Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964) - full transcript

A greedy developer has placed huge machines to suck dry a part of the ocean near Tokyo so he can put luxury condos there. After a storm, a giant egg washes up on the beach nearby and is immediately put on public display. The developer's plans go awry when he disrupts Godzilla's rest and the monster goes stomping through Tokyo again. It's up to the elderly Mothra, and then to its two offspring, to save Tokyo from destruction.


{\an8}Grand Opening

Over there!

Hey, what are you
standing around for?

I'm looking for a theme.

The theme is the typhoon!

Alright...? We are writing
news that people will read!

You should always have your camera ready!
Be quick about it, okay?

Maicho news reporter,
I want the maicho reporter!

I don't want you writing about
anything that will give us trouble!

Typhoon 8 did a lot of damage to the
kurata beach industrialization project.

Isn't that correct?

You're talking nonsense!

This new industrial project will bring
five big companies to my prefecture!

I will do my best to make
sure it is completed on time!

Our pumps will get rid of the
sea water in about ten hours!

Isn't that right?

It cost a lot of money, but it's not having
any difficulty getting rid of the water!

Something good to
write about, eh?

- How many pictures did you take?
- None yet. This is the first.

The first...?!

What kind of photographer are you?
How long do you need for a news photo?

I need someone who can take pictures
regardless of the exposure lighting!

You don't even have one shot!

- What is that?
- I don't know, but it isn't pretty.

I caught its reflection
floating in the wreckage.

I guess it's part of the
reconstruction project.

This is the newspaper office.

Right, right. Yes, I understand.
I'll get someone there soon!

Hey, Ichi!

Sakai has gone to kurata beach.

I just got a message. I need someone
who isn't busy to cover a story.

I could cover it.

Then, it's yours.

A giant egg has been found
floating about in the ocean!

What was that?

A giant egg has appeared.

An egg?

What is that thing?!
What kind of egg is it?

An ancient one!

It... it's coming this way!

Let's take the boats out!

The boats?! Why?

Father, they want the boats!

The boats...?! I won't do it!
It's suicide!

This is our opportunity!
All we're known for is fishing!

Can you think of anything better
than this for our village?


It's safe to go!

I asked our god
to bless the egg!

With no evil curses upon it,
I think this is a great chance!

Hey, let's get the boats!

This beach belongs to us!
The fish and the egg too!

These are all our property!

Alright?! Let's go!

Right! It all makes sense!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!


There it is!




Doctor Miura, what kind of egg is this?


Thank you for your help.

Isn't this a bit unnatural?

I'll present a simple
conclusion of my studies.

But, if this...

I will announce my findings
to the authorities!

Just one more question...

You're unbelievable!

I'm sorry...

Idiot, you don't need
a flash in this light!

That's not what you said earlier!

Excuse me, but she
isn't used to it yet.

It's better that you didn't interfere.
Please go.

Just one... just let us
ask you one question!

Go ahead.

Go on...

Well, isn't this dangerous?
Could some kind of poison leak out of it?

It is safe.

Just a moment, doctor.

You can look at the egg, but we don't
want you to damage it in any way.

And you are...?

I'm the owner of it.

I'm Kumayama, the Happy
Show Business agent!

Show Business agent?

I bought this egg.

You bought it?

Who did you buy it from?

This thing landed on our property...

So we claimed it as our possession.

Here is the bill of sale.

How much did he pay?

¥1,224,560 Yen.

You didn't get enough...

What are you talking about?
I bought it at a wholesale price.

It was a simple procedure
to price the egg.

An egg this size is equal
to 153,820 chicken eggs.

I multiplied the price
of an egg by that.

Make way, make way! Over here!

Kumayama! Kumayama!

Don't you think that an individual shouldn't
possess something like this all to himself?

Of course... that's why I plan
to keep it open to the public.

Open to the public,
with a fee to see it up close!

Good luck...

But, don't you think it could
have great scientific significance?

It's my job to bring
significant things to the world.

You can take my picture
if you want to.

You get a lot of money
for that someday...

