Mountain Miracle (2017) - full transcript

Alpenbrennen is a german film about a girl struggling with asthma, who is taken to a clinic in South Tyrol to be cured. After some time she decides to get out of this hell (that's how she feels about it) and soon she'll meet a new friend. Together they try to reach the peak of a mountain where, according to an old custom, she can be healed

An Unexpected Journey

VoilĂ !
Need help?

No. I know the drill.
- Okay.

See you soon.

Hey, Amelie?

Show me your panties.
I bet they've got ponies on them.

Hey, perve.

There are minors present.
Yourself included.

What are you laughing at?

Hey, Amelie. What's up?

Hey, sweetie. You home?

You hung the laundry in my room again!
- Shit!

My room isn't the laundry room!
It's blocking the door!

I know,
but when you're at Dad's...

Am I at Dad's three days a week
so you can dry your laundry?

I'm really sorry...
- Whatever.


Knock it off!
- Viola, but...

Nele, it's not illegal.

Nothing bad will happen.
Nobody will die.

Tell her, Amelie.
Nele's been freaking out for two hours.


We'll have space in living room.

It's my grandma's.
- Wow!

It's super old.

Yuck! It's dusty!

Yes, it's old.
- Will ghosts really come?

Are they gonna talk?

They call it glass moving for a reason.

Instructions are for amateurs.

Something wrong?


What could be wrong?


Or nothing will happen at all.

I'm scared!

Appear, appear.


I'm scared!
- No!


- Don't panic!

I'll get water!

Nele, is it still burning?

Did you see the fire and the blanket?

- Amelie?

What's wrong?
Is she possessed?

We didn't even start yet.

Something's wrong.

You answer.
- No, you! -No, you!

Hey, sweetie.
I put a lasagna in the oven.

Amelie? Can you hear me?

She's nodding.
- Who's there?


Viola? Is she having trouble breathing?
- Yes.

It's an asthma attack!

Don't panic.
Call an ambulance.

Don't hang up! Go to the fridge.
- Call an ambulance!

- Yes, damn it!

Next to the eggs
are emergency meds.

Amelie knows what to do.
- Hello!

Help! We tried to contact Miss Marple...
- Your meds!

She won't take it!
- Take the medicine!

... and she won't take her meds!

- I can't open it. Shit!

I don't know. At Amelie's house.

I don't know!
- Shit! Open!

No idea! She won't take it!

House number 28.

No, 228! How should I know?

Trace my mobile!

Amelie, death doesn't care
if you're stubborn!

Write a book.

Her bronchi are too narrow.
It's very serious.

She has to treat it
before it's too late.

Amelie hates her illness.

She ignores it,
like everything else she doesn't like.

I understand, but this isn't
just Amelie's decision anymore.

At least you've
brought us together again.



- Nothing.

Nele and Viola asked about you.

They only pity me.

- You can be their friend.

Good idea!

- You love witchy stuff.

You could finally get
Grandma Helga's cake recipe.

"Grandma Helga, give me a sign!"

Why did you say that?
- Say what?

That I like witchy stuff and so on.

- You stab me in the back,

and make me look like an idiot.
- Life is hard, Sarah.

Can't we just have some fun?
- Yeah, this is a blast!

Three months at a lung clinic!

Come on!
- It's hilarious!

A family's driving in a new car.
A bunny is in the road.

The dad asks,
"Brake or hit it?"

The kids yell, "Hit it!"

Blood spatters...

Guts fly. The family laughs.

A deer is in the road.
Dad asks,

"Brake or hit it?"
The kids yell, "Hit it!"

Blood spatters...

Guts fly. The family laughs.

An elephant is in the road.
"Brake or hit it?"

"Hit it! Hit it!"

Blood spatters...

Guts fly.
The elephant laughs.

Look how beautiful it is.
These mountains!

Write a book.

Very funny, Dad.

Pick up. I know you're there.

- What do you have against mountains?

Mountains suck.

Okay, well that explains it.

I want to go home.

Okay, I'll ask your mother.

Sorry, not a chance.

Why did I get this freaking asthma?

I know 20 people
who'd actually deserve it.

Life doesn't always give us a choice.

She hung up.

It looks pretty nice.
- It does.

What do you think?

- She got that from you!


This isn't okay!

Amelie! Why are you doing this?

