Motives (2004) - full transcript

Motive is an edgy thriller that centers around Emery Simms, a highly educated and successful business tycoon who happens to be married to the quintessential wife Constance. Things go dangerously awry when the thrill seeking Emery engages in an adulterous fling with the wildly free-spirited and exotic Allanah. Timing couldn't be any worse when the politics of high society, shady business deals, bad press, and a violent murder collide, they threaten to destroy more than just his shaky marriage. As police probe into his situation, they uncover a labyrinth of deception, agendas and motives, where the stakes are enormous and nothing is what it seems.

♪ []

MAN: I got to go to my car.

You're kidding me, right?

No, I'm sorry, man, look...

I'll be right back.

He's all right.

Pencil pushers just ain't used
to getting their hands dirty.

Your boy's green.

He's a government lackey, but
his information's solid, man.

The best. In fact...

I gotta up on my finder's fee.

Wait a minute.

Your boy's gonna
leave the scene,

and now you're gonna
hit me up for a bump?

It's only fair I get my cut.

Our business is done.
For good.

Hey, don't fucking do that, man.

Don't ever fucking lay
your hands on me again.


Oh, shit.







Hurry up. B, pick up the phone.
Pick up the fucking phone.



Hey, Jared.
Let me get a beer.

And a Long Island iced tea.

You got it.

♪ []




Aw, come on, baby. Don't be
mad at me. Don't be mad.

Come on, it's just a game,
partner. It's just a game, dog.

Yeah, but I'm gonna
beat that ass one day.

See, I like that about you.
You always were a dreamer.

You did your best, dog.
Keep practicing. Go on.

All right now.
And be good, baby.

Hey, hey, sexy woman.
You in here?

So did you win again?

Oh, come on now.

I own that court.
You know I did my thing.

Em, just so you know,
we're late.

Okay, okay.
I'm gonna be right on you,

but I had to whoop Ray's butt
one more time,

I figured.
Put him in his place.

Your tux is in the closet,
all right?


Hey, you know I got a little
idea about that tuxedo thing.

You do?

I think I'm gonna rock my
baby blue Jordans with it.

What you think?

Boy, you are not wearing
Jordans with a tux!

I promise you it will be sexy,
girl. I promise.

He just loves to drive me crazy.

Emery Simms?...Emery.


It is so easy
to push my baby's buttons.

How easy?

This easy.

You smell a little funky.

Please. You love my little
funky ass and you know this.

Yeah, I do.

Now could you please hurry?

EMERY: Ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight is an exciting evening.

I'm very proud to add yet
another restaurant

to Atlanta's
A-list of fine dining.

And I'm truly honored
that each and every one of you

chose to join us tonight
in celebration.

So from the bottom of my heart,
I thank you for coming.

Now, my mother taught me
that privilege is a privilege.

So in homage to her,

I declare that for
the life of this restaurant,

5% of our revenue'll be donated
to the Youth Advocacy Center.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Now this is a project
which is nearest and dearest

to my wife's heart.

So if I may,

I'd like to introduce
my wife to you.

The very beautiful,
the very sexy, my baby...

Mrs. Constance Simms.


EMERY: Come on now.
Tell me I made you proud.

MAN: Okay, if I have to.


you snatched up that Niske
Lake property just in time.

If I'd had my ear to the ground,

maybe you and I both
would've made a killing.

Or better yet, just me.

Maybe next time.

Hey, excuse me.
Enjoy, ladies.

How you doing tonight?

What's going on?

We have uninvited guests.

A lot of shit in here.

What is this?

Look at this sad plan...

EMERY: Are we finding
anything interesting?

Mr. Simms.

That's me.

I'm Detective Pierce, this is
my partner, Detective Morgan.

Atlanta Police Department.

Nice office.

Thank you.
I find it comfortable.

I'm Raymond Wallace,
Mr. Simm's attorney.

What is this about?

Well, we were hoping to

ask your client some questions,

like if he knew
a Kenneth Stroud.


No, I'm sorry.
That name doesn't ring a bell.

Well, you know what?
Don't worry about it.

You know that happens
to me all the time.

I never remember names.
But I always good with faces.

What about that?

Huh? Look familiar?


Yeah. He's dead.

Indeed he is.

Well, that look familiar to you?

No. Not really.

No? Or not really?

No, detective.

We found a phone
next to the dead guy.

And it had your number
in the recent call list.

Well, that's interesting,

But, uh, isn't it possible

that he could have just
called the wrong number?

Incoming recent calls.
I'm sorry, did I forget that?

Isn't it just as possible

that I could have called
the wrong number?

Is my client being charged
with the crime, detective?

No, he is not.

We're just trying to get
some questions answered.

You know, trying to get
some clarity here, right?

Oh, and I'm one who does
appreciate clarity.

But detectives, I apologize. I
can't help you with this matter.

Maybe you can help us
by telling us where you...

Uh, we apologize for
interrupting your lovely party.

We thank you for your time,
Mr. Simms.

My pleasure.

But I do need to attend
to my guests,

so if on your way out,
you could leave me my pen

and take these pictures,
I'd appreciate that.

Yes, of course.

Mr. Wallace.


what was that all about?

We need to talk.

CONNIE: Emery,
you're not even listening.

Oh, Connie,
I am listening to you.

I'm just tired,
so please don't start.

Well, if your little 5% pledge

had really come from your heart,

we'd be having
a different conversation.

Baby, what is the problem here?

This could work out
in your favor.

Or it could backfire.

Now wait.
Just listen to me.

The restaurant does well,

that's a sizable donation
for your cause.

So what?

You use the kids
and the youth center

to cast yourself
in a better light?

