Motives 2 (2007) - full transcript

It's been three years since Emery Simms was wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. Emery's best friend Brandon (Blakemore) and ex-wife Connie (Fox) are now married, running a successful restaurant and nightclub in Atlanta. Their lives change dramatically, however, when Simms is killed in prison and new evidence emerges as to Brandon's role in the framing of his friend. When Emery's estranged brother Donovan (White) enters the picture, he becomes determined to unearth the explosive truth behind his brother's downfall. New motives, deceptions and lies are revealed, but the closer Donovan gets, the deeper he'll get himself into trouble and the possibility of lying in a grave, right next to his brother.




MORGAN: Surprise me.

He's one of ours.

Forensics, Andy Ryan.

He had a piece on him,
but it was cold.

Well, it looks like he was
an expert at something.




Who in the hell
called the wife?

I don't know.

MAN: Stay back.

MORGAN: Find us
a decent cup of coffee.

Black, two sugars.

And it's okay,
keep the change.

Look, I went black
in less than a year.

Tripled my investment,
one year flat.

No spit?

I am targeting
high-income areas.

It's like I told you, Jim.

I'm doing your boys a favor.

See, I have three
thriving locations already

and if I wasn't tied up
in so many other deals,

I would keep it
all for myself.


Day spas, huh?

Day spas, Jim.

Every man loves
a well-kept woman.


DONOVAN: How those
numbers look to you?

Okay, for what they are.

But, uh, there's only
one chief in here.

Listen, why don't
we have my folks work
on these numbers?

In the meantime,
I'm sure we can find

something that, uh,
excites you a bit more.


You been paying attention
to the news lately?


Get Rich Or Die Tryin'?

Flatline, Fifi.

They're dealers' tags, Rod.

See, the latest
craze has suppliers
mixing smack with fentanyl.

Fentanyl by itself
is about 80 times
stronger than morphine.

That's right. This
stuff has been killing its
way down the East Coast.

Andy didn't OD on bad heroin.

He OD'd on
the good stuff.

Black, two sugars.

Damn, Simms.

What the hell's going on?

RAY: Emery Simms wasn't
just some lifeless

social security
number on another...

SAUNDRA: So, uh, you want me
to hold it here
till tomorrow?

No, I, uh...

No, I should swing
back there and grab that.

You gonna be
there for a while?

You need me to be?


* Once upon a time

* Don't believe in fairytales

* Of love forever

* Even the stars
that shine

* One day will fade

RENE: Hey. How was your day?


You smell good.


Played golf with a colleague.

Had to wash away the funk.

I left you some
food in the oven.

You cooked?

I picked up some ziti
from Mick's on my way home.


BOTH: Mmm. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, my mom called.
Did you check your
schedule for the 15th?

Baby, I asked you
about my parents'
anniversary party

three weeks ago.

And don't act
like I'm being all up
in your face, either.

I didn't say anything.

All right,
can you just let me know
as soon as possible, please?

Thank you.

I'll go heat up
your food, all right?



You look incredible.

Can I get you something,

I don't know. Can you?

Don't do it, Connie, okay?
Do what?

Please. Listen, hey.

Everything's for a reason,

I'm trying really hard
to believe that, Brandon.

Trust me.

Stop, Brandon.

Would you stop?

Hey, want you
to listen to me.

Our family's coming, okay?


All I need
is two minutes.


Look, I want a family,
but I don't want one
that soon, all right?

Oh, trust me, trust me.
I will time.




Everything for a reason,

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


RAY: Connie.

What is it, Ray?
...served as
a significant part

in the growth and
the development of...

Have you seen the news?

He wasn't
supposed to be here.

I have a great belief
in the legal system,
but that belief has waned.

MAN: We have breaking news
from the Atlanta
State Prison,

where the facility
is now in a full lockdown.

Inmate and
former business mogul

Emery Simms was
found dead earlier today.

Prison personnel
were not involved
in the altercation

and no other deaths
have been reported.

We go now to Tiffany Cochran,
who's on location
with the story. Tiffany?

TIFFANY: Authorities are
not releasing details
in the death,

only saying it was
the result of a brawl
within the prison.

Emery Simms was convicted
of the brutal attack
of Allanah James

nearly three years ago.

Simms' longtime attorney,
Raymond Wallace,

was in the process
of filing yet another appeal

at the time
of Simms' death.

Should have left it
on the damn cartoons.

Tiffany Cochran,
WRSP, Channel 7...



See what I'm talking about?


Donovan, it's Ray.


RAY: Have you seen the news?

Yeah, I saw it, Ray.

I wanted to get to you first.

I didn't know if you
wanted to take part
in the arrangements.


All right.

I'll get back to you
as soon as everything's
in place.

No need, Ray.


Good night, Ray.



So how are you?

Me? I'm fine, Ray.

