Mothers of the Bride (2015) - full transcript

Jenna is getting married, her mother is delighted until Jenna announces she wants to find her birth mother.

Wow, that was
a huge crowd.

I know. 150 lunches
served in record time.

Great exercise.
I can quit the gym now.

Peg, please.
You haven't set foot in a gym in a decade.

I know, and look at me.
Good genes.

Yeah, some people
got all the DNA.

You have great genes.

If you just put a little effort into it-- and those jeans...

- Ah!
- ...not happening.

I love these jeans.

They are comfy,
broken in.

And should have been
retired with Clinton.

Excuse me.

Come on, please let me
shop for you.

No, thank you.
I have more important things on my plate right now.

Oh, right.
What time should I be at your house tomorrow?

2:00 and don't be late.

I won't be.
I'm starving.

You remember your part?

I've been practicing.

I'm not going
to let you down.

I know you been waiting for this moment since...

well, my memory doesn't go back that far.

I know and it is going to be completely perfect.

You going
to just stand there

or you going to hand me
some trays?

Oh, yeah. I guess
I should do some work,

keep my awesome figure.

Okay, that's good.

Oh, everything was
delicious, Deb.

I couldn't eat
another bite.

So I'll just have
10 more bites.

Deb, Jenna,
you outdid yourself on this amazing meal.

Well, it was
the least we could do.

And don't give me
any of the credit.

She didn't let me
do anything.

No, not after that
one Thanksgiving. Uh-uh.

- I will never live that down, ever.
- Why? What happened?

I was home from college
and my mom was knee-deep

in one of her fund-raisers,
so I offered to help her.

Jenna, let me ask you,
how long does it take

to cook a 22-pound turkey
at 150 degrees?

11 days.

I don't mind.

I appreciate
my girl's effort.

Well, you're welcome,
but she still did not let me do any of this.

I let you help.

You let me slice the bread.

Oh, and this is the best slicing I have ever seen.

- Mm-hmm.
- And now that I've touched it,

- I, you know, have to eat it.
- I'm cutting you off.

Well, I think I'm ready for a toast.
Deb, would you help me?

- I can help you.
- No, no.

We got it.

- Why so nervous?
- I barely ate.

I just kept pushing the food from one side of the plate to the other.

You think
Jenna noticed?

You guys never change.

You're going to be fine.
Just speak from your heart.

What's the worst
that could happen?

She could say no.

Mm. She could.

I'd like to make
a toast to Jenna.

I still remember the day,

December 7th,
two years ago,

when we were told
that a new teacher

would be starting
after the winter break.

The first time she walked
in the teachers' lounge,

every guy in there
was gawking at her.


But I leaned over
to Coach Kirk,

and I said,
"That right there

is the girl
I'm going to marry."

So you can imagine how devastated I was when she turned down

every date
I asked her out on

for five months.

I did not think it was appropriate to date a coworker.

And he
didn't recycle.

- Ooh.
- Didn't. I do now.

I have that effect
on people.

Finally, though, she caved
to my irresistible charm

- and my striking good looks...
- Oh, yeah.

...and we've been
inseparable ever since.

So I'd like you
to raise your glass

and toast
my favorite lady,

Jenna Wolf.
Hear, hear.

- To Jenna.
- To Jenna.


Wait. Don't drink that.

Stop. That's not
the right glass.

There's nothing
in that glass.

I have champagne.
Isn't that all I need?

Nope. Wrong.

- And go.
- Got it.

What are you doing?


And now for your
listening pleasure,

a spoken-word poem.


* Jenna, you are
a fine young lass *

Did he do this?

- Oh, this is all him.
- What?

* Jenna, you teach
a first-grade class *

I do.

What is happening?

* Jenna, your nose
deep in a book *

Mom, did you
know about this?

* Jenna, you need
to learn to cook *

- O-Okay. Okay.
- It's true.

* Jenna recycles
everything *

* Look there, Jenna,
is that a ring? *

Jenna, our love
was meant to be.

Jenna, will you marry me?

- Yes. Yes.
- Yes? Yes. Yes.



You guys
are amazing.

It was all Chris.

Yeah, he really just wants to be a rap artist.

A schoolteacher
with street cred?

That's enough of that.

Now we've got
a wedding to plan.

- Sit down. Sit down.
- Mom.

Look at this.

Wow, putting the cart before the ring on my finger.

Oh, come on, Jenna.
We all knew it was coming.

You knew.

I hoped.

I was thinking,

maybe Chris and I could get married at the Hollister Ranch

on March 7th,
like you and Dad.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You and Dad have such a long and happy marriage.

Maybe the Hollister Ranch on that date's good luck.

That would be lovely.

In fact, I already
have it on the list.

Nice, cozy,
traditional family wedding.

It's the perfect way
for Chris and I

to start our lives

I'm getting married.


I've been thinking.

We're getting married,

probably going
to start a family soon,

and I know nothing
about my DNA.

Your parents are
Debra and Carl Wolf.

You may not
have their DNA,

but everything you are
is because of them.

What more do you
need to know?

I know. I know.

And all I ever needed to know was that Haley Anderson

was a teenager who couldn't take care of a baby,

and my parents adopted me
at two-days old.

I don't know. I've...

been thinking a lot
about her lately.

Who is she?

Do I look like her?

Are our personalities

And what
are you saying?

I want to meet her, Chris.

I looked her up.
I couldn't find her,

so we'd have to go through
the adoption agency.

How do you think your mother's going to feel about that?

I don't know.

So what do you think?

I've always told you

if you have curiosity,

let's satisfy it.

I just don't want you
to have any expectations.

We don't know
if she'll be open to it.

I know.

But we can
reach out to her

and see if she's willing.

I'll call the agency
in the morning

and they'll
make contact for us.

But you're
really okay with it?

I'm really okay with it.

And you're
really okay with it?

Why does everyone keep asking me if I'm okay with it?

Of course
I'm okay with it.

She's her blood.

Carl, blood does
not make a family.

You think I'm going to be threatened by a woman

who gave me the greatest gift of my life

and never looked back?

I just worry how this will all affect her, honey.

I think she's
going to be okay

no matter
how it turns out.

She's strong
like her mother.

- And stubborn as a mule.
- Ooh, that's nice.

We don't know anything about this woman, though.

She could have
moved to Dubai.

Or if she's
even still alive.

What if she's broke?

What if she asks us for money
to pay the gas bill?

I've got a wedding
to pay for, honey.

Carl, back it down.

We don't even know if
we're going to find her,

so let's not put a lock
on the checkbook yet.

I'll call
the agency tomorrow.

We'll hope for the best.

All right.

But if she does ask for money,
the answer is no.

I wish I had
good news, Deb,

but the Irving Foundation
is done.

All assets
have been frozen.

How bad is it, really?

If we can't
appeal to 'em,

we're going to be forced
to close our doors.

I need you to go
to our biggest donors

and beg, plead.

I don't care.
Whatever it takes,

get 'em to step up.

J-Jenna, you have to--

you have
to roll it thinner

so that it goes across
the entire pie tin.

See what I mean?
Mom, you only

let me do the menial
cooking tasks.