Connie. You're panicking.

Don't patronize me, Emery.

I know the police came
to visit you tonight.

You want to tell me
what that's all about?





Huh. Oh, wow.

Oh, Ray, you are stupid.



Excuse me, sweetheart.

This might sound
a little corny, but, uh...

Yeah. I know.
You know me from someplace.

Other night.

At your restaurant.

Yeah, yeah, that's right.
At the opening.

Well, I don't think we ever got

formally introduced now, did we?

Allannah James.

Emery Simms.
So talk to me.

How is it that we ended up
running into each other

twice in one week, huh?

I was interviewing for a
position at the tennis club.

And as for the restaurant,
well, you know...

Ain't a party in Atlanta
I can't get into.

Oh, is that right?

That's right.
Trust me.

Okay. Okay. I think I like
your little styling, Miss Thing.

That's good.

Yeah, I think I like that a lot.

Well, here we are.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
Wait a minute.

Just in case you ever find
yourself in need again.

Thank you...



Come in.

Russell's on Line 2.

I rescheduled lunch with Aaron
for next week,

and there's an urgent message
from the printer

regarding the programs.

Thanks, Anna.

He has another function that

There's no way he'll make both.

Russell, these are
underprivileged kids

who have managed
to refocus their anger

into something constructive.

Now surely the mayor
can take the time

to honor that kind of
dedication and commitment.

It's a recital, Constance.

It's an exhibition.

Say what you're not saying,

It's election year, sweetheart

and your husband's business
dealings don't exactly

bring pride to your family name.

I am not my husband.

And he has nothing
to do with the center.

Right, 5% donations aside,
of course.

Thank you.

Cell phone ID's are in.


And seems as though our
Mr. Stroud was a busy bee.

He's been in touch with
everyone from the big house

to the boys on Capitol Hill.

Well, were the calls spread
out or made all on the same day?

It looks like all on the same
day, except for two...

Simms and a Mark Reyes,

a numbers guy
for the Congressman.

Hmm, let me see that.

Um, this coffee is shitty.

Well, the duration
of the call to Simms

was 5 minutes and some change.

So much for it
being a wrong number.

Time for a field trip.
Let's roll.

but then, I knew...


What the hell was that?


Latrice is not happy about
your late night creeping.

First of all,
nobody is creeping.

So she's already
getting freaked out

over this whole
living situation.

You got to be a little
more considerate.

You know, this ain't...

Yeah, yeah, I know.
This ain't Greenville.

Got it.

Help me with this necklace,
smart ass.

You know I got more assets
than my ass, you know.

Well, then use them to help
you get to the bus station.

I'm running late.

Pick up your hair.

You know, two in a bed,
riding on the bus.

You sure this ain't Greenville?

You are so stupid.

Package for you, Mr. Simms.

Oh, thank you, Jamie.

Oh, wow.

Oh, no, she didn't.


This is Allannah James.
How can I help you?

Well, you can help me understand

how a little paperweight
can have such a large impact.

Did you like it?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I like it a lot.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm here.

Hey, listen.

I want you to have dinner
with me tonight.

Okay, now why
would I want to do that?

Well, why wouldn't you do that?

I don't know.

Press says you a dangerous man.

You don't strike me as the
type of woman who scares easily.

I don't.

Baby, just have dinner with me.

Sheila's, downtown.
It's on Ponce.

Parking's in the rear.
I'll make the reservation.

Hey, man.
What up, player?


I'm about to take a ride

so I don't have to worry
about anything, right?

I'm the manager, right?
You got this.

Then let me manage,
you control freak.

Hey, hey.
My bad. My bad.

I guess old habits die hard.

Handle your business, player.

Hey, wait, wait.
Thank you, my brother.

I'm with you tonight, all right?

You're with me?

Got it.

All right.
Make that money, player.

Come on, now.

You do look very nice tonight.

Thank you...




What was that?

Come on now.
Speak up.

You know this could be
very, very wrong.


Meaning, my mama
didn't raise me like this.

Emery, you are very much
a married man,

and I don't want you
thinking of me in that way.

I'm sorry. It's a little too late for that.

Besides, your mama
can't be too mad at us.

We're just having dinner
together, right?


Well, hey baby.


I didn't think
you'd still be up.

Just trying to get
a jump start on tomorrow.

What about you?

It's late.

Yeah, yeah, I know it is,
baby, I know.

But, uh, listen,
we had a really good turnout

at the restaurant tonight.

Despite the bad press,
the people still showed up.

Good for you.

A lot of my heavy hitters

have backed out of even
attending the exhibition.

Without them, no funding.

Connie, I'm sorry.

I really thought they'd leave
you and the center

out of all this.


That's exactly what you thought.

♪ Kissing you Kissing you

♪ Touching you Touching you

♪ I'm feeling it

♪ I'm so into you

♪ Between the sheets
Between the sheets

♪ It's so intense
It's so intense

♪ I'm feeling this

♪ Kissing you Kissing you

♪ Touching you Touching you

♪ I'm feeling this

♪ I'm so into you

♪ Between the sheets
Between the sheets

♪ It's so intense
It's so intense

♪ I'm feeling this
I'm feeling this

♪ Caught up in this moment
Satin sheets, lights low

♪ Slow jam on the radio
Nice and slow

♪ We gotta make a love scene
Directed by me

♪ Performed by you
Sounds of making love

♪ I love it when you do
What you're doing to me

♪ Girl when you
I think you're so sexy

♪ Ooh, I'm feeling this

♪ I know you like my kiss On you

♪ Touching you Touching you

♪ I'm feeling this
I'm feeling this

♪ I'm so into you
I'm so into you

♪ Between the sheets
Between the sheets

♪ It's so intense
It's so intense

♪ Feeling this Yeah

♪ Kissing you Kissing you

♪ Touching you Touching you

♪ I'm feeling this

♪ I'm so into you
I'm so into you

♪ Between the sheets
Between the sheets

♪ It's so intense
It's so intense

♪ I'm feeling this

♪ My body is calling you, girl
My body is calling you, girl

♪ Are you showing me You love me

♪ If it feels good To you babe

♪ Hold on tight
And don't let go, no, no, no

♪ Sounds of making love

What's up, Lannie?