He had a will.

I have no need for anything
Emery had to give.

Donovan, look...

I'd appreciate it if
you would stop trying

to create a family
where there isn't one.

Just doing my job.

Emery's dead,
so your job is done.


Donovan. Line two.

Hey, Jim,
sorry to keep you waiting.

JIM: Yeah, I hear you, Don.

Listen, number-wise,
this expansion

is a little more
than they anticipated.


Come on, Jim.
What do we need to do

to keep this
deal on the table?

Well, I'm not sure
if, uh, it's that simple.

Well, let's make it simple.

Talk to me like
a two-year-old.

Well, if you showed
them a little good faith,
might light a fire.

So what are we talking about,
more of my own capital?

Wouldn't hurt. Can it happen?


Look, Jim,
capital isn't the problem.

If these people are
skittish right now,

what happens
when we're in
the middle of the deal?

But can it happen?

Let me see what
I can work out.

Good enough.
Take care, Don.


Emery was very generous
with his Distinction shares.

That's almost as much
as Connie got in the divorce.

Did he leave
anyone else this much?

Not that much, no.

Not even you?

I was trustee
over Emery's assets
while he was incarcerated.

I collected
my standard fee.

Why'd he leave it to me?

You're asking questions
to the wrong man.

But you know what?
There is something else.

It was in
the safe-deposit box

of the forensic
scientist who recorded it.

His widow found it.
A Mr. Andy Ryan.


The report
indicates there was

another blood type
on the murder weapon.

It places someone else
on the scene of
Allanah's murder.

Just like Emery'd
been saying for years.

When this goes public,
the heat on the department
will be more

than unjustly putting away
Atlanta's golden boy.

Now, we're
in wrongful death
territory here, son.

How could I possibly know
that the guy was withholding?

By eliminating
all possibilities

and every other suspect
before you hand me
the wrong guy!

The existence of
a second suspect
is exculpatory evidence.

Now, Morgan,
we had to turn it over.
You know that.

I want him gone.

That's not your call.

No, it's just my ass.
And yours.



Where do you stand?

Behind my men. Always.

Captain, Simms was
a legitimate collar.

All right.
Let me work on it, okay?

But meanwhile,
keep your head down.

Focus on saving your pension.

Yeah. That sounds like me.


I heard you.

So what's your endgame?

Are you looking
to sue here?

I just thought it
was your right to know.

It's been a long time, Ray.

Yet here you are.

Well, I'm a businessman.

You don't need the money.

No, but maybe I just want it.


Either way,
it's all in there.

Whatever falling-out
you two had,

you're still his brother.

Here, baby.
You want this?

I never wrote Emery back.

You were angry.

Yeah, well, I still am.

Then why don't you walk away?

Look, baby,

you cannot
bring his life back,

but maybe you can
keep it in the family.

Thank you.

Baby, I love you so much.

Give me my shirt back.

Make me.

You know I will.



You late?

Early meeting.

You got time for lunch today?

Sorry, I can't. Plans.






You're wearing that suit.

You're wearing that skirt.

I gotta go.

All right.


Yes, baby?

Have a nice day.

You, too.


Got it.

Detective Morgan.

Donovan Cook.

What can I do for you?

Well, Detective,
about four years ago,

you worked
the Emery Simms case.

I did.

I'm his brother.

Come on back.


Tim, buzz the door.


Here you go.
To your left.

Can I get you some
coffee or something?
I'm okay.

We're right here at the end.
Excuse me. Yes, yes, yes.

All right.
So, again,
how can I help you?

I'd like to know
what really happened
to my brother.

Well, I can get you a...

I can get you
a police report.


I've read all
the police files.

Then I'm not sure
what you want from me.

Perhaps you can give me
a firsthand account,

maybe some kind of theory
on where the ball
was dropped.

Here's an idea,
why don't you
reopen the case?

Although there's no
statute of limitations
on murder,

at the present time
I see no reason to...

No reason?

The forensic evidence
places another person
at the murder scene.

Maybe it was an accomplice.

Maybe it was the killer.


Now, I'm sure you're
aware that I wasn't

around when the murders
took place.

Yet somehow even I got wind
that Emery named
Brandon Collier

all up and down the press.

And he was so convincing
that your brother's
ex-wife married the guy.

Mr. Cook...


I'm sorry about your loss.

But unless
Mr. Collier volunteers

a blood sample
or gets arrested,

his DNA is as
off-limits as yours.

Donovan? Rene, on two.

Put her through.

Hey, Rene.
What's wrong now, baby?

Somebody broke in
the store today.

Security got there
before they got in,
but still.

People always trying to...


Listen, baby,
do you have that
yellow dress I bought you?

Yellow... What?

Yeah, Donovan.

Get that ready
for tonight, okay?



Good evening.

One day,
years ago, somebody dared me
to do something different.

