Motichoor Chaknachoor (2019) - full transcript

A hilarious story of a 36-year-old jobless man Pushpender, trying to find a wife and Anita who's also looking for a husband. But there's a catch - Anita wants to settle abroad after marriage.

Excuse me.

-Where does Mr. Awasthi live?
-Take the next left.

-This way?

I moved here from Gwalior
a couple of years ago

and found my own people here.

-Very nice.
-So, I started my own business

of selling items for veneration.

The business picked up pace
pretty soon.

I stayed because the people here
are very loving.

-They are very nice people.

The only feisty thing about
this place is the biryani.

It's loaded with green chilies.

What's taking you so long?
Get the food.

Let it be.
There's no need to take the trouble.

You're right, Mr. Shukla.
It definitely is troublesome.

Let the food be.

I told her not to give you anything.

He likes to crack jokes.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.

-Have this.

-And this one's for you.
-Here you go.

-The tea will be ready soon.
-All right.

I've made green tea for you, similar
to the one you used to have in London.

Sister-in-law, whether
you make green tea or normal tea,

we want your
daughter to serve it to us.

Please call your daughter.

-Right away.

Will you look at this, auntie?

Rupali's been posting her
Canada pictures on social media.

Her father paid thirty lakh rupees
for her one-way ticket to Canada.

Well, she's flown off to Canada.

But your father is a bloody pauper.

I know my father's a pauper.

That's why I am counting
on my beauty to get me to London.

Take a look at my beauty, my body...

I won't give a single penny in dowry

and I'll go to a better country.

I'll zoom off to London.


You'll get to London
when you go meet the guy.

Here. Go, get ready.

Auntie, how do I look?

You look like a criminal.

That's cool.

No, auntie. I am hot.

Careful, you might just catch a cold.

And don't reject too many guys
or you'll end up alone like me.

Have you heard that story of the dog
who lost his share of the bread,

trying to get the entire thing.

What are you trying to say?

No. You're a bitch, baby.

Get ready quickly.

Or else, your mother will say...

-This girl's going to embarrass me.
-You are going to embarrass me!

Listen to me very carefully.

These foreign-based guys won't
demand anything less than 25 lakhs.

And we can only commit six lakhs.

We've already lost some good
proposals because of dowry.

We had to move mountains
to convince these people.

If you make an excuse
to reject this guy--

You're too much, Mom!
Stop it, please.

The guy's going to take me to London.

I'll get a chance to post
my pictures on social media.

Why would I say no?

Everyone knows your only motive
for marriage is settling abroad.

Do you have any sense?

The guests are sitting downstairs
and you're wasting time with her.

Calm down, sister.

Why are you always complaining?

I'll bring her downstairs.
Go on.

-Please talk some sense into this girl.

Tell her some of your
personal experiences.

-She is going to embarrass me someday.
-Why are you telling me this?

I'll bring her downstairs. Go on.

Take your pajamas.

Are you planning to come downstairs
without it to show off your clamor?

Don't try to be a wise guy.

And send her downstairs quickly.



Your daughter is very cultured.

But Ani sounds very modern.

Her real name is Anita.

But she loves the countries abroad.


will you take Ani abroad
after the wedding?

He never took his parents abroad and
you're expecting him to take her along!

Uncle, in my line of work,
families are not allowed.

Not allowed?

-You mean, I can't go with you?

Well, if you're not allowed
to take me with you

then why show up here
in the first place?

Why put me up for display
in this yellow dress?

Mom, didn't you make it clear
that I want to settle abroad?

You're trying to be cheeky now.

Look, auntie, you took
all this trouble for no avail.

You wasted my time as well as yours.

We spent a fortune on this.

The cashews cost
1,000 rupees a kilo.

I only had a couple.

You had more than a dozen.

But that's okay.
I told auntie to get sweetmeats.

But she bought these
expensive pastries instead.

Please, finish it.

It's already half-eaten.

Let's go.

Are you waiting to get
completely humiliated?

Let's go.

What are you waiting for?
Do you want to embarrass us?

Let's go.


Your parents felt offended,
but you don't have to.

When your company allows you to take
me along, you can come back again.

-There's no need for this anymore.

She rejected him.

Does she think that some celebrity
is going to marry her?

She has rejected more than 12 proposals.

Don't lie, Mom.

I've rejected only 10 proposals so far.

Are you waiting to complete a condenser?

The word is century.

Don't try to be a wise guy.

This is my life.
I have some expectations.

Please explain it to her.

In fact, I feel that you've
been polluting her mind.

Stop blaming me, sister.

Why are you looking for someone
who can't take her abroad?

-Stupid asses.

So we brought such
proposals for you, right?

Stupid asses.

That's the reason
I am still unmarried.

All of them were like useless condoms.

Shut up, you shameless woman!

Look at how she's saying
the word "condom" so freely.

I meant to say that they are idiots.

Eat something, sister.

What did you get, auntie?
Show it to me.


-Please help yourself, sister.

-No, thank you. I'll take your leave.
-Have some...

My son Pushpinder is returning
from Dubai after four years.

That's good news, sister.

I wanted to borrow your car.

Now you're being too formal.

Your son is like family.

Give me the keys.

Here. Take the car.

And in case you need
a driver, let me know.

No, we have a driver.
I'll see you soon, sister.

It's nice.

Son, you've lost so much weight.

But don't worry, I'll put you
back in shape with my cooking.

Yes, you can eat all you want.

But first, tell me,
did you get my branded shoes

or are you going to make
some excuse this time as well?

-And a new phone for me?

And, my video game?

Let's get home first.

Are you going to ask him
everything right now?

Son, what did you bring for me?

I brought myself for you.

And I took a long weekend off.

You didn't have to take
a long weekend off.

They will deduct your salary.

We'll get you married

and send you off
in a couple of weeks.

I've been hearing this
for the past six years.

Why don't you find someone for me?

I am desperate now.

This new phone is amazing.

Will you keep staring at the mirror?
I need you to call your uncle.

Remember the lawyer's daughter
he was talking about?

-Call them up.
-Yes, I will.

Don't demand a hefty dowry.

You need to think about Hema as well.

She's growing like the beanstalk.

The money isn't exactly for me.

We're looking for a wealthy family
for Pushpinder.

Whatever we get from
Pushpinder's wedding

we'll use that for Hema's wedding.

And whatever we get
at Hakim's wedding

we'll use that to
pay off the mortgage.

And we'll use the money from Ikka's dowry
for our future.

Auntie, I won't accept any dowry.

My teacher says that
accepting dowry is a sin.

Don't you dare speak against dowry!

Otherwise, mother will
make you quit school.

Auntie! I will accept dowry.

That's more like it.

Enough of this tomfoolery.

People are coming over
to see you over breakfast.

Be careful, son.

Flaunt your attitude.

You should look like
you've returned from Dubai.

Why do I have to show off?

Stop talking about Dubai
over and over again.

