Motion Sickness (2010) - full transcript

Lost on a train of thought tunneling through the dark night of his unconscious, a former rabbinical student struggles to resolve a paralyzing conflict between his mind and his body.

(Haunting music)

(Flash bulb popping)

(Flash bulb popping)

(Flash bulb popping)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone rings)

(And rings)

(Rings loudly)

(Answering machine picks up)

- [Woman] Good morning
Mr. Mochin, this is

the doctor's office.

Your test results
are in and we'd

like to see you right away.

We'Ve penciled you in for 12.

Please let US know
if that's a problem.

(Water running)

(Faucet shutting)

(Shufflng footsteps)

(Distant shoveling)

(Ambient industrial melody)

(Elevator button pressing)

(Loud crash)

-[Woman] Careful with that.

(Man laughing)

- [Woman] Stop laughing
like an imbecile

and put it in the corner.

(Telephone rings)

(Heels walk across floor)

(Man laughing)

-[Woman] Quiet.

(Elevator door opens)

-[Woman] Good morning, doctor.

Yes, of course.

He's just leaving now.

I understand.

(Train whistles by)

- [Shem] The soul,
as we'Ve explained,

permeates throughout
the entire body.

And yet an argument
regarding which of the limbs

serves as the soul's
primary location,

does exist between
the philosophers.

-[Bum] (Singing in
foreign language)

(Train horn)

- [Train conductor]
Next stop, braintree.

Braintree is next.

- [Older woman] Excuse me
dear, is this seat taken?

Such a glorious day.

Wonderful for a country
outing, is it not?

- Sorry?
- A private renedzvous

for two?

Perfect, just perfect.

But it is terribly
hot on this train.

I don't see how you can sit
there in that awful coat.

- I'm okay, thanks.

- But it's like a
Turkish bath in here.

- I'm fine, really.


have it your way then.

(Train rolling on tracks)

- [Bum] (Laughing and singing)

I imagine you must be on route
to meet a sweetheart, yes?

A rendezvous for two, no?

- I have an appointment.

A doctor's appointment.

- A doctor? Oh dear.

It's nothing serious I hope.

- No, no it's just a
checkup, a routine checkup.

- Thank heavens, you
should never trust a

doctor when it comes
to something serious.

Most of them do go
to hell after all.

(Door creaks)

- The doctor will be with
you in just a minute.

Okay sweetie?

(Distorted tenebrous music)

(Music builds)

(Door opens)

- Well, let's see
what we have here.

So, this is your first
visit with US Mr. Mochin?

Wait a minute, mochin?

Not shem mochin?


Well I'll be, it
is you. Man alive.

It's me.

Bentzi spinowitz, the spinster.

- Bentzi, sure.

- [Bentzi] Wow, this is some
surprise, it's been what,

like ten years?

- [Shem] Something like that.

- [Bentzi] So,

talk to me man, how you been?

Well, I guess I have the
answers to that little quiz.

But seriously, tell me
what you'Ve been up to.

Thought I heard something
about you becoming a rabbi?

- Yeah, I was studying but...

- Oh (chuckles), you married?

- No, no I'm not, are you?

- Maintaining my
mobility old friend.

I'm too young to give up on fun.

I like my lovin' on the go.

We should hand out sometime,
I know some sweet places.

Women that'll knock that
yamaka clear off your head.

(Heels clicking)

(Knocking on door)

- Sorry for interrupting
doctor but those packages

you were asking
about just arrived.

- Excellent, good, you
can just bring them on in.

- Of course.

- All right, let's
see what we have here.

- [Bentzi] Okay.

Do you mind if I ask you
something a little personal?

- I don't think so.

- Have you been somewhat
depressed lately?

- Lately?

- [Bentzi] How about work,
how's that been going?

- I'm not really
working at the moment.

- [Bentzi] So what
do you do all day?

- I don't know, I
read, study mostly.

- Tell me shem, are you active?

Sexually I mean.

(Heels clicking)

- I'm sorry bentzi,
but I really don't see

what this has to do with my leg.

- [Bentzi] Let me
put it this way shem.

We'Ve all experienced
this on some level, right?

Let's say someones holding a...

I don't know, a
fabergé egg, right?

While holding the egg,
someone shocks them

with some really bad news,
heart wrenching stuff.

And all of the sudden
the hand just goes limp.

(Pen clanks on floor)


The egg slips from the dead
flesh, shatters on the floor

like one damn expensive
humpty dumpty.

-A conversion reaction?

You're talking about
a conversion reaction.

- Exactly shem, that's just it.

Only in your case,
unlike in our example,

the hysterical
effects have lingered.

But now, for some
reason, the past is

rearing it's ugly head in
the guise of your dead leg.

(Heels clacking)

- This is crazy, I mean...

I've led...

My life has been fine, nothing
traumatic, nothing like that.

You know me, do I seem
hysterical to you?

- Look, shem, the truth is
I've never found much use

for this freudian
mumbo-jumbo myself.