What are you doing here,

Looking for you.

You ain't made that too easy,
dipping out of state and shit.

We don't have any more
business with each other, okay?

I don't have it.

Well, then maybe you need to
cash in your scholarship check

or something.

I don't go here. I'm just
crashing with a friend.

Well, uh...

I'm willing to take
a down payment. As usual.

Those days are over.

You get me my money!

Or them days'll be back.

To winning the case.

To winning the case.

Look at them, man.

They think they're being funny.

Cops don't drink Hypnotiq.

I should sue them
for harassment.

And give the press
another story?

They've get nothing.

If Reyes was going to talk,
he'd have talked.

And if Ren and Stimpy over
there want to play stakeout,

them let them, what do you care?

I don't like being
mocked, Brandon.

Ray said wait it out.

All right, so keep your cool.

Come on,

we've got some customers
to satisfy, right?

PIERCE: He's sweating this.

Sure is.

♪ Just a minute
I wanna think about nothing

♪ Don't wanna have to
Be too good

♪ It's getting hot in here

♪ I just try so hard To do right

♪ But I know
With the way you feeling

♪ And with the way
That my body's shivering

♪ Lord, Lord, Lord,
Gotta give up the fight

♪ I just don't know what
I'm gonna do

♪ Wanna give, wanna give
It to you

♪ So you can take me on a trip
Through your dirty mind

♪ I just don't know what
I'm gonna do

♪ I wanna give
Wanna give it to you

♪ So you can take me on a trip
Through your dirty mind

♪ Am I taking a gamble
With my peace of mind

♪ Just to have
A little piece of you ♪


She has got to go.

She's cool okay?
I will do it no longer.

All you have to do is...

I know it's late.

You know what, Allannah?

I'm in school.

And I have classes.
Early ones.

I was not tripping
about you staying here.

I was not tripping.
But you know what?

It was as long as we
had our own space

and you respected the fact

that folks have got to get
some sleep around here.

But you know what?
For the past couple of weeks

you have been strolling in here

at 2 and 3:00 in the morning

Okay, Latrice, whoa.

I got it.

I'm really not trying to be
funny right now.

But you got it before tonight.

You know what?

You don't need to talk to me
like I'm a 5-year-old.

I'm a grown ass woman.

You need to get your grown ass

and find someplace else
to sleep.



Yeah, Emery Simms.

Okay, hey, hey,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

EMERY: Slow down, baby,
slow down. Slow down.

Just talk to me.
What happened?

Okay. All right.
Listen to me. Listen to me.

You tell me where you are
and I'll be right there.



So this is where you live?

It's just temporary till
I get back on my feet.

Look, I can't let you stay here.

Emery, I'm fine.

You're fine?


Then why'd you call me?


I have a few vacant properties,
places you can stay,

just till things get better.
All right?



I insist.

Hey, look at me.

We'll just call it a loan.

No strings.

No strings?
No strings.




That's my girl.



Yeah. Yeah.

You know,

there ought to be a law against
somebody being this good.

I did my homework on that number

you found over
at Stroud's place.

What'd you come up with?

It's an offshore account.

Any money in it?

How does
half a million dollars sound?

Ooh, that's good.
Thought so.

And the bulk of it was wired
over in stock transactions.

Okay, how about if you run
the stock transactions,

find out which companies
he invested in, for how much.

Can you do that?

Okay. You know what,
I think I see where you going with that.

Be right back.
I'm getting on it.

Hey, Tamika.

Aw, shit.


what do you think?

Allannah, you are kidding me.

GWEN: Hello.
ALLANNAH: You like it?

Well, girl, you know, we're
still working some things out.

You know, like the security
gate buzzer keeps breaking

and we're still figuring out
our décor, but you know...


Um, you sound like you're
setting up house with this man.

Are you thirsty?

What you got?

Uhh, orange juice, Coke...

or wine.

Ooh, wine.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Got to be old money, right?

What do you mean?

Lanna, look at this place.

This can't just be
restaurant money.

What difference does it make?
It's temporary.


Small hole in the condom,

and it doesn't have to be.

Gwenie, you're the one who
said this ain't Greenville anymore.


Tell me you haven't
thought about it.

Drink your drink.

You're much more fun
when you're buzzed.

REYES: Hey, it's Reyes.

I'm getting out of town.

But I may know where to get
some extra cash before I go.

Come on, B, you got to
let it go, man.

I'll give you
another chance to lose again.

Come on now, Emery.

You know I let you win
so you can look good

in front of your little
Bourgeoisie friends.

Okay, whatever, player.

Yo, what's that?

This is Reyes.

The motherfucker
wants some money.

I'm sorry, man,

but you've got to give the guy
points for creativity.

He puts a Swiss bank account
number on the back

of a Swiss Alps postcard?
That's balls.

B, this shit right here
means he's gonna talk.

He talks, he loses
everything. Look...

He was there that night,
all right?

How's he gonna explain that?

The only way he can get you,
the only way,

is if you let him.

Nah, man.

Know what,
I'll just pay him off.

I'll give him some money,
make it go away forever.

