Mountain Rest (2018) - full transcript

After sequestering herself to a small mountain town, an aging actress calls her estranged daughter and granddaughter home for reconciliation and one final celebration.

Clara, get out.

Come on.

Well, well, well.

Look who we have here.

Let me help you with those.

Let me help you.


Look at you.



You haven't changed a bit.

Come on.

Bascolm, this is Clara.

Clara, come on.

I'll be damned if
I didn’t think that young lady

was you, Frankie.
Spitting image of you.


Come here.

Make yourself at home.


Well, this place
hasn't changed a bit.

Ain't it so?

She kept the place like
your mom never left.

Where is the queen of the manor?

You know, your
ma is one tough lady.

But right now, I think
she’s having a bit of a rough time.


Did she tie on one
too many last night?

Come on, Frankie.

She's been looking forward
to you all coming.

I just think it's
getting painful.

What are you talking about?


She told me she told you.

Told me what?

Well, turns out she's
got a big old tumor

on that beautiful brain of hers.

Wait, what?

Well, when did this happen?

Is she going to be OK?

Yeah, kiddo.

She gonna be just fine.

You'll see.

She'll be up soon.

Is she doing chemo or something?

No, Franks.

You know your ma.

You know I
haven’t seen any of this stuff

since I was your age?

She's one for theatrics.

I'll tell you that much.

Of course, she wanted to spring
a terminal illness on me

on top of everything.

I thought you hated her.

I never said I hated her.

I just wish I'd known.

I wish I'd known, too.

Can we talk about
something else, please?


Is that?


That's you?


You settle in all right?

I guess, yeah.


So you drink coffee now?

Mom, I've always liked coffee.


Whatever you say, sweetie.

She ever tell you about me?


Well, she did say that you are the
nicest man on the mountain.

So what do you think?

I'll ask you after
the weekend is over.

That sound fair?



Francesca, darling.

How are you?

Hi, Mom.

Good to see you.

It's really been quite
some time, hasn't it?

You're absolutely beautiful.

You really came into yourself.

Would you be a doll and
run into town for me?

I've just run out of cigarettes.

Maybe in a little bit.

Don't make a fuss.

Won't take a minute.

Should you even be smoking?

There's always an issue.

I mean, please just do
this one thing for your mama.


Ethel, baby, don't you want to
know who this young lady

sitting in your kitchen is?

This is Clara.

The broom's in the closet.

Bascolm will show you around.


She's not the maid.

That's Frankie's daughter.

Maybe sit with her
for a spell before you

get her doing chores.

I'll make you a plate.

What's your name?

Um, Clara.

My Clara.

I'm so embarrassed.

Of course, I know who you are.

I'm so sorry.

I can't wait to know
everything about you.


You dropped your phone.


You want a beer?

There you go.

And don't show it to me.

You show it to everybody
else, but not me.

I'm just going to know it.

Tap, tap and nine of diamonds.

That's your card.

No shit, nine of diamonds.

It's always the
nine of diamonds.

It's not magic.

It's always the
nine of diamonds.

It's not always
nine of diamonds.

So you come out
here often, or what?

I've never been, no.

Staying at the
little hotel in town?

Jim, I'm trying to
do a card trick here.

My god.
Five of hearts.


That's bullshit.

All right.

So where are you staying?

I mean, there ain't
much around here.

With my grandma.

She lives in some
dead end around here.

I forget the name.

Wait a second.

Is your grandma Ethel?


You know her?

Holy shit.

Yeah, we know Ethel.

Everyone knows Ethel.

She's like a damn celebrity.

She's like a legend out here.

She was like a famous actress
or something, right?

That's what I heard.

She's pretty good, too.


She won a bunch of awards.


She's, like, definitely the
most famous person in town by far.

Jesus, Sam.

Sorry about him.

She's really
just famous for sleeping around.

Shut it, Court.

She should know.

Ethel's like the town whore.

Seriously, shut up, Courtney.

She don't know what
she's talking about.

She ain't even from here.

Pretty as a peach.

Dumb as a rock.

Fuck you.

You know what I'm talking about.

Don't pretend like you don't.

Come to think about it,
my folks used to go to parties

til she tried to
make out with my dad.

Don't listen to them.

She's a real nice lady.

I just met her, so.

She's sick or something.


I heard that.

That's a shame.

She seems fine to me.

Where's Clara?

She said she was
going for a walk.

I can't believe you put up
with her all these years.

Dang it.