- Mm-hmm.
- Honey, if I were you,

I'd use it
to my advantage.

She makes me
do everything.

of everything, Carl,

can you take out
the trash?

Of course, dear.

Always, dear.

- Oh, no.
- Anything you say, dear.

Not the dance.

Oh, thank you, honey.

You see that
right there, Chris?

Watch and learn.

- No.
- That is the secret

to a long-lasting

You know, I'm not
as dumb as I look.

I learned that one from my parents a long time ago.

If you got to dance,
I'll dance.

So anyway,
I've been waiting

to tell you
some good news.

I got a call
from the adoption agency,

and Haley is willing
to meet with you.

They've coordinated
a time and a place.

What did they say?

What does
she look like?

Does she still live here?
What does she do?

I've got a time and a place.
That's all I know.



I'm-- I'm so excited
to meet her.

I'm shaking.

Hey, do you
think that you

could take
an hour off work

and come with me?


- Please?
- Of course.

Honey, I'm always
there for you.

Thank you.

She's not
going to show.

You know what?
She probably changed her mind.

What time is it?


You know, honey,

maybe it's
just too much for her.

probably right.

I just feel so bad.

I hope I didn't open up any old wounds for her,

but I just really
wanted to meet her.



What a beauty.


I had a flat,
and it took Porsche roadside assistance

an hour
to get to me.

I called them,
and I said, "I'm sorry,

but you're just gonna have to hurry up,

because I am
only going to meet

the most important
person ever."

Could I get a skinny ice-blended mocha,

half a sweetener,
no whip?

Thank you.

Oh. Oh, my gosh.

It is just like
looking in a mirror.

I mean, 20-something years ago,
but shh.

I tell people
that I'm 30.


Thank you.

And then I went
out on my own,

and I started
Soirees by Haley,

and I just--
I love, love, love it.

Did I tell you
I did the rapper

Jezz X's daughter's
sweet 16?

You did?

800 people for a 16-year-old's birthday party.

We had to rent out
an entire stadium.

She couldn't decide
if she wanted

zombies or vampires,
so we did both.

I mean,
it was outrageous.

And then
we were profiled

in "Lifestyle"

and my phone did not stop ringing for a month.

Business is booming.

I'm surprised that it was so difficult to find you

with your business
so successful.

Mm, that's because Haley Anderson doesn't exist.

It doesn't roll off your tongue the way Haley Snow does.

You know
what I mean?

Haley Snow,
she throws fabulous parties.

Haley Anderson, yeah,
she does your taxes.

Your work
sounds fascinating.

Oh, it is.

I believe that when you truly love what you do,

you know, it doesn't
feel like work.

I feel the same way.

Oh, what you do,
oh, teaching.

And, you,
running a nonprofit.

I mean,
that means something.

I think
it's so admirable

when people choose a path that's completely selfless.

Yeah. Chris and I
love what we do.

and who's Chris?

My fiancé.


you're affianced.

Oh, weddings are my absolute favorite thing

in the whole,
entire world to plan.

And just so you know,
I have connections all over town,

and my connections are now your connections,

so anything you need,
just give me a ring.

I am at your disposal.

That is really sweet
of you, but--

We're on a bit
of a budget.

Oh, don't you
worry about that.

Oh, no,
I can call in all kinds of favors.

Oh, I don't mean
to be rude,

but this is work.
I need to take it.

Oh. With what
you do, please.

- When duty calls...
- Thanks.

This is Debra.

You will be
a stunning bride.

- Thank you.
- Okay, so...

Yes. Thank you.

Thank you.

Is that all you can do?

Oh, no, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
to sound ungrateful.

Thank you very much.

every bit helps.

Thank you.


Sorry about that.

Now, what did I miss?

Well, Mom,

Haley is going
to plan my wedding.

For free!
As her gift.


This is going
to be the wedding

I've always dreamt of and never thought I could afford.

We don't have
a lot of time,

and I just don't want things to get out of hand.

I know.
Neither do I.

And I promise you
that just because Haley's

my wedding planner
doesn't mean

I don't want you there
every step of the way.

This is something
I want us to do together.

Good. Me too.

Every fitting,
every tasting, every tour,

I want you there with me
making the decisions.

Haley is merely
our tour guide.

I want you to have the wedding of your dreams

and we will appreciate her generosity,

but we'll all plan the wedding together.

- Okay.
- I'll call you later.

- Okay. Bye, Mom.
- Bye.

This, this has
been so helpful.

It's just adorable,

just a lot
of really cute I--

So cute.

Okay, this is
a book of weddings

that I have planned.

Some of them
will seem grandiose.

Don't be intimidated,
and just remember

that the sky's
the limit.

I have ways
that we can get around

those pesky
budget limitations.

Oh. Mm-hmm.

Billionaire oil mogul's
ninth wedding,

four of them planned
by yours truly.

Do you have a loyalty program,
fifth one's free?

Loyalty. I should
think about that.

I think he has more wives in his future.

That one
gets bored easily.

Wow. Where is this?

Oh, that's
the Wilton Club.

Oh. I hear you
can't get in there

without a bank statement
and an Academy Award.

They can be rather exclusive to nonmembers,

but they happen to be one of my favorite vendors.

Did you want to see it?

Well, we've already decided on Hollister Ranch.

Oh. Ooh, a ranch.


I didn't know that you had selected a location.

Well, we haven't put a deposit down yet, but--

Oh, so you can look
at other places,

I mean,
just to make sure that you're making the right decision.

That's a pretty good point.

You know, even if
we could get in

at this late date,

I am sure that that is out of our price range.

Remember all of those favors
I told you people owe me?

Well, the Wilton Club
owes me more than anyone.

You just let me
make a quick call.

Kelly, hi.
How's the new husband?

Oh, that is so cute.

He sounds so obedient.

Listen, I am here
with a new client,

a very, very special
friend of mine.

Uh-huh. Yes.

Hey, Mom,
are you sure you're okay

with looking
at other places?

Oh, yeah. Honey,
it's your decision.

I know, but, I mean,
after what I said about Hollister Ranch,

I just don't want
to hurt your feelings.

Listen, if you want to go look at other places,

let's go see a bunch of other locations.

I mean,
we both have the same thing in mind,

for you to have
an amazing wedding.

So you're okay with it?

Yeah. Besides,
I've always wanted

to see the inside
of the Wilton Club.

- Mm-hmm.
- I hear they have crystal toilets.


we are on tomorrow
at 5:00.

- Great.
- Yeah.

The Wilton Club?

Did you win the lottery and forget to tell me?

No, but seriously,

Haley Snow
knows everyone,

and everyone
just adores her.

All she has to do
is make one phone call,

and The Rolling Stones
will pay us

for a chance to play
at Jenna's wedding.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

She sounds like she's something else.

Oh, yes, she is.

I'm just
not sure what.

It's really sweet that she wants to do this for Jenna.

I just
don't understand it.

Well, guilt,
it's got to be.

Fine. I will
let her wow Jenna

with the Wilton Club,

and then
we will turn around

and book Hollister Ranch
like we planned.