Sometimes I think you got
too much damn money.

If you just want to give it
away, shit, give me some.

You really don't think
I should just pay him off?

Hell no.

As a matter of fact,

give me the fucking postcard.


Go on. All right?
Don't sweat it.

All right.
All right, it's done.


You're lying.

Shut up, you always do this.

You always say that, shut up.



Hey, baby.

That's Em.

This is Gwen.

Say hi.


Nice to meet you, Gwen.

Oh, I'm sorry, baby.
You want some wine?

I don't think there's any left,

Ooh, maybe I should go,

Yeah, maybe you should
wait outside.


I'm gonna drink
a bottle of wine.


You having fun, Allannah?


Do you really think it's smart
to parade people through here?

Emery, she's not people.

She's my friend.

What, do I need to get

to have friends
over now? Huh?


What's wrong, baby?

Nothing. Nothing's wrong,

Baby, I'm trying to help.

Well, I don't really
want your help, Allannah.

Then why are you here?

♪ []

♪ Never forgot how you
Dropped your towel

♪ I never had temptations
Quite like this before

♪ The way you hold my body
I'll Be right back at your door

♪ Thing, thing, thing

♪ Boy you know you Make think

♪ Of your thing, thing, thing
Give it to me till I scream

♪ Thing, thing, thing

♪ Boy you know you Make me think

♪ Of your thing, thing, thing
Give it to me till I scream

♪ You make me scream

♪ You make me shout

♪ You're everything

♪ That I'm about

♪ You make me scream

♪ You make me shout

♪ You're everything

♪ That I'm about

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know you
Make me cream

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream ♪


Yeah, Morgan.

Well, does anybody have any
idea on where he may have gone?

Okay. All right.
Well, keep me posted.


MORGAN: Well, looks like our
friend Mark Reyes is missing.

Nobody's seen him in days.

That's right around the time
that Stroud was murdered, right?

Look at these people.

MORGAN: Maybe we're
chasing the wrong guy.

Maybe you're right.


This came by messenger.

Did anything else come?

Oh, okay.
No, that's it.

Oh, listen, I'm running over
to the Alliance.

If Emery calls, tell him
I'm running a little late.

Oh, he called while
you were on with Russell.

Excuse me?
What did he say?

I said, what did he say?

He said that he'll be late.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. Thanks.


DERRICK: Hey, yo, shorty,
where your fucking boss at, huh?

Bourgeoisie people up in here.
Hey, where the manager at?

Who in charge around here?

How can I help you?
I'm the manager.

Oh, you the manager?

Why don't you help yourself
to some breath mints, all right?

Go get your fucking boss.

Why don't you talk to me and
let me see if I can help you?

I don't wanna talk to you.

What's the problem?
Get out of my face.

I'm the owner of this
restaurant. Can I help you?

Pretty boy.
You the owner.

Yeah, I'm the owner.

Get your hands up off me.
Get off me!

What you gonna...?


Get him out of here!

I ain't feel that, pretty boy.

You just stay the fuck
away from Allannah!

What in the hell
are you doing here, Derrick?

This is a phat crib, Allannah.

They do a credit check on you?

How did you get this address?

You know what's funny?

Just the other day
you crying broke and...

but today you
can afford all this.

It's a friend's.

I had a talk with that friend.

What kind of talk?

Man-to-man talk.

You better not have hurt him.

He got you thinking
brand-new, don't he?

Get your hands off me, boy.

I want in.
I want in on the con.

This is not about the money.

It's always about the money.

This is different.


Dude got you laced?

You're no more than another
piece of ass for him up here.

You on-call booty.
Okay, Allannah?

Just more decoration
for his condo.

I love him.

I love him in a way
that I will never love you.

You're not my husband anymore.

We're not partners
in the life anymore.

Which means...

I don't owe you shit.

You always did have
too much mouth.

Now you owe me money.

And I'm gonna get it out
your ass or your pocket

but either way,
I'm gonna get my money.

And you're gonna pay me
for as long as I say you will.

Here you go. I got you
a little ice pack for that.

Baby, it's fine.

Quit trying to be brave
and take it.

Connie, look, I don't need it.

Are you listening to me?
It's gonna swell...

This is just a little cut,
so let it go.


Baby, I can't do this tonight.

Do what, Emery?


Some man attacks you
out of the clear blue

and I'm the only
concerned one in the room.

Baby, I told you.
He didn't attack me.

He just punched me.

I walked up from behind him
so he would've hit anybody.

What if he comes back?

He won't.

How do you know?

Because he has no reason to.

You don't even know
why he came this time, Emery.

Connie, some punk came off
the street making a bunch of noise.

He could've been drunk,
he could've been high.

For all I know
he was a little off.

But the bottom line is I'm fine.

So let's just drop it.

You know what?

I'm so sick and tired of
trying to be a wife to a man

who doesn't even
wanna be a husband.

Connie, come on.

Do you have to control

Even the way I love you?

If it's not your way,
then hell with it.

Even with the goddamn ice pack.

I said I was sorry.

Would you stop apologizing?

I'm getting so sick
of your apologies.

After the 100th time,
they start to lose a little meaning.

Woman, what do you
want me to do?

I want you to stop!

Just stop doing things

that you're gonna have
to be sorry for later.




♪ Every step of the way

♪ Something inside of me

Who is he?

Old drama.

How did old drama
become new drama, Allannah?

I don't know.

You sure about that?

You trying to say something?

I'm saying that he knew
exactly where to find me.

He came to my place of business.

He found both of us.

Well, how?

I told you.
I don't know.

Well, I need you to think
and think real hard.

I'm sorry, brother.

Do you care about you
or me? Jesus Christ!

