students is roaming around me
very much saying, "for my perpetual energy project thing,

I want a prototype...
I want prototype", sir.

you are his guide.

Have you come for that?

for the last 6 months he is roaming around you.

It will be better if you give him the prototype material.

that will not work out, sir... that's why I...

there may be many things
between you and me.

Don't show that anger to him.

I don't know whether you remember or not,

but I did the best project than this

gave a better presentation than this.

but that day you didn't give me the guide approval.

Had you given the approval that day,
I would have been in a better position than this.

Not as a manager like this,
but would have been working as a scientist.

Not only now, but as long as I stay in this position,
I will not give approval to this project.

See Dhanunjay,

did you ever think what was the reason
why I haven't given approval to your project?

It was a worthless design.

The pollution Control Board will
not give permission for that.


You say, "Because your brother was there
in the Pollution Control Board those days

you would have got the approval
however worthlessly you have designed.

But what about the pollution?

You may think for the sake of your success it
doesn't matter whatever happens to the people.

but I will not think like that.

You know,

I don't have any grudge against you,
as you have a personal grudge against me.

The problem with people like you is,
that you all run after success.

Everything is for success only.

but this chap is different.

Just like all, he isn't the one who runs after success.

He longs for the subject.

You only look at results,

but he will love the effort also.

If people like him succeed, the subject will succeed.

Give one chance and see.

He will make your name also stand tall in history.

This is what the great Oshan Sir
has told me about you.

With trust in him, today,
I am giving this approval.

The prototype material will be sent to you.

Let's meet next at the meeting, Shiva.

Prepare well for the submission.

All the best.
-Thank you, sir.

What is this madam? They said,
they like the girl, everything is good

this minute... now what?

The boy is saying the horoscopes
of each other are not compatible, sir.

I tried to convince him a lot.


Let's leave this matter, sir.



Thanks... Thanks a lot.

The household of the groom themselves called
and said that they are canceling the marriage.

Thanks a lot.

You have made my day.
-You are happy, right?

Very... very... very... very much...
-So, I wanted to tell you something.

Tell me

I can't say many till now but a few
people are liked by me.

But when the people we like are beside us,
the small feeling of thrill

that we experience inside I haven't felt
with anyone of them.


Whenever I thought about you,
a smile on my face, unknown to me

don't know how it comes.

I want to see how you dress for
going to the office daily.

Immediately, I feel myself how silly I am behaving.

The elation, I get hearing the latest
favorite song is the same as the elation,

I get when I hear you talk.

I don't know when all these started.

I don't know why.

but you are just more than magic to me, Uma Devi.

Hey, be careful


I love you even if my breath stops... if even I die

When you love a girl so much, you don't
even know to sing your own song

Aren't you shameful, the rose you
are giving me, too, is my own.

not shameful

Do you know this song is a lie? The rose that is
there in your hand will wither away by tomorrow.

I have a feeling far more superior than
love for you.

Find a word and fill it in for me.

It should be a permanent one.

I like you...

But, I don't know how to tell you.

I need some time.

Maybe you were in haste a little bit, bro.

The thrill I feel; she too feels
the same thrill that minute.

Is it? How do you know?

No.... Why did I tell no?

The mental struggle she is facing is all evident to me.

could have said yes, na.

That day whole night the windows
of our respective rooms remained open.

The lights are on in both of our rooms.

"How much I like you, means..."

"That entire sky isn't enough so much..."

"As much as the universe's weight."

"How much I like you, means..."

"As much as the blueness of the blue ocean."

"As much as time passing by."

"How much I like you, means...
To express that like in words... "

"As much as ousting me out of myself."

"So much as pulling you into me..."

"So much as to pull you and hide 100 years"

"As much as the silence that is concealing words"

"So much as the meditation that is done silently.."

"As much as the dream that is hiding the sleep."

"So much as the paradise being watched in a dream"

"So much as I cogitate you"

"To the extent of my distraction"

"To the extent of the glow in my eyes...
To the degree of fracturing my body"

"How much I like you, means...
To express that like in words... "

"I will become henna on your hands..."

"To the extent of throat going dry because of thirst"

"To the extent of clouds that quench the thirst"

"To the extent of the heart that bears the burden"

"To the extent of the remove that burden"

"To the degree of sacrificing life."

"To the degree of obtaining love"

"To the extent you come into my life"

"To the extent I come with you"

"How much I like you, means..."

"To express that like in words..."

"To the extent that the pitch-black darkness is erased."

"To the extent erase darkness
and bring on incandescence."

"To the extent bring on luminescence
and spread it around "

Seetha Rama Raju sir said to me to call you.

now... means right now...
you have to come now itself.

Sit down, boy...
let's play a game.

I heard a lot about you.

What did you hear, uncle?

Something ok.

Do you know the engagement that is
bound to take place tomorrow is canceled?

Everything happened for good, uncle.

Yes, everything is for good.

Anyway, for whose good?

Leave all this

do you like my daughter?
-Hah... I like her, uncle.

Ok, then tomorrow's engagement shouldn't stop.

That is if you agree,during that
same muhurta, that means at evening 4:32,

my daughter's engagement will be with you.

If you like it, I will come
and talk to your mother and father.

Not needed, uncle.
I will go and talk to them.

ok, then.

-Bye, uncle.

Son-in-law, it's me...
-Tell me, uncle

What uncle still?
- Call me father-in-law.

Ok, father-in-law.

Your parents and we exchange Thambulas.
You both have to exchange rings, isn't it?

Do you have the ring, then?

Don't have, but.

That is... the ring crafted for
that idiot is there. I just remembered it.

but I think it will not fit your finger's size.

Can you take that ring and get it set to fit your size?

That is... It takes time for the shop
owner to come here and set it to your size.

The shop is there near our house only.

You remember the muhurta, right?

at 4:32 p.m.

Now the time is still 3:30 pm. only.

Yeah. Ok.

Wait, bro... wait.

Give that ring here and go.
-this one, why?

Whatever we stole from the people
who buy in that shop fetches us good luck.

If I don't give it to you

The engagement scheduled to be
finished now will cancel.

Don't know whether marriage
also will be solemnized or not.

Take it.

He struck only one blow, bro.

but he hit it with mighty force, bro.

There, the boy has come

The boy has come.