Get back to the car.

You stubborn ox!

And where is Amelie?

She'll be here in a bit.

Poses can ease breathing.

Good, and now the goalie pose.

The coachman pose, the goalie.

The coachman pose. How exciting.
- Very good.

Exhaling with pursed lips.
- Great.

Most kids come earlier.

I know.

You locked up here too?

24 seconds left.

That's how Amelie feels all the time.

Yeah, but Amelie's used to it, right?

Does Amelie want to attend?
- Definitely.

Keep quiet and you get a burger.
- Let me get through to Nelly.

So, Nelly. How's your leg?

It'll be better soon.

Take it easy.
You're okay.

Take it easy.


What are you doing here?

I'm the herd manager.

Man, you're a drag.

You a brain amputee?
- Shut your mouth.

Watch it, or you'll be sorry.



Butt cheese.

Fish face.
- Dwarf.

Spaghetti head.

There you are!

No introduction?
- Forget it, Dad.

Farewell, herd manager.
- Scram, "Muhackl."

Yeah, scram.

Don't worry.
She's our daughter.

Yeah, exactly.

Don't panic, it's just me, Steffi!


We'll be friends.
I'll show you around.

We actually do sports here!

I was never allowed.

This is my cat, Morle.


I cut her hair.
You allergic to cats, too?

It's actually their spit.
Too bad cats lick themselves!

- Yes?

I'm not your friend.
- Oh.

Put on the nose clip.

Don't be afraid.
- Of you or the machine?

And breathe.

You feel it first,
so you can respond first.

This is how your bronchial tubes look.
Full of mucus.

This is what happens
when you have an attack.

If it's bad,
nothing gets through.

If you keep ignoring your illness

your next attack might kill you.

Better than being sick.
- Pardon?

Just raise my emergency meds dose.

Whether you care or not,

only you can save yourself.

You have to play along.

It's really easy.

We have to sit here.

Sitting makes you fat.

Where you going?
- Getting smokes for Steffi.

It's not true! I don't smoke!

Make like a tree.

Put an egg in your shoe and beat it.
- It means: get lost.

- You can't just leave.

I'm a free person.
- You're a sick person.

Aren't sick people free?
- It's not about that.

That's exactly what it's about.

Tell us before you go.
- It's okay.

Keep breathing.

Yes, that's right.

Breathe in time with the water.

Breathe in and out...


Smoking's bad for your health.

Valley of the Idiots.

We live in the mountains,
not under a rock.

1 in 10 people has asthma.

Can you imagine?

1 in 10?
- Yes.

Count your friends, and ask the 10th.

I only have nine.

Cool shirt.
I used to like vampires.

Now I like super heroes.
They're not so dark.

I'd fall in love with a vampire.

Don't panic, it's just me, Steffi!

Tomorrow is sports day!
It'll teach us good breathing!

Find me if you need help.
- With anything?

- Roommate problems?

Even vampire problems.
- I love vampires.

In that case.
- Vampires?

What vampires?
- You'll see.

We're making great time, people!

Come on, Amelie.

You people are nuts.

A life without exercise and now this?

Save your breath. Come on.

- Over here! -Center!


- Nice one!

Hey, kick us the ball.

You sulking?

She's an asthma cripple.
She can't kick. She needs a wheel chair.

You go get it.

Why won't you kick us the ball?

I'm very sick.

And very weak.

Didn't you know that?

That's for "asthma cripple"!
- Muhackl!

Want to start, Matthias?
- According to Stella's tests,

she's made progress.
- Good.

What about oxygen saturation?
- It's okay, but...

We might want to change Stella's meds.
- Okay, I'll have a look.

So, we're done with Stella.



She has the worst prognosis.
- She's ornery,

she ignores her illness
and the other kids.

She's a hard nut to crack.

She doesn't want to be weak.
I get that.

I doubt she'll open up.
- You can't expect that from a hard nut.

Matthias, I know you can crack her.

I'll do my best.
- Okay, next.

- Peter.

How's his allergy test?

He's working very hard.

Hey, honey bunny.

It's all under control.

They're all dancing to my tune.

No, I'm fine.
What about you?

Hold on a sec. I heard something.

It's nothing.

It was probably just my heart
beating for you.

That was so hot last time!

That was just...

Kiss my ass.
Go crack some other nut.