I won that dare,
and I never stepped
back into the box.

You see,
here we combine soulful art

with the best
cuisine in the city.

I didn't realize
peace offering

and setup were synonymous,

Legal jargon.

So the applause
of your choice
at this establishment

is a flashback to
the days of the beatniks.



Raymond Wallace.

Oh. Rene.
Nice to meet you.

That is a very
beautiful dress
you have on.

Thank you.

I'm gonna, uh, go
use the bathroom.

Yeah. He is smooth.

Yeah, I'm sure
he'd like to think so.

You want a drink?


Welcome, my friends.

May the feeling
descend on your ears

like light notes
of a moody melody,

where mine is
the time of woe,
know your time is short.

Bursts of sunshine and light
to warm your hearts
and feed your soul.

From far you've come,
we hope you'll stay.

I give to you Cafe Beret.


So how do you like
the house that Emery built?

DONOVAN: You never stop,
do you, Ray?

I'm sorry to interrupt.
No harm.

Nina, this is Donovan Cook.

Donovan, this is Nina Welch,

director of
business development
at Distinction.

Hi. It's my pleasure.

Mine as well.

Brandon just wanted to know
if you had a chance

to look at the purchase offer
he sent over for
the lease property?

Every day is a work day.

I did.

Donovan, how would
you like to join us?

I should really wait for Rene
to return from the restroom.

Well, you're more
than welcome.

I'm sure she can
find her way back.

Hey, baby.
Oh, lovely. Thank you.

You look fantastic.

RAY: Congratulations on
a hitch-free opening.

Thank you, thank you.
Hard work often shows.
Isn't that right, baby?

Yes, yes, yes.

This is Donovan Cook.

This is the man of the hour,
Brandon Collier.

And you know Connie,
of course.

Donovan is...
An old family friend.

(CLEARS THROAT) Excuse me.

Oh, see, I told you
she was very industrious.

this is my girlfriend, Rene.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
Nina, Connie, Brandon.


Right. The bills are paid
and the liquor is legal,

so I hope you and Rene
can stay for a while
and celebrate with us.

Oh, thank you for
the very kind offer,
but we need to be going.

Ray, I believe
we're settled.

Everyone enjoy
their evenings.

RENE: Bye.

All right.

PATRICIA: Since Andy OD'd,
does this mean we don't
get any benefits?

'Cause I ain't
worked since the baby.

Ma'am, I...I don't know.

But the department
does take care of its own.

I was afraid with, um,

you know, with Andy and...


Mrs. Ryan,
I'm just here to make sure

that everything gets
handled by the book.

That man that got killed,
Emery Simms or something?

He didn't do it?
That's what them papers
in Andy's box said.

We're looking into it.

Mrs. Ryan, did your hus...

Did Andy keep any

work-related notebooks
or anything like that
around the house?

I don't know.

The office is a mess
and I haven't
gone through it yet,

but I'm gonna go
through it on...


I'll be right back.

Mrs... Mrs. Ryan, listen,

how about, you know,
you come down to the station,

we can do this on
a better day, all right?

Then we can wrap it up.

No problem.

But thank you
for the house call.

Can you check on
that money for me?

Thank you for the coffee.


Excuse me.


DONOVAN: You like Chinese?

Moo Shu or Moo Goo?

Hey, Ray. Welcome.

Please, have a seat.

So Collier doesn't
even own the shares?

You're right. Moo Shu.

All right,
then what's his claim?

He has a proxy
for Connie's shares.

He gets to run the company
and she gets to focus
on the youth center.

Here you go, babe.
Thank you.

But she can jerk
his chain at any time.

Well, maybe that short leash
is her safety net, you know?

Okay. Here's the question,

how do I take something
that he doesn't have?

All right, I'm not
gonna hold you folks long.

I'm told Raymond's
running a little late,

so we're gonna skip
my first announcement
and get us started.

On behalf of the board,

I'd like to
congratulate Brandon
on the opening of Cafe Beret.


As you older
board members know,

Distinction went
through a bit of
an upheaval

after Emery's

For the past several years,

Brandon's leadership
has been quite significant,

such that we attached
a bit of a carrot

to this latest

In light of the stellar
opening of Cafe Beret,

the board would like
to make good on its word

and offer you part
ownership in Distinction.

It's a recognition
that's long overdue.


Thank you, Ron.

I'd like to begin
by letting you
guys know that...

Sorry we're late, Ron.

That's okay. We were
just recognizing Brandon

for, uh, the opening
of Cafe Beret.

RON: Please, Brandon.

I was just letting
the board members know

that we're very close
to owning the property
that Cafe Beret sits on.

Even beyond the restaurant,

it's prime real estate
we'd be fortunate to own.

Excellent. We look forward
to your progress reports.

Thank you.