It all smells of witch
doctoring and necromancy.

As far as I'm concerned,
your leg problems and all

these so called psychological
problems, they can all be

traced back to a
biological cause.

However, we physicians
face certain restrictions

and currently we have
neither the means nor

the equipment to perform
the necessary tests.

So, for the time being
anyway, I have no choice

but to categorize your
case a disease of the mind.

(Train rolling on tracks)

(Train rolling on tracks)

(High heels clicking)

(High heels approach)

(Train rumbles rythmically)

(Train whistles)

- [Train conductor] Ticket?

Your ticket, sir.

- Yes, of course, of course.

Just a moment, sorry I've
got it here somewhere.

- [Train conductor]
If you'd please, sir.

- I'm sorry but I
can't seem to find it.

- [Train conductor] A difficulty
that may be easily remedied

as you may purchase a
substitute ticket from me.

- Right, but here's the thing.

My wallet, where I'd been
keeping my ticket, is gone.

- [Train conductor] I see.

- There was a woman.

- [Train conductor] A woman?

- Yes, yes a woman, she was
sitting right over there.

You must have seen her.

My bag spilled over
near her feet.

- [Train conductor] The woman's?

- [Shem] Yes, the woman's or...

Wait, there was another.
- Another?

- [Shem] Yeah, an old
lady on the train earlier,

she held my coat.

- And this old woman you say,
absconded with your wallet?

- And my ticket.

(Train brakes screech)

(Crickets chirping)

(Cane banging)

(Car approaching)

- Hello.

- Well, howdy do stranga?

- I'm not...
- Out for a bit of a stroll,

are we?

Nice night for it.

- Yeah, well actually i'm...
- [Man] Yep.

Used to walk up and
down this country road

just kicking stones
and bones, ya know?

Now they gimme this here
transport cause of my swollen feet.

Sure do envy you and
your walk, young fella.

- Would you like to trade?

- A trade?

Oh now I get it.

A trade.
How could we?

Unless you got some way
of trading up your youth.

- I just meant...
- Nope.

No way no how, can't
trade up your youth.

Would do nothin' about this
here swollen feet of mine.

(Laughs) Trade, I tell you.

Suppose you take the
missus off my hands too.

Wait a minute.

So that's your game, is it?
- [Shem] Game?

- You eyeballing
my old lady buddy?

You're one of them roadside
perverts, ain't you?

Yeah, that's what you are.

Huh, bet you like to cut em up
into little pieces, don't ya?

Like to hear em scream.
- No, god no.

I just need a lift,
I'm not some psycho.

I just...

I need some help.

- Easy there fella,
now that's different.

You need help, yep.

A stranger in need,
in need indeed.

What do ya think, sugar pie?

Should we help this
young fella out?

- I won't cause any trouble.

- Okay woman, I can handle it.

So, uh, where's ya headed?

(Car door dinging)

Name's Herman.

- Shem, shem.
Thanks Herman.

- Charmed, I'm sure.

(Door slams)

(Car engine revs)

(Coffin rattles)

- [Herman] Tell me
something, stranga.

Why was you kicked
off that train?

- The train? Ummm.

Did I mention the train?

- [Herman] So you saying you
wasn't kicked off no train?

- No, I just meant that
I didn't get how you...

Look, my ticket
was stolen by some

woman who sat down next to me.

I'd never seen her
before and she...

- [Herman] You mean you say
you was robbed by a woman?


- Well I can't
actually be sure but...

- [Herman] Ain't
that the end all?

I mean there ain't no justice.

There you was minding your
own business, am I right?

When some tramp waltzes in
and robs you blind and then

they go and throw you off like
you was some kind of vagrant.

Leave you to die like some...

What d'ya call them things?

No, that ain't it...

One of them...

(Man laughing)
(Water running) (Box creaking)

-[Herman] The shame of it all.
It's embarrassment.

-[Woman] Sweet.

(Film projector running)
(Box creaking)

(Woman breathing)

(Man laughing)

(Woman moaning)

(Loug bang)


(Dirt landing)


(Crickets chirping)

(Dog barking in distance)

(Foot dragging)

(Distant train horn)

(Foot dragging)

(Ambient industrial tones)

- [Bum] Hey, buddy.

Got any dough?

- No, sorry.
I lost my wallet.

(Feet dragging)


- Sorry, I lost
my grip (laughs).

(Sings in foreign language)

(Foot dragging)

(Elevator button pressed)

(Elevator button pressed)

-[Super]Well, hello shem,
how do you do?

- Hey doc, I'm okay.

- Still with the
doctor business, huh?

Enough, my doctoring
days are over young man.

I've retired to a life of drainage
pipes and frozen boilers.

Look at my hands.
Covered in filth.

- Yeah, I've been
meaning to ask you about

that shovel and the digging?

- Well, let's just call
that my pet project.

The shovel and I are allies
in our struggle with the earth.

The Clay tends
relentlessly towards chaos.

