Motociklu vasara (1975) - full transcript


Real music must be felt with stomach and liver.

Music must make one's intestines vibrate.

I'm a twentieth century's son.

You are my son.

But I'm eighteen.

Then let's put crystal glasses
on the table. Bring them here.

I can't do that.


It's my birthday.

That is the reason.

What have we got here?

You knew that.


Oh my...I'm struck mute!

Now you're a grownup.

At the highest level.

Are you mad?

What a coincidence. I got my driver's license yesterday.

Destiny plays funny games.

Driver's license?

Now of all times, when every day
could prove crucial for you.

Where is it? The motorcycle?

Dear Maris...we should have a talk.

Today I want to give you just a jacket.

You'll get the motorcycle when you
enroll in medical institute.

I doubt that you have thought about your life.

Enroll in the institute, then you'll get the motorcycle.

So you'll use the motorcycle as a carrot for an ass...

Oh, Dr. Zemitis! It's Dr.
Berzaja's appointment hours.

Mom, your husband's arrived.

Good day, Elza.

Good day.

Well, Maris, you're a grownup
now and you've got all rights...

Yes, to chew on a carrot.

If I were eighteen...



Yes, that is Zoltners indeed.

Just imagine, I did an appendicectomy on him and he...

It's nothing much but if you look closer...

There's really something ethereal...


There will finally be something
beautiful in your room.

Yeah...but where to get the nail?
The cellar, I suppose.

Is there none in the kitchen?

Not any worthy of Zoltners.

Yeah, every day there's at
least one motorcycle ride that

I have to fix

As soon as summer begins...

What do they do when they don't
get themselves killed, I wonder.

Hey, that is Zoltners!

Guys! This was given
to me as a present.

All of that is supposed to
be ethereal and untouchable.

Son, you've been studying too much.

Who's that Zoltners?

He had his appendix removed.

I like it here.

When we enroll, let's grab chicks
and sausages and come here...

You'd be sitting alone.

Maris! For some reason I've started dreaming

about that table your mother set up.

Gentlemen! I have called you here

to announce that this motorcycle
was honestly stolen.

Boys! I see you're fine boys!

That style!

Well, what's the matter?

Boys, understand me right.

We hadn't started moving yet

but we had to move.

And the message arrives

that Anita from Jurmala
would throw herself under wheels.

We...wouldn't make it to the registry office.

She's fallen in love!
You must think I'm joking...

No joke. We have been young ourselves.

The bride is...sort of funny.

If you could drive in front...
and keep an eye on her...

I have to see what the husband looks like

if woman wants to kill herself because of him.

Two hundred guests at the wedding.
Three bands playing!

Clothes sent from Australia!

You are invited!
There will be a table set.

Shashlik burning in flames of spirit!

Birthday boy, it depends on you.

What will you say?

Could I beg for a short interview,

honorable lady?

Unconventional questions.

What, in your opinion, is happiness?

What is love, at least?

Close the window already.

Close the window already!

And this moment, too, is and will remain
as the most beautiful moment in your life.

She was told to close the window,

to close the window already...

She says: horse.

So what? Horse eats grass and so be it.

Must take care not to ruin the hairdo.

I said: don't stick your head out the window!

She says: wind.

Well, boys?

One must climb the tree. What else?

You don't have to do it.

Isn't that possible to do without the veil?

What would I look like! It can't be done without!

Go on, do something.

Climb on my shoulders.

What, please?

On the shoulders.

Aren't you gonna get that?

On the shoulders.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

Be brave.

Thank you.

Why didn't you help?

And what about you?

You've got a new bike.

Take me for a ride.

It would look like stealing the bride.

Steal me!


You're scared.

Are you serious?


We have to go,

we have to go!

Why aren't they chasing us?

They see you're driving like a turtle.


Well then...

let's go back.

If we could take some time.

What do you mean?

Let's wait.

Let's wait. There is still time.

Maris! Maris!

Where have you gone?

Are you kissing?

Maris! Don't ruin the
white Australian dress!

There is no real love, there's just real debauchery.

I don't want to see people anymore.


You can't pass!

Bottle or bride!

Are you missing something?

Nothing! To the foreman!

Foreman, we're here!

Greetings to the guests of
our farm's anniversary! Hooray!

Music for the newlyweds!

Waltz for the newlyweds!

Seems like we won't get further without a dance.

Is my dressed rumpled?

Just like in a shop window.


Oh, excuse me.

Hey, is everybody having such wedding in the capital city?

That's the latest fashion trend from Riga.

Really! It's crazy being
the bride and the groom.

Everybody's eyeing you.

? ???? ???????? ????!

You've got a great wife.
Best in Europe.