- No.
- Watch out.

Right there.

Right there.

All right.

Fucking Tommy's like, he's

always doing those gainers off
the top

You remember?

Are you talking to me?


Tommy with the gainers.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Yeah, last time he, like, fucking

on me.


Want to go up here?

I like it over there.


But we can sit here if you like.


Why's day off slippery and shit.

And I'm cold.

It's not fair.


Not for me.

Can I get one of those?



You going swimming?

I don't know.


Did you guys know
my grandfather?

He died before we were born.


He fell off a cliff, right?

That's what I heard.

I heard he was pushed.

What's your problem?


That's just what I heard.


I never asked your name.

It's Clara.


I, um, think I should go.


Watch out for slick rocks.

Hey, I'm Jim, by the way.

All right.

You have a boyfriend down there?

There's really no time
between Clara and work.

Come now.

You must have time to
roll in the hay now and then.

It's really not my priority.

You know, you look really good
in spite of everything.

I know.

Your father says hello.

What are you talking about?

He said, Ethel,
you give our girl a hello for me.

Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

Acting like you're crazy?

I know what you think I did.

Think what you like.

I could really care
less at this point.

At least Bascolm
stayed by my side.

Is he seriously still
sleeping with you?

He got married a few
years after you left.

He just likes taking
care of me now.

So Bascolm got married.

Since when do you care?

You're the one who abandoned us.

This was a fucking mistake.

I'm just saying
Clara seems kind to me.

I just can't believe she's back.

Me, either,
to tell you the truth.

She'll never forgive me.

Hey, there's nothing to forgive.

Thank you.

Hand me the salt.

Well, there you are.

I thought you might stumbled
off the mountain.

Wasn't good.

I tried.


I says... she
said something disaster

so I figured I'd just...

I'd just keep
figure out what she was going to do.

And I would just
well, that's sweet.

Thank you.

Who are you talking to?

Clark, of course.

I know she does look like me.

I know
I’ve been good for her, you know.

I kept her company.

I made her food.

Is that what you do?

I'm sorry.

Thank you.


You know I always
liked you, right?

Of course, I did, Franks.

You and me, we
were great friends.

But what kind of friend leaves
town without a word?

You never did understand.

Come on, Frankie.

That was all gossip.

Whatever it is you think
Ethel did, you've got it all wrong.

You always were loyal to her.

Come on, girl.

You've got to try for her.

Try for her?

I tried for her for years.

It never made a difference.

She never listened.

I think you should
go back downstairs.

I didn’t mean to scare you, kiddo.

I'm just catching
up with your ma.

You know you look
just like she did?

Actually, you're
cuter than she was.


I think we're ready to go.

To the big Kahuna,
the earth and the stars.

Let's enjoy this food.

And god forbid I
used too much salt.

I'd like to welcome Frankie
home to the mountains.

We have missed you, girlie.

And Clara, wow.

The most unexpected of pleasures to
make your acquaintance.

Deja vu, really.

Why does this
dinner table always

have to be used as a stage?

Can we be civil
for at least one moment?

Please, like you'd know the first
thing about being civil.

Frankie, don't get hysterical.

You're embarrassing yourself.

Ladies, ladies.

Stay out of this, Bascolm.



I just, um...

I wanted to say thank you for
having me and, um, amen.

I just don't understand
what’s gotten into that old clock.

It was working just
fine a few days ago.

It's 9:30 if
you all must know.

I think I want to act.

This is new.


When I graduate,
I think that’s what I want to do.

That's a wonderful idea.

You've got the face for it.

You think so?


I'm going to do it.

You used to act, right, Ethel?

I'm surprised your mother told
you anything about me.

Well, I hear you were a legend.

A legend?

I wouldn't go so
far as a legend.

But I did have a good run.

Your mother was a
great actress, too.

But she quit.

Heck, yeah, she was.

And she was a good dancer.

I was in a few
high school musicals,

and I was not a good dancer.

Don't be modest.

She was great.

Bascolm, pour Clara some wine.

Excuse me.

I did not think so.

Come on, Mom.

Young Frankie.

Lord knows what you
were doing at her age.

Let the child have some
wine, for God's sake.

Drain your water, kiddo.

You know, Clara,
since you’re trying so many new things

this weekend, maybe you should try
singing in front of people.

Clara, you can sing?

Why didn't you say so?

Sing for us.

Fat chance.

She never sings for me.

But you must.

It's your gift to the world.

Come on.

Kiddo, let's hear it.