-It doesn't seem nice.
-Why shouldn't I?

You have a job in Dubai.

So, why not flaunt it?

Girls these days have
grown pretty brazen.

They reject guys directly.

Take Subha's daughter for instance.

She humiliated that boy
and his family from Agra.

Did she reject this proposal as well?

I wonder who is going
to pop her cherry!

Auntie, what's a cherry?

Don't pay attention to them.

Ani is not a bad girl.

But she's a bit of a loudmouth.

-Who is Ani?
-She's my friend.

Mr. Awasthi's daughter.

Who is Awasthi?

They moved next door two years ago.

The house next door?

She's a bit of a loudmouth.

Sister, I've got some snacks for you.

Keep them on the table.


You're looking nice.

Why aren't you coming along?

Because I haven't showered yet.

And I have no business out there.

You'll say that all the men
are looking at me.

You're not going to
focus on the breakfast.


Since Mr. Shengar's wife died
he looks excitingly at every woman.

What about you?
Why aren't you coming along?

-I just put on a face pack.
-What's the point of this face pack?

Who is this for?

You're showing no interest
in getting married.

This is exactly why
I am not going with you.

You're going to get into this
absurd conversation there.

Dad, just take her away.

Let's go already.

Or those people will finish the food.

Come on.

Have a biscuit.

Son, have some more.

-Didn't you like it?
-It's very nice, auntie.

It's been a long time since
I had such a tasty snack.

Then have a sweetmeat as well.

I made these for you, piping hot.


I don't suppose you
get stuffed bread in Dubai.

-Pizza is their stuffed bread.


Have some pickle.

I don't eat pickles.
I suffer from indigestion if I do.

I'll have some pickles.

Mr. Shengar is always
ready and willing.


Let them see it.

Why didn't Prabha come along?

She is busy.

How can a woman be busy without a man?

Any luck with her marriage?

We're very hopeful.

That's all one can expect at this age.

Nothing more.

What's your salary, son?

-You won't believe it.

Even their clerks earn
more than our officers here.


Don't try to be a wise guy.

Let the boy eat in peace.

Son, you're having the bread

-without any sauce.
-I forgot about the sauce.

Give me your phone.

-Here you go.

-Want some more?
-You must get married this time.

A man has no value without his wife.

-What happened?

-Oh, come on!
-It slipped down his throat.


There's some sauce kept near the stove.

-Tell Ani to bring it over.
-Of course.

You've got to take this
over to their place.


Did you get an eyeful?

At what?

Decent people live here.

Are you done ogling at the
lingerie hanging out here?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

No, I didn't mean to do
anything of that sort.

I am a decent guy.

Hema's older brother.

I see!

So you are Pushpinder Tyagi.

-But you look so ordinary.

I thought you'd be some handsome dude
who speaks fluent English.

Like a gentleman.

But I am a gentleman.

What are you looking at?

I thought you're standing on a brick.

I am this tall.
What do you do in Dubai?

I am an accountant.

But your mother keeps telling everyone
that you're a chartered accountant.

My mom's--

What is your name?

-My name?
-Yes, your name.

-My name?
-Yes, Ani.

-My name is...
-Ani Awasthi.

Full name, Anita Awasthi.
And my name is Ikka Tyagi.

And this is the sauce.

-Need a hand with this?
-Get lost.

Don't you think you dropped in
at the wrong time?

She's gone.

Mom was right.

She is beautiful and quite feisty.



-How are you?
-I'm good.

Why didn't you go to college today?

Just like that.

Six years to complete
a three-year course.

Come on, Hema.

Yes, I must try harder.

-Did you have your breakfast?
-I did.

-What did you have?
-Rice puffs and sweetmeat.

I see!

Let's go...

Where are you going?

I'm going to buy jewelry.

Jewelry? Why didn't you tell anyone?

You know my mother.

If she knew I was
carrying four lakh rupees

she'd have sent the entire family.

Four lakh rupees?

It's not wise to waltz around
with four lakh rupees.

We need someone.
Come on.

Don't try to be my mother.
Let's go.

I'll buy jewelry and
get married as well.

But you can't get married until
your brother gets married.


You're absolutely right.

Brother is more than
willing to get married.

But mother has rejected all the proposals.

Doesn't your brother
have a girlfriend in Dubai?

When it comes to girlfriends,
my brother is an amateur.

And you know mom too well.

She will never tolerate a love marriage.

I pity your brother!

He's more than desperate
to get married

and your mother is
unable to find him a bride.

Hey, stop!

What brings you here?

Where are you going?

This man is flirting with you.
Shall I teach him a lesson?

Don't try to be a hero.
He's my brother.

And the real one.

-I see...
-Let's go.

Hop on. I'll give you a lift.

I look gorgeous!

You must be having an affair.

I mean...

Something to do with a
lover or a boyfriend...

Pack this.

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't
have been busy buying jewelry.


I would have eloped with my boyfriend.

If it wears off

I'll come back for a complete refund.

With interest!

Yes, sir?

Do you have any gemstone or ring
that can mellow down someone?

No, sir.

Let me know if you ever get one.

Stop here. Let's eat panipuri.

Stop here.

-Panipuri for all of us, bro.

Here you go, sister.


Do I look like your sister?

You called me bro, and I called you sister
out of respect.

To hell with you!

-Make her a sweet one.


Because you are spicy.

You should try the sweet ones.

-Make a tangy one for him.

Because you are very sweet.


Go on.

Make mine a little less spicy.

This one is tangy.

Did you rob a store?

How much cash did you save?

-Show it to me.
-100,000 rupees. I saved them for you.

Designer dress, designer stole,
designer purse...

You haven't seen anything yet.

How did you manage all
this in 300,000 rupees?

This cost me 200,000 rupees.

And 100,000 rupees for these bracelets.

100,000 for these bracelets.

And 200,000 rupees for this necklace.

What about those bangles
and the other accessories?

These are fancy,
imitation jewelry items.


I'll go to the shop.

The new shrouds were
supposed to come in.

Bring one for me.

Look at what your daughter has done.

That was a waste of money!

-Do we have money to buy the real stuff?
-Damn you!

But will you wear this imitation
jewelry for your wedding?

-Look at her!
-We'll say they are real.

Who is going to check it?

No, sister. We'll get embarrassed.

How can this be an embarrassment, auntie?

If we buy gold jewelry, they
will give it to their daughter.

What's the point?

And we won't have to
worry about losing these.

Be quiet.

This is the tradition
of the world, dear.

But this is wrong, auntie.

The government is against dowry.

I will never marry anyone
who demands a dowry.

-You're absolutely right.
-Right, Mom?

To each his own.

-See you, sister.

Come on.

She will give me a heart attack someday.

Bring me some electrolyte.

We don't have electrolyte.

Don't be a wise guy. Go, get it.

I drank it myself.

I'll make another one for you.

Yes, hello.