Hey idiot, do you have common sense or not,

where did you go at the mahurat time?

Since pandit said that a more auspicious
mahurat than this cannot be found

having nothing to do, we have finished
the engagement without the bridegroom.

I am feeling embarrassed to
show my face to people.

Exactly at the same mahurat, that means
at 4:32 in the evening,

my daughter's engagement will be with you.

Mahurat is at 4:32, isn't it?
-No, mahurat is at 4:00 only.

Madam, you don't get tensed up.
The boy and the girl like one another, isn't it?

Moreover, they both know one
another very well.

The boy and girl's age and pair are very fine.
-Yes, right.

Hey Vinne, your husband is very handsome.

You have hooked a handsome guy.

Anyway, without informing,
where did you go?

Mother, for ring.

Good, they don't have the custom
of exchanging rings, seems.

Madam, come like this and sit.

everything will happen happily.

Anyway, why are you feeling tense?
The boy has come, isn't it?

what a relief... whatever
will happen will happen. Engagement is over.

See, how beautiful both of them are?

See a good marriage alliance for
my daughter, bro-in-law.

You know about her, right, bro-in-law.

I need to talk to you a little.

Uncle, one mistake has happened.

I actually liked your daughter.

That's why, isn't it? I performed my
daughter's engagement with you.

I feel somehow that this is a
sketch you have planned.

But, shall I tell you one thing, father-in-law?
The girl I liked is Uma Devi, not Vennela.

I know it.

I know everything.

How dare you are; to walk into my daughter's life,

without me knowing, ruin her marriage,
and think of marrying her.

Uncle, that is...

This is just a parapet wall to keep
my daughter away from you.

I know that the mahurat is at 4:00

but it's me who told you that mahurat is at 4:32

and it's me who sent you to get that ring set,

it's me who called the shop
owner and asked him not to

give the ring before 4:00

and it's me who has set up rowdies at the shop.


I will construct any number of such parapet walls.

Be away from my daughter.

that will be good for you.

Father-in-law, 15 days back we
don't know who we are to each other.

When I woke up in the morning
you called me son-in-law

and you are saying, marriage will be next month.

If so much has happened in these 15 days,
anything can happen in 1 months’ time.

You still don't know about me?

All people will think that I play chess excellently.

Actually, I don't play chess with pieces on the board,

I play with people in life.

The twist is mind-blowing, bro.

If anyone loves his daughter,
he will go and issue a warning.

If not, he will marry off his daughter
to someone else.

What's he, bro?

he is marrying off some other girl to
the boy who loves his daughter.

This seems to be a new story, bro.

One minute

I cannot sustain this tension; bro.

looks like my B.P may cross the borderline.

Let's take a break for some time, bro.

Let’s continue the story.

Anyway, whom are you thinking of marrying?

Is it Uma Devi or Vennela?

With whomever, it may be? My marriage
mahurat is tomorrow at 9 O'clock.

But that marriage got canceled.

Did you ruin it yourself this time?


Actually, with whom did you want to marry?

With whom is your marriage canceled?

Why are you now fleeing?

Don't give lag in such times,
feeling my nerves going to snap.

I already told you, isn't it, if anything is left
incomplete in my presence, I get tension.

Please continue the story.

There was a discussion about
you in our house, the whole of yesterday.

So, what did your father say?

Did he agree to our marriage?
- He didn't agree.

but he said that he will take a
decision only after talking to you.

Till now, only third-party
verification has been done.

One-to-one interview now?
-What do you want me to do?

You know about me, isn't it?

Didn't you tell anything?

I told him, but he said he
will tell me after talking to you.

If your father says it is not possible.

If your father doesn't agree to our marriage?

what can I do? I am a girl.

Anyhow, my father won't do like that.

Yes. See that girl. she is watching
us from then on.

What's the matter?
You asked me to come so urgently.

That is, how far have the
preparations for marriage come?

They have come from Kukatpally to Balanagar.

-Hah... happening

Moreover, you can ask this on the phone, right?

That is...
-Tell me.

The other day you talked about the magic, you see,

that feeling happened to me, too.

I love you, Shiva.

I like your character very much.

I wish I could be like you.

If I am with you, I feel it will be more better.

Let's do whatever it takes,
Shiva before it's too late.

Come immediately and talk to my father.

About what?

About us... about our marriage.

If I go and talk to him, do you think he will agree?

Don't know.

My father has a very good opinion of you.

Do you know what actually happened?

Everyone thinks of wrongly about my father.

But my father is very sensitive.

He always thinks of doing something
good for the people around him.

What? your father?

Yes. Listen.

You know, isn't it, that my father and my
uncle don't talk to each other.

After 23 years, for the first time, my father
set aside his ego and phoned my uncle.



I... I am Seetha Rama Raju speaking

I am Shiva Rama Raju speaking,

Elder brother.

Oh, fool! after so many years,
you remember your brother?

That is...
-It's Ok, how are you?

I am fine, brother.

that is... our Uma's marriage settlement.

They are coming to see her in 2 days

Will anyone talk about these things on phone?
Come to the house, we will talk.

that is brother.

Mother appeared in a dream and asked - isn't
your elder brother's daughter your daughter,

won't you see marriage alliance for her?

To me, your daughter is also as equally
dear to me as how dear my daughter is to me.

She, too, grew up roaming about in my house only.

I have seen a very good marriage
alliance for Vennela, too, brother.

The boy is a very good person.
His family is also a very good family.

He isn't of this era's brash person.

He will definitely be liked by you.

Very happy. At least like this,
we have come together again.

Did you see,

the thing that brought
us together now also is a girl only?

Nothing has happened yet, brother.

If we perform both of their marriages on
the same day and in the same Venue.

It will be like telling all the relatives that we two
have united together by playing the band music.

What do you say?
-I say definitely yes.

Because my father has a good opinion of you,

my father spoke to my uncle
and fixed your marriage.

Oh, my Seetha Rama Raju!! talked
about the parapet wall.

that means he is building a 'China Wall' behind.

What happened to you today?

Are you ok?
-Keep a distance.

You say, if I go and convince him,
he will then agree.

that's all, isn't it?

Then, what will you do?

You yourself can go and convince him, right?

My father still treats me like a kid.

If still a kid, why perform marriage then?

Doesn't your father know child
marriage is illegal?