Do you understand that I have
a hell of a lot to fucking lose?

Do you?

♪ I try to speak
But can't hear no sounds

♪ So much too strong
To be this weak

♪ I can't hold on

♪ That doesn't mean

♪ No, no

♪ Mmm


What is this to you?

Allannah, if I knew
the answer to that,

I'd be the man
I always dreamed of being.

That may be the first
real thing we have in common.

It's late, Allannah.

You don't have to go.



You stay as long as you need to.

You just put the key
in my corporate office

when you're ready to go.


Hey, baby, baby, baby.

Yeah, there she is.

Rise and shine.

Good morning to you.


See, me?

I'm the type of man who believes

that rainy days were meant
to be spent indoors.

Whoa, whoa.
Close your eyes, baby.

You don't see that.
You don't see that.

That is all still a dream, baby.

Now you can open them.

I promise you it's raining
out there, all right?

I want you to check this out.


Oh, yeah.
You like that, don't you?

That's kind of nice, right?


What is this?


is just a little ambience
for my beautiful wife.

I have work to do, Emery.

Okay, okay.
Hey, hey, hey.

You'll just go in a little late today,
that's all.

I can't. I...



last night...

I heard you.

No, hey, hey. Look at me,
look at me. Please.

Baby, I'm serious.

I heard you.

And I promise you,
from this moment forward,

no more apologies.


Come here.

♪ I could never love Without you

♪ 'Cause you're the only one
In my life, baby

♪ I don't want To live without ♪

Hey, you.
Hey, there's my baby.

Hey, so listen.

How do you feel about your
man taking his wife to lunch today?

You better.
What do you say?

That's right.

I've got to go, boy.

You better be ready for me,


Oh, no, Allannah.
I can't do this.

Okay, now that's just rude.


Here I am.

Have you lost your mind?

This is my house.

What did you think, Emery?

That if you stop answering
your cell phone,

that I would just go away?



Hey. Hey, baby.
What happened?

Did you forget something?

This was wedged in my car door.

It's got your name on it,
but that's it.

No address.
Not even postage.

Let me see.

Aw, baby, you know we've
been getting a lot of strange things

ever since that bad press.

This is probably
one of those things.

But at our house?
It's kind of scary.

Well, Connie, anybody on the
Internet can get an address.


All right?

I'm gonna get to work.


Mm-hm. I'm coming to get you.


You're really cute
with the wifey.

You are.

Why are you avoiding me?

I'll tell you why
I'm avoiding you.

Because I'm working on
my marriage.

You said you needed me!

No, I didn't.

Did you feel that way
when you were inside me?

Don't touch me. Okay, woman,
don't make this ugly.

This has always been ugly.

Don't you care?

Don't you care, Emery,
that I love you?

Get off me. Get off me.
Wait a minute. You what?

I love you.

You love me?
Grow up, Allannah.

Listen to me.

We don't have a life together.

We have sex together.

We fuck, Allannah.
All right?

And I never told you
I was gonna leave Connie.

And you never asked me to.
You wanna know why?

Because everything you ever
wanted out of this thing

between us, you got.

Girl, I handed it right to you.

I didn't take any more advantage
of you than you did of me,

so don't you start
playing violins on me.

It's desperate.

I think you're a little
more creative than that.

So, what do we have so far?

A dead lawyer making millions
off of insider trader scams.

Which means he was probably
very good at what he did.

But maybe he was
trying to be better.

You know, uh, get bigger
companies, and for that

the brother would need
a lot more cash.


That is where Simms comes in.
Let me ask you a question.

What's one of the biggest
corporations in America?

Don't say Microsoft.

Federal government?


So you have
a corrupt numbers guy

working out of
a congressman's office.

How much information do you
think he could give you?

Oh, so you're saying Reyes

was to supply Stroud
with information for Simms.

So he could buy into a
subsidized government company.

Exactly. Except something
went terribly wrong.

Yeah. Dead wrong.

Can you pencil me in
for dinner tonight?

No restaurant business tonight?

No. I promise you I am
all yours if you'll have me.

CONNIE: Then I'll see you
for dinner then.

All right, baby. Bye.


Don't get all weird.
Nobody's stalking you.

I just need to talk to you.

So talk, Allannah.

I'm pregnant.

You can follow me
to the bathroom

or we can do it right here.

I'm not lying.

You're pregnant?

Allannah, why didn't you
tell me this before?


I don't know,
Emery. Maybe I was too busy growing up.

What do you want from me?

Do you want money?

If you want me to kill it.

Do you want me to kill it?

Allannah, this doesn't have
anything to do with me.

I know. You're right.

This is about us.

I'll get you the money.

I know he's here, Russell.

Because as much as I adore you

you are not my only in.

And I do intend
to see Mayor Bailey...


10 minutes later,

I was in his office.

That right there is how you
make it happen in this game, baby.

So the mayor's gonna
come to the exhibition?

Ain't that what I just said?

Well, all right.

Congratulations, Connie.

Welcome to the big leagues.

Welcome to the big leagues?

Well, ain't that
what I just said?

Is that it?

Woman, don't ever
test me like that.

Get your fine self over here.

I know the great Emery Simms
can do much better than that.

Yes, I can.

What's up, baby?
What's up, B?

No, just cleaning up, man.

Just trying to get all this
stuff moved in, you know?

Damn, so this is how
you spend your days off, huh?


Normally I'm doing overtime
for my pain-in-the-ass boss.

You got jokes, huh? Ha ha.
That ain't funny, bro.

Here you go.

What the hell you want me
to do with that?

No spectators, man. Get to
work. You can start right there.

Oh, you tripping.
You know that, right?