I was waiting for your call.

No, not at all.

There is no such thing.

You're definitely mistaken.

No. She's not like that at all.

We're not in a hurry.
Please give it a second thought.


Okay, fine.


What happened?

But... they said that they like her.

And they were willing
to take her to Singapore.

That's right.

But Shukla told them that
our daughter is a loudmouth

and not cultured in any way.

And her only motive to get married
is to settle abroad.


Everyone knows now.

Stop overreacting.
There will be more proposals.

Did you have more proposals?

Now you are raising a
gang of unmarried girls.

-You mean "shameless."

I haven't influenced your daughter.

Stop blaming me, or else
I will teach you a lesson.

Please put some sense into your wife.

You can explain it to your sister.


I'll give you a slap!



I think you'll never get married and
your mother will never stop taunting me.

Why are you fuming?

I am marrying that guy from Singapore.

You can check him off your list.

They have rejected you.



Because they know about your motives.

Your desire to settle abroad.

London, America...

These are characteristics
of a selfish girl.

You've become famous all over the city.

I don't think you'll get as far as Delhi.

Don't say that.

If I don't settle abroad...

how will I face my friends?

How will I face Rupali and Mitali?

Auntie, please!

Send me abroad.

Say something.

He's the one.

Are you talking about him?


Auntie, he looks like he's
heading for his pension days.

He's quite older than me.
There's a huge age gap.

What gap?

There is a big gap!

I am a free bird and he's like a stooge.

I am like WhatsApp
and he's like a telegram.

I am like pasta and he's like rice.

I am a rose, and he's the thorn.
Auntie, spare me the horror!

Remember one thing.

A man never mends his old habits.

-But he's shorter than me.
-How does that matter?

-But he's my neighbor.

Trying to woo my
own neighbor is immoral.

It's better to marry your neighbor
than to stay unmarried.

You'll go to Dubai.

Listen to me.

That boy is looking for a bride.

If you lose this chance,
you'll never get it again.

Most importantly!

-He's a nice guy.
-Nice guy?

Have you seen his mother?
She's greedy for dowry.

You have a problem with everything.

Once you marry him

you can manipulate his mother's mind.

There's nothing special about him.

You can continue searching for uniqueness
for the rest of your life.



What should I do?

Throw a bait.

You're beautiful, sexy, and you know
how to use that mouth of yours.

You also have an attitude.


Do I need to write it down for you?

Got it.

I'll give it a try.

But if I get a better proposal...

then I'll dump him...

and zoom off.

You can zoom off.

Auntie's beauty service!


Where are you going?

You should know where we are going.

We're going to see a bride for brother
in Mathura.

If everything goes as planned

we'll soon begin the
wedding preparations.

Hurry up, brother,
the situation looks tense.

Son, sit in the front.

Be careful. Come on.

Let's go.

What about my medicines?

What about her medicines?



I'll stay, sister.

Fine, you can stay back.
Her pills are important.

Auntie, let it be.

You should go.

I'll give her the pills.

That's great.

The black ones, after lunch.

The green ones...

And the yellow and pink pills...

You can give those whenever you want.

Shall we go now?

Got it?

And take care.


A nice guy and a talking parrot
don't wait for too long.

You were being apprehensive about him.


Another one bites the dust.

Stop thinking about Dubai
and give grandma her pills.

You know what, auntie?

-You're a bitch!
-I'll whack you.

If you want to ask Laali anything,
you can do so.

How much?

Excuse me.

What's your educational qualification?

-I am pursuing LLB.
-I see!

So, you're studying to be a doctor.

No, auntie, I'll be a lawyer.

I know! One pursues LLB to be a lawyer.

Then how does one become a doctor?

For that, one needs to
pursue an MBA degree.

Oh, God. How silly of me!

She has a good sense of humor.

You can have a conversation
with our daughter...

somewhere in private.

Don't be shy.

You're from Dubai, after all.

Go first.

You go first.

Please, go first.

No, you're our guest.
You go first.

No, you're a lady.
You go first.


I wanted you to start the conversation.

I thought you were
referring to the food.

You can finish eating first.


-Do you like sweetmeats?

-Do you like fritters?

-Do you like me?

Do you like me?

Let's not talk about likes and dislikes.

You're female, and I am a male.

That's all one needs to get married.



Mom, did you see how huge their sofa was?

Did you see how huge their TV was?

Mom, did you see how
huge their daughter was?

She will lose weight.

And what if she doesn't?

Women usually put on weight
post their wedding.

Shut up.
Don't pretend to know everything.

Brother, this is your call.

You're the one getting married.

You've seen her, she's great.

-Right, Dad?

Yes, she's great.

Did you see how rich they were?

Did you see how big her bracelets were?

Did you see how huge her arms were?

She will lose weight.

Think twice, brother.
You're the one who will be marrying her.

You've seen her, she's great.

Right, Dad?

Yes, she's great.


Mom wants a hefty dowry.

But what's your reason for saying yes?

Stop being a menace!

Take my advice.

That girl is like a baby elephant.

-Damn it.
-Think about how they will look together.

I know that brother
doesn't want to marry her.

And you guys are forcing him.

Am I right, brother?

You're absolutely right.

Will you come out, lad?


Yes, brother.

What were you saying inside?

About my will...

They are forcing you.

I know that you don't want to.

But I do.

I want to marry her.

I've turned 36.

My friends are married
and they have babies.

-Hear me out first.

For how long do you
expect me to be single?

Don't I want to do something?

I don't have a couple of
options to choose from.

Finally, someone has agreed to marry me.

And you're trying to drive her away.

I've been hearing that girls
are queuing up outside my door.

But the truth is that I
am only getting screwed.

What am I?
A human being or a bull?

I'll only be good
for ploughing the fields.

Damn you!

And she's just fat.

I'm prepared to marry any girl who is fat,
stout, scrawny, or a midget.

All I want, is a girl.


This thrashing that I gave you...

it wasn't really a thrashing...

but an expression of my feelings.

That's all.

Finish your sweets.

How do I convince this man?

He's nowhere to be seen.
Where could he be?

What do I say? And how?




-What brings you here?

I came here to pray.

Where are your offerings?

We'll share this.

So, congratulations.

-Finally, you found a girl.
-Yes, finally.

I've heard that she is fat.

A little.

No, I heard that she's very fat.

Anyway, you're finally getting married.

I like her.

You don't like her.

But you don't have an option.

I know that every guy wants
a beautiful and slim wife.

No one wants a fat wife.

Why would all these overweight girls

join the gym before their wedding?

You can ask anyone you want.

Let's go.

Frankly speaking...

I would have refused.

I mean...

You can say no as well.


How can I say no now?

As you wish.

I was only saying it
for your own good.

After all, you're my neighbor
and a friend.

The rest is your will.

Wait a minute.

I know I am your neighbor.


when did we become friends?


-We went shopping together, ate out...

-I gave your grandma her pills.