What are you talking?

Anyway, will you talk to my father or not?

See, this is not a movie,

where in the first half, after the boy
and the girl love each other,

in the second half, the boy goes to the girl's house,

tears his shirts, does donkeywork,

faces humiliation, and endures whatever
their say, hide tears in his eyes,

telling prophecies, does fights

and then how the household recognize
that he is a very good boy

and a pat on the shoulder
and like how he ultimately

wins the heroine same like that
you want me to win you.

To strive so hard and win, are you a girl or trophy?

Should everything be done only by boys?

Do girls don't do anything?

Don't you have individuality?
or is yours' not sincere love?

I am not the DDLJ Shahrukh Khan.

If you like Shahrukh Khan,
then be your own Shahrukh Khan.

I am not the Shahrukh Khan.

I am an ordinary person like all others.

You said to me you love me so
very much, can't you do that much?

I said to you, I, too, love you.

I will convince my family members so,
that no problems arise from our side.

If you, too, are loving me,

go and convice your family members.

If they agree, then your's is true love.

if they don't agree,
then there is no integrity in your love.

Stop. What do you about the people in my house?

All the time, you are talking from your side only.

Are you understanding
my problem at least for a minute?

Remember one thing.

The absence of the character doesn't mean

flirting with 10 members
or not following customs and traditions.

It is, not able to stand firm about
what we believe,

we not having confidence in ourselves,

and we not being able to do what we like.

Your character will be known
in the fight you do for yourself.

I only want a girl who has character.

what a pity, girl!

What pity? He did the right thing?

What correct? You, too, are talking like this.

if this is the scenario, our marriage
also will run into rough weather.

Go away.

It took me 2 years and umpteen
sacrifices to hook you into love,

I can't do the all this entire thing
again with your father.

What he said is correct only.

The boys, too, will have families and problems.

Your's will be true, if only you
will convince your father.


I will calculate and the send the bill tomorrow.
Ask your father to pay.

What's that?

The money I spent on you in all
these days roaming with you.

Krishna... wait.


Hey, thought of marrying Uma Devi
somehow by doing something,

what, buddy, you have implicated me like this?


the anger in my speech is visible to you
but isn't love visible, bro?

Hey, Seetha Rama Raju is thinking
he is playing game with me.

but actually, he is playing with his own
daughter, dude.

In the fight she is doing for me, how much
love she has for me will be known.

Let's see how much love Uma Devi has for me.

you said about some surprise...
Won't you tell, to what and where to?

Dear Uma Devi,
Good news to you.

I have seen a good match for you.

The boy is very good

doesn't have a single bad habit.

has abundant prosperity

Only son, pity lost father in his childhood

mother only nurtured and brought him up.

He is doing a fabulous job in America.

Though got a lot of marriage alliances there itself,

he wants to come to Hyderabad
and settle here in the future.

Properties and everything are in Hyderabad only.

If we wait 10 years, our girl
will be in front of our eyes, huh?

So, we are going to marriage glances for her, right?

Yes, thought it for you? what?

To her only.

It's nice for variety. Generally, the pellichuppulu
is conducted in the girl's house.

what' this, you have arranged
pellichuppulu in boy's house.

Is it a new custom?

That is... if we can follow it,
it is a custom.

else it is a dogmatism.

For customs not to become dogmatism,

they also should keep getting updated like us.

Now, the girl is going to come to this
house for living together with her husband,

along with the boy, she has to look
at the house she is going to come to,

the people she is going to
live with and other things, isn't it?

You are absolutely right.

It seems that you are going to revolutionize
the marriage system with your new customs.

-You wait.

I like your daughter, uncle.

At least, will you inform her the
marriage and perform,

or at the last minute without informing
anyone, will you do like this?

What is there in this about not telling?

Just I gave a small surprise. That's all.

Did you at least ask her now,
whether she likes the boy or not?

This is very good alliance
What is there to say no?

Anyhow, what's this dear;
you are silent without talking.

You like the boy, isn't it?

That is... He ...
Shiva is there, right?

which Shiva?

Him only, dad... the one
who stays in our neighboring house?

You be inside

sit down... I have to talk to her.

For this matter I am not required.

Why did you remember Shiva, when I asked
you whether you like the boy or not, dear?

Already engagement is over.

It is wrong, dear.

To mention his name is also wrong?

I don't say that there are some
immoral thoughts in your heart.

If you again bring up his name
your father will get angry.

It's not that, father.

Won't you listen, to what I say?

I won't listen.

Why because my elder brother
and I are uniting again with this marriage only.

So, no obstacle should arise in this issue
and that will be not good for anyone.

Though I gave freedom to my daughter,
I brought her up in a systematic way.

I believe my daughter will abide by my words.

Is that, too, wrong, dear?

It's not your fault, father; the fault is mine.

To be born as a girl, is the mistake I have committed.

Sorry, father.

I am your daughter, isn't it? Your wish.

What are they talking without me being there?

See dear,

you are at the age where you
desire only the accelerator.

At the age we are in, we think the
brake is also necessary.

You don't understand all these now.

After many years you will realize how many things your
father has thought and performed this marriage.

Let's go, dear.

What, dear? what's this secrecy between
you and your father without the knowledge of me?

Do whatever you want, but only, I will have
to do the catering for my son's marriage.

See the cuisines... they will be awesome.

Hey, Shiva... come here

Nothing...My elder brother wants to
talk to you about something. that's why.

Seems the son-in-law looks very tired. Why now?

Not a problem, brother. Tell him.

the boy also should think, isn't it?
-Nothing son...

your father and mother told about you.

Hah, think about a good business
venture pertaining to your interest.


for what, uncle?

You are staying in Hyderabad. How will a
salary of Rs.35000 suffice all needs?

My would-be son-in-law's salary
is Rs.2 lakhs per month.

We have exchanged 'Thambulalu' yesterday.

At our mahurat only... that is their marriage
also takes place along with your marriage.

Don't think otherwise, uncle,

I don't want your money.

With the Rs 35000 that I earn I can feed your
daughter overwhelmingly with the food she likes,

I can provide a comfortable A/C bedroom to sleep cozily,

I can take her to places wherever she asks,
in the car I bought with my money.

Suppose assume I have earned Rs 2 lakhs, Uncle,

how much will your daughter eat?

how long does she sleep?

will the seat in the car change?