What the hell is all
this mess anyway?

Trash or treasure, my brother.

Today's mission
is to figure out which.

Oh, hell, no.

This isn't what I think it...

Aw, I thought you
burned this a long time...

What are you doing
holding on to this, man?

Memories, baby.


Oh, wait a minute.

Hey, bro.

You was one funny-looking cat
back in the day. Damn.

Yeah, they say we looked
just alike then.

Yeah, whatever. See,
that is why you stayed a virgin in school.

That's all right.
That's all right.


Look at that.

Oh, Connie.

It's all under control now,

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, everything's cool.

Allannah's going to
the clinic on Monday, so.

You going?

Nah. Hell, no.

She doesn't want me to go.

Oh, you don't wanna go
anyway, man.

Abortions don't always
solve the problem.


Man, we all got one
who got away.


Why you all up in
my Kool-Aid for, player?

Come on now,
I don't tell you everything.

Aw, now, see that's bullshit. I
tell you all my damn business.

But we know how
sensitive you are.

You act like a little
punk sometimes.

Whatever with you.

Hey, B.

This shit's getting crazy, man.

I don't know, man, I just...

I'm looking for peace,
you know what I'm saying?

From Reyes, from Allannah.

I mean, I just need
some damn peace.

Hey, look, if the guy's
causing you that much trouble

$250,000 for your peace of mind,

maybe you should
just pay him off.


Yeah, maybe I should.

Hey, look...

I'm gonna bounce.

Where you going?

I'm gonna go home.

You just gonna bail on me
like that.

Hell, yeah. Watch.

See. I knew you was
just about yourself.

It's all right.

It's nice.

What's nice, baby?

Just making some final decisions
on pieces for the exhibition.



I have a piece.

You do?

Yeah, I do.

Roses are red

Ooh, this is original.

Violets are blue


And I'm a terrible poet

Oh, you got that right.

But in spite of everything,

know that I love you.




I didn't do it.


I know. I know that you're
not only with me for sex.

I know that, and the baby
is proof of that.

And it's worth more than
the cost of an abortion.

I'm gonna say this
to you one time.

You cannot roll
with the big dogs,

so don't even try playing
this bullshit-ass game with me.

Emery, I rolled around with
the biggest dog of them all.

You don't scare me.

You get your little trifling ass
out of my condo, you hear me?

As of right now,
you are out of my life.

You never fucking existed.


Emery, I'm sorry.

Goodbye, Allannah.


Emery, baby, I'm sorry.
I don't know what I'm saying.


I'm not a bad person.

I'm not even a mean person.

Oh, Em.

Because even with what
you think you know

about me, you don't really
"know me" know me.

You know, and no one says
that you have to trust me.

It would make things
a lot easier

for both of us if you could.

Because I don't really
want to hurt anybody.

And I don't wanna
be hurt either.

I'm gonna be a mother now.

I'm gonna be a mom.

And that affects...

both of us. This child...

This child,
it was conceived in love.

Now, you may not have
any love for it, but I do.

But that doesn't mean

that does not mean
that you get to walk away.

You have as much
responsibility in this as I do.

You really can make things

a lot easier for all of us.

Senator, gentlemen,
I apologize for being late.

Not a problem.
Have a seat.


I think it's time
we were women about this.

Baby, what are you doing?

Figure it out.

Connie, why are you packing?

I'm not going to ask what I did,

because this is so not about me.

This is about you and your
"God amongst mortals" mentality.

Thinking you can do whatever
you want and get away with it.

Well, you can't, Emery.

Okay, whoa, whoa.
Slow down for a minute.

Baby, talk to me.
What happened?

Why don't you ask
your little girlfriend?

We really bonded.

Right after she lured me
to Piedmont Park.

To share your good news.

It's rather apropos that
a bastard should father one.

No, I don't wanna hear shit.

It wasn't enough for you

to bang some little
gold-digging hood rat.

Do you know that she
asked me for money?

And I gave it to her.

I gave her a check
for $100 grand.

Do you want to know
why I paid her?

Because she must have
something that I don't have

for you to get her pregnant.

The one thing that you
never agreed to do with me.


Okay, all right.
Let me help you.

No, don't!

Baby, just listen to me.

Why? So you can deny it?

Come on, Emery. Deny it.

Do some damage control.
Put a good spin on it.

She's not pregnant, Connie.

Fuck you.

Where the fuck you going, huh?

Derrick, stop it!

I'm here for my cut!

Get away from me,
you fucking drunk.

I don't give a shit!
Now, where is it?

I told you, I need more time.

Well, you out of time.
Get your ass in there.

You're hurting me. Stop it.

I'm not playing with you,
Allannah. I want my money!

What? What?
Okay, stop it.


Yeah, see, that pretty boy
don't know how you like it.

But I do, right?

You're right.
You're absolutely right.

You're so good.
That's right.

Hell, yeah.
I see this.

That's the Allannah
I know. Yeah.

Remember that?

That's what I'm
talking about though.

This is better
than money, right?

Say it.

It's better than money.

You dirty bitch.

MORGAN: You know why
I don't like gangsters?


Because they think
they can bullshit

their way out of anything.

Even murder.

Yo, this ain't on me.

I ain't the dude
you need to be drilling.

What about those?

Get this shit out of here.

I ain't trying
to see her like that.

Aw, what's the matter?

You're not proud
of your handiwork?

EMERY: I'm telling you,
she was very much alive when I left.

And you certainly knew how alive
she could get, huh, Mr. Simms?

Try to display
some tact, detective.

Need I remind you
we are conducting

a homicide investigation,
not a beauty pageant.

Therefore the questions tend
to be a bit more difficult.