-I lent your family my car.

-And gave you my time.

Now, do you need a
certificate of friendship?

We can be friends.


Then listen to your friend and tell your
mother that you don't want to marry her.

Reject her? And what if
I don't find anyone after that?

You're such a coward.
Look at me.

I rejected ten proposals,
and yet, I am not scared.

And look at my aunt.

She rejected 27 proposals.

Rejection only brings
you more respect.

Believe me.

But I don't see your
aunt getting any respect.

Forget my aunt.
Take me for example.

You are very beautiful.

You'll find a better wife.

After all, you live in Dubai.

What if I don't live in Dubai?

I mean, wherever you are from...

But you are a true gem.

So says my mother.

Enough of this.

Listen to me and reject her.

-I'll try.

-I can't promise--
-I'll call you.


See you.

There's going to be no DJ.

They will set up their
equipment out on the road.

Clean the fan properly.

-It should shine!
-Do you want me to lick it clean?

-She wants it to shine.
-Shut up.

Pushpinder, what are you doing there?

Come here.

Sit down.

-Mom, I was thinking...

I mean, this wedding...

The good news is that
you are getting married.

Have a sweet!

Here you go.

The wedding is in four days from now.

Whose phone is ringing?

The idiot is not answering my calls.

This paste is really good.

I'll use it on myself.
Let me answer your phone.

You're not supposed to eat that.

It's an official call, I'll answer it.




Brother, one kilo tomatoes,
and one kilo potatoes.

-And make it fast.
-What's the matter, bro?

-Expecting a storm?
-Make sure they are big.

Hurry up.

-Make sure the potatoes are tight.

-The potatoes?
-The tomatoes.

Yes, of course. Hurry up.

-He's getting engaged.
-I see!

-Why didn't you answer my calls?
-I was busy.

I see!

-He was busy.

You couldn't answer my calls.

Who do you think you are?

Hurry up.

Let me give you the best stuff,
or else, your mother will kill me.

I see!

You're ignoring me!

Will you give me the vegetables?

-Right away, bro.
-Damn you!

-Here you go. 70 rupees.
-Keep the change.

Mr. Pushpinder Tyagi from Dubai.

I am letting you go because
you're like a friend.


Had it been anyone else in your place

I would've stabbed him with
this knife and split his guts.

You're getting married
No one's stopping you.

Your engagement, your wife...
Have a blast.

Bro, that was a real tragedy.

Return the money.

Return the money.

That's a real tragedy.

Hakim! Hema!

You look amazing!

Bless you! Sit down.

You're looking very handsome.

You're still here!

Why didn't you come over
for the engagement?

Everyone had lots of fun.

And the women had a ball.

It's a good thing.

Finally, Pushpinder is settling down.

Don't you dare utter his name!

I tried so hard to convince
that stupid, idiot, coward,

nincompoop, Neanderthal, fool.
And he still got engaged.

And this is all your fault.

I was doing good so far.

You said, "He's a nice guy.

You're sexy and beautiful.
So, try to convince him."

I only said it for your own good.

I had no clue that he wouldn't
fall for a hot body like yours.

You should be ashamed.

It's not my fault if you're
not destined for Dubai.


not everyone is lucky to get married.

-I didn't get married, and nor will you.
-I'll get married.

God forgot to make a match for you,
but not for me.

I can't go to London, America or Dubai.

I'll find someone from Nepal,
Sri Lanka, or Bhutan.

And if you can't find
someone from these countries

then you can always try
Uganda and Somalia.



Sister-in-law, the saris are very cheap.

Worse than the ones you
brought at your wedding.

I shouldn't be complaining,
but the sweets don't taste good.

Nothing is good.

this seems to be quite cheap.

Worse than the ones you
brought at your wedding.

What's wrong, son?

This ring seems to be stuck.

Why is it stuck?

We sent them your measurement.

-My finger's gone numb.

Let me see.

Let me see.

It broke.

That's a real tragedy.

I doubt their intentions.

You should speak to them about the dowry.

Otherwise, if they refuse,
you'll have no options to explore.

It's just a broken ring, auntie.

This is what your uncle has found for us.

I told you.

Get him married to my
sister-in-law's distant niece.

Why are you speechless now?

Take my advice and have a word with them.

Here you go, Mom.
And give them an earful.

Yes, good evening.

Yes, it's Indu.

Yes, all is well.

Wedding preparations?

Yes, the preparations are going on.

I had a question.

The ring you sent for Pushpinder
turned out to be a fragile one.

I don't think the relatives
would like that.

What about the dowry?



We didn't discuss it.

We didn't bring it up
because we thought

that you guys are wise enough.

Who will marry your daughter
without accepting a dowry?

She isn't that beautiful.

Oh, come on!

If you didn't want to give us any dowry

why did you show off your riches?

Was it all fake?

Look! I'll be frank with you.

I need 25 lakhs in cash
and a fair amount of gold.

My son has a job in Dubai.

Am I asking for too much?

-Fine! You can take this cheap stuff back.

My son has no dearth of proposals.

-Girls are queuing up outside our door.
-Where's the queue?

Who told you that my son is 36?

He's just 32.

Think about your daughter.

She is so stout.

We would rather adopt a pet elephant.

At least it will add to our reputation.


Here, turn it off.

I've said my goodbyes.
And called off the wedding.

Don't be sad.

There's no dearth of proposals.

Girls are queuing up outside our door.

What are you grinning about?

I don't know about the queue, but
I'd be happy if you find me just one.

Pushpinder, where to?

I am going home. What about you?

I am going home as well.
Wait. Take this.

-Give me a hand.

If you fall,
you'll bruise that beautiful face.

Stop worrying about my face.
Why do you look so pale?

It's not pale, I am just sullen.

Did you forgive me?

Yes, I did.

You're going through a bad phase.
What's the point of being angry with you?

Can I tell you something?

I called off the wedding.

You didn't call it off.

Your mother called it off.

-How do you know that?
-Everyone in Bhopal knows.

Your mother announced it to everyone.

My wedding's been called off.

Are you sad?

I don't know.

I mean, maybe. And maybe not.

You look like you're sad.

My face is like that, unfortunately.

-Can I give you some free advice?

Why don't you find someone
to get married to?

Do you expect me to go looking
from pillar to post?

I don't know anyone except you.

-You do know me.
-Yes, I know you.

-You know me, don't you?
-Yes, I know you.

You know me, don't you?

Yes, I do. You and me...

You and me! Titanic, Runaway Bride,
Total Recall...

You can't even take a hint.
Stop right here.

You're fit for Dubai.

She looks normal to everyone

But she's fiery like an amber

She looks normal to everyone

But she's fiery like an amber

Don't go any closer

She's more dangerous
Than an atom bomb

She's completely crazy

Always heading down the wrong lane

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad


She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad

What were you saying about us?

Who is this?

Bloody nincompoop!