Shit, it's dark!


- She's too weak to climb the mountain.

She's probably headed to the station.

Let's go! Amelie!
- Amelie!

I can do this, you'll see.

100 steps: 1, 2,

3, 4, 5, 6...

... 41, 42,


... 55, 56, 57...


1... 3...

91, 92...


95, 96...


- Yeah, hello.

You lost her?
- Ms Dohmjan...

It's your job to know where she is!
She's a minor!

Yes, but you'll admit your daughter is...

My daughter is what? Excuse me?

If this is your fault,

then God help you, dammit!


Ms Dohmjan?
- Shit, shit, shit, shit!

- Amelie's gone. Get in.


Wait, wait!

Come here. Come on.


Come on, time to get down.

Go on. Bye.

Hey, need help?

Stop stalking me.

What are you doing here?
- None of your damn business.

Go milk some cows.

That seat's taken.
- By who?

Your good mood?
- Yup.

Want some?

Did you run away?

I have a free day.
- Right.

Bye, Muhackl.
Enjoy your free day.

Take care.

Take care.

Stupid mountains!

Hey, don't go that way!

Wait up!


What are you doing?

Are you suicidal?
- Why? Are there sharks?

Shit! My mobile!

Your mobile?

Be happy that you're alive!


Don't look.

You could just say "thanks."


What's a hardworking farmer
doing up here?

I was helping up there.
- Helping?

With the fire.
- What fire?

Man, you don't know a thing.
- Write a book.

What are you doing?
- Wanna help me pee?

The fire is to celebrate freedom.
- Sounds boring.

Miracles happen up there.

Yeah, right.

My dad always said
fires drive bad spirits away.

And there's a fire on every mountain.

If you jump over the fire,
you're indestructible.

Come on, I'm late. Don't wear wet shoes,
you'll get blisters.

Can you wish for anything?
- At the fire?

Well, if it's about fertility or health.


I'm going up there.
- What?

No, I'm bringing you back.

I've always been sick.

I almost died four times.

For real.

I've been hospitalized five times.

It stole almost a year of my life,

not counting emergency visits.

I hate it!

I'm going to your miracle fire.
I've got nothing to lose.

You won't get there today.
The real trail starts at the bottom.

You think I'd make it
all the way back up again?

- Well then.

Blisters are better than cuts.
- This sure is a blast.

Slow down!

...4, 5...

6, 7...

... 97, 98...




- Hias, you gotta milk the cows.

All of them?
- Yup.

See how Alma does.
Turn Susi down 15%.

Bini and Gerda should be fine.

Don't forget the calf.
And Nelli's got a bad leg.

Ask Franz to bring her to the fire.
Do it.

You'll do fine. See ya.

I'm the herd manager!

A shortcut?


You think I'm scared
just 'cause I'm a girl?

One step at a time.



Are you at least gonna call somebody?


Let's order a pizza.

You crazy?

They'll just come get me,
and I can forget the fire.

See? Here I am.

Going up is easy.
- What do you mean?

Just what I said.

Oh shit!

Did she answer?

Oh, hi Frederike.

I'm glad I caught you.

Listen up.

The text isn't "bristle pig",
it's "bristle beast."

Pigs are clean animals
but the city cleaners didn't think so.

Those swines, I know.

Ok, then it's settled.
Great. See you soon. Bye.

- It's important.

"Bristle beast"?

We've left 40 messages on her mailbox.
It's no use.

Aren't you worried?
- Of course.

I'm sure she knows what she's doing.

Come on, chicken!
- Shit, piss, poop!

Come on.

Oh, man!

You're as smart as a cucumber.
- Sounds like something I'd say.

We can go up or down, but let's go.
- Right on.

... 50, 49, 48,

47, 46, 45...

Um, you look a little stupid.

... 72, 73...
- 361, 412,


Don't touch that. It's electric.

It's high voltage.

Hey! Hey you!

Say something!

Please say something!

Oh fuck!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Are you nuts?

I know it's just low voltage.

Don't ever do that to me again!

It was a joke.
- Write a book!

It was stupid, okay?

You'd better have a drink.

Doesn't count.
- Yeah right.

Yeah! That was mine!

How kind of you.

Fun's over. We're heading back.

I love thunderstorms!

You a hazard.
- Life's a hazard.