Really, don't.

She's not going to do it.

The gate flies open.

You take a fall.

I stand there watching
you against the wall.

Another lover has hurt you
so, and I am the clown

in your heartbreak rodeo.

A clown paints a
smile on her face.

Hides so many
feelings of disgrace.

My friends all tell me
everybody knows that I am the clown

in your heartbreak rodeo.

That's fantastic, my love.

Absolutely fantastic.

She's got some pipes.

She can sing.

Well, I never really could sing.

I even lost a movie
because of it.

At least you were in a movie.

Try movies.

I got my big break
on Broadway and then

went out to Los Angeles,
and the roles just kept on coming.

Would I have seen any of them?

I... I doubt it.

You're too young.

One director I lived
with, what a doll.

He called me his mountain muse.

Is he the one
who kicked you out of his house?

He never would have done that.

That was another man.

Well, anyway, they're both dead.

So I guess I came out on top.

Clara, the parties,
you couldn't believe it.

They were to die for.

Will tomorrow be like that?

Exactly like that.

Most people have forgotten how to have fun.

You know?

I mean, that's why
I started hosting

these parties every year.

You have to let loose sometimes.

Let your freak flag fly.

Ethel's parties
are the highlight

of the year for most people.

I know folks that... that
plan their whole summers around it.

It's true.

We can't ever compare the
parties in Los Angeles,

but, you know, nothing ever can.

It was a golden time.

So why did you leave?

A town never knows a
good thing when they have it.

What do you mean?

I mean I was great,

and they threw me out
with the garbage the second

I stopped fucking them.


I was tossed out,
naked on the street.

Well, it's their mistake.

Not mine.

Yeah, babe.

Not mine.

You think being an
actress is easy?

Ethel, baby.

Come on, sweetheart.

How about I help you to
your room, and I roll us a joint,

and you drift right to sleep.

Don't try to baby me.

Why aren't you at
home with your wife?


Now, you don't mean that.


Frankie, have
you done your homework?

Um, thank you, Mom.

I've done my homework.

Everything's fine.


I can't have you
failing out of school.

That's it.

Let's go.

What are they going to think of me?


I'm sorry about her, sweetie.

I tried to warn you.

Warn me about what?

I think she's amazing.

I'm going to go to bed.

Finish cleaning up.

Hey there, kiddo.

You never had anything
this strong before?

You know, your great,
great grandaddy build this house.

It's been around for a
while, that's for sure.

Smells like a Salvation
Army or something.


Lots of old things, dead things.

There's tons of ghosts
that roam these hills.

It's true.

Ethel says she can
see her grandparents

every once in a while.


I can even hear her talking
to Clark sometimes.

That... that's my grandfather’s
name, right?


She really doesn't tell
you much of anything, does she?

Such a shame.

I think I heard
her talking to him.


It's gotten worse lately.

Did you know him?

Not well.

My daddy and him both worked
as mechanics at car shop in town.

He was good with cars.

It's not a
good habit to take up.



You OK?

Geez, kiddo.

How in the world
did that happen?

Stop calling me kiddo.



Is everything OK?

You fell asleep
with the light on.


I love you.

Do you know that?

I always have.

Are you sure you're OK?


I'm going to die soon.

You'll never guess who
I ran into on my walk.

Elvis Presley.

It's Mr. Ferris.

I haven't seen him in years,
but he’s standing in his driveway

dressed as Elvis.

So bizarre.

How's your head?

Why'd you let me
sleep that late?

I thought you could use it.

Maybe don't drink
so much tonight.

Grandma didn't care.



Why do you hate her so much?

You can't bring me
here and expect me

to just hate her like you do.- I don't.

I... I... I want you
to get to know her.

It's just that your grandma is
a very special lady.

That is so typical.


That you say one thing,
but you mean another.

Sweetie, I do not know what
you're talking about.

She really needed you, you know?

And you just left
her here all alone.



You know, it wasn't always easy
raising you on my own.

I needed her, too.

Well, I'm sorry if I
was such a burden to you

Jesus Christ.

Baby, you know that's
not what I meant.


What has gotten into you?

I am happy here.

Why do you have to ruin it?


I'm sorry, sweetie.

I'm not trying to.

I love you.

She said she's
going to die soon.

Come here.

I'm a horrible mother.

No, you ain't.


No, you ain't.

I need to tell you something.

Has no one caught onto this yet?

It just makes the cheap stuff taste better.

I can't believe you're still trying
to impress these people.