Working backwards
to my first announcement,

for several years,
Raymond Wallace has

been the trustee of
Emery Simms' shares.

With Emery's passing,
he's transferred those shares

to their
intended beneficiary,

Emery's brother,
Mr. Donovan Cook.

As such, Mr. Cook
will be joining us
on this board.

BRANDON: Excuse me.

I don't know how
to keep this polite,

but I've known
Emery since college

and Connie was
married to the man,
for God's sake.

But with all due respect,
Emery doesn't have a brother.


Surely Emery didn't
tell you everything.

May I?
RON: Please.

Look, I'd just like
to say this up front.

Now, I'm not here
to disrupt
a well-oiled machine.

I wasn't aware that
I was a beneficiary

of any of my
brother's assets.

I'd like to do whatever I can
to continue the growth
of this fine company.

So anything, anything
at all that you need,
please let me know.

All right.
Well, I want
to thank you folks

for coming out for
such a short meeting
and I guess we're adjourned.

I didn't know.

Uh, Connie?

Would you be
willing to give me

a little primer
on the company?

I don't want to be a part of
whatever game you're playing.

Hey, I just want
what's best.

Since when?
Connie, people change.

Don't you mean
money changes people?

Maybe you should
ask your husband.

You know what?

Don't you ride in here
on your high horse, Donovan.

I was here through all of it,

the murders and
arrests and trials and...

Yeah, and the funerals.

Yes, funerals.

But of the two of us,
I have seniority in
caring about Emery.

Shared paternity
doesn't give you
any Brownie points.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

We've got the deposition
set up for Friday.

Is that going to
be good for you?

MAN: Yeah, that'll be fine.
Thank you.

All right, so let's
give them about a week.

Then we'll turn up the heat.

I had no idea he
was coming here!

But you know
who he is, Connie.

When he didn't say anything
at the restaurant,

I just assumed
he didn't want
it to be known.

Of course he
wanted it to be known!

Why else would he
introduce himself
in the first place?

You're right. I'm sorry,
I should've told you.

I apologize, Brandon.
Don't be rude.

You just helped the enemy
pull off a surprise attack.

"The enemy"?

I will not pretend to
not be upset about this.

That would be dishonest.

I'll be at the youth center
if you need to reach me.

So who am I going to see?

Everything you
need is in here.

All right.
All right.


Yo, Chuck, you don't want
to stay in your business,
do you?

Who's fool are you?

Looks like you
could use some help.

You look like the suit fairy.

You ain't a babe
in four-inch heels,
I ain't buying.

Hey, look, I just thought
you'd be interested
in getting some revenge

on the man who
killed your wife!

The fool who killed my wife
is pushing up dirt

where his ass should be.

No, you don't look
like the kind of brother

who would trust
what the police say.

See, I have proof.

And deep pockets.


So you had beef
with your boy?

I don't really see
how that's relevant.


I'm nosy.

Now what?

Look, man, you knew Emery.

He was the golden child,

so that made me
the bad son
and I grew up knowing it.

So why you interested
in evening a score

for somebody you
didn't care about?

I don't really think
you're gonna be worried
about my intentions

when you're taking
yourself to the bank.

So what's your
plan then, light-skin?

DONOVAN: I need you to get
access to Brandon's computer
and download his files.

Make sure you get everything.

Briefcase, briefcase.

Okay. Where was I going?
See you later.

And give me two more sugars.

You wanted to
see me, Captain?

Close the door.

I thought I told you
to keep your head down.

I thought I did.

Sit down.

You didn't tell Donovan Cook
that the department
wouldn't consider

reopening the Simms case
because, uh, let's see,

"I did my job."


Cap, it didn't
go down like that.

You should've sent him to me.

He was fishing.
He didn't make any
kind of formal request.

Well, it was formal enough
for his attorney to go public.

He's clearly trying
to manipulate procedure
through the press.

Morgan, now look,
I'm trying to stay
in your corner, man,

but you're in no position
to get on a soapbox.


They're scheduling a hearing.

Now, this could
mean your job, Morgan.

So stop screwing around!

We done?

Yeah. Meet me in an hour.

I thought I told you an hour.

And you said
this thing would
be under control.

Simms' attorney
went to the press
after I blew off the brother.

But there are
bigger things happening.

If this guy
keeps poking around,

he's bound to bump
into something else,

and if Andy
kept personal notes
on the James crime scene,

there's no telling
what else he's got stashed.

Can you find out if
he has anything else?

I tried, didn't get far.

Try again.

It's better if it's you.
They're watching me.

Morgan, you've got a badge.

Use it.

Don't get above yourself,
all right?

this all started with you.

Keep me in the loop.

Yeah. Me, too.

Hey, man, how you doing?

I got you.


I brought your
favorite wine.

Oh, that's sweet.

I got you some champagne.

Whichever she prefers, okay?