She has an innocent face

But she's really sweet

Whoever cannot understand her
Is a bloody fool

She has an innocent face

But she's really sweet

Whoever cannot understand her
Is a bloody fool

Cute attitude and a kick in her ways

She's a little crazy
But she's quite nice

She sways like she doesn't care

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad


She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks normal to everyone

But she's fiery like an amber

Don't go any closer

She's more dangerous
Than an atom bomb

She's completely crazy

Always heading down the wrong lane

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad

She looks crazy

She is mad

What is it?
Why are you following me?

Don't you get tired?

What were you trying to say,
the other day?

Which day?

The day you were talking about us.

Yes. That day!

I guess I wanted to know
if you saw that movie.

No! I said that I know you.

And what did you say after that?

Yes, I said that you'll find someone.

No, that wasn't it.


I said that I don't know anyone.

Then, you placed your hand on my lap.

And I felt a sensation down my--
What did you say after that?


I said...

You know me.

Yes, I do.

You know me, don't you?

Yes, I do. But I don't get it.

I wanted to...

-What were you saying?
-I was trying to say that...

-I was trying to say...

This is what girls and boys
do in the park these days.

Let's cut to the chase
and tell me what's on your mind.

Tell me, quickly.

-Tell me.

-Don't I fit your criteria for marriage?

I mean...

I like you.

But I don't know
whether you like me or not.

Of course, I do. I like you.

That's why I've been chasing you around
like a firefly.

But your mother will never agree to it.

And if your mother says no,
you'll say no.

All my jewelry is fake.

Your mother knows that.

Look, my mother will never
get me married in this lifetime.

Rather than marrying someone
for the sake of dowry

I would rather marry you.

You're mature.

You're beautiful.

You like me.

I am in love with you since day one.

You're already in love?

Love doesn't need some kind of degree.

It's all about the heart.

Your heart fell for me,
and my heart fell for you.



Then promise me you'll find
a way to deal with your mother.

This is Roopmati.

She is not that beautiful.

Forget about her average looks.
Focus on her riches.

They are willing to pay 35 lakhs.

What the hell is this?

This girl has been overdoing it now.

-That's jogging.
-Stop being a wise guy.

Everyone is showing off
how well-read they are.

What's wrong, sister?

Guess what!

My daughter is no longer in my control.

-Stop cleaning that scooter.
-Try it.

Go, take a look in the park.

I hope she didn't jog her
way out of this country.

I am getting restless.

Sister, don't mind.

You should tighten the
rein on your daughter.

It's not good to give her
too much of freedom.

My children for instance...

They never do anything
without my permission.

-Mom, can I exercise?
-Go ahead.

Hema. Ask Pushpinder to wake up.

-It's almost afternoon. Go on.
-Yes, Mom.



Come on.

What was that, son?


Stress causes acidity.

You want to settle abroad.

And Pushpinder lives in Dubai.

So, that's your game.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

How can you forget that
Ikka and Hakim are like your brothers?

Pushpinder is not my brother.

Doesn't that make him
your brother as well?


I had no more options left.

Aunt said that he's the only option left.

So, I should pounce on him.


I never said that.

I said, "He's a nice guy
and he lives in Dubai.

Think about it."

But, you married him!

I didn't have the
courage to take a risk.

He's a mamma's boy, and he
could've gone back on his word.

And I don't have the patience
to woo him first and then marry him.

So, I thought of this.

I see!

So you're the "urgent" of this game.


This wretch woman is
trying to be wise again.

What else do you expect me to do?

You kept taunting me that I was
raising a gang of unmarried girls.

"I am spoiling her.
I am influencing her."

So, I gave her this idea.

But for everyone's good.

I couldn't see you and
brother-in-law so tensed.

But there's nothing wrong.

There's nothing wrong.

He's a nice guy.

And we know that.

She married him!

What's done is done.

Think about the next step.

I'll whack you.

Son, does your garland
have marigold flowers?

And roses?

Jasmine as well?

Stop it, grandma.

Everyone's sulking.

Indu, it's quite late.

Say something.

Sister-in-law, we lost 25 lakhs.

You must be really happy.

You found a decent son-in-law
without paying a single penny.

Not to mention, the artificial jewelry.

I admit it's my daughter's fault.

Your daughter has ruined
my planning and expectations.

I apologize.

My son wasn't resolute either.

It's not my fault if
he likes curdled milk.

Indu, we need to find a solution.

Yes, we'll do as you say.

Children can be disloyal,

but not a mother.

Since they have taken
their vows in front of God

we'll have to solidify their bond.

They have accepted the marriage.

Are you sure?

Yes, auntie, it's official now.

Finally, brother did one thing right!

Our reputation is intact, old woman!

I've got a beautiful sister-in-law!

Bless your grandchild.

We must get them married
before the relatives find out.

Make sure it's done within this week.

You can never afford the kind
of wedding I am expecting.

So, you're free to decide.

But I won't spend a penny. That's it.

That's a nice thought.

How about we match their horoscopes?

There's no need for that.

I belong to a very affluent family.

-So, ma'am--
-Call me sister-in-law.

Of course. We're relatives now.

-So, ma'am--
-Call me sister-in-law.

Stop being so formal.


Without caring about the world

The girl and the boy got married

After breaking the record of rejections

She fell in love
With a boy from the neighborhood

Bless you, son, that looks beautiful.


The news has spread
Through the neighborhood

Changing the story of virgins all over

Look at all the preparations

Look at the hiccups of desire

How will this alliance last?

How will this alliance last?

Once this ego's out of the way

And the relatives agree

There'll still be some sort of discomfort

There are no excuses for this interruption

How will this alliance last?

How will this alliance last?

Keep a red betel leaf between your lips

If we are in the battlefield, keep silence

Two honeymoons in a year is a must

Don't forget to compliment
All the time

Aim for the golden sweetmeat

Congratulations on this
Lifetime imprisonment

Then this alliance will last

Then this alliance will last

Then this alliance will last

This alliance won't fall apart

This alliance won't fall apart

I only got married in Bhopal.

We're going to settle down in Dubai.

He's a chartered accountant.

We didn't have to pay a penny.

I'll post it on the internet...

as soon as I reach Dubai.


I'll hang up now. We'll talk later.
It's my send-off now.

She's fuming with jealousy.

-Is your mission complete now?

Now bring some tears in your eyes

or your in-laws will say that
you're pretty brazen.

What are you guys playing?
It's her send-off!

Listen, mister, you made me play
for two weddings for the price of one.

I can't figure out whom I am playing for.

The groom or the bride?

Let's play something sad.

Come on. Don't be a spoilsport.

Don't cry, dear.

You should go to your
husband's place happily.

You're absolutely right.

I was only crying
because aunt asked me to.

Sister-in-law, the girl who
doesn't cry on her send-off,

spells only trouble for her in-laws.

Hurry up with the rituals, Mom.