So, we must be vigilant.

Always work to be done shem
and more work after that.

Hmm, I see you'Ve acquired
an ally of your own.

- Oh, this.
Yeah, honestly I don't

know if it's a friend or a foe.

The doctor thinks...

- It can't be as
awful as all that.

- He says it's psychological.

- I see, yes...

Would you be so kind as
to lend an old man a hand?

- [Shem] Yeah, sure, of course.

- Have I ever told
you shem of my

great affinity for letters?

- [Shem] I don't think so.

- They are truly
remarkable things.

The most basic of
all the elements.

The stuff of planets and
stars, oceans and rocks,

of darkness and light.

The subatomic
ingredients used by god,

in his cauldron of creation.

The letters hover,
suspended somewhere

between space and no space.

Anchoring all there is to
the source of all there is,

so we were never set
adrift into nothingness.

The mind comprehends
the letters.

The letters expand the mind.

The mind moves the body.

The body makes manifest tools
for the minds exploration.

- [Shem] That's interesting.

- But these letters are
only representations...

Signifiers of pure abstraction.

It's the meaning behind the
letters that give them purpose.

Just as you, the soul that
is you, is an abstraction

that finds expression
in your body.

This mind shem is inextricably
linked to this body.

To sever that connection,
well young shem,

that spells death.

Well I thank you
for your help shem.

Now then, I better
rest these old bones.

Oh, somewhere I buried a
book I think you'd enjoy.

Stop by tomorrow and
you can pick it up.

- Thanks doc, I will.

- Make peace with
your body shem,

and it will be as oil fueling
the flame of your soul.

(Thunder in the distance)

Sounds like rain.

Well that's good, it's
good for the Clay.

Rest well shem and do mind
yourself on the stairs.

(Thunder crackling)

(Footsteps on stairs)

(Door slams shut)

(Door swings open)

(Seductive music pours out)

- [Woman] Hi neighbor.

- Hi.

- [Woman] Shame
about the elevator.

- Yeah, it is.

Did, ah...
Did you just move in?

(Seductive music)

- [Woman] Would you
mind coming closer?

It's so hard to hear
you over the music.

- I asked if you'd
just moved in.

- [Woman] Your name
is shem, isn't it?

- Shem, yes.

How did you know that?

- (Laughs) I didn't silly,
that's why I asked.

- Right.

- Well, yes it is.

-Tell me something, shem.

Are you by any chance dead?

- I'm sorry, I
thought you said dead.

- That's right sweet stuff.

You're not dead, are you?

- Well, not yet apparently.

- [Woman] I put little
faith in appearances.

And besides, the police
seem to think you might be.

- [Shem] The police?

- [Woman] Detectives, yes.

- The police are looking for me?

What did they say?

- Just that you might be dead.

- Was that all?
- That's all I can recall.

- Well, um...

- I guess I'll be going then.

- I guess you will.

- Right.

Should I close the door?

- I'm expecting someone.

- Right, okay.

So, goodnight.

(Seductive music)

(Light clicks on)

(Keys clank on desk)

(Thunder crackling)

(Eerie droning and rattling)

- [Woman] (Moans) Shem.
(Door buzzing)

(Thunder clap)

(Chair sliding)
(Lid shifting)

(Wind tunnel)

(Low tones)

(Object kicked)

(Thunder clap)

(Drawer sliding)

- [Bentzi] Okay, shem
there is one possibility.

It's a long shot, it's still
in the experimental stage.

(Thunder cracking)

- [Bentzi] Cutting edge doctor,
real life mad scientist type.

(Storm raging outside)

- [Doc] The names, the letters.

They are the keys of
communication between

the intellectual
and the physical.

(Heavy rainfall)

To sever that connection,

well, young shem,
that spells death.

- [Benzti] He's been
obsessing over proprioception,

the whole mind body
connection and all that.

(Storm raging outside)

He's ready to start
testing on human subjects.

(Wind howling)

- [Doc] Shem, I buried a
book I think you'll enjoy.

(Melodic winds)


(Distant shoveling)

(Heavy breathing)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone rings)

(Answering machine picks up)

(Distorted speech)

(Chopin's nocturne no. 2)

(Distorted speech)

(Chopin louder)

(Knocking on door)

- [Shem] Hello?



Doc, it's shem are you home?

(Chopin's nocturne no.2)

(Nocturne ends)


- Who are you?
What are you doing here?

- Excuse me, I'm sorry.

I live here, in the building.

I'm doc's friend,
the super, sorry.

I came to pick up a
book and I knocked

but the door was open so I...

I'm shem.

- So you're the shem that my
uncle keeps going on about?

Sorry, I didn't
hear you come in.

Wow, how embarrassing.

Were you...

Have you been
standing there long?

- I should have
waiting outside, sorry.

- Well, where are my manners?

Can I get you
something to drink?

- No, I'm fine, thanks.

- I'm in desperate need
of a glass of water,

so it really wouldn't
be any bother.