That jerk! It's all a bad joke!

Don't you think so?

Hey, Li-chan!

Hey, Li-chan? I told you I don't
want you calling me Li-chan!

It's not professional.
You're the boss.

But I don't see why I have to use your
full name when we're not in public.

This is why... it's one less social
problem you'll have to deal with.

Hey, Dr. Miura...

Is it safe to leave such a valuable
thing like the egg with Kumayama?

We can contact the authorities.

I'm sure they'll help you.

Thank you.
But it won't do any good!



It's the court system.

It could take six months to two years.
Some deliberations have taken 5 to 6 years.

That's just how it is
with government offices.

Hey, it's Kumayama.

Hey, is Dr. Torahata in?

- He's in 201...
- Ah! I know where it is.

That's it!

Someone else is
pulling the strings!

Alright! Let's find
out who his boss is.

Yes, come in.

Thank you.

I've brought you the
contract safe and sound.

- Did you get it at the price we discussed?
- Yes I did.

Here is the bill of sale.

Do you really know how
much this egg is worth?

Really? I'd say it
was worth fifty million.

That's very low...

At least a billion.

A billion?!

Shizunoura Happy Center?


We'll hatch the egg in this
bird and beast exhibit in

the center of the best
amusement park in the east.

How about it?

Don't do it!

Was that your voice?

No, it wasn't mine!

Don't do it!
Please return the egg to us!

Please, return the egg to us!

It's a spy!

A spy?!

An industrial spy!
Let's catch him!


We beg you!

We beg of you, please
return the egg to us!

What the...?!

The egg belongs to us.
Please return it. We beg of you!

Hey, let's catch them!

- I've got them!
- Right!

I see them!

I think I've got them!

You imps!
You can't get away from me!

Is there a burglar? Yes, I see!
Which one of you is the burglar?

Neither of us is a burglar!

Who are you?

Well, you have to leave!

- But the burglar...!
- It's okay! It's okay!

They're gone!

Li-chan! What happened?

I know! I know!
It's Jiro Torahata!

Torahata is the son of a billionaire.
He's a very influential show business agent.

How influential is Jiro Torahata?

He'll never become poor.
I'm told his father...

made his money selling
pipes all over the world.

Then that egg must be
his personal golden egg!

Probably. That guy could really move it.

Here's what we can...

Please return the egg to us!

Hey, was that strange voice yours?

It wasn't my voice!

We beg you, please return the egg!

What? Over there!

We have come from Infant Island.

We have come to ask that
you please return our egg!

Infant Island? Isn't that the island in the
South Sea where they tested the H-bombs?


Then that giant egg, is yours?

Yes, it is Mothra's egg.


I believe them.

But let's hear their story.

Then, will you tell us?

Thank you.

Infant Island is where they
tested the first hydrogen bomb.

You should see the destruction
and devastation it has caused.

This time, a giant tidal wave from a typhoon
washed Mothra's egg into the ocean!

It has been buried
for years and years.

The rough waters exposed the egg.

As the natives barely live
on our desolate island we

could only pray that
everything would be alright.

We beg of you...

you have the strength!
Please return our egg to us!

Don't you hear the music
that calls out for it?

The voices are praying
for the egg's safety.

Can't we do something?

But the egg is the property
of Happy Show Business.

We know that.

We tried to speak with him.

He's the type that would hold
on to that thing forever.

If we can't return the egg to you,
what is going to happen?

Eventually, a larva will be born.

It will then return
to Infant Island.

But during that time, it might
cause you all great trouble!


It will not mean to do any harm...

but when it goes looking for food,
it could destroy anything!

That's why we must do
this before it wakes!

It will be at peace
on Infant Island.

We beg of you, please
try to get it from him!

Hey, you can think of something.

We beg of you.

Mothra also gives her regards.

Her regards?

Wait there...

Where is she?

She is close by.

Over there!



Shizunoura Happy Center

What? You want me to return the egg?

You must be crazy.

You made an illegal deal.
The village had no right to sell it to you.