What's the difference
between 35,000 and 2 lakhs, uncle?


People don't live because of self-esteem,
they live because of income.

Marrying off their girl to someone
because he is earning more is the

same as a voter casting his vote for a
politician because he is giving more money.

Well done! I like your character very much.

You will become a great person someday.

Even then you have to be like this.

A person like this, will not commit a mistake in his life.

Hey, brother, you have
brought a very good marriage alliance.

I don't have any more worries
about my daughter.

what happened, son?

I am observing you from the time of the engagement,

I don't see any happiness in you that
your marriage is settled, truly.

What happened to you actually?

I don't understand what is going on here, mother.

About what, son?

I don't understand whether
Vinne is suitable for me or not.

My opinions are different: her opinions are different.

I didn't love Vinne, mother.
-Love her now, son.

No two persons' opinions will be
identical in the world, son.

Though they are different,
it is through the inclusion

of others' opinions, that the bond
and attachment will strengthen.

Today you told to Shiva Rama Raju Garu,
what you are in very clear terms.

Even then he didn't get angry.

He understood you.

It is his goodness, son.

You said; that if a girl who
understands your character

and who likes you, comes across,
you will marry her.

They only after seeing your character,
are giving their daughter to you, son.

it's not that, mother.
-See how the situation is outside once, son.

The boys who have everything meaning job
in America, properties, and other qualifications

also are unable to find beautiful
girls and understanding

families are marrying someone
and facing umpteen problems.

In such times to get this kind of marriage
alliance is not a stroke of simple luck.

What's the matter with?
he seems to be very angry today.

I don't know what happened.

He has two girlfriends.
Don't know what happened.

Keep working.

My would-be son-in-law's salary is Rs.2 lakhs per month.

We have exchanged 'Thambulalu' yesterday.

Hey, idiot

What is this? Get out from my class.

All these days, you worried that
you didn't get a chance.

Now, when the chance has come,
you have ruined it all yourself.

See I trusted you

Sir... Sir... Sir... One minute, sir...
-The mistake is mine.

Sir... Sir... This mistake won't be repeated again,

Sir, I am really sorry, sir.

I will see that it won't be repeated, sir.

Sir, trust me, sir... please, sir.
-No, not possible.

Get out!
-Sir... sir...

Sir!! one last chance, sir...Please, sir

give me one chance, sir... Please, sir


I will take it, sir

One more chance sir.

This is the last chance.

You have broken it completely.

You have only one chance

With the material, we have with
us and the prototype you

have broken, only you have to rectify it.

This will work only once.

So, you really have only one last chance.

Thank you, sir...
-Take it.

Almost over, sir.

That is... I am sorry, sir.

Because of some personal issues, like that.

You are showing the anger you have on
some other thing on this.

if the machine shows the same anger on you.
You have to love the machines.

Then only they will hear what we say.

They like humans will not commit mistakes.

I am telling you finally,

before entering the lab, you have to leave
your life and worries in your

life outside the gate and come.

-Ok, sir.

If the project has to be successful in life,
having passion alone is not enough,

dedication and concentration also should be there.

Is it not?
-Yes, sir.

Hey, discount sale.

My favorite color.

How greatly you caught the lift just
like catching a fast-moving RTC bus, uncle.

what's with just the lift,
he can stop anything.

What, uncle?

That's ok. Your friend's marriage
is about to happen. When is yours?

By this time my marriage
would have been over, uncle.

It would have been over before his marriage.

My girlfriend' father is there, na,
he is like the Kattappa in the Bahubali movie.

He backstabbed me though he
stand beside me and laughs.

He said he will marry off his daughter to me
but he set my marriage with some other girl

What should happen to a person like him, uncle?

Cancer, paralysis, stroke...
all together should affect him.

Shouldn't say like that to an elder.

The rules set by elders are like traffic signals.

They aren't meant to stop you.

They are for disciplining you.

To summarise in oneliner no better
than your father-in-law.

Yes, uncle. You, parents, are always correct.

but these girls are there, right?

They are not ordinary
they are big betrayers.

First time after seeing the boy, if they like him,
then she will give a short smile.

Then itself, she can go and
inform her dad that she likes a boy.

But they won't.

Ok, after that they will exchange their phone numbers.

Hours together nonsensical talk...
coffee days... Cinemas... long drives

what not, will do whatever they like.

They won't take parents' permission
to do any of these.

But when the talk of marriage comes, they
suddenly remember the father and the mother.

Without telling all these, suddenly on one fine day,

like a good girl, if she goes and tells
their parents, that she and a boy are in love

and asks her parents to perform their
marriage, how will the parents get convinced?

Anyhow, these girls are there, na, mainly opportunists.

What are you talking?

Do you know how crushed the girls would be

between the parents and the lover,
for the sin of being in love?

Pity, if a girl courageously elopes with her lover,
the parents will berate her

throughout their life that their
daughter has cheated on them.

However, if a girl thinks about her parents
and marries the boy they have chosen,

the lover accuses her the entire
life that she has deceived him.

It's true,

all the girls are cheaters.

Do you know why? because except
for living always for the sake of others,

a lady very seldomly lives her life
for the sake of herself.

They don't see the other world except
for their father, husband, children, and family.

These boys are there, na... they are just selfish
They are always concerned about themselves.

A tug of war ensued between them.

It's just at a short distance, na...
I'll come by walk, father.

Hey, doesn't he got no work?

Either he tinkers with machines
or goes chasing the girls.

Hello, who is it?

It's me, Srija.

What, did you delete my number?

No... no... I have changed the phone. that's all.

Shall we meet once?

Umm... I will be free by 4:30.
Meet me exactly at 4:40.

We can speak for 10 minutes.

10 minutes mean? Maybe he will cook Magi.

Who is this Srija, dude?

She is an ex-girlfriend.

Yes. but they both broke up, isn't it?

Let's see, what happens in the evening?

Oh my! what's this, dude?

asked to come one girl....
but both have come.

Hey, Shiva... How are you?

I am fine. How are you?

I am not fine, Shiva.

I am not able to maintain an intimate
relationship with my husband.

I am remembering you a lot.

I am not liking my life, Shiva.

I miss you so much.

Stop it.

There shouldn't be calculations in a relationship.

adjustments should be there.