Without groomsmen, bridesmaids...

Where in Riga did you
find such a fine wife?

None of your business!

I am also a fine man.

But I can't find such fine women...

Just the ugly ones.

Tell me, am I fine or not?

Like we, kolkhoz people say, we will steal you.

Let the groom find you!

Nice wife!

She hits hard.

Why are you tussling?

How many times can I be stolen?

My wedding would have been just as stupid.

Let's go home.

Well, it's too shallow here for drowning yourself.

Look! Who are they?

Wonderful silence, isn't it?


It will be like this until I find some gas in this fog.

No biggie.

If I return too soon,

there will be such a fuss back home!

There will be a fuss...

No way to do away without a fuss.

You find it hard?

Not a chance.

You don't look particularly happy.

Why did you run away from your groom?

Why! I liked you a lot! That's why.

Don't you say...

Yeah, love at first sight.

Let's get married.

Yeah...yes. I have read that due
to scientific-technological revolution

people's emotions are dumbing down. huge stupidity, isn't it?

We can get downhill without a running engine.

Come home, come home...

Phew! You're like ghosts!
Couldn't you make some noise?

There will be noise when there's some gas.

Is it hard sitting in the back?

Looks like you've had a row with your
wife's mother on your wedding day.

Sure. She doesn't want to give a dowry.

And the rain's approaching...

What nice children! Like orphans!

Yes, no father, no mother, no friends.

What are your names?


And she's...


We haven't got anything to put on the table.

It makes us ashamed.

Please, please.

There has never been a case when
she's let a guest die of hunger.

It tastes even better that
the one at the wedding.

It is so nice here...

You've spent your whole lives together, obviously.

We lived the way we lived.

All children are in the city now.

All of them schooled.

You must've loved each other very
much when you got married.

Who can remember those small things?

Have you forgotten?

How can one forget.

I had saved a hundred rubles, she had a cow.

And that was it?

Yes, nothing much.

And what a cow it was!

Ordinary cow.

And how did you fall for each other?

Love at first sight.

Yes, we're so in love
with each other!

We can't live without each other.

She locks around my neck
as soon as she sees me.

Don't we seem strange to you?

Would a meadow without peculiar
flowers be a real meadow?

We are at the wedding! Now a kiss!
[same word as "bitter"]

It is really bitter.

Old folks should show how to do it.

Although that cow, seems,
never had calves...

We must show the newlyweds the trade.


You've forgotten how to kiss.

Old person is like a wine:

the longer it stands, the taster it gets.

You don't see that when you're young.

There are two things a man
can't live without:

eating and sleeping.

Only newlyweds sleep in this granary.

My sons made all our grandsons in there.

I just put an axe under the
pillow and that does it.

Nobody will bother you.

You can cuddle until noon.

The bed is soft.

I put two pillows.

Thank you.

We'll manage somehow...

Is it the first time? We'll manage.

Well then...

Good night.

Daughter, love him...and be happpy.

But you watch it!
Don't offend her.

Remember that you must always
take care of our wife.

Let's get undressed and go to bed.

Couldn't you wait outside
while I get myself ready?

But it's raining!

Then stand in the door
with your back against me.

How long?

A long time.

Are you gonna chop wood?

So, no son for us.

There. I made a bed for you.

One feather bed for me, one for you.

There's also a blanket.

I don't think I could fall asleep.

I've got no axe to take to bed with me.

Who's gonna blow out the candles?

The one who falls asleep last.

And who's gonna fall asleep first?

The one who doesn't give a damn.

Can you imagine...a couple dancing...

And you suddenly want to break them up.

That becomes your hobby.

You feel happy when you've broken them up.

You don't feel like a winner
if you see no loser.

I understood.

I had no cow and he
had no hundred rubles.

I've got a new bike and
you've got a nice dress.

Somebody's feet started tickling
and he thought that to be love.

Who's gonna blow out the candles?

The one who falls asleep last.

Probably I won't be able to fall alseep
if I don't find out who you are.

I only know that your
name's Inessa and today...

I used to tell about myself a lot when I was a child.

I told dogs, cats and dolls...

But not grownups.

If I was telling something, they laughed...

I won't laugh.

My grandmother used to say:

No girl may get married...

before she's seen hundred white horses.

That many?

On pictures? Cinema?

Real ones.

That's not possible anymore.

Everything's possible.

If there's one too little, then there's none.

Why am I telling you this?

One should understand without words.

As soon as one talks,

one wants to be better or
worse than one actually is.

I only know that you are Maris
and you've got a motorcycle.

I have never met a chick like you!

You're kind of...


Like from another planet.

Who am I?

But who are you?

Are you asleep already?

Did you tie down the cow?

Good morning.