Shut up!

I made the villagers a fair
deal and they accepted.

Torahata, you financed this project.

Won't you listen to what we say?

My money may finance it...

but Kumayama's Happy Show Business
Agency makes all the decisions.

You are playing...

I'm not playing, young lady.

Then return the egg to its owner.

Hey, hey! I'm the one who owns
and holds the bill of sale.

I don't intend to
return the egg to you.

You won't return it,
but let me be specific.

It is Mothra's egg.


Well, what about it?

Do you have this Mothra's
power of attorney?

That's great!

Idiots... it's a potential
problem for all mankind!

Kumayama, there's no
point in continuing this.

Throw them out.

We have work to do.

Well, if you'd please.

Hey, you guys!

{\an3}Please come again.
This way! This way!



We'll show you proof!


I believe you already
met them last night.

We beg you,
please return the egg to us!

How did you...?

They are the egg's guardians.

How about this...

We'll make you a deal
for the two girls.

What?! Are you mad?

Think what a sensation
it will cause!

The giant Mothra egg and its
two tiny, beautiful keepers.

¥200,000 Yen.

Well, how about a million?
A million Yen!

No way. Let's go!

How about five million?
Five million is a fair price!

Hey, hey, think it over, huh?

You can let...
Hey, hey! Hey, wait!

Damn, what creeps!

At least we knew not to expect much
when we decided to talk to them.

Please don't be angry.

We'll write about it in the paper,
then you can plead your case to the world!


Of course,

but how will the
public react to this?

A newspaper article doesn't
make a judgment for their claim.

The public is rather quiet
unless it affects them.

Then what do we do?

I'm not sure what
else we can do.

Doctor, what are your thoughts?

We can see how things progress.
There's not much else we can do from here.

Then how can we keep
the girl's faith in us?

Oh, they're gone!

Find them!

Did you lose something?

No, everything's fine!

Where do you think they
might have gone to?

To there!

Yes, let's go!

They have really gone home?

Maybe they have.

They probably felt no
one could be trusted.

Goodbye, everyone.

We are returning to our island.

We are saddened to return
without the egg,

but we will not forget
your kindness.

Hey, where are you?

We are with Mothra.

Farewell, everyone!

We are saddened that some people
couldn't understand our wishes.

Farewell, everyone!





The Happy Show Business Agency...

is proud to announce the opening
of the Shizunoura Happy Center!

What will come out
of the giant egg?

We'll have it at our
worldwide grand opening!

You have given us almost nothing so far.
We demand the rest of what you owe us!

That's right.

It's not only the egg.

You haven't settled the rent
for the land around it yet.

- Yes! Yes!
- That's right!

The contract states that I will pay you
the rest of what I owe on opening day.

I intend to honor that.

Will you pay, even
if it is cancelled?

What did you say?

That's what everyone
is saying.

This is an obvious attempt to
discredit all that I've done here!

We just want our pay, today.

Go back! Go back to work!

- I'll have your money tomorrow!
- Alright. You promise!

Yes! Get going!

Get out now!

Don't waste our time!


Hello, Hamakaze Hotel?
Connect me to Dr. Torahata.

This is Kumayama... there is a rumor
that the opening will be cancelled.

Ridiculous. Don't you trust me?

Even if it's true, I can stop it
with just one phone call.

Trust me.

What? Money? I don't have
any spare money right now.

Well, I promised the fishermen.

I wonder about the money in
that locker I saw last night.

Don't be stupid!
That money is for something else.

But you are a friend of mine.
I can spare some...

if you provide some collateral.

Say, how about Mothra's egg?
That should be enough?

Huh...? Mothra's egg as collateral?


No, no, I didn't say anything.

It's useless, no matter
how much I write!

I might as well stop writing!

At least you tried.

There wasn't much hope of
winning from the start.

A newspaper can only do so much!
It can't enforce the law!

What do you think
you're talking about?


You don't know how
powerful a newspaper is.

A newspaper is never helpless.

That's easy for you to say.
It seems that...