You girls are the opposite to that.

Then, you married him saying
security is important, not love.

Aren't you ashamed to come and talk like this now?

I have some self-respect for God's sake.

He will not change.

What do you want?

You have given to the compounder at the hospital, isn't it?

I gave it because of my prurience.

Anyway, you can't understand it
even if I tell you. Take it.

You may have anger with me,
but I'm also like this cheque,

but without my dad's signature
this cheque wouldn't be valid.

I, too, am the same.

Ok. but will you tell me the truth?

What did you tell him and take
this cheque from him?

I said that my friend's chain has been lost because of me.

this cheque also like you is false

You are a coward inside.

It isn't enough if honesty is there inside you,

you should the courage to stand by it, too.

Anyway, I don't like falsehood.

He is putting on airs because girls are
themselves coming and talking to him.

Anyway, what's this man, dude?

He is taking a class for every girl who is
coming to him and sending them off.

Hi, Shiva

"Come... come... come in palanquin come bro-in-law."

"Bring..bring... bring... the nuptial chain."

"Bring... bring... bring... the jasmines and flowers"

"Come... come... come quickly, my bro-in-law."

"Wherever you flee...
Shall I retreat you here?"

"It's flower showering,
Can't you see this place?"

"Come... come... come in palanquin come bro-in-law."

"Bring..bring... bring... the nuptial chain."

"Like a mirage... Will you see?"

"Will you be within my reach yet away from me?"

"Will you listen to me a little?
Will you go away if I try to touch you?"

"Like an early morning sun ray, you touch me."

"Just as dusk falls you hide behind my dream."

"Hey, even when I strongly
decline to come, can you retreat me?"

"If I stay away from you, will you only wrangle?"

"The one you desire me...
Is pride your beauty?"

"Whatever it is, see beyond the boundary, hey, lady."

"Come... come... come in palanquin come bro-in-law."

"Bring..bring... bring... the nuptial chain."

"Bring... bring... bring... the jasmines and flowers"

"Come... come... come quickly, my bro-in-law."

"hall I worship like a penance?
Shall I see Eshwar in you?"

"Shall I become the black bead
and tie you around my neck?"

"In the scorching sun, steaming water
flows rapidly and hissing."

"Though the night is warm... the sand becomes
hot from the fuming heat emanating from my age."

"Can't you come like water?
Even for a minute..."

"Shall I hide you with my body?"

"Can't you stay like a tiny smile?
Without pricking like a thorn can't you stay?"

"The one you desire me...
It isn't enough if dreams are there dear?"

"The tiger cub should be frightened of you."

What Uma Devi? What's the matter?

Argh, observing you from the other
day when our engagement happened,

there is no happiness that this marriage
got fixed and there is no smile on the face.

Is there any issue regarding this?

Nothing is there, sir. I am fine.

If there are any small wranglings before
the marriage, tell me. I will settle them.

I am fine, sir... I am fine.

What wrong did I say?
Why are you getting so angry?

Cool, madam... cool.

What happened, baby?

Why angry?

Without even getting married already showing
your authority over your would-be husband?

How many times have I asked you
to let's go on a double date?

Finally, I got hold of you.
The party today is on you.

Hey...double date?

Now should I have to pay the whole bill or what?

Baby, you are there, na... you are a
masterpiece just like him.

You said you won't marry just now,
will continue further studies.

All of a sudden agreed to engagement.

We think so many things
but will all of them become a reality?

Yes. what's the hurry to marry now?

You can marry whenever you understand each
other and when you feel comfortable with it, isn't it?

Leaving everything aside and
sacrificing life, what hardship has

befallen you to marry off so urgently now?

Am I wrong?

What's wrong in that?

Looking at it everything seems offbeat.

Have to think hard.

Sir, we are not geniuses like you.

We aren't Cinema heroes to achieve
what we aim for.

Just we are average girls. that's all.

We just go with the flow.

Sorry, dear. You seem to be in a different mood.

In the future, you, too, will get
some enlightenments.

Don't worry.

What's this angriness, dear, all of a sudden?

That is.

that... mood swings... mood swings.

What's wrong with her?

Hey, stop him, fellows...
-Move aside, man... move aside.

Oh! he is here?

Sir, access card?

now, you get going...
I will take care.

Are you live?

I will make the whole city hear your fable.

Wait a minute, dude.

My name is not Seetha Rama Raju,
if I don't wash your honor away today.

Hello, why should you need what
my daughter's education?

Why do you need how topper she is?

Why do you need to know when she marries?

Now the boy came asking, to postpone the marriage.

He is saying he will go to America.

Actually, what's your intention?

Are you thinking that if you ruin this marriage,

I will, because of no other option,
marry off her to you?

That will not happen at all.

Why are transforming me into such a big villain?

Like anyone else, I, too, thought that
my daughter's life will be

settled if I marry off my daughter
to someone who has

money and property and that
she will lead a happy life.

Is it a big felony?

By the way, what should I look at,
to give my daughter to you in marriage?

what do you have?

You are educated but are you doing
any job that suits your studies?

At least, do you have your own house?

Don't have. What should I look at you,
to give my daughter?

Tell me one qualification
that befits to marry off my daughter to you.

The only one qualification I have is
that your daughter likes me, uncle.

Let's see whether you can bring a person with more
than that qualification to marry off your daughter to him.

Anyhow, when we will think we are very fortunate is,

not when everything is around us,

it is when what is everything
around us is what we like.

You don't understand like this, man.

Sir... Sir.

Leave me...
-Sir, sir.. Please go out...

Please go out...
-Leave me alone

What is this?

When the program is live,
who actually has allowed him

Yes. who allowed?

Hey... Hey... he only, came in pushing.

Are you thinking it is a radio station
or Roja's 'pachadibanda' program,

If there is any problem between you and you,
take care of it at your home.

who are you to come to my radio station
and conduct such wrangles?

There are so many for that.

-Sir, tell me

I am already getting a lot of calls.

I don't know how to handle this.

I know how to handle this, sir.
-What will you do, man?

I am knee-deep in this now, will you
submerge me completely?

Hello everyone,

you have heard a shocking, exciting
conversation now, isn't it?

Do you think it happened really?

No... This is a radio play.

It is a small teaser pertaining to a new program
'Love Thadka' that I am going to do. That's all.