Sister-in-law has had a long journey.
She must be tired.

Hello, auntie.

-What are you doing?
-What do you think?

Sleeping, of course.

You're sleeping, but these flowers
are giving me sleepless nights.

-What do you mean?

I married him because
I want to go to Dubai.

But I can't do this without love.
I can't do it, auntie.


I have no feelings for him.


Close your eyes and think
about the Burj Khalifa.

You'll get in the mood.

Auntie, you're a bitch.

Ani, hang up.

You're still awake. It's pretty late.

Would you like something?


Lord, there's a delay, but no denial.

My patience has been rewarded
so gorgeously... I mean, so sweetly.

Lord, I have only goofed up on one Monday

out of the 16 Mondays.

And this is how you punish me.

I brought this heater for you.

-Shall I come in?
-Come in, come in.


Since I am already here,
let me install the heater.

By the way, brother,
it's not too cold in your room.

Of course not, it's very cold.

-All set.

Shift it here.

-Is this okay?
-A little more on this side.

-No, closer.

-Move the heater closer.

-Closer to me.

A little more on this side.

Towards me.

-Just get lost, I'll do it.
-No, Hakim can do it.

-A little more on that side.

-Go away.

-A little more on that side.


Finally, your cherry is
going to be popped today.

The soft quilt, and the bed of roses!

Back then, it was just
a fan that never worked

and a bed that squeaked.

Let's go.

No one likes an interruption...

and old folk between a young couple.

Let's go.

Son, be gentle.

Girl, be rough.

Grandma, stop being raunchy.

Let's go.

Bro, don't forget to lock the door.

I have this unsettling feeling.

How is that possible?
I haven't done anything yet.

I have a pill to help digestion.
I'll get that for you.

Take this pill and you'll feel better.

Totally herbal, and no side effect.
I take it whenever I have indigestion.

Do you feel better?

Do you feel better?

The pill hasn't
reached my stomach yet.

That's because you're so tall.

It takes time.

It'll get there.

Is it there yet?

-I'll be right back from the bathroom.
-I'll come with you.

Hurry up, please.


Get ready quickly and come down.

The neighbors will be coming over
for the rest of the rituals.

Hey, Nancy's mom!

Control your daughter.
She's been prancing around.

Fine, I'll handle her.

-It's a beautiful design.
-Hello, auntie.

Why are you swaying, daughter-in-law?

Didn't you sleep last night?

Hello, brother.

Let me look at her face.

She looks gorgeous.

Let me take a look as well.

Let me do that.

Let me see her.

I am in a hurry.

I am in a hurry!

The night went by and now
I'll lose out on the day as well.

Why are you so eager to see her face?

She's from this neighborhood.

The jewelry looks pretty awesome.

-Earrings, necklaces...
-Let me see.

Beads and bracelets.

It must be worth half a million.


Half a million.

It's all imitation jewelry.

Ani bought all this with Hema.

Isn't that right, Hema?

Why didn't you ask us?

There is no need for spewing poison.

Stop commenting on the jewelry

and take a look
at our daughter-in-law.

She's nothing short of a gem.

Let her spend some time with me.

Quality time!

Why did you stop?
Start playing, come on.

Very nice.
Don't stop.

Will you look at that?

She is my wife,
and everyone else is celebrating.

Congratulations, auntie.

-Keep it.

Hello, sister-in-law.

Your daughter-in-law
is really lucky for you.

What's so special about her?

She's brought good fortune to your home.

Pushpinder got a job
right after the wedding.

He's my boss.

But Pushpinder already has a job
in Dubai.

He was fired from that job.
That's why he took up a job here.

Why are you speechless now?
Say something.

Mother, I was going to tell you,
but I didn't get the time.

You found the time to get married,
but not to tell us this.

Lord! I wonder who
has jinxed this family?

We've been receiving
one bad news after another.

Did you tell her that
you lost your job in Dubai?

No, everything happened in a hurry.

Oh, no! If only you had
told her before the wedding

then her dreams wouldn't be crushed.

You've shattered all her
dreams of settling abroad.

I didn't understand.

Don't you know why she rejected
all those wedding proposals?

So that she can settle abroad.

-Indu, stop it.

He has the right to know why
she married him in the first place.

-Stop it.
-This isn't love.

Her only love is to settle abroad.
She wanted to go to Dubai.

You didn't get a chance.

-Or, was it intentional?

Whether it's Dubai or India,
at least I have a job.

But you turned out to be a clever girl.

-The feeling is likewise.
-Me? Clever?

How dare you blame me for all this?

I didn't know that you
were laying a bait for me

so that you can go to Dubai.

Why did you take the bait?

-You're not that innocent.
-Oh, I am innocent.

I would've never fallen for you.

I hurt my mother because of your lie.

You're not innocent either.

What about your intentions?

When you got me
instead of some misfit

-you couldn't control yourself.
-Yes, I couldn't control myself.

But you didn't exactly
do me a favor by marrying me.

You wooed me for going to Dubai.
It was Dubai!

I wish I knew it!

I wouldn't have fallen
for such an impostor.

I am not an impostor.
I am just ambitious.

Look at her ambition!

Try to go abroad on your own merit.

Stowing away on a
chopper isn't a journey.

No beauty, nor brain,
just a headache.

You're not exactly
tall, dark and handsome.

A mixture of aubergine and beetroot!
And the name's Pushpinder.

Deal with it!

You deal with me,
and I'll deal with you.

This wedding has ruined my life!

My life hasn't become a bed of roses.

Let go!

Here's your ambition.

All the planning down the drain!

What am I going to tell my friends?

What am I going to post on the internet?

I settled for Dubai instead
of London and America.

But I got stranded in my neighborhood!

-Here you go.
-This one too.

-No, auntie. Please.
-No, we insist.

You must eat.

-No, no.
-Thank you.

Enough already.
Don't jinx my son-in-law.

I made this especially for you.

Girl, please tell son-in-law.

How about another fritter, son-in-law?

Spare him today.

You can pamper him some other day.

Son, come with me.

Send some tea in the room.

Come on.

This way.

The boy's charter is so overwhelming.

You mean, character?

Go on, you can give me all
the free advice you like.

-I won't mind.

You feel overwhelmed,
but I want to puke.

Why do you say that, dear?

He's a gem of a guy.

He's no gem. He's a lump of coal.

Your gem of a son-in-law
lost his job in Dubai.

And he's got a job in Bhopal.

What? He lost his job?

Yes, auntie.

I married him for the sake of Dubai

but now there's no scope
of going to Dubai.

So, he won't go to Dubai anymore.

He's been fired from the job,
so how can he?


I've lost Dubai.

I dreamed of London, America...

My life is ruined.

Ani, sometimes plans fail.

What's done is done.

Stop ranting about
Dubai and act mature.

You should've been
this mature when you said,

"Try your luck with this guy,
he'll take you to Dubai."

Stop being naive.
And listen to me.