And we will forget
these shenanigans

and get on with
planning the wedding.

Yes, and please
get pictures

of the crystal
toilets for me.

Oh, absolutely.
I planned on it.

So, Debra,
anything to report?


Um... no.

Nothing concrete,

but please don't
lose faith in me

because I haven't talked to our biggest donor yet.

I took the liberty of setting up afternoon tea

for you and
Elaine Stansbury

at Stansbury Manor.

- When?
- 30 minutes. Better get a move on.

30 minutes?
Can we change that?

Is there a problem?


I'll cancel
my plans.

- Good. Don't be late.
- Okay.

That's that
on the Wilton Club.

Look, Stansbury Manor and the Wilton Club are both downtown.

Just sweet-talk that old bat into parting

with just a tiny bit
of her fortune.

Then get over
to the Wilton Club

and join your daughter's tour already in progress.

I guess I can
try to do that.

Well, get a move on,

I want pictures
of the crystal toilets.


I must tell you, Debra,

it was 61 years ago
that Alistair,

may he rest in peace,

put this ring
on my finger

and said,
"Be my bride, Elaine."

I said, "Alistair,
I will marry you over my dead body."

What did he have
to say about that?

He cried,
like a little baby,

sobbing, tears running
down his face,

soaking his uniform.

I'd never seen
an Army man cry before.

I think
that's quite sweet.

I know he loved you
very much.

He was weak.

But I figured any man

who would react
like a child

on being
turned down by me

would always be
loyal and faithful.

So it was a test.

It worked.

We were married
all those years

until he passed
last summer

and we never
spent a day apart.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Elaine.

Alistair was
a good man.

And he was one of our kindest benefactors

from day one.

He didn't know
how to say no.

However, I do.

I wouldn't be asking

if our situation

wasn't extremely
tenuous right now.

We're not going
to be able to do

any more for you

than we have
already done.

Have I made
myself clear?

- Perfectly.
- Good.

to the Wilton Club.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Membership card, please.

I am supposed
to be meeting

my daughter's
wedding planner.

Yes, of course.
She's taking a tour

of Salon Number Two
right now

with Kelly Court,
our Events Manager.

Great. If you could
just show me the w--



I am supposed
to be meeting them here.

They're expecting me.

Members only
and invited guests.

I am an invited guest.

If you could just call
your Event Manager.

Please, I just--
I'm running late.

Just picture
the whole thing.

- I know. I know.
- I mean, I saw you--

Mom, you are never
going to believe

- what Haley just pulled off.
- Try me.

We put down
a deposit here.

Chris and I are getting married at the Wilton Club.

On the 8th, though.

The 7th
wasn't available,

but at least we'll share an anniversary weekend.

I mean, they made us
an offer that,

well, I mean,
we just couldn't refuse it, just couldn't.


And then she just wrote a check without even asking me.

"Oh, darling,
we didn't want to lose the location.

It was like
the heavens opened up

and shined
down upon us

at this last minute."

I got to tell you
something, Carl.

I do not trust
this woman,

and to make Haley
even more of a hero,

she got the Cake King

to do Jenna's wedding.

I was going to use
Marinella's Bakery.

I love
the Cake King.

Is she going to be
on the TV show?

Come on, Carl.

Haley is the most magnificent
person to ever grace the planet.

Of course we're going
to be on "The Cake King."

Wait. My wife
on the hottest

TV show ever
about cake making?

We film the first segment


You're like a real-live celebrity now.

Hardly, Carl.

I am nothing like the magnificent Haley Anderson.

Oh, I'm sorry.
No, wait. Haley Snow.

Ah, come on,
honey, relax.

"Relax," Carl?

I have nothing
to wear on television.

Bland, boring, blah.


You always look like
a movie star to me,

like Glenn Close.

Now, that's
a handsome woman.

"A handsome woman"
is not a compliment.

You don't say that
to a woman, Carl.

I didn't say it
to a woman.

I said it
about Glenn Close,

and I don't see Glenn Close here in our bedroom.
Do you?

Who did I insult?

A woman wants
to be flattered.

She wants to be stunning,
not handsome.

You are stunning,

but Glenn Close is
stunning and handsome.

All right,
quit while you're ahead, Carl, seriously.

Well, can I come
and watch tomorrow?

Can you get off work
early enough?

For the Cake King,
I'll take the whole day off.

What do I wear?

You think he's really
that crazy in person?

We will soon find out.

a new king in town.

number one,

step up
and behold the cake.

I'm sorry, love.

It looks as if
you said...

How dare you insult
the King!

There is no cake for you,

so waddle on back
to your double-wide trailer,

and stick a Plasticine figurine of a bride and groom

in a whoopie pie
for all I care!

number two,

step up
and behold cake.

Look at the joy
on their faces.

Let them...

eat cake.

I am the Cake King.

That's got to be an act.

I can't believe
you haven't seen it.

No one is that awful.

No, that makes
for good TV.

Do you see
why I need you?

I'm sure Haley has
a brand-new outfit

from some
French designer

that no one can
pronounce her name.

I will not have her

show me up on national television.

I have been
waiting for years

to give you a makeover.

You are a mound of clay,

and I am Rodin.

Voilà. It seems
that two can play

at the being
fabulous game.

Ah, Debra. Oh, well,
don't you look nice.

Well, thank you, Haley.

But no red.

It makes
the camera jump.

Did I not
mention that?

You sure didn't, no.

Well, we can put you
in this apron.

How fun is that?

You know what?
No worries.

I have a beige blouse

this red jacket.

Beige doesn't make
the camera jump, does it?

No, it does not.

How smart of you to come with options.

I'll just take this,
and I'll hang it up.

I'll go check on Jenna.
She's in makeup.

Are you M.O.B.?


- Mother of bride.
- Oh.

Yes, I am.

Well, great.
We're all present and accounted for.

My name is Freesia.

I am the writer, producer,
associate producer,

line producer, director, first A.D.,
second A.D., second-second floor manager.

I'm also Sebastian's

I do a little hair and makeup on the side,

plus a little life coaching,
but that's a whole other story.

Listen, I need
to make you aware

of the ground rules because Sebastian runs a very tight ship,

and he wants everybody to be
privy to the house rules.

Do not address him

unless he
addresses you first.

Do not get in his
line of sight.

No eye contact.
No pictures.

No videos. No tweeting.
No twerking.

No coughing.
No choking.

No sneezing.
No throat clearing.

And above all,
cell phones off.

And I do not mean
on vibrate!

All the way off.


Sebastian to set.

Thank you.

Your cell phone off?

I'm thinking
of throwing it out,

lest I upset the King.
Thank you.

You look stunning.

Not handsome,

I'm here,

so let's
get rolling.

- I looked at him.
- Me too.

Oh. Has anybody noticed that I'm absolutely melting?
Where's Horst?

Isn't he the one that's supposed to dab or daub or do whatever he--

oh, just mind the eyes,

Thanks ever so for your complete and utter incompetence.

I'm delighted
to be paying for it.

Quiet on the set!

I hate when
she does that.

whenever you're ready.


In three, two...

And welcome back
to Cake Castle.