- Okay, thanks.

- I thought you looked
thirsty, now wait here...

No, have a seat, make
yourself comfortable

and I'll be back in
a flash (laughs).

(Undertone) This is so

(Chopin's nocturne no.3)

(Glasses clinking and
water running)

(Distorted metallic rumbling)

Now that's not a man who
looks very comfortable.

Didn't I tell you to make
yourself comfortable?

- Sorry, I was just...

- Come, let's sit.

- Thank you.

(Chopin's nocturne no.3)

- I'm tiferet, by the way.

Do you mind if I
ask about your leg?

I'm sorry, that was rude.

- Oh, my leg, right.

No, I don't mind,
it's just kind of

it's hard to explain, really.
You probably...

- Right, it's none of
my business, I'm sorry.

- No, no don't apologize.

It's just that it's, it's

it's hard for me to...

I'm not used to talking with...

- Are you always this shy?

- Shy?

No, I mean...

Only around other people.

- (Laughs) That's funny.


Seriously though.

You seem like...

- What?

- Nothing, it's
none of my business.

I mean, I don't even know you.

- Do you want me to leave?
- What?

No, of course not.

It's just...

You seem, well, depressed.

Kind of weighed down, like
you're guilty of something?

I don't know, like
you're sitting around

waiting for a piano
to fall on your head.

- Wow, that's, ummm...

Really colorful.

- I'm sorry, I shouldn't
say things like that.

I just blurt stuff
out sometimes.

- No, no it's good
to hear it, you know

objectified like that, just...

Not a piano, you know?

Too comical.

- (Laughs) Oh, I see, so
you're a true tragedian?

- Oh, I don't know if
I'm truly anything.

- [Tiferet] See now,
what does that even mean?

- Nothing.

Sorry, just some...

(Train approaching)
- [Shem] Nonsense.

(Train whistles)

(Train rolling)

(Box opening)

(Flipping through pamphlet)

- [Train conductor]
(Clears throat)

(Struggling with box)


- [Shem] Of course.

- Thank you sir.

What is this?
- A ticket.

- Yes it is, only
not for this train.

As you can see, we are
in the middle of the day.

This ticket is for
the midnight train.

- Is it?

I mean, I didn't know
there was a difference.

- And yet, there is.

- [Shem] Is there
anything that can be done?

- What would you suggest, sir?

- Listen, I'm late
for an appointment.

At least, I think I am.

Maybe that's later too.
(Telephone rings)

- Excuse me.

It's for you.

- For me?
- [Train conductor] For you.

- [Shem] Hello.

- [Bentzi] Hey, rabbi.
What's up?

- Bentzi?

- [Bentzi] That's
right, old pal.

- How did you know I was here?

- [Bentzi] I have
your number, remember?

Anyway, Nicole and I
are heading out tonight.

You should come with US.

- Who's Nicole?

- [Bentzi] That hot little
number from my office.

You'Ve gotta remember her.

She's great, really
wants to hang out.

So come on, don't tell me you
got something better to do.

Shem, you still there dude?

- [Shem] Yeah bentzi, I'm here.

- [Bentzi] So, what d'ya say?

- [Shem] I don't know,
where would we go?

- [Bentzi] There's this
place I heard about just over

the bridge, some club or
something called the fringes.

I hear it's something else.

- [Shem] Do you mean
the mysterious show?

- [Bentzi] Looky, looky
even the rabbis heard of it.

So, come on it'll be a blast.

Hey, mochin, you there?

- Yeah, bentzi okay.

Let's see what all
the fuss is about.

(Match striking)

(Industrial undertone)

- [Tiferet] I want
you to dance with me.

- [Shem] What?
- [Tiferet] Dance with me.

- [Shem] Oh, no
no, I've never...

I don't think i'd
be any good at it.

- [Tiferet] Oh nonsense,
come right this instant.

- [Shem] But tiferet,

I'm not supposed to...

- [Tiferet] Come
on, it'll be fun.

You can learn a lot about a
person from how they dance.

Maybe you'll even
surprise yourself.

- [Woman] (Whispers) Shem.







Sweet shem.

- [Nicole] Shem?
- [Tiferet] Shem.

- [Nicole] Shem?



Come on shem, it's
time to go in.

Hey, are you okay?

What's wrong with
your friend Ben?

- He's fine, let's get in, huh?

I'm thirsty.

(Electric buzzing)

(Organ music)

- Hey rabbi, wet your lips.

- Cool your heels.

- Papers.

(Loud flames)


(Round of laughter)

- [Bum] After the
planting, she cries.

"Oh me, oh my."

And burnin', huh (laughs)?

- Incarnate
protuberance and sloth.


- Her dog? He plays
surgical instruments.


- Bentzi.
Hey, bentzi.

- Sand say my feet, of
holy wolly woo (laughs).



Look, the weeping monkey.



(Sobbing turns into laughter)

- I'm burning.

- [Herman] My old lady, she
found your box (laughs).