Detective, she was alive.

When I left.
Before you left.

What about before you left,
Mr. Simms?

We was talking.

About what?

About our relationship.

Trying to patch things up.

I was trying to break things
off with her, all right?

Like her clothing. That's why
they were ripped, right?

I don't know nothing about that.

So, you didn't rip her clothes?

No, that's not why
it was ripped.

You positive?

Maybe she ripped her own
clothes. I don't know.


When I walked in that house
they were having sex together.

So you got jealous.
You got angry. Shit happens.

So what? I got angry.
You're right.

But that doesn't mean
I killed anybody.

EMERY: Did you really think
you could play me, Allannah?

The two of you better get up

and get the fuck out
of my place right now.

No, baby.

It's not what you think.

It's not what I think?

I think he's trying to fuck you,
that's what I think, Allannah.

Yeah it is what you think.
I am fucking her.

No, shut up!

I don't want to hear
any sorry excuses.

You just give me my keys, that
check, and get the fuck out!

What check?

Look here, little man.

You already tried
to come at me once.

You wanna make that shit
happen again?

You little soft punching
motherfucker. What check?

Do something.

You know what?
Stop it, both of you.

Derrick, why don't
we just leave?

You might wanna listen
to your girlfriend.

But you know what?

You ain't going nowhere
till I get my money.

Where's my money, Allannah?

No, hey, nothing.

That check, motherfucker.
Now say something.

You little backstabbing...

Yeah, see, I owed you that.
Now, raise up and get...

She ran out of the house on me.

Did you catch her?

No, I didn't.
She was long gone.

Look, I'm telling you, I went
home and called my accountant

so I could stop payment
on that check. That is it!

Look, we was chilling, okay?
All right?

Just catching up on some things.

The next thing I know,
dude come rushing in.

Yeah, Simms.

He gonna ask us to leave his
spot. Okay, I respect that.

It's yours.
I'm gonna dip out.

But then he gonna punch me?

You little backstabbing
little bitch.

Yeah, see I owed you
that one. Now...

Fuck you talking about huh?

What happened to Allannah?

I don't know what
happened to Allannah.

Okay? Last time I saw her,
she ran out the condo.

You murdered her in the condo.

Last time I saw her, she was
alive when she left the condo.

Sit down.

Sit the fuck down!

And y'all gonna swarm on me.

All right? Pull my car over
and pull me down here.

That's what happened.

But you admit

that you were trying to con
Simms out of the money.

It wasn't even about Simms.

What about the knife?

What about it?

It had your prints on it,

What's happening?
Why is he leaving?

PIERCE: We can't hold him,
Miss Caplan.

Not enough evidence. Relax.
GWEN: Why?

Yo, Simms!

You think I'm gonna burn
for you? You killed my wife.

You're a dead motherfucker,
do you hear me?

A rich, dead motherfucker!

Emery, we should leave.



What could I have done?
Why weren't you there for him?


I'm here.
I'm trying.


You okay?


Hey, Brandon.

Look, Connie, I know
a lot has happened.

Why don't we skip this part?

I'm afraid if we do,
there's nothing to stop you from jumping

right back in that car
and driving off for good.

Emery, I haven't taken
my bags out of the car,

and we have an event tonight.

An event?

The exhibition
at the youth center?

Yeah, I know. You forgot.

I'm the director of the center,
Emery. I have to go.

I'll lay out your tux.

Connie, I didn't do it.

I know.

I'm no saint, Emery.

It's just not your style
and the truth is...

I just don't care anymore.

You try to be a good person,
a good wife.

Support your husband,
make him wanna come home.

Make him proud to have you
on his arm.

But some days it gets hard
to smile through the bullshit.

But you do.

You just do it.

For 11 years, you find
ways to make it work.

And then suddenly...

you're just not enough.

And you start to lose control.

You start having
these sick thoughts.

And sooner or later...

you're the psycho
in the scenario.


would you bring my bags in?


CONNIE: Emery.

Yeah. What's up, baby?

What are you doing?

Nothing, nothing. I thought
I left one of your bags

in the car, you know,
I just went to go check.

Well, I need you to hurry.
I don't wanna be late.


why'd you come back so soon?

I put a lot of work
into this marriage,

and this is my home.

I've earned my place.

I wasn't gonna let anyone
take that away from me.

Look, baby.

I don't think I'm gonna go.

No one's coming after you.
The police are satisfied.

Why don't we just move on?

Baby, I just need you
to give me tonight, all right?

Look, I need a second
to come down off of all this,

you know what I'm saying?


What the fuck?

Oh, shit.



BRANDON: Yo, yo, what's up?
EMERY: What's up, B?

What's the matter with you, man?

Brandon, you're gonna think
I've lost my mind.

Well, I thought that years ago.

All right, man.
Go ahead. Speak on.

I think Connie may have
hurt Allannah, man.

Want a beer, man?

Hey, you hear what
I just said to you?

Come on, now.

What makes you think Connie
would be some kind of murderer?

Don't even say it like that.

It's a little late
to get squeamish.

Listen, it's just the things
she's been saying to me lately...

I've never heard that woman
talk like that, ever.

That's some heavy accusation
off of some words, man.

So what.

What are you thinking
about doing?

I don't know. I don't know
what the fuck to do, man.

Look, I don't know
if she really did it,

but if she did, think about it
Brandon, it would be my fault.

I couldn't blame her for it.

But you tell me,
how do I live with a woman

who would do some
crazy shit like that?


Okay, look.

I think I'm gonna need
something heavier to drink

if we're gonna have this
type of conversation.

Come on, B, you're my boy, and
I need you. Tell me something.

Tell me I'm overreacting.