Thank you.
You're welcome.

Long day?

No, I'm fine.

There's just a lot
going on at the office.

Lot of distractions lately,
even between us.

CONNIE: I asked the chef
to bring us out
his personal recommendation.

BRANDON: Sounds good.

Brandon Collier?


MAN: Have a good evening.

What's that?

I don't know.


They want to revoke
the restaurant's
liquor license.


They say I
falsified information
on the applications.

What? Let me see that.

Come on, let me see it.

"Your presence is requested
before the Atlanta
License Review Board

"to defend yourself
against these allegations."

This is ridiculous.


This is ridiculous, right?

I was a hotheaded
17-year-old freshman

out where I
shouldn't have been,

doing things I
shouldn't have been doing.

An older buddy
and I were at a bar,
and my buddy had a few.

There was a fight.
It got ugly.

I got the lesser of the charge
because of my age.

The state didn't
release my name,

but that didn't stop people
from finding out
what was going on.

It made school,
life in general, complicated.

So when I turned 18,

I changed my name,
enrolled in another school

and started fresh.

Until this thing
with the liquor license,
I never looked back.

I truly regret
any embarrassment

I may have
caused the company.

Although we do admire
your somewhat
belated honesty,

it's not just
company embarrassment.

There's just no such animal

as a fine dining establishment
that doesn't serve alcohol.

This doesn't have
to be complicated.

I simply overlooked
the name change
on the application.

It's more of
a clerical error.

Not quite.

Applicants undergo
a background check.

So if you are
essentially someone else,
that's more than clerical.

Additionally, the
"person in good moral
standing" stipulation

of the application
comes into play with
your past conviction.

It was a juvie offense.

It was a juvie defense.

Okay, let's take it
down a notch.

There's a problem,
we will fix it.

CONNIE: In the meantime,
let's not forget

Brandon's service
to this company.

Very soon we will
own the property
that Cafe Beret sits on,

giving us an even stronger
long-term financial foothold.

That's all well
and good, Connie,

but what happens
if the License Board
votes against Brandon?

We could use my
name for the license.

I have nothing to hide.

Maybe we should
make this official.

This is what he wanted.

The board's not
gonna turn against you
for one incident.

It's a coup, Connie.

You seem pretty sure
that he initiated
all of this.

Is it that you
don't want to see it?

I'm stuck on other things.

Connie, please, all right?
This isn't the time.

You lecture me
about being honest
and keeping secrets from you.

I don't even
know who you are.

It's just a name.

Should I just believe you?

Tell you what,

you do what you
need to do here,

but your wife
needs you at home.

So we can talk.


Close the door.

What the heck, man!
You saw me, man.
What are you, crazy?

My God,
are you all right, sir?

You saw me
walking right there.

No, sir, I think you need
to just stay out
of the street.

All right, Detective.

So what,
is this how you handle all

refusals to reopen
cases that you screw up?

Just stay out of the way.

Forget all that.
Man, you want to get rid
of that badge,

we can do this right here,
we can do this right now,
me and you.

Yeah. Yeah.

You wanted
to play hardball.

Welcome to the game.

You have a nice day.

I need you to get
some information
on Donovan

before he causes
more damage.

Dirt, something personal.

I wouldn't even
know where to start
with something like that,

especially if it's
not business-related.

Look, I need you to
get close to him, okay?

Get him to talk.

That's not what I do.

Maybe you should find someone
who charges by the hour.

Look, uh, I came in
to tell you that Ron
wants to talk to you.

He's still in
the conference room.

Have you followed up
with Incosa about the offer?

I'll get right on that.

It's pretty late.

I just needed
some time to myself
after work.

Well, I thought
you wanted to talk.

Yeah. I did, too.

Just tell me
what's going on, Connie.



Hi, this is Nina.
Leave a message.


Eddings, let's go.
Your attorney's here.

Excuse me.
I was told we'd
have some privacy.

I ain't got no
damn lawyer, man.

I know, Mr. Eddings.
My name is Donovan Cook.

I'm here to find
out a few facts
about an old friend of yours.

I ain't got no friends, man.

Okay, but you used to,
back when you went to UGA.

I told you, man,
I ain't got no friends.


Then why don't
you just think of me
as a business associate?

And let's say that you have
a cash flow coming in.

Maybe about a grand coming in
on a fairly regular basis.

Maybe a little bonus
every now and again,
something for the wife?

You know,
that's not too bad a deal.

Probably does
the job real nice.

But let's say there's
a counteroffer on the table,

something that
might let you enjoy

your profits
outside your current, uh,


Now might that make you
a little bit more...friendly?


Now you're
speaking my language.

Now, I need you to tell me
about what happened

on the night with Bran...
With Collier.

What happened that
night with Collier?

Why are his people
being so generous
to your people?

You need to slow down, man.