By now you must have understood
that it is a triangular love story.

A Father... A Daughter and her lover.

It is like a hide & seek game
between these 3 characters.

An intense drama that will be
totally different

Did you see, shows will be like this

Hope you will enjoy it... see you soon.
Your single Shiva, signing off.

Did you see, even if left in the middle of the sea,
he will come ashore swimming?

See sir,

anyhow, he will come to your
house by evening, sir

Anyway, both of your houses are
adjacent to each other, isn't it?

When he comes, sit down and discuss there.

So, please you can leave now, sir.

You, too, have asked for 3 days' leave, right?...
Go now.

After your marriage is over and if
everything is fine still,

and if you still have hope in life,
we will think about the new program then.

Is it Ok?

What did I do, sir?
-Just do what I say.

Go away now..

My work has become liaising
marriage alliances. . bloody life

On one side business is doing dull.

Sir, if any problem is there,
let's sort it out at our homes, not here.

Please, make a move.

The anger on you increases like the petrol prices
but not decreases like the rupee value.

Till I get what I want there is no
question of moving away from here.

What do you want now, sir?

I want a promise from you.

You shouldn't peep into my daughter's life ever.
-Ok, done.

You shouldn't talk to her.

You shouldn't even look at her.

See sir, all these things which you are telling
cannot be done practically so easy life.

I give my word that I will not come into
your daughter's life ever.


Nice preparation, Shiva.

Thank you, sir.

You have submitted the papers
and prototype, isn't it?

Yes, sir.
-All the best.

What are you doing, here?

That is... to see your project presentation.

Hi everybody,

after reviewing so many projects in the
field of alternate energy sources,

I am proud to announce the final winners.

The final winner is Project Vayu.

It is designed by the most brilliant
and very special person I met in my life,

none other than my son, Surya.


Hello Oshan, sir.
How are you?

what you are doing is not good.

Is greeting you also wrong?
Sorry, sir... sorry.

Don't cause injustice to him
because of your resentment toward me.

Pity, he strived very hard for this.

He sacrificed a lot for this.

It is very important to his life.

He needs recognition for his subject.

Definitely, your man's subject will
get recognition but not your man.

You only said that sir that he gives more
importance to the subject rather than success.

But for me, success alone is important.

For your information, not just for me alone,
but for all the people.

This is plagiarism.


The bad artist imitates and the great artist steals.

We have been always shameless about
stealing great ideas and not stealing jobs.

Bye, Oshan sir.

Your lessons have become too outdated.

He needs to learn how mean this world is.

It is not enough to read books to achieve success, sir.

Need to study the world.

Shiva, open the gate

Come out.
-Open the door, Shiva.

When your experiment is being projected
there why did you come like that?

Are you afraid?

You only have to do your own battle.

You have to unknot the knots that bind you.

You have to find the answer
to your own question.

You told such great great quotations, isn't it?

What's your harangue?

What happened to all of them?
-Do you actually know what happened there?

Do you know how it feels if someone steals it in a
minute what one has prepared striving hard all life long?

I always keep saying it, isn't it,
that was my fate.

And now it is gone. You don't know
how that woe would be, Uma Devi.

It would have been better had I, too, taken up a
standard job like all other people as a mediocre?

Shut up, Shiva.

The one that is projected there is your own experiment.

You would have seen it till the end.

For what?

The real twist is there itself, man.

None other than my son, Surya.

He failed to handle the prototype.
So, it has become a disaster.

Yes, he can only copy your title...
not your talent.

That's why he failed.

What happened?
-Everyone there understood that.

After coming to know that he is
not the author of the project,

they rescheduled the expo.

If you can re-present it, you got a second
chance to prove yourself.

She is right.

You ought to have stood there till the end.

You said, having a character means to
stand up till the end for what you believe,

irrespective of how many
ever hardships may overwhelm you, isn't it?

Now, where did that so-called character go?

Oho!! Do you only tell your acquaintances to
have the character? Not for you to have that?

Even if one turns his back one-foot distance
short of success then he won't be called a hero.

Then I understood how much I am loving Uma Devi.

All the mistakes I am committing
so far have appeared before my eyes.

One minute, sir...

Why doesn't he speak after calling
us to talk to us urgently, dear?

son-in-law, you said you wanted
to talk to us about something urgently.

Did any mistake happen from our side?

Mistake hasn't happened from your side, uncle.

Because of me, only.

Thinking I shouldn't commit a mistake, I committed it.

I thought of correcting the mistake
which was committed by someone else.

In that process, I committed big big mistakes.

Tell us what the matter is without
any prologues we don't have much time,

Mother, it is... actually...
-I don't like this marriage.

what, dear?

what happened?
-Aunty, that is..

what, dear? Are you joking?

Actually, son-in-law said something to talk about.

Ladies first, uncle.

no issues, let your daughter talk first.

Talk whatever you want, dad... I am leaving.

I don't like this marriage

And, I am not joking.

What's that, dear?
what happened, now?

You can tell us, isn't it?

Nothing, aunty. He is not correct for me.

I want to travel the whole world.

He doesn't even have a passport.

I have my whole life planned.

The is a lot of difference between
Rs 35,000 and Rs 2 lakhs, Shiva.

With your emoluments, maybe I can
eat to stomach's fill whatever I like,

with your salary, maybe I can sleep
comfortably in your A/C room,

but if it's in my own house I can sleep proudly.

Not all people live for relationships alone,

money is also essential, Shiva.

I have many dreams in my life, dad.

I want them, too.

I am so sorry, Shiva.

you are too simple for me.

I think I need to leave, uncle.

What to tell all those people who
have come to the wedding now?

That astrologer is telling that 'Dosam' is there in horoscope
and asked to do a remedial solution.

See now, the marriage got stalled.

Did anyone hear my words?

Hey, fellows, seem to be enjoying yourself a lot.

That's it... We are happy if our neighbors get in trouble

if that neighbor happens to be our relative,
then we are still happier, isn't it?

On this heart-warming occasion; come,
let's party and enjoy.

Hey, what's the time?
-5:30, bro-in-law.

Drinking in the evening... is a different
type of feeling, man.

Let's do.

Shall we place a wager for fun?

How did you expect that one who didn't buy
a cotton saree for his mother, will buy a Silk saree for a stepmother?