You are so fucking stupid.

Just look at you, man.
Everything you've done.

Everything you have in your
life, somebody gave it to you.

Your money.
Inherited, not earned.

Your business. You don't even
know how to run, I do it.

Your wife. The best thing
that ever happened to you.

You fucking couldn't even
get that on your own!

You had to steal her from me.

What the fuck are
you talking about?

You know, I'm glad you
asked me that, motherfucker.

I'm about to get it back.

Now, you listen to me,
you sorry little motherfucker.

Your little fucking plan
has got a hole in it.

You know why? Because Connie,
she's my wife!

We are still together,
and we are gonna stay together.

Believe that!

You always walk around here

like you're so much better
than everyone else.

You are no saint, Emery.

You killed Stroud without a
second thought and covered it.

And you killed Allannah.

Derrick's gonna
take the fall for that

because that's they way
you set it up.

If you come near me or my wife,
if I ever see you again

I swear before God,
you are a dead man.

Is that right?

Why wait that long?


You want to kill me?

How many people you think
saw you come in here?

Two or three maybe?

You ever fuck with me again,
I will kill you. Believe that!



To our esteemed mayor
and other distinguished guests

I want to thank you,

thank you so much for sharing
this extraordinary evening.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our next artist, M'Kai Marks.

I present you with my manhood
My man's hood

My cloak of detachment that
Shows my face as I walk on

Mistakenly, thinking
I could do it alone

It's only now that I see
That without you

I'm simply without
So about is the face I turn

Away from the madness that I
Learned to accept as true

Dropping my hood
Revealing the man

Newly subdued
By renewed devotion to you

Thank you.

You got nothing on me.
Emery's under arrest.

I've cleared myself.
Back off.


EMERY: Ray! Ray!
You can't do this to me.

I didn't kill anybody,
you know this.

I cleared myself.
Baby, this is a mistake.

I promise you that.
I promise you.

You know you got the wrong man.


INMATE 1: Hey, boy, let me get
some of that brown sugar.

INMATE 2: Look at this
pretty motherfucker.


Nah, baby,
what the hell is this?

Connie, you don't want
a divorce, do you?

There are ways to do this
without you, Emery.

Baby, listen to me.

I told you I did not kill that
woman. You have to believe that.

I need to move on, Emery.

Connie, no, don't do this
to me. Don't do this to us.

Sign the fucking papers, Emery.

Just sign them.

Baby, what are you doing?


Woman, you used to
believe in me.

Belief is intangible, Emery.

Don't pretend you know
anything about it.

I stopped believing
your conspiracy theories

right after they found
the box cutter.

Box cutter? What are you
talking about a box cutter?

Goodbye, Emery.

Connie, I don't know anything...

Connie I, pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone! Connie!

Connie, don't leave me
like this!


Come on, Simms. This way.

♪ I'm still walking
Way past sundown ♪


Come on, Simms.

♪ He who's guilty Of the crime

♪ If anybody comes
'round for me Tell 'em

♪ I'll be riding
Through the canyons

♪ I'm still riding On the range

♪ And I'll be searching
Till the showdown

♪ With the murderer
Of my brother brown

♪ If anybody comes
'round for me Tell 'em ♪

Brandon. Brandon,
this was you! You did this to me!

You did this to me with
the box cutter! That was you!

Baby, it's him! I didn't do
this! I didn't kill nobody!

Brandon, you gonna burn me off
for this motherfucker?

Baby! Baby!
I didn't kill nobody! Baby!

♪ Oh, I'm still searching Yeah

♪ Once in a blue moon
You'll find

♪ The sentence

♪ Fits the crime


Hey, Jared,

let me get a beer
and a Long Island iced tea.

Wear something tight.

He's good-looking.

Then it should be an easy fuck.

But don't get it twisted.
He's not the mark.

Who is?

His wife.

That'll never work.

You do this right, she'll pay
you just to get rid of you.

It's all his money anyway.

Trust me.

I know these people.

♪ []

So word is your wife
has a new little boyfriend.

Whose word is that?


And who the fuck are you?

Let's just say, um,

I'm a little birdie
with some names and addresses

you may be interested in.

All right, little birdie...


WOMAN: Ye ah?
MAN: See woman.

MAN: You really want to know
what I like about you?

MAN: You really want to know?
WOMAN: For sure.

MAN: We ll...
WOMAN: I'm waiting.

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ I guess you know
That you got me

♪ The day that you
Laid lips on me

♪ You know you are So talented

♪ So please tell me
That we'll do this once again

♪ I love your
Thing, thing, thing

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ Take your thing, thing,
thing Give it to me till scream

♪ I love your
Thing, thing, thing

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ Take your thing, thing,
thing Give it to me till I scream

♪ Your bed sleeps better
Than mine do

♪ That's why I'll always
Ride to you

♪ And even when I'm sleeping
Or almost dead

♪ I'll get in my car
'Cause you give great head

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ That time we Flew out of town

♪ You performed for me

♪ Never forgot how you
Dropped the towel

♪ I never had relations
Quite like this before

♪ The way you shock my body
I'll be right back it by four

♪ I love your
Thing, thing, thing

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ Take your thing, thing,
thing Give it to me till I scream

♪ I love your
Thing, thing, thing

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ You make me scream

♪ Give it to me till I scream

♪ You make me scream
You make me shout

♪ You're everything
That I'm about

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ So much it's in my dreams

♪ I love your
Scream, scream, scream

♪ Girl, you know
I need your cream

♪ You make me scream
You make me shout

♪ You're everything
That I'm about

♪ You make me scream
You make me shout

♪ You're everything
That I'm about

♪ You make me scream

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