It's gonna take
a whole bunch of scrubs

to get up out
these doors, man.

What you working with?

What am I working with?

Well, first of all,
I have a very gifted lawyer,

gifted enough
to get me in here
and speak with you alone.

And secondly,
that same lawyer

is very generous
to my new associates.

Let's get up outta here, man.

I'll talk to you soon,
Mr. Eddings.

Your 11:00
asked if he could
wait in your office.

I don't have an 11:00.

Mr. Thompson.
He said he was an old friend.

I've got work to do,
Mr. Thompson.

Now, see, that's what's up.

Brother put on a suit

and lucky fool
start calling him
by his last name and stuff.

We could get
along fine, Collier,

if you hadn't
killed my wife.

Is that what you call
all your little trash?

Slow your roll there, killer.

Emery Simms killed Allanah.

Is he fishing honey
down the hall, too?

Oh, you want me to get that?

Yeah. On your way out.

Come on, man, you and me,
we gonna hook up!

Play a little game
of show and tell.

I got the show,
some photos that
you need to see.


You know, you might recognize
some of the folks in 'em.

Close the door
when you leave.

No doubt.

Kind of late for my
12:00, anyway.

I'll be in touch.

Clear your lunch.

Did he show them to you?


But you think he has them.

What're you gonna do?

Look, I'm not gonna
let some small-time
wannabe thug punk me, Nina.

All right? That's not
the kind of man I am.

Well, hey, if you
think your marriage

and Distinction can
weather this, that's great.

But what about my career
and my reputation?

Well, I certainly
can't offer you

the VP promotion
right now, okay?

If this blows up,
it would only make
things look worse.

I earned that promotion
during office hours.

Well, baby,
something has to give.

Just give me some damn credit
for trying to make this work.

You came after me, Brandon.

Yeah, well.

I guess you cut us
off a little too late.

Well, stick to
saving yourself.

It's your strong suit.

Donovan, are you still up?

Hey, baby,
you feeling any better?


When are you coming to bed?

I'll be in in a minute,
I promise.

All right,
'cause I need
to talk to you.

Just give me a minute, okay?

Is all that about Connie?

Baby, please don't start
that stuff right now, okay?

I really... I got a lot
going on and I can't...

No, no. You know what?
You don't know jack about
what's going on, Donovan.

Good morning.

My, uh, mother called again.

Yeah, I got the message.

Okay. Well?


I don't have the patience

to be interrogated by
your family right now.

And an anniversary party?
Come on.

I'd have to be crazy.

Okay, that's fine.
You don't have
to go, Donovan,

but please don't
talk about my family

just because they
care about my future.

All right?

Like you have
such a bad deal here?

Wow. Negro,
you didn't pick my ass up
off the street, all right?

I had a job, a key and
a car before I met you,
so don't go there.

Why you always
gotta talk like that?

Are you serious?

It's not ladylike.

What the hell do you care?

Apparently you're
not leasing to buy.

And you wonder why.

What did you say?


You know,
let me tell you something,
Donovan Cook.

You are looking
at a good woman,

educated, been in love

with the same man
for two years.


Shame on you for
treating me like

I'm not even worth
my own anniversary party.

Is that freaking
ladylike enough for you?

He outbid us on
the Cafe Beret property.


Donovan doesn't
have the capital
to outbid that property.

Maybe not by himself.

He brought in a group
of West Coast investors.
I checked into it.

It's a little late
to start doing
your freaking job.

This isn't my screw-up.

You're Director
of Business Development,

You were supposed
to be on top of this!

Don't try to get your
rocks off yelling at me.

You're the one who tried
to low-ball the offer.

I advised you otherwise.

And I definitely
didn't destroy

your relationship
with the board.

If you were where
you're supposed to be...

What? Back underneath you?

SECRETARY: Mrs. Collier's
here for your lunch.

Got it.

I'll, uh, touch base
with you later.


Got your e-mail.


DERRICK: You know,
I used to think
these coffee places

was for you

but I'm kind of feeling
this mochaccino stuff.


Hey, come kick it
with me, man.

I'm right down the street
at the coffeehouse.

No, thank you.

"No, thank you"?

Oh, you must not have checked
your e-mail today.

Tell you what,
I'm gonna be here for,
like, another 10 minutes.

After that,
I'm gonna show these pictures
to somebody.

Now, unless you
want that to be
somebody else,

you need to get your tight,
suit-wearing ass over here
before I leave.

Thank you.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, I may need to
postpone our lunch.

Babe, my office isn't exactly
around the corner.

I know.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Just let me take
care of something.

Can you hang around
here for a moment?

Hey, you look great.

Just for the sake
of argument.

50 Gs.


You're kidding me.

You can show 'em
to who you want,
all right?

You ain't
playing enough music
to make me dance.

But you at the party, though.