I'm delighted to be sharing with you my new client,

the lovely bride
Jenna Wolf,

the bride-to-be,
and isn't she a lovely confection?

Almost as pretty
as one of my cakes.

Now, Jenna, you're
a schoolteacher.

- Isn't that right?
- Mm-hmm.

She's a schoolteacher and an environmentalist

and an all-round
good soul.

And also today,
of course,

we have the mother
of the bride with us.

Now, what's fascinating about
this mother-bride combination

is the fact that
the mother of the bride,

Haley, gave her daughter up for adoption

many years ago and hasn't seen her since.

And in the interim,
Ms. Haley Snow

has become one
of the premier

wedding planners
of this town

and, dare I say,
any other.

And she has
generously offered

to devote her time, energy, effort,
and love

in creating
a wedding

for the daughter
that she never knew.

And now what we'd like to do here at Cake Castle

is to help beautiful young Jenna create a cake of her--

and you are here
as well, aren't you?

This is-- this is the adoptive mother Donna,

who has also
graciously donate--

- Debra.
- I'm sorry. Come again.

Her name is Debra.

Adoptive Debra.

Yes, two mothers brought together by chance,

separated by decades,
and now reunited

to create a wedding for the daughter that they both adore.

And they have
chosen Sebastian

to create
a Cake King masterpiece

worthy of this
auspicious occasion,

and I for one
thank you, Jenna,

thank you, Haley,
thank you.

And let me let you in
on a little secret.

When it comes
to wedding cakes,

it's not about the filling,
it's about the feeling.

And this cake is going to be filled with love.

And before I start
crying in my icing,

what do you say, gals?

Let's make cake.

- Cut!
- I hate when she does that.


Jenna, wait.

I had no idea that they were going to do that.

I am so sorry.

I mean, I should have expected it,
I guess.

It's television
and they look

for the unique
story angle

and unfortunately
this was it.

I hate that my mom
got pushed aside.

this can't happen.

She's a big part
of this too.

100 % agreed.

Listen, I will have
a talk with Sebastian.

He owes me.
I practically got him this job

when I brought the producer to him for her wedding.

The next segment,
this won't happen again.

I promise you.
I promise you that.

Mom, I am
so sorry.

Haley and I
had no idea

that they were going to do the birth-mother angle.

We thought we were here to choose cake decorations.

That's show biz.

Well, I will speak
with the Cake King,

and the next segment will be very different,
I assure you.

Well, I think we should go and grab a coffee, ladies.

We had so much work
to do for this wedding

and the clock is
just tick, tick, ticking.

So let's get going.

And I have another client
at 5:00, so please hurry.

See, here, this is
what we're thinking,

shades of pink.
It's simple.

It's elegant, chic,
and very feminine.

I mean, that's
a beautiful combination.

Beautiful, but the colors of the moment

are crocus and ecru.

What and what, now?

Crocus is like
a pale purple

with just
the slightest hint of red.

And ecru is a grayish,


In layman's terms,
purple and tan.

Mm, it's more like

and deep eggshell.

Also known in America
as purple and tan.

Tomato, tomahto.

Beyoncé's favorite
color is crocus.

I did her after party when she was touring here in town

and she had
everything in crocus

and it was--
it was beautiful.

But we're not doing
Beyoncé's after party.

We're doing
Jenna's wedding,

and long before
you got involved,

she told me that she wanted shades of pink.

- Well, I think--
- I mean, that's fine

if you want to be
cliché about it.

Are you insulting
Jenna's taste?

No, absolutely not.

I'm just merely thinking
outside of the box.

I mean,
if we do this right,

Jenna's wedding could end up on the pages of bridal magazines.

Let's say we don't make this a giant advertisement

for Soirees by Haley.

It's not about me, Debra.

It's the vendors.

They volunteer
their services

and then they hope for a little return on their investment.

I just think
it's important

that we pay attention
to what Jenna wants.

So do I.

I think you should too.

What do you want, Jenna?
It's your decision, honey.

Do you want
shades of pink...

or crocus and ecru?

I don't know.

I would love some time
to think about it.

Could we put a pin
in the colors

and discuss photography?

- Sure.
- Sure.


I'm really sorry, Peg.

I know how valuable you've been to this organization,

but we're scaling back
to bare bones here.

Well, Debra
can't do this alone,

so I'll just stay on as a volunteer until I get another job.

And I'll do my best
to get the word out

because we just can't
let this place go under.

I don't want that
either, ladies,

but we have to face
the cold, hard facts

and they are
not in our favor.

It's going to be fine.
We'll make due.

No, it's not just that.

I feel like
I'm losing my touch.

I used to be accomplished
at everything

and now I just feel like I've lost my grip on it all.

Okay, I'm not saying you need to do exactly what I do,

even though
it's a good idea.

I know it's tough
right now,

but let's focus
on the good, okay?

Our baby's
getting married.

It's a joyous time.

This is
the china I have.

What do you think
about that for you?

I hope that woman
doesn't take

all the joy
out of it for me.

Deb, you have something that Haley does not have.

What's that?

You actually
know Jenna.

- But...
- May be a little...

I know it's
a little spendy,

but it's something I think that will last you for years

and you just have
to have good china.

No, she doesn't.

She is
a ridiculous klutz.

You don't want her within five feet of good china.

Do you remember that time
we were in Hawaii

and you took out that entire display of cuckoo clocks?

They were made
out of coconuts.

Yeah, and Dad would
not stop staying...

- I'm cuckoo for coconuts!
- No, Carl do not start.

- It never gets old, I swear.
- Yeah.

We've had some really good
times together.

- Mm.
- And many more to come.

Amen to that.

Okay, so also,
let's not forget

serving sets
and a gravy boat.

You do not need
a gravy boat.

She doesn't need
a gravy boat.

We spend
Thanksgiving here

and we spend all of the holidays together as a family

and I don't
expect that to change

after they're married.

I just think it's nice to give people options.

There's plenty
of options.

There's towels,
sheets, dishes.

There's a lot
of stuff on there.

So what say we put the gift registry on hold for a minute

and order us some Chinese food?
Dim sum, anyone?

- Good.
- Thank you, Carl.

I hope Peg's job interview went well.
- Me too.

I just feel
like it's my fault.

Mom, don't be
so hard on yourself.

You're trying to keep
the charity afloat

all while taking care
of our family

and planning my wedding.

I think you can
give yourself a break.

I've been meaning

to talk to you
about your wedding.

Yeah? I want to talk
to you about it too.

You first.

Okay, well,
we know that Haley is over the top.

And pretentious

and her favorite topic
of conversation is Haley,

but I just wanted you to know
that even though the wedding

is not exactly
what we envisioned,

I'm not letting her
take over.

Oh, good.

I understand that
she's a professional,

but this is about you

and not what Haley
wants for you

or Haley wants
for Haley.

Of course.

But, I mean,
she has given me

more than I would ever,
ever have dared to dream about

or even thought
was possible.

So can we kind of
cut her some slack?

Of course.

Yeah? What did you
want to talk to me about?

the same thing.

- Yeah?
- Would you do me a favor

and go grab that tray
off that table back there?