Good morning.

The cow...did you tie down?

You're not gone yet.

Did you tie down the cow?

Buy some sugar to go with the coffee.

Maybe they have cakes. Tell them we have guests.

May they offer all their best.

Did you tie down the cow?

You're an oaf.

I'm just asking you about the cow.

Did you tie down the cow?

What do you want from that cow?
You're mad.

I was just asking.

One must say something.

Earlier, if I didn't
ask you about the cow,

you were grumpy for
the rest of the day.

It's time for us to go.

But breakfast?

Dr. Berzaja can't speak. She's operating now.

It's your son.

Maris, where are you?

Are you home?

Go home immediately.

I'll birch you for the
first time in your life.

And I'll sell the motorcycle!

Where is he?

He says he's alive.

Yes, yes, yes! I'm alive!

That freak still wants to marry?

Tell him to go to hell already!

She hung up.

Are you finishing the call?

It's enough for me!

Tell her I'm already gone.

Your daughter is not here anymore.

Yes, she's left.

How should I know where to?

For my whole life I have tried to raise
my parents but it's all in vain!

I am...

A free person! Adult!

I am free not to get married if I don't want to.

I can do whatever I want.


Although you're not here...

you still owe thirty three kopeck.

Thirty left.

One moment.

Hey, white man with a motorcycle!

Man is a friend, comrade and brother to another man.

It can't be!

It can be! Here! Bring
me a couple of strong ones.

The chairman forbade the
tradeswoman to serve me.

Cops! I'm in trouble now!

Hi, Bogdan!

Word of honor...I drank only this much.

This much with one friend,
this much with another friend...

Calm down. Get in the car. Calm down.


Wife left me yesterday.
At least take me to see my children.



It must be understood without words.


In this magnificent day...

I am bringing this altar.


Do you want to take this lady on your back seat
and take her to the end of the world?

If you really want it...

How much horses does it have?

This one?

Attention! 300 years
ago in this cave...

handsome count Frederick and beautiful
peasant woman Margareta found their abode.

They had nothing to eat. All they had were
berries and mushrooms they picked in the forest.

And their love.

So they died of hunger here because
count's father had disowned his son.

And Margareta's parents
had disowned her daughter.

Since in those days girls were not
allowed to live with unmarried men.

Their bones were found in this exact spot.

Two skeletons in embrace.

Their skeletons were a living evidence
that in those grim unjust times...

people were longing for
justice and love.

They're so cute.


Tell more about them.

Well...Frederick was a man,
Margareta was a woman...

A man is a man, a woman is a woman,

they eternally strive to supplement each other...

And that is called love.

That's it.


We've got no more money.
What are we going to eat?

Am I Maris? I am Frederick.

And you are Margareta.

And I understand you without words.

Frederick, you don't
understand anything.

You're saying:

I want to eat oranges.


? ??????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????.

There will be all kinds of berries
in autumn. Let's wait until autumn.

Let's sell the bike and live in a twig shack.

It will be awesome!

Come here, you two!

Is that your motorcycle?


If everybody rides here,
there won't be a plant left.

We're not everybody, we're
Frederick and Margareta.


And we're not talking to anybody!

If you don't like it here,
let's come with us.

Where to?

To Kamchatka. Let's celebrate the
wedding atop of a volcano.

It's so damn near here!

It's Zoltners again. That's crazy.

It all can be reached and touched.



Oh Lord, how do I look!

The dress is no biggie.

Silly, what will I be
without the dress?

A Margareta without a dress.

Take it off and let's wash it.

We've got no soap.


Where did you get all that?

In a well.
Milk-can is damn heavy.

And the blankets were on a fence.

We need something to sleep under.

Nobody was home.

Not even a dog.

I wonder how they don't get robbed!

Were you not afraid?

I ran.

But we decided to understand
each other without words.


Did you understand what I said?

I did.

And what did I say?

I have to think.

I said I doubted we
supplemented each other.

Others supplement us.


And I also said...

You said nothing more.

And I also said there must be everything.

If, for a shortest moment,
I can imagine I don't need you,

then I do not need you.

And what else did I say?

You also said...

About hundred white horses.

I did.


If only you knew how much
I want to find out everything.

About myself and about you.

It turns out I know nothing.

I only know that we can not separate!

Are you already asleep?


Can you hear?

Can you hear?!

Go to hell!

I'm laughing at you!

I'm damning you!

Forgetting you!

Can you hear?!

The summer's still young
and I have my motorcycle.

What else do we need?

Can you hear?!!

I won't be able to go
on living like before.

And if I never find you again...

you have cursed me.

For all my call the best,
the most honest, the noblest in your name.

To compare only with you.

You hear.

You hear?