Trying to bluff me, Collier?

Oh, no, no.

But don't let
the suit fool you,
all right?

I done bumped into
cats like you before.

And guess what,
I'm the one still standing.

Look here,
little throwback thug,

I ain't come here to
write your life story.

Connie coming to
kick it with us?


Come at me
with a real figure.

Then maybe we'll have
something to talk about.

I gave you my figure.

Now you come at me
with some cash.



There's a lot you don't know.

So I suppose you're
offering answers, huh?

Some. About Emery.

How he died.


You best come correct.

Yeah, that's how I do it.

DERRICK: So you need
some heat or what?

No. I don't do guns,
I do deals.

It's your call.

Listen, I wouldn't
mind you being there
and having my back, though.

I got business about
an hour before that.
Should be wrapped up by then.

All right, cool.


What's my guarantee
you don't have copies

of the pictures
hidden somewhere?

Honor among thugs.

Understand this is
a one-time transaction.

I ain't greedy.


Hey. Can't your ass
stay on the job, man?

Against the wall.
What for?

We got a call
about some possible
illegal activity in the area.

What is this?
I thought I asked you
if you had any weapons.

Is this registered?
Shut up.

What is this?
It's my tithe.

How about that.

Confiscate this,
and your gun for evidence.

Oh, man, that's my stuff.

Threat to an officer's safety
justifies the use
of deadly force.

You understand that?

Okay, get up.

Find an alternative method
of doing God's work.

Thanks for coming.

Get your hands off me, dog.

I know better than to expect
a confession out of you.

What, you think
I wore a wire?

Tough man, huh?

Have a seat, my brother.

After you.

Hey, I haven't
done anything wrong.

Ask anyone
who's ever tried
to prove otherwise.

Yeah, most of them are dead.

Why do you care?

Is it about
the almighty dollar?

Do you want me to answer that
in any particular order, man?

You don't have a clue
of what's happening
around you.

This ain't a boardroom.
There are no rules.

Ask your boy.

What boy is that?

Did he tell you
he made me an offer?

You ought to
look closer to home
for your enemies.

Now even your
precious evidence

puts two people at
the scene of the crime.

You know,
maybe Emery and Derrick

took care of
Allanah together.


Sit yourself down.

Now, you're visible,
but you're not untouchable,

So look, let's be smart
about this, all right?

We can both benefit
if we come to
an understanding.

Here's what I understand.
You're a liar and a murderer
and a piece of trash.

Says who, you?

Oh, you messed up now.

Get up.

Get your sorry self up.

Mr. Tough Man, huh?

That wasn't too smart, boy.
Real stupid.

But I like you.

So I'm gonna give
you one more chance,
your last chance,

so I suggest you
reconsider my offer.

Or I will be that
murdering piece of trash.

Took you long enough.

What happened to you?

Business ran long.

Hold on.

You came to me,
talking about we can
take this dude down.

Oh, but now you can't type in
your little funky laptop,
you want out.

Yeah, and you cutting
side deals with Collier!

You know, while you
trying to figure out
that stupid stuff,

you need to know
that Collier got
five-o in his pocket.

Who you frigging talking
about, Morgan?

Yeah. Took my gun
and all my cash!

Talking about,
"You gotta find

"another method
to make money."

He's dirty.

Yeah, he tried
to pick on me, too.

So what you
gonna do now, Cletus?

Connie, listen,
it's Donovan.

I need you to call me
as soon as you
get this message.

This is deep.

It's way deeper than anything
I told you before,

and I just really
need to speak with you.
I'm not playing games.

Please call me when
you get this message.

Do what you need to do.
Find me.



What are you doing here?

Our meeting. 7:00.

We're supposed to go
over the new prospectus
your people put together.

We're gonna have
to do this later.

I said later.
I heard you.

Rene left.

I'm sorry.


No, really.

DONOVAN: Connie!

I guess I deserve this.


How's Rene?


What is it
about you Simms men?

You know what, you have
all the answers, don't you?

So why don't you tell me?

I came here to hear
your side of the story.

And I guess I got my answers.



I'm sorry I woke you up, man.

What's going on?

I ever tell you, uh...

Emery was the one
who bankrolled

my very first
real estate deal?

RAY: I know.

That dude, man, is...

Even though I never
had his back, man,
he always...

Damn it,
he always had mine.

That's because
he understood you,

No, man. I don't even...
I don't think
Emery did get me.

I just think... I think
he was just loyal, man.

It's loyalty, man.
I think that's what it is.

That's crucial.

I mean, it's so crucial
people even pay you
to give it to them.

The real kind doesn't
have a price, Donovan.

That's bull.
Watch what happens
if you don't give it.

You pay one way or another,

Connie, I realize asking you
to trust me is unfair,

so I won't.