All I've done is given them all
the PR they could possibly want!

Those guys didn't care one
bit about what I wrote.

Your pen carries a
lot of strength!

What was that?

Yes... right, this is
the editor's desk.

What? Huh?
They're starting a fire?

Damn, they're finally doing it!

But how many days
will it take them?

This takes three
minutes to hard boil.


Mothra's egg is larger then a
regular egg, so all you have to do...

is multiply the difference
in size by three minutes.

Hey, that's only an
approximate time.

Shouldn't you be going?

- Where am I going?
- Shut up!


Dr. Miura will be coming soon.
He wants to take us somewhere...

- to speak about "that thing".
- "That thing"?

Right... yes, I understand!

Hey... hey!

We're going out!

Damn! What are you
still doing here?

Eating an egg.

Get out there and cover
the story on Mothra's egg!

What was that for?

It's a radioactivity bath.


Yes, but there's no
need to worry.

You're joking with us!

I'm not joking!
It's about that thing you found.

Do you know what it is?

We don't know yet.

However, it seems to
be quite radioactive.

Here it is.

There's absolutely no reaction.

Hello, hello.
Thank you for helping.

Well... well... What?

What are you here to inspect?

- Hello! How are you?
- Oh, it's you.

Well, it seems you
got rid of the flood.

Yes, my machines did
what I said they would.

We got rid of the
typhoon's flood quickly!

Be sure to write this in your article, okay?
If you could, I'd be very grateful!

No, no... we're not here for that.

What then?

Testing for radiation.

Radioactivity, you say?!

They didn't drop an
atomic bomb here!

Are you trying to sabotage
this industrial area?

Wait a minute. it's purely
an academic investigation.

I don't care about an
academic investigation.

This is the future industrial
belt of our Prefecture.

I won't allow you to do further testing.

We're not trying to interfere
with your industrial plans.

Regardless, I don't want
you nosing around.

I understand... let's go.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Playtime is over!

Hey, I saw something move out there!
I'm sure something moved!

Look in the center area!



This is an emergency news broadcast!

This is an emergency news broadcast!

At 10:00 am, Godzilla appeared at the kurata
beach industrial revitalization zone.

At this moment, it's near the Yokka
market, heading away from Nagoya City.

We are in a state of emergency.

Please keep a radio or television
close to you at all times!

Godzilla is approaching!

Please follow the instructions of your local
defense force and report to a shelter!

Godzilla is approaching!

Please follow the instructions of your local
defense force and report to a shelter!

The Chubu, Kinki, Kanto... all three warships
are beginning emergency mobilization!

They will attack Godzilla when it reaches
the shore where they intend to destroy it!

We must ensure that local residents
are not in the vicinity when we attack.

The population must
remain confident in our

ability to conduct
this attack discreetly.

We must prepare all countermeasures
that have had an effect in the past.

This is the latest report on Godzilla.
It's turned east and is heading for Nagoya.


Thank you for coming.

Miura, have you decided
on a zoologist?

Why do you ask?

For a defense against Godzilla.

Isn't that something that the
government should discuss?

Hey, how long will it be before they
figure out how to turn it back?

A newspaper isn't just a pipeline
from the government to the masses.

- There are extremely bright...
- I'm back! I had a terrible time.

- I'm back.
- Shut up!

What's with him?

Godzilla countermeasures.

Godzilla countermeasures?

Godzilla countermeasures, huh?
Mothra could probably do it.

Mothra? That's stupid!

What did you just say?!

Mothra would probably
be a match for Godzilla.

That's it!

I'm sorry, what were
you talking about?

Don't you understand?

You just gave us a simple
solution to our problem.

There's more... Mothra might be
scared that Godzilla would eat her egg!

You're right!

Sure, I'm right!

Idiot! What made you
come here, anyway?

I told you to keep your
eyes on Mothra's egg!

But they said Godzilla
was just south of us!

Will the egg just run away?!

No, eggs cannot run.

You should have stayed there!
You're going back there, now!

Yes, sir!

- That's all for me.
- What's the matter?