- [Nicole] Aren't you
going to open it, shem?

[Bum] - This one,
he doesn't know how.

(Lecherous laughter)

- There now, let's not have
them talking to you like that.

(Bang echoes)

-Bum (laughter)

(Heavy door creeping open)

(Industrial droning and banging)

(Film rolling)

- I'm burning.

(Laughter echoing)

- [Doc] If you think
of your body as a prison,

then that's what it will be,

and it will remain your
keeper to your grave.

(Approaching footsteps)

(Distant tolling bell)

- [Doc] Stop trying
to levitate yourself

out of your body.

Try instead to elevate
your body with your head.

- Bum (laughing)

(Bell tolling)

(Shem creaking)

(Cane striking floor)

(Shem creaking)

(Box creaks open)

(Howling wind)

(Soft undertone)

(Shoveling dirt)
(Dog barking in distance)

(Dirt landing)

- Hey!
(Spits out dirt)

- Hello?

- Who is that?

What do you want?

- Aver, is that you?

- Doc?

What are you doing in my room?

- Your room?

Aver, you're lying in a ditch.

- Well what do ya know?

Lying in a ditch.

- [Doc] Would you, uh,

care to climb out?

- Yeah, okay.


- [Doc] Well, thank
god you woke up,

I might have buried you alive.

(Door opens and creaks)

- Here, here drink.

- Say doc, you got
any food lying around?

I'm starving.

- I must have something.

Let me see what I can
dig up in the kitchen.

(Distant train horn)

(Sirens wailing)

(Footsteps approaching)

We're in luck, my niece

prepared a quiche for dinner.

I hope that's all right.

- I'm sure it's great.

Well, I guess I'll turn in then.

- [Doc] Yes, of course.

You should get
some rest, and again

I'm sorry about those holes.

- [Aver] Yeah, well no biggie.

Thanks for the grub, night.
- Goodnight aver.

Oh uh, do mind your
stuff on the stairs.

(Footsteps thudding
up stairwell)

(Keys jingling)

(Footseps echoing)


(Keys clincking)
(Hard thud)

(Water dripping)

- Hi shem, the doctor
should be in any minute.

Please try and relax.

(Water splashing)


(Dog panting)

- [Aver] Hey man, you okay?

- [Bum] Fetch the keys.

(Dog whimpers/growls)

(Heavy footsteps approaching)

- (Screams) What the hell man?

It was an accident.
- Shut the fuck up.

You little shit.

(Dog barking)

- I don't have anything.

- [Bum] I said
shut it, you shit.

I don't want your fuckin' money.

- What are you...

- [Bum] Who the fuck are you?

- [Aver] I'm...

- You got any food?

(Dog barking)

Thanks for nothing,
you little prick.

(Bum laughing)

(Door closes)

(Seductive music)

- [Woman] I thought you'd
keep me waiting all night.

- Yeah, hi. How's
it going? Look,

sorry to bother you, I just...

- (Laughs) Are you now?

- Yeah, look I
live down the hall

and I just got mugged
in the stairwell.

I'm okay but...

- [Woman] Oh, you're not hurt?

- No, I mean nothing serious.

I banged my head but...

The point is, my keys
fell and this guy,

the one who hit me,
this total maniac or

his dog maybe, I don't know.

Either way, they took them.
My keys.

- (Chuckles) Oh my.

That's quite a tale.

- Yeah, I know.
Crazy, right?

But I swear it's all true.

So now I can't get into my
apartment, I'm locked out.

I saw your door was open, so
I thought you must be awake.

Maybe I could use your
phone to call the super.

- The phone?
The super?

I see but uh, tell me something.

Mr. Neighbor.

How do I know you're not
just trying to get into a

defenseless naked
woman's apartment

in the dead of night, hmm?

Who knows what dreadful things
you might try to do to me.

- Look, your door was
open, I just thought...

You know what,
forget it, thanks.

- Oh stop it.

You're just
precious, aren't you?

Such a child.

Get your silly self in here.

- Should I...

Do you wanna put something on?

- I'm perfectly comfortable.

- Right.

(Door creaks)

- Be a doll and close
the door, would you?

(Door slams shut)

(Music gets louder)

- Well sailor, take
off your coat,

have a seat.

Stay a while.

(Seductive music)

- You mind if I smoke?

- Is that how you introduce
yourself to a lady?

- Sorry.

I'm aver, I live down the hall.

- [Woman] Aver.

Aver (laughs).

How do I know that name?

- It's biblical.
- [Woman] Is it?

- That's what they
tell me, and you are?

- [Woman] Who am I?

Who am I, indeed?

I am ancient, I am new.

I am hidden from plain view.

I am darkness before light.

I whisper secrets in the night.

- So you're a poet.

- [Woman] (Laughs)


But I've known my share.

- Any I may have read?

- Oh poo, you'll
bore me to tears

with all that
dreadful small talk.

- Sorry.

- Don't be sorry silly.

Weren't you about to smoke?