I for one, like being alive.

Then get lost.
Go before the milk goes sour.

You listen to me!
- Stop!

- I won't leave you here.

Why not?

I'm staying.

You're a lost cause.

You'll get scared, and cold.

Stop! Stop!

Come quick!

Did they find her?
- Quick!

What happened?

Lisa screams in the night.

They're here!


How nice of you.
- Thanks.

Go do your exercises.
- Okay.

That's right.


Fancy seeing you both so soon.
- Where is she?

How could you lose her?
- This isn't jail.

They're not locked in.

We're waiting to hear from the police.

They're searching the area.

Please, sit down.

Let's think.

Where could she be heading?

What is Amelie capable of?
- She'd go home.


How can she without money?

Comandante, check highway ramps
and rest stops.

Let's go.
- Yes, it's possible.

Yes. She might be hitchhiking.

Wanna go?
- No.

The lightning's looking for you.

What do you mean?
- Just what I said.

Your head's higher than that tree.

Your head's still higher than mine.

Scared yet?
- No.

1, 2...

You give up?
- Not a chance.

Shit. I was so scared.

Did you just admit it?
- I'll kill you if you tell.

I've never met someone so stubborn.
- You mean so brave.

You're so scared that all you do is run.
- I never run.

You do.
You run on the inside.

So what?
You're running too.

You keep chasing me,
and I doubt it's love.


Have you ever heard cows scream?

If they don't get milked
they don't yell,

they scream.
It hurts that bad.

Is that why my joke scared you?

He was lying on the ground.

Just like you were.

I didn't do anything.

I couldn't.

I just stood there.

Heart attack.

My father just lay there.

Then my mother came,

and she screamed.

I vowed I'd never just stand there again,
you know?

I'm the man now.

You're the herd manager.


You are.

Here. Help me, will you?

What's this?
- We're staying here.

We're not climbing at night.

I'm going up there.

Trust the herd manager.

He says it's time to stop.
- But I'm not a cow.

Come on!

So, all done.

That'll protect us in earshot.

That crap scared me half to death.

You have no clue, or respect.

We're safe though, right?
- It doesn't hurt to howl.

What's your name, anyway?
- Bart.

It's from Bartholomew.

I don't make fun of your name.
- Don't be so touchy.

It's like "Bart" from the Simpsons.
- Yup.

Or like the "beard," you can't grow yet.
- Very funny.

Why don't you ask me my name?
- I know your name.


- Idiot.

Finally an insult I can understand.

What's your name, Muhackl?

Never mind.

My uncle got swallowed by an avalanche.

He couldn't move at all,
like a mummy.

He started eating the snow away
so he could breathe.

But there was just too much.

So he gave up.

Then he saw these colors.

Tons of colors.

He wanted to stay there forever
under the snow.

He says it's nice on the other side.

Dying probably sucks,

but on the other side
there are these...


Those colors are unbelievable!


Never mind.

Amelie, sweetie.
Do it too!

It's really easy.
- Just blow.

Just blow.

Sweetie, keep going.
It's easy!

It's just laundry, sweetie.

My room isn't the laundry room!

Am I at Dad's three days a week
so you can dry the laundry?



Come on. Let me drive.

- We'll find her.

Yummy nightshades.

They're poisonous.

I have to tell you something.



I don't believe in the fire.

It's just a fun thing to do.

Only old people say
it heals illnesses.


your uncle's colors?

Those unbelievable colors?

When you can't breathe anymore,
you see them too.

I don't know.

But I believe in miracles.

Well, don't go shitting your pants.

Let's do this! We're tough!
- Stop it.

Muhackl, for Christ's sake!

Let's get a move on, dammit!

Mountain, here I come!

I'm going out again.
- Lukas.

You haven't slept.

Rest a little.
- I'll sleep when I find her.

- Thanks.

Amelie really
shook things up around here.

Come in, Steffi.
- Sorry, but Morle needs her meds.

- Yes.

You can stay.
- Really?

Just be quiet.
- Okay. Once I didn't talk for 30 minutes!

Look, don't touch.

Screw you, butthead!

Stop insulting me.
- I'm not. Stupid blockhead!

Sure sounds like it.
- I'm not insulting you.

I'm insulting nature.

But I have to listen to it.
- Are you a wimp or something?