I didn't get it.

I am telling you about Seetha Rama Raju.

He is the type of person who
milks milk from a drained cow.

If such a person has done some good for anyone
won't there be something dubious in that good thing?

For his daughter, neighboring countries alliance

but for his brother's daughter, neighbor's alliance.

As far I know, his daughter must
be in love with the neighbor's so.

In order to hush up that thing from outside world
he must have settled it with his brother's daughter.

what happened, now?

That girl walked away.
This marriage got stalled.

See now, choking like the Ukraine
caught between the Russia and NATO.

Hey, where are munchings?
-They are at the side, bro-in-law... hot on the way

Hey, not all these things, now the bet of the century,

will Seetha Rama Raju daughter's
marriage will happen or not.

My bet that marriage will not happen is Rs 10,000.

Will ayone bet? will you wager?? You?

Bro-in-law, when did you come?

Hey, Bhatlu???

Bet not with them and them...
Wager with me.

I am wagering,
this marriage will happen.

my daughter's marriage will happen.

I will see who will stop it. I will see how will it stop.

Huh, is munching nice, bro-in-law?

Looks like burning for bro-in-law.

Hey, now is the party, enjoy

Hey,, unpleasant weather...
no one in the house.

Until the marriage is over, no one
will come from the clubhouse.

I will give a good treatment for the mood off.

Whether it is a love failure or life failure

lastly even if our country's economy fails also,
this is only one which rescues us.

To all the countries of world,
this is like the national drink.

Have it...


what? did you start drinking liquor too?

Are you partying?

what do you want?

Won't you allow me to enjoy my first drink?

Ok. You know everything very
well, isn't it? Tell me,

Are you correct? or Is my father correct?

You said you loved me.

When I said I need time,

you became ready to marry my elder sister.

My father says, he has got inexplicable love for me.

When it mattered, without asking me whether
I like that other person or not,

he is marrying off me to him.

Who is correct?
-Your father is correct.

Why because, see, how confidently
he is performing this marriage.

He believes that you will be happy forever.

Then, let's go away from here.

Uma Devi, I like you very much.

but it's not my cup of tea to live by
committing a mistake like this.

Let's marry somewhere else. For now, it's right.

Afterward, I will talk to my father
and I will convince him.

ok. but we will take your father's permission and elope.

Let's go...
-Oh my!! my father's.

You see, you stopped?

I didn't stop anywhere.

Why because I am not committing a mistake.

Love that lacks courage is like
a body without life, Uma Devi.

These are not life-taking wars, isn't it?

Stand up.

Else go and marry the person whom
your father has selected. Go away.

Hey, Shiva, what happened, dude?
why are you crying like that?

Hey, Krishna... I always used to say with mother,

that I want a girl who likes me and my character.

Pity that girl, dude...Such a girl I left
like that and came.

Is what I did correct, bro?

First gulp the drink, everything will set on its own.

How many times should I tell you
to remain away from my daughter?

Do you know how troubled my mind is when my
daughter comes running to you, without informing me?

Looking at you I remember
King Shalya in the epic Mahabharatha.

The angrier the opponent becomes,
the mightier Shalya used to become.

If I leave you like this, tomorrow
you'll do something and stall the marriage.

That's why I kill you now and will go and surrender
to the police after the marriage is over.

If you are seen around this
neighborhood in the next 10 days,

I will not contemplate that you are my son,

I will shoot you with this gun.

Don't you hear what is being said here?

Go and pack his clothes and bring them.

Seetha Rama Raju sir,

he won't be seen by anyone for the next 10 days.

In the meantime, perform your
daughter's marriage and send her to America.

Afterward, also he will not peep into
your daughter's life. This is my guarantee.

This is what my story is, bro.

Seems you are more atrocious
than your father-in-law.

What did I do, bro?
- Did what?

you know that my nerves will crack
if something is left incomplete, isn't it?

You tell me an incomplete story
and make me wait for the climax?

Oh God!

Do you know what the situation
would be if the power

goes off during the final over
when watching a world cup match?

Ok, there is no chance to see.

At least would want to hear the commentary, right?

What do you want me to do, now?

There will be someone you know, isn't it?
Call him now.

ok. what is there to know?

Happy endings will be there in movies,
but will they be in real-life, what?

By this time that girl's marriage
would have been over with the other person.

Everyone's story will be like that, bro.

Trusting these girls in the matter of love
no man has ever been successful, bro.

Anyway, what can we complain about these girls,
but these girls' fathers are there

pity Mangathayaru

-Don't know how she is there.

Mangathaayaru? Not Mangathaayaru,
bro... Uma Devi.

To me, Mangathaayaru...

To you, Uma Devi.

To that person, another name

to this person, another name

for that other person, yet another name

Samantha... Samantha

"My mind's not agreeing..."

"Mind's not disclosing what it knows"

"Mind's not turning over,
Mind's not diverting from you..."

"My mind's not agreeing..."

"Mind's not disclosing what it knows"

"Mind's not turning over,
Mind's not diverting from you..."

"Suffocated from sultriness;
Squashed from stewing "

"Counting the tears, boiling,
scalding, it's crushing."

"Unaware of when this will explode..."

"What should I do?"

" What should I do? Mangathayaru..."

"Your Daddy has become a villain."

'When I go to the coffee shop and sit crossing my legs..."

"The seat opposite to me began mocking me..."

"Against which wall should I bang my head
and tell my story?"

"If you go a distance away, I feel like weeping..."

"How can I trust that if said,
you are not alive and you'll not return?"

"Even if I remain, how can I swim across this life?"

"Though I wore a shirt over me as if nothing has happened."

'Can I unbutton it to show how much the
heart deep inside has been wounded?"

"What should I do?"

" What should I do? Mangathayaru..."

"Your Daddy has become a villain."

"The weight of day upon a day on me
is increasing my burden."

"The demise of yours to me;
has become an invisible knife injury"

"You are the Julliet fit for Romeo;
even before you came or not."

"The spate of sorrow scorching the eyelids is disconcerting."

"In life on the back seat of the bike...
I dreamt of you only."

"Can I see someone in your place even for just verbatim?"

"What's the use of thinking many now?
no solution is dawning on."

"My name will be first on the list of useless lovers."

"What should I do?"

"What should I do?"