Debra, it's Haley.

I just wanted
to let you know

that I heard
from Bridal Bliss.

The dress is in,
and we are all set for tomorrow at noon

for Jenna's
first fitting.

Haley, I--

I can't make noon.
I serve at that time.

I told you I wasn't available.
Can we push it an hour?

Well, Helga, the seamstress,
is booked solid

and doesn't have an opening until next Monday,

and I'm sorry,
but we just can't lose this precious time.

I specifically
gave you my schedule.

And I tried
to accommodate it, Debra,

but that's the thing
with these high-end vendors.

Sometimes we have to work around their busy schedules.

- We don't always get to call the shots.
- I see.

Okay, what if I try
and drag it out?

We'll show up late.
I'll ask questions.

We'll shoe shop, okay,

and then you just show up as quickly as you can.

Does that sound good?

I will get there as close to noon as I can.

Thank you so much.

Are you ready for
the wedding dress now?

Not yet. I still need
to find the perfect shoes.

Can I try on a few more?

Okay, it's
quarter to 1:00.

They're starting
to hate us.

I know. I know.
She'll be here, I promise.

Can I see these
in a seven, please?

I'm sorry I'm late.
I got here as quickly as I could.


Never mind.
We are ready for the dress.

How lucky for me.

I should buy
a lottery ticket.

I do apologize.

Sometimes there
are things that

are just out
of my control.


So glad
you could join us.

We wouldn't have
this problem

if you would have
made the appointment

during the time
I was available.

Do you think
I scheduled the fitting

for a time when
you couldn't be there?

I thought it was
very coincidental

that the only time
Helga's available

is the small window
that I'm not.

I cannot believe what you are suggesting.

I couldn't believe it
either, Haley,

except then there was
the location change.

Then there was
the extravagant ideas

and then the Cake King.

That's what really
brought it home for me.

That's TV, Debra.

We signed the contract.
You roll the dice.

Nobody ran
the story angle by me.

You didn't correct him.

I actually think you were
savoring the moment.

This is
beyond insulting.

I have never--

Nor have I.



You look beautiful,
my love.


You put every bride that I have ever worked with to shame.

There is nothing like
seeing your daughter

in a wedding dress for the first time,
is there?

- No, there isn't.
- No, abso--

- Maybe a little tighter.
- Yeah.

Come with me for a moment.

I want you to listen
to me, Haley.

You had your chance

with Jenna
and you passed.

She is my daughter

and you are
not going to steal

this pivotal moment
from me

because you have some unresolved issues from your past.

This isn't about
the past, Debra.

I made my peace with my decision years ago.

I want to be there for Jenna
because every girl

deserves the wedding
of her dreams,

not some
recycled replica

of her parents' special day
so that her mother

can enjoy her glory days.

What do you think
of this?

- Perfect.
- Perfect.

Do you think that I am living vicariously through my daughter?

Oh, I have seen this
a million times.

She hasn't been
very excited about anything

that you've brought
to the table.

I am taking
my cues from her.

You need to put your feelings aside and think about Jenna.

I never stopped
thinking of Jenna.

if that's true,

then why
don't you go ahead

and leave the planning
to the professionals?

And you can take on
a role that's

more of
a silent partner.


This is the one.

Without a doubt.

And, if you
can believe it,

this is choice number one.

Who are you,
Elizabeth Taylor?

This, oh...

...choice number two.

Why don't you just
wear a bedspread?

Last, but not least...

Are you supposed to be visible from outer space for this wedding?

It's really nice of Haley to do you this favor

- of pulling dresses for you, but please.
- Favor?

This is not a favor.
This is awful.

- Yeah, now she's telling you what to wear.
- No more.

- She is not making any more decisions about anything.
- Attagirl.

And now I'm on my way to see her and Jenna and let her know that.

Hey, could I have
the bedspread?

'Cause I could eat
all day in that.

Oh, fabulous.
Debra's here.

I'm here.
We need to talk.

Yes, we have
a lot to talk about,

so let's start
with party favors.

Sit down, Debra,

Debra, please,
have a seat.

Okay, so,
inside the box,

we will have...

decadent treats

from La Patisserie,

a book of love poems...

and a scented candle.

All with
your name on it.

And we're going to make
150 of these?

No, no, no, no.
No, my staff will take care of it.

You won't have
to worry about a thing.

It sounds
really expensive.

None of this
matters, Jenna,

because we're
not doing it.

Well, it seems that this
is what Jenna wants.

Jenna really cares about the environment

and I think it's important that we take that into consideration.

This, these favors

are excessive
and wasteful,

and half of 'em
get left behind.

We're going to choose
something practical,

simple elegance.

Unless of course
you would like

to pay for this
colossal bunch

of non-recyclable
waste, Haley.

I would be happy,

happy to pay for this

if this is
what Jenna wants.

Okay, enough.

You don't think I know what's going on?
This has to stop.

This competition between you two,
I see it.

Haley, I appreciate everything you're doing for us,

but I emphasize the word "us"
because it's not about me.

It's about me
and my family,

so please respect
their opinions, okay?

And, Mom, I know
you have your plans

and your ideas
and I love you for it,

but, Mom, sometimes
plans need to change,

so I need you
to be flexible.

So I'm gonna go now.

And we'll talk about this when you two learn how to play nice.

And I suggest
you make it quick

'cause my wedding
is quickly approaching.

It's awful, Chris.
They hate each other.

"Hate" is
a pretty strong word.

Okay, so maybe not hate,
but they strongly dislike each other.

I kind of understand where your mom is coming from, Jenna.

She's been waiting
for this day,

and then, all of a sudden,
Haley swoops in

and gets to play
an integral role

in the fun part
of your life.

I know.

The benefits
are decentish.

Like if I'm dying,
I can go to the doctor,

and the insurance company might pay for it after I'm dead.

Sounds like
a dream job.

- Job, yes. Dream, not so much.
- Oh, Peg.

I am so sorry.

When are you going to realize this is not your fault?

When you are hired to keep the doors of an establishment open

and they're
quickly slamming shut,

who else's fault
could it be?

So no one's stepping up?

'Cause you are
kind of a pit bull

when it comes
to getting donations.

I think
I've lost my bite.

Well, there's got to be
something we could do, Deb.

I mean, this isn't
like you to give up.

Writing's on the wall.

It's been there a while,

but I just refuse
to look at it.

It's just so sad.

All the good we've done,

all those people.

I'm informing
the landlord

at the end
of next month

that our space
will be available.

Hey, there is one bright spot to all this.

Now you have more time
to plan the wedding.

No way can that Haley
push you out now.

Hello, hello, hello.
Thank God somebody's answering

their bloody cell phones.

- Sebastian?
- The Cake...

Well, it isn't
Sherlock Holmes,

if that's
what you were thinking.

I don't know
what to think.

What can I do
for you?

Well, as it turns out,

I'm in an absolute tsunami
of utter incompetence,

gale-force winds of stupidity assailing me from every direction.

How can I
possibly help you?

Well, as it turns out,

my assistant-- or should I say former assistant Horst,

as he was fired
merely moments ago.