- But I still don't
know your name.

- Ooohhh. Okay,
Mr. Smarty pants.

You can call me Lila.

Now please, do enjoy
that cigarette.

(Matchsticks rattle)

(Hookah bubbling)

(Match striking)

- Would you like a hit?

- No thanks.
- Suit yourself.

Tell me, aver.

Do you know much
about the human brain?

- The brain?

No, not really.

- [Lila] Oh, but it's such a
fascinating piece of equipment.

- Okay.

- [Lila] Did you
know, for example,

that there's a
place, a dark place,

buried deep inside
the limbic system that

the doctors deliciously refer
to as the pleasure center?

The doctors deliciously refer
to as the pleasure center?

- [Lila] Imagine, Mr. Man.

Inside that little
head of yours,

lies an electrochemical

Of all worldly delights
such as eating and

drinking and


(Music stops)

- Umm, that's interesting.

Maybe, I umm, should...

- How's about turning
over that record, big boy?

(Record needle bumping)

- Sure.

(Lever cicks)

So, I think I've
bothered you enough.

I really should be going.

If I could just
use your phone...

- Who's stopping you?

(Mystical music)

You know, it is rather late.

Do you think it's wise
to wake the super now?

- What time is it?

- [Lila] It's late
aver, it's very late.

If you want, you could
spend the night here.

With me.

- I don't know, I
wouldn't want to impose.

- Oh, it's no imposition.

On the contrary,
you'll be giving

me a chance to do my
good deed for the day.

- [Aver] Are you sure?

It's an awful lot to ask.

- Oh, I'm quite certain cutie.

We should let that
poor old man sleep.

He must be tired after
his long days work.

After all aver, what
are neighbors for?

(Mystical music)

- [Lila] (Heavy breathing)


(Wheels squeaking)


(Moaning echoing)



Sweet shem.

(Moaning in distance)


- [Detective m] You noga?

- [Detective w]
We're the detectives.

We found something
that belongs to you.

- [Aver] Hey, that's my
wallet, where'd you find that?

- [Detective m] We'll get
to that in just a minute.

- [Detective w] So Mr. Noga,
we hear you like the country.

- [Aver] The country?

- Yeah the country, you know
trees, birds, bees, cows.

All that shit.

- Not really.

- [Detective w] But you were
just there, weren't you?

About say, two nights ago.

(Coffin lid creaking)

Name's Herman Walker.

But then you're old
buddies, aren't ya?

He told US you guys go way back.

- [Detective m] Games up, noga.

He told US all about it.

- I have no idea what
you're talking about.

- Did you know your
chauffeur is a grave robber?

- [Detective m] You sure
know how to pick 'em noga.

- I didn't pick him, okay?

I was lost in the
woods and this guy

shows up offering me a ride.

It's not like I
could just jump on

the next bus into
town, now could I?

- Why don't you tell
US about your roommate?

- Cause I don't have one.
- [Detective m] No?

Explain this then.

- [Detective w] Pay close
attention to the address.

- [Aver] (Thinking)
Same as mine.

That's weird.

Must be a clerical
error or something.

- [Detective w] Could be,
but then we can't explain

the fact that Mr.
mochin's wallet was found

in the same place
as we found yours.

- Yeah, where's that?

- In this poor
bastards coat pocket.

- [Aver] Where's...
He's got no...

- [Detective m] Head.
Yeah we noticed that too.

Maybe you can tell
US where to find it.

- What?
You think I did this?

- Tell me something, noga.

Why aren't you
wearing your yamaka?

- What?

- Bet he's not wearing
his tzitzit either.

- No tefillin this
morning neither.

You spill your seed
last night, noga?

- My seed?

- She really got
to you, didn't she?

Got inside you, it's just
a matter of time now.

You fucked her, am I right?

You did, didn't you?

Goddamn, grave digger.

She's got you good now,
just tickling those nodes

all over that little
head of yours.

Kids a goner, lost in the woods.

Let's blow.

- What about the girl?

- [Detective m] Out of our
jurisdiction, nothing we can do.

Your day of reckoning
is gonna come, noga.

We're gonna find that head.

And when we do, I
know the whole thing

is gonna be tied to you.

Why don't you hold onto
that picture for awhile.

May get ya thinkin' for once.

(Train breaks whining)

(Birds chattering)

(Low hum)

(Pipes groaning)

(Eerie rattling)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone rings)

(Answering machine picks up)

- [Doc] Hello,
aver. Doc here.

Just want to make sure
everything is still on for tonight.

My niece is...

You didn't here this from me.

But she is simply bubbling
over with excitement.

You'll take her somewhere
nice, of course.

And, it goes without saying,
be on your best behavior.

Well, that's all,
just making sure.

Oh, I nearly forgot.

There is one thing.

A pair of detectives
dropped by earlier.

They seemed quite eager
to find out if you...

Actually, it would be best
to discuss this in person.

I'll drop by a
little later, yes?

Well, until then, then.