These people?

These people are my friends.

They love me.

I think they're just
using you at this point.

Have you been crying?

Are you planning
to kill yourself?

Don't be ridiculous.

Let me help you.

It's sad you'll
never understand Clara,

just like you never
understood me.

It's a celebration of life.

Who's she supposed to be?

Get inside, now.

I don't want little people here.

This is my party.

Bascolm, you better drag
the hose down to that bonfire.

Those idiots are going
to start a forest fire.

Grandma, I don't have a costume.

We'll find one.


This could be perfect.

You could wear my costume for my 74th film.

I was a disco queen.

This would look good on you.

What do you think?

And what would I be?

Me, of course.

I'm practically dead.

Come on.

You're so young.
You're not going to die.

Yes, I am.

I don't want to feel
like this anymore.

I didn't mean to scare you.

I don't want you to die.

I'm not doing any good living.

I'm just getting to know you.

I wish she hadn't
kept you from me.

I kept you from me.


Everyone's here looking for you.

I'll be down in a second.


I don't understand.

You will.

I hate her.

I promise you won't.

Put this on.

Come downstairs, dammit.

God save the queen.

Thank you for coming, Richard.

It's such an honor
to have you here.

It is an honor to be here.

We always loved your movies.

This is my friend, Clara,

She's going to be a great actress
one day just like me.

Isn't that right?

I hope so.


I know so.

My glass of champagne
from President Richard Nixon.

It's a pleasure to meet you.


Let me introduce you
to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

My granddaughter, Clara.

It's such a
pleasure to meet you.

She's Marie Antoinette.

- Hi.
- Come.

I love your dress.


You look so beautiful.

Here's my granddaughter, Clara.


My granddaughter, Clara.


Everybody head
on up to the porch.

Ethel's got a surprise for us.


Everybody be quiet.

Gather round.

Gather round.

Start over.

We'll start over.

But everybody be quiet.

Now you all
clap when I come out.

Come now, come now.

After the ball was over,

Maddie took our her glass eye,
put her false teeth in water,

hung her wax ear up to dry,
put her peg leg in the corner,

hung her black wig on the wall.

The rest that was left went to
slumber after the ball.

My daddy always sang that
tome when I was a little girl.

Here's another one.

I got those dirty,
dirty devils and he

leave a trail of blood behind.

He take delight in
stirring up a fight

and burping little babies in
the head in their bed.

We have gotten a
rep for being rotten

putting poison in On the
level, we are devils.


Get a drink.

I was so worried today.

I just went for a walk.

Look, I'm sorry
about what I said.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Where'd you get this?

It's grandma's.

You look beautiful.

How'd I sound?

I haven't sung in ages.
What the hell?

I might as well make a
fool of myself tonight.

I wouldn't want to be
remembered as a square.


The two of you aren't very chatty
tonight, now are you?

Loosen up.

I'm going to find more
of the bubbly stuff.

You want some?


Look at the time and maybe
I can getting to you

and the music never quits



- I'm... I'm Jonny Kates.
- Ooh.

Well, actually Elvis


Am I too old

Jim and I met down by
the waterfall down the road.

I see.


She's having fun.


She is having fun.

You look fantastic.

Who... who are you
supposed to be?

You know what?

Let's grab a drink.

Is everybody here insane?


Pretty much.


You're lucky you
ain't from here.

How can you say that?

This place is amazing.


That's... that's the
mountain splaying tricks on you.

And be careful
because that's a trap.


She keeps telling me
that she’s going to die soon.


I mean, ain't that
what this party's for?

What do you mean?

I thought you two might
get to liking each other.


What's up, Bas?

It's good to see you, Jim.

It's been a while.

Excuse us.



The place looks great.

What do you want?

Can I talk
to Clara for a minute?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll just go into
the house a minute.

I'm just checking on you.

Are you having fun tonight?


I don't know what's going on.

Your ma and I are
trying to figure

out how to deal with all this.

Why didn't you
guys just tell me?

I didn't know.

How could you not know?

All you up here,
I want to keep all of you here.

I think it's time
for more champagne.

Could you... someone
find Bascolm.


Right here.

Thank you, love.

That good?

I don't know.

How do you people
drink this shit?



OK, now, everybody just, um,
settle down for a minute.

I, um... I have something
I want to talk to you about.


God damn it.

This is my party.

And I think my beloved
Frankie wants to know what happened

the night her father died.