Yes, he neglected
to telephone you,

your daughter,
and Ms. Haley Snow

to inform you
that there'd been

a teensy-weensy
schedule change.

Yes, and as
it turns out,

the cake taste taping
is taking place today,

right this
very bloody moment!

And imagine my creeping
shock and horror

when nobody
showed up for it!

Fortunately, I had your telephone number and was able to contact you

and you have nothing
better to do today,

so thank God for that.

I had no idea or I would have been there.

Do you suppose
you could pop by?

Jenna gets out of school in 15 minutes.

We could be there
within the hour.

We shall be awaiting your arrival with bated breath.

And if you could do
one little thing for me.

Would you please inform
Ms. Haley Snow,

as I have cakes to bake

and I don't have time
for this nonsense.

You go work your magic,

and I will get
in touch with Haley.

Yes. Ta.

Oh, you are so not
telling Haley, are you?

Whatever gave you
that idea?

Oh! I love evil Debra.

Not a lot.

- I got my Dad today.
- That's better than normal.

Mom. Mom, is everything okay?
What are you doing here?

- Is Dad okay?
- Nothing's wrong.

I've been calling
and calling you.

I know.
My phone's always off during school hours.

you two jump in.

We have an emergency tasting
at the Cake King right now

and your wedding planner's
nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, Sebastian was able to get in touch with me.

Mom, it was finger-painting day today.

I'm a mess.
I am not camera-ready.

No worries.

I've got a change
of clothes in the trunk.

- Come on.
- Duty calls.

We better not
keep the King waiting.

Thank you.

What about Haley?

Well, hopefully
she'll get the message

and she'll
get there in time.


Quiet on the set!

Rolling, and action.

What you're
about to experience

is a divinely
delicious, decadent

dulce de leche.
Horst, please.

Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

Not just yet.

You see, fine cake,
like a fine wine,

is meant
to be savored.

First, one enjoys
the bouquet.

Savor. Savor.
Go on.

Don't be afraid.
It's only cake.

And now,
excite the palate.


- Mmm.
- Mmm.



This is definitely
my favorite.

But I still have to try
the lemon one again.

It's in between
these two.

I can't decide.

- What do you think, Mom?
- Uh...

- oh, I think they're both delicious.
- Of course they are.

I think it's a matter
of personal preference.

Oh, I know how
we can decide.

Which would you
prefer I smash

into your face
on our wedding day?

We are not doing the cake in the face thing.

I'm spending a lot of money to get my makeup done.

Yes, well,
it's just as well.

You see, my cakes
aren't meant

to be smashed
into somebody's face

like some gauche,
archaic party trick.

They're meant
to be enjoyed.

I don't know.
I'm pretty excited for the cake cutting.

I think I'm actually going to take it a little slow,

you know, just start
with a dab...

- No, no, no, no!
- Chris!

Bad groom.

That isn't
for dabbing.

You see,
that's a Swiss meringue buttercream.

So sorry. So sorry.
That's my bad.

This is a Swiss
meringue buttercream.

- Buttercream, yes.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Is the lemon less fancy?
Is that one more smashable?

- Smashable?
- I don't know.

What do you think
of this, Chris?

- Mmm.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Cut. Cut.

What the bloody hell
do you think you're doing?

Getting this
out of our system

'cause we are not doing this
on our wedding day.

This is an insult
to my cakes,

an absolute

I think I'll take
the crème brûlée.

Well, fine.
Take the crème brûlée.

Take them all
for what I care.

If anybody wants me,
I'll be in my dressing chamber.


And cut.

All right, everybody.

Take five!

A little more here.

Thank you.

Well, you're welcome.

Hi. I just...

I saw I had
four missed messages

from Sebastian
and I called.

Nobody answered,
so I just ran right over.

Haley, Haley,
everything's fine.

Sebastian managed to get in touch with me.

The cake tasting
was today.

I think everything
went really well.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh. I can see that.

So you finished
the whole segment.

We finished the segment

and we managed
just fine without you.


I bet.

We like to make a big deal of delivering

the final masterpiece
to the location.

And by we,
I mean Sebastian.

And it's the finale,
so it should be a big deal.

Oh, it will be
a big deal,

like you two with
your icing facials.

Aren't they cute?

Come with me.

Oh, I need
to take this.

Yes, Ben. I'm here.


of course.

4:00 tomorrow.

I will be there.


Okay, we are all set with Vastille,
the florist,

tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.

He'll have a mock-up

so we can see what the centerpieces are going to look like.

Oh, really, Haley?
Tomorrow at 4:00?

Oh, no.

Oh, shoot, does that
not work for you?

I'm sorry, Debra.
I was under the impression

that your schedule
was just wide open.

It is. I mean,
well-- it's okay.

Oh, darn it.

We have to sign off
on these designs, though.

You didn't know.

I'll change
my thing.

I couldn't
change my thing.

So you don't
get to see

the flowers with a river running through it.

- Big deal.
- Carl,

this has zero
to do with the flowers

and everything to do
with that woman.

She is sneaky
and manipulative

and, I believe,
downright evil.

I thought you were
making nice.

I am. I wouldn't
say this to her face

and I wouldn't let Jenna
hear me say it,

but you are
my sounding board

and she is terrible.

And also, you have to go
in my place tomorrow

because if she's alone
with Jenna again,

I might be uninvited
to the wedding.

So clear your schedule.
Got it?

Got it.

Is it standard practice

to have such
an elaborate unveiling

for the floral

Vastille doesn't make
ordinary centerpieces.

His arrangements,
they're works of art.

Be patient, Dad.
This is exciting.

Bonjour, mes amis.

I am Vastille
Floriste Magnifique.

We have converged here
in this idyllic sanctuary

for the unveiling
of my latest creation.

So without further ado,

I give you...

bloom kaboom!

All right,
Remi, Laurent.

It's exquisite.

That's one word
for it.

Don't you think
it's a little difficult

to have a conversation?

On the contrary,
the conversation will be about this.

It's a wedding. People are up.
They're mingling.

This makes a statement.

Yeah. It says,
"No talking."

It's just that it's a little larger than I imagined.

Well, if it will
please mademoiselle,

it could be pruned.


- Vastille.
- No.


It's not working.

You can make it work, Vastille.
You're the master.

No, I cannot!

They are right.

This arrangement
does not speak.

It is uninspired.

I need more time.

But, no,
you said it has to be tomorrow at 4:00.

I am an artiste.

I cannot be rushed.

Would you rush Picasso?

Would you rush Van Gogh?

Would you rush
Lady Gaga?


No! You would not!

Because brilliance
knows no schedule.

Genius cannot be measured
in space and time.

It is done whenever it is done and I was not finished!

- Vastille. Vastille.
- No.

Vastille, what would
you like us to do?

Would you like us to
come back later in the week?

Oh, yes. Thank you, darling.
That would be great.

Honey, let's go
get some coffee.

- Yeah.
- We have to talk.



You know,
when you were little,

you used to love
to play bride.

Your mom even
went out and got you

that little wedding
dress-up kit.

Yeah, I remember that.