You waste your breath swearing.
- Swearing reminds me I'm still breathing.

It helps me blow off steam.
It gives me strength.

It gets the anger out, you know?

I do.
But don't point it at me.

I don't point it at you.
- Who else?

What's wrong?
You're so touchy all the sudden.

So what?

- No idea.

I don't get you sometimes.

You get called names?
- Nobody dares anymore.

They call you a wimp?
- Not anymore.

- Nope.

Well, you aren't one.

They're gigantic and peaceful.
It's like they've always been here.

How do you know they're real?

Maybe they're cardboard and if we
tipped them over we'd see the ocean.

Where's the border?
- Borders are meaningless up here.

Mountains don't care if you draw a line
and say, "This is mine."

"Whatever, little worm."

What does that look mean?
- Nothing.

Then stop it.

No problem.

I've gotta pee.

You sure pee a lot.

Girls do that.

How much further?
- Come on.

Tell me it's not true!

I don't think we'll find her here.

She's up there somewhere.

On the mountain?

She can't even climb a hill.
- She's stubborn.

Not down and up again, I know.
- I can't go on.

Yes, you can.

Should I carry you?
- Forget it.

We can do it.
- Sure we can.

Pee break?

Let's go.

Drink. It's important.

Or you'll die.

Do you like your parents?

I want to have yaks someday.

- No.


You're weird.
- That's why I hang out with you.

Go pee again.

I know what you've been doing.

You know me, huh?
- A little.

Oh shit!


My inhaler!

Not a chance.

I used to block the medicine
with my tongue.

I hated it so much.
- Nice story.

Come on, Muhackl. It's not far.
- I'm done.

Finito. Over, got it?

You only lost your inhaler.
- Yeah, but I need it.

If I have an attack now I could die.

I'll just wait here while you get help.

- Bart!

What are you doing?
Put me down!

- You need to see the peak!

Screw the peak!
- You don't get it.

Once you see the peak
you'll be fine.

Come on!


Okay. 1, 2, 3...

... 412, 413, 414...

Put me down, please.

I did it!

Now you can make a wish.

- Yes.

The fire is another story,
but this...

This is freedom.

I hate asthma!
I hate that I can't breathe!

I hate that my parents
like being divorced!

I hate being weak!
I hate being sick!

I hate life!

I hate everything!

I hate...

I don't know if things you hate
will come true.

There's the other trail.
Half the town is up here.

This is important.
Nobody can come without wood.

Let's go.

Hey there.
- Hi.

Hey, Hias.
- Hey, Bart.

Hey, how did it go?


She has to jump over the fire.
- What?

She has to jump over the fire
so she can be healed.

She climbed the whole way.

And she looks good.

My nephew brought her up.

Trust me, she's fine.

Thank you so much!
- Stay there.


Don't you want to swear a bit?

Bravo, Hias!

Bravo, Nelly!

Muhackl, it's now or never.

By the way, my name is Amelie.

What's a Muhackl anyway?

No idea.

My father used to call me that.

You have to jump with me.
- No, thanks.

Then I won't jump.

I want it gone, forever.

1, 2...

Are my parents here?
- No.

They stayed at the bottom.

Go crack another nut.

Everyone wants to help you,
but they don't stand a chance.


I'm supposed to give this to you.

Did you bring an inhaler?

The mountain ate mine.

What a coincidence.

"I promise:

1. I'll never dry laundry
in your room again, no matter what.

2. I'll let you live your own life,
but also face all the consequences.

3. I'll always be there for you
if you need me.

4. And no matter what you do,
you stubborn ox,

I love you.


It's from my mom.

She still likes you?

- I want to show you something.

Are you cold too?
- No, why?

It'd suck if I got a cold now.

I'd get stuck in the hospital again.

You got soaking wet yesterday
and didn't sneeze once.

Hunter 1 to Hunter 2,

we're on our way.

I thought that stupid illness
was gone now.

You believe in miracles?


Wake up! They're here! Quick!

She's here! She's here!

I'm a Muhackl, I know.

I'm so proud of you.

Okay, fine.

What do you want me to do?

Help me.

I knew it!
- Yeah, right.

You really climbed to the top?
- I'll bring you along next time.

Don't panic, it's just me, Steffi!

Oh no.

I think Morle's afraid of heights.

Annie Grossjohann