(Knocking on door)

(Chopin's nocturne op. 27 no.1)

(Floor creaks)

- Aver, hi.

You're late.

- Yeah, I know.

Something came up.

Time, I just lost track of it.

- (Chuckles) You
and my uncle both.

You're both very late.

- Look I'm really, truly sorry.

I brought you these.

- Mmm, lilies.
I just love lilies.

Did you know that?

Of course not, how
could you know that?

Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'll just go put these
in some water and

think about maybe forgiving you.

- [Tiferet] So.

You didn't happen to
see him today, did you?

- Who?

- [Tiferet] My uncle.

- No, I didn't.

- [Tiferet] Well that's funny.

- [Aver] Is it?

- [Tiferet] Well, before
he left he said that

he wanted to talk to you.

And I haven't seen him since.

- Well, he never came by.

Maybe something else came up.

- [Tiferet] What
are you looking at?

- Nothing.

- Nothing?

- Now you on the other
hand, are somethin' else.

- Okay, charmer.

Speaking of things, there's
still something that you owe me.

- Really?
What's that?

- [Tiferet] Why, aver noga?

You still owe me a dance.

- What?

You mean here?

Before I've even had a chance
to consume any alcohol?

- [Tiferet] (Giggles)
Absolutely, immediately.

(Jazzy music)

- [Aver] I'm really
not any good.

- [Tiferet] Hush, silly.
Just do what feels natural.

You're getting it.

Just follow the music.

(Music continues)

- [Aver] What?

Why are you looking
at me like that?

- It's just...
I don't know.

There's something
different about you.

- [Aver] Is there?

- Yes.


I can't put my finger on it.

What is it?

- Well. Tiferet.

I was hoping you
wouldn't notice.

(Trumpet solo)

- May I show you to your table?

- [Aver] Sure, that
would be great.

- Would you like to start
with some wine, sir?

- Yes, thank you.

Is white okay?

- Yes, of course.

- An excellent choice, monsieur.


- This is a nice place.
Have you been here before?

- I don't know.
- (Laughs) You don't remember?

- No, I think I was
here recently but

it looks different now,
they must have remodeled.

- Do you know that woman?

- What woman?

- That woman at the bar?

- No, I don't think so.
Why do you ask?

- Cause she keeps
looking over here.

- [Aver] Really?
- Mmm-hmm.

- [Avert] Well,
I don't know her.

(Faint moan)

- I apologize for
the intrusion sir,

but I regret to
inform you that we

have run out of white wine.

Would you care to try
one of our reds instead?

Compliments of the
house, of course.

- Sure, thanks.
- [Waiter] Very good, sir.

(Dog barking in distance)

- Are you okay, aver?

- Yeah, I'm just surprised
they let a dog in here.

- What dog?

- The dog.
You didn't hear that?

- No, I didn't aver.

(Dog barking in distance)
- [Aver] There.

You must have
heard it that time.

- No, I don't hear any dog.
Are you sure?

Do you know her?
Do you know that woman?

(Dog barking in distance)

- I can't.

The dog.

- Aver, are you okay?

(Dog barks echoing)

- Your wine, sir.

(Wine trickling)

(Distant barking echoes)


- I see it.

I see it.

(Loud barking)

Aver, I see it.

- Tiferet.
- Stop, make it stop.

- Hey, stop it, hey.


Hey, stop it!

(Dog barking loudly)


(Barking wildly)

(Gasping for air)

(Dog barking in distance)

- [Lila] (Moans)

Hello lover.

(Laughs) Where ya
runnin' off to sweetie?

- [Shem] Who are you?

- Don't be silly lover,
come back to bed.

- [Shem] What are
you doing here?

What do you want?
- (Laughs) Such a silly child.

You know what I want.

Now come back here
and give it to me.

- [Shem] I don't.
I don't know you.

Who let you in here?
- Lie with me shem.

Lie with me.

Lie with me.
Come shem.

Come lie with me.

Lie with me.
Lie with me.

Lie with me.

(Seductive music plays softly)

(Train rolling)

- [Train conductor] All
tickets, ladies and gentlemen.

Have your tickets ready.

Tickets, all tickets
ladies and gentlemen.

Have your tickets ready.

Tickets, tickets...
Hey one at a time, don't push.

Everybody's gonna get a chance.




(Man and woman moaning)

(Seductive music)

(Projector rolling)

- [Tiferet] Sweet shem.

Shem, sweet shem.

My unripe fruit, sweet, sweet...

- Hey, way to go rabbi.

(Dog barking)

(Glass shattering)

(Shower running)

(Shower turning off)

(Door opening)

(Shoes shuffling)

(Door slamming)

- [Aver] You people just
love waking me up, don't you?

- Shut it noga.

- Nice to see you too.

- Who's that?

- Aver, what's going on?

- A friend.

Tiferet, say hello to
the local lost and found.

- Excuse me miss, were the two
of you together last night?

- Yes, why?
- All night?

- That's none of your business.