I wore that thing
until it ripped.

She used to love watching you play in that dress.

And your wedding day,
don't even get me

- started on how long she's waited on that.
- Oh, that I know.

So listen.

Forgive her if she's getting a little crazy now, okay?

You're her baby
and she's--

this is her last chance
to send you off right.

Debra. Hi.

Nice to see you.
You want me to have somebody go get you a drink?

No, thank you, Haley.
I'll be brief.

You win.

I give up.

I'm not sure
that I follow you.

I'm going to let you
have this moment

because it seems to be what Jenna wants right now.

And that is more important to me than anything.

But I will
not let you

overshadow this
joyous celebration

with some
crazy competition.

I'm done
fighting you.

Have it.

From now on,
the wedding is entirely your domain.

I'm going to be--

what's that
you said?

A silent partner.

It has truly
been my honor

to be Jenna's mother.

For that, I am very,
very sorry for you.

So you take
your one moment.

Have it...

because I have Jenna
for life.

And I have
my own coffee mug.

Oh, and I have
a window.

It faces the Dumpster,

but you wouldn't know that if you just look up at the sky.

Hey, at least
it's a job,

and soon enough,
I will be right there

in a thankless
pencil-pusher job too.

Well, it's not fair.

We do what
we can do, Peg.

And we fought
the good fight.

I am done
swimming upstream.

I'm done
with the charity.

I am done
with the wedding.

You're just
going to let her win?

That doesn't sound
like the Debra I know.

What does the mother of the bride do at a wedding?

She dances,
she gives a speech,

and she has
an amazing night.

What does
the wedding planner do?

She works,
she does her bidding,

and she very little to do with the actual celebration.

That is the metaphor that I put on this whole dynamic.

Hey, let me call in sick,
help you with the final meal.

No, you can't call in sick on your first month on a job.

- I'm doing it.
- You're not.

- You can't stop me.
- Peg.

I'm going in.

Now what?

We wait
for all this to dry

and then we
put it all in boxes...

and we put it
in storage.

So that's that?

My mom got held up shutting down her office,

so she said that we should start the music without her.

Oh. I'm sorry
to hear that.

That charity seemed
to mean a lot to her.

It does.

It did.

It's heartbreaking
for her.

She's always doing stuff
for everyone else,

putting herself last.

She's been that way
my whole life.

She's been good to you.

She's been everything
I could ask for in a mom.

I'm really glad
to hear that.

All right, so music.

Pachelbel's Canon
in D Major is kind of--

- Haley.
- What?

What's the matter?

Why are you doing this?


Isn't it
kind of obvious?


- Well--
- Not really.

Well, we have
a lot of work to do

for the wedding, Jenna,
and we have so little time.

Can't we maybe save the heart-to-hearts for after the honeymoon?

All right,
so for music--

Haley, I'm serious.

Please stop changing
the subject.

I want to know.

I need to know.


What, Jenna?
What do you need to know?


You want me to tell you
how I was single

and broke and young?

And that when I told my boyfriend Eddie I was pregnant,
he bolted?

Is that what
you want to hear?

You want me to tell you how the decision was made for me

and I had zero say
in the matter?

Or do you want me
to sit here and tell you

that I have been
pining for you

- all these years?
- No.

No, Haley,
I understand all that.

What I need to know
is why now?

Why are you doing
this for me now?

It's been over 20 years,
no contact.

Now all of a sudden,
you can't do enough for me.

- Why?
- Because this is my chance to make a mark on your life.

This is it.

This is what I get.

You were born
on a Friday.

When I handed you to your mother on that Sunday,

that was the hardest thing
I have ever done in my life.

But everybody knew that a clean break was the only way.

That was the only way
I could do it.

You mourn the loss.

You pick yourself up,

and you carry on
and you...

you try to learn
not to hate Sundays.

I mean,
there was never any question as to what I was going to do.

Eddie was gone.

My parents
couldn't take it on

and I certainly
couldn't do it alone.

We interviewed
11 couples.

And when the twelfth couple walked in,

Debra and Carl Wolf...

I-I knew

that they were the people
to adopt my baby.

Thank you
for choosing them.

I should be thanking them.

I never had to spend
a day worrying

that you weren't
in great hands.

Did you ever
have any regrets?


Regret changes nothing.

But I have to tell you...

since meeting you...

I've wondered

what might have been.

Had it been
just you and me?

You and me.

I don't want you to take this the wrong way...

but thank you

for giving me
to them.

There has not
been a day

that I haven't felt
100 % a part of them.

They're amazing.

My dad,

my sweet,
goofy dad,

I could not have chosen a better man

to show me the ways
of the world.

And my mom,

she's been more
than a mom to me.

She's been a friend.

She's shared
my successes,

cried through my disappointments with me.

I could not have
done it without her.

I don't know
if you realize

the gift that you
gave me and them.

But's beyond anything that words could measure.

Well, I knew
that she'd be perfect.

When my mom found out
that I was getting married,

she was more excited
than I was.

She helped Chris
find the ring.

She helped orchestrate
that wacky proposal.

She could not wait
to start planning.

But she hasn't
really been planning

this wedding
with me, has she?


No, she hasn't.

Maybe we should rethink
some of our decisions.

I have an interesting idea.
You want to hear it?

I do.

Okay, 'cause it's good.

I could get used to this
life of leisure thing.

Please. You'll be
bored in a week.

No, I don't
think I would.

Stop pretending that
all of this is okay.

Stop pretending
that you're fine

with these wedding plans going on without you

and stop pretending
that you don't care

that the charity
is shutting down.

This is not the obnoxiously strong-willed,

stubborn woman
I married.

I thought you hated when I became obnoxiously strong-willed.

Usually I do.

But this isn't you, honey.
You're not one to hide.

You're not one to shrink
when things get tough.

Please stop this.

Put away the magazine
and fight.

Debra, what can
I do for you?

Did we have
an appointment?

No, we didn't

and I apologize for showing up unannounced,

but I have something
to say to you.

I'm warning you,

it's completely

and not at all

my place to say this,
but I have to.

This is your money,

and you have
a lot of it.

But Alistair worked hard for decades

to amass
this fortune,

and he told me on numerous occasions

how much he loved
helping people.

How much he really enjoyed giving back.

to the people

that we serve
at our foundation.

That is because he knew
how easy it was for any of us

to fall on hard times.

And he also knew
how lucky he was,

and he felt that it was
his responsibility

to help others

because of the position
that he was in.

He was not
a weak man, Elaine,

and he did not give

because he didn't
know how to say no.

He gave because
it filled him up.

It gave him
a sense of pride

and purpose.

Honor his memory,

Be the kind of person
that Alistair was

and reinstate
your funding.



I'll reinstate
the funding.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Haley.
- Oh, thank goodness, Debra.

I need you to meet me at one of our vendors as soon as possible.

- It's pretty urgent.
- What's the matter?

Everything's fine.
I just can't get ahold of Jenna

and I need you to sign off on some reception details.

- Can you meet me right now?
- Sure. Just text me the address.

Oh, fantastic.

You are
an absolute lifesaver.


Hollister Ranch?
This isn't one of our vendors.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.