This just isn't right!

How can you expect them to help us
when we couldn't honor their request?

It's alright.

It's just that you're the only ones
who spoke at length with the ladies.

Unless we do something,
Godzilla will destroy Japan.

You still won't go?

Even if we talk to them, there is
no guarantee that they will help us.

Right, Professor?

Yes, that's true, but if we make a
sincere appeal, they might listen.

Right. You are right.

I still don't like it.

Is there any other way?

People are the suffering ones.

That's why I am going.

The people of Infant Island may despise
us for being shameless and selfish.

I am willing to accept that,

and I will make a sincere request.

Prepare for landing.

Please fasten your seat belts.


They never told us
about this place!

Is this all due to
the nuclear testing?

I know they spoke of aftereffects,
but they didn't speak about this!

It's hard to think that this was
once a beautiful green island.

I wonder how the
natives feel about this.

It's only human nature...

But if they knew what a hydrogen
bomb has done to a place like this...

I'm sure they would search
for a fair way to end such tests.

Do people really live here?

It's cruel to allow anyone
to live in a place like this.

What will they do to us?

They don't seem to be vicious.

They might blame us for this.
It can't be helped.

What should we do?

I guess we have to drink it.

Now that you demons are weakened,
why have you three come here?

The truth is, we've come
to enlist Mothra's help.

Absolutely not.

Mothra can't help you.

But Godzilla is on a rampage,
and we are in great danger.

It's your own fault for
playing with the devil's fire!

It is no concern of ours.

In earlier times,
this island was beautiful.

Our land was rich and green.

Then who was it who brought
the devil's fire here?

Who's unforgivable
godly flame was it?

Since that day, this island has
become a place of suffering.

We have no faith in
people from the outside.

You have always
betrayed our trust.

Return Mothra's egg to us!

Please look around, everyone.

This green oasis is the only place that
is sustaining the lives of the natives.

The truth is, we beg of
you to come with us.

Mothra's egg is in danger, correct?

We both possess telepathy.

It allows us to feel everything it does.

We won't persuade you.

I know it's a selfish request,
but can you help us?

We must refuse.

We feel that we can
not trust your world.

Even ourselves?

We are very sorry.

What now?

I guess we have no
choice but to go home.

Everyone, please listen to me.

We can understand why
you do not trust us...

but even as we speak, many people
are losing their lives to Godzilla.

There are many good
people among them,

but even bad ones have
the right to live, too!

You may call it God's punishment,

but all people are equal before God.

God plays no favorites.

I beg of you,
please lend us your strength!

We, too, want a
world without distrust.

When many people
live together,

there are many problems.

But we won't give up hope.

We will continue to try hard.

Please, do not judge us too soon.

- Mothra...!
- Mothra...!

Everyone, please follow us!

There they are!

Over there!

Mothra will lend
you her strength.

Is this true?

She will give the
remainder of her strength.

The remainder of her strength?


Mothra's remaining
lifespan is slowly fading.

This sacred rock was where she was to
remain until the end of her lifespan.

We're afraid Mothra will
not be returning to us again.

But Mothra lives forever.

The egg will give
birth to a new life!

Points A, B and C...

Within this triangle, our engineers will
construct artificial lightning generators.

They will be our last line of
defense against Godzilla.

What then?

Our strategy is in two stages,
using this equipment.

Two stages?

We will lure it to this
part of the area...

we will attack Godzilla with
coordinated air and ground forces.

And if it doesn't work?

We will force Godzilla into
point B, a special unit...

will throw a large metal net over it.
The net will conduct artificial lightning.

They should reach 20
million to 30 million volts.

30 million volts?! Will it work?

Yes, I am confident it will.

Over there!

Are you sure Mothra
is really coming?

Of course. They won't break their promise.

Godzilla is getting very close.


What are you doing?

Don't you know Godzilla is coming?

Well, the boss has threatened to
fire me if I leave Mothra's egg.

What are you talking about?
It's Godzilla!

I know that, but I am more afraid of
getting fired than I am of Godzilla.