Instead I'm sending you proof
of everything I write here

about a fight in a bar
a long time ago

where a freshman
named Michelle died
at Brandon's hands.

They followed
her there because

Brandon thought she
was cheating on him.

And she was.

Hill, the buddy
Brandon referred to,
wasn't drunk.

Brandon had the knife,

but his story
was more convincing

to the cops
and he was a juvie.

He's been sending money
to Hill's family ever since,

but Hill never got
over the betrayal.

At first,
it looked like just
another business deal,

but then I realized
all I wanted to do
was clear my brother's name.

To nail the man
who really killed
Allanah James.

They stole
everything Emery had,
including you.

But I've realized
I've been as shortsighted
as I thought Emery was

and I'm determined
not to end up where he did.

I need you to know
the man you're married to,

because he has a pattern
of eliminating people

who don't follow his rules.

Brandon's proven
how dangerous he
can be, Connie,

and I've had my
fill of funerals.

Your husband
murdered Allanah,
and he framed my brother.

And I'm following up
on some other information

that makes me sure
he's connected to
the overdose of a cop.

The best way for me
to honor my brother
is to see this through.

I wish that was all.


But there's one more thing.





You got other business
I need to know about?

What are you talking about?

BRANDON: Where is my
money from Derrick?

MORGAN: Listen,
don't call me.

Stay smart, Morgan.

You mess me over
for that girl, mark my word,

I'm taking you
down with me.

You need to calm down.

Just don't fool with me!

Don't fool with me.

I've spoken my piece.

And you didn't
know Andy Ryan?

Yeah, I knew of him.

His name was in the paper.

That's the first time
you heard of him, huh?

Ryan had some information
that would do
some damage here.

Ryan OD'd.

We both know
Andy couldn't afford

that grade of heroin,
not on his salary,

not with most of it
going into the needle.

Cassius will testify
to your transaction.

You want me to be
afraid of the word
of a drug dealer?

And a cop.

What cop?
You know what cop.

Now look, Morgan,
that's only circumstantial.

Now we can only nail
him on the purchase.

Unless we establish motive.

Now, do you want to talk
before or after I press play?

Listen, Captain, I admit it.
I dropped the ball on
the brother's request.

That's why I wanted
to make sure

I had enough on
Collier to nail him
before I came to you.

Ryan had a monster habit.

Habits require money.

If Collier paid Ryan
to suppress
the blood evidence,

what's the best way
to off a junkie cop?

Press it.

BRANDON: Play smart, Morgan.

If you mess me over for that
girl, mark my word...

You might want to
check Collier's blood

against the second
type on the box cutter.

Good work, Morgan.

Look, I've gotta go
to the office for a minute.

I'll meet you in
about 10, all right?

Yes, sir.

He said exactly
what you said he would.

Damn near verbatim.

Thank you, Captain.


Connie. Connie.
This is my wife, all right?
Could I get a minute?

All right?

This is you?

This is where you want me?

Goodbye, Brandon.

You, too?

I'm sorry.

I got a message
to meet Brandon.

I know.

But I thought we should talk,

woman to woman.

My turn?

You little...

Get out of here!

OFFICER: Calm down!


Get him out of here!

Get him out of here!

You all know
where my heart is.

It's a couple of
miles from here

with those
incredible kids who never

get a second look
from most people.

And while I don't
regret the time that I spent

nurturing each and
every one of them,

I now see that I left
Distinction in the hands

of a less-than-qualified

We heard they had
you in House B, man.


Need a spot?

Yeah, that's cool.

CONNIE: Ladies and gentlemen,

Mama's home.

Thank you.

There's room for
the heart in business.

The new Distinction
will embody that concept.

How much can you handle?

Whatever. Just lay it on.

Yeah, that's all right.

You did what you
were supposed to do.

Whatever you
think of Emery Simms,

thought about him
or believe about him,

you wouldn't be in this room
without his efforts.

You got my money now?

Yeah, man.

Let's go forward.

Let's do it.

You picked a chilly night
to have this meeting.

Aren't you cold, Andy?

This doesn't look
much like a precinct.

We can prove you killed her.

That was a nice touch,
but Forensics is
a mother...

You make what,
$30,000, $40,000 a year?

Give or take a buck.

Let's say, hypothetically,

I have something
supplemental to offer.

A gift.

What would that do for me?

It could
probably get you a guy
that can handle paperwork.

Hypothetically, of course.

Of course.

EDDINGS: You heard your
wife won't be visiting
no boy no more.

Good. We'll settle later.




You look incredible.

Can I get you something,

* If I lead you
will you follow me to the sun

* If I jump first
will you jump too,
will you run

* Spread your wings
and come fly with me

* Take you
higher than high, baby

* I'm gonna sing sweet
melodies of that 808 drum

* It goes...

* If the sky falls
will you dance into the night

* If the river dries
will your sweat
put out the fire *

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