Haven't I always supported you?

But you're married now.


Not a word from you or I'll whack you.

if you create any more trouble

I'll commit suicide.

And if I don't go to Dubai,
then you will--

Shut up!

She won't quit until I am dead.

Sister, calm down.

Send some tea inside.

Take some tea for them.

Son, I am happy to have
a son-in-law like you.

But I know that...

your mother isn't too happy
with your wedding.

She had many expectations.

So I have a request, son,
don't feel offended.

Please accept this.


What is this, father?

I don't have a fortune.

So keep this cheque.

I couldn't muster the courage to offer
such a small amount to your mother.

So, I am offering this to you.

My mother indeed has expectations.

But her expectations are with me,
and I'll fulfill those.

Dowry has never done
any good for anyone.

And if educated people
like us don't change, then...

who will put an
end to these traditions?

You gave us your beloved daughter.

What more can I expect from you?

-I cannot accept this.
-Keep it.

-No, please...
-For my sake.

For my sake, please.

If I take this, I'll lose my pride.

My daughter's done one right thing
in her life.

She married you.

Dad, tea.

Serve it to son-in-law.

I'll tend to the guest downstairs.

Excuse me.

Can I ask you a question?

Did you mean what you just
said, or were you pretending?

I am not like you.

You're always pretending.

I am very straightforward,
and not a mystery like you.

Can I ask you a question?

Will you answer me honestly?

Did you really marry me
because you wanted to go to Dubai?

You never really loved me?

-Grandma, tea.

Ani's parents sent some really good stuff.

The sweets are tasty.

It looks nice on you.

Yes, son.

-Did you add some ginger and cardamom?


-That's nice. Right?

Girl, you've won my heart.


You looked sad when you left.

You've been bustling with happiness
since you returned.

I'll go change.

Girl, I forgive all your mistakes.

And you have my blessings
for this marriage.

I'll go change.



Here you go.


Why are you yelling aloud?

This letter came in for brother
and I forgot to give it to him.

Then read it.

First, they fired him,
and now they sent him this letter.


Hurry up.

It's private, I'll give it to him.

It can't be that private. Read it.

Read it, son.

Just read it!

It's in English.

Don't you know how to read English?

Just read it.

Read it aloud.

Breathe, son. Clear your throat.

Sit down.

-Are you done?

What does it say?

-I don't know.

-I don't know.
-What are you studying for?

You should take up a job instead.

You'll make some money.

Can anyone decipher this letter
and tell me what it says.

Can you read, my dear?
Go ahead.


They are reinstating
him back to his old job.

And they are giving him a raise.

That's great.

Finally, some good news.

What's the matter, Dad?

There's good news for you, son.

Your old bosses are
calling you back to Dubai.

They've given you a raise.

It's a good thing you're married now.

Prepare to fly back
in a couple of days.

It's time to start earning money.

But, Mom...

Mom, I...

I don't want to take up this job again.

What are you saying?

Think twice before you say that.

I've already got a job here.

Then why don't you quit?

And these people won't pay you
as much as your boss in Dubai.

I know I'll make less money.

But I'll get to stay with all of you.

Please try to understand.

Inflation has broken all records.

The house is still mortgaged.

Three children are still studying.

And don't even get me
started on the expenses.

Please talk to him.

I am not asking you to
settle there forever.

Mom, I could only come home twice
in seven years.

I can't live there.

I miss everyone.

And that place doesn't suit me.

I see! Suddenly, that place
doesn't suit you anymore!

Son, I think you've forgotten
your responsibilities.

Would I have taken up this job,
if I had forgotten my responsibilities?

Let's just go, since mom is insisting.

You didn't accept any dowry
at your wedding.

Hema won't find someone so mature.

Once Hema gets married,
you can do as you please.

With this job, I can fulfill the
responsibility of Hema's wedding

while I live here.

Stop it, Mom. Let him stay here.

For seven years, I've been sending
him a rakhi in an envelope.

Yes. Uncle Brijesh is in Muscat.

In another two years,
I'll call him back, and replace him.

Indu, since he has already
got a job here, stop insisting.

Fine, you can stay here for a month.

Then, you've got to leave.

How can I just go?

I won't go.

-You will have to!
-I won't.

-You will have to!
-I won't--

How dare you answer me back?

Why do you have a headache?

For the same reason that you do.

Tell me something.
Do you want to go to Dubai?

I do.

But he has clearly said no.

He will, if you want him to.

Me? But I want to go.

So, tell me, have you two done

what couples normally do
after marriage.

No, Mom.

And make sure you don't do it.

Why, Mom?

That's the only way to control him.

Do everything you want,
except for that.

Shrug him off at the last moment.
First, tell him to take you to Dubai.

And will he listen to me?

Beautiful women can
make men do anything...

even if they are stupid.

I don't think your plan will work.

How can I keep him
at bay for too long?

It's only for a few days. Soon, he'll
get restless, and then you can tell him

to take you to Dubai.


What are you teaching her, Mom?

What knowledge are you imparting?

And why?

To send me to Dubai?

You've become very selfish, Mom.

No, son, it's not what you think.

-You must have heard it wrong.
-I've been wronged.

By coming here and getting married.

I wanted to stay back for you.

And this is what you do.

If the earth cracks up,
if the skies turn red,

if the sun rises from the east and
if the world runs out of oxygen,

-I won't go to Dubai.

Shut up.

You've grown so greedy and shameless.



I am doing whatever your
mother is telling me to do.

If you really were so obedient
you would've never married me.

But you just can't get over Dubai.

Shameless! Brazen!

Look, I am warning you.
Mind your words.

Think twice before you speak.

I've been thinking twice!

for the kind of plans you're making,

you deserve a slap on your face.

Why do I deserve to get slapped?

Your mom's making the plans,
why don't you slap her?


-What happened?
-I don't know.

-Mom knows what happened here.
-What happened, sister-in-law?

They just got into a small argument.

Ani, tell us what happened.

Wait, dear.
Don't take decisions in a haste.

Try to understand.

Aunt, your nephew and your
sister-in-law need to understand.

-Wait, dear.

Wait, dear.

Wait, dear.

-Daughter-in-law, hold on.

-Ani! Listen to me.

-Listen to us.

-Talk to her.


-Hi. What's wrong?
-Hey! Listen to me.

-Open the door.
-Please tell her.

-What happened?
-I don't want to go back to that house.

Please explain it to her.

It's not wise to leave the house
over such small arguments.

Look at this!

My ears are still ringing.

Is this a small thing?

Tell your son not to take me for granted.

My father never slapped me.

What happened?

Why did he slap her?

I don't know what happened.

All I know is that

they had a small argument
and my son slapped her.

But that's wrong.
That's very wrong.

Sister-in-law, we're wrong.

But if daughter-in-law leaves,
it will only make things worse.

I don't care.

Listen, Ani. Let's go back inside.