I'm sure all of you
would like to know,

since all of you been
gossiping about it

for the last 20 fucking years.

First of all, I
loved my husband.

That's the first thing.

He was a drunk, but
I fucking loved him.

I know there's an old legend around
Clark's death that I...

I led him down there,
and I just pushed him over the edge.

I mean, God knows
he deserved it.

You know, he did hit
me one time, you know?

But I don't blame him for that.

I just want to clear
some things up.


The stars were
so bright that night.

And we each had a
bottle of Dickel.

And we were sitting on some
wet clumps of moss on the cliff.

You all know he used
to love it down there.

And, well, not as much as he loved
Dickel, but he loved it.

So anyway, he goes, Ethel,
I've got something to tell you.

You ain't going to like
this, but I got too.

And then he went off on
some rambling tangent

about how I am selfish...

So selfish... always
bringing up my Hollywood days.

I mean, it's my path.

What else am I supposed to do?

This glamorous sex scene
he hated just like most of you do.

You live your
pathetic little lives,

and you listen to me go on and
on about fame and fortune.

I mean, maybe I'd hate me too.

Anyway, it... it, um,
let me think about it all...

All the fun I had without him.

So I started telling
him about this one time

when I was sent a limousine with
100 roses in the backseat,

and my back got all
scratched up from this director

having his way with me, right?

And the floodgates,
you know... it was just like the floodgates

had opened up, and I
couldn't stop talking.

And I just kept telling
stories of the captain, and movie

stars, and houses and caviar,
and the cars, and the sets,

and the trip to
Asia, and all of it.

I mean, I just kept
talking, and drinking,

and staring up at the
stars, I... just kind

of like what I'm doing now.

And when... when I
finally stopped,

I looked at Clark, and...

And he just jumped.

It was like he...

He just let himself get
picked up by the breeze

and just carried off.

I mean, he was there.

And then he wasn't there.

You know the story now.

He's just gone.

And I cried for about a week.

And then I just...

I just moved on
like you all will.

You'll just move on.

You will remember that
the life we had together

was a beautiful thing,
and... and then it was over.

And it... as much as
I pity all of you,

you're the best friend
a woman could ever ask for.

I mean, we're only
allowed a few lives.

And I... I...

I've lived a few too many.



It's already so late.

I... I... I hope you
understand that I've got to go.

And, um, don't worry.

I'll see you all very soon.

I don't need your help, darling.

Well, I guess that's it?

Thanks for making
this memorable night.

You all be safe getting home.

I know.

I know... I know I'm not
a perfect man, but you...

You always loved me like I was.

You broke my heart.

Are you OK?

Of course, dear.

What's the matter?

Did you know?

About what?


Of course I did.

You think I'm still beautiful?


Go home.

Where you going?


You always had
such beautiful skin.

I never knew what to do with you
when you cried as a baby.

I'd peer into your crib,
touch your soft cheeks,

and just watch you sob.

Your throat must
have gotten so sore.

But Clark, Clark,
he knew what to do.

He'd take you out to the
barn in the middle of the night,

and he'd play that
old piano for you.

The cabin would get quiet,
and i'd finally get some sleep.

And so would you.

Mom, why didn't you tell me
what happened to him?

After you were
gone, I slept so well.

I didn't see the point
in bothering about your father.

What about just to talk to me?

I've been gone 16 years,
and you never tried to call.

Not once until now.


This is a special moment.

I wanted you to be here for it.

And I wanted to meet Clara.

She's been so excited.

You're only breaking your heart.

Why didn't you try
to meet her sooner?

Why can't you stay for her?

Some people make compromises in their life,

but I'm not one of them.

And I certainly wasn't going to
compromise my death either.

Didn't you miss me?

You left, and I
moved on, darling, just

like I did with your father.

I know you hate me, darling.

But I'm so happy to meet her.

The majesty of love falls
down from up above.

We'll never get enough
of the majesty of love.

We toil and fight this life
and hope for our reward, We claw,

and scratch, and bite,
fear our neighbor's sword.

We find a sweetness here,
someone who we hold dear.

We're the lucky ones.

They will catch our tears.

The majesty of love falls
down from up above.

We'll never get enough
of the majesty of love.

We laugh and turn away
from the ones who need us most.

We flee instead of stay afraid
to face our ghosts.

We hide our deepest fears
with sex, drugs, rock and roll.

But still they reappear when the
sun lights up the world.

The majesty of love falls
down from up above.

We'll never get enough
of the majesty of love.