" What should I do? Mangathayaru..."

"Your Daddy has become a villain."

Hey, waste fellow, where have you been?

What is that background song, fool?

Do you know what happened after you left?

Will you drink scotch?

I take it rarely on a few occasions.

I know how many tensions
will be there when the daughter's

marriage is going to take place the next day, sir.

Just relax like that for half an hour.
I will come to your aid.

what is this, sir?

My daughter's wedding DVD, sir.

You have a daughter, too?

My daughter bought this DVD player
with her first salary and gave it to me, sir.

Is it?

I haven't seen your daughter at any time.

Does she stay in the US?

That is... she hasn't come to the marriage, too.

No, sir. She stays in Hyderabad.

She said she will come to the marriage mahurat.

That is... Is there any problem
between you and your daughter, sir?

How much dare she has to tell me
that she will marry like this in the temple?

Moreover, does she intimidate me
that she won't marry unless I come?

I will see how it will happen.

The groom isn't from our caste.

he doesn't suit our status.

She said she will marry if only I come, isn't she?

I won't come.

You, too, shouldn't go.

The respect that she gave you, you aren't
giving the same respect to her, father.

I told you that I don't like this marriage, right?

She is my daughter, my son.

Father, it isn't enough if you think
my sister is your daughter, dad.

You have to assume that her hopes are your hopes

you have to consider that my
sister's likes are your likes

you have to imagine that my
sister's heart is your heart.

Then only you will understand.

I understand my sister's love and her worries.

I am going.

That is... Doesn't she think my honor is her honor?

She won't think, father.

If you feel your honor is more important
than my sister's love, you stay here only.

If you think my sister's love is more
important than your honor, you come.

So, you haven't seen your daughter's marriage?

I haven't seen my daughter being so happy ever.

She is marrying the person she likes, isn't she?

Look at how cheerfully she
lets the 'Thaali' being knotted.

How joyfully she lets
the 'thalambralu' being showered.

Every event like a celebration
she performed it with fondness, sir.

That marriage happened with
the delight of those two.

Performing a marriage in a grand style isn't
spending crores of money and feeding hundreds of invitees.

If it happens like this in the midst of jubilation
and among the people who trust us and stand by us,

then that happiness will be different, sir.

That is truly a grand celebration.

What do you say?

Whatever it is, sir, a daughter's happiness
imparts a unique feeling to a father, sir.

For that, he can submit to anything.

Even when our own son acheives how much ever,
we will not get this same blissfulness, sir?

There will be no more big fortune
than begetting a girl child.

What, dear? Why are you crying?

I don't like this marriage, father.

I will marry Shiva only.

Ok. But this Seetha Rama Raju is not the type
of person who agrees to it so easily like that.

I am the kind of person who
cuts his palm as it becomes a hindrance.

You know about me

If I have to give something to someone,
I shouldn't be asked.

they have to win against me.

Play with me.

If you win, I will perform
your marriage with Shiva.

but if you lose, you have to marry whom I select.

Hey, the game has started just now.

I'll update you through messages, wait.

Oho!! the first scene itself
turned out to be interesting

Seetha Rama Raju who always
played chess with the black colored pieces is...

for the first time
going to play with the white pieces.

It's a queen's gambit.

He is trapping the rival's king with his queen.

There it is

She blocked the pawn with a pawn and
moved the Knight against the knight.

Strong opponent only.

What's that? sacrificing the knight?

That's it... Knight went for a toss.

Will she win?

Both have equal number of powers on board.

that is the move!

brought the Commander into the fight.

Now he will be going to kill other pieces with it

There it is... killed one piece


killed 2nd piece..
He is moving forward

Why did he leave it like that?

why castling? To save the King from
Seetha Rama Raju, hah?

Ok. Now, Seetha Rama Raju, too,
has done castling. He is safe now.

The girl is experiencing tension.
She is unable to understand what is happening.

If she is getting confused, then it means
bro-in-law has won half the game.

what's that? she killed his knight like that?

Your father doesn't know about
mercy and kindness in his life.

what will be there in chess?
Did you see that smile?

Uma Devi??
Shiva is on line

I love you, Uma Devi.

Shall I tell you one thing which
you don't know?

You have already won when you accepted
the challenge and sat in the game.

Do you know what your father is
observing as he plays with you?

in every move you are making to play with him
and win, he is seeing how much you love me.

Your father, like his game, is appearing
confident outwardly,

inside he is shivering with fear.

It's not just a game,

it's a chance to tell your father what
our love is in a comprehensible way.

You trust me, isn't it?

You will definitely win.


He will move it to the corner.


Don't fear.

Play courageously with queen


why are you moving it to that side, man?

Hey, hey, game will slip away, man.

Checkmate to your King with my queen.

After hearing your entire story and after seeing you

You know the distinct difference
between the right and the wrong, bro.

Though a myriad of battles
were going on inside you,

nowhere you have lost that
small balance, you see,

hats off to your integrity.

You, too, are like the King on that chess board.

the King moves only one square.

In that game, the queen goes
to any length to save her King,

but the King takes only one step.

Win and loss are decided by that one step only.

You are Mr. King.

You are bro what the King means.

Thank you, uncle...
-What's this, dear, your crazy courage?

How did you think you can play
against him and win?

If we trust something, then we should fight
for it till the last second, isn't it? uncle.

Who taught all these things to my daughter?

I played so many of these games and won.

No one person on any day
came to me and appreciated me.

So much frantic celebrations for
her winning just this single match.

She really loved Shiva very much.

That's why she won

To be able to sit beside the King,
she must be the queen.

Anyway, I know in foresight that
she will marry Shiva only.

Whatever it's, our Uma has
selected the most eligible person.

In deep of my heart, I rattled thinking it
would be better if Uma wins.

But my brother made her win.

How much my elder brother did to my mother
and my daughter, I may not be able to do in my lifetime.

my brother is very great.

You know that I don't like it if
something is incomplete, isn't it?

I will put the end card for this story.

Whether he agrees or not,
Seetha Rama Raju has transformed.

Uma Devi, too, transformed.

Rama Rao also changed.

All those Shiva's classmates
who earlier used to pull his legs...

started to refer to Shiva as a
role model for others.

A man with a strong character
will change the world like this.

It is difficult to live practicing values,

but it's not impossible.