We'll talk over this.
And everything will be fine, dear.

I don't want to talk.
I don't want to go back to that house.

But dear, it will only taint the
reputation of both the families.

I don't care.
It doesn't make a difference to me.

-I am not coming back.
-You're right, dear.

Why would you care
about anyone's reputation?

It's only for those who earned it.

But listen to me carefully.

You decided to marry him.

You'll have to deal with
your marital problems.

Don't expect any help from us.

You mean, I cannot come back home.



-Do you want to go out?


I won't come home.

Neither here, nor there.

I request you from the bottom of my heart

Don't make things worse than they are

I request you from the bottom of my heart

Don't make things worse than they are

You're the reason I'm high on life

Don't break my heart

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

Silly girl, if you want to fight with him,
then come inside and do so.

How can you do it from out here?

Stop being stubborn
and come back inside.

I don't want to fight with anyone,
nor go back to that house.

Look, dear, I am speaking
out of 80 years of experience.

You just came out of the house.

But once you're out of their hearts,
no one will take you back.

Stop being stubborn
and come back home.

You don't know, nor recognize me

I am a true lover

I want us to be together forever

Don't think this bond is weak

I am scared that I might die

Don't skirt your eyes away from me

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

Your name's etched on my soul

And it can never be erased

I've forsaken the entire world

And want to be only yours

I've given you the right to be mine

Don't shrug your arm

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

Don't feel bad

Over trivial things

Just listen when I try to convince you

I request you from the bottom of my heart

Don't make things worse than they are

See you again at Hema's wedding.

He left for Dubai.

And didn't say a word to anyone.

This never happened before.

That's because we were
never as sad as we are now.

What else did you expect him to do?

Neither mom was talking
to him, nor sister-in-law.

So, he left.

Where is he?

He left for Dubai.

Are you happy now?

-How can he leave?
-What else could he have done?

Did you give him a reason to stay?

Poor thing.

He tried everything to win her over.

But she did not forgive him.

-Stop it.

Face the reality.

You're the reason for all this.

-Selfish girls like you--

This is not Ani's fault.

This is all my fault.

I drove Pushpinder away from
this family, for the sake of money.

I told daughter-in-law to
stop sleeping with him...

so that he is forced
to take her to Dubai.

Indu, how could you--

I did all this for Hema's sake.

So that she can settle down.

To help my daughter,

I ruined my son and
daughter-in-law's life.

I broke everyone's heart.

Forgive me, Choti.

I'll call Ikka's dad tomorrow
and tell him to come back.

I don't want such earnings.

I made a huge mistake.

Forgive me.

My child's gone.

My child's gone.

-Here you go.
-What is this?

Brother left it for you.

I am going, Ani.

My dreams couldn't be fulfilled.

But I will fulfill yours.

I've kept a ticket to Singapore
along with the letter.

Don't go alone.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have slapped you.

So, please forgive me.

My eyes are wide awake

And the night is about to set

My eyes are wide awake

And the night is about to set

If tears trickle down

You have my shoulder to cry on

And the night is about to set

Why are you so quiet?

Say it aloud

Why are you so lost?

Say it aloud

If your lips sing my tune

Then love is about to happen

I am about to lose my heart

Did you marry me for
the sake of going to Dubai?

You never loved me?

I don't want to go to London,
America, or Singapore.

I don't even want to go to Dubai.

I just want you to come back, Pushpinder.

I want you.

Now I know...


Son, you're back.

You're back, son!

I spent the whole night
at the airport thinking

whether I should go or not.

But I couldn't go
without meeting you.

Now, I can leave.

No, son. You won't go anywhere.

-You won't go anywhere.
-Put that down.

-You won't go anywhere.
-Stop it.

You will stay right here.

It's all my fault.

I am responsible for this.

I got so greedy that I ruined
my son and daughter-in-law's life.

You won't go anywhere, son.

If I don't go, what about the money?

You're my life's earning, son.

I was wrong. Forgive me.

I was completely wrong.

Don't leave me.

Why are you crying?

Pushpinder is back!

Pushpinder is back!

Listen, Pushpinder is back!


-Where were you?

Where were you?

-Where did you spend the night?
-Finish the banana first.

We spent the entire night
looking all over Bhopal for you.

Shut up.

Enough about me, son.

Go, meet daughter-in-law.

She has been very
stressed since you left.

-Go on, son.
-I'll go later.

-Go on, son.
-I'll go later.

I said, go!

Brother, not here.

Sister-in-law is over
at her parent's place.

Go on.

Son-in-law, you're back!

You did the right thing.

-I am coming straight from the airport.
-I see.

My company sent me
business class tickets.

And I was sitting in
the business lounge...

thinking whether I should go, or not...

-And I started missing you.
-You took the right decision.

-Where is Ani?
-We'll call her. Choti.

Grandma, leave this aside.
Brother is back home.

-What? He's back home!
-Yes, he's back.

He's over at sister-in-law's place.
He'll be back soon.

My child's back.

Why are you still sulking?
It's time to rejoice.

-Pushpinder is back.

-Yes. Look, that's his bag.

-Son-in-law, please sit.
-Get some breakfast.

No, thank you. I want to meet Ani.

Where is Ani?

She just went over to your place.

-My place?
-Sit down.

-Get some breakfast.
-Yes, yes.

-He's gone over to your place to meet you.

-Of course.

Mom, where is he?

He was here.

But when I said you left,
he ran out the back door to meet you.

I don't see Ani around.

-Didn't you meet her yet?

She just went over
to your place to meet you.

I see.

Just a minute.

Choti, bring some breakfast.

-No, I don't want any breakfast.

Where is he, Mom?

He just went over to
your place to meet you.


-Was Ani here?

-Fine, I'll go take a look.

stop going around in circles.

Wait here, I'll bring him over.

she went out the back door.

-Back door?
-Wait here. I'll go, get her.

It's quite the game you two are playing.

But I've made things simpler.

I asked sister-in-law to wait.
Now, let's go.

-You did the right thing.
-Look at you.

Son-in-law's been waiting for ages

and you're waiting here.

Come on, let's go.
Yes, let's go.

But he's supposed to come over here.

He's sitting over there.



This is all because of these two doors.

Close that door first.

-Pushpinder, why are you sitting alone?
-I've been telling you...

What is this?

What is this?


Whose underwear is this?

You've been knitting this
for the past four years.


Son, Ani...

-This is not the time for argument.

-What's the matter?
-Oh, no!

Are you hurt, son?
Be more careful.


You know what,
let's go out through the front door.

-Let's use this door.
-Let's go.

Son, you're back.

Hurry up.


Why did you come back
when you had already left me?

I am an emotional man, you know.

How can I leave without
consummating our marriage?

I found brother and sister-in-law.

I found them.

I found brother and sister-in-law.

-Where are they?

-Where are they?

-Where are they?
-There they are.

Did you find the boy?

Yes, grandma, we found him.