Kumayama... where's Kumayama?

When I last saw him,
he was going into town.

Hey, Torahata!
Come out here! Hey!

What is it? What's the big deal?

I lost all my money! Because of you let
this get out of hand, it blew up in my face!

You made the decisions.
It's your fault that you failed.

Damn you! Give me my money!

You said that we would both be rich!
That I didn't have to worry!

St...stop it!


You had me spend only my own money.
How can you say it's a joint venture?

Because it is.


You took the money
you put up as my loan.

What was I thinking of
when I listened to you?!

It was a great opportunity!

Damn you! I'm the only one
who's ending up in debt.

I won't let you!


I despise dealing with people like you!
I'm going to get my money!


The hotel is in danger!

Hurry! Hurry!

Sir, the exit is there.

Hey, is it true that Mothra's coming?

She'll come...

She has to come!

It's going towards the Incubator!
What do you think it'll do to the egg?

Oh, no, the egg is in danger!

It's Mothra! Mothra has come!

Let's head for that hill!

Here she comes!

Thank you.

You came for us, after all.

We keep our promises!

Let's go!

What's that yellow dust?

That's Mothra's most
powerful weapon.

Oh? Is that dust poisonous?

Get up, Mothra! Get up! Get up!

What happened?
Why didn't she finish it off?

Why did Mothra fly away?

She hasn't flown away.

We told you before,
Mothra's life is ending.

Damn, what a way to go!

Alright! Go back to headquarters!

Yes, sir!

Hey! Stop! Stop!

Now Mothra is dead,
they have no use for us.

But how could they leave us here?

Let's go, everyone.

Where to?

Mothra is dead...

But we still have the egg!
We must try to awaken it!

Prepare Point A!

Prepare Point A!

Launch the first
airborne division!

All units, begin attack!

Turn on the power!

Fall back!

Fall back!

Godzilla is approaching!

- Prepare Point B!
- Yes, sir!

All units, attack!

Bring in the metal net!

Second airborne division, begin your attack!
Second airborne division, begin your attack!

Alright! We've won!

Yes! Increase power!

Increase power!

We can't! We're already
reaching our limit!

Raise it!

What now?

Alright! Let's go to Shizunoura!

- Where is Miss Kobayashi?
- I think she's behind us!

Miss Kobayashi!
Miss Kobayashi!

Miss Kobayashi!

Hey, is this ship leaving?
Please take me on this ship!

No, idiot! Godzilla is coming!
This is the only ship I've got!

Please, I beg you!
Take me on this ship!

I already told get off!

Please, I beg you!
No, no! You must take me!

Hurry! Hurry and get away!

Please let me go back!

What are you saying?!

There are still students at
the school on Iwa Island!

What's that?!

There are ten students
waiting there for me!

Over on that island!
You must take me there!

It's too late!
Hurry this way! Teacher, hurry!

Professor, there are two!

Hey! I'm back!

Hey, where's Godzilla?

There is a problem!
It's heading for Iwa Island!

Iwa Island?

A teacher sent his students
to the island to escape.

Let's head for the mountain!

Teacher, you mean up there?

Yes, let's hurry.
Watch your step!

Get me out of here!


Are you okay?

Speak to me!

The children are still there!
The children!

Don't stop now!
Just a little more!

Keep it up!

Watch your step!

The Mothra's!

It's true!

Yes! We must save the children

But how?

While the Mothras defend,
we sneak around them.

Alright! Let's go!

Teacher, we're scared!

We'll be all right.
Go inside. Hurry, hurry!

There it is! Over there!

- All right?
- Yes.

Okay, turn to the right!

Miss Kobayashi!


We've come to help you!


Miss Kobayashi!

Over there!

It's alright now!

Come on! Come on!
Let's get out of here!

Thank you very much!

Please take care
of the children.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

Goodbye, everyone! Goodbye!

So, you think they
won't come back?


But, we didn't get
to thank them.

No, their thanks comes from knowing
that they made our society better.

Yes. They won't doubt
mankind any longer.