Thanks for coming.

What are you doing here
at Hollister Ranch?

You're supposed to be
at the Wilton Club.

This is where I'm going
to have my wedding

on the seventh.

Haley has
been very busy

making new arrangements
the past couple weeks.

Jenna, the invitations have already gone out to everyone.

Haley's taking care
of all that too.

Jenna and I had a talk and realized

that maybe we did go a bit overboard.

I think that a nice family wedding

is the perfect way
for Jenna and Chris

to start their lives

Are you sure this is
what you really want?

I'm sure.

Mom, I'd love to stay,

but I'm actually late
to a PTA meeting.


- Thank you.
- Bye, sweetie.

Bye, Mom.

- I love you.
- You too.

Okay, Debra,
I have taken care of

all of
the paperwork here,

but we still need to give the Events Manager

over at the Wilton Club your signature to wrap things up

and she can see us
at 4:00 p.m.

And she's okay
with all of this?

Is she going to be able to fill that space on such short notice?

She can
and she did.


Why are you doing
all of this?

Because you were right.

I just needed to stop
and be real for a minute.

What I wanted for Jenna
and who she actually is

weren't quite in sync.

She's amazing.

You did a great job
with her.

Thank you.

I know
I've been unfair

to both of you,

but after meeting
that beautiful soul

and then having her
adore me, it just...

I don't know.
It felt good.

I know
that sounds silly.


It doesn't sound silly.

I'm sorry for getting
carried away too.

You're a good mom.

So much better than
I ever would have been.

It's a challenge.

A lot of worrying and...

sleepless nights
and trying to balance

friend and being a parent.

Teenage girls
can be...


I know. I was one.

I mean,
look at what I put my parents through.

Thank you, Debra.

You gave me my life.

And you made mine.

You know, Haley,

Jenna only has one mom,

but in our family...

there's plenty of room
for very special friends.

Okay, all right,
we have to go.

We have
to get a move on

if we're going to make it to the Wilton Club.

I'll follow you
in my car.

In this car
at the Wilton Club?

I don't think so.

Come on.
You're going to come with me.

Hey, Jillian,
we're here to see Kelly.

Sure. She's waiting in her office.
Go on back.

So if
you will just sign

everywhere you see
a sticky.

This is a contract.

I need to sign a contract to get my deposit back?

What? No.

No, there's
no deposit back.

That's for
your fund-raiser.

When Haley told us about
your wonderful charity

and the fact that your daughter's wedding plans were changing,

I went to the board,

and they are more than happy to sponsor your event.


you paid
Hollister Ranch?

It's not from the deposit from here to them?

Just consider me
a benefactor,

a benefactor donating
to a very good cause.

And to that end,
I have invited

the crème de la crme of society from our membership.

You're going
to be exposed

to a whole new world
of potential donors.

Our members have just
a little bit of money.

Everything from Jenna's
over-the-top wedding

will be transferred here to your fund-raiser,
all of it donated.

Well, everything except for the chocolate fountain and Sebastian's cake.

Jenna wasn't
about to give those up.

I mean, you've had
Sebastian's cake.

Anyone who is anyone has had Sebastian's--

Sebastian's cakes.

Well, we are
also keeping

Vastille's extravagant

Our members love
his floral arrangements

and I thought we could hold a silent auction for the flowers

with all the proceeds
going to your cause.

I don't know
what to say.

Don't say anything.

Just call your boss

and tell him not
to close those doors yet.

Thank you, Haley.

After everything
that you've done for me,

this is
the least I could do.

Aw, well, kumbaya.

I've got a lot
of work to do, so--


The crystal toilets.

Oh, the pictures
don't do it justice.

You'll see 'em tomorrow
at the fund-raiser.

Peg, they're ridiculous.

I don't know
who would want those.

Listen, when I
win the lottery,

I am putting one
in every room.

But not in the kitchen.
That's where I draw the line.

Okay, hi.

This is your
one-hour warning.

Okay, ladies,
you look beautiful,

just beautiful.

Bridal party, hi.

No gum.
You hear me?

All the vendors

are present
and accounted for.

Christopher looks
very handsome,

a little sweaty.

He's so cute
when he gets nervous.

Okay, let's continue operation beautification.

I-- oh, my God.

Where's my latte?
Go. Go.

All right, come on, people.

It is showtime.

Oh, Grandma.

Who is escorting Grandma
down the aisle?

Oh, I got this.

Come on, baby.
Shake a leg, both of 'em.

All right, bridesmaids,
let's go.

Line up.
Let's go. Let's go.

Hi. Tallest
to shortest.

Come on. Come on.
Wake up. Wake up.

Alexis! Gum!

Give it.

Go. Go.


All right,
you ready for the moment?

Cue bride.

You look exquisite.

Dad, you're going
to make me cry.

Okay, nice moment.

We've got a wedding to do.
All right.

Best man,

you escort mother
of the bride.



it's always been
the three of us.

We're a team,

Team Wolf.

I want both of you to walk me down the aisle.

Team Wolf.

Team Wolf.


You look beautiful.

Thank you.


All right.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

And you may kiss
the bride.


* Hey, there's nothing left
to appreciate... *

I have no idea
what this is.

You did not
tell me this.

* ...for us
to celebrate *

* Soiree...

They did this
on their own.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

* Get up out your seat

* Don't fight it,
you'll like it *

* Surrender to
the beat, y'all *

* It's a party...

* Gyrate, vibrate,
percolate, levitate *

* At the soiree...

My mommies.

* It's a party

* Create, checkmate,
simulate, and repeat *

* At the soiree...

- Work it out.
- * The soiree, the soiree, the soiree, the soiree, oh *

* I've got that itch
to collaborate *

* Party

* The time has come
for us to demonstrate *

* Soiree

* Get up on your feet

* Get up out your seat

* Get on up

* Now get down

* Surrender to
the beat, y'all *

* It's a party...


* It's a party...

Have fun.

It was
a beautiful wedding.

It was perfect.

Just perfect.

I'm going to need
a good night's sleep.

Are you kidding me?

Oh, no,
we have a fund-raiser in 19 hours.

We've got
a charity to save.

We're not sleeping
until Monday.

I don't think
I have the strength.

Oh, you can do this.

I'll be with you
every step of the way.

Two events back-to-back,
that's old hat for me.

We'll do it together.
It'll be fun.

All right, I'm glad
you brought this up

because I want to talk to you about the seating arrangements.

I'm getting a drink.

Did you just
put your hand up...

- Mm-hmm.
- gave me the hand.

I did.

Guess we're having drinks and talking about seating.

* Hey, there's nothing left
to negotiate *

* Party

* The time has come
for us to celebrate *

* Soiree

* Get up on your feet

* Get up out your seat

* Don't fight it,
you'll like it *

* Surrender to
the beat, y'all *

* It's a party

* Gyrate, vibrate,
percolate, levitate *

* At the soiree

* Fixate, inflate,
radiate, resonate *

* It's a party

* Create, checkmate,
simulate, and repeat *

* At the soiree

* The soiree, the soiree,
the soiree, the soiree, oh. *