- Nobody's talkin' to you buddy.

- Yes, I slept here.
Is something wrong?

- How well do you know this guy?

- We met downstairs.
He's a friend of my uncle.

The super.

- [Detective w] You're gonna
need to put something on.

- [Detective m] Both of you.

- [Detective m] You
need to come with US.

(Low hum)

You sure you want
to see this, miss?

-Oh god!

That's my uncle's hat.

- Figured as much.
Damn dog.

Crashed right
through the window.

- Maybe he got away.
- Away from what, noga?

We found this
pinned to the door.

Mean anything to you?

- Yeah.

Yes, I've seen it before.

- [Detective w] Where?

(Lila moans)

On his hand.
- What d'ya mean, who?

- This guy, he mugged
me on the stairs.

- What did he look like?

- I don't, oh god...

I don't know, he was
looking for somebody else.

- [Detective w] Are you
all right, Mr. Noga?

- Get me out of here aver,
please just get me out of here.

- [Aver] Let's go.

- [Detective m]
Just wait inside.

(Industrial undertone)

- [Tiferet] (Crying)

- [Tiferet] (Sobbing)

(Pained scream)

-[Tiferet] (Sobbing)

(Pained scream)

-[Tiferet] Aver...

Are you okay?


I keep seeing...

(Anguished cry)


Seeing what?

-My head.

I can't remember.

- Remember what?
What are you talking about?

Aver, please tell me.

Do you know something
about my uncle?

- No. No.

(Anguished cry)

Oh fuck, my head!

- [Tiferet] Are you okay?

Aver you're not
making any sense.

Oh my god.

This looks awful.

How long have you had this?

- [Aver] No, tiferet, no.

Don't show him.

(Maniacal cry)

I have to...
I have to tell them.

- [Lila] Tell them
what, lover? (Laughs)

You don't even know
what happened, do you?

Besides, if you tell them,
they'll tear US apart.

You don't want them
to tear US apart now,

do you baby?


(More laughter)


-[Tiferet] Aver.


[Tiferet] Aver.


Are you okay?

You're scaring me.

- We have to get out of here.

- What are you talking about?

- They'll kill US, tiferet.

- Who, aver?

You're not making any sense.

(Helicopters circling outside)

(Train horn blaring)

- [Tifferet] No.

We should get you to a doctor.

- No. No doctor.
- [Tiferet] Aver, I...

(Train entering station)

We can't stay here, come on.

Please, please get up.

No, no aver...

(Crickets chirping)

(Fire burning)

(Loud flames)

- It's me, it's me!

Tiferet it's me.

It's me, it's me.
- [Tiferet] Shh. Shh.

- It's me. It's me.
- [Tiferet] Sleep. Sleep.

It was me.
- [Tiferet] No, shhh.

- [Aver] It was me.
- [Tiferet] It's okay.

(Shovel digging into dirt)

- [Bum] (Singing in
foreign language)




- Hey.
- [Aver] My head. Tiferet.

- [Tiferet] It's okay.
- [Aver] Tiferet.

Hold my head.
- [Tiferet] Aver, aver.

I have you.

Shh, I'm right here.

I'm here.


(Shovel digging into dirt)

- [Bum] (Singing in
foreign language)

(Shovel digging)

(Fire burning)

(Flames crackling)

(Woman breathing)

- [Lila] (Moans)

- [Aver] Tiferet.


- Who you talkin' to baby?


(Shovel digging)
- [Bum] (Singing)


-[Lila] (Moaning)

(Digging dirt)

(Moaning passionately)

(Digging and moaning)

(Moaning echoes)


(Door opens)

(Wind blowing)

(Organ music)

- [Bum] (Laughing) (Digging)

(Footsteps through woods)

(Singing and digging)

(Singing and laughing)

(Singing and digging)

(Twig snaps)

(Wind picks up)

(Aver gasping)

(Organ music)


- [Aver] (Gasping
and struggling)

(Wind howling)

(Water flowing)


(Footsteps in woods)

-[Bum] (Singing)

-[Aver] (Gasping)

- [{tiferet] (Sobbing)

(Organ music building)

(Low rumbling)

(Axe thuds)

(Dissonant chord)

(Dissonant chord)

(Water flowing)

-[Tiferet] (Sobbing)

(Water gushing)

-[Aver] (Gasping)

(Egg frying)

(Pully squeeking)

(Birds singing)


(Egg frying)

(Door squeaking)

(Water spilling)

(Water pouring onto ice)

(Ice water pouring into glass)

(Ice water pouring into glass)

(River flowing)

(Birds singing)

(Axe dragging)

(Birds chattering loudly)

(Axe chopping)


(Dishes rattling)

- [Tiferet] I hope
you're hungry.


(Humming softly)

(Untensils clinking)

- What are you smiling at?

- Am I smiling?


- Okay, shalom, let's eat.


(Utensils clincking)

(River flowing)

(Distant train rolling)

(Birds singing)

